People believe to produce thoughts themselves through activity of the intellect.

Responsibility for thought direction - Comment on 2014 August 9

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The will of man himself determines, which direction his thoughts take, and that is why he is also responsible for his thinking. Read more:

A scientific discovery was announced this year. See Telepathy scientifically proven.

On Sunday the 11th of May 2014 in Paris Ursula Voss made public that one can influence the brain of a man from outside with electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves were induced in brains and reactions detected: changes to consciousness took place.

The existence of telepathy was proven.

I now bring a message from Bertha Dudde about the importance of our thoughts and especially about the importance of the direction of these thoughts.


Responsibility for thought direction.

16. September 1945. B.D. NR. 3550.

The will of man himself determines, which direction his thoughts take, and that is why he is also responsible for his thinking. Many different thoughts certainly intrude oneself, i.e. different spiritual radiations touch the human heart in form of thoughts and want to be received. And now the will of man must become active and open his heart to the thought material, which flows towards him, and he now can accept or decline …. i.e. longer stay with the thoughts sent to him or quickly reject them. And this will corresponds to his nature, his spiritual state of maturity. And the more mature man will remain with good thoughts, while the still immature man gets pleasure from thoughts of bad kind, but nevertheless would also be able to receive good thought material, to overcome himself and to switch off the bad thoughts. Certainly all men are tempted by bad spiritual powers seeking to gain access and asserting their mental influence. But their attempts fail at the will of man so the man is good and does not enjoy the mental radiations of the bad spiritual world. Most people certainly do not realize what thoughts actually are. They believe to produce them themselves through activity of the intellect, and would also with this idea be responsible for their thoughts because also then the will would be determining for the direction of the thoughts of man. And this will can, when it is weak or undecided, be strengthened through prayer about right thinking. That is why man is not defenceless at the mercy of the spiritual powers, which want to cause him to think badly but so his will is just good, also his power is increased to defend himself against spiritual material, which is disadvantageous for his soul. Because thoughts are originators of acts and therefore also of the way of life, which man leads on earth. And that is why he is to watch over his thoughts; he is to always account for in which direction he is pushed through thought material, whether it prompts to good or evil actions, and he is to defend himself against latter; he is to have recourse in prayer when he is to weak, and he will always receive power for resistance; he will be lead in right thinking through spirit beings, which look after him, and just wait for a call of request to be able to unfold their power and might, to restrain the beings, which besiege man, and to impart that spiritual material to him, which starts from them and is good and valuable, because these spiritual beings are carriers of light and truth and their mental radiations guarantee spiritual ascent development when they are received. And as the will of man is so is also his thought material because the will alone is decisive. Amen. B.D. NR. 3550.


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