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Creation - Part 3

by A. B. Counter

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Creation relates to the spiritual world, originally even only to the spiritual world. Due to the fall the material world was added and with the material world a kind of in-between world, a spiritual world, which was dependent on the existence of the material world, and which is because of that, bound to the material world, and where souls stay, which one can describe as earthbound. It is the world which very generally can be described as the world of darkness. But there also exist gradations and the roughest is the differentiation into the actual darkness and into the area of dawn, therefore an area in which light has begun to shine.

In the otherworldly area, which is the darkness, that which floats up will go in the direction of the kingdom of light and that which floats down will again have to go back to the material world and there it will again be fathered into matter.

Robert Monroe has observed this upper area of the world of darkness, which one can also call the area of dawn, very well during his out of body experiences and has then also described it.

We want to have a look at some parts of his reports and start with that area of darkness, which can be described as the most illuminated one and which is the furthest from earth, and which he describes as the outermost ring, and where one finds beings, which are just before perfection to then cross over to the kingdom of light.

Robert Monroe reports that during his few stopovers in this outermost ring he always found it to be highly fascinating. The beings there had an unforgettable radiation. It was a powerful, pulsating force, which seemed to be completely controlled. All values and ideals which men considered to be important where contained in it; and this not in the time space connection and also not in formal systems of control, which demand realization in a certain way. It was different. It was something completely of its own. It was something learned from being human. The most important of it was that everything was under control. Everything was an interacting, amalgamating part of the whole. They were completely open. Effortlessly one could get a perception of the melting pot of human experience. This constituted this greatness. He reports that he once tried to handle this experience. But it was too much for him and he returned to his physical body. After that he was full of longing for days on end. The important thing had been that they had become this way through them having been human. They keep everything back. Still part of the energy leaks out. They cannot seal everything. When one asks them about their goal, about perfection, then they usually simply reply with a lovely warms: home.

These souls are therefore before the leaving of this area of the dawn and the entrance into the kingdom of light. When they then have reached the kingdom of light, they have come home. They have reached their goal. They again have reached their original starting point and have again become divine beings.

Robert Monroe displays the different steps of the world of darkness in a graph and at the very top of this graph is an arrow pointing upwards - towards the word conclusion. And after that there is a word: Home? The question mark presumably indicates that Robert Monroe does not know too much about what happens after this conclusion. And it also probably indicates that he did not, during his out of body journeys, visit a higher level - visit exactly that which comes after this conclusion. But this information further also indicates in which state Robert Monroe was himself when he was there or when he wrote his report and therefore his book about it. He probably was a person at that time who would have gone to this highest level of the world of darkness at his death. But we do not know where he really went when he left this world. But his urge to seek the secrets of the universe may have led him to still have reached a higher level here on earth, which then allowed him to immediately bypass the world of darkness and with it also the uppermost and highest level in it, and to return directly home.

He had found the really important thing, the ingredients, on which everything really depends, and that was love. So he was on the right track. And when he then immediately came home, then this area does not keep him from visiting the world of darkness and with it also the outermost ring of it, the dawn, and to there accomplish works of love: to help souls to get out of there and to ascend.

Robert Monroe divided the world of darkness into two spheres of influence. At first there is the sphere of influence which he calls the non-physical reality. It is strongest at the upper edge. One could call it the belief in the supernatural. Monroe separates the whole world of darkness into three rings, the upper ring, the main ring and the lower ring. The other sphere of influence, Monroe calls it power field, is the human time space illusion. It is strongest in the lower ring. The first sphere of influence one could call the spiritual influence and the second the luciferian influence, the influence of matter. About in the middle of the main ring there is something like zero. This zero is produced by these two power fields. They overlap. They exert a pressure, or an influence, and at this zero they balance. But they do not have an effect on each other. They are not compatible. So below the zero the human time space illusion is the dominating force. At the very bottom it is strongest. Towards the top it decreases. And at the upper edge it is practically insignificant. So above zero the non-physical reality is then the dominating power. The non-physical reality one could also call faith, and the physical reality, so the human time space illusion, the unbelief. The non-physical reality is strongest at the upper edge. Towards zero it gradually decreases. Towards the lower edge it then decreases exponentially.

In this main ring one can stay and one can there also move upwards and also downwards. If a soul moves upwards then this movement is accelerated as soon as zero is exceeded. If it moves downwards then it also is accelerated, towards the bottom, when zero is exceeded. The movement then goes beyond the lower edge, right into the lower ring, and there it then comes to a standstill.

The movement upwards starts with the separation from the lowest ring. But the lowest ring can also be bypassed. Robert Monroe describes the possibility of bypassing the lowest ring as the possibility of the direct way and it can be reached through the careful choice of life experiences as man, and also how one utilizes these experiences.

Robert Monroe calls the far greatest incentive to take the way to the top, and which surpasses all others by far, to be the result of being human. When one once has met someone who has come to an end, then one would after that only know one goal, and that is to now become such a leaver oneself. And that would be so, as soon as one knows that something like this is possible. And it is possible, he says.

I now want to deal with the state of souls in the darkness and with their relationship to our world, to that world in which we live now and which is the world of matter. This is also at the same time a description of how we can have an effect on the souls there from here and how we can help them. When we deal with ancestral worship then we also deal with connections which are established between souls, which are here on earth as man, and with souls which have left their body und are no longer on earth, but are now in the hereafter. Ancestor worship is the worship of one’s ancestors as spirits or gods. I make mention of ancestral worship because it is something, which is practised in many parts of the world, and one could point men who pursue it to a better, or to the right way, and make use of their existing belief to seek to move them into a direction, which helps both sides, men here and the souls there, far more and lets them progress.

But to start with I want to bring something, which shows in more detail the understanding about the situation on the other side and also about the possibilities of contacting the other side, and what also helps us to win some insight into the workings of ancestor worship, and therefore I quote from Bertha Dudde:


Vineyard work is not without effect.

11. June 1963. B.D. NR. 8525.

Again and again I have to admonish you to eagerly work for me and my kingdom. You are not to get tired and consider your work to be useless, even when you apparently have little success to show. But think of the fact, that only few men deal with spiritual thoughts, that their thoughts are mostly worldly orientated – but that only spiritual thoughts can have an effect on souls in the kingdom on the other side and that these badly need help as long as they still stay near earth due to their low degree of maturity. They only can understand you by following your thoughts, and when these are now directed spiritually they can draw the greatest blessing out of them. Only few people move in spiritual areas because these areas alone have become the purpose in their life. Only few people work consciously for me and my kingdom, even when contact with me is entertained in church organizations – but then always only at certain times and in a certain framework. But only the living connection with me has a beneficial effect, and this is established by only few men. So the otherworldly souls have only few possibilities to arrive at sources of light where they are also allowed to receive light themselves – what they however do where only through light sparks such a source is visible on earth. And for the sake of these souls, which have urgent need of you for their further development – especially in the beginning after their departure from earth – you should be eagerly active yourselves and serve me in my vineyard. You should neither be put off nor be influenced through apparent failures. I know about every effect of that what you undertake in the service for me, and I also know about all thoughts, and I also determine the circle of the otherworldly souls, which fetch food from you – i.e., I point them to you who are able to help them in their want. And as you receive the truth directly from me, you are also beleaguered by souls hungry for the truth, by such souls who on earth were difficult to determine to assimilate spiritual knowledge because nothing seemed to be plausible for them, but which still led a life, which did not transfer them into darkness after their departure – but who still cannot leave the proximity of earth because they are still too much bound to earth through their inclination to the earthly world. But since they have recognized that they no longer live in the earthly world, they seek to find support in men on earth, who help them in their spiritual poverty. They demand true spiritual goods and feel it that they find this with you. For these souls you are so necessary because they earnestly strive upwards and are now also taught by myself through you, so that they are bound to reach the goal. And you are never allowed to let this source of life to dry up for those souls – as also in the otherworldly Kingdom time is only just limited, and work has to be done for all who enter the spiritual kingdom to announce to them the Gospel of love, which they neglected on earth, and to be right signposts on the way up for them. Innumerable souls are called away and arrive in a little developed state in the otherworldly kingdom. And what they therefore neglected in life on earth, they must make up for and need for this right instruction, which you can impart to them through eager spiritual work, which is therefore never done in vain. You are not allowed to forget that such places are seldom where I can hand out the water of life myself, the bread from heaven – but that especially at such places also the right food for such immature souls can be given, which these certainly demand because they feel the effect of this divine food and are exceedingly grateful for the help done for them, which they again also want to give to other souls, and that is why the work of redemption draws immense circles for you. What I give to you men through my address, that also innumerable souls receive in the otherworldly kingdom, and as long as therefore this close contact with you is possible, this also means a redeeming mission for the otherworldly souls; it is true that they also have spiritual teachers enough in the spiritual kingdom, however after their death on earth they are still in such a way connected to the earth that you have greater possibility to impart spiritual goods to them than those light beings who are also only allowed to approach them covered up and are heard by the souls only then when they have already grasped a little of all connections, when they have already a degree of light, which lets them now also gratefully accept the help of the otherworldly light beings and they now also unstoppably ascend up. Believe it, that no work of yours is done in vain, which you carry out for me and my kingdom. Every spiritual thought has a beneficial effect, and no spiritual thought gets lost, but has an effect as power on those souls, which are to be helped to descend up. Amen. B.D. NR. 8525.


So when here I write about spiritual subjects, and when you read this here, and then think about spiritual subjects, then we give the opportunity to souls in the hereafter to take part in this and to profit from it. That is already very important information. It gives us a very much more far reaching idea about what we do when we pray the prayer of intercession. We then not only do something for another person but we then also help along spiritually the souls in the hereafter, because they simply can listen to our thoughts and we can even extend this work of intercessory prayer also directly to souls in the hereafter and address them directly and send our thoughts to them.

When we speak of an exchange of ideas here on earth, then we mean by this that we exchange thoughts and we also do that. However we do it a little bit awkwardly as every participant in this exchange of ideas has to first change his ideas into words, and then has to communicate these to the other persons by speaking words with his mouth, and the listener then has to reshape the words he heard with his ears again into thoughts to understand them.

This somehow complicated procedure is necessary because we are in an imperfect state. We are, as long as we are on earth, imperfect beings. We are in a body, are prisoners of our body, and have to use its senses and its sense organs, the mouth and the ears, to have an exchange of ideas.

But we are also, at the same time, spiritual beings, and when we are aware of this, and believe in our ability to communicate with thoughts, then we also can communicate in such a way that we directly use thoughts to impart information to other beings. And that we also can do with souls in the hereafter. We can also do it with our fellow men, but then we have to first agree on it, and practise it then for a certain time to bring it to a practical use. We can also do it without such an agreement, and then our partner in the talks, or rather our partner in the thoughts, only has a profit from it when he is so spiritually minded that he feels it and listens to it. If he does not do it then at least his soul benefits from it and is blessed.

To communicate with spoken words is therefore a limitation to which we succumb here on the material world. In general, in the spiritual world, everyone communicates with thoughts. With God we communicate with thoughts. A short thought is enough to maintain the connection with God. One word, addressed to God, must come from the heart, therefore go through the spirit; a formal prayer, which is spoken with words and does not come from the heart, does not reach God, and is a useless effort.

One advantage of thought transfer is for example that a whole concept can be transferred with one thought. Robert Monroe calls something like this a routine and describes it a thought sphere, a parcel of thoughts, thought activity, total memory, which contains knowledge, information, cognition, experience, sensations, memory and history. He speaks of non-verbal communication. I for example received the concept for this website “” as such a parcel and in it all details of the concept were contained, including the word countdown. Everything was available in a moment. I received it early in the morning and after it started to implement it into reality and in the evening of the same day a part of the website existed already. In the evening a written structural plan was there with a table of contents and also several webpages.

One advantage of a thought transfer is therefore that a whole concept can be transferred with one thought. Let us look at another example. In a dream a person suddenly appears and as it appears we immediately also have certain information about this person and know something about him and the circumstances why he appears and also about previous experiences with him, which we actually did not have. Something like this is not the case with people we suddenly meet in the waking state. There we slowly have to gather information about such a person.

We have contact with the spiritual world through thoughts. And we do this also with other physical worlds, and we can also do it with people of this physical world. To communicate with words is much more strenuous and even when we make use of technical aids to communicate with people, who are far away, we use things like optical signs, make signs with the hands or a kind of machine which shows such signs and which can be seen in the distance or smoke signals or similar things. More modern things are Morse, telegraphic service, radioing, the telephone, the internet. But all these aids need a certain understanding of the given signals. One therefore must have agreed first what the individual signs mean to be able to understand them. The shaking of the head and nodding, or shrugging of the shoulders may be understood and numbers may be passed on by a combination of yes and no or 0 and 1, but all this has to practically be agreed first to then being able to send it and to receive it. And the more it then comes to technical solutions in the long-distance communication, like telephone or mobile telephone systems or internet, the more such systems have to first be agreed between the communication partners to then be able to be implemented.

A good example how something like this cannot work is Seti. There, at the Seti institute, Seti is the abbreviation of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, they want to communicate with possible living beings on other heavenly bodies and do not employ thought communication, but means, which we use here on earth to communicate with others in a distance. One assumes that the living beings there also use means to take up communication which are similar to those which we use when we want to get into contact with people who are somewhere else, or with people whom we have send into space and whom we now steer with signals and from whom we receive information. Or with physical means which we use when we analyse information like light from other heavenly bodies. But the essential of such communication systems is that such systems have been developed, have been planned and were designed, and often only started to really function after many experiments and failures. Just think of the time just before the end of last century when they were busy to have better mobile telephone systems to then offer them to the customers, and which effort was accompanying them. Just the roaming, to be available worldwide through the own mobile telephone number and the phoning into foreign networks, and the use of one’s own mobile phone abroad, had to be planned, and was a costly thing which could only be achieved that the participants communicated via already existing communication systems, like the customary phone, correspondence, fax, internet, diplomatic channels and agreements, banking systems etc. Not only all the technical sides had to be considered, but also the financial and commercial ones. Problems like the differences in the postal systems or the demands of defence, or that of secrecy or the banking security or data security, all these had to be considered, negotiated and agreed, and for this exchange the details had to be sent to and fro with the aid of the already existing communication systems. But to want to build up such a thing without being already in contact with the partners in the talks, to not even know them, and to not even know if such exist, seems to be quite absurd. We have here a mentality which reminds one of the mentalities of those people who think that something like matter or even something like plants or animals or men came into existence without first being thought up, thought through and designed by a more intelligent being. Or who think that the universe with all its phenomena, of which all the time new and up to now completely unknown things are discovered, has come into being without a higher intelligence and has developed out of itself. Or that a computer for example could come into being by itself, that the individual parts assemble themselves and have somehow come into being by themselves and that all this has taken place without planning and intelligence. A man is a thing which is fundamentally more complicated than a computer and apart from that also has a soul and a spirit and now such a man is supposed to have come into being just like that.

It seems strange to us that people would spend not just one eternity in the kingdom of darkness, but would stay there for several eternities, but if we then look at people who here on earth spent years with Seti and similar organisations, which without any success tried since more than 50 years to come across any communication with extraterrestrial beings, then it becomes more understandable why beings, who are equipped with intelligence, do things they do.

When we plan and think through everything meaningful before we start it, then this principle will obviously also be true of our own origin and there will be a being which has planned us and built us. And because everything in principle is spiritual and all material consists of spiritual substances, so also fundamental communication will be spiritual. The man Robert Monroe was very busy to gather out of body experiences and his experiences let him think about the spiritual side of life and his suspicion started when he thought to have won a good insight into these his human experiences. Cheerfully and without any fuss he had set out on out of body situations and had returned and was always sure that his guiding self knew the answers and would take care of all appearing difficulties. That worked very well, and it was perhaps the reason why a slight suspicion began to stir that his ego might consider itself to be too great. He could not, because he always wanted to know exactly how everything works, leave something good at rest, and had to find out what was behind it. At several excursions in the out of body state he tried to become aware of who was responsible for the drive and the steering. He says that in the beginning it was hard to comprehend the contact. Only the awareness of a friendly presence was there behind him, which set the direction. He turned around but there was nothing visible, at best the indication of a well-meaning presence. But it was there and seemed to clearly come from outside. He thought about past experiences and went through his notes about it and noticed that often a hand was there which helped him to get out of something or which was laid down on his arm or an answer to a call for help or a discreet tip. He had called such things helpers. Now we come to our subject communication. He tried during his out of body experiences to establish contact with these beings, with individual ones and with several, but it was in vain. But then he found out that the reason he did not get an answer was because no words were spoken, only pictures and sensations and action. Only when he gradually grasped that he so to speak did not speak their language, a change took place. Words and language, as we make use of them, is something pure human. He became aware that he had drawn human conclusions, and also that he received an answer regardless of his method of communication. They were not men and still he communicated with them. He then tried every time a different method of communication. He sent silent thoughts to the assumed presence behind him: pictures, activities, feelings and sensations. And every time a reaction came. He says, it took quite long until he understood, and the beings were admirably patient until he won the right analytical and subjective attitude to be able to understand. He says it was a landmark in his consciousness when he learned to understand the beginnings of this non-verbal system of communication. He recognized that non-verbal communication is possible, and also the difference to verbal communication. With the recognition of this communication the depth and the extent of his out of body experiences changed. He was frequently escorted to a kind of lessons where there were teachers and students, and where he was one of the students. The teacher was a glowing white, radiating sphere of light and he could feel around him the radiation of other students. The instruction consisted of a seemingly standard bombardment with information units, which consisted of total experience, and which had to be assimilated and understood immediately, and with thought spheres, which hardly can be converted into words and which he just calls routine. Robert Monroe says that this is obviously a very familiar process of communication in the non-verbal communication.

Robert Monroe communicated with beings of the supernatural world, with beings of the spiritual world, and this happened through thought activity. And we do the same when we want to give the deceased information or some good advice. We can draw their attention to the importance of recognizing the work of Jesus on the cross and to make use of it for themselves and through this to undertake the actual step to get out from the world of darkness, out of that part of the spiritual world, where the incomplete spirits go so that they then can reach the world of dawn and from there can then completely leave the world of darkness and reach the world of light, and finally be happy and free and complete; and become free forever from matter and from the imprisonment in it.

And that is the essential what we should teach men who deal with ancestor worship, the best what one can do for a deceased relative is to call his attention to this important possibility. And when deceased relatives in their communications with the surviving relatives complain about that these having already forgotten them, and do not honour the ancestors and do not remember them, then one should just call the attention to this possibility of help and tell them that they should try to bring their deceased ancestors to get out of that darkness and that they should strive for the light and that they obey the beings from the kingdom of light, who want to get into contact with them, and listen to them, and follow their advice and also follow them into the kingdom of light. But it is even simpler to take the direct path to Jesus Christ, and to so directly make contact with their God and father and creator, and to so directly take the great step to liberation by calling on him acknowledge him that way and let themselves be saved.

With people who are busy with ancestor worship one has the advantage right at the beginning that they already believe in a life after death and with it in the existence of the spiritual world. One only has to show them a better direction and encourage them through information and enlightenment, but give them with it something better, what they will certainly gladly accept when they are of good will, because one describes the basic things of their religion as quite existing and so accepts them and therefore also accepts them.

They will then recognize by themselves that such a way of serving, such help for ancestors, is considerably more meaningful and advantageous than to just make some material sacrifices for them, or to carry out some religious activities for them.

And the same applies to us. To help our deceased mentally with spiritual advice is much more useful than to build up their burial place and to cultivate it and to decorate it with flowers.

And when we think to be in the times of the end, then we should get started especially with this spiritual help for the souls in the hereafter, because also there the end time will have an effect, and this especially in those areas, which are quite directly connected to the earth and where the souls are still strongly attached to earth and therefore quite directly influenced by our time space relationships. The reason why it is so important to help them out of this is so that they do not sink into the lowest spheres and then get again bound into matter with the dissolving of this kingdom, or rather with the closing of this kingdom, into matter which they had aimed at so strongly as they were still on earth and which they still strive for and into which they therefore again will be fathered for very long times.

The reason why that part of the spiritual world, which is called darkness, and which is called dawn, is going to be closed is because there is no need for it after the end of the present redemption period because men who are going to live on the new earth, in paradise, will live quite long and when they die their souls will not need to go to the kingdom of darkness or dawn because they have overcome these states since a long time, and they will directly go into the kingdom of light.

So there will also be changes in the spiritual kingdom, when there will be a change here on earth from one redemption period to the next. And in the spiritual kingdom there also have been changes before. The most important change there took place 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ paid a visit to it. This was so important because before the work of redemption of Jesus on the cross there was no redemption out of the kingdom of darkness, into which the souls came which had died before the death of Jesus on the cross, and which could not be redeemed there, and which therefore could not ascend into the kingdom of light.

And there were two areas there and that were the world of darkness and the world of dawn, or the underworld or hell, and Abraham’s bosom or the limbo. And Jesus went to both these worlds between Good Friday and Easter and was visible to the souls there as he now had become visible, and because he now had become a visible God, and he spoke to them and explained to them the new situation and invited them to accept his work on the cross and to go with him and to go with him into the kingdom of light. But he left it to them whether they followed his invitation; he left to them their free decision of the will. And those from Abraham’s bosom followed him because they exactly had waited for this time of the Messiah and were prepared. He could only save few out of the kingdom of darkness because he did everything without force, and appeared as a simple human soul and therefore hid his glory to just not appear to them as God, and so leave no choice to them.

I now want to let a description by Bertha Dudde follow, which gives us more details about this event:


Special reason for transfer back to earth.

24. March 1963. B.D. NR. 8447.

You always only need to turn to me, and I will give you the enlightenment which you need because I am always prepared to radiate light, and light is every true enlightenment which reaches you through the effect of the spirit in you. You are to know that I always comply with the will of an I-conscious being, also when I foresee that the success will not be achieved – otherwise no being could embody itself on earth, because more negative than positive success can be recorded. Nevertheless I give to all beings the possibility to embody as soon as they have reached the stage of I-consciousness. When they now let this stage go past unsuccessfully for them, when they fail as man on earth in their last test of will, they still will not be hindered by me to cover the walk on earth, they only have to also bear the consequences of it themselves which the wrongly directed will has produced. Before my death on the cross men were not yet redeemed, so they were burdened with the original sin, and so they also could not enter into the kingdom of light after the death of their body. For I first had to wipe out their great sin, and they had to voluntarily accept my sacrifice, they had to acknowledge me as the redeemer of the world, who also died for them to pay a price for the liberation from the adversary. That I therefore after my death on the cross also descended to those souls, who languished unredeemed, was a gift of love to them, who wanted to make an end to their state of misery when they only acknowledged me. But I could not appear before their eyes as radiating God, then they would not have borne my light, and they also would have been forced to believe in my work of redemption at the sight of my power and glory. Therefore I appeared as the crucified man Jesus before these souls, and every soul which acknowledged me was allowed to follow me out of their area into my kingdom of light and of happiness. But not all accepted my love. Many still were under the control of my adversary, who rejected my love once more and remained his followers. But I also try to still rescue souls out of hell because all redeemed is full of love and always in its love wants to help the unredeemed to ascend out of the deep. But love is a power, which does not remain ineffective for ever. That is why the beings of light will again and again be successful to lure up the unhappy spiritual out of deepest depth. And again and again sparks of light, which those beings follow, will radiate into darkness, and they then let themselves be guided because the love of the beings of light has an effect as power. With increasing light they then can also win knowledge from the greatness of their sin not having recognized the redeemer when he descended to hell. And in this knowledge they also can ask for the renewed return to earth – always in the will to make up for what was missed, although they know that they will not be given recollection at all in life on earth. But this will then really apply to the achieving of maturity of the soul, it is not only the desire for the earthly material world. And such cases are, even if only very isolated, those special cases of an embodiment on earth, which have a certain justification – and the reason why they are allowed is because such souls remember their resistance against the divine redeemer and are prepared to pay off on earth this great sin – which earns them an unusual difficult lot on earth – but this renewed life on earth can also bring again a relapse through free will of men, however it does not have to bring it, for also unusual favours are given to him, which can result in his complete de-expiation. For the freedom of will also has to be left to those souls to be able to reach their perfection on earth. You men cannot assess my endless mercy and love, which wants to help all fallen to get redemption, but I can only just say to you all the time that nothing happens what would be considered to be outside of my divine order, but in free will the souls put themselves outside of my order, but from my side everything will always take place in legal order, that is why a retransfer onto earth will also always have a justification, but never takes place arbitrarily for the purpose of making up for missed upward development. When exceedingly great sin is the cause for a request for fathering onto earth, then this request will also be fulfilled, but then the being has to also be so far in knowledge in the kingdom on the other side, that it also recognizes its sin and only for the sake of this asks for the walk over the earth. Do not believe that I give to a soul uncaringly, which asks me for mercy. But free will cannot be taken from it as long as it is an I-conscious being. And this free will can achieve both, its ascent up and also again the deepest fall into darkness. But also these souls once reach their goal even if after endless long time. Once also they go the way back to me to unite with me forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8447


So here we have also read something about cases of reincarnation which are exactly special cases and why we sometimes come across men who seem to be exceedingly disadvantaged.

But the reason why I brought this message here is the following sentence: “Before my death on the cross men were not yet redeemed, so they were burdened with the original sin, and so they also could not enter into the kingdom of light after the death of their body.”

So the conditions in the kingdom of darkness were different than what they are today. At that time an ascent from dawn into the kingdom of light was not possible.

Then Jesus’ work of redemption on the cross came and after that he went into the area of dawn and also into the area of darkness: “Therefore I appeared as the crucified man Jesus before these souls, and every soul which acknowledged me was allowed to follow me out of their area into my kingdom of light and of happiness.” Between Good Friday and Easter a change took place there and since then it is possible there to get out of hell and out of limbo.

And now I let a report by Bertha Dudde follow, which also describes Jesus’ descent to hell, but which gives more details:


Descent to hell

31. March 1959. B.D. NR. 7322.

The more you think about what price I have paid to buy eternal life for you the more the question must also move you what happened to the souls who lived before my death on the cross and died and whose souls were still dead in the sense of the word, exactly why I could not yet give them life. For their souls still belonged to the adversary; ransom to have them released from him was still not yet paid before I did not have accomplished the work of redemption. For according to their life these souls were also in a kingdom of death where they – aware of their existence – led a life which could not be called happiness. But it was that sphere where they stayed still not to be called hell where those souls were who have proved and behaved in their life on earth to completely be followers of Satan. It was a limbo; no place of peace and happiness but also no place of deepest darkness and agony. At times also bright moments occurred in their consciousness where they could exchange themselves, where pictures from life on earth came into memory and where they became aware that their stay in this sphere is not forever but that they once will be rescued by the Messiah who had been announced to them already on earth by prophets. And the souls who had recognized God and had loyally served him through their life expected this saviour. To them now I descended after my death on the cross. Also they heard about the act of favour and mercy of my love; also for them my blood had been flowing; I also wanted to pay ransom to have their souls released from the previous lord. But they had to voluntarily give their consent to it, and that is why I did not come to them as radiating spirit of light, whom they had to follow by virtue of the compelling light, but I came as the on the cross suffering Christ to them with all signs of my death on the cross, however as man who out of love for his fellow men had let himself be nailed to the cross. For also they first had to believe in me without compulsion that I was the promised Messiah; they had to follow me voluntarily exactly like my disciples in the time of my walk on earth. They all could perhaps foresee who I was but the full certainty remained kept from them, which however would have determined them when I would have descended into this kingdom after my resurrection, where light and radiance covered me, where I had put on the exceedingly radiant spirit clothes, which light no being was able to withstand. I descended into hell. From limbo they all followed me for they just still lacked a small light, and that I brought to them through my signs of the bitter death on the cross. But I also descended into the deepest depths to also come there as man filled with love, who had lost his life for his brothers. But I only found little faith, and only few broke away from the tangle of depravity. For they all were still deep in the claws of the enemy who kept them tied up for he had to furiously recognize my victory over himself and that is why he did everything to keep his following in the deep. For now he knew it that I was stronger than him and that I had succeeded to untie the chains of those who wanted to follow me. He no longer could hinder these, and eternally he will have no longer power over those souls who want to free themselves from him for the sake of Jesus Christ. But he will lose more and more following. For I died for all men, and once also all men will be redeemed from him. For also he will once surrender to the power of my love; also he will once long for my love. It is true, eternities will still pass but before me a thousand years are like a day. Amen. B.D. NR. 7322.


So that was what we call, “he also descended to the lower, earthly regions.”

God uses terms like sphere, kingdom of death, kingdom of darkness, hell, place of darkness, the deepest depths, and limbo, no place of peace and happiness but also no place of deepest darkness and agony.

There exists a report where Jesus once again visited limbo and how he, accompanied by others, came to the city of Vienna in the middle of the 19th century and visited there, among others, the world famous Hapsburg family, and this was invited to follow him into the kingdom of light. There are conversations with Rudolf, the first emperor of the Hapsburgs, who ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1273 to 1291, and, for example, with Leopold, the son of Maria Theresa, who was emperor from 1790 to 1792, and which deals with the influence of the Roman church. This report is contained in the work by Jakob Lorber, which has the title „Von der Hölle bis zum Himmel – Robert Blum“ (From hell to heaven – Robert Blum).

Now follows as small excerpt from this report:


The dynast Rudolf then says: “I hope that there among you many fools still will be some clever ones and follow me! By the way it is true; no-one in this highest noble palace lacks something, except a certain freedom of life and joys of living, as this life is so actually completely like a brooding life. But I for my side say no thank you very much for such a life of luxury! I rather would like to be keeper of sheep (shepherd) than such a silent inhabitant of such a stupid high noble palace! – You three noble last Lorraines and also you, my daughter Theresia, what about you?! Will you also remain here until the probable never occurring last judgement?”
Says Theresia: “Dear great-grand-uncle! I will follow you and my sons as well! We also have become sick and tired of this mole life – may there come what will! Just once a change, otherwise we still will become nothing but statues!” – Says Joseph: “I am also completely of this opinion! One has to make use of the moment! Who misses this, he has thrown away crown and sceptre, and no time will ever bring it back to him! – And so I now do not want to be the last to seize this favourable moment and to use it loyally!” – Says Leopold after that: “I am also of that mood! Once it has to change after all; for this sitting around and this catching blind mice means nothing! On earth a scapegoat and here an eternal stick without shirt and jacket, that is getting dull and stale! That is why I am also so free and join the emigration!” Says also Franz to it: “We will do that also, and may the others laugh as much as they want, we will still march off! – In the world I was badly off; my youth consisted of war, persecution, fear and anger and my old age of arduousness of all kind, of sickness and finally of a harsh death of the body. Here in the world of the spirits, actually in this highest noble Elysium, the deadliest boredom consumes one. – That is why: out of this hole of boredom! And that the sooner the better! I would now already rather fly than go from here.”


No-one in that limbo lacked something, that is how Rudolf sees it, except a certain freedom of life and joys of living, as this life is so actually completely like a brooding life. And Maria Theresa describes it as a mole life and Leopold as a sitting around.

And Franz has this description: “Here in the world of the spirits, actually in this highest noble Elysium, the deadliest boredom consumes one. – That is why: out of this hole of boredom!”

For a spiritual person therefore a life which is unsatisfying to a high degree and can therefore rightly be called a life in limbo: a hole of boredom.

Jesus himself then speaks to Rudolf, and what he has to say there about this man sounds quite good. But he gives him the reason why he, Rudolf, has come there:

“But because you were to me always a kind, just man and have led the nations well, fair, according to their activities, so you are now then also supposed to get the reward for it, for which you already have waited for several hundred years. – Such long wait seems to be a kind of injustice on the part of God the Lord; but this is not so. Every ruler, no matter how just, cannot possibly pull the highness of his social status down into the dust of humility. Like a god he has to let himself be honoured and literally worshipped, otherwise he would not be real ruler. But only those can take possession of the kingdom of God who have humbled themselves down to the last and smallest fibre of life.”

Here we therefore have the reason why Rudolf had to spend more than half a millennium in the hole of boredom.

We must not forget that the whole reason why we are here, on this earth, in this physical prison of matter and in this physical prison of our body, is that we were not humble, that we acted highly arrogantly against God and turned against him, and that we did this as beings who were in a much higher spiritual state than we are now in, in a state where our consciousness and knowledge were far greater than it is now, and that we have to turn away from this state of haughtiness and that this life as man on earth is given us for exactly this purpose to make up our mind and our will to overcome this wrong attitude and again turn to God.

I always like to imagine how it would be if I was a cell in the physical body of a man and how such a cell would contribute to the well-being of the whole, of the whole man, and what would happen if this cell now suddenly would take the attitude of turning against its god, the whole man, and mentally separate from it and act against the normal order, and think of the whole man as its enemy and starts to fight him. It would become a cancerous cell and kill itself and harm the body of the man. It would act against its own interest because the cell is part of the whole and every action against the whole is an action against itself. Every arrogant action would be an action that harms and disturbs the cooperation with all the other cells and causes friction and enmity. The only real helpful attitude would be an attitude of mutual love and understanding. And that is why this teaching of love is the only real system that works and is worth following.

So this business of wanting to be something else than what God has designed us for is highly harmful and wanting to be different and especially wanting to be first is a basic evil and should be recognized as such and given up.

I can only urgently recommend the reading of the writings of Jakob Lorber. You will find there a vast amount of things which will let you progress spiritually. And you will also find there a lot of reports about souls who arrived in the spiritual realm and how they fared there. They are examples which extend and illustrate the subject which we have dealt here with.

We have dealt here with an area of the spiritual kingdom which is closest to us. To the spiritual kingdom also belongs the more important part, the kingdom of light, our home. And as there are no time and space limitations in the kingdom of light, this area of the spiritual kingdom is therefore much closer to us and is that part in which we should now already feel at home and in which we now actually should already live because we live by faith and not by sight.

We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

When we are Christians then we should live by faith and not by sight. And to live by faith should also mean to know something, or rather as much as possible about spiritual things, and to this belongs also to know much about the spiritual kingdom. To deal with the things of the kingdom of darkness very much belongs to this because it is that part of the spiritual kingdom to which the great majority of men go, and to have information about it can only be useful for us and our fellow men. We should also be aware that these things are normally ignored in general Christendom or dealt with as if one cannot directly talk about it, but only with hints and with the help of scriptures, but which do not get put in concrete terms and about which one does not speak as one would speak about material things. How would it be for example if one would speak very directly about such things in the event of a death or at a funeral and give men enlightenment about it and therefore give them something to think about which causes them to once speculate about their real future. When one really directly studies ones possibilities after death, and gets information about it then this life with the permanent eye on this future, the spiritual kingdom, is much easier to start and to maintain. When I have material about which I can think, when I have examples which show me different possible situations in the hereafter, then I have something with which I can be busy and it is much easier for me to live by faith.

I now want to add here something that quite well describes the situation in the hereafter and especially the fact that in the hereafter the soul itself is the creator of its surroundings and to have this information is more worth than all the riches on earth because it can save you eternities in the wrong places and when you make use of this information already here on earth then you can completely avoid going in the wrong direction. So here it comes:


Delusion. Spiritual working group.

8. September 1943. B.D. NR. 2874.

In the spiritual world the soul itself is the creator of its surroundings. It moves in a kingdom, which it creates itself through its wishes and desires, through its thoughts and its will. Only that all things are no longer material, but also not spiritual everlasting, but they are phantoms, they are ideals, they cease to exist the longer the soul is turned desirously towards them. And in this self-created kingdom the soul can now, exactly like on earth, fight the desire for matter and conquer it, but also succumb to it and desire matter more and more, which in its state of darkness it imagines to be really extant. So the soul can believe it lives on earth and remain endless long times in this delusion to then either recognize slowly its poor state and to give up its desire for the goods of the earth or get entangled deeper and deeper in this, which is equal to spiritual retrogression, which finally ends in the banishment in hard form. For the desire of the spiritual will always be fulfilled insofar as that matter, which the being desires, also becomes its cover. Retrogression in the hereafter therefore earns the soul the reincarnation; it once again has to go the endless long course of development on earth to again, after millennia, be able to pass the last life test on earth. Whereas an upward development in the spiritual kingdom is independent from the material surroundings, because the soul only steps up when it has freed itself from the desire for it. But then it no longer needs a stay on earth because it has the same possibility to be active in serving love in the hereafter; it so to speak has been joined to a spiritual working group, which is tremendously busy in a way, which is not yet comprehensible to materialistic men. To all beings the opportunity is offered in the hereafter to strive up, and in the state of recognition these opportunities are also used with much eagerness. But the souls which are still in fullest darkness must strive towards God in the freedom of will. And to let this will become active in them is the function of those beings which are in the light, whom their perfection has earned the knowledge which they now try to also impart in love to those, who are still of a darkened spirit. And so there are certainly enough possibilities in the spiritual kingdom to still help the souls to spiritual maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 2874.


Just imagine that you arrive in the kingdom of darkness after your death and you do not have the above information and you do not know that it is yourself who creates all the circumstances there. It will cost you a lot of suffering and a long time to get out of that place. Considering this should let you realize the value of spiritual goods. All the material goods you possessed on earth do not help you in such a situation, but spiritual goods, like this information, would be worth a lot there. So here we have an example of the importance to collect spiritual goods here on earth and forgetting about running after the things of the world, after material things.

So all this information about the spiritual kingdom, and especially about the dark side of it, which you have here in this document, is valuable and as you have now read it, you will therefore also benefit from it and be blessed. So keep on reading about spiritual things and meditating about them and you will have to stay in the darker area of the spiritual kingdom only for a short time or will even go directly to the kingdom of light.


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