Facial recognition.

NSA collecting millions of faces - Comment on 2014 June 1 (2)

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With the help of the technology NSA wants to revolutionize the finding of target persons all around the world. Read more:

I bring extracts from articles of today:


Facial recognition

NSA obviously gathers millions of photos for facial recognition

The gathering rage of the NSA obviously also affects pictures. According to a report the US secret service analyses and evaluates millions of pictures from the internet to make faces digitally recognizable. Also photos from visa applications could be used.

The US secret service NSA obviously collects photos in huge numbers from the internet and other sources to check them with facial recognition software. The NSA wants to revolutionize the finding of target persons all around the world with the help of the technology, reports the “New York Times” referring to papers from the fund of Edward Snowden.

According to the documents from the year 2011 the NSA collects daily millions of pictures. Out of them about 55,000 are suitable for facial recognition. According to a NSA speaker the secret service has no access to photos from driving licenses or passports of US citizens. For the use of such pictures the secret service would need a court approval.

But the speaker did not want to comment on whether the service has access to the data bank of the US foreign ministry in which pictures are stored for visa applications and whether it obtains pictures from online networks or iris scans as they for example are taken on entry into the USA.

The most important facial recognition software of NSA bears the name "Tundra Freeze" and can, according to the example in the document, also recognize a person when it has its hair shaved off. At another passage it is admitted at the same time that beards can confuse the program. Among their own programs NSA is to also use commercial programs, among them such as of the company PittPatt, a daughter of Google.

Given the N.S.A.’s foreign intelligence mission, much of the imagery would involve people overseas whose data was scooped up through cable taps, Internet hubs and satellite transmissions.


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Now some excerpts from another article:


The gold standard of personal tracking devices, smartphones have embedded GPS, are internet-connected, and can run software. They allow location and behaviour to be tracked through your cellular provider, by the device manufacturer, and by the developers of the apps you install.

Today’s all-in-one spyware suites allow remote monitoring and control of your PC, including access to your keystrokes and webcam. If your system is running suspiciously – the webcam light turns on by itself, apps suddenly start working extra slowly – take a look at your running processes using Windows Task Manager or Activity Monitor on OS X.

Third-party control of the computer’s camera: “When activated, Detective Mode can cause a computer’s webcam to surreptitiously photograph not only the computer user, but also anyone else within view of the camera.”


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