Believe and trust; keep to God, and his father hand leads you carefully out of every danger.

Godís guidance - Comment on 2014 June 26

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You can cheerfully walk by Godís hand; the love of the father protects you and does not let you fall. Read more:

This website deals with the times of the end and for us believers it is important to develop a strong trust in Godís protection and there the messages coming to us from Bertha Dudde again and again speak of this characteristic of God of being our protector and saviour.

One of these messages follows:


Fatherly love. Godís guidance.

5. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3506.

What are you afraid of and what scares you? Do not I take an interest in your fate by me always promising my help? Just put your full trust in me and let yourselves be guided, and my guidance is really right. You can cheerfully walk by my hand; the love of the father protects you and does not let you fall. But small difficulties you have to overcome so that you take all the firmer hold of the hand of the father, so that you do not forget his guidance, brake away and want to cover the way on your own. Because that is a danger for you. Because of that do not shrink from the difficulties, which daily let the way seem to be exhausting to you; take all obstacles in full trust of my help and you will easily overcome them and be able to again go calmly your way. For I always and constantly accompany you as soon as you want to accept me accompanying you. And from my nearness power will flow over you, and therefore you need not to be afraid of anything whatever the world is threatening you. It is my will or my allowance that men still get into bad trouble for the sake of their souls, which are still turned away from me. But I care lovingly for mine although they have to take part in the suffering and the misery of the general public. Let me take care of you, and free your hearts of all worry of the body. And only think of your souls that they do not need to live in want; remain in contact with me; pray and practise love, and you will never ever be without power because I do not forget those who are mine, and every call to me I hear and listen to. And firmly and undoubtedly believe that nothing is impossible for me and that in greatest trouble I am closer to you than ever. But in my plan from eternity this trouble is intended, however only as help to the gone astray souls, which otherwise get lost. But who believes in me, in my love and omnipotence, he can drop all worry because he as my child will be allowed to constantly feel my loving father hand, which carefully looks after it on its course of life. The spiritual low of men requires a time of trouble, which is so drastic that it hardly seems bearable to men. And still you, who are mine, are not allowed to be afraid of this time of trouble because as long as you remain connected to me through intimate prayer and works of love, through your will to live to my pleasure, you are also protected from the corrupting influence of him who wants to bring about your downfall. And therefore also the powers of darkness who want to have an effect through men have little influence upon you. They certainly can frighten you but they cannot harm you because I stand in front of you and turn away every disaster from you Ė provided it is not necessary for your soul. Therefore believe and trust; keep to me, and my father hand leads you carefully out of every danger. Amen. B.D. NR. 3506.


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