Prophecies regarding Antichrist are quoted here.

This is the chapter "5.3 Antichrist" of "Redemption Period".

5.3 Antichrist

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Another event of the times of the end is the appearing of Antichrist.

“You will then be able to follow the events that have been prophesied as everything will happen in the era of a man who accelerates the dissolving, so to speak, who pays tribute to the principle of destruction, who therefore does not act constructively but destructively.”

This sentence comes from a prophecy from Bertha Dudde which she wrote down on 1. and 2. August 1944 under the number B.D. NR. 3209. According to this statement the appearance of antichrist is to be expected already at the beginning of the last days and therefore this sentence of this prophecy is probably one of her most important prophecies regarding antichrist and I have quoted it therefore first. When he appears then it will be very advisable to compare events with existing prophecies. The more the events agree with these the more the certainty will grow that the end is on the advance.

The complete text of prophecy 3209 can be found in the first chapter of "Redemption Period," the chapter called "Introduction."

The following prophecies contain many details about antichrist, but also bring for example things of importance regarding the gifts of the spirit and how they are to be used and what kind of feelings the believer has, and regarding the difference between them and the work of miracles done by antichrist. They also contain explanations of the difference that exists between the acts of a believer that is led by the spirit of God and who leaves the outcome of an event to God, and the acting of a strong-willed but unbelieving person who tries to determine the outcome by his willpower.

Now follow several more prophecies.


Antichrist jl.ev06.033

"The Great Gospel of John" by Jakob Lorber (1800-1864).

1851-1864. Volume 6, Chapter 33.

Then said Philopold: »Lord, I and surely all of us thank you from the most inner bottom of our heart for this really tremendous, most marvellous enlightenment about the teachings of the old wise men! For me it has now become completely clear. Yes, now the thing is quite plain for me, clear and understandable, while earlier it obviously had to seem to me to be sheerest nonsense! I will of course only then really clearly be able to see and understand all that when I will be devoid of all material elements.
But it is now enough that I see how one can, with being in time and space, still be completely out of time and space and that even very well and actually according to the fullest truth. Only one thing I would still like to get to know about from you with very few words and that would consist of this, where are than after that locally heaven and where also the annoying hell located, about which I have already heard and read much. It says, They will ascend to heaven, and they will be cast down into hell. Where and how is the "up," and where and how is the most regrettable "down"?«
Say I: See, here on the chair, on which you now sit, can earthly be heaven and hell completely firmly next to each other; but in the kingdom of spirit they are still separated by an endless chasm! - See still more:
Here, where I am now with you, is the highest heaven, and that means "up," and just here also the deepest and most evil hell, and that means "down."
Material room makes no difference, but the spiritual one alone, which, as you have seen, has nothing in common with the material one at all, because in the kingdom of spirits only the state of life makes a proper and true distance. There earthly space can never have relevance. In order to make that still more understandable and to illustrate it, I want to give you some pictures.
See, two people would sit here together on one and the same bench! The one is a pious wise man whose bright spirit, full of light, is initiated into very many secrets of the effects of divine powers in the world of nature; but the other is a stubborn rogue and rest his limbs on the same bench and asks like an honest man also for wine and bread for the refreshment of his strength only so that he then again can carry out some evil in the open all the easier. How close are both men together earthly-spatially, and how infinitely far are they from each other in the spirit!
But it may be that while our wise man sits with us here on this bench, and in the same way some thousand days journey away from here would another sit, then these two alike wise men would earthly-spatially surely be very far away from each other; but in the kingdom of the spirit they would still be together very closely, as it is also literally the case in my kingdom.
But it follows again very clearly that heaven will be for every good man just there where he just is, and all good and pure of his kind will immediately be very near to him. Because then it does not mean: "See, here or there, say above all stars is heaven, and possibly deepest below the earth is hell!" All such does not depend on this time and on this space and has no outer show of pomp like a vain temple ritual but is inside man himself.
According to how the inside state of man will be, so also the world will be on the other side, which he will create out of himself and then will live in it and on it, well or badly.
All who are in the truth and therefore in the true light out of my word through living faith and through their acting accordingly, their world in my kingdom, which is similar to this earth to the most perfect extent, will then also be light and truth for ever in increasing proportion; but those who will be wilfully in the wrong and out of it in evil, their world will then also be equal to their inside in increasing proportion. Then as a real good man always will be become better, so also will an evil man become worse all the time and through it more distanced from the good state, as such is already very clearly visibly in this world.
Look at those men whose arrogance fills them more and more with a burning lust for power! When they through their tyrannical might have made many thousand times thousand men to become the most miserable slaves, then they gather together even greater war hordes, invade the kingdoms of the other kings, defeat them and take away from them country, peoples and treasures. And when they have conquered and made unhappy this way half the world then it seems to them to already be like God and even rise above the same, let themselves be worshipped and threaten all with the most painful punishments, who dare to worship any other god than only such a zcar and to sacrifice to him alone, as we have an expressive example of this in the Babylonian king Ne bouch kadne zcar (There is no god except me, the king!) and now in the high priests, Pharisees and scribes, who now also consider themselves to be the sole gods and are out to kill me, that will even be permitted in some time, that they will kill this my body, - but though only for three days; but then I will rise from the dead out of my highest own might, and judgement will then fall over them and their end.
From this you all can clearly see by grasping with your hands that the evil one also always will become more evil, as the good one better all the time, only with the difference that a measure has been set for the evil one where it says: "Only up to here, and then no whisker further!" Because then always a great punishment has to follow, through which the evil ones can be brought back to their senses and that if possible the one or the other still could adopt a better course.
But as it is so in this world, as I now have shown you, so it is in hell, only with the difference that there in the general kingdom of the spirits - the good ones, the humble ones, the patient ones and the ones who trust in God are sorted out forever and therefore the evil ones alone have throughout their wrong, wicked, completely vain goings-on in hell; vain therefore because their light is falseness, deceit and completely vain, empty appearance like the dream of a drunken rich reveller and squanderer.
I think, that all of you are now also sorted out in this matter, and so we want to spend the rest of this night quite cheerfully and happy! If anyone else still has a request then we have time until Easter; because until then I want to stay with my friend Kisjona. - Are you, Philopold, now okay?«
Says Philopold: »Yes, now; because you explained the most incomprehensible in such a way that there is now no question remaining in this matter and I think that also all who are here present have understood it. Yes, but also only you, o Lord, could explain this so to us; because all wise men would have strongly damaged their wisdom teeth with this. Our thanks you can anyhow read in our hearts.«
Here also our Jewish Greeks said: »Indeed, this can only he so explain, who penetrates everything with his spirit and actually is everything in everything! This is for us still the greatest and strongest proof of your pure divine mission. Signs have much effect when they are done your way but only for already much experienced men; but they still are captivated by them. But the word livens up and sets the soul free and is therefore more worth than a thousand signs that do not invigorate but only captivate the soul, which they fill with fear. That is why we also thank you for this your wisest teaching!«
Say I: »Very well judged! Tomorrow there still will be something found; but now drink and be cheerful until the rising! We all will have no need of sleep this night.«


Antichrist jl.ev06.148,21

"The Great Gospel of John" by Jakob Lorber (1800-1864).

1851-1864. Volume 6, Chapter 148, last verse (verse 21).

And as Lazarus heard me explaining the fourth and fifth chapter of the prophet Isaiah he said: »Yes, Lord, but that fits the present time and its men already so down to the last detail that there is also no small point of which one could say that it does not exactly apply now! Yes, there it is already well understandable that the templers have it sharp in for you! O, this lesson was doing them good; because these guys already pretend right now to be like the gods and angels themselves!«


Antichrist jl.ev06.149

"The Great Gospel of John" by Jakob Lorber (1800-1864).

1851-1864. Volume 6, Chapter 149.

Say I: »Friend, as it now stands so it will stand again on the verge of 2000 years after us, and the beginning of it will be already there much earlier! Here now Judaism is much worse than paganism - because with the pagans reason is still worth something while it is trampled on with the Jews -; but in that time my teaching, so Christianity, will be worse than now Judaism and paganism together. There will then be great distress among men.
»The Light of true, living faith will go out and love completely cool off. Arrogance of well-to-do men will overstep all marks, and the rulers and priests will consider themselves to be much higher than now the Jews their unknown Jehovah and the pagans their Zeus.« But I will then also from time to time awaken men and maidens and give them the right light and this light will become greater and more powerful all the time and devour all the works of the great harlot of Babylon. So do not be surprised that it is now so; because it often was already so and even worse, and some day it will be still worse.
The world will remain all the time the world; but nevertheless I will always guide the ones that are mine and let my judgment break out over the world when it has become that bad that next to its activities and goings-on no scrap of true light of life from God could exist.
Now it once has reached such a point that in the whole land of the Jews without John and me every spark of true knowledge of God would have been smothered, and it was therefore necessary that I myself came into this world as man to again bring to all men, who are still of good will, the lost light of life and to show them anew the ways to true knowledge of God. There will still well be of course quite a few fights between my children and the children of the world since the number of the ones who are mine on earth will always be smaller than the number of the children of the world; but in the end the ones who are mine will still defeat the world, and it will no longer be able to get at them. However hard and indestructible all matter now seems to be to you, it finally still has to make way for the power of the spirit.
But God alone is lord over everything and knows best what, how and why he allows one and the other, arranges, besides pours out the right light among men and keeps it in all earnestness among his children that nobody can say then: »If there is an all wise God, who has created everything that fills endless space, then he surely should have so much insight, united with love, that he would at least reveal and show himself insofar to his reasonable and thinking creatures, as men are, that they learn from it that he is the true reason of all things and what men have to expect from him and how they are to live that such expectation happens to them!«
If God would never and in no way reveal himself to men then men also would completely have the right to believe in no God and to knock down every man who says there of his own accord that there is still a God, or also several invisible gods, and to say: »What has your stupid god of fantasy got to do with us?! If he is one then let him show himself and let us know what he wants to do with us! If he does not do it then he in fact also does not exist anywhere else than only in the lazy fantasy of a mad lazybones!
A God who is fully conscious of himself as central point of all wisdom and power would insofar have shown reasonable consideration for men as his most perfect works, that he sometime would have revealed himself to them and shown them why they are there and what he plans to do with them furthermore. But if this is not the case and he cannot be proved in the fullest truth already once or also several times as existing then he also does not exist and whoever speaks or writes something of the existence of God deserves to be punished most severely.
Because it is enough that man, who is talented with all reason and insight and very conscious of himself, has to carry all the most outraging loads of the life that is his through no fault of his own, let alone that all for nothing he is to be dictated to, by a God who exists nowhere, some laws that are hard and oppose all nature; because a God, who can and will reveal himself no other way than through the tongue of a mad and work-shy fool to us men, is either nothing else than a crazy idea of such a described fool or he is just some raw, stupid and blind power that has only so much self-awareness and intellect that it, without the disgrace of being laughed at, just only again dares to reveal itself completely furtively and secretly to a very stupid, ignorant and nothing understanding, gullible fool.«
See, anyone with a bit of sense would be entitled to draw such conclusions in view of a deity when the deity would never and in no other way show and reveal itself to men than only the way of the lazy and base priesthood!
But let us go back as far as Adam and we will find many shortly successive time epochs where God has revealed himself before thousand times thousand men certainly by a most memorable way and announced his will together with his wisest intention with men; but because man would not be man without leaving him his freest will, so he did with the divine word not at all differently than with the word of man.
A small part still paid attention to it for a while; but the greatest part forgot it soon and in the end considered everything to be vain invention and drivel of men, enjoyed the pleasures of the world to the full and considered the wise to be fools and romantics who trample on the true heavenly kingdom of this world because of a highly uncertain and unprovable heavenly kingdom on the other side.
Through such opinions the belief in a true God then got surely completely lost on the one hand and that the more because on the other hand the lazy priest class through its most selfish falsification of the revealed word of God would in time then still have to call the attention of the realistic and mature minded men that with such a revealed word of God they would still feel more stupid than the most stupid man on earth. The teachings were nothing but highly unintelligible secrets, but they still were considered to be holy by a completely blind mankind, which itself felt to be highly unworthy of understanding such high, deep and holiest secrets.
Or is it differently these days? Does not the stupid, blind crowd go into the temple and worships the writings? But what it contains, it knows little about or nothing and also has no urge about it, as it is already completely satisfied that the ordained priest of God understands it and that the common man needs nothing but what the priest tells him and that he does what the priest wants; because the priest certainly knows why.
But when on the part of mankind this happens to the revealed word and will of God, is it then any wonder that men already hundred years after a no matter how wonderful a revelation of the truth hardly know and believe more than the sleeping children of that what they have made and done in the waking state?! But God still never stops to reveal himself to men in the most manifold way that man with only some thinking can soon find that things did not happen the natural way.«


Antichrist jl.ev06.150

"The Great Gospel of John" by Jakob Lorber (1800-1864).

1851-1864. Volume 6, Chapter 150.

(The Lord:) »To a greater extent God reveals himself through the mouth of completely awakened prophets. Such prophets are for the more awakened man always very recognizable, - first through their written and spoken word, secondly through quite a few miracle working additions, for example that they announce to men just in case future things in advance so that men can pay attention to it and improve and may ask God to avert the announced disaster from them as it was the case in Nineveh. Thirdly such real, from God awakened prophets can also heal the sick through their prayer and through the laying on of their hands when getting again well is to the advantage of the soul of the sick. And fourthly they also can impose judgement on an incorrigible mankind in conjunction with the will of God, as, on the contrary, also bless a people.
Through such, and several other qualities well identified, the real prophets are, as awakened from God, very easily distinguished from the false ones, and even especially easily due to the fact that they as real prophets, always are full of humility and love for their neighbour, while the false prophets walk along in garnished and through other things marked clothes, are full of arrogance and full of the most glaring selfishness, let themselves be seen only on certain sanctified places, speak little, and that very stupid and silly, and at certain times work all kinds of false miracles through natural means kept completely secret - and woe to him who imitates them! -, while the real prophet makes no secret of his true miracles but even urges and persuades men that also they can work the same miracles the same true and good way.
But because through this the true prophets are easily distinguished from the false ones and every rational man can learn from it, that therefore in fullest earnestness real and false prophets exist - who latter surely would have never have come into being when the real ones would not have preceded them -, so can men become aware from that very easily that a true God exists, who never lets men walk about on earth completely orphaned, but announces his will to them all the time and also always reveals to them his great and wise intention with them.
But this kind of revelation is always most beneficial for men who want to turn to it because they suffer no extraordinary constraint through it. Men win much less for their souls through the only rare great revelations because such revelations are only a judgement for degenerated mankind than some salvation.
When Adam in paradise on this earth had sinned before God by him as man with free will not wanting to put up with the will of God, which was well known to him, he then soon experienced a great revelation of God and then regretted his sin; but this great revelation was judgement for him.
After that came on account of the degenerated children of the world, who lived in the deep, several times a great revelation of God to men, but it was always a judgment for the children of the world.
At the times of Noah again a very great revelation of God came to men; but it was a very great judgement for men.
At the time of Abraham again a great revelation happened and this was due to the very dreadfully degenerated inhabitants of Sodom, Gomorrah and the ten smaller towns that surrounded the two great cities. It once again was a judgement for these people; the Dead Sea still is today a telling witness of it.
Father Jacob once more had a great revelation of God; but his children had to suffer for it in Egypt.
At the time of Moses there was a new exceedingly great revelation of God and on tablets of stone God's thundering words had to be engraved. But what kind of terrible judgement was this revelation of God, especially for the blind, too arrogant and too dehumanized Egyptians, whose main magnificence was completely broken there; but also nothing was overlooked for the Israelites.
When the Israelites left the dessert under Joshua again a great revelation happened and the great Jericho disappeared from earth.
So it was at the times of Samuel and Elijah and also at the times of the other four great prophets; and go and see, what judgements followed after that! Even the small prophets were not sent into this world without judgement.
But the greatest and most immediate revelation of God to men is now in front of your eyes; but exceedingly great judgement for the Jews that follows it will not be long in coming.

(Jesus' prediction:) »From now on during a full 2000 years innumerable many seers and prophets will be awakened because also an even greater number of false prophets and even highly arrogant, power-mad false Christs, which lack all love, will rise up. But there the judgements will also right continue and seldom will there be a ruler who, together with his people, will not have to face judgement due to his darkness.
Towards the end of the indicated time I will also constantly awaken greater prophets and with them also the judgements will increase and become more extended. Also great earth tremors will come and very disastrous storms of the elements, great rises in prices, wars, famine, pestilence and still many other evils, and, as I already have mentioned before, faith will - except with extremely few - no longer be among men, who will completely cool off in the ice of human arrogance, and one people will go to war against the other.
Men will also be warned through seers and special signs in the heavens, but on which only those few who are mine will pay attention, while the men of the world consider all this just to be rare effects of nature and spit out in front of all those who still believe in me.
But after that a very highest revelation will occur through my renewed coming down onto this earth; but this revelation will also already be preceded by a very highest and most severe judgement and be succeeded by a general sifting of the men of the world through the fire and its missile, so that I then myself can put up a completely different plant school for true men on this earth, that will then last until the end of times of this earth.
I now tell you this in advance so that you do not form an opinion that it therefore becomes perfect after me as in my heavens. Yes, few will well be like my angels, - but many still all the more wicked than men of these our times are now.
But you are not allowed to be annoyed about all that; because I have told you all already often that man would be no man without his completely free will, but just a human like animal.
One could then at best train such men well like animals to do something, but never put them on a stance that they would realize that such work is good and useful for the true man and for the animal man so that they then determine themselves to do such useful work at the right time.
Man who sins against the law indicates through this just as well that he is a free man the same as who voluntarily keeps to the law. That is why you are to judge or condemn no man but to just teach him with all patience and gentleness and show the right way to the one who got lost. When he wants to walk it then it is well and good for him; but when he does not want to do it then you are also not to force him because of it, but at the most eliminate him from a better and purer community, - because a man who is forced to believe is ten times worse than an unbeliever and renegade.
Look at the Pharisees! That are nothing but forced believers for show; but they believe nothing in themselves and do everything after what they are craving.
Therefore then pay well attention when you will again elect successors for yourselves in my name that you firstly force nobody to do it and secondly accept no-one you can tell just by looking at him from a distance that he wants to take up your office out of worldly interests.
You will well pay attention to such; but still an enormous number of such will take up your office, partly due to outer force and partly through the prospect to find in your office a good subsistence free from worries. But by me all these will be counted in the regiment of Antichrist and their works will be a stench of revulsion before God and look like a stinking carcass.
Really, I say to you: All your successors who are not prepared by me, but by men in certain world schools for your office succession, I will not look at; because only Antichrist will qualify his disciples that way.
But those who you will lay hands on and baptize them in my name will be filled with my spirit; these are also the ones that I chose myself at all times as your successors and confirm through the true granting of my spirit.
But in later times there will be very few of them because Antichrist will very much extent his regiment; but when it seems to him to be right at the top in the world then he will also be overthrown forever! Have you now understood this well and clearly?«


Antichrist jl.ev08.047

Chapter 047 of Volume 8 of the work "The Great Gospel of John" (1851-1864) by Jakob Lorber (1800-1864).

After a time of a quarter of an hour, in which we all looked at the morning scenes with much attention, I said to all those present: "Now first pay well attention to all that still will show itself orderly pictorially before the rising of the sun because I want it that also you shall see with your eyes how everything will take shape in the last times of the new paganism!"
Now all turned their eyes with double attention towards the east. It was still a good half hour time until the full sunrise and so still a few pictures could develop before the eyes of the watching disciples.
First one could see a dense and completely black fog to rise far from the horizon. As this fog had reached about the sevenfold height of the mountains of the horizon, it soon became like glowing; because it was flashed across by a host of lightnings, that is why all those present thought that an awful thunderstorm was raging there.
But I said: "Worry about something else because except us no-one sees one bit of this phenomenon.
After that again with all calmness it was observed what else will follow on later.
And see, a great city appeared on the uppermost edge of the black fog that was glowed through by many lightnings! And I said: "Look at that picture of the new Babylon!"
Then said Agrikola: "Lord; that has an important resemblance to our Rome! But I notice many ruins all around but in the immediate city together with the old buildings, which are only too well known to me, also well many new buildings and temples, which gables are strangely enough decorated with crosses. What well does that mean?"
Say I: "See, that is the downfall of the old and at the same time the beginning of the new paganism! About already in 500-600 years, counted from now on, it will literally look like that there. But now only carry on observing the thing!"
Again all focussed their attention on that thing, which scenes developed quickly one after the other. And see, one saw great marches of peoples and many bad fights and wars and in the middle of the city one saw something rising high like a mountain! On the mountain stood a high and great throne, looking like being of glowing gold. On the throne sat with a stick, which topmost end was decorated with a threefold cross, a ruler with a threefold crown on the head. From his mouth innumerable arrows went out and out of his eyes and out of his chest flashed just as innumerable lightnings of rage and of highest arrogance. And kings wandered to him, many of whom bowed deepest before him. The ones who so bowed before him, he looked at friendly and confirmed their power; but those who did not bow before him, they were pursued and badly injured by his arrows and lightnings. Here said Agrippa: "Lord, that does not give a good example for the later rulers of the new Babylon! It well seems that their power will be a still greater one, but also one that is far more terrible than it is now. Because now only the worst criminals are punished with the cross but only with the single one; but that one even holds a threefold one in his sovereign hand even against all other kings! Lord and master, explain that to us a little!"
I said: "That represents no special ruler over many countries and people but only the visible personality of the Antichrist. But the threefold cross describes my teaching, which will be forced on the kings and their peoples there threefold falsified: false in the word, false in truth and false in the living application.
But the kings, which do not bow before him, and which he curses, they are the ones who still remain more or less in the truth of the old teaching. His arrows and lightnings well reach them but they still do no harm of some relevance to them. - But now observe further the thing; because I can only show you the main moments through it!"
All looked at it again now with increased attention.
(The Lord:) "And see, many kings, which previously still deepest bowed before him who sits on the throne, gather their war hosts to go against him! See, there is an embittered fight and his magnificent throne already sinks a great deal deeply down to the city and you only see some kings, which, so pro forma only, bow before him, but while from the many others, which defected from him, now many arrows and lightnings are sent back to him. But now almost nothing is anymore seen of him and that is going to happen already after 1000 till 1500 till 1600 and 1700 years.
But now look again at it! See, he makes attempts to get up once more, surrounded by black hordes, and some kings give him their hands to help him; but see, who do that soon become utterly helpless and their peoples tear the crowns from their head and give them to the strong kings! And see! Now his throne sinks and the strong kings come running and divide it into several parts and so now for him all his power, height and greatness fall! He well still hurls arrows and dull lightnings around him but they no longer damage anyone; because most of them return back on himself and wound him and his dull and dark hordes."


Antichrist gm.lgeh.003,09-12

Now follows an excerpt from the book “Life Secrets” by Gottfried Mayerhofer. It is from Chapter 3 “Health, Sickness and Death” (9-12) and dates from 13. July 1870:


Where the spirit that indwells man can always manage to influence the soul there also the body is healthy, even the moral beauty of the soul, as a whole as well as in its parts, will express itself in its forms proportionally as it is the case in most cases in the countenance of man where all inclinations, fallacies and passions of the soul are involuntarily mirrored. But you cannot read this language of the wavy and angular lines which indicate the state of the soul on everybody's countenance otherwise you would see in this true mirror of the soul quite a few things that would - instead of attracting many men - repel you from them.

For good reason I have not given all men the ability to discover the secret of physiognomy as my dear Lavater thought; because for many people the progress to spiritual betterment would be made more difficult, even become impossible for some, through this plain reading of the character of every men in his own countenance.

And so I allow that under the cloak of a flattering speech or of put-on polite mannerism even a devil can get into the company of the good without the others having the slightest idea about it; and so through the word the access to society is not cut off to even make out of the most mistaken being something better, this would be impossible if everybody immediately would recognize his neighbour by his features what kind of person he is; because then everybody would no doubt keep away from an evil person and the evil person would have no other choice than to associate with his equals or isolation and the lack of communication which then would make him even more wicked than he had been before.

In the hereafter it is of course different, there every spirit knows the others at first sight, and therefore can avoid what is bad and join what is like it or what is better. And that is the reason why it is a great difficulty to improve there because there the recognition is the first thing while here on this world the concealment is the first.


So far the excerpt from the book “Life Secrets” by Gottfried Mayerhofer.


Now follows a comment to this:


And here we have a reason why the majority of men will not recognize antichrist but will follow him: They do not recognize him because he conceals himself from everybody. And in addition to this he will tell everybody that there is no such thing like spirit or a spiritual sphere or God or the supernatural.
The main purpose of this is of course to fight God by declaring that there is no God. But a just as important aspect of this campaign is also to declare that there is no such thing like a devil or Satan or Lucifer or evil spirits. Satan will be embodied in antichrist personally and this of course has to remain concealed. When God came to earth one of his main purposes was to bring people to a position where they would start to recognize him as God and from there one would be able to get to know God more and more. And then the whole purpose of the follower of his would be to grow in the knowledge of God. God would want his followers to know the truth. With Satan it is the opposite. He does not want people to know the truth. He does not want them to know God and especially he does not want them to know Satan. He wants them to disbelieve in anything of a spiritual nature and when he achieves this aim then he automatically has managed that people do not believe that there is something like a devil and that such a thing could have an influence on them – a negative influence. And with this belief removed the way is open for him to completely deceive them and become their slave master.

God is a spirit and wants men to believe in the spiritual - to be believers. Satan is also a spirit but he does not want men to believe in anything of a spiritual nature. And it is the same with his followers. They reject and fight any kind of belief. And here we have an indication that the man-made church is really belonging to the system of antichrist because that is one of their basic aims and has been the aim of orthodoxy for 2000 years: to fight the move and the work of the spirit. The first thing they did was to remove the operation of the gifts of the spirit from church and the next step was to prevent the ministry gift of the apostles and of the prophets to gain access to the church and to the flock. And for 2000 years all so called Christians are so indoctrinated by this that they would be shocked if somebody in the congregation would open his mouth and prophecy or speak in tongues or give an interpretation of tongues or if an apostle or a prophet would come from outside and reprimand them and tell them the truth. The main aim of antichrist is his war against God and his theology is simple and straight forward: God is dead. And he has been highly successful with his campaigns because most of the theologians have adopted the same theology, his theology.

So Satan takes advantage of the fact that thoughts are hidden to others; others can’t see the thoughts of their neighbour. The thoughts and the character of antichrist will be hidden from mankind and that will allow him to deceive them all - or at least most of them. His thoughts have formed him and what he is, is the result of his thoughts. It is the same with us; we are the results of our thoughts. We are not getting embarrassed when we entertain bad thoughts, but we should, because when we do not do anything about having negative thoughts then we might, seemingly, get away with it but the situation will turn completely around when we arrive in the hereafter because then our bad habit of having unclean thoughts will be visible to everybody and then we really will be embarrassed. And not only will we get embarrassed we might as a result of it land in a situation that we might consider to be hell because of our visibly radiating negativity to everybody around us we will be avoided by nearly everybody and feel completely deserted and in hell. And when in addition to this we are also without any spiritual knowledge we will not even know how to get out of that situation and we will remain in that hell for an eternity. We will not even be able to change our mind and long for the light and so no light being will approach us and offer us some help. Here we can pretend, can put on an act, can be good actors, but not on the other side. On the other side we cannot make a secret of our thinking; everybody can see the thoughts in the other and so everybody can see the moral value and worth or the moral insignificance and worthlessness of the individual.


Here we have come to the end of this comment.


Antichrist gm.lgeh.015,29+40

Now follows something again from the book “Life Secrets” by Gottfried Mayerhofer: two excerpts from Chapter 15 “The World of Thought” (29+40) dated 25. November 1872:


Therefore strive well to bridle this spiritual world of thinking, strive to think only in a manner that befits a child of mine; because the thought is the moulder of your covering on this side and your impression for the hereafter; there you will arrive with the result of what the thoughts on earth have left behind. Here it is concealed from us and to others; but not there; the covering on the outside is modelled after the inside, and as inside so is the printout outside. There there is no pretence and there is no secret from others, everybody sees the thoughts in the other one, and in accordance with them the moral worth or worthlessness of the individual.


Seek to avoid blank pages in your book of life as signs of unused time; but also seek to avoid that there are not thoughts recorded on those pages that make you ashamed should others examine them.


This was the second row of quotation from the book “Life Secrets” by Gottfried Mayerhofer.


Now again some comments:


Thoughts are so important because they are the only things of real value in this world and also in the other world. They are very important now and their importance will last forever. Our thought life is what we are. It determines our inner value. It alone is what finally remains. Our inner value alone has finality for now and for ever.

And over there our thought life is like an open book and the thoughts we had in the past we will bring with us and all our thoughts will be nicely recorded in our thought book – the book of life. If we wasted our time here then our book of life will contain white and empty pages and will therefore prove our idleness and when we spent our time entertaining thoughts that are embarrassing then everybody over there can take a look at these pages and draw the conclusions.

And this is again the end of this comment.

Now follow Bertha Dudde prophecies. The abbreviation B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Antichrist 2353

False Christs. Signs and miracles.

31. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2353.

False Christs will rise, and they will do signs and miracles in my name. I have announced this to you, and my words are truth. But how wrongly do you try to explain these words to yourselves when you assume that an evil power, an envoy of Satan, is possessed by the same power, which let me work wonders during my walk on Earth. Heaven and Earth are always subject to my will; they are ruled by my will, and this my will sustains every creation, because a will opposed to mine would mean the decline of that what I let come into being when I would grant him power over it. But still signs and wonders will be done, but which always only appear to men as such, who are his followers, because these are blind in spirit, and they do not know about the true connection of all things, and they will consider everything to be signs and wonders what seems to be unusual to them, but what is possible to every men summoning up all his willpower. All of you have abilities in you, which you just have to develop to be able to carry out much. But your weakness of will hinders you making use of your abilities, and therefore something seems to be a wonder what is just within the bounds of possibility of everyone. And so all signs and wonders, which I mentioned, will be explainable to every man who walks in the light, but supernatural power is indicated to those, who still walk in the darkness of spirit. And they will grant divine power to those who are my opponents, but appear under my name to blind mankind. The deeper the night of spirit surrounds men the easier it will be to let them believe in wonders; every unusual work of evil powers they will accept as such; but not acknowledge the unusual work of light – of men whose will is turned towards God - , and that alone is already a sign that mankind is under the spell of him who seeks to fight God. And they will still make use of my name – i.e., they will announce themselves as bringers of salvation; they will promise mankind rescue out of every trouble through them and their teachings, because only so they seek to win them for themselves that they describe themselves as envoys, as representatives of him, who has all power over heaven and Earth. And every one of them is a false Christ who preaches a false teaching under my name – and tries to reinforce this teaching through unusual work but which is never to be considered as miracle. Amen. B.D. NR. 2353.


Antichrist 2354

Right successors of Christ. Life of love.

31. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2354.

My right successors are imbued with my spirit, and when they work signs and miracles in my name then I myself work through them. And their walk of life must be the same as my walk on Earth as man, it must therefore be a life in works of love, and so they now preach my teaching and call upon me for the reinforcement of what they teach, they will also be able to work like me, therefore work miracles by which men recognize the truth of their mission. But when men come in my name and want to bring salvation to the world – when they pretend to be Christ, but do not also live as Christ, then also their signs and miracles will not be genuine, i.e. not a work with the help of the power out of me, but men will know to make use of the powers of nature, but not openly confess their abilities but will leave men in the belief that they have all power at their disposal as envoys of God, so that they find great following and can increase their earthly power. Because the false Christs and the false prophets just seek recognition, fame and honour on the part of men. They strive for worldly riches, for power and reputation; they do not give God the honour, but seek to oust him and to place themselves in his place. And you men are to recognize their doings that they certainly preach in my name, but do not work signs and miracles in my name, which could really be described as miracles. Because everyone will be able to work false miracles, but only those men want to work who are completely without faith, therefore stand in closest connection with the prince of darkness, who uses his power to make the will of man submit to his will. And this use of the will causes things, which appear to man as miracles, as long as he himself is in spiritual darkness. B.D. NR. 2354.


Antichrist 3239

And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

31. August 1944 B.D. NR. 3239.

And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it - the small flock of my believers - because they will remain faithful to me even in greatest earthly difficulty, their faith will remain so deep and unshakable that even the forces of darkness will shake them in vain and they will not succeed in conquering them. Because they that are mine will have myself as their commander and against me even hell is powerless, a power that is not to be underestimated otherwise. But strong faith is like a wall that withstands all assaults, and all those that belong to my church have this strong faith. He who strongly believes in me has no need any more to fear something, from whatever side it may come. Always the bad forces want to shake this strong faith and willpower is required to resists them. But he who has faith also knows about my love and my omnipotence and therefore he fears no enemy but opposes him courageously, he conquers with my power. But this power he draws from the faith in me, he knows that I am near him, he relies on my help, and I reward his strong faith. He can count on my support. And so the believer will emerge from the last battle as the victor, he will survive the end, while the unbelievers will perish; he will feel the power of faith and he will also be able to proof this power to his fellow human beings, while the unbeliever will be weak and helpless at the sight of the downfall of the earth, but the believers do not have to fear this because they remain unscathed where thousands and thousands lose their life. As brutal as the final onslaught will be first made so that one can really speak of hell, hell will not triumph because as small as the number of believers may be, it cannot be overpowered because strong unshakable faith will prevent this. Because the believer is fighting with me and I am the most secure protection he can have. The gates of hell shall not prevail against them. I have given this promise to my church and my church consists of those strong believers who have a living connection to me and who will also continually feel my nearness, who recognize me in the word and who are therefore without fear because they feel the power of my word and they oppose the enemy of their souls with this word. No matter how severely he will rage, his power will be taken from him, and he will use all means, he will open all gates and determine his accomplices to cause man to fall; he wants to take firm faith away from him, but it will be a wasted effort. Those who believe in me are my children and I do not let these down when their soul is troubled. I give them power and strength to endure; I help them so that they follow me even closer the more the enemy wants to separate them from me. And in vain he will charge against the bulwark that strong faith is and that strong faith will remain for all forces of the underworld that will never be able to pull down this bulwark as it is built on firm ground, on a strong rock, on convinced faith that can never get lost once a man has won it. Because convinced faith recognizes me and bases its hope on me. And the man who has strong faith does not drop me, he is loyal to me on earth and keeps faith with me until the end and no force of the underworld will ever have power over him, not even the most evil hell, i.e., the prince of the underworld is powerless in the face of him who believing in me requests my support. Amen. B.D. NR. 3239.


Antichrist 3252

Recognizing Jesus Christ. Binding of Satan.

11. and 13. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3252.

The spiritual collapse is unavoidable when Christ is not anymore acknowledged and when men are not anymore establishing the right relationship to God because then they are disoriented and in greatest spiritual misery as they are headed for their downfall. Spiritual decline is followed by earthly breakdown because everything dissolves when its spiritual basis is taken. Without God nothing can exist. But where the spiritual is pushed completely into the background there also God is no more acknowledged and this is the worst that men can do, that they deny God as they also accelerate their own downfall though this and they also weaken or lose for the time being their power of knowledge and perception and do not recognize the trouble they are in. They are only anxious to comply with earthly requirements and relinquish for the temporary world everything that would lead them higher spiritually. And the result is a spiritual and an earthly collapse and a terrible physical and earthly end. Faith in Jesus Christ could prevent this but without him mankind does not find the power for change and sinks further and further and so inevitably draws its way to the end because nothing can exist without God. The power of Satan is great because men themselves grant him power over themselves but only that man can defeat Satan who through Jesus Christ has such strength of will available that nothing can resists this willpower. But where the faith in Jesus Christ is lost there the enemy rages with increased might. And his weapons are hate and lack of love and in every way they have an effect of destruction and annihilation but this effect only exists through the will of man because the enemy of God has no power over the other works of creation. And therefore he uses the will of men who are in bondage to him to kill and destroy to set free the spiritual that is banished by God in creation against the will of God. And this spiritual that has now become free, and that is in a state of a low degree of development, also exerts disastrous effects on its environment as it is the world of nature, plants and animals, or also men. Unparalleled chaos develops, a chaos that is not suitable for a further development of the soul of man and also not for the still banned spiritual in creation and if God himself would not assert his power and puts an end to the goings-on of Satan then this chaos would lead to the final destruction of all that which is accessible to the will of man. From that point of time when men dare to take action against God himself, i.e. announce to challenge everything that is divine and spiritual and especially to eradicate the faith in Jesus Christ among men, God’s action will also appear openly and the more the war against God is advancing the more the action of God will make itself felt.

If man is to retain the possibility to develop further then also the knowledge about God, who descended in the man Jesus to earth to redeem mankind, must be preserved, otherwise men would be completely at the mercy of the rage of Satan and would inevitably have to perish, spiritually and physically. The decision that is the purpose of life on the planet earth could not anymore be demanded from them because they would only get to know the one thing – evil – and the other thing – the good, the divine – would remain hidden from them. But the moment Satan takes action against God himself God lets him feel his power. God wrests the power from Satan and binds him for a long time. And this binding takes place in such a manner that he together with men who are in bondage to him, who were his servants on earth, who carried out acts of hate and acts that lacked love, things that he demanded, will again be banished in the new creation into hardest matter, that remains his imprisonment so that he cannot harass the good spiritual that now has a much easier road to advancement for a long time. Spiritual advancement requires strength and resistance, requires a decision between good and evil, and therefore good has to be countered by evil, so that men can make up their mind and get their free will into action.

But men on the new earth are all under the sign of the cross, they are all heartily followers of Christ, have closest contact with God, have already made a decision under oppressive conditions, where they remained true to God, and now do not need a counteracting force against which they have to stand their ground. And as long as they remain in this close relationship with God also the enemy of God will remain in his imprisonment, whose chains will be loosened again only by the will of man. As the connection with God starts to weaken, the senses of man will turn again towards matter, which contains the fallen spiritual, and with their yearning they loosen up its fetters and so the enemy of God slowly again takes action through the will of men. And the spiritual fight, the fight between light and darkness starts anew again. And Jesus Christ always has to stand in the centre if the fight against darkness has to end in victory; because that what is full of light on earth as well as in the hereafter is the spiritual that was redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and the light can definitely only be reached by him who acknowledges Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world and as the son of God, otherwise the power of Satan is so strong over him that he will draw him down into darkness for eternal ruin. The denial of Christ will always lead to the physical and spiritual collapse because mankind then makes a pact with the opponent of God as it then completely leaves God and this then means the dissolving of all form that now does not anymore fulfil its purpose, the further development of the soul and therefore vanishes through the will of God, i.e. changes in itself when God again assigns to it a new purpose. Because God’s power will overcome every opposing power, he will bind the enemy when his time has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 3252.


Antichrist 3404

False prophets. End-time.

14. January 1945. B.D. Nr. 3404.

Only completely immature souls make use of the strength from below and so are also being used by the prince of the underworld for his work. Whatever the enemy of God does to fight against God he makes use of willing men who carry out his will because the power over every work of creation was taken away from him. And therefore he impels men to carry out his will and they obey him because they feel linked to him through their inclinations and desires which hardly differ from each other. So these are souls which are still very materialistic, which are turned towards the enemy of God and with whom he therefore has an easy job of it. Men in whom such souls are embodied are kept completely under his control. But he endows them with much power so that they always can carry out what the enemy of God tells them. Because they have completely turned away from God they are given double the amount of power and they are therefore able to do things that otherwise would be more than they could handle. And so also signs and miracles happen by the hand of men who are opposed to God when they are prepared to let their power be effective outwardly. And then these often are considered to be sent by God due to their miracles and God warns you of them and he has done this always calling our attention to this danger with his permanent reference to the false prophets in the last days because they are a danger for those who are not yet firmly established in the faith and who are not active in works of love. God has always mentioned these emissaries of Satan to announce his might that he will win over men in the later times. He warns his people against falling into the snares of the false prophets and he identifies them due to the fact that also they will confess Christ, the bringer of salvation, but not the redeemer of the world. And that is what you have to watch out for that Jesus Christ has redeemed the world. That Christ however whom the false prophets talk about is still to come and to bring men salvation. And they will mislead many and call out to men: See - here is Christ. But do not follow them, but recognize that they are envoys of Satan from whom you are to flee so that they don’t destroy you. And when they work miracles don’t pay attention because they use the power from below. And you will recognize them because no love is in them, neither in their words nor in their acts. What they are doing only testifies of their power but not of their love and the power is a gift of Satan. And it is easy for you to recognize them when you always make love your guiding principle of our thinking and acting. By the miracles of the false prophets you can also tell that they are not works of love but works of him who comes from hell. When you yourselves walk in love and in faith then you will not be deceived, but the lukewarm are in danger, they do not have these characteristics of love in them. These the enemy of God can win, they will not recognize the false prophets and willingly follow where to they will lead them because the forces from below have power over those who are far from God, who still strive for him according to the word but not according to the heart. And God especially warns these that they do not get enticed by the deception of a miracle. And he gives them a clear characteristic feature that love must always be recognizable where the power of God, which expresses itself through his prophets, takes effect. And where love is not recognizable there Satan has his empire and from that you are to flee because the forces from below will influence every immature man, i.e. every man who thinks and acts without love, and these will be in bondage to those who carry out what the prince of the underworld demands. Because it is the time of the end and this he uses for the work against God and against everything of a spiritual nature that turns towards God until the hour has come when God binds him and all men with him who are in bondage to him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3404.


Antichrist 3406

The following is an extract from:

Fight between light and darkness.

15. and 16. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3406.

Because the enemy of God fights with cunning and power and with greatest staying power since he knows that his power will soon be over, since he knows that he will be bound and cannot anymore assert his influence on mankind. And so the earth is surrounded by good and bad forces, by beings of light and beings of darkness, and their struggle is for the souls that are still walking around blindly. The bearers of light on earth and in the beyond work in love and they seek to bring salvation to men languishing in darkness. But the beings of darkness are driven by hate and by acts lacking love they seek to bring disaster on men – eternal night. And so there is a permanent struggle against the souls that will come to an end on the day of the last judgement when the eternal light itself will hold court and separate light from darkness. Because this is the end that the light will shine and completely defeat the night, that truth will win and the forces of darkness with their following will be overthrown into the deepest abyss, into impenetrable darkness, into the sphere of him to whom they belong through their own will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3406.


Antichrist 3672

Antichrist. End.

30. and 31. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3672.

The spirit of antichrist is in the world since Jesus Christ has accomplished his work of redemption. Always and constantly he has tried to weaken his work, always and constantly has he fought against the followers of Jesus, always and constantly has he urged men on to commit unkind acts, has therefore been active against the will and the teachings of Christ on earth, partly through spiritual works has he confused the thoughts of men and partly through human form in the guise of knowledge and cleverness. The teaching of Christ was always confronted by a human teaching that was to weaken it and therefore was antichristian and this always was the work of Satan, work of the forces from below, and its purpose was to get men to fall away from God or to bar the way to him. And this antichristian activity is increasing permanently and will be very much in evidence before the end. Satan himself will work on earth in human outer form - the antichrist in person - his activity will be exceedingly disastrous for the whole of mankind. Because he will initiate those laws that are to wipe out spiritually minded thinking, that are to put a stop to all spiritual striving and are to make men completely worldly. And this is the last work of him who fights against God because it is a crossing of the border of his authority and will be relentlessly punished by God. World events will move fast, great worldly changes will take place in quick succession and a ruling power will distinguish itself by wanting to direct the destiny of all nations and instead of order it produces complete disorder, because its regulations are meant first of all to suppress all faith. And he will find many followers on earth and that is the sign of the end, because men do not resist this but almost unanimously stand by him whom they celebrate as hero and victor and whose objective they approve and therefore support. And now the most difficult times begin for the believers. The goings-on of the world appear to them as being just unfathomable, the patience and love of God, that allows this to happen, seems to be unfathomable to them, that his most holy name gets blasphemed and mocked and that the followers of Jesus Christ get outlawed and persecuted in a most brutal manner. But deeper and deeper they penetrate into the truth of the divine word that has predicted all this to them and so they trustingly devote themselves to the guidance of God. Antichrist rages in a most dreadful manner and he deceives men by his actions that he executes with the support of the power from below. Satan himself works through him as counter spirit of him who works love and faith in the creatures, in men who deeply love God above all and have strong faith in him and therefore have to face great tribulations from God’s opponent. They will pay tribute to him, build altars for him, proclaim him to be the messiah from whom salvation is to come; because he will perform acts so that men are impressed by them but it is no work of love but only a work of arrogance and lust for power. He will work as man, trying to explain his power as being human, and fight and deny everything that is divine, that points to God and testifies of God. And his will is over strong. He commands and who offers resistance to his commandments he destroys. He tries to put a stop to all teachings of Christ, all knowledge about him and his work of salvation, he tries to drag it all through the mud and he rewards lavishly those who help him with his work against Christ, but he also acts full of hatred against his followers. The build of antichrist will be recognizable by his outward beauty, by his bodily strength because Satan covers himself so that he is not recognized as the one who he is. And unusual abilities draw the attention of men to him and there will be no end to admiring him. He stays on earth in outward splendour and magnificence in contrast to Jesus Christ who walked insignificantly among his brothers devoid of all earthly goods with a heart full of love towards his fellow human beings. But the heart of antichrist will be coarse and callous towards all earthly misery and still mankind will cheer him deceived by his gloss and his strength. And he will show up suddenly and unexpectedly, he will appear during a time of greatest earthly trouble and seize power with strong hands, promising to bring salvation, and will find no resistance because men pay attention to earthly trouble only but do not note the spirit of that hero who wants to distinguish himself and sets himself up as ruler with the support of men who are of the same spirit. And then the end is nearby because the fight against the faith that now starts is the prelude for the complete work of destruction of this earth. It only lasts a short time but is so vehement that exceedingly strong faith is necessary to not be defeated. But again God himself takes on his opponent. Because in spirit he is in the very midst of those who fight for him and the antichrist charges in vain against the bulwark of faith. And from his throne he will fall down into the pool of damnation. His reign will not last long but cause unspeakable misery among the whole of mankind, the majority of which stands by him, which gives away all faith in God, which believes antichrist’s earthly speeches and in the end also participates in his damnation because mankind is in bondage to the enemy of God and therefore also shares his lot. And this is the end. Jesus Christ remains victor and his church remains to exist in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3672.


Antichrist 3727

Miracle work during end-times.

27. March 1946. B.D. NR. 3727.

And in my name you will be able to work miracles, because the power and the authority of my name are to become evident at the end of the days. This is not anymore a compulsory towards the unbelieving world because the people who have turned away from me try to explain themselves everything naturally; but my believers do not lack the understanding and so they know that nothing is impossible when it is executed with my power and is subject to my will. The last times require great signs so that my work is revealed so that the last still find to me, the ones that are weak in spirit, who through it receive strengthening so that their decision is the right one. And my servants on earth will have extraordinary power and can apply this towards the weak and the sick, towards spiritually and physically needy people, who are not completely without faith. Because also my enemy works in a way that he himself expresses himself through false prophets, that he supplies men with power who are in bondage to him to also accomplish things that seem to be supernatural to invalidate the real miracles that I work through my spirit and so to make the believers turn away from me. But my way of supplying power is of another kind, it does not depend on the willpower of a man but on his strength of faith, it has its roots in a strong faith in me and in my help and support and the love of a man activates it while a too strong will without faith in me allows my enemy to influence it and he then does what my enemy wants, what is never done out of love and will never awaken love. Therefore direct your attention to check if the miracles you see are works of love, carried out for suffering fellow human beings in need or if they are works for the increase of worldly goods - if they are pure material works from where no love towards the fellow human being emerges; because if a miracle aims at worldly splendour and advantage then it is not wanted by me and also not worked by me. But if it liberates a man from physical and spiritual misery then I am myself at work and act through my servants on earth whom I give power in increased measure to reveal myself through them. And my servants will feel it when they are caused by me to work miracles - they will not rationally carry out something but will be urged on suddenly from their inside to speak and to act as my power flows through them according to my will. Then they will not resist me but they want to do the same since I tell them so by my spirit and they will speak and act as my organs, they execute my will, visible to the fellow human beings through the person of the servant on earth only, because the times of the end require extraordinary work so that I myself get revealed, my power and strength and love - so that the believers pick themselves up witnessing it and the weak still find to me in the last hour before the coming of the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3727.


Antichrist 4029

Antichrist – bringer of salvation? Measures against everything spiritual.

23. and 24. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4029.

That is the spirit of antichrist that approaches men under the cloak of the saviour but is of a will that is completely turned away from God insofar as he does not acknowledge a God of love as he on the whole rejects everything that is spiritual as supernatural and therefore not provable and therefore rejects as non-existent. And the essence of Christ will also be so foreign to him that he will not be able to believe in his work of redemption and in his mission on earth and so he will try to make him out to be an imaginary character only and will take all measures to oust this personality from the hearts of men. His own personality falls short of the personality of Christ and it is therefore understandable that he considers him a spiritual enemy and fights him. The antichrist that is to be expected is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinary talented man whose special strength is his worldly confidence, how he comes across men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. And that is why he will be successful and the supremacy that he is striving for will be granted to him, it will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public can be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him; he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds. But he will take particularly action against the spirit of the supernatural, against every religious connection, also against churches or spiritual movements that have Jesus Christ and his teachings as basic idea. Because he will make charity out to be a state of weakness that has to be fought whatever happens. And who follows his endeavour is likewise considered to be antichrist, is considered opposing God and will turn out to be uncaring towards his neighbour and therefore also go along in spiritual blindness because he belongs to the empire of Satan. But as a ruler over many antichrist will instigate great turmoil through his measures which are without any humanity and are only likely to bear hate and discord among mankind, to suffocate love and to sink into greatest spiritual misery. And then the reaction of God is of greatest urgency and this explains the obvious work of God through his servants because also he must be recognizable on earth by those who belong to his camp, he must work exactly as unusually so that he can’t be rejected, but has to be acknowledged when men are willing to walk the right way and consciously or unconsciously turn towards the creator of heaven and earth whom they ask for help in spiritual want. And then the struggle of good against evil is particularly vehement because the hour of the end approaches and the separation of spirits has to take place until the last day. And this separation can only take place when men are earnestly faced with the decision to acknowledge God or to deny him. This question will force them to make a decision and so that it becomes acute the enemy of God appears openly by influencing his envoys on earth to take and to force through measures that betray hostile thinking towards God. And so the last struggle on this earth begins - the fight about faith, the struggle against Christ, which results in men’s conclusive decision for or against him. And then the judgement comes - because in free will they turn to God or away from him and they have to answer for free will. This battle is unavoidable as it clearly brings to the surface the nature of antichrist after all, how the entire mankind now can make up their mind about the thinking and acting of the one who appears under the mask of a saviour to execute his shameful plans, who openly fights against God and who in return will again be bound for a long time in the earth where he cannot liberate himself before men again help him, who by their wrong love for matter loosen the fetters of Satan. But it will never be possible to oust Jesus Christ, he will remain victor on the last day and his teaching will fill all hearts and his followers will take it with them when they get raptured and so it will also be upheld on the new earth as spiritual knowledge and will be practised and men will have highest knowledge and have a deep love for God. And it can never be driven out by the enemy of God because all power is taken from him for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4029.


Antichrist 4037

Camouflage of Satan. Personality of light.

7. – 9. May 1947. B.D. NR. 4037.

Also the enemy of God has his camouflage when he wants to bring men to fall and to the renunciation of God. He comes likewise as light personality and blinds men so that they are not anymore able to recognize what is true and do not understand his put-up job. He can always be found where men are gullible, i.e. thoughtlessly accept what is presented to them as truth and therefore also do not think about it when dark forces deceptively pretend to be pious. But also this intrigue can be detected by him who earnestly seeks and wants the truth. But there are only few who value the truth to such an extent that they examine everything and only accept what seems to be plausible to them. And so these dark forces will be very busy at the time of the end to confuse the thinking of men by uniting and accomplishing in a joint effort phenomenon that are to pretend to be angels of light but are really forces of darkness. And they try to influence credulous men to give them error and to lead them on the wrong path and they are mostly also successful with them because they do not get clarity in important questions because they allowed ignorant teachers to instruct them and so have accepted erroneous lessons that lead away from God who himself is the eternal truth. And on such erroneous teachings build those forces that now express themselves again as phenomenon of light and strengthen error to push men aside from God. Men mostly lack the powers of discernment and they cannot distinguish error from truth and so they accept without reservation everything without intellectually going into it in order to discover the error, to recognize it as error using goodwill towards truth. Real believers in whom the spirit has been awakened, that activates its higher hearing and its higher sight, should however be able to unmask these light personalities. Through knowledge about the truth, that was imparted to him by the voice of the spirit, he is able to recognize every error as such and so he will also reject the error as well as the giver whom he will doubtlessly recognize as an evil force even though he is hiding himself underneath the mask of a light bearer because the spirit of God teaches differently and that what does not agree with this spirit matter can safely be rejected as falsehood and can be branded. Moreover the alleged light personalities will also not be able to stand their ground against those who are filled with the spirit of God since they very soon will be seen through because there is no love in them but their effort attempts to turn men towards the world when they already have walked the spiritual path and that the others will be prevented from recognizing the right path for which a life of love is required. That is why you have to pay attention to how these light personalities express themselves, observe if they point to God himself, if they favour the direct contact with God or dismiss God, wanting to see worldly acts carried out which are not contributing to the attainment of soul maturity; pay attention to this and you will recognize and reject all spirit beings that do not come from the sphere of light because those who have the will for truth will really recognize everything that is directed against the truth and his sight will become bright and sharp so that he offers resistance and can also guide the fellow human beings towards the pure truth as long as they are still willing. But the enemy of God will have much power over gullible men and those men who possess the truth and who recognize the dark forces will have a hard time to convince those and so it will be explainable that in the last times phenomenon will increase that do not originate from God but will be regarded by many people as being divine revelations where the enemy of God tries to win men as angel of light putting them that way in darkest night. Because his followers insist on this, they resist when the error is explained to them and even though their soul is not harmed directly they are inaccessible to pure truth. And this is so exceedingly important as truth alone leads to God and as every manifestation from the realm of spirits will be interpreted in such a way as it is intended by the enemy of God since his thoughts underlie the opinion of men and he will always spread error under the cloak of piety and still never refer to the end so that men will be hindered to prepare for the end as it is God’s will. Busy battling with this is to be done, as all the many people which are walking in darkness should be saved from the claws of Satan. Amen. B.D. NR.4037.


Antichrist 4080

Extract from 4080:

God’s love and mercy in the latter times on earth.

8. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4080.

The things that are happening in this time are difficult to predict to men because again and again Satan things up new plans and outbids himself in atrocities, in inhuman decrees and evil deeds against the believers. B.D. NR. 4080.


Antichrist 4361

Satan's Might Before the End.

3. July 1948. B.D. NR. 4361.

The demonic influence is particularly strong in the last times before the end and inevitably you men are ensnared by it when you do not turn to me and look for my company. Great might is granted to my enemy that he uses in every way and he even exceeds the limits of his authority. But the power is not granted to him by me, but men themselves grant him this because they do not defend themselves though they can do this because power and help from me are over-abundantly at their disposal. And as the will of man himself is decisive they themselves give my enemy predominance. But I do not curtail his might, but likewise try everything to get men to turn to me and so to escape from the power of my enemy. Loving beings on earth as well as in the hereafter support me and likewise seek to influence men presenting to them again and again my love towards my creatures and my willingness to help when men feel too weak to fight back. All dangers of the world are shown to men and simultaneously they are urged to aim high so that they are to decide between me and my enemy. But he already thinks himself to be the winner but will still be defeated by them and with him his followers that he drags along into the abyss. The last fight will be conducted in all strictness and he will win many that fall away from me and join his camp because his might is great. Again and again I tell you that you can acquire far greater power when you ask me for it. I am just waiting for your call, for your prayer, to be able to strengthen you because as soon as your will turns towards me, as soon as you talk to me in thoughts and send an imploring call for help up to me you will be helped. And when you have to go through trouble then understand that it is just a means to get you to do this calling for help because without trouble you think too little of me and easily run the risk to dismiss me and then my enemy has an easy job with you. But you are to defend yourself so that you will not be defeated because the smallest counter will secures my power for you that you yourself can increase indefinitely. Do not become a victim to the demons, do not give the victory to them as it is only an imaginary one because I will still win in the end and the ones who are mine will rejoice and triumph and receive the wages of their loyalty. And my enemy will be bound and with him all who were in bondage to him and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4361.


Antichrist 4416

Words of Love are Signs of the Work of the Spirit.

23. August 1948. B.D. NR. 4416.

The work of my Spirit is always recognizable by me talking in love to my creatures, that I well admonish them and have warnings sent to them but always in words out of which my love speaks which is why also my creatures, my children on earth, are to come trustingly to me when they have a request for me. The work of my spirit will therefore never be able to be regarded as the work of Satan by those who do not want to believe that I make myself known to the children on earth. Because Satan puts well a mask on, he hides behind lies and misleading speeches that are to feign piety but love never speaks out of his behaviour and also not out of the words that men speak who are influenced by him. Moreover he is not able to make himself known in a way that shows supernatural work. With men in fact that are in bondage to him he will also be able to do unusual work and carry out signs and miracles but always for the purpose to fight God and it is far too noticeable what power he uses. The affiliation of a man to him will clearly come to light by the life that he leads because this completely contradicts my will. But where my spirit works there also earnest striving for me is apparent and the reason my words of love can only sound is because love is practised, but love belongs to me and is never the weapon of my enemy. My spirit therefore works as long as love is practised and love is taught and this work also guarantees my presence. But love will always enliven my word, it will be allowed to be considered to be the climax, it will therefore certify myself and therefore also me as author of that what is revealed to men through my spirit. And therefore you can believe every prophet and consider him to be my servant who urges you to love, who imparts love teaching to you as having received it from me. And you men need to have no doubt at all about the truth of my word; you can show belief and trust for those who speak for me because they do it on behalf of me driven by the voice of the spirit that is the expression of my love from eternity. Therefore do not deny him the work of the spirit who hears my voice and can reproduce the words but believe that he has the assignment from me to teach the fellow humans, that he will be qualified by me for it by him being trained for a teaching activity and that he only reproduces what will be imparted to him through the voice of the spirit that is my voice. And you are to listen to him and believe that he speaks in my stead because he is only the organ that is enabled through his will and his life of love that I can express myself through him. Amen. B.D. NR. 4416.


Antichrist 4429

Antichrist. Brutal Decrees.

7. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4429.

A visible power will rule over you that will not recognize an invisible power. And this power will challenge your last test of faith because it fights against me and also wants to train you to be my enemies. And therefore your complete strength of faith is needed to resist it. Many will bow to the sceptre of the ruler who promises them worldly golden mountains but demands abandonment of all belief, all spiritual good, the acknowledgement of his power and rule and the denial of a creator from eternity, a loving and just God, who will call men to account one day for their intentions, thinking and actions. And so he stands up to me and it will be a last struggle of short duration but severe for my believers because they are harassed in an inhuman way that will make it very difficult for them to confess Christ. But the knowledge about the unadulterated truth, my obvious help and the hope of my coming and the life in paradise on the new earth will give you power to endure and to defy every assault on the part of worldly power. You have my word that I will not leave you in trouble and you can build on it totally. I know the ones that are mine and I stand by every single one, so he relies on me, so he believes in me. But the one who is coming will blind men through the keenness of his intellect, his extensive knowledge, through his obligingness towards other rulers and all will grant him the right to organizational activity with the final aim of suppression of all spiritual schools of thought. Because he will try to make out spiritual striving to be wrongly applied vitality that should be used for the building up and improvement of earthly needs. And everywhere he will find followers that acknowledge him and who now likewise take action against every spiritual work. And so my servants on earth will be in a difficult position. For the time being they want to take all means away from you that enable you to be spiritually active, as you also will be persecuted in particular and have to account to earthly authorities for your thinking and acting. Furthermore you will also be plunged into earthly trouble by decrees that seem to be exceedingly hard and cruel for the believer and they are so if I do not evidently help you and would keep you in spiritual ways. And you will obviously feel my help, you will sense that I am with you and know about the trouble of the individual and redress it when it is time. Antichrist will come and with him all signs of the nearby end. Because as soon as the struggle of faith starts you can definitely expect the end that is not to be long in coming because the faith struggle will be conducted with such toughness and in such brutal ways that I myself have to come to save those who are mine from deepest tribulation and take them up into the kingdom of peace. And then comes the last judgement and the power of my enemy will be broken for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4429.


Antichrist 4472

Repealing of the Laws of Nature. Power of Satan at the End.

29. October 1948. B.D. NR. 4472.

You must let me teach you when you want to have the truth and so you also must listen to me when I want to speak to you. I always want to speak to you to enlighten you because you all are still too mistaken and need much clarification: It is certainly up to the lawmaker from eternity to also overrule the laws when it furthers his eternal plan of salvation, when souls would be won for eternity that way. But rarely only do I make use of this right because my wisdom from eternity recognized how my laws have an exceedingly favourable effect on the winning of souls for my kingdom and therefore I have no reason to repeal them. But in the last times before the end I repeal quite a few laws - as I have announced it through seers and prophets that the powers of heaven will move so that men recognize the time of the end by the signs. In this time you will experience things that are impossible naturally and also give proof to researchers and scholars that I direct nature and can also let events happen that are opposed to nature - just according to my judgement. And also my enemy takes advantage of this time by relinquishing his power likewise and carrying out miracles in like manner however of complete different kind because he aims at the falling away of men from me and therefore he wants to present himself to men as equally strong and mighty. And you men are now at his mercy when you yourself do not have knowledge of me and my eternal plan of salvation. Satan will always try to affect your thinking in such a way that you turn away from me. He wants to take away from you every knowledge about me, he wants to rule over you alone however not to do good but to ruin. And when I would allow this then all of you would be lost. But I do not restrict his power at all but leave it up to you men yourselves whether you want to give it to him or if you refuse to cooperate with him and join me. So I also fight for you namely with truth, I bring you light and let you then choose the road yourself that you are to go but I lighten up this road for you, I do not want that you walk in darkness and cannot find the right road. But also my enemy lets light flash but they are just lights of delusion that blind you and put you into greater darkness so that you get into great danger to miss the right road and fall into the abyss. But truth shines brightly and clearly and this I bring you now and therefore want to talk to you and you are to listen to me. When you are taught the truth you will never anymore grant my enemy the right over you because then you see through him and know about his character, his bad plans and your fate in eternity when you become a slave to him. And you will avoid him and flee into my arms because truth shows you my character that is just love for all my creatures - never will I allow that the knowledge about your purpose is kept from you men completely, and never will I leave you to my enemy without a fight, and never will he be allowed to work himself up to the throne by him being allowed to completely rule over you, my creatures, and push you aside from me by force. But I will not have an effect on you men by force; it will always be up to you to be taught by me, to accept my teaching and so also to be led into the right knowledge. But when you listen to me you will also extricate yourself from his power because also he cannot force you but can bring you in bondage to him when you do not offer resistance to him. And I want to help you to put up resistance against him by supplying you with pure truth - because this gives you power and strengthened will to turn to me and to escape from him. The might of Satan is therefore great and you will experience things at the end of the times that prove to you his power but it does not apply to creations that are still bearer of the bound spiritual. So he can well have an effect on man by him trying to influence his will and these men with his support will be able to accomplish the unusual but his power does not reach beyond man and therefore I very specially come out at the end to counteract his power, i.e., to give men proof of my existence as far as this is possible without being forced to believe. I obviously intervene in the laws of nature. I repeal laws but announce this first as I always have done to prove to men the truth of my word and to reveal myself as creator and helmsman, as God Almighty, so that they believe and know that the time of the end has come. I announce myself and appear when it is time. What never before has been observed will then come to light, what has been completely impossible will become possible through my will and science will be baffled and this riddle will be insoluble for it. I revoke the laws of nature - and no man can imagine what this means because it never was experienced before. But also this belongs to my plan since eternity that the power of Satan in the times of the end will be opposed to my power and strength and that men can now freely decide to what power they want to be subject. For now again human powers and inexplicable supernatural powers face each other. Through the former destructions take place that are the works of Satan because hate, lack of love, acquisitiveness and all bad desires are the cause of them, while my work cannot be put down to human influence, so others than human powers must be the cause of it and are therefore a visible proof for the believers that the end has come. Who now has been taught the truth to him it will be easy to believe. And therefore you are to come to me; you are to request the truth from me and to accept it when I supply it to you directly or through my messengers. Amen. B.D. NR. 4472.


Antichrist 4728

Scourge of Antichrist.

29. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4728.

The scourge of Antichrist will sharply be brandished over all who stand by me as it was once brandished over me before my death on the cross as man. But I will beat it back from the ones who are mine; I myself will parry it and let it have an effect on all that are in bondage to Satan. His rage will be felt very much in the ranks of the ones that are mine but as long as the shield of faith is covering them he will not be able to harm them much because again I stand as protection in front of them whatever is undertaken against them. But they recognize the rule of Antichrist and know that soon the end has come and with it the hour of their salvation and this knowledge gives them power that lets them endure everything. You will not have any more a long peaceful time, hour after hour and day after day pass by and the time draws near that my spirit has announced to you. The world stands before a powerful shockwave whose effects are indescribable. And whether you doubt - you are not going to delay it and you very soon have to decide for or against me. This decision will be demanded by him who is against me and will remain so for endless times. He will come before me and appear on this earth and he who is completely in bondage to him, he will take hold of, i.e., through him he will express himself in all his might and power. In droves men will follow him, they will pay tribute to him and submit to him voluntarily - they will be in bondage to him because he will have an effect on them as man and blinds them through his words and deeds. He will win because all will surrender voluntarily to him and so he will have great might and use this against me - against all who believe in me and stand by me. He will fight against me and therefore also wage war on those who are mine but who still remain loyal to me until the end. The time of Antichrist has come and so he will soon appear and then you know that the end is near. Because he will reign only a short time and as he knows that he has not got much time he will open hell and release all evil and it will work with him in an outrageous way. But the hour of his downfall into the abyss is determined since eternity and it comes true what has been announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 4728.


Antichrist 4731

Experiments to the End of the Earth. Release of powers.

1. September 1949. B.D. NR. 4731.

A limit has been set to men in their conduct towards what my spirit of creation has let come into being. As soon as they take it upon themselves to want to change natural creations of which each has been given a purpose by me then also the attitude towards me is irrational, they underestimate my wisdom and my might, believing they can eliminate them, and therefore sin against me and also against that what I have created. And then the boundary I have set will be violated and thus mankind destroys itself because their wise men draw wrong conclusions and the effect of their experiments is disastrous. Men believe they can inquire into everything what I have concealed from them in the knowledge of their immaturity for such kind of knowledge. The earth in its core is unfathomable for men and will remain so until the end. Moreover powers are bound in the core of the earth of enormous strength that I keep bound to not endanger the earth in its existence, only that from time to time eruptions happen where these powers are allowed to explode for a short time to give the opportunity to the spiritual that is capable of development to deform itself above the earth and therefore to begin an upward development. These powers unleash themselves with my consent and therefore the consequences are intended in my eternal plan of salvation. An eruption that therefore takes place according to my will, will always be limited in its extent, but human will can never put a stop to it, never can human will give rise to it because no man can investigate cause and effect. Still men claim in the last times to penetrate into the earth in their research so far to trigger off powers that are unknown to them that they want to use profitably and they do not take into account that their knowledge and their intelligence are not sufficient for such experiments. They therefore do not respect my works of creation; they penetrate an area that is closed to them by sheer nature and it can be called a presumption from an earthly standpoint to want to do research on it. Considered from a spiritual standpoint however it means a penetration into the kingdom of the lowest spirits whose banishment was recognized by me as being necessary and men now abolish it illegally which is why it also has an unimaginable effect when my eternal order is upset. The manipulations are after exploiting the powers of the earth that yield to every resistance and that is why they can be used for all experiments. But men do not consider that these powers are capable of dissolving everything that comes into their sphere - they do not reckon on its power against which the will and intellect of man can achieve nothing. They open floodgates that can never be closed again once they have been burst because the field that men now want to enter is foreign to them and they do not know its laws. The core of the earth cannot be investigated in this way and inevitably every such attempt has repercussions and not only for the experimenters but for the whole of mankind. Because the limits that I have set are not allowed to be crossed as per my eternal order that always favours building up but never destruction and its violation must therefore have an opposing effect! Satan himself puts these thoughts into men of the last times; he urges them on to this plan because he knows that the destruction of the creation breaks off the upward development of the spiritual what he strives for in his blind hate against me and everything spiritual that heads for me. But this plan is, though devilish, an unintended serving - it joins my plan of salvation from eternity. A new earth comes into being where the development progresses whereas everything that is devilish is banished anew in its creations. Amen. B.D. NR. 4731.


Antichrist 4906

Embodiment of Immature Beings in the End-time. (Hitler - Hausser?).

30. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4906.

Let yourself be taught by me where you are seized by doubts or where you are without knowledge because only I can inform you according to truth, what I also will do where truth is desired. I will always clear up error; I will inform you where you are ignorant; I will give you a light where it is still dark because I myself as the eternal light want to chase darkness away; I want that it is getting light inside of you, that you lose every doubt and you entrust me with every question, which I will always answer: Understand it that the world is full of immature spirit beings, which are admitted to embodiment because they themselves wanted it, to find their ending on this earth; which therefore certainly possessed that degree of maturity, which allows an embodiment as man on earth but due to their animal instinct stand completely under the influence of bad forces, the reason they can influence them is because the spiritual beings in them have not yet given up the resistance against me, which therefore consciously turn themselves downwards in total free will. They could develop upward in their earthly career because allowance is certainly made for their weak will and many means of favour are available to them, which make a way up possible but they oppose me anew and therefore sink down - they become devils and the end-time has innumerable such devils. My opponent takes special advantage of this time by trying to bring about spiritual blindness where truth is to be represented - by him therefore urging the ones that are in bondage to him to appear as representatives of truth and therefore lulls men for the time being into a false sense of security so that they blindly believe what is submitted to them. So men appear as angels of light in pious garment and they are still devils in human form - but unrecognized by fellow men because they know how to disguise themselves well and also find support through the forces of the underworld. I will not prevent men from doing what they want to do on earth and no being is forced to be good, which wants to be evil, but also no violence can be done to the good by bad forces. But he who succumbs to bad influences he does not want it differently and must therefore be counted with those, which openly offer resistance against me because he recognizes the evil at the bottom of his soul. And because he recognizes it he often tries to disguise it, he hides behind a mask, in the garment of light he tries to blind the fellow men always driven by that spiritual forces, which still offer greatest resistance against me, which defy me and therefore fight against everything which could lead to me. During the end-time they fight with all means and not least they use my words to lead men astray. He who is in bondage to these forces, he is already on earth a devil although he hides under the cloak of piety. Now everything which is used from my side to redeem men, to not let them be smitten by the judgement, that will also be used in the opposing sense, i.e., every unusual occurrence, every unusual work for my part, will find a parallel in the negative sense. And so also the light beings which embody themselves on earth in the latter times have their partners, which are indwelled by demons, but always work in a similar way as it happens on the part of the light beings. And through this many men can be deceived, especially then when they miss to ask me in childlike humility for clarity and instead want to check on the strength of their intellect. Then great caution is called for because the errors and the confusions are getting out of hand the more the end is approaching. My opponent has thousand traps into which he tries to lure the souls and when he fails in something he always uses new means and he wins the weak in faith and the spiritual arrogant, which have left the way of humility and therefore often stumble even if they seek the way up. That is why you men have to be especially careful during the end-times where many dangers lurk for you, where devils embodied as men give themselves the appearance of a God seeker and want to beguile you. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them, by their life that is different than their talk. My opponent has much power at the end but he never can force you into his camp as long as you head for me and my kingdom. Only protect yourself from arrogance, remain deeply humble and do not rise above the fellow human beings whom you are to help. Then also your thinking will be right, then the light of cognition will shine brightly in you and it will let you recognize every error, which the adversary wants to plant in you for his benefit. Who is mine, he recognizes his play of intrigues and he who does not recognize him has alienated himself from me through arrogance. Because he is recognizable by everyone who is of good will and longs for me as the eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4906.


Antichrist 4912

Faithful Servant. Devils of the End-time.

7. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4912.

You are to testify to me and my working at and in you. And that is why you are to know about things that only I can explain to you; your knowledge is to surpass the earthly knowledge so that your fellow human beings can recognize me when they want to. The knowledge that is passed on from me to you can neither be proved nor given reasons for with human intellect and still I inform you of much so that you recognize me in my wisdom, love and omnipotence and bear witness to me. It therefore can only be believed and so that you learn to believe it you men have to first lead a life in love. Then you are so closely connected to me that there is nothing impossible to you because you feel myself and are no longer only earth inhabitants but spirit men that can get an insight into the spiritual kingdom. I know it what is beneficial to every man and accordingly I initiate him into knowledge; as also the assignment of the individual man is the deciding factor what knowledge he needs. But you can enrich yourself on knowledge when you ask me for it, but always spiritual motives are to prompt you to make a request of which information is important for the own development as well as for your mission. What therefore is unclear about that to you, desire insights and you will not meet with a refusal. Your mission is to teach your fellow human beings and each instruction has to testify to me, i.e. has to let me be recognized as a God of love, omnipotence and wisdom. To it understandably also belongs the correction of false doctrine and everything that makes myself out to be a distortion, what therefore lacks love, wisdom or omnipotence. That is why you are to feel free to ask for insight when you yourself get into doubts or think you do no longer understand me. And I will be glad to teach you so that it is understandable to you. To be a steward of the Lord, therefore to be a servant on earth authorized by me, requires certain conditions. Samples of will and faith have to be given through which he proves his suitability. To be a servant for me requires furthermore his initiation into my plan of salvation, so an enlightened spirit that can hear me any time. Furthermore it requires to be totally placed under my will. He is not allowed to want himself but as servant to carry out only the will of the Lord. Spiritually therefore he is my representative on earth who through submission of his will has already completely accepted my will, so as it were carries my will in himself. He must detest evil for the sake of evil, strive for the good for the sake of good, and desire truth because otherwise he does not desire me. So it is impossible that he lives against my will on earth but still is my servant. Pay attention to this that you can know by their fruits where they are from. So out of such a man's mouth can also come no truth because his thinking is blinded when my will is not respected. Then therefore also every judgement is wrong that he passes whether it is in the good or in the bad sense. Then he can never in a lifetime be my servant. The will alone is not enough for it when it is not put into action and my favour alone is also not enough when man is not letting it become effective in him through his will. A faithful servant therefore receives my instructions and he carries them out. But an unfaithful servant, once he has refused to serve me, will never again receive instructions from me - he has therefore left my service. And straightaway he is seized by the opposite force that will serve him in a similar manner however with the aim of eternal alienation from me. My opponent has great power; but never over a man who seriously aims at me. But my opponent can also disguise himself and let man think that he receives words from me but only then when he himself is arrogant; because as soon as he is deeply humble he recognizes his mistakes himself and tries to remedy them. So spiritual arrogance is a fundamental evil to which man will inevitably fall a victim. The spiritual arrogant is not able to distinguish between my working and the working of my opponent because he himself has already become a slave to the opponent who now blinds him in every way. Spiritual arrogance irrevocably separates man from me because he who is spiritually arrogant establishes an odd relationship to me, that of a superior being, that loses every respect towards the creator and is also without love towards him. And this relationship has an effect in a challenging way of speaking, in arrogant speeches, in accusations full of hatred and apparent noble-mindedness, in a lifestyle that is not according to my will, and in continued tyranny towards his fellow human beings whom he wants to control where free will alone is to decide. All these are signs of a relationship that is adverse to God that every man can recognize who himself aims at me and also remains humble towards me. Forces are active in that one, that try to assert themselves to mislead men and that do it in a different way than usual; that seemingly accept me and think they can overthrow me later on, that therefore help themselves at times of light, however illegally, but always with my permission. I will prove it to the opponent that he is not reaching the goal even by applying all means, because he acts against me. And that is why my opponent obviously is active in men of the end-times and who devotes himself to him will be able to have all powers at his disposal, exceptional talents, unusual knowledge and also remarkable strength insofar as he suggests many of his fellow human beings and they follow him in blindness. Those men are ambassadors from hell that appear just as my messengers of light in a negative sense to tempt men. They are considered at first to be acting in good faith but do not do so because the devil of arrogance is predominant in them and they want to recognize nobody above themselves which proves the origin from below as surest sign. But he who lets himself be blinded by them does not walk on the paths of love that ensures him the recognition of truth and therefore is easily endangered to become himself a slave to the insinuations of the opponent although he can apply his strength only in a limited way there where the will of man is turned towards me. Spiritual arrogance is always a danger, surely then man loses his confident feeling for truth and error because he then lacks my favour that is only part of the humble. You are not allowed to become arrogant when you do not want to fall. You must come to the father as humble as a little child so that he showers you with his favours. And that is why my servants on earth have to be my serfs in the true sense of the word and want to serve me in deepest humility, then they will always clearly recognize of what kind of spirit men are that surround them and that are in the world. Because everything is allowed for their test and about everything a right answer can give to you he who in himself is the light, truth and love. Amen. B.D. NR. 4912.


Antichrist 4919

Humility - Arrogance. Danger.

22. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4919.

The humble I give my favour, from the arrogant I take it away, because arrogance suffocates love while humility awakens love. And that is why also to the humble belongs my whole love that now showers him with favour without measure. When man feels love for his fellow human being in his heart then he cannot be arrogant towards him but he considers him as his brother and he serves him out of love which is why also the humble will do works of neighbourly love for which I bless and reward him again with my love and favour. He who is arrogant his heart is hard and insensitive, he does not serve but wants to rule and I therefore do not look at him because this feeling, the desire to rule, was the reason of the former falling away from me that can only be atoned for through deep humility towards me, thus humility also means the return to me. The spiritual was sunk deeply through arrogance but in the state of man it has already again reached a certain level but there is now the greatest danger to again take to arrogance, to become haughty, what is expressed in unkindness towards the fellow human being. That man also robs himself through arrogance of all means to go up, that he falls out of my favour because of it, is the greatest danger, which I always point out to you, so that you do not again fall into the deep through your own fault. Everything that is arrogant still belongs to my opponent who remains in greatest resistance towards me and thinks he can overthrow me. He became my opponent as former highest light bearer because he elevated himself above me - he thought he could place himself above me and fell into the deepest abyss. Arrogance is the first step to the bottomless fall - in comparison humility is the ladder upwards, the most secure bridge to me. Because whom I give my favour he reaches his aim safely, because my favour means help, my assistance and my guidance. Think of your former sin that separated you from me, think of my exceedingly great love that wants to draw you to me; think of your weakness and imperfection and think of the wide distance where you are, then you will bow your head in deepest humility and longingly stretch out your hands towards me and then I grasp you with my love and favour and give you everything that you need, to reduce the distance from me, to reach me from whom you have gone out. But woe to you when you never realize the distance to me, when you think to be too grand to pray to me in deepest humility. Then no favour can reach you, then you are still controlled by him who caused you to fall, then you can never become free from the sin of the former arrogance because without my favour you cannot in a lifetime be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4919.


Antichrist 4947

Antichrist. Faith is Endangered.

6. August 1950. B.D. NR. 4947.

Antichrist will take action in irresponsible ways against all who still believe in a God of heaven and earth. Because he forces men to deny their belief, which from my side is a complete free matter of the will of man. He forces them to the threat of measures, which seem to be unbearable to men, which is why they are too weak to resist. Faith is endangered. This is to make everybody think who I approach through my messengers on earth, to which my word is given that my messengers received from me. Faith is endangered. Do you know what it means to openly have to take a stand and at the same time face greatest earthly trouble? Do you know how men will tear to pieces every single teaching of belief and want to try to prove to you the meaninglessness of it and how little you have to answer against it? Do you know how difficult it will be made for you to take a stand in the belief in me, your God and Father from eternity? How they will take everything from you and destroy it what up to now seemed to be inviolable? They will act brutally towards all who resolutely reject their request to disown me and in the sight of this many will become weak and will betray me without resistance because they lack the power of faith that springs from pure truth. I want to call your attention to this time and already inform you beforehand because I know about the makeup of every single man and about the spiritual trouble into which you get through the work of my opponent who clearly reveals himself through these measures of Antichrist. And I want to inform you about his success - that he will find many followers because he will fight with much cunning and force. He will succeed where many before did not succeed; he will shake the belief that seemed to be unshakable - with ease he will overthrow teachings of belief because he can talk well and will prove to men the erroneous of their thinking and those who do not carry me in their heart will cheer him and support him and considerably increase his power. He will achieve what no-one before has achieved - overthrow a power that was considered to be invincible. But one wall he will not be able to pull down, a resistance he will find, and in fact there where my fighters stand under my guidance. There he runs against in vain since my fighters are invincible because the shield of faith covers them which is so alive that it is in itself power and cannot be shaken. These my fighters get their power directly from me because they will be able to hear me and also see me and give in to no temptation - they will be knowing and therefore also recognize what is up and how close the end is. The right knowledge gives power to the ones that are mine to hold out until the end; but the majority of men lacks the right knowledge and when it is brought to them they do not accept it. But I know about the future and want to help you and can do this only in the form of you being truthfully informed about the fight of light against darkness in the last time before the end, about the great strength of my opponent and about the even greater love of your heavenly father and his favour that is meant for all those who want to remain his, therefore have the earnest will to belong to the small flock whose shepherd I am and that I therefore will not desert in the worst struggle of faith that men of this earth experience still before its end. B.D. NR. 4947.


Antichrist 4968

Test the Spirits. Great Power of Satan Before the End. Doubt.

16. and 17. September 1950. B.D. NR. 4968.

You will run into always greater doubts and confusions through the urge of my opponent who wants to snatch you from me and also prevent the pure truth to gain acceptance, through which his goings-on will be harshly examined. He is therefore always anxious to isolate my followers and representatives on earth, to prevent them to have contact with other men who want to teach them and introduce them to the truth. He proceeds with great cunning and disguises himself so that also the ones that are mine recognize him with difficulty. Everywhere he scatters the seed that carries a poisonous germ in it, so that what itself has to have a life giving effect becomes unfit for life. He scatters bad doubts into the hearts of those who work for God and for his kingdom. But he who doubts, he is to turn to myself and I as the eternal truth will always help him because I want that truth is spread and that all is branded that does not correspond with truth. I well can impart truth directly to you men but as long as you are not able to receive information from the spiritual kingdom you will be taught through my messengers and these you are to test yourself of their trustworthiness, of their piety, i.e. living in accordance with my will. Then you can also pass right judgement, then the pure truth will do you good and you recognize what is not from me and also never can be from me. My opponent will also harass the strongest champions of faith from time to time and his weapon is delusion, deceit and the lie. He also pretends to be pious and devoted to God when he can cause confusion that way. He is not afraid of the mask behind which he hides and he makes himself out to be my representative on earth, but easily recognizable for everyone who wants to belong to me and pays attention. He is recognizable and therefore none of the ones that are mine has to fear to fall into his snares when he earnestly wants to do what is right. He can only cause confusion with weak and undecided men that have not yet totally escaped his power. And these he can only deceive because they do not seriously undertake an examination, because they do not strictly rely on my word that always helps them to cognition. A man who himself lives in love, so lives out my word, cannot be deceived by apparent words of love because my opponent will never preach love that is unselfish but always advocate what earns men earthly success even if the word love is used as an excuse because love of self is then the driving force to action that I never preach to men or have preached. Spirits that approach men, whether visibly or invisibly, have to be examined, and they also can be recognized when the divine redeemer Jesus Christ is held out to them - when I myself am implored in all truth and in the spirit to support every earnest examination. When full clarification about the son of God, Jesus, and his work of redemption is demanded from such spirits then they will have to make a statement - whether as spirit being or embodied as man. And every spirit being that stands by Christ and his work of redemption, that acknowledges him as son of God, is good and will never harm you. But when a being, whether it is man or a spirit being that wants to give orders, makes itself out to be a bringer of salvation, chosen or anointed by me, so just uses the name of Jesus Christ to be heard by you, then it is an envoy of hell that can only deceive the ones that are in bondage to it or are weak, that only hope to get from it and its suggestions a worldly-earthly improvement, therefore are spiritually not be acknowledged as my messengers. The power of my opponent is great, especially during the latter times before the end, but never that great that it could harm you, my believers, because you are, when you live in love, of a bright spirit and recognize the miserable effort of Satan. But many men are still stuck under his spell and over these he has power that they themselves grant him. Much confusion he will well still instigate among men but the ones that are mine are not falling a victim to him and where there is just a spark of desire for the truth there I stand ready with my favour so that the work of my opponent is recognized and detested. That is why you are not to fear his mask, you who are yourself true - a close thought of me makes his work powerless and you recognize brightly and clearly what is truth and what is lie. Amen. B.D. NR. 4968.


Antichrist 5006

Falling Away of the Spiritual from God Humanly Described.

23. and 24. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5006.

Children of love you are, coming from my love power and from my never-ending love permanently looked after and attended to. My love for you is boundless and never lets you get lost. But my love also gave you free will as a sign of perfection otherwise my love for you would have been limited when it would have refused something to you which belongs to perfection. Only free will makes divine beings out of you that had to be like me as they came from me. But at the same time free will makes you to beings with the right of self-determination that now could do of their own accord what they liked and could say yes or no to their solidarity with myself. This free will decision also had to be granted to men so that they could prove their perfection, what required unconditional affiliation with me. A being created perfectly had not yet reached the highest degree because this it first had to earn by remaining perfect out of free will where it also could sink. The erstwhile falling away from me of the spiritual can only be described by me to you men on earth this way if it is to be understandable to you why the spiritual fell, why it became sinful towards me. It misused its free will and turned away from me because it thought to be so powerful and so grand that it believed not to be dependent on my power of love. To be able to make a free will decision the opportunity had to be given to it to be able to decide on a different aim than on me. And this counterpart was the first being of light that started out from me, that made use of my power that flowed towards it without measure by it creating countless beings well with my will because I did not withdraw my power from it. His will however aimed at his own increase in power against me to be independent of me. It did not want to acknowledge me as what I was - the original source of power, that it got and that enabled it to create and form according to its own will. Its free will therefore turned away from me and this counter will it also put into the spiritual beings that emerged out of my power through him. So therefore you were well children of my love however also children of an evil will that was directed against me. And so also you once separated yourself from me out of free will without however being able to carry out a total separation from me because I keep you due to my great love, that also wants to win you back, that does not drop you, but again and again lifts you up from the deep when you move there out of your own will. But my love never ends - and it wins you irrevocably. However you yourself determine the time - because you have a free will. Free will designates you as my creatures, as independent beings, and according to this free will you yourself create the respective condition without being stopped by me. But because I love you and want to win you I form your fate in such a way that you can reverse the separation from me by the right use of your will, that you strive for unity with me and so also again take on your original being, that you again are truly my children that have now of their own accord decided for me and reject my opponent. But also him I want to win and even if it takes eternities. Also he was a child of my love, came from my original power and equipped with all gifts that made him a perfect being. That is why I also do not let him get lost for ever, also him I want to win and again and again let him feel my love but his will is still rigidly turned away from me and because I also let him take his course it is still a work of exceeding great patience and pity to let his will have freedom and nevertheless have an effect on him so that he surrenders to me out of his free will. But whether it takes eternities, my love will win over him who is still lacking any love. One day also he will recognize my love and long for it because it alone causes bliss and because no being can separate itself from me for ever but in the end after all strives for unity that makes it blessed beyond description. Amen. B.D. NR. 5006.


Antichrist 5142

Miracle Working in the End-Time. False Christs and Prophets.

1. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5142.

You are just to make use of my life power that is always available to you and nothing will be insurmountable to you. But only through a life in love can you acquire this power of love - after which it is now also understandable to you when a man is capable to heal sicknesses and to do other unusual work, provided these abilities are not helped along from below, what however is obviously perceptible by the life of the man. My power of love can be used for tremendous works but always only by men that are so closely united with me through faith and love that my power can pour into them unhindered. Man himself draws the line; he stems my stream of love when the relationship with me is not right, or rather he can even receive power from below when his life totally opposes my will. But rarely can a man who accomplishes the unusual hide the direction of his love. As long as it is still for the world it is not my power that enables him to do the work. But he who is devoted to me his soul also radiates something divine onto everyone and his unusual power points to the close relationship with me which is always recognizable. The higher a man's standing is in love the stronger is also his faith and therefore he consciously works with my power. Love and faith therefore have to exist first to accept divine work and right faith and love cannot be feigned or denied, which is why they always help to a right judgement when the source of the power is to be examined. Such examinations will often be necessary in the last times before the end because powers from above and below will show; signs and miracles will happen because also my opponent seeks to get faith and supplies great power to those who are in bondage to him. Then it will show that only love gives light and produces the right powers of discernment, that works of divine power can only be carried out by those who remain firm in their faith in me the living God and their redeemer and that all work of God opposing men is also done by God opposing powers, that they are false Christs and false prophets who work miracles on behalf of Satan. I point out to you, my followers, that in the times of the end many things will happen that strike as unusual and therefore supernatural; but I also give to you explanations for this so that you are able to tell a right miracle with my power from deceptions of my opponent that are done because men who have become slaves to him enjoy unusual will power and body power and because of that astonish their fellow humans because as I myself work in those who love me and therefore have accepted me in their hearts so also works that one on men of his spirit when the end is nearby. He can make use of their body form when they have sold their soul to him and then man acts as he wants it. But by their fruits you shall know them. All supernatural things that are accomplished serve only to strengthen power and to increase earthly goods. The world whose ruler that one is drops to the feet of those that are equipped with his power. But my kingdom is not of this world - and my disciples of the end-time, my messengers of love, through whom I work and to whom I grant supernatural power, only announce the spiritual kingdom; they teach love and confirm their Gospel with signs and miracles that prove myself, the divine master teacher on whose behalf they speak and in whose name they heal the sick and work miracles. They will be persecuted by those but saved by myself in their trouble because once the day comes when the good and the evil will be revealed, love and hate - where nobody can hide from me, where I will judge the living and the dead, the prince of darkness and his following, where my power and glory will be evident to the ones who are mine, who keep faith with me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 5142.


Antichrist 5165

Power of God. Life.

5. and 6. July 1951. B.D. NR. 5165.

All life is the effect of my power; my power manifests itself in every work of creation. Thought as such is likewise an expression of power for my part and therefore there is nothing what does not have its origin in me although it has taken a wrong path long after its beginning as it was originally determined. Because a perpetual cycle takes place of the power that emanates from me for the purpose of continual increase of the same and continual arousal to new life and therefore also continual new creations. Thus my will to create and my power to create is incessantly active to produce life. And a holding back of my power would mean a total freezing of the whole universe, what however is never possible because my power cannot use itself up and cannot cease to exist as I myself cannot cease to exist as primary source of the power that emits from me. I was, I am, and I remain always and forever the same and the same way that what is created by me remains always and forever, only in ever changing form, because my power tolerates no standstill and every supply of power has to have a building up effect and this is expressed through ever more perfect creations. And my power finds access everywhere and nothing could exist when it would not be touched by my power. My love and my wisdom direct the power as required and my will determines the acceptance of the same and nothing can oppose my will. But my love and wisdom also made some consubstantiality, desiring to also cause this the happiness and bliss of power utilization, of creation, to give it an assignment and to make it over happy through the ability to fulfil that assignment. And this consubstantiality had to be an image of me, standing in the same perfection, equipped with divine abilities, that I wanted to supply with power unlimitedly, so that it could be active creatively and developing like me. This consubstantiality therefore was likewise a product of my power and my will of love. It was called into being out of my power and could develop completely free because all the time power was flowing towards it and it also had free will to make use of this power. It became a power recipient, but it also could radiate power as this was its purpose. This first created being felt over great happiness and over great happiness it could again cause by likewise giving life to beings to a free independent existence. My power unstoppably flowed towards the first being and through this one also towards the countless entities who came from the will of that one by utilization of my power. This was the beginning of that what is out of me although it is eternally not to be thought of as being separated from me. Because my power, and all what is out of it, remains eternally my portion and can eternally no longer break off from me. That being however, that directly got my power from me, felt in full possession of my power since it incessantly created new beings without its power being curtailed. In no way was it influenced by me in its thinking, wanting and acting because as perfect being, as my image, it also had to be completely free and feel independent. But it also had to be able to have the highest degree of love towards me from whom it came. But this was stronger towards himself. He gave himself the first place in his thoughts although he did not lack knowledge on grounds on his perfection that also includes recognizing truth. He boasted and fell. The power that went out from me went endlessly far away from me and now needs a way just as endless to again get back to me. But the return of the power to its beginning is a law that cannot be overruled forever if it is to keep its effectiveness since it is only fully effective in union with its original power. Therefore the cycle of radiation and return has to take place but this also means a continuous power increase because the intake containers of divine power have to get into action as soon as they are touched by it. The deeply fallen consubstantiality is well still power bearer but with only weak effectiveness. But it cannot remain completely inactive because my continuous radiation of power penetrates as far as the deep and achieves there a counter effect and every resistance produces power. This production of power means again the emergence of new life - emergence of any creations that again carry out an activity for the purpose of power increase. So therefore the highest light bearer, that first being created as my image, became through the fall into the deep unintentionally occasion to the production of countless works of creation in which my power was manifested and so created enormous life in the universe because power can never be inactive and again and again flows towards the primeval source, continually increases and can never run down. That and why innumerable entities are taking part in this power increase and without fail have to return to its source as spiritual that was pulled down together by the fallen primeval spirit, requires no further explanation than that my love for that what came from me is unchanging and that this love is not getting less even if the products of my power are endlessly far away from me - but that my will to love does not rest before it again stays close to me and can work and create with me in happiness as it is its destiny. Amen. B.D. NR. 5165.


Antichrist 5223

Spirit of Antichrist.

30. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5223.

The spirit of Antichrist rules everywhere where I am not recognized. There he already has caused his work of confusion; he was weakened men in their power of perception; he has darkened everything; he has suppressed truth and blinded men with his light of delusion; as my opponent he has used his power and therefore worked against me. As a special means of warfare he has torn the image of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ out of the hearts of men and therefore works against Christ and that in increased measure the closer the end is. It is his work that men have gone away from me, that they no longer believe in Jesus Christ and therefore also do no longer find the way to me; and still his work is only possible because men do not defend themselves against his attacks and his actions. For they can defend themselves when they want. As independent beings they have been placed on this earth and have complete free will. They stand apart from me but also at the beginning of their embodiment as man so far apart from my opponent that he cannot force them to be subject to him. From my side men is given the possibility to assimilate the impressions around him with heart and intellect and to go through them thoroughly in the heart and with the intellect because I have not created machines that have to carry out their activity according to the law of the master; I have put you men out freely, given you an intellect and reason and all the time have a well-minded effect on you through all events. Also he does not leave his power unused. He likewise tries to have an effect on your will but the last decision remains with you men. But there is a means that you just have to use - make sure of my spirit of love, my power, which enables you to every resistance against the temptations of your enemy. Continually you can acquire this power when you yourself just practise love, thus obtain my power of love for yourself, that is undiminished at your disposal, but that can only be won through works of love. My opponent is an enemy of love and you will always be able to defeat him when you oppose him with the weapon of love. Then you walk the way of Christ; you walk the way of love that also he walked; then you therefore belong to him and he now is your protector, your guide; he has become your redeemer through your will that joined him through love. But as long as mankind is without love it does not recognize him and his opponent is bringing this about who thinks he is increasing his power when he decreases the power of Jesus. His work is conspicuously directed against him and every man who turns away from Christ, who denies him, who rejects him when he presents himself to him in the word, is under the control of Antichrist; he himself is an antichrist who willingly does what Satan makes him do. Watch out for these antichrists and no matter whether they pretend to strive for noble goals. They are under his control and therefore also my opponents and will have to pay for their opposition on the day of judgement that is very near. Amen. B.D. NR. 5223.


Antichrist 5269

Life Power - Spirit Power.

10. December 1951. B.D. NR. 5269.

Never rely on your own power. You well have to let your will be active yourself; you are not allowed to remain inactive and wait for help but what you do you always have to tackle together with me; you have to ask for my help and my blessing for it and you will succeed. You well have life power that entitles and enables you to be quite active. But my will is above all and you cannot force this one; but I am often compelled to put up a resistance to your will when this is to the welfare of your soul. And that is why also failures, lack of success of projects and ineffectiveness are included in the destiny of your life and you cannot keep them away from you by your own strength. Then also the life power is not of much use to you; then you often recognize how little you can do out of your own strength. All setbacks, all wasted performances, all fainting are always indications to turn to the giver of strength from eternity, to implore him for his blessings and to ask him for an increase of strength and good success for every activity by recognizing your own inadequacy. You are not to forget me; that is why I often have to let you come into situations where your own strength cannot succeed; I have to show you that all your efforts are unsuccessful when I am not giving my blessing to them, but you have to first ask for it to not forget me. The co-operation with me guarantees success; but if you keep away from me then your efforts are much more strenuous and even then often still without success. You can also force success but then only with the support of the power from below that will always take care of you when you exchange your soul for it. Then you can be mighty on earth; then you will succeed in everything; then you can dumbfound your fellow human beings with works of supernatural kind - but always by forfeiting of freedom because then you are bound and completely under his, Satan's, control. Do not desire this power from below, even when it promises you a charming life on earth. Come to me in tender prayer and call on me for strength and favour and then you win truly more than my opponent can offer. But you then do not take possession of worldly goods but I then bless every worldly beginning that you undertake but I bless you spiritually as well, i.e. through close unity with me I can supply you with spiritual power that is far more valuable than your life power because to work with spiritual power will always be successful even when not always recognized by you. Never inactivate me whatever you begin because I always want to be your advisor, guide and help who directs everything for the best of your soul. Amen. B.D. NR. 5269.


Antichrist 5309

I am the way, the truth, and the life.

3. February 1952. B.D. NR. 5309.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. The truth starts from me; I show you the right way through the truth and this leads to life, to eternal happiness. There is no second way than via this truth, there is no second life except me and there is only one who can promise you the life - who has acquired it for you at the cross. I lived and fought for the truth and I died an agonizing death for the only truth so that every one of you men can recognize this when he believes in me. My way is easy to walk for him who is of good will. I led the way - it is the way of love which also inevitably leads to recognizing the truth. As I only preached love I showed you the way all the time; as I myself lived out the teaching I also could announce the pure truth because in me everything was light and bright; I knew about everything and therefore could impart the right knowledge to you. But you can only receive the truth from me because it has its beginning in me and therefore also leads back to me. He who wants to own the truth has to request it from me who himself is the eternal truth. Without me you remain in the darkness of the spirit and you go a wrong way, a way that leads down. You men know that I have an opponent who wants to destroy where I build up, who would like to put out the light, who would like to spread darkness over men so that they cannot recognize me. This opponent tries everything to obscure the way to me, to eternal life, so that it is not to be found. And this opponent is an enemy of the truth as he is also an enemy of me. For truth reveals his plans, his work and his despicable character. Therefore he takes action against the truth and his effort will always be directed to make me unrecognizable for men. He will work against me wherever he can. He therefore is the Antichrist who will stop at nothing to push men aside from me. First the Antichrist works against the truth. From this can be concluded that the pure truth will always be fought against - that the representatives of the pure truth will be attacked while the servants of Antichrist will be recognized as announcers of truth and masses will back them where the bearers of truth only will be scattered because action is taken against them all the time. The way to the truth is small and only few walk on it. The masses of men walk on broad paths and already this is to be sign for you who lead these masses. He who wants to follow me on the small way of the truth will not have many fellow travellers because most of them shun the difficult way. But I myself lead the way and I myself am love and who follows me also must have love in him and then the way appears to be light and clear to him and he walks it unconcerned of the strain because his aim is me and eternal life. Do not seek the truth there where the masses are. I myself walked my way on earth and always was surrounded by only few, while most men rejected me because I brought the truth to them and this was unacceptable to them, because my opponent stood behind the masses and worked against the truth and only fights it wherever he can. But he who has the truth recognizes his goings-on and it will never put him off. Because when he follows me he goes the right way and he will live in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5309.


Antichrist 5341


21. March 1952. B.D. NR. 5341.

Do not elevate yourself above your fellow human beings but serve them. Only then you practise true following of Jesus, only then love works in you that eliminates all arrogance, that teaches you to see the fellow humans as brothers and equalizes all rank or class distinction, that only exists worldly after all but is not tolerated in my kingdom. Serving love will cause true happiness in you; in serving neighbourly love you are true followers of Jesus, that man on earth who was a living example of the right life, who truly possessed light and power and might in all fullness because he had accepted myself into his heart and who still did not make use of this power by him ruling and letting himself be served by his fellow humans. In deepest love and humility he served his brothers; and that lifted him up to be ruler over worlds and innumerable beings because I myself moved into his outer form and filled him with light and power. Arrogance is a characteristic feature of him who fell into deepest depth out of arrogance and lust for power. And when you men elevate yourself you willingly lend your ear to him and you let him lead you astray; you take up his nature, his vices and are in bondage to him. Do not put yourself above your fellow humans who are in fact your brothers because you all have only one father and as his children you are to love and serve each other out of love for me. Arrogance easily causes you to fall because who is of arrogant spirit very soon does no longer recognize me who is eternal love because no love is in him. For true love is one with humility but not with arrogance. Serving in humility always testifies to deep love of me that is expressed in serving neighbourly love. And you truly will win far more when you serve in humility than when you rule in arrogance. Because you can only earthly seize power in arrogance but spiritually you gain nothing, but you only still lose the little that you own. Because arrogance is part of my opponent, so it only strengthens his kingdom and what that means for you men is not difficult to guess. But my kingdom is not of this world and that is why serving neighbourly love can well seemingly bring with it earthly loss of goods, of respect and might, but it acquires spiritual assets that are everlasting and will one day be credited to the soul in my kingdom, which now stands in light and power fullness far above those who ruled on earth and oppressed their fellow humans. He who elevates himself will be humiliated. Think of these words and do not think that that will be left to you what you work for on earth through arrogance - what you so to speak acquire unauthorized. Because he who wants to rule takes - he takes what he is not entitled to, he acquires a right and misuses his power. Serving love however gives all the time; in words and deeds it gives itself to him who lives in want and needs its help. Serving love is true humility and therefore pleasant to me; serving love is true following of Jesus that certainly leads to me, to the father from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5341.


Antichrist 5382

Raging of Satan in the End.

5. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5382.

Incomparably will Satan rage in the end of days because he knows that his time is over. He thinks to still win victory in the short time after all because all indications with men speak for him. He has control over the majority and that determines him to take action against me with open shutters. He attacks me openly, he is not afraid to take action against me with brutality, he uses means that alone already mark him as enemy of souls, because he seeks to use force by driving the body into exceedingly great misery so that the soul gives in to his pressure. The trouble will be exceedingly great and fill men that are weak in faith with doubts. But it is not to make you stagger and that is why you will also receive from my side visible strengthening and comfort, you will experience things that will let you rejoice and be jubilant also in greatest earthly misery. You will be allowed to see me myself and be able to speak to me. In various ways you will feel my presence that will never remain without impression with you and enables you to offer resistance against all challenges through the opponent and earthly authority. You will well have to struggle but the fight will not depress you but revive your power because you know that you fight for a holy cause and this knowledge has become conviction in you, your faith is firm and can no longer be shaken. And when I say this to you then you can safely expect what is coming and always be sure of my help. I still demand from you great work on the souls of those who are weaker than you and that is why I foretell you all this that you do not become fickle when all earthly signs are recognizable, when earthly authority acts brutally against the believers, when it starts to also look threatening for yourself. All this must come because these are the weapons of my opponent that he has sharpened. But there is no need to be afraid as long as you acknowledge me as your commander, as long as you let me protect you through your will, to belong to me eternally and to not deny my name. The might of the enemy of your soul will fail because of this your will; even so he drives it to the extreme. Because I come myself and arrest him when there is highest danger but I do not let you fall into his hands, you who believe in me and want to be loyal to me. The time is close when all this will happen and not severe enough you can be urged to gather strength for you for these days of trouble, to maintain the union with me, and to fetch power from my word that you can receive unmeasured when you want. And do not forget that I am always there for you as often as you may call on me, but also do not forget that I want to be called. Because I am untiringly prepared to help and to give, but my gifts are also to be desired in order to be able to be of true help for you. With giant steps the end is coming. Make extensive use of the short time and you will be able to fight out the last struggle on this earth effortlessly as you only help yourself to my strength. Amen. B.D. NR. 5382.


Antichrist 5427

Camouflage of Satan Where Light is Passed On to Earth.

3. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5427.

Satan works with much cunning and deceit and puts on a disguise so that it is difficult to recognize him because he often works in the same form as my chosen ones to weaken my work. There where I give light it is his permanent work to make its shine ineffective, to let the light go out or to prevent my light to touch you men. Because truth is for him the danger to be recognized as my opponent and that is why he often will use the same means to now win followers for him so that my soft light no longer is observed. He is always anxious to weaken my influence on men, he takes centre stage for himself and wants that he is acknowledged as divine because he then thinks to have won his game when he can dethrone me and take my place in men's hearts. And he also will have much success as men rob themselves of their knowledge, when they only have one fault that is akin to the opponent, when they have an arrogant spirit, thus do not approach me in deepest humility, which then also protects them from influences that are not divine. My opponent often confuses the thinking of men, my opponent showers them with words of praise and acknowledgement that chase away all humility and who now lays claim to such words for himself is also already subordinate to him, he has fallen into his hands and has become a welcome victim for his plan to endanger the pure truth, the light from above, through apparent likewise work that however does not start in me but is feigned with my opponent to confuse men and at the same time to reject with this work the work of my spirit that is pure truth. And so you will now also understand my warning of false prophets. Because there where true prophets are, there will also always appear false prophets or be recognizable, that always emerge in likewise way and still are not sent by me. And that is how my opponent can surely be recognized, that he always arrives there where a great spiritual action has been initiated, where therefore the world of light obviously contacts the earth and where divine work is undoubtedly recognizable. There also the opponent spreads himself out and he takes his place among those who aim at me and he in a way takes up for himself the divine allocation of favour to then go on from that and to slowly but surely do counter work until he manages that the truth is suppressed and his work is given special emphasis. Truth well asserts itself but does not force its acceptance where the will is weak and therefore surrenders to the opponent once more. Free will, that I always respect, makes it well possible that also my opponent spreads himself out because no resistance is offered to him, but my children on earth will never be deluded by his light of deceit that they can recognize because it does not radiate true light. But I have always and constantly warned you of false Christs and false prophets, therefore pay attention to it because that is how I myself also have confirmed them. They will come and they are already there - and in the times of the end you will still often hear of such; but where false ones are there also genuine ones have to be and that is why you are to check. And again I tell you: Apply a standard to the fullness of light to that what is offered to you as divine truth - when you accept something that has been proved that it gets you knowledge, therefore light, then it has gone out from me and the prophets are genuine, i.e. are active on my behalf - but what gives you unclear expressions, what is apparent light only, what well appears to be alike but what shows to be deception after earnest examination, that reject as deception of the opponent who with increased eagerness tries to have an effect on all whom he fears to lose. Because he takes every opportunity where he can oust me from the hearts of men but he is recognizable - because he lacks wisdom and that is why everything is without wisdom what he lets light up as light of deceit through the will of those men who are still slaves to him because they still wear his characteristic features - spiritual arrogance, worldly mind and love of self and who therefore wear a mask under which my opponent can hide. Amen. B.D. NR. 5427.


Antichrist 5445

God as Master Teacher. Truth - Light.

22. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5445.

Excerpt only.

Because also my opponent fights with toughness and all means available to him. He is also not afraid to apparently accept the truth, to place himself likewise as servant of mine, in order to use it against me at the first best opportunity and to clearly go over to the opposite - to dismiss everything what he supported previously.


Antichrist 5467

Satan Rages With Increased Might. End-Time.

21. August 1952. B.D. NR. 5467.

The signs will increase that point to the end. And the activity of Satan will emerge more and more clearly because all who aim for me will get a taste of his hostile activity. He will also try to throw them into doubt and confusion and often not without success. But I protect the ones who are mine and examine his activity so that it will be recognizable to all who earnestly have me as their aim. They are the signs of the times because the forces of darkness are ceaselessly active because it is drawing to a close. But I say to you be on your guard and pray and always only rely on me and he will not be able to harm you. Light and darkness are fighting with each other because darkness hates the light and will therefore always make itself felt as shadow where a bright light shines. But I also have the power to chase away such shadows and brighter than ever the light will shine. But you will never be allowed to enjoy rest; it will remain a permanent fight with my opponent as long as you dwell on earth. Because until the end he will try to harm you because he knows that he has lost you and because he thinks he can win you back. The hostilities on the part of those who are in bondage to him will increase and that the more the brighter you shine what he very well recognizes. But he hates the light because he hates the truth and that is why he takes action against the truth. Therefore as long as you try to spread the truth on earth, to carry out my word to your fellow human beings, so long he will also be after you as enemy and try to ruin you. And openly he will attack the truth; he will try to slander you who speak out in favour of the pure truth; he will make you out to be swindlers to also make the spiritual goods that you represent to be implausible - but still not assert himself against you because behind you and the truth I stand myself. But he will manage to scatter you - my representatives; he will succeed to isolate you because the teamwork does not suit him, because he reckons to be successful in the fight against the individual. But also then I still protect the light, the pure truth, which he will not be able to refute. But you are to be vigilant and pray - because you are always in danger to become weak when you are not calling on me for protection against all hostilities of the opponent. Because the end is nearby and even if he rages with increased might - his time has come when he will be bound as it has been announced. And the truth will assert itself and help all to happiness that listen to it and so accept the light that I let shine to help them to reach out of darkness of spirit, out of night of death, to the light, to life, and to become happy through the truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5467.


Antichrist 5526

Spiritual Misery Greater Than Earthly. Activity of the Opponent.

6. November 1952. B.D. NR 5526.

The spiritual misery is yet much greater than the earthly because men no longer live in the truth and every error is an obstruction upward; every error is spiritual standstill or even decline because error is the work of my opponent to bar the way to me, to prevent men from finding it. Every error strengthens his might and always gives him new opportunities to spread darkness of night over men. Error is everything that contributes to make the recognition of myself more difficult; error is everything that hinders men to seek and find union with me. My aim and striving is that men unite with me; that they long for me and try to satisfy this longing of their heart. My aim is to win the love of my creatures. Everything that contributes to this is good and never the work of the opponent. But what hinders men to find this connection with me, everything that directs their looks elsewhere than towards me, is the work of my opponent. And therefore you can very easily recognize him in everything that is offered to you, may it be spiritual teachings, may it be messages from the spiritual kingdom, may it be events no matter what kind. You always have to clarify what is intended with that. And if it leads you away from me and to the world or makes the close union with me more difficult then you also know that my opponent is at work who wants to force you men aside from me. He also applies means that are to feign my activity; he is not afraid to seemingly work for me to win the gullible that do not recognize him and therefore accept what he offers. The gullibility of men favours his action because they accept without earnest checking the moment only an impulse is given that requires their belief. That is his cunning to seemingly strengthen the faith but still steer it into the wrong direction. Truth is constantly passed on to earth; continually it is carried to men and still thickest error and lies will be accepted much more likely by them than just one spark of truth that would enlighten their mental state. But my opponent has a firm base; he stands on a ground that has been made firm and lasting by men themselves. My opponent works there where men believe to have entered my territory. Also this is a cunning that again can only be exposed through pure truth that I bring to men through my word. However only with difficulty this my word finds entry there where the opponent has barricaded all gates with great care. And men place themselves behind my opponent and strengthen him in his might. That is why the spiritual trouble is so indescribable great and still not repairable by force because the free will of man itself has to strive to step into the light, then it also will soon brighten up in him, and then the ground underneath the feet of my opponent will begin to sway. But without truth the spiritual plight cannot be decreased because truth teaches love, but who has love also recognizes the activity of the opponent and he will free himself of him because through love he also feels the power in himself to escape from him because through love he establishes the union with me and I now give him my support by filling him with light and strength. Amen. B.D. NR. 5526.


Antichrist 5535

Work of Satan.

16. November 1952. B.D. NR 5535.

The demon from the underworld tries to gain access everywhere to sow hate and instigate confusion and he uses every opportunity that presents itself to him. He stirs men up against each other, he sows the seeds of discord and disunity, he proceeds with lies and so robs men of the peace that they need to find to God. For he wants to prevent that, he who is the opponent of God. And his influence can be strong when men are not on their guard and immediately turn to God when they realize that he is on the advance. A thought up only is already enough to resist him because his power is then broken where the power of God is called upon. He loathes the peace of a soul and he seeks to disturb this because then all other attacks are easier and successful for him. You men do not know how hostile he is towards you, how he hates everything that aims at God and how he never tires of causing you to fall. He can achieve nothing as long as you move in love; that is why he seeks to first suppress love in you, he seeks to irritate you inwardly and to scatter poison, to stir up in you base thoughts against your fellow human beings and rekindles where his thought has caught on in you. He is dangerous in his unkindness, his hate instigates greatest harm and you always have to be careful and nip in the bud the first unkind emotion by you sending a call to Jesus Christ that he redeems you from his power. He is afraid of this call and therefore seeks to confuse every clear thought in you - everything that makes you restless and nervous in the world is an effect from his side to confuse your thoughts because he then finds a good ground for his evil sowing. You men always bear in mind that the struggle between light and darkness is lasting permanently and that it is yourself about whom the battle rages. When you now consciously place yourself on the side of God then the opponent loses - but your power alone fails because then he is stronger than you when you do not call on the power of God through a call for help. Do not let yourself be put into a state of restlessness through fellow human beings, through events, through thoughts or experiences. Confront every anxious thought with a call for help up and peace will again return in you by you then being able to resist any temptation because the peace in God is a weapon with which you can oust him. Flee to him who is stronger than all tempters together. Do not give the opponent of God cause for being able to triumph over you - but always think of the fact that you alone are too weak to offer resistance, but are able to do everything with God who lets remain no call for help unheard. Amen. B.D. NR. 5535.


Antichrist 5570

Counter effect of Satan Where Spiritual Striving is.

4. January 1953. B.D. NR 5570.

The opponent of God will always be working where work is done for God and his kingdom. Because his might is at stake that decreases to the same extent as the souls turn to the kingdom of God. And his work will always aim at throwing men into doubt, to present to them a false knowledge and so to make use of men that themselves do not have the truth because these willingly support error and error is a good soil for God opposing powers. Who works for the kingdom of God will find many opponents because his kingdom is not that what men seek and want. His kingdom requires turning away from the world and its pleasures, and only few are prepared for this, but most of them remain loyal to the world and therefore also to him who is lord of this world. But he who now announces the kingdom of God frequently encounters resistance and his work is unsuccessful. But that is a sign that he wants to bring the divine to men, that the majority of men are hostile towards him. These want to see success, they want to acquire tangible goods, they want to be in high standing on earth, and all this the kingdom of God does not offer them - and that what it offers to them they do not desire - spiritual goods that follow them into eternity. More and more the world will emerge, hedonism and good living of the body will be indulged in excessively and to the same extent the desire for the life of the soul hardens until finally a pitiful spiritual body leaves the earth that cannot enter into God's kingdom. Everywhere where spiritually striving men are, the counteracting forces start to move because the opponent of God knows that he no longer has much time. But his work before the end is alarming because men go into his net with open eyes; they prefer to follow him than the messengers of God that announce his kingdom to the peoples of the world. Because God does not emerge visibly in order to let men have free will, but he is recognizable when one wants to recognize him. Because his messengers bring his word to men, his messengers again announce the pure teaching of Christ, his messengers admonish to love and want to help men that they do not blindly go to ruin. God and his kingdom is no longer recognized, his messengers are rejected, and life of men is not according to the will of God, it is not based on the commandment of the love of God and of the neighbour - because one is opposing it who always succeeds there where the eye is directed towards the world, because he will be rather heard than the announcers of the kingdom of God. Still the workers in the vineyard of the Lord are not to grow weary and are not to fear the powers of darkness. And even if they are only few who desire light, they will receive it and again radiate light, and also rays will fall into the darkness and there again show some the way that leads to God's kingdom. The work of the servants of God will not be done in vain because he himself is behind it with his power of love, and he blesses every activity that is carried out for him and his kingdom. And his kingdom remains when the kingdom of the world ceases to exist, his kingdom accepts all that seek for it, that do not desire the world but gave themselves to God who now opens up his kingdom to them in all its glory. Amen. B.D. NR. 5570.


Antichrist 5572

He Knows that He No Longer Has Much Time.

9. January 1953. B.D. NR 5572.

The present time is very much under the influence of my opponent even though this is not to mean that I hold back with my might, with my love and favour. But men themselves grant him more rights through their will, their way of thinking, their acting and speaking. They therefore go away from me and can no longer feel my radiation of love which effects could liberate them from the influence of the opponent. It is the end-times; the time as it is written: He knows that he no longer has much time. And that is why he rages especially conspicuously and still will not be recognized by men. And my opponent fights there particularly fierce where the thriving towards me is visible. That will always be the explanation for you when spiritually striving men come into conflict with themselves or with their surroundings. Spiritual striving, i.e. the turning of looks towards me, loathes my opponent, it fills him with hate and vandalism, it gives him the most shameful ideas, and the effects are clearly felt among my children, among those who want to serve me loyally, among those who are to receive and carry out light into the world. Because he interferes with his will-o'-the-wisp, the light from above is in his way and he wants it to go out. He fights for every soul that he is threatened to lose and as the majority of men follows him voluntarily he gets angry about every soul that recognizes him and breaks away from him. It is an emanation of the times that is understandable to that man who knows about the cause and purpose of the ending of this period of the earth, who knows about the struggle between light and darkness and about the nearby end. And the more this is approaching the more vehemently he will rage and cause confusion among the ones who are mine because every cunning, every lie is all right with him, he unscrupulously makes use of all weapons, also when it means death for the soul for which he fights. He will appear under a mask and will often be difficult to be recognized; he will also turn up among the ones who are mine and deceive all that will let themselves be deceived from his mask. And I do not resist him because until the end of this world he has might and power and can put them to the test, but to the same extent I am also ready with my gifts of favour that, if they are used, will bring in victory over him in the day of judgement. It has to come true what has been announced to you men previously for a long time. And to this also belongs the raging of Satan in the last times before the end. But for all of you a way always remains that leads out of the chaos, a refuge remains for you towards which you can rush in every danger. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Carry your suffering, your anxious questions, your fears and worries, your doubts to me. I am always ready for you, I will help you and give you strength when you are weak, I will lead you out of the trouble of your souls. Because he who seriously seeks me has no need to fear to fall into the hands of my opponent as I am already with him who longs for me. A small interval still and the flame will blaze up that my opponent ignites to hide himself in this blaze of light; his time is not yet complete, therefore he works to a greatest extent and makes good use of the time. But it will come to an end when this is my will. Because I indeed rule over heaven and earth, over the good and the bad spirit world and nothing can happen without my will or my permission. And it is my will that he will be bound for thousand years - that for a time the might and power over the human race will be taken from him; it is my will that peace once comes over men, that they, who have proved to be mine, will be redeemed from his power; it is my will that the ones who are mine carry off the victory over him, therefore I also will not leave them in times of hardest struggle, I will always be present and will not allow that you will be harried above your strength. And I only want to be allowed to be always present, i.e., you are despite of all challenges from his side to remain in love because then I myself can be with you and he then has to step aside from you whom he now has finally lost to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 5572.


Antichrist 5588

False Gods. Divine Admiration. (Antichrist?)

28. January 1953. B.D. NR 5588.

You are not to make false gods for yourself that you worship; you are not to let yourself be blinded by nice speeches to which you listen in ecstasy; you are not to listen to those who promise you good days on earth, who want to persuade you to belong to them and to strengthen their power; you are not to strive for connections to high-ranking personalities to win their favour; you are also not to feel yourself being associated with those who appear unusually, who have power that you lack as long as you are not completely convinced that they are my representatives on earth which I well supply with power but have not placed so high that you look up to them. You are not to show divine reverence to men who are above you because I do not want that one is placed above the others even if he is entitled to it through authority. Only for the sake of human order I have placed authority above you that you are well to obey, but that you are not to elevate to gods because they will then be only idols to you that are and remain dead and cannot give life to you. You are all to be brothers and live like brothers among each other and when one is among you who is rich in experience, who is noble and good and whom you like to grant pre-eminence among you then it is to be only a proof of love from brother to brother but not a humble subjection and with it an ennobling of the brother above you. You are to be careful not to show divine admiration to a man because then you have foreign gods next to me. And who lets himself shown divine reverence, who feels to be superior to the fellow human beings, who abuses his authority to oppress his subordinates, he is not mine but belongs to my opponent because he does according to his commandment since my commandment is only love and nobody will rule who has love in himself. I also do not want that you look up to those who are like you men unless they outclass you in love and virtues and you seek to follow them. But these will demand no honour, no idolization from you but will reject it as being attached only to me. But who accepts honour, who puts up with even only the smallest glorification, who waits to be elevated by his fellow human beings, who rates himself to be higher than his fellow humans, is already inspired by the spirit of him who wanted to lift himself up above me to rule and completely disregarded love. And this one can never ever work in my name on earth because he pursues worldly aims; he still seeks on earth the height and will never reach it. Know that only the humble finds favour before my eyes and this alone should be a warning to you when a man lets divine admiration be shown to him. Therefore be careful and do not let yourself be blinded by the glitter of stars that will yet flash in front of you, but which have themselves put on a shining garment to feign light to you. Be vigilant because my light gives off a mild shine, my light does not radiate outwardly but who carries it in the heart goes along humbly and no longer seeks what belongs to the world. But the prince of darkness is arrogant and wants to carry weight before the world. At that you will always recognize which spirit speaks out of men who want to bring salvation to you and the knowledge will prevent you to bow the knees before him who is my opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 5588.


Antichrist 5598

I Am From Eternity. Lucifer's Creation.

10. February 1953. B.D. NR 5598.

I am from eternity and I will be until all eternity. I am the highest and most perfect being and out from me innumerable beings came likewise in perfection because I could create nothing but perfectness. And so also this beingness that was created by me was full of might and power, it was not limited in its work; it so could create and form like me because it used my power which it received from me without restriction. The radiating of power into my creatures was a process that made me unspeakably happy and always encouraged my will to love afresh to provide my creatures with my power. But I kept doing this over my first created being to make it happy in the same way and to stimulate it to creative activity. But my radiation of love no longer found resonance there - the first created being did not recognize me as source of the power but assumed itself to be the producer of this power because it could create in free will and therefore also wanted to acknowledge nobody above itself. And that was its ruin because by its own will it left me and therefore also love, even though it remained strong and powerful because I did not withdraw my power from a being that my love had created. So it well kept its power but it was now no longer a power of love that had a building up effect but had a destroying, disintegrating effect because it lacked love. Yet still this being remained my creature because my love cannot turn away from the products of my love. But this being had a beginning, a commencement, whereas I am from eternity. Alone this already should have given this first created being the proof that it was not the highest, the first being, because it knew about its beginning. And this knowledge had to let excessively arouse its love towards me, the being that let it rise up, because it was over happy in its state that was created by me perfectly and it could constantly increase its happiness through creating beings alike to it. And also this ability to create had to remind it of him who also had given life to it. The knowledge was in it, the first created spirit, it therefore was the light bearer, that could impart all its knowledge to those beings that came from its will, but that all had my power as original substance, that all were born out of love, that flowed through the first created spirit all the time and took its beginning from me. And in spite of this knowledge, in spite of the brightest light that shone through it, the being fell. It turned away from me, it pushed back eternal love, it no longer used its power in my will, but against me. But it could not leave me. It also could no longer cease to exist - even though it once took its beginning because it was power from me that eternally could never cease to exist. It only could have a negative effect, up to a point, to change to a positive power when this point is overstepped. But I never cease to exist and what once went out from me without fail also returns to me. But then it has undergone a change, that it recognizes itself as light spark, that it heads for the eternal light, that it finds happiness with me and in me, that I now shine through it with my love power until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5598.


Antichrist 5606

Effect of Antichrist Before the End.

19. February 1953. B.D. NR 5606.

The effect of Antichrist in the end-times will accelerate the end because now the trouble of the ones who are mine increases highly and makes my coming necessary to make an end to this trouble. Antichrist only has the one aim to dethrone me and to place himself on the throne, i.e., to completely take from men the belief in a God and creator from eternity, to be so much the higher held in great esteem himself, to be honoured and feared like God. He does not want to own the love of men, only their subservience; he wants to have the power over everything and therefore to be the overall ruler. But as long as men are still believing, as long as they recognize a power over them, to which they one day have to answer, they will not obey the wishes of him, who demands from them what is adverse to God. And that is why Antichrist will take action against this power by seeking to wipe out the belief in me, and this by brutal means that will make it difficult for the ones who are mine to remain loyal to me. But the strength from me for this reaches them generously. I will reveal myself to them to such an extent that they will always be strengthened in faith, that they take upon themselves all iniquity in the knowledge that I alone can take and give and I certainly will repay them for what is imposed on them earthly. Antichrist's striving is to wipe out the Christian teaching - the prevention of all knowledge about Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world. He declares open enmity towards me. And that is his end. My opponent will embody himself in a man who is completely in bondage to him, i.e., he will completely own his soul and for the time being will deceive men through proceedings (merits) of every description that will secure him exceedingly great popularity. And his speaking and acting will be a mask under which the most evil mentality is hidden. He will be a master in the art of understanding how to conceal arrogance, lying, profit-seeking, but lack of love will soon unmask him, i.e. only in front of the ones who are mine, because facing his followers he feigns understanding for all sufferings but he does not seek to alleviate them but only contributes to the increase of these sufferings. The believer will recognize him because he has to suffer much under his rule but he who obeys his wishes, who openly renounces me, he will be treated as friend by him and honoured and respected earthly. And so soon two parties will be formed - the majority will cling to him and only a very small crowd will remain loyal to me in their mentality and action. And these will be endangered all the time because my opponent urges on men to harm them in every way. Antichrist repays such actions against the ones who are mine to also bring the last believers to fall away that still resist him. A bitter time of trouble will begin for the ones that are mine and still it will be bearable because they are allowed to receive an unusual gift of favour - because I show myself where men look like weakening. I know the will and attitude of every individual that is meant for me and I certainly do not let my opponent gain the upper hand over his soul. Moreover the end is nearby and my believers are in the heart loyally devoted to me, that is why I can also appear extralegally to give them strength. And many will get to see me and then no power of the world can put them off believing in me. Then they also joyfully lay down their life when I would demand it. But I bring to an end the cruel play of my opponent. When he thinks he has won it then I will come in the clouds and judge the living and the dead. I will fetch the ones that are mine before I execute the work of destruction at the earth and all its inhabitants. The trouble before will be great but my love will save you and my might will put in chains him who is against me because his time is up. Amen. B.D. NR. 5606.


Antichrist 5610

Essence of Satan. Fall and Redemption.

24. and 26. February 1953. B.D. NR 5610.

The enormous distance of him who once raised up against me has also enormously decreased the effect of the power from me as the power which livens up everything and so the spiritual that once was full of life and power has robbed itself of power and has formed itself to hardest matter in the end because also spiritual substance hardens when it is no longer touched by my power of love in this endless far distance from me. The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of matter which became form through my will. The whole creation is basically such hardened substance, formerly spiritual power that started out from me, but that started out from me as something of utmost perfect beingness. This beingness was constantly radiated through with my power of love in its perfection and that way capable like me of unlimited works and activities. I am the primeval source of all power and all that exists is dependent on this power source. Nothing what has power independently exists apart from me and a detachment from me and my power therefore also means a complete ceasing to exist because from no other side would a power supply be possible. But a detachment from me is also not possible because my power cannot cease to exist eternally and is also not divisible eternally; but what emerged from my power can go away from me endlessly far and distance means that the power loses its effect, so that what goes away remains motionless as it were, and solidifies to a firm substance, to matter, that is therefore hardened spiritual substance, that lacks the ability to be active because it stepped out of the range of my love power radiation. So this is therefore the fate of the spiritual that fell away from me, that stands in furthest distance from me and still is eternally immortal. But all this is basically some beingness that once was capable of thinking to the highest degree, stood in knowledge and had free will and still lost all these divine evidences through its fall. Through my will these spiritual entities dissolved into innumerable little particles to slowly reappear again through a process of healing recognized as successful by me when a certain degree of maturity or purification has been reached. So I bound the beingness that once was created free through the will of the being that was first created by me, by use of my power. But what became of this first created being? Since its fall this being wanders around as a spark of power and seeks to light up with the remaining power all that my will has wrested from it - but not to liven it up but to increase its power so that it excels myself, i.e. my power. What was bound through my will does not react to this lighting up, exactly because it does give no life to it. But as soon as it again has become that being, after an endless long course through creation, when all the individual small particles have turned up again and now as a whole embodies itself in human form and through this regains its consciousness of the self, it also again reacts to the efforts of that first created being, my counter spirit. It lets itself blind by the spark because this spark does not give light but it is just a spark of delusion that blinds the eye to completely darken it - as also its power became ineffective through the falling away, through the endless far distance from me. But its beingness remained, it has not lost its self-consciousness and it therefore still can have an effect on what is likewise self-conscious, so can completely fill a man with its entity without however being tied to only one man because of that. It can therefore exert its influence everywhere where men are who willingly turn to it through their mentality and therefore increase its power through union. He only still uses his remaining power for activities against me; he constantly seeks to increase it with the help of those men who surrender to him. Therefore this counter spirit works completely obviously; he also can completely obviously dominate a man totally but only as long as this one is to take the test of will on earth. Has he now reached his aim that he has won men for himself then he only has however promoted the hardening of spiritual substance and has divested himself of his power so that he himself is as it were completely lifeless the moment he can no longer cling to men who give their power of life to him. And this is then the case when a period of redemption ends, when he has drawn the greatest part of men to the abyss and the others are fully devoted to me. Then he himself is robbed of his power; then also he is in a bound state; he lies in chains - as long as he can again make the same attempts on men, until men themselves are again in a state that they increase his power, until they themselves as it were lose his chains through their wrong will which again is meant for matter, which is submissive to the will of my opponent and so therefore again lifts his position of power what becomes more and more obvious in every redemption period the more it draws to a close. That is why every redemption period will start with peaceful harmony, with a true paradise on earth, and end with satanic activity, as long as also the last beingness is wrested from my opponent, until he himself is so powerless that he asks for power from me - until he himself will return to me into his father's house - that he once left of his own free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5610.


Antichrist 5645

How Long Could Lucifer Create?

6. April 1953. B.D. NR 5645.

My power was effective in the first created being until the decision of the will was completely passed, or rather: Lucifer or the light bearer could still let beingness rise up as long as he was still filled with my power of love, but which, with his continuous fall into the deep, with his going away from me, weakened more and more to finally become completely ineffective. So not I took away the power from this first created being but he himself made it ineffective as soon as he went endlessly far away from me. The act of the decision of the will was not a spontaneous thing; this decision also was a process that covered endless periods of time because also the will in Lucifer that opposed me developed slowly and accordingly were also the beings disposed that came from him, more or less bearing the will in themselves that was turned away from me. So as long as the first created being had not yet carried out the complete break with me, it was also still active to create and produce but more and more the ability to create dwindled, but not limited by me, but my power lost its effect due to primeval legality as soon as it met with resistance. As long as therefore the first created being remained in the sphere of my power of love it also could create, but always according to its will to accept my power in the knowledge that he got it from me as the primeval source of power. This time of the still undecided will was fully enough to create innumerable beings with likewise undecided will, that then always turned more away from me and also let the first created being become unable to furthermore call beingness into being. The close union with me let unchecked power flow towards the being that once was created by my love. The final separation from me inevitably also had to have the complete lack of power as a consequence. The effect of power decreased to the same extent as the will turned away from me. But as long as it used my power to create it also acknowledged me as power source but did not transfer this knowledge to that what it called into being. And as it intentionally no longer wanted to get power from me, believing to own this itself, its decision of will was executed. It rejected the power and that meant endless distance from me and therefore lack of power so that after its fall into the deep also its power was broken to call further beingeness into existence through its will. Hear right: An immeasurable long time existed between the first moment of opposition and the complete turning away from me and the beingsness that was created during this time was also formed accordingly, which is why it was therefore necessary that I also had to shine through, all beingness from which I demanded the decision of will, with my light of knowledge that it however used differently in the same way as it itself was disposed differently. But it could decide right; the kind of its decision was not determining, yet the will of each being was free. Already from the moment of the first intentional turning away from me one could speak of a fall into the deep - but that was not yet finally executed as long as I was still recognized as power source. And as long as this, the first created being could also, according to its will, make use of the power that reached it from me without restriction. For as long as it recognized myself it remained in the circuit of my love. But it stepped out of this circuit as it intentionally resisted me - as it itself rejected the power in order not to need to acknowledge me because it imagined itself to be strong and powerful enough to be able to independently create and produce. My power now remained ineffective according to primeval law from eternity. And now also no creation of beingness was possible because now I used all my love power to the return of the fallen spiritual. The spiritual work of creation was completed; now the work started to make divine that what was created, to train the creatures in free will to become my children - my whole lover power is meant for this work and also my opponent will not be able to prevent it; also this opponent will finally surrender voluntarily to it to again get into the state of unlimited power and to now make use of this according to my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 5645.


Antichrist 5654

Day of Redemption or Day of Judgement?

18. April 1953. B.D. NR 5654.

The day of redemption is no longer far away but will it mean redemption for all men? Will it not be a day of judgement for many where they, instead of being redeemed, will be banished anew in hard form? And so this day can be longed for but also can be feared, but those who have to fear it do not believe in it and are therefore irretrievably lost because they do nothing to ward off this new banishment. This day will be a real redemption to only few men but these have suffered already before while the others do not know suffering and therefore also feel no desire to have a saviour. But still this one will come to redeem who believe in him. A very difficult time comes for the believers but then they are not to forget the promise that I will come to judge the living and the dead. The times of need are also to be proof of the truth of my word, and the firmer they are to believe in my coming on the last day, in the salvation from severest need. It will indeed be a day of redemption for those men who are tempted to doubt the truth of my word in the face of the good living of the unbelievers. But for the sake of the chosen ones the days are to be shortened. I will strengthen the ones that are mine until the day has come and it will be there faster than it is expected. The worldwide political situation will seem to be so quiet that nobody believes in an end; because under the rule of Antichrist oil seems to have been poured on troubled waters of restlessness and earthly a rise is recognizable that causes men to become more and more ungodly, more and more lacking love, and only the ones who are mine recognize it as the hour of the world clock. Because they alone have to live in want and suffer whereas the rest of mankind indulge themselves and try to feed themselves in the ecstasies of the world. Nobody will foresee how close the end is when Antichrist starts his world domination. He ushers in the end; he brings about the spiritual chaos; he lets the faith struggle break out and he also causes the separation of the spirits because under his rule the confession is demanded for me and my name and therefore also the last decision made that still has to take place before the end. But as soon as this faith decision is demanded, you, my believers, can prepare yourselves for my coming because with increased trouble you also experience the fulfilment of my predictions that concern the end. Every day you can reckon on the end and still it comes suddenly and unexpectedly. But then those will be happy for whom this day brings redemption and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be for those who will be devoured by the earth, will be spawned anew into hard matter. You who believe in me, trust in these my words, that salvation will come in the hour of severest distress, that I will come and fetch you, and that you therefore have to fear no power on earth because mine is the power and the might and the glory. Amen. B.D. NR. 5654.


Antichrist 5677

False Christs and Prophets. Mask of Satan.

16. May 1953. B.D. NR 5677.

You are not allowed to go into the nets of Satan who wants to win you for himself by him trying to confuse your thinking, by him seemingly speaking in my name and yet by himself being far away from the truth, submitting only untruth to you. False Christs and false prophets will appear - consider these my words and do not believe every spirit that talks about my word because also an evil spirit makes use of my words when he can pull you into his camp that way. A number of people will let themselves get confused in the times of the end but the reason being only that they themselves are lukewarm and do not resort to myself to come to the truth. And my opponent knows it how best he can win men that are not yet fully devoted to me. And he is not afraid to have an effect on those under the mask of piety; his aim is to distort my picture, that men become estranged from me; his aim is to hamper their recognition of myself and that is why he makes use of such words that allow various meanings and then interprets them in such a way that they will be misunderstood and lead away from the right faith in me and love because I cannot be recognized properly according to his interpretation. So my opponent influences weak, not completely stable men to interpret my words this way, so seemingly speaking for me and still against me because it is not the pure truth that he spreads. The earnest will to work for me and my kingdom will rule out this danger; but how many have themselves not yet the living faith in me and the deep love for me and the neighbour that they are enlightened by my spirit. And these are likewise in a position in life where my word is to be announced and that is why they are intellectually at pains to give men the interpretation but the intellect is influenced by the opponent who wants to confuse it in order to work against me. And again I stress that the will of man, to hear the truth or to hand it out, alone is determining if he receives truth or gives truth. The desire for pure truth has first to fill a man, then he can be convinced that truth is brought to him, which he understands and interprets my word truthfully. My opponent is hard-working to undermine truth and he is successful where the will for the truth is not very great so that I myself as the giver of truth can stand up for it because the will of man alone is determining the spiritual assets that he receives. Therefore do not let yourself be deceived by pious words that also my opponent can apply where he finds the right ground for it. For not the word itself is mine but the spirit that I have put into my words. The word itself, without my spirit, can well be changed, and so it also can be used by my opponent to reach his aim to separate you from me and the truth. But the spirit is my portion and when you now seek the spirit in the word then my spirit will give you enlightenment that however deviates from the interpretation of him who uses my word and is not filled with my spirit. It is the time of the end where my opponent causes great confusion among men. That is why you are to be careful and examine everything and when you do it with the call for my support then you will recognize and always only keep the good. Amen. B.D. NR. 5677.


Antichrist 5701

Examine the Spirits. False Christs and Prophets.

19. June 1953. B.D. NR 5701.

Examine the spirits if they are from God. An earnest review is necessary when you accept spiritual goods, where these have their source. You are to, and you have to examine, because you yourself are responsible for your soul, to which only truth is helpful, but which is endangered in its upward development by wrong thoughts. When now spiritual things are offered to you, so knowledge that is earthly not provable, then you have to examine this earnestly; you have to know that light and darkness fight one another, that the prince of darkness fights pure truth, that he tries everything to lead men into wrong thinking, and is also not afraid to wrap himself up in the garment of an angel to deceive men. But you yourself can unmask him; you can examine what spirit is supplying you the thoughts, and these may be the signs for you, that you are to pay attention to, when an earnest examination is done: that Jesus Christ is declared as God's son and redeemer of the world through the spiritual goods that are supplied to you, that his love teaching is the essence of it and that you are admonished to follow Jesus. Then you are allowed to absolutely accept and address the knowledge supplied to you as being from God himself as source; you are then allowed to represent it as divine truth; you do not have to fear to be pushed into wrong thinking by the spirit of darkness because this one never acknowledges Jesus Christ who has redeemed the world from sin. False Christs and false prophets will stand up, and especially in the last times before the end. They will talk about the name of Jesus Christ and still not be right announcers of his divine love teaching because they themselves will not comply with what they teach, or turn their teaching towards the world; they will not be recognizable as real Christians. And this confessing with the mouth often is a cover under which the enemy of truth hides. They themselves will not have real faith in the words of Jesus that he spoke on earth, in his promises, because they lack love, the characteristic feature of a real follower of Jesus. And that is why their words will not bear spirit in them; they will be without power; they cannot be addressed as pure divine truth and also require an earnest examination. But you can carry out any time this examination when you ask God himself for his help in deep desire for the truth, that he enlightens your spirit, rightly guides your thinking and always teaches to distinguish truth from error, and everyone who desires the spirit out of God will receive it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5701.


Antichrist 5719

Power of Belief. Antichrist. Counter Work.

9. July 1953. B.D. NR 5719.

A strong counter work has to be done when Antichrist starts the last work to prevent all spiritual striving, when he obviously works against God, when he seeks to stamp out all Christian faith and his mentality is clearly recognizable as being turned against Christ. Then all powers have to become active in heaven and on earth because then the heaviest battle starts that the community of Jesus Christ has ever experienced. Then the last faith struggle begins that introduces the end and that is waged with all severity and brutality because Satan himself arises against God to overthrow him and to rise to his throne. But then also all servants of God on earth will find greatest support on the part of the world of light because then eager work has to be done to debilitate all attacks of the enemy, to openly announce Jesus Christ and to confess before the world. Then there is no longer any hidden play and then it will be shown who has faith and loves God, who is so strong that he acknowledges Jesus Christ as his only Lord and is not afraid of the instructions of the counter force. Then every announcer of the divine love teaching, of the word of God, will be doubly blessed because then he even does an urgent work - he tells of God with conviction, who is to be denied, he fights for him and is not afraid of those who threaten to kill him. But such a work can only be done by him who has knowledge, who knows about everything and also about the signs of the end and who therefore cannot act differently than to support Jesus Christ and his work of redemption because he has been seized by his love and favour and feels his work and because this gives him a power that enables him of anything, also to the open confession of his faith that earns him the most bitter fate on earth. He does not pay attention to the severity because he has become knowing and no longer fears anything on this world - because he has recognized the right lord and also joyfully lays down his earthly life for him. The counter work that is demanded by God's fighters is to work informative where there are doubts, to campaign for the souls that they might devote themselves to Jesus Christ who is the rescuer and saviour of them all and who also will deliver them from earthly trouble and hardship when the end has come. Their work consists in spreading the recognized truth and to courageously appear against slanderers and blasphemers, against representatives of false doctrines, against everyone who is hostile towards the teaching of Christ. It is their job to spread light because dark spiritual night surrounds men. And also then there will still be men who are undecided where to turn and to make God out to them as he really is ranks among the work for God's kingdom as well, because pure truth can and will also not miss to have an effect on a heart that demands truth and the few undecided are at stake that have to be treated especially lovingly to side with your camp and to become friends with you instead of enemies. Antichrist will apply weapons in the last faith struggle that lack all love, but you are also to fight with all eagerness, but with the weapons of love - you are to try to get that to them what you yourself have, what you have received from God - his word, that will have an effect on everyone according to his will. Who earnestly desires light will get it, and who has light also knows how he has to act in the days when God's opponent rages and seeks to seize all souls. The struggle will well be very odd because you are only a small crowd, but your opponents are the masses. But you definitely have more power because you receive it directly from God, and this power can defeat the worst enemies. Through strong faith you also can witness to the opponent of me and my might - and you can through it also ruin the fine thought through plans of the opponent of God because the power of faith obviously testifies to God, the power of faith can also still beat your enemies before the end, and they can surrender to you of their own free will. They can cross over into your camp and be saved for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5719.


Antichrist 5856

Doubts About Divine Revelations. Cunning of the Opponent.

18. January 1954. B.D. NR 5856.

Do not sadden your hearts and do not doubt when divine love reveals itself to you. Trust in the love of the father who certainly does not bestow a gift to his children that is harmful to them, so does not allow that food is served to them from a strange side that could harm them. Consider yourselves as my children and then you can also steadfastly believe that the father grants you his protection, that he looks after you as his children and averts all danger from you that could threaten your spiritual development. But also know that you live in the end-times and that the opponent of God tries with all his might to increase the numbers of his followers; know, that he rages shortly before the end and that he specially has an effect there where light from above threatens to unmask him - know, that he also endeavours to wreak confusion in the ranks of the ones who are devoted to God and that he tries everything to cause a division - know, that he also can cloud the outlook of those who offer him the smallest grounds through a wrong will, through spiritual arrogance, through thoughts that lack love - and that he is always successful there without however being able to separate those men from God. But their thinking gets confused and they no longer recognize pure truth - they do not recognize the voice of the father because they listened to what that voice had to say. But their will still remains turned to God and they do not fall a prey to the efforts of the opponent. Except that he has succeeded to bring a division into a circle who wanted to have an united effect for God. You men do not know his might and cunning, you do not know his camouflage and then fall a prey to the play of intrigues when doubts turn up within you, which at the same time are doubts about the love and omnipotence and wisdom of God - when you therefore render yourselves incapable of recognizing him in his revealed word. Then his influence on you is recognizable but he will not succeed in separating you from him whom you earnestly desire. Because God holds his protecting hand over everybody who aims at him, but he does not force him to think and to act according to his will. He leaves him his freedom to defend himself when the might of darkness attacks. And who is of good will he will also see through the opponent of God. Amen. B.D. NR. 5856.


Antichrist 5860

Uncontrolled Spread of Sin. Faith Struggle. End.

23. January 1954. B.D. NR 5860.

When sin increases uncontrollably, when faith in the righteousness of God is no longer among men, when men irresponsibly live it up and let their desires take their course, when there is no more love at all among men, when all desires are only meant for the world and its goods, then the end has come and the scriptures come true, the prophecies of the prophets come true who announced the end on behalf of God at all times. And when you men look around, when you pay attention to everything with open eyes what happens on earth, then you recognize, you who are of good will, in what hour you live. You recognize that all are signs of the nearby end, that mankind itself draws near the end, because it lives in sin and because it no longer respects its God. There are still men who are not completely corrupt, who do not yet completely belong to the opponent of God, but who also have no faith and therefore live thoughtlessly - but the closer the end is also these men will become less all the time. They partly will sink and get under the control of the opponent of God and partly they will be called away from this life into the kingdom on the other side. And corrupt and satanic men will increase, and only few will remain loyal to God and walk on earth as it is his will. And these will suffer much under the former because they are hated and persecuted for the sake of their faith. And as soon as open action is taken against all who confess God, Jesus Christ, you men are close to the end. Also this has been announced to you men before since a long time that you will have to take the responsibility and will be taken before the judges for the sake of the name of Jesus. And when all spiritual striving is persecuted, when the servants of God on earth will be hindered to do their work for God's kingdom, when on account of their faith they will be derided and scoffed at, the time also already has come where satanic forces are at work that will rage in the end against everything that points to God. And everything weak, not yet completely evil, will be recalled from the earth, so that it does not completely fall into the hands of the opponent of God when the last days will fall, where action is taken against the believers in such a way, that only the strong in faith, God fully trusting men, will hold their ground because their faith gives them strength and because God obviously can help them on behalf of their faith. And then the activities of Satan will become evident because he will embody himself in all men who are his through their mentality. And each of these will do works that cry out for retribution. And retribution will come - the day will come when these activities will have to end, when the righteousness of God comes to the fore and every men's works will become evident. The day of judgement will come as it is written - where everyone receives the wages he has earned - where God's word comes true because it is the eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5860.


Antichrist 5861

False Christs and False Prophets

24. January 1954. B.D. NR 5861.

And again and again I tell you: The signs and miracles will increase, both on the part of my opponent as well as my servants on earth because many false Christs and prophets will arise to weaken on behalf of the prince of darkness what is taught by my true servants - to let their miracles and prophecies appear to be doubtful and to throw men into ever deeper darkness. But the miracles of the false prophets will only exist to increase earthly might and riches; what they accomplish will not be works of love; but works will arise that will be claimed to have been achieved with supernatural power, however can only be described as accumulation of material goods, therefore also betray him who is lord of matter. But genuine miracles are works of compassion for suffering and weakened mankind - genuine miracles are obvious works of power from above - and genuine miracles will only be able to be wrought by those who are active on earth as true announcers of my word, who confess me and my name before the world and seek to stir up and liven up faith in me. Because those are also the genuine prophets who tell men in my name what is in store for them and the reason I have chosen them was to connect the announced word also with the evidence of the power of faith so that men recognize through what power and in what spirit these my representatives work. For many false prophets will appear in the end and try to confuse men through miracles. Because my opponent will work with the same means and he will also easier succeed to blind men because he announces no downfall to them but always only promises earthly good living and earthly ascent and because his miracles consist in emphasizing this earthly advancement, because his miracles are material progresses that beguile men and because his prophecy is a future in riches, honours and earthly successes, a world of building up and earthly perfection, and attention will be paid to each of such a prophecy, and mankind be distracted through this even more so from what is genuine and true, which my representatives on earth announce to them - that men are facing the end, that all material goods cannot save them from ruin, which they certainly approach when they do not believe my words but those, who the prince of darkness influences - those, who well also perform miracles through his power - who are mighty on earth because they are at the mercy of him, but whose works are always recognizable. Because love does not speak out of them; help for needy fellow human beings is not recognizable with them; and no matter when they make use of my words, whether my name is used as an excuse to be considered to be genuine prophets. Where love does not prevail there is not my spirit, and there neither miracles will happen nor will genuine prophetic words be spoken, but the activity of him will be clearly recognizable who is my opponent and will try everything in the last times to scatter my small flock and to win it for himself. The times of the end have come, therefore pay attention to everything I am telling you so that you learn to tell the genuine form the false, light from deception, truth from lie - so that you do not fall into the hands of him who wants to corrupt you. Amen. B.D. NR. 5861.


Antichrist 5938

Connection with God. Assignment on Earth.

22. April 1954. B.D. NR 5938.

Your assignment and the aim on earth is to establish the connection with me. Again and again I want to put this forward to you because without me you can start nothing and can achieve nothing. Earthly wise you also feel able to pursue your aims alone but also then it is only my permission because as soon as I withdraw the strength from you, you are completely powerless, although you live. And that already must be apparent to you when sicknesses approach you which you cannot get under control. Mostly these illnesses are proof of your weakness, you who think you can manage without me, and they are opportunities to establish contact with me and to call on me for help, therefore for allocation of strength that you lack. When you consciously get the strength to cope with earthly concerns from me then the supply of strength will also be of use spiritually because my strength has this effect that it again leads back to me. Every conscious receipt of strength through prayer beforehand, that therefore means an established contact with me, is already a spiritual process, a spiritual illumination, which also has a spiritual effect - although it was requested for earthly things. But who thinks not to need any support from me - who does not believe in me as the source of strength from eternity, from whom every men can get strength without restriction - he stands isolated in my creation and can be driven to and fro like a plaything because he has no counter strength that gives him stability, whereas the connecting with me, the dependence on me, earns him his own strength that constantly increases the more he pushed towards me. As long as a being is still isolated from me it is also insecure and only as long as it is quiet around this being, so long it stands erect and therefore thinks to be able to assert itself out of its own strength. But as soon as a storm starts it cannot keep itself and without fail it will become a victim of the storm until it seeks a support, a contact, until a power comes to its help, from which it wants to have help. But the will also means the connection with this power. And this connection you have to seek; you have to establish it; consciously you have to turn to this power that it fills you - with me you have to establish contact so that I now can give you what you lack and nevertheless have much need of to reach your aim. You men lack too much the blessing of prayer - you do not know that every true prayer means a dependence on me - you do not know that you then have stepped out of the state of isolation, that you now have a firm foundation under your feet and that I am this foundation on which you now stand firmly and securely and do no longer have to fear any resistance. You have everything when you have me. And you own me when you earnestly unite yourselves with me in prayer - because a prayer in spirit and in truth also secures my presence for you. And my presence means influx of power, my presence also means union, the achieving of the aim on earth - it means power of resistance against all attempts from below to again separate you from me. Whether I, your God and creator, become an idea on earth for you, that you seek the connection with me, that is alone left up to your will. But I create enough opportunities for you where you are pointed to your God and creator who wants to be your father, but to whom you have to go of your own accord and of your own free will place yourselves under him as children. Then you therefore establish the connection with me and then you also securely reach your aim because then you receive strength out of me to excess. Amen. B.D. NR. 5938.


Antichrist 5939

Decision For the Right Lord.

23. April 1954. B.D. NR 5939.

To whom you give yourselves, he will also give to you, because two lords are fighting for your will, for your devotion to him, and this fight you decide yourselves. You are not forced to belong to the one or the other lord, you have free choice and can decide on one or the other - but according to this decision also the goods turn out that you receive - according to this decision you determine your fate in eternity. Both of the two lords give you what he himself owns and this property is very different - it differs from each other completely, as also its lords are complete opposites. And as you now are to decide between the two, you also have to get to know them. For only then you can be called to account for a right or wrong decision. But it is extremely difficult to give you full understanding for enlightenments for which no proofs can be brought - that only your own feeling can answer in the affirmative when you are serious to receive the right enlightenment. Because you can only be taught through speech, but have to create the proofs for yourselves by paying attention to the speech and carry out what is demanded of you exactly through that speech. You have to hear the word of God and live by it - God, as the one lord, enlightens you through his word about the fight between him and his opponent, he also gives you a description of the nature of the opponent, as well as his own nature, that is love and all the time campaigns for your love. He promises you spiritual goods that are everlasting. But you have to believe his promises. The truth of this cannot be proved to you as long as you stay on earth because you have to decide on your lord of your own free will. The opponent of God likewise seeks to win you. He promises you earthly goods; he presents himself to you tempting you in the world and through the world. And his goods are tangible and visible - they do not need to be proved to you and that is why you also stretch the hands out towards those goods and so to speak so choose your lord already during life on earth despite the divine word that warns you against him and admonishes you to make the right decision, that admonishes you to strive for spiritual goods that alone are of value and continue to exist, while the goods of his opponent cease to exist as your body ceases to exist. But it is left to your free will to choose the lord, but your fate in eternity also according to this choice. God's possessions are immeasurable, and so he also can hand out unlimitedly, and you can receive unlimitedly, when you acknowledge him as your lord and devote yourselves to him in free will. But his opponent has nothing and so most bitter poverty and darkness is the lot of him who has chosen him as his lord. And God wants to ward off this dreadful fate from you and he therefore again and again approaches you in his word. He only demands from you men to believe in his might and majesty and his unlimited love, who wants you to be blessed with this might and majesty of his. He approaches you in the word but his word is a revelation of himself - which also can become the proof in you when you live according to his word. You yourselves decide the fight between him and his opponent. That is why you are to listen to him when he comes to you in the word, so that you make the right decision - so that you hand yourselves over to him whose kingdom is light and power and magnificence. Amen. B.D. NR. 5939.


Antichrist 5963

Love. Who Remains in Love, Remains in Me.

21. May 1954. B.D. NR 5963.

In union with me you find your peace. Your longing is satisfied as soon as you know to be united with me, when you have joined me through love or close prayer, which in spirit and in truth is sent up to me. Prayer is the will for union with me, but the work of love is the fulfilment because who remains in love, remains in me and I in him. Love is the greatest - and everything depends on the work of love what is described as the maturing of the soul, as the return into the house of the father and eternal happiness. And so you only always keep the words in mind: Who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him -, so you only always think that I myself am love, then also the fulfilment of my love commandments will appear to you as being of highest importance, then you also will make an effort to live in love to be forever united with me, because of that. Love is everything - it is redeeming power, it is light, it is the divine principle, the centre of the eternal order. When a man lives without love he has gotten completely out of order, he is completely opposed to God in his thinking and acting, he is blind in spirit, i.e. he completely lacks knowledge, and he is unredeemed in the hands of the opponent, who wants to eliminate him from all happiness. I myself am love, my opponent is lack of love - and who therefore has the desire to be united with me, who wants to win me, he has to live in love, because then I also have to be with him, because love is my primeval substance since eternity. I well hand out unmeasured favours, I well give to you what you do not deserve and strive for on your own accord, but all my gifts of favour are only to achieve the one thing, that you develop yourself to love, because whether I also would like to give to you everything - without love you would still remain dead, without love you would remain judged beings - you always would just remain my creatures, but could never become my children. Only love brings about that my creatures become divine; only love can unite us, otherwise you always just lead an unfortunate existence outside of me as isolated beings. And that is why the first and noblest commandment is: Love God above everything and your neighbour as yourself. And your spiritual state already on earth and some day in eternity depends on the fulfilment of that commandment. That is why I gave my disciples the assignment to go out into the world and to announce to men my divine love teaching - that is why I myself was a living example to men on earth of a life of love and sealed this my love teaching with the death on the cross, which I suffered for my fellow human beings out of exceedingly great love - because I recognized their endless misery and wanted to help them. And as long as you men ignore these my commandments, you cannot reach happiness and no matter how deep you humble yourself and throw yourself at me feet asking me for mercy. I love you with a love that cannot be outdone and I want to win you all for me, but my happiness only exists in love that is returned by you and this you have to give to me voluntarily. And your request for mercy must be based on the desire for me because you love me - and because you recognize in what wide distance from me you still are. You have to seek to reach me; you have to want to find the unification with me, and that is why you have to live in love yourself, otherwise unification can never take place. Take into account that you draw eternal love yourself to you with every work of love - but that it cannot enter your hearts when this is still disposed in complete conflict to the primeval being of God. Only through love you unite yourself with me and you are to think of this and seek to fulfil the love commandment as being of highest importance - you have to know that without love no man can get happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 5963.


Antichrist 5982

Change of Pure Gospel. Successors?

22. June 1954. B.D. NR 5982.

You are taught the pure Gospel and you learn to recognize how different this my pure Gospel is to that what is taught on earth as my word - you learn to recognize that my word has experienced a change insofar as it is interpreted differently and therefore also applied differently - that what is alone important is too little observed, by contrast the unimportant is emphasized and therefore not many spiritual results are achieved. I showed men on earth the only passable way while I taught and applied my teaching myself, by going the way which all men are to go to reach me. It is the way of love, which man has to go as it alone only ensures the heavenly kingdom, i.e. entering into the spheres of light after his death of the body where the soul is blissful in my nearness. My teaching has become perverse - only a hiding place is left to find it in a building of human additions, false interpretation and compliance with unimportant commandments, which never were given by me to men, but which are great dangers that the only important commandment will be overlooked and therefore remains unfulfilled. Of what use is it to you men when you chastise yourself, when you carry out dutiful acts or confess me with the mouth, when you are not recognizing the love commandment to be the first and the most important one and obey it. You think to honour me through innumerable ceremonies and yet you can only honour me when you do what I demand of you. And I demand of you love for me and for your neighbour. As long as you discover a lack of love when earnestly being self-critical, you are not yet on the right road and whether you bend your knees daily and hourly and beat your breast. This is human desire and it is also only meant for those men whom you try to convince that you are pious. And how far away are you still from real piety as long as you do not seize your fellow human beings with love, which also proves your love for me - as long as you tolerate that the fellow human beings next to you live in extreme misery and distress, as long as you do not seek to first alleviate this misery, before you fancy outward gestures - before you pay tribute to the world through big worldly pomp, through all for what you found the name: To my honour. I do not want to be honoured this way as long as one misery is still crying out to me, which to alleviate would well be possible for you men when you would write my love commandments into your heart. As long as I walked on earth my care was meant for the needy, poor, sick and depressed. You, who claim to be my followers on earth - what are you doing for these needy, poor, sick and depressed? As long as you can help and you do not help you are also not real followers of mine and whether you also get yourself this name. I only evaluate the fulfilment of my love commandments because everything else - deep faith, recognition of pure truth, union with me and last eternal happiness - only comes from love, but can never be won without love. Out of which is already apparent why the great misery is on earth, why men are faithless and walk in error. My pure teaching is the love teaching, which I announced on earth. As soon as this is taught and also practically carried out, you men are standing in truth and you have walked on the way of succession of Jesus. But when you ignore these commandments, you can outdo yourself in outward acts - you will have no success for your soul - you will remain in error and also go with it over into the spiritual kingdom because I assess only the degree of love which your soul has reached until the hour of death. Amen. B.D. NR. 5982.


Antichrist 5987

Warning About False Prophets.

28. June 1954. B.D. NR 5987.

I care for the ones who are mine and every single spiritual and earthly request finds its fulfilment because the ones who are mine will also only turn with earthly requests to me as the spirit from me gives it to them. And spiritually I always give them according to their will; spiritually they are guided and looked after by me because the attainment of my kingdom - the spiritual well-being of their souls - is the first that they strive for and that is why also my spirit can have an effect in them. And that is why they can safely walk their way; it is the right one because I myself guide them. Watch out for the false prophets; but know that there are also genuine ones; otherwise I would not have warned against the false ones. But genuine prophets you can recognize by their nature and work. They only selflessly take care to protect the fellow human beings from disaster, from the influence of Satan, from their spiritual downfall. That is why they announce Jesus Christ who alone can snatch men from that influence, who alone is their rescuer and redeemer and guides them to eternal life. Completely unselfishly these prophets announce their Lord and at the same time point to the judgement of God that will hit when their words are not believed. They announce to men what awaits them when they keep walking their wrong ways. But only the concern over their soul welfare drives these messengers to sound their calls of admonition and warnings. Where you meet such prophets there think of my words - prick your ears when they address you and do not reject them because their love drives them to do it and that is why I sent them among men that they announce to them the nearby end so that they do not become a victim of it. You are therefore not to reject everyone who announces the nearby end to you because he only wants to rescue you but not only to frighten you. But many also seek in such an office to gain a source of income. They combine an earthly purpose with it and these are not servants of God but servants of Satan. Because my opponent wants to cause confusion among men and so also he will use my words, also he will talk about the end to make men believe that he talks on my behalf to then direct their thoughts to their earth life to cause them to pay tribute to the world more than ever and he will know how to describe the world in such vivid colours that the love of men more and more turns to the world. Many false prophets will appear before the end who all will make use of the message of the real prophets, who also announce the coming things but not in view of my kingdom but only always put their earthly goals before it, but who also make use of my words but are not selfless but seek to gain their own advantages. And that is why their speeches will not agree with the truth; that is why worldliness will still shine too much from their speeches because who still belongs to the world cannot deny it. But you men can feel it who is sent to you from me when you want to be mine and be true. Then you will clearly recognize who talks to you and you will follow the call of the real prophets because they only want to lead you to me, they do not want anything for themselves and they despise the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 5987.


Antichrist 6001

False Christs and Prophets. Work of Satan.

13. July 1954. B.D. NR 6001.

The intention of Satan is to cause confusion among the believers, among those who he recognizes as being lost for him and who he still hopes to win back. He is full of spite and cunning and he always again finds means that he applies. And he is not afraid of disguising himself and seemingly to go with me; he is not afraid to feign light to extinguish the true light and to leave men behind in greatest darkness. He is dangerous - but still recognizable by those who have devoted themselves to me and therefore are also protected by me - whom I therefore also give the talent of differentiation, which also recognized him through the mask. Think of the time of the end that has come and that he will stop at nothing because he knows that he no longer has much time. Think of the rising up of many false Christs and false prophets in the times of the end, that he hides behind them and therefore be on your guard and persevere in prayer. For the union with me is the best protection against him. When you allow me to stay with you he cannot be present. But when you stumble or turn away from me and no matter for how short a time, then he seeks to slip in and he succeeds in mixing you up, he succeeds in sowing dividedness and strife, impatience and lack of love, where my presence prevents such. He can cause confusion among men but also you can protect yourself from it. You can resist him; you can command him to move away from you when you only let me always stand at your side, when you call on me in spirit and always recommend yourself to my protection. Then I truly do not allow it that he harries you; then my presence hinders him to approach you. And consider that all bad things are his effect - consider that above all lack of love opens the gate for him through which he can enter and therefore guard yourself from every unkind word, from unkind thoughts and unkind action. Because they are his work and can cause you to fall. And so that you do not succumb to his temptations pray. And you will be strengthened and offer resistance; you will recognize that my power is always greater, that my love is always ready for you and that I protect you from all attacks of your enemy when you just pray sincerely: Lead us (not) in(to) (the) temptation. Amen. B.D. NR. 6001.


Antichrist 6018

Fight Between Light and Darkness. Signs of the End.

9. August 1954. B.D. NR 6018.

Already eternally I know about this time of the struggle before the end and therefore eternally the cunning means of my opponent are known to me with which he seeks to deepen the darkness, with which he takes action against the light of the truth. And still I allow it. I do not hinder my opponent when he wants to make use of his cunning and power, because in the end truth will still win, because the light out of me cannot go out and because his hour comes irrevocably where he is bared from every single work of his, where he will be put in chains and can harass no-one any longer. But he will make good use of the time still left to him to ruin those who belong to him. The struggle between light and darkness increases until the end. The truth and the error or the lie will constantly fight with each other and that is the sign of the near end that earth will be shrouded in thick darkness - that everywhere the wrong will be popular, that it predominates, that the darkness threatens to put out the light - and that men themselves no longer demand light bad but feel fine in the darkness. Therefore also a light bearer will not be desired; he will be looked upon as troublemaker and they will try to put out his light; they will not be grateful for light but consider it to be annoying - they will get out of the way of truth although it would be easy to obtain it. But exactly that is to be the evidence for you for the near end and for the truth of my word. Because it is my opponent's last wish to be victorious over me. Still the small flock of my light bearers gets together and spreads in a smallest circle an exceedingly strong light, which will make happy the ones that are mine and strengthen them for the last fight on this earth. Because where my light shines there is no failure, no defeat, no weakness and no death. Where my light shines there the union of men with me is so close that they already stay more in the spiritual kingdom than on earth. Where my light shines there my opponent has no longer access, there every error is recognized and all blind light loses its shine. And the light will win because in its shine everything will be evident when the last day has come. And no matter how dark the night before has been, the day will dawn for all who seek the light, but night will remain for my opponent and his followers from which they will not be able to escape for themselves. Amen. B.D. NR. 6018.


Antichrist 6039

Signs and Miracles of the End-Times. False Christs and Prophets.

31. August 1954. B.D. NR 6039.

I will do everything for you to rescue your souls from the downfall, from renewed banishment into the creation of the new earth. Still everything has to happen in the framework of the natural to not force you to accept the faith, to let you make the decision in fullest freedom of will. But I help out through unusual phenomena of all kinds, through which I want to cause you men to think. In the same way also my opponent will want to have an effect on you, which however is to bring about the opposite - to destroy the faith in me. When clarification can be given to you about such unusual phenomena, then you will also recognize the satanic affect. But without clarification you feel inclined to consider his work to be the manifestation of my power, and you then can get into bad doubts about my love and wisdom. Because what he presents to you will never serve a noble purpose but will result in bad consequences. But through which I want to win your souls, that will always only reveal my love and wisdom, it will always be something that serves you to understand, that is to awaken and strengthen your faith in me. What comes from me has to have good effects and will also be recognizable by these as my work. And attention is to be paid on it in the last times before the end because many things will happen that appear to be unusual to you men and therefore also impress you. And it will be possible for you to distinguish when you are of good will. Because Satan cannot hide himself and all his works betray him by their results. That is why you are to watch out for false Christs and false prophets. They also will appear before the end, the same way as I let arise real prophets who are to announce me and my name and whose mission I also will confirm through signs and miracles. And my opponent will also do signs and miracles but they are easily seen through because they reveal that what is branded by the real prophets and announcers of my teaching: worldly successes, strengthening of earthly power and false doctrine, which give a distorted picture of me, therefore undermining the faith in me. And when something appears to be puzzling to you men and you yourselves are not able to give an explanation, then just pay attention to the effects - pay attention to what desires are awakened in men and if they are suitable to let faith in me arise - or if discredit is brought upon me as God and creator from eternity because of that - whether one wants to call my love, wisdom and omnipotence into question with it, that is to make out the faith in me to be doubtful. And you will recognize which spirit is at work; you will think of my warnings about false Christs and false prophets. But my signs and miracles can lead you to faith because they clearly prove my power, which is well-disposed towards you and which wants to rescue you from spiritual death as long as there is still time. Pay attention to these signs because also they announce the near end to you and they are to speak to those who have not completely decided on my opponent. Amen. B.D. NR. 6039.


Antichrist 6080

Influence of the Opponent on the Will. Destructions.

16. October 1954. B.D. NR 6080.

It is enough for you to know that everything in my creation takes place in such a way as it is my will. Therefore my opponent cannot somehow have an effect on the creation because his influence is only possible on the spiritual that has free will - man - he however would like to influence it so that man himself again tries his hand at works of creation for the purpose of being favourable to my opponent. So what is possible for man to carry out that can always be according to my will, but also correspond to the will of my opponent, because both sides have an effect on him. But what happens outside of the sphere of influence of man can never be managed by my opponent but has to be ascribed alone to my work because all power has been taken from my opponent over creation, over the spiritual that is still bound. But exactly for this reason my opponent will mobilize all his influence to bring men to heel that they are active destructively because that way the bound spiritual is released, which he thinks to now again be allowed to take possession of it. Also this is not possible for him - only the spiritual that has become free now has an unfavourable effect on all that surrounds it because it is in itself that what has stepped out of order and therefore also brings its surroundings out of order - so can also bring an existing legality out of order. Indirectly this is well the work of my opponent but always only through human will - while my will alone is enough to restore order and to be creatively productively active in the whole universe. This his powerlessness lets plans of real diabolical mentality arise in my opponent - to stimulate men to destroy the globe - but placing different aims before them, which urge them on to highest activity. The destruction, which he himself cannot carry out, he cleverly disguises as desirable utilization of unknown forces. And he also finds enough men on this earth who submit to him and that is why they also receive power from him for discoveries and results of all kind. Natural disasters that occur as a result of it now affect the creations, which came into being through my will, but they still cannot be called to be direct expressions of the power of Satan, but they are always disturbances of order, which came about through human will, which are of greatest importance in the development phase of the spiritual - both for the spiritual, which is in free will, as well as for the still bound spiritual, because the development course of it gets interrupted and now requires a counter activity from my side, so that the disturbed order is restored - so that the interrupted development again progresses. The plan of my opponent fails because he does not win the spiritual, which became free, but men who came into bondage to him - the spiritual, which is already further developed - he has won, but through the now forthcoming new banishment all right of disposal over it will be taken from him. The influence over the free will of man on the part of my opponent is very great, but towards all creatures except man he is powerless. He can carry out nothing when the will of man refuses to obey him. And what is inaccessible to the will of man, over which the will of man has no influence, is always my rule and work in the universe, but never an expression of power of my opponent, who is bare of all power, but that is why he does everything in his power to make the will of men submissive to him, to now carry out through it what he plans - to ruin you. Amen. B.D. NR. 6080.


Antichrist 6102

Cover of Piety. Satan's Work.

8. November 1954. B.D. NR 6102.

A lot of sinning on earth is going on under the cloak of piety. And that is the work of Satan who hides under a glaring garment in order to be able to more insidiously have an effect on men who let themselves blind by outer splendour and pomp. Men themselves lack light and that is why they let those shine for them who themselves have no light and only make use of an apparent light. And in this blind light they hardly recognize the way they are to go, and they easily go astray, believing to walk the right way. It is much easier to recognize the enemy who openly opposes men - but the adversary disguises himself and pretends to belong to the ones who are mine, to speak for me and to have authority from me so that is easy for him to find followers - men who are gullible and have no real love in them. Because real love would light a light in them in which the apparent light could not assert itself. But men pay more attention to shine, to what is not genuine, than to truth, which goes out from me - exactly because they are without love. And my opponent well knows to put a stop to love by trying to replace it with other things, by issuing laws and making the fulfilment of these laws out to be the most important thing - but knows to skilfully suppress my love commandments so that men hardly become aware of their uncaring life because they eagerly submit to the humanly issued commandments and with it believe to have done enough. Man himself could recognize this if it would be his earnest will to live to please me. But his eyes have been blurred through the shine which surrounds those who introduce themselves to him as my representatives on earth - and who are in fact the representatives of him who resists me and campaigns against me. Who has lighted the love light in himself, he sees everything brightly and clearly and in disgust he turns away from a behaviour which can never be my will. But who still walks in darkness because he has no light in him, he is pleased with the blind lights and he again and again rushes towards them without receiving a true light though because of that. Only the goodness of the heart, the unselfish neighbourly love lights a true light, and who walks in this light he treads the right way - because on this way I myself walk next to him, and then also the blind light can no longer harm him, then he avoids it, he keeps away, because his heart now warns him of him who hides under the cloak of piety. He will be unmasked when it is time. But everyone is to fulfil first my commandments of love in free will, then also all pomp and glitter of the world will not harm him because then his interior light shines far stronger, and he walks the right way unharmed, on which he now - guided by me - also reaches his goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 6102.


Antichrist 6123

God Recognizes Everything. Truth and Appearance. Mask of the Opponent.

30. November 1954. B.D. NR 6123.

I am certainly not going by appearance, and I am not deceived by what the mouth expresses. I see the thoughts, the will of man, and it alone I assess; according to this will I am active and carry out my work of the upbringing of men. You can well deceive the fellow human being but never me who knows the most secret thoughts in your hearts. You have to know that I am the eternal truth myself and I therefore loathe every untruth, every hidden thought, and that I only then have an open ear for your troubles when you come to me guileless, when you completely relinquish appearance, with which you like to impress your fellow human beings. I hear only who comes to me in truth and humility, but I do not pay attention to the insincere. Because he does not believe in me as a just and true being who has to be averse to all false appearance otherwise it would be imperfect. But my opponent often hides behind a mask and you are his followers when you are not applying yourself to the innermost truth, when you do not remove everything from your heart, which you try to hide. My opponent is an enemy of truth - but it is his cunning to make himself out to be what he is not, but still should be. Because the false person will always borrow a dress - he knows well what he lacks, and he therefore pretends to own it. And thus he also gives himself away and can never say not to know my will. But the pretence is of no use to him because he is recognized by me through and through. And I will only then look at him when he searches his soul and divests himself of all his faults with me, when he throws off all covers, which are to hide his nature and thinking from me - when he comes and talks to me in such a way as he is and thinks. Only then he can reckon on me listening to him and taking care of his trouble. Because I want that you men call on me in spirit and in truth. Only then can I be present with you, induced to it by your call. And only then can you experience my love and mercy, which I devote to everyone who comes humbly and completely trustingly to me - who now through the unmasking of himself also indicates that he wants to escape from my opponent and turn to me - and who now also can expect my help in his trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6123.


Antichrist 6169

The Name of Jesus Defeats the Demon.

19. January 1955. B.D. NR 6169.

You can command the demon in my name that he goes away, and you will be free of him. You have a safe means: the name of your Lord and saviour, which, expressed full of trust, has exceedingly great power on all evil, on powers pressing you, which work on behalf of him who is my opponent. They will have to leave you when you oppose them with the power of my name because before this they flee to not be destroyed. So you just have to always devote yourselves to the divine saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ - you only need to call me or to want that I am with you and protect you against evil, and nothing bad will be able to push forward towards you because my will resists all powers, which want to harm you - but always on condition that you yourselves want to be mine, that you have the earnest will to gain myself and my pleasure - so you consciously tend towards me. My opponent will then just attack you more severely, he will try to do his utmost to push you aside from me, and he will present his kingdom as being desirable - he will come under a mask to you and seek to make that which he demands sound so appealing as possible to you to confuse your senses so that you are to think that it will not harm you. He finds the right means all right to tempt you but you certainly recognize him and also his play of intrigues as long as you seek union with me. You are always to call for me, always you are to pronounce the name Jesus full of sincerity when you yourselves are in doubt or feel threatened by my opponent. Only you are not allowed to edge me out of your heart because then my opponent has an easy job of it, and you give in to his desire. You yourselves are often too weak to resist him, and that is why you are to call him for help who knows him and is his lord. And a sincere call frees you from him; the name Jesus works wonders when it is pronounced in deep trustfulness - because in it you appeal to myself, your God and father from eternity who certainly will not leave you to him with whom he fights for you souls when your souls themselves long for me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6169.


Antichrist 6178

Signs of Rage Before the End.

28. January 1955. B.D. NR 6178.

When you pay attention to all events around you, you will very soon recognize who rules in the world, and it will also be understandable to you, what he aims at: to always draw men more to the deep, to prevent them from recognizing rightly - by preventing them from works of love. But already in the foreseeable future his goings-on will become so obvious that many men will after all begin to see and to hear because he lets his mask fall and without hesitation takes action in a way, which clearly speaks against him. But all these are signs of the near end, in which the opponent of God commits his despicable conduct, in which all powers of hell have been unleashed, which influence men on earth, so that he finds innumerable followers, who do everything what he wants - who without hesitation harm their fellow human being in every way - who even do not shrink back from handing over their fellow human beings to death because they are completely under the spell of Satan. But this has been announced a long time before so that men recognize the time in which they live. But the day comes when he will be bound, when an end is put to his atrocities, when he will be robbed of all his power and will be tied up so that he no longer can wreak havoc. The day is coming - also those men are to think of it who suffer under his rule because they will have redemption. But also those are to think of it that the day of retaliation comes who make themselves subservient to him because also they will have to share his fate because their will alone lets them become his servants and they have to answer for this will. And as long as the injustice outrages you, you have not to fear for yourselves that he can harm you. Because then your will still aims at the good and you are not under his thumb. Everything that violates the commandment to love is his work although it will be veiled in front of the eyes of the fellow human beings. Therefore make an effort to always think and act fairly and you will be clairvoyant and clairaudient towards the measures which are issued under the cloak of justice because he who wants to ruin you also knows how to disguise himself. But he will get nowhere with those who aim at God and make an effort to live according to his will because these see through his game and turn away from him; they remain honest and just and they are also not deceived. But the limits of his raging on earth are not yet reached. First enough has to become enough, which will then result in a banishment, which will make all further work impossible for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 6178.


Antichrist 6182

Work of the Opponent: Resistance Against God's Word.

2. February 1955. B.D. NR 6182.

The reason it is understandable that men are opposed to God's word is because the opponent of God can influence them as long as they strive for his kingdom, thus granting him himself power over them through the desire for earthly goods, which he uses well by influencing them against everything which is true, full of light, good - so that they also oppose the word of God, which however is the most valuable thing on earth, which they should strive for. The earthly world is still the sphere of influence of the opponent of God, because it consists of what has fallen away from God, of the spiritual which is bound in the earthly creations, in matter, which according to its will is still turned towards the opponent of God, except it cannot be forced by that one to fulfill the will of the opponent. But man in the state of free will is a suitable object for him, which he now seeks to bring to heel. Because he wants that this one again turns completely towards him, that he afresh states his resistance against God. And as man still has a weak will, as he has not yet firmly decided on God, whose kingdom he does not see, that one lures him with his kingdom, which has far more attraction for men because everything is put in front of their eyes. But through God's word they are referred to the transitoriness of the earthly - through God's word it is held in front of them how a life can have an effect when it is used properly or wrongly - through God's word men is warned and admonished. And he can reach his goal with ease when he makes the word of God the guiding principle of his thinking and acting. But that is what the opponent of God seeks to prevent, to not lose what belongs to him. He knows it that God's word as the eternal truth also has the power to influence men right and that they then are finally lost for him. That is why all his efforts are always only meant for preventing men from accepting the divine word, and that is why he instils the feeling of resistance into them, and they listen to him because at the same time the world with its goods lures them. Who has already more freed himself of matter, he rather focuses his attention on the spiritual kingdom, and he also rather is captivated by the word of God - even if he at first has not consciously the desire for the kingdom of God - but he accepts without resistance, and it will then also not miss its impression on him because the word of God holds power as soon as the resistance is given up. In the end-times they struggle for every soul, and the opponent of God greatly predominates because men themselves grant this to him, because they are material to a degree that everything spiritual fades for them, that they do not first check, but the reason they do not want to know about the divine spiritual is really because then they would have to put back the world - which however is endless more worth for them. And still the word of God is the only rescue for men because it enlightens them and at the same time gives light and strength - but the freedom of their will is not touched, and that is why man himself decides to whom he turns. And thus he himself also creates his fate in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 6182.


Antichrist 6194

Earnest Admonitions.

Monday before Lent / Shrove Monday 21. February 1955. B.D. NR 6194.

Again and again I admonish you to leave the world. But you men chain yourself all the time more to it; more and more you chase after earthly goods; more and more you revel in the enjoyments of life, and more and more remote the spiritual kingdom is for you, which never can be taken possession of together with the earthly world. And that is your ruin that you hand yourselves over to the lord who pulls down your souls, that you more and more get into his snares, which are gilded and that is why they are not recognized by you as what they are. Your desire for enjoyment of life brings you death. Because this desire is put into the heart by my opponent; he urges you on to increased inordinate desire to indulge in worldly pleasures - he stirs up all your bodily desires that they seek and also find fulfilment in sin. All good thoughts are chased away by him; self-love is stirred up to highest fervour; men are just in bondage to him only because they no longer ask if they live according to my will, to my satisfaction. They have become slaves to the world and therefore to him who is lord of this world. Dense darkness lies over the earth because no spiritual ray finds access, and in this darkness my opponent has an easy job of it - he catches innumerable souls and causes them a fate which they do not recognize in their blindness. He well gives them for their life on earth everything they desire but dreadful is their fate after their body's death. Because then he takes complete possession of them, and they are powerless and cannot free themselves of his power, and for the short time of life on earth in well-being they have to pay for with a terrible fate in eternity. However earnestly it is presented to men, however urgently they are admonished and warned against the enemy of their souls - they do not listen to it but fix their gaze on the world, which lures them with its shine. And sin increases uncontrollably because that what does not fall to man by itself, he seeks to win on the wrong way. Nothing is sacred to him, neither the goods nor the life of the neighbour when he only can improve himself, when only an advantage arises for him which serves his body. And with such an attitude it is impossible for the light to come through into his heart; he is in thickest darkness and he feels fine in it. It is a time of depravity, a time of sin, in which my opponent is very successful, in which my light messengers win little influence and only the powers from below have success. My opponent holds rich harvest - and time is drawing to a close. More necessary then ever is the work in my vineyard so that men still get rescued who are not yet completely influenced by him - whose souls have not yet become his victims. Amen. B.D. NR. 6194.


Antichrist 6276

Redemption of Lucifer. Homecoming of the Prodigal Son.

5. June 1955. B.D. NR 6276.

Worlds will still arise and again disappear; again and again my will as creator will become active; I will always create new forms, which are to hold the spiritual, which strives up to me - and again and again I will dissolve them to redeem the spiritual in it. Through eternities growth and disappearance will still be until I can consider my work as being accomplished, until all spiritual has returned to me and I also have won my opponent for me when he devoid of all strength voluntarily turns to me who is his God and father. And he will ask me for love and receive an overabundance of it. But until this happens eternities will still pass because as long as still unredeemed spiritual exists there will also be creations - and so as long as there are creations the redemption of the fallen is not yet accomplished. And so long also he remains my opponent and enemy who himself has fallen and is responsible for the fall of innumerable beings - whose love towards me faded when he became conscious of the excess of strength which flowed through him, and when he was to acknowledge me as its source and resisted it. And that is why he first has to lose the feeling of his strength before he, as a being which weakened himself, again surrenders to me and will then also again love me as in the beginning. He cannot first change his feelings towards me, he cannot first give up his resistance because he still imagines to possess power as long as unredeemed spiritual still exist, which belongs to him. For this consciousness of power was the cause of his fall into the deep. You men do not know what he was to me and what he still is to me. You do not know that he unintentionally contributes to making the beings created by me to become gods, but in his blindness and in his hate against me he does not realize that I also have made him a tool of my plan, but which does not lie in his will - but that I only could do that because I knew about his all-consuming hate - but would have never used him for my purposes when there would have been the slightest chance of a premature return, of a change of his will and his feeling against me. Only his free will I made subservient to myself - but about which I know about since eternity. I indeed would have very much supported the possibility of a change of will - exactly because he was the first created being who had all my love and which I certainly also would have wanted to rescue out of the deep. But his resistance is unbroken and will remain so for eternities. And on this to me well known resistance I built up my plan to make gods out of what was created and could do this because I saw that a change of his will is completely impossible. But that still my undivided love was also meant for this first created being - now my opponent - results from the fact that I respect his will, that I leave him fully free in his work against me as long as this happens in the granted extent. But when he oversteps the limits of his authority then I bind him, what will always happen at the end of a redemption period that I put him in fetters anew so that the one which voluntarily heads for me is not endangered - but to always again set him free from this when he is again to serve me, even if unconsciously, that the spiritual reaches the last maturity. Because truly I say to you: heaven and earth serve me in my plan from eternity, and so that my opponent did not keep the predominance, which he at first had over the flock of fallen spirits, I sent my son to earth - who now won in a just fight against my opponent - who broke the power of him, so that now the will of the being could oppose the will of him on the utilization of the favour of the work of redemption. Through Jesus' death on the cross the power of the opponent decreased tremendously; he was defeated - but he now rebelled all the more vehemently because the light of knowledge had left him, because the fall into the deep also meant darkness of his spirit and that is why he always just rages blindly, driven by hate - without recognizing where his hate leads to - that again and again the spiritual which still belongs to him is wrested from him and banished in the creations and through it he all the time loses more of his strength, because the fallen alone is his stock of power - and the redemption of the fallen means constant decrease of his power. And that this redemption is possible, for this I myself died on the cross - my love made this redemption possible, and my love does not rest any earlier until all that fell away from me is again in my possession - until it voluntarily has found its way back to me and now also my opponent, robbed of his power, will surrender to me - until also he asks for redemption, which my endless love does not refuse him - until the prodigal son has come back to his father's house, to me, from whom he once started. Amen. B.D. NR. 6276.


Antichrist 6287

Examining of Spiritual Goods is Necessary.

18. June 1955. B.D. NR 6287.

The spirit in you teaches you and it has got no choice than to impart the purest truth to you. When you now come across contradictions, with which you are approached from the outside, you first have to check if the own activity of the intellect or the work of the spirit has produced this spiritual material. And you will always come to the result that the spirit out of me did not work there where a contradiction can be found. Because the spirit out of me does not err; the spirit out of me always imparts to man the same: the pure truth. It is difficult for you men to carry out such an examination as long as you yourselves are not of an awakened spirit, but that is why you are also not to accept everything, especially when teachings are imparted to you which do not contain my Gospel which is to be taken from scripture - when it concerns teachings which have been added to my Gospel, my pure, from me on earth announced love teaching. Then greatest caution is always called for because the knowledge which reaches the spirit awakened man as supplementation, as deep spiritual wisdom - that knowledge which reveals to you men my eternal plan of salvation, can only be imparted to you through my spirit, but is invalidated by the influence of my opponent, just through false teachings, through erring presentations or completely new teachings, the reason they can already be recognized as erring is because such knowledge does not further a maturity of the soul. Because exactly that is his work, to emulate me - to place error in front of men the same way as I hand out truth. That is his work, to train servants for himself who feign the same: to talk to men in divine mission. It is not easy for you men to recognize what is right and what is wrong as long as the desire for unusual, supernatural knowledge dominates, as long as you do not childlike humbly ask for pure wisdom from me, as long as you go to men to let them teach you, without having first recommended yourselves to me, that I guide you properly and let you go the way of truth. You have to do everything - but really everything - with me, and you will then not err, you will not judge wrongly, you will learn to distinguish error from truth. You really can believe it that the earnest will for truth is the securest protection, then the feeling of refusal will come out in you in the face of every wrong teaching, and this feeling is my work in you because you ask for the truth. Products of the intellect are easily refuted when they contradict the truth. But to be able to assess messages which are apparently from above requires awakening through the spirit because only the spiritual awakened man sees through the inferior work of the opponent of the truth, the prince of darkness. He recognizes the contradiction and also can explain this; but he will always only find belief with those whose desire for truth is strong because these already have the same feeling in them, which I give everyone who is serious about the truth - who already has received me in his heart through works of love. Who is in union with me through works of love or sincere prayer, he instinctively rejects what contradicts the pure truth because the eternal truth itself protects him from deception and also can do it, exactly through the close union and the desire for the truth. That is why you are not to fear to be led astray, you who are devoted to me, you who strive for fulfilling my will. I will direct your thinking properly, and you will always be able to distinguish truth from error. Amen. B.D. NR. 6287.


Antichrist 6375

Thought Activity.

11. and 12. October 1955. B.D. NR 6375.

What is thought? You can never get this question answered scientifically as long as the researchers themselves do not go into spiritual knowledge, as long as they just try to solve it purely rationally because the origin of thought is the spiritual kingdom. They are radiations out of the spiritual kingdom, which circle round you men like waves to now be received or suppressed according to your will. They are radiations which touch your thought organs and put them into action when you are ready for it, i.e. willing to establish contacts with the beings, which beam at you. It is an exchange of power and a process - but which is organized by two sides, but it is left to the will of man with which side he establishes contacts. You have to know that you have been created in such a way that all organs have to carry out a certain activity, and for every function there exist special organs, which now work according to the will on man, partly also still subject to natural law because they carry out a life-saving function. You also have to know that a certain freedom was granted to you for the duration of your earthly life - which is expressed in this respect that the function of certain organs depends on your will because this is to be tried out and is to prove itself in earthly life. And to it also belongs your activity of the intellect, which you can develop yourself, but for which you also have been given a capability of thinking. But this capability of thinking does not exist in you producing the thoughts yourselves but you have to let something take effect, by virtue of your capacity to think, which flows towards you, something spiritual, which washes around you all the time like waves. You have to receive the thoughts which flow towards you and now process them with your intellect, but it is completely up to you if and which thoughts you take up, but the will and the choice is decisive for your spiritual upward development. Thoughts are spiritual power radiations, which start from God himself in unimaginable fullness of light - first received from light beings, which again seek to make happy with the received and so means a ceaseless passing on to all beingness capable of thinking. But also the present prince of darkness once was a receiver of light and power. He also feeds radiations of his own record towards the beingness. And so man as a being capable of thinking will be able to accept streams of thoughts from both sides, the radiations of good and bad powers will always be expressed as waves of thoughts; man will always accept those thoughts, which correspond with his will; thoughts will never exert a compelling influence but only push themselves forward or will be rejected corresponding to the will and nature of man. But man is never the author of his thoughts himself - he never has the ability to produce these thoughts himself although he often is convinced of it that everything is his own spiritual product what he has won through intellectual activity. He only makes use of the waves of thought which circle around him - and also can use them to a very high degree by virtue of his ability to think, which is granted to him by the creator. And thoughts full of light will again and again come up in a man who turns more to the darker streams of thoughts. But thoughts, no matter of what direction, will never settle in the organs of thinking against the will of man. And that is what he is for, to choose with which thoughts he wants to concern himself. By the ability to think is meant to be able to go into the currents, which touch man as thoughts, to understand their meaning, to sort them out logically - thus to utilize all thoughts flowing towards him. But for that the will is necessary for the time being. Because man is not forced to open himself to the thought waves flowing to him, can therefore reject the thoughts in a certain lethargy of thinking - but as he on the other hand also can take up thoughts, which reach him from below, which are therefore bad and worthless in their content. It is always his will which determines the direction of the thoughts and also the origin. Streams of thoughts from the world full of light will have - when the will of man is ready to accept them - a power effect at the same time, as man's ability to think increases and is cleared. So who is intellectually busy with spiritual questions, he accepts as it were these questions from beings of the kingdom of light, the thought waves cause a desire in his soul to receive enlightenment. This desire is seized by the organs of thinking and only from this moment on conscious to the intellect of man. And now he has established contact with the being which sent the radiation to him - which carries out its activity on behalf of God or also on behalf of his opponent: to spread light or darkness. Every thought is the expression of a being working for God or his opponent - but never the own product of man because even in the state of perfection one day in the spiritual kingdom the being always only radiates that what it gets from the source - from God himself - as love power, which includes highest wisdom. Out of the dissimilarity of thinking of men follows that endless many different degrees of knowledge distinguish the spiritual beings, but that they all have access to man because his will itself can protect him from error or faulty spiritual products and because God also grants his opponent the same right to have an effect on man - because of the decision of will, which is purpose and aim of life on earth as man. The ability of man to think can also weigh up the different thoughts. Man can conclude, and his will also can through this conclusion change the direction first adopted, and his intellect will refuse untrue thought products, when he is of good will. Because the effort of the light beings who have the fullest truth will never stop to let the right thoughts flow towards men, who have been handed over to their care because that is their mission to spread light and truth and to chase away darkness - which they carry out conscientiously. And a heart that opens, a man who desires truth, will be allowed to receive riches of thoughts, which meet with response in him. The radiations from the kingdom of light will arouse a bright light also in himself, man will believe to have reached the results through his own thinking, which is however only true insofar as he now has made use of his ability to think to make that his spiritual property what before has flown towards him - but which now remains with him so that he also again will be able to radiate if he is allowed heartening activity in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 6375.


Antichrist 6385

Eternal Order is Love. Work of Satan.

25. October 1955. B.D. NR 6385.

Only that is agreeable with God which corresponds with the principle of love, and therefore man moves in divine order who lets his thinking and acting be determined by love. To keep to divine order therefore always means only a love work towards the fellow human beings, by which also the love of God is expressed. But to live in divine order will also always result in an orderly earthly life for the respective man himself, although everything around him can have gotten into disorder because his surroundings have overruled the divine order, thus living a life devoid of all love. Such a life must have an effect as chaotic state; peace and harmony can never rule where a life is led contrary to the eternal order, where love is completely disregarded because there the opponent of God rules who is totally without love. And no matter how an orderly good life men believe to create for themselves on earth - it well can temporarily obscure the fact of disorder in the hearts of such men, inner calm and peace can never be there because the opponent of God stirs up the more the more man becomes a slave to him. And that one will always commit more lack of love, he will always be harder and colder towards the fellow human beings, he may perhaps hide under a mask but his true face will always be recognizable. The order out of God is love - who lives without love is separated from God, which means affiliation with his opponent. But that one knows how to cover everything with a veil, he knows how to camouflage the characteristic features of a violation against the eternal order, which is why nothing is obvious so that he does not lose followers. By contrast he gives to those everything who have devoted themselves to him through their mentality, through their lack of love and coldness of heart. To those ones he will give in every way but will always only be able to record earthly products - but they are also all they want. And that is why the opponent of God has such a great following because men seek mostly earthly fulfilment and get hold of these through uncaring thinking and action. And the state on earth can be no other way than it is now where mankind no longer keeps to the divine order, where it in no way keeps to the will of God - where it completely ignores his commandments of love and men let themselves be used as tools of the opponent. The chaos on earth becomes greater and greater, and only few men move in divine order, only few men let the principle of love rule and unite with God, who is the eternal love. And these do not need to fear when things take place legally which are always only the result of an illegal life. The union with God through works of love gives them protection and strength when the time has come when the divine order will be restored. Then it will turn out what nearness to God means because it will remain untouched by satanic power and satanic work that man, who has always moved in divine order, who cultivates love and always is in association with eternal love. He will well see everything around him cease to exist, but in himself is power and light and strength. He knows he is united with God, and he waits for his creator and father from eternity. Because the life in divine order has made him knowledgeable, and that is why he fears nothing what has its source in the kingdom of the opponent. He himself is in the area of divine peace because the love in him switches off everything what is against the divine order, and because he is now immune to all dark powers, which still resist God and the eternal order. Amen. B.D. NR. 6385.


Antichrist 6481

Recognizing and Acknowledging God. Denier of God.

20. February 1956. B.D. NR 6481.

You consider yourselves to be independent beings as long as you do not believe in a God to whom you owe your life and your existence - because you do not want to know to be guided by his will, under whose existence you are placed. And yet still you know that you yourselves are unable to form life as desired, and that you are also unable to lengthen your life by one day. So you know that you depend on a power - or when you deny this - on a law, to which you therefore naturally are subject. You have to accept this law of nature, but you resist to acknowledge a being as law giver - you resist to acknowledge a purpose or a destiny of your existence because in you there is still too much of a mentality of him who once renounced his creator and made himself out to be alone deciding and acting towards all beings, which he generated in this wrong mentality. You are this beingness generated by him, and you go along the same lines with him; you also do not acknowledge his existence; you have the same feelings in you, which filled him and drove him to fall away from God. As long as you do not recognize and acknowledge God you are full of the spirit of Lucifer - arrogantly building on your own power and besides full of love of self, which is why also your thinking is directed wrongly and you are staying on earth in a darkened spiritual state. What you think of having in wisdom makes you all the time more arrogant and self-confident, and still it is a completely worthless knowledge because it only concerns things which have died for you with the moment of death. Everyone who denies God, who imagines having no connection with a power, he is isolated from God, and he also remains isolated after his death, but he exists. Death does not wipe him out, as he wrongly assumes in life on earth, he remains then conscious of himself as a being, he only recognizes himself as powerless when he wants to do the same what he has done in life on earth. And then often that power of men takes possession of it who are of the same mentality, and encourages them even more in their wrong thinking. Because all what is insubordinate to God is still associated - both among each other as well as with that being, which first executed the separation from God. God well put outside all spiritual as independent, so that it was to recognize itself as single being, but he himself did not break off the bond with the single being, but radiated his love power through them all the time. And as long as they received his love power they were happy - but when the first created being rejected God's radiation of love - when it in arrogant thinking thought to need this no longer, it refused God himself at the same time and isolated itself completely from him and became through it unhappy and of darkened spirit. And so the denial of a deity is always an unmistakable proof of the allegiance of him, who once opposed God. In life on earth man can easily come to realize to be dependent on the will of a power which decides over him because too many proofs are given him for this in himself and his surroundings. But God never determines the will of man to think in such a way as it is in divine order, but he gives a light to every man who desires light. There is no excuse for a man who denies God because everyone can recognize him when he gives up his spiritual arrogance, the hereditary evil - when he lowly and humbly asks questions in spirit, which surely will be answered for him and can give him faith in a God. Every denier of God is of arrogant spirit, and this arrogance also hinders him to ask questions because he claims to know, where he is completely ignorant. And every denier of God has contact with men who believe in a God and creator from eternity, who determines their existence. And through these he again and again is prompted to think it over - but when he refuses inside, then he has not yet given up his former resistance, and he also will hardly accept enlightenment in the kingdom on the other side when no-one intercedes on his behalf. Who denies God, his way is still endless far to the eternal home. Amen. B.D. NR. 6481.


Antichrist 6538

Faith Struggle. Hostility. Antichrist.

3. May 1956. B.D. NR. 6538.

I want to bless you so that you are firm supports for me when the faith building is shaken, which is the epitome of Christ's church for the ones who are mine - when that is shaken, which I myself have built up and about which I again and again teach men through my word. This time lies ahead of you where not only the representatives of false doctrine will be hostile towards you but where all belief is to be wiped out, no matter if it is wrong or fulfils truth because my opponent now thinks of handling the sharpest weapon: to oust all knowledge and all belief in me and my work of redemption and to be replaced with materialistic ideas and plans. And then a time will dawn, which you now still consider to be impossible because my opponent will embody himself in an earthly ruler and start his work so cleverly that he at first will be recognized by only few as the one, who he is. And so he will win many for himself, who now follow and obey him blindly when he inconspicuously will change his plans. Because at first he only takes action against some schools of belief and that is how he has the others on his side, who over willingly help him when it is a matter of moving their opponents out of the way. And that is why you will first believe to be exposed to the hostilities of only those who only fight the pure truth because they themselves are the representatives of error and lies. And then you have to be careful and not endanger yourselves wilfully. Not long afterwards these themselves will be exposed to hostilities exactly the same way, and then the goings-on of Antichrist are obvious. And also even then still many will follow him because he already has control over them and he will have an easy job of it with them. There is no longer much time, and the first signs will draw attention to themselves. It will not be an act of violence which starts the faith struggle because my opponent uses cunning, and he even deceives many of the believers who follow him because of it and will be welcome servants of his in later times. But you who are of awakened spirit he will not be able to deceive because I will open the eyes for you and rightly direct your thoughts. For now it is a matter of preparing for the last fight, which will be waged with a brutality, which you do not foresee. But I want to bless you. I myself will be with you and leave no-one without protection who now stands up for me and my name. Because this struggle is decisive, as it will separate the goats from the sheep and will be the work of my opponent, which judges him. Because as soon as he acts against myself, as soon as he wants to put a stop to the supply of knowledge about me and my work of redemption he has passed the sentence on himself, he will be bound and irrevocably robbed of all his power. In the embodiment as man he will want to carry out the wickedest plan against me - and there will not be many who will withstand and resist him, who will not let him lead them astray because they are and remain mine forever. But a clear separation also has to take place because still too many men are neither fish nor flesh - because many think to be believing and first have to pass this test and unfortunately fail because they are not in the truth, because they have little love and that is why they can neither receive truth nor can recognize it as truth. That is why you, my servants, still have to be exceedingly active because then still many opportunities will arise where you can have an informative effect among those who now - being thrown into doubt - are not discriminating themselves and desire advice. And you will also manage to help the weak in faith to strong faith; you will succeed in pulling a few into your camp, you will be able to inform them clearly and understandably and to introduce me to them as loving God and father who only demands a firm belief to also then be able to help them in greatest trouble und to give them strength to hold out till the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 6538.


Antichrist 6758

Faith Struggle - Antichrist.

8. to 10. February 1957. B.D. NR. 6758.

The closer the end is the more violent the fight will break out between light and darkness. But you will experience all horrors of the struggle only then when it is directed against my followers, when the faith in me in Jesus Christ is to be ousted, when the work of redemption will become the aim of attack of my adversary - when men are called on to openly confess their faith and a renouncing of faith will be enforced by most brutal means. Only then misery and tribulation begins, the time I promised the ones who are mine to shorten. And the raging of my adversary will become obvious because men know no longer compunction, they will stop at nothing because they are driven by Satan and they completely submit to his will. Let it be said to you that no longer much time passes till this faith struggle, but that first still great trouble comes over earth, but which will have a different ending - which will affect men through my will so that also in this trouble their faith can already be proved or also be strengthened. Beforehand many men will use exactly this misery, which affects men through a natural event of greatest extent, as an opportunity to take action against the faith because now they really doubt a God and creator who himself destroys what he has created. But he who is instructed in the truth, he also has a right explanation for everything and when he now also can carry this truth to his fellow men then the following faith struggle can also produce among them rather a strong faith, which then also withstands all harassments to which the believers are exposed. But that the majority of men no longer has a living faith is the work of my adversary who for that reason also will not stop to work against me and the truth, and will have more success with men than the representatives of pure truth, the real representatives of Christ's teaching. Because only seldom will they be believed, but the adversary can offer men what he wants - it will be accepted. And that is why first already a clarification has to come; every single one has to openly and freely confess me or my adversary. Before himself everyone has to make this decision in the coming time of trouble, which goes over the earth through my will, because when I speak through the elements then every single one is faced with this decision: to call on me for help or to completely isolate himself from me - which is the same as turning towards the adversary. But then once again the decision comes, which has to be made in public: when it is demanded of you men in the faith struggle on this earth to bear witness to me in Jesus Christ. But then you, who have been taught the truth by myself, know that the end has come. Then you know that I will shorten the days for the sake of mine, that I will come myself to help them and to redeem them out of their tribulation - that I will fetch them from this earth to a place of peace before I then accomplish the work of destruction, which means an end of all creatures on this earth. You might believe it what I again and again announce to you. The state on earth should already prove it to you that my adversary rages because he knows that he has not much time left. And that my adversary rages and the earth is populated by the likes of him that is recognizable by all of you and should make you think. But every day still is a favour for men because also the most depraved man still has the opportunity to change and to win faith in me still before the end because I try everything to still snatch the souls from my adversary before the end. And who believes in me will become happy; but the unbelievers have to share the fate of him whom they followed of their own free will. And you will lack nothing; even if it is taken away from you what you earthly need to live. When you believe that I myself take care of you, you who are persecuted for the sake of my name, the measures of your opponents do not need to frighten you. Because what they take from you, you will receive back from me, even if in another form; but you will have no need to earthly live in want because I myself satisfy your hunger. Because look at the birds under the sky - they do not sow, they do not reap and do not gather into barns - and still your heavenly father feeds them. Think of these words; do not forget that he, who created everything, will indeed also be able to sustain what he has created - and that he certainly does it when the ones who are his are in trouble. But the time will come where one wants to force you through brutal measures to fall away from the faith - and who is weak in faith, he will not withstand these measures. They are strong tests of faith, which are imposed on you, but exactly for this time I want to prepare you, then you will also be able to be a shining example for your fellow men; you will be able to prove to them what strong faith is able to do: that you live although that what you need to live is taken away from you. Only always seek the kingdom and his righteousness, everything else will be added unto you. And this promise will then obviously come true with the ones who are mine, with those who stand up for me and my name before the world, who are not afraid of earthly powers because they feel very secure under my protection. And only then it will be proved who livingly believes, and there will only be few of them. Then also those buildings will collapse, which are only built on sand - which do not stand on the rock of faith, on which I have built my church. It will be a difficult time, which no man would get through when I would not first supply the truth to earth, which is explanation for everything and which alone can produce strong faith. But error will give no man the strength to endure, and only where love is, is also the power of faith to be found. An unusual man will offer himself to my adversary as visible cover, and this man then also starts the last fight on this earth. Watch this, and you will know that now also the hour of the end is very close. But also pay attention to my messengers from above who appear at the same time to walk at the head of you men with a light, which you are to follow. Keep an eye on all who announce my word livingly, and join these so that the small flock goes together, so that they again and again can get light and their faith constantly grows. But to all of these I promise my protection, my fatherly care and my blessing. And they do not need to fear to become victims of that brutal power because I myself will come and fetch them as soon as my adversary oversteps the mark, when the worst danger also threatens the ones who are mine. That is why I will also shorten the days, so that mine can hold their ground and do not get weak in view of the persecution measures. But because I still see a last possibility of rescue for individual souls I protectively hold my hand over those who represent me also before the world so that those can lean on their strong faith, so that a power gets recognized, which is stronger than worldly power. And that is why I also will take care of mine in an unusual way, and despite the opposing measures they will be able to exist bodily and spiritually. And everything will take place in a short time. What you still do not suspect today, will then happen, but that is why I also draw your attention already to it, and you, who are taught by me, you also know why all this will happen. To you also the spiritual trouble on earth is apparent, and you also can recognize the state of the clock of the world by the signs of the times. But when this faith struggle will break out, then you still need to reckon with very short time because everything then happens in a special rush. Because that man, whom my adversary chooses as cover, has no long lifespan, and his government does not last long on this earth. And his supernatural abilities will let him become perceptible to you because my adversary will give to him unusually, and that is why he works for him and his plans. And whether also the whole world pays tribute to him, you recognize and see through him. But then you also have to allow caution to prevail and must not wilfully take a risk in overkeenness. You then have to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. But when the decision will be demanded of you then you have to hold your ground and firmly trust in me and my help. Because no matter how mighty men will be, they are not able to cope with my power, and a breath from me would be enough to destroy them. And so I will also call a halt when the hour has come. I will fetch to me who are in greatest earthly difficulty, but the ones who press, they themselves I will put into chains, because time is up, a redemption section ends, and a new epoch begins, so that the redemption of all spiritual progresses. Amen. B.D. NR. 6758.


Antichrist 6781

Increased Troubles in the Time of the End.

11. March 1957. B.D. NR. 6781.

The short stretch, that you still have to cover, will still make many demands on you, on your strength as well as on your will because as the time left is only short, which still remains to you men on this earth, the ascent is especially steep and difficult, the obstacles are especially troublesome to be overcome, but the aim can still be reached because I am also unusually effective with my strength and favour and because you yourselves only have to call on me for help, which certainly will be given to you. How strongly you will be pressed by my adversary in the last days, that all of you will still experience because with a great deal of cunning he plans your ruin, and he will stop at nothing which helps him to get it. And so he will also earthly drive men into trouble; he will press through his accomplices all those who single-mindedly walked the way which leads to me. And where he can, he still increases the obstacles, always hoping that men will shrink back and choose a way less troublesome, but which leads away from the aim. The adversary has an effect on men who are in bondage to him that they act on the fellow men completely according to his will, that they do everything to drive these into trouble, that they again turn their senses toward matter of which they already had freed themselves. My adversary also seeks to influence the thoughts of men which he has chosen as his victims. He confuses them and from time to time makes them incapable of getting in touch with me. He goes and stands between me and you, and that is why you often - pressed by him - turn towards that way, which seems to be more workable for you. You all have to expect such temptations, and you have to be and remain very steadfast in this time. You have to think of, that I have already announced all this to you and that you therefore also can rely on my word, which assures you of my strengthened protection and increased supply of favours. All of you still awaits an earnest time of trial because his activity is more and more furious, more and more ruinous the poisonous breath, which he spreads everywhere where he fears to lose souls. Again and again I promise you my certain help, but I surely cannot stop the work of my adversary in these last times because a fight between me and him is at stake when the free will of man decides the issue, but not my power. That is why I leave him his freedom although his shameful plans will still bring all of you into great trouble. But you need not to lose; you can defend yourselves any time through your free will to belong to me forever; and any time you can call on me for help. You then have voluntarily placed yourselves under my protection, and you can also experience it because I certainly leave no man to my adversary who wants to take the way to me. Only seldom in the time to come will a man be allowed to enjoy complete peace unless he totally has become a slave to my adversary. But who still is to decide, who already has decided on me, he will constantly be pursued by the attacks through my adversary. Earthly he will get himself into difficulties, he will be pursued by accident and sickness, harm will be done to him through fellow men, all the time he will have to fight and also often begin to doubt my love. But that is exactly what my adversary wants to achieve because as soon as he succeeds to oust me, he also has won. And of this I warn you, and I again and again assure you that you also will be led through the greatest earthly misery - that you will overcome the heaviest obstacles - when only you will not give away this faith in my love and power. These are the last tests on this earth; it is a time of misery and tribulation, but it is also the last short stretch which you still have to cover. And you can draw strength from me unmeasured; you only need to always turn to me, and the stream of power will flow on to you. You only have to put everything which oppresses you safely into my hands, and I will certainly not leave you. But you are not to let him triumph, and no matter how deep you get into trouble. As long as your sight is set on me, also his attacks are in vain; as long as you are in contact with me you push him away from you, and then you draw favour and power from me all the time and you will emerge from the fight against him as winner. Amen. B.D. NR. 6781.


Antichrist 6782

Genuine and False Prophets.

12. March 1957. B.D. NR. 6782.

Whatever is undertaken to oust truth, it will still win the day, although error will claim many victims. But who is of earnest will to reach truth he surely also recognizes error as such, and it is no longer a danger for him. But that men mostly become slaves to error is understandable because error always promises a certain advantage to a man, whether spiritually or also worldly. And men are always anxious to gain an advantage; they do not love truth for the sake of truth but for them it always has to have an advantage, only then they are prepared to accept it. But pure truth gets everything straight and unveiled and can also insofar bring disadvantages to man when the world, his earthly well-being, still means too much for him. And that is why it often meets with little approval, that is why man prefers to accept error than truth because he always expects a certain advantage, because error complies more with his wishes. And so men also want to know and hear nothing about a downfall of the earth, about a ceasing of all life and of all creations on earth. And what is offered to them under the cloak of truth, what yet still gives them a glimmer of hope that the end can be stopped, that they accept and defend rather than pure truth, which therefore also imposes obligations on them because they would have to prepare themselves for a definite end. Prophets will always be found who announce the end on behalf of God, and also such who speak on behalf of his adversary, who as false prophets seek to refute those announcements, who make promises to men, but do not point to the certain end, but seek to make such out to be avoidable. And again these prophets will meet with more approval because men do not want that an end comes, thus they rather accept the teachings which promise them an advantage. Who lives in complete ignorance, he also finds it hard to judge what error is and what truth is. But who has already been initiated into a spiritual knowledge, he only needs to apply this as touchstone of truth and error: what is the aim of a teaching - what does it pursue. Does it want to impart a higher knowledge to man, does it want to achieve the ennoblement of his knowledge, does it want to help him to free himself of matter, then it is also of divine origin and to be evaluated as truth. But when the intention is recognizable to create an improved worldly good living, what often happens under the cloak of piety, then such teachings can safely be rejected as being wrong and being placed into the world by the opponent of God. But many false prophets will distinguish themselves in the end-time on his behalf, because neither the opponent nor his followers would exactly believe the end. And so also men who reckon with an end will again be fooled by him; he will confuse them; he will counter the announcements of genuine prophets with statements of false prophets because in the times of the end darkness will become denser all the time, and who has a light is to guard it so that it will not go out because he can do it when his love for truth is strong, when he only accepts God and his word. But for whom the gentle light of divine love light is not enough, his eyes seek blind lights, and he no longer applies care for the little light that shines for him in the dark night. And then it can easily be put out by the opponent of God, and his trick succeeded, he himself appeared as angel of light and he found his victims: The world and the desire for it won, because what he put forward to them, men prefer to hear, because an end of the earth, a soon to come ceasing, the end of the old and the beginning of a new epoch is questioned, thus lets men believe to be able to control it themselves. They see this advantage, and that already goes to show the work of Satan that he makes men believe to be able to prevent or ward off the realization of God's plan of salvation. But also this activity belongs to the visible signs of the end, and he will still undertake many assaults against the truth and be exactly there especially at work where he finds no resistance through an absolute desire for truth. For there the lie is not recognized, and there he has an easy job of it. But he will not be able to deceive those who are working for God and his assignment because these are enlightened by his spirit, and they will always be able to distinguish truth from error. Amen. B.D. NR. 6782.


Antichrist 6934

The Fight of Lucifer Against God.

3. October 1957. B.D. NR. 6934.

Already eternal times the adversary of God wages war against God; eternal times already he seeks to acquire supremacy because through the fall knowledge has left him that this is an impossible undertaking, and because in complete blindness he neither recognizes himself and his nature nor his creator, who being in highest perfection, does not destroy him despite his opposing work, but makes all the time an effort to again lead his following and in the end also him himself to the light, thus to knowledge. But this fight, which lasts already eternal times, brings about something: Highly developed spiritual beings come from this, which - as once themselves fallen away from God - still again return to God, but now not only as creatures but as child of God having a degree of happiness, which they did not yet possess before their falling away - because the perfection of a being created by God was not own merit, but the present perfection was aspired in free will by the being, which once fell. The fall of Lucifer, of the first created being, was not wanted by God but likewise a matter of free will of the former. But God built up his plan on this fall, which was to bring real children back to him. But this plan is unknown to the adversary of God; he well knows that through Jesus' death on the cross he has lost following and still loses all the time, but in his blindness he does not recognize the endless love of God, but for him he is just the counter spirit whom he wants to dethrone to acquire supremacy over all creation. His blindness turns into all-consuming hate, which becomes stronger and stronger the more he sees his power dwindle. He no longer is able to recognize the love of God, and although he also seemingly displays a certain cleverness in the play of cunning and intrigues. He is completely deluded; he no longer can grasp correlations; he rages almost blindly against everything which does not submit to his will. That is why there is also no need for men to be afraid of him - for men who already were allowed to receive a small light, who trustingly devote themselves to the love of God, who aim for him and earnestly strive for perfection. Because these are already far above the adversary of God in their knowledge, and they will always be able to see through his goings-on. But he does not give up the fight, exactly because he does not recognize its hopelessness and because he already sees a victory in winning time, when he believes to be able to prevent the return of his following, which however is only postponed through his work, but will certainly once take place. All beings, which fell with him, are ignorant as a result of their fall - all walk in darkness. And when a small light flashes in that darkness then the adversary of God sees this light as a danger for him and seeks to put it out. But every man earnestly striving towards God begins also to radiate - the love of God beams at him and in the heart of him the light arouses. He slowly gains knowledge and now separates himself from the darkness, which arouses sheer outrage in God's adversary and constant attempts of him to put out the light. But light is stronger than darkness. And that is what the opponent of God does not want to grasp, otherwise also his return would happen faster. But the work of return is ceaselessly continued by God, and his opponent even unintentionally offers him the hand for it, by him, as God's counter pole, creating the resistance, of which the fallen is to be tried out, which is dragged into the fight, or rather decides it itself. Because the war is waged about the fallen, which - according to the deluded thinking of the adversary strengthens his power, which however as far as God is concerned is free and is to remain so and is to return in its freedom to him to reach exactly that raised degree of maturity, which secures unlimited happiness. The fight of Lucifer against God already lasts eternal times, and it will still be waged through eternities, but will once still be ended victoriously, when all fallen has again returned to God. Amen. B.D. NR. 6934.


Antichrist 6954

Lucifer and His Falling Away from God.

24. and 25. October 1957. B.D. NR. 6954.

My plan from eternity concerns the return of the spiritual, which my adversary tied to himself after his fall into the deep, after his falling away from me and his revolt against me. My adversary came out of my love as first created being. I had created this being according to my image, and it therefore stood by me in unimaginable light and power fullness exceedingly powerful and wise - it was the happiest creature because my love radiated through it all the time, which gave highest bliss and again and again tried to increase this bliss for that being. My original nature was reflected in this by me created being, only that it was put outside visible to me, while the being itself could not see me. But it knew about me; it knew that I had let it arise and that it received that heartening love power from me. Because I myself transferred that knowledge to my image because I myself wanted to establish an exchange of our thoughts with it - because I also had given it the ability to understand the word, which sounded in it as imprinted thought and which it now likewise could give back and thus the most blissful exchange took place between us for which purpose I had let the being arise. Because my infinite love looked for a response; it looked for a vessel into which it could spend itself; it looked for an object which it could make happy, to whom it wanted to give the most blessed existence for ever. This plan was well drawn up by me since eternity but it always left the question open if this being would also follow my plan because it got created in all freedom of will and put out as independent being by me, which also could decide itself for itself. Although my thoughts sounded in it in the form of the word, so the being was still not forced to think and to will like me. It possessed the ability to consider my word in all directions - so it could arbitrarily for itself give to the word a meaning, which I had not put into it. But it only was able to do this the moment it entered into a wrong relationship with me, its God and creator - whereas it completely agreed with me on its thinking and willing as long as it opened itself to me in devoted love to receive my ray of love. But the being was also aware of exactly this ability, and it therefore also tried the state of resistance of my love power, to now be able to completely uninfluenced form its thoughts according to its own will. These attempts took place not until after endless long time in unlimited bliss, which my love had given to the being. And during this time of closest union of the first created being with me it was creatively active to an extent that it called innumerable beings into existence, because that need for exchange, for objects to receive its love, existed also in it as sign of my image and I therefore supplied the being all the time with power, which was needed for creation. But as the being made the first attempts to reject my love power streaming towards it, the process of wrong thinking now also started - and the strength to create temporarily decreased. But the being also felt the decrease of happiness and turned again to me in pure love so that I again could make it happy as before and also the creation of beings of highest perfection progressed again. But those temporary interruptions increased. Because the being again and again considered in itself whether it should not be able to produce and create the same without me, and it also tried itself out in its creative activity by occasionally isolating itself from me, thus also preventing me to supply it with love power, and yet still used its available power to create beings completely according to its will, which then also already carried something of its will in them. But these were always just short attempts, and it always returned to me again to experience the bliss through my love power. But its thinking took on more and more hostile forms. This being - the light bearer - envied me the love power, of which he knew that it started with me, and he toyed with the idea of getting me to relinquish my love power through perpetual creation of new beings, to acquire himself the right of ownership of these beings and to therefore weaken me thereby - while he wanted to enjoy the proofs of my power which he had taken away from me and to outdo me in power and strength. These thoughts did not arise suddenly in him, but one wrong thought - one moment of wrongly directed thinking - gave way to always new wrong ideas. The light bearer got in conflict with himself. And he easily could have gotten out of this conflict when he would have exchanged ideas with me about it, what was well possible for him. He got my love power all the time, and exactly this uninterrupted stream let him come to the wrong thinking that this stream would not change forever, also when he isolated himself from him, whom he well recognized as his God and creator. But every opposing thought towards me weakened the supply of power and let him become more rebellious against me all the time - until he in the end totally renounced me and he thereby also ended the stream of power, which enabled him to create. But during this endless long time also an endless number of beings had come from his will by use of my power, who in their inner being were in the same state as their producer was the moment of creation. But my love power streamed through all beings, otherwise they could not have come into being, and this love power also pushed all beings to the same extent towards me as to their producer. Then although that one put his wrong will in these beings, the light of knowledge was still in them, which roused my love power in them. So the beings were not yet sinful when my new adversary let them come into being. But they were also easily inclined to believe his ideas as he made himself out to be the highest being, since none of the created beings could see me. The love towards me pushed them, but who was visible to them, he wanted to be acknowledge by them as God and creator, and he also found acknowledgment with those beings, whose act of creation had taken place in a moment of an inner rebelliousness against me. Those souls were given light as far as I was concerned, they were likewise able to hear my word, and they were also capable of thinking. So they did not have to believe his ideas and acknowledge him, but also their will was free, they could be forced neither by me nor by my adversary, and that is why they therefore became sinful, as they were supposed to make use of the right of self-determination and decided in the favour of my adversary. For they recognized me although they were not able to see me but they voluntarily followed him whom they could see. As it were it was a decision against better knowledge - and therefore an enormous sin, which earned the being fullest weakening, a darkened spiritual state and privation of all power. For the influx of my love power was consciously rejected, as they followed my adversary into the deep. Only who is able to grasp in which perfection once all beings had come from me, how brightly the light shone in all of them, he can imagine the extent of that sin, to have given up the light and to have followed him who led them to darkness. All these fallen beings could not have been called to account, had they first, through the will of my adversary, been robbed of all knowledge, but they all were products of my love power, and so were also shone through by it and as light beings able to make the right decision, when this was demanded of them. But they themselves wrongly directed the will in them, and they were not prevented from this, and in correspondence with their sin is therefore also the distance from me, and the return to me requires eternities and can only happen then, when the representing atonement of the man Jesus is acknowledged and requested by that being, which once has fallen. Amen. B.D. NR. 6954.


Antichrist 6971

Aim of the Adversary: Destruction.

17. and 18. November 1957. B.D. NR. 6971.

Innumerable worlds have already come forth through my will, and innumerable worlds will still arise. Because the work of the return of the spiritual needs these, because all once fallen spiritual has to again be integrated into the process of activity when it again wants to come close to me. And each individual world gives this spiritual the possibility to become active, even if for the time being my will is decisive and assigns the activity to it, which slowly again helps the deeply fallen upward. All worlds serve only the one purpose of the return of the once fallen spiritual, and all worlds are therefore ruled by my will, they are subject to my law of order, they testify to my love, my wisdom and my power. Nevertheless their original substance is spiritual, which fell away from me, thus still belonging to my adversary, but from whom I have taken away the power over this spiritual at the moment of the creation of these worlds, because otherwise it could eternally no longer rise from the deep upward. But my adversary knows about the endless number of those who followed him into the deep, and this knowledge strengthens his opposing attitude towards me, it strengthens his belief to be able to once dethrone me, and it strengthens his hate, because I have wrested a great part of his following from him, which, bound in the works of creation, has entered upon the way of return. And that is why he does not stop to carry out his destructive influence, i.e., work towards the destruction of as many works of creation as possible, in the belief that he then gets the bound out of it and can again take possession of it himself. It is not possible for him to be destructively active himself with those works of creation because the power over it was taken from him. But he carries out his destructive influence in that time, when that spiritual has reached the last stage, where it is again in possession of free will, onto which my adversary has the right to have an effect, because the once fallen spiritual now is to freely decide on me or on my adversary. And during this time he seeks to not only win man himself back, but he seeks to also seize through him the still bound spiritual, by seeking to determine him, to destroy creations, which my love let arise, to help the spiritual to return to me. The adversary's area is the earth inhabited by men, and in this area he works in a true satanic way. Men are the aim of his work, because only with them he can apply his influence, because he has no access to the other works of creation, to the innumerable worlds in the universe. But he believes to also still find access to those worlds, in which he however will never succeed. But he also transfers his confused thinking to men. He also seeks to persuade them that they can take possession of other worlds, and he also finds servants dependent on him, who adopt these thoughts and strive for the same as he. He also confuses their thinking and lets them manage the most unbelievable experiments to break through present barriers to explore the worlds, which are inaccessible to them. The adversary lets them believe to be able to tear down these barriers, and he also gets a hearing when he urges men on to research work of complete futile kind. Because all these research works do not aim at further spiritual development and therefore can never agree with my will. And they will still have less a destructive effect on works of creation, which I let arise outside of earth - exactly because neither my adversary nor man possess the right to rule over those creations, because my will also guarantees to every work of creation its existence, until I myself consider the time to be right where its purpose is fulfilled and it again can get dissolved into pure spiritual substance. But the efforts of the adversary will take more threatening shape all the time the closer the end is. He urges men on to experiments which still accelerate an end of this earth. Those experiments take place on earth, and they affect the earth itself. The spheres outside of this earth are the aim of men; but what they will achieve that is an obvious proof of satanic influencing because the living conditions on earth are changing, harmful changes to the air are created for man and animal contrary to will; and the earth itself becomes a focus of fire, which will also once demand its victims. For the destruction of this earth is the main aim of my adversary. And because men have already become slaves to him he will also be successful, but without bringing him the smallest advantage. Because he does not win back his following, but he loses it all the surer. His aim is the destruction of the creations which I let arise for the purpose of return of the spiritual. And he will achieve much through men on this earth, but will never be able to be destructively active in the area of the other worlds which were created by me, because he himself lacks the power for this and an influence on the spiritual is only granted to him when this walks over earth as man. And so you can gather from this that also the adversary will not achieve to take possession of the universe - and therefore also not of those men who draw up such plans and believe to be able to rule over areas in the universe by virtue of their intellect. They well can manage experiments and extend their experiments on and on, but they will inevitably die when they step out of the area of this earth. But my opponent also aims at this, that no creative authority is acknowledged any more, that men consider themselves capable of being able to do research on every law of nature, and that the distance between men and me continues to grow. He will achieve much, but he will not be able to intervene into my plan of creation and salvation. He will only cause an absolute shambles in the thinking of all those who are already under his control and follow his orders blindly - until his work takes such forms in the end that men themselves endanger the globe, that they experiment without thinking twice and - as I have been completely dismissed from their thinking - set off an all devastating disaster, which means the end of this earth and of all creatures living on it. Beforehand I will still issue an earnest admonition to men, which alone already could let them become conscious of the absurdity of their plan: I will send a warning out of the universe to them, I will bring the earth into a danger, which will be triggered off without human influence. I will let a celestial body step out of its orbit, you men will not be able to resist it, you are helplessly at its mercy - to show you that I alone am the one who rules the world and all creations moving in it. And through this you still can listen to reason and abandon your project. But you have already become too much a slave to my opponent, and so the end will come as it is announced. The earth will catch fire, and men themselves will give rise to it because they follow him who wants to destroy and ruin everything. Amen. B.D. NR. 6971.


Antichrist 7705

False Prophets.

20. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7705.

Let this be said to you that you will be more and more exposed to the attacks of my adversary the closer it is to the end because he certainly uses his power in a satanic way, and it will be directed especially against the ones who are mine, who want to serve me and whom he thinks he will still win for himself. But you are just to pay attention because you will always recognize his goings-on; you will always know who hides behind wheelings and dealings, which disturb or completely prevent your spiritual activity. Because it will be proven that many false prophets appear under my banner, that they seek to make worthless my words and my pointers to the near end. It will be proven that men are easily captivated, that they rather believe those false prophets than you, because those will always let them hope that they walk towards a nice future, that they have nothing to fear in coming times, that their worldly endeavours will be successful and therefore should have no thoughts of the end of this earth. And then you also know that you are dealing with false prophets, and then remain strong in faith and do not doubt what I let announce to you and again and again announce that the times are fulfilled and that you men are in great danger when you do not prepare yourselves for the end in such a way that you have no need to fear it. Because who lives right and just, who has found to Jesus and completely devotes himself to him, who recognizes myself in him and therefore calls on me in Jesus when he is in trouble, he will survive the end-times without danger and emerge from it unscathed; he will experience the new earth and its paradisiacal stay, and his faith will certainly earn him the blessing because the end no longer can bring him horrors; he will rely on me and therefore also hold out till the end and become happy as I have promised. But my adversary will rage till the end and seek to win influence over my people. And that you are to know and be not put off. But he has his following, and it will also obey his wishes and spread false teachings among men, which are completely contradictory to my word, which is supplied to you directly from above, the Gospel from me, which you however may fully believe. You only are to check when something is offered to you from another side, whether it corresponds with my word - because what contradicts it that also proves to you its origin in my adversary, and you can safely reject as false prophets, who offer you such spiritual goods that dismiss a near end, which still promise to you men a long life on this earth. You are standing shortly before the end, and you are to prepare yourselves for it, and it will do you good because then you have no need to be afraid of this end. Because then comes the time, which was also announced to you - then comes life on the new earth in happiness and bliss, but only for my people, who believe in me and will also defend their faith until the end. Because all will become happy, who hold out till the end - because they will lead a glorious life in paradise of the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7705.


Antichrist 7714

False Spirits. False Prophets.

29. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7714.

That is why I chose you to be my servants because I saw that the will in you is good and strong, that you assert yourselves when it is a matter of representing the truth. Because much is offered to men as truth, and still it does not have its beginning in me. And when my servant now recognizes this, then he is not allowed to remain silent but he must speak, he must counter this error with the pure truth - he then has to show that he is my representative on earth and that he works for me. Thus he must confess my name before the world; he completely has to stand by that, which he himself received from me because I chose him to be active for me as disciple in the times of the end. And to whom I have now assigned this duty, to him I will also give the strength to speak in my name. And he will appear as an apostle of truth and unmask my adversary who also has chosen his tools to cause confusion in my ranks. And therefore hear what my spirit announces to you: The period of time till the end is nothing but short but the day of the end is set since eternity. And wherever you men are, you will all hear about this forthcoming end, because I still let completely obvious signs follow, which will be observed everywhere and which will also occupy men's thoughts. But exactly these signs cause the most contradictory opinions because now the work of my adversary appears and the thoughts of men will get confused because one will no longer understand the other, everyone will pursue other aims, which he will not be able to give up, and few will be of awakened spirit and draw the right conclusions. And then many false prophets appear. And that is it of which I want to warn you that you do not believe every spirit, which wants to confide in you, and that you especially do not believe those who deny the end, who believe not to be able to reconcile my love with an end of this earth. And then be careful and earnestly ask for the supply of truth. Do not believe every spirit, which seeks to express itself through men willing to it, and counter each of such a teaching with my pure word, which sounds from above, because you men are to stand in the truth. For only through truth you reach the aim. And you have many spirits among you, which do not speak on my behalf, but you recognize them at that, that they fight the end, that they take offence at the revelations, which announce a near end, and that they oppose the announcers. The time is fulfilled, and exactly in the time of the end many false prophets will still arise and seek to invalidate the pure truth out of me. And they will do unusual things, so that you believe in them, but it is not my spirit, which speaks out of them; it is not my power, which works in them - they are counteracting forces, which rage everywhere and which, as following of my adversary, are also fitted out with power, because they are in bondage to him and have an effect in his will on men of this earth. And then you, who want to serve me, stand loyally to your Lord; you are to defend truth; then do not let yourselves be disconcerted because you know you speak in my name, and will also receive from me the strength because I then speak myself through you. And where my pure Gospel is so announced, there also the end of the earth is told of and that men are standing shortly before this end and therefore are to prepare themselves. And where your speeches come across resistance there you also clearly recognize the work of my adversary, and from those you are to separate and not to preach together with them, because they are not my representatives but envoys of Satan, who is very especially there at work where the light of truth gains acceptance. And he will also not succeed to put out the light because I myself radiate it down to earth, and it will enlighten the hearts of men, so that they will clearly recognize that the father talks to them who is the light from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7714.


Antichrist 8253

Opponent in the Garment of Light. Paradise of the New Earth.

27. August 1962. B.D. NR. 8253.

That in the times of the end my opponent uses all means to increase his power, to hinder his following that it escapes from him and turns towards me, that should not surprise you because it is written that also he will work great miracles and seek to lead astray the ones who are mine that they fall away from me and he again wins them back. And he will also not be afraid to disguise himself as angel of light and also use the words of the Scriptures. But who earnestly desires truth, him he will not be able to deceive, and whether he appears straight under my name. But as soon as he is supposed to earnestly stand up for me in Jesus and for my work of redemption, he will be evasive, and he will drop his mask. Because he will not acknowledge this work of redemption, and his efforts will be and remain to dissuade men from this belief in the work of redemption. He has great power on earth, and he will also use it. Where now darkness of spirit is, there he will not be recognized, but where my light was already able to spread its bright shine, he will also be seen through, and that is why he is also not feared by the ones who are mine. Because these see through his intrigues and resist him. Hell has ejected all its inhabitants and sent to earth, and on the part of these demons men will still be strongly affected, but I will and cannot hinder my opponent, as it is his last time, after which he will again be bound for a long time and no longer has influence on all spiritual, which now again walks over the earth in a bound or also in a free state - in the creations of the new earth or in man. And that is why there will be a time of peace where all spiritual can develop quicker upwards because the bound will be given much opportunity to serve, and men will also at first not need a counter spirit, which is admitted to test their will because they have passed their test of will on the old earth and now ceaselessly climb upwards, because they are in permanent association with me and with the spiritual which is full of light, which can stay among men and instructs and guides them. But that is why he before rages so much the more because he himself is of darkened spirit and does not know that his effects can no longer earn him anything because men whom he wins for himself will be banished anew, therefore again taken away from his power for a long time. And the others have given to me proof of their will, their love towards me and their strong faith, and these I now can also reward with a life in paradise on the new earth because they are to again inhabit this earth as stock of the new human race. Once the lawful order has to again be restored on earth, and the time has come where no longer an improvement of the human race is to be expected. But the spirits will still be separated in these times of the end, and I will certainly do everything that that will be rescued, which has not yet completely become a slave to the opponent, and only a good will is necessary to also reach knowledge whether I work myself or my opponent when things happen, which seem to be unusual, which reveal a power which goes beyond the natural power of a man. If you only want truth, if you want to acknowledge me, then you will also be protected from deception of every single nature. But if you still concentrate your thought and wish on the earthly world then you will also be impressed by him who is lord of this world and also expresses his power earthly. And then he has won you, but only to again lose you because all beingness will again be wrested from him as soon as the end has come. For indeed, I am the Lord of heaven and of earth; under me is the kingdom of light and also that of darkness, and I know when my opponent violates his authority. And that is why I set an end for him as it is announced in word and Scripture because the time then has come where everything has to be straightened again according to my eternal order. Amen. B.D. NR. 8253.


Antichrist 8734

Appearance of Antichrist.

24. January 1964. B.D. NR. 8734.

No long time will pass anymore until my opponent will take up his last rule on this earth. But I myself will still speak before with the voice of thunder, so that some few find to me in extreme trouble and these then also remain loyal to me because the obvious help let them recognize me and they now also do no longer give up their faith in me. But these will only be few, and that is why my opponent will have great power because men got into trouble through the great natural event, that they join everyone who assures them of help out of this trouble. And that will be done by one, and he will win everyone for himself who do not have devoted themselves to me because the ones who are mine will keep themselves away from him because they think of my admonitions and warnings that they are in for the great faith struggle, which will break out through my opponent. But worldly people will cheer him because he will know how to blind them, and he will accomplish things, that they are prepared to believe in a supernatural power. And exactly that all unbelieving men acknowledge him as ruler und saviour out of earthly trouble proves that my opponent himself is involved, that he as my opponent makes use of an earthly cover to now be able to freely do as he likes. And you who belong to the ones who are mine, you will ask yourselves why I endure his rule and do not cause him to fall. It is his last great action on this earth, which also brings about the last end; he lets break out the last fight, which you men have to pass because it is the last decision before I come myself to rescue the ones who are mine. The natural disaster before has caused in men an increased will to live, and who now has survived it, he goes to great lengths to try to get again earthly goods, earthly prosperity, and my opponent will support this effort, and that is why he finds an over great following. And he also knows how to deceive men about his true face; they consider him to be a man vested with unusual power, whom they trust without reservation and give him the right to make decrees and blindly obey him. And his following will be so great that the small flock of believers, who recognize him and his true face, can no longer defend themselves against his attacks, but exactly through this they recognize him that he wants to take from men the belief in Jesus Christ, that he wants to sit himself on the highest throne and men are to worship him. And they will also do it because he accomplishes true wonders out of his power left to him. And you will recognize him when he appears, but first the world will be frightened through the extent of a natural disaster – through which I reveal myself to men. And right after it he will appear and promise help and salvation from that great chaos. And that is why he will find much following because men are already ripe for the downfall; otherwise they would recognize him and would ask me to protect them from him and his intrigues. No longer much time will pass until he appears who will first appear under the cover of piety and will still very soon let his true face come to the surface. But men are blinded, and he has an easy job of it with them – they easily give away the belief in a God because they were severely affected through the natural event und are prepared to sit him on the highest throne who is my greatest enemy and opponent and who embodies himself in his nature in a man to start the last act on this earth: to wage open war against me and the ones who are mine, against every belief and against all justice. As far as he is concerned only his following will have a possibility to live, while death is on the agenda for the ones who are mine – but he finds his lord in me as soon as his time is over, and for the sake of the ones who are mine I will shorten the time – I will come myself to rescue them from greatest trouble, and his rule will have an end; and he will again be bound, together with his following for a long time. And a new time will begin where peace is again and harmony – where love rules, where my opponent is prevented from his workings – as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8734.


Antichrist 8797

God only created beings in the same perfection.

3. April 1964. B.D. NR. 8797.

Just one being was emitted out of me – Lucifer, the light bearer – whom I created for myself to be able to give to him me and my love, and that is why it was shaped as my image, which came out of me in highest perfection, which stood before me as thought and also already existed in its fullness of light and power – as it could not be otherwise because nothing faulty could come out of me. This being I created for my own joy because my original essence is love and love always wants to make happy but no beingness existed before, which could receive my love in it. And it was a mirror image of myself; I saw myself in this being put outside of myself; it was as it were my second I, which integrated within itself love, wisdom and power alike that it could not be otherwise than myself, and which therefore was also unspeakably happy because my love power flowed through it all the time. That is why I wanted to have an identical being next to me because I was exceedingly happy in my creative power and wanted to cause this same happiness in a being whose happiness I now could enjoy. My original substance is love, and this love is again power. My love power could not remain inactive and let spiritual creations come incessantly into being. But no-one except me could enjoy these creations, and that persuaded me to create an image of me – a being which had a nature exactly like me, which only had a beginning while I was from eternity. I enjoyed happiness without measure through the emission of my love power into that being created by me, which now, being flowed through by the same love power, now also wanted to be active creatively, and also could do so because it was completely free. It was totally wrapped up in my love; it was a permanent exchange of love because love, which I gave to the being, it gave again back to me the same way. The being was fond of me and was totally wrapped in me. And that meant being radiated through with love unhindered, being unhindered radiated through with power, which wanted to be active. And because the creation of the first light spirit had caused me highest bliss, so also its bliss existed in the creation of similar beings – therefore an innumerable army of similar beings was initiated out of our two love powers, which all stood in highest perfection and were exceedingly happy. This process has been explained to you men through my revelations already quite often. But still again and again you ask questions who actually was the creator of the high and of the highest light beings because you as man have already a different idea of the originally created light spirit because you no longer possess the full knowledge as a result of sin. But you forget that all original spirits have their origin in me and in the light bearer – that the latter used my power for the creation of all spirit beings – that you therefore are out of me and out of him, but also, that his will used my power, which flowed towards him unlimitedly. And so you will also understand that the light bearer had an exceptional position because he was the only one who was called into life by myself. He now has certainly lost his power and might through his falling away from me; he lost his knowledge and fell into the deepest depth, but as a being he is still the same original created spirit who is now active as counterpart, as he was before devoted towards me in hottest love and enjoyed highest bliss. All other fallen beings were dissolved in their original substance; the power once emitted as beings was reshaped to creations of most different nature. But the light bearer who had lost all light remained in his nature he was from the very start, only totally changed into the opposite, so that he became the counter-pole to me and he now serves me as counterpart with the return of the fallen spiritual. Because once this spiritual had been tested to confess me or him, and it followed him and became unhappy. And now it is tested again and again because my present opponent sticks to his right to the fallen beings, as also I do not give them up which have come from my love power but the being itself makes the decision. My opponent asserts his rights and has an effect on the beings in a negative way, while I through positive effects seek to win the beings for myself. And innumerable beings, also created by him, stand by my side, but which recognized me as source of power from which also he had come from. And these have remained in their bliss because they uninterruptedly still receive my love power and are active creating and shaping. But I-conscious beings came only from me and the light bearer together, and these I-conscious beings also remain in existence until all eternity. Only the once fallen beings lost their I-consciousness for a certain time to again cover the ascent out of the deep in the dissolved state. But they receive back again the I-consciousness as soon as they have to pass the last test of will as man. But always one has to reckon on a substantial opponent of me because he remained what he was – and he will also remain who he is eternal times but still once reverse his nature and shape himself back to love, and also he will again be unlimitedly happy. Then my love will again radiate through him as it was in the very beginning. Amen. B.D. NR. 8797.


Antichrist 8798

(Continuation to No. 8797)
God created only beings in the same perfection.

4. April 1964. B.D. NR. 8798.

But after the creation of my first light being through me myself nothing secondary has come from me and this light being. You men are still limited in your thinking because you are still not perfect, and therefore the thought has also arisen in you that the beings, which have come from both of our love, cannot be put in the same category as the first created being. But this thought is erroneous because it was the same power and the same love will which let them rise up, and there were always only utmost perfect beings – right images of myself. You men certainly devalue your fellow men against each other; you can notice more mature and more immature natures, and that is why you also believe you can carry out such assessments towards those beings which were created primeval. But it must also be understandable to you that such assessments are inappropriate in view of the products which came from me and my love. There was only utmost perfection whatever spiritual things were created, and particularly the created beings stood in utmost perfection. That they yet still fell partly, does not warrant the assumption that these fallen beings were less perfect, that they fell because their producer Lucifer would have created more inferior beings through his always recurring resistance of my love power. Because even from the first beings generated through our love will, a part followed after him when he turned away from me and headed for the deep. Also the will of the individual beings was not differently strong, but free – and that explains all. Because freedom also knows no limit and free will must be able to develop in all directions. The wrong thinking of the individual beings is the second explanation for the fall. Because the ability to think also allowed a wrong thinking, another interpretation of what sounded as my word through the permanent love radiation in the beings. They were not forced to just interpret the word in one direction – by virtue of their ability to think they also could put in another meaning and have also done so when they rejected my love because thereby they also lost power of recognition, and their thinking got confused. There is also the fact that the unlimited love power flowing towards them let them become arrogant, that in their fullness of power they believed to have the same power, that therefore the love towards their creator decreased and the being made demands as it were – which were expressed in the desire that I should present myself to the beings visibly. They believed to have the right for that, and this wrong line of thought was transferred on them by my first created being. Because it had this desire despite better knowledge that it had to remain unfulfilled if the beings created by me were to remain in existence. Therefore of none of the fallen beings it can certainly be said that it had only been a victim of the will of its producer because every single being had its right of self-determination, and it also possessed brightest knowledge. But every fallen being became of an arrogant spirit and forgot or did not want to acknowledge that it had come out of me – that I therefore had been its creator and father against whom to rebel was the most severe sin which the being could never pay off itself anymore. All beings had been created equally perfect, and that already alone is proof of an exceedingly great sin, that a part of the beings remained loyal to me, which were created the same way – except they did not give away their love towards me – while the fallen ones rejected my love and that was their great original sin, which now one was supposed to pay off who belonged to the beings who remained loyal to me. The fallen beings cannot be excused with any faultiness, with lack of power of knowledge, weaker light or weak will. They were exactly in the same state like those who remained loyal to me but conscious of their immeasurable power they in arrogance no longer accepted my love power and that is how they were now also robbed of every power. They laboriously now have to again gain for themselves the power when they want to become again what they had been in the very beginning. All faultiness would have been an excuse for the fall of a being, but this was not there, and when Lucifer saw the endless host of created beings, standing in brightest light and greatest power, which had come from out of his will under use of my power, he rose above me because he could not see me, but he himself was visible in his glory for the endless host of spirits. But innumerable many original spirits remained loyal to me, which were created exactly the same way like those fallen, and they were in no better position out of me, except that they again returned the love to me, which filled them, which they received from me all the time, and thereby became more and more happy, while the love of the fallen beings became a love, which no longer wanted to make happy, but only wanted to take. This process will be and remain unexplainable to you men because it is a spiritual process, which also only the spirit can understand; nevertheless the connections can be explained to you roughly, which caused me to let the material world and its creations arise, and I will try again and again, as far as your intellect grasps it, to enlighten you, and to correct every wrong opinion for you because already one single wrong thought is enough that you build up a false thought building for yourselves, which you then no longer want to tear down, and still stands far away from truth. You also do well not to ponder about things which are inconsequential for the salvation of your soul – where only a kind of thirst for knowledge is recognizable, of which the satisfaction of it does not at all contribute to the maturing of the soul. Because what you necessarily need to know that I will also supply to you, but always with the reservation that your own maturity of the soul determines the measure of what I distribute. But you are always to know that I am highly perfect, that everything is founded on my love, wisdom and power and that there can be no faults where this union with me exists. And this has existed at the creation of the beings because that being put out of me – the light bearer – was devoted to me in deepest love and therefore could also receive unlimited happiness through the flooding of my love power towards him. And it used this love power again according to my will because its will was directed in the same direction as mine as long as closest love united us. But each act of creation required the influx of my love power, and therefore also every created being was to be called perfect when it was called into being. That it then changed and became an imperfect being was alone the result of its free will, which went along with mine the same way as long as the love of the being was mine. When it rejected my love it had to step out of the eternal order; but it possessed the brightest light as long until it finally made the decision to break with me. Only then it lost knowledge, only then its spirit darkened, and only then it stood in opposition to me. It no longer was a divine being, but it accepted all qualities of him who first terminated his love towards me and became my opponent. Now it had given away its perfection; it was faultily formed; and it was hostile towards me; my love power could no longer touch it; and therefore all spiritual substance hardened which I now reshaped to creations, which became matter – to the complete opposite of that what it had been at the original start. However this fallen beingness has any time the possibility to win back its original state when it is willing to it, when it gives up its resistance against me and once again lets my love power illuminate it in free will. The falling away from me took place in free will, and the return to me must also happen in free will. Then the being will again be unlimitedly happy and also remain so for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8798.


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