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This earth is the only station to reach the adoption as children of God.

Re-embodiment teaching false doctrine - Heavenly bodies - Comment on 2017 May 6

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The karma teaching now is not suitable to get you to heightened spiritual striving; it is rather a motive for you to lead a lukewarm life in the spiritual sense. Read more:


Bertha Dudde:


Re-embodiment teaching false doctrine. Heavenly bodies.

17. March 1949. B.D. NR. 4590.

Do not be disconcerted through supposed contradictions, but seek an explanation in this respect, that your perceptive faculty is sometimes not enough to understand something well, but where there is also no need for a contradiction to exist, but is just assumed by you. It is enough for you to know that I never teach you myself wrongly and that I always impart knowledge so, that your soul profits from it. The karma teaching now is not suitable to get you to heightened spiritual striving; it is rather a motive for you to lead a lukewarm life in the spiritual sense. Already that is why it is of little profit for the soul, and it does not find my full approval that you men reckon with a renewed return to earth and because of that become more careless in your striving. The ascent development of the spiritual is certainly promoted by me in every way, and where I recognize a sure possibility to help your soul to maturity there I am also prepared to every consent, always however based on the laws of my eternal order, but never arbitrarily creating opportunities. And so it must be understandable to you that I will not point you to a renewed course of development on this earth, which assumes a complete failure of you during life on earth, but want to protect you from this failure and therefore admonish you, warn and inform you, to prevent failure. It would be a wrong way of education when I would hold out the prospect of another way to reach the goal where you still have the right way before you, therefore are supposed to go and also can go with the right direction of your will. And when I first present to you the endless many embodiments, then also only so, to let you become aware of the great responsibility for the short earth life walk. So therefore the knowledge about it is only to contribute to an increased striving, but not that you draw the wrong conclusions from it and become more careless in your striving, in the hope of a repetition of an embodiment on this earth, when you do not reach the goal. My spirit certainly enlightens you, and when you now trustingly turn towards me, I give you insight through my servants how far your thinking is right. Would you know about the endless many possibilities to mature on the endless many heavenly bodies in the universe, then you would never in a lifetime get the idea that a soul is again transferred back on earth. But the soul, which is not yet fully matured, certainly must still experience many embodiments where it again and again can prove itself, therefore can develop upwards. The teaching of a re-embodiment of the soul is therefore certainly based on truth but this does not say that the soul finds itself again on earth born into flesh, but with it the many possibilities of an ascent development on other creations are indicated, where the soul in a material or spiritual form is given assignments, which fulfilment secures it the ascent. When a soul is repeatedly brought to this earth then it is an exception which requires a spiritual mission, but cannot be generalized. Souls which have departed imperfectly from earth will imagine themselves to continue to live on earth, they will stay in areas of which they believe to be transferred into exceedingly deserted, infertile stretches of land, and still they are on another heavenly body which is supplied with creations of most primitive kind according to the maturity of their soul and that is why it means a poor, oppressive stay for their soul a purification opportunity for very materialistic minded men, who are to give up their desires to then be allowed, according to their will, to be transferred to another work of creation for the purpose of ascent. Because you are still too much a lover of this earth you also only attach a meaning to the word re-embodiment, that this earth is the stay of a re-embodied soul, but that you should consider the unfathomable great work of creation of my love, which has come into being only because of the innumerable spirit beings, which have to go the way of completion and also go in one way or another in material creations, as long as the soul is not spiritualized, therefore has become sensitive to light, and in spiritual creations, where the spiritualized soul can also ascent all the time, where it crystallizes more and more and enables itself to absorb the radiation of myself. Imagine infinity, look at the starry sky whose innumerable stars are creations of my will, determined for the reception of souls in need of development and you will appreciate that this earth is not alone carrier of beings, which are to strive up and that it is certainly not necessary so again transfer souls, which failed in earth life, once again to this earth, which certainly is the only station to reach the adoption as children of God, but cannot be chosen just as you like and repeatedly as maturation station. And so the teaching of more often re-embodiments on this earth has to be declared as false doctrine, which has to be fought as being harmful for souls, because it weakens the will of men and endangers the earnest change of the being, through the prospect to be able to make up for the neglected in a renewed life until the last perfection. Amen. B.D. NR. 4590.


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