Rehabilitation: Matter is a special form of spirit and was created to imprison rebellious spirits for the purpose of rehabilitation and to cause them to return to their creator.

Creation - Part 1

by A. B. Counter

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When we deal with creation then it is helpful to look at it in a bigger framework. We know that creation had a beginning and that it also will have an end. Its time is limited. Time and space are some of its key features. The spiritual is eternal and matter is temporal. When we leave this material creation then we talk about departing from this life and entering an eternal phase. We have left time behind us. We are Ė again Ė pure spiritual beings. Originally we have been pure spiritually beings and have now returned to this original state. And also during this time in-between we have remained spiritual beings, but in addition we also were physical beings. We had been spiritual beings who had a physical body. How we came to this physical body is part of our discussion here.

Spiritual power emitted from God. This spiritual power is beingness. It is beings. †The purpose of these beings was to be active as God is active. They were supposed to work as Godís will works - with God. The will of these beings was free, unbound. It was of divine origin und therefore without any constraint. This state we want to call State 1 and list it and the others so that we obtain a better overall view.

The next state that now follows is State 2: The spiritual could separate from God and did so. The will was unbound and caused this turning away from God. The own power was recognized Ė and utilized. God did not prevent this to happen, he only established certain restrictions. This being produced innumerable other beings for it had this mighty will to do it. And all these beings now opposed God. All these beings, instead of joining God, began to fight him. God left them their free will and also continued to let his power flow to them, but wanted that his power returns back to him, and therefore took away from the first of these beings the power to force his will on the others. The first being had called the others into being, but was now prevented to overcome their will. Its power was now restricted. These beings now could decide by themselves whether they wanted to turn to God or to turn against him. They could be with God or support his opponent. It came to a spiritual conflict between these beings and the beings that also emitted from God but had not abandoned him. Light fought against darkness. The fight was limited due to the fact that the free will of the beings could not be impeded.

A stop had to be put to this rebellion against God because the beings of darkness insisted on their revolt and so it came to State 3:

In order to defeat the opponent, God let the creation come into being. All the spiritual that had rebelled against God was banished into this creation. At the same time the free will was taken from them. They had refused to obey Godís will and now they were forced to serve him. They had not done so out of their own free will and now they had to do it. They were now subjected to the will of God and could not liberate themselves by their will. They had been condemned Ė judgment had been passed on them. But the influence of the first being continued to be so strong that all these beings, that now had been embodied in order to become free, continued to stand by it.

This now led to State 4: God now did an extraordinary thing. God himself as man joined this creation and destroyed the power of his opponent, and all his hate, with his love. From now on a being that so far had been completely under the influence of the first being, could turn to God and so obtain its freedom. So the power of the opponent had been restricted. All power over the creation was taken away from the first being as well. The only power that this being now still has is that of deception, and this power is only available to it as long as the beings do not place themselves under the will of God. Once these beings have consciously decided to place their will under the will of God, the first being also can no longer have an undermining effect on their will by this means.

And this State 4 will last until all matter is dissolved. Once this has happened matter is no longer needed und can be rolled up. State 5 has then been reached and everything has returned to God.

Here the 5 States as a table.


Sequence of Events





Spiritual power emits from God; it is an entity




Some beings consciously opposes God




God lets the creation come into being in order to overcome the opponent




God descends down to the creation, to the bound beings, and binds the power of the opponent



The creation is no longer needed as all matter is now redeemed und reunited with God


So the material creation only plays a role in the fourth and the fifth state.

The Bible gives us an insight into all these events. In Luke 10:18 Jesus says: I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

In the following verse, in Luke 10:19, Jesus gives us an indication how the power of Satan was broken and that Satan is unable to get at us:

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

The enemy has no power. He only then has power when we ourselves give it to him Ė when we out of ignorance yield our will to his.

Jesus saw Satan as lighting fall from heaven. Satan fell from the world of spirits and therefore from heaven. He became the material creation.

This verse does not say where Satan fell to. It only says that Satan fell from heaven. So he did not actually fall onto the earth, his fall resulted in the creation of matter.

The whole physical creation is therefore a temporary matter. We should never lose sight of this. Again and again we have to bring before our mind that we are not walking by sight, for we walk by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7).

We walk by sight when we take this material world too seriously. We are believers when we are completely conscious of the spiritual. Then we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18).

When we think of the fall we normally think of what happened in paradise to Adam and Eve. And their fall and Satanís fall from heaven are more or less the same. Both falls have the same spiritual background. Satan fell due to his wrong attitude and so did the first couple. Satan stopped being spiritual and was transformed into matter. And Adam and Eve also stopped being spiritual and this caused them to be attracted to matter. The eating of the fruit is a symbol of changing the desire towards God into a desire towards material things. Adam and Eve were attracted to matter and did exactly the opposite of what they were supposed to do - free themselves from the bondage of matter. So whenever we get attracted to matter we are in great danger. We are supposed to enjoy life here on earth and to enjoy Godís creation but this does not mean that we should worship his creation as our god. God should remain our god and his creation we should enjoy but not worship it. We should reign over matter and never allow matter to have any power over us. This is a very important aspect of life and it is a significant sign of the man-made churches that they mostly fall for this temptation: that they are worldly by not clearly understanding the difference and therefore try to serve two masters. Most of their activities are geared towards serving worldly things and as one cannot serve two masters they are serving the wrong master and therefore are really part of the system of antichrist.

The above mentioned table with the 5 states is a kind of order of events which shows our past development and which also includes the future. It is not really a time table because time does not really count in the spiritual world, only in the world of matter. Whenever we are occupied with such time tables we also should remember this one and see the importance of our time in this physical world in perspective and remind ourselves that our time which we spend in the world of matter is just something passing by and not the genuine reality.

Some more details of how all the spiritual that rose up against God was banished into this creation is found in Romans 8:19-23:

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope. Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.

God banished, or made subject, all the spiritual, that had rebelled against God, into this creation, and now the creation longs for, or yearns for, to be redeemed from this creation.

ďFor the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of GodĒ means that the creation waits for deliverance. And this liberation canít come from the creation, not from the common creation, but only from a special part of this creation. And this special part is the part that crystallizes out of the end of the chain, man. The common creation has to submit completely to the order established by God. The animals and the plants and the minerals completely obey the command of God. There is order. The disorder that comes into the creation of God comes from man only and this is so because man is surrounded by this veil that separates him from all the spiritual around him and that prevents him from being guided through this spiritual world of information. The animals and the plants and the minerals have full access to this world of information and are led by it and canít at all deviate from it. They donít create disorder. But man does. He does it because in contrast to all the other creations the spirit was added to his soul. Intelligence was given him; he was given the ability to use his will. And this would imply that his will must be free. And to have a free will means that one can do what one wants to do. One can do good or bad, one can keep to the truth or to a lie, order or disorder. When something spiritual, and man is such a thing, creates disorder then he does it because he is incomplete. Once he is perfect he will stop to create disorder. But until this aim is achieved there simply exists the possibility to bring evil and harm and lies and disorder into the world. Man must be granted this freedom because only this way he can really become a god Ė a god that is independent and acts and that is not like a puppet or a machine or a robot that has to do what God wants. Once man decides on order he is redeemed; if not he has been put on hold. Therefore the whole creation awaits anxiously this decision: Does man become a child of God or not? It is the decision that brings redemption to all creatures. It is the hope that they have. It is the end to all mortality. It is the bodyís salvation.

The disorder can however only be caused when the spirit, which causes it, is an incomplete one and is in possession of free will. It must therefore be a man who is part of creation. Before it became man, before its soul became the soul of a man, its components were the souls of the rest of creation. And every activity of these beings of the rest of creation was impelled to do Godís will. And because these beings act in accordance with their creator everything they do is well-organized. And therefore the whole works of creation is in divinely-ordained order. The opponent canít interfere there. The only one who can step in this way in a negative fashion is man. Therefore creation is exposed to manís arbitrary rule. The condition will depend on him acting orderly or disorderly. His will is the determining factor. And here we have all the answers to the problems of the environment, like environmental pollution, extinction of species, global warming, war, hunger, epidemics etc. The answer and the solution are the return and the running back to God. Will man submit to the will of God or will he do what the opponent of God, the adversary, suggests? Order or disorder is at stake, preservation or destruction. It is a question of creating or of destroying, to be divine or to be satanic. The one who has the urge to wipe out places himself directly underneath the power of Satan, or to be more exact, he remains under this influence. He does not succeed to manage his deliverance.

And all this disorder, and this environmental pollution, and this destruction and devastation is what the Bible calls sin.

In Romans 8:20 it says that the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same; or the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it; or ďEverything that God made was changed to become useless. This was not by its own wish. It happened because God wanted it.Ē Here we have the reference of the Bible regarding this process of creation and also the reason for it. God subdued the spirits that had turned against him and he did it by creating the world of matter. He created a temporal material world in order to get those spirits under his control Ė to get control over these spirits out of which he created space and time and mass.

When we have criminals in our society then we defend ourselves by restricting their ability to act and we do it by depriving them of their freedom of movement Ė we lock them up. When they are caught they get handcuffed Ė they get bound. And when they then are brought to a place which they canít leave then they are prisoners there. They are in jail.

And that is what we men have to endure here on earth. We are in prison. And this prison is our body. The world of matter is what imprisons us.

Prisoners are kept in jail because their acting has proved to be harmful and because one wants to prevent them to commit further damage.

In addition the purpose of imprisonment is to give the convict the opportunity to reflect and to come to his senses und one assists him in to get rehabilitated, meaning to return to normal life.

Once this has been achieved one is much inclined to set him free. Progress of society has been fostered and in addition the burden on society has been eased because energy to restrict the freedom of movement has no longer to be spent.

One purpose of a prison is therefore the restriction of movement and another purpose is the restoration of freedom of movement. Once we are in a prison the whole purpose of this stay should be to regain our freedom Ė to get out of it.

One would have a prison mentality when one would consider the stay in prison as normal and may be even as ideal and desirable. With such a mentality one could easily come to a state to consider such a life as the only possible one. If somebody came to such a person and told him that there are other possibilities of life, for example a life outside of prison, then such a person could perhaps react in an unbelieving manner or even get angry because he feels his world is getting threatened. He is under the delusion that his world is the only one and that there is no other one in existence. Such a belief is called materialism today. A materialist is somebody who believes that only this prison of matter exists and nothing else.

The separation from God was the occasion that caused the creation to come into being and therefore the reunification with God must be the aim and purpose of all that God made. The union with God has to be the target when a being wants to walk the right way and finally reach God and become a completed spirit.

A submission to Godís will has to take place. And this must be a decision made as a being that has free will and has to be made consciously because when the same being made a decision against God then it also had this free will and made this decision with a mind that was fully aware of what it did and was in a position that had a choice and could choose.

So what is matter? Matter is something that was judged by God, or matter was the result of his judgement. It is the power of God, or a power of God; and it is that kind of power that became form. It is a power of God that turned against him and became insubordinate. It is a power that lost its purpose and aim. It is spiritual and it is a spiritual that was created by God and because of its inherent freedom it is a spiritual that did not recognize its destiny. It is a spiritual that moved away from God and away from unity and that was therefore bound. Its original power and freedom was taken from it - because it left God. And this leaving resulted in its weak condition. It is power that emitted from God but that lost this power because it did not keep in contact with God and so this power cannot be useful as long as it remains form. It is power that no longer complies with the basic law and order established by God. But this condition is a temporary one because in the final analysis such a thing canít exist. Godís power canít be without effect in the long run. God will use other power to do something about this power that got lost. This power that remained in contact with God will cause the power that got lost and helpless and dead and inactive to become alive again and active and moving. This dead stuff gets stirred up. And because it has proved in the past that it used its free will in the wrong direction it is now not allowed to gets its free will back and therefore has to simply do what it is told. It can get active but in a supervised way only. Once it disobeyed God and now it has to obey him. It has to subjugate to what God deems to be advisable.

The spiritual that had become form, had become matter, will be stirred to action by the will of God. His radiance will get it to move again but now not by its own will but by Godís will. It has to submit to God if it again wants to receive power from above, if it wants to function again, if it wants to return to its original state of being able to use unlimited power and free will. So matter, that is hardened power, needs the power that stayed on Godís side to come to it and to enliven it again. The basic change that has to take place is a change from the attitude of anger and hate to an attitude of love and service. And this can be done by accepting the love that comes from the side that remained with God - which is love for the unredeemed matter. Only this can bring liberation to the banished matter and cause it to drop its resistance against God Ė to give in. Only when this is achieved can this power that was formed into matter again begin to get formed into something that can move and function and be active. The inherent power it has can now come to life again - it gets revived and livens up. But all the time this originally with God remaining power has to be radiated towards this matter and has to be received by it. This process will initiate a slow and small change in the hard matter and cause it to begin a long march back. Matter now must have the will to let the positive power be active in it, but this is the only will it can be granted, a really free will remains an aim for the far away future. Godís order and Godís law are from now on made mandatory upon this matter that has decided to return and to let the power have an effect on it. So it has the will to go this way. But having such a will also means that it has the potential will not to go this way and to remain in opposition to God. This would mean to remain dead and inactive. But even then this matter still is and has ever been power that went out from God. But it is power that has no effect and is opposing eternal order. And this again means that matter can never be something that is desirable Ė desirable for a being that is spiritual, that is spiritually advanced. A really spiritual person will always recognize matter as something that is opposing God, as something that is an expression of rebellion against God. Only when this matter turns and becomes ready to be of service, only then does it start to become useful. But that is already all Ė useful. So when matter becomes useful, becomes active again, it is of some value and has a purpose and can be appreciated. So matter is something that is unredeemed. It is a power station that is out of order. A power station that is out of order must be put into commission again in order to serve a purpose. The power that puts a power station that is out of commission back into a state of usefulness must come from outside; there must be a strong will that is coming from the outside of this power station and only such a force will be able to bring back life into this power generating plant. The generator, the machine itself, canít cause itself to become operative again. The generator which is out of commission can draw power to itself and this outside power can bring back vitality and helpfulness. So matter is hardened power. Power that goes out from God is power that is fully functionally and life giving and highly active and can also revitalize this hardened power when it can gain access to it. The will of the hardened power, of matter, has to provide this access. The will that is bound inside this hardened power has to make this decision. This will that originally made a decision to oppose God also has to make a decision to reverse the original one. The hardening was a result of the decision made by the beings that were banished into matter Ė a decision to turn from God Ė and now the softening also must be the result of a decision they make. They have to cease to resist God. This life giving power coming from God Ė a power that contains the will of God Ė can cause the will of the beings inside matter to change direction. They might like what they receive and it might be stimulating action and causes its own power to unfold again. So matter is uncooperative Ė something that does not cooperate with God Ė as long as it does not serve a useful purpose. Once it has given up its resistance - and starts to serve - it can be used to form creations that help others. And as man is also a creative being Ė as God is a creator Ė man can create things that help him and that are there for the benefit of him and other beings. And so man can contribute to the redemption of matter by assigning a serving activity to it. And then the entity that is bound inside matter is given the opportunity to be set free and to escape from the form that envelops matter. This escape takes place once the purpose of the creation is fulfilled, when it has become useless and when something else is made out of it. So man plays a key role in this loosening or dissolving of matter. Man can therefore cause to instil into matter this higher power or energy that causes the unused power inside of matter to get active again and get stimulated to become alive and moving. The entity that is captured inside the unredeemed matter and matter itself is transformed by man due to him being active and creative and using matter to bring advance to himself and his environment. And here we are back to what we read in Romans 8:19-23: ďFor the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope. Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.Ē So if we behave like real sons of God we will very much help all the creatures to be delivered from the bondage of corruption, from the bondage of matter. They wait with earnest expectation for our manifestation as the sons of God. They wait for us to come right and do the right thing. And when that happens then they have a good chance to be delivered out of the bondage of matter. They groan and travail in pain and it is up to us to do something about it.

Everything of our visible creation came forth from the will of God to create it. It had his power as its source. The part that Godís opponent plays in creation is that the substances of these creations are the spiritual that is permeated with the will of the enemy. His will was opposed to God and so was everything that followed him. And that is the reason why creation is part of his sphere of influence. All material things fall into this category. And this includes man. The special role that man plays in all this is that man can liberate himself from this influence and escape out of it. And this he can do while he is still in his physical body and still here on earth. Man can escape out of this sphere but he canít avoid to be influenced by it. If he wants to escape he has to do something about this influence. What can completely escape the bad influence is manís soul. The soul can be free and dwell in its final home and be happy. So the enemy has the power of influence on this side of life but it is that only, not more. It is his realm but he does not have any real power there, because the real power is still with the creator God. Godís will alone is reigning. Matter consists of substances that are related to the enemy but he canít influence creations that are of God. God is still in control. The spiritual that is bound in matter can therefore rise and can achieve a spiritual ascension. Once a decision was made to go the route of escape and the walk on that route has begun, the spiritual that is locked in matter can no longer be stopped by the enemy. So what the enemy is doing is that he tries to influence that part of the creation that is open to his influence. And that is man. He wants man to act in a negative way on creation, in way that is destructive. He wants man to use his will and cause damage to Godís creation. And such a negative attitude is always the result of a lack of love. So he goes for that. He likes to kill love. He likes to kill the love that exists in man and a good way to achieve this is to kindle the love for the world and the desire for material things. This is done at other peopleís expense and so the fight of man against man is an excellent way to support the aims of the enemy and the whole creation looks on and is groaning and travailing in pain. As soon as man has let himself be carried away and does what the opponent of God suggests he has fallen into his hands and he acts against love and against Godís basic order. His speaking and thinking and acting has gone awry. He will then progressively fall into the hands of the devil and be his servant. The material world is the realm of the opponent because the banished spiritual in that matter still has got his will and wills as he wills. And this will resists Godís will. But it still wants to rise to freedom in the system that God has imposed on it.

So the enemy seeks to liberate this spiritual so that it returns to him and increases his sphere of influence. And he tries to achieve this by causing man to destroy the work of Godís creation by means of greed and unkindness and hate. The right way to destroy and change matter in order to release the spiritual in it is the way that God has ordered. And this is always a way that comes from love and that brings with it a usefulness of the new works that have been made. So the motive is decisive. When a child hits at plants to vandalize everything that comes his way then his motives are bad and negative but when another child picks a flower because he appreciates it and wants to keep it and may want to give it as a gift to somebody then his motives are good and positive. So it will always be the spiritual side behind an action that will determine its worth. The love motive will be decisive.† When new things are made that have the purpose of being useful then there is a driving force behind it that comes from love. And such actions are helping the spiritual that is inside of matter to be released and given the opportunity to further advancement. The spiritual has then reached the end of its time in that particular kind of matter and can now advance. The enemy of God however wants that this takes place before this time has come. He wants to break off this development and cut it short. And for this he needs the will of man. With the help of man he can end this development prematurely. He himself does not have this power. So he causes man to do it for him. God is using his creation to cause the spiritual that has fallen and that has gone away from him to turn back to him. This spiritual is inside of matter and has to develop according to Godís plan and schedule. And the enemy wants to interrupt all this. And action without love is what does it. It is always an act without love that hurts the neighbour and that also causes the destruction of matter in a way that suits the enemy.

So the enemy wants to liberate the spiritual and he wants to block its development and he also wants to win man himself. And he wins man by man being compliant with the plans of the enemy. The plan of course is to get man to destroy his own whole development that lies behind him. Manís soul has gone through all these stages and is now in its last stage of development where it finally can gain its liberation and get united again with its creator. The whole reason why man went through all these stages was to get out of the clutches of the devil. The devil had caused him to fall and side with him and turn against God and now man has reached the final step of the escape from the devil. But the devil has not given up. At this last moment he again wants to win man and make him his victim and be in bondage to him. The devil wants to increase his power and he does it by trying to divert all Godís power to himself. Man has got free will and can stop the devil anytime. He just has to walk in love and that will cause him to be perfect and the devil cannot touch him. And this love walk will be the complete liberation from the power of the devil. And this love walk will cause all spiritual that is beneath him to get liberated as well. The redemption of the other creatures depends on man. ďFor the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.Ē That is Roman 8:19. And verse 21 says, ďBecause the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.Ē And then follows Romans 8:22, ďFor we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.Ē It all depends on man. Will he do the right thing at this last short stage? Will he use his heart and his mind, the gifts God has given him, the right way and will he make the right decisions or will he fail again? Will he reshape matter and make useful things out of it? Will all his acts be guided by love for his neighbour? Will he protect matter and prevent its wilful destruction? Will he allow matter to fulfil its destiny? Will he allow men and animals and plants and minerals to serve according to their form? All elements of Godís creation have their destiny. They all have their meaning and their purpose. Manís job is to be active and to do it in love and in wisdom and his hands and his mind should let things come into being that serve his neighbour and help him. Whenever man creates things he should be a creator in the same manner as his own creator was when he created him as the crown of the creation. And when man destroys some created work, work that was created by him or by God, then he should only do it when this newly formed work serves the further development of the spiritual that is banished in matter. Any kind of vandalizing sets spiritual beings free. But that kind of liberation causes the spiritual to take revenge or has to suffer and here we have a case where it can be said that our children will have to pay the penalty for our neglect and destruction of the environment. The spiritual has now been treated contrary to Godís plan, its development has been interrupted and it has to find a new form. Entities that have been disturbed and liberated against their will might also pester and trouble man and affect his soul and cause him to be drawn excessively to matter and arouse desires and lusts and these are negative influences for the soul and do harm to its progress and cause the soulís enemy to rejoice and celebrate its success. He is permanently fighting to win the soul of man and is always tempting it. So it is love that liberates man and a man who lives a life of love will be free from the lust for matter and material things. He will be busy and his activities will contribute to the redemption of matter and his enemy and tempter will be empty-handed. Such a right attitude towards matter can be found in men who treat material things like beings and express respect towards them and might even talk to them and express an understanding for their situation. Praying over food is an expression that not only the food may be a blessing to the body but that also the food itself may be blessed by being eaten and that the spiritual in the food may have an opportunity to be released and progress on its way to liberation.

So if a man uses matter for things he creates and makes, then he helps the spiritual inside that matter to be of service and therefore to its further development. And this is the reason why human activities are a blessing in a spiritual sense because all that is spiritual in matter pushes and presses towards a state of life, a life that is only possible in loosened forms Ė after certain spiritual substances have gathered together for common action.

So matter waits for humans to become active. Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

And after certain spiritual substances have gathered together for common action then we have something like a soul. This is not yet a human soul, but it is on its way and when all soul substances are united then the final stage has been achieved. So everything we see is enlivened by spiritual entities and every one of them is a miniature soul and many of them form a human soul, the last stage of its development.

So everything man can see is already contained in his soul.

We canít see the spiritual inside of matter. We also canít see the soul and the spirit inside the physical body of a man. But they are there. So visible matter hides what it is inside: the spiritual. The spiritual inside of material things is concealed by its outer form. The spiritual is immortal but before it really reaches the state of immortality it has to work its way up and through matter in order to gain the state of liberty and to be active there for eternity. But even when it is still wrapped up in matter it is active. This life imprisoned in matter is not complete inactivity, and its activity may be minimal and restricted by time, and also changing, but it is active, but it is also nothing compared to the possibilities it originally had. Life imprisoned in matter is simply incomplete because its activity is limited. A complete life is unlimited. A life in prison is unfortunate and lamentable. Free action is not possible and lack of power is depressing. When we look at a rock then we can only imagine some activity in such a mineral by thinking of all the particles in the atoms whirling around each other. If we then look at something which is a less hard case for the spiritual like a plant or an animal then it is already much easier to discover life there. The difference between a mineral and a plant is quite impressive and lets us understand why we speak of inorganic matter and of organic matter, but the actual difference is that the spiritual entity inside these forms of matter is at different stages of development.

There once was a movement in scientific circles that was called vitalism. It was a school of scientific thought that attempted to explain the nature of life as being a result of a vital force. And this vital force they thought to be peculiar to living organisms. And they also thought that it was different from all other forces found outside living things. The vital force was considered to be an intrinsic force that controls form and development of organisms and directs its activities. This vital force was assumed to exist in all living things and to activate life and to be elusive and inestimable and immeasurable. It is a doctrine that holds that life processes cannot be explained as chemical or physical phenomena. There should be a vital agent that regulates organic development, a force that directs the processes in living bodies.

The vitalistsí problem was that they saw a fundamental difference between matter and spirit and therefore to also see a difference between inorganic and organic. And there is of course a difference but the basic tenet is that there is only spirit and that matter is just a special form of spirit used for a special occasion.

So when we understand what matter really is then we will also understand why the vitalists had this problem. The vitalists obviously were people who could not agree with pure materialists. Materialists based everything on matter and for them something like thinking and the mind and consciousness was something that once developed out of matter. Such ideas where unacceptable to the vitalists and they saw the influence of the spirit on everything. But their problem was that they saw the need to separate the spiritual from matter, and that we canít really do because there does not exist anything that is not spiritual. So this historical situation of the existence of the vitalists helps us to better understand matter and its dependence on the spiritual.

And the development of science clearly points in this direction that matter and life is not separate from each other. Matter is energy in a particular form, and everything consists of particles, and nothing that exists is not part of these elemental forms of existence.

Now it seems strange that the aspect of love should be so very important in everything we do. Why is that? Why would the existing attitude of love or the absence of love be of decisive importance to all my actions? Why do I do harm to a plant and why am I hurting it when I kick it with my foot just out of an urge to release my frustration, and why do I not hurt a plant when I eat it and actually completely consume it? Why do I then actually help the plant, or the spiritual entity inside the plant, to be released and promoted to a higher form in its development when I do something that helps the plantís development and mine? The answer is relatively simple. It is because the basic building block of everything is love. We might also call it consciousness or light or information. And when everything that exists is love, then only a loving act gets anything done. Anything else will just end in a dead end. And that is what death is all about. When something is dead then it has landed at a place where it canít go further. There is only life, nothing else. So when the Bible talks of something being dead then it really means that this something has reached a dead end. And unless it turns around, and stops going in the wrong direction where no progress can be made, it will remain there for as long as it likes.

Separation from God is death, union with God is life.

So every act that does not come from an attitude of love is not in line with the basic setup of everything. It disturbs and causes havoc and chaos. Another good way to understand this is to look at unity. There is only One. We are all one. To understand this Oneness is to understand love. If my right hand hurts a finger of my left hand then it hurts itself and that is me and everything that belongs to me including my extremities. It is just an act of nonsense, an act that does not make sense and only creates chaos. Love must always be the basic principle of our thinking and acting.

My right hand is very similar to my left hand but there is still a difference and both hands have different jobs. †There is diversity and still oneness.

Love is everything. Everything grew out of love. Everything came from the power of Godís love. Everything is connected with God - and that forever. Everything is forever connected with God and can never be separated from him. And this applies to the most insignificant creature of his. Every creation of his enjoys Godís love and care. But it also has to fulfil the purpose of its existence. And for this reason it was given life. To every creature a task was assigned and it is its job to carry it out. When the creature complies with this assignment then it gains its freedom from that particular form. It then can embody itself again anew in a higher form. Every creature has to carry out an activity. But this activity differs from the previous activity. And this is so because different abilities have to be developed. There might be activities that have to be repeated in these very many embodiments but they are always adjusted to its course of development. Now all these many embodiments are similar in principle, only the last one is different. The last embodiment is the embodiment into the form of man. Before the embodiment as man the activity of that being is subject to the will of God. Such an activity is therefore executed in accordance with certain legalities. And the result is that the abilities of the beings are particular to them and identify the being in that form. And therefore there are so many forms before the embodiment as man. And in every one of them the job of the being is different. But every job agrees with the will of God, with his wisdom and with his love. Every job results in the ripening of the being and this ripeness again results in its ascent.

And the last step in this process is the last embodiment, the embodiment into man. And manís purpose of existence is the development of the soul. And the difference between this last stage and all the stage before is that during all the previous stages the beings had to be in compliance with the mandatory provisions but now during this last stage the being is subject to its own impetus. And because of this God takes a special interest in it. In this last development period Godís love takes particular care of his beings. So the human being has to carry out an activity that comes from its own urges and motives. The actuation must be its own and not as it was before that the being was subject to compulsory requirements. The human being has to be active out of its own drive and ascend and develop its soul. Everything must be done to help the soul to reach the freedom that it once had. All actions as a human being must be actions done in love and service. The service motive and the love motive must be the guiding forces. Only they agree with the will of God. Only then a life will be blessed. Godís love will be directed towards man and will give him opportunities to be of service. Every earthly work is such an opportunity. Manís attitude towards his work will determine his spiritual progress. The extent of love exerted in ones duties decides the measure of progress and advancement. And Godís will ends every soulís time on earth. He determines the point of time. He places the soul in the spiritual realm and there he carries on looking after it. And he does so regardless whether the soul is complete or incomplete. And there again the being has to be active in love and service in order to progress on its ways back to the father. The final goal is the reunification with God. It is the only purpose of every being on earth - and also in the sphere of the spirits.

At the beginning of our discussion we stated that state 5 is the last state and that there the creation is no longer needed as all matter is now redeemed und reunited with God.

Now this is the long-term goal.

The fight between light and darkens will last for eternities. The biblical meaning for eternity is a very long duration. And that again means that it is very long but that it still has an end. So this fight between light and darkness will come to an end. At the end the light will have overcome darkness and only light will exist. And no darkness will be able to be there. There will be then no more fighting of spirits against each other but love will connect all spiritual beings in their mutual work for God. The striving for perfection will never cease. It will be the new basis for the activity of all beings in the sphere of the spirit. In the past all the light beings were occupied with the redemption of erring souls but this work is now no longer required because the realm of light only holds redeemed souls and they are all now busy spurring each other to achieve ever increasing perfection.

States 3 and 4 are the states where the physical creation exists and these two states have the purpose to redeem men from their error and from the result of their error. Their error was to oppose God and the result of their error was the banishment into matter. Their error was the wrong use of the will and to compensate for this error they have to pass the test Ė proving that they now make the right use of their free will. The actual purpose of men during his life on earth is to use the power of life and to use his will and to do it the right way. And the world is just given to him to use it as a tool to achieve this maturing of the soul, to be a means to test his will. The test is to be master of the world and not become a slave of it.

What was the first sentence that God spoke to men? Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the foul of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Genesis 1:28.

The first thing that God said was that we are to subdue the earth. We are to subdue matter. We are to have dominion over matter. Matter is supposed to be our slave and we are not supposed to be slaves of matter. What a message. And how far has men deteriorated from that commandment!

Now these two states exist of redemption periods and we are living in such a redemption period. This redemption period we are living in now is an important one. It is simply therefore important because we are living in it but the real importance of this redemption period lies in the fact that during this redemption period the significant event of God coming to earth happened.

This redemption period is significant for the development of the spiritual because Jesus Christ was on earth in this epoch. It is important for men but also for the spiritual that is still languishing in matter and still has to walk the long course of development.

It would now be interesting to have a closer look at this specific redemption period and many details will become clearer by investigating a single period and by especially paying attention to the transition from one period to the next. By seeing the particulars of the end of this period and the beginning of the next one many aspects of our world will become more understandable and will help us to walk through these two periods, to successfully finish this one and also successfully start the next one.

The individual beingís walk on earth is determined by its purpose. A being cannot voluntarily take up and fulfil an activity or an assignment of another being because these duties of the beings are just different in the different embodiments. This is an order in creation that cannot be overruled that every single creature is determined for an activity that again contributes to the preservation of the whole work of creation. Nothing is without purpose and meaning and so the assignment of every being must correspond with this purpose and meaning. It is sometimes doubtful if it is recognized by men as such because man does not possess the knowledge about the interdependence within the work of creation but when he acknowledges God as an exceedingly wise creator then he is not allowed to be overcome by doubt because nothing can be useless in creation that was created by the wisest creator. Every single being is destined to walk its way on earth in isolation for a certain time and to mature now through the fulfilment of its given purpose. In the ascent development of the beings also lies the possibility of uniting with other likewise mature beings that now receive a new receptacle in order to again live on earth as a single being. And this course of development keeps going on again until finally the outer form of innumerable spiritual entities, which were allowed to unite, becomes the human body of flesh and now the whole will be given the greatest and last assignment to develop in such a way that it gets rid of every outer form so that it can leave earth one day. Again this being Ė man Ė must now carry out an activity that can earn him the state of maturity and this activity Ė that can bring him final liberation Ė is a conscious activity in love. Man also has to fulfil his earthly duty independently of the spiritual duty to achieve perfection and also the earthly duty contributes again to the preservation of what God has created. The earthly duty is however only the means to an end because the first and most important purpose of life on earth is the shaping of the soul and this development of the soul has to be done separately from the earthly activity. And this always requires the connection of the being with God, because without this it can possibly do all earthly duties and execute its activity as directed, but the soul can never develop in accordance with the will of God as this requires extraordinary power that is available to the being unlimited but has to be requested from God, therefore the connection to God has first to be there because this is the first and the last aim of every entity in creation. Because the former separation from God was the cause why the work of creation came into being and therefore the unification with God has to be goal and purpose of all that what God made. The walk of the being on earth has to lead to the unification with God in the end provided the being does not misuse its free will anew in its last stage as man and again turns away from God of its own accord.

We are to call to mind the vastness of the work of creation as far as we can and recognize at it the omnipotence of divine love; because everything we see is created for men who are still in the state of imperfection and therefore endless far away from God. But his love does not want to leave us in this distance and therefore let something come into being as a means to decrease the distance to him. The creation is proof of his love and mercy because there is no other way for the spiritual that opposes him to lead it to God than just this walk through the creation that requires a certain subjection under the divine will and this already means an approach to God. But the will of the being will never be forced to approach God. The being is only made to realize what it means no longer to be able to use its free will, to encourage it to again obtain the use of free will. The being itself has to manage this. So the approach to God has never been brought about against the will of the being when it once has taken place, but the being itself has decided on this and now allowed the will to become active. An in order to awaken in the being the desire for the freedom of the will it had to go the long way through creation and it had to learn to feel the bound state as pain because only then it could consciously strive for freedom. Every work of creation is therefore to be regarded as a proof of Godís love as it serves to save the being from its state of being far from God, a state that neither makes the being happy nor satisfies it. What comes out of God has divine feeling and divine purpose. And the fulfilment of this purpose causes the highest degree of happiness. But if the being itself is at fault to be so far away from God that it does no longer recognize its purpose then the degree of happiness must decrease accordingly. So the being has become imperfect and the state of imperfection causes pain. Godís love wants to lead every being back and wants to reinstate its original abundance of power to enable it to fulfil its actual purpose and to put the being again into a state of happiness at the same time. And this can only take place when the being itself gives up its will Ė that is wrong - and subjects it to the divine will. But the being has lost its power of understanding through its farness from God and therefore it has to be made quite clear to the being that its will is wrong and for this purpose God let the creation come into being which binds the will of the being until the being feels the banishment as painful and wants to get out of it. Then its will starts to turn again to God and the distance to him decreases. And whether also seemingly the work of creation is a gag of the will it is still the only possibility to let the being feel and recognize its former wrong will because only the recognition determines the will to choose a different direction. But the will of the being can never be forced because otherwise it would be impossible to again reach perfection. Again and again the unending love of God is at work to again direct all that has fallen away from God back to him and everything that exists, what is visible to men as work of creation, only proves the great love of God towards the beings that through their own fault renounced God but are never able to lose their affiliation with God and are to come again to the consciousness of this affiliation with God. And this is the purpose of the work of creation that declares the never ending love, goodness and compassion of God.

To live in divine order means to adapt oneself without resistance to the laws that God gave to all his works of creation. Man has to pay attention to the inner voice Ė to what it instructs man to do Ė then man will find himself in divine order, i.e. respect and follow divine will. And then he also goes the walk of upward development. Every work of creation except man is in divine order as it has a bound will, i.e. has to do all that what is divine will and therefore agrees with the laws that God gave from eternity. Only man is able to overrule these laws, i.e. to act against these laws as his will is free and as he can make use of this in a way that opposes divine will, divine order. But such a violation against divine order has a damaging effect on his soul as it jeopardizes the upward development, even often excludes it. God in his wisdom has ordered everything so that it canít be changed by men arbitrarily without resulting in damage. Actually living a life exactly according to divine order is the only guarantee for man to progress on his way up.

The spirit of light thought and spoke to himself and through this to the spirits subject to him of how he could be independent of God and how it was not necessary to obey Godís commandments and the result was that he put himself into prison in his inertia in which he solidified himself more and more and the result of this again was the creation of matter.

A description of this event we find in Isaiah 14:12-14:

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

All matter therefore is special spirit that can be reborn to eternal life as soul in every man in the soulís spirit. But when all special spirits are taken out of the matter of a world then the full end of such a world has occurred.

When people would see Jesus in front of them and would not be spiritual they would not recognize him even when they would observe and hear what he is doing and what he is saying. They would remain blind. If somebody would tell them that it is Jesus they would still not believe him because an awakened intellect belongs to belief and such an intellect would if need be also find its way around by itself. But where the intellect of a man is still blockheaded by the thickest matter there even a direct pointer towards a thing will be of no avail but such a person has to first give himself ten times a bloody nose and only then will he start to think about it why he got a sore nose.

God has given us a heart and a mind and we have to make use of both. We have to let love speak to us and there is never a reason to switch off the intellect.

But in the strength of neighbourly love always lies the inner revelation of pure, divine love and in that again eternal life.

So a first step has always to be to get rid of matter that is blocking the intellect. A materialistic world view will have to be the first thing that has to be removed. Without such a kind of action no progress can be achieved.

Matter is something that is the result of an idea. And an idea is the result of thinking. When a thought is established and then determined and unchangeably held it has become an idea that gets manifested in matter.

Before the idea there was a thought. An idea is thinking that has resulted into something Ė into an idea. These thoughts have been ascertained and established and then they have been held. This unchanging and constant holding of thoughts brings about the idea and the resulting materialisation. This process takes place in the framework of the divine order. God is spirit and he has established this order. He is the eternal spirit. Out of it everything proceeds. Everything that is and lives and thinks in the endless space comes from this eternal spiritual. This eternal spiritual has established an order that comes from itself. And this order contains the thoughts that lead to a decision and they then are fixed and grounded and held unchangeably in accordance with the spiritual part that is alive and all this is then the formulated idea that becomes alive.

Now an important part of this process is the attitude in which it is accomplished. It has to take place in accordance with the spiritual part that is alive and that means that it has to follow Godís established order. When this is done that way then we have as the result what we want. It is magic. It is white magic.

In order to understand this better we should also look at a way that it should not be done. If it is not done as just described then we donít have magic, white magic, but we come into the field of black magic. Black magic goes a similar way but the difference is that it is not done in the right framework. If it is not done in the order that the eternal spirit established then it is no longer white magic but the black variety. Black magic very much relies on the power of the will and it also uses thoughts and the forming of thoughts into ideas and then it also solidifies these thoughts and sustains them in order to have the desired effect.

And as black magic is not done in the right framework but in the framework that is opposed to God it is not done according to the spiritual part that is alive but to that spiritual part that is dead. And dead here again means something that is opposed to God, that is not done out of love and therefore has come to a standstill and is not progressing but regressing, going to hell.

The simplest way to explain black magic is to understand that it is based on willpower, but on willpower that is separate from God. We are also doing magical things and they are also based on willpower but the big difference is that our willpower is the same as Godís willpower because we have made his will our will and so when we work a miracle we leave everything to God and just act as his servant and are not too much concerned about the outcome because it is his work and not really ours.

The only willpower that we need is the will to make Godís will our will. That is actually already all we have to do. Practising this, and recognizing and rejecting the wrong will obviously helps and is necessary but our concern will be to always do Godís will and therefore we also never have to try to force our will on other people. This trying to get other people to do something that we want is always a sign of the wrong spirit. God and also his people always respect the will of other beings. It is the very sign of Satan that he wants to force his will on others. Another important sign of his is that he deceives. He wants people to reject everything that is spiritual and he wants that people do not believe in spiritual things, and therefore also do not believe that there is something like this special spirit Ė Satan. He wants people to remain ignorant. Only ignorant people can be deceived.

And as black magic is not based on the right spiritual part that is alive, but on that that is dead, it is inferior, and that is why we always win and they are always loosing. The final battle will be between Christ and antichrist and antichrist will be the looser, he will not make it, he will just be cast back into matter for a very long time.

And the main difference between white magic and black magic that is visible and that helps to recognize what is going on is that white magic is done to help people, to do something good like a healing or a spiritual help; and black magic is done to impress worldly people and to foster possessions and material things and the pride of life.

In the strength of love towards the neighbour always lies the most inner revelation of the pure divine love. This is what will help us to recognize what kind of magic we are witnessing and what kind of people will be behind it.

We have to find out on what spiritual level people are.

The spiritual that is contained in creation once moved away from God and is now, or should be now on its way back to him. The four levels of the spiritual life are these:


The Four Levels of Spiritual Life






Unconscious dependence



Conscious action



Free to do what it wants



Rule and govern, fatherly sustenance


The lowest level of spiritual life is that of matter. There the spiritual is bound and it is also unconscious. It is completely dependent on the eternal law.

On the level above that the spiritual is soul. There the spiritual is active and it is conscious. It has obtained some freedom.

On the third level the spiritual is spirit. The spirit is free and left to itself. It has obtained real freedom.

On the highest level we have God, the creator and Lord of his creation. He alone is in control and rules. And he does this as our father. This fatherly attitude is what it is all about because the basis of it is love.


This is the end of Creation - Part 1.


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