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The call of the name of Jesus therefore is and remains the surest protection.

Calling upon the name of Jesus - Comment on 2017 December 14

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It is further wrong, to look upon expressions of immature souls out of the spiritual kingdom to be divine revelations. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Calling upon the name of Jesus. (Word issue Mahlberg)

16. December 1949. B.D. NR. 4799.

The secret of divine revelations is only so long a secret, as long as men still do not see their way about the pouring out of the spirit. And so long they will also doubt, reject, regard genuine for wrong and also again listen to false prophets, because the addiction dominates men more to hear something unusual, hidden to them, than the deep desire for truth and love towards God as original source of truth. Divine revelations come from this original source, because the eternal divinity expresses itself towards men, so that they learn to recognize it and are able to love it. Therefore first of all it cannot be denied that God reveals himself. Who now wants to hear him, he must approach him, otherwise God will not reveal himself to him. And so the first condition is a strong belief that God is present to man. But the presence of God can only then be assumed, when man approaches God through love, when he therefore pulls God, as eternal love, to him through becoming like him. And so a way of life in love must obviously be recognizable, where divine revelations are wanted to be heard. Faith and love are therefore first necessary, and from them humility emerges a deep humility to God, who is recognized as most perfect being and makes aware of the imperfection of the creature or the far distance from Him. To the humble God gives his favour. For that reason a man, who is worthy of divine revelations, will never put himself in the foreground; he will never emphasize his own person, but always only stand up for God to fellowmen. And such a humble man, standing in love and in faith, can never be a false prophet; he will be used as tool of God and be receiver of divine revelations, which must be assessed as being spoken by Him Himself and only contain purest truth. There are no half-truths; there is no part-knowledge, so God Himself announces Himself to a man, so he pours his spirit out over a man, who makes himself worthy of it. Always and for ever God will impart his word to men on earth, and always and for ever this his word will remain the same. (17.12.1949) But so God speaks to men through a heart and mouth of a man willing to serve, where he therefore gives through him to all men his word, one must always reckon with that Satan with all eagerness does his utmost to stop the divine work, and since he cannot turn against God himself, he seeks to make His tool bend to his will. His endeavour will therefore be, to prevent man from receiving the divine word, as often as this is possible. He is afraid of no means; but he will always have a strong opponent in Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world. Because he was so to speak from the beginning of his mission the greatest enemy of Satan, because he overpowered him and had wrested from Satan innumerable souls through his victory. This enmity between the highest light spirit and the prince of darkness will result in a constant counter work of the latter to the sending of pure truth. But man as such has a secure protection against all such influences and God-hostile efforts in the divine redeemer Jesus Christ himself, who through just mere call, through expressing of his holy name, gives man the power to keep off the troublesome enemy. But this call is not allowed to just be a lip prayer, a thoughtless expression with the mouth, as everything what is to have the effect promised by God, presupposes a prayer in spirit and in truth. Jesus Christ is still the protector of deep faith; he is still equal to the power of the opponent and just alone through his will able to prevent his opponent from doing harm. But whether men want to take advantage of his protection is their own obligation. Unbelief in the power of his name gives Satan the predominance; but then men have themselves to blame for this, when they get under his control, what God indeed will always seek to prevent, will however never have an effect on the will of man by force. Faith alone is the inexhaustible power, with which a man can oppose the adversary, and he will certainly give in, but faith is a matter of free will of a man; he can achieve everything, but will never be forced by God, why man, who does not believe deeply, will get to notice the power of his opponent, who seeks to bring him to the defection from God. (19.12.1949) The call of the name of Jesus therefore is and remains the surest protection, because Satan must leave him, otherwise the divinity of Jesus would have to be doubted or the power of Satan would surpass God himself. It is wrong to assume that promises once given could lose power and effect; it is further wrong, to look upon expressions of immature souls out of the spiritual kingdom to be divine revelations, because a difference must be made of communications out of the spiritual kingdom on to the bodily ear of man and such, which touch the spiritual ear as work of the spirit. Therefore a difference must be made: Pouring out of the spirit in the state of wakefulness or communications out of the spiritual kingdom in the unconscious state, where so to speak all spirits have access and the human will listens to those spirit beings, at whose mercy it is. Then the formal expression of the name of Jesus is not enough to drive out those spirits. If however Jesus Christ is called upon in spirit and in truth, also those spirits are exorcised. For that reason it is also not advisable to establish contact with the spiritual world, if the results are won in the unconscious state, which are also never allowed to be represented as divine revelations, because for such the work of the spirit in man is required, so that the expressions of God are heard as inner voice. A contact with the spiritual world can certainly be initiated through eager thought activity, because then the spirit beings have a mental effect on man, but then the will of man, his way of life and his degree of maturity is still decisive, which beings approach him and instruct him mentally. But calling upon Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth will certainly protect man against spiritual danger, as it is also not otherwise conceivable, when a divine power full of wisdom and love is to be acknowledged, which has also power over Satan and will truly protect its creatures from his influence, when the creatures themselves seriously want it, when they therefore strive towards God and want to flee from Satan. Always search for the mistake or the reason within yourselves, when the experiences do not correspond with the promises of Christ. His word is untouchable; it is unchanging and purest truth, therefore it will also remain and never lose its effect. And man will always able to take his word as guiding principle for their way of life, and the fulfilment of his promises will be certain for them. Amen. B.D. NR. 4799.


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