Prophecies about the Last Days before the end and especially about the new earth are quoted here.

This is the chapter "7. New Earth" of "Redemption Period".

7. New Earth

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So all the evil has been banished and is rendered harmless. It is put out of action. A new age has started. The saints of the rapture will return to earth, the new earth. During the destruction of the earth they have been in paradise.

They now take again possession of the earth, the new earth. Now they are the stock of the new human race. They have started a new redemption period. It is paradise.

Now follow prophecies to our subject ďNew Earth.Ē The abbreviation B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


New Earth 2754

Remodelling of Earth. New Earth. Time law.

25. and 26. May 1943. B.D. NR. 2754.

In which way the remodelling of Earth will happen, that men of the present cannot grasp. And that is why it also appears to them as impossibility that men of this Earth are to inhabit the new Earth, even if the rapture of the believers is comprehensible to them. Men of this Earth only accept what is based on the laws of nature. But with the remodelling of the Earth surface divine will is active in a way, which is incomprehensible for man when he could experience it, i.e. could look at the process. It is so to speak a change, which is not bound to time and space, because the will, the power and might of God, is effective outside of law. It is certainly a progressive development, but which is carried out in a time, which would mean a speed for men, which would be incomprehensible to them. For space and time exist only for the still incomplete being and especially for the most developed one, however incomplete being, for man. But when man himself no longer is Ė when the raptured as only living men are taken from Earth Ė also the law of time is invalid, therefore God can immediately let his will become action when it is in accordance with his wisdom. He therefore can put his thoughts as creation into the world; he can banish the spiritual rebellious to him into creation, which is helpful for its further development, and he can have these creations come into existence in a moment because his will alone is enough for it. God himself is the law giver in his infinite creation, and his laws are the result of his superb wisdom. But the purpose of the legality is always the maturation of the spiritual and that is why it must submit to divine laws when it is to mature. But when a redemption period has found its conclusion with the last judgement, with the final separation of the spiritual that strives towards God and that rebels against God, then the latter is bound anew in form while the first can now leave form and only through the wisdom and the will of God still keeps the outer form for a time, for the establishment of a new generation of men. But the renewed binding into form needs no span of time because it does not happen before the eyes of men, who certainly will experience the destruction of the old Earth, but not the remodelling of it. But the concept of time is taken from them so that they are completely unclear about how much time has passed until they were again led towards the new Earth. The memory of the old Earth is not taken from them, and that is why they recognize the power and strength of God and his love and praise and magnify him and are devoted to him in deep thankfulness. Through their deep faith they grasp the miracles of the new creation, i.e., they know that with God nothing is impossible, and therefore take up everything with childlike matter-of-factness, because through love they also stand in the right relationship of a child to the father and acknowledge his rule and work. Their faith is so deep that they have an explanation for everything miraculous in the omnipotence, wisdom and love of God, and therefore nothing appears to them impossible; they do not doubt; they do not brood and think how the work of remodelling has happened and what time God has needed for it, but they consider everything as the will of God having become form, because through their faith and their love they have become knowing and they also look at the new creation as that what it is Ė as the cover of the spiritual, which is still undeveloped and is to reach maturity. And who knows about this, for him nothing is miraculous, because in the purpose of creation he finds the explanation for every event. Amen. B.D. NR. 2754.


New Earth 3251

Chaos. War of Beliefs.

11. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3251.

Excerpt only.

But he still remains invisible, only in particular cases he appears visibly until then the hour comes where he raptures the ones who are his where he lifts them up with their bodies alive before the work of destruction of the earth happens. And then the great earthly tribulation has ended because the believers cannot anymore be harassed when they again take possession of the new earth to begin a new redemption period as stock of the new human race. Because all evil is banished und therefore put out of action. Amen. B.D. NR. 3251.


New Earth 3264

New Miracles of Creation of the New Earth. Brittle Matter.

22. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3264.

In every individual development phase the beingness is kept bound till it has reached the maturity that it needs for the last embodiment as man, so - it again begins chained in hard matter when it has failed as man in the previous development phase to again walk the course through the world of the minerals to that of the plants and of the animals and up to man. The spiritual however that has not yet reached that last stage in the previous period, but became liberated through the last destruction of the earth by God, will be bound in outer forms that correspond again with its maturity, i.e., the interrupted course of development in the old period will be taken up again in the new development phase Ė on the new earth. And that is why the new earth will again be equipped with various creations but of a completely new kind that differs from the one of the old earth. And so again new miracles of creation take place that become visible as miracles to men who first live on the new earth Ė as proof of the glory of God, as proof of his love, omnipotence and wisdom. Because that what the new earth will have to show will very much astonish men and in their admiration they will praise God, will love him and thank him from the bottom of their heart. And the beingness now moves forward in its development. But that what is bound in firm matter experiences its fetter as a great agony and tries to break it. Its success will be according to the hardness of its will or its attempt will fail; but God takes the will of the beingness into account as the matter on the new earth is of greatest strength and hardness so that the will of the beingness that is bound in it will be broken so that the beingness finally will give up its resistance. That is why the smallest change in will causes the form to loosen Ė meaning earthly wise that solid matter on the new earth is extraordinary hard but also very brittle and therefore can accordingly easily crack and shatter when the liberation from this imprisonment is intended by the will of God. And in the same way also the other creations are of a shorter life span because a quick change of the spiritual is to happen, that is also possible, it however depends likewise on the willingness of the spiritual to be of service. Only the spiritual is to reach the last forming as man faster than in the development phases so far, if it is not of complete insubordinate will towards God. And that is why the first men of the new earth will experience miracles over miracles they also will be touched by them so that the love towards God in them will constantly increase that through this love they more and more closely follow him and live in his favours but these miracles are also comprehensible to them, they know, that they are merely signs of the exceedingly great love of God who wants to win all spiritual for himself and offers it every possibility for a change of its will. And this will be so for a long time until also that that at first still was bound in the plant and in the animal world reaches the state of embodiment as man. Then more and more the understanding of the miraculous of the divine creation will vanish in men, the sense for matter will again be awake and through it also the influence of Satan on man becomes stronger due to his own lust for that what still holds immature spiritual in it. And then the connection to God will decrease and the fight between light and darkness will again increase that first could rest because everything what lives on earth in free will was flown through with light. Because the course of development of the beingness remains the same in every phase Ė the spiritual has to stay in solid form until it is willing to go the way of service through the works of creation that do not anymore mean such hard fetters and it now has to serve in these until it has reached a certain maturity that earns it a state where it is to serve in free will but is not anymore forced to it as in the previous stages. And then it must not fail otherwise the whole course of development before was a futile one. Because the free will of man decides whether this is his last embodiment on earth or whether he again has to go through the whole creation anew, whether he turns to the light in the last stage or lets the forces of darkness imprison him and has to be banished again into solid matter for eternities. Amen. B.D. NR. 3264.


New Earth 3359

Free Will. Knowledge of Good and Evil. New Earth.

7. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3359.

Human will is free. But the utilization of this will requires a clear understanding of what the will is to aim at and also what it can aim at because if the will is supposed to decide then it must be able to be active in both directions. And so it must be possible for man to distinguish between good and bad otherwise the freedom of will would be useless or could be doubted. And for this reason God gave man an intellect. To not make use of the intellect means therefore to also leave the gift of free will unnoticed and therefore it is manís duty to use the intellect otherwise he must take the responsibility for it. And this also results in the necessity to think about meaning and purpose of life because then also all other questions come up which have to be thought through for the free will decision. And this is absolutely necessary for spiritual development that the inner attitude to God, to good, receives a clarification that man gets to know a sincere relationship to God as purpose of life on earth, so that the free will consciously strives for God and therefore sees the good positively. † He therefore also has to know about the power of evil, he also must get to know this to be able to detest it, so to decide on one of the two. And therefore the bad cannot be banished from the world otherwise man could never make this free decision of will. A room to move must remain for evil where it can have its fling. This therefore is the influence of the enemy of God on men which will not be refused him, because it can develop the good powers at the same time, because it prompts the will of man to strive for good or evil. Therefore also the evil powers are subject to God because against their will they help the spiritual upwards that makes right use of its free will. But often they bring their influence to bear beyond their authority - by them, whose work is not stopped by God, trying to prevent the work of the good powers - by wanting to make it impossible for men to freely decide between good and evil - by wanting to keep the knowledge about good, about God, from them, therefore seeking to do violence to the will of man. And therefore God is bringing to an end their work for a long time. He binds the forces that were granted a certain freedom for a long time but at the same time he also prevents those men from using their free will who have not yet clearly made up their mind or those who made a decision that grants evil to gain power over them. And only those remain still alive who out of inner impetus, despite greatest temptation, decided on God, and who therefore do not need any more to be put to the test of their will because they have passed the hardest test. So only such men can live on earth during the coming period of time on which this test of will has been imposed, who also knew about the work of the counteracting forces, were exposed to them but fled from them on the strength of their free will, because only these haven reached a degree of maturity that allows them a time on earth were they are not exposed to the influence of the enemy of God, while the others, the ones who failed, must again cover the long development walk to again that stage where they can make use of their freedom of will. Men must constantly face good and evil and that is why the earth will remain a battleground of both forces as long as immature spiritual is embodied on it. The new earth initially will only hold beings of light, i.e. men of mature state will live on the new earth and have permanently contact with the light beings of the spiritual sphere and the bad will be prevented by the power and will of God to approach men. But the first men of the new earth do not need to be put to the test any longer and that is why the negative forces do not need to be nearby the earth and this will be recognized by the fact that a state of profound peace is on earth, a state of complete agreement and a living together of men in fullest harmony because love reigns and where love is there no being can stay that is opposed to God. However this state will not last forever because later generations will again give power over themselves to the enemy of God, they will willingly comply with the temptations of his and will withdraw to the same extent from God who wanted to give them a paradise on the new earth. And so the fight between light and darkness will start afresh and this will go on again to the end of a redemption period so that men can freely decide whom they want to acknowledge as lord; and they will be awarded in eternity according to this free decision of the will - they will have to languish in darkness or walk towards the light until they are united with the original light. Amen. B.D. NR. 3359.


New Earth 3595

Period of the creation of the new earth. Paradise.

5. November 1945. B.D. NR. 3595.

The creation of the new earth will take place in a period of time that would be highly astonishing for men if they would have knowledge of it. But the sense of time is taken from them during their stay away from earth in that kingdom into that the love of God leads the loyal followers of God in order to execute the destruction of the old earth. They live in happiness and peace, not anymore exposed to the persecutions of the enemy of body and soul, and completely devoted to the rule of God because their love and their faith is so deep that they are closely connected to God. And now God executes his work to create a new earth which is to serve again as a home for the faithful. And God does not need the time for it that is otherwise needed for every physical creation but he creates in a moment new forms which hold the still immature spiritual for the purpose of its further development. And because men have lost every sense of time during the rapture from the old earth until the transferring back to the new earth they are able to appreciate the wonderful creation but not the great miracle of its sudden emergence. Out of Godís love and power emerge innumerable creations in a moment that delight the human eye and increase the love and thankfulness to God many times over. Men now start a new life completely different from the life on the old earth because deepest peace is spread over the earth, in harmony and love men are meeting, everybody serves the other in love, and all menís looks and thoughts are turned upwards because their hearts are closely connected to God, God himself is in the midst of them, teaching them and giving them spiritual goods and they are praising and extolling him without ceasing. And so short periods of time as far as is humanly possible to tell will be enough to produce a total change and men of this earth will have the opportunity to marvel at the new creations and to compare with the old ones. And this will be the men who have knowledge of the word of God and therefore are also initiated into the plan of God for the redemption of the spiritual. They consciously will expect the day of judgement, the rapture and the destruction of the old earth but first go through anxious times of trouble and are then allowed to enliven the new earth as victors as God has promised. And therefore it is to be mentioned to men so that the possibility is given them to note the course of world events of earth and to recognize through it that the time of the end has come so that they make an effort to belong to those that are not perishing with the old earth but find Godís love and blessings as loyal supporters of God and are allowed to start the paradisiacal life on the new earth - men are to know in what times they are living. But the knowledge that is imparted to them does not oblige to believe. It is up to them to intellectually focus on this but it is another opportunity to find God and to secure the life of the soul. Because everything will happen as God has promised since a long time because his word is truth and remains truth until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3595.


New Earth 3708

Spiritual Change.

9. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3708.

A spiritual upheaval, so a complete change of the spiritual state of men, also implies a total reshaping of all that is bearer of the spiritual. This means that the visible creations have to release the spiritual for the time being so that it can reach higher maturity in the new forms. Consequently also the spiritual that is embodied as man must be rid of its outer form because this spiritual is authoritative for the mental state on earth that has reached a low at the moment as never before in this period of development and is therefore the reason for a total reshaping of the earth. To start with this spiritual that is in retrogression must be brought into a form that corresponds to its maturity before the spiritual that is now embodied as man can move in a higher spiritual state, before therefore a spiritual turning point takes place in which man is closer to God and all that is far from God is prevented from pressing him. Such a spiritual turning point implies therefore the destruction of visible creations and also the bodily downfall of men with the exception of those who through their faith and their love have themselves connected with God and who are thus close to God and who therefore do not have to fear a renewed walk on earth. These will experience the spiritual turning point, they will due to their heightened spiritual maturity be witnesses of the complete destruction of all that lives on earth and the destruction of the outer form of those and yet still not themselves be affected by it. Before that they go through the deepest depth of human mentality so that they are then led to the height through Godís great love. The previous dark state on earth gives way to a state of brightest light, it will be a change of enormous importance, a reshaping of all thinking of the inhabitants of the earth and the right relationship with God will first be established and so also happiness and bliss are shared by men on earth who are now starting a new development period in fullest harmony and works of love. And this spiritual revolution cannot happen before the spirits first have completely made up their minds, before they themselves are aware of the direction of their will. All half measure must decide - an open confession towards God or his enemy must come first, because God does not damn that what does not face him as a fundamental enemy. He takes pity on all weakness of the will and he seeks to repair this, he seeks to bring help to the weak so that he finds the right way and walks on it. But when the being has decided to resist God then also the hour of the end has come, then the die is cast that determines the future of the lot of the spiritual for eternities. That is the day of judgement, the total separation of the spirits and the complete destruction of that what holds the spiritual on earth. Then the point of time is reached that is followed by the spiritual turning point - a state on earth where man only carries the spiritual in him that is turned towards God, where he lives by love and in close connection with God in peace and bliss, where he works and creates in accordance with the will of God - and where all the spiritual that is still bound in form strives upward and continues its interrupted course of development, but where the hard matter is bearer of the spiritual that was embodied on the old earth as man that now again begins its course of development through the creations of the new earth and has to cover this on tough conditions so that it one day again reaches the state of free decision making. And that is why you men should not expect a spiritual turning point on this earth because this has become impossible due to the far too wide distance from God that can only still be decreased by the way just mentioned. You must get used to the idea of a complete dissolving and destruction of all creations visible to our eyes otherwise no understanding can be found for neither the last judgement nor for the new earth and its paradisiac state. You have to believe what you are told because otherwise you also cannot await the coming of the Lord that can only seem possible to you through strong faith in Godís omnipotence, love and righteousness that would not find a human explanation and therefore will also take place first only then when the last day has come - when for all that is unbelieving a survival as man will be made impossible and when the miracle of the coming of the Lord does not mean anymore a compulsion of faith for the believer. Because to the spiritually enlightened one everything is understandable since the love and omnipotence of God is an explanation for everything that happens. Amen. B.D. NR. 3708.


New Earth 3970

Development of Beingness. Beginning and Ending.

7. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3970.

It is a considerable progress in the spiritual development of the beingness to be redeemed from the solid form, the hard material, and it means a new phase with easier conditions than so far. Because now the beingness takes up a stage where it can get active so that this is already apparent to the human eye when also now still different degrees of development also cause different activities; however the state of inactivity is overcome and the being can serve in accordance with its purpose. And now it also passes through the course of various creations in always shorter periods of time, it does not need a certain form for such a long time and it can with every change unite with other beingness to carry out in the following form an always more apparent activity. And that is the explanation for the constant birth and death of the creations of nature. And the now forthcoming total dissolving of all creation on earth results in the liberation of all the bound spiritual for the time being so that it gets into a state where every possibility to serve is taken away from it and that it perceives this state as agony because it is not yet perfect, possessing power and the ability to use it according to its will. It is still robbed of its strength and now on top of that also feels robbed of the vitality that made a little activity possible. And this spiritual raves therefore in an unimaginable way which expresses itself in enormous storms until it is banished again by the will of God into new forms. The occurrence of the new creation will therefore be accomplished in the shortest of time so that the released spiritual can continue with its interrupted course of development according to its destiny and no human eye will be able to observe this process that therefore also does not take a long time but through the might and power and will of God requires only a moment and a completely new creation will arise that is testimony to his strength and glory for all generations that will now inhabit the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3970.


New Earth 3990

Emergence of the New Earth in a Moment.

4. March 1947. B.D. Nr. 3990.

The downfall of the old earth follows the rebuilding of a new earth. This is planned since eternities and Godís will and power gets active for a work of a most meaningful and practical nature. New creations will give pleasure to men who are worthy to live on the new earth. And these creations will come into being in a moment - but not before the eyes of those men who still stay at the place of peace whereto they will be raptured before the collapse of the old earth. They will well see the old earth perish, they see the work of destruction from which they escaped due to Godís great love, but they do not see the emergence of the new earth but will be brought to it after the completion of a work that is revealing Godís great power and glory. And God accomplishes the miracle work in a moment, his will lets his thoughts and ideas become form because the slow course of development that was followed at the creation of the old earth has now become unnecessary because the spiritual that is to enliven the new creation has already covered this slow course of development, because this course got interrupted and therefore now only works of creation are necessary that receive the spiritual that is waiting for its further development that takes place at the moment of creation. That spiritual that did not pass the last test of life on earth as man will be banished anew in hard matter that however is also put together differently than on the old earth insofar as it has new, for men completely unknown substances, that are as such difficult to dissolve but that will serve men for their use in way that will soon become understandable to them and because of that the spiritual in it is allowed to serve as the material fulfils its serving purpose though this again depends on the will of the spiritual. Also the other creations are unimaginable for the men of the old earth and they will therefore draw loud rejoicing because they delight the eye and the heart due to their beauty and purpose. All the spiritual that has become free will take residency in these new creations and will now be able to continue the interrupted development because men of the new earth will at once realize the purpose of every work of creation because they have a high degree of maturity and as it were get instructed by God himself through the voice of the spirit also in the application of those works of creation in their daily life. It will be a life of joy and peace in God because the new creations contribute considerably to the increase of love of men towards God and them enjoying doing his will. They also will not have to suffer any want because God fatherly cares for them and bestows on them an excess of bodily and spiritual gifts. The sense of time for the length of their absence from the old earth is taken from them so that they do not know and cannot find out what period of time the renewal of the earth has taken. They continue their life as they have lived at the place of peace after the rapture, they are continually active and continually do works of love, they are closely connected to God and do not know any other will than Godís - they live in a paradisiac state of bliss and peace and therefore a new redemption period begins again with spiritual mature men, who are not anymore assailed by the enemy of their souls and who therefore can unhindered go the way up, who developed themselves still on earth into purest beings of light and find complete union with God - who are therefore true children of God and who can already on earth enjoy all the bliss of being nearby God. Amen. B.D. NR. 3990.


New Earth 4644

Experience of Downfall as in Dream State. Memory, New Earth.

19. May 1949. B.D. Nr. 4644.

As in a state of dreaming you will experience the downfall of the old earth after your rapture, so being able to see the work of destruction and to also grasp its extent however being free from it yourself so that you take with you no difficulties any more from the old earth into the kingdom of peace that is now your place of residence until you again will be transferred back to the newly formed earth where a new life begins for you in continual connection with me. Still you had to be witness of the downfall of the old earth because the knowledge about it is to remain with you as advice for children and descendants. You are to maintain a recollection of the old earth with its creations, with its mental state among men, with its sinfulness, the struggle of faith and the end, so that also the new generation takes note of it and the knowledge about it will influence their attitude towards me, as it also is to serve in later times to warn and to admonish men of a spiritual downfall that would inevitably have this effect as a consequence. Nothing on the new earth will be any more reminiscent of the old creations and it will mean for the inhabitants of the new earth miracle over miracle to compare the new creations with the old ones and the bliss will have no end. And the old earth with all experiences at the end will appear dreamlike before their eyes and still not move out of memory because it is good for men to retain this memory. What today still seems completely impossible to men, men that are loyally devoted to me will have to experience and that they hold out to me in the last great tribulation earns them the state of bliss in the paradise of the new earth, which is why they go through the last frights only as in a dream because otherwise it would not be bearable for them after the time of suffering that the war against faith means to them in the end. But whose faith is strong he is maintained by the hope of my coming, of the rapture and the paradise on the new earth, and I will not let come to naught this faith. I verily prepare a fate for them that fully compensates them for all suffering because I myself am among them in my love and grace. Amen. B.D. NR. 4644.


New Earth 4692

Reshaping of the Earth in a Moment. Miracle of Creation.

18. July 1949. B.D. Nr. 4692.

The act of the reshaping of the earth is unfathomable for you men because it does not happen within the scope of legality as up to now every earthly work of creation came into being by way of slow upward development, but it will be the work of a moment, apart from the work of destruction before, that concerns all creations on the old earth and that, because it happens in front of the raptured and it also initially still can be observed by men that fall prey to destruction, that requires its time as it is the law of nature. So men can observe the course of the work of destruction and that is why God does not work contrary to law, while the reshaping of the earth is a work of God in the universe that will be visible to no eye of man and that is why God does not require time, but he can let everything, that his power of love and his wisdom wants to carry out, come into being in a moment. So men that are brought to the new earth find a finished creation of enormous interesting versatility - creations that their eyes have never seen will amaze them particularly as they still have memories of the creations of the old earth and constantly draw comparisons. They really find themselves in paradise, standing in fullest harmony with their divine creator and father, looked after and led by his love and instructed in everything that is foreign to them. The relationship of men to one another will be like a great family and all will be endeavouring to win the love of the heavenly father for themselves, to live to please him and to actively serve in neighbourly love. They cannot estimate the length of time of their absence from the old earth and the stay after the rapture, because the sense of time is taken from them until the transfer back to the earth, which is why they also have no indication in which period of time the new earth has come into being. But they also know that no thing is impossible with God and therefore consider a sudden creation to be probable which is why their love and admiration for God continually increases and their bliss grows by viewing the works of miracles that testify to God's love, wisdom and omnipotence and offer thousand-fold compensation to men for the misery and the suffering during the last times of the existence of the old earth. God well tries men severely but he also awards their loyalty and blessed is who belongs to those who experience the end on this earth as sheep of his flock - blessed are they that have to bear and survive the worst and exchange it for the best, paradise on the new earth with the permanent presence of the father among his children - blessed are those who hold out until the end when God himself will come in the clouds to fetch them into his kingdom, into the kingdom of peace, until he takes them back to the earth that really will unveil miracles that man never dreamed they were possible, because there is nothing on the old earth that could be cited in comparison. But God's love knows no bounds and his creative will is inexhaustible and again and again brings about new works that excel all past ones, to make his children happy and to award their loyalty. Amen. B.D. NR. 4692.


New Earth 4719

Dissolving of the Old Earth and New Emergence in a Moment.

21. August 1949. B.D. Nr. 4719.

To dissolve the earth into its primeval components means a putting back of the spiritual into the former lowest and most imperfect state should the dissolving take place in the same rear sequence. But a sudden dissolving means a liberation of the bound spiritual from form, so an unfettered state for the spiritual that is however not yet mature enough for a free activity. Therefore the spiritual would misuse its freedom, it would have its fling and be active in a way that is insubordinate to God because it has not yet recognized God but is still subject to his enemy to whom the destructive principle is inherent, who favours no building up and no meaningful upward development. Therefore the imperfect spiritual that has become free must soon again be bound into a form when the divine order is to be maintained and a chaotic state is also to be avoided in the spiritual kingdom. A transfer back of the spiritual in the form of a downhill going development of the earth is impossible by God because his principle is always building up and progress, as love determines all his ruling and acting. If now through the will of man an illegal dissolving of matter takes place then God also soon again gives a different form to the spiritual that has become free, in which the upward development progresses. When God acts destructive through his will and might then this is not to be considered to be a decline of works of creation but a violent act of liberation again for the purpose of a new forming of the bound spiritual whose will of service is apparent to God and that he also takes into account. Also the last work of destruction on this earth that will be staged by human will gives in God's eternal council rise to a powerful process of reshaping for all spiritual that is bound in the creations of the earth. The cause of the work of destruction is human will, but its effect is God's will, which is why the downfall of the old earth is therefore also fixed in God's eternal plan of salvation because all spirits, also all devils, are subservient to him even if against their will. Because the enemy of God tries to prevent all upward development, he tries to again snatch that what has come already closer to God and cause it to fall away from God and to throw it into the abyss. But God's plans and his might prevent what that one strives for. It now follows from all of this that the new earth with all its creations does not need a time of development because the spiritual becomes free in every stage, in every degree of maturity, through the downfall of the old earth, and this spiritual that has become free can therefore also soon move into the new forms that God assigns to it and that it also has to occupy should not a fight break out between the spiritual, that would set it far back because it pushes itself towards him whose will gave him life. Therefore the new arising of the earth will not take long, a backward development of the earth will not as often wrongly assumed give rise to the end, as also no slow development of the new creation is necessary. In a moment God will let a new earth come into being with all imaginable creations that testify to his creative will, his wisdom and his exceedingly great love and bear witness to his might and glory. And that is why men of this earth will be allowed to see the new miracle of creation when they keep being loyal to God at the end of this earth period and are being raptured with living bodies as the flock of the chosen. They will be brought to the new earth and form the stock of the new generation and are allowed to experience miracle beyond miracle because they stay in paradise in blessed community with the light bearing spiritual and still own the recollection of the old earth and the downfall. Amen. B.D. NR. 4719.


New Earth 4777

New Banishment of the Spiritual. Redemption in a Period.

10. November 1949. B.D. Nr. 4777.

To be created into hardest matter is the hardest punishment for a spiritual being that already had been embodied as man on earth. The countless creations are now the proof that countless entities again have to start their course of development because as long as there is spiritual in need of development there will be earthly material creations that serve as carriers of the spiritual and make the development possible for it through their many-sidedness and dissimilarity of their outer form according to shape and harder or softer substance. As long as these creations do not come to an end the spiritual is also not redeemed. In the period of a redemption period the spiritual can now have developed itself out of hardest matter upward to man. This possibility exists. But the giving up of the resistance in a prescribed time is necessary for this, what is also possible but very often fails because of the stubbornness of the spiritual that is initially so insubordinate to God that eternities can pass until the resistance is broken or has become weaker. And this resistance is proved by the creations that appear to remain unchanged to the human eye for often endless long times. Creations, which so to speak form the crust of the earth, which also experience the dissolving through divine will by force, the possibility of an upward development are to be given to the spiritual. For this spiritual therefore one redemption epoch is not enough; however it feels the commotion in the universe at the end of this epoch and now pushes itself toward a new forming. The resistance against God slackens because it finds out what his enormous strength and power is like and God takes its desire into account and dissolves at the end of the epoch all creations what now therefore means a turning point to the spiritual that was inactively bound for eternities in the interior of the earth. Now the spiritual is prepared to serve and will now be created into the outer form that allows even if at first only a minimal activity and the course of development above the earth begins and also leads guaranteed toward the embodiment as man even if only again after a long time. This is a further explanation for the destruction of the earth that takes place in the coming time, that is included in the eternal plan of salvation, and even though it takes a heavy toll on human life, it still is redemption for the spiritual that eagerly awaits a new forming. Amen. B.D. NR. 4777.


New Earth 5340

Reshaping of New Earth Gives New Development Possibilities.

19. March 1952. B.D. Nr. 5340.

The spiritual needs new development possibilities because the old creations do no longer fulfil their purpose since they are not evaluated the right way or used for service as it agrees with my law of the eternal order. The will of man prevents many possibilities to serve or prematurely breaks off the course of development of the spiritual in certain creations; the will of man changes the natural purpose of creations that were called into being by me for the purpose of maturing and so the whole development process has come to a halt that I want to lift through creating new works, through dissolving of existing creations and complete reshaping of the old surface of the earth so that progress is ensured for all spiritual. Besides countless spiritual entities come free that, bound in hard matter, wait for their next re-forming. An order will again be restored through the new rising up of creations of various kinds, only to accelerate the development process and to bring results. The wrong thinking and willing of men that is caused by self-love will understandably also have a wrong effect on the environment of men, may it be hard matter, plants or animals in which the spiritual often cannot reach that degree of maturity that is the prerequisite for the next re-forming. The law of nature is ignored where men expect material advantages; men themselves do no longer move in my order and through this also bring the spiritual in the various creations out of order which is why a complete integration into the eternal order has become necessary and this also requires a work of reshaping of major extent that so is to offer for the first time the development possibilities for all spiritual from the lowest to the highest degree of maturity. The wrong will of men has also spiritually brought about a chaos that irrevocably brings with it a dissolving and a new creation. Ignorant mankind only sees the effect of destruction on men and so does not recognize the great blessing that the spiritual carries off in the pre-stages of a new forming of the earth. But I know about the misery of all spiritual and also think of that in love, which is still far down below so that I give it possibilities to reach up, to also once exchange the bound state with the state of free will. I give all spiritual the possibility to reach up but I take the freedom of will from the spiritual that completely fails after an endless long time of favour, after already advanced development as man, but still creating again a new course of development for it and even when this is also a state of agony so it is the only way that can lead to total freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5340.


New Earth 5655

Total Dissolving of Earth. Spiritualization.

19. April 1953. B.D. Nr. 5655.

A complete dissolving of the earth is now not yet intended but the total reshaping of the surface of the earth, that well comes up to an entire destruction because no beingness is spared but every form will be dissolved to release the spiritual in it for the purpose of new shaping. The complete dissolving of the earth amounts to the spiritualization and this point in time has not yet arrived because the earth still serves as maturation station for the spiritual that is still imperfect. As long as the spiritual that is to get mature needs the earthly creation, so long also the earth will remain in existence as a material world, but always recurring reshapings will be inevitably according to the state of maturity and the will of the spiritual that is to reach perfection in it. But for the earth a point in time of the end is always then reached when such a reshaping happens because then for the whole spiritual, may it be the one that is embodied in man or the one that is bound in hard matter, a new redemption epoch begins because also the different phases need also different possibilities and these have to be created again and again through God's great love and wisdom as they promise the most success. Men lack this knowledge about the separate development periods and especially in the last time before the end of each epoch because the spiritual low of men - caused by their lack of love - also means ignorance and also a complete incomprehension for such presented knowledge. They think the end to be a complete ceasing to exist of earthly, material worlds. But this point of time is not yet foreseeable in eternities; but each individual phase of development covers a certain time that begins with the rising up of the most varied works of creation and ends with the destruction of these - that takes its beginning with spiritual high standing men and finds its end with truly devilish ones. Such a phase of development would never bring about the spiritualization of all beingness because as long as earthly material creations exist, as long as in addition to man the earth still bears creations that are below him, like animals, plants and spiritual that is bound in hard form, so long it cannot be dissolved totally because this spiritual has again and again to be given the possibility of maturing and to leave the present form, what alone already is causing constantly new phases as soon as the upward development reaches deadlock. Because at the end of each redemption epoch a spiritualization of men can no longer be noticed and such a failure or disregard of the actual purpose of the existence of life on earth has to be balanced - also this spiritual has to be shown a new way because with God there is no giving up of that what was and remains his, but what also has to become again such as it was when it took its beginning from God. Because even that what unstoppably heads for the deep he does not let remain in this deep but again and again finds new means and ways to lift it up to the light. So this upward development will never cease until also the last of the spiritual that once had fallen away from him finds back the way to the father. But there will still again and again be an end - an end of every individual phase that was granted to the spiritual in a certain period of time by God, but that also once finds its end. And that is why you men cannot speak carelessly of an end of the world under which a complete cessation of existence of God's creation is to be understood but you have to imagine a change that is however so extensive and concerns everything that it is not conceivable to you as men and can also only be experienced and observed by the few loyal to God who then will give evidence of God's might and glory on the new earth. You men are facing such an end and even if it is also doubtful to you and your intellect wants to resist it. But think of the still bound spiritual, think of all the creations below you, and ask yourself how this spiritual is to be redeemed if not again and again possibilities would be created for it. Even think more of those men that are completely remote from God and still cannot live on earth forever. Then you will understand that God's love that is full of mercy takes care of all the unredeemed and that what seems to be a pure work of destruction is an act of greatest mercy because the new creations that follow thereupon again offer the course of upward development to that what was deeply fallen, that can after all once lead to God even if after an endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5655.


New Earth 5659

Great Period of Time between Begin and End of an Epoch.

24. April 1953. B.D. Nr. 5659.

In great intervals the proceedings on the earth repeat themselves that accompany the end of a development period and the beginning of a new one so that in the end no man can prove the beginning of those periods of time and consequently also no proofs can be produced for a destruction at such an end. And that is God's will so that men do not have to believe when they do not want to believe. The end of a previous period is well known to men, however only as traditional knowledge that also can be doubted. At the beginning men still know about the proceedings of the end and this knowledge will also be preserved by the descendants throughout many generations but the more the end of such a development period is again drawing to a close, the more also such knowledge will fade, it well will still be mentioned but will no longer be assessed as existing fact and will in the end be considered to only be a legend that is not proved historically. The believers will well consider all indications on it to be truth but they do not believe because they see the end coming and are afraid of it but faith also earns them a higher power of perception and that is why the end of the earth is also understandable to them. And so also today men cannot be frightened through references to the flood because they hardly still believe in it. This time was so long ago that it has become completely meaningless to men who live in the end-time of the earth. But that also this has ended a phase of redemption most of men do not know and understand and consider it to be completely impossible that the same proceedings are to be repeated. And all that has to be like this for the sake of the freedom of will of men. Every compulsion that is to bring to man a change of his thinking and willing would be wrong where the upward development is concerned that is to take place in complete freedom of will; men can believe what will be announced to them; but they also can turn away their ears and rationally reject everything; they are not allowed to be forced through any evidence to think and act against their will. A development phase lasts endless long time looked at on the part of men; and also this is the will of the divine creator so that their attitude remains uninfluenced during the end-times so that they can believe in an end but also can doubt it, so that they therefore can make the final faith decision for or against God completely unconstrained. There is no lack of indications on the part of God toward the nearby end and also the explanation of the end will be given to men but their will always remains free and also the divine prophecies are no obligation because they likewise have been given in such a way that they can be accepted but also rejected when there is no will to live and act according to divine will. This will alone gives clarity and this will will also not refuse to accept the announcements through seers and prophets. And in the same way will also man, who bears such a will in himself, believe in the preceding periods and their completion and be convinced that also now again the end is approaching because everything happens as God let it announce in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 5659.


New Earth 6081

Success at the End of an Earth Period. Scientists.

17. October 1954. B.D. Nr. 6081.

The end of a development period has always then come when men have stepped out of divine order insofar as they feel to be qualified to intervene in God's plan of creation because they do not believe in God as creative power and think that they can control everything that exists. Men as the share of the inheritance of God have the created spirit and they can increase to a great extent this share of the inheritance, they also can with divine support do what seems to be impossible and still will remain in divine order - as long as they get the power for this work out of God. But they immediately will step out of this order when all their plans are only earthly orientated - when they isolate themselves from God as the creating power and now therefore experiment purely rationally - when they use the divine creation itself as test objects and so make themselves to accomplices of the opponent of God, who makes it his aim to destroy divine creations. At the end of an earth period the world is always full earthly wisdom. Science believes to have found the keys to all fields and only seldom the spiritual way has been taken, which God has shown, to reach real knowledge. But without him the ways are dangerous; without him the results are doubtful and men more or less enter danger zones because they are directed by him who wants no building up but downfall - who leaves men to believe that they are active building up while they are however busy digging their own grave - and contribute to the downfall of the old earth. Because the alleged progress of science is his work, the work of the opponent of God, who urges men on to highest rational activity under exclusion of divine support. They will utilize natural forces but in a different sense than one wanted by God. They will step out of divine order and the results of this will be shown. But God foresaw the willing and acting of men since eternity and that is why he again and again points to what is coming because he knows when and how the effects of human thinking and acting express themselves. He instructs men about the wrong of their thinking and wants to move them to entrust themselves to that power, which is above all. He wants to warn them of the influence of his opponent. He wants to advise them to remain in divine order. He thinks of those who acknowledge him as God and creator from eternity, and informs them about himself and his counter power. B.D. NR. 6081.


New Earth 6187

End of One Redemption Period and Beginning of a New One.

11. February 1955. B.D. Nr. 6187.

The end of mankind has soon come. One redemption period has expired; a new epoch begins; a new kingdom will be put up on this earth, which receives a new appearance through completely new creations as well as a new human race, which is completely different in its maturity than men living now on earth are. A turning point is coming - spiritually and earthly everything will be reshaped when the new redemption period begins. For everything will be led back to its order, which corresponds to my law from eternity. How often have I already predicted this to you men, how often the reason explained to you of what is to come and how often warned and admonished you of a wrong life - that you are to understand the seriousness of the times. And you refuse to listen to my presentation because you do not believe it. But your unbelief does not prevent me from the execution of my will because my plan is fixed since eternity because only you becoming happy underlies it and because I well know what serves you. The human race of the present time no longer changes; only some will believe my words and make an effort to live according to my will; but the whole of mankind has reached a level where the sudden fall into the deep could no longer be stopped when I would not prevent it through a last rescue operation, which well appears to be a work of destruction but always only the outer form gets destroyed - but the spiritual which is bound in it will be given the possibility to again reach out of the deep to the top, but on a way which is exceedingly sorrowful but safely leads to the top - while the sudden fall into the deepest depth excludes this possibility. It is a powerful event before you men stand. Your life will end on this earth - but you can well live on in your same body form on the new earth - when you belong to the ones who are mine. But you also can meet earthly and spiritual death that you are no longer conscious of yourself although you still exist and have to remain banished in hardest form endless times until again life is given to you as man on this earth. But all those belong to the ones who are mine who believe in me, seek close union with me through their will and their love - who acknowledge me as father and want to be my children - who therefore through their will stand by me and that is why they are also allowed to experience my protection and my favour in the last times before the end. To the ones who are mine belong all who confess me before the world. These will live and have no need to fear the end; they will lead a happy life as inhabitants of the new earth when they are not still recalled before into my kingdom, which is not of this world, where an eternal happy life waits for them. But a dreadful fate awaits those men who are without faith and have no love. They can be given nothing but what is right; they will reap what they have sown on earth; they will receive what they were striving for. Matter will tie them up, which they desire with all senses, and endless times they will have to languish in it until redemption is theirs again. Amen. B.D. NR. 6187.


New Earth 6192

Redemption Out of Form is Occasion for Reshaping of Earth.

18. February 1955. B.D. Nr. 6192.

I come to the assistance of the spiritual bound in form because unconsciously it pushes towards completion, it senses the coming change of its abode, it pushes forward in its development, towards a loosened cover. The spiritual still bound in hard matter has now reached a degree of maturity, which allows a loosened outer form, and that is why powerful earth changes become already apparent before the end of this earth; hard matter will be broken through natural disasters; the spiritual in the earth continuously pushes to the surface. And this state of the spiritual alone would already be an occasion for the reshaping of the earth surface because the upward development has to progress and a development period certainly has lasted long enough to get the spiritual in hard matter to give up its resistance. So for this spiritual the end of this earth means redemption and opportunity to further develop in different form. And also the spiritual which livens up the plant and the animal world strives up, and will again be embodied in creations on the new earth through which it can go faster and faster and also the time draws closer and closer for this spiritual where it - embodied as man - is to prove itself in the last test of will. I alone know about the necessity and the blessing of a reshaping of the earth's surface. I alone know about the degree of maturity of the spiritual, both in the creations as well as in man. I alone know when the upward development stops and how it can again be started - and my plan of salvation is laid down accordingly, which now also will be carried out in love, and wisdom and power. That you men are without knowledge about it, is already a sign of too low a degree of maturity, but with some thinking you can already infer that an exceedingly wise creator exists and then also see the suitability of all that what happens - because he who directs your fate according to his will, he also certainly directs the whole universe in wisdom and love. He is not a being which creates and destroys arbitrarily - otherwise wisdom would be doubtful. And only my love underlies everything that happens - also when this appears to you men to be doubtful. Everything around you is spiritual, which like you is to return to me - and to all spiritual I give the opportunity to reach the goal. That you in your blindness do not keep an eye on the only worthwhile aim is your free will. But who strives for it, he reaches me in the stage as man. Before endless times you experienced the same possibilities to change, also you could only become free out of hard matter through my loving intervention; also you had to go the same way, which now the spiritual that becomes free has to go. And my love is meant for all still unfree spiritual, as it was meant for you and still is meant. And that is why mankind will experience something powerful and first will have to experience already much suffering and trouble, so that every opportunity still can be used to reach a higher degree of maturity before the last day has come because it decides for all spiritual on its sojourn. It decides if light or darkness is its fate, and it puts all spiritual into that outer form, which corresponds to its maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 6192.


New Earth 6227

Redeemed at the End. Inhabitants of the New Earth.

3. April 1955. B.D. Nr. 6227.

When through my will and my power the destruction of this earth will take place, i.e. everything living on it, then it will be proved who can be considered to be truly redeemed because only these will survive the end and can enter my paradise on the new earth. Because to survive this last work of destruction, fullest belief in me in Jesus Christ and fullest devotion to me belongs to it - thus complete separation from my opponent - to it belongs the state of freedom, which Jesus has bought for men through his death on the cross. Only a being which is redeemed through his blood can inhabit the new earth where Satan no longer has power, where I myself can dwell among the ones who are mine because the state has been restored in which they were in the beginning. Also before can men experience the redemption through Jesus Christ, which I recall from this earth, before the last end has come. They also will be happy inhabitants of my kingdom where an evil power no longer can harm or press them, exactly because they are redeemed from it. But men who are to inhabit the new earth live in the same perfect happiness, in complete freedom, full of light and power, but still in earthly spheres, because they are to form the stock of a new generation, because they are to help the following human generation to get complete redemption, which still has to inhabit the earth until everything is totally spiritualized. Being themselves redeemed, first men can have an exceedingly beneficial effect on their descendants and on all the spiritual that surrounds them, which is still bound in the creations of the new earth. And this spiritual can therefore cover a faster course of development. Because the time has to be used well while my opponent is still bound in chains - while he has no access to men of the earth because the power and the light of the redeemed is so strong that he is prevented from all approach to men. Just like his work and raging was unmistakably recognizable in the last times before the end, just as he applied all his influence to pull men into the deep, so will the influence of the divine now predominate on earth. Everything will strive up and also reach up exceedingly easily because no counter force can hinder it - because from the redeemed human generation men again emerge, who are full of love, in whom therefore the divine principle predominates and who completely mature in shortest time to be able to enter my kingdom of light when their life on earth has ended. Amen. B.D. NR. 6227.


New Earth 6230

End. Transformation and New Creation.

6. April 1955. B.D. Nr. 6230.

And it will come as I have announced it to you - the earth will lose its present appearance, a turning point will take place spiritually and earthly, a separation will occur from the goats and the sheep - the ones who are mine will reach happiness and condemned to new banishment will be those who belong to my opponent. And this has to come this way, otherwise there would no longer be upward development, because all spiritual strives down, except the few men who will remain loyal to me until the end. The earth has to carry on fulfilling its purpose - it is to serve the spiritual, which is to reach up. But men of the present time, who already have gone the way through the creation, make the whole previous course of development in vain - they, who already have reached the highest level of development through the previous walk on earth, now fail in the last stage and sink back so deeply that the entrance into the spiritual kingdom remains bared to them - that they have to be banished into hardest matter to once again be allowed to be admitted to the last test of will as man after endless long time. The number of those who really make good use of life on earth for their perfection is very small because the spirit of him who is my opponent has such a poisoning effect on all inhabitants of the earth that the earth first has to be cleansed before it again can fulfil its actual purpose. And this cleansing I therefore want to carry out through a powerful work of reshaping, from which men no longer can escape because they themselves give rise to it through their behaviour and their mentality, which is completely insubordinate towards me. A change has to be created because my creatures are at stake, which have to suffer endless long times when they do not complete their way of development on earth according to my will. And this point in time has come although for you men it appears to be implausible that something is to take place in creation, in nature, for which no similar events can be proved to have happened on earth. Earth is in its last time of existence in its present form. What that means you all cannot grasp - that everything stops to be - that men, animals and every work of creation find their end and a complete new earth will arise, which your wildest thoughts cannot imagine because complete new works of creation will arise, which your eye has never seen and which will mean no end of wonder for you who will experience and inhabit the new earth. Throughout times I have pointed out to men that a new earth and a new heaven will arise. Men did not grasp what this means. But my word is truth and will come true - but will be only for those few a proof of my divinity, who in deep faith in me have become mine and to whom I can make accessible the paradise of the new earth because they are my children and will remain so forever. These few also grasp my words in their meaning, and they will expect me and my coming in the firm belief that I will rescue them out of trouble, which will precede the last end. Because they are my children who I will fetch when the time is fulfilled. Amen. B.D. NR. 6230.


New Earth 6282

Reshaping of Earth. Eruptions.

11. June 1955. B.D. Nr. 6282.

The core of the earth remains untouched when the dissolving of the creations will happen. The earth as celestial body remains in existence, only in its outer form it will get so totally reshaped that one can well speak of a new earth, but not of a cessation of the earth. The change will extend into the deepest depths because much spiritual is to be released and is to continue its course of development in new form. And that is why a powerful shock will loosen what is bound; matter will be dissolved to a great extent and again compacted. An act will take place for which human thinking cannot find a comparison, even though human thinking in its inadequacy gives directly rise to it. But the effect of what men do, they do not foresee, otherwise they would shrink back from experimenting where they lack the last knowledge. But whatever men do in free will, the plan of redemption for the spiritual is adapted to this free will, the effects will correspond to the divine plan of salvation, it will - whatever happens - serve the release of what is bound in matter; a redemption period will find its conclusion, and a new one will again start. All released spiritual moves into a new outer form because complete new creations come into being, and the divine order will be restored, which was completely overruled at the end of a redemption period. Because the earth has to continue to fulfil its purpose: to be an education station for the still immature spiritual, and that is why it cannot completely cease to exist before it has fulfilled this purpose. But in its old form it no longer fulfils its purpose, exactly because everything has stepped out of order, because men by virtue of their will do what the opponent of God demands of them - because they destroy creations or use them for activities completely adverse to God and through it prevent the development of the spiritual contained in it - what is for the purpose of the opponent who himself has no influence on divine creations and therefore exerts his influence on those men who are in bondage to him. And so the opponent of God also urges men on to the last work of destruction without considering that he achieves exactly the opposite of what he wants to achieve - that the new creations again include everything what was under his influence, that he because of that just loses more following all the time and that new opportunities are created for the spiritual to mature, to at last once become completely free from enemy power. The end of this redemption period is planned since eternity, but man has no idea how it will happen, although he just has to imagine an eruption of greatest extent, which is very well possible as again and again such eruptions occur, what men cannot deny. The interior of the earth revolts through influences unknown to men; but in the end men themselves give rise to it without realizing the effects of their doing. The opponent of God urges them on to it, and therefore it is his will and the will of men in bondage to him, which had been incorporated in the divine plan of salvation. And consequently also hell and its following serves the creator of heavens and earth - the dark world is unintentionally active with the redemption of the spiritual, and also the resistance against God contributes in the end, that again and again the way up is cleared for the spiritual - until once the work of redemption of the spiritual is completed. Amen. B.D. NR. 6282.


New Earth 6561

The Earth, a Paradise.

2. June 1956. B.D. Nr. 6561.

A paradisiacal state could already be on earth when all men would live in the will of God and serve each other in love. Neither misery nor worries would oppress men, and they would live together in peaceful harmony, always only one seeking to maintain the well-being and safety of the other and granting support where help is needed. Where love is, there is no discord, no envy, no greed - where love is, there is no arrogance, no impatience and no enmity. Because God himself is there where love is, and he blesses men who are united with him through love. But the earth is no such blessed place that it could be called a paradise. The earth is ruled by the opponent of God whose will is carried out over eagerly and which holds more men who lack love, who therefore live in enmity among each other and no-one aims for the other's advantage but everyone only thinks of himself in love of self. But it is to become a paradise. Because the time has come where an end will be put to the goings-on of Satan; the time has come where the human race has to be renewed, where the few have to be separated who still have love in them and make an effort to live according to God's will. The time has come where the earth will be cleaned and again be changed to the garden of Eden, where God himself again can dwell among his own because love again rules on earth. You men who now populate the earth, you are standing before this transformation, before this cleaning, before the end of the old earth. You will not be able to understand it that and how such a transformation happens, but with God no thing is impossible. And this transformation is planned since eternity, as also the state of lack of love among men is yet also known to him since eternity, which no longer allows an upward development and therefore also causes the end of this earth. The earth is well to be a maturation station for the developing spiritual; the souls are to develop to love during life on earth. But they also can do it, and so men could create the paradisiacal state for themselves already in earthly life, and they would have reached the degree of maturity within a short space of time and could go to eternal happiness. But they misuse the favour of their embodiment on earth. They do not strive for a change of their character; they remain in their state of lack of love, which was the result of the former falling away from God, and so they create for themselves a life in misery and poverty, sickness and worry - and go to rack and ruin bodily and spiritually. For they only have a limited time on this earth. And that is why also a limitation has been given to the human race so that it can sink to only a certain depth, to then again anew be integrated into the process of maturation, which is exceedingly agonizing, but still successful. But the earth will receive a new face, creation wise as well as also spiritually, because the new human race consists of such souls who took their change, their maturity seriously - who developed themselves to love and are therefore allowed to inhabit the paradise on the new earth. And God himself will be right among them because their love allows his presence. And all trouble will now come to an end. All you men are standing before this change. See to it that you belong to those who are allowed to take possession of the paradise; see to it that love fills your heart, that you still make use of the short time before the end, that you live according to the will of God who only demands of you that you fulfil his love commandments. Because soon the time of favour is over, soon the hour of the end has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6561.


New Earth 6979

Last Separation. Coming of the Lord.

29. November 1957. B.D. Nr. 6979.

At any time there have been men who surrendered to the influence of my adversary, as also such who earnestly aimed at me and fulfilled their life's purpose. And the earth will have to show at any time men of both kinds of will, as long as it serves as maturing station for the spiritual. But always the number of those will predominate during the time shortly before the end of a redemption period, who surrender to my adversary, and the number of men aiming at me will be fare smaller - but as also in the beginning of a new redemption period it will be the other way round - and at the beginning of such an epoch the earth will even only serve such men as place of residence, who have completely entered my will, on which my adversary can exert no influence any more. And so it is also no wonder in the last time before the end that the raging of my adversary becomes more and more apparent; almost that spiritual is embodied on earth, which has only little decreased in its resistance against me, although it also went the endless long way through creation. But it had reached a certain state of maturity, which allowed an embodiment as man, and therefore also the possibility exists that it passes the test of will because despite the increased activity of my adversary also I myself help unusually and take care of weakened mankind. But mostly the resistance in them will come out renewed, and it is easy for the adversary to win them back. But that there are men in the end-time who specially believe, who strive to win my kingdom with all eagerness, that is proof that it is possible despite the increased effect of the adversary, because men who are now embodied on earth offered resistance to me for a very long time, otherwise they would have been allowed to embody already before this time - except the individual souls, which have entered earth for the purpose of a mission to help mankind, which is in greatest spiritual trouble. And therefore a last decision is at stake; the wheat is separated from the chaff, and before everything is done that a good harvest is achieved; all souls are helped to free themselves from him to whom they are chained already eternities. But the last decision is their own. And all men can themselves realize that a truly satanic spirit rules in the world, that men have far more become slaves to him and willingly carry out everything what he orders them to do. The world is full of devils, and this will be even more apparent the nearer the end is. Because where there is only one man of weakened will there he slips in, and he strengthens his will, but in a negative way, so that acts will happen in the world, which can only originate in Satan. And as thus the number of those predominates who are in bondage to him, so also the fight will break out exceedingly violently against the far smaller flock of those who belong to me, of those, who aim at me and my kingdom, who want to remain loyal to me and are therefore exposed to those attacks. And these few will also know that the time is drawing to a close, that also my coming again is to be expected, because the trouble becomes almost unbearable from which I myself want to rescue them as I have promised. Men do not much rely on these promises as also on the prophecies which concern the end. They are no longer able to believe because it is a completely different time in which they live and all spiritual seems to be unreal to them. But they only once needed to earnestly consider the phenomena which everyone can experience or observe around himself, and they will then also have to think of the prophecies which point to this time and also to the consequences. But my adversary has great power in the end. Also that has been predicted, and all men can surely recognize that mankind is under the sway of Satan, it does not matter whether they want to accept this one or how they call him, but his activity is unmistakable. But also my activity should be observed and prove myself, a power, which is stronger than that one. For I also reveal myself to those who separate themselves from the counter spirit, who devote themselves to me and ask me for power and help. And I will reveal myself visibly to them when the day has come that I separate the goats from the sheep - when I will bind my adversary and his following with him - when I will rescue mine from their trouble and take them away alive from this earth to let them experience my power and glory true to my promise. Amen. B.D. NR. 6979.


New Earth 7297

Transformation of Earth.

2. March 1959. B.D. Nr. 7297.

The earth will continue to exist because I do not have planned its total destruction. But everything what lives on it, as well as also all natural creations will disappear, so that a complete cleaning of the earth can take place, which in its present state no longer serves the upward development of the spiritual. All creation in, on and above earth loses its life; it becomes free from the outer form which covers it and can now walk on the course of development, which at the moment is endangered for all beingness. Because my adversary rages in every way and he again and again seeks to hinder or to interrupt that development. But the earth is to still fulfil its assignment through endless times, because on it the still immature beings are to mature to become children of God. And that is why the earth will arise anew after a drastic cleaning has taken place, after all spiritual is directed properly, i.e. is embodied into an outer form which is due to it, beginning from hard matter till men, to whom also again easier possibilities to mature have to be offered to be able to reach the aim to become true children of God. The final destruction is therefore the same as the end of the old earth, even so the heavenly body as such remains, only receives a total change of its outer cover. And that is why rightly the end can and has to be pointed out, which not just means the end of every single civilisation, but an end of all existence for every single work of creation on this earth. And again a new epoch begins because the whole surface of the earth will be again be livened up by me with creations of a most wonderful nature, which the human eye can again enjoy because I will give all new creations again the most marvellous forms, and will assign the most varied beings to men, who again inhabit this new earth and whom I myself will bring to it in love, wisdom and power. Because I form the stock of a new human race for myself out of those whom I could rapture before from the old earth, who remained loyal to me until the end and whom I therefore choose for the new generation, from which again men are to come from, who live in my will and among whom I myself can stay by virtue of their faith and their love. And it will be a paradisiacal state because all new creations will make men happy to a never known extent. Men will inhabit in truth a paradise, an earth, which no longer corresponds to the old earth, because it is inhabit by mature men only, who also can receive a degree of happiness, which was not known before on earth, because mankind already belonged to Satan, which is why a cleansing of the earth had to take place. And this time is before you, and every one of you could still change himself and his character that the great success of the rapture could be granted him. But seldom can a man muster strong faith in it, and also only few men are so full of faith that they belong to the small flock which I will call away, suddenly and unexpectedly. But before times of trouble will still befall the earth, which then should be a very sure sign for you that the day no longer is far. When you can follow the work of my adversary quite obviously, when you will be exposed to the evil action of his vassals yourselves, when the misery is increasing and no way out of it seems any more possible for you, then also that end is near, then through my power I will destroy all arch-evil and rescue the ones who are mine from the sure downfall. And the ones raptured by me will experience the downfall of the old earth, although they no longer can be affected by it themselves. But some day they are to give evidence of the judgement of a just God, they are to be able to see the act of destruction and still praise and extol the one who has rescued them from this judgement. And again I will carry out an act of creation, because my will alone will again let a new earth arise, a dwelling place for my small flock, for my chosen ones, who can now lead the new life in paradise in peace and freedom, in happiness and bliss, in light and power - where there is no suffering and no pain, because the author of all evil is tied up and for a long time can no longer press men. Because an earth period has fulfilled itself, and again a new one begins, which is to lead innumerable still bound spirituals upwards, to one day make the final aim possible, the unification with me as my child. And you men are standing before that because the time is fulfilled, which once was fixed for you to being finally released from form. Amen. B.D. NR. 7297.


New Earth 8440

Creation of New Earth in a Moment.

16. March 1963. B.D. Nr. 8440.

It is possible for me to create all things in a moment for a thought is enough, which my will and my power put outside as work. I can therefore create in a moment and do not need time for it. But when I work in front of men - which every single work of creation around you proves - then everything happens within the framework of legal order so that you men can also follow the creation proceedings and also be able to recognize from it my love, wisdom and power. For I have put in you the same ability - albeit in minimum degree - that also you can create and form and also need a certain period of time for it because in the state of imperfection, in which you men still are on earth, also the time and space law exists for you, which is only left out for perfect beings, because then there are no longer limitations, both time wise as well as also spatially. My rule and activity is always adapted to the state of maturity of the beingness, which is allowed to experience this rule and activity for itself - but which does not exclude that unlimited power is at my disposal to put out of me everything in a moment since I do not need time, because I stand outside of the law of time and space. While now the coming into being of the creation took place I also already pursued a purpose with the coming into being: to give the fallen spiritual the possibility to mature slowly, to again slowly walk the way out of the deep, to again and again create new opportunities for it where it could serve in one way or another. So the plan of the origin of every single creation was always led by my will, that constantly greater creations come to light with always new appropriation - so that a slow upward development took place. And that is why this coming into being of the creation needed a certain time, because exactly the time was supposed to bring about the upward development. For the fall was endlessly deep, and the same stretch has to be covered, so that everything moves in lawful order, which everything perfect demands. But when now at the end of a redemption period a work of creation is transformed in my will, to again create new possibilities for upward development, then also works of creation can come into being, which are called into being by me in a moment. For also this is included in my plan of salvation from eternity, without overruling with it the law of eternal order - because the spiritual, which is just on the way of return, is available in all degrees of maturity exactly through the endless long course of development of the spiritual before on the old earth. Everything is available and only gets transformed, may it be hard matter or also the already lighter form in the plant and animal world. Through the powerful destruction everything is released, but cannot remain left in freedom in its still immature state, but it must once again be engendered into material form, which again corresponds with its previous state of maturity. And again and again spiritual substance, which so far was also still hardened, will be able to begin the course of development in the innermost part of the earth, which also gets into complete turmoil and releases spiritual and therefore again makes space for that spiritual - when one can speak in this case of space at all. But all works of creation are available as it were for the integration of the deepest fallen spiritual, which starts its way of development. As this spiritual again requires endless times until it once reaches the surface of the earth to be able to walk upwards after all. So when the work of reshaping on this earth is a work of a moment, then still everything takes its course in legal order. And since such a work of a moment cannot take place in front of men, since they have not reached yet the highest degree of perfection, to be able to grasp such an expression of my might and power, the men loyal to me will be raptured at the end. They well experience the work of destruction, since I open the sight for them for it, but they do not see the emergence of the new earth. Any concept of time is taken from them until they are brought to the new earth, until they look at the completed new creation in all magnificence and are allowed to take possession of it. And it is unimportant in which time the new earth has risen up, but as I introduce you men to my plan of salvation from eternity, I also inform you that I do not need time because my will can put out every thought from me in a moment as work, and my love and wisdom also recognizes what is good and suitable for final return of the spiritual, which once fell away from me in free will. Always only a small part of men will be of awakened spirit and be able to grasp this my explanation, but these I will also give a light about the creation secrets to let their love for me flare up hotter and hotter because exactly my plan of salvation from eternity is what will make all beings most happy because my love, wisdom and might makes itself known in it, and who already wins this knowledge on earth, he is truly to be called blessed, because he stands just before his perfection, he stands just before the final return to me, his God and creator from eternity, who has revealed himself as father and whose love is infinite. Amen. B.D. NR. 8440.


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