Prophecies about the last times and especially about the chaos after an earth upheaval are quoted here .

This is the chapter "3. Chaos" of "Redemption Period".

3. Chaos

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Some men will have to get knocked out completely before they will be able to change. Such a man has to get hit so hard that he comes to a complete standstill. He has to get softened up before any good can come out of him. Let us take an example. There is Mr Sa and he is a religious man fanatically attached to his religion. He is a real hypocrite Ė a real Pharisee Ė and willing to fight for all his religious heritage and traditions and rituals and feast and ceremonies, and especially for his religious organisation. The higher the rank of a man of his organisation the more he treats him as his god. It is a man who is completely attached to the world and its ways and who cannot be touched by the spiritual. When the real word of God is brought to him he reacts absolutely negative. Even when he listens to the most famous sermon, a sermon preached by Mr St, a sermon that is so famous that it becomes a part of the Bible, no effect on him can be detected. The only thing that will bring any change to such a man will be to knock him physically so hart that his physical life will be seriously affected in such a way that his body is out of action and his movements are heavily restricted. Only that will bring anything. Only in such a state he will become open to listen to anything spiritual. Only a Damascus Road Treatment will do. A divine natural disaster has to strike him.

He has to be thrown to the earth and his eyesight has to be taken from him. Only such an experience will make him open to change. And that is what the last days are all about. Only something absolutely out of the world will enable people to come to a position where a modification of their views can be accomplished. And only after this has been done will anybody be able to talk to them in such a way that they will also listen. And then comes the time for the real believer to get into action. This is the time for a Mr Ananias to go and sort Mr Sa out. Only now Ė after his Damascus Road Treatment Ė is he ready to listen to Godís word.

God spoke to Saul quite directly. He used Steven as his mouthpiece. But it did not help. And that was not the first time God spoke to Saul. During Saulís whole life God spoke to him. Saul was a Pharisee and therefore highly trained in all aspects of scripture. He had the best teacher one could imagine. And all that was to no avail Ė despite the fact that Saul was a highly intellectual man. And a very similar situation we have today. All the theologians have been trained in the word of God and it is available to them. But all to no avail. A big natural disaster has to hit them hard and soften them up. And even then all this will be to no avail to most of them: even a Damascus Road Treatment will not help.

So what we need is this combination of action: first a divine natural catastrophe and then an army of harvesters. And for that we have to get ready. We have to prepare ourselves for the last days, find out what it is all about - gather information, so that when the time arrives we will at least be able to recognize that it has arrived. And then we must be ready to work. And that will only be possible when we ourselves are not affected by this natural disaster, when we ourselves are already free from all attachments to the world and to matter. All the so called Christians will be the victims because they were never taught to separate themselves from the world and from the world of matter. They always tried to serve two masters and now they are in the hands of their real master and they will say Lord, Lord, and the Lord will say, I donít know you. But we can come and show to them and explain from the word of God what happened and what happened to them and we might be able to accomplish some change. And that is what the end of times is all about. We must do our part. God will do the first part. He will beat the living daylights out of them and make them ready for us. And then we have to come and do our work. God beat the living daylights out of Saul, he threw him to the ground and daylights were gone for Saul. And during the next few days Saul became very ready. And then the real believer Ananias appeared and did the harvesting.

It is harvesting time. It is the time when the grain gets separated from the chaff and the grain gets gathered into the barn and the chaff gets burned. It is the time of the last days. Harvest time - the Day of Judgement. It is the time when we should declare the workings and the activities of God. And for that purpose we need the information that is gathered here in these writings. These writings here have the purpose to prepare ourselves for the Day of the Lord. When we remain ignorant then these days will also catch us by surprise. We have to know something about the reason why God created the world and matter, how we got into this mess, and we ought also to know how to get out of it. Knowledge of these things will prevent us to also be caught out.

And the reason why God is again and again talking about these last days, and again and again telling us that they will come soon, is this fact that men will only do something about it when they feel the big hammer above them and then hitting them. The prospect of sudden death or of a possible personal accident does not do the trick. We are too much used to the fact that these things do not happen to us, they happen to others, but not us. But when this big thing, the end of the world is happening unexpectedly, that might cause us to consider changing a wrong life into a life of love. Only when this sword is starting to penetrate our body will we take action.

The result of the upheaval will be chaos. There will be spiritual and earthly chaos. Everything will experience a decline. Satan will have his field day. His followers will arrange all this. They will take all the necessary steps to create chaos, confusion and disorder. He will create destruction and devastation, uncaring orders, a lifestyle of wickedness and ungodliness, rebellion and outrage, resistance against law and order, the ruling authorities will react with brutal suppression, restriction of personal liberty, there will be bypassing of rights and righteousness.

It will be a time of great opportunity to spread the gospel. It is the right time to bring Godís word to the people. But it will definitely not mean an upswing for worldly church empires. People will be very busy to improve their earthly circumstances. And this will be contrary to seeking spiritual aims. It wonít agree with the belief in a power that calls them to account and with the belief in divine commandments that demand love. So everything that stops them to resume their old good living and life of luxury will be attacked. And this will be the start of the persecution of the believers.

During this time of chaos everything will be thrown into confusion. There will be a state of bewilderment and perplexity. People will be disturbed Ė in a worldly way - but especially in regard to spiritual matters. Satanic activities will be obvious. Worldly plight and misery will be everywhere and spiritual distress will follow. This shaking awake of everyone will be necessary so that new spiritual life can emerge.

Now follow some prophecies related to this chaos. B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Chaos 3251

Chaos. War Against Faith.

11. September 1944. B.D. NR. 3251.

And it will happen as it has been written. A spiritual change lies ahead but only after a state of extreme confusion, earthly and spiritual helplessness, clearly recognizable satanic workings and utmost earthly and spiritual misery. Because all this has to come first so that some new spiritual life can emerge from it that will be lived by those who hold their own in these last days, who put the spiritual life above the earthly one and are not induced to fall away from God. These experience the new age, the spiritual change and so also the change of the old earth, and the greatness of God will be revealed to them, his wisdom, omnipotence and love. Seemingly the eternal deity is lately far from the human race but in fact closer than ever because he pleads for every manís soul and that is why all the suffering is on earth as it is a last means to win them. And the suffering is also a sign of the love of God who knocks on the heart of the individual to make himself perceptible to him. And when the later days have come the suffering and the trouble will not come to an end so that man makes an end to the pleasures of the world so that he turns his thoughts to eternity so that the learns to despise the earth und recognizes its spiritual purpose only. And then an unspeakable sad process will happen executed on the believers that faithfully stand by God. This will mean to be a last assault on the faith, a deprivation of rights will be introduced that is to expel all believers from the circle of the general public; a time of unspeakable suffering will come for these believers however it only seems like it to the fellow human being because the believers themselves do not feel the suffering to such an extent as it looks because the power of God supports them and enables them to bear their imposed lot. According to the depth of faith is also the depth of suffering that appears before the world as unbearable but that is not such a great burden for the believer that he is not able to endure it. But the world tries to revel in success, men will be materialistic minded more than ever, they will chase after worldly pleasures, they will take without scruple what seems to be desirable to them without consideration for the fellow human beings, and they will heap up wrong upon wrong, sin upon sin, and offend against divine commandments because they do not acknowledge God anymore and they testify to this by the openly executed war against the believers. And it is only a small flock that lives scattered among men that recognizes the nearby end and calmly expects it. For they know that the end also brings with it the coming of the Lord and they await him who is to bring to them salvation from deepest trouble. And God blesses their strong faith by revealing himself to them wherever the trouble is great and where men need strengthening. He is with them at all times because every believing thought calls him over. But he still remains invisible, only in individual cases he appears visibly, until the hour has come, when he raptures the ones that are his, when he raises them in their living bodies before the work of destruction of the earth takes place. And then the great earthly trouble has come to an end because the believers canít anymore be harassed when they again take possession of the new earth to start the new redemption period as the stock of the new human race. For all evil is banished and rendered harmless. Amen. B.D. NR. 3251.


Chaos 3926

Course of development period. Tough struggle for life.

1. December 1946. B.D. NR. 3926.

An extract only:

For you are standing in the last time; you will experience great things, terrible for all who do not believe, and overwhelming sublime for those who recognize me and think of my word. And despite of all trouble they will always feel my love and my omnipotence and leave themselves confidently to it. And I myself will lead them that they reach their aim safely. But what happens on and in the earth, that is incomprehensible to human intellect, for all that it is unique and so extraordinary that no-one is able to imagine it, in what way my power and my will appears. Men, who do not want to separate from the earthly, will indeed strive for continuous build-up; they will seek to replace again everything lost; they will create and work earthly to put themselves into the possession of goods, but I will again and again ruin their striving so that they recognize the uselessness of it, apart from it and earnestly think about their souls, the everlasting, as it is purpose and aim of every individual man. And that is why the struggle for live will continue; no-one will come to rest, and no-one will be able to enjoy the fruits of their earthly striving, unless he is completely fallen into the hands of him, who wants to seduce him from me. Then he can certainly stand in life of pleasure, but he will also be recognizable as relative of Satan, because his acting will only reveal unkindness and hate, and fellowmen are not to take his life of pleasure as an example.


Chaos 3949

Indication to natural disaster. Urgent admonition to preparation.

1. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3949.

To all of you who receive my word, I call to you: Prepare yourselves for the coming time, which will bring great changes to your life situation, which will place you before great tasks earthly and spiritually and which you therefore cannot take earnestly enough when you do not want your soul to come to grief. Because you must draw already power before because extremely great things are expected of you both spiritually as well as also earthly. Earth life will press so heavily upon you that you can bear it only with me and my help, and therefore you must first remain connected to me; you are not allowed to become wavering in your faith and think that I have left you, because only with faith in me can you find comfort and power, then you will come to me and I will help you. And although many around you will fall away from faith in the face of the great misery, which will come irrevocably Ė remain steadfast and turned towards me in your hearts, and you will feel me and my presence; always you will find the help, which I have promised you. You are still not able to believe in what I have again and again announced to you; it still seems doubtable to you that I myself appear obviously. But the hour draws nearer and nearer and with it a complete change of the accustomed living conditions. And you are to prepare for this by you detaching yourselves from all matter already before, by you leaving your further manner of living to me alone and only just care for your soul in full faith in me. Because the earthly you cannot keep for yourselves, and no matter how much you care, when I find it more beneficial for you that you lose it. But what I want to keep for you that will also not be touched by the powers of nature through which I express myself. Believe it that I direct everyoneís fate corresponding to my love and wisdom and that every anxious worry of you is unfounded. I myself care for mine so that they can still attain as much as possible high soul maturity still on earth. Because the time towards the end is only short, and this means for many also a shortened earth life time; they are to and can, however, also reach the aim in shorter time because my love opens every possibility to them. Therefore take my words seriously, consider a soon end and the natural disaster occurring before the end, and expect it daily because it comes surprising also for mine. And entrust yourselves to me unrestrained Ė I do not leave you, for ever when you just think of me, and I hear you when you call me in the heart. But make full use of the short time before; leave all earthly striving, and seek to win spiritual advantages only. And remain loyal to me also in the greatest trouble, and you will have me as the continuous helper at your side; you will obviously experience my often wonderful help because I have promised it to you, and my word is and remains eternal truth. Believe in it and therefore also in the coming great time of trouble, and prepare yourselves for it by drawing continuously power from my word, by you seeking me more intimately than ever, and remain in constant contact with me through prayer and love work, because you will need much power so that you do not become weak when I express myself through the powers of nature. But be afraid of nothing whatever may come because I protect those who are mine so that they become strong supports for me on earth in the last time before the end, who are to help me to spread my word so that those souls are still rescued which are of a good will. Amen. B.D. NR. 3949.


Chaos 3975

Changed Situation in Life. Worldly Men.

13. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3975.

A thinking that is completely orientated towards the world will hardly get into the spirit of the changed situation in life and will only constantly concern itself with the improvement of that situation and this will also prevent man from all work on his soul. Who lets matter become his master will also never overcome matter and to whom the loss of earthly goods was not a help to overcome these will rush towards these possessions with increased eagerness to increase them again and if he is to be helped again then this can only happen through renewed loss so that he learns to recognize the impermanence of matter and mentally profits from this. But increased worldly striving will result in the loss of all faith and this already will establish different camps which are recognizable outwardly. Men who are believers feel their worldly harassed state of affairs to be send by God and are therefore not anymore anxious to increase their earthly possessions while the man who strives for possessions has lost faith in a power that wants to reveal itself through events that brought him material loss. His desire for the world is greater and therefore he does not recognize God and also does not arrange his life according to his will. And so an exceedingly busy activity will begin and men will want to improve their life situation which has become exceedingly difficult due to the will of God. And the thinking of a man will now become obvious - the one who lives a life of love will help his neighbour to make his life bearable but the uncaring one will only want to arrange anew his own life, he will do everything to gain again prosperity and he will stop at nothing to achieve this at the expense of the neighbour. And soon it will be obvious from whom he receives his support and who gives him strength for worldly work and who has in return taken possession of his soul. But the believer will also find help in every difficulty but not visible outwardly but the power of God will inundate him, he will get every situation in life under control and remain in contact with God all the time, his faith will deepen, love for material things will decrease, and this is by far a greater progress than the increased worldly possessions of the unbeliever. Because he who sells his soul for the sake of an earthly life reckons only with the short time of life on earth which can come to an end for him any day. And he does not consider eternity which will be terribly agonizing for him because matter will captivate him the same way as it did on earth. And that is why man has to try to free himself from any form of desire for matter he is to take upon himself the difficult time with submission to Godís will and to follow God the more closely the more he is helpless worldly wise. For God will help him and will also reveal himself through the often miraculous help. And for him the time of trouble will be short but endless long the life in the spiritual realm where he, being rid of all material things, will be unspeakably happy because he already became an overcomer of matter on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3975.


Chaos 3979

Reason for Suffering and Misery in the Latter Days.

18. February 1947. B.D. NR. 3979.

A short time of good living on earth can result in a spiritual decline for every single man because as soon as the material fight for survival is eliminated the soul is tremendously receptive to every kind of stimuli and offers therefore also little resistance when the temptations of the world are approaching. And because the last days necessitate an increased struggle for the soul to still reach its goal every opportunity must be taken from it to become lukewarm and sluggish in its upward striving. And that is why again and again the soul will be approached by suffering and misery and every man is to be thankful for this because they are the last means that prevent too deep a relapse. Worldly wellbeing can only be without disadvantage for a soul that is already mature, it however does not need worldly riches, no bodily pleasures and also no obvious good living conditions but it will feel fine in every situation in life even when this seems to be laborious and humble to people, as on the other hand also seemingly good living conditions are not enough for an immature soul and it continually lusts after increased possessions, and so does not show regard to the state of its soul and is in great danger. No event approaches man in vain that touches the soul as misery and toil, again and again God tries to win him for himself by him feeling his powerlessness and turning to God for help, again and again therefore events follow one after the other that put a soul in a state of turmoil and turn away the attention of man from worldly pleasures and enjoyments because the soul must struggle perpetually and it is not allowed to become lukewarm. God knows what is useful to the soul and he constantly creates new possibilities for it to mature which is why there has to be a continued struggle for survival. But God never leaves a soul without power that desires it and trustingly turns to God for help. He gives it what it needs worldly wise and spiritually but he takes away from the body for the sake of the soul what could endanger the soul. And that is why you men do not have to expect a considerable improvement of your living conditions but again and again one event will succeed another which forces you to a heightened fight for survival. But it is the time before the end and it is only short and for every man bearable when he gets in touch with his creator and sustainer, with his eternal father. Then he will only draw intellectual benefit from the difficult time for him and he will also one day recognize their blessings, he will thank God for his care, for the suffering, that contributed to the increase of the maturity of the soul, that kept him from eternal ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3979.


Chaos 4058

Difficult Living Conditions. Godís Guidance and Help.

7. June 1947. B.D. NR. 4058.

Complete different living conditions will also cause a complete different life style and men will be faced with tasks that seem to be impossible and that still have to be solved as they are essential for life. And now the ones who belong to me have to prove themselves, i.e. they will have to put the power of belief to the test and they will have to expect Godís help by implicitly trusting him and they will be helped. This is the time where men who have strong faith will testify to the unbelievers of the ability of a man who trusts in the help of God, who in strong faith leaves himself to God and takes the greatest tribulation in prayer to God. They will be helped and life will be bearable for them even if very difficult.

But I also gave them the promise which I now also bring to mind: that I will shorten the days for the sake of those who are mine. And so the hour is approaching more and more when I will come in the clouds and this my coming again will mean a true redemption for those who are mine, who are in a most difficult situation and in need of my visible help. As long as they live on earth they are exposed to suffering, i.e., they are not completely insensitive to molestations and threats by the world. But the strength of their faith lets them bear all suffering more easily even though it sometimes touches them very much. And so men will divide themselves into two camps, there are those who do not believe and who therefore have little connection to the spiritual world and those for whom the connection to me is everything and who do not start anything without having asked my blessing and who therefore also obviously will recognize my guidance because due to their love for me they also feel inside of them my nearness and my nearness always means power and therefore an easier overcoming of that what without the power from me burdens men much more. And now those who are mine will also recognize each other by their strength of faith and they will unite and will console each other with the coming of the Lord. The will be awaiting me full of hope and long for me in their love and they will strongly believe that I am coming and I do not disappoint their faith, I help them where help is needed, and come to fetch them when the trouble becomes unbearable so that they do not fall away from me so that they remain steadfast until the end and so that they can enter paradise on the new earth because they remained loyal to me in deepest trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 4058.


Chaos 4129

(Words of the Father) Chaos. Assignment of the Workers for the Kingdom of God.

23. and 24. September 1947. B.D. NR. 4129.

The chaos will be beyond description that still awaits men who will survive my intervention, the raging of the elements of nature, and nobody will have the strength to be busy building up except those who are mine who can ceaselessly draw strength out of the connection with me. These will also be conquerors under these hardest living conditions they will achieve much because they will obviously receive help by exceptional workings from my side because their strong faith in me allows such workings. And this will let them find plenty of work all about. Everywhere there will be people who stand helplessly around unable to cope with the severe circumstances. And to bring these to a belief in me and my love, to give them a weak recognition of the truth, to prompt them to become active in neighbourly love, and therefore to give them knowledge of my word, will be the task in this coming time of suffering that you can carry out well when you want to be good workers for me and want to work for me and my kingdom. But then you yourselves also have to go through the times of suffering, I canít keep away from you plight and misery where the whole of mankind is affected by it but I have to confine myself to fill you with power so that you cope with the time of need. But this requires continuous contact with me, strong faith and love for the neighbour. Then you can act as teachers for me and you yourselves will be guided as my will and my wisdom has determined since eternity. And therefore you are to talk everywhere wherever it is possible because what I once say comes to pass to the chagrin of an enormous number of souls that are still far from me and to the joy of those who have found their way to me. To them you are to bring the Gospel, you are to bear witness to them about the time of grace until the end, about my work of extraordinary nature and about the great spiritual success of the fulfilment of my will that I announce through you men. You are to instruct them about the effect of a life of love, about the consequences of right thinking and acting. And as you succeed to bring them to the faith and to win them for my teachings you have worked successfully for me and you yourselves will be blessed spiritually as well as earthly and therefore being paid already on earth through a grant of extraordinary blessings during the extremely difficult life situation of the last days. You will have no shortage neither earthly nor spiritually, you will be able to work for my kingdom filled with power and you will withstand all temptations and will also be able to stand your ground in the face of the world and you will be courageous and confident and not at all bow under the measures of those who are hostile to me and you will receive my word always and constantly and this will be the greatest blessing that will let the days until the end be bearable for you. Because you will feel myself, you will be conscious of my presence and because of this be happy beyond all measure because I will also show myself to you when increased strength is required for you. And that is why you, who are mine, will also endure the last and most difficult days and patiently hold out until I come to fetch you into my kingdom. But unspeakably difficult they will weigh down on those who have no faith in me and who therefore have hopelessly become slaves to my enemy. For a terrible end waits for them. They remain under his control and will be banished anew so that one day they can become free from his reign of power even if it will take ages. Amen. B.D. NR. 4129.


Chaos 4155

Disappointment of Men - Improvement. Divine Intervention.

29. October 1947. B.D. NR. 4155.

A great disappointment will be experienced by those men who are hoping for an improvement of the situation in life and carry out all work in view of a better time. They think they can reshape life for themselves through human hands and human will, they believe in advancement in every respect, all the work they carry out amounts to a provision in the long run, they exceedingly labour at unimportant things, but they ignore the things of greatest importance Ė caring for the life hereafter. Their thoughts permanently revolve around earthly duties, earthly pleasures, earthly prosperity. But they are completely indifferent to spiritual life and so it is understandable that they are drawn away from God although they talk about his name because the attractions of the world are stronger and the world is part of him who works against God and wants to oust him. And as they grant more rights to the enemy of God through their desire they will receive what they desire but he also takes possession of their soul and a breaking off from his power requires a willpower that earthly minded men do not muster. The disappointment will be exceedingly great for these men when the earth will be hit by divine will, when the natural disaster destroys all their hope and puts them into an exceedingly poor situation in life that contradicts all their plans and hopes. It will be a bitter time for all worldly men that will hardly be bearable for them because now they see the impossibility of a better life and are incapable of any constructive work. They grumble and complain and reject a creator and sustainer of all things because they have no capacity to recognize God in that misery that followed the work of destruction. A spiritual explanation of the time to come they do not accept because their worldly attitude robs them of any capacity of a proper assessment and so they are at a complete loss in the face of the new situation until God takes pity on them and either takes them from the earth or gives them anew the possibility to take note of his word to earnestly change their attitude - if they summon up the will for it. Nevertheless it is the only possibility because the inclination to the world is too great to be given up if God had not at the same time combined a relief campaign with this work of destruction to give them the opportunity to separate from matter. Because this must first be overcome if man wants to be blessed, if he wants to get to know on earth his actual assignment and if he wants to strive for its fulfilment. The divine intervention through nature is the last remedy to turn in free will to spiritual striving and to learn to overcome the earth with its attractions. Amen. B.D. NR. 4155.


Chaos 4724

Disaster and its Effects. Neighbourly Love.

27. August 1949. B.D. NR. 4724.

You all will return to the state of most primitive life style because only that way it is possible to get you to serve in neighbourly love that alone can redeem you. To all men the opportunity is now given to an activity in love but free will is decisive how far the opportunity is used. And so mankind very soon wants to create again improved living conditions and according to the will of the individual with right or wrong means because only few will serve, but most of them let others serve them and come again into the possession of prosperity at the expense of the fellow human beings even if only for a short time because very soon the end follows. But what precedes the end is determined since eternity. A partial destruction of unimaginable extent that concerns large stretches of land and claims innumerable lives. For these people therefore the end has come but their death still results in an entrance of their soul into the hereafter. The last hour for this world has not yet arrived when also the gates of the spiritual kingdom will be closed. But a last reprieve is still granted to the survivors, an exceedingly difficult earthly life that yet can be called a time of grace that earns many that are still of good will increased maturity. The great events ought to set all men thinking and make them contacting God but only few derive an advantage for their soul from it by recommending themselves to their creator and father from eternity and asking him for favour and help. And these will also be helped. Because the misery will be great and so general that help from outside cannot be expected. People can only help one another and in this neighbourly love they will be powerfully supported from above, they will be able to do work that as such exceeds their strength. But the will to help earns them exceptional supply of power, the will to help will also affect them and bless them so that the helpful man will receive spiritually and earthly what he wants to give away and also one's own troubles are remedied because of that. The power of faith and love will visibly make itself felt and every man can ease his burden when he thinks of the neighbour and not only of his own trouble. To revive love this great tribulation overcomes you because only love can redeem you and it continually cools off more and more the more the end approaches. And he who is still able and willing to love him the trouble will not depress but he himself will conquer by virtue of his love towards the neighbour. Still great suffering will prevail everywhere. People will be torn apart, they will have no knowledge any more from each other and to everybody the opportunity is given to apply all power to bring relief to the plight that surrounds him. And man can accomplish much when he only calls on God for support and desires help for others. But he who takes advantage of fellow man and wants to profit from his misery he will be counted to the ones at the end that will be devoured by earth on the last day - he will belong to those that will be damned because they have become true devils and have to share the wages of him who will be bound in fetters and banished again in the new earth for endless long time, Amen. B.D. NR. 4724.


Chaos 5383

Earnest warning. Last Phase of Earth.

6. May 1952. B.D. NR. 5383.

A short while still you are in ordered circumstances, to be then thrown into a chaos from which you can no longer extricate yourself out of your own power. Because now the earth enters the last phase, it goes towards its end. This prediction has to be taken very seriously as it is to make you realize that also your last time has come, that all of you do no longer have a long lifespan and many have to prepare themselves to be suddenly called away before that. Every day that you still experience is a gift that you are to appreciate because every good work that you do in a day increases your strength that you will be able to use in dire need in the coming time. But he who lives without love and faith will be completely without power or will hand himself over to him who will well supply him with power, but does not save him from the end, from the last judgement, from the new banishment into hard matter. Do not sell your soul for a price that definitely does not compensate for the trouble that the soul still has to face when life on earth is at its end. I cannot warn you often and earnestly enough because I want to prepare a blessed lot for you. But you men do not believe what I again and again let announce to you through seers and prophets - you do not believe it and I cannot force you to believe. You are of a worldly mind and are endless far away from the spiritual; you are completely immersed in matter and this matter will crush you, it will again imprison you completely, because you do not separate from it as long as you have power to do so. Just earnestly imagine to be locked up in hardest matter and no longer being able to free yourself of it. The thought would give you the greatest strength to escape from this fate but you lack to believe this and I cannot give you this faith but you have to obtain it yourself through a life of love. Then the whole connection will become clear to you and also the meaning of your life on earth as man. And you would get a fright how far you deviate from that what was given to you as assignment for the time of your earthly existence. Do good works, force yourself to it, learn to be without for the fellow human being, alleviate the suffering and misery, comfort and refresh the sick and weak, lend a compassionate hand everywhere where you see misery - you do it not only for others, you also do it for yourself because your soul arises to life and every good work incurs it the illumination of the spirit - you will become seeing and recognize my great love there where today you still see merciless ruling of a power that just wants to torment you on earth. Listen to my renewed warning cry and exhortation and do not let it die away at your ear, let go of the desire for matter, just think of the welfare of your soul and be unconcerned because I also keep you earthly when you seriously look after your soul that is in greatest danger, because the end is nearby. Amen. B.D. NR. 5383.


Chaos 6066

Admonition to Workers in the Vineyard. Success in the Hereafter.

29. September 1954. B.D. NR. 6066.

As it may come, do not get tired in your work for me and my kingdom. Often you will be discouraged because it seems you do work in vain; but far more in vain is earthly work because its success comes to nothing when the great chaos begins. But what you have done as spiritual work that will then have an effect - no matter whether on you yourself or the fellow human beings, whose attention you aroused so far, because they will think back and consider the probability. And some will learn to think differently when events hit men, which take all earthly hope from them. Remain busy in your work in the vineyard and fill the place where I put you. Everyone has to do that what he is charged with and is not to ask with what results he works because spiritual work is never unsuccessful but its extent cannot be seen by you men. Do not become tired and make good use of the time because only limited time is left but can still be used beneficially. And do not look at the world and its sinfulness, do not doubt the truth of my word that the worldly are in mortal danger, also when you see them to lead a life of pleasure - also when they want to give the lie to you at the sight of the worldly upswing. Believe my words: Soon everything is over. But as the spiritual knows no end it is a question of creating a state for this spiritual, which does not give agony and darkness but light and perfect happiness. And no matter how small also the success of your work appears - it is not small in the spiritual world, and what you are not capable of with your fellow human beings that my spiritual co-workers still can bring about, who all work with the same spiritual goods which you receive on earth and which you also make available to the spiritual inhabitants through your willingness. That is why you are to be busy ceaselessly and not be put off by that what you see around you. You spread what is right and true, and the future will teach men how worthless that was, what they strived for. For no-one can get away from the chaos. And then you will also be listened to for a short time, and you can hand out what is now disdained. Then every worker in my vineyard will be used because the time of the harvest has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 6066.


Chaos 6762

World Affairs. Chaos. Antichrist.

15. February 1957. B.D. NR. 6762.

There will be an indescribable chaos when I will have spoken through the elements because as long as the earth exists men have not experienced something like it. Dread and terror let men become unable to think and act because they fear a repetition of these events, and they are therefore unable to lend a hand to help and to rescue where help is still possible. Only few will recognize what has happened because these have been pointed to it and they now see the truth of my words. But that is why these, firmly convinced, now will also give a full explanation to their fellow men, however only be heard again by the few because men want to accept everything but not a divine plan of salvation, which has been carried out this way. Still good use has to be made of this time and in connection with it also witness to be born to men to the forthcoming end. What has taken place cosmically, that they cannot deny, and that it had been already announced previously can still set some thinking. But the will to live, the own urge for preservation, will still win, and men will do everything to get on top of the earthly trouble, which that natural event has triggered off. And now again the degree of love decides, the will of men to help, to stand by the neighbour, if and how the own situation in life gets better because I will help all those who also make the trouble of their fellow men their concern. But many will have to wrestle heavily when they trust in their own strength - otherwise will find visible support from below when they take drastic measures at the expense of their fellow men. The earthly misery will be great as also the chaos, which comes into being through unimaginable destruction. And innumerable men will now also give away their faith in a God and father because they have been severely affected. But the faith of those was just form; it did not withstand a serious test. But that is why I before already announce these events so that you men withstand, so that you know that it is my plan, that I am also a Lord over the elements and that it is therefore also easy for me to again help men who ask me for help. I do not need to announce to you beforehand; I could suddenly intervene and surprise all men. But then also no men would want to believe in me. But I will that you recognize me, and you can recognize me when everything comes in such a way as it is announced. Then you know that nothing can happen on this earth without my will, and you then can make my will to be inclined to you by you devoting yourselves full of faith to me and asking for my protection. That is why I therefore supply you with knowledge about the forthcoming; that is why I initiate you into my plan of salvation and that is why I call on you, my servants, all the time to also bring your knowledge to the fellow men because the union with me will be your safest protection, whatever may come. And then also he will appear who will be my adversary in the last times, who will take over control because the great misery makes it easy for him, and who will now also issue decrees, which clearly prove his affiliation to Satan. And he will find many followers and lead his government without scruple; he will also want to still snatch the weak believers from me but also finds resistance from my side because I endow the ones who are mine with great strength, and the greater the misery seems to get the stronger mine will be, because they feel me and my presence and will now speak without fear and timidity what my spirit orders them. But all this has to precede the end as it is announced because the struggle for every individual soul will still be on and this great tribulation will also still push men towards me, who still call for me in the last hour and therefore escape the fate of the new banishment. Amen. B.D. NR. 6762.


Chaos 7052

Earnest Reference to God's Intervention and Aftermath.

1. March 1958. B.D. NR. 7052.

Only a short time separates you from the day when my voice will sound so powerfully that no-one will be able to miss it. It only lasts a short time where you still live a normal life. But then a chaos will be, and you men will face enormous problems: to make life bearable for you and your fellow men, to get the chaos under control through unusual help and to again create bearable circumstances for yourselves with the minimum means available to you. For you will lose everything; you who live in the areas which will be affected by an event of nature of unimaginable extent. You men will and cannot yet believe it because never before has such an event of nature been experienced. But the subsequent end of this earth still requires such an intervention for my part because I want to speak to all men once again to bring them back to their senses, to still rescue those who are of good will. And no man will be able to ignore this address but if they open their hearts and ears is again still left to them. Because also then still most men will separate from me, they will remain in their isolation, which they already have reached through their unbelief, and they will seek and give all other explanations for this event than the one that I want to talk to them, that a God wants to come out into the open to them, who speaks to them, to bring them back to their senses, to get them to unite with him in greatest trouble and danger. Innumerable men will lose their life, and the eye of the survivors will see enormous devastations, the misery will be exceedingly great, and only firm faith in me and my help will be able to banish it, but which only very few people have. What does not seem to be possible earthly wise, will still be possible through my help, and I will often have a miraculous effect there, where true believers trust in me and my help. But a shock has to go over the earth; the hearts of men also have to be touched unusually, so that they prove helpful with the neighbour in the great misery, and everywhere an obvious improvement of the situation will occur where this love is visible in unselfishness, in the will to help fellow men. Because only this is the purpose of my violent intervention that men for once put their "I" last and practise unselfish neighbourly love. Because then I also can redress their misery, then I can supply them with the essentials, and I definitely will take care of those who show that unselfishness. It will be a misery as it has never be experienced before, but I have to speak that clearly, that everyone can recognize me in my power, and he will also be able to recognize my love who only pays attention to the unusual help, which humanly would not be expected. Who only establishes or strengthens the close union with me, he will any time also be sure of my help, but people without faith are in a bad way. They will try to help themselves and often at the expense of their fellow men - but they will net no profit, neither earthly nor spiritually. It is not a long time left till this disastrous event but the attention of you men is called to it, and this already is a tremendous favour because you then also know to whom you have to turn to, who can help you in greatest trouble and danger. I therefore again and again announce this event to you, and who hears it he is to ask for strong faith, for power and strength, to be able to remain steadfast. And then he will in this trouble also take the way to me, who alone can help. And he will need to fear nothing, because I will help the ones who are mine, no matter in what way. And to the ones who are mine count all who believe in me, who pray to me, who thus unite with me and therefore can also always count on my protection and my help. And it is the duty of these to also point their fellow men to me, so that also they take the way to me when the hour has come which decides the good and bad of all men. Amen. B.D. NR. 7052.


Chaos 7053

Announcement of Coming Great Trouble.

2. March 1958. B.D. NR. 7053.

You all will need much strength, but which will always be available to you, because who just listens to my word, he will receive it, when he moves this word in his heart and acts accordingly. Then you are spoken to by myself and thus also beamed at by my love, and power has to be supplied to you because my love is also power. But who lets my word die away at his ears, he will have no blessing from it, because I cannot come into contact with him, and thus also my power cannot flow through him. In the coming times of need you require all strength out of me - because earthly you will not be able to cope with life; only with my help you will succeed. And I want to make your lack of power and strength clear to you. I want that you recognize yourselves as weak beings, so that you seek refuge in that power, which you now well should recognize. And then the mentality of men will become obvious to you, the alarming lack of faith will come to light and the necessity to speak to men of me and my kingdom, of my power and love, to announce the Gospel to them and to lead them to faith. Also in this time of need it will be argued hard; it will have to be fought with the sword of the mouth because many of the weak in faith will still more doubt a God and father because the disaster, which befell men, seems to be incomprehensible to them as work of a loving God. Because all men still assess life on earth as man too high, and to explain to them the meaning and the purpose of their earthly life and to point life after death out to them, is an urgent job of those who want to work for me and who then will see a great scope of work in front of them. Men still go along in indifference and lukewarmness, and they do not think of their earthly assignment. And that is why they have to be shaken in their thinking, because also the innumerable misfortunes, at which many men lose their lives, still hardly frightens them, and the only way to rouse men is through such a powerful event, which will affect every one of them who survives it. And when I point this out to you all the time, then the reason I do it is so that you all prepare yourselves insofar that you practise love, that you accumulate strength, that you connect with me and can receive power from me through acceptance of my word - so that you do not approach this difficult time unprepared, so that you can be a support for your fellow men and you also announce my word to them. I want to think of you all, you who think of me. And I want to leave none of you powerless, who ask me already before for strength, who ask me already before for my protection and my help. And it will be shown which degree you can bear who walk with me, without you however feeling to be unusually burdened. Again and again I admonish you men to join me through works of love and intimate prayer, and again and again I ensure you that you will then receive ample power and have need to be afraid of nothing, even if you lose everything earthly, because I alone can give you what you need, and I will also always care for mine, for those, who do not forget me, who see in me their father and flee like children into my arms in every misery and danger. You, who want to serve me, you will also especially feel my nearness, because you recognize the truth of my word and therefore draw more and more close to me whom you now recognize in his power and strength, but in whose love you also believe and that is why you trustingly devote yourselves to him. And because I then need you as fighters for me and my name, because I need you for eager work in the vineyard, that is why I will help you so obviously that you will also be able to successfully carry out this your work. It all comes as it is scheduled in my plan of salvation because I alone know what serves my creatures to their salvation. And also the end is irrevocably determined. And exactly this earth still causes me to do a last work of mercy before, although this appears to be an act of cruelty. But it will still yet bring quite a few men salvation; the last means will be applied to show my creatures the way to me, and it will not completely remain unsuccessfully. I think of the great spiritual trouble in which mankind is, and that is why I still want to touch every single soul, to win it for me, and that is why I have to let a great earthly misery come over the earth, but which also can be overcome with my help. Because my love and my power will be expressed wherever I am called for help, and my power will receive who just desires such. Amen. B.D. NR.7053.


Chaos 8549

Gathering of strength before the chaos.

5. July 1963. B.D. NR. 8549.

Strengthen yourselves again and again with my word for you will need this strengthening in the coming times, and that is why you are to gather strength already now because then you will not be able to collect your thoughts to prayer when my intervention will take place, which I have announced already for a long time. What is decided in my wisdom and love that will also be carried out, and every prediction will come true, which I had sent to you so that the event does not surprise you without a warning. You are to always think of it and seek to release your heart from every earthly desire. You are to seek to get free from matter for you have to give it away once, and the less your heart is set on it the easier the loss will be for you, the less you will be burdened by my intervention. I tell you again and again that you are to prepare yourselves for this time where there will be an unparalleled chaos and only the close union with me will give you the stability to cope with all demands. For who is not directly affected by the disaster that he has to lay down his life, he will now have to lead a difficult existence because there are no well-ordered living conditions and because now earthly wants will burden you, which you will not, without my help, be able to cope with. Again and again you are to receive my word into your hearts and draw strength from it; you are to win such a strong faith through my direct address that then in the coming time nothing will be left to be able to shake you, that you then completely rely on me and will always only wait for my help. And believe it that I will help you - that only the close union with me has to be established, which then only that man will be able to establish who is completely devoted to me and who only recognizes in the great event the fulfilment of my predictions and now all the more believingly also waits for my help, which will also be given to him. What seems to be impossible I will then perform for those who trust me completely. And every man is to get used himself to the thought that the order around him will not so remain; he is to believe it that the earth will be affected by such a great shock as you are not able to imagine it, and that innumerable men fall victim to the natural event - but that the survivors will run into such difficult living conditions, which demand much strength and confidence in my help to be able to be coped with. Then it will be shown where love towards the neighbour will be practised because only there my help will also be visible. And everyone who is just anxiously concerned about him and his welfare he will also have to slave away himself and still not get his situation under control. For you man have to experience it that love is power and that you can achieve much when love towards the neighbour is motive for your activities. Again and again I point that time out to you where a great chaos befalls you, which is caused by a powerful natural disaster - because I want to still give you men a last sign of a power, under which you are. But you who receive my word, directly or also imparted to you through my messengers, you are to also hear my admonition all the time, to become engrossed (immersed) in this my word whenever it is possible, and power will grow to you; also in the greatest trouble you will not lose the union with me, and then you are also always sure of my help because I obviously want to help the ones who are mine so that their faith will be strengthened and also the faith of fellow men and they establish the living connection with me and will no longer give up. And do not reckon on it that you will be spared, that other areas will be affected, which are far away from you. This event is great and contains great areas although the whole earth will not be affected. And that is why the great want will also leave its mark everywhere, which you will only then understand when the event has happened, when my voice sounds in the world and you experience the terrible effects - which again takes a long time before it can be assessed in full extent. You still live in calm, and you are not able to imagine such a chaos. But I point out to you that everything will come as it is announced before, and I only want to have an effect on you insofar as that you are to do everything to then also possess the power to hold your ground. For I will not leave you, you who devote yourselves to me and want to belong to me. And I constantly supply you with power. Let yourselves again and again be addressed and draw strength out of my word, and indeed, it will be possible for you to find to me also in greatest suffering, and I will always be prepared to help; I will always give you my support and also bring help through you to those who you seek to lovingly look after. B.D. NR. 8549.


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