Out of own power man is able to do nothing.

Without favour no work in love - Comment on 2014 August 18 (2)

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Man can only again come into the possession of power when he has become perfect, therefore stands in closest union with God. Read more:

A Bertha Dudde message:


Without favour no work in love

21. October 1945. B.D. NR. 3584.

Conscientious compliance with my word is only then possible for man when he approaches me for my favour, when he is conscious of his weakness and asks me for power. Out of own power man is able to do nothing because he is robbed of his power as an imperfect being, i.e., he made himself powerless through his former defection from me. And he can only again come into the possession of power when he has become perfect, therefore stands in closest union with me. Earth life is certainly the means to mature, however man is still without supply of power as long as he is in the state of imperfection, and he is imperfect as long until he has again united himself with me through love work and prayer. Because power and favour I also impart to the imperfect when it approaches me about it. When man however believes to be able to live well and act without acknowledging me and asking me for help, he walks in error, because even the apparent good acts, which he carries out, are then rooted more in self-love than in right love towards the neighbour, which I demand as confession of love to me. Who is able to love and carries out good works in the feeling of love towards the neighbour, he will also not reject me in the heart because he has then already become similar to my nature, and will possess wisdom and the power of recognition. He will already possess a degree of perfection, which secures him my power supply. And he will also be united in thoughts with me, acknowledge me as most perfect being and as creator, to whom he owes his existence and who directs his fate. Because the loving man carries a knowledge in himself, which my spirit imparts to him in form of thoughts. But the loveless man, who only remains in self-love, will hardly fulfil my commandments, even when he wants to pretend outwardly. He lacks power, and what he does are works of self-interest, but not works of love towards the neighbour. Favour and power needs every man, as long as he stays on earth and has not yet changed himself towards love. Without help he cannot ascend because he himself has forfeited the state of power as entity, which believed to be able to go away from me. And now it must inevitably return to me voluntarily to again being able to receive power through which it can work in love. In prayer man must turn to me and therefore bend his will to again approach me, and then I send power to him by means of which he now can perform the works that they arouse my pleasure that he can perform these works in love. Because love alone makes it really valuable and pleasant to me. Every man must take up my favour; otherwise he remains on that level of development, which he had entered at the beginning of his embodiment as man. The favours are also offered to him but he is never forced to accept or use them. But the greatest favour is prayer the possibility to get into contact with me to request what he lacks. Who however does not acknowledge me and consequently also does not pray to me, asks me for assistance and power, he also does not have the necessary power for ascent development at his disposal. He will neither be able to be active in love nor reach right knowledge, and the maturing of his soul will not be possible on earth, because where I cannot have an effect with my favour there is imperfection, and the being remains powerless and can accomplish nothing out of its own power. Amen. B.D. NR. 3584.


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