Prophecies about the last times and especially about an earth upheaval are quoted here.

This is the chapter "2. Earth Upheaval" of "Redemption Period".

2. Earth Upheaval

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In the summer of 1945 the theatre of war in the North Pacific was in a state where an end did not seem to be close and it also looked as if many a battle had to be fought before peace could be achieved. Then suddenly Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened and within days World War II came to an end. Now this war and the way it ended looked like the event that will initiate the last days. Something similar will probably happen. A major struggle between nations and no end in view. Then a real disaster will strike and shake the world. The catastrophe at the end of World War II Ė that suddenly ended that war - was triggered by man-made devices. The war at the end will end with an intervention by God. God will cause such an upheaval that not only the war comes to a close but that all previous experiences of humanity will be outdone. The purpose of this natural disaster will be to bring decision time. Its aim is to separate the sheep from the goats. This event will shake mankind so much that every manís colours will get revealed. What is really inside of man will be turned outside. It will be a fire that destroys or purges. The earth will be shaken to such a degree that everybody concerned will have to change his usual life and live under most difficult circumstances.

This difficult time will be caused by an intervention of God, unleashing the power of nature.

Let us read Ezekiel 38:18-23. ďAnd it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face. For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be great shaking in the land of Israel; so that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground. And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord God: every manís sword shall be against his brother. And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone. Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord.Ē

Now this is quite a detailed description of what will happen and the spiritual background is also nicely explained: and they shall know that I am the Lord. So people will know what is going on. But how will they react to all of this?

Now while we are studying these things we should be aware that there are two events that bring with them physical changes to the earth. The first event is this earth upheaval. It is a more or less localized event but has worldwide implications. The second event is the one that is part of the last judgement and is the end of the earth and the end of this redemption period. With the end of the earth is meant a total reforming of its surface and therefore also an end to all humans on it. Most of them will die and only a few will survive and that because they get removed. So we should always be aware of which of the two events we are talking about and try not to confuse the two. This also applies when studying the Bible. We should then try to find out which of the two events is dealt with.

These paragraphs above describe how I see it now. But it is better to read the prophecies themselves because there many details can be found that are important and that only then become real when the events are experienced. And therefore I now bring the prophecies themselves. B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde.


Earth Upheaval 1055

Prediction of a great event

13. August 1939. B.D. NR. 1055.

May your (singular) beginning be blessed. For the sake of mankind an enormous eager activity develops which can work redeeming. And so an event is again in sight which will excite all minds or will have a paralyzing effect on the spirit of creation. And the resistance of many a person will fail at this great experience - many a soul will find back to the father, whom it recognizes as originator of all earthly events. And for the sake of these the Lord lets his power and his might appear. He, who knows all hearts, also knows which souls can still turn towards him, and gives them his signs of such a kind that certainly numerous men lose earthly life, but also many win life, that life, which lasts for eternity. And now this time which now comes over earth, is rightly to be called a time of struggle because many a person will also lie in a fight with himself. On the one hand he does not want to give up his opinions, but on the other hand recognizes a power and a will and does not want to and cannot resist this will. And man has to fight to get through this struggle. Out of free will he has to give up his own thinking; he has to give up preconceived opinions; he must try to get the thoughts of refusal that emerge in him under control and finally he has to show complete commitment for which he feels in the heart to be truth, and therefore follow only that voice in him that will just guide him on the right course, and when this victory has been won then men have not died in vain, whose bodily end was determined. And this is so shortly imminent that also the knowing will be surprised, and therefore take note: Where the Lord appears, giving and teaching, there is the limit of events. He will remain untouched who walks in the spirit of the Lord, but the earth will be hit within the Reich which counts the days and boasts of its power. Again a turning point of time has come, and the world again looks upon this country, and the spark which shows the divinity begins to fall on the country. The spark, which sets the fire ablaze and which will not be brought to a head, because the attention of the world turns toward that event, which is far greater than all dispute and quarrel of the world. They no longer pay attention to the things human will brings on, but only to the direction from above, and a door will be lifted from its hinges, which did not allow a view till now. And only now man recognizes the greatness and omnipotence of him who directs and guides all life on earth Ė and happy for whom this admonition does not come too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 1055.


Earth Upheaval 1126

Prediction. Natural event. Devastating sickness.

4. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1126.

I still grant you a shortest respite so that you deliberate and leave the way, which you walk now on earth. And when the hour has come, which is to bring about the downfall of those, you will recognize it by the light of the day, how it retreats at an unusual time and you will see the darkness as the last sign. You will be warned for the last time and again admonished to turn back because the individual can still avert eternal ruin; the possibility is still offered to him to rescue his soul and then he only gives up his life to receive it again. But this hour will be terrible due to the quaking of the Earth; water gushes forth and floods the land with roaring and raging, and mankind recognizes that it is powerless in the face of the activities of the powers of nature. And the despair will be great and the horror indescribable when the approaching end is recognizable to them. And a great condemnation of the divinity will sound but they do not remember their own sin. They remain of stubborn mind even in this great trouble except for few, whom I will help visibly. Because those are not to be completely destroyed who show honour to God the Lord and confess their sin to him. And judgement will only be short, and when the sun again bursts forth through the clouds the horror of the night is over Ė but earthly damage incalculable. The sun will shine more radiant than ever; the air will be felt to be calm and mild, and everything will be presented to the eyes of the survivors in the light of dawn, but the horror will not let men be happy before they have not handed over themselves to me and let me have all further ways. And my spirit will enlighten these weak; suddenly they will become seeing, and the horror gives way to higher knowledge; they praise me and are happy and grateful that I have mercy on them and have chosen them for the propagation of the race Ė and their love towards me will kindle, and they will compete to offer their services to me, and I will choose them to be my servants, and now spiritual food will be offered to these, and an end will be put to the exceeding great misery and a new age begins, which puts spiritual striving in the foreground and lets only weakly realize worldly desire. Those who take part in this divine event will remember this until their end because the divine creator expressed himself plainly. A messenger of God goes through the country and lets his warning cry sound first. Full of horror the world will first shun the country, which transmits trouble and misery to all men through sickness and pestilences of all kind. A devastating sickness will befall men, and they will find no rescue, and this will be the beginning of the end. And when now the new kingdom has arisen, a just judge governs it, a gracious wise monarch, who, without finding resistance, is acknowledged everywhere, and no matter whether the world of appearance still rules everything, it will fall apart and have to give way to the new age, and truth and justice will be the mark that a separation has taken place from all what is unclean Ė that the lie and pretence had to give way because it was my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1126.


Earth Upheaval 1398

Catastrophe. Prediction.

28. April 1940. B.D. NR. 1398.

Undivided attention is necessary to be able to receive the following announcement: Divine wisdom has planned an event which effects are monstrous. Already for the most nearest time a catastrophe is preparing itself which cannot be stopped nor weakened through earthly power. Innumerable spiritual beings will go into action and throw the interior of the earth into turmoil; the earth will split, and masses of water will break through; a work of destruction of catastrophic extent will take place, and this will bring nameless misery over mankind which is affected by it. And this will happen in shortest time. A small while you men still imagine to be powerful and safe from all danger; you only look at the world events around you and think to be secure and out of danger. But you forget that a power rules over everything, in, on and above earth. And because you forget him who rules everything according to his will, so he will speak to you through the powers of nature, and you will have to listen to him because you cannot run away from his voice. You do not pay attention to the direction from above; the suffering of the earth does not change your thinking, but you cannot drown the divine voice because it is stronger than all the noise of the world. And that is why this is announced to you before that you recognize the Lord when his voice will sound. The world certainly does not want to hear of this; pure earthly it will try to steer the great misery but continually deny divine rule. And many will join that opinion and therefore just see the misery but will not recognize the divine will of it, which abandons whole stretches of land to destruction for the sake of a change for the better of mankind. And this will announce the time that an undeserved plague will hit a country and that this country gets badly afflicted, and when earthly escape seems no longer to be possible then God himself interposes and instructs the elements of nature to intervene in earthly measures. And it will become small what imagined being great before because it will need its strength and power to set up what is destroyed. It will need the people for the thorough repair of its own country, which, before flourishing, now devastated and laying fallow and needing many workers. And this will be that time when man occupies himself with other questions than up to now. Because he who survives this time certainly stands in the favour of God. He has testified that he has united with the Lord Ė he sent his thoughts to the father in heaven in greatest trouble, and the father listened to the prayer of a man who recognized him and found to him in most severe trouble. Because he just sends everything difficult over mankind that it finds again faith in God. And so he now also has to bring up by force the completely wrestled down faith, by him proving his omnipotence to men and showing the world that he is Lord over heaven and earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 1398.


Earth Upheaval 1418

Divine intervention. Prediction.

14. May 1940. B.D. NR. 1418.

It is a futile fight the world wages against each other because it will come to no satisfactory result. The Lord of heaven and earth has decided that it is ended in another way than the world hopes. But this end will be indescribable. The uproar of the fight will still be drowned by the voice of God, which sounds from above. It will cause an absolute confusion among men because no human order will be able to put a stop to it, and helplessly men have to endure the sending. And now it will be up to every individual to recognize the hand of God and to submit to it or to oppose the fate affecting him. Because the thinking of mankind is to be forcibly drawn to God and blessed is he who finds this way and recognizes God as author of all events and recommends himself to him and his favour. But this will only be few because the spirit of men is blinded; their modern enlightenments have left them lose faith in a being that determines everything on earth, and in their superior attitude they have difficulties finding the way back to God, and this spiritual arrogance is their undoing. Only who feels small and powerless and calls upon God for help, he will keep his life whether he also lays it down earthly. But he who does not think to need Godís help, he has lost his life earthly and spiritually. And when God still leaves earthly life to him, it is only an act of greatest mercy so that he still is to win cognition on earth after all. Because the Lord knows the hearts; he looks into the farthest corners; he knows every impulse and does not let perish what is still possible to be rescued. And who calls on God the Lord for help in the middle of horrors, a wonderful calmness will enter into his heart; he will suddenly recognize earthly life as worthless when deep faith is not accompanying it, and this recognition now lets him willingly give up what previously seemed to be desirable to him. Willingly he hands himself over to the Lord and now accepts from his hand Ė life or death. He however only gives up his body to awake to life in the hereafter. And therefore his departing this life is not ruin but resurrection to a better life. Divine will shows everyone to his place; he will take from the world whose time has ended, and he will give back to the world whose walk on earth is not yet finished. Because nothing what happens is arbitrarily but everything is determined by Godís wisdom and love. But who also then still does not recognize the hand of God his soul is in terrible trouble because there is no means of rescue for it. It has enlarged the distance from God infinitely during its earth life and again strives towards the banished state; therefore its walk on earth is completely useless because it does not recognize God. And for the sake of such souls God lets his powerful voice sound. But when also this call dies away unheard then the fate of these souls is eternal damnation. Amen. B.D. NR. 1418.


Earth Upheaval 1493

Divine intervention. Explosion.

26. and 27. June 1940. B.D. NR. 1493.

In a period of time of few hours one powerful explosion will follow after another and this will occur early in the day and continue until the next morning, and men will fear for their lives and for their possessions. They will be in a panic and without any support because they do not pay attention to the repeated admonitions which they receive before; paralyzed they look at the work of destruction which they never thought possible. It is a unique chaos which is caused by that voice from above. Great work has however still to be done before. Terrible dangers, which seriously threaten earthly life, will have to be brought home to men to give them already small indications of the transitoriness of it. A timewise change of living conditions must also likewise cause man to think how unsteady earthly life is and everything connected to it. And then the word of God has to be brought home to him if possible so that he is now able to recognize a connection of everything earthly with the divine will, when he wants. Only then he pays attention to the indications and starts to express his view about it, i.e., he decides for or against God. When it is now possible for him to detach his heart from earthly possessions and to recognize a higher purpose of life in his existence then the obvious intervention of God will be a visible proof of the legitimacy of his most inner feelings Ė to recognize earthly goods as worthless, on the other hand to strive for the knowledge about divine truth and a deep faith as the only desirable thing. And this enlightenment lets him so to speak calmly face the great divine sending. The soul recognizes the necessity of it and accepts it humbly and composed. And now it will be shown how deep the word has penetrated and what power man is prepared to draw from it. This is the most important thing that man makes a certain contact with God, that he lets God himself and his power have an effect on him through acceptance of the divine word and that he now forms himself according to this word. When man would hear the word of God and live accordingly before, then such a powerful intervention would not be necessary, but so this is the only means to move men to accept the word of God. God recognizes the spiritual state of men and in his love applies the last means so that mankind does not get lost completely, what is inevitably the case without Godís word. Many a man wants to rebel, with all oneís might he will try to keep his life; he does not want to bend himself and never acknowledge a higher power; but he will also recognize his powerlessness, and happy is he when he still acknowledges a Lord above him in the last hour and gives himself and his life over to him Ė when also he lets divine love seize him by him pleadingly stretching up his hands. For God certainly lets nothing overcome men without purpose, and he will help everyone who acknowledges the divine Lord in this sending and subordinates himself to him and his will. Amen. B.D. NR. 1493.


Earth Upheaval 1508

Crisis. Violent premature ending. Natural disaster.

6. July 1940. B.D. NR. 1508.

Mankind is heading for a crisis which is not harmless because greatest danger exists when it is not recognized as such and no appropriate steps are taken against it. Only very few people can imagine how monstrous the spiritual low has an effect also in the forming of the surface of the earth. It is incomprehensible as long as man does not know what tasks also the entire nature has in the upward development process of all spiritual. Every being has to receive power out of God, therefore this power is also conducted into everything what is visible to men as work of creation. This is first necessary only for the upkeep of what God has created. But the real task is that the spiritual unites and therefore reaches the increase in itself to a higher degree of maturity. This union happens naturally, i.e., divine will determines the individual entities to unite with others by him having assigned to all his creations their destination which are now also to be fulfilled because the entities are forced to do what task God has assigned to them. But the stage of free will is for these beings, which are still in the bound state, a great danger insofar as men can use their will in a way that is working against God and now bring the bound beings in great misery by them ending the course in a form prematurely which still has not ended, therefore certainly freeing the being from the respective form, this however has not yet reached the state of maturity which is prerequisite for the next form. So this now unbound spiritual is so to speak relieved of its activity, which it had to achieve before, cannot yet enliven the next form and therefore has to be inactive inevitably, which is a painful state for the being. For its course of development is now hindered; an interruption has occurred which the being cannot rectify on its own. It now has to wrestle enormously to now become again incorporated into a new form, and this wrestling happens in a way that it enormously presses hard the being which is still in the form, i.e. drives it on to quicker activity; that therefore the unbound spiritual transfers its urge of activity to the spiritual which is still bound and this is now extraordinarily busy Ė which is expressed in an unnatural way, i.e. in increased work. This is seemingly therefore an irregularity - a deviation or a change of the existing laws of nature, but still corresponds to divine will because the wrong will of man himself caused it and just compensation has to be granted to the entitiesbeings who are therefore hindered in the course of development. But the effect of this increased activity will again be noticeable to man, and that in a way which has little appeal to him. What originally was determined to grant the spiritual beings a long stay will now, through increased activity at unfamiliar time, release the spiritual in itself. Therefore extra-legal phenomena of nature so to speak will have unusual results. These are those disasters which are subject to nature, which therefore certainly do not directly depend on the will of man but indirectly are still the result of wrong will. When now the spiritual state of men is so low that they have no connection to God at all, that they neither recognize their earth task nor the purpose of creation, nor the upward course of development of all beings and their own endless long way on earth, they are also not afraid to intervene unauthorized in this creation, which has a different purpose than the one of exploitation through the hand of man, and this intervention, which has dreadful effects exactly on those beings being released prematurely, now entails inevitable consequences, which again have to be borne by men to be fair, although it often does not want to appear understandable to them, that they are the actual cause of the devastating disasters exactly through their wrong will directed against God. And now the earth has to expect such forcible release of the spiritual; this process is accelerated through the conduct of mankind; the violently released spiritual presses to always more lively activity both outside as well as in the interior of earth, and God does not hinder this activity because man himself has intervened without authorization and therefore ended against Godís will an embodiment granted by God in love to the beings. All spiritual, which suffers injustice, is allowed to gain its right, therefore the disasters are, although seemingly completely against the law of nature, in accordance with his will, have to be acknowledged and valued as divine sending. Those men however, who live in accordance with Godís will, who subordinate their will to the divine will and therefore are certainly informed of Godís love, omnipotence and wisdom, can calmly face every sending from above. They will, even when the disaster means their bodily end, lose nothing on earth, but the treasures of God become revealed to them, and they will sing praise and thanks to their creator until all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 1508.


Earth Upheaval 1538

Course of the disaster

25. July 1940. B.D. NR. 1538.

The teachers of the hereafter make an effort about you (singular) in always the same way and seek to make you easily able to take things in, but your heart is not always willing to receive, and then such obstacles come into being which make reception more difficult. Undivided attention must be shown to the gifts of heaven and all earthly thoughts have to be avoided, then the thoughts of the friends on the other side find easy entrance. Divine love sends messengers on to you (singular) who are to strengthen you in your will to receive. They bring an announcement to you that describes in an understandable way the course of the disasters which are to decide over death and life of the individual. Very few people pay attention to the signs of the coming time. They certainly are amazed at the change or the irregularity which becomes noticeable in nature, but they pass it over with light-heartedness. They see in it no expression of divine will but only accidentalness. And therefore they will also initially not pay attention to the phenomena, when the natural event is approaching. First menís attention is drawn to a storm drawing near through vortexes. This will come suddenly that man and animal come into greatest affliction because they are hardly able to put up resistance to the vehement storm, and this will be the beginning. Vehement earth jerks will be felt in small intervals, and the sky will darken, a thunder noise will be heard, and this is so terrible that panic breaks out among man and animal that they seek rescue in flight. But darkness prevents them, and the misery becomes greater all the time, the noise gets louder and louder, the earth shocks more and more vehemently, the earth opens, and powerful masses of water force their way out of the interior of the earth. And wherever the eye sees Ė water and darkness and indescribable chaos among men who recognize their dreadful situation and are in utter affliction. The days before will be radiant that a certain carelessness has seized men, and the upset will come so suddenly that no-one can take precautions in earthly respect, but these would also be completely useless because no earthly power resists these elements. Only the believing man now feels the divine omnipotence Ė and entrusts himself to his creator. No matter whether his heart worries and is afraid, when he sees the goings-on of the elements, he still waits patiently until help comes to him because he sends his thoughts up to him. Who has grasped the meaning and purpose of life knows that now the hour of decision has come for every man. And he will try to bring spiritual help wherever it is possible; he will comfort the unfortunate and point them to God; he will help by lighting a small light in deepest darkness. Because God will give to those the possibility to work for him Ė those who have recognized him and offer themselves to serve him, a rich field of activity will be assigned to them, and the seed will fall on good ground because God spares those who respect him or find to him in greatest misery. Amen. B.D. NR. 1538.


Earth Upheaval 2296

Divine intervention. Destruction of possessions.

10. April 1942. B.D. NR. 2296.

The meaning of earth life is the final liberation of the soul out of form. God demands nothing impossible from his creatures, and when he has assigned this task to man for the duration of his earth life, then he also makes available all means for him to be able to meet this task. And nevertheless men fail and leave the time and favours of their embodiment pass by unused. And this lack of will moves God to an intervention of enormous consequences. He destroys that what men hinders to fulfil their actual purpose. These are earthly possessions, which so imprison the thoughts and the will of men that they fail to comply with their earth task. In no way do earthly possessions need to be an obstacle when they are used the right way on earth. On the contrary, they can still help the soul to be liberated when it overcomes the desire for them and makes use of earthly possessions in the service of neighbourly love. Then the soul has conquered the greatest resistance on earth, has therefore liberated itself from it, because it has overcome matter. But as long as possessions still increase the desire for them, they are a fetter for the soul, which prevents every freeing. What God has decided in his wisdom is, seen earthly, a work of destruction of enormous extent and robs men of their anxiously defended possessions. It therefore liberates him from a fetter, and now the ascent upwards of the soul could be easier when it makes the right use of this divine consignment, when it recognizes the transitoriness of it and now gives its attention to those goods which are immortal, therefore have eternal value. The will of man now decides, and man is responsible for this his will. Of what he has been robbed earthy, can be replaced thousand fold for him when he devotedly submits to divine will and desires spiritual gifts as substitute. In the face of the great misery, which the divine intervention results in, many men will recognize that earthly goods are not to be striven for and only serve man for the testing of his will. But men are at the moment totally devoted to matter, and the more heavy the work of destruction will hit, and the winning back of the goods will be their thought and wish. And so a time will follow this divine intervention, which obviously characterizes the spiritual state of men. With increased willpower they will seek to again form their earth life so that it corresponds to the body and its sense of well-being and the fetters of the soul cannot be loosened and release the soul. Only some few will stop and think and follow the divine voice, which sounds to them admonishingly and warningly and stimulates them to thought about the actual purpose of earth life. And for the sake of these few God lets this great suffering come over men, which could help everyone out of the trouble of the souls. But the will of man is free, and he can decide according his own choice. Amen. B.D. NR. 2296.


Earth Upheaval 2340

Divine justice. Intervention. Disaster.

19. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2340.

Divine justice will be revealed through the effect of that event, which is granted to mankind in the coming time, because those countries will be severely hit, whose rulers have started the fire, which has taken its extension over the entire Earth. The fault of these countries is to be revealed by an event now being in store for them, which the will of man cannot avert or lessen. Men of the entire world are to recognize that the justice of God lets nothing unpunished and he intervenes when the measure of injustice is full. God gave free will to men, which is now abused in a way, which demands revenge, so that men, thinking and acting right, recognize the hand of God and detest that, what those approve of. The wrestling of the nations has spread far, and the fire cannot be extinguished that easily. And that is why God himself stops this fire, by him taking away from men every possibility to continue the wrestling, through a natural phenomenon, which is inconceivable in its effect. He makes powerless, what was before full of power and mighty, and shows them that his will and his power is stronger. And who has not yet become completely a slave to the opponent of God, he will also recognize where his work was, and make a great effort to cultivate a right way of life. Amen B.D. NR. 2340.


Earth Upheaval 2341

Suffering and hardship afterwards. Power of faith.

20. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2341.

How the spiritual low level of men will have an effect, will be recognizable with this intervention of God. Everyone will just think of himself, and only few will, in their own suffering, also think of fellow men and want to help them. And still help will again be demanded of those who think themselves mighty, and they will use their power and take measures, which still increase the suffering because the weak man will not be able to defend himself and will have to comply with the strong manís wishes and relieve his misery, while he himself remains without help in the greatest hardship. And this again proves the great unloving nature, which was cause for the divine intervention and will also not be remedied through this. But this time will be bearable for those men only, who leave themselves in the care of God, believingly and full of trust, who call upon him in prayer and ask for his help and favour. The help of God will be granted to them, and no matter how great the outer misery seems to appear to them, they will not be defeated, but feel the protecting hand of God over them. And the power of faith will be revealed, because the believer will have power to overcome the heavy life on Earth and need not fear earthly power, while men without faith are almost threatened to break under the measures of those who try to improve their own fate with the help of those men who are not able to resist them and are almost destroyed on it. But it will become obvious to the world that earthly power achieves nothing because God will let his voice sound exactly there where he himself is respected too little Ė where honour and fame alone is desired and it was only pretended that faith was still tolerated. And all believers will be besieged, and this means the beginning of a new period. And in order to make it easy for men on Earth to believe, he first announces what is about to happen to the world so that they profess their faith in him when everything comes as it was announced. Amen. B.D. NR. 2341.


Earth Upheaval 2388b

Coming event. Intervention of God. Time of trouble.

29. June 1942. B.D. NR. 2388b.

The beginning only:

Few people only will draw benefit for their souls from this event, which will repeat itself in short intervals three times. It will rob men of their ability to think because it is so powerful that every thought wanes and gets into a chaotic confusion. Only his children the Lord obviously protects because he needs them afterwards to work for him.


Earth Upheaval 3151

Intervention of God

6. and 7. June 1942. B.D. NR. 3151.

Excerpt only:

And that is why God lets his voice sound directly after the exucution of a plan, which surpasses everything in atrocity what men have thought of up to now. There is still just little time; horrifying happenings must first take place so that the entire world pays attention and the more audibly hears the voice of God.


Earth Upheaval 3291

Godís Voice. The Work of Satan. The Fight About Faith.

12. and 13. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3291.

A small while still and your thinking will be forced upwards, you who are only entangled in physical matter and who do not want to separate yourselves from it. But you will have to do it because God himself will take everything away from you so that he turns your mind to himself. You men do not take advantage of this troublesome time that overcomes you; you do not ask yourselves what the occasion is for the misery and trouble and so you do not change, because you do not know yourselves. And therefore the troubles of the time did not yet have an influence on your soul life and so God takes stronger means to cause a change of your mind. He takes everything your heart is set on from you, both men and possessions - and this in no time. And so God reveals himself in a way that seems to lack divine love. But you men yourselves want it that way because you do not recognize the love of God when it was expressed. His word which is love radiating from God you did not accept and in your blindness you did not recognize that God himself walked towards you in his word. So he comes in bitter suffering, again not recognized by those who are bound by matter because they do not seek God and so they also cannot find him. He again reveals himself but in a most painful way. He comes in the rage of the elements and lets his voice be heard, powerfully and horrific, and all are to hear him. And where this voice will sound there will be great trouble afterwards because severely he will hit those men who do not want to submit to him under the law of love and who therefore are now to feel his severity. For the law of love is ignored to the point of inhumanity. God always and permanently taught love, his enemy preached hate, God gave men the truth, his enemy interspersed it with lies and errors and now the enemy gains the upper hand because men listen to him while they reject God. They ignore love, they do not strive for truth anymore and all their thinking and doing is influenced by the enemy of God so that man is not anymore receptive for the truth from God. And still he reveals himself to them so that they are to recognize him. Because his work will be so obvious that a higher power should be recognized in it. But now the questions and doubts about the existence of God set in, who himself destroys what he has created. And this uncertainty is used by men who abandoned God to prepare the ground for war against faith - the work of destruction through the elements offers a welcome case for that. And the men of the affected regions are the first who pay attention to them - they dismiss their old belief and with increased strength they aim again at matter, i.e., as quick as possible they seek to restore the previous conditions. And this time is marked by the most severe spiritual conflicts. Now men let their anger out. Who is in possession of grace, who lifts up his sight and who accepts the grace that flows towards him will well stay away from the goings-on and will be shocked to observe the worldly events. For he recognizes God and recognizes the acts of men that are adverse to God. He tries to explain wherever he finds an opportunity. But he will have little success because the voice of the world will drown him and men will rather pay attention to the worldís voice. But when God lets his voice sound they can pay attention and they could think of these warnings of their fellow human beings and this can save their souls. Because the time of suffering afterwards, the misery and meagre life, the seemingly hard struggle for existence and survival, can have a positive effect on man in so far as he loses the love for matter and learns to recognizes spiritual striving as purpose of his life. But the majority will more than ever strive to own the goods of the world and will not be afraid to use any means to acquire them. And only then the lack of love of the world will come to light undisguised. And this will mean a terrible life for the people who are still able to love because they will permanently be threatened and receive hostile treatment and become unpopular and they cannot defend themselves because they are weak and powerless against those who live according to the world. Times will be hard but also bearable where the power of God can work, where the will of men strives towards God and where man requests strength from God - because God does not leave the ones who are his and the harder the plight the closer and more noticeable is his help. And that goes to show the fellow human beings the power of belief and Ė if they are not too stubborn - have them thinking. The love of God woos every soul and makes it really possible for it to get enlightened. But as man must use his free will to make the decision, only in the form of suffering can one work on him when he does not listen to gentle warnings and admonitions. And as men do not pay attention to Godís word that easily helps them to get understanding, he now has to bring his power to bear and try to move men in this sorrowful way to repentance. This is the last remedy before the end and therefore especially painful for innumerable people but it is planned since eternities because all men are opposed to God in their will that cannot be broken by means of gentleness and goodness of God. And when this event does not bring a change of will then there is no salvation for souls on this earth and they have to bear the consequences of their disobedience. The soul has to again go the course through the creation of the new earth and take upon itself an unspeakable hard lot until Ė after a very long time Ė it is again allowed to use its will and make a free decision. Amen. B.D. NR. 3291.


Earth Upheaval 3306

Despite evil will men are Godís helpmates.

25. and 26. October 1944. B.D. NR. 3306.

The leadership of the world will not at all be able to stop an event that divine will has determined since eternities but it will unconsciously contribute to it, i.e. human will is the cause to what Godís will executes even though manís will expects and intends a complete different outcome. Men plan something that opposes God and God allows it to happen, but directs the effects as it were towards the good in so far as the human soul can derive advantages from it if it does not obviously oppose God. Man is responsible for earthly thinking and acting against God so that he recognizes the effect of wrong willing and endeavours to change this wrong will. But what God has decided in the end canít be stopped anymore by the will of men. And even worldly power has to recognize its helplessness towards an event that unwinds without human intervention and testifies for a power that reigns over everything. Worldly power therefore can make decrees unhindered but it canít through them avert or ward off anything when the plan of God is different. And Godís plan envisages an upheaval that is spiritually important but that also will be noticeable physically. Because only by shocking the thinking caused by physical trouble and misery is a spiritual change of men achievable. And therefore God uses the wrong thinking of men as an opportunity for an event that is an exploding of nature. Destruction and annihilation caused by the will of men will trigger the powers of nature, an event with which mankind has not reckoned. Human will is planning an annihilating work of dreadful dimensions and divine will lets it come to pass to an extend that is incredible as he commands the spirits of nature to rebel against human will of destruction, they are now active with such an enormous might that the earth shakes and innumerable humans lose their life. And human will is not able to put a stop to it, human intervention fails and the earthly powerful one recognizes his helplessness in the face of the creator of heaven and earth. But he does not recognize him and he does not acknowledge him and he rebels against the power that is stronger than him and through this he completely falls into the hands of Satan to whom he was already in bondage before. And now Satan uses him for an open fight against God. And this is the start of the coming struggle for the beliefs of men which is unavoidable by God taking on his opponent Ė in which the loyal supporters of God are fighting against the children of Satan and will gain victory under the leadership of Jesus Christ. It is the last struggle that the enemy will conduct on this earth because it ends with his capture. As he has misused his power in such a way that he tries to push men into a thinking that is completely adverse to God, his power is gone because the action against God himself can result in nothing but him being chained anew because otherwise the creation would not anymore fulfil its purpose because the spiritual that has reached the last stage of development would be without the opportunity to make the last decision Ė the final release to freedom from form. Because this last decision is a matter of free will that can turn up or down but for this purpose also really needs to have knowledge about both poles it can head for. But through the work of Satan this knowledge is kept away from it when all knowing about God, about Jesus Christ, his teaching of love and his work of redemption will be undermined and when Satan uses men for this purpose that bear his God opposing will in them. Because this is a danger for all that is spiritual that has to be prevented under all circumstances by taking away all power from the enemy of God and a time of spiritual peace and bright light takes over from a time of fighting between light and darkness. For the power of God is greater and his will reigns in heaven and on earth. And even when men on earth think of themselves as powerful because they donít want to acknowledge a higher power, they will with their measures and decrees always just remain servants of the highest power, they work with an opposing will but they will still be used for the work that God himself has intended since eons. Because all powers have to serve him, bad ones and good ones; voluntarily or involuntarily these services will be rendered because they are all subject to Godís will. And so also world affairs will run their course according to divine will, even when menís will turns completely against God and does works that are the works of Satan. And God does not stop them but they unintentionally take part in the execution of the plan that is determined since eternity. They themselves accelerate the judgement that will befall them, that means an end for this earth and for all men living on it and also for all creatures except a small flock of fighters for God who the Lord himself will fetch and take home Ė before the end has arrived. Amen. B.D. NR. 3306.


Earth Upheaval 3314

Spiritual Hunger. Short Time of Freedom of Faith.

1. and 2. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3314.

Spiritual hunger will set in when it appears to men that earthly life is not worth living anymore and then the time has come when Godís servants can successfully be active. Then every opportunity has to be used so that the kingdom of God is brought to men, that Godís word is announced to them, and that they are informed of his will. The belief in God must be awakened in them or must be strengthened, and they must be urged to pray, to connect to God, who only then can hand out his power which they need for their development. And people will listen at first willingly to the servants of God because the world appears to men to be transitory and their desire is for the time being for things that are lasting. And the people will be alert spiritually and will eagerly accept the word of God. But this willingness will only last a short time and therefore has to be utilized in every way. And everywhere the love of God must be mentioned, everywhere their purpose on earth has to be pointed to the people, they must be encouraged to activities of love so that they soon sense the blessing and the power of it. It has to be pointed out to them that they have to prove themselves in the coming war of faith if they want to obtain eternal life. So the believers have to be very busy for the kingdom of God because very soon an end will be put to this freedom to believe through measures and decrees that stop every spiritual publicity and activity, or make them completely impossible. And from this time on mankind is in greatest danger, i.e. mankind can also avert this danger when it complies with the demands of the worldly authorities. Then it has nothing to be afraid of but it sells its soul Ė which is immortal. But the soul of man senses this and is frightened and is afraid of the coming time. And that is why it is so open because unconsciously it feels that the word of God safeguards its existence in blissfulness and that it is the only source of power that can provide strength in times of trouble. And every endeavour that is not effective in reaching his sanctified word becomes invalid due to this. For the word of God alone gives the necessary power to men to stand firm against all measures that are directed against the belief and therefore against God.

The demand of men for the food of heaven will be great, but only with such men who recognize God in the divine intervention Ė in the raging of the elements - who regard this event as a visible sign of God, that he condemns the behaviour of men and wants to lead them on another way. The events will leave their mark on these, they will lift their hearts to God and seek his word because it gives them consolation and strength, enlightenment and stimulus, because only now they recognize the connection of all that is happening in the world, and of the spiritual state on men. And to these the bread of heaven should be offered even if at first it is heavy-going for the ones that are still weak in faith. But it will still help them in accordance with their will to move upwards. And so that this will gets developed, that it distinguishes between good and evil and decides for what is right, the workers of the Lord are to be busy all the time and are not to let themselves put off when they meet with opposition and they are to carry on regardless and offer the bread of heaven to the next one and hand out food and drink everywhere where the needy wait for food. Because the time of these free activities is short. Satan is in a great hurry and he spares no means to oust God. And therefore shortly after this time the war against this free activity commences. And the measures are of far-reaching significance as they are aimed at terminating all spiritual striving and at changing the thinking of men completely. And now he will prove himself who was eager to absorb the word of God because he does not want to miss anymore the heavenly food, he will not come through without the consolation and strengthening of God; he will hold his ground because he longs for and receives that what gives him strength to resist everything that is hostile towards his soul. The more eager the workers of the Lord are during the times of trouble the more successful will be their work for the kingdom of God. Because when they can bring the word of God with conviction then it will also take roots and it will not be uprooted from the hearts of those who are receptive. And once the seed has fallen on fertile ground it will also blossom, grow and thrive and bear good fruit. And therefore God needs many workers, he needs men on earth who volunteer for his service and who are willing to be taught by him and who then are ceaselessly busy to use every opportunity and time to work for the salvation of men, where they supply men through the giving of the divine word with what they urgently need Ė light and power - and understanding and a firm will to resist when the time of decision has arrived. Amen. B.D. NR. 3314.


Earth Upheaval 3318

Powerful Voice of God. End of the Struggle.

4. and 5. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3318.

The voice of God will be loud and urgent and the fate of the nations will be settled because God himself will pronounce judgement through the elements. And nobody will be able to oppose his judgement because it will be just and hit men who are to blame for the great misery and who do not want to recognize their wrong. It will be an exceedingly sad event und many men will lose their life but the event is unstoppable because nothing what the will of men manages can shake men anymore and therefore have to get shaken up through an event that the will of man cannot avert or bring to an end and that therefore causes great dismay because everybody is confronted with death and has to prepare himself for the end of life. And this event gets closer and closer, day after day passes without mankind changing and Godís patience still hesitates to give men still the opportunity to turn back before Godís voice rings out. But now the world events are drawing to a close because nature is preparing, because the interior of the earth gets into a state of turmoil and only waits for the moment when God gives freedom to the elements so that they can unleash. Men do not find an end and so God steps in and puts a stop to it. Awful things end but more terrible things are the consequence of it as men get into dreadful misery und are completely in a state of helplessness exposed to the raging elements. They neither can flee nor ward off or decrease their rage; they are at their mercy and have only one rescuer in whom they can trust, on whom they can call in their despair and who has the power to help. But only few acknowledge him, few feel guilty and wait in the realization of their sinfulness for his judgement. And God will also take care of these few at the hour of destruction which is due to Godís will because the spiritual misery canít be removed any other way and the earthly misery is constantly forced up by human will. And as men do not find an end God will determine the end of a struggle that preoccupies the whole world. And a cry of despair will reverberate over the earth that will make men freeze because the extent of the disaster will cause everybody to sit up and take notice and be terrified of a repetition. And this is what God aims at so that the entire human race takes an interest; that they listen to his judgement, that they recognize the guilty and Godís righteousness. Because every fighter still imagines himself to be right, still might alone counts and not the law and Godís blessings canít rest on activities that are despicable because they are against the divine commandment to love.

And God will punish men with the same that they do - itís just that his work of destruction is even vaster so that they will recognize him at it. † Also the spiritual is outraged, that still not being free will be torn out of divine order and finds this state agonizing because despite of coming free through human will, it canít enjoy its freedom because it is not the freedom of perfection but the opportunity of an activity was taken from the spiritual that causes its outrage. And it will be active when it is given the opportunity. But in particular it will unite with the spiritual that is still banned and try to seek to persuade it to also break its shell and it will assist it to do so. That way it tries to force men to be active again and rebuild things so that the opportunity is given it again to move into new creations in order to continue the course of development. And God does not hinder the spiritual that has become free by human will and he also gives his consent when matter in the interior of the earth moves as the spiritual strives for the light and seeks to burst its casing. God withdraws his will for a short period of time and he lets the spiritual take its course, this however means a work of destruction of enormous extent because this spiritual is completely immature. And so the human will is opposed by a will that outdoes it, that seems to lack all divine love and wisdom and that finds the complete approval of God. But mankind does not submit to God, does not stop its war of extermination, is demon-stricken and allows them to drive it, more and more it is bewitched by evil powers and demonstrates this by its works and measures. And to call a halt to this decline Godís will and omnipotence takes obvious action. He shakes the earth and with it mankind so that it comes to its senses and changes. Because it is the closing date that still can be used for the souls. And that is why God lets his voice hear - loud and powerful; and he calls out to men: stop your rage that brings disaster on your souls; change before it is too late and think of him who reigns over heaven and earth, who is your creator and supporter and whose love you trample on. Collect yourselves on your end because it is approaching soon. Amen. B.D. NR. 3318.


Earth Upheaval 3348

Natural Phenomenon. Good and Evil Human Victims.

27. November 1944. B.D. NR. 3348.

In the hour of greatest need people will cry out to God but not every cry will proceed from the heart because the dangerous situation in which they are takes away their mental capabilities and so they will only approach God with their lips and their prayer will remain unheard. Only those who will send their thoughts to God, even if it is just for moments, will God help, either to save them from bodily want or to grant a favour before the end. Death is not always to be regarded as the greatest evil because when man still has found his way to God in the face of death then it was an effective means to save him which is worth more than the preservation of bodily life in the darkness of the spirit. And that is the reason why countless people will lose their life before the end partly as a warning to others and partly because of their own spiritual need. But also righteous men, whose life has ended according to Godís will, will pass away from earth. Because where God himself can be recognized, where the forces of nature which are subject to God get into a state of turmoil, there his will is also decisive who will fall a victim to this event. Mature and immature will have to leave the earth but when a soul has still recognized God before death its further spiritual development in the hereafter is also safeguarded and the completed life on earth is just a blessing for it. And earthly plight will be great and still offer the possibility to all to find God. For the natural phenomenon will announce itself. Unusual signs will point to an exceptional event so that every man can think about things beforehand and others will also point out to him the highest power, the ruler of heaven and of earth so that he has got time and opportunity to connect with him through prayer. But now the farness of mankind from God becomes apparent because only few accept him, only few turn to him in their anxiety and distress for protection and help. Most of them reject him consciously and unconsciously, they follow the spectacle of nature always hoping that it will soon end and the hour of trouble hits them all the more severe because they feel completely abandoned as they are without a trace of faith. But also many of these men who are far from God will stay alive; God still gives them the opportunity to get knowledge afterwards. Good and bad men will lose their life and good and bad men will keep their life because this natural disaster is not yet a separation of spirits but only a last warning before the final judgement from which every man is to gain spiritually. But it is up to them how they utilize this last warning - they can come to understanding before or after the disastrous night, but they also can hold on to their old way of thinking and the great event can make no impression on their soul. And so men who are hostile towards God will be active also afterwards to destroy any faith in God and they will produce this natural phenomenon as greatest proof of the non-existence of God, they will emerge as greatest deniers of God from an event that was to lead them back to faith, and therefore the warfare will break out visibly between those who the event made strong and believing and those who survived it despite their unbelief; and so everything goes towards its end after mankind is granted a short period of grace afterwards until the last judgement. Amen. B.D. NR. 3348.


Earth Upheaval 3371

Ending of the fight. Spatial separation.

17. December 1944. B.D. NR. 3371.

Whatever is of use for you, that you will hear when you let yourselves be instructed by myself and therefore pay attention to my voice, which quietly sounds inside of you. You have an extremely wrong opinion of the further course of world events when you believe one of the fighting powers emerging as victor of the wrestling, because my will has determined it differently, because not bodily well-being is to be supported but the salvation of souls, and this necessitates a complete change of their life, but this can only then follow when all earthly plans are invalid and mankind faces an extraordinary event, which shakes their thinking. A normal outcome of the wrestling of the people would not result in a change of the usual life, moreover none of the fighting powers is blameless, and therefore no power is legally entitled to victory. And that is why I thwart the plans of men, no matter what result they assume. All their expectations I make invalid, and I bring a solution, which no-one expects and is also wanted by no one, because I end the fight in a way that it can no longer be continued, even if men would be willing to do it. Because I separate the fighters spatially from each other; I let natural obstacles come into being, which cannot be overcome so easily. And I therefore take every possibility from men to take further action against each other. And therefore the wrestling of the nations against each other is stopped; there will be no decision; there is no defeating of one power, but mankind will realize that its power has come to an end and that divine power must be acknowledged, which is just too clearly recognizable at this outcome. I will bring about the end and still punish the guilty severely through it, because they see themselves deceived in their confidence of victory; they see themselves weakened and without success and face a great misery and great poverty. And I have announced this end already a long time before so that you have the truth of my word being proved to you, which you still doubt. I put an end when the culmination of the cruelty on the part of men has been achieved, so that the world recognizes by this that a God is in heaven, who punishes sin, which so obviously becomes evident Ė so that it recognizes that not men determine the outcome but I myself Ė and this differently than men expect it. And the hour is no longer far away. And that is why I announce myself to those who believe in my intervention and know about my plan, whom I commission to draw the attention of men to it, and which I send as prophets among men. Because it is to be warned before, because I never let such event come upon men without giving them knowledge, so that they earnestly think about the salvation of their soul and prepare themselves. Because no one knows who of them will be affected. My intervention will claim innumerable victims everywhere there, where it will take place. Amen. B.D. NR. 3371.


Earth Upheaval 3493

Change. Godís Intervention.

19. and 20. July 1945. B.D. NR. 3493.

That a change will occur already shortly is my will, which is determining in the complete universe. Since eternities my plan is laid down because since eternities I know about the spiritual state of men of this earth in the last days before the end. And unstoppably now my plan unwinds that is considered in all wisdom and led by my love. I foresaw the total decay of mankind I saw its move away from me and its carnal passion towards my enemy. And I therefore put an end to mankind that very consciously goes away from me and turns towards my enemy. And now the time has come and my love takes the last resort to point out the end to men, to still pull them back in the last hour from the abyss to which they are heading. Through love and suffering I try to win them, gently I admonish them and where these gentle warnings are fruitless I try to have an effect on men through suffering because I feel sorry for them and because I want to prevent their complete ruin. But there is little result to be seen and the time is running out. And so a redemption period is closing whose end means the complete dissolving of what is visible to the human eye - a vanishing of the earthís outer form and of all living beings on the face of the earth. But before that I point out again the last events by letting local changes take place to a great extent so that men get a graphic description of the last end and by granting them a time of grace, a reprieve, which they can use for change if they get impressed by that event that is to clearly prove my might. I want to reveal myself once more to men, in a most painful way, but only such a means can have success. I want to demonstrate to men that they are not just exposed to the will of men which has a destructive and annihilating effect but that they have to fear the will of a higher power which nobody can call to a halt. Through this I want to draw their attention to this higher power so that they get into contact with it through prayer. I want that they call on me in their trouble so that through my help my presence becomes perceptible to them so that they start believing in me. When this last resort fails then there is no salvation anymore for the souls of men on this earth und they must inevitably once again walk the course through creation of which my love wants to prevent them. And therefore this last resort is, although it seems to be cruel, a work of my love and compassion that nevertheless will be recognized as such by only few. I have to plunge mankind into greater misery as the suffering before brings about no change of their will; I have to place further burdens on them, I must let them get into living conditions that seem to be hardly bearable to get them to call upon the one who can and will help them to endure, but who also wants to be acknowledged in order to approach men with help. And therefore know that I will speak strongly and powerfully, that nothing can anymore ward off my intervention because the will of men that is turned towards me alone is able to do this but this is farer off than ever. And because my enemy seeks to increase his power and does not find resistance among men, I will show myself openly and will speak from above with a brazen voice so that it will not be difficult to recognize me - for everybody who is willing. And who calls on me will receive help in spiritual as well as in bodily need. Amen. B.D. NR. 3493.


Earth Upheaval 3545

Rejecting the Word. Natural Event. Remorse.

11. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3545.

And who takes offence at my word has still not recognized me. Who doubts that I obviously speak also does not have faith in my love and omnipotence otherwise he would look at that for the explanation. And who so regards my word as the work of the enemy or as the work of man is not in contact with me through acts of love and prayer otherwise he would recognize me in every word that he gets through my will. And I canít approach him more recognizable than by the natural event that is to bring to him the confirmation of what I have proclaimed before through my word. This proof is enough to let him recognize the truth of my word however it will rob him of all strength should he lose his earthly life at the same time. Then unimaginable remorse is his lot in the spiritual realm and the state of complete darkness. But when my mercy lets him remain alive then this is a favour of inestimable value since he then has on earth still the possibility to support the word that he first rejected because he did not recognize it as my word. He can become a keen representative of my word in the last time before the end and he will then thankfully accept the great favour that I left him alive. Also the event of nature will contribute to the separation of spirits because it will shake the thinking of many who are not firmly established in the faith, whose knowledge it too small to recognize in it my love and wisdom. The difficult situation in life afterwards will cause them to confront all spiritual and they willingly will comply with the request of the world to give away the belief in me and to take action against all who remain loyal to me. And then my word that they have heard beforehand will have a beneficial effect because who has knowledge through it about my plan and about the forthcoming natural event will see the truth of the word being confirmed and will believe even firmer in it and also the ones who were still weak in faith will be strengthened by it. I furnish proof to men but it will be felt very distressingly by those who unbelievingly are faced with my word. Nevertheless I also take pity on these and their lot will be in accordance with their will. Everybody will come to the recognition of truth but when this takes place only in the hereafter then his lot is exceedingly pitiable because the remorse is then very great when he thinks of the chance he missed on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 3545.


Earth Upheaval 3571

My Voice will Sound from Above.

8. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3571.

And my voice will sound from above. It will be powerful and men will have to hear it even when they normally donít respect me. They will have to look up to heaven and according to the state of their soul willingly or unwillingly. Because they see themselves at the mercy of a power from which they canít escape anymore. My language will touch however the heart of only few. But they will be helped even when bodily help does not take place. But mostly only anxiety and worry for the physical life will predominate and my voice is not enough for them to follow it and turn back to me despite greatest trouble and distress. They donít want to recognize that my voice is meant for those who are far from me and with stubborn heart they will try to escape but they will remain helpless in the face of the elements. They will lose all support because the ground will sway, the air will be filled by a roaring storm and everybody will have to look after himself because nobody can give the other his support. And my voice will sound from above. With a thundering voice I will speak and all elements of nature will obey my will, they will speak for me and testify to my power. I am obviously opposing men and do not force them to believe in me because it still remains up to them to accept the work of the forces of nature but to deny myself as that being that also guides the forces of nature according to his will. And so also the last means of education before the end will not mean to be something that forces men to believe though it should obviously speak for me and is also recognizable for those men who are of good will, who are not completely in bondage to my enemy who wants to separate them for ever from me. It will come true what I have announced through my spirit. The earth will shake and the elements of nature will cause immense damage and claim innumerable victims. But this is determined since eternity because also this event is a measure that I use to still win men for me because the misery and the distress of a different kind is not enough for them to return to me and I have to wield a sharp rod over hardened mankind. And that is certainly true that I will not rest until I have won back all my creatures. And so my love never ends that wants to save them from destruction even when the love is not recognizable in my work. But who abides by my voice will feel my love and will thank me in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3571.


Earth Upheaval 3630

Cosmos. Changes. Disaster.

18. and 19. December 1945. B.D. NR. 3630.

What takes place in the cosmos is unknown to you and you also will never get to the bottom of the laws of nature to such an extent that you can determine when and how changes occur that have to occur by order of the eternal plan of salvation of God to prepare the work of the reshaping of the earth. And you will always be surprised by events that happen in nature and therefore also now be faced with an unexpected enormous natural event that is understandable to him who sees with the spiritual eye, but that will remain unfathomable to the majority of men because they do not recognize the connection of all events, also the cosmic determined ones, with the spiritual development of men and all beingness, because they also do not know about the forthcoming end and the reshaping of a work of creation that is to serve the spiritual development only and that at the moment has become useless due to the will of men that has turned away from God. What is getting ready in nature happens imperceptibly and men therefore pay little attention to it. But still they could notice many deviations that should perplex them if they would pay attention and would let creation speak to them more. Changes in the interior of the earth take place that are leading to eruptions which first break out partly so that they lead to a complete destruction of the earthís surface at a prescribed time to let Godís eternal plan of salvation run its course which his will determines. Innumerable spiritual entities liberate themselves in the interior of the earth and God gives his consent, he lets them become active at a certain time because their activity is not opposed to his eternal law. And the earth will shake when these entities get active. In places it will open and so release the way for the beings to other forms than so far. And great changes will occur on the earthís surface where this activity takes place to the terror of the inhabitants who are exposed to a great natural disaster.

But this will be only a pre-happening to the subsequent complete destruction of the earth, a last exhortation for all who will survive it and an indication of the nearby end which men first do not believe that it will happen. But Godís language will be understandable for everybody who wants to understand it. Everything that happens in the universe, also every cosmic change, is dependent on the development of the spiritual and even though men do not understand it due to their ignorance they still have to be affected by the work of the beings that are still bound in the interior of the earth and strive for freedom for the purpose of further development. This eruption of the spiritual will take a heavy toll on human life and these souls will arrive in the spiritual realm in a more or less mature state. But also innumerable entities will become free and can soar upwards into other forms. And so the powerful natural event is simultaneously a process of release from endless long time of imprisonment in hardest matter and a transition for the spiritual held in that matter into less agonizing forms but it also makes an end to the course of development of the spiritual on earth that was in the last stage and that could use the free will to get redeemed. Nobody can determine in advance these cosmic proceedings if he is not informed about this through strong faith by Godís spirit because men have no access to the divine laws of nature so the day and the hour will always remain a secret until the first noticeable indications make themselves felt, but these will be ignored for the time being. But when the day is on the advance all living things will be seized by a great restlessness, men and animals will feel it internally and only the enlightened will be able to throw light on the matter but they will not be heard by the worldly minded who will never want to accept a destruction of the earth and who will be completely caught by surprise by the eruption of the elements of nature. And God again and again announces these events, he does not keep men in the dark about what they have to expect in the times to come. And again and again he charges his messengers to mention the things to come. For the day will not anymore be a long time in coming. He who is careful will also recognize the changes and his gaze will be a spiritual one because all what is to come according to Godís eternal plan of salvation aims at the development of the spiritual that is not safe and that Godís love wants to help. Amen. B.D. NR. 3630.


Earth Upheaval 4020

Doubting Godís Revelation. Elements of Nature.

9. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4020.

Excerpt only.

Innumerable men will lose their life and enter the other side in a state of imperfection but I will be a merciful judge and evaluate the last sacrifice that they bring me by their early death by offering them the greatest possibility to mature in the spiritual realm and give them support in many ways.

End of excerpt from 4020.


Earth Upheaval 4094

Referring to the End. Event of Nature.

31. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4094.

Only a short period of time will pass till the end of this world. And in this short time I make use of every means to get you to reshape your soul. I make myself heard by men before yet the day of the last judgment is to be expected. So the first thing you men have to expect is this expression of mine before you can reckon with the last end. But this follows very quickly after the previous one. Again and again I have to announce the same thing otherwise you do not believe my words; again and again I have to point this out to men because you men are at the moment too little spiritually orientated, you also assess words that are offered to you from above not much more differently than human utterances, it is even more likely that you acknowledge and follow human statements than instructions whose contents stand you in good stead for your soul only. What then am I to do to forcefully hold in front of menís eyes that what is necessary for their soulís salvation? When my word is not capable to get you started on the work of your soul then my voice has to sound much louder so that you get a fright and call on me in your fear and trouble that will attack you in view of the end. And in great urgency I point out to you this event that takes place in nature as only this event after all gives my word the confirmation of its genuineness - which men mostly doubt. But already before that I want to work on the hearts of men that are receptive to my love and blessings, that recognize my word as a sign of love and blessings and therefore also accept it with joy and thankfulness. These will be doubly blessed by the last sign of exhortation and warning. Their own faith will receive a big boost and that is why they will be eager and convinced and will support my word and can successfully take part in Christís work of redemption. Because now the eyes of all believers are directed towards the end that they expect with conviction and therefore they are also steadfast in every fight against me and my kingdom. This is what I intend to achieve with my frequent previous announcements that all men will still receive a last sign of my love and mercy even though it only rarely will be recognized as such. But it is understandable to those who are mine, that and why I speak from above to men and they therefore reckon every day that my voice will be heard. But I have my fixed plan and I speak when the time has come, when you least of all expect me, when you think me to be inactive, when seemingly an earthly trouble has been averted. But it comes true what has been predicted in word and scripture. I will let come to pass a natural event of unheard-of magnitude and extension that will claim countless numbers of lives. And still this is just a small omen of the destruction at the last day, only that I now do not express myself visibly, while I will come myself shortly before the end to make happy those who are mine and to fetch them home into my kingdom. But who will survive the natural disaster before, will gain a firm belief when he is serious about it. And I want to achieve that a believer who has strong faith now advocates towards his fellow human beings everything that is relevant to the last end. For this will not be long in coming. When my voice will be heard from above then you will be approaching the end fast. For many the hour of death will have already come with the outbreak of that natural disaster which will take a huge toll on human life but for the sake of the survivors I announce this as their souls are to benefit from this, they are to learn to believe and learn to recognize me as their creator and sustainer, father and divine friend, they are to call on me of their own accord, and when they have received my visible help they are to aim at me; they are to try to gain me with a loving heart after they recognized me and make my will their own; they are to never give me up after they have found me but be faithful to me until the end. And that is why I allow that the earth is partially affected by an exceedingly great storm of destruction so that the thinking of those who survive changes and turns to me who longs for my creatures which are still away from me and yet have my love because they once went out from me and are again to return to me. Because my love does not decrease, my love never stops, it is eternally meant for what was created by me even if it has not found its way to me. Then I again and again show it the way and offer myself as guide to those who entrust themselves with my care and want to follow me so that they once reach their aim so that they are united with me for ever as it was their primeval destiny. Amen. B.D. NR. 4094.


Earth Upheaval 4348

Earth Rotations. Earth Upheavals.

23. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4348.

Already a fairly long time the earth is moving around its own axis in tremendous speed. The constant revolutions are in no way recognizable by man but only because he is located on earth and could follow it only outside of earth. Still changes in the universe are noticeable that have that phenomenon as cause. It is a regular trembling that is felt weaker or stronger when the body is at rest and sensitive to the minutest movement. This phenomenon leads to the total dissolving of the earth after ages but is supported by human effect which is why the ending of this time era is attributed to human influence although it is scheduled in the divine plan since eternity. The earth as such would have an unimaginable long lifespan, i.e., its existence would have been secured for endless times to come but God's will lets itself be controlled by the will of man, God lets men carry out what causes their greatest harm. In his plan since eternity all changes in the universe are laid down according to his wisdom and love. But scientific trained mankind does not want to know about a change of unimaginable effect and still it takes place constantly. This change - a hyper fast rotation of the earth - also triggers the natural phenomenon that is announced since the beginning of the redemption period by seers and prophets and also now again is revealed through God's spirit. The process is humanly not properly explainable but - simply said - the rotations will increase and interrupt for seconds, which is expressed in the form of earth tremors that are of such enormous effect that men will think the end of the world has come. A parallel on earth to this cannot be found because it is a power expression that starts from the universe and is unknown to earthly science. The state of the stars releases such powers and the interior of the earth is touched by them and so as it were the earth is moved extralegally which always expresses itself in a destructive form but temporarily allowed by God for the purpose of the dissolving of hardest matter that is to release the spiritual banished in it. And this action is soon approaching but will only be the play of a few seconds but with preceding indications that alone are already to be called a disaster because they trigger off an indescribable panic among men and are therefore to be counted to belong to the period of the disaster. But all is predestined since eternity and God's plan comes true as it is written. Amen. B.D. NR. 4348.


Earth Upheaval 4355

Supplementation and Explanation to No. 4348.

26. and 27. June 1948. B.D. NR. 4355.

Explain yourself the process this way: The faster the earth moves the shorter is the time it requires for a revolution and the stronger the atmospheric pressure becomes that it releases through its move. Normally this atmospheric pressure should be felt on the surface of the earth but that is not the case. Therefore already here a deviation of the laws of nature takes place that is not scientifically explainable out of which already arises that the laws of nature valid for the earth are losing their validity outside of it. Still this fast revolution has an effect that is noticeable on the surface of the earth insofar as a crust is formed that is the suitable breeding ground for the vegetation so that therefore a perpetual living up of the surface of the earth is only possible through perpetual rotation, through generation of a power that has an effect on the ground, that therefore does not spread and exude outward but acts from the outside towards the interior of the earth. This power is life arousing, but it cannot be explained by human reason because it develops extralegally and also has an extralegal effect. If the earth would cease its speed then all life would freeze on it, but on the other hand an increased speed favours an abnormal growth but also has a deeper effect into the interior of the earth and brings about eruptions there that endanger the core of the earth and jeopardize its continued existence. Such an increased speed is now noticeable and will soon also make itself felt in its effects. If the last effect is now to be prevented then the surplus power has to find a field of activity - it has to have an explosive effect in places, which will happen in form of a natural disaster. Through it the speed of the revolution will decrease a little, the now again generated power finds new breeding ground that it can enliven vegetable and animal wise and the existence of earth is again ensured for a short time until then again through human will powers will be triggered that are not yet finally determined by them and that have an effect that destroys everything because they are so to speak to be addressed as counteracting forces, i.e. working from inside to the outside and the working against one another of both forces means total destruction, this can well be explained to men but will not be understood by them. Spiritually advanced scientists can easily explain themselves this process because they do not anymore view an extralegal activity of natural forces in such an unbelieving manner because for them the sphere outside of earth is a field that cannot be determined with earthly intellectual thinking because other laws of nature than the ones being valid on earth are governing this. Each star is a world on its own and in each star the love will of God has expressed itself differently because countless thoughts of him are realized through his might and power, and every single thought of him is witness of deepest wisdom. According to human judgement such a manifold diversity of God's creations cannot exist as the power of imagination is limited, but with God there is no limit to his thinking and no inhibition of his creative power. It is now entirely impossible that man, the inhabitant of one of God's innumerable creations, could completely fathom his rule and work in a rational way because he immediately rejects what seems to be impossible but to God it is always possible. So also the earth in its movements, in its motion, its constitution, can be calculated and researched time wise but always only insofar as the natural laws governing the earth that are known to man are taken as a basis. Beyond it his knowledge and intellect fails. But there is something beyond it, otherwise earthly science could exactly determine when and in which form, out of which cause the final destruction of earth will happen. It is unable to make this assessment but with this no proof is given that the destruction of the earth does not take place. Here faith is set against science - he who assesses science higher denies what faith affirms. God announces the end of this earth period; he announces a complete change of the surface of the earth that includes the disappearing of all life on, in and above the earth. This process is completely unknown to science - therefore a sign for a taking place of an extralegal work of God; extralegal not as far as he is concerned but for men who do not know all laws of nature, all powers in such a way that they could indicate and calculate such events but that research has to be done on the foundation of faith if it is to produce truthful results. Only then scientists will also have access to the field that otherwise remains closed to men, then spiritual co-workers are available to him and enlighten him, then he also can gain insight into the plan of salvation of God and much will be understandable to him and acceptable that his intellect would have rejected otherwise. Amen. B.D. NR. 4355.


Earth Upheaval 4441

Extent of the Work of Destruction.

24. September 1948. B.D. NR. 4441.

You men still cannot form a picture to what extent the work of destruction in the will of God will take place because everything will be exceeded that has ever been. Countries and oceans will change, rivers will overflow its banks and so pictures will be created that men will think they have been transported to a different area and through this already an indescribable chaos comes into being because men do not find each other anymore. Without rest they will wander around until strong-willed men are found that try to create order and take care of the weak. The distress will be so great that only love will be able to bear it and where one is active for another there will soon relief and help be felt that obviously will be given to them from above. He who now turns to God and calls on him in his heart will be helped because now God shows himself so clearly with his love and omnipotence that it will be easy for the weak in faith to gain firm faith and this time is a time of grace for the unbeliever where he can easily change in the sight of phenomena that are based on the power of faith. These phenomena will make all think but only alone the one who is willing to believe will make use of it while the others will always just speak of coincidence and be faced with great misery, reject a creator and condemn his action. The extent of the disaster cannot bring them back to their senses, everything they try to explain naturally and they completely reject spiritual connections. They also remain hard and without feelings towards the experience of the fellow human being and are not afraid to improve their own situation at other people's expense who are too weak to defend themselves. Misery will be everywhere where God has spoken and he will speak there where greatest spiritual misery is so that the survivors receive a warning sign so that the time until the end can be used and also men in the countries not affected come to their senses given the disaster that is too enormous to be disregarded. Because all mankind will be seized with fear that the natural disaster happens again and could result in a complete destruction of the earth. This will come but not immediately after the natural disaster. The fear of it is helpful for many as it stirs up the thought of a sudden death and of life after death at all in many men and can bring a change in life. The world will want to step in with help but not be able to that extent that help would be necessary. Still every man who is willing to love and to help will be blessed by God because the reason the great misery comes upon men is that they soften their hearts and do justice to their actual assignment that they work in love on earth to attain maturity of the soul. As long as men provide for themselves only they remain in love of self and do not progress spiritually. But the misery of the fellow human beings can stir up their love activity and then they are fulfilling the will of God and therefore their purpose on earth. Then also the great trouble is a blessing and it fulfils its purpose. Amen. B.D. NR. 4441.


Earth Upheaval 4633

Men's Fear. Natural Disaster and its Effects.

10. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4633.

In an incomprehensible distress will all men be caught who do not believe when I express myself through the powers of nature because they experience a spectacle where enormous powers are able to develop and man himself is completely helpless. A fear of death will seize men and even the ones that are mine will be affected by it but strangely strengthened through my help when they only lift their thoughts to me. But the unbelievers have no support to rely on and are hopelessly at the mercy of the elements of nature. Few people in the face of death will call on me in their troubled heart and their call will reach my ear and mean salvation, earthly or also spiritually, when their hour has come. But they have then still won life for eternity. But mostly men are out of their mind with fear, i.e. unable for a thought upwards, they try to save themselves and everywhere they get into the same difficulties because the whole of nature is in a conspiracy against them, all elements are in extreme activity, water, fire, storm and light step out of their order and wreak havoc that cost countless fatalities and is unimaginable in its extent. It will only be a short action but exceedingly momentous for all men that will survive it because only now the earthly misery begins that exceeds all preceding events. Men have to completely change over to a different life style, they have to make use of everything that is still left to them, they have to fend for themselves and cannot expect earthly help for a long time because they are cut off from the world and the connection cannot be restored again that fast. The extent of the disaster is incredible but I again and again point this out to you so that you do not lose yourself to earthly goods, so that you do not take it seriously and forget your soul whose maturity alone is the deciding factor for you how you will endure the things that are coming. Announcements like these find little faith and still are to be taken exceedingly seriously because they come true word for word. And every day is still a gift of grace that you are to utilize, however not earthly but spiritually because that alone is lasting what spiritual goods you acquire for yourself. Still I promise you all my protection and my help who believe and want to serve me. Do not let my words get you down; know that all, even the most difficult thing, is bearable, when you place the burden on me, when you ask me to help you carry your load. I do not leave you and help you that you hold out till the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 4633.


Earth Upheaval 4634

The Power of Faith. Obvious Help. Last Means of Grace.

10. May 1949. B.D. NR. 4634.

The might and power of God will visibly come to light with those that have strong faith and pray to God for help in great trouble. What appears to be impossible will become possible; what humanly cannot be done men will achieve through the power of faith in an almighty God and creator of heavens and earth. And no prayer will be in vain that is sent up to him in the spirit and in truth and in firm, unshakeable faith; and where this faith can be found there also every trouble is bearable because it is averted through exactly that faith. Every men that feels to be a child of God and trustingly lifts up his hands to him will feel the love of the father. When now the activities of God, his love and his omnipotence is so clearly recognizable the weak in faith will be strengthened and the unbelievers will be puzzled and this is a last means of grace for those that do not want to believe. A serious warning once again approaches them, a proof that God lives to whom also they can turn and who will lean towards them in the same love when they acknowledge him as father and humbly submit to him. The power of faith can make everyone think because the help of God is too obvious to be able to be denied because things happen that go beyond the limits of the natural. God will help all to get such faith who sincerely ask him for it, who do not slacken struggling for it and who are of good will. Because these are the ones who are his, who long to be with him and who strive to be united with God, which will lead to succeess. With these the miracles will also take place that are founded on the power of faith, that prove God's exceeding great love towards those who are his and also revive the faith in his coming in the clouds from which they now again draw power for the last struggle on this earth. Their deep faith will bear everything because they are fully convinced that God will come and fetch the ones who are his to himself into his kingdom when the trouble becomes unbearable. And God does not let such faith come to naught. Amen. B. D. NR. 4634.


Earth Upheaval 4661

Announcement of Judgement. Doubt. Star on the Advance.

7. June 1949. B.D. NR. 4661.

A forthcoming judgment has been announced to you but you doubt it and do not take my words seriously enough otherwise you would no more take earthly measures und only prepare yourself for the day my announcements come true. You do not know the day, but it should be enough when I as your creator and father from eternity call it to be approaching shortly, that I am so giving you to understand that it is time for your preparation otherwise I would not repeat the admonitions and warnings all the time but would leave you without warning. And so then listen that the period of time is more and more shortened and that it will have run out exceedingly fast. All earthly worries are useless because I care for the ones who are mine so that they will have what they need, but the others will not be able to hold onto anything, even if they are in league with my enemy, when they are for the time being with his help earthly well placed und climb higher and higher all the time, whether it is with earthly goods or honour or with earthly wisdom. My opponent will not be able to protect himself on the day of terror because I want to bring men back to their senses through nature that they think of their God and creator and place themselves in his hands in deepest trouble. Then everything will be destroyed by the elements; nothing will survive for men than what I want them to keep. And that is why they should try to win me; they are to connect with me through acting in love and close thought; they are to talk to me and listen to my reply, and they will achieve a much greater profit than when they worry about the well-being of the body, about worldly riches and worldly advancement. Believe it that it will come true soon what I have told you since a long time already; believe it that time is short and do not worry any more how you can gain worldly advantages because this worry is useless - you will recognize this very soon. And I want to give you a sign, you who distribute my word, so that you speak out full of conviction in favour of this. I want to let you know that a star is on the advance that approaches the earth exceedingly fast through its speed and that this phenomenon will happen shortly before I make the continual announcement come true. Then you insiders know what hour has come, then act in accordance with my will, inform the fellow human beings of what is forthcoming and draw all attention to it, connect yourself closely with me so that I can directly supply you with the power that you need in the hour of danger. Do not fear but believe only that I will save you from every trouble so that you can carry out your mission for which I trained you - so that you bring the Gospel afterwards to your fellow human beings because with a hungry heart many will take in my word that have emerged undamaged from these events. Know that you do not have much time until the end. And this end is preceded by what I have announced again and again. Believe it and prepare yourself for it because the time has expired und I appear very soon. Amen. B.D. NR. 4661.


Earth Upheaval 4940

Prediction of Natural Disaster. Dead Stretches.

21. July 1950. B.D. NR. 4940.

The last end is preceded by a powerful event that has to make all men think that survive it. It will be a portent of the end, a destruction in small scale compared with the last work of destruction of this earth, but also of such an extent as mankind has not yet experienced as long as the earth exists. It is a natural event that will bring men into a state of turmoil that fall victim to it or hear about it, because the effects of the event are too powerful to remain unnoticed. So called dead stretches are formed that show no life because the emanations of the earth at these places suffocate all life. A visible work of the forces of nature will be recognizable so that this phenomenon cannot be attributed to human influence because I want to reveal myself through this event to convince men also of the near end that seers and prophets announce all the time on behalf of me. Renewed suffering is in store for men and there is no getting round this suffering as long as they pay tribute to the world and pay attention to me just alongside. They have to seek me so that I can let myself be found and only such an event can achieve this that can no longer be explained as work of men. They have to feel a higher power behind it and entrust themselves to this power in their earthly trouble. That is why they have to be at the mercy of this power in order to seek refuge in it of their own accord. They have to be without earthly help to visibly feel the help from above. That is why a powerful storm will come up that uproots and chases up everything; the earth will split and from above and below men are at the mercy of the elements, against whom they cannot struggle because their strength is not sufficient; an unbearable heat will already beforehand make men unable and dull and apathetically they follow the first phenomena of nature until they then realize their bad situation and now nearly brutally fight for their life that they fear to lose. And I will give all those my support in their trouble who are of good will, I will give them knowledge so that they can see in all what is happening my rule and work and also teach and encourage their fellow human beings out of this knowledge to turn to me and preach to them about my love, wisdom and omnipotence so that they call for me when they are in trouble. And I want to be their guide, through all the trouble shall be saved those who believe in me and want to serve me in the last times before the end. Because soon these events will be followed by the downfall of the old earth as it is written. But men are not to experience this downfall unprepared and that is why I send a shadow before it to them - a last indication that is to be believed so that men do not go into eternal ruin, so that they can save themselves if they only make use of their will the right way. Amen. B.D. NR. 4940.


Earth Upheaval 5151

Explanation of Destructions Dependent on Nature.

14. June 1951. B.D. NR. 5151.

The world, i.e. the earthly creation, is in permanent progressive development because nothing what God has created remains in a state of rest - so constantly on the same level, but only through perpetual change it will fulfil its actual purpose. This process of change does not need to be always visible, i.e., it can take place so slowly that man perceives little or no change, but it also can happen so suddenly and to such a powerful extent that whole creations are destroyed and reshaped and this again man does not realize because he himself hardly survives such a process. Still such upheavals belong to the development process of the entire spiritual that occasionally has to be disturbed out of an inactivity into which it falls as a result of its resistance against God. All creations come from the hand of God for a particular purpose, for the maturing of the spiritual that is bound in these creations. According to the law from eternity creation therefore fulfils its purpose because the spiritual carries out the activity in mandatory law that helps it to mature. However man can misuse the embodied spiritual in the state of free will, its outer form that was given to him for the same purpose, by ignoring his spiritual assignment, and moreover he can also hinder the destiny of those creations that contain the still undeveloped spiritual, through premature destruction out of evil motives, through use for a purpose adverse to God, through hindering it to serve, and he can therefore as it were misuse the works of creation that were destined for maturing of the spiritual, whereby the spiritual gets in a state of turmoil and tries to burst its cover which is expressed by destructions that are natural, thus not caused directly through the will of men. Because the still bound spiritual can resist the human will since it is not entirely opposed to God and so to speak wants the spiritual upward development itself. Then the raging against the divine order itself has a destructive effect, as conversely the building up and further development, as a prerequisite, presupposes an action in accordance of divine law, of divine order. And so it follows by itself that also whole works of creation can dissolve when the divine order is violated to an extent that the actual purpose is no longer fulfilled on the part of men who are only allowed to enliven and use the earthly creation for the purpose of ascent development. When the creations that arise specially for men to make their maturing possible are used by these for other purposes, or are misused, then this means a danger insofar as that the spiritual in it revolts because it feels the unlawfulness and sees its own development threatened. Therefore a wide-scale destruction of creations taking place through the will of God is often an act of help for the spiritual bound in it that through the will of men that is wrongly directed is hindered in its development but still wants to come into its own. Besides new creations are to be regarded as the beginning of new epochs of redemption because the hard matter again contains the spiritual in it that is forced into a course of development through the whole of creation because in the pre-period it had failed in free will. It had to be robbed of its free will again and now again walks the way of the law in a bound will - it has to serve because it did not want to recognize its destiny as man and sinned against the law of eternal order. That is why also the same principle underlies every new creation: a serving in a mandatory state according to divine rule and likewise in the state of free will. Always the principle of love has to predominate if the ascent development of the spiritual has to take place and building up has to be recognized. But where they sin on the other hand there is decay and disorder and finally total dissolving is the result. Amen. B.D. NR. 5151.


Earth Upheaval 5219

Earnest Pointer to the End.

26. September 1951. B.D. NR. 5219.

Your days are numbered. There is no long stay any more on this earth, your life will be shortened because the time is over that I granted to you men for redemption and you who live now belong to those who experience the end. I will well first still call away many whose souls would not pass the last fight for me and my kingdom and a great dying will start everywhere and the various causes will let you men just not think of, that this last action has already started, that it is already an act of favour because I give those souls the possibility to continue their course of development in the kingdom on the other side what is no longer possible when the last day has come. You all no longer have much time but no-one of you knows it whether he will not still be torn away from life before; no-one of you knows when his hour has come. Do not mourn for those who pass away because my love calls them away; but often think of them in prayer so that they make use of the favours that are also still granted them in the hereafter. Prepare yourself all for your last hour; I earnestly admonish you because you no longer have much time. Through the events in the world I warn you urgently and when you walk with open eyes you recognize the seriousness of the hour because I speak clearly to you through the signs of the time. But you men just see the world only; you pay all attention to the world but you do not think of me and annoyed you throw away everything from you which could point to me and to the end. You do not want to believe and therefore remain untouched from all events that far too clearly prove to you the truth of my word. It is high time - but not in the sense of the world but to repentance, to the change of will, to turning back and to reflection. Do not remain untouched when I admonish you wherever it may be. Ask yourself in what state you well are when the call comes to you to leave the earth and to enter through the gate of death into eternity. Ask yourself whether you then can well pass before my eyes and believe it that the hour soon is there where your life on earth ends. That is why you are to look after your souls only and turn away your eyes from the world because it will pass away, but the soul is immortal and its fate in eternity is according to your life on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5219.


Earth Upheaval 5351

Unchaining of Spiritual Forces. Eruption. Redemption Phase.

4. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5351.

Unsuspected forces are active to the establishment of the old order that is so disturbed at the end of a redemption period that the upward development of the spiritual is totally jeopardized. That state has to be established again in which all that is bound in form strives upward and this state necessitates a complete reshaping of that what contained the spiritual up to now. The old creations have to be dissolved and replaced by new ones that again are used according to divine order, according to divine will, and so also fulfil their purpose, to serve the spiritual to mature. Many forces are already at work to initiate the great forthcoming action because everything proceeds in accordance with divine order, also the dissolving and reshaping of the old surface of the earth. From time to time spiritual beings full of might and strength give the spiritual that is still bound in hardest matter freedom, they untie fetters that the spiritual itself could never break and so to speak free it to go upwards - it is allowed to change in its outer form that becomes now already easier solvable so that now the upward development for the spiritual can start that was bound endless long times and finally has slackened its resistance against God. Everywhere where eruptions take place such a process of power development of the light beings happens; they slacken fetters where this is time according to God's will. These powers give freedom and at the same time bind because that what is completely liberated would destroy everything in its urge to be active and only part destructions are allowed according to God's wise judgement as long as still the last work of dissolving does not take place where everything will be reshaped through the will of God. But for the time being visible destructions will be only there where a sign of divine might and power is to be given to men on earth - for the time being these eruptions are at the same time to mean an exhortation and a warning cry of God for living men so that they earnestly become conscious of their own purpose in life and strive upwards. But such expressions of power of the spiritual world follow in ever shorter phases until a great divine intervention causes such powerful changes that every man is now to recognize him who is Lord of heaven and earth, of life and death. And then only a short time is left until a work of destruction is executed that can no longer be observed by mankind in its final effect, only by those that God fetches to himself because they believe in him and love him - because they recognized their purpose on earth and tried to do justice to it. And then a new redemption phase begins because unspeakable much spiritual is now walking the way of upward development; the old order is re-established and peace is on earth for a long time - until Satan once again wins influence and again uses his power because men themselves give it to him. But a long time passes in happiness and peace and innumerable spiritual entities reach their goal - to become free of all matter and to go into the spiritual kingdom where eternal light is and happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 5351.


Earth Upheaval 5376

I Know the Ones Who Are Mine. Good Shepherd.

27. April 1952. B.D. NR. 5376.

I know the ones who are mine and the ones who are mine know me. I am indeed the good shepherd who does not hand over his sheep to the enemy; who cares for the life of each of them; who does everything to protect his flock from the attack of the wolf; who himself gives away his life for his sheep. Full of love rests my eye on all men; I would like to guide all home to the stable, I would like to protect all from the attacks of the enemy who wants to snatch them from me. I would like to make myself known to all men, offer them my protection, care for them and keep them. I would like to give all men eternal life. But now is a time where almost no man observes my call anymore; my flock is scattered, the enemy has driven right into them and he caused my sheep to get lost, that they have gone away from their shepherd, that they climbed the wrong way into worldly heights, that they lost their shepherd and no longer find their way back to him. They do not seek him but more and more withdraw from him and even so my love calls them they no longer pay attention to my voice except few who recognized their good shepherd in me and do not leave me. But I do not want any of my sheep to get lost. And so my call will sound with an intenseness, which those will have to hear it who are far away from me. And I will climb after every of my sheep and level for it the way that leads back to me; protectively I will position myself before the timid who fear the enemy so that no harm can be done to them. I will bend down to those who are fallen to pick them up, to pull them out of the abyss. All will hear my call because it will sound over the whole earth and announce my nearness so that everyone can turn to me and will also be accepted by me when only he wants to follow me. I am the good shepherd; I well cannot prevent the work of my enemy but I can give protection to everybody who positions himself behind me because the enemy cannot attack myself but well you, as long as you do not keep to myself, so you turn away from me and go ways where he can pursue and reach you. My call of love follows you but it does not force you to turn back; on your own free will you have to follow it, then the adversary is definitely unable to get at you, then you are well protected and I lead you home safely where I will never leave you and where you can live in happy peace. All you men pay attention to my call because it will sound soon; turn back before it is still too late; let your shepherd guide you and put your trust in me; do not leave the way that I walked but follow after me, then the hostile power certainly will not do anything to you because I myself hold protectively my hands above you and you will reach the goal - you will be able to go into your father's house - you will be happy in eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 5376.


Earth Upheaval 5433

Premature Recall.

9. July 1952. B.D. NR. 5433.

I still have to let great compassion rule and give away much favours to protect men from the last fall. I have to prematurely call away many men and approach many in unusual plight otherwise they would be at the mercy of him who wants to corrupt them. A great lamentation will be on earth because men still living do not know that it is a great act of favour for my part when I end the life of those that they lament; they do not know that they should thank me because in merciful love I do a work of love with them; they do not know that time soon has come to an end that is still granted to them. But I know about every human feeling, I know it where there is still the possibility to mature in the kingdom on the other side but what then would no longer be possible on earth but definitely a fall into the deep would occur when I would leave those men alive. Believe it you men that I make an effort for your souls with love and patience; believe it that I do not condemn but try to save until the end and that I very well know which man is in danger to get lost if I do not throw the last sheet anchor over to him - bodily death, to be able to still awake to life in the spiritual kingdom. My love never ends and the greater the spiritual trouble of my children is on earth the more my love and compassion appears even if you men do not recognize this. I do not want your downfall, I want your ascent, I do not want that you sink into darkness but I want that you enter into bright heights and what I still can do for you and your eternal life that I certainly do in the times until the end although it appears to you as cruelty because you do not know about the depth of my love that encompasses all my creatures. I do not leave you without a fight to my opponent but I can only oppose him with love and therefore also call you away out of love when the only thing that you can still expect on earth is death, spiritual death, which is so terrible that I take pity and want to protect you from it. You men will be able to experience my favour and compassion till the end but where I oppose pure devils there also this my favour and compassion will be rejected and then they themselves create their fate because if I call away these men prematurely they also would not have the possibility to ascend in the spiritual kingdom because they ceaselessly head for the deep and have to once again go the way of banishment, the way through hard matter that will always be the stay of the spiritual that is completely hardened and needs endless long time until its resistance is broken and it again can strive upward. This is irrevocably the fate of those who fail on earth and that is why my compassion and favour still wants to try to save you men from this fate - that is why still much suffering and trouble will go over the earth before the end has come. Amen. B.D. Nr. 5433.


Earth Upheaval 5678a

Fulfilment of Predictions. Disaster Before.

17. and 18. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5678a.

Time is fulfilled; everything points to the end - but only those men that aim at me see the signs because their looks are directed to heaven and therefore also their enlightenment comes from above and they do not doubt that now comes true what seers and prophets have predicted on behalf of me. What appears to be obvious to them is completely implausible to worldly men; these see with other eyes than those; they see the world only and therefore also live the world and their pleasures and their spirit will become more and more dark the nearer the end approaches. And for all these men events come first that could well change their thinking, which could make them bewildered when they would only be a bit of good will! I still want to reveal myself to them before, although they also then do not yet need to recognize me. They once again are to lose that what they greedily strive for; earthly possessions are again to be destroyed and taken from them but from a power that they cannot hold responsible. Through the elements of nature I want to express myself to save them. Where there still is a spark of belief in man there is also a possibility of salvation because this still can turn the thoughts to me in the last hour and can send up a call for help - and even if he loses his earthly life - this call will be heard and his faith will be rewarded in the kingdom on the other side where he will find help. I only want to see an appreciative thought and my hand stretches out towards everybody to now also prove myself. I really make it easy for you to believe in me when you only would do a test to call on me in spirit and in truth. And that is why I still make a last attempt for their salvation, for the salvation of those who have not yet completely become slaves to my opponent. I let the earth shake and all hope for earthly escape dwindles. And where there is no longer help evident I alone can still bring salvation because no thing is impossible with me. And who remembers his child faith in greatest trouble, who makes this last attempt to call on me, he will certainly not regret it. He is rescued for time and eternity because to lose the earthly life is then just only a favour when the soul still walks upward in the spiritual kingdom. The elements are not always regarded as expression of my might and power but the fear of death now and then gives birth to different thoughts than man had normally and he can recognize me in a second and therefore also call for help. But the word that the mouth only says counts nothing when the heart is uninvolved. Time is fulfilled; but before comes what I announce to you and again and again announce to you - an unusual natural phenomenon that is to remind you of the end, which will follow not long after it. I constantly admonish and warn you to pay attention to my words and I point out to you the signs of the time but I cannot force you to accept my words as truth - but imprint them on your memory so that they let you think of him who talks to you and who certainly only wants the best for you, who wants to rescue you from the abyss, towards which you steer, you who are without faith. Amen. B.D. NR. 5678a.


Earth Upheaval 5678b

Fulfilment of Predictions. Disaster Before.

18. May 1953. B.D. NR. 5678b.

So the last judgement is still preceded by an earnest admonition, an evidence of the near end and so to speak a proof of that because my announcement comes true and you men now can just as certain expect the end that is determined for this earth and its inhabitants not long after that. Unalterably men's fate is a deep abyss whether they keep their life only shortly or still a long time because they are in a completely darkened spiritual state and they do nothing out of themselves to remedy this. That is why I have to shake them up from their rest. Something has to happen that is so incredible to them, what frightens them and lets their bodily end become apparent to them. Only death frightens unbelieving men and so I let them face death but only with the intention of causing them to call on me in greatest terror, who alone can keep their life for them when earthly wise escape seems no longer possible. Such a call can still bring salvation to man - such a call can bring him again closer to me when it arises out of the heart and then will also certainly be heard by me. Men have no idea of the events through which I want them to call me to mind again. All elements will rage against each other; it will be as if hell itself has been unleashed against men and there is no escape for these - until I myself order the elements and end hours of horror and fright. Nothing is impossible to me and this faith in my omnipotence, love and wisdom will have true miracle effects in these anxious hours. Because the ones who are mine will emerge from this experience undamaged, loudly praising my favour and power and my love. And also the ones who have found me in their trouble join their praise and stand by their fellow human beings helping and comforting them in the realization of the power of faith that they now also want to transfer to those. I have announced these events and again and again point this out to you men. Learn to believe and call me when I am so recognizable to you and then also believe that my last announcement comes true, that the end comes and with it the last judgement - and make use of this last deadline of favour, catch up on what you have neglected, do not let the last day come up and find you unprepared because then escape is no longer there for those that still have not found me - then men are sinful and they will be destroyed because they did not pay attention to my admonitions and warnings and therefore can no longer find mercy when the end has come. Amen. B.D. NR. 5678b.


Earth Upheaval 5879

Raging of the Elements.

17. February 1954. B.D. NR. 5879.

Loud and clearly you will hear my voice and all you, who do not want to follow my gentle call, will get a fright when it sounds loud for you, when, through the raging of the elements, you are reminded of me, whom you opposed all the time and whom you still have to recognize at the sight of the expression of the elements. You do not want to accept a connection of this and your activities in the world. But only the latter causes me to express myself obviously because your activities prove that you do not acknowledge me as your God and creator to whom you have to answer one day. You do not believe in it and therefore do not live your life on earth according to my will. And that is why I let my voice sound so that you think of me and change so that you recognize me and let my will become yours. I address you, for the time being softly and full of love admonishing you to turn back - to then raise my voice more and more until it puts you into fear and fright because you now fear for your life. And many will lose their earthly life but when they still found me in the last hour the death of the body is no loss for them - it is a favour because they were in danger to sink completely and that is why I call them away in the moment of recognition of myself, in a moment of awakening of faith, which then makes it easier for them to enter the kingdom on the other side and is the beginning of the way upwards for the soul. Through the raging of the elements I clearly want to come out into the open. Where the will of men is active there faith in me is only seldom to be expected, but where men are hopelessly exposed to the elements of nature there they are more likely to think of their creator and call upon him. And there is still hope that souls will be rescued from the darkness of unbelief, that they recognize me and now let me direct them on earth or also in the kingdom on the other side. What earthly events do not bring about that a natural disaster of great extent can still achieve - that the God and creator from eternity is thought of and that the connection to him is established in the heart of man through closely calling for rescue from greatest trouble. And what seems to be a work of immense destruction can mean a rescue operation for many souls who through it escape eternal ruin and awaken to life, even when they meet earthly death. I will do everything what still can be done for the rescue of those who close their ears to my soft loving address and which I still do not want to drop. With a loud voice I will again call them and blessed are who now remember me, blessed are from whose heart I was not completely ousted and who now call upon me before it is too late. Amen. B.D. NR. 5879.


Earth Upheaval 6030

Indifference of Men Requires Harder Blows.

21. August 1954. B.D. NR. 6030.

How hopeless is the state of innumerable men on earth because they do nothing to bring their souls to maturity. Their thoughts are always only earthly and they never rise up. They never enter the spiritual sphere; they never ask themselves why they stay on earth. And they avoid every conversation about it because they want to know nothing but just that what seems to be profitable for their bodily life. And that is how most men on earth are oriented in spite of keen work of the servants of God to rouse them from their wrong thinking. In all directions God's word is supplied; everywhere exhortations and warning cries sound but men close their ears because the sound out of the world has a stronger effect on them and willingly they follow it. The strongest events of worldwide importance hardly ever touch them; the sudden passing away of men is no occasion for them to think about the transience of earthly things. They hear it and pass over it. Disasters of greatest magnitude do not disturb their equanimity as long as they themselves are not affected by them and the misery of the fellow human beings hardly touches their heart so that their will to help would be worked up. And this is a terrible and hopeless state because it has a spiritual effect - because the souls of men are in greatest darkness and can hardly reach the light as long as men feel satisfied with earthly goods and pleasures. Satan has indeed power on this earth because men themselves have given it to him. Every thought is only meant for the attainment of worldly aims and from early on till late they work for their body, which however dies. And even if death reaps amply in their surroundings - only few are touched by it because they are affected. And so men can no longer be frightened by anything and feel prompted to a change of will because everything bounces off them and leaves no impression. The events therefore have to charge against mankind more and more sorrowful - more and more noticeable the evidence to the transitoriness of life and possessions have to be given - more and more powerful the elements of nature to step out of their order so that the hearts of men get a shock and ask about the purpose and reason of that what throws the world into excitement. And God will also allow such; he will send signs to men. But whether they pay attention to these is up to them. He wants to rescue but he will impel no-one to change his will - but again and again will speak in plain language, which everyone can understand. The earth is heading for its end and also the knowledge about it will be spread in the world. And those who pay attention to the signs will not close their mind to this evidence - they will believe and prepare themselves. But where there is darkness there also the signs and pointers are of no use and that men approach bodily and spiritual death is their own fault. Amen. B.D. NR. 6030.


Earth Upheaval 6313

Phenomena in the Universe.

16. July 1955. B.D. NR. 6313.

Very soon it will become certain for you that something prepares itself in the universe because unusual events will worry you because you men are not able to give yourselves an explanation for it. Many conjectures will turn up, many opinions will meet with opposing views, but only the opinions of those come close to the truth, who imagine a connection with what is announced through word and script, what men have been told through seers and prophets at all times. Who sees with spiritual eyes can explain to himself all events because everything has spiritual meaning and is to fulfil a spiritual purpose: to call men's attention to their actual purpose of life so that they prepare themselves for the near judgement. And also science will contribute to it because it will first make discovery of unusual changes in nature, of processes in the universe, which perplex them, and of significant phenomena, they however lack knowledge to explain them. They will see and be amazed, but do not agree to accept the only proper solution, that the earth will be shaken to its very foundations, for which these phenomena could well be the reason. They do not want to believe this and that is why they will always talk against it when they are pointed to scriptures, to the old prophecies, when they hear the opinions of the believers or the announcers of my word announce the near end to them. And that is why it will be difficult to convince worldly men of an intervention for my part because everything will be tried to be explained scientifically. And only few will pay attention to these unusual phenomena and that is why they more certainly will always point to the end. And their calls of admonition and warning I support so evidently that soon also the scientists full of worries will admit their lack of knowledge. And they will discover a star, which continually comes closer to the proximity of the earth and seemingly takes its course in unlawful paths. They become aware of always new peculiarities when they observe its course. And they will recognize it as a danger for the earth - and on the other hand not want to believe in the destruction of this because such was never yet experienced before. But I allow it because my plan of salvation from eternity requires something unusual, which still is to give salvation to men - and as it is to be an omen of the then soon following work of destruction, which brings this redemption period to a conclusion. The closer it comes to the end, the more unlawful things men will experience because they are to pay attention and stop short on account of the concurrence of that what on the part of the believers is stated as God's word, as predictions of seers and prophets, and represented as truth. And my spirit will also now again announce through my servants on earth the nearby end and my thundering voice, which will still sound before - and those phenomena will give evidence of the truth of my word. Pay attention, you men, and see in everything always only indications to the end, which I give to all of you, that you do not fall prey to ruin because everything that happens is so powerful that it could convince you when you are of good will. Time is fulfilled, and the end is imminent. Amen. B.D. NR. 6313.


Earth Upheaval 6324

Approach of a Star.

3. August 1955. B.D. NR. 6324.

Open wide your hearts, make yourself ready to receive my ray of love from above and hear what I want to tell you: A sure sign of the near end is the becoming visible of a star, which moves in the direction of your earth and still takes a strange path - which will often escape your view and then suddenly come up again, because it is accompanied by impenetrable nebula, which now and then dissolve to again and again solidify anew. You men experience something which is unknown to you up to now because the effect of this star on your earth is of such a kind that an anxiousness will attack you because you believe that the earth could become a victim of this unknown star, which causes noticeable disturbances on earth, which are however inexplicable to you. There are men on earth who are completely unflappable no matter what hits them - but who now lose their calmness because they see themselves, as well as the whole earth, at the mercy of natural forces, which they fear because they cannot counter them. And for the sake of these men the powers of heaven move. These men I want to reach particularly to get that they confide in a God and creator as soon as they see themselves completely powerless. What human will causes - and no matter how terrible it is in its effect - does not shake such men, but they become small and weak when they see themselves at the mercy of the elements, and then it is possible that they seek shelter in him who is Lord of all creation - then it is possible that they find me in greatest trouble. And this spectacle of nature will cause enormous commotion among men, and the fear will also not be unwarranted, because however unusual phenomena accompany the star, it constantly comes closer to earth, and a crash seems to be unavoidable according to the calculations of those who discovered its appearance and follow its course. But I have predicted this long before that I send to you an enemy out of the air, that a natural disaster of greatest extent still awaits you men, which precedes the last end - i.e. the total reshaping of the earth's surface - and will cost innumerable victims. I again and again point this out to you and my word is truth and will come true. But it is first already to be pointed out to you because you men are to recognize my will and my power - because you are to know that nothing can happen without my will and that nothing is without meaning and purpose what happens - that I then think of those who are completely without faith and whom I still do not want to lose to my opponent. And that is why you men are to know what lies ahead for you so that you gain faith easier when you think of him in the great trouble who is Lord over heaven and earth - over all stars and worlds and to whose will everything is subject. Beforehand you are already to receive knowledge about it, which then can help you to believe when you are only of a good will. A disaster is coming upon you - but it also can be a blessing for every one of you when that way he wins the life of his soul, even when it means earthly death for him - when he calls on me in his trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 6324.


Earth Upheaval 6405

Changed Constellation of Stars.

18. November 1955. B.D. NR. 6405.

At short intervals you experience occurrences which repeat each other, which will strongly alarm you men because you cannot explain them, and you therefore fear powers against which you cannot defend yourselves. But you cannot gain a proper explanation because this lies in my will that you reckon with all possibilities and every single person is to adapt himself correspondingly - because I want that every single person is to still profit from it for himself, i.e. for his soul. Where faith is completely lacking there the anxiety will be especially strong, while the believers more or less rely on me and know that they are safe in my protection. Still they are phenomena which, because they are cosmic, result in great public discussions so that every man will also himself think about it and also say something to his fellow human beings. From time to time worldly interests will take a back seat but as soon as these phenomena are over, worldly men seize the pleasures of the world so much the keener, and only with few, impressions remain, which cause them to contemplative hours and can also lead to a change of thinking - until the same events repeat themselves in the universe and create renewed horror. Because on the part of science earnest threats of the planet earth are feared - because puzzling changes of the system of stars have to be faced, which have never yet been observed and which could be an earnest threat to earth. And the opinions of men will considerably deviate from each other in the assessment of its effects. Men will shrug it off and enjoy their life without hesitation; men will take measures which are completely useless, and again others will do some soul-searching and mentally go into their God and creator. And I leave to everyone his free will, I only try incessantly to have an effect on the thoughts of men that they move properly, that they turn towards the actual purpose of man - that they come to rest in me and now can be guided by me to their soul's salvation. But what will happen? The constellation will change. Stars will be guided into other courses; they will be in another relationship to earth than up to now. And through this stars will become visible which have never before been seen, and one will appear as a direct threat to earth because its course is feared to cross with earth. No man wants to believe that such will happen; no man will believe that laws of nature change but you men are before the end. You yourselves prepare something which will still have worse effects because what you undertake that threatens the whole earth. But what takes place through my will is only an omen of the end, it is an earnest admonition to you, and I only give to you such clear signs of the existence of a higher power that you all can turn towards this and that you that way also can avert a direct danger for yourselves when you, i.e. your soul, properly profit from it. But what comes afterwards that concerns the whole earth and everything that lives on it. And that is why I appear first unusually, but without forcing you to acknowledge myself as the author of that what is powerful in its effect, however will not concern the whole earth. Because I know about all laws of nature and their effects, I also know to avert every event or to weaken its effect. But what I let happen always only serves your salvation; it is to drive you towards me; it is to let you men recognize a God to whom you are to escape because he is your father. It is the last sign before the end comes. It is the last attempt of my love and mercy to rescue what still is to be rescued. Amen. B.D. NR. 6405.


Earth Upheaval 6590

World Affairs. Natural Disaster. Faith Struggle.

8. July 1956. B.D. NR. 6590.

Bear everything with patience, and do not let yourselves become unsure of your belief. Still quite often I have to issue this call to you because for the sake of your belief you will have to suffer, which you cannot yet understand. Because now you still have a certain freedom of thinking; men still take little notice of the spiritual life of those who want to be loyal to me. You are also still not hindered by earthly rulers in your spiritual activity. But the time is coming where you will no longer be free in matters of faith; the time comes where especially those men make a lot of enemies on the part of the fellow human beings and also of earthly powers, who keep thinking right, who take it seriously with their coming to spiritual maturity, who speak truthfully and want to help their fellow human beings to the salvation of theirs souls. And exactly these will be pressed, in unusual ways, while the representatives of false doctrines still will be tolerated and rather be supported than hindered in their activity. And then also you will often ask yourselves why I allow this; slight doubts will emerge in you, and you will become weak because you have to suffer. And that is why I call out to you again and again: Bear everything and remain strong in faith because you will carry off the crown of life. Exactly these words are still not much plausible to you because still no signs at all are given of these hard times. Because suddenly an upheaval will come, because a worldly affair, which will strongly shake men, will cause a open opposition against him, who as God and creator lets something happen, which has an adverse effect on men. And that is why all acknowledgment is denied to this God and creator; all faith in him will be dismissed as being untenable, and enmity will be shown to those who contrary to this opinion speak out in support of faith in me, who confess me and also want to set the fellow human beings right. Again and again I have announced to you that I will express myself through the elements to still shake awake the sleeping and the lethargic. And some few will also wake up but very many on the other hand will still lose their weak faith at the sight of the great destructions and the great human sacrifice, which these events will take. And then various opinions will be expressed, and full of hatred many deny a God and creator and show enmity towards all who do not share their opinion. And then my adversary is at work with all cunning to stir up this hatred, and he also succeeds because the earthly loss, which men suffer through this natural event, angers them and drives them to unjust demands and exploitations of the fellow human being, who cannot defend himself. The lack of love of men increases and what they undertake clearly reveals the opponent, the Antichrist, to whom they are in bondage. And regulations and decrees will be issued, which especially will affect the ones who are mine, who will have to suffer for the sake of their faith and who are hardly able to understand the severity of their fate. And then I will shorten the days for the sake of the ones who are mine - so that they do not despair, so that they do not fall away - so that they become happy. Only rely on my word so that you escape from greatest trouble, and wait for the fulfilment of this word because I myself will come and free you; I myself will also before already unusually appear to strengthen you when you are in danger to become weak. You have no need to be frightened as long as you trust me, as long as you unite with me in prayer, because then you are again and again supplied with power to resist. And always only think that the enemies well can kill the body but not your soul - think of that there is eternal life and that life on this earth soon comes to an end for every men. Then also your fear will dwindle, then a power of faith will fill you, and you will hold your ground and always only give evidence of me and my name. Firmly impress these words of mine in your memory, then they will be for you a consolation and strengthening in times to come. Secure strength for yourselves before already; collect it for yourselves, because still some time passes until I myself will express myself through the natural event. And when you still make good use of this time to strengthen your faith, then the following faith struggle will also not frighten you; it will find you armed, and the earthly trouble will touch you only little, because you then definitely wait for my coming, because your faith has then become so strong that neither threats nor measures against you can shake it. Then you will be good fighters for me and my name, and all powers of hell will not be able to conquer you because I myself fight with you, and I definitely lead you to victory. Amen. B.D. NR. 6590.


Earth Upheaval 6620

Sunlight. (Rotation increased).

13. August 1956. B.D. NR. 6620.

Never will something be contradictory what I announce to you through the voice of the spirit. Only you men cannot always grasp the right meaning and that is why you now and then believe to find contradictions where there are none. Consider that the earth is one of the tiniest heavenly bodies - and that this heavenly body is held by the sun into which range it belongs. This sun shines through, i.e., gives light to it and guarantees therefore also all life of plant, animal and man. The sun again takes its brightness out of the universe; it is fed with light and power from myself or also from all light receiving beings, to whom all visible and spiritual worlds have been handed over. The ceaseless exchange of light and power between me and all my creations is necessary to also sustain the endless many creations. So you know that also the light of the sun is nothing than constantly overflowing light out of me into the perfect beings, and through these all creations are fed with light and power. So you can explain the light of the sun as a spiritual radiation from myself. But then also one thing has to be clear to you: that this radiation from myself penetrates everything. That it therefore is well capable to also shine through the whole earth; that there is no body for it, which would be capable to stop the brightness. Do you understand this? You men reckon with laws of earthly matter and earth-generated light. But these laws switch off, or they can be switched off, when disorderliness has occurred in my great body of creation, which has a spiritual cause, so has to be repaired spiritually. Unheard-of spiritual revolutions prepare themselves, and this always means increased activity - increased movement. I do not stem such a revolt of the spiritual, but I limit its effect on the heavenly body affected by it. And I certainly have the power and the wisdom to also adjust such unusual processes to the lawful order, which rules in my complete creation. It will surely be well possible for me to integrate one individual heavenly body into the great order of creation despite unlawful processes, so that still the existence of the former remains secured until that point in time, which I have planned to end such a chaos and to restore the original order. I have given every law, and I myself can abolish every law again. And so I also can let be day and night according to my will and the prerequisites for it are given in the actual explanation of the sunlight, which is always only spiritual radiation from myself. Is it not said: The powers of heaven will move - sun and moon will lose their shine. Men on earth will notice quite a few changes when they clairvoyantly and clairaudibly look around, and these changes will not be explainable pure earthly. But very few people will be accessible to spiritual explanations. But I put the spiritual first; I announce to you the spiritual processes, but they also reveal earthly effects. What takes place in the great man of creation you are in no position to know, but the world of light also looks after the smallest earthly work of creation and supplies it with light. Thus also the heavenly body earth is looked after by them and is provided with light, in such a way, as it is determined by my will and as it is good for mankind, that it does not suffer want, but also not have to inevitably reach a view, which is detrimental to the spiritual development. Because man has his own assignment, but the revolting spiritual also wants to assert itself, and its work still is to remain hidden to man, as long as he does not yet know about the connections. And that is why therefore also no such noticeable changes of the laws of nature will be recognizable, although they exist. But think of it that nothing is impossible for me. And think about what light basically is - and where therefore also the light of the sun has its origin. And do not doubt, but believe. And you will always find the light in yourselves, as soon as you desire to have it from me. Amen. B.D. NR. 6620.


Earth Upheaval 6746

Cosmic Proceedings.

25. January 1957. B.D. NR. 6746.

To all of you it would have to be apparent in which significant times you live because the events around you and everywhere on earth are unusual, and everyone, who pays attention, should become thoughtful and seek an explanation. It is the time of the end, which will continually show more unusual indications, as it is written. Because God wants that men pay attention, that they become aware of the seriousness of the times. He wants that the thoughts about an end come up in every man, that also the men of the world recognize a climax in world affairs, which almost no longer can be exceeded, and that the prospects of natural solutions become less and less. For only then they become alarming. And so the restlessness among men will likewise increase, the unusual often lets them recognize their powerlessness; they feel threatened, without being able to put things right, and they feel too weak to resist. But only few men evaluate these last times spiritually, and that alone can give them back the inner calmness, because they then know to be under the protection of him, who controls everything and who also can direct and change world affairs. It is therefore of utter importance to again and again point men to him from whom they more and more grow apart the closer the end is. And God will support such pointers by him also letting cosmic events come out, which are not subject to human influence, so that men now direct their sights to others than earthly areas, so that they recognize even more clearly the own powerlessness as well as also the dependence on a higher power. Because what men also try to carry out in unscrupulous plans, what havoc misguided thinking wreaks, all that takes a back seat compared with inevitable cosmic events, which no human will can stop or divert. Then a change in the thinking of men can still take place when they see themselves to be at the mercy of powers in the face of whom they are powerless. And such an event is in store for mankind, and so with it only comes true what has been announced long before, what has been seen spiritually and therefore again and again been pointed out through seers and prophets, who spoke on behalf of God to announce to men the signs of the end. What you men - when you believe in it - put off into the far future, that will soon become events of the presence for you, because it once comes true what has been predicted by the will of God. But no man will be forced to believe in it, and everything comes so that the unbelieving man finds an explanation for it, which has nothing to do with divine intervention, with predetermination or spiritual explanations. A man can recognize a God in all events, but he is not forced to it. But then also the last means has been applied, which still could cause a man to change his thinking, and everyone is badly in for it who sticks to his rejection. For his fate is new banishment in the creations of the new earth. It is an enormous event that will befall you men still before the end; it is an event, whose extent you cannot assess because a process takes place in the universe, which has not yet been experienced by men on this earth. And it will take many men away from this earth, and those who stay behind will now have to get used to completely different conditions, but will also be able to do it when they believe and ask God for strength. And no-one will be able to first insure himself against the disaster, unless he, full of faith, places himself under God's protection, which will also be granted to him so that everything is to his best whatever happens. This event will be announced to you again and again; again and again you men will be informed of an intervention of God, which will be expressed through a natural phenomenon of greatest extent. But you men do not want to believe it, and it therefore will also surprise you unprepared, but it is intended from the very start because it initiates the last phase on this earth, because the end follows this event in a short time. Amen. B.D. NR. 6746.


Earth Upheaval 6875

Which Powers Trigger Of Natural Disasters?

20. and 21. July 1957. B.D. NR. 6875.

With every spiritual gift you receive proof of my love because you are not to remain in darkness, you are to increase in light and power, in knowledge and strong will, to live and work on earth according to knowledge. Because every activity in blindness of spirit, in wrong thinking, is useless for the soul, and as I want that your soul matures on earth, your activity therefore also has to be suitable, which always can only be brought about by the light of knowledge. And so I again and again give you light where it is still dark in you. I teach you truthfully; I again and again pour out my spirit over you as soon as you hold the opened container out to me, that I can fill it, as soon as your heart longs for me speaking to you. Very often there are still wrong thoughts in you, especially then when you cannot free yourselves of a knowledge, of a way of thinking, which has not reached you by spiritual means, which cannot be called to be the effect of the spirit, but which has been acquired rationally and perhaps was mixed with spiritual results, which is why you do not doubt its truth. But is is not a pure truth, and that is why you therefore also cannot come to the complete clarity until you free yourselves of that way of thinking, until you are prepared to give it away, because only then brightness is in you, which brightly enlightens every recess of your heart. Only he will be able to understand this, who perpetually keeps contact with me, who therefore also recognizes when error wants to approach him - because this knowledge is the result of close contact with me. And so you all can also free yourselves of error through this close relationship with me. Because then I do not allow that you move in wrong thinking, and supply you with truth in some way: The creative process requires power - you will realize that. Power is my radiation of love, which is accepted without resistance. Therefore only that being can be creatively active, which voluntarily opens itself to receive power, so which is of a will turned to myself and therefore also does not resist me at all, which would make ineffective all my beaming at of love. It follows that my stream of love power can always only flow through such beings, which already have joint me, which no longer can be counted to the followers of my adversary, because these still oppose me, otherwise they would no longer be his followers. So these beings neither can take part in creating nor in destroying the created because they lack all power to do this - exactly because they reject this my power through their resistance. But I always speak of beings - of beingness conscious of itself; I speak of those once fallen original spirits, which as single beings entered their fall into the deep and which also again have to enter their return to me as single beings. But the once fallen original spirits only then became again beings capable of being conscious of themselves in the stage of man - while before they - as dissolved spiritual - were lacking the consciousness of themselves. Only in the state of consciousness of itself can the being in free will accept or also again reject my power of love, and be creatively or also destructively active also only in this state. But now also destructions by you men are observed, which give you cause for wrong assumptions. These are destructions or influences, which are executed through the elements, through elemental powers, which let you believe that powers of darkness express themselves through these. And you now first have to be informed of what those elements basically are, whose will and which power they are subject to - you have to know that I leave a certain freedom to all spiritual as soon as it has already worked its way up a little bit in the mandatory state and now also can be unbound for the time being, i.e., when it had to leave a form prematurely and has not yet entered a new form. So then an intervention has taken place on the part of men contrary to my legal order; the spiritual that has become free is outraged at the illegally interrupted course of development and lets its anger out. And it is also entitled to this law because the premature release is no actual freedom but rather a suffering for which it wants to revenge itself on mankind, which has caused this suffering to it. This makes itself especially felt when the lifespan of vegetable creations is shortened out of profit-seeking, out of greed, when normal growth is prevented, so when through human will natural creations are destroyed, which also serve their purpose according to my plan of creation and salvation, and therefore their fulfilment of purpose is illegally prevented. The same also applies when useful earthly creations - i.e. made by the hand of man - are destroyed maliciously, so that the spiritual bound in that matter is released out of it prematurely. And I thus do not prevent this spiritual from it, that it is now elementarily active in union - but I also stipulate only a certain time for it, to then bind it again for the purpose of further development. But enormous power expressions, as they are perceptible in natural disasters, have to be explained and assessed differently again. The degree of resistance of all spiritual is known to me, and so I also know when it decreases, when that which is bound in hard matter can take a loosening of its fetters. These spiritual entities try their hand at their strength by uniting to burst their fetters. As the resistance against the power of love - which covered them so far in form of matter - has already become weaker, also the strength of the spiritual has become stronger to the same extent, and I do not hinder this spiritual that it creates for itself the next form of development by force. So I allow that such spiritual, which is still completely immature, frees itself earlier from the previous state, which happens in the form of natural disasters of smaller or also greater extent, of eruptions, earthquakes, so such natural disasters, which start in the interior of the earth and so are to be considered to be expressions of power of the spiritual, which is bound there. But this is not at all destructiveness as a sign of increased resistance against me and thus work or influence of my counter spirit, but it is only the urge for different easier forming, unconscious to the beingness, but natural awakening in the spiritual through the decrease of resistance, which I therefore do not hinder because this spiritual is still again bound for further development, to again come closer to me step by step. May it also seem to you men as if the powers of my adversary are at work - he himself can change or destroy nothing of my works of creation, and all such events are to be ascribed to my will and my power, but they all also have a spiritual purpose at the same time - even if they take a heavy toll on human life. For also to the spiritual, which is still bound in the creations of earth, the possibility is given, to continue its course of development. And also the ending of life on earth of a human has its reasons, and my love and wisdom definitely lets nothing come to harm so that everything will be to the advantage of the soul of the affected individual. So what man considers being an accident does not need to be a disaster - unless he loses his faith because of that and completely hands himself over to be controlled by my counter spirit. But then he was his follower in free will already before, and he can also still change his will, exactly because he is free. But only that spiritual can take part in all natural work, which causes devastations or destructions, which either is still banished in hard form and seeks to free itself or which was unlawfully set free from already easier form and lets its anger out because its course of development was prematurely cut short. But never can spiritual beings express themselves destructively in such a way, which are active on behalf of my adversary, because these beings, which are conscious of self, have no power at their disposal for such work. The earthly creations are well the area of my adversary because his following is banished in it - but they are ruled by my will only, and everything bound is subject to my law. Amen. B.D. NR. 6875.


Earth Upheaval 6882

End Prophecies. You Belong to the Ones Who Are Mine.

30. July 1957. B.D. NR. 6882.

Who counts himself to the ones who are mine also knows that the time of the end has dawned, that mankind stands before a turning point, spiritually and earthly. Because the spirit tells it to the ones who are mine, they can be spoken to by the spirit in them, and they hear my voice, may it be directly or also mentally. And they also accept the word by faith, which is brought to them through my messengers and starts with me. The ones who are mine therefore know in which time they live; they know that soon the last hour of the clock of the world has struck, that a night sinks for innumerable men on this earth and that a new day shines for the others, for the few who remain loyal to me till the end, who belong to my small flock - which I thus call the ones who belong to me. And these therefore still have an assignment on earth: to also announce to their fellow humans what lies ahead for earth. This will not be easy because also as convinced as mine are of the truth of my word - therefore also of the announcements of an end and of judgement - fellow men will not believe them and indignantly turn away when the last end is mentioned to them. Nevertheless they are to try again and again and speak about that the end which I have announced is no longer a long time in coming. And as a proof of it you are also to point to the event of nature, which will still beforehand put the whole world into turmoil. And you are to tell them that with the same certainty also the end, which is to follow it, can be expected, because through the natural event I still want to give to men a last admonition, a last evidence, so that it is not so difficult for them to believe what you tell them. Who is himself in the light also is to let the light radiate into darkness. And who himself believes in me and my word, he also is to try to lead his fellow men to the faith, and to have an effect on them in all love, so that he does not encounter resistance. And that is why the natural event will not be long in coming as it is to also contribute to prepare men for the end. And you are also to mention the natural event, my intervention, of which every man will be able to receive knowledge, because it will be of enormous magnitude and cannot be dismissed as everyday event. So you are therefore to point to this event all the time and not be afraid to talk openly about it because it will come with irrevocable certainty. And who will have heart about it through you, will then also be able to believe more easily in the end, which is likewise announced by me. So the ones who are mine are to be capable co-workers of mine, and when their work also only consists in talking of what is forthcoming. Then they already do a great service for me because I want that men attain knowledge, but can only give this knowledge to them through the mouth of man, which they now can believe or not, but they once heard about it, and they will also think about it, when the day has come, where the whole world will hold its breath at the sight of the natural disaster, which brings unspeakable suffering to men who experience it. Do not be afraid that you spread wrong prophecies, but talk freely and openly, that I myself have supplied you with this and that you believe my words unshakeably. They will not be able to give the lie to you, because faster than they think they will experience the confirmation. But this knowledge is then to serve men to give up their doubts towards the end announcements. And then already much is achieved, then they can prepare themselves and therefore be rescued from the abyss. Amen. B.D. NR. 6882.


Earth Upheaval 7151

Natural Disaster Before the End.

22. June 1958. B.D. NR. 7151.

The earth will be shaken to its foundations because men are to be pointed to the end quite bluntly once again, because the thought of death is to rise once in them when they see themselves exposed to powers against whom they are powerless. How these shockwaves of the earth come about, that many men will well ask, but the events, which quickly follow each other, will leave them no time to give themselves an answer. Because now follow detonations of greatest extent in individual regions of the earth, which take away from men all ability to think, which are then followed by a raging of the elements of nature, which results are unimaginable and will only be able to be grasped by the survivors afterwards. And these will then be inclined to believe that human research experiments have been the cause for such unfathomable great work of destruction. But they are wrong. It is my voice that sounds so powerfully and has to sound because men no longer listen to me when I speak to them softly and for their own sake a last work of rescue is still necessary before the end, which follows shortly after that. Innumerable men will lose their life on the occasion, good and evil men will fall a victim to the work of destruction, but it still can be a blessing to the survivors when they draw their lesson from it, when they learn to recognize me and henceforth walk the way with me. I announce this event already a long time but I find little faith because men cannot form a picture of such a powerful natural event and also because such has not yet been experienced since the beginning of this earth period. But this has always been mentioned, and when men only have a scrap of faith in my word than they also would once reckon on what has been announced to them a long time before. However in the time of the end all faith has vanished and even the ones who are mine find it hard to take this announcement seriously although they are willing and are always united with me in love. But suddenly and unexpectedly the first signs will show, that cosmic changes appear, that everything appears to get out of lawful order; strange observations will be made in the night sky, alarming darkenings will occur for short times, but again and again an apparent calm will be after that, until the elements of nature will unleash so fast and terribly that no time remains for a man to think, that there is then only one help to mentally call on me for support in greatest trouble and danger. All men who have taken note before - even if it did not appear plausible to them - have great favour because they know about this only way and only need to call on me in spirit and in truth. But also many of them will not be able to think, and to all of these I only give the advice to already turn to me before, that I may give them my support - and I accept this request because they also prove to me their faith, which I then want to strengthen visibly. How the event will happen does not have to be explained to you men because it would not serve any purpose; but that it will happen, that it will exceed everything in trouble and misery what happened up to now, that you can believe. And you can also announce it to your fellow men with inner conviction because it can only be a blessing to know that everything is predetermined by your God and creator, but not to harm you, but to only be of use to your souls, which are in extreme danger to get lost. Because a short while after this the end of this earth follows, but which will not be brought about by me, but takes place through human will, but which I do not hinder to carry out all-destructive experiments because also for dispirited mankind the time has come where a separation has to take place - because everything which has stepped out of order is to be led back to order so that the upward development, which has begun to fall off, can again progress on a new earth, which my love, wisdom and might let rise again according to my plan of salvation from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7151.


Earth Upheaval 7405

Announcement of a Star.

5. September 1959. B.D. NR. 7405.

What is given to you through the spirit that you can safely accept. And so you are to get to know that also in the universe the near end of the earth makes itself already felt, that cosmic changes arise because this is God's will, that at the ending of an earth period signs make themselves be felt in every way, which man could not understand naturally, which are to prove to him the power of a creator and which therefore point to that creator most clearly. And these cosmic changes concern mostly deviations of the present course of heavenly bodies, which take a different path and such proceedings are and remain inexplicable for men and still cannot be denied. The closer the end comes the more frequently men will observe such occurrences, at first little discernible, but more and more clearly standing out, so that men can truly say: The powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And no man's will will have something to do with it; God's will alone will be expressed, and that is why also all men can believe in God, if only they would follow closely such unusual phenomena. But who is not willing to believe, he cannot be convinced more clearly of the existence of a God and creator, whom all elements in nature have to obey. But who pays attention to such things, he also knows what hour has struck. And so one star will break away from its usual course and take the way to earth. And this star goes its way independently of the will of men, and it means a great danger for these, but its course will not be hindered because the earth has to endure a shock, to the harm and welfare of men on it. For many men will lose their life as a result, as it is announced a long time before. And the earth will suffer a shock. No-one will be able to imagine in which dangerous position the whole heavenly body will come, but this natural disaster will not lead to a complete destruction, but will still be of unimaginable extent that with it the end has already come for innumerable men. But who survives it is heading for the last end not far after it - an act of destruction which has been brought on by human will, which is well permitted by God but is not his will - while former cosmic disaster still has a redeeming purpose that unbelieving men will still be given a last pointer to a power which directs everything and nothing happens arbitrarily. A means of rescue shall still be given to them, a last means to acquire faith so that they do not get lost. God himself speaks through these events to men who do not pay attention to his soft voice, but his loud voice often sounds painful, and many will also fall victim to it, i.e., many will be killed, but for whom still the possibility remains to make up in the kingdom on the other side what they failed to do on earth. But many will also still have the favour to experience the last short time till the end, and also now again the will to believe is decisive because the unbelievers' souls do not profit from what they experienced. And the end will earn them only the fate of a new banishment, of which God in his love wants to save men from. And that is why he already admonishes and warns first, and he points out to men all the phenomena in the last time - and happy who pays attention to it, who believes it and lives his life accordingly on earth. He will be guided through all difficulties, and however it also will come over him, so it is good for his soul and for his maturation on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7405.


Earth Upheaval 7421

Revelation 16, 18. Star.

3. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7421.

A powerful quake will shake the earth - both spiritual as well as earthly the earth will stand before a shock as men have not yet experienced such since the beginning of this epoch. But this is predicted because it is the introduction to the end, which will follow not long after it. It is not a long time any more, and more and more urgently you are pointed to it because you are still to make use of every day to help your soul to maturity, because time is rushing, and with giant strides you are approaching the last end. And then a long night follows for all who did not use the day to work for the salvation of the soul. Because only few will survive this last end and be allowed to inhabit the new earth, only few will stand firm in the last fight on this earth. Again and again the signs of the end will be submitted to you men, and the last powerful sign is the great quake. How it comes about that has already been said to you: that a star breaks away from its course and with giant speed heads for earth. And that you do not yet know about it is because of the great distance which this star still has to cover before it comes into the range of sight of those who will see it. But then also the excitement will be great because everyone recognizes the danger in which the heavenly body earth now is, but no-one can do anything about it to avert the danger. And this last short time that you know about it, you are to make especially well use of because no-one of you knows if he will survive the event, no-one of you knows, which part of the earth will specially be affected, and no-one is to reckon that it will pass him because it is the last great exhortation of God, which he still lets sound before the end, to find faith for exactly this end and still a turning back of those few who have not yet completely become slaves of the adversary. Do not think carelessly about all these predictions; do not let yourselves be put off through the apparent work of building up, which you can observe worldly, but know that the shadows of destruction are already emerging, that no long time passes any more until you will receive knowledge about this disaster, which approaches you in the form of a star, which will be hurled out of its course because it is God's will that the earth will be struck by a shock, which still is to and can rescue men whose will is good. There will indeed be no shortage of signs of the near end, but this sign is of an enormous effect, and many men will lose their life. And no-one will be able to pretend to be deaf because it is too powerful than that it would not touch all men. Except that the success is varied because partly men will let their weak faith come to life again and devote themselves again to God, but partly also still lose the weak faith and turn completely to the adversary, which will be expressed through increased chasing after material possessions, mostly in an unlawful way. And there will be much misery among men. And then the real power of faith shows, which means help for every man who believingly entrust himself to God. For he will help all those who want to be his, who also in their greatest trouble think of him, who alone can help them. And the time will begin where still real work in the vineyard has to be done to help all those who are still weak in spirit and who are to experience a strengthening of faith. Because then the time of the last faith struggle follows, which still demands a last decision from the believers, but who holds out until the end, he will be happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 7421.


Earth Upheaval 7423

God Alone is Lord of Creation. Star.

5. October 1959. B.D. NR. 7423.

Eternally already the heavenly bodies circle in their course, which was prescribed to them by the divine creator and which is also kept in the plan of creation according to his will. And it is an impossible beginning to want to change the prescribed course of a heavenly body, to push a star out of its course and to want to direct it differently than it was determined by the divine creator. And just as impossible it is to stop the motion of a heavenly body, to limit it time-wise in its movement, thus to prevent it in some way to go its path. This may be told all those who believe to be able through own inventions to produce a different order in God's work of creation - who believe to be able to add human products to the divine work of creation, who assume that such experiments can be sent into the universe without earnest damaging consequences. I am Lord over the cosmos after all. And I will also respond accordingly to every wanting-to-intrude into my work. A further experiment will be done, and additionally ones will follow them, as long as men will not be stopped. And I also allow such, but I answer when it is time. Because no longer much can be done through the action of men into space - because time has run out with which mankind is still allowed to reckon in the first place. And all experiences, which they still want to gather, will no longer be of use for them, because I myself call a halt to it. But I will reply the same way because this response will likewise come out of space, which they seek to invade, and all their inventions will be futile to repulse the heavenly body or to want to divert it, which greatly endangers them. And so it is left to me how long I endure the activities of men, but I endure it only limitedly; I cannot agree to such experiments, which have no spiritual purpose and only encourage men even more in their belief to be or to become lord of the universe. But the end is soon there, and in this time of the end men will still try much, which only proves their ungodliness, their spiritual arrogance and their spiritual poverty. Many experiments will still be conducted, which contribute considerably to the dissolving of the earth, to the last work of destruction and therefore to the ending of the redemption epoch, which has to make way for a new one, when my creatures are not to get completely lost. But you men, who you belong to me through your will, do not let yourselves be impressed by all of it, whatever may happen. Always bear in mind that the creator of heaven and of earth does not let himself be driven out and that he will clearly show his power without men being able to hinder him to do it. I watch and wait - until the day has come, which is predestined since eternity. Because time is limited, which my opponent uses in a way that men - as being in bondage to him - do everything what he demands - but in which they will still not be able to succeed. Amen. B.D. NR. 7423.


Earth Upheaval 7549

Disbelief in the End.

15. March 1960. B.D. NR. 7549.

There is no long period of time any more until the end - and even if you believe that the announced end lies in the far future - you will be surprised how the signs increase and it will become far too apparent in which hour you live. But everything will always happen within the framework of the natural, and that lets you also always hope that the end will still be a long time in coming. However your will is to remain free until the last day because under compulsion you cannot reach your goal, which exists in establishing the union with me, to lift the hands to me in free will and to acknowledge through this me, whom you did not want to acknowledge up to now. That is why the earthly life will make high demands on you; earthly you will have to bear many troubles und always have the opportunity to turn to me. But everything will happen completely naturally, which however the awakened will recognize as last signs before the end. And when I again and again announce to you that you are standing just before the end - that only still little time is granted to you on this earth, then you are to take this announcement very seriously and do not always put it off to the future, as it is men's opinion. You are to understand the words so, as they are given to you; you are to take them literally, and it will be a good idea. Because the time is approaching soon where the earth will be purified and a new earth will again arise. But no matter how urgently I also speak to you, you do not want to believe it, and I can give you no other proofs for the truth of my word than that you will very soon be caught out by the natural event and can then also reckon with the end just as certainly. But do you know if you will survive the former or fall a victim to the natural event yourselves? That is why this likewise counts as end because many men will find their end with it, and their life will no longer last long. And so do not be careless and prepare yourselves, also when the earthly life around you is shaped so as if there is only a building up and blossoming. One day only, and everything is gone and fallen prey to the destruction through the elements, and the survivors will be met with a scene of horror because this is my will that they come to their senses and still make use of the last time of favour, which remains for them until the end. Because everything comes true implicitly, what I let announce to you men through seers and prophets, and you will soon experience the truth of my word, and blessed, who accepted my word and then finds the way to me, because in great trouble he will always find a way out; he will visibly experience my help, which I have promised all of you, who call for me. Because that is why I speak with you so that you already ask for power before and then in greatest trouble when you will only be dependent on my help. You will get it, because I do not forget the ones who are mine. Therefore take care of that you count to the ones who are mine. Call on me in trouble, and I want to hear you. Amen. B.D. NR. 7549.


Earth Upheaval 8002

God Speaks Through the Elements of Nature.

25. September 1961. B.D. NR. 8002.

I expect from you, my servants, complete effort for me and my kingdom because the spiritual misery of men requires this. Only a short time separates all of you from the last end, and what can be done, is to still be done for the rescue of souls, because the earth will again absorb everything what has failed as man, and this is a dreadful lot, which I would like to avert from every single one of you men. But in free will you make the last decision yourselves. I can do nothing more myself, than to admonish and warn you through perpetual address, and everyone, who supports me in this direction, will be blessed by me. And so the near end is to be mentioned all the time and also that I will express myself first once again obviously through a powerful natural event - because this is my last warning when I speak to men through the elements of nature, who do not want to hear my word. But this language cannot be missed because men will be fully shocked to be faced with an incredible great natural phenomenon, and no men will remain untouched by it insofar as that the news will reach everywhere where men live, that every single one can intellectually take a stand on it, that every single person can personally feel to be addressed, because the same event can still also affect his country and himself. Because men will fear a repetition and therefore all of them have to prepare themselves for a sudden death. Much suffering and misery will still be going over earth, and still it is just a means, which I apply out of love to rescue the souls from ruin, from the dreadful lot of a new banishment on this earth. But men who are affected by the natural event, those men who fall a victim to it, are not at the mercy of their fate. Attentions of favour will be bestowed on them on the other side on account of their prematurely ended life on earth. They still have the possibility to ascend up; they have the possibility to come to the light on the other side, which they despised on earth. They need not fear the new banishment - unless they are so stubborn that they as true devils sink down to the deep, that they are incorrigible and therefore also would not have carried out a change on earth when they would have stayed alive. And also the effect on men of the natural event will be different because again men will turn in their fear towards me and will also remain loyal towards me on account of the help received, but the falling away from me will strongly stand out in the same way, because one does not want to accept a God of love who lets such a work of destruction happen - because their dark spiritual state finds no other explanation for this event. But such a distinct voice from above has to sound, whether it is recognized as my voice or not, because the end is approaching fast, and although only few souls in their misery find their way to me, this still is a profit when these no longer need to go the long way through the creations of the earth, but can enter the kingdom on the other side, where they likewise can reach an ascent, which now still would have been doubtful for them on earth - whereas with great probability would have led to the deep.(otherwise they would have aimed at the deep.) And I have to submit all of this to you, my servants. Because you are to be armed; you are to learn to view all events around you as nothing but from this side; you are to make a habit of giving yourselves completely to me and to have an effect all the time as my tools in my will. You are to drop all earthly thoughts; every worry - also the smallest one - you are to hand over to me - you are to be totally wrapped up in your vineyard work, however always minding my inner directive. Because overkeenness only does harm since wisdom helps all success and wisdom is always transferred to you when you completely enter my will, when you are only the executive of my will. And I know it that you, my servants, take your assignment seriously, and that is why these directives reach you all the time, which you will feel in the heart as my loving address and that is why you will follow it for the welfare of your fellow men. O, if men would know what is in store for them. But they do not believe it when it is told them through the mouth of my prophets. And they cannot be forced to believe. But the day comes closer and closer, which will create a complete change of living conditions - and blessed who calls on me in greatest trouble because I will listen to him and answer him, and he will not get lost forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8002.


Earth Upheaval 8014

Renewed Pointer to the Natural Event.

8. October 1961. B.D. NR. 8014.

Once again I want to give you knowledge through the voice of the spirit that you are approaching an event of unimaginable effect - that you men will experience something what in its extent has never before been since the beginning of this redemption period. Because I want to shake men into action who go along like in a dream state; I want that they think about themselves, and this is only still possible through a natural event so powerful that no-one can close his mind to the great tragedy, which this event means for men. The whole world will take part in this, and everywhere one will fear to be affected himself by the same event because no signs at all before let a thing such as this be expected and that is why the anxiety among mankind is very great. And it will also be very clear to all men that this event is not one caused through human will - they will know that a power is working against which they will not be able to fight; they will recognize that the elements of nature revealed themself, to which men are hopelessly exposed. And that is what I aim at, because as long as men always hold only other men responsible for that, what happens in the world, no man reflects on himself. But I want that they should find the way to me, and as the spiritual low with men has already sunk so deep that they also deny my existence - as the faith in me has sunk to a minimum, I must reach for the last resort to prove myself, although also now still every single one can adapt himself to it as he wants. Because he will not be forced to believe; he can give himself also every other explanation, and that is also not expected to be otherwise. Again only few will understand me and my voice and open themselves for it; they will call on me in highest trouble; and indeed, I will wonderfully rush to their aid, because I want to win them to witness for me, because they are to stand up for me livingly when the time has come. I have to resort to completely unusual means because men are already so insensitive that the most dreadful events do not mean a thing to them - they receive the news about it with the ears to dismiss it already in a very short time because they have not been affected by it themselves. And an event has to happen, which gives all men a fright, because they do not know whether it will repeat itself, whether they are just partial destructions or whether in the end the whole earth will be affected by it. They have to be put into this state of fright because men are only interested in their own fate, and that is why they are to be worried. And then the possibility is also given that men find the way to me and walk it, and every single one of them can count himself lucky, who already has contact with me or establishes it - who prays to me in spirit and in truth. Again and again I tell you this that you are rescued from ruin, from the new banishment in matter, when you have found me, and may the degree of maturity also still be a low one. You can enter the kingdom of light; you can ascend higher in the kingdom on the other side and need no longer fear darkness. Because as soon as you find me you also have recognized Jesus Christ and his work of salvation, and you utilize the favours of the work of salvation: You ask him for the forgiveness of your sins and now also enter redeemed into the kingdom on the other side. Otherwise you accept without resistance the help of the guides on the other side, who bring you to the divine redeemer. But this always means that you have to acknowledge me myself in life on earth, that your will freely decides for me, which every sincere appeal to me proves. And that is why an unspeakable misery comes over mankind, so that this appeal reaches me, which decides your lot in eternity. You must believe in me as your God and creator, who wants to be your father, and that is why you also have to call as children to the father. But then you certainly do not have to fear, whatever may come over you, because then you will experience my obvious protection, because the time, which comes after that, is the last short time of favour, in which everyone will be able to work for me. And then he is to be able to convincingly stand up for me, and he will also do this, because he was allowed to experience me so obviously, that he is now loyally devoted to me until the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 8014.


Earth Upheaval 8033

Forthcoming Natural Phenomenon.

5. November 1961. B.D. NR. 8033.

Already in the foreseeable future you will experience the truth of my word because I will express myself through the powers of nature as I have announced it to you constantly. And you will not be able to ignore my voice because it sounds powerfully and brings the world to turmoil. Physically the events will well be limited but of such enormous extent that everyone will get a fright when it first will be brought to his notice. Because at first every communication will be cut off to the stretches of land, which were affected by it. A weird silence will lie over the disaster area because all communications have been broken off as long as the first horror is over. And then the world will hear what has happened, before it receives news that something dreadful has taken place. But mankind has to be addressed so severely by me because it closes its mind to the addresses, which sound softer, because men do not believe my word, which reaches them from above and is imparted to them by my messengers. I therefore have to express myself in such a way that my voice cannot be ignored. And I have to let a judgment come over men, to which many men fall a victim, but who still are allowed to experience my favour on account of their prematurely ended life. And therefore you are to recognize the truth of my word and now let your will become active, because it will be able to make a free decision also after this disaster, because I do not force it that it turns to me. But the dreadful natural event can help that men find to me, because the misery is over great and a rescue can be seen from no side. But what seems to be impossible is possible for me. And when men thinks of it and calls upon me in spirit and in truth, then he will also be allowed to experience the miraculous. I will reveal myself so visibly to him that he recognizes the power and also the love of his God and creator and now turns to me in deep faith and humble submission. I try everything what still can bring back souls to me, but I also know how difficult it is to win them and that is why unusual rescue measures have to be applied, which also seem to you men to be cruel but are still also only a work of love for my part to just rescue those souls about whose state I know. And these I do not want to fall into the hands of my adversary, who gives them a far worse lot than the greatest earthly suffering can ever be. Believe it, you men, that always only my love moves me, whatever may happen, what is also allowed by me. I make everyone's fate my concern, no-one is too insignificant or too immature, I care for all of you who walk over the earth at the moment as man because I would like to help you to get the last perfection on earth, because I would like to protect you from the lot of the new banishment and want to always only achieve the attention of your thought to me, so that you escape the last ruin - to be again engendered into the creations of the new earth. And no matter how dreadful my intervention may be for men of the affected stretches of land - my love for you justifies it because spiritually seen it is only an act of rescue, no act of damnation. Whatever gets lost earthly to you is unimportant compared with the profit, which your souls can achieve. And when you have to lay down your life, then you are also allowed to reckon with my mercy, which creates the opportunity in the kingdom on the other side to reach the light and to ascend up. Because on earth you certainly would have become a slave to my opponent, and from that you are to be protected, who I still recognize as capable of change. Because the time until the end is only short, and this end will come not long after it. But I still want to give you a sign before, a last admonition and warning, which actually will intervene very painfully in the life of innumerable people, but is to strengthen the faith in my word, so that they are to prepare for the end, which will follow not long after that. Amen. B.D. NR. 8033.


Earth Upheaval 8780

Changes in Cosmos

15. March 1964. B.D. NR. 8780.

Deeper and deeper I want to introduce you to truth so that you resist all temptations on the part of my opponent who will try everything to stop your activity for me and my kingdom. And the greater your knowledge is, the more you have gone into truth which only I can impart to you, the more you will also stand firm because you will recognize all (their) objections and counter expressions as being meaningless and unfounded; it will always be only empty words without deep sense and value. But I want that light increases in you, that in always brighter spirit you learn to recognize all connections and that is why no objection will anymore be able to shake you. And I also want that you correct error where you are approached by it. I want that you are earnest fighters for me, that you fight with the sword of the mouth where you are opposed with error because you are chosen as light bearers by me to supply truth there where there is the will to stand in the truth. And exactly the end of this earth will often be a contentious issue because very few people want to believe in this Ė and because exactly the event of the end destruction is such a violent event which does not appear to be plausible to men Ė because they find no parallel in that event as much as they might think back. And it will still take place, and all will be surprised by it except the small circle of those who have been given an inner light by their life of love and who therefore also consciously expect an end of the earth. But where still the slightest worldly sense rules, where men have still not detached themselves completely from the desire for the goods of the world, there the belief in an end of the earth will also exist only weakly or not at all, and those will cast to the winds all such announcements as false prophecies and will always try to contradict them. And there great explanations will also not be enough simply because the will to believe such prophecies is missing, because love for the world is stronger than love for the neighbour, otherwise their spirit would be awakened and they could not have the slightest doubt about what I announce myself to men through spirit effort so that they prepare themselves for the near end. But you, my light bearers, you are to be always strengthened more in your belief in everything what I myself tell you; you are to experience my love and my permanent presence; you are to lovingly and thankfully accept the great gift of favour which I give to you because you are loyal towards me and fight for me and my name out of love towards me and towards the neighbour. And that is why I want to send you an announcement which will again only the one accept who believes deeply, but about which also the doubters can convince themselves very soon because there will be no long time anymore where the first signs of a great cosmic change will become noticeable Ė which no scientist and no matter how sharp an intellect will be able to explain and which cause earnest anxieties. And you will have no possibility to protect yourselves against the threatening disaster; you can only wait and will be set into great excitement through this, and this cosmic phenomenon will initiate just that powerful natural event because the universe revolts against all unspiritual which stays in the area of earth and has an unusual effect on the spiritual striving upwards at the moment. A very violent fight has broken out between the light and the dark spiritual because this spiritual knows it that a change is coming, and the last time is used by every side to an unusual extent. And these spiritual fights over the soul of men on earth have an effect on the different celestial bodies in the universe, which are connected to earth in a certain spiritual way. And with my consent also those heavenly bodies with its inhabitants participate in the last fight on this earth, and they express themselves through powerful tremors, which can be followed from (on) earth and trigger off greatest unrest in men who observe the course of the celestial bodies and can follow changes in their course, which in all probability will leave their mark on earth. Only on the part of science mankind can be brought to awaken because they do not listen to spiritual presentations, but they cannot deny scientific observations; they will give attention to it in their thoughts and with a good will can also still come on to the right way after that. Because the greatest prophets can arise on earth, men do not believe them. I also cannot address men in compelling ways to let them become aware of the danger in which they are because the end is near. But I can let the unusual happen in my creation by me apparently upsetting the order and still also this again belongs to my law insofar as it is planned since eternities because of a certain purpose. And there will again be men who will also not allow themselves to be impressed by this, who will carry on leading their sinful life and steer towards the abyss without letting themselves being stopped. But some will also begin to wonder and will now have an open ear for the explanations which my messengers of light give to them. And again the faith of those will be strengthened who want to remain loyal to me for they recognize the truth of my word and therefore keep firmly to my promise that I think of all those and fetch them home on the day of judgement, who believe my words and remain loyal to the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 8780.


Earth Upheaval 8781

Changes in Cosmos

16. March 1964. B.D. NR. 8781.

It is an unusual happening which I announce to you Ė you will believe to be mistaken, and again and again you will experience the same Ė tremors of the earth which are not due to eruptions but appear always then when earth is in a certain constellation towards other celestial bodies Ė so that the tremors can be expected on a regular basis and do not fail to appear. They will hardly be perceptible and therefore will also worry only few men, but not until the research of scientists will give reason to fear the worst, moreover the phenomena will increase and therefore then also throw the indifferent man, as they after all recognize an endangering of the celestial body of earth through other celestial bodies because the celestial bodies which have stepped out of their course move towards earth and again and again come into a constellation, which exactly triggers those effects. In consideration of the near end men are still to be shaken awake from their peace; they are to think of their creator and deal with the thought of their own transitoriness and also with that they have no guarantee vanishing completely with the death of the body; they are to be reminded of their lifeís end and also of that fate which expects them when they believe in the continued existence of the soul. The times of the end will show much unnatural as the doing of men is already unnatural after all and also has the worst consequences. Men assume to undertake research in space above their authority. They ignore the laws of nature and are yet not hindered in their acting and wanting, but the effects are again reflecting on themselves. But the end approaches more and more, and if men are still to be helped that they achieve self-contemplation and become aware of their great responsibility then also on the part of God an unusual effect has to be shown them as it is still up to their will to pay attention to it and adjust themselves to it accordingly. And mankind will experience such unusual effect in the coming time, which is not caused by men but which happens in the cosmos, in an area which is subject to only the creator himself, which now apparently gets into unlawfulness and still also this happening is planned (included) in the plan of the return of the spiritual, for it can cause a change with many people, because it is too unusual Ė but without forcing the faith of men because the unbelieving man does not even take the trouble to find an explanation because he exists completely irresponsibly. And the spiritual state of men in the times of the end has sunken so deep that they let themselves also not being moved to faith through unusual events of nature and that is why such means can also still be applied, which still can be of use for undecided men who need the strong impetus to think seriously and to now direct their will right. Because what still can be done to keep souls from the fate of being banished anew that will also be done on the part of God who loves men and does not want them to get lost. But every time when he expresses himself in the announced way, there will be victims, otherwise men would not let themselves be impressed and would accuse each other of self-deception. For the effects will also be different at different places, and a certain time will be needed until science has succeeded to find the right explanation, but then also these signs will constantly repeat themselves more often and supply to men the proof that something is happening in the cosmos against which they can take no measures. And so they are therefore also exposed to the results which always occur periodically until in the end that great natural event will occur, which will prove to men the might and greatness of God, who believe in him and are also protected in every trouble. But whether a near end is also again and again announced to men, whether they are again and again pointed to the preceding natural disasters Ė they do not believe and do not change their way of life in the least; they do nothing to prepare themselves; they live in the world and love it and see their god in the world. And that is why they will also remain attached to matter when the end has come. But everything has been fixed in the divine plan of salvation, and nothing comes which has not already been planned for eternity. And so also this event averse to nature will happen according to divine will, and also the day for this is determined and will also be kept. But you are to be informed before so that your faith gets strengthened because everything comes so as it is predicted, and because you more and more recognize the truth of that which is directly supplied to you from above. For you are to establish the connection from God with the world, with your fellow men, who walk along unbelievingly and thoughtlessly. You will in fact only then be able to speak about it when the first events have taken place because beforehand no man wants to listen to your talk Ė you will only then find open ears and hearts when one tremor has preceded it, which lets men ask, and only then you are to speak, and it will depend on the willingness of men which benefit he/she is reaping from those happenings. Amen. B.D. NR. 8781.


Earth Upheaval 8908


9. January 1965. B.D. NR. 8908.

You still have to achieve a great commission before my intervention takes place through which you then get into completely different conditions which make your activity for my kingdom more difficult. But beforehand those souls are still to be included, which (do not) oppose my word Ė they are to experience what is in store for those men and no matter whether they doubt Ė the great event will very soon convince them that you have spoken truth. Therefore announce it to all, point men to this intervention, which comes closer and closer and which will touch all of them, although that country remains hidden to you, which will be affected. I would ask you particularly to speak to all men to whom you bring my word through pointing out the powerful natural event. This will be necessary that all of them once deal with it, that they themselves feel spoken to and can find consolation and strength in the coming time of trouble according to their attitude. Everywhere where my word is supplied this is to be announced, everywhere men are to hear what is in store for them, and no matter whether it is difficult for them to believe. But they will then also believe in the soon to follow end when that event takes place, which comes from above Ė out of the cosmos, which is therefore not caused by menís will. For through this event I want to once again speak to men; I want to wake them up out of deadly sleep and direct their sight towards me, to him, whom they can reach through close prayer. I want to speak with a loud voice because they do not pay attention to my quiet address. But I also want to look after those who then still find to me. And no matter whether they are a victim of that disaster, but their souls are rescued when they still call on me beforehand and acknowledge me as that power under which they are and to which they have to submit. I appeal to you all to mention these my words and not to be afraid that you could worry men because it is of no use when they go into the disaster with closed eyes which will then surprise them and to which they cannot give an explanation to themselves. But when you tell them this beforehand, what I intend by this Ė when you announce it to them as being certain, then some of them will feel touched by it after all and Ė even if they do not believe it Ė not lose it out of their thoughts. And then already they know that it is an event which my will sends over men, and they will know that my word is truth, and also believe in the end. All attempts have to be made to lead men to faith. And also this powerful natural event can still awaken men to faith, which are no longer approachable otherwise and whom I still want to win even if a great disaster is associated with it. But the danger of a new banishment lies ahead of you and when I can still snatch souls from it then they will thank me for it forever because the fate of a new banishment is far more terrible Ė it lasts eternities, while the natural event is past in one night, then certainly an immense misery will occur, but which each of you can change to a bearable state for himself when you only find faith in me. For I am a Lord over life and death; I can also give you what you need Ė but as I also can take what you voluntarily are not prepared to give. And that is why you are not to neglect to inform fellow men of what lies ahead because no-one is to say to have not known about it. Men only do not believe that they already stand so close before the end otherwise they could also gather from scripture that a fatal event is descending upon men. But they do not believe the time has yet come when that comes true what is written. But once future becomes present; once the announcements become true, and this time is approaching. Amen. B.D. NR. 8908.


Earth Upheaval 8949

Confirmation of predictions.

6. March 1965. B.D. NR. 8949.

Excerpt only:

For they are certain that the time of the end has come, and that is why they also think my intervention to be possible Ö particularly then when this is also confirmed in scripture that an earthquake will come as big as the world has not yet experienced.


Earth Upheaval 8982

Extent of natural event before the end.

25. May 1965. B.D. NR. 8982.

You are to prepare yourselves for the end to at least be able to enter the kingdom on the other side with a faint idea of knowledge. Because only a short time still passes, but which is amply enough when you are of good will to achieve your remodelling to love. You will be offered enough opportunities for it as soon as my intervention has taken place Ė as soon as you are overtaken by a natural disaster, which puts all previous things in the shade. You have no idea what is going to happen, and you are still to believe in it that my voice sounds very powerfully with which I once again address you men before the last end has come. It will mean a dreadful experience for all of you Ė which will only affect the ones who are mine not so severely because their faith is such a strong one that they are completely devoted to me and are also to experience my help which they expect at any time. And then every person will have the opportunity to exercise unselfish love to then still come to maturity because there will be much misery, and everyone will be able to help, and whether it is just through comforting encouragement which exists in pointing men to a God of love who only requests a trusting prayer to him to be able to prove to him his help visibly. For what you can still give man spiritually that helps his soul and keeps him from the terrible fate of a new banishment. But you will also be able to help them earthly for the will to help them will also put you into a position to be able to help because where no human will is able to help there numerous helpers still always stand by my side, and these will take care of you in an unusual way. I only request firm faith from you, and it will be in existence in you when you will see how everything comes true what I have foretold you and when you therefore give yourselves up with body and soul and only want to be active for me and my kingdom. (you will then yield with body and soul and only be active for me and my kingdom.) And all of you are to make good use of this time; you are to exercise love constantly which itself again and again imparts power to you; you are to think only of your soul because you do not know how much time you are still allowed to stay on earth because time allocated can only still be short which still is left to you, especially when you cannot reach the strength of faith which enables you to endure until the end. For then my mercy is greater when I already call you away beforehand from this world Ė when you still find entrance into the other kingdom where there it is also possible for you to make headway but the danger does not exist that you sink at the end again into the deep - for I fight for every soul, and I know it how its will is, and so I also know where there still exists a chance of rescue, and this I also use Ė only the one thing I cannot, to free you from the hands of my opponent by force. For he is the same way entitled to you because you once voluntarily followed him. And therefore I can always only give you support, who want to free yourselves from his control. And that I certainly do in every way because already that you are informed about the coming great trouble Ė that you can strengthen your power through prayer when you believe in it Ė that is a very important help. Because you all are capable of it to unite with me in prayer, to ask your father that he may make it merciful, that this natural event may not have such a bad effect on him what is at any time in my power. And every prayer about it, which is directed towards me in spirit and in truth, I will hear, and that is why not all men will be affected the same way, and my will will visibly be expressed and also strengthen the faith of those who still doubted. But also those will begin to wonder who are unbelieving, and their hate for the believers will increase, which will then degenerate into hostility, under which also the ones who are mine will have to suffer. But nevertheless they are sure of my protection for as long as they are active for me and my kingdom I will also know to direct their steps in such a way that they do not remain unsuccessfully and those souls will thank them to whom they brought rescue in their spiritual and earthly trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 8982.


Earth Upheaval 8993

Requesting Godís blessing.

11. June 1965. B.D. NR. 8993.

Excerpt only:

That is why you are to pray for my blessing, whatever you want to undertake. Therefore pray that I bless every conversation for you, every act and every thought Ė pray for my blessing of every project, which you want to carry out, and so never leave me out of your thoughts, because you will experience it yourselves how important it is that you submit in everything to me, that through this request you always long for my presence and that it is also certain for you. I always only want that you permanently think of me because only then I can obviously stand by you, and I will also do that, that I give you clear signs of my presence and through it your faith will become stronger and stronger.


Earth Upheaval 9000

God knows about the will. Natural disaster. Protection of the servants.

22. June 1965. B.D. NR. 9000.

Just an excerpt:

This change of will I intend through my intervention, of which numerous men will certainly be victim, but to whom the gates into the other kingdom will still be open, to be able to still mature there. But to those men who remain alive a still over great favour is granted to be able to make this change of will still on this earth, to then be rescued for eternity. Again and again I point you men to this event, but I find no faith. There are only very few who earnestly deal with what is coming, but also these cannot get an idea of the extent of the disaster because it surpasses everything whatever already happened on this earth. And also the individual person cannot imagine it, because men are cut off from all traffic, because no connection exists anymore between the places and also between countries, which are affected by it. There will be stretches, which seem to be completely deserted, where only a few will find themselves to now continue life. Everyone will be seized with terror who does not keep to me and completely trusts me. And then the will can decide. Every man can also find to me, and he will very safely be guided through the chaos. But he can also curse that being who let such happen, and the curse will hit himself.


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