Diagram: Progress from redemption period to redemption period.

Creation - Part 5

by A. B. Counter

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Diagram: Progress from redemption period to redemption period

Progress from redemption period to redemption period

|                    _____
|                         \
|                          \
|                           \
|                            \
|          _____
|               \
|                \
|                 \
|                  \
|     \
|      \
|       \
|        \
|___________________________________> > > Time

I made this simple diagram to illustrate the progress from one redemption period to the next. We are talking here about spiritual progress, so progress souls experience.

Time progresses horizontally from left to right. Spiritual progress progresses from the bottom upwards.

To make it simple, only three redemption periods are shown.

The first graph, the one at the bottom on the left, is our present redemption period. The horizontal part happened a very long time ago. We are now at the bottom of the declining arm going down. The end of the line is the end of this redemption period.

The saints are the people who get raptured at the end of this redemption period and who then form the new race on the new surface of the earth. This redemption period, the new one, the next, is the second one on the diagram, the one in the middle.

The horizontal line at the beginning of it is the one thousand years period of the rule of Christ, the new paradise. After that a decline is taking place again and the end of the decline is then also again the end of that redemption period and after that the next one starts.

But what I mainly want to show here is that the overall process is one that goes upwards. So there is progress made altogether, despite the fact that the individual redemption period shows a decline in itself.

One thing is of course always to be remembered and that is the fact that every individual soul has, at the time of being embody as man, any time the possibility to make a decision to get redeemed, and that then means to get out of that cycle of re-embodiments. So this general progress of souls shown on this diagram must and should not be the way a soul progresses. The way out of the world of matter into the kingdom of light is always available to a soul embodied as man. And all the material presented here on this website has the purpose to encourage a soul to go for this.

So the souls that do not get redeemed follow this progress shown on this diagram, that is progress, but it takes eternities and that most of that time being embodied in more or less solid matter and that is a very painful situation and salvation is the way of escape out of it.

So when we extend this diagram further to the right and further up, then we finally come to a situation where the existence of matter comes to an end and everything comes again to a situation where only spiritual beings exist that are in agreement with God, do his will, and the situation is as it was before the fall.


I want to give the reader an idea what another spiritual writing has to say about redemption periods and now bring quotations from the book "The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2" by H.P. Blavatsky. The full title of the book is "The Secret Doctrine, The synthesis of science, religion, and philosophy" by H. P. Blavatsky, author of "Isis Unveiled." Vol. II. Anthropogenesis.

So now follow quotes from H.P. Blavatsky:


"Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1888, by H. P. Blavatsky, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D.C."

This work I dedicate to all true theosophists. In every country. And of every Race. For they called it forth, and for them it was recorded.


To make it still clearer: if the Monad begins its cycle of incarnations through the three objective kingdoms on the descending curved line, it has necessarily to enter on the re-ascending curved line of the sphere as a man also. On the descending arc it is the spiritual which is gradually transformed into the material. On the middle line of the base, Spirit is slowly re-asserting itself at the expense of the physical, or matter, so that, at the close of the seventh Race of the Seventh Round, the Monad will find itself as free from matter and all its qualities as it was in the beginning; having gained in addition the experience and wisdom, the fruition of all its personal lives, without their evil and temptations.


No less light is thrown thereby on the future physical, spiritual, and intellectual state of mankind, in periods corresponding on parallel lines with other past periods, and always on the lines of ascending and descending cyclic evolution and development. Thus, a few centuries before the Kali yuga - the black age which began 5,000 years ago it was said (paraphrased into comprehensible sentences):

"We (the Fifth Root-Race) in our first half (of duration) onward (on the now ASCENDING arc of the cycle) are on the mid point of (or between) the First and the Second Races falling downward (i.e., the races were then on the descending arc of the cycle). . . . . Calculate for thyself, Lanoo, and see." (Commentary xx.).

Calculating as advised, we find that during that transitional period namely, in the second half of the First Spiritual ethero-astral race nascent mankind was devoid of the intellectual brain element. As it was on its descending line, and as we are parallel to it, on the ascending, we are, therefore devoid of the Spiritual element, which is now replaced by the intellectual. For, remember well, as we are in the manasa period of our cycle of races, or in the Fifth, we have, therefore, crossed the meridian point of the perfect adjustment of Spirit and Matter or that equilibrium between intellect and Spiritual perception. One important point has, however, to be borne in mind.

We are only in the Fourth Round, and it is in the Fifth that the full development of Manas, as a direct ray from the Universal MAHAT a ray unimpeded by matter will be finally reached.


Our race then has, as a Root-race, crossed the equatorial line and is cycling onward on the Spiritual side.


Mankind will not grow again into giant bodies as in the case of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans; because while the evolution of the Fourth race led the latter down to the very bottom of materiality in its physical development, the present Race is on its ascending arc; and the Sixth will be rapidly growing out of its bonds of matter, and even of flesh.


The Cycles of Matter will be succeeded by Cycles of Spirituality and a fully developed mind. On the law of parallel history and races, the majority of the future mankind will be composed of glorious Adepts.




Now follows a repetition of the texts of the diagram:


Evolution of physical and intellectual nature
and the gradual regression of Spirituality.

Re-evolution or reversion of Spirituality and
the gradual decrease of materiality and mere
brain intellectuality.



This is the end of Creation - Part 5.


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