Redemption Periods: Whole works of creation can dissolve when the divine order is violated

Creation - Part 2

by A. B. Counter

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In the first part, in Creation - Part 1, we said that when we deal with creation then it is helpful to look at it in a bigger framework. And this is important because when we then look at a single redemption period and especially when we look at the details of it, like the end of a redemption period with war, upheaval, chaos, tribulation and judgement then it becomes easy to lose the overall view and forget the general development that happens from the first redemption period to the last one.

The general development is a process of bringing matter back to a spiritual state. A spiritualization of matter takes place.

And this means for us that a spiritualization of earth happens. There will be a time where the nature of earth can no longer be called earthly matter but where all materials have become spiritualized. Then the earth has become a more spiritual creation. So when we look at the sky at night then we might see many heavenly bodies that are at different stages of spiritualization. Some of them might be of a lower state and some might have reached a stage of development that is higher or far higher than that of this earth. And when we even go there and have a direct look at what is going on there on the surface then we might think that there is very little going on. But that might be due to our frame of consciousness that does not allow us to perceive spiritual situations that are different from ours here on earth. It could be similar to us walking here on earth and not recognizing all the spiritual beings that are all around us because our state of consciousness does not make it possible to see them and to communicate with them.

But all these heavenly bodies that we see in outer space in the night sky have the same purpose. They are all educational institutions. They are all educational institutions for educating the spirit. At the end of this long process both the creations and its occupants are then spiritualized. At the beginning of this development course every material is judged matter. It was originally spirit but as it acted in opposition to divine law it was judged and the verdict that was reached was a condemnation – an imprisonment in matter. The educational process now is a very long one but it is a process that begins with matter and ends with overcoming matter and becoming spiritual, that starts with imprisonment and ends with freedom. The overcoming of matter is the aim. The banishment into matter is transformed into spiritualization. And this very long time comprises separate development phases. And everyone of such a phase of development is a redemption period and last an eternity. So during such a redemption period maturity is reached by the beings. This upward development might not be so recognizable, especially not when one considers that each redemption period starts with men of high spiritual maturity and ends with men whose inclination downwards is so strong that it gets fulfilment: that they get banished again in creations of the following earth. Our present redemption period started with high spiritual maturity, with a couple that lived in paradise where everything was good. The next redemption period will start with the saints that get raptured just before the destruction of the old earth and they then will return to the new earth and form the stock of new mankind. They are people who are close to God and who have proved themselves under extreme conditions. And this new mankind will live under paradise conditions for a long time but eventual the inclination to matter will cause deterioration. So during a single redemption period the impression prevails that there is not much of an ascent. Only when we look at the course of development of all redemption periods will this ascent become more visible. The ascent even accelerates with time. The next redemption period will already produce results at a faster speed. The time spent in different forms will be shorter. The hardest material will be more brittle as it is now and already a small inclination towards God will shatter it and liberate the imprisoned spiritual. So the Last Judgement will be repeated at the end of every redemption period and it is therefore only a last judgement for this present redemption period. And at every of these trials the spiritual that belongs to the opponent of God will be condemned but still the material part of the earth follows an upward development and at the end a complete spiritualized earth will have emerged. So the judgement is always a separation of the pure from the impure. The aim is to just have the pure at the end.

So let us see the bigger picture. It all starts with God and also ends with God. The spiritual that is from God and of God and close to God and is part of God was at the beginning and will be at the end. In between something happened. The free will caused a turning away from God. And this again brought rebellion against God. And the result of this was judgement. The execution of the judgement was banishment into matter. Matter has the purpose to restrict the freedom of the rebellious spiritual and at the same time to rehabilitate it. The restriction of freedom prevented it from further criminal behaviour and therefore also from the continuous influence of the enemy. The development away from God was stopped. Only during the last phase when the ascent ended in such a way that the spiritual was encased in the physical form of man was freedom given to the spiritual to make the final decision. At the beginning of all redemption periods these decision making results were quite positive but at the end the whole process always had to be interrupted because the situation had deteriorated to such an extent that its further course would be useless as the enemy had gained so much power that he even prevented the beings to seek God. But altogether - all the results of a redemption period were positive.

So let us see this in the form of a list with different levels of duration.


God and his creations
   Opposition to God and rebellion
      Banishment of the rebellious spiritual into matter
         First redemption period
         Second redemption period
         Other redemption periods
         Our present redemption period
            Beginning of our present one
            First part
            First Coming of the Lord
            Second part
            End of this period
               Second coming
         The redemption period that follows after ours
            New creation of the surface of the earth
            Return of the raptured saints
            First part: paradise
            Second part: decline
         Other redemption periods
         The second last redemption period
         The last redemption period
      The liberation from banishment is achieved
   The opposition to God is overcome
God, and his creation, is again complete


All the results of a redemption period put together were positive. To the end of the redemption period the situation deteriorated but in total there was a positive result. And the next period will even be better. The next redemption period will start with a new race of men – the saints that were raptured at the end of this present period will return at the beginning of the next period to the refurbished new earth and all the people living then will be real followers of God and will remain so for a long time. And the result of this will be that the spiritual that walks the course of development through creation will in its last stage, in its stage as man, where it then has free will and will be required to make a decision for or against God, make a decision for God because it is brought up in an environment of people who are all saints and close to God and where the enemy of God is bound and has no influence. It will be the ideal situation – paradise. This next redemption period will bring forth much more positive results than the present one and will therefore be a big improvement especially compared with the present one and especially at its beginning when there will be no enemy because this dragon, that old serpent, which is the devil, and Satan are bound for a thousand years and will deceive the nations no more. And the people on earth will be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. We will have the famous thousand year period where the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God and where they will not wait in vain but in their final phase they will really be in a position to use their free will the right way and make this decision time a full success and turn to God and be redeemed. This coming redemption period will be a real redemption period, a redemption period where many will be redeemed. It is a time where we can look forward to and that we can anticipate with joy and it is preceded by the second coming of Christ and the tribulation that occurs in connection with the end of this redemption period should just be a time where we saints have an opportunity too exercise our faith and our trust in Christ that he will always cause us to overcome and be victorious. And the best of this all will be that all this struggle will cause us to come to a much closer relationship with Christ and therefore we will really enjoy the time on the new earth where Christ reigns because he is in the hearts of those who then live on it.

The next redemption period will be such a success because of what was achieved in this redemption period. The great achievement of this present redemption period is what happened 2.000 years ago and to really understand this great event I will now quote something from Bertha Dudde that summarizes this very well:

Overcoming Death Through Jesus Christ.

14. April 1949. B.D. NR. 4614.

The world has been redeemed from sin. Men should shout for joy and rejoice would they be aware of this great favour that saves them from an unspeakable hard fate in the hereafter when it is used, so when by faith in the redemption through Jesus Christ the forgiveness of sins is requested. Jesus Christ has accomplished the work of salvation that is so significant for all beings on earth and in the spiritual kingdom, and men take so little notice of it and do not exploit this unfathomable blessing. Jesus let himself be crucified out of love for the fellow human beings and stood up again from the dead on the third day. He has overcome death and he wanted that all men be blessed with the sacrifice that his love presented to men; he wanted also them to become overcomers of death, that they did not need to fear death any longer and so could enter eternal life because he has torn down the barriers through the work of redemption that is not comprehensible in its full meaning as long as man dwells on earth. He has overcome death – and because of that a banishment has been broken. Men that have been unfree due to the former sin of revolt against God, whose will stood under the influence of his enemy and who could not free themselves of him, are now in a position to leave the enemy of God through the death of Christ on the cross, when they call on Jesus Christ for help in every trouble for the sake of the work of redemption that the man Jesus has achieved for his fellow human beings. Therefore Jesus is intercessor by God for all that believe in him and make an effort to live in the following of Christ, so are active in love and fulfil his commandments. Then he is doing what God has set him to work doing the assignment during his existence on earth, then he delivers himself from the bonds of death because to be in bondage to the opponent of God is certain death of the soul. Jesus overcame death. He was man and also died as man even though he was filled with the spirit of God and could have averted from himself the bitterest death that he had chosen himself, by virtue of his unrestricted power. He as man presented to God the sacrifice and through it he overcame his enemy by selflessly just thinking of the suffering and the sin of the fellow human beings and wanted to ease the burden for them that is and was the result of sin. And God accepted the sacrifice. He forgives those the sins that call on Jesus as mediator to his blessing and mediation. But to accept the sacrifice and to forgive the sin secures the awakening to life in eternity. So there is no death any longer because after the bodily death the soul enters the kingdom of light for an eternal life. But only the souls of those who acknowledge him, who believe in him as the son of God and redeemer of the world. Men should triumph that death has now been overcome and that Jesus has accomplished this work because now death has lost its fright because there is an awakening in the spiritual kingdom, because the enemy of God has no more power over man when he devotes himself to the divine saviour and asks for his help, for strengthening of the will and the favour of the work of redemption – for the forgiveness of sin that men brought with him as inheritance of the once fallen spiritual, to that he belongs. He is redeemed by Jesus Christ from this sin and is to be jubilant and to rejoice so he keeps in mind the love of the man Jesus that accomplished the most difficult thing on earth that ever a man has been capable of doing. Amen. B.D. NR. 4614.

So we should always keep in mind what Jesus did and what we therefore are able to do and be. We are free of everything, of sickness, need and even of death. We are victors because of what Jesus did. We are to be victors now here in this life and conquer and overcome. And this applies also to the times of the end - even more so then. The more we practise this now the more we will look forward to the times of the end because we know that we will also then just continue to be overcomers. There might be even the possibility that we consciously adopted our stay here on this earth for this purpose because we wanted to be there when this highly important time came and we wanted to be part of this event and wanted to be there when the Millennium begins. And now this event comes up and we should then remember why we came here and make use of the time the right way and practise our membership of the family of God.

Keeping this in mind will very much help us not to cave in when the times become tough and the tests become much more frequent than they are now.

So it is always good to have an overview over things and developments. And this applies to the change that soon is going to take place, the change from this redemption period to the next, but it even more so applies to the whole period of existence of this creation and why created matter came into being and what the whole idea behind it is all about.

For this purpose I am now going to quote prophecy number 4778 from Bertha Dudde. Its title is “Knowledge about God’s Plan of Salvation” and dates from 11. November 1949.

You can examine my plan of salvation from eternity, I do not keep the knowledge about it from you, you only have to have a certain degree of maturity of your soul so that you also can grasp what my plan of salvation reveals to you. Faith and love in your being have to be predominant otherwise you would be unable to accept the knowledge of my plan of salvation as truth because only through love can you recognize my love as motive of my work; only faith finds an explanation for everything. That is why this knowledge cannot be passed on to all men and still it is the only explanation for all events, for creation in the making, for life of men on earth. Only after men have recognized the whole purpose of life on earth, the whole purpose of creation, will they also acknowledge my plan of salvation that makes the connection of it all clear to them that otherwise appears to be incomprehensible. But the knowledge of my plan of salvation will now be imparted as proof of my spiritual working to those who make it their concern to discover the truth. But this knowledge cannot be taken from the book of the fathers, but this is no reason to rejected it, because there is still much that is not recorded in this book – that I keep from those that do not bring their spirit to an awakening in them and on the other hand give it to those who own the key to wisdom – that have formed themselves to love. These thus I inform of all what has been, is and will be into all eternity. I also want that this knowledge will be spread so that men become aware of their great responsibility for their soul. I want that they purely rationally seek an explanation for the whole purpose of life that seems to be acceptable to them. Through knowledge I want to give them instructions to a direction they are to go. And he who is of good will him the knowledge will give insight that he desired for a long time and did not find. The heart will reveal to him what the intellect could not give to him. Only then the whole life will be understandable to him, only then will he learn to recognize me and seek the connection with me, whom he recognizes as desirable and as the only aim for the spiritual that is embodied as man on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 4778.

Now this very much sums up what it is all about. Many have looked for this information and now it is available but only few seem to be interested.

When we consider this information then we might think of the many schools of thought that are in the world and compare them with what we have here. We might think of the different schools of philosophy, or metaphysics, or politics, or religion, or philosophical-religious systems like theosophy or anthroposophy and we will probably come to the result that they are all not very satisfying to mind and heart and only deal with parts and do not seem to comprise the whole picture. Especially the combination of the activity of the intellect and that of the heart seems to missing in most cases. Nearly all these systems seem to evade the existence of God, even some of the religious systems are very good at eluding and sidestepping this issue. So for a person really seeking truth and seeking something that is satisfying to mind and to the heart as well and that especially works in practical aspects of life, for such a person the teachings that come direct from God to us seem to be the only ones that are worth pursuing.

Let us look at a detail and come back to what Paul tells us in Romans Chapter 8 about the connection between man and the rest of creation. Let us first recap what Paul has to say in Romans 8:18-23.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.

Now this is a quite short description of what creation is about but it is also fraught with meaning. I now will quote something similar but written down about 2000 years later and quote from “Explanation of Destructions Dependent on Nature” which was given to Bertha Dudde on 14. June 1951 and which she numbered B.D. NR. 5151.

So here it is:

The world, i.e. the earthly creation, is in permanent progressive development because nothing what God has created remains in a state of rest - so constantly on the same level, but only through perpetual change it will fulfil its actual purpose. This process of change does not need to be always visible, i.e., it can take place so slowly that man perceives little or no change, but it also can happen so suddenly and to such a powerful extent that whole creations are destroyed and reshaped and this again man does not realize because he himself hardly survives such a process. Still such upheavals belong to the development process of the entire spiritual that occasionally has to be disturbed out of an inactivity into which it falls as a result of its resistance against God. All creations come from the hand of God for a particular purpose, for the maturing of the spiritual that is bound in these creations. According to the law from eternity creation therefore fulfils its purpose because the spiritual carries out the activity in mandatory law that helps it to mature. However man can misuse the embodied spiritual in the state of free will, its outer form that was given to him for the same purpose, by ignoring his spiritual assignment, and moreover he can also hinder the destiny of those creations that contain the still undeveloped spiritual, through premature destruction out of evil motives, through use for a purpose adverse to God, through hindering it to serve, and he can therefore as it were misuse the works of creation that were destined for maturing of the spiritual, whereby the spiritual gets in a state of turmoil and tries to burst its cover which is expressed by destructions that are natural, thus not caused directly through the will of men. Because the still bound spiritual can resist the human will since it is not entirely opposed to God and so to speak wants the spiritual upward development itself. Then the raging against the divine order itself has a destructive effect as conversely the building up and further development has as a prerequisite an action in accordance of divine law, of divine order. And so it follows by itself that also whole works of creation can dissolve when the divine order is violated to an extent that the actual purpose is no longer fulfilled on the part of men who are only allowed to enliven and use the earthly creation for the purpose of ascent development. When the creations that arise specially for men to make their maturing possible are used by these for other purposes or are misused then this means a danger insofar as that the spiritual in it revolts because it feels the unlawfulness and sees its own development threatened. Therefore a wide-scale destruction of creations taking place through the will of God is often an act of help for the spiritual bound in it that through the will of men that is wrongly directed is hindered in its development but still wants to come into its own. Besides new creations are to be regarded as the beginning of new epochs of redemption because the hard matter again contains the spiritual in it that is forced into a course of development through the whole of creation because in the pre-period it had failed in free will. It had to be robbed of its free will again and now again walks the way of the law in a bound will - it has to serve because it did want to recognize its destiny as man and sinned against the law of eternal order. That is why also the same principle underlies every new creation: a serving in a mandatory state according to divine rule and likewise in the state of free will. Always the principle of love has to predominate if the ascent development of the spiritual has to take place and building up has to be recognized. But where they sin on the other hand there is decay and disorder and finally total dissolving is the result. Amen. B.D. NR. 5151.

We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.

This sentence comes from Romans 8:18-23 and the following gives us some more insight about it:


Redemption Out of Form is Occasion for Reshaping of Earth.

18. February 1955. B.D. Nr. 6192.

I come to the assistance of the spiritual bound in form because unconsciously it pushes towards completion, it senses the coming change of its abode, it pushes forward in its development, towards a loosened cover. The spiritual still bound in hard matter has now reached a degree of maturity, which allows a loosened outer form, and that is why powerful earth changes become already apparent before the end of this earth; hard matter will be broken through natural disasters; the spiritual in the earth continuously pushes to the surface. And this state of the spiritual alone would already be an occasion for the reshaping of the earth surface because the upward development has to progress and a development period certainly has lasted long enough to get the spiritual in hard matter to give up its resistance. So for this spiritual the end of this earth means redemption and opportunity to further develop in different form. And also the spiritual which livens up the plant and the animal world strives up, and will again be embodied in creations on the new earth through which it can go faster and faster and also the time draws closer and closer for this spiritual where it - embodied as man - is to prove itself in the last test of will. I alone know about the necessity and the blessing of a reshaping of the earth's surface. I alone know about the degree of maturity of the spiritual, both in the creations as well as in man. I alone know when the upward development stops and how it can again be started - and my plan of salvation is laid down accordingly, which now also will be carried out in love, and wisdom and power. That you men are without knowledge about it, is already a sign of too low a degree of maturity, but with some thinking you can already infer that an exceedingly wise creator exists and then also see the suitability of all that what happens - because he who directs your fate according to his will, he also certainly directs the whole universe in wisdom and love. He is not a being which creates and destroys arbitrarily - otherwise wisdom would be doubtful. And only my love underlies everything that happens - also when this appears to you men to be doubtful. Everything around you is spiritual, which like you is to return to me - and to all spiritual I give the opportunity to reach the goal. That you in your blindness do not keep an eye on the only worthwhile aim is your free will. But who strives for it, he reaches me in the stage as man. Before endless times you experienced the same possibilities to change, also you could only become free out of hard matter through my loving intervention; also you had to go the same way, which now the spiritual that becomes free has to go. And my love is meant for all still unfree spiritual, as it was meant for you and still is meant. And that is why mankind will experience something powerful and first will have to experience already much suffering and trouble, so that every opportunity still can be used to reach a higher degree of maturity before the last day has come because it decides for all spiritual on its sojourn. It decides if light or darkness is its fate, and it puts all spiritual into that outer form, which corresponds to its maturity. Amen. B.D. NR. 6192.

In the beginning of our contemplations we had dealt with Romans 8:18-23 and we want to return to it and now deal with the practical application of all this in daily life.


Redemption of the Bound in the Surroundings.

13. March 1958. B.D. Nr. 7065.

All of you can contribute to the redemption of the spiritual when only your love encloses everything what still remains in bondage and therefore in unhappiness. Love is the general solvent because love is a barrier which you erect against the adversary, which stops his activity. When you think of the unhappy, bound spiritual, that it is completely powerlessly exposed to the adversary (that it still belongs to the adversary) - when you want to help it and you employ your power to free it, then you certainly do a work of redemption of greatest importance because the upward development of this spiritual is made easier, it is able to fit in to the laws of divine order faster and can also burst open the outer form easier and faster be generated into new formings so that it reaches maturity quicker. And the redemption of the bound spiritual you men manage through that activity, which you carry out consciously in love under God's blessing - be that through the creation of material things, which fulfil a serving purpose or also through help to serve - when you are just always moved by the will to help this bound spiritual to progress. Every work will then, besides its actual purpose, also have a spiritual effect, which you do not see, but which undeniably is pleasant for the bound spiritual and also puts you yourselves into an outer life sphere, that the spiritual in matter and also in the world of nature opens up to you and you yourselves therefore emit radiations and thus your nearness has already an appeasing effect on the still bound spiritual. You can believe it that you achieve already powerful redeeming work when you enclose everything around you with loving thoughts - however not with a love wanting to possess but looking at everything which serves you in daily life with a love, which is compassionate, wants to make happy and help. The spiritual which is bound in matter feels this love, and it is always more prepared to serve you. And that is already the beginning of giving up resistance. But you yourselves then live a conscious life, conscious of your own purpose and also conscious of the state of all creature and all created things. And when you yourselves thus have entered into the state of such a love, which encloses everything, also the so-called dead matter, it will be easy for you to establish the just order in you yourselves because love is then the power which also accomplishes that, to appease substances still opposed to God and to help them to spiritualization. You therefore have as it were to wage war with him who still has those substances under his control. But you can only fight against this one with the weapon of love. That is an irrefutable law that only through love can his part be wrested from the adversary of God. And when you now know that even the spiritual, which is bound in matter, succumbs to your love power, that it approaches you and in your hands so to speak gives up its resistance, that it lets itself be reshaped through your will to now also be able to serve, then it will also not be difficult for you, to believe, that you bring about the same reshaping in you through love - that in love you have such an effective weapon against the enemy of your souls that that one always wins less influence on those spiritual substances, which are still inherent in your bodily cover as unsorted. Love can achieve everything; love also takes pain upon itself when it can accomplish a work of rescue through it. And you men have to summon up this unselfish love because the adversary can no longer offer resistance to this love, he will then flee the place where always only love meets him because there his power is broken. But that means for the time being that you have to form yourselves to love, only then the power is also in you, to be yourselves redeemingly active. And everything needs support, both your fellow men as well as all works of creation, which surround you, may it be matter, plants or animals. All can be helped in the maturing of their soulish substances through you who are in the last stage of your development as I-conscious beings. When you radiate much love then also that which is in your surroundings will be hit by this love and moved to decrease its resistance; it feels your radiation of love with relief, and it responds as it were to your will to servingly fulfil its assignment - but as it also feels every unloving radiation and hardens and then also indicates such through abnormal development, through spitefulness or unfavourable influence on its environment. What could all be achieved by you men when love would determine your whole being to think and act. And really also no disorderly states in and with you yourselves would become apparent because your love would constantly secure you the influx of power out of God and this certainly achieves everything - thus is also able to put things in order in a way, to which all still immature spiritual willingly submits. By force you will achieve nothing, but with love everything. And therefore you can recover in soul and body when you try in love to come into the right order with everything. Then love will change everything what previously expressed itself ungodly; the soul will be freed from all covers by virtue of love, and also the body will stop to act against God because love now bars all access for the adversary because where love is his activity has now become impossible. Amen. B.D. NR. 7065.

After reading this webpage many things have become much clearer; the whole picture of our existence and of everything around us starts to make much more sense and all pieces start to fit together. And this applies to the physical worlds as well as to all spiritual kingdoms and all other schools of thought just remain to be interesting but no longer seem to satisfy the inquiring mind and the seeking heart. Real valuable information, truth, only comes from God and only he who seeks God will be blessed with it.


This is the end of Creation - Part 2.


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