The beginning and the end of a redemption period lies far apart.

Development of earth before men - Comment on 2014 June 16

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So an epoch of development of the earth preceded the era of men, which only formed creation so that the living conditions were created for man on earth because this was precondition that man could now start his spiritual ascent development. Read more:

Today I bring two messages by Bertha Dudde, which deal with the length of our present redemption period.


Development of earth before men.

1. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3504a.

The beginning and the end of a redemption period lies so far apart that one can speak of an eternity about those men who hold both points of time in front of their eyes. It is an infinitely long space of time because the development of the individual works of creation of God require a certain time because everything is based on God’s laws and the slow development is also a requirement of divine love and wisdom to guarantee this ascent development also to the spiritual, which is held therein. Since the beginning of creation all visible works of creation are based on these laws because the spiritual, which deserted God, stood in such stubborn resistance towards God that it had to start its course through the works of creation completely robbed of its will and therefore completely will-less, i.e. of bound will. And this could only happen in such a way that they were forced to adapt themselves to the divine laws, which just completely contradicted the will of the once free spiritual. The free spiritual is constantly busy; therefore the unfree spiritual had to remain in idleness; it had to be banished in an outer form, which denied it every activity. So a free spiritual flowed into infinity and in free will went away from God. But through the distance the spiritual substance grew cold; it grew stiff and let no longer anything go free in itself. God withdrew his love heat from the spiritual, which had left him and all life, all warmth flowed out of it, and only a cold lifeless mass remained – the original start of creation. Endless times passed before this lifeless mass let a hint of life be recognized – endless times passed before spiritual entities decided to give up their stubborn resistance against God, before they bore desire for light and made themselves susceptible to light through giving up of resistance. But the littlest change of will loosened their outer form, their fetters, and a quiet move started in the lifeless mass, a hardly noticeable activity – the solid mass changed, in places it gave way to the pressure of the spiritual in itself, broke up and gave the spiritual the possibility to be slightly active. In again infinite long periods of time forms and shapes of most marvellous kind came into being – the spiritual busied itself according to divine laws of nature; its activity was determined by divine will and brought about creations of most diverse kind. The resistance against God subsided constantly, and that is why the activity became more and more extensive and the corresponding creations more and more many and diverse, at the same time also more and more able to dissolve because their substances were no longer so hardened because the subsiding resistance meant light and power supply from God, therefore life and activity and through its loosened fetters, i.e. softer outer forms, which did not need so long periods to dissolve. But unspeakable long time passed before the spiritual had reduced the endless distance from God so far that it was admitted to the last test of will as man. Therefore endless long time passed from the beginning of the material creation until the first man, equipped with intellect and free will, was allowed to take this test of will. And only now the period of time started with which men reckon; only now started the fight of light with darkness. The spiritual, which had covered the endless long course through the creations, had to prove to itself whether it wanted to finally give up its resistance against God or again turn away from God in free will and become afresh a slave to the opponent of God. B.D. NR. 3504a.


Earth test. New earth and its coming into being.

2. August 1945. B.D. NR. 3504b.

So an epoch of development of the earth preceded the era of men, which only formed the creation so that the living conditions were created for man on earth because this was precondition that man could now start his spiritual ascent development. Because the spiritual, which was now embodied as man, had to serve in love to finally become free out of bondage, which was a deserved state for its former will to rule. Because it did not have recognized God as its starting point, as its creator and producer, because it did not want to accept him, but believed to be able to create and shape out of its own power and control his creations. It did not acknowledge that these arose under the use of the power out of God and therefore everything was subordinated to the eternal divinity what was produced out of the will of the opponent Lucifer and the power out of God. It did not submit and for that reason must now as man summon the degree of will to acknowledge God as sole lord and creator and submit unconditionally to his divine will. The earth was now in a state where the divine creation required human activity to give to men the possibility to live. God himself instructed first men in their earth assignment of which fulfilment guaranteed their last release out of form. But now the power of the opponent of God started who had no power over the spiritual in the development period before. Man was equipped with free will, and the opponent of God sought to win this will for himself. But this test was allowed by God because man was to decide in fullest freedom of will for him or his opponent. He sought to distract man from serving in love and to determine him to be active according to his will, which is often also the will of man himself. As long as men stay on earth they stand as object of struggle between light and darkness. Because their souls are wooed by both sides, which want to direct the will to them. The spiritual, which before in the mandatory state strove for God, can reduce the last distance from itself to God, but also increase it, but it must inevitably bear the consequences of its decision. Earth offers innumerable possibilities for the spiritual ascent development but also a sinking into the deepest depth is possible, and both the will of man determines himself. But also this development period has an end as soon as human will no longer uses any possibility – as soon as he leaves the spiritual ascent development completely out of consideration and he therefore no longer fulfils his earth assignment. Then the spiritual strives again back, towards that state, which it had overcome endless times ago already. And God puts it also in this state as soon as the end of the redemption period has come. He again lets a new earth come into being and enlivens the new creation with this spiritual, which has failed in the development period before. And that is that every substance is dissolved which holds spiritual. This is synonymous with the complete destruction of what is visible to the eye as earthly matter. But the build-up of the new earth does not happen the way as at the start of creation because the new human race no longer needs the slow pre-development because it has passed the test on the old earth and stands so far in knowledge that purpose and aim of every work of creation is understandable to it, therefore new creations can come into being before the eyes of men unobjectionably, without them being a spiritual hindrance for perfection for them. Therefore the new redemption period is just a continuation of the previous one; it only causes a change of the outer form, a reshaping of the surface of earth for the purpose of new development possibilities through the coming into being of new creations. Because the earth in itself remains as it is, it only releases the spiritual according to divine plan for a short time, which is again banished in new creations to mature quicker for the next reshaping. Men of the new earth stand in a state of maturity, which earns them a paradisiacal life, and they are always prepared to be active in serving love. Consequently they are initially exposed to no resistances, but which indisputably would mean for them a slow development of the new creation. God creates a paradise for them on earth, and it presupposes creations of incomparable beauty and most charming magic. And these creations are works of one moment. Uncountable thoughts of God his will sets as work into infinity in one moment. In exactly the same way the new earth will come into being, without needing time, because nothing is impossible to his power and his will and because everywhere his love and wisdom collaborates where his will is active. But human intellect does not grasp this; it bases its own insufficiency also on divine work. But only the imperfect man applies this standard. But because the new earth will only carry spiritually mature men as inhabitants, their thinking is free of doubts in the greatness of God, and nothing is incomprehensible to them. They praise and extol God and his glory, and earthly magnificence only contributes to deepen their love towards God, which secures for them a peaceful life on the new earth where God dwells in the middle of them, because he is everywhere there where love is. Amen. B.D. NR. 3504b.


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