Satan himself will work on earth in human outer form.

Antichrist - Comment on 2014 September 15

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And he will find many followers on earth and that is the sign of the end, because men do not resist this but almost unanimously stand by him whom they celebrate as hero and victor and whose objective they approve and therefore support. Read more:

A message from Bertha Dudde:


Antichrist. End.

30. and 31. January 1946. B.D. NR. 3672.

The spirit of antichrist is in the world since Jesus Christ has accomplished his work of redemption. Always and constantly he has tried to weaken his work, always and constantly has he fought against the followers of Jesus, always and constantly has he urged men on to commit unkind acts, has therefore been active against the will and the teachings of Christ on earth, partly through spiritual works has he confused the thoughts of men and partly through human form in the guise of knowledge and cleverness. The teaching of Christ was always confronted by a human teaching that was to weaken it and therefore was antichristian and this always was the work of Satan, work of the forces from below, and its purpose was to get men to fall away from God or to bar the way to him. And this antichristian activity is increasing permanently and will be very much in evidence before the end. Satan himself will work on earth in human outer form - the antichrist in person - his activity will be exceedingly disastrous for the whole of mankind. Because he will initiate those laws that are to wipe out spiritually minded thinking, that are to put a stop to all spiritual striving and are to make men completely worldly. And this is the last work of him who fights against God because it is a crossing of the border of his authority and will be relentlessly punished by God. World events will move fast, great worldly changes will take place in quick succession and a ruling power will distinguish itself by wanting to direct the destiny of all nations and instead of order it produces complete disorder, because its regulations are meant first of all to suppress all faith. And he will find many followers on earth and that is the sign of the end, because men do not resist this but almost unanimously stand by him whom they celebrate as hero and victor and whose objective they approve and therefore support. And now the most difficult times begin for the believers. The goings-on of the world appear to them as being just unfathomable, the patience and love of God, that allows this to happen, seems to be unfathomable to them, that his most holy name gets blasphemed and mocked and that the followers of Jesus Christ get outlawed and persecuted in a most brutal manner. But deeper and deeper they penetrate into the truth of the divine word that has predicted all this to them and so they trustingly devote themselves to the guidance of God. Antichrist rages in a most dreadful manner and he deceives men by his actions that he executes with the support of the power from below. Satan himself works through him as counter spirit of him who works love and faith in the creatures, in men who deeply love God above all and have strong faith in him and therefore have to face great tribulations from Godís opponent. They will pay tribute to him, build altars for him, proclaim him to be the messiah from whom salvation is to come; because he will perform acts so that men are impressed by them but it is no work of love but only a work of arrogance and lust for power. He will work as man, trying to explain his power as being human, and fight and deny everything that is divine, that points to God and testifies of God. And his will is over strong. He commands and who offers resistance to his commandments he destroys. He tries to put a stop to all teachings of Christ, all knowledge about him and his work of salvation, he tries to drag it all through the mud and he rewards lavishly those who help him with his work against Christ, but he also acts full of hatred against his followers. The build of antichrist will be recognizable by his outward beauty, by his bodily strength because Satan covers himself so that he is not recognized as the one who he is. And unusual abilities draw the attention of men to him and there will be no end to admiring him. He stays on earth in outward splendour and magnificence in contrast to Jesus Christ who walked insignificantly among his brothers devoid of all earthly goods with a heart full of love towards his fellow human beings. But the heart of antichrist will be coarse and callous towards all earthly misery and still mankind will cheer him deceived by his gloss and his strength. And he will show up suddenly and unexpectedly, he will appear during a time of greatest earthly trouble and seize power with strong hands, promising to bring salvation, and will find no resistance because men pay attention to earthly trouble only but do not note the spirit of that hero who wants to distinguish himself and sets himself up as ruler with the support of men who are of the same spirit. And then the end is nearby because the fight against the faith that now starts is the prelude for the complete work of destruction of this earth. It only lasts a short time but is so vehement that exceedingly strong faith is necessary to not be defeated. But again God himself takes on his opponent. Because in spirit he is in the very midst of those who fight for him and the antichrist charges in vain against the bulwark of faith. And from his throne he will fall down into the pool of damnation. His reign will not last long but cause unspeakable misery among the whole of mankind, the majority of which stands by him, which gives away all faith in God, which believes antichristís earthly speeches and in the end also participates in his damnation because mankind is in bondage to the enemy of God and therefore also shares his lot. And this is the end. Jesus Christ remains victor and his church remains to exist in all eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 3672.


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