Prophecies about the Last Days before the end are quoted here.

This is the chapter "5. Last Days" of "Redemption Period".

5. Last Days

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The last phase of the fight against spirituality is the time called the last days. It is the last time period of the fight against everything of a spiritual nature.

The last phase of the battle for the belief of men will see a number of significant events. The most important on is the coming of the Lord.

As at his first coming Jesus will have a forerunner. That was John the Baptist then.

Another event is the appearing of Antichrist.

The last dramatic event before the real end is the rapture.

During the last days the saints that stand by God will still strengthen their close relationship to him. They will be the real – his – church. It will be under heavy pressure. This will be just a small group of people. The majority of people will deny God. They will fight him, and they will fight everything that is for God. And this spiritual trouble is the main aspect of the last days: tribulation.

So the big thing of men is the tendency towards the world. Their whole aim is material things. Matter is what matters. They have fallen away from God. So they are obviously under the influence of Satan. Everything they do is against the commandments of God. Nothing is sacred to them. They are in bondage to the devil. They are in breach of the law of God. They do not respect what belongs to their neighbour, not even his life. The lie revels in success. Truth is the enemy.

And the end of the world means the end of the earth in its present gestalt and the end of men living on earth, with the exception of those who belong to God.

The duration of the end of times, the period of severe persecution just before the final judgment, will probably be only a few months. In Ezekiel 39:9 we find that those who live in the cities of Israel will burn the weapons and use them for fuel for seven years. So between the event of the earth upheaval and the event of the last judgement could be at least 7 years, but the actual end times, the time of the last phase of the fight against God will probably just be a few months.

Bertha Dudde's prophecy of 31. March 1938, B.D. NR. 356, contains a statement that confirms the duration of seven years. An excerpt from B.D. NR. 356 is included in the following.

It is a fight between light and darkness. It is the last decision.

And now prophecies related to the last times follow. The abbreviation B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Last Days 0356

Exhortation to Work. Will of God. 7 Years Suffering. Father Words.

31. March 1938. B.D. NR. 0356.

Excerpt only.

The seven years full of suffering you will well have to experience but they will pass you like silhouettes, attacking and dispatching many that remained strangers to me that walked apart their ways and that did not want to project themselves into their true destiny. The Lord in his strength will then be revealed to these - but then such bitter suffering will darken their days that they will listen to reason at the last hour. Declare now in my name my word to these and you will lighten their long ordeal for them. The hard time will make them compliant and many will then still accept the teaching of Christ - and will be blessed.


Last Days 3210

War Between Light and Darkness. Last Decision.

3. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3210.

The light fights the darkness incessantly. This spiritual fight is so significant but men do not know this and they rather support the power of darkness than to offer resistance by striving for the light. And this spiritual war reaches its climax just before the end of this earth because then the spiritual fight will not just happen spiritually but in public so that also ignorant men observe it and support it or ward it off according to their attitude. Because the spiritual struggle – the war between light and darkness – takes on a form in the fight against faith that will be waged without consideration man against man. It is this an era that forms the conclusion for present mankind. The fight against spirituality is inevitable, as it is to bring the last decision - the decision of individual man for or against God. Since eternities the spiritual struggle between light and darkness exists in that the powers of the spiritual domain, good and bad, try to influence the soul of man, try to transfer the thoughts, that they themselves have, to the soul of man. And so the beings of light try to lift men up, to ennoble their thinking and to cause them to strive for perfection while the evil forces try to pull them down, want to plant earthly desires into their heart and to completely force aside their spiritual aspirations. And the decision maker in this fight is the will of man. Those spiritual forces are the victors over the soul to which he gives himself over. The will of men is weak and therefore the enemy of God is strengthened in his might and now he tries to completely win mankind for himself by undermining the knowledge about God and his power, wisdom and love, and stopping all spiritual striving. And all the keener the beings of light work; to the same extent men are supplied with light from above and this no longer only pure spiritually but it will be given in such a way that it is perceptible as light working, that a visible sign of the love of God will reach men. His word will be distributed on earth by light beings, perceptible and apparent to all who want to recognize and see it. And this word points to the coming faith contest, to a contest that aims at the spiritual striving of man only, a fight that on one side has the complete annihilation and wiping out of all spiritual as its aim, and on the other side only aims at the final goal to preserve and reinforce the faith in God, in Jesus Christ and his teaching among men. And this struggle will no longer be carried out secretly, but the whole world will be stirred up by it, different in its form, but forcing all men to take sides. And now the good and bad powers of the spiritual realm will be again active to a remarkable extent. Those who are in connection with the beings of light will support the faith and will now be strengthened by those, power will be supplied to them that enables them to extraordinary actions because for the sake of faith men have to be given signs so that they can believe if they only want. In the same way the spiritual forces from below will be active. They will get men to do merciless deeds and also provide them with power to carry them out. And so good is fighting against bad and vice versa. But the light is going to win, despite the fact that only a small proportion of men will emerge from this war as winners because the losers will find their temporal end and that means banishment into hard form for them. Because they do not give up their resistance and therefore rebel again against God who gave them every opportunity to give up their resistance against him. They have become slaves to the forces of the underworld und therefore have to walk the endless long development course once again on earth until they again are given free will for the final decision. The faith struggle is inevitable as the end of the redemption period has come where a clear separation of the spirits has to take place. But to every man the possibility will first be given to emotionally and also rationally take a stand on the most important question of their earth life - God or the world. And who has not so far given himself an answer will now be forced to the last decision - and good as well as bad forces will whisper the answer into his ear. But it is up to his will to which powers he will listen. Amen. B.D. NR. 3210.


Last Days 3217

Blessing of Divine Gift, the Word of God.

9. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3217.

Short excerpt only:

The chaos of the end-times will separate many people and will put them into earthly trouble and misery that seems to be unbearable.


Last Days 3219

Increased Divine Work during the End of Days.

12. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3219.

Short excerpt only:

And in this time you are not allowed to become lukewarm and sluggish, you have to strive in all seriousness for perfection; you have to withdraw from all worldly attractions and are allowed to think of your aim only because this is no longer far.


Last Days 3251

Chaos. War Against Faith.

11. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3251.

Excerpt only:

And when the last days have come suffering and trouble will not come to an end, so that man puts an end to the world’s pleasures, so that he turns his thoughts towards eternity, so that he learns to despise the earth and recognizes its spiritual purpose only. And then an unspeakable sad occurrence will take place committed against the believers who remain loyal to God. This will mean a last assault against faith, a deprivation of rights will be introduced that is to expel all believers from the circle of the general public; a time of unspeakable sufferings will come for these believers, but will only seem like it to the fellow human beings because the believers themselves do not feel the suffering to such an extent that it gives the impression of being because the power of God gives them support and enables them to bear their imposed lot. The depth of their suffering will depend on their level of faith. The suffering appears to the world to be unbearable but to the believer it will not be such a great burden that he will not be in a position to endure it. But the world tries to celebrate victory, men will be more materially-minded than ever, they will be after worldly pleasures, they will take unscrupulously what appears desirable to them without consideration for their fellow human beings, and they will heap wrong upon wrong and sin upon sin and will transgress against the commandments of God because they do not anymore accept God and express this by openly carrying on warfare against the believers. And it is only a small group that lives scattered among the people that recognizes the near end and expects it calmly. Because they know that the end also brings the coming of the Lord and they wait full of faith for him who is to bring salvation from deepest misery.


Last Days 3289

Measures of the World Against Spiritual Striving.

11. October 1944. B.D. Nr. 3289.

Worldly endeavours will always find approval from the children of the world but those who are turned towards the spiritual domain will condemn them because they are directed against everything spiritual and are therefore an assault upon those who strive spiritually. The children of the world do not aim at spiritual endeavours they are in their way and therefore they agree that the latter will be fought. And so very soon men will be divided in those who are the children of the spirit and those who are the children of the world, the latter however will be predominate the former numerically and therefore force through their measures because the others are too weak to oppose this. And this results in a powerful oppression of those who are believers and therefore strive for the spiritual sphere and for the sake of their faith they are exposed to much suffering and trouble. The children of the world are completely faithless, they think they are enlightened and that they are spiritually superior and so they feel that they are entitled to take action against those and to stamp out all faith because they don’t know the blessings they forfeit through their faithlessness. Their thinking and striving is for material goods only and they don’t think of their souls because they don’t believe that after their life on earth their souls will enter the realm of the spirit. They do not acknowledge a spiritual kingdom because it can’t be proved. And for the body to profit from the earth as much as possible is men’s only concern. And so these two parties are facing each other, numerically little the one, but strong through faith in an almighty God who in his love will help them - and the masses who appear to be strong on the surface but are too weak to struggle against faith, to talk the small flock out of it or to make them submissive. For the strength and the power is with those who are fighting with God and for God. The more the children of the light persevere in their faith the more the children of the world will persecute them. Because the children of the world are also the children of Satan and he is doing everything possible to snatch from God his followers. And that is why he makes use of the world and its attractions.

A time of severest trouble arrives for the believers which they could easily get rid of if they would submit to the demands of the world. And therefore it will take a fight to remain devoted to God in the face of the enticements of the world and the extremely meagre living conditions from which the believers have to suffer. But the world will not be able to uproot the followers of the faith. They already have conquered the world and have no more joy in things that are temporal and which do not come from the spiritual realm. They have experienced the grace of the spiritual sphere and they never exchange it for worldly trinkets, for temporary goods and for everything that belongs to the world. Because even during times of severest trouble the gifts from the spiritual kingdom keep coming flooding to them and they make up for all restrictions and misery that result from the worldly measures. The hostile assault will be vehement and call for strong faith but the small flock of God’s fighters are in close contact with Jesus Christ and he leads them victoriously out of the struggle. Because he supplies them with power, he leads them into the battle and helps them to cope with all hardship so that they never can be overcome, no matter how strong the enemy is and how cruel he acts. Because in the faith in Jesus Christ lies the greatest power and they fight with the weapons of love and against them the enemy is powerless. Whoever loves the world will become a slave to it but those who do strive for the spiritual kingdom will not be lured into the world and therefore they also only receive the gifts from the spiritual kingdom, but they are also supported by the powers of this kingdom, and its might is indeed greater than earthly power. The time of the fight is short and therefore also the time of trouble for the believers. But they will win the day because they will live for ever, while the children of the world find their death bodily and spiritually – but they will never cease to exist. And this spiritual death is torture and they owe it to the world which put their souls in chains and from which they were not able to come off. They sought the world and found death with it. The believers however will conquer the world and find eternal life. Amen. B.D. NR. 3289.


Last Days 3542

Hardness of the fight against faith.

9. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3542.

Great confusion will exist during the last war of beliefs among men who do not have a living faith but only accepted a formal faith out of tradition and did not let it become alive through love and through the use of their intellect so that the faith in them would become a convincing one. Things will start happening very fast and many will become unsure of their faith because they are lacking knowledge due to want of loving activity. Because this results in wisdom, so also in recognition and knowledge about God’s eternal plan of salvation that underlies all happenings. Men are making too little use of the gift of the intellect by neglecting to think about faith teachings that have been given to them from outside. And such faith teachings have not yet become intellectual property, they have not been seriously verified and their truthfulness has not been examined and they therefore cannot be defended convincingly, on the contrary, man will be strongly shaken and he himself will be in danger to throw away his faith and that is his own fault. God has given man the gift of the intellect so that he makes use of it, so that he thinks about all spiritual goods that are offered to him by his fellow human beings. When a man does not take a stand on faith teachings he receives and accepts them uncritically then they are not his own spiritual property and they will not offer resistance when the thinking is exposed to strong shakings that the coming war against the faith will bring. Then men will be seriously exposed to questions which they will have to answer for themselves and for the world and their answers will contradict strongly the faith teachings and, because their faith is a dead one, they will drop it without hesitation. Even the ones that appear before the world to be believers will not stand firm because they themselves lack conviction as they are without deeper knowledge and understanding. At a time when decision is demanded the spiritual poverty comes particularly to light. Because even those will fail who assume to be certain in the face of threatening behaviour through the world. Because in this time only one thing gives strength - the word that God himself sent to earth, that reaches man due to his close connection to him as the result of a living faith. Because this word gives men full knowledge and therefore convincing faith so that they stand firmly by God and even severest threads will not cause them to budge. And this word must be heard when the still dead faith is to become a convinced, living one. It is a source of power, the ones that are getting weak can derive strength for themselves from it, out of it they can always draw knowledge that gives them bright light and that lets their faith grow to such strength that they never give it away for the sake of earthly goods, that they offer resistance to the craving of the world and remain faithful in their love for God whom they confess before the whole world. The time of the struggle will be short but severe but nobody will remain without strength to resist who hears the pure word of God and accepts it because it will earn him the strength of his faith that conquers everything and God himself will be with him. Amen. B.D. NR. 3542.


Last Days 4335

Keeping of the Body through God's Word.

15. June 1948. B.D. NR.4335.

My very great love towards you men is expressed in the word that is supplied to you from above. Again and again I have to let you become conscious of this, again and again you have to repay my love with thankfulness by you opening heart and ear to me and taking in what I am presenting to you. My word contains the power that your soul needs to become mine in eternity; my word therefore is soul food that should not be allowed to lack when you want to be blessed. And therefore my word will always be supplied to you so that you can refresh yourself when you are hungry and thirsty and a time will come where you will be short of bodily food and where the spiritual food will still keep you - bodily and spiritually. Remember my words and do not then become anxious when earthly wise everything is kept from you what you need to preserve the body, remember that my power and might is unlimited, that I am the Lord of life and death, of all things of creation, and that I am indeed able to keep my creatures even when it seems to be impossible earthly wise because everything is possible for me. And when I supply you with power from the spiritual sphere through my word then you can safely drop all earthly worry and firmly believe that God will keep you. But you have to get the power from me otherwise my working on you is impossible, i.e. it will contradict my law from eternity. Every extraordinary help is possible for creatures that have entered my circuit of love, but those who stand outside of it will be powerless and will perish bodily as well as spiritually because also this is a law from eternity that nothing can survive without my supply of power. I therefore present myself to you men already before in the word to show you my extraordinary work and to explain it so that you are then strengthened in your belief so that you give yourselves over to me without any doubt. And then I will also be able to perform the miracle on you that you live without being supplied with earthly food - being a miracle for the unbelievers but understandable for you and only a proof of my presence and my great love towards you. But before this you already have to let the power of my word have an effect on you, before this you already must have become mine, follow me in love, keep my commandments and try to always fulfil my will, then it will be natural for you that I keep you in times of severest trouble, then you will not anymore doubt my love and my might and put your fate fully trusting in my hands. And I will keep you - bodily and spiritually I will provide for you and prove to you that you are children of my love and will never lose my fatherly love in eternity. I will lead you through trouble and danger, through earthly suffering and sadness, you will remain steadfast until the end and are allowed to receive the wages that I have promised - eternal happiness or a life on the new earth in paradise. Amen. B.D. NR. 4335.


Last Days 4825

Lack of Faith and Devils of the End-Time. Faith Struggle. The Coming of the Lord.

29. January 1950. B.D. NR. 4825.

The lack of faith will have an alarming effect in the last times before the end where people will just chase after earthly profit and never think of a God. The men will cheat and try to defraud one another, for the sake of matter they will display all bad desires, they will have no scruples about to harm the neighbour when they themselves only benefit from it. They will strive for increasing their goods and all their thinking will be only aimed at it. But they forget God, they do not believe in him and do not fear him, they do not believe in a future responsibility and punishment for their sins and therefore sin without thinking and fear of a judge. Earthly things are looking good for them because they are supported by the opponent of God who urges them on to greater and greater desire for material goods. Where the belief in God is lacking there he has great power, that is why the lack of faith is exceedingly alarming for men because they walk towards their ruin. Where faith is lacking there is also no love that alone could revive faith. Where love is lacking there men are blind in spirit, they know nothing, and what they know is wrong. Darkness is spread over mankind and earth is heading for the end. From the earthly point of view there is no trouble, men live in prosperity except a few that are still firm in faith and are antagonized by those. They are destined to a hard lot for a short time but they recognize by the prosperity of the fellow human beings that are without faith the most unmistakable sign of the end because it was predicted to them so that they stand firm in this trouble that earns them the belief in God. When the time has come where Satan is ruling visibly then also the end is no longer far because also this has been announced that the world is full of devils at the end and men will also behave like devils that do not believe and therefore bitterly challenge the believers. But then also the coming of the Lord is no longer far, then any day can bring the end because the Lord will come when the trouble is so great that the believers think to lose heart - when Satan believes he has won the game, when unbelief increases so uncontrollably that the believers have to fear for their life. Then the rescuer comes from above as it has been announced. He will come in the clouds and fetch home the ones that are his into the kingdom of peace and sit in a last judgement. Then the end has come where Satan is put in fetters and with him all who were in bondage to him. And a new earth will emerge that is inhabited by only strong believing men, men that remain loyal to God in the last faith struggle and now receive their reward - a life in paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4825.


Last Days 6067

Coming Tribulation.

30. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6067.

You are approaching a great tribulation, and great strength of faith is required to be able to get this tribulation under control because with your bodily strength you will not be able to remedy it, but well with spiritual strength. But it will be a tribulation that will befall you for the sake of your faith because the last time has come in which the decision will be demanded from all of you. The previous earthly misery, which also is unavoidable because it initiates the last phase on this earth, will touch all men and will be an alarm call to all but this misery is determined by nature and will therefore also be born more submissively. But the great misery has spiritual reasons and spiritual effect, which concern men for the sake of faith because now both men and God's opponent as well as God himself demand a decision and life in eternity depends on this decision. Men are called to deny faith in God and so they are forced to make a decision on the part of the ruling power. And then a great strength of faith is required to defy this request and to openly confess God before the world. But who has the will for it, he will also have the power to resist because he lets him have this whom he confesses without fear. And the tribulation will come into being because the ones loyal to God will be exceedingly pressed by their opponents and because earthly they will be harmed and disparaged very much, because the few give men a point of attack at which they let their anger out in a sense adverse to God. Strong faith beats back all attacks, weak faith becomes fickle, and it needs support, which is also granted to it when its will asks for God. But this time has to come because the day of the end moves closer and closer and because the separation of the spirits has to take place first. Many men will still be called away, who undoubtedly would sink in times of such tribulation, and God only keeps the strong alive who offer resistance on the strength of their faith. But he also knows who unstoppably heads for the deep; he knows where all change of will is impossible. And he leaves their life to them so that comes true what is announced - that the goats will be separated from the sheep so that the great cleaning takes place on this earth, which will again be followed by a time of peace, a time of justice. Amen. B.D. Nr. 6067.


Last Days 6254

Union with God Secures His Protection.

10. May 1955. B.D. NR. 6254.

Remain in continuous union with me, and you will safely emerge from all heaviness, which still has to come over men before the end. No man needs to fear this time provided that he has only found myself and now no longer let me go, because as long as he walks taking my hand, as long as I go next to him, he is immune to all adversity. And he can be sure of my presence when he never leaves me out of his thoughts, when he always communes with me, when he daily recommends himself to me and asks for my nearness. And when he lives in love. Because then he is closely united with me for time and eternity. I promise my protection to all of you in the days of the coming trouble, you who only want to be united with me, who have recognized me - who believe in me. Think about it that I created you to form you to my children. Think about it that my fatherly love never ends; then you also know that I do not want to let you suffer when it is not necessary for you. But the necessity exists as long as you exclude me from your thoughts, as long as you still turned away from me pursue other aims than me. Then I have to be firm with you that you think of me and turn to me, that you recognize the father in me who helps you when you want to let him help you. Then suffering and trouble can well be given to you until you ask for my help. But as soon as you seek me of your own accord and also have found me, you can be without worry that you are exposed to danger because my nearness eliminates such. But you have to call a living faith your own because words which the mouth only speaks does not ensure my presence; on the other hand a thought of the heart draws me to you, and you are then indeed securely protected. In your earth life you have to achieve that you feel me always being near you; you have to pray to me without ceasing, i.e. to consult me in all your dealings. I have to be the first and the last in your world of thoughts; you are no longer allowed to live without me, and the closer I will be to you, because you secure my presence for yourselves through your thinking of me. A great power lies in thinking of me, which you can let have an effect any time, which is why therefore nothing painfully will touch you and no danger can threaten you, as long as you remain in union with me in the heart. I give you this consolation for the coming time; that is why it is not to frighten you, because I myself keep an eye on you and always grant you my protection. Amen. B.D. NR. 6254.


Last Days 7440

Protection of Angels in the Faith Struggle.

29. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7440.

And innumerable angels will stand by you in the last fight on this earth. You need not to be afraid when this fight will break out because you will receive power and be able to offer resistance, which is demanded of you in this fight. You will remain loyal to me because you are internally so filled with power that you will not at all fall a victim to the attacks of the enemies, because I know about your will, which is meant for me, and because I send my angels to you for protection and this protection will be felt very obviously. Ít is not an easy fight because it will be led with brutality and fanatic eagerness on the part of the opponent, but you will not feel it so because you are full of the spirit as soon as the actions begin against all men who believingly cling to me and also openly confess me in Jesus Christ. And this courage of one's conviction will increase, and every renewed confessing will fill you with new power because I will then obviously disclose my identity through my spirit, which will fill everyone who confesses me before the world. And these also know, which hour has struck, and they expect my coming daily. And that again and again gives them strength to hold out and to not pay attention to the difficulties. Again and again help comes for them from my side, and my angels protect them against all attacks of the enemy. And as long as these are standing by you, you are without danger, because they always only fulfil my will and are happy to be able to serve me and you. Soon now that Antichrist will distinguish himself. And you do not foresee from which side he will come, but it will be a surprise for all of you. But then also the signs are so clear that there is no being wrong for you, that you most clearly recognize him and can steel yourselves against his action. But before I will still speak myself from above, only you are to know that your mission is not yet over, that you will experience this time and then also receive the power from me to stand firm in the last fight on this earth. To whom I speak through these times, that will feel everyone, but I am with you all who want to serve me because I need you in the last time of the faith struggle, in the time where the last decision is at stake. I need you all that you enlighten your fellow men about what I demand of them - that they are to stand firm and not to be afraid when they are only of the will to belong to me and to fulfil my will. And when they will hear you then they will also take heart and offer resistance, and then the opponent cannot oppose these believers. He has to leave them alone because my angels stand protecting before all those who want to be and remain mine. But the fight will break out and not just against individual believers but be directed against all spiritual striving. But only those who are of a living faith, who belong to my church founded by me, those will pass it victoriously because they will fight under my banner, led and protected by the army of invisible fighters who all serve me and righteousness - until the day has come where I will fetch the ones who are mine and free them out of greatest trouble and distress - until the day of judgement has come, which will follow not long after it and will put an end to all earthly and spiritual struggle. Amen. B.D. NR. 7440.


This is the end of the chapter "5. Last Days" of "Redemption Period".


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