Reincarnation: That kind of reincarnation is false doctrine, which is generally accepted in the world.

Creation - Part 4

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A Course in Mircales
Jakob Lorber
Bertha Dudde
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"The teaching of re-embodiment is a danger for men for isolated cases are generalized, and the responsibility of man in the short time of his earth life is disregarded and gives way to carelessness of him who believes to always being able to again and again make up for what he neglected."

When one reads spiritual works today one again and again comes across the subject reincarnation and in many of such works, especially in works of course which one cannot count as Christian works, the reincarnation teaching is accepted as a matter of course. And when one then comes to Christian works then the reincarnation teaching is handled in varied ways, for instance rejected or when it is not rejected one can feel the uncertainty how the subject is treated.

When we have a look at such a Biblical person like Elias then we know that he was reincarnated as John the Baptist – probably for the first time – and that he will be again reincarnated as the forerunner of the Lord at the end of times – probably for the second time – and that this second reincarnation has probably already taken place and that he lives among us and we do not know which person it is and even he himself does not know it – not yet.

To therefore call reincarnation as not existing or to write it completely off as false doctrine is not based on Scripture, because only that kind of reincarnation is false doctrine, which is generally accepted in the world.

The fundamental difference of the reincarnation teaching, as it is described by most of the non-Christian works, and as it presents itself from the Christian point of view, consists essentially in reincarnation not being a generally happening thing, but a possibility which can be chosen by certain souls under certain conditions and which therefore only takes place in certain cases and is therefore not general and is also rare.

And the fact that reincarnation only takes place in certain cases makes the study of this subject especially interesting as such special cases provide much insight about many other spiritual things. The case of Elias / John the Baptist / forerunner of the Lord at his second coming is such a case - an example of such a special case. Another case is the Lord himself that he as a non-fallen being of light came here to earth and with it achieved the complete spiritualization and will also come back in this spiritualized form. Other cases are the beings which have already reached the kingdom of light but once again return to earth to carry out a certain mission. Other cases are beings coming from other heavenly bodies to go through a human experience. And further cases will appear in the following.

Then we also have cases where the spirits of deceased people try to negatively influence the still living and also when such evil spirits even try to take over the body of a person still living here on earth. Also such cases are dealt with in the following.

The difference to the general known teaching about reincarnation has to be emphasized, that it exists, but that all cases are just special cases.

I will here not go further into this difference and describe it and discuss it but concentrate on bringing statements which come from above – from the kingdom of light - and by this avoid to modify or to interpret these statements because these statements are quite clear and also intelligible so that additions from my side are simply unnecessary.

In the following I will therefore bring such statements without commenting on them. The abbreviation B.D. means Bertha Dudde. Many of these statements will therefore be coming from Bertha Dudde. But I will start with a statement from the book “A Course in Miracle” and there from that part of the book that is called “Manual for Teachers.” The authors are Helen Schucman and William Thetford:


Reincarnation A Course in Mircales

Is reincarnation so?
In the ultimate sense, reincarnation is impossible. There is no past or future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times. Reincarnation cannot, then, be true in any real sense. Our only question should be, "Is the concept helpful?" And that depends, of course, on what it is used for. If it is used to strengthen the recognition of the eternal nature of life, it is helpful indeed. Is any other question about it really useful in lighting up the way? Like many other beliefs, it can be bitterly misused. At least, such misuse offers preoccupation and perhaps pride in the past. At worst, it induces inertia in the present. In between, many kinds of folly are possible.
Reincarnation would not, under any circumstances, be the problem to be dealt with now. If it were responsible for some of the difficulties the individual faces now, his task would still be only to escape from them now. If he is laying the groundwork for a future life, he can still work out his salvation only now. To some, there may be comfort in the concept, and if it heartens them its value is self-evident. It is certain, however, that the way to salvation can be found by those who believe in reincarnation and by those who do not. The idea cannot, therefore, be regarded as essential to the curriculum. There is always some risk in seeing the present in terms of the past. There is always some good in any thought which strengthens the idea that life and the body are not the same.
For our purposes, it would not be helpful to take any definite stand on reincarnation. A teacher of God should be as helpful to those who believe in it as to those who do not. If a definite stand were required of him, it would merely limit his usefulness, as well as his own decision making. Our course is not concerned with any concept that is not acceptable to anyone, regardless of his formal beliefs. His ego will be enough for him to cope with, and it is not the part of wisdom to add sectarian controversies to his burdens. Nor would there be an advantage in his premature acceptance of the course merely because it advocates a long-held belief of his own.
It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this course aims at a complete reversal of thought. When this is finally accomplished, issues such as the validity of reincarnation become meaningless. Until then, they are likely to be merely controversial. The teacher of God is, therefore, wise to step away from all such questions, for he has much to teach and learn apart from them. He should both learn and teach that theoretical issues but waste time, draining it away from its appointed purpose. If there are aspects to any concept or belief that will be helpful, he will be told about it. He will also be told how to use it. What more need he know?
Does this mean that the teacher of God should not believe in reincarnation himself, or discuss it with others who do? The answer is, certainly not! If he does believe in reincarnation, it would be a mistake for him to renounce the belief unless his internal Teacher so advised. And this is most unlikely. He might be advised that he is misusing the belief in some way that is detrimental to his pupil's advance or his own. Reinterpretation would then be recommended, because it is necessary. All that must be recognized, however, is that birth was not the beginning, and death is not the end. Yet even this much is not required of the beginner. He need merely accept the idea that what he knows is not necessarily all there is to learn. His journey has begun.
The emphasis of this course always remains the same: – it is at this moment that complete salvation is offered you, and it is at this moment that you can accept it. This is still your one responsibility. Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future. Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time. No teaching that does not lead to this is of concern to God's teachers. All beliefs will point to this if properly interpreted. In this sense, it can be said that their truth lies in their usefulness. All beliefs that lead to progress should be honored. This is the sole criterion this course requires. No more than this is necessary.


Reincarnation Jakob Lorber

Next I bring excerpts from Jakob Lorber. They come from his work „Das große Evangelium Johannes“ (The Great Gospel of John) and are from Volume 6, Chapter 61, and from Volume 10, Chapter 22:


„Das große Evangelium Johannes“ (The Great Gospel of John) by Jakob Lorber

Volume 6, Chapter 61

Reincarnation jl.ev06.061

Said I: »Don’t get too excited; for you do not know it yet clearly enough what kind of guests walk on this earth, and what is necessary to bring them gradually into the sphere of the children of God! But when you will be fully strengthened through my spirit which I will send to you after my ascent then you will also clearly see this and give me the honour that I am just so patient and longsuffering.
But who of you is able to grasp something, he should know that also souls from other worlds have gone into the flesh on this earth and also the children of the serpent on this earth. They may well once have died, and some already several times, but again took flesh on them for their perfection.
You often have already heard about a transmigration of souls. The far Orient still believes firmly in it today. But such a belief is very contaminated with them because they let men soul’s again return into the flesh of an animal. However that is not so by far.
It has already been largely shown to you that a human soul certainly gathers from this world out of the mineral, plant and animal kingdom and swings itself up to the soul of man, and also, how this happens in firm order. But no matter how unfinished the soul of a man is, it does not go backwards any more, except in the spiritual middle kingdom according to the outer appearance for the benefit of its humiliation and for the possible improvement coming from this. When such a one has happened to a certain degree, above which one cannot continue due to lack of higher ability, then such a soul can pass into a bare creature as soul on some world body or other, that means in the spiritual of it, or else also, if it wants to, enter once again into the flesh of men of this earth, on which way it can acquire higher abilities and with their help even reach the adoption as child of God.
Therefore also souls from other worlds walk into the flesh of men of this earth to acquire in it those many spiritual qualities, which are necessary to reach the true adoption as a child of God.
But because this earth is such a school building, that is why it also gets treated by me with so much patience, forbearance and leniency. Who of you can grasp this, he may grasp it; but he should keep it for himself because it should not be given to all to grasp all the secrets of the kingdom of God. But if you still find someone who possibly is a child of a right spirit, to him you can gradually reveal one and the other secrets, but also only for himself; for I want it that a right man should acquire all such through his own diligence according to my teaching.
When a man once knows what he has to do to reach eternal life and its treasures then he should act and live accordingly, and he will then in himself already see the full fulfilment of my promise taking place, hearing and feeling it most livingly.
To announce to man much of such extraordinary secrets through the mouth either has no use and value or only a very small one; for first he does not grasp it, and second something which is too incomprehensible to him easily disturbs the faith, which he if necessary has still already accepted. For to grasp this in the full, inner spiritual depth of life, to this obviously belongs more than nothing but the dead letter of the law and the prophets.«


„Das große Evangelium Johannes“ (The Great Gospel of John) by Jakob Lorber

Volume 10, Chapter 22

Reincarnation jl.ev10.022

(Jesus:) »But that a man’s soul and accordingly even its body, which is highly clumsy in the beginning, are joined together like this, can the deeper thinking and feeling man be capable of suspecting in at least not too unclear lines from very many phenomena in him.
Take the host of the most various concepts and ideas which a soul with only some education can develop out of itself and of which all it also can form a picture – whether more or less right is for the time being unimportant -, which would be just as little possible for it, when it would not be as it were put together out of something all-embracing, as for an ox or donkey to draw the plan for the building of a royal castle and to build it accordingly.
But when you look at all the different animals both in the air – like all kinds of insects and birds -, and the animals on the firm ground and those in the water, then you will discover with most of them an ability to build. Look at the bees and other little animals of the air, which are more or less similar to this insect; see and look at the highly differently built nests of the birds; look at the ants and still other earth insects, the spider and the caterpillar, further the mice of all kinds and species, the beaver, which builds himself a real hut, the foxes, wolves, bears and still a lot of other animals, how they build and furnish their lodgings quite suitable for their nature; further look at the different animals of the oceans, especially the crustaceans, - and you will find with them an ability to build, which will often set the best master builder into great astonishment.
Now every animal, from the smallest to the greatest, has of course only an ability to build, which is peculiar to its simple animal soul intelligence, knows the building material for it and uses it in its always uniform way; but in the soul of a man all the animal building intelligence abilities are available in an enormous number, out of which it also can, as through a silent realization, put together an enormous number of concepts and ideas and so very new and great forms.
And so can therefore man with only some education then also invent out of himself all kinds of homes to live in of highest diversity and innumerable many other things and also put it to work with his will, intelligence and diligence. Would he be able to do this when all the different kinds of abilities would not be available on the shown way there in his soul? Certainly not; because even the most intelligent animal after man does not have any imagination and therefore also no all-embracing gift of composition.
You now of course say for yourselves: ‘Yes, why then did a man’s soul have to gain such abilities via such a long and tedious way?’
And I say it to you: The eternally best and wisest master builder of all things and beings knows best of all why he has established on this earth exactly this way for the formation of a perfect soul of man, and with it you can be happy according to my word. When you will become more perfect in yourself then you will also realize the reason for your long and tedious way.
You Romans, the Greeks and the Phoenicians, as also the Egyptians, believed in a transmigration of souls and still believe in it today like the Persians, Indians, the people of Sinim on the other side of the high mountains in the wide, great and far East and another one in the still farer East living great nation, living on great islands which are flowed around by the greatest ocean on this earth, and so still many other peoples on this wide earth; but throughout, the truth, well known to the ancestors of the earth, has been completely defaced and totally twisted through the greedy, initial teachers of the people, which arose with time, and later priests full of ambition and full of lust for power, - for the true kind of transmigration of souls would not have borne sacrifices and interest for them, and so they let the souls of men go back into the animals and suffer in the animals, from which sufferings only priest could free them for the sake of great sacrifices.«


Reincarnation Bertha Dudde

And now statements by Bertha Dudde follow.


Reincarnation 0786

The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.

24. February 1939. B.D. NR. 0786.

In time immemorial the human soul has before gone its way through thousands of embodiments of every single kind. This time has brought about a certain maturity, which now in the last stage as man is to still lead to higher perfection. The knowledge about it should be enough to apply the extreme power to reach the state of perfection, but exactly this knowledge is completely rejected by most men. Unfortunately often the wrong opinion exist that a soul does not have to first take shape to that what is, but is inherent in the living being in always the same way and that one can only speak of a soul with man when one wants to accept something which continues to exist after death in the first place. The animal is denied every single soul or spiritual substance – and exactly this leads to completely wrong opinions by not recognizing at all the exceedingly compelling necessity of all living beings except of that of man. It is therefore of greatest importance to keep the varied, indescribable often happening reshaping of the outer cover in mind to only then become aware of the whole responsibility as man in life on earth. When only one unique embodiment would be intended for every single being then the conditions of this embodiment would have to be so exceptionally difficult if they were to lead to the degree of maturity required for eternal happiness, for the distance of such a spiritual being from the eternal deity is too immeasurably great than that it could be considerably decreased in such short time. That is why the creator has intended this one compulsive state for all beings, in which according to divine will every creature strives for an upward development without its own responsibility. To go through this preparatory state of the human soul in all multifariousness is of such enormous importance that only out of this arises the whole responsibility which man bears towards his soul, because this soul has wrestled in a most incredible way and defied all resistances – it had to fulfil so infinite assignments and submit in everything to the will of God, it has gone a way which was not easy – but which was the only way to form the soul so that it can pass the last great test of power in man when the will to pass is powerful in it. Every human being is therefore as such a world in itself – it is a work of creation which holds everything which exists on earth and is visible to the human eye in very finest reduction in size – the human soul has gone through all these wonders of creation and has now in its last embodiment to come through an enormous fight if the thousands of years lasting wrestling until the stage as man is not to be in vain. Man is to remain fully aware of this responsibility and ask God for power to fulfil the last assignment on earth and to so bring redemption for the soul from endless long lasting want. Amen. B.D. NR. 0786.


Reincarnation 0787

(Continuation of No. 786) The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.

25. February 1939. B.D. NR. 0787.

Visualize the greatness and omnipotence of God, and only then you will be able to grasp the immeasurable love, which surrounds you children of the earth that however no matter how smallest the living being is, stands in the care of the heavenly father and can never come to naught because the love of God has innumerable means and ways to also still guide the most unworthy being, which consciously resists the will of God, on the way of knowledge when also often after unspeakable long time. Again and again new covers are assigned to the being, and again and again the development of these through so many resistances is a new opportunity to mature. To achieve the highest possible spiritual maturity in life on earth is however extremely profitable for the soul for the fight in the life on earth is certainly difficult and demands much will-power, perseverance and work, but on the other hand the being is offered especially in life on earth overabundant privileges, which make maturation already possible in relatively short time. But where the will of man puts itself into blatant resistance to the relieves offered to him, there a perfecting is called into question, often even rather a step backwards is to be recorded. The love of the father in heaven is now again and again anxious to guide the being to its last purpose, and in fact the soul is now given the opportunity to work on its perfection also in the hereafter and lift itself into the state, which results in freeing itself from all matter. This is a much more difficult beginning in a world where everything tangible is just a figment of the being’s imagination, where the soul is as it were still ensnared in all desires and worldly cravings, where it is exposed to all hostility of such kind and cannot free itself of it through its own power, where all desires, which contributed to the fulfilment of the earthly cravings now become unbearable, as they no longer can be fulfilled and cause for the soul this painful state until it consciously turns away from it and feels a desire for pure spiritual pleasure. Such a desire will be fulfilled immediately through more perfect spirit beings which are active in love, which do everything in their power to free an unhappy soul from its state. The help is granted immediately to the soul, only its will alone has to become active and turn itself away from that what still connects it to the earth and the worldly desire. Where and how this reshaping of the beings takes place has for men still been a cause for disputes concerning the re-embodiment on earth. So it may be enough for you to know that certainly infinite times pass and infinite covers in most different form have surrounded your souls – that all these living beings took up residence through God’s will in, on and above the earth, always however standing in closest connection with the exactly for the purpose of maturation existing earth – that the last stage as man can likewise only be experienced on the earth – but that with the leaving of the earthly body the soul now goes over to a completely independent kingdom from earth, no matter which state of maturity the soul has reached on earth. Also outside of this earth are the most immemorial opportunities for their further development, and once the soul has left its bodily earthly cover and the millennia lasting stay on the earth has not brought the last maturity, then such an unspeakable difficult wrestling starts in the hereafter which excels by far that in life on earth, and a re-embodiment on to earth would be the same as if the father shows again and again forbearance towards an under-age child which refuses to obey, instead of giving it into a strict school, which reveals the wrong of its action. (Interruption) B.D. NR. 0787.


Reincarnation 0788

(Continuation of No. 786 und 787) The way of the soul before the existence on earth. Re-embodiment teaching.

25. February 1939. B.D. NR. 0788.

How far the care of the heavenly father stretches for his children on earth is obvious from the fact that every embodiment before already guarantees the most possible spiritual development, which can be reached in this form, so that the soul of man is in a certain degree of maturity at its entry into the body of flesh and now the last embodiment is fully enough for the obtaining of the adoption as children of God when man makes it his concern to use the life on earth to the best of his abilities for spiritual progress. When this time of favours has passed by uselessly through own will or resistance or with little success for the soul, then this is so much more regrettable than that now the being has to bear exactly the results of its resistance itself, i.e. all immature and incomplete spiritual has simultaneously an effect also as suffering and punishment. The soul will suffer to the same extent as it recognizes its weaknesses and mistakes and can no longer, as on earth, free itself from these. The time of favour of the own redemption is over, and when the work of redemption and love of the perfect beings would not start to help the soul and to bring it up, the soul would now be hopelessly lost. But it is now a wrong assumption to be able to take up again a useless spent life on earth just as one likes to make up for the neglected self-redemption. When such would have been intended without exception by the Lord of creation then there was certainly no need for the work of redemption of the divine saviour, because then it would have been up to every being without further ado, to repeat just as one likes the once neglected or badly used life on earth, and so the exceedingly great blessing of the work of redemption would have been considerably decreased, but whereas exactly for the short duration of the life on earth favours without measure were acquired for man through the work of redemption to exactly make a complete liberation from matter possible in this time, even if it is up to every man to choose this way of favour, or rather utilize it for himself or to take upon the time of suffering in the hereafter with all agonies. The infinite love of God lets no being go to eternal ruin, and there are endless many possibilities of purification, but you will be only once allowed to use the time on earth, except the few cases where the Lord combines a special assignment or intention with it – but which are never to be generalized. The teaching about the re-embodiment is once and for all harmful to men because in a certain lukewarmness of the spirit they will always seek their consolation or their explanation in such, that they can once make up for everything they lack, and such a teaching will never be beneficial because only restless work on oneself is able to bring in success, that some day they can look back at their life satisfied – while the re-embodiment teaching always leaves oneself a way out, which is used by the weak, the careless and the lukewarm. No minute of your life you are to forget your goal, to always only strive for the reunification with God and to seek to make use of the time on earth to the utmost, only then you make yourselves worthy of the careful loving attention, which God the Lord granted you during the infinite long way, which you have walked till your existence on earth. B.D. NR. 0788.


Reincarnation 2873

Teaching of re-embodiment is wrong. Law.

7. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2873.

The divine laws have been laid down since eternity, and according to these laws the whole upward development takes place in the material as well as in the spiritual world. Creations of most varied kind, at the same time material and spiritual, exist. And all these creations have only the purpose to again lead the spiritual, which is far from God, back to him. But every stage of development is different, as also the individual creations are different. So they will also always serve the spiritual as residency, to which degree of maturity they are adapted in their nature. An upward development of the spiritual will always be recorded when it walks through the material creation in the mandatory state. A standstill or a decline of the development can occur in the last stage of the material creation, as man. But then the spiritual comes inevitably into the otherworldly kingdom, which no longer has material creations. Also then a standstill or a decline can again occur because also in the spiritual kingdom the being keeps the free will, which is only extremely weakened when the being has only reached a low degree of maturity. But the upward development depends as in the existence on earth on an activity, and this activity it is, which is completely unclear to men on earth, and also has to remain so because they do not grasp its importance, but which on the other hand will be made dependent on earthly creations. So men believe that every activity causes earthly, i.e. material creations. And therefore they take the view that the soul goes back again into that sphere where it before disregarded its upward development, that it therefore comes back to earth to continue there where it had stopped – that it therefore can repeat its interrupted course of development any time until the last perfection. And this assumption leads to a teaching, which does not correspond with truth at all, but which meets everywhere with approval and is therefore widespread – to the teaching of re-embodiment on earth. Only few men can assess how disastrous exactly this teaching is for mankind when it is not refuted and corrected. Because of this the divine law is overruled as it were, that everything has to progress according to the plan of divine wisdom when it wants to reach up. A re-embodiment of the soul on earth would be a retrogression which would take place by God, so would have to completely contradict the divine law, which proves, requires permanent progress. The being itself can therefore certainly develop retrograde out of free will, but it will never be moved back through the will of God into a state, which it already once had overcome. And it will never be allowed to repeat a process just as it likes, in which it had failed before. For it still has thousands upon thousands of possibilities to develop, however always on other creations on completely different conditions. Amen. B.D. NR. 2873.


Reincarnation 2875

Phase of development is unique in one redemption period. Embodiment of light beings. Mission – adoption as children of God.

9. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2875.

Every phase of development of the spiritual is only unique in the period of time of one redemption period, even if it does not make use of the state of free will. Then this phase of development passes without result for the spiritual, and its consequences it has to bear in the spiritual kingdom. But to the completely God resisting spiritual, to which the endless long course on earth was not able to break the resistance, the opportunity to do this is once more offered in a new creation epoch, where it in an again beginning earth period, embodied in hard form, can experience a new phase of development. And then therefore the spiritual, which again develops upwards in the mandatory state to the soul of man, is granted the stay in a human body for the last test of its will. So this re-embodiment can take place, but is an event which has such far-reaching implications that it should be presented to men as the most dreadful thing, even if it is a mercy act of God, so that the spiritual, after endless times of imprisonment, is to be released. But that the human soul, after it has already covered the way on earth, incarnates again on the same earth for the purpose of maturation, is wrong. If God transfers a soul which already belongs to the spiritual kingdom of light again to earth, then this is only an act of helpfulness, because such a soul is to apply itself to an assignment, which has to be fulfilled for the redemption of the unfree spiritual on earth. So a being of light embodies itself on earth, which already has reached the maturity of the soul, to now have a beneficial effect on earth, even if it now has to seemingly cover the course of spiritual development exactly as every other man. A transfer back to earth for the purpose of maturation, to make up for what it neglected in an earlier life on earth, would not correspond to the wisdom of God, because the ascending development would be interrupted through this; the transferring back from the spiritual into the material state would be a retrogression and this a sign of wanting to go away from God, therefore reflecting no spiritual striving. But for that which strives towards God there are certainly enough possibilities in the spiritual kingdom where the spiritual can prove itself and therefore mature and develop upwards. On the other hand spiritual high standing beings, which however have not reached the degree of adoption as children of God, can reach the adoption as children of God through an embodiment on earth for the purpose of a mission, which is then also linked to unspeakable difficult living conditions, but which always already requires a certain degree of maturity in the hereafter. The re-embodiment teaching is a teaching set up by men, which corresponds to their wishes and which therefore is again and again and again championed because the truth which is passed on to earth is not understood by many and therefore is changed in such a way as it seems desirable to them. For the desire for the this-earthly world is still too great with those, and that is why the thought is comforting and reassuring to once again be allowed to return to earth. But this teaching of re-embodiment is an inhibition for the spiritual development of man, and that is why again and again it will be fought by those who are to spread the pure teaching. Amen. B.D. NR. 2875.


Reincarnation 2881

Embodiment of light beings. Mission.

13. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2881.

The human soul only embodies itself once in the period of one development period, except it takes upon itself a renewed life on earth in free will for the purpose of the fulfilling of a mission. So re-embodiment is only possible after the course of a development period, as this is necessary to bring the completely God-far spiritual, which has failed on earth, still into God nearness. But such a re-embodiment does not at all correspond with the will of the being, but would be felt as mandatory state, to which man would never agree in free will. The renewed embodiment as man also requires the course through all works of creation, which is unimaginably painful. But when a light being is prepared to fulfil on earth an assignment, which is necessary for the spiritual development of men, then it can re-embody itself on earth and that way also reach a still higher degree of maturity, so then the course through the works of creation before is not applicable, the soul incarnates from above into a body of flesh to now mature under the same conditions as man to such a degree, which then makes the execution of the job assigned to it possible. Such souls are always assigned to souls which are in spiritual want; they are leaders on earth, men who have knowledge of God and through this can help men in their spiritual development. The greater the spiritual want is the more light beings embody themselves to help them. But they no longer need the way on earth to first develop to a light being but their soul is a soul of light, only without knowledge about its spiritual state and therefore full of striving up, because something like it is of greatest importance for fellow men that the way is to be shown to these which leads up. So one cannot speak of a reincarnation for the purpose of perfecting, and that is why the opinion is also wrong that a soul can embody itself just as it likes for the purpose of further development. For only a perfect soul, a light being, takes voluntarily the material cover upon itself, because it has become love and love for the unfree spiritual determines it to return into an imprisonment from which it has escaped long ago. But a soul still in need of maturing would resist to return to earth because it feels removed from the heaviness of earth as soon as it already stands in knowledge, and the latter also means for it knowing about the possibility of an ascent development in the spiritual kingdom and it by far prefers this to a renewed life on earth. The development possibilities in the spiritual kingdom are however adapted to the state of maturity of each soul. The more willing the soul is, the more it strives for ascent development, the more active it is and the more it spiritualizes itself, i.e., it needs neither material creations nor does it get hold of such through its desire, when also only in its illusion. It more and more separates itself from it, and also earthly wishes diminish more and more. Accordingly it now lives in spiritual spheres, in surroundings, which can only be addresses as a spiritual creation. Every possibility of higher development is offered to it, and it certainly has no need of a renewed stay on earth and also does not desire it because it considers life on earth as a state of its development it has overcome although it did not earn it the maturity which was possible for the soul to reach. But it was for it a tied up state of which it now feels freed and which it would never strive for. It is different with a still completely materialistic soul which separates from earth without any knowledge and is still chained with all senses to earth. These souls certainly long for the earth but never to mature spiritually but only to be able to enjoy it pure bodily because the love for the material world and for the own I fills the soul and lets the longing for the earth become greater and greater. But these souls are to overcome the love for matter and have to do it in the hereafter, because they neglected it on earth. Through their desires they create for themselves an earthly world in the spiritual kingdom; they see and own everything what they want, but not in reality, but only in their imagination, and in fact as long as they reach knowledge that they only chase after mock goods and they now overcome their desire for them. Only then their surroundings change, and only then they begin their activity in the spiritual kingdom, which guarantees them an ascent development. Amen. B.D. NR. 2881.


Reincarnation 3220

Refutation of the re-embodiment teaching. Justice.

12. to 14. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3220.

A bright light will be given to you when you have the will to let it shine. A time of chaos also confuses the thinking of men, the capacity to think becomes weaker, and they can no longer recognize spiritual truth as such, and so a perpetual supply of it is necessary and this requires receptive men, through whom spiritual knowledge can be transmitted to the seekers. Such an instruction can now take place in different ways; it can complement a knowledge which is already available; it can be offered as completely new knowledge when a man beforehand stood in wrong thinking; but it also can clear an area as refutation of before wrong teachings about which still uncertainty prevails among men. But the prerequisite is always that forces turned towards God impart the spiritual thought material to a man who as intake vessel of the divine spirit declares himself ready to serve God through the spreading of truth. And this prerequisite is given as soon as close prayer for supply of pure truth precedes every spiritual instruction. All good spiritual forces only have one aim – to unite the beingness embodied on earth with God, i.e., to help it with this. But spiritual unity only exists in the state of light, i.e. in the state of recognition, which is the result of a life of love. To reach this state man has been given life on earth, in which he can develop the abilities which are only weakly developed in the beginning of his embodiment but according to his will can experience an ascending or also a descending development. His life gives him full opportunity to this development; but it does not depend on more or less developed gifts of the intellect, but alone only on the will for the good, on the attitude towards God and therefore having a loving effect – the striving for connection to God through good works. Only alone through this man can reach such a high spiritual stage of development that he already on earth enters into a light stage, i.e., that he reaches knowledge. Then the adaptation towards God has already happened, and this state secures the soul of man at his death the entrance into the light kingdom, into spheres where it can take part in the redemption work of Christ, where it is again able to help other souls to wisdom, to light, by teaching love and is therefore active in redemption. So this degree of perfection can easily be reached by men who just have the will for the good and who establish the connection with God through close prayer. That men have different perceptive faculties, that they are more or less intelligent, is not at all determining for this will to the good. For the spirit spark in man is brought to an awakening through love. But love is born in the heart, and it can be exceedingly active in a man whose intellectual activity is considerably behind that of another man. And even where light, the recognition of truth, does not come remarkably to the surface during life on earth, the soul can at the entry into the otherworldly kingdom be flowed around by light, i.e., knowledge can come to it as quick as lightning and an overabundant knowledge can now enable it to eager activity of love in the hereafter. And that is why the objections are invalid that a less developed intellectual thinking could impede the maturing of the soul, that therefore to every soul the opportunity must once be offered to make use of advanced bodily abilities to reach a higher maturity on earth. It is true that such souls can have an exceedingly beneficial effect on earth insofar as they put their extraordinary intellectual abilities in service of fellowman to impart to him spiritual knowledge and stimulate him through this to heightened love activity. But also without special stimulation a man can bring love to highest development, and this man will indisputably reach highest maturity. But his thinking can be completely uncomplicated; it needs to show no higher wisdom, and still he is guided in his thinking and action by good spiritual forces, which give him according to his perceptive faculty and urge him on all the time to increased love activity to reach his union with God. For love is the first; wisdom will only be born out of it, and this wisdom is the share of the soul as soon as it enters the spiritual kingdom. But love can bring a single embodiment on earth to full development because love can be practised in every situation, in every fate, in every bodily and spiritual condition because the only prerequisite for this is that the divine spark in man is lighted and that the most primitive man can do this when only he has the will to be good. But the knowledge of good and evil is in him because both forces, good and evil, fight for his soul and so is his thinking influenced by both spiritual forces and those forces carry the victory over him, to which his free will turns. But how his will decides, that is to a certain degree dependent on his faith, on his attitude towards God and to Christ’s work of redemption, when he has knowledge about it. Jesus Christ died the death on the cross for the weak, which were not able out of themselves to find the will to the good. But no-one is to think to be strong. Although he has to show high spiritual abilities, he still needs the favours of the work of redemption, the strong will bought by Jesus Christ to be able to mature to a light being during its earth life. And that is why Jesus Christ has created the compensation so that all can become happy who are of a good will. It is true that mankind is very backward in its spiritual development, and it pays no attention at all to possibilities of progress. This is an unmistakable process of cooling off, but which has its cause in the free will of man and for which he also has to answer. Therefore man cannot expect a privilege for something what has happened out of his own fault. But it would be a privilege when he could just as he likes make up for the development, which he through his own fault missed or neglected, in a renewed embodiment on earth. For he did not use his free will the right way, but for which he was able in every situation through Christ’s work of redemption, who has broken the superiority of his opponent over the will of men through his death on the cross. There is therefore no reason for a renewed earth life walk of an imperfect soul which could be based on divine justice because as soon as man has failed despite the supply of favours he cannot lay claim to any repetition of an embodiment on earth to reach the same degree of maturity which a man can reach with a good will during his life on earth, but he must then cover the far more difficult ascent in the hereafter as just compensation for his wrong will. Men certainly have different cognition, different knowledge and different earthly abilities, and this often lets them come to the wrong opinion that the maturing of the soul takes place according to these abilities. But then it is disregarded that only love activity is decisive, so only the effect of love promotes the ascent development. But every man can practise love because for this only the will of man is necessary; this is an urge of the heart, which is in no way connected with a certain degree of knowledge or a specially developed activity of the intellect. That the cooling off of love understandably also has a reduced knowledge as a consequence is indisputable, and that is why also the dark spiritual state appears because it is the result of the lack of love, for which the soul therefore has to answer. Only then can one speak of an ascent development when the soul has united itself with the spirit, when it therefore practises love and through this awakens the spiritual spark in itself to life, which now remains in permanent activity, i.e. stimulates the soul to perpetual love work. Therefore without love work a standstill of the development is to be reported or even a decline by obvious lack of love. But the same measure of favour is available to every man, and the same opportunities are given to him for the maturing of the soul. When he now does not use these and he also ignores the favours, that they cannot become effective for him, then he also must bear the consequences according to divine justice, i.e., he has to cope himself in the hereafter with the state into which he got as it is his fault, therefore deservedly. It then would be as it were an injustice when he, who has not utilized the great favour of the embodiment to the salvation of his soul, would have been given once again the same opportunity, to make up for what he has neglected. This would be an injustice towards those who fully utilized their earth life under disregard of their body, under accomplishing of renunciation and permanent abstinence of the joys of the world. The deeper knowledge is not absolutely necessary, however love activity is, and that is why also the most ignorant man can develop up when he is active in love, because knowledge is then supplied to him as he has need of it for his fellow men or he enters the spiritual kingdom. For then he can make the souls in the hereafter happy with his knowledge, which is imparted to him as quick as lightning, so that he again can have an effect as light bearer in the spiritual kingdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 3220.


Reincarnation 4559

Teaching of re-embodiment. (Tantra announcement)

6. February 1949. B.D. NR. 4559.

What you desire to know will be announced to you when you present your questions to me for answers. It is of highest importance for all men when they set the maturing of the souls for themselves as goal, when they firmly believe that they some day have to answer before a God of justice how far they have utilized their life on earth. This belief spurs man to extreme activity spiritually. So it is also understandable that a belief in a more often possibility of an ascent development through repeated embodiment on this earth lets man become more lukewarm in his work on the soul and that this belief is a danger because it reduces as it were the striving for highest possible soul maturity, but moreover also questions my justice. For how exactly should I then call to account one or the other when I do not allow every man the re-embodiment on earth? In what way should the pay of those happen, who walk according to my will towards love during life on earth, when I give to him, who has failed, the same opportunity to embody himself for the purpose of ascent development once or still several times. So every man would in the end have reached the same degree of perfection. The strength of light determines also the degree of happiness in the spiritual kingdom. The strength of light now, which man has reached on earth in free will, is determining for the sphere of activity, which is allocated to him in the spiritual kingdom where he now can increase more and more in wisdom and strength, therefore also in happiness. And his activity is again the supply of light and power to those beings, which are without light and strength, which need help on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom. This activity makes tremendously happy, so that no activity on earth can be put in the same category. It follows that every being which is able to hand out light and power to needy souls, wants to realize this activity because it makes itself tremendously happy, for it takes the power from me and is as it were a rerouting station for my power radiation. Every being tries to carry out this process of making happy when it only has a glimmer of cognition, therefore no longer remains in the deepest darkness of spirit. But then it never exchanges the stay in the spiritual kingdom with that on earth, it never longs back for the material cover because the possibilities to ascend are just as available in the spiritual kingdom when once the will to love has awakened with those who also just have a glimmer of cognition. The soul can certainly incarnate itself when it has the will for it itself and a noble motive underlies this incarnation – help towards fellow men or also a paying off of a great sin, which was in the way that the soul reached a higher degree of maturity. Then it is no transfer back through my will, but the will of the soul itself is decisive, but as now the recollection ability is taken from every soul, which is also presented to the soul, such an incarnation involves the greatest risk, as the soul can just as well also sink in free will, because it has to cover the course of development like every man and its bodily urges come out especially there where the same temptation approaches it, which let it become guilty at its embodiment. Provides a soul on the other hand the activity in the spiritual kingdom, which certainly earns it slowly, but surely also that degree of maturity, while the spiritual success of a repeated incarnation is questionable, then it chooses far more the lot in the spiritual kingdom, but still remains connected to earth insofar that it takes care of the souls on earth and looks after their fate, always helping there, where it failed itself on earth, that is why however the assumption is erroneous that the same soul has again embodied itself as man. This must always be countered: that man is offered on earth every opportunity to ascend upwards, that the supply of favours is unlimited, that the will of man has received a strengthening though the work of redemption, which makes every failure impossible, that it is therefore completely up to him, to reach the high degree of light, and that these privileges are not allowed to be arbitrarily rejected to be again then requested afresh. Man has free will, for which use he one day has to answer and also has to bear the consequences, which consist of a differently formed lot in the hereafter and which he then cannot just bypass through a renewed embodiment, which success is again questionable because all recollection is taken from him. His will is certainly decisive, so he will be reincarnated when he wants but this will is a rarity, which is why therefore one cannot speak of a more often reincarnation, moreover is this teaching also a danger for men that they do not take their walk on earth seriously enough always considering a repetition, which however does not take place. Amen. B.D. NR. 4559.


Reincarnation 4590

Re-embodiment teaching – false doctrine. Heavenly bodies.

17. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4590.

Do not be disconcerted through supposed contradictions, but seek an explanation in this respect, that your perceptive faculty is sometimes not enough to understand something well, but where there is also no need for a contradiction to exist, but is just assumed by you. It is enough for you to know that I never teach you myself wrongly and that I always impart knowledge so, that your soul profits from it. The karma teaching now is not suitable to get you to heightened spiritual striving; it is rather a motive for you to lead a lukewarm life in the spiritual sense. Already that is why it is of little profit for the soul, and it does not find my full approval that you men reckon with a renewed return to earth and because of that become more careless in your striving. The ascent development of the spiritual is certainly promoted by me in every way, and where I recognize a sure possibility to help your soul to maturity there I am also prepared to every consent, always however based on the laws of my eternal order, but never arbitrarily creating opportunities. And so it must be understandable to you that I will not point you to a renewed course of development on this earth, which assumes a complete failure of you during life on earth, but want to protect you from this failure and therefore admonish you, warn and inform you, to prevent failure. It would be a wrong way of education when I would hold out the prospect of another way to reach the goal where you still have the right way before you, therefore are supposed to go and also can go with the right direction of your will. And when I first present to you the endless many embodiments, then also only so, to let you become aware of the great responsibility for the short earth life walk. So therefore the knowledge about it is only to contribute to an increased striving, but not that you draw the wrong conclusions from it and become more careless in your striving, in the hope of a repetition of an embodiment on this earth, when you do not reach the goal. My spirit certainly enlightens you, and when you now trustingly turn towards me, I give you insight through my servants how far your thinking is right. Would you know about the endless many possibilities to mature on the endless many heavenly bodies in the universe, then you would never in a lifetime get the idea that a soul is again transferred back on earth. But the soul, which is not yet fully matured, certainly must still experience many embodiments where it again and again can prove itself, therefore can develop upwards. The teaching of a re-embodiment of the soul is therefore certainly based on truth but this does not say that the soul finds itself again on earth born into flesh, but with it the many possibilities of an ascent development on other creations are indicated, where the soul in a material or spiritual form is given assignments, which fulfilment secures it the ascent. When a soul is repeatedly brought to this earth then it is an exception which requires a spiritual mission, but cannot be generalized. Souls which have departed imperfectly from earth will imagine themselves to continue to live on earth, they will stay in areas of which they believe to be transferred into exceedingly deserted, infertile stretches of land, and still they are on another heavenly body which is supplied with creations of most primitive kind according to the maturity of their soul and that is why it means a poor, oppressive stay for their soul – a purification opportunity for very materialistic minded men, who are to give up their desires to then be allowed, according to their will, to be transferred to another work of creation for the purpose of ascent. Because you are still too much a lover of this earth you also only attach a meaning to the word re-embodiment, that this earth is the stay of a re-embodied soul, but that you should consider the unfathomable great work of creation of my love, which has come into being only because of the innumerable spirit beings, which have to go the way of completion and also go in one way or another – in material creations, as long as the soul is not spiritualized, therefore has become sensitive to light, and in spiritual creations, where the spiritualized soul can also ascent all the time, where it crystallizes more and more and enables itself to absorb the radiation of myself. Imagine infinity, look at the starry sky whose innumerable stars are creations of my will, determined for the reception of souls in need of development – and you will appreciate that this earth is not alone carrier of beings, which are to strive up and that it is certainly not necessary so again transfer souls, which failed in earth life, once again to this earth, which certainly is the only station to reach the adoption as children of God, but cannot be chosen just as you like and repeatedly as maturation station. And so the teaching of more often re-embodiments on this earth has to be declared as false doctrine, which has to be fought as being harmful for souls, because it weakens the will of men and endangers the earnest change of the being, through the prospect to be able to make up for the neglected in a renewed life until the last perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 4590.


Reincarnation 4758

Re-embodiment. Light beings - mission.

11. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4758.

I will never abandon you to error when you desire truth. And when you lack right knowledge, where you have a wrong idea, there I enlighten you myself because I do not want that your thinking is wrong. It is true you just walk a short time as man on earth but this time is not timed too short to be able to become happy. During your earth life you can completely change the being; you can completely give up the I-love, which is strongly developed in you at the beginning of earth life, and change into unselfish neighbourly love, and through this you acquire a state of maturity, which allows you entrance into the spheres of light, so that you are therefore happy. But the degree of happiness in the spiritual kingdom is very different, according to the condition of the soul, in what measure it is receptive for the light radiations, which touch it directly, which start from me and therefore require my presence, what therefore means union with me, which can only take place with a being, which has formed itself to love. And therefore the degree of love will also determine the degree of happiness. Man very well can reach this degree of love still on earth and depart from this earth as my right child. Then unlimited happiness is his lot. But he can also not bring it to this perfection and still make his soul receptive to light through having a loving effect. He then therefore has passed the earth life test, by his will having turned towards me, which he has proved to me by being effective in love. The world of light now receives his soul, where it now can further develop up, but will never reach that degree, which a man can reach who earnestly strives for perfection on earth, because his soul is seized by me and my light radiation no longer finds resistance, because the soul is crystallized through love and my light can now completely radiate through it. And now you will understand that this degree of happiness can exactly only have an earth life as prerequisite, otherwise the merit would be reduced, therefore also the wages would have to be curtailed. You will understand that the union with me on earth must have already been found in complete free will and with all one’s might and that exactly this happiness is the counter gift for the restless devotion to me, which I also reward with my undivided love. And it follows from this that it would be an act of injustice of me when I also give the same pay to those souls which did not utilize the earth life the same way. Every man is entitled to the same amount of possibilities to mature; all aids are available to him; he can request favours, or use them to every degree, and with right utilization of his will every man can reach the goal to become perfect because only a forming into love is demanded and every man can practise love when he only wants to. I certainly demand from you men nothing unrealizable because one thing is available to you: the help through Jesus Christ, which consists in that the rightly directed will receives the strengthening to be enabled to be put into action. All you men can become happy when you only want to. Therefore the rightly directed will has to be rewarded accordingly, to that soul must be given differently in the spiritual kingdom than to such a one which was negligent in earth life in the self-education, which took the striving for perfection less seriously. And such a soul must understandably stand in a different degree of light, although also it can be called happy because it has swung itself up out of darkness, out of the state of ignorance, because it has become a receiver of light, even if in a weaker degree. The soul can rise in the spiritual kingdom to ever greater happiness because the light radiation, which it receives all the time, increases its degree of light and so it is explainable from this that the re-embodiment on to earth for the purpose of maturing is unnecessary and would also be pointless insofar as that the recollection has to be taken from the soul and again only the free will would be decisive which could just as well turn downwards and then the already reached degree of light is endangered; whereas in the spiritual kingdom the soul keeps what it once possesses, and can work with it with surest success. The return of a light being to earth for the purpose of a mission is an act of greatest love and mercy because life in the flesh seems to be unbearable to every soul which has become free, when it only possesses a glimmer of knowledge. A being which leaves earth so uncompleted, that it is in deepest darkness, is certainly in earth nearness, but mostly unaware of its lost body life. Its desire for material goods of the earth is extremely great but to transfer such a being back to earth would certainly be neither wise nor loving because its will would never strive for a higher development because its craving for matter has to be overcome, which is far more difficult on earth than in the spiritual kingdom, where the being can recognize the unreality of matter, and a breaking off from it already means the beginning of the upward ascent. A being with a weak glimmer of knowledge feels exceedingly well in its spiritual state and never demands back the fetters of earth life. But to have a weak glimmer of knowledge means to possess a little knowledge which corresponds to truth, and this possession already makes the being happy, because it can work with its spiritual riches – therefore love drives it to share its possessions with those souls, which are in want. But every work of loves increases the supply of light; it increases knowledge and raises happiness. Such a being never gives up the free spiritual state to return to earth as it recognizes that it can ascend in the spiritual kingdom and its activity is needed. If a being on the other hand embodies itself on earth, then this is an act of greatest love and mercy to which already a high degree of love belongs because it counts as a help for the erring and in greatest darkness walking men, which need an unusual help to not sink into the deep. Such a transfer back can earn the light being the adoption as a child of God – the highest degree of perfection, but which can only be won in earth life; because the soul walks the same way in the flesh with all temptations on the part of darkness. It has no privileges at all due to its previous maturity, only a complete sinking into the deep is impossible because it stands in the protection of spiritual perfect souls, which certainly help it, but still do not force its will. As man it must wrestle and fight and is without recollection. It must lead a love life to now serve as leader for fellow men. The lot on earth of such a soul will be far more difficult, but it reaches the goal, because love moved it to the course on earth and love is a power which conquers all, which reaches all, and as it means the union with eternal love itself, will also always find support from my side. Amen. B.D. NR. 4758.


Reincarnation 4899

Embodiment of light beings. Forerunner.

18. and 19. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4899.

I pass the Gospel on to earth, and as you receive it from above, it is pure and unadulterated through human will. I know that it is necessary as innumerable men cannot find me because they are no longer taught in truth. And that is why I embody myself in the spirit of those who want to serve me. That these are now supplied with the truth in purest form, is a necessity recognized long ago by my love and wisdom, which alone already will cause me to protect the receiver of truth from above against the influence of impure spirits which would like to confuse his thinking and prevent the supply of truth. Who therefore is receiver of my Gospel which I taught on earth myself and which to spread I ask now again my servants on earth, he can be in fullest assurance that he stands in truth, that he as my apostle of the end times can teach fellow men without having to fear that error could mix itself to his instructions. And in this assurance he is to have an effect on all who step in his way; he is to feel as speaker for me and always represent on my behalf that which he has received from me myself and expresses itself in him as perception, because this is the pure truth. Many light beings are at the moment embodied on earth because the great spiritual want requires extra ordinary help, which can only be done by beings of light. Such light beings are mostly spiritual leaders, i.e., they stand in close union with me through leading a life according to my will and can therefore accept my instructions directly and impart them to men. Such light beings are standing in a degree of maturity which makes a sinking into the deep impossible, which is why they also always go through earth life in greatest humility and selflessness and only seek to bring my kingdom to men, without them wanting to draw any other use than to serve me and to help men. That is why such a light being, sent by me to earth, can also embody itself several times when the spiritual low of men necessitates it. But these embodiments are then always complete services until the end because my will is predominant in these beings, because they have already voluntarily subordinated themselves to me and can also no longer lose this degree of maturity on earth. Low spirits will never have power over such being embodied as man, and it will never succumb to their bad influence. Therefore an already completed spirit can never fall on earth, i.e. not fulfil his mission. Such a mission can only seem to break off before the eyes of men through sudden recall into the spiritual kingdom or human hostile measures, which end the earthly life prematurely. But I also know about this since eternities and do not intervene with my power to not make the will of men unfree. But the work of redemption will still be finished, and everything will come so as it is determined in my eternal plan of salvation. Also the most completed spirits out of the heavens will temporarily embody themselves to achieve a spiritual ascent among men because without such help the latter are too weak to resist. And then also the dead will arise out of their graves, i.e., those completely blind in spirit can through a brightly shining streak of lightning from above become awakened and seeing. But then it will be the time before the end where my coming again is also to be expected, which was announced through seers and prophets always and constantly. And before me the greatest light on earth will shine in plainest garment. He will once again bear witness to me as he has done it before my appearance in the flesh on this earth, before my course to men to whom I wanted to bring the Gospel. He was my forerunner and will also be it again. And you men will then recognize him by his speeches, as he yet chooses the same words and testifies to me as he has done once. His spirit only comes to earth to fulfil the law, according to which he must precede me in fullest knowledge of his origin and his assignment. He sees through everything and also knows about his earthly lot, but which he does not avoid because also this belongs to the work of redemption in which he takes part out of love for the unredeemed. He knows it that only with his death the mission is fulfilled, and he has no other desire any more than the final union with me, his Lord and master, his friend and brother, his father from eternity. And the end is close when he appears because I follow him soon and make my announcement come true. But my coming again is the last act before the complete destruction of earth with all what is alive. Then comes true, as it is written. A new heaven and a new earth will arise where I will be in the middle of mine, where only one shepherd and one herd will be, because all who live are connected to me and allow my stay among them, because all men on the new earth are my children, to whom I come myself as father to give them what makes them happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 4899.


Reincarnation 4906

Embodiment of Immature Beings in the End-time. (Hitler - Hausser?).

30. May 1950. B.D. NR. 4906.

Let yourself be taught by me where you are seized by doubts or where you are without knowledge because only I can inform you according to truth, what I also will do where truth is desired. I will always clear up error; I will inform you where you are ignorant; I will give you a light where it is still dark because I myself as the eternal light want to chase darkness away; I want that it is getting light inside of you, that you lose every doubt and you entrust me with every question, which I will always answer: Understand it that the world is full of immature spirit beings, which are admitted to embodiment because they themselves wanted it, to find their ending on this earth; which therefore certainly possessed that degree of maturity, which allows an embodiment as man on earth but due to their animal instinct stand completely under the influence of bad forces, the reason they can influence them is because the spiritual beings in them have not yet given up the resistance against me, which therefore consciously turn themselves downwards in total free will. They could develop upward in their earthly career because allowance is certainly made for their weak will and many means of favour are available to them, which make a way up possible but they oppose me anew and therefore sink down - they become devils and the end-time has innumerable such devils. My opponent takes special advantage of this time by trying to bring about spiritual blindness where truth is to be represented - by him therefore urging the ones that are in bondage to him to appear as representatives of truth and therefore lulls men for the time being into a false sense of security so that they blindly believe what is submitted to them. So men appear as angels of light in pious garment and they are still devils in human form - but unrecognized by fellow men because they know how to disguise themselves well and also find support through the forces of the underworld. I will not prevent men from doing what they want to do on earth and no being is forced to be good, which wants to be evil, but as also no violence can be done to the good by bad forces. But he who succumbs to bad influences he does not want it differently and must therefore be counted with those, which openly offer resistance against me because he recognizes the evil at the bottom of his soul. And because he recognizes it he often tries to disguise it, he hides behind a mask, in the garment of light he tries to blind fellow men, always driven by those spiritual forces, which still offer greatest resistance against me, which defy me and therefore fight against everything which could lead to me. During the end-time they fight with all means and not least they use my words to lead men astray. He who is in bondage to these forces, he is already on earth a devil although he hides under the cloak of piety. Now everything which is used from my side to redeem men, to not let them be smitten by the judgement, that will also be used in the opposing sense, i.e., every unusual occurrence, every unusual work for my part, will find a parallel in the negative sense. And so also the light beings which embody themselves on earth in the latter times have their partners, which are indwelled by demons, but always work in a similar way as it happens on the part of the light beings. And through this many men can be deceived, especially then when they neglect to ask me in childlike humility for clarity and instead want to check on the strength of their intellect. Then great caution is called for because the errors and the confusions are getting out of hand the more the end is approaching. My opponent has thousand traps into which he tries to lure the souls and when he fails in something he always uses new means and he wins the weak in faith and the spiritual arrogant, which have left the way of humility and therefore often stumble even if they seek the way up. That is why you men have to be especially careful during the end-times where many dangers lurk for you, where devils embodied as men give themselves the appearance of a God seeker and want to beguile you. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them, by their life that is different than their talk. My opponent has much power at the end but he never can force you into his camp as long as you head for me and my kingdom. Only protect yourself from arrogance, remain deeply humble and do not rise above the fellow human beings whom you are to help. Then also your thinking will be right, then the light of cognition will shine brightly in you and it will let you recognize every error, which the adversary wants to plant in you for his benefit. Who is mine, he recognizes his play of intrigues and he who does not recognize him has alienated himself from me through arrogance. Because he is recognizable by everyone who is of good will and longs for me as the eternal truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4906.


Reincarnation 4913

Retrogression never the will of God. Re-embodiment. Reverse process. New banishment. Light beings.

11. June 1950. B.D. NR. 4913.

Now a reverse process takes place, certainly implemented through my will, but determined through human will itself. It can be regarded as an act of retrogression when already as man embodied spiritual is again bound in hard matter, therefore as an act, which my will brings about, I who really only favour progressing development according to my order from eternity. But also this act has to show the same principle founded in my order. Because the spiritual is already fallen into the deep through human will, out of which I guide it again on a slow way up. Retrogression has therefore happened, however not through my but through man’s will, while my will makes the ascending development again possible and therefore now a new healing process begins after the end of this earth, a healing process, which is unspeakably painful and seems to just go on and on and still is the only means to again help the fallen up. So what my work of redemption has not achieved this process has to bring about: what was easily possible must, because not aimed at, be gained extremely hard – the redemption from form, the release of the spiritual and the awakening out of night to light. Through my death on the cross I have made it easy for men, but men did not accept my gift of favour; I have taken suffering upon my shoulders, but they rejected my help, and that is why they have to take it upon themselves and bear it endless long time. They already were high up and threw themselves deep down. And my love and mercy creates new possibilities for them to again reach up. In gigantic speed the ascent development process has again taken place backwards; after all preceding stages of development man has gone back in free will in the short earth time and arrived there again where he was before inconceivable long time – at matter for which he strives with all senses and which therefore will also be his lot. But something must always got straight that this decline was never caused by my will but human will itself, and that only now my will intervenes by stopping it and now assigns a serving purpose to hard matter, which contains this fallen spiritual, so that the spiritual again ascends up step by step, however in bound will, because it would not be possible otherwise. And thus my will is again expressed, and therefore also that, as far as I am concerned, only an ascent development is favoured, but any retrogression has human will as cause. But that is why the thought is absurd that something already matured experiences a retrogression through my will – so that a being, which has already freed itself from material cover and has entered spiritual spheres, receives again a bodily cover through my will, which at the same time takes the recalling from the being, and it has to take again a test of will – which it therefore already has passed once, but now could just as well fail in free will. For the purpose of ascent development such a soul, which already has passed the test of will, does not need a new embodiment as man, as there are many opportunities in the spiritual kingdom to become more and more perfect. But when a soul has not passed the test of will then it will be much less transferred back to earth because this transferring back would then have to take place through my will, but would now be an act against my order, because as far as I am concerned only constant progress is favoured but not stand still or retrogression. If on the other hand the act of embodiment of a soul on earth out of my will is allowed, then it does not have as its object the attainment of a neglected degree of maturity but merely the fulfilment of a mission for mankind in spiritual need, which certainly can bring in a higher degree of maturity for the being, however does not have this as such a cause. Souls which embody themselves on earth can certainly already have a certain degree of maturity when they come from other stars to reach highest maturity on earth. But for these souls it does not mean a transferring back into a stage already overcome, but which would be the case when a soul out of the spiritual kingdom, which once has already been an inhabitant of the earth, would again be transferred back to earth for the purpose of ascent development. Moreover for such a soul it could not be beneficial as recollection would be taken from it and thus could not make use of the earlier won knowledge, but would have to decide in free will exactly as at the first time, which however could also lead to a complete fall down. Who strives up also finds enough opportunities in the spiritual kingdom to reach up – who strives to earth, he is still in its spell and as far as I am concerned will never be transferred back. But who stands in the light and wants to descend to earth out of love to the unredeemed, to him this re-embodiment will be granted, but it can never ever have a sinking to the deep as a result because the soul comes from above and in spite of ignorance of its origin possesses enough power to offer resistance against all temptations on earth. For I never let a being of light fall. It will always fulfil its mission although it also always acts and lives on earth in free will. But its will is and remains turned towards me because it also has love inside of it, which recognizes and forever no longer wants to lose me. And so will that which wants up, forever be supported by me - it will, what desires the deep, not be hindered by me. But my basic principle is always the ascent development, which will also always be recognized by those who strive up. What therefore leads up is my will, but every decline the will of man who will not be infringed on by me in his freedom. Amen. B.D. NR. 4913.


Reincarnation 5062


12. and 13. February 1951. B.D. NR. 5062.

A light will be given to you from above, when it is still dark in you. And my messengers have been instructed to make available the light to all who desire it. What contributes to the enlightenment of the spirit will be imparted so that they will certainly be able to differentiate truth from error and always recognize him who is eternal truth himself. You, my earth children, you are determined to highest happiness, which I can prepare for you; but the degree of happiness will always be in a state according to your will, because this I do not determine. But highest happiness also requires highest demands for your will, for to reach the adoption as children of God, which secures you the inheritance of the father, you also have to be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. I demand much of you earth children but I give you infinitively more. What I demand of you is to completely place yourselves under my will and reshaping to love to a high degree. For the degree of happiness can be infinitively different in eternal life, always according to the degree of love, which you let flare up in you and develop into activity. This love activity therefore determines the degree of maturity and therefore also the degree of happiness, from which you can see that the adoption as children of God calls for a complete love life on earth, that the nature of man during earth life is reshaped to love, to my image, to my right child, for which I have prepared all delights as I have promised. A unique earth walk must have earned this soul the adoption as child of God because this high degree of maturity can no longer be achieved in the otherworldly kingdom although a being can also there still reach undreamt-of fullness of light. However a light being can, when it once again embodies itself on earth in the flesh for the purpose of a leadership mission, gain adoption as a child of God, but which causes an exceedingly sorrowful and difficult earth life, together with a redeeming activity on earth, which was the occasion for its renewed embodiment. Only beings standing in a high degree of light strive for renewed embodiment on earth, however only due to love for erring man, to whom they want to bring help in times of greatest spiritual want. On the other hand every light receiving soul in the spiritual kingdom is also to be called happy to a certain degree, and this happiness is enough to arouse in it the will of help towards the beings still languishing in darkness, which state of theirs they know about and want to redress it. There is no light soul, which does not have this will of help in it because receipt of light requires love and love wants to express itself all the time. Every love effect in the spiritual kingdom increases the happiness of the beings, and such a being never wants to be back on earth, as it sees an enormous scope of work for its love power and also feels the always increasing fullness of light and happiness. But no being is transferred back onto earth against its will because this would violate my divine order. With light beings, also of lower degree, this will is not found, except unusual high spirit beings descent to earth to carry out the above mentioned mission. As soon as a soul only owns a small degree of knowledge, it also knows about the possibility of a further development in the spiritual kingdom because then the love in it is roused, otherwise it would still be in complete darkness. But when a soul now is still blind in spirit then the desire for the earth can emerge in it, but never for the purpose of maturation, but it is only the desire for matter which pulls it to earth, and this desire will not be fulfilled from my side. Because this desire is easier to be conquered in the otherworldly kingdom than on earth, and without overcoming of this desire there is no light, no spiritual ascent. Who has neglected on earth to acquire a little spark of knowledge, which therefore requires love effect, he is also in deep darkness in the hereafter, and a transferring back of him to earth would not be an act of mercy, but certainly a violation of my eternal order, which pursues permanent progress and through my will excludes every step back. But in this case a re-embodiment would be an unjust compensation in the failure of the soul on earth; it would not be love and mercy for my part, but an enormous burden for the soul, which would have to take on the responsibility a second time without the certainty to reach its goal. And it would also not reach its goal because understandably the renewed embodiment would have to make far more difficult demands on it to compensate for the unusual privilege, but its will would remain free on the other hand. So it would have to take the test of will twice, which would mean just as much as if I would increase the earth life time for a man twice as much and therefore bypass an existing law of nature. Besides a soul, which has once failed on earth, would be bound afresh by my opponent and its will weakened, because the way to me, to the divine redeemer, will be bared for it by Satan through the world because it was for the longing as also for matter and it receives what it desires. The will of the being alone is always determining but exactly this will is not for a transferring back to earth, when the soul possesses just a glimmer of knowledge. But the transferring back will not be granted to a soul, which is still wandering in complete darkness, because my wisdom knows about the danger and mostly failure of a renewed course on earth and my love promotes no step back, but only an ascent. My law from eternity is building up and progress – as far as I am concerned only ascent development possibilities are favoured, which certainly also can remain unsuccessful but then due to the will of the being. Only its will can prompt a step back, but never my will. Isolated cases of transferring back onto earth have their special reason, but do not warrant the assumption that every soul can arbitrarily again return to earth when it once has covered this course without or with little success. But that the soul again and again incarnates itself that is certain, because it is to continue its ascent development in the otherworldly kingdom and this always requires an activity assigned to it, which it carries out in a new embodiment on one of the innumerable creations, which all serve as maturation stations for the spiritual. But the activity and the assignment are of different nature than on earth and also cannot be made understandable to you men, only the serving love always remains the redemption and maturation principle. Innumerable possibilities are at my disposal to have a favourable effect on the souls, which have passed away from earth still immature. Life on this earth was an unusually success promising one, but which leaving it unused can never be made up for in such a way, that the being embodies itself again on earth as often as it likes, which is why the teaching of re-embodiment is misleading, therefore one cannot conclude from isolated, justified cases on a re-embodiment of every soul on this earth, which would be rather disadvantageous than to be to the soul’s advantage. The free decision of the will of a soul has to be taken on earth and can also be taken in one earth life with the help of the divine redeemer Jesus Christ. Who rejects him has forfeited an unusual favour, and he has to wrestle in the hereafter until he reaches knowledge and he makes use of his help still over there. The death on the cross of Jesus is of such enormous importance for the redemption of all spiritual that only the will of man needs to be ready to be redeemed, but that a will which fails also has to bear the consequences: an unspeakable difficult ascent development in the spiritual kingdom or a sinking into the deepest depth, which again has as a consequence the course through all material creations – a reincarnation of no desirable implications – an endlessly long lasting state of agony, until again the stage of free will as man is reached, which now gives him a renewed possibility to make the decision of the will. No being will get lost forever, but when it reaches happiness is determined by the will of man. But the law of eternal order remains to exist because it is based on my wisdom and love, which are unchanging forever. B.D. NR. 5062.


Reincarnation 5188

Reincarnation. False doctrine. Adoption as children of God.

13. August 1951. B.D. NR. 5188.

You will always go away from truth as soon as you loosen the union with me and only think with your worldly intellect, which cannot recognize spiritual truth. For the intellect wants to always give itself an explanation in such a way as it corresponds with its wishes and calculations, but truth does not always agree with this. The thoughts of man certainly are not to be switched off but always to leave the pre-eminence to the spirit in him in spiritual questions, so to let him be given presents by me first through his spirit, to then make use of the gifts intellectually. I want to give you always a bright light but you are not allowed to put a wall before it yourselves through which the light no longer can get through. And a wall you erect yourself as soon as you begin to be active yourselves in a direction, which is to your liking. You men wish that you live on earth, and mostly want to give away earth life unwillingly. And therefore your thoughts go such ways, and your great wish is a repeated life because according to divine law of nature you cannot prolong it for yourselves. Out of this field of vision your thoughts now seek the ways to fulfil this wish, and you welcome the re-embodiment teaching, and you assess it as truth, although it only contains a partial truth. The re-embodiment, as you imagine it, because you wish it to be so, would as it were be the repetition of a development stage, because man has failed on earth or did not reach full maturity, which he certainly can reach. But it still should be understandable to you men that such would just mean a permanent change of stay for the soul, which therefore at will would inhabit now the earthly, now the spiritual kingdom. And this would be like a hold-up in the cycle from eternity, a remaining on always the same stage, or, as long as free will is not eliminated, could also be a sinking for the soul because free will is always given to a man according to which he can develop up or down. It also has to be clear to you that all heavenly bodies have the same purpose, to give spiritual education possibilities to beings, and that consequently the further development does not necessarily depend on the fleshly return to earth, such could rather endanger the previous degree of maturity because the earth still holds too much immature spiritual, which can have a bad influence on the souls, which failed in earth life and that is why they demanded a new return. It is true that the wish of a soul demanding to return to earth is granted because the will is also free in the otherworldly kingdom and consequently determining for its soul state, however you men have then no longer the desire for the earth as it is now predominant with you; you no longer want to put on the heavy earthly body but you are, no matter how small the knowledge may be you once reached in the spiritual kingdom, already so familiar with the atmosphere surrounding you that you utilize it as it is possible for you, and because of that can definitely reach a far higher degree of maturity, than you achieve through a repeated walk on earth. I can just tell you again and again the same: Through your own thinking you have let error creep into spiritual wealth, which was offered to you as truth by me; you have generalized isolated cases – which is why the re-embodiment teaching certainly cannot be rejected completely, however has developed into a false doctrine in the way you present it, which I will correct again and again, so that you do not get stuck in an assumption, which endangers your ascent development here on earth, which lets you become lukewarm and negligent in the work on yourselves. The cases of transferring back of a soul to earth are so rare and always specially justified, but it is wrong to want to make fixed teachings out of these facts, which only confuse the thinking of men and let the general truth appear to be questionable. You men can reach incredibly much on earth; you can reach the highest degree of maturity during one earth life, the adoption as God’s children, because for it I died as man Jesus on the cross. And my will is announced to you all the time through my word, and an immeasurable treasure of favours is permanently available to you. But who does not pay attention to all of this and does not strive for his spiritual maturity, he will also have to irrevocably bear the consequences in the spiritual kingdom, but can also then still ascend up through my over great love and mercy, when it is my will, because I have certainly many school houses in my universe where you can still make up for much but never reach the degree of adoption as children of God, which makes you to be my heirs, but which you can reach only on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 5188.


Reincarnation 5522

Adoption as children of God on earth only. Further development in the hereafter.

01. November 1952. B.D. NR. 5522.

The process of maturation is always supported by God but in the stage of free will the spiritual can also offer resistance, and then the will of God steps back, und the will of man decides. When now the development of man does not go forward or even back, then the will of man has offered resistance to the effort of God to help him forward, and then the spiritual in man, the soul, has to also bear the consequences – a state in the hereafter, which is adapted to the still undeveloped spiritual – without light and without power. Resistance against God is always lack of light and power because alone from God light and power start and resistance against God always means rejection of his love power current. This state now can certainly also be changed in the hereafter but again only by giving up of resistance against God, therefore willing acceptance of that, which is also offered to him in the hereafter, but likewise without compulsion. But a great favour of God has been disregarded on earth; his loving help has been rejected, and this has understandable consequences, which never can be completely cancelled, which is why certainly an improvement of the state of misery can be achieved in the hereafter, but never will the same be achieved what was possible on earth – the adoption as child of God. It is furthermore not possible to arbitrarily again return to earth to make up for the failures. The free will of man has made a decision on earth, and according to it is the life in the otherworldly kingdom. But God’s great goodness and compassion helps all beings to happiness, and this happiness is possible in so many degrees, so that always the will of the being is taken into account. To reach a higher degree of happiness a repeated embodiment on earth is not allowed, however a soul can, driven by love and its over great will to help, ask God for a re-embodiment to carry out a mission on earth, which is for the salvation of earth souls. An increased degree of maturity is also a consequence of it, but which has to be acquired through an extreme difficult earth life. Besides is the soul, which now embodies itself on earth, in a certain degree of light, so that one cannot speak of an ascent development of an still imperfect being, which now through a repeated earth life wants to make up for that, which it neglected. For God also gives the soul in the hereafter the possibility to walk up, but the conditions for an ascent development now have to be others, because it left unused the allocation of favours, which the life on earth as man as such already was, because it has failed in free will and that is why it can also only under difficult conditions achieve that it becomes happy. Innumerable spheres are there and innumerable degrees of happiness. All souls can become happy and increase the degree of happiness through one’s own will. But the highest happiness of a child of God remains forbidden to the soul which failed on earth because it is possible to reach this degree on earth by the use of the favour of God in free will. The adoption as a child of God is the crowning event of a life on earth, which is completely led according to the will of God, in the most loyal love towards God and the neighbour – the adoption as a child of God is the gift of the heavenly father to his children, who use earth life to relinquish the last slag, who through a right love life during earth life become what they were from the very beginning – divine beings full of light and full of power. Amen. B.D. NR. 5522.


Reincarnation 7312


20. March 1959. B.D. NR. 7312.

You are to know that you cannot repeat the walk on earth as man just as you like, but have to utilize one single opportunity when you do not once want to be tormented by bitter remorse that you have entered the spiritual kingdom immaturely, for which you are to blame. The assumption to be able to repeat earth life as often as you like, until you have reached the degree of perfection, lets you become lukewarm in your striving for perfection, and that is why such a teaching is detrimental to your soul’s salvation; it is a danger because many men are careless in their soul work, always hoping, to be able to make up in a new life for what they neglected. But such a teaching is erroneous. You are to totally make use of the gift of favour of the embodiment as man because once you have entered the otherworldly kingdom then your earthly course of development is completed, and all further development now depends on your attitude in the spiritual kingdom, which can be quite different. With good will, with active help of the light beings and effective intercession of men, you can also still record progress in the hereafter and also once reach happiness, but for it you have to expend far more strength than on earth – but you also can sink to the deep when you are of a completely stubborn heart, therefore of no good will. And in this state it would really not be a divine act to grant you a repeated embodiment on earth, which would never guarantee a spiritual progress because free will is always the deciding factor and due to this freedom of will you also have to be lacking recollection. But if you are of good will then you can also reach that maturity in the spiritual kingdom, which secures the supply of light for you and therefore also a degree of happiness, which can be increased all the time. And then you no longer carry a desire to put on the body of flesh and to enter into a repeated embodiment on earth. The isolated cases, in which this can happen, have their very own justification but are never to be regarded as norm so that one could derive the teaching of re-embodiment from it. For it is not the point that man cannot reach a certain degree of maturity – because for this Jesus Christ has died on the cross, that this is possible, that a single course on earth as man can earn him the complete separation out of form. It is merely the will of man which has failed and for this also has to bear the consequences – an unhappy state in the spiritual kingdom, which he cannot just break of and change as he wants. Besides everything is going upwards according to God’s will, only the will of man itself can be directed backwards. And therefore it would contradict the plan of divine order when a being would be transferred into a previous form through his will, which it has not used properly and therefore one can speak of a misuse of a gift of favour for which it now also has to answer and bear the consequences. A re-embodiment can certainly take place in special cases that for the purpose of help light beings embody themselves on earth, which express their great love for suffering mankind through them taking a repeated walk on earth upon themselves to help fellow men in spiritual want. And so it can therefore be very well believed that men stay on earth who have descended from above, but do not know it themselves und that is why fellow men well suspect it but cannot definitely claim it. But very much less are such claims plausible that men are many times on earth with whom no spiritual mission is recognizable. The teaching of re-embodiment is a danger for men for isolated cases are generalized, and the responsibility of man in the short time of his earth life is disregarded and gives way to carelessness of him who believes to always being able to again and again make up for what he neglected. The discovery in the otherworldly kingdom will some day heavily burden him because it is never possible for man to make up for what he is to be blamed as having neglected in earth life. He certainly can also there still reach a degree of light and increase this all the time, but he will never be able to reach the degree of adoption as a child of God, which to reach is only possible on earth. And besides he is still in the great danger to still sink into the deep in the otherworldly kingdom when he does not seize the opportunity and strive upwards with the help of the beings of light. Amen. B.D. NR. 7312.


Reincarnation 8000

Re-embodiment out of special justification.

23. September 1961. B.D. NR. 8000.

In free will every once fallen original spirit has to bring himself to perfection. And that requires an endless long time of development out of the deepest depth upward. This development process is an event, which permanently needs my help because the being is initially so weak, because it has no strength at all, so that my power has to help to make this ascent development possible. I always had to supply the fallen entities with so much power that they could fulfil a purpose given to them. A serving activity had to be made possible for them, and the spiritual progressed irrevocably in its development. Again and again I have explained to you why this serving activity had to be carried out and that inconceivable times were necessary for it until the fallen original being was allowed to embody itself as man. In this last stage as man the original being however possesses free will, which can bring about both the last perfection and the renewed fall into the deep. Free will can therefore strive for the complete liberation from form, and then man will also receive the strength to carry out the work of perfection. And he then enters eternity as spirit full of light; he sets foot on my kingdom of light and happiness and now also walks upward all the time because the degree of perfection does not know any limitations, because the striving towards me never ceases and still makes unspeakably happy. When man fails on earth in his last test of will, then his existence on earth has still ended with the death of his body – he enters the kingdom on the other side, but however does not find any entrance into spheres full of light. He stays in darkness or also in dawn, according to the degree of maturity of his soul, but always corresponding to his life, which man has led on earth. And now therefore the soul has to bear the consequences. No blissfulness can be granted to it because the law of eternal order also demands justice. Those souls, which are without all light, mostly still move in earth spheres; they are often still earth bound so that they cling to men and now try to determine them to act completely according to their will and view, so that they often suppress the actual nature of the man – his soul -, therefore seize possession of the form themselves, and now as it were lead a second life on earth without any right – and the actual soul of the man has no strength to assert itself and to expel this evil spirit out of him. Man is tormented by sufferings and pains of all kind, which that evil spirit brings over him, until this soul succeeds in establishing a strong union with me, which then enables me to drive out the evil spirit, which now also recognizes that he no longer lives on earth. To now allow such earth bound spirits a second return to earth would only result in the certain renewed failure, as these souls would come to earth without all recollection and still again in possession of free will. Therefore you men must never assume such a re-embodiment. You also must not believe in a transferring back of the soul to earth for the purpose of its perfection when it failed on earth or did not reach the degree of perfection and now believes to achieve it. Attention is now in fact also paid to the free will of every soul in the spiritual kingdom, and when the soul now demands to be back on earth then this desire is fulfilled for it. But it takes a great risk upon itself that it also can sink back into the deep because free will is again determining in earth life. But a soul, which can only show a very small glimmer of light, recognizes the maturation possibilities in the hereafter, and fights against bearing a flesh body again. And a return to earth is never granted to a completely lightless soul because it first has to vouch for a change of heart, and itself is then also no longer prepared to go the renewed course over earth. But in the times of the end cases of re-embodiment are permitted, which however have their special justification: first for the purpose of a mission, where light beings go to earth due to the great spiritual want – but whose embodiment must not give rise to the belief in men that every soul returns to earth for the purpose of higher maturity. But there are also souls, which - as soon as a small glimmer of knowledge shines for them – recognize their great sin, which they have got themselves loaded with in life on earth – isolated cases, which demand great penance, which actually could also be paid off in the hereafter, but which prompt those souls to the great request, to be allowed to pay off this sin on earth – and which are also prepared to fulfil a serving mission at the same time. But such cases must never be generalized because this is a great deception, which can only have a harmful effect for men. And these souls will also have to take upon themselves unusual fates of suffering, which could often let fellow men doubt my love, but which are just explainable by the great sin of those souls, which is the actual justification of their earth life. The deep, living faith in Jesus Christ and his work of redemption guarantees that all sin is paid off through his blood. But those souls did not find redemption through Jesus Christ in their life on earth and that is why they took the great sin across to the spiritual kingdom. But to be allowed to go that renewed course on earth, the soul must have already reached a certain degree of light – it must have found the way to Jesus Christ in the hereafter; it must ask forgiveness for this sin and then have decided in complete free will on the work of penance and requested this from me – otherwise it is refused to return to earth. I always say that the teaching of a re-embodiment is a false doctrine when it is applied to all men who left this earth imperfectly. And I have always spoken of special justifications, which warrant such a re-embodiment. To not have accepted or utilized the favour of my love is a renewed sin against my love, and this sin you cannot brush aside just as you like with a repeated return to earth. You have the possibility to wash yourselves clean from all sin through Jesus’ blood as long as you stay on earth. And my love towards you certainly does everything to help you to perfection. And you must not reject this love, otherwise an agonizing lot expects you in the hereafter, as it is demanded by my righteousness, even if my love is over great and will also still help you then that you once reach the light. For also my love can only have an effect within the framework of divine order. Amen. B.D. NR. 8000.


Reincarnation 8005

Legal order. Transferring back to earth.

28. September 1961. B.D. NR. 8005.

The ascent development of the spiritual has to take place in a legal order, and that is why my will will always be determining, as long as the spiritual has not yet reached back the I-consciousness, as long as it still goes the course through the creations of this earth. And that is why there is also in this time no relapse, no sinking back out of an already reached state of maturity. Everything ascends in its development until it has reached that state of maturity where it receives back free will and also I-consciousness, where it covers the last short course on earth as men, where it is to and can perfect itself. But then my will withdraws; then men no longer is determined by me; he no longer comes under the mandatory law – he is completely free in his thinking, wanting and acting. But then there is also the danger that he sinks back, that he does not fulfil his assignment, what I however do not prevent to not make human will unfree. The whole pre development process was a ceaseless serving. All my works of creation have their purpose; one serves the other to exist and to subsist; it is a process of maturing, which can exactly only be completed through serving – a purpose which therefore is fulfilled in the mandatory law. But as man he is also to serve, however voluntarily, out of love. He is never demanded to love, and therefore it is his free will whether he fulfils this earth assignment. But the lot is also correspondingly, which he creates for himself as completion of the course on earth, when his soul leaves his body and enters the spiritual kingdom. Now free will again determines its further development. Because of me the being will never experience a backward development because my law of order excludes such. But the soul can in free will take up retrogression, and it will not be prevented from it. But my wisdom and love also must set limits when the being runs the risk to completely sink, when it no longer can make use of free will due to complete lack of knowledge. Then it is only compassionate love when I prevent such a fall, when I do not allow that my adversary seizes possession; then I again dissolve the spiritual I-conscious being again into innumerable little particles and create the possibility for it of a renewed course of development. For it would be an incomparable chaos would I give in to every wrong will and again and again transfer the souls out of the hereafter on to earth; there would also be no guarantee at all for a perfection of such souls, and even if they also would come again and again to earth. There would certainly be no longer a divine order recognizable, and my adversary would have a great harvest when my love and wisdom would not have an effect according to my eternal laws where always only ascent is favoured from my side, but never a descent – a transferring back into that state, which the being has already overcome. This would only then be understandable to you men when you could get some sort of idea of the spiritual kingdom – into that kingdom, where the still earth bound souls stay – when you could follow their thoughts and wishes, which shows no spiritual striving at all. You would understand that these souls – if they would come again to earth in this present state – would not strive for the least change of their life, but devote themselves more and more to matter and therefore to my adversary, what my love and wisdom could never approve of and would just only produce chaos on earth and we could no longer be talking about an ascent development station. Love and wisdom will always determine my rule and work, my plan of salvation, which is to bring about the final return of the once fallen spiritual – what however does not exclude that I respect the free will of every soul. But this must have reached a certain degree of knowledge in the otherworldly kingdom when I am to give in to the free will and allow the soul to return to earth. But believe it, you men, that only very few must expect this privilege, which then also definitely requires deep reasons. Believe it, that you men will also not desire to repeatedly put on the flesh body, because you see the many possibilities which are offered to you in the spiritual kingdom to mature, and with eagerness you will work on yourselves and also certainly reach up when only this is your earnest will. Amen. B.D. NR. 8005.


Reincarnation 8180

About the teaching of re-embodiment.

17. May 1962. B.D. NR. 8180.

Through the voice of the spirit I can open my heart to you when you earnestly desire to be taught by me. I only want that you walk in truth, that your thinking does not go wrong ways that you are so influenced through erroneous teachings by him who wants to undermine truth, because it gives you a light in which he himself and his goings-on are examined. And that is why you are to accept what I tell you through my spirit: It will be understandable to you that my adversary will do everything to keep you in the darkness of spirit, in which he also has unrestricted power over you for as soon as you stand in wisdom you are lost for him. He will therefore always direct you thinking wrongly – and every wrong thought results in thousand other wrong thoughts, and so he sees to it that also the knowledge about purpose and meaning of your earth life remains kept from you, that you form a complete wrong impression of your assignment on earth and also tries to keep you lukewarm in all spirituals striving. He seeks to keep the love for the world in you, and he will therefore also always present a repetition of your earth life as desirable to you and also provide proofs for it, for your striving for perfection is then weakened as soon as you believe to again and again be allowed to set foot on this earth when you do not yet achieve perfection. This presentation on the part of my adversary is one of his most popular means, and that is why the teaching of re-embodiment has also met with much approval, and it is difficult to stamp it out because my adversary works very skilfully to reinforce the plausibility of this teaching. But no man needs to succumb to his cunning because as soon as he stands in earnest desire for truth and turns to me myself, he will also recognize the absurdity of that what he has presented to him, and he will also clearly feel the truth in the heart; he will feel a resistance against that, which went out from my adversary because his earnest desire for truth also guarantees him such. Very many men succumb to his influence in this area because men themselves want it that they again return to earth because their love for the world is still too great in them and the thought is comforting for them to be able to lead the life on earth repeatedly. But again and again let it be said to you that you have been misled, who believe in any re-embodiment – even if there are isolated cases, which have their special justification, but must not to be generalized. For in my plan of salvation from eternity are certainly all possibilities planned, which guarantee your maturing during one earth life – because every weakness you can redress yourselves, because I died for this on the cross for you that I acquired the strength of will for you and you can any time call on me in Jesus, the redeemer from sin and death, and you then also reach that degree on earth, which secures you entrance into the kingdom of light - where you can ascend into endless height because then there no longer exists any limitation for you. But if you do not make use of your life on earth so that you go into the otherworldly kingdom unredeemed, so also a repeated embodiment on earth would not be of use to you because free will remains left to you, but recollection is taken from you, and you then run the far greater risk of sinking into the deep, which is however never favoured as far as I am concerned, but is prevented. And when already on earth a light can be aroused for you that knowledge is disclosed to you about your former falling away from me and about my plan of return, then you also clearly see the way before you, which you have to cover to perfect you, and then you also recognize such teachings as false doctrine, which promise you a repeated way on earth, because they then contradict my plan of salvation from eternity, which was built up by me in all wisdom and love to make the release from form possible for you, for which indeed your free will is necessary. And so that your will decides right, truth is again and again supplied to you by myself, when you request this, when you desire to stand in truth yourselves. But it will also be understandable to you that my adversary uses all power, which you grant him yourselves – that he will present erroneous teachings to you as long as you do not reject his effects through earnest desire for truth. But he will never be able to assert himself with his error where I, as eternal truth myself, am approached for protection from error – because he is completely powerless there, because the light, which radiates from myself, unmasks him and he therefore will always flee from this light. Amen. B.D. NR. 8180.


Reincarnation 8288

Permanent attacks of the adversary. Light bearers. Reincarnation.

1. October 1962. B.D. NR. 8288.

You must not be frightened when you are attacked on the part of those who my adversary uses to weaken pure truth, which I impart to you from above. My power will always flow through you and you will be able to offer resistance against all his attacks for you work for me and on my behalf. My power is truly so strong that I can push aside everything from you, that I do not let the work of my love for you men be endangered. It is certainly correct that much is offered to men as alleged truth in the times of the end and that it will be difficult to find through it and to recognize what is right. But it is never impossible because I always assure you of my support when you desire to stand in truth. You will ask why I allow all this, why I do not hinder my adversary that he exerts his influence on men who apparently also only want the best. The free will of men is here at stake, which my adversary seeks to win for himself, and I have to grant him the right because his following once followed him in free will and he has the same right to fight for souls, but the decision depends alone on the will of man. Therefore the adversary seeks to keep men in darkness, into which he once had thrown them. He seeks to hinder everything what could give them a light, in which they could recognize myself and now again turn to me in free will. But light is truth, therefore he leaves no stone unturned to undermine truth out of me, and he will always try his hand at the light bearers, at my messengers, and want to put out the light. And he makes use of the most shameful means. But he is completely powerless as soon as his efforts are countered with the work of redemption of Jesus Christ, as soon as the divine redeemer Jesus Christ is himself approached for protection from him. Then all his efforts are in vain. Therefore one thing is necessary: that you know about the great importance of the redemption work of the man Jesus, whose cover contained eternal love itself. This knowledge is necessary about my becoming man in Jesus – about the becoming one of Jesus in me, his God and father from eternity – then he also knows about God’s plan of salvation. He knows about the connection with me, his creator, of all what was created, and he knows about the course of every fallen original spirit through the whole creation and about the course of the return to me. And who knows about all this, he also knows the further course of development after his earth life in the kingdom on the other side and the endless many possibilities to help a still unredeemed being, which has entered the spiritual kingdom, to redemption and to also go the course of ascent development. He also knows that the being also now can still sink to the deep and what means I use to also open once again the possibility for this repeatedly fallen being to take the last test of will on earth – by it being once more dissolved and banished in the creations of the new earth. It is understandable to him why all this has to be like this when my law of eternal order is to be kept. And who therefore stands in this knowledge, he will also reject all teachings which contradict this plan from eternity – which reveal far too human thinking, which, influenced by my adversary, corresponds to their own wishes. For on his behalf innumerable demons from the spirit world have an effect, which seek to transfer themselves and their thoughts to man who allow such effects on them. For you must never forget that it is always only about to weaken my love efforts, and my plan of salvation from eternity is founded on love and designed by my wisdom, and it will be carried out according to my decision from eternity because I recognized on which way the spiritual, which fell away from me, finds its way back to me. I descended myself to earth to accomplish the work of redemption for this fallen spiritual, and redemption is certain for every being, which recognizes and acknowledges me in Jesus and asks for forgiveness of its sins. And therefore it is certainly not necessary that men have to atone for these sins through repeated course on earth as man because to get away from the original sin thousand earth lives would not be enough, because this sin can only be paid off through Jesus Christ himself. But the sins which man commits additionally in earth life are paid off at the same time through his death on the cross. But burdened with the smallest sin, therefore without Jesus Christ’s forgiveness, can no being, no human soul, enter the kingdom of light. And for these souls, which therefore go burdened over into the otherworldly kingdom, is darkness, in which they stay, enough a state of agony to prompt them to change their will and thinking, to do some soul-searching and to also accept the help of spiritual friends. And now the soul can also still reach up. But to again transfer a soul back to earth in such a state would mean no service at all for this soul, because it would be in the same darkness and would also go no other way on earth than it had gone up to now because my adversary has kept the same power over this soul, from which it will never be able to extricate itself. The soul can only reach knowledge through love. If it now feels just a spark of love for the souls suffering with it in the kingdom on the other side, then it will also ascend without fail. But if it remains devoid of all love, then it belongs to my adversary, and that one will never release the soul. And if it now goes through an exceedingly hard school of life, it will still never improve because of that or reach other than evil thinking, because it first has to become free from the control of the adversary, which again can only happen through Jesus Christ. Not before he steps into the life of a man himself is redemption secured – for which certainly one earth life can be enough. And when it therefore is not enough, then man or his soul alone also has to answer for it and now also to take upon himself the lot of darkness, which is so painful and also exceeds in agony the most difficult earth walk. In my plan of redemption from eternity all possibilities are included, which help a fallen soul to ascend. But my law of order is always kept, and I certainly do not need to fall back on means, which remained unused, because also a transferring back into a state which has already been overcome would be no guarantee for the ascent of a soul and that is why it also can never be my will because free will remains untouched, and recollection cannot be given to a soul, exactly because of its free will. For its weakness the man Jesus died on the cross, and he acquired for you the favours of a strengthened will, which you all can use during your earth life and then your redemption is also secured. An atoning for your sins on earth has to take place during one course on earth by you, then you will go over relieved into the spiritual kingdom – and also there no longer fight against the help of spiritual friends – which is why you therefore also often have to bear a difficult earth life, but because of that can reach high maturity and increased light receptivity. And I tell it to you again: Isolated cases of re-embodiment of a soul on earth have their special justification, but will never take place, when it was not preceded by the redemption through Jesus Christ. And through this redemption all sin is paid off and therefore does not need to be paid off once again in earth life. And the earth life of everyone is determined by me in wisdom and love – even if you are not able to recognize this – but I know what serves every single soul to its perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 8288.


Reincarnation 8290

False Christs and prophets.

3. October 1962. B.D. NR. 8290.

When I walked on earth, I had warned you of false Christs and false prophets because I knew it how my opponent would work against me and against the truth out of me. And my warning will also now always be for you that you do not be the victim of these false Christs and prophets. But when the talk is about false Christs and prophets, then there also must be genuine ones, and that is why you men cannot reject everything, what is offered to you by me, I who announce myself through the mouth of right prophets, because I consider it necessary that you are supplied with the pure truth. And you cannot reject together with such false spiritual goods also the genuine ones, because until the end I will announce myself through men, who meet all requirements to be able to be addressed by myself, and who now carry out their duties as my right servants when they carry out the spiritual wealth, which they receive from myself. How otherwise should the truth be guided to earth any other way as I cannot address men myself loud audibly from above due to their freedom of will? All of you have the right and also the duty to check what is submitted to you as truth, and you will also be capable of doing it when you call on me as the eternal truth for support. And when you are only of good will, you will surely also be able to tell the difference between truth and error. Besides have I given you a characteristic feature myself: that witness will be borne to you of Jesus Christ and his work of redemption. And you can therefore believe every spirit through which this knowledge comes to you. So men are not to go past Jesus Christ; they are to learn to understand the work of redemption and know about everything what is based on this work of redemption and that I have embodied myself in the man Jesus. And since this knowledge is exceedingly important when men are to reach their goal, I myself will also give them true explanation, which therefore happens through my revelations, which I pass on to earth myself through qualified tools, which allow a direct revelation. But these revelations are never to be put in the same category as the messages out of the spiritual kingdom, which are imparted to men by mediumistic ways. You must learn to differentiate: God’s effect in men through his spirit – and a spirit effect – messages, which reach you men and whose origin you cannot ascertain. And who earnestly examines, him the heart will tell who speaks to him. But you have to undertake an earnest examination before you judge. For you cannot make me out to be a liar myself, who during my earth walk has myself promised to you the effect of my spirit – who I myself have assured you that I will send the comforter to you, the spirit of truth, who guides you in all truth. Who keeps my commandments, he it is, whom I love; to him I want to reveal myself. All of you will be taught by God. Who believes in me, as Scripture says, out of his body streams of living waters will flow. And when I consider it necessary that truth will be supplied to men because they go along in the darkness of spirit, then you will certainly not be able to hinder me at it. And I will give you insight into all connections, into my plan of salvation from eternity and beginning and end goal of all what is. But I will also give you knowledge about the many false doctrines, which my adversary has brought into the world to keep mankind in darkness of spirit, and which I will again and again correct – for I have said: heaven and earth will pass away but my word continues to exist until all eternity. But only pure truth can always be understood under my word. But as all pure spiritual wealth going out from me is again and again deformed by imperfect men, which I do not prevent due to their free will, I will again and again ensure that truth is supplied to men. I spoke the words myself: my spirit will guide you into truth. But I had brought truth to you after all. Would then perhaps the introduction into truth have been necessary when I had not foreseen that truth does not keep itself pure?! And so therefore you can believe direct revelations from above when they come from me, what you again can recognize by the fact, that my becoming man in Jesus Christ is again and again mentioned. And then you will also know about my word: Though your sins be red as blood, so I will wash you as white as snow. Because for this I have given my life on the cross; for this I have taken upon myself the most bitter sufferings and tortures because I wanted to expiate the sin for you so that you were released as soon as you acknowledge me and my work of redemption and ask me for the forgiveness of your sins. But my plan of salvation from eternity is based on no human intellectual thinking, on no human logic, because I have infinite many means to achieve the last goal, the return of all once fallen spirits to me. I never deviate from the law of my eternal order on which also my plan of salvation is built. And when the work of redemption would not have been accomplished by me in Jesus then also thousand earth courses would not be enough to pay off or expiate the sin. And that is why I myself descended to earth to bring freedom from the control of my adversary to men. And who does not make use of the favours of the work of redemption, to whom his earth life does not bring rescue out of deepest spiritual want – who also in the otherworldly kingdom does not accept the help offered to him and lets himself be guided to Jesus Christ, he will have to go the course through all creations once again, and then you men can legitimately speak of a re-embodiment on earth – which will once again take place when eternal times have passed and the soul again has to take its test of will as man on earth. For this one thing is certain that my justice also demands expiation for every offence against me, but that I also know in which form this expiation can be done when the sin is not consciously carried under the cross. Amen. B.D. NR. 8290.


Reincarnation 8291

Re-embodiment or possession?

4. October 1962. B.D. NR. 8291.

You must not regard a case of possession as a re-embodiment of a soul, as a transferring back out of the otherworldly kingdom on to earth for the purpose of a renewed course on earth as man. Lower spirits, i.e. souls already gone through the flesh, which departed in deep darkness, still stay near earth. The kingdom of light is closed to them, and therefore they have their fling in the kingdom of the lowest spirits, which is everywhere there where these spirits stay. They cannot come off the places of their activities on earth, and they press men in every way, but predominantly in the form that they seek to transfer their thoughts, their evil urges and passions to those people who have tendencies which are like their own nature. And these are easily influenced and willingly comply with their wishes by them carrying out to which they are pressed by those spirit beings. This influence is very often observed when men do not consciously become independent and fight their urges and ask me for help. But when they are unbelieving then those spirit forces have an easy job of it. And they will always romp more about and urge men to acts adverse to God – what will particularly appear in the last times before the end. But this influencing is always through thoughts; it is not a case of possession. But also those appear quite obviously in the end times – that men are completely controlled and that it is incomprehensible for fellow men what malice and crime of most various kinds a man performs. These people cannot muster the necessary power of resistance from within; they are of completely weakened will, and then such evil spirits succeed in completely taking hold of the body and to now have a fling in this body, to transfer all bad qualities to it and to carry out acts, which they have done in their life as man. They succeed in edging out the soul of the man and to let their own will become apparent. The evil spirit illegally takes hold of a human body, but out of which he can again be chased out any time when the soul itself or a person of its surroundings succeeds in very closely devoting himself to me and to approach me for help. Then I can and will order that evil spirit to leave the bodily cover. But unbelief and lack of love of men often prevents my intervention, and such a taking possession is also allowed by me for the purpose of purification of the affected soul and also its surroundings, as it is also possible that the evil spirit, when it has done its flings, thinks better of it, when it recognizes the devastating effects of its evil will. For at times man is called to account for his atrocities and now has to go a long way of suffering, and then every further possibility is taken from the evil spirit to instigate the man to acts, which he would commit himself when he as man would still live on earth. Then he leaves the body of his own accord, and the actual soul now also takes the state of suffering willingly upon itself although it is free of every sin but for purification it bears the punishment and can therefore more mature than in an earth life, which is led in lukewarmness, without a special sin. And you are always to make this difference that cases of possession are not re-embodiments of dark souls. You are to know that during the times of the end hell has pushed out everything and the prince of darkness prompts his following to extreme effort. You are to know that also these original spirits can still rescue themselves from the lot of a new banishment when they want it because the day of reckoning is coming soon, and every being is called to account how it has used the time, which has been granted to it for its release from the control of my adversary. Amen. B.D. NR. 8291.


Reincarnation 8447

Special justification for transferring back to earth.

24. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8447.

You only have to always turn to me, and I will give you the enlightenment which you need for I am always prepared to radiate light, and light is all true enlightenment which reaches you through the effect of the spirit in you. You are to know that I always fulfil the will of an I-conscience being, also when I foresee that success will not be achieved – otherwise no being would be able to embody itself on earth because more negative than positive success is to be recorded. I still give all beings the possibility to embody themselves, as soon as they have only reached the stage of I-consciousness. When they now let this stage go past unsuccessfully for them, when they fail as man on earth in their last test of will, then they are still not prevented by me to cover the course on earth, except that they also have to bear the consequences themselves, which the wrongly directed will has produced. Before my death on the cross men were not yet redeemed, they were therefore burdened with the original sin, and therefore they also could not enter the kingdom of light after the death of their body. For I first had to pay off their great sin, and they had to voluntarily accept my sacrifice; they had to acknowledge me as the redeemer of the world who had also died for them to buy the release from the adversary for them. That I therefore also descended to those souls after my death on the cross, which languished unredeemed, was a gift of favour of my love for them, which wanted to end their state of misery, when only they acknowledged me. But I could not appear before their eyes as radiating God, then they would not have borne my light, and they also would have been forced to believe in my work of redemption at the sight of my power and glory. Therefore I appeared as the crucified man Jesus before these souls, and every soul which acknowledged me was allowed to follow me out of their area into my kingdom of light and of happiness. But not all accepted my love. Many were still under the control of my adversary, who rejected my love once more and remained his followers. But I also try to still rescue souls out of hell because all what is redeemed is full of love and in its love always wants to help the unredeemed to ascend out of the deep. But love is a power, which does not remain ineffective for ever. That is why the beings of light will again and again be successful to lure up the unhappy spiritual out of deepest depth. And again and again sparks of light will radiate into darkness, which those beings follow, and they then let themselves be guided because the love of the beings of light has an effect as power. With increasing light they then can also win knowledge from the greatness of their sin not having recognized the redeemer when he descended to hell. And in this knowledge they also can ask for the renewed return to earth – always in the will to make up for what was neglected, although they know that they will not be given recollection at all in life on earth. But this will is then really meant for the achieving of the maturity of the soul; it is not only the desire for the earthly material world. And such cases are, even if only very isolated, those special cases of an embodiment on earth, which have a certain justification – and the reason why they are allowed is because such souls remember their resistance against the divine redeemer and are prepared to pay off on earth this great sin – which earns them an unusual difficult lot on earth – but this renewed life on earth can also bring again a relapse through the free will of man, however it does not have to bring it, for also unusual favours are given to him, which can result in his complete de-expiation. For the freedom of will also has to be left to those souls to be able to reach their perfection on earth. You men cannot assess my endless mercy and love, which wants to help all fallen to get redemption, but I can only just say to you all the time that nothing happens what would be considered to be outside of my divine order, but in free will the souls put themselves outside of my order, but from my side everything will always take place in legal order, that is why a retransfer onto earth will also always have a justification, but never takes place arbitrarily for the purpose of making up for neglected upward development. When exceedingly great sin is the cause for a request for being fathered onto earth, then this request will also be fulfilled, but then the being also has to be so far in knowledge in the kingdom on the other side, that it also recognizes its sin and only for the sake of this asks for the walk over the earth. Do not believe that I give to a soul uncaringly, which asks me for mercy. But free will cannot be taken from it as long as it is an I-conscious being. And this free will can achieve both, its ascent up and also again the deepest fall into darkness. But also these souls once reach their goal even if after endless long time. Once also they go the way back to me to unite with me forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8447


Reincarnation 8479

Touchstone of divine revelations: Jesus’ work of redemption

26. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8479.

How far have men gone away from truth, and how difficult is it to introduce them to it, because they are still full of wrong thoughts and are not able to separate from these. For they accepted everything and so let it become their spiritual property from which they have difficulty to tear themselves away. And exactly this wrong thinking, the holding on to error, is the great spiritual misery, in which men are. And whether I again and again correct false doctrines, whether I also again and again pass on truth to earth from above, it does not prevail because the wrong thinking of men again and again puts up a resistance, because the will for pure truth is not there and everything is assessed as truth what only has the appearance to be transmission out of the spiritual kingdom. In addition mankind just does not yet easily grasp Jesus’ work of redemption; they do not know the deep spiritual importance and reason for it, and so in time ideas have come into being, which no longer correspond to truth, but which are also not given away. And again and again I say it that completely empty vessels are necessary for the taking up of pure truth out of me, where no false thought material first has to be removed, but pure truth finds unhindered entrance into such a vessel. Only then it is possible to give right enlightenment, and only then one can speak of the transmission of truth through the spirit. But as long as Jesus’ work of redemption is still contested, as long as there is no full clarity that Jesus’ soul came to earth to accomplish a work of rescue, a work of mercy of unique kind for mankind having become sinful – as long as men do not know of which original sin they are burdened with, and that they go over earth exactly because of this – they will also have no full understanding that one paid off the great sin through his death on the cross – that they therefore can be released from their great sin when they recognize him as the divine redeemer in whom I became man myself, and man has to go to him in free will and ask him for forgiveness. And this free will must be there, otherwise he cannot be redeemed. Therefore every man can find forgiveness when only he wants it himself. And what then means forgiveness of sin? That it is completely deleted, that it is paid for by him who has taken over the sin – that therefore man now is completely free and that now also all effects of an offence are cancelled because the man Jesus let them have an effect on himself through his immeasurable suffering and the most bitter death on the cross. What suffering a man could bear that the man Jesus has taken upon himself in free will and indeed paid for a sin; he has done an expiation which was enough for me to delete the great original sin, which let my creatures once fall, and to also forgive the sins, which man committed in life on earth as result of his state, which was burdened with the original sin. I am certainly a God of justice, and I demand compensation for every sin, for before it is not paid off, I can receive no being into my kingdom of light and happiness. And that is why the unhappy state of a being can last endless long time, according to its will to accept the favours of Jesus’ work of redemption. And it will certainly have to suffer accordingly, either in the otherworldly kingdom or also through renewed banishment in matter for again endless long time. But as the man Jesus has accomplished the redemption work also every soul finds its redemption, which turns to him, acknowledges him and lays claim to the favours of the work of redemption. And that means that its sin is deleted, that it is again completely free of its sin and can enter the kingdom of light. And when the soul has not found to him on earth, then it still can always find Jesus in the otherworldly kingdom. And on the part of the world of light certainly untiringly redemption work is done; to every soul the way to him is shown; everything is done to help the unhappy beings, and only the completely hardened souls sink deeper and deeper and have to again expect the banishment into matter at the end of a redemption period. As long as you men do not have recognized what Jesus and his redemption work means for all spiritual having become sinful, so long you will also not get rid of your sin. But do not believe that you can go over this earth as long and as often until you once come to this knowledge. Why do you hold onto this hope to be able to make up for what you neglected, or to expiate yourselves what you have sinned? You can never expiate the original sin yourselves, and when you live thousand earth lives as man. Pure truth must already be passed on to you about this for every erroneous thought blinds you, and all the time you let it be followed by more erroneous thoughts. And you can believe it that an unfree soul has to put up with enough torture also in the otherworldly kingdom to pay for the sin committed on earth. But you will never cope with your original sin yourselves, and as soon as you let yourselves be redeemed from this through Jesus Christ – for which free will must always drive you – also the earthly sin will be forgiven you because for this I died on the cross. And believe it that I do not have teachings sent to men on earth, which vary from each other. There is only one truth, and this truth I seek to pass on to men, and everyone who earnestly desires truth will also recognize it as such because I will let nothing be unfounded; I will give enlightenment to you, which is understandable to you; I will teach you perfectly so that you will also be able to recognize error when such is offered to you. Again and again I emphasize the redemption work of Jesus Christ to just show you the way which you have to go to reach your goal. And it is wrong to say that you cannot reach this goal in one earth life because for exactly this the man Jesus died on the cross that the return to me is possible in one redemption period. But when you leave yourselves the favours of the redemption work unnoticed then it certainly can be possible that you have to cover the endless long course through creation again. But that you can return to earth as often as you like is an erroneous teaching, which I will again and again brand because it leads you into a completely wrong thinking and because only truth can guide you to the goal. Amen. B.D. NR. 8479.


Reincarnation 8495

Enlightenment about reincarnation. Jesus and redemption.

13. May 1963. B.D. NR. 8495.

To assume a return to earth for the purpose of expiating sin is completely wrong although the law of divine justice demands a compensation of all sin. But to me certainly many possibilities are open so that once also surely all sin will be paid off and the being can again be received into the kingdom of light and happiness, which is closed to it in the state of being guilty. The otherworldly kingdom, into which the soul enters after the death of its body, is according to its state of maturity so that it can be both in deepest darkness and in brightest light and its lot can now correspondingly also be agonizing or also wonderful. And both the agonies and the wonderful things are indescribable and cannot be described to you men, and so also the agonies – therefore the lot of the unredeemed, sinful souls, can be dreadful, and the soul suffers therefore for its sin or for the sake of its sin often unimaginably, therefore it also expiates through this suffering much of its sin. And its state of suffering can also extend over eternal times when it is incorrigible, when it does not accept the advice of spiritual guides, who want to help it out of this misery. For it cannot enter into the kingdom of light before it has not paid off its sin – as far as the sins are concerned, which it has committed on earth. But as the original sin of its falling away from God is far greater and this sin can never be paid off by the being itself, men on earth or his soul in the hereafter must irrevocably find to Jesus Christ because he alone can release it from this sin for which he died on the cross. Without Jesus Christ the soul never gets away from its sin, and no matter how long a time it languishes in darkness in the kingdom on the other side. So it therefore has to call on Jesus for mercy, for forgiveness of its sin, and its spiritual helpers will again and again try to get it that it seeks redemption at him who has laid down his life for this sin. And when now the soul hands itself over to him then both the original sin as well as that sin, which it had burdened itself with on earth, will be paid off. Then it will be released of all sin and for the sake of Jesus’ blood received into the kingdom of light and of happiness. If however the soul is stubborn that it does not turn to him despite all presentations of the light beings, who want to help it, then it sinks all the time deeper, its agonies are immeasurable, and if it does not succeed to still ascend out of hell – what also then is still possible with the help of light beings – then it must again begin the way through the works of creation to once still reach the last destination. But this return to earth is not the re-embodiment of the soul, which you men assume, and it is also anything but desirable because it is again an endless long state of agony for the soul dissolved into smallest particles, until it again reaches the state as man. One thing has to be said to you men again and again that you never come free of your sin without Jesus Christ. The reason why Jesus’ work of redemption is so important is because he alone is the door to the kingdom of light. For if you also through great agonies in the hereafter expiate the sins, which you have burdened yourselves with in life on earth, - you still cannot enter the kingdom of light when you have not got rid of your original sin through Jesus Christ. And in the same way also a renewed life on earth would be of no use for you, in which you again add new sins and have to first find Jesus but whom you also can find in the hereafter – therefore do not need to return to earth for this. Again and again I call the attention of you men to this false doctrine because through this you also devalue the redemption work, because through this false doctrine you want to make your fellow men believe that you yourselves are able to pay off this sin, and you therefore go past Jesus, without whom you however can never be released from your original sin, which cannot be paid off no matter how great the agonies are through which you go on earth or in the hereafter. Let yourselves be convinced of the importance of you having to take the way to the cross, and do not deceive yourselves with false hopes through which you just prolong your unredeemed state and languish endless long times in darkness, for he alone is the light which descended to earth, which has brought you salvation from sin and death when you simply voluntarily approach him for forgiveness of your sin, when you do not rely on being able to handle your sin yourselves in further lives on earth and you always just prolong through such belief the state of darkness and of sufferings because without Jesus Christ and his work of redemption you will eternally not get to the light, to freedom and happiness – without Jesus Christ you cannot be released from your sin. Amen. B.D. NR. 8495.


Reincarnation 8844

Race questions. Reincarnation teaching.

22. August 1964. B.D. NR. 8844.

These questions are not answered that easily because you consider everything under the point of view that you men develop upwards only in earth life. Again and again you are told that this earth life is the only way to reach the adoption as children of God – that you therefore also can achieve this with good will. But this is only possible to the fewest people, especially in the time of the end where love has cooled down completely. But you do not consider that the development in the kingdom on the other side continues, that I have many school houses where that can be continued – again with good will – what has been neglected on earth, but that aim, the adoption as God’s children, can no longer be achieved – but where the being can also sink into the deep and then my merciful love, which your intercession requests, helps those beings. You have to always reckon on eternal times when a solution through Jesus Christ could not take place. But before me a thousand years are like one day. And when you now raise the question whether a possibility of compensation presents itself for those who my will has incarnated as Negros then I ask you the counter question: Do you know whether a white man does not abuse his incarnation for a conduct averse to God? What does it help him when he stands in knowledge far above the former, when he spends his life completely without faith and without love, whereas the former can be of a good disposition and therefore stands far above the other. Lack of faith is the greatest evil which can stick to a man because he is still standing in a bad fetter of him who pulls him down. And these men can also not be rescued in one earth period; but they do not return again to earth as men but their banishment in matter happens as also those who are in the hereafter, who have sunk to the deep and where the work of rescue has been unsuccessful. One redemption period is then therefore not enough – but as also the so-called half-wild human races experience their first embodiment on this earth, which likewise – when they do not strive for their further development on the other side – sink and again get banished anew. So this banishment always takes place at the dissolving of the earth for the purpose of restoration of divine order. This is however no reincarnation as you men imagine it, that you wish for such as you like and it is also granted to you. You imagine everything limited, in view of time as well as place, where you are transferred. You do not reckon on eternity ideas which are just serious for you men. And you stand before such an eternity idea when the work of reshaping of the earth takes place. Then all men have to again start the course of development anew from the beginning but not so as you wish that you again return to earth for the purpose of perfection. It is possible to become perfect on this earth but requires your whole will and your whole commitment. But that this is no longer striven for, men themselves give the explanation to you, because they lack love and are completely void of every faith. But where Jesus Christ is seriously called upon in spirit and in truth – where he is still recognized and acknowledged as redeemer, there is also love, and this also guarantees that man becomes perfect as his father in heaven is perfect. In the hereafter numerous helpers associate with a still immature departed soul and lead it securely up. Is it however unwilling then it sinks to the deep, but can also there still find redemption – and when all efforts of the illuminating world are in vain then it will be banished again anew in the end. When you now know that the degree of love is decisive for the degree of insight, which the soul has at the passing from this world, then you will also understand that all schools of thought, which endeavour to develop love, will also have as a result the recognizing of Jesus Christ before or after their demise. And these will again also find redemption as soon as they recognize him. Also then it would not be necessary to get again embodied on earth, to therefore now find faith in him. But one thing is to be considered that also these schools of thought have before already knowledge of the divine redeemer and that it is up to them whether they request help from me to send them the right enlightenment. For this demand of mine is legitimate that I am myself approached for enlightenment about such problems, which only I am able to solve – and that I also teach those who have the earnest will to stand in truth about it. And as soon as they do not refrain from it, they will also be heirs to the adoption as children of God, because they will also – where they can – spread their knowledge. So in no case is the necessity of a reincarnation on this earth given, on the other hand on the part of the light world a renewed incarnation is requested for the purpose of a mission, which only a light spirit can fulfil, but which can also earn the being the adoption as a child of God, but it itself is without knowledge, only suspects through the mission, which he was instructed to do. Amen. B.D. NR. 8844.


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