Prophecies about the Last Days before the end and especially about the rapture are quoted here.

This is the chapter "5.4 Rapture" of "Redemption Period".

5.4 Rapture

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Joseph Reinhardt Gschwend 


The last dramatic event before judgement is the rapture. This will happen just prior to the destruction of the earth. The true followers of Jesus will be taken by him. With their bodies alive they will be lifted up and removed. Their earthly distress is suddenly ended. These believers canít anymore be molested. Previously Jesus still remained invisible. Only in individual cases he appeared visibly, until the time of the rapture and then the destruction. After the work of destruction the believers again take possession of the new earth. They start the new redemption period as the stock of the new human race. They live in paradise because all evil is banished and rendered harmless.

And now prophecies follow. The abbreviation B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Rapture 1827

Coming in the clouds. Rapture?

24. February 1941. B.D. NR. 1827.

Still a small while and you will see me coming in the clouds, and you will cheer and rejoice and shout for joy that the Scriptures are fulfilled. And the righteous will hear my voice, and it will sound to them lovely. But those who deny me will be paralyzed with horror and want to flee from me. But judgement will overtake them wherever it may be; because so the day has arrived which I have determined for judgement, everyone will be called to account and not be able to escape judgement. And my faithful will sing praise and thanks to me that I reveal myself to them, and they will worship me in spirit and in truth, and when they see me they will be filled with deepest love towards me and serve me with most intimate devotion henceforth. Because I will need willing servants who are devoted to me after the time of judgement. I want to found a community and give an assignment to it; I want that men unite who recognize me and announce my teaching, and when they work together the community shall be powerful everywhere. But I want to eliminate who are intolerant and haughty because these endanger the small group of my believers. I want to be in the midst of these and therefore deep humility and love must dwell in men where I call on. And so I reign in the clouds I will lift up to me who love me thus that their hearts go out to me. And I will lead them to a place where there is no suffering and no affliction. And I want to prepare their new home for them; I want to shape earth new and arrange it for the reception of the servants faithful to me, and they will henceforth be active for me and my will. And now there will be a time of peace on earth; men will live in love; honour and love God; in truth they will be my children to whom I descent myself to celebrate the banquet with them. I will put together men and bless their union, and a new race will emerge that is highly developed spiritually and receives my word from me Ė that humbly bows before me and still is united with me in deepest love. Amen. B.D. NR. 1827


Rapture 2211

World judgement. Rapture.

14. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2211.

The world judgement will descend upon men suddenly and unexpectedly. And it will snatch away from earth every creature because earth will change in itself. Through a glowing current of fire everything will be destroyed what can be called living, and earth will receive a different appearance, inconceivable for men who inhabit earth now. But this is to be announced to them because there will be some among them who will experience both the old as well as the new earth, and these are to testify which miracles God has done to them. Because they will experience the destruction of the old world in the flesh and still not be affected by it because the Lord approaches them, and he lifts them up away from earth. These few are strong in faith and in love devoted towards God; they live according to Godís will and are pressed extremely by men who lack every faith. And so they are in greatest danger, and out of this the Lord rescues them by him coming himself and fetching them upwards. And a separation takes place; the good is separated from the evil, the believing from the unbelieving. God wrests the power over the spiritual from Satan by him banishing it anew in solid form. And so earth is formed newly. There is nothing what remains in existence in its old form because the time has ended which God has given the spiritual for the liberation out of form. It is a new epoch in the time period of redemption, and men will notice this with surprise who are led to this newly formed earth to form the stock of a new race. These know about the old earth and now experience the newly formed earth. And they recognize the greatness of God, his wisdom and omnipotence and his infinite love. Because a picture if offered to their eyes, which they receive in themselves with surprise and are awestruck. A kingdom of peace, to be seen lovely and pleasantly, exceedingly charming creations of most varied kind, still completely divergent of those of the old earth. And men will shout for joy and jubilate and cheer that they have received the great favour to experience the new earth. And they will forget the horrors of the world judgement which they experienced although they were not afflicted by it. For God lets that event happen in front of their eyes, which brings destruction to everything what lives on earth; but they themselves emerge uninjured out of it because God transfers them alive to a place of peace, until he has finished the work of forming again and leads them again to earth. Love, peace and unity will now unite men who are allowed to experience this process of change; they will praise God, thank him and worship him in deepest awe; they will live according to his will, and God will bless them and let a new race emerge out of them, which cannot be pressed by the adversary for a long time because all power is taken from him. And this time will be a time of peace and community with God because God dwells in the middle among them because his love lives in these men. Amen. B.D. NR. 2211.


Rapture 3251

Chaos. War†Against Faith.

11. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3251.

And it will happen as it has been written. A spiritual change lies ahead but only after a state of extreme confusion, earthly and spiritual helplessness, clearly recognizable satanic workings and utmost earthly and spiritual misery. Because all this has to come first so that a new spiritual life can emerge from it that will be lived by those who hold their own in these last days, who put the spiritual life above the earthly one and are not induced to fall away from God. These experience the new age, the spiritual change and so also the change of the old earth, and the greatness of God will be revealed to them, his wisdom, omnipotence and love. Seemingly the eternal deity is lately far from the human race but in fact closer than ever because he pleads for every manís soul and that is why all the suffering is on earth as it is a last means to win them. And the suffering is also a sign of the love of God who knocks on the heart of the individual to make himself perceptible to him. And when the later days have come the suffering and the trouble will not come to an end so that man makes an end to the pleasures of the world so that he turns his thoughts to eternity so that the learns to despise the earth und recognizes its spiritual purpose only. And then an unspeakable sad process will happen executed on the believers that faithfully stand by God. This will mean to be a last assault on the faith, a deprivation of rights will be introduced that is to expel all believers from the circle of the general public; a time of unspeakable suffering will come for these believers however it only seems like it to the fellow human being because the believers themselves do not feel the suffering to such an extent as it looks because the power of God supports them and enables them to bear their imposed lot. According to the depth of faith is also the depth of suffering that appears before the world as unbearable but that is not such a great burden for the believer that he is not able to endure it. But the world tries to revel in success, men will be materialistic minded more than ever, they will chase after worldly pleasures, they will take without scruple what seems to be desirable to them without consideration for the fellow human beings, and they will heap up wrong upon wrong, sin upon sin, and offend against divine commandments because they do not acknowledge God anymore and they testify to this by the openly executed war against the believers. And it is only a small flock that lives scattered among men that recognizes the nearby end and calmly expects it. For they know that the end also brings with it the coming of the Lord and they await him who is to bring to them salvation from deepest trouble. And God blesses their strong faith by revealing himself to them wherever the trouble is great and where men need strengthening. He is with them at all times because every believing thought calls him over. But he still remains invisible, only in individual cases he appears visibly, until the hour has come, when he raptures the ones that are his, when he raises them in their living bodies before the work of destruction of the earth takes place. And then the great earthly trouble has come to an end because the believers canít anymore be harassed when they again take possession of the new earth to start the new redemption period as the stock of the new human race. For all evil is banished and rendered harmless. Amen. B.D. NR. 3251.


Rapture 3340

Shortening of the End-Time.

22. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3340.

Great is the number of those who oppose me, who have no spiritual connection, i.e. moving their thoughts in worldly ways only and therefore are not listening to the messengers of heaven so that their thoughts could be directed towards the eternal destination and these lay themselves open to a welcome attack from my enemy. For they listen to the whispers of his personnel. And so he wins them for his camp and gives them orders for the warfare against me. I still take care of them until they challenge me severely. Where I still know a weak soul I give it the opportunity to come to knowledge and I do not stop to court this soul, I make my word accessible to it, I let my messengers get in its way and I use every opportunity, as long as it does not turn away completely from me, to change its thinking. But such souls are in the majority and they wreak havoc to the fright of my children and rage under the influence of my enemy. And the number goes up daily because also the undecided still fall away who are not firmly established in the faith and who are living lukewarm and listless from day to day even when they are still devoted to me judging by the word but in the heart they are still far from me and therefore canít resist the temptations. The world will attract them more than their salvation and so they give me away when they are faced with the decision. And those who remain faithful until the end are only a small crowd. For the sake of them I shorten the time because whether the tribulation grows stronger and stronger none of my enemies will be moved to abandon the hostility against me and to come into my camp. And therefore the time shall be shortened for the sake of those who are mine so that they do not give in and are sacrificed to the enemy of souls, so that their sufferings do not last longer than is necessary for the completion of the last events on this earth. And I will help them in the great trouble and strengthen them through my presence, I will be among them visibly and invisibly and they will feel my nearness and remain strong until I come and rescue them from their misery. And then the end will be for every creature because only the ones who belong to me survive whereas everything else goes down, i.e. will be banished anew in the creations of the new earth for the purpose of their further spiritual development so that also that that has fallen away from me finds the way to me, even if it is after an endless long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 3340.


Rapture 3557

Coming in the Clouds. Rapture.

24. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3557.

An unusual roaring will fill the air when the day of judgement is on the advance. And this will be the last sign for men but as such only be recognized by the believers whom it will fill with great joy. For now they expect the coming of the Lord. Strong faith is needed to expect God coming in the clouds because it is an occurrence of such an extraordinary nature that the ungodly just sneer and laugh so they are told about it. They will possibly also hear the roaring but they will not see the Lord in the clouds and that is why they pay little attention to the unusual uproar in the air and they do not let it bother them in their life, they are exuberant and unscrupulous and are enjoying themselves. But the believers will compose themselves and prepare themselves with a glad heart to welcome the Lord. They are at the end of their earthly strength and know that their time of suffering now has come to an end and unanimously they profess God in the last hour although this is to mean the loss of the earthly life because the world mercilessly takes action against them. But the appearance of the Lord thwarts the plans of the ungodly. Because suddenly they watch the band of believers rise from the ground and float upwards. And at the same time terrible thunders sound and men seized with horror become aware that something awe-inspiring is happening to them. Frozen by the unusual event of the rapture they are unable to think, they try to flee and see everywhere the same - flames of fire burst out from the earth from which there is no escape. And they find an end in the most awful manner because there is no rescue for men who like devils rage on earth and are full of sin. The group of the faithful however see the end of the old earth; the divine work of destruction happens in front of their eyes while they themselves have escaped from it and stay safe and secure at a place of peace as God has promised. This is the end of a redemption period and the beginning of a new one as the old earth is again formed anew by the will of God. Then the faithful will live on as stock of the new human race with whom the new redemption period begins. Only to the knowing, to the man who has deep understanding will the event of the rapture be comprehensible and therefore believable but it crowns a time of anxious miseries and sufferings, it is the conclusion and proof of the glory of God who prepares a lot also for his people that testifies to his glory. It is an act of deepest divine love towards his creatures who recognize in him their father from eternity, who have found their way back to him and have become one with him through love - among whom he himself now can stay because there is no obstacle to divine love when man himself has become love. Amen. B.D. NR. 3557.


Rapture 3595

Period of the Creation of the New Earth. Paradise.

5. November 1945. B.D. NR. 3595.

The creation of the new earth will take place in a period of time that would be highly astonishing for men if they would have knowledge of it. But the sense of time is taken from them during their stay away from earth in that kingdom into that the love of God leads the loyal followers of God in order to execute the destruction of the old earth. They live in happiness and peace, not anymore exposed to the persecutions of the enemy of body and soul, and completely devoted to the rule of God because their love and their faith is so deep that they are closely connected to God. And now God executes his work to create a new earth which is to serve again as a home for the faithful. And God does not need the time for it that is otherwise needed for every physical creation but he creates in a moment new forms which hold the still immature spiritual for the purpose of its further development. And because men have lost every sense of time during the rapture from the old earth until the transferring back to the new earth they are able to appreciate the wonderful creation but not the great miracle of its sudden emergence. Out of Godís love and power emerge innumerable creations in a moment that delight the human eye and increase the love and thankfulness to God many times over. Men now start a new life completely different from the life on the old earth because deepest peace is spread over the earth, in harmony and love men are meeting, everybody serves the other in love, and all menís looks and thoughts are turned upwards because their hearts are closely connected to God, God himself is in the midst of them, teaching them and giving them spiritual goods and they are praising and extolling him without ceasing. And so short periods of time as far as is humanly possible to tell will be enough to produce a total change and men of this earth will have the opportunity to marvel at the new creations and to compare with the old ones. And this will be the men who have knowledge of the word of God and therefore are also initiated into the plan of God for the redemption of the spiritual. They consciously will expect the day of judgement, the rapture and the destruction of the old earth but first go through anxious times of trouble and are then allowed to enliven the new earth as victors as God has promised. And therefore it is to be mentioned to men so that the possibility is given them to note the course of world events of earth and to recognize through it that the time of the end has come so that they make an effort to belong to those that are not perishing with the old earth but find Godís love and blessings as loyal supporters of God and are allowed to start the paradisiacal life on the new earth - men are to know in what times they are living. But the knowledge that is imparted to them does not oblige to believe. It is up to them to intellectually focus on this but it is another opportunity to find God and to secure the life of the soul. Because everything will happen as God has promised since a long time because his word is truth and remains truth until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3595.


Rapture 3791

Rapture. Four winds. Gospel.

5. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3791.

From all four winds, out of all kingdoms of earth, I will fetch mine up at the end of the days. Because everywhere, where men dwell, mine are represented, who love me with all their heart and also their neighbour and also recognize out of this love the true God, the father from eternity, who is in himself love, wisdom and power. And everywhere, where men dwell, mine know that the time of the end has come, because the spirit of him is awakened, who lives in love, and he is therefore instructed by me through the spirit about that what comes. In all four corners of the earth my word is audible, and it is presented to men out of the kingdom of light, and they receive it according to their ability Ė they hear it as spoken word in the heart, they receive it mentally, they hear it through mediation of my servants on earth, who are of awakened spirit. And they will always recognize it as truth, because they desire it and make themselves worthy to be instructed by me through their way of life, a way, which corresponds to my love commandment. And so the Gospel is announced in all the world, as I have promised, because I myself look after mine; I myself give them the most needed and the most delicious, what can be offered to them on earth. But to all of them the faith struggle before the end will not be saved, although it will also be carried out differently Ė they will have to confess me with those, who are without faith. They will not be allowed to keep their love work secret, when such is demanded by them. They will be exposed to hardships for the sake of their faith before the end comes. And all awakened will be able to work in their circle, because everywhere mine will face unbelievers, and to draw these over to them is to be the endeavour of all those who have received truth from me, who have become mine through love. And so the trouble and hardship seems to become unbearable, I come myself and fetch mine to myself into my kingdom. I rapture them with the body alive from this earth, which needs a total reshaping, and bring them again to the new earth, when the work of reshaping is completed. And men of all nations will praise my power and glory, because everywhere, where men live, I will stretch out my hand for rescue, which are in extreme danger, and give them their reward for their steadfastness in faith and for their loyalty towards me. And then the earth will be destroyed in its outer from in front of the eyes of all, who are rebellious towards me. And a new earth will come into being, as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 3791.


Rapture 4127

Cross. My Yoke is Easy, and My Burden is Light.

20. and 21. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4127.

Excerpt only.

Consider that all trouble has an end with the end of this earth and that this end is not anymore far. And therefore seek to so form yourselves that the stay in spheres of light is then secured for you, that you give away the earthly body with joy and exchange it for a life in the hereafter in full freedom as you have passed the test of will on earth. And this life will compensate you for all what you have suffered on earth and you will never anymore long for this earth.


Rapture 4531

Coming in the Clouds. Rapture. End.

4. January 1949. B.D. NR. 4531.

And I come to you to fetch you into my kingdom. Think of this promise in the hours of trouble and wait for me and my help, firmly believe that I come as your saviour when the trouble becomes unbearable. And do not be afraid because I am stronger than he that wants to ruin you. Know that it is easy for me to destroy him; but nothing would be achieved with this because the many who are his followers would continue his work when they would not also be destroyed. But this does not work because what has emerged out of my spirit of creation continues to exist in eternity; it cannot cease to exist because it is power out of me that is immortal. But I will save you out of his power by banishing him and with him all those who are in bondage to him. But you will be placed into the kingdom of peace where you will live like in paradise until I bring you to the new earth that you are now to liven up according to my will. Nobody will believe this promise - this prophecy - because when I come in the clouds I abolish the laws of nature by lifting you up alive to me in full view of your fellow human beings that have become slaves to my opponent. They are in a way therefore experiencing something adverse to nature that they now do not want to believe in. But you who are mine, you know that with me no thing is impossible and so you also know that I can inactivate or reverse the laws of nature when it is beneficial to my plan of salvation from eternity. You know about the meaning and purpose of creation and my eternal plan of salvation, therefore you also know that there is an end and that you are standing in the last times before the end. Therefore you also do not doubt this announcement that I already have sent to men since the beginning of this period of redemption. You think it is possible and you are to firmly believe in it so that you can get over the difficult times always thinking and hoping of my certain help and my coming from above. Whatever evil things men are still doing to you, overlook it because they will receive their punishment and this will be bitter. They will see you lifted up in front of their eyes while death lurks around them and in no direction they can escape; they will be swallowed up by earth and a dreadful lot will be theirs on the new earth. But you will receive the just compensation, all misery will have an end, you will live free and happy on the new earth in the middle of a paradise, in the middle of love and a direct connection to me, who will often stay among men that have become love. And that is the end that is predicted through seers and prophets, again and again, that has been announced since the beginning of the redemption period so that mankind believes. But nobody takes these prophecies seriously, however the day will come that brings it all and the last judgement, as it has been announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4531.


Rapture 4613

The Weak will not Experience the End.

13. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4613.

The weak will not experience the end. I very well know in what state the soul of the individual is, what will it bears in itself and what degree of maturity it has, that is also a standard for the will power in the last struggle against faith. I do know that this confessing of me requires great power that only few men muster and that it takes quite a lively faith to hold one's ground and to remain loyal to me. And that is why for these loyal followers and supporters the gates of paradise on the new earth will be opened so that their love towards me, which they prove to me till the end, will be rewarded. But men with weak faith will not get through this last war on earth and I avert the danger of falling away from me to not let them fall into the hands of my enemy and to still give them the opportunity to let them continue their development in the kingdom on the other side that is not anymore possible after the end of this earth for a long time. They will not be up to the demands and strains of the last times because they are not turned away from me but because they have not the deep lively faith that makes them capable to be a real fighter of Christ. And there will be many of them that well decide for me, bearing the faith in a God of love and wisdom in them, but do not bring it to such strength that they place themselves trustingly in my hands and ask for my help. These souls I take from earth, otherwise they would be lost for eternal ages. But the strong remain loyal to me until the end and will be raptured by me before the destruction of the old earth. This process will have to make sense to you and just as understandable must it be for you that those weak souls do not populate the paradise of the new earth that can only bear spiritual mature men who allow my presence among them as I have promised to you. In the end there has to be a separation of the goats and the sheep. The old development period ends with the banishment of the failing spiritual into hard matter and the new epoch begins with a mature human race that is already on earth in a state of bliss because it stood firm and was only too well put to the test by me on earth. This maturity of the soul allows my presence among my children. But weak, not yet matured souls would not be able to stand my presence and so the new earth is not a place of residence for them that nevertheless proceed upward in the spiritual kingdom and also have privileges in the spiritual kingdom for the sake of their prematurely ended life, which helps them up. This is the separation of the spirits that has constantly been announced through word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4613.


Rapture 5029

The Powers of Heaven will Move. Overthrow of Natural Laws. Rapture.

28. December 1950. B.D. NR. 5029.

The gift of favour from above is a power out of heaven, it comes from the spiritual kingdom of light, out of heaven, in contrast to the power emissions from below that have their outgoings in hell. So beings of the kingdom of light will work to an unusual degree and the pure word of God can be passed on to men through the will of men who are God serving and active in love on earth, who open themselves to the supply from the spiritual kingdom and who receive spiritual gifts. Powers of heaven are moving - they will act unusually in the latter times before the end. This explanation has therefore to be given for the first time for the words of Jesus about the signs of the end and his coming again. It was a powerful utterance that he made because he announced changes that word-for-word meant an overthrow of the laws of nature. His words always had a spiritual meaning but in the times of the end there will appear, apart from the spiritual meaning, also a second meaning because in an unimaginable way natural phenomena will occur that man cannot explain himself on the strength of his intellect. They go against the divine natural law, but are basically again only laws of nature unknown to men and these processes are meant by the words: The stars shall fall from heaven - sun and moon shall not give their light. Scientists and what ranks itself to them will not be able to give explanations for it, they will not be in a position to give light, because their knowledge fails there where divine power operates. They are laws of nature whose cause also no man can fathom since they only then come into effect when a phase of redemption has ended and the dissolving of material outer forms has become necessary. They are phenomena adverse to nature and still scheduled in the eternal plan of God, therefore included in his law of nature since eternity, that men just cannot understand whose spirit is not yet enlightened. With God no thing is impossible - therefore he will always be able to work and accomplish everything, also extralegal things, otherwise his omnipotence would be limited. Still his work always moves in divine order because it is not possible for man as such to judge this; but it would be presumptuous to doubt that because that also would be doubting the wisdom of God. And as God is also in himself eternal love he will always let his will be active as it is necessary and good for his creatures that he wants to win for himself. Things are going to happen before the end that you men are not yet able to foresee. And such can only be hinted to men with words that announce unusual, almost incredible events. Still the word of God is purest truth and it comes true when the time has arrived. Then also in the universe the most unusual changes will take place but mankind of this earth will only be able to observe such initially; but the last they will not experience any more except the few that are raptured and that will be able to observe the process of destruction of this earth and its inhabitants. The earth in its old form and state has stopped to be, but the new earth only holds men that are of awakened spirit and these know the cause of all that what has happened at the end of the earth, but they also know about the might and glory of God, about his exceeding great love, but also his justice. Amen. B.D. NR. 5029.


Rapture 5607


20. February 1953. B.D. NR. 5607.

Only a small crowd will be able to see me in all magnificence at the end of the earth and this it is that will be raptured in front of their fellow human beings that are exposed to bodily and spiritual death. Because as soon as those have left earth these fall prey to destruction, i.e. everything that lives in, on and above it will be eaten up by the flames that burst out of earth and leave out no work of creation. But the ones that are mine will not be affected by this work of destruction because I already fetch them away beforehand and the sight of their sudden rapture will plunge men into horror because the ones that are mine disappear upward in front of them. But only the ones that are mine can see myself when I will come in all splendour and majesty. I remain invisible to the others because never will he see me in my glory who has become a slave to my opponent. But before they come round on account of the supernatural phenomenon of a rapture the end has already come - the earth will open and devour all that have fallen away from me and remain so until the end. The process of the rapture is not comprehensible to men of this earth because something takes place that is completely unlawful, something unnatural, which remains implausible to all who do not believe in me and know about my plan of salvation from eternity. And still it comes as I announce it to you - I transport men still living in their body to a place of peace in a moment, but they themselves will experience these proceedings consciously and will be full of rejoicing and praise for me. Because they have passed the test of loyalty, they are now to receive the reward for their love for me and the faith in me and I open paradise for them. A new redemption period begins and the ones who are mine will be the stock of the new generation on the new earth. Only faith can grasp such, but the intellect resists it and doubts until the day has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 5607.


Rapture 5799

Coming of the Lord. Rapture.

30. October 1953. B.D. NR. 5799.

You will see me coming in the clouds - the spiritual kingdom will lower itself down to you; because you, who remain loyal to me until the end, you are already to be counted to the inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom although you still carry the body of flesh - you have then reached the maturity that you are allowed to see me face to face. But covered in clouds I come towards you. For you cannot yet bear the whole fullness of my light although you can see me without ceasing to exist. The proceedings of the rapture and my coming again to earth are understandable to my believers only and therefore also plausible. And whether I also again and again try to give reasons for and explain these my last events. Men of this earth will accept nothing unusual, adverse to nature, because they have no understanding for the spiritual, because nothing spiritual can reveal themselves to them. And that is why they will also not be able to see me although you, my believers, will stretch out the hands rejoicing and longingly. But the proceedings of the rapture do not remain hidden to them and will plunge them into great horror - because also these are adverse to nature, that you soar towards me, that I pull you towards me and your alive bodies therefore leave the earth upwards, towards the light. But also the light the unbelievers do not see because light does not gain entrance where it still meets with resistance. For also the proceedings of the rapture, the most unusual experience on this earth, could still convert men who would receive knowledge about it, although they have not accepted it. A short thought towards it could still cause man to call on me at the last minute, and he would be saved from ruin. That is why I let the rapture take place visibly to really make use of every possibility of escape. But the hearts of men are already too hardened to be able to recognize my love. But you are to see me - and all suffering will be forgotten because now you are already no longer inhabitants of this earth but in my kingdom because a place of peace receives you that no longer reminds of the old world. My coming in the clouds has been announced to you men since my ascension to heaven - and I have always been expected by the ones who are mine. But my coming is also the end of this earth and I am to be expected at the end of a redemption period only, because my coming means the end, and the rapture the beginning of a new epoch - because all conditions have to be first recognizable that determine a dissolving of the creations of the earth. Because both my coming again to earth as well as the rapture of those who are mine could not happen as long as the final day of judgement had not arrived for men - exactly since both phenomena would have meant a compulsion to believe for men still living and since I do not let the unusual happen to bring men to believe in me. Only the last end on this earth was intended for this, and only the last end has brought a separation of spirits. And then I myself come to the ones who are mine and fetch them, so that they are relieved of the great misery, so that they receive the reward for their loyalty - and rejoice and praise him whom they now see in all majesty. Amen. B.D. NR. 5799.


Rapture 5851

Dead in Christ. Rapture.

11. January 1954. B.D. NR. 5851.

Talking of the resurrection of the dead means the raising of the spiritual dead, which can also still reach this raising in the spiritual kingdom after earthly death because the work of redemption is continued uninterruptedly on the part of those who already found redemption through Jesus Christ, who already stood up from spiritual death on earth or also in the hereafter. Not one of my beings remains in the state of death eternally; again and again the one who follows the light of the cross of Christ will be wrested from the night of death and so rises from the dead to new life. The raising from the dead on the last day is therefore a process that is only to be understood spiritually because as my coming in the clouds for the time being is also to be understood only spiritually, that I descend in the word to men to initiate a last rescue action before the end - so I also descend into darkness, into hell, and also let there rays of light flash; I also hold the cross out to the beings of darkness to light up to them the way to me and also this work of rescue will not be unsuccessful and many will rise from their graves to life. But those who want to remain in darkness, who do not want to acknowledge me, they are not dead in Christ. They cannot be transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light and these are the ones who again have to start their course of development on earth, who will be bound in hard matter of the new earth. The dead in Christ are therefore those who are redeemed from the deep, unlike those who already have found me on earth, who have a living faith in me and will be taken from this earth at the end as my children as it is written. Because I will come back in great splendour and majesty and I will fetch the ones who are mine and transfer them in living bodies to a place of peace. I will come again as I once ascended to heaven - in brightest light and visibly to the ones who are mine. And my spiritual coming again in the word and in the hearts of men is to enable my children to take shape in such a way that they can see me because only those men will be able see me who consciously have become mine through a life in love towards me and towards the neighbour. So that now those who are of good will can reshape themselves into beings of love and of light, I first have power sent to them; I convey my word to them that is power from me in highest effectiveness. And who accepts it believing in me and the truth of my word from eternity, will also expect me and will be convinced and I will not disappoint him because irrevocably the day of the end is coming, the day of the rapture of mine comes and of the resurrection of all who through Jesus Christ found redemption on earth or also in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 5851.


Rapture Gschwend


Chapter 69 "Raptured" from the book "Erhebet eure Hšupter - GŲttliche Gesichte" (1979) von J. R. (Joseph Reinhardt) Gschwend (10.05.1894 - 14.08.1988). The original title of the book is "Useful important revelations."

A great crowd of saints in vivid white garments became visible. They had been lifted from earth into heaven where a powerful crown was suspended in the height. This crown seemed to have an effect like a magnet and pulled to itself all those who were redeemed and were overcomers. As they were approaching the wonderful crown many small diadems came off the great crown. It was of course the crown of our Lord Jesus Christ. He had reached his goal, had won the great fight, completed the race and with it won the crown of life for us. In 1 Corinthians (9:24-27) we are told that man receives the prize, the crown, and that Christ himself is this crown. So we are united with him when we participate in this race and fight for mastery in his power, wisdom and strength.
Then I saw other men, which were also drawn up by the magnetic power of the crown, but because their feet were detained in the morass they could not come free. But at the same time their hands were bound and tied up to certain treasures and riches, from which they also could not be liberated.
Then a powerful fire occurred and roared over the earth. It was the fire of judgement. But it also seized those whose feet were still tied up in the muddy morass despite the fact that they were pulled by the Lord. But finally also they were set free although the flames leaped up. Of course these men did not receive a crown, although they were dressed with the clothes of righteousness and did not get lost.
But others really went to ruin in that fire. They found neither remorse nor favour. Therefore let us pray that we will be found worthy to escape the coming of God's judgement of wrath and that we then also have part in the first resurrection.


Rapture 6681


30. October 1956. B.D. NR. 6681.

Again and again enlightenment will reach you through my word in all spiritual problems, which you cannot solve alone - where my spirit has to step in, if your thinking is to be right, thus is to fulfil truth. Truth alone has a beneficial effect, but wrong thinking does not yield a profit to the soul but still condenses the cover, which surrounds it, because wrong thinking does not start from me but from my opponent. But men are not always able to accept pure truth unveiled; now and then they have to be taught like children through pictures and parables, but which still completely correspond to truth. And where this is the case, my opponent likewise tries to push is way in and to distort these pictures and parables to prevent that man's thinking is right. And also now the enlightenment through the spirit is the prerequisite to be able to give the right explanation or to be able to rightly understand oneself what was offered to men veiled, what seers and prophets predicted on my behalf. The spiritual state of men required such a veiled portrayal because the unveiled truth would have appeared to be completely implausible to those who did not recognize the spiritual development of men as purpose on earth, and that is why also my written word - the book of the fathers - would have been completely rejected because the events of the end, if they would have been described unveiled, would not have been believed and therefore would have given rise to a complete refusal of my word. At all times I prevented an unveiled portrayal of the last events, but always gave explanations when this was necessary. But that is why also all sorts of opinions are supported among men, and everybody supports the own according to his spiritual state, but an enlightened spirit alone will move in the right thinking and be able to unveil the veiled truth!

The end is near - and the processes which take place in the end will be able to be observed by only few men because they are to tell the coming human race on earth about my power and glory, about the ending of the old and the beginning of the new redemption period. But these few I lift away from earth as soon as the end has come. But when this will happen then a weeping and wailing will begin on earth because this process of rapture is seen by all men on earth and arouses - because it is extralegal - an enormous horror because now men, who are left, know to be abandoned to ruin. My coming in the clouds will not be sighted by those men because I cannot be visible to those who are followers of my adversary. Only mine will see me and hold out the arms towards me being happy and praising me. And I will pull them up in full view of their fellow human beings. And out of deep misery some few will shout for me but not driven by fear but in sudden realization and deepest remorse. I know these and again and again speak to them, and they only still need a deep shock to give up their resistance and to hand themselves over to me in their heart. And these are those men who will arise out of their graves to now also be taken away from earth because I know their hearts and their shout for Jesus Christ sounds in deepest faith in him and his help and they now find redemption from sin and death. And the graves will still release many - dead men who will rise from the dead to life - men who will be more impressed by the events on this earth than they want to admit, where only the lid of the grave has to be rolled away, which will be brought about by the end shock. But what will still come to pass before, can still contribute to the awakening of dead souls because hell will spew out to earth the most evil spirits. And high beings will descend from the kingdom of light, and the struggle for the souls of men will be obvious and also be able to be observed by mine, who now experience the unveiling of that which before was only announced to them veiled. Amen.

And the scales will fall from the eyes of mine because now it becomes understandable to them what so far had been hidden to them, but what the spiritual awakened men understood to mean. But as men in the times of the end are particularly strong captives of matter, also the knowledge about my plan of salvation of the redemption of the spiritual is little known. And this one alone is the key to all revelations, which were given to men veiled. Men know nothing about individual redemption periods, also when they believe in a justification, a last judgment, and in an end of the world. And so according to this knowledge they try to interpret revelations for themselves, which concern that end. And the more they are intellectually busy with it the more confused are their conclusions. But my spirit reveals to them in simplest ways both the signs as well as the proceedings of the end. And the rapture of the ones who are mine will be the last what takes place on this earth before the destruction, before the total change of the outer form of this earth, which wipes out all life on it. Not that afterwards still much time passes where this event still could be discussed by men - because this would undeniably be a forced belief for the ones who stay behind; no man could close his mind now to the knowledge of a living God and be forced to belief in him. But I do not apply such means to win that faith, therefore also the end has then come as soon as I fetch up the ones who are mine from this earth. And the horror about it will coincide with the horror about certain death, which the ones staying behind face because the earth will open and fire burst out; men will freeze and not being able to think further, except the few where only a small impulse is still required that they recognize me and call on me in greatest trouble. But I know these, and that is why I have pity with them, and their souls will have no need to share the agonizing fate of the others. Whatever will take place; this only could be predicted to men graphically because they never would have understood it as long as my plan of salvation from eternity could not be explained to them. And the low spiritual state of men did not allow this. But my word was preached to men at all times, and my word urged them to be active in love. The observance of my word, the observance of my love commandment would have let you men into knowledge and therefore also into the knowledge about my plan of salvation. And then also the graphic description would have been understandable to them, and they also were understood by those who reached enlightenment of spirit through a life of love. But the closer the end is the more the thinking of men got tangled up and all the more puzzling the pictures are to them, which now the intellect tries to decipher. And men should always just rely on what I myself spoke to them, when I walked on earth. They should assimilate and apply my words in themselves, and with astonishment they would recognize that it brightens up inside of them, that they have full understanding for everything so far not clear to them - because now my spirit can work in them and light a bright light to them. But who thinks to be able to get hold of knowledge by himself through eager study but as a result neglects to live as it is my will, he will never come to knowledge. He will be lost in deeper and deeper wrong thinking, and whatever he thinks to discover - he will have to reject it again and find no light in himself. My love commandments and their fulfilment alone ensure right thinking for you, and then you also can understand every word, every prophecy and every clue to the end because then you are enlightened by my spirit, which is never wrong and which always guides you into truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6681.


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