Prophecies about the last times and especially about the fight against spirituality after the earth upheaval and after the chaos are quoted here.

This is the chapter "4. Fight Against Spirituality" of "Redemption Period".

4. Fight Against Spirituality

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An exceptionally severe war against our faith will be waged. That will be the most remarkable sign of the last days. Such a war also takes place now on all kinds of levels but then it will be quite obvious and not only that, it will be official, and all secrecy will be gone. All spiritual efforts will be banished. Drastic actions will be taken against everything that has to do with the things of the spirit and the soul. Laws and decrees will be issued that outlaw any form of spiritual striving and believers will be persecuted and they will lose all rights. There are plenty of people around now who are always active against everything that has to do with God and who use every opportunity to voice their antagonism, but then they will come into the open and aggressively attack anything and anybody of a spiritual nature.

All this will be a reaction to the times of chaos. It will be a natural reaction. People want to re-establish order and safety. And as God has openly declared that the chaos was caused by him, people will turn against God. They will not understand the reason why God did this thing because the whole reason of their existence is unknown to them. The reason why the physical world was created, their opposition and rebellion against God, and their banishment into matter, are things that mean nothing to them. They have never been taught anything like that. The so called Christian churches were busy building their worldly empires and their main characteristics were worldliness. They never called for a clear separation between the spiritual and the material. They were always very much part of the world. They always tried to serve both God and mammon. And that was what they taught their parishioners. Basically they were all materialists. They worshipped the god of matter. They always were in the camp of Antichrist.

And now after these events, after this chaos created by God, they don’t know what to do. They are at a loss for words. The word based churches for example will insist that God does not do such things, “Our God is a god of love. Sickness and disaster does not come from God,” and they turn against the people who teach the truth. They will carry on preaching prosperity but they will not make a clear distinction between spiritual prosperity and material prosperity. Material prosperity will remain very important to them and that means that they will remain worldly and that they are geared towards everything of the world of matter. So they will not realize that the day of judgement has arrived. They will not be prepared. The signs of the times will not be recognized by them. Their false teaching will catch up on them: them being a denomination and therefore their divisiveness causes them to produce false teaching. Money and matter will be what matters most to them. So they will miss the boat.

The people who do not miss the boat are the ones who lead a life of the spirit and who stand their ground during the last days. They put the spiritual life above the worldly life and they will not fall away from God and persecution will not let them stumble. They will experience the new time, the spiritual change and the change done to the earth. The power of God will be demonstrated to and by them and they will experience his wisdom and omnipotence and love. They will not be impressed by the things of the earth but will know their purpose – their spiritual purpose.

During the last days before the end the man-made churches will be stripped of all the nonsense that surrounds them and they will be forced to lay open their real spiritual background but they lack the real knowledge in order to do it. They now suddenly really have to go into details of their faith and have to really think about what they believe, or are supposed to believe, and it will be a struggle for them, because they never practised something like this. All the outward embellishments like church buildings and priests and ceremonies and rituals will be critically investigated and will have to get condemned. And only now will they recognize the worthlessness of it all and that real spiritual power only comes with the true kind of faith and that only a close relationship with Christ, a relationship that is completely free from all externals and from all formalities, will enable them to be victorious.

Their whole outfit will fall apart. The whole emptiness of their Orthodoxy will be revealed. And now those who are fighting everything of a spiritual nature are the ones who are in charge and call the shots and they demand explanations and then they will have to surrender to them because their ignorance causes them to fail.

A taste of such a situation we received at the times of the Nazi regime where the church came under the measures of these fighters against everything of a spiritual nature and was then called the Reichskirche, the church of the Reich. And not long after that a similar situation developed in China and that kind of church was called Three-Self Patriotic Movement and all Christian denominations were dissolved and the people came under this new organisation that was the invention of the state. And the people who did not join were forced to disband. And when something like this happens then only people will prove themselves who are the real followers of Jesus and who draw their power from him. And when something like this happens then many things that now seem to be important to people will simply vanish and they have to do without them and all what is left to them is quiet reflection and meditation and soul-searching.

Now follow prophecies related to this subject. The abbreviation B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Fight Against Spirituality 0629

Capture of the servants of God. Earthly power.

19. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0629.

And they will be captured who announce my name before the entire world. But those who remain in me also in trouble, those will have a permanent escort in me on this earth. The present attempts to want to completely alienate me from men will be ruined by those, and I want to bless them for it. Who now always hangs on to my name and stands up for it, so many proofs of my favour and love will reach him that his faith will become stronger and stronger and his eagerness greater and greater, and so a complete army of my fighters will take up the struggle with full conviction and with glowing hearts. The world will give its consent to everyone who appears against my teaching, but I give my consent to my fighters, who will certainly be small in its number against the enemies, but enormously strong because equipped with my power. So they will have no need to fear who want to ruin them. I have appointed them; they execute my order; my love and my blessing accompany them; and so victory will also be on their side. Worldly power can certainly oppose my word and inflict violence on my announcer, but it will never be able to prevent that my word finds entrance in the hearts of men, and so it has had an effect long before, and it will spread among men who will soon feel the blessing and the power of my word. And then the time of maturity starts. Everything that is against me will certainly stand as weeds right among the wheat, and the weeds will soon threaten to overgrow the good seed. But when the Lord will hold harvest, then he will certainly know how to differentiate the good fruit from the unsuitable. Because my croppers will be eagerly at work – and where they have diligently laid out good seed there my harvest will also be good. Therefore make use of the time, before even the work of the adversary opposes the work. Let them come and do not be afraid, also when danger approaches you. My eye watches continually over you and lets no harm befall you, and whatever they want to achieve with you, you will be able to prevent yourselves, when you call me in the spirit to your protection. Whoever stands up for me shall be able to use my power timewise and eternally. And when the dangers are certainly to be seen to be awful, but when I will, the rulers will be rid of their power, and you are free. But for the greater honour of my name it will be allowed that those test their power – and set bans and regulations against your work. Then do not let yourselves be frightened, and hold the firmer to my word and spread this – announce to all men the truth, which alone only can lead to eternal life. And do not become fickle – a deep sigh to me in the heart gives you strength that you loudly confess my name – and nothing will be able to happen to you from those, no matter whether they threaten and forbid. Because my power will stop them and open all doors which they have locked - and whilst they believe you to be in secure custody, you will announce my word anew to those who want to hear it and believe in me. And the earthly power will come to a standstill in their effort to oppose me. It will certainly become worse and worse among men, who are children of the world, but those who confess me will join together closer and closer and will really be my confessors in heart, from whom I get pleasure. And they shall enter my kingdom and shall be secure in my love forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 0629.


Fight Against Spirituality 0928

Religious war. Method. Critic. God’s protection.

25. May 1939. B.D. NR. 0928.

The fight about the souls is a so difficult one and involving great responsibility that all strength has to be applied when the erring souls are not to get lost for ever. And so the Lord has prudently ordered that all help is granted them where they struggle for knowledge, and all supply of favours is to be expressed there where only the smallest will strives towards truth. This for basic knowledge, from which it then must be evident for you men that only always the infinite love of God is working to redeem mankind and for that reason also has such an unusual effect. In the coming time everyone will have to struggle that he remains true to himself. He will first have to fight the religious war with himself and will have to request for this great power from God that he stands firm when everything around him threatens to stagger. In like manner a general obvious fighting method will be applied which is hostile to and persecutes every spiritual direction which has not gone through the topmost critic. The last attempt will be, irrespective of denomination, wanting to induce man to renounce the old teaching and to join a new direction, which is however incompatible with the teaching of Christ and consequently has to have a ruin-bringing effect on mankind. The general spiritual retrogression will be cause that no great resistance will oppose this striving, and misery will always be greater because the soul removes itself further and further from the only truth and consequently also from the eternal divinity. Because the complete separation is the aim of mankind, but not the unification with it. All the more terrible will be the results of this striving because the gap becomes bigger and bigger, which separates man from truth and right recognition. But in spite of that the bearers of power arrogate to themselves to intervene in divine work – but will also have to bear the results of their conduct while they will be most severely punished for every intervention, because the Lord does not allow action against his will, and he protects, when it is necessary, in a wonderful way, what he seemed to be necessary to give to mankind. And who now willingly serves him and is active with the instruction of erroneous souls, he will likewise be protected on all His ways and be always allowed to be assured of divine protection. For the world is not able to ruin divine will, although its striving is unswervingly meant for the spiritual downfall. Where the will of God opposes their undertaking, there also the greatest ruler will be powerless, however extremely strong and robust that man, who is prepared to serve God and subordinates himself to the will of God. Man certainly can be mistaken and become guilty of the greatest sin by letting himself be moved to act against divine wisdom but the world will certainly not pay him for such that he might have an advantage for ever thereby – but to obey the divine orders will result in a thousand fold blessing because all souls to which the right way up is shown will thank their rescuers until all eternity, and their gratitude will certainly be a reward which exceeds all earthly reward thousand fold. Amen. B.D. NR. 0928.


Fight Against Spirituality 2112

Fight against the spiritual. Intervention of God.

13. October 1941. B.D. NR. 2112.

Everything divine and sublime is belittled by men, and people do not take offence at mocking and laughing about these things, which are serious and holy to fellow man. And that is why it will be easy for earthly power to go to the front against all spiritual. It will not get into difficulties when it wants to carry out incisive changes in spiritual areas. On the contrary it will find assent in all its orders. And that proves the dispirited state of mankind; it also proves the necessity of an intervention on the part of the eternal divinity. The world and its followers will certainly not be hindered to carry out that what it plans, because through it other abuses are eliminated. But to those who are loyal to God and for which the sharp measures are meant, God brings help through his intervention; because they will get into a situation where they are pressed to extremities and are in danger to become weak. Because men know no mercy because they are completely far from God themselves. The smallest opposition is inflicted on with sharpest punishments, and the world considers this right and just. Because it only sees the earthly and therefore sanctions it when the possibility is taken from men to busy themselves spiritually, with the explanation that the time could be used more profitably when man seeks a field of activity. And so the believers will be forced to meet quietly, and their request will ascend to the father that he might see to their misery. And God hears them. He will strengthen his with comfort and power, and no matter how small the circle of the true believers will be, they will yet achieve greatest spiritual successes. Because then man will take refuge in God more than ever and not want to give in. Because only now faith will become alive. What was before still form will either be given up completely or defended with toughness because it is now recognized as the most precious what man possesses on earth. But men will always be informed about God and his work, and what man before only believed, has now become irrefutable certainty for him, and because man now knows, the earthly measures do not frighten him; unperturbed he goes on his way, and he remains loyal to God. And these few God needs for the work for him in the coming time. Amen. B.D. NR. 2112.


Fight Against Spirituality 2301

Fight for spiritual sovereignty.

13. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2301.

Serious is the fight for spiritual sovereignty, which will flare up to an extent as the world has not yet experienced. The bad spiritual wants to repress the good through measures of violence, and this is truly such an undertaking that divine love no longer wants to watch idly and will itself bring the fight to a head. All efforts aim for besieging the spiritually seeking people so that they give up their striving, that they turn towards the world and then so to speak the world is to carry away the victory. Should the world succeed to wipe out faith in a substantial divinity and in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ, then it would have carried away the victory over the other believers, and the effect of such a victory would be incalculable, because then the entire mankind would be ready for destruction because any spiritual upward development would be out of the question. Already often this fight has been waged, however never in so ruthless form as it is now prepared. Because now the adversary himself works, i.e., he is afraid of nothing to start the rule over mankind, and he finds willing representatives, i.e. men who are prepared to execute everything, and so misery will be great into which the believers get. Without reason and cause sharpest measures will be taken and to seek to make life unbearable for those who still carry the belief in God and the divine redeemer in the heart. Because these are superior to the unbelievers and mockers and can refute every objection, and because in the coming time God wants to use the body of willing earth men, who are exposed to the attacks of worldly power, he will not allow that these who want to serve him are so besieged that they give up their faith – on the contrary, he will give them great power and strengthen their faith, and now they will go off to war on their part; they will fight for the name of God, and both parties will find their followers. And now a struggle flares up with all sharpness; the good spiritual side wrestles with the bad elements over the sovereignty, and seemingly the worldly power remains predominant because it will succeed to frighten men and they now declare themselves willing to give up their faith only for that reason because they believe not being able to bear the measures. And in this trouble the love of God is constantly concerned about mankind. He certainly will protect his small herd and not allow that it becomes a victim of these powers, which now obviously wage the war against God. Amen. B.D. NR. 2301.


Fight Against Spirituality 2355

God feeds what is his in times of trouble. Favours.

1. June 1942. B.D. NR 2355.

Which fullness of favour flows out of the directly received word of God, that you men will only recognize when every possibility is taken from you to receive the word of God anywhere else. Times will come where nothing still admonishes the activity for the spreading of faith teachings, which were offered to men openly up to now – a time will come were men will only get together in secret to hear about the love of God, about his will and his work, and men will have to be afraid that these meetings will be counted to them as crime. And that is the time, which God has foreseen and has caused him to work unusually to be able to serve these men the bread of heaven in direct form. As men want it, so he lets it happen, but he helps those who must suffer under that will. And what is taken from them by men, that God himself gives to them again; he himself comes to men and feeds and strengthens and comforts them. He does not allow that they must starve, but he gives them food, which is imperishable; he feeds them with the bread of heaven; he supplies them with food, which is direct power transfer from God. Because he knows that men need such; he knows that they come into situations where their faith is in danger; he knows about the weakness of faith in the face of such dangers, and that is why he offers his word to them, which lets all fear and worry go away. Because in the word he himself descends to Earth and therefore is in the middle among them, who believingly accept his word. And therefore men, strong in faith and undaunted, will let everything wash over them and nevertheless be happy. They will let themselves be reviled; with patience they will bear all prosecutions and just recognize in them the truth of the divine word, and their strength will increase; their faith become deeper and deeper and more and more unshakeable. And they will no longer fear the world when they have submitted to him who also rules over the world. Where the word of God is offered there dwells the Lord in the midst of men, and he gives them refreshment and strengthens them for the fight, which they are to wage about his name. The time is close where the adversary gets ready for this fight, where he induces the will of men to unscrupulous action against all men who stand in faith. The time has come where the bad spiritual powers seek men submissively dependent on them, through whom they can work unhindered. And it will be their greatest ambition to prevent everything what favours spiritual striving, and destroy everything what points towards God or acknowledges Jesus Christ as the redeemer of the world – therefore to stop all knowledge about divine wisdoms, on the other hand show themselves to their best advantage with satanic cunning. And the followers of the world will comply with their wishes; without hesitation they, as already being far from God, will give up all spiritual, and content themselves with earthly consumptions, therefore pay tribute to the opponent of God, who wants to elevate himself to the throne. He will rule a time, but the power of faith is to be revealed with those who resist him and acknowledge God alone as their Lord. Because what the opponent of God offers them will always only be worldly good, because it has no continued existence. He will promise honour and fame to men who comply with his wishes, and threaten the others, who are loyal to their faith. And therefore he takes a stand against God. He is his adversary, his enemy, who devotes everything to win supreme power over the human soul. But he will not succeed in this with the souls, which are devoted to God. Only where lack of love predominates, there he will have a great triumph and present himself as god to them, and the blindness of them acknowledges him. But the ones who are God’s, he protects from his influence, by him imparting his power to them also then when the opponent of God wants to prevent this. He supplies his word to them and is with them himself in the word, distributing power and favour and blessing them, who are loyal to him and want to serve him. Because one thing is necessary in the coming time – that the divine word is distributed, which he supplies to men himself and which he has blessed with his power. Amen. B.D. NR. 2355.


Fight Against Spirituality 2784

Lack of spiritual knowledge

22. June 1943. B.D. NR. 2784.

The lack of spiritual knowledge will become especially visible in the coming faith struggle because men will now represent or accept what they can convincingly approve of, and the ignorance on the spiritual field is the reason why they reject every faith and crusade against it. Only the knowing man knows the connexion of all things; he knows about the meaning and purpose of creation and the earth task of man. And because he now deeply believes and represents everything convincingly, he now also recognizes the guidance of God and his will, and therefore his earth way is much easier despite hostility through the world; and he will victoriously pass the tests of faith. Because knowledge is his weapon, his power and his strength. Nothing can depress the knowing man when he knows being united with God. The knowing man has also no doubts about the outcome of the faith struggle, whereas the man without spiritual knowledge is permanently subjected to doubts and reservations because the conviction of the believers makes him timid and he himself certainly suspects but has no guarantee for the correctness of his suspicion. To the knowing man every phase of the faith struggle is intelligible; nothing surprises him because he knows that everything must come so as it has been announced to men through the word of God. Because he himself became knowing through the word of God, and therefore he also knows about the outcome of a struggle, which is only meant for the spiritual light because darkness crusades against everything full of light. And so it will be fought on one side in blind rage against all representatives of divine truth; neither wisdom nor love will be recognizable in the decrees to which men is supposed to submit. No building up is aspired to but merely a work of destruction takes place, which is meant for all spiritual knowledge, which especially concerns the organizations, whose teachings urge to faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world, because the most brutal fight will be announced to these – and the ignorant man will have no explanation for this – he will even give away the shallow faith in God and listen to the explanations of those, who are even more ignorant, but very few will ask advice from the believers, who alone could give enlightenment to them. And still only knowledge can make world events clear to them; only the knowing man can truthfully present the necessity and the appropriateness of the faith struggle to fellowmen; only the knowing man can comfort fellowmen and point them to the one who can and will help them when they put their trust in him and stand firm against the enemies. And these knowing men will be able to speak convincingly; and God himself will speak through their mouth to still win the weak, undecided men for him, whose will is not yet completely turned away from God and who therefore also cannot deny him. And that is why God directs before already this knowledge to earth; he trains his fighters for himself by initiating them to truth and gives them knowledge about the coming time so that they grow strong in the truth of his word when the time has come where he needs them for work for him. Amen. B.D. NR. 2784.


Fight Against Spirituality 3343

Shared love work in the times of the end.

24. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3343.

The ones who are mine will have to join together closely when they do not want to become weak and disheartened. They must give fresh heart to each other and give courage; united they must ask for my help and expect it believingly; every opportunity they must use to hear my word, to practise love and to commune with me intimately, so that they again and again can go strengthened to the day’s work and cope with the demands of the world, as far as they cannot be avoided. Because the time will be hard for everyone, and who does not fetch the power from me, who does not let the power of my word have an effect on him, to him it will appear unbearable and press him to the ground. But I have for those who are mine all the time the power giver ready – my word, which is offered to you out of heavens. Who has this, he will also be able to hold out these times; he will not pay attention to the hardship and not feel the trouble too much; again and again he will be guided out because I myself spread my hands over him that no harm befalls him – I myself guide him by the hand that his foot does not stumble, and I raise him up myself and comfort him through my word when he is despondent and his heart wants to be anxious. And that is why my word will be the only source of power, and you have to gather together for my word, you must allow me to speak to you at any time, in trouble and affliction, in anxiety and hardship; you must listen to my voice and do what I demand of you – giving love always and permanently because only through works of love the trouble is to be alleviated. Because then you draw me to yourselves, and with me you will overcome everything. And when you also oppose your enemies with love you will also be able to gain spiritual successes because where you give love you win the hearts, and you weaken the power of the opponent. And you will have many opportunities for this because the trouble puts all men into the situation to ask for help for them. Then you will have to prove yourselves; then you will set a good example to each other and have to practise love practically, and I will give you the possibility to be active helpfully so that you encourage fellowmen and educate them to love. And every circle is to know to be protected by me, which joins together in spiritual striving, which is prepared to serve me and eagerly absorbs my word in it. I will always be in the midst among men, who aim at me; I will obviously come to help them in trouble; I will guide the individuals to one another so that they can serve me together; I will grant them all protection so that they never need to be anxious because the trouble will never be bigger than he who lets it come over men. Who acknowledges me as Lord and creator of heaven and earth he only needs to raise his thoughts believingly and trustingly to me, and I will not disappoint him. His faith is also the guarantee for my help; his faith calls over my presence, and his faith lets my fatherly love become revealed – he will not call to me in vain; he will find a hearing in every misery. And therefore approach undauntedly the coming times; let me rule and do not be afraid because my love and omnipotence will end the time and lead you, my loyal ones, through to eternal happiness, and you will thank me and praise me that you were allowed to live through this time of favour because it earns those who remain loyal to me increased blessings – a paradise on earth and a blissful life in days to come in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3343.


Fight Against Spirituality 3344

Fullness of divine favour in the times of the end

24. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3344.

The fullness of divine favour will flow towards men in the end-times when they are especially needy of them. There is nothing invincible for man when he makes use of divine favour, and this favour is also withheld from no man who requests it in prayer, who calls upon God for help. And it only depends on whether man opens himself to the flow of divine favour, whether he sends a desiring thought to God, or he completely resists him coldly – and therefore closes himself to every gift of favour. When he steps into union with God only through the will turned towards him, then he will also be able to have favour at his disposal because he is then boundlessly entitled to it. But when he stands far away from God then also the favour of God cannot be send to him because it demands the will of man, the acknowledgement of God through prayer. One thought turned towards God is already enough that he turns towards man full of love and gives him his favour – but this can never be offered to man who is minded to oppose God because then the favour of God would be a forced means for the change of man. Favour is certainly always an underserved means of help, a gift, which is send to man through the love of God, nevertheless this gift presupposes the will of man, to accept a gift, and this will God demands, to not make him unfree. Men will be able to make use of an over-measure of favour in the end-times because the greater the trouble the more lovingly God gives to those who pleadingly draw near to him, and he also sends favours to those who are still of stubborn heart. But they can only become effective when man himself is willing to accept them. And that is why the fullness of favour only that small circle of those will recognize, who are loyal to God and bear him in heart. These will be exceedingly rich supplied because they ask and wait upon the fulfilment of their request – because they carry all their troubles before him and ask for power on their earth life way. Their request will not go unheard. Help will become theirs in every trouble, in all life situations and at the right time. And this is favour that God obviously helps those who are his, that he strengthens and comforts them, that he always lets them find an escape in earthly needs, that he looks after their bodily and mental needs and that he sends his word. He will work obviously and speak to men through his tools so that they become full of power and courageous through this and resist all temptations. He will bring together men that they are to help and to strengthen each other. And all this is favour; they are means of help, which are to earn them the maturity of the soul and make the difficult time before the end bearable. But who does not desire it he has also no part at the supply of favour because the flow of divine love only seizes those who turn to him, but the others stand outside of the circuit of God’s love, and this through their own fault. Because God pushes no-one back who approaches him; he withdraws from nobody who acknowledges him; he hands out all the time to him who wants to receive his gifts of favour. But he who rejects them, he will come away empty-handed and will have to bitterly pay for that at the end of his days – on the day of judgement he will fall prey to destruction, divine favour can protect him from this when it is accepted and used in the knowledge that it alone can rescue him before the eternal ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3344.


Fight Against Spirituality 3389

Measures against work of love.

2. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3389.

The world will make demands on you, which you can never ever fulfil when you respect God’s commands. You certainly are to be subject to worldly authorities, but when it is openly demanded that you act against his divine will, that you therefore leave the command of neighbourly love unnoticed and sin through loveless action, then you are to acknowledge God alone as your authority, so that you do not let your soul get lost for the sake of earthly advantage. And that is why you are to firmly commit the will of God to memory; you are to know why you must fulfil it and which results the acting against his will bring in for you. You are to know how exceedingly necessary the work of love is on earth and that only love alone can redeem you – you are also to know how changeable earthly goods are and which unfavourable exchange you go into when you give the salvation of your soul for these goods. You will be pressed badly, and it will not be easy to resist the demands of the world, but you will be able to do it when you ask God for strength and when you join God the more the world wants to separate you from him. Because this alone they aim to achieve with their plans and measures that the Christian love teaching is turned off and therefore God himself is alienated from men, who can only be found through love. Men know nothing about the power of love; otherwise they would try to acquire it. They only know self-love, and they seek to increase their possessions at the expense of the neighbour. And therefore they respect no commandment of neighbourly love, and they demand the same from fellowmen instead of stimulating them to love. And they will press men hard who make the commandments of God their guideline because the latter do not accord with the commandments of worldly authority. And then they are to check earnestly how far the will of God is recognizable in the demands of the worldly authority. What brings about harm to the neighbour is never to be allowed to be carried out when it is to be evaded, i.e., so far man, through forced measures, is not unable to defend himself. And the body is to take suffering and hardship upon itself when it can avert a sinful act through this. Because the soul will once thank it by standing by it in its latter ascent development. Moreover the misery of the body is not of long duration, but the soul must atone for in the hereafter when it did not pay attention to the commandment of neighbourly love and falls into line with the demands of the world for the sake of earthly advantage, which the lack of love demands from men. Because if it rules then the devil governs men, and you are not allowed to subjugate yourselves to him. You must resist him, even if you are severely pressed and have to fear for your bodily well-being, because through this you save your soul before the downfall and through your example also those of your fellowmen when you practise love, even so the world wants to hinder you of it. Amen. B.D. NR. 3389.


Fight Against Spirituality 3516

Faith struggle last phase of end-times.

17. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3516.

The opponent of God works his field with success. He wipes out what is good, and spreads bad seeds, and the weeds overgrow every other plant. And as the time of harvest has come, only few good fruit will be to be rescued, and all weeds will be burned. How often has God already mentioned this time and pointed out the power of Satan with men. How often has he already announced the signs under which Satan’s work will be successful to warn men, to admonish them to be attentive with his traps. But these predictions remain unnoticed as also his power over men does not let them attend in which danger they are. Willingly they abandon themselves to his influence, and willingly they carry out what he demands of them – loveless acts which suffocate all good feelings in them, which make them ripe for the downfall. It is the time of the end, which lasts as long until the spirits have separated – until also the lukewarm, undecided have decided for up or down. Because this separation of spirits still must take place. Innumerable men still have to realize to which spirit they want to cling to because many men still have not clarified this – they are blind in spirit, they express the name of God and think to belong to him although their thinking and acting completely contradicts his commandments – while individuals still wrestle for knowledge, start to detest evil and can still find the way to truth and to life when they refrain from the pleasures of the world, when they seriously remember their souls. And the time of the end still has to achieve this final separation, and that is why it will be a time of horror, a time where all desires develop, good and bad, but latter in superior numbers, so that the good will have it hard to assert itself. The door will be opened to all vices and desires, and the world will find more and more followers through whom the opponent of God entices with success. But also God calls his, and who hears his voice he will also follow it because he recognizes it as the voice of the father. And he gives to his great power to resist; he strengthens the weak; he helps the weak in faith that they are able to believe firmly; he entices and calls the undecided and shows them the right way, and he takes care of all men who earnestly strive to be good and to resist against the bad forces which besiege them. And the separation of spirits will take place – more and more clearly the conflict between good and bad will become apparent, between men turned towards God and turned away from God because an open enmity will start; the bad will take action against men who follow God, and seek to destroy them. And then the last time has come, the time of the end has entered the last phase as soon as the fight starts against the believers. Then the work of God appears visibly so that his come through this time, so that they emerge victoriously from the last fight, which finds its end in the coming of the Lord in the clouds, where he will fetch home who are his into his kingdom and will pronounce judgement over earth – to make happy who believe in him, and to bind into fetters the followers of his opponent whom he will likewise bind for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 3516.


Fight Against Spirituality 3551

Last decision. Confessing before the world.

17. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3551.

And so your will will have to decide before the end, and only the choice between me and my opponent remains for you – because now I demand a clear decision and are not satisfied with the appearance of faith but man must openly declare his support for me, and only the deeply believing will be able to do it, who does not fear the world in full conviction of my support and courageously stands up for me. But the lukewarm and bogus believers will break away and turn towards the camp of my opponent, and more and more who are mine will separate from the great group of the followers of Satan. Because there is no longer much time left, the separation must take place and this will mean a time of most bitter trouble for the believers, but who stand in the knowledge and therefore also expect the end and my coming calmly, who therefore hold out until the end and become happy. It is still up to every man to get in touch with me, to check what spiritual material is offered to them, and to approach truth with a good will. But the time is not used, until men are then pressed for a decision and they throw away all faith without hesitation because they never have taken an earnest stand inwardly and they therefore declare the spiritual as worthless and turn towards the world more than ever, which promises them everything when they confess the world and drop faith. And they only think of the life of their body, but not the life of the soul, and they sell themselves to the counter power, which only strives for this aim to separate men from me. And therefore it will become clearer and clearer how few people carry me in the heart, and on it alone already the end is visible because the earth cannot continue to exist where my supply of power is no longer received because the will of man prevents this as soon as he no longer believes in me. Therefore also the earth will stop to be that what is was up to now – it will temporarily be relieved of its purpose through my will; it will be changed in its outer form to again serve the development of the spiritual in new form, as soon as the separation of the spirits has finally taken place. And you, my believers, are to pay attention to this that I announce all this to you before, so that you do not become shaky in faith – that you are not allowed being afraid of the trouble because you stand under my protection, and you must let wash everything over you for my sake because I pay you thousand fold for this, when you persevere and remain loyal to me. Whatever the world might offer you it is all transitory, and your life only still lasts a short time; but what I offer you is lasting and will make you happy in all eternity. And as you are now forced to an open decision then do not become anxious and of little faith, because I have predicted all this to you to make you strong in faith and to prove the truth of my word to you so that you draw power out of this in the last time. And I always promise you my protection and my help, and therefore you can confidently leave yourselves to my guidance and hope for my coming in convinced faith, which will redeem you out of greatest trouble. Because I do not leave mine for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3551.


Fight Against Spirituality 3552

God’s guidance and support.

18. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3552.

So rely completely on the guidance of your father in heaven, and only strive for fulfilling his will. Always call into your memory that your life is laid down for you and that you must cover it as it is God’s will, but that you also can make suffering and misery bearable for you when you do not lose the close touch with God because then they only touch you shadowy, suffering will not depress you but just toughen you and make you robust for the hardship, which the last time brings with itself. It is nothing but a short fight, which you have to pass, but which requires all your strength. And you will also fight out this triumphantly when you always rely on the help of the heavenly father. Because he is with everyone who desires his nearness. Draw strength out of this certainty, and do not be afraid whatever might come – under his protection you are very secure, even though outwardly your situation may appear to be however dangerous. Because you have his word, and therefore you camp at the spring of power and are allowed to draw as soon as you have desire to strengthen and refresh yourselves. It is his will that you are fed and watered when you are hungry and thirsty, and that is why he has opened the source for you, the well from which living water flows unstoppably, which consumption protects you to sink into eternal death. And when you strive for winning eternal life, you never ever need to worry about the preservation of earthly life, about your fate and about earthly events – because all of this God directs according to his wise judgment for your blessing; he himself guides you by the hand, and he also instructs his heavenly messengers to look after you spiritually and earthly. And so cover your earth way without worry; believe and trust and fear nothing what appears to be insurmountable to you – you will master life with the help of God because he does not leave you for ever. Amen. B.D. NR. 3552.


Fight Against Spirituality 3553

Last fight. Religious warfare.

19. and 20. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3553.

Do not comply with the request of the world when it contradicts divine commandments, when it is directed against the divine will or endangers the faith in Him. And do not be afraid of the threats through worldly rulers, which are to force you to the abandonment of your resistance. Remain with what the voice of the heart commands you, through which God himself urges you to remain loyal to him. And do not be afraid that you are defenceless with regard to the rulers because the One protectively stands by your side whose power is greater and who can destroy everything what thinks to be great on this earth. And when you know that he stands by your side your power will grow, and you will be and remain victor. And that is why you are to seek to penetrate into deeper knowledge about your earth life purpose, about God’s love and his plan of redemption. And that knowledge will let you become of convinced faith, which nothing can shake, also not the onslaughts, which you have to expect for the sake of faith. And when you are also provided scantily and your body seems to be exposed to greatest trouble, God will also make the earthly trouble bearable for you and present to you what you need for the maintenance of the body, so you just remain loyal to him and hold out, because he will be giver of comfort and power himself; he will also know to preserve the body miraculously when it lacks everything through human will – his power is greater, and his love does not leave his in misery. And whether the world and its rulers also think to be strong and supported by the powers of the underworld in the work against God and against the earth children clinging to him – God sends his messengers to earth so that they come to the aid of afflicted men, and they will work visibly and invisibly, and the believers will feel save in their protection, because they recognize them as envoys of God and because God himself speaks through these messengers and imparts power and comfort to them. The greater earthly misery is, the more perceptible will also be the presence of God for his, and they will take on everything what is allotted to them by the earthly rulers, but always with the happy certainty that it only last a short time and God himself will redeem them out of their trouble. The complete destruction of the believers is seemingly contrived but their faith is firmer than ever because God himself appears so obviously that through this power for resistance arises for them. Who wants to see, he will become seeing; who wants to hear, he will hear the voice of God, and every anxiety and fear will dwindle out of the hearts of his. Like a stronghold the faith and the teaching of Christ will be challenged but those will stand firm and remain victors who have Jesus Christ as their commander-in-chief, who are his fighters on earth and because of that are fetched home by him into his kingdom. For that reason do not be deterred by whatever is undertaken against you – flee to God in your trouble, and he will hear your call; he will not let you without protection because you are to be the supports; you are to serve your fellow men as witnesses what the power of faith is able to do so that the weak take heart from you and win strength of faith and that the opponents recognize their powerlessness in the face of you and your faith. It is the last struggle of light against darkness on this earth, which you men have to fight, to then enter the kingdom of peace as victors, into paradise on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3553.


Fight Against Spirituality 3556

Faith in Jesus Christ. Fight.

23. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3556.

The faith in Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world will experience a severe examination but it will remain; it will not be able to be eradicated despite all efforts of the world. It will be upheld by a small troop loyal to God, full of courage and determination, because Jesus Christ himself gives them power to represent his name and his teaching to confess him before the world. Without Jesus Christ there is no redemption because the power of hell is too great and wins power over men to whom help is not brought through a still greater power, through Jesus Christ who as true child of God on earth took the death on the cross upon him to break the power of evil. Only through him man finds rescue out of the fetters of those; and only who believes in him, he can be redeemed; only who believes in him, he calls upon him for help, for strengthening of his will, and he is able extricate himself from the power of the opponent of God. And that is why God will never ever allow that faith in Jesus Christ gets lost, that it is stamped out through the will of men, who is just the executioner of the satanic will. And when faith is earnestly endangered that men abandon it for the world, God will break the power of Satan himself because he fights against him with undue means – he seeks to withhold the knowledge about God, his love and his work of redemption from men, and therefore this is a force of free will of man who must know about the effect of both to be able to decide. And that is why the end will come as soon as action is earnestly taken against faith. Because of that, this last fight will mean a severe examination for the believers but these will remain victors because Jesus Christ himself fights with them, because he imparts power to all who want to remain loyal to him, who take refuge in him and put their trust in him in deep faith to find rescue with him. In confessing the name of Jesus and his love teaching man decides, and he finally renounces his opposition. But for this he must summon a strength of will which he never has at his disposal out of his own strength; but when he confesses the divine redeemer before the world, his will is already strengthened through him who died on the cross to redeem men out of their weakness of will, to buy a strong will for them with his blood. And no-one needs to fear not to pass the last fight because when he believes in Jesus Christ and wants to fight for his name, he belongs to the small troop whose courage of confession will grow the more severe earthly trouble approaches him because that is the work of God with him that the power of the spirit comes over him, which again can only become effective in faith in Jesus Christ, which lifts him over all earthly trouble, makes him strong and able to defy the world and its requests, which lets him fight out the last fight with success and earns him the final victory. And faith will remain until the end of the world, and on the new earth it will again be preached about Jesus Christ as God’s son and redeemer of the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 3556.


Fight Against Spirituality 3919

Light bearers protected through light beings until mission completed. Boundary.

31. October 1946. B.D. NR. 3919.

Those who stand in the light do not need to fear darkness. And so also my bearers of truth do not need to be afraid of the goings-on of dark powers, of their instructions and measures, although they have been born in deepest hate, although they impress the mind like threatening ghosts. The light bearers will remain unharmed, because they are subordinated to my protection. And I will truly give you a safe escort and whether you walk in the midst of devils. Because darkness does not drive out bright light, which irradiates you, which is indeed not visible to the human eye, but from which the low spiritual flees, because in the light it also recognizes its Lord, with whom it does not want to come in touch. That is why a light bearer can fearlessly face those who want to do evil to him; he will confuse them in their plan; they will desist from it, even so under threat and curses; because they feel his superiority, although they do not want to acknowledge it earthly. Because many light beings also help a light bearer in every difficult life situation, because they do not let a mission, which is exceedingly urgent, be endangered through human will, ruled by the opponent. When I choose for myself workers for this urgent mission, then the whole kingdom of light is animated by the will to protect these workers, because my will flows through all beings, which belong to my kingdom. And the power of those beings is truly stronger than the powers of darkness; even so earthly this does not really appear so. But the light bearers themselves are to know this that they are untouchable by the powers hostile towards me. That is why they are to be without fear; a boundary is drawn around them, from which every dark being starts back, when it does not want to challenge myself. Only when this mission of the light bearer is fulfilled, when the hour of his death has come, I loosen this boundary, but to the judgement and to the eternal damnation of him, who breaks it – but for the light bearer himself to increased happiness. As long as he works on earth on my behalf he can venture into the middle among the devils and reproach them with the sinfulness of their doings. They will not be able to kill him because he is my emissary, my servant, my messenger, who imparts pure spiritual things to earth men to snatch them back from the abyss of ruin. And this knowledge is to give him courage and power; he is to believe in me and my word and be constantly sure of my presence as long as he serves me with eagerness and rules his office, as long as he is prepared to carry out my Gospel into the world – to bring the light to fellowmen, which he has received from myself. Earth lies in deepest darkness and must be illuminated to let the earth wanderers find the right way. And where such his light shines, there those shunning the light will never stay, but it will flee from the light shine. But in the spiritual world the light is penetrating; it does not shine covered and for that reason will always be felt by the beings of darkness as light, however not desired – why every lustre is avoided because they cannot put out the light; but its shine gives them agonies. Because I stand behind every carrier of light as original source of light – and where I am truly the power of evil is broken. Amen. B.D. NR. 3919.


Fight Against Spirituality 3947

Union of different schools of thought in faith struggle.

29. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3947.

The different schools of thought will, through their deviation from each other, also always lie in silent fight with each other insofar as that each of them seeks to make the claim to truth and therefore will not allow the other. And they will still go together in the last time, so far as they only have the teaching of Jesus Christ as fundamental principle and confess his name; then all other differences step into the background, because all spiritual striving will be attacked and therefore everyone striving spiritually will seek contact to the neighbour who is like-minded. And therefore out of every school of thought the teaching of Christ will be sifted out, and its followers will have to be counted to the communion of God, to his church, which he himself has founded. Through their faith in Jesus Christ they will belong to this church, although they have different schools of thought. Each of them will cast off outer acts and customs and only strive for the inner bond with Jesus Christ; everyone will cultivate love, teach love and practise love. The fight against every school of thought will be carried out particularly brutally so that lukewarm, weak men in faith fall away, when they do not stand in deep living faith, because they cannot resist; they collapse under the burden which is imposed upon them from the worldly side. And the cause of this is the error, which every school of thought shows, with which they fail, when they are forced to think through the earnest action taken against them. Who stands in truth through work in love and right instruction on behalf of the chosen servants of God, he will also muster the strength of faith, and become unsteady in no trouble, because truth imparts power to him, and truth also gives him knowledge. And so he knows about the near end and the rescue out of deepest misery through God himself. But through erroneous teaching he cannot find this knowledge, and will become unsteady in faith and fall away, when he will be let to choose to confess Jesus Christ before the world or to deny him. Then he will be strong who has made himself receptive for the truth out of God through love work; he will resist and need to fear no worldly measure because he hopes for the help of God, and it will become his in every trouble of body and soul. Then the church of Christ will only be small, and followers of every school of thought will shelter themselves in it, and every dispute will be buried, as also all formalities and ceremonial acts will have fallen away in the face of the great persecution, which all followers will have to fear. And also this is good for the spiritual development of the individual that pays attention to the essence only, that he only recognizes the Christian love teaching as this essence and therefore his faith is strengthened the more eagerly he follows this teaching. The flock of the believers will melt down; it will only be a small herd, but they stand in truth, in right knowledge, and they will overcome the last days of hardest tests and emerge as victors because the church of Christ will win, and it comprises all who stand in love and in faith, who acknowledge him before the world and are filled by his spirit as result of continuous love work. And out of all schools of thought the fighters for Christ will enrol and take their stand for the last fight, and God himself will be their commander-in-chief; God himself will protect them, and the shield of faith will cover them and make them invulnerable – they will fight for Christ’s name, and the victory will be on their side. Amen. B.D. NR. 3947.


Fight Against Spirituality 3964

Prediction for the speedy end. Weak faith in it.

29. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3964.

You know that you have to expect no long earth life and that every day is a favour for you, so that you can still mature, when you use the time right. You know this through my word, but your faith is still not deep enough that my word encourages you to most eager striving; you doubt the truth of my word, so far as it concerns the near end. And you still should work on yourselves with all eagerness because the end is near. Again and again I approach you with this admonition and warn you of a lukewarm living along; again and again I shout to you: Pay attention to my word; become deeply involved in it and live accordingly. You do not know when the last hour has come for you; you do not know what time still remains for you until the end, and therefore you are to live as if every day is the last for you. I always send my ministering spirits towards you, who send thoughts full of light to you, who steer your mind into the spiritual kingdom; on earth I send my messengers to you, who are to inform you of the near end; who are to draw your attention to the signs of the end-time and are to awaken the firm belief in you, who are to impart to you my word directly conducted to earth. And therefore I continuously seek to make the seriousness of the situation clear to you, to make a happy end possible for you, but all of you do not take my words seriously enough; your faith is still too weak than you leading a life in accordance with my word, even though your will is turned towards me. And that is why I again and again admonish you: Bury yourselves in my word; let the thought about the near end become alive in you; prepare yourselves for it, and take all earthly things less seriously in the face of the end, in the face of the great spiritual trouble, which is still becoming greater the closer it comes to the end. Enlist all power to develop yourselves spiritually upward, and full of faith leave all care about your body to me. Use the short time until the end; constantly be active in love; fetch power out of my word at any time; admonish and instruct your fellowmen to do the same and therefore help yourself mutually to reach the sight on earth, which I have set for you; help each other to become perfect since the time is only still short until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 3964.


Fight Against Spirituality 3965

Erroneous faith teachings – Truth out of God.

31. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3965.

Do not burden yourselves with erroneous faith teachings when truth is offered to you out of the heavens, out of the kingdom of light, where there is no error and no lie. And that you are in contact with the kingdom of light you recognize that only words of love are imparted to you, which admonish to striving for perfection, that God, as eternal love, is made the aim to all striving, that enlightening knowledge is imparted to you and you are therefore instructed in such a way that God’s rule and work is understandable to you and you also receive fullest clarity about your purpose of being. And this knowledge will also appear acceptable to you, as soon as you check it earnestly with the will and the desire for pure truth, while erroneous spiritual good gives you no fully satisfying explanation and you either must blindly believe or continuously fall into doubt when you take it seriously and want to ascertain truth. What God himself offers to you from above, is comprehensible and therefore also to be received without doubt, and it will contribute to the increase of your knowledge, but erroneous thought material is more easily a burden because it can overwhelm man when he seriously thinks about it and is not enlightened truthfully. That is why also blind faith is demanded from the human side, because right enlightenment cannot be offered, because the teachers themselves still stand in defective knowledge and therefore cannot properly instruct fellowmen and introduce them to truth. Who is deemed worthy of truth out of the kingdom of light, he will also be able to give information to all questions, because pure truth originates from God and that is why it must also enlighten man brightly, who is therefore in contact with him through the imparting of truth, because God himself is light, and his nearness means being radiated through with light, therefore right thinking and the ability of recognition of the thought material presented by himself. And therefore the knowledge sent to men from above also guarantees fullest truth, and therefore that can without hesitation be given up as error, what does not agree with spiritual material coming from above, for only truth comes from God, and the divine origin of knowledge is recognizable at any time, which was not acquired through scholastic or human instruction. Amen. B.D. NR. 3965.


Fight Against Spirituality 3973

Representatives of genuine Christianity in the end-time.

11. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3973.

There are only few believing Christians in the last time, and it is therefore to be valued many times more when these few hold out and remain in their loyalty with God, because it will be made extremely difficult for them from the side of fellowmen to believe in God and especially in Jesus Christ as redeemer of the world. For these seek to draw down everything and to portray it as unreal; they seek to shake faith in its foundations; they seek intellectually to prove to the believers their erroneous thinking, and who does not completely stand very firm, he will fall over. And that is why the knowledge about truth absolutely belongs to that, that this truth can be set against the endeavour of the unbelievers and proven to them just as sharply, that he moves in error. Only who is in possession of pure truth out of God, he can resist; only he is able to instruct the wrong-thinker and to impart power to the one, who still is a weak believer, so that also he remains loyal to God. Many people will certainly still call themselves Christians out of old tradition and yet no longer be one, because to be a Christian, also a love life has to be led. Only then Jesus Christ and the importance of his work of redemption is recognized and fullest faith is given to him. But as long as men lack love, the smallest stimulus is enough to put aside all faith, and therefore the representatives of genuine Christianity will only still live in small number on earth and therefore lead an extremely difficult life, because also these few are still supposed to join the thinking of those and on the part of the world everything is getting under way to eliminate Christianity. But then it will be shown which power lies in love and in deep, undoubted faith – and which strength the believers have at their disposal in the last time before the end. And that is why the instructing of men in pure truth cannot be taken seriously enough; for that reason truth will be offered to them directly from above so that the willing man can also recognize and accept it as truth. And therefore busy work for God and his kingdom is necessary, because there remains little time until the end, but the number of the ignorant is gigantic and is still to be decreased by the number of those who are certainly weak, but of god will, so that they do not become victim of the last assault, but believingly persevere and become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 3973.


Fight Against Spirituality 4167

Fight Against Spirituality. Decline of the Works of Men. Church of Christ.

14. November 1947. B.D. NR. 4167.

During the last days before the end we shall see what power of resistance men will muster who belong to the true church of Christ in contrast to them who pay more tribute to the works of men and who will see it disintegrating in the sight of the fight against spirituality. Because it will be a time where there are no compromises, where everybody has to make a clear decision, where the faith doctrines will be absolutely torn to pieces and as a result require some thinking and where all formalities will not stand up to criticism and will therefore be condemned and rejected. And then men will recognize how worthless it was and what grace and power is contained in the right kind of faith and in the close relationship with me which is free of all formality. Men will see something fall apart that they make out to be lasting and they will have to recognize that the faith of those is far stronger who are without any kind of compulsory commandments and who are closer to me through their life and their will, that is constantly seeking me and striving for me. And all church executions will fall under the measures of those who are fighting the spiritual and then only that man will prove himself who longs for me out of his deepest inner being, who receives my word and with my word also my power. Then many things that people deem to be important will cease and they will have to give it away und make do with a quiet inner reflection without outer action, without splendour and pomp and without teaching personnel that were not enlightened by me and were therefore unsuitable for the office of minister. And they will have to acknowledge my servants on earth as being chosen by myself to teach the fellow human beings and to supply them with the truth. And blessed are those who then accept the truth, who make an effort to live according to my will and to use the short time till the end to develop their soul because these will stand firm and hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4167.


Fight Against Spirituality 4171

Work of God and his Kingdom.

20. November 1947. B.D. NR 4171.

And so a new era begins for you, a time of busy activity for me and my kingdom – and you will not regret having offered me your service because you will feel a blessing of the work, you will increase my church, the circle of believers around you will grow and you will be able to teach and continually my spirit will make itself known through you, you will always be sure of my presence and this awareness gives you confidence facing people that are hostile towards you. Because it will remain a fight of truth against the lie and the wrong as mankind is already deeply ensnared in the last one. Still men will listen in the beginning and the time after the natural disaster has to be used as you then can speak freely, unhindered by earthly authority. And that is why I need for this time loyal workers, that is why I continuously recruit such ones as help has to be brought to those who have been hardened by fate and who seek everywhere and want to give themselves an explanation for cause and purpose of that natural phenomenon as they still have little faith in divine justice and it is then especially important to consider these people and to give them that what they desire: light and power, full knowledge and living faith in me, who myself speak to them through you to draw them to me and to make them happy through my presence. You will have to do great work and will therefore be earthly guided in such a way that you can devote yourself entirely free to that work. And that is why you are to keep yourself ready and wait for my calling and when it sounds inside of you do not hesitate to follow it. For I will direct your fate in such a way that you can volunteer any time for me because urgent work is required at that time. You are to have a good eye and a refined feeling and so are always to know where your work is required and where it will be successful. And I will lead the people to you to whom I want to bring help through you and who have the good will to believe. Because I take care of all men who are not yet completely controlled by my enemy and who are of good will. I approach them with my word, I want to speak to them through you, and I want to win them for me and my kingdom so that they are eternally blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4171.


Fight Against Spirituality 4433

Last Struggle. Openly Confessing Christ Before the World.

15. September 1948. B.D. NR 4433.

In the last times before the end war will be declared on all spiritual. That will let you recognize what hour the clock of the world has struck, that the day draws to a close. You are then to be prepared for a great upset caused by severe measures of the worldly powers. They will pester you with questions and threats about your attitude towards Christ and faith on the whole. They will not be afraid to observe you, to eavesdrop on your conversations, and to draw you to court so that you are to answer for your speaking and acting. And then the time has come when you have to openly confess me and talk without fear how you think and stand by me. I demand this open confession before the world as a proof of your affiliation to me. I myself well know how you think and feel in your heart but it is a last battle where the separation of the goats from the sheep is to take place. And this last battle has to be settled openly so that also the fight itself is obvious, so that the sins of the enemies clearly emerge before the world to also push those who are still undecided to make a decision through the conduct of the believers as well of those who are their enemies. The fight will last only a short time and will be carried out everywhere, only in different form. Always the lack of love will battle with love, the material world will mock and pester the spiritual world, two camps will be clearly recognizable wherever there are places that have been reached by the teaching of Christ and where the divine teaching of love is the principle of what is preached to men and what they are asked to believe. And that is why the falling away from me will be clearly recognizable in the whole world; but where the Christian teaching of love has been spread there the warfare against belief will take place in all strictness, and that will be the end. You men have still no idea of the course of the coming events and that is why it seems to you to be implausible but it comes as I announce it to you through my spirit and the time is so close that you would get a fright if you would know the day and the hour of the downfall. But still you are not to be scared of it because your loyalty towards me secures you my fullest protection and supply of all power to be able to resist and the knowledge about it will make you confident and full of faith so that you will overcome the time, particularly as I shorten the days so that you be blessed. Amen. B.D. NR. 4433.


Fight Against Spirituality 4768

Collapse of Church Organizations. True Church.

28. October 1949. B.D. NR 4768.

The last end is preceded by a time where my word will be attacked and also everything that points to me as creator and preserver. They will want to destroy all faith in a God, this therefore means open warfare against everything spiritual. And now the church organizations and their followers will be affected most because they take action against everything that is outwardly recognizable as representatives of my kingdom and my teaching. And that is why I let arise representatives of my word outside of these organisations that are now appointed by me to spread my teaching because they are in possession of the fullest truth and therefore suitable to teach the fellow human beings in the last times. For it will be necessary during the last times before the end to strengthen the faith of men or to awaken it, because only now they will start to think about the lasting nature of the teaching that has been imparted to them in keeping with tradition. And they will recognize that I am not with those who only associate with me through the church, who believe to have a privilege through the membership in a certain church. I well love every of my children but the moment a child does not fulfil the will of the father insofar as it does not use the gift of the intellect that was given to him and therefore stimulates intellect and heart into activity to recognize when he moves in my will, to recognize when false prophets pose as my messengers, then this child goes away from me and hardly finds its way back to me. Constantly I have my word also sent to them, constantly I walk up close to them and try to give them knowledge directly, i.e., I send my messengers to them so that they give them insight but they accept no instructions and are thus no longer excusable, so they get lost on a wrong road. But when their church is now taken away from men on the instigation of my enemy, only those men will not be shaken that really believe and are closely united with me so that I can always be close to them. These will not be affected by the hard measures and brutal decrees because they know where to look for the true church of Christ and will just more eagerly support my word, as they however are also not safe from the persecution of those that fight everything that belongs to the faith. But you all still have before you that you have to decide and then only the inner conviction gives you strength to resist, that you have the truth and my word as evidence that I myself have imparted to you. You and all who listen to you and want to serve me will now speak with tongues of angels and everything will bounce off them because now they also know that they have to hold out only a short time to be blessed; they know that well all formalities can stagger but never the church that Jesus Christ founded on earth - the true church, that cannot be conquered by the gates of hell. But countless men will fall away from the faith, they will find it incomprehensible that I do not protect the church that they consider to be founded by God and they do not account to themselves if they are members of the church that was founded by me because they are prohibited to think about it. And so something will collapse that according to the opinion of men was to be invincible. It will collapse like a house of cards because it is the work of men that will not last. But those who are mine will not be overcome; they will have that strength of faith that offers resistance because they find my support. They will draw the power from me because they firmly believe in me and therefore belong to my church that cannot be overpowered by the gates of hell. But I again and again point out that it will be a hard time, to constantly admonish you, who belong to me, to prepare yourself, to again and again take power through the taking in of my word and work in love. The time is close when that fight starts and then you have to be armed - you must hold out when all fail who follow an apparent faith, who assume to have the truth without ever having thought about what kind of faith is demanded of them. They will stagger and fall away, but you are to stand firm and provide evidence that the close, living union also results in the living faith that gives you power to hold out until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4768.


Fight Against Spirituality 4920

I will Put the Words into Your Mouth.

24. June 1950. B.D. NR 4920.

What is given to you in that hour, that speak - and do not be afraid of those who call you to account because they will have no power against you as long as I stand next to you, as long as I speak through you, and truly so as they need it. I will put the words into your mouth - so you do not have to think about the meaning of your speech because you are just the mouthpiece through which I announce myself to those that are against me. There will no longer be much time where all will be called to account who are fighters for me and my kingdom, where they will be harassed to give up faith and to disown me. And daily you will experience the falling away from me because worldly wages lure men and they betray me for these. They will no longer stand by me, they will fall away from me because in their heart they have become estranged form me long ago. And then also severe action will be taken against the ones that are mine, against the small circle of true believers that want to remain steadfast. And then the power of faith will be evident because they that now turn in their heart towards me for help, their faith will become unshakeable and all fear of worldly power dwindles, they will speak for me and feel my nearness all the time and therefore they will also speak out of a sense of being free and yet it is me that speaks and gives them power to resist openly. Who works for me during this time will be fought against; but who will be fought against will have me as fighter by his side because I know about everything no matter how hidden it is, therefore I also know who is in difficulty for the sake of my name and come as loyal helper in every trouble. And now obviously the working of my spirit will make itself be felt because my servants on earth have knowledge available that any worldly-clever man will be beaten and the way it is presented will perplex him. Because every objection, every question, every doubt I hear and respond the right way to it. And without any kind of preparation my servants will be able to explain the problems that men raise who want to be wise. However it is not them that speak but I myself answer for it and truly no opponent is a match for me. This time will come very quickly because my opponent rises up against me and makes use of the last means - he tries to destroy all faith and influences the worldly rulers to make decrees that are directed against the believers which therefore mean a fight against all that still follow me. And this fight will not last long, it will be conducted in all strictness and I myself will lead the ones that are mine to the last battle from which they will emerge victoriously because I can never in a lifetime be conquered. Amen. B.D. NR. 4920.


Fight Against Spirituality 5028

Faith Struggle - Great Tribulation - Confessing. Rescuer.

25. December 1950. B.D. NR 5028.

Always persevere in the belief in your God and father, creator of heaven and earth and ruler of the spiritual kingdom in power and glory - persevere in faith to him even in greatest tribulation and confess him before the world. These demands are made on you men and claim much strength especially in the last times before the end. Only those men will endure who request the power for it from me and continually accept it through my word. You all will still get into difficult situations, earthly and spiritually they will press you to change your mind and to disown me. Even you who believe still have to come through bad trials of faith but they are put to you more for the sake of the fellow humans than for your sake. You will force yourself because you already have much strength in you because you are in touch with me and will also not break off this union because I hold you with my love that you feel and closely reciprocate to me. But to save you the tests of faith is not possible as the fellow humans are to recognize by your steadfastness from where you get the power and of what effectiveness it is because of your faith in me. It will be as it was at the time of my descending where even those did no longer believe in me who were considered to be teachers of their fellow humans beings and through their own way of living divulged how little deep their faith was in a God of love, omnipotence and wisdom. So also now men will be without faith and those who want to induce them to a complete denial of God will have an easy time of it and find little resistance because faith is dead due to men living without love. They do not believe in a God and creator from eternity and even less in a divine redeemer Jesus Christ and in his work of redemption and are therefore under the control of him who wants to wrest the souls from me for good. He will not succeed in this because my love does not drop even that what is sunk deeply. And that is why I allow all what Satan comes up with in his hate and his blindness - I allow it because I want to implement a new redemption period the moment there is no longer hope for a change of men on this earth. And so he will rage until enough is enough and you men will experience the effect of his hate in all strictness because he will campaign against you who belong to me and his fight will be brutal. Nevertheless you are to expect these times without fear because I also work unusually, but in love, not in hate. And love will win, I will come as your rescuer when the trouble is greatest, but again and again predict this misery so that you do not become shaky in your belief but recognize that everything comes true what I announce to you through seers and prophets, through my disciples of the end-time that work on behalf of me to impart strength and comfort to you when you are in trouble. I myself am all the time near you and this certainty will fill you with power and you will hold out until the end also in the most intense struggle of faith; I will fight at your side und the victory will be ours. Amen. B.D. NR. 5028.


Fight Against Spirituality 5080

Faith Struggle. Confessing Only Possible Where Love is.

5. March 1951. B.D. NR 5080.

Not the intellect will be able to give you enlightenment about the worth of the teachings of faith when you have to decide on to acknowledge or to reject me but only a heart willing to love is able to do this, to judge what agrees with truth. But at the end only few men will be filled with love towards me and the neighbour because love has cooled off among men. And also only few men will confess me before the world because the intellect of those who live without love will pull to pieces everything and attack every teaching that points to me as their creator and sustainer. And as the faith teachings up to now have been presented to men only unclearly, it will be no problem to make them out to be untenable and to induce men to reject them. Only love alone can convince them to have the right knowledge because the loving man has the support from my side. I enlighten his spirit and he also has the will to remain loyal to his God and father from eternity because he has recognized him as source of himself and also as final objective which he most eagerly strives after. To confess me before the world would therefore mean at the same time to lead a life in love otherwise man also lacks power to resist. Who has recognized me he will also confess me towards his fellow humans because love results at the same time in the recognition of myself and powers of resistance. No unsolved problems will exist for him; for him everything presents itself as brightly as the sun and clear what others think they cannot support as it is ununderstandable. That is why there will be a great falling away from the faith altogether because every man has to take a stand and has to decide in public for or against teachings of faith that have me as subject matter and are therefore to be stamped out. A severe war will be waged on the ones who are mine, on all who do not want to abandon me and yet did not go into the truth deep enough; and only a life of love will let them find it easy to make the decision. But love has cooled off among men and accordingly faith has become lifeless. But dead faith does not assert itself; very quickly it will be stamped out and the flock of which I am myself the shepherd will become smaller and smaller. But my sheep recognize my voice; they follow their shepherd. Blessed are who want to belong to me, who take all persecution and stand firm out of love for me. I will lead them like a good shepherd towards the right stable; I will let no one get lost but also gladly receive those sheep into my flock that followed my call because they recognized my voice - who accepted the faith or revived it when they see the power of belief of the ones who are mine. Who turns to me still in the times before the end, him I accept gladly and also enlighten his spirit so that he recognizes the love, wisdom and omnipotence of him who is to be disowned, who the intellect of the intellectual does not want to accept, but who reveals himself to the ones who are his, who believe in him and become blessed through faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 5080.


Fight Against Spirituality 5115

Faith Struggle. Fulfilment of Promises.

26. April 1951. B.D. NR 5115.

You will have to assert yourself also towards the world that will oppose and persecute you. Then the time of war has begun that I have announced to you and that also marks the beginning of the last phase before the end. Also worldly you will not receive help because they who would like to help you are too weak, but the stronger ones are against you. Yet still you have a protection you can well rely on - because I myself am with you and give you strength to hold out in the most severe fight. He who only calls me will also experience my presence because I do not leave the ones who are mine. I well allow that men are opposing each other in battle. This last struggle of faith has to be visible because the spirits are to be divided - because a separation has to take place between those that belong to me and those that belong to the opponent; also the last ones still have to decide that up to now shied away from an open confession due to weakness of faith or fear. These now are to pick themselves up by the strength of belief of the ones who are mine, when they are not completely falling away for the sake of earthly advantages, that the ones that are mine have to give away for the sake of their faith. It will be a decision that only concerns the soul life of the individual but important because the decision also affects the earthly life and that is why many men will fail. Because he who still puts the world up high, who loves earthly life, who still pays much attention to bodily comfort, he will badly come through because everything will be demanded of him if he does not want to give away the belief in me and my work of redemption. Many will fall away from the faith because they have to publicly stand up for me. But he who has the truth, who is advanced in knowledge, who also has my power in him through a life in love, he will remain loyal to me until the end, he will stand up for me out of free courage, he will speak for me and will also still convince those who are weak in faith but of good will. And in spite of greatest earthly hardship on the part of the enemies he will not so feel the trouble because I stand by him and supply him with everything he needs for body and soul. The measures of the enemies will be unable to get at him who fully puts his trust in me because what is taken away from him by these, that I give him back in other form but always so that he will live as long as I still need him on this earth. And my small flock shall bear witness till the end to the kingdom of God and his power - my promises are to come true that a strong faith is capable of everything and that the ones that are mine will be given what they ask for in this faith. The battle will become hard but the ones that are mine will still get over it because they have a military leader standing by them who will defeat any enemy and who belongs to his camp will emerge as winner and no longer has the need to fear any enemy when the end has come, the day of judgement that finally separates the righteous from the unrighteous, the good from the evil, the ones that are mine from the followers of Satan - the day when everyone is repaid according to his works. B.D. NR. 5115.


Fight Against Spirituality 5143

Hostility. Secret Work. Increased Activity.

3. June 1951. B.D. NR 5143.

Now there are only few who oppose you but the time will come where many will attack you, where you will be only a small number compared to the crowd of men fighting you, that partly also call themselves believing but are hostile towards you for the sake of the results of a right, living faith, for the sake of the visible signs of the works of the spirit which stir them up against you. Now you still have a small circle of followers who are deeply moved by my word and who move it in the heart and acknowledge it; but the time will come when you also will be separated from them, when everyone will have to look after himself and knows he is surrounded by enemies who want to take the faith in me and my teaching from him. Then the fruits will come to light that they have been fed by myself through my word and have assimilated the food full of faith. Because they will hold their ground against all the temptations of the world and again and again find men that are like-minded, with whom they can share and through it strengthen their faith. But all of you will be prevented to work in public; you will have no possibility to spread my word publicly. But each one I will strengthen who longs for me and my word. The hostilities against you will increase uncontrollably and still will not be able to take your inner firmness from you because my spirit will then obviously work in you and my word will become alive in every single person. Hostilities from outside will not be able to shake you inwardly because I protect everyone who wants to remain loyal to me. And this will I recognize and I give him always the strengthening that he needs to be able to remain steadfast. But before there is a time that you very well can use for the spreading of my Gospel and I want to point this out to you so that you do not let it pass unused. Because you will be able to speak everywhere without having to fear a prohibition; you will also have the gift to speak and often find the opportunity where you are heard and find understanding, where your work in the vineyard is not in vain. And then you are to be eagerly busy and put off nothing what you can do - you are to preach love and point the end out to men. Much will remain in their memory when the last time of the struggle, the last war on faith, begins and even if you are hindered to spread my word - the seed that you sow will take root and come up and also bear fruit in the last times of the end. And your work will continue secretly and be a blessing to you and your fellow human beings because I want to bless all your spiritual activity until the end of this earth and some day in eternity. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5143.


Fight Against Spirituality 5149

Short Time Increased Work for the Kingdom of God.

11. June 1951. B.D. NR 5149.

Only a short time still, then a busy activity will start for me and my kingdom and all who have a living faith and therefore are also in union with me will feel to be urged to work for me because my spirit is driving them in the knowledge of the exceedingly short time that remains until the last end of this earth. Distinctly these men will recognize me in world affairs, i.e., they will know that it is drawing to a close and that all indications point to it and this knowledge they want to transfer to the fellow human beings because they are urged from their inside to inform them. To a certain extent they have proof of the truth of my word and also want to convince the fellow humans of it, which is why the number of my representatives in the latter days before the end is ever increasing. And everyone will speak as the spirit is urging him because the will to speak for me and my kingdom and to let the fellow human beings find the living faith causes that my spirit becomes active in them so that they, driven by the spirit, speak out what is useful for the fellow humans. This time is still before you but sooner than you think it will be there because everything comes true what I have announced through seers and prophets, therefore also that the falling away from the faith will be great and that is why the earth experiences a shockwave that is suitable to lead many back to the faith. Besides great earthly trouble will make men receptive to explanations and words of consolation and my announcers will therefore find understanding everywhere in the first period of time after my intervention through the elements because their words give clarity and consolation to men and therefore they are open to instructive speaking and good words of encouragement. But only a short time you have freedom of speech. Very quickly an earthly power will distinguish itself that does not like your spiritual work and which announces hostility to you. And every spreading of my word will be suppressed. But then it turns out where truth is that is based on God as the eternal truth. Because only there the enemy will find resistance while otherwise men submit to the measures, deny me and challenge the ones that are mine. As far as this you men have to come before it turns out into which camp you belong, in whose favour you decide, in mine or that of my enemy who pulls you into the deep. And then I will need many disciples, deeply believing men with much love in the heart who are loyally devoted to me and want to help their fellow humans. For these alone are able to stand firm in the last war of faith on this earth and to be successfully active. And my spirit will announce to them what they are to do and to speak because my spirit itself will first lead them into the truth, which they then are to pass on to those who are still weak in faith but are of good will. And their work I will bless because they serve me loyally until the end, they are my disciples that I again send among men so that still all are helped that want to be helped. Amen. B.D. NR. 5149.


Fight Against Spirituality 5324

Brutal Faith Struggle. Steeling of Faith.

27. February 1952. B.D. NR 5324.

It is absolutely essential that you steel yourself for the last faith struggle because demands will be made on you that you will not be able to comply with without firm, unshakeable faith. A few things will appear to you as insurmountable when you do not make use of my power, the power of faith, because the enemy of your souls takes almost inhuman action against you and he makes use of those that are mighty on earth, at the same time are full of cunning and malice and challenge all who are still believing. It will be such an open action of the satanic force that you clearly recognize what hour has come so that you know that it is the last phase of the end-time and that it will last only a short time until you will be rescued from this power that cannot harm you though when you can call a firm faith to be yours. The action of the enemy is so obviously directed against myself that it already lets you recognize that he oversteps his authority and I have told you that then the end is nearby. Because man is on earth to make a decision between two powers and therefore also has to know about both powers. But when one power prevents the knowledge about the second power it oversteps its authority and that not unpunished. When now the faith struggle has broken out then it will be clearly evident through the nature what power is at work. And this time has to come first because I do not intervene earlier than necessary to still give the souls the opportunity to change will and faith that through the action of the satanic power are taken aback and think about their own self. One has to be firm with men because they do not listen to the voice of the father who talks to them lovingly. But the voice of Satan can still have an effect on individual souls and cause their turning back to me but only then when man still has a spark of faith in him in a God and he rather wants to give himself over to this God than him whose wickedness he now recognizes. The strength of faith of those who are mine will set him thinking, who despite greatest distress do not succumb and confess my name the more the more they are threatened. You have to steel yourself for the last war on faith for our own sake but also for the sake of your fellow human beings to whom your faith can also be a help to get faith in a God who can help and wants to help and also will help when the trouble has become unbearable and Satan has accomplished his work - when those who are mine are threatened with death and only I can bring them help. Then I will come and fetch mine; I will end their trouble and distress but at the same time judge everything what is against me on the last day of this earth. Then there will be rejoicing and praise among mine and horror of death among the others, then the day has come about which it is written that I will judge the living and the dead, the believers and the unbelievers, because my word comes true because it is the truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5324.


Fight Against Spirituality 5458

Strength of the Light From Above. Light of Deceit of Satan.

10. August 1952. B.D. NR 5458.

An exceedingly bright light shines where divine truth is directed to earth. And where there is light there is also the way clearly visible and man cannot go wrong. So therefore the truth is the signpost to me. But truth is not gladly accepted and that is why men are often on the wrong track completely whereas they could easily find the right way. But this is a sign that the end is nearby because darkness will be great in the end so that nobody finds the way to me anymore because Satan rages as he has never raged before. He knows that his time is up and that is why he does everything to put off the light, to darken the way, because he still has power in darkness while the light clearly lets me be recognizable and men who walk the enlightened way longingly stretch out their hands to me - and so my opponent loses them finally. And so you men also know, that and why everywhere action is taken against the pure truth that starts with me myself. You will now understand that the acceptance of the truth is a rarity, whereas the majority of men reject what alone could be to their salvation. A light bearer cannot be attacked because I myself protect him but he will be pestered from all sides to drop the light; through lights of deception and fraud they want to cause the soft shine of heavenly light to fade; often they want to cover it up because they are afraid of the shine when it sheds light upon the night in which men feel fine because they are afraid of the light in their sinfulness. Satan will send escorts to the light bearers that seemingly place themselves in the shine of the light but mind you, to seek to dim it so that it loses its effect. But the light from above has strong power. Again and again it will lighten up the way that leads up. It will chase away the many shades and dark figures so that they cannot harass those who walk on this way with their eyes turned toward me. Even when also Satan has great power in the end, he succumbs to my light of love from above and that is why all who are in his service flee from it; they visit lights of deceit that only blind their eyes and let the darkness feel still stronger than before. My word is truth, my word is the light that shines so brightly that every untruthfulness is exposed; and that is why nobody has to fear darkness who accepts my pure word from above into his heart. Satan has lost power over him because I already have taken possession of him and will also no longer abandon him for ever or let him fall into his hands. Amen. B.D. NR. 5458.


Fight Against Spirituality 5526

Spiritual Misery Greater Than Earthly. Activity of the Opponent.

6. November 1952. B.D. NR 5526.

The spiritual misery is yet much greater than the earthly because men no longer live in the truth and every error is an obstruction upward; every error is spiritual standstill or even decline because error is the work of my opponent to bar the way to me, to prevent men from finding it. Every error strengthens his might and always gives him new opportunities to spread darkness of night over men. Error is everything that contributes to make the recognition of myself more difficult; error is everything that hinders men to seek and find union with me. My aim and striving is that men unite with me; that they long for me and try to satisfy this longing of their heart. My aim is to win the love of my creatures. Everything that contributes to this is good and never the work of the opponent. But what hinders men to find this connection with me, everything that directs their looks elsewhere than towards me, is the work of my opponent. And therefore you can very easily recognize him in everything that is offered to you, may it be spiritual teachings, may it be messages from the spiritual kingdom, may it be events no matter what kind. You always have to clarify what is intended with that. And if it leads you away from me and to the world or makes the close union with me more difficult then you also know that my opponent is at work who wants to force you men aside from me. He also applies means that are to feign my activity; he is not afraid to seemingly work for me to win the gullible that do not recognize him and therefore accept what he offers. The gullibility of men favours his action because they accept without earnest checking the moment only an impulse is given that requires their belief. That is his cunning to seemingly strengthen the faith but still steer it into the wrong direction. Truth is constantly passed on to earth; continually it is carried to men and still thickest error and lies will be accepted much more likely by them than just one spark of truth that would enlighten their mental state. But my opponent has a firm base; he stands on a ground that has been made firm and lasting by men themselves. My opponent works there where men believe to have entered my territory. Also this is a cunning that again can only be exposed through pure truth that I bring to men through my word. However only with difficulty this my word finds entry there where the opponent has barricaded all gates with great care. And men place themselves behind my opponent and strengthen him in his might. That is why the spiritual trouble is so indescribable great and still not repairable by force because the free will of man itself has to strive to step into the light, then it also will soon brighten up in him, and then the ground underneath the feet of my opponent will begin to sway. But without truth the spiritual plight cannot be decreased because truth teaches love, but who has love also recognizes the activity of the opponent and he will free himself of him because through love he also feels the power in himself to escape from him because through love he establishes the union with me and I now give him my support by filling him with light and strength. Amen. B.D. NR. 5526.


Fight Against Spirituality 5528

Persecution of Disciples of the End-Times.

8. November 1952. B.D. NR 5528.

Like my first disciples you will be most violently attacked when the time has come when the decision for or against me has to be made. Then everybody will experience hostility who is for me, who represents me and my name before the world and you will need much strength to be able to resist their demands to renounce me and to recant all what you up to now have supported. But you will not be afraid because like my disciples you will, filled with my spirit, joyfully confess who your Lord is and your will will always be to remain loyal to me and as you know about my might and power you will not fear those that well can kill your body but not your soul. And I will bless you for it that you keep up my name, that you confess towards your fellow human beings that he alone is your strength. You will well be persecuted like my first disciples but not feel the oppression so much and everything that the enemy of the soul wants to do to you - will bounce off you because the shield of faith covers you. And like my disciples you will even then still win men for me that will be led to the faith through your example, who recognize a power in my name to which they willingly surrender. And they will receive the reward that I promised to all who believe in me - also they will harvest eternal life and be accepted into the kingdom of light. But only those will openly confess me who have found me, to whom my word brought light, who reached a living faith through love and therefore are also fully convinced that I save them from all trouble of body and soul. But who has not reached this deep living faith until the time of the faith struggle will easily give me up; the world lures him and without scruple he gives away what should be the highest for him on this earth - he gives up me because he never really recognized me. But you, my disciples of the end-times, you are to stand firm and the power will also abundantly reach you because your will to remain loyal to me also guarantees you my help and power supply in unrestricted measure. You only can lose the earthly life but also this will not end before it is my will; but then you exchange in return a wonderful life in the spiritual kingdom. But you will no longer give me away for promises no matter how great they are on the part of him who well can give earthly goods to you but not eternal happiness. You will well still have to fight on this earth but victory is certain for you because you fight with me and for me, you battle for my name and my love, you battle for truth, for light, for your happiness. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5528.


Fight Against Spirituality 5721

Last Decision. Confessing Before the World.

11. July 1953. B.D. NR 5721.

Also the last decision has to be made in all freedom of will but it will cost you sacrifices, which is why you have to summon up a strong will to remain steadfast against the demands of your opponent to deny me. And still you cannot be forced in any direction, and you will not be able to excuse yourself to have to give in to the pressure on the part of earthly rulers. Because you can resist any time although you then have to suffer earthly. The confession of my name is a very great faith test, but which will be taken as a matter of course by him who has knowledge about the end and the signs before, who is therefore truthfully informed, who knows about my word and through it about my plan of salvation from eternity. He stands firm, and whether thousand devils take action against him, because his will to remain loyal to me earns him strength in increased measure and therefore he has no need to fear this time, the confessing in the last faith struggle. But it is bad for those whose house is built on light sand, whose faith is not enough alive, who lack power to believe, because they do not live in love and who therefore also lack the knowledge of the pure truth, which would let them confess me and my name full of conviction. These are to bring great sacrifices and do not know for what they take upon themselves this severe fate because they themselves inwardly doubt what they are to represent. They do not firmly stand in faith and therefore have little strength to resist. But it is not a matter of earthly life but of the life of the soul - and when men would keep in mind the words: Do not fear those who kill your body but cannot kill your soul - they would be strengthened in their faith and turn to him whom they are to confess. And they would certainly be helped to make the right decision of the will. I still will approach these men before in the word; I will point out to them the time of the faith struggle and direct their thoughts toward the predictions that come true. I will so clearly predict the signs to them that they are taken aback and then also pay more attention to the words that I will impart to them always and constantly. And the last is only possible when my word gains currency, when all possibilities are exhausted to make the fellow human beings aware of the supply of my word from above. What still can happen to save souls that I make possible and what will be done to spread my word that I further because I want that still many men are to hear what they have to expect in the coming time. I want that they become conscious of their responsibility; I want to make them attentive that they have to decide out of free will and that is why they are to strengthen their will by calling on Jesus Christ who takes care of everyone, who lends strength to the weakened will and is always prepared to take care of the souls, which have the earnest desire to remain loyal to God, and feel frightened by the earthly measures. He stands by you because when you call on him you confess to me, I who have become a conceivable God in Jesus Christ for you - I who draw all to me who want to confess him and his name before the entire world. Amen. B.D. NR. 5721.


Fight Against Spirituality 5826

Fight Against Truth. Protection for Light Bearers.

14. December 1953. B.D. NR 5826.

And when all forces of darkness fight against the truth, when they want to extinguish the light that shines from above down to you men, then this light will still victoriously win through and in the end chase away the strongest darkness. Because the time is coming where the earth lies in the brightest light, the time is coming where no shadow clouds the light - where men are in knowledge and all ignorance, all lack of love has disappeared. This time comes certainly, because my word is truth, because truth takes me myself as a starting point and because I direct the light to earth to you my light bearers, so that you carry it out into the world, that you fight against darkness and therefore are to firmly believe that truth will once prevail. But this is impossible with the present human race; there will always be only few who will listen to you and in whom now again light will be kindled and who now increase the weak shine a little, but only on the new earth will truth shine in its full light because then all men are in truth, as they also live in love, and therefore an exceeding great light is poured out over the earth before which all retreats and ceases to exist what still would like to come out as faint shadow. Truth will win - however no longer on this earth where darkness has already become so dense that a light can only last with my help because enemies lie in wait everywhere who would like to extinguish it and therefore hinder its brightness. But I protect my light bearers; I again and again supply the light with new fuel and again and again light bearers meet and now they increasingly shine into the dark of the night and also these are the phenomena of the last times that everything will be done to prevent the announcers of truth from talking, that a stop is put to the spreading of the truth and that only that is tolerated and valued what still increases darkness - that men are in the night and feel fine and do not long for the bright morning. Because too strongly it is worked against the truth from below, against everything that proves and glorifies me. And men love to accept these teachings and opinions; they love to remain in spiritual darkness so that their faults are not becoming visible in the light. But on the day of judgement it is no use to whitewash their state - where everything will be revealed, the willing, the thinking and the action of men. Then an exceedingly bright light will uncover everything and show men up, then no man will be able to hide the state of his soul and darkness will receive all who did not seek the light on earth. But eternal light will shine for those who pursued pure truth on earth and now can receive an overabundance of it. Amen. B.D. NR. 5826.


Fight Against Spirituality 5870

Promise of Preservation of Body and Soul in Times of Trouble.

6. February 1954. B.D. NR 5870.

And it will be given to you for body and soul what you need because my love constantly watches over you and does not let you live in want. Because a time will come over you of misery and earthly trouble when everything will be taken away from you for my name's sake, when everything will be denied you what you need for life and also force will be imposed on you spiritually so that you are to deny your faith, then do not worry because I look after you. I will keep you and supply your body what it needs, but as I also spiritually get you the power to be able to remain loyal to me. Who believes in me, in my love and my might, does indeed not need to be afraid that he suffers hardship in body and soul because I have promised that I myself take care of you with the words: Take no thought what you shall eat and drink and wherewithal you shall be clothed but seek ye first the kingdom of God - and all else shall fall to you. And think of this promise when you get into earthly trouble and hand yourselves over to me fully trusting, who stands by my word. The satanic effect of my opponent will become evident in a way that men stop at nothing who are in bondage to him, that they are capable of anything to destroy faith in me, that they relentlessly take action against my followers and would hand them over to death without thinking when I would not be with my might and power with the ones who are mine. And it will be obvious that the ones who are mine are fed from above because they will live since they receive from me what they need for body and soul. And whether you men also doubt this, whether you listen to these words in disbelief - he who has created the whole world, for him it is certainly possible to keep men who believe in me, who stand by me also in greatest earthly trouble. And I will rescue them out of the hand of their tormentors, I will come to fetch them when the work of Satan reaches its climax, that I put fetters on him to render him harmless. And then all troubles will have an end. Then I will reward the faith of those who are mine, then I myself will dwell among them and they will be happy forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 5870.


Fight Against Spirituality 6024

Forthcoming Turn. Hostility Towards God's Servants.

15. August 1954. B.D. NR 6024.

A light will reveal itself to you and darkness will be broken - you will recognize my will and also know about the assignment, which every one of you is to fulfil. Already in a short time the turn will happen and your work will urgently become necessary and then you also recognize whom I have called to this work because only he will offer himself for it who is really suitable for it. Many will stand at a crossroads and be undecided where to turn and only who undauntedly take the right way are suitable for my work in the vineyard, and so also obviously recognizable as my servants on earth. Because men will act threateningly and frighteningly and who is now afraid of the world, he is not suitable to confess me and my name, to announce my Gospel and to give evidence of me and my revelations. But he who carries my spirit in himself, him the world does not frighten but urges him on to increase the work - because he recognizes what hour the clock of the world has struck. You will have to expect much in the coming times and much strength is needed - but also amply received from me because I do not leave the ones who are mine. But it will also become recognizable who belongs to the ones who are mine. Because the world violently charges against you - the world will call you to account for the sake of my word and demand retraction from you. And now you have to hold your ground. The time of calm will soon be over because everything comes as I have announced it to you that my opponent takes action against you with a sharp weapon - that men hate you, to whom you announce the near end and the judgement. Men of the world do not want to hear that and they are outraged against you and you will be exposed to great hostilities when you continue in your attitude towards me. But earthly advantage will be promised to those who deny me, who leave me. And then it will be decided who is a real servant of me, who wants to serve me in loyalty and intrepidity - then the light will shine - the power and strength of him who is a lord over life and death will become evident, then the ones who are mine will receive unusual power; but those who fall away from me will climb up in the world. And that is a great temptation that is to cause many to fall. But my hand is always stretched out and everyone can grasp it, but then to also finish his earthly path through life in safe conduct. Because he who walks at my hand can now no longer be pressed by my opponent because he now is also a lord over that one and his victory over him is certain. And you are now approaching this decisive battle in which all of you are to prove yourselves when your faith is strong - so strong that the enemy of your soul is powerless - that you have become his master through the power of faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 6024.


Fight Against Spirituality 6083

Faith Struggle. Denial of God. End.

19. October 1954. B.D. NR 6083.

The time is approaching where you are faced with a decision to confess me and my name before the world. And this will happen in such a way that you all will be appalled at the brutality of men, who are in bondage to my opponent - which will be expressed by them taking obvious action against me. The form of the faith struggle, which you have to expect, is now hardly imaginable to you because the earth has not experienced something like it since its existence. Because at any time a faith in a higher being existed among men to whom men are answerable. And this being was worshipped although men mostly had a wrong idea about that being and that is why a kind of polytheism came into being - but a God was always honoured on the part of men. And the controversy always was only which of the many gods was the right one when one wanted to accept only one God. But at stake with the struggle which now will break out is the complete wiping out of faith teachings - in a being that can exactly only be acknowledged through faith. This faith in a higher being is to be stamped out. Faith as such is made out to be detrimental to mankind that is why the fight is meant for it with all severity. Scientifically one seeks to explain and justify everything in creation, but to dismiss a creating power - so to completely deny it. Another intellectual standard one wants to create for men, and so it is adamantly demanded of them to give up all previous thinking and knowledge and to endorse this openly before the fellow human beings. So clearly and unmistakably war is declared on me by my opponent, who only makes use of men to reach his goal to oust me from the hearts of men. The victory of one school of thought over another is at stake; not the reformation of one teaching is at stake - only the faith in me is at stake who has to be acknowledged as redeemer Jesus Christ when you men want to become happy. And now you are to deny me; you are to decide on me or on my opponent. This demand will be made on you men, and you are now to offer resistance to it. You are to openly confess me - you are to fearlessly take my side and because of that furnish proof that you belong to the ones who are mine, who remain loyal to me until the end and who I will fetch in highest trouble. This is the end when my opponent will take obvious action against myself. Then the hour of judgement has come because then he goes beyond the limits of his authority, and then I intervene and imprison him. Then my power and strength and magnificence come out and exercise retribution according to law and justice. Amen. B.D. NR. 6083.


Fight Against Spirituality 6235

Fighting Time Before the End. Difficulties.

11. April 1955. B.D. NR 6235.

You will still have to come through a heavy fight against yourselves and also against your enemies - you will be pressed from outside so much that it will be difficult for you to give away everything, and that is why you have to also wrestle with yourselves that earthly matter does not become a calamity for you - that you give me up for its sake. Because you would make a bad exchange because it lasts only a short time that your body has to suffer privations and scrapes a living in awkward circumstances. Because I shorten the days for the sake of mine because I know that they need much strength to hold their ground against their enemies. And then they will receive the wages for their loyalty. That is why I warn and admonish you men to not let yourselves be pressed down, no matter what comes over you. All this has to precede it, and so also the decision has to be demanded of you; but you then also are to know that the end is soon there, that I come to fetch you - and that exactly this proof of faith stamps you as mine. That is why you always are not to forget that men can well kill the body but not your soul, and when you firmly believe this your body will also bear everything, and I will give you the strength so that it does not feel so as it looks to the fellow human being. It will well be a war, which you wage against yourselves, but only until you become engrossed in my word - until you let myself speak to you. Then a wondrous calm and power will flow through you, and then you will no longer hesitate one moment, you will give away what is demanded of you, but defend your faith with words, which are given to you by my spirit. You will no longer feel any fear but with a glad heart will be my confessors, when the confession for me and my name is demanded. But that is why I admonish you, to first let me speak to you as often as possible. I admonish you so that you already store up strength in you, so that you do not even get into inner difficulties, so that you know what lies ahead, and already free yourselves in your heart of everything, which still will be taken from you, when you want to remain loyal to me. You certainly have nothing to fear when your heart completely belongs to me; only for the lukewarm this fight is hard, and to these I therefore speak urgently that they are to prepare themselves for the time of warfare, where it is a matter of proving loyalty to me or to deny me for the sake of the world and its goods. Also you will have to go the way of the cross but you also can become overcomers of death because my love will always support you as soon as you are only prepared to testify of me. But again and again I have to point out to you that it will be a fight, that you are not allowed to effortlessly acquire the palm of victory - but that you are capable of coming through the fight, and therefore you are only to prepare yourselves that you are to remain all the time united with me and then also get strength from me all the time, to hold out until the end. You, who are allowed to receive my word, you are blessed because you accept strength all the time, and you also can pass on the word with its power. You will then have to specially exert yourselves to also come to the assistance of the weak, to help them up and to make the importance of a decision for or against me clear to them. You are specially trained for this time of warfare, and you have no need to fear failure because you have offered your services as fighters for me and I myself fight at your side. But you have to work non-stop to also represent me and my word before; you have to prove yourselves as my real servants on earth, who always only carry out the assignment of their Lord and announce me and also the nearby end. You willingly have to let yourselves be led and recognize everything as my guidance. And your work will be blessed and bear fruit in the coming time of fighting. You will carry out your duties yourselves full of strength and hand out an abundance of power to all who listen to you and want to remain loyal to me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6235.


Fight Against Spirituality 6263

Admonition to Keenly Work in the Vineyard.

22. May 1955. B.D. NR 6263.

You are to be untiringly busy because the time left is only short while you can work unhindered for me and my kingdom. But as soon as the time of the chaos starts, as soon as the faith struggle starts after that, you will only be able to carry out your work in the vineyard in secret, because the world hates and persecutes you - because in your faith, in your attitude towards me, your creator and father, your redeemer from sin and death, it sees an obstacle to its worldly activity. And then already much groundwork is to be done by you, then my word is already to be brought to many men who themselves also were willing to pass it on, and it will mean a great source of power for all recipients in the time of trouble, which now lies ahead for them. This will be for all of you a time of testing, but which you do not need to fear when it is only your will, your desire, to hold your ground and not to betray me for the sake of earthly advantages. What the world can offer you, from it you would not long have a profit because nothing remains for you when the end has come. But a great profit will well remain for you when you remain loyal to me because your spiritual goods cannot be taken away from you, and your soul will possess great riches when the body ceases to exist. That is why you are not to let yourselves be blinded by the goods of the world, which you are promised to get to fall away from me. And that is why still much groundwork is to be done so that men are informed what awaits them and how passing earthly matter is, to which they still pay tribute. You will always be able to work for me, but only in secret will it then be possible for you when the fight against the faith, against all spiritual, starts. Then you have to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. And also then you will still have success with many who through the trouble find to me and require power and consolation and will seek this from you. I know about this time which lies ahead of you; I therefore also know about, that and how you will come through the fight. And that is why I direct the demand at you to think of the many who are still weak in the faith, and help them that they also seek strengthening there, where you found it - by myself, who now also can be with every single one and guide him out through all dangers - that I can supply them with power all the time because they unite with me and trustingly ask me for it. Your work is to still spread further afield, and I myself will help you to get it that my Gospel is spread. I will bring men to you who you are to look after on my behalf, to whom you are to impart the truth, the pure Gospel, which I bring to you from above, because men are in great spiritual need. My word is to bring all help in this trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6263.


Fight Against Spirituality 6265

Strength of Faith Necessary in Last Struggle.

25. May 1955. B.D. NR 6265.

You will still often experience my visible help so that your faith grows strong and is equal to all resistance, which will approach you in the last times before the end. Often you will be so pressed that without firm faith you would surrender without resistance. But your faith in my help lets you bravely await all - you will not be afraid and not doubt because you know my plan of salvation from eternity, and you therefore also know that everything has to come like this as I have intended, and that nothing happens without my will or my permission. That is why you also know that you are under my protection, that nothing can happen to you as long as you trust in me - and you trust because you firmly and unshakeably believe. That is why your faith is still to be strengthened, which will happen through often visible help as far as I am concerned. Because you who are willingly devoted to me, you belong to the army of my fighters, which I train for myself for the last struggle on this earth. And my fighters will courageously fight for me and my kingdom. They will draw power from me; they will trustingly confess my name and be immune to all attacks on the part of my opponent. And because I need you, I also allow that suffering happens to you, and you are to always remember this when the world gets up against you. Because it will do this because your light shines too brightly, because it uncovers what my opponent rather keeps hidden - because he fears to be unmasked and that is why he instigates the ones who are in bondage to him to act extremely hard against yourselves. He tries everything to rise to the throne, and that is why he does not shrink back from challenging me - so to stamp out all faith in me and my work of redemption. But he does not succeed because I have in you a fighting force which offers resistance, which does not let itself be defeated and which through faith has courage and power, against which the enemy fights in vain. That is why you will never ask for my help in vain; I will always be prepared to help you in all trouble - that is why you are just to turn to me trustingly, whatever it may be. I want to help you to strengthen your faith that it can no longer be shaken by anything. The world will press you in a shameless way because it does not shrink back from false suspicions, and the goings-on of my opponent will become obvious. But all of this is to just prove to you the truth of my word; all this is to prove to you how close the end is because everything comes as I have predicted it to you that the gates of hell will open and all who are of good will and belong to me will be pressed by devilish powers. But I stand protectively beside you, and the shield of faith protects you from all devilish attacks - until the day will come when I come out with my power and glory - when I will rescue you and put in chains him who is my opponent and who wants to overthrow me and whom I will defeat and bind for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 6265.


Fight Against Spirituality 6300

Last Faith Decision.

1. July 1955. B.D. NR 6300.

You will be faced with the decision to profess me or to deny me, and this will be the prelude to a faith struggle as it has never been waged up to now. Because it is the last work of my opponent, that he will try to completely drive me out of the hearts of men, because he believes he can overthrow me, to then take up the government himself. And as this fight is waged under the application of the most brutal means of enforcement, as it is not a matter of a free will decision, which in no way applies threats or promises as weapons, this is an overstepping of the authority of my opponent - it is an open action against me, with which my opponent pronounces judgement over himself: that he will be bound so that he no longer can affect men. But for men it is doubly hard - not only that through this decision those are affected who in their inner being are not quite sure or to whom the denying of myself means nothing else - but also those men who stand by me and would like to confess me fully, will be brought into a difficult situation through coercive measures so that they really have to come through a severe inner struggle to be able to prove loyalty to me because they completely have to end earthly life, even if it is still left to them bodily. They have to give away everything what they own, and will eke out a miserable existence as having been deprived of their rights and being outlawed. And that is that time, of which it is written: I shorten the days, so that the elect will not be shaken. They will need to suffer only a very short time and will be so exceptionally strengthened by me also in this time that they do not regret their decision but cheer and rejoice inside on account of the certainty of my love, power and glory. And faithfully they expect the day of their rescue. Only he who consciously has come to an end with the world and only expects my coming, he will be an overcomer and be allowed to enter the paradise of the new earth. And I know mine; I know who is capable to overcome this time of horror for the believers and stand firm against the last rage of Satan on this earth. Nevertheless I point it out to all men because the weak still can raise themselves to strong faith since only a firm will is necessary to also receive power to confess my name before the world. Who still maintains too strongly the union with the world, who still stands in the middle of the world and is not able to free himself of it, he gives in to the measures which will be issued to break the will of the ones who are mine. And he can count himself very fortunate when I snatch him right out of life and save him the fall into the deep. But this decision has to be first demanded so that also Satan can finish his game, so that he shows himself up, that his action is open war against myself. Because limits are set for him, which he is not allowed to cross, but which he ignores and that is why he will be put in chains anew. But after that also mankind comes into a state of peace and happiness on the new earth, because it no longer can be edged out by the enemy of their souls. And then a redemption section ends, and a new one starts again, as it is scheduled since eternity. Much will be demanded of you men in the time of this warfare against the faith, but it also earns the highest those who get through it. And you men can get through it when you only firmly and closely unite yourselves first already with me, when you have the earnest will to become and remain mine until all eternity. After that I will never let you fall into his hands, then I will supply you with power and in greatest trouble also be with you myself. And those will be able to see me who need unusual power, and they will withstand until the day dawns when I myself come to rescue the ones who are mine and to fetch them into a kingdom of peace - when the time is fulfilled and the end of this earth has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6300.


Fight Against Spirituality 6425

Warning Against Ill-Considered Acting and Speaking.

14. December 1955. B.D. NR 6425.

My favour lets admonitions and warnings reach you because you have my love and because your attention is called to dangers, which threaten you directly when you are not careful. There are well guards always ready around you to protect you; still you yourselves also have to know that you would be at the mercy of the elements of blind thirst for revenge without this protection, which is done on my behalf. And that is why you just always are to remain in contact with me because then I am also with you because your thoughts attract me, and then all powers are helpless, which are out to harm you. Hell rages, and its powers also win men for their plans, that is why you are not allowed to give them grounds, which easily can happen through ill-considered words, which a just anger lets you speak. Always be harmless as doves but wise as serpents! Who fights for my kingdom, for truth, will also be attacked by the opponents of truth, and these work for my opponent, who urges them on to false accusations, so that you have to defend yourselves against lies and falseness. But then remember my admonition, remember that you are surrounded by my fighters, and then turn towards these that they protect you, and turn your thoughts also to me that my light of love falls between you and your enemies and drives these back. Everywhere my opponent will try to harm you because he recognizes that he loses power through you - because he tries to put a stop to your work for me and my kingdom and because he will stop at no means to reach the goal - to put out my light. And men are in bondage to him, they hate the truth the same way because they themselves feel more comfortable in darkness. They therefore willingly help him when it is a matter of taking action against you. And that is why human action will be taken against you, and then you have to be on your guard and undertake nothing ill-considered. Full of faith you then only have to trust me to protect you; you only have to form the union with the world of light the stronger all the time because they then take up the fight on my behalf against the powers of the underworld, but which they can only do when you do not leave them and campaign against your enemies for yourself because you are not strong enough yourselves, and you would be defeated without the help of my fighters, without my help. But you have to fear nothing as long as you unite with me in spirit - in prayer. And I only warn you so that you are careful and immediately recognize the danger when it is on the advance. For the opponent has thought up a trick, but which you will recognize when you remember my warning. Because I always have to take your free will into account, that is why I cannot intervene and place my fighters at your side before you do not approach me for help or hand yourselves over to all good forces that they may protect you. But in the face of them my opponent will have to yield, and they will beat off every attack, which is meant for you, because you are active for me and my kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 6425.


Fight Against Spirituality 6619

Responsibility Before Court. Open Confession.

11. and 12. August 1956. B.D. NR 6619.

Come out, you my servants, when it is a matter of defending me and my teaching because you will be pressed into this situation where you have to openly stand up for me. Opener and opener it will be discussed what the story is behind the work of redemption. The man Jesus and his fate on earth, his shameful end, will well be considered to be possible, but a divine mission of this man will never be acknowledged, and that is why also a belief in him as redeemer of mankind will be rejected and ridiculed in every respect to bring men to sober thinking, which is not based on religious basis. And that is the time where you have to come out. And who is filled with my spirit, he will also not help it than to take sides for me and my name because his inner conviction lets him eagerly speak and refute, and he will try to also bring his fellow human beings to this conviction. That is why I get ready to have qualified tools; that is why I supply them with the truth and with it at the same time the power of knowledge because then it will be necessary to come out with their knowledge to be able to put up a fight against the enemies, which is fought out with the sword of the mouth. Wherever Jesus Christ is disparaged, where his mission is doubted and this doubt is openly expressed, there you, my representatives on earth, are to recognize and fulfil your assignment. Because you can do it because you are initiated into my plan of salvation, because all contexts are clear to you and because you yourselves firmly and convinced believe in him, who has redeemed you from bondage. Only such convincing counter objections as you as a knowing one can bring, can reduce your opponents to silence or to thinking. And if you also will not be able to win these opponents, so still some few fellow human beings who are likewise touched by it and become doubtful. You then have to speak courageously and without timidity because I will put the words into your mouth, and on account of the wisdom which is recognizable from your speeches, you will give rise to astonishment with those who are not yet completely under the control of my opponent. These will revile and deride you but that you have to take upon yourselves for the sake of my name as it often has already been predicted that they will hold court over you because you are my representatives on earth. This time will so certainly come as one day follows another. Also if it now still seems to you as if the number of confessors is increasing all the time - the vivid confessing of Jesus Christ is at stake, and that my opponent always tries to prevent. His effect is that men fuse everything - also the religious life - with the world, that they make it themselves in the end to some worldly thing but only seldom, or no longer at all, establish the inner union with me; it all depends on how he can exert his influence on the individual. True, lively Christianity is only seldom recognizable, which consists of men being in the habit of loving each other, that they live in the spirit of my divine love teaching, that all their thinking and acting is determined by love and therefore also in my will. And that is why the confessing before the world is becoming more and more necessary because every man is anxiously trying to hide his inner mentality when it is good, i.e. turned towards me, on the other hand openly comes out where men campaign against me and my teaching. The refusal of my word and of myself will always be openly confessed but the cooperation with me they will anxiously try to hide. And those men who are still weak can win no strengthening, which they need and which they also are to get through eager confessors of myself. That is why I make the demand on you to openly support me and my kingdom when this confessing is demanded. For only through the open confession you can counteract my opponent and undermine his influence. He who openly confesses me before the world, he also can this out of inner conviction, and he will be successful with his fellow human beings and also strengthen their faith. But as soon as silence is anxiously practised, also the weak in faith will not muster the courage to confess their faith. But the open confession looses all inhibitions and frees you from fear because I myself fill you with power when you want to openly bear witness to me. And then your appearance is also sure towards those who sit in court over you. Those who hardly will be able to touch you will really be fuming out of their mouth because now the power of belief is shown and the power of the word, which I myself direct through you towards these. They will not be able to reply to them and only try to persecute you in helpless rage but not be able to achieve anything against my power and strength. But he who anxiously tries to hide his attitude towards me, he will become weaker all the time because I cannot help him before he does not confess me. Therefore I again and again admonish you and again and again state to you my words: Who confesses me before the world him I will confess also before my father. Think of it when the time will come when you are to make this decision and think of it that it is not to your disadvantage because I alone am he who can give to you and take from you and that you therefore are to think first of my will, my demands, before you comply with the demand of the earthly powers - when this is directed against me and my name. If you want to remain loyal to me then confidently take upon yourselves what threatens you because I can and will ward off everything from you when you openly confess me and then my power and glory will become evident. Then you will experience what the power of faith is capable of. Amen. B.D. NR. 6619.


Fight Against Spirituality 6832

Help From Above in Last Faith Struggle.

16. and 17. May 1957. B.D. NR 6832.

You will be fully compensated in the spiritual kingdom for all privations, which life on earth imposed on you when you receive them in devotion and pay less attention to your body than to your soul. I have prepared a wonderful fate for all those who have to bear suffering and trouble for my name's sake, who assess me and my kingdom higher than all earthly goods and earthly wages - who prove their loyalty to me by gladly taking upon themselves bodily trouble and privations when it is a matter to confess me and my kingdom. For this time will once come and make great demands on you men. Much will be taken from you when you refuse to deny me. By means of brutal force they will try to force you, and you will need much strength to resist, but also receive it in excess. But you will not be able to revel bodily but will always only have what you need for the maintenance of your life. Because that will be supplied by me, because I then myself look after mine when hostile powers take away everything from them. But it is only a short time and thousand times they will be repaid for their loyalty - on the new earth or also in the spiritual kingdom where wonderful things wait for them, which are unimaginable for them. But as long as they still stay on earth I assure them of my constant help, I definitely do not leave them in earthly trouble, and no matter how threatening and dangerous their situation may appear. Who sustains heaven and earth, he can also sustain you who stand by me and also confess this openly before the world. And for the sake of mine I will also shorten the days. I know that they are difficult for you, and I do not want that you become unsure of your faith, because you are always still weak men despite your will and because I also know how much my opponent will press you in your faith struggle. And I do not let you fall into his hands. That is why the last fight on this earth will take place in a very short time, and safely and fully believingly you can reckon with my speedy coming, as soon as that fight breaks out on earth. Just devotedly you are then to take upon yourselves also all severity and to always just wait safely for my help because I do not leave you. And you are also not to mourn for those whom I first fetch home, whose earthly life appears to you to be especially difficult and gives rise to questions of doubts to you. Because these definitely awaits a wonderful fate in my kingdom, and their sufferings and troubles on earth will be repaid thousand times to them as well as their loyalty, which they proved to me. And so therefore no men needs to fear the coming difficult time, who already feels to be united to me inwardly, who is willing to fulfil my will, to serve me and to come close to me because of that. Because this one already belongs to me, and his further fate is only the ladder for the ascent of the last summit. And then also all those promises will become obviously true, which concern my care for you: I will give you rest. I will grant your requests. I will take over the care for your body and your earthly life; I will make the burden easy for you and only burden you with a gentle yoke. I will take care of you as your father, so that you do not stand orphaned in the world. Because the world will hate and persecute you; it will expel you from its community, and my small flock will anxiously flee to its shepherd, and my sheep shed will receive all and grant them reliable protection. I will bar the wolf from his further advance, and shortly therefore also the fate of him will be fulfilled who - completely controlled by my adversary - will play a great role in that faith struggle, who rules himself over his followers and whose measures will be directed against all believers and thus also against me myself, whom he tries to dethrone. He has no long lifespan, and that is also to be an indication for you and hope that then only a short time passes until the end comes, which means redemption for mine from all trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6832.


Fight Against Spirituality 7023

Explanation of the Deeper Knowledge. Faith Struggle.

23. January 1958. B.D. NR 7023.

The deeper I initiate you into my plan of salvation from eternity the more valuable work you can do because only then you are able to serve your fellow men as teachers when you possess a great knowledge yourselves. And I trained my first disciples myself and will also teach my last disciples so that they can stand up for me and my kingdom when this is required - that they then can come out when it is a matter of defending the belief in such teachings which are not provable. Because the time will come where every faith teaching will be resisted; the time will come where everything spiritual will be challenged, where no existing school of thought will be spared that enmity will be shown to it and that it will be slandered. And it will also not be difficult for my adversaries to destroy the foundation because many have only built on light sand, i.e., their teachings will not stand up to objections, they will be able to be torn to pieces, and their followers themselves will start to doubt and be able to very easily separate - when they do not remain loyal to the school of thought in fanaticism, without however being able to defend it inwardly convinced. And then also the truth will be fought, and action will also be taken against you who have been chosen and trained by me myself as representatives of the truth, which I myself supply to you. Also you will be included in that struggle, but it will be difficult for your adversaries to catch you because you are able to also defend the truth according to your knowledge and to also refute every objection because you are able to substantiate logically the deeper contexts. And that is why I initiate you into my eternal plan of salvation and so give you a knowledge, which also entitles you to also take up the fight with your enemies. And then you are to fight with the sword of the mouth. Do you now understand why I again and again supply you with a knowledge from above, why I allow you access to a spiritual knowledge which is not part of everyday life, but which to be possessed is denied to no man when he only gets himself so ready that also he can get enlightened by my spirit. The thinking of men definitely got confused, a net of error and lies ensnares them, and they do not find through it because they do not have the will for it. And exactly this darkness will be proved when they are to earnestly take a stand on faith, on their relationship to me and on the work of redemption. Then everything will fold up like a house of cards because the adversary will take merciless action and pull to pieces every single teaching or laugh at it all and mock what was sacred to them so far. But my disciples will not be afraid; courageously they will take up the fight, justify themselves, and this definitely with great superiority because it is then not they who speak but I myself. But still these my real fighters have to be taught by myself because they have to speak of their own initiative and in their language to not force the fellow men to believe. But still also from among the ones belonging to the adversary fighters will join them who are impressed by their words and not able to deny their validity. And so once the time will come where you can make use of all your knowledge and I train you for this time and provide you with teaching material, which not everybody can show and which - because it starts from me - does also not remain without effect. Because I still want to help many people. But it is left to their free will if they accept the help because I well let the unusual happen but always in a form that it does not force a belief. I still pour out many favours but they have to be used in free will. Amen. B.D. NR. 7023.


Fight Against Spirituality 7063

Protection in Faith Struggle Through Light Beings and Souls of the Other Side.

11. March 1958. B.D. NR 7063.

It will be an exceedingly violent struggle to which my adversary will induce you who are and want to remain loyal to me. He will try it in every way to make you turn away from the faith, from spiritual striving and so from me myself. And I tell you this in advance so that you are prepared for it and do not doubt me and my power. Because his time is given him, but it is limited, so his doings will certainly be brought to an end by me. But he will still let his anger out on you in every way, as he knows that you were able to alienate much of his following. But exactly this following - many souls in the kingdom on the other side - will grant you protection and help you in many adversities which he will cause you. And one is always ready to help. And when I promise you my protection and my help then you can certainly fearlessly also await this coming time because it does not last long. But it requires your will and your strong faith. Again and again you will have to unite with me in close prayer, more and more eagerly you will have to work on yourselves and also in my vineyard. You will have to draw the strength from my word more and more often and have an open eye for everything what happens around you. For also the trouble around you will increase, and then only love can prove itself. And also your strength will increase with every work of love that you do. On the one side apparent progress can also be seen, also no decay can earthly be seen for the time being - but spiritually everything is heading for decay, and the doings of men obviously show that men are under the control of my adversary. And exactly then you need an unusual inner strength, which you can only get from the inner relationship with me. Because the more the world becomes the focus of attention the more unreal appears all spiritual, every faith teaching and also spiritual knowledge. Because my adversary sees to it that everything is doubted, and he will have quite eager servants who openly act against the ones who are mine and want to destroy all their faith. And if this time would last very long then also the ones who are mine would be too weak to resist - but for the sake of the chosen ones I will shorten the days, and you can believe it that you will get through this time, that I supply you with unusual strengthening because I know that also the struggle is becoming unusually difficult for you. But I do not leave the ones who are mine and enlighten their spirit so that they are not deceived by my adversary. And I already do everything before to help the ones who are mine to strong faith, which then is also strength, with which they can overcome everything. And through his influence one resistance after the other will also arise for my light bearers but who has devoted himself in free will to me, by him also innumerable light beings stand, and resist the hostile power by weakening him through their fullness of light, to which he is not up. And so you just need to continually seek the union, both with me and with all beings of light, that they may surround you for your protection. And your devotion to me secures you now also the help of those beings, which have completely entered my will. And my will it is, to stand by you until the end - and this will is also theirs, and so you surely are not helpless in the face of the activity of the adversary but you will furnish proof that strength and power flows through you as soon as he is approaching you in the form of earthly enemies, which want to hinder you and your spiritual work, which also would like to get you yourselves to fall away but do not reckon on the power of the spirit, of which you are filled. Therefore work as long as you still can work unhindered. Carry the light into the darkness and follow me always closer - and you will certainly be able to stand firm also in the most difficult fight, you will emerge as winner from the faith struggle because my power will become powerful in you. B.D. NR. 7063.


Fight Against Spirituality 7806

Concerted Effort at the Time of the Faith Struggle.

24. January 1961. B.D. NR 7806.

A spiritual community will form itself, which is active in my will when the time of the faith struggle has come. Those men will get together who are of the same spirit, whose will is turned towards me and who also will confess me before the world. Because these receive power from me and cannot help it than to announce my name because they are completely filled with my spirit, because their faith is a living one, full of power and full of strength. Therefore this time of the faith struggle does not need to give rise for you who want to be mine to fear and worry because you will be stronger than those, you will not fear them but your courage of your conviction will be strengthened because more and more power is supplied to you the more eagerly you stand up for me and my kingdom. And you will recognize one another because love will bring you together; I myself will direct and guide your ways that you find the way to each other, and you will transfer the power in you to the other; a holy fires will glow through you, because you know what is at stake; you also know that the end is near and that also my coming is to be expected soon. And that will strengthen your courage so that you joyfully confess to belong to me, that you also would be prepared to lay down your life if I would demand it of you. But I want to grant you my protection because I need you, because still many weak souls are to find you very supportive, because you are to announce me as your divine redeemer, who all men need if they want to become happy. Because my adversary wants to eradicate this faith among men, which is his last aim on this earth, which he strives for and seeks to achieve by brutal means. And that is why you are to stand up for Jesus Christ; you are to confess his name loudly before the world. And you will also be able to do it because who is of a living faith is also strong and fearless towards the world; who is of a living faith also stands in knowledge and that is why he also can make the right decision because he knows which hour has struck. He knows that then also the time has come when my adversary will again be tied up because he quite openly takes action against the faith in God in Jesus Christ and with it exceeds his authority. And that is why you men are to endeavour to reach a living faith; you are to live a life in love, which alone gives birth to a living faith, and through love you are to revive the spirit spark in you, which will then also give you a bright light so that you recognize and the living faith then also is the result of the recognition. Prepare yourselves for this time because it requires great power from you. And that is why you are also to ask already before for this power because I will bless everyone who only has the will to belong to me and to remain mine forever. He will certainly then also receive the power from me to endure until the end , and he will joyfully confess my name before the world. And he will belong to those who experience the end and whom I will rapture so that he is allowed to experience the joys of paradise on the new earth, because then all fighting will have an end; peace will be on earth and harmony and perfect happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 7806.


Fight Against Spirituality 8369

Living Faith at the Time of the Faith Struggle.

1. January 1963. B.D. NR 8369.

Happy those who have found the way to me, who are busy in their thoughts with their God and creator, who let their thoughts wander into that kingdom, which is not visible to them but is the real kingdom, which continues to exist until all eternity. Happy those who have already started the way into their home, who not just live an earthly life but also a spiritual one and have made contact with the spiritual world. Happy those who have taken the way to the cross and call for me in Jesus Christ and who I therefore can also redeem from sin and death. For all these men have directed their will right; they have passed the test of will for the purpose of which they are on earth. But there are only few men who earnestly strive for my kingdom and therefore for me. Because for many nothing but form is enough; to them it is enough that they are outwardly considered to be Christians, that they belong to a church and fulfil the commandments - which these churches demand of them. But they lack living faith; the living Christianity is foreign to them; inwardly they are hardly touched, and that is why also their souls do not mature. And because they think they are Christians they will also not strive for a change of their thinking. And time passes without their souls having earned the maturity, which secures them a happy life in eternity. And these men must be awakened out of their spiritual lethargy, which only suffering and wants bring about. For in such a poor spiritual condition they will not be able to come through the faith struggle victoriously, which still lies ahead of you men. They will completely fall away from the faith, because they lack the power to resist, which only arises from a living faith. But it will come and will be waged with such brutality that even the ones who are mine must request much power, when they want to withstand, when my adversary through his vassals - through those men who are in bondage to him, will pull to pieces every single faith teaching as lies and deception and when they themselves have no better knowledge to be able to oppose them. Only such a person will be able to win a living faith, who leads a love life and because of that can be rightly directed in his thinking, who therefore also will lucidly and clearly recognize the truth and also advocate it towards those who deny every single belief in God and also want to destroy it with men. And that is already why I again and again make accessible to you the pure truth through my word, and when you accept it as a result of you fulfilling my will and live in love, then also the faith struggle will not be able to put you off your conviction, because once you have recognized the truth, then you will also no longer give it away; you defend it also at the risk of your life, because you then also know how vain all earthly things are and that you win far more in my kingdom than the earthly kingdom can ever offer you. But the form Christians will not be able to summon up this conviction, and my adversary will have no great trouble that they completely give up their faith, because they lack every single idea and therefore consider everything to be human effort, because this is so presented to them by the adversary. That is why knowledge alone is of no use when love does not first let knowledge become alive and gives man the inner conviction out of which he now will draw strength and offers resistance until the end. Only that I want to achieve, that you take the path to me by yourselves, that you intellectually concern yourselves with me and my kingdom, which is not of this world. And you can believe it that I then no longer leave you out and will again and again step in into your world of ideas so that you again and again establish the union with me, which also secures the influx of power for you, which you will need in the last times. Only when I have found entrance into your heart, then you are not lost, because you are also my share I also do not give you up, and you yourselves give me the right to push aside my adversary from you, because you have found to me out of free will, because you do not close your mind to me and my radiation, but let it have an effect on you and that is why you now have become mine and will remain so until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 8369.


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