What are the world and its matter?

Matter and spirit - Comment on 2014 January 13 (2)

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Matter is spiritual substance. Read more:

A message from Bertha Dudde follows, which describes the coming into being of matter:


Matter and spirit.

4. October 1942. B.D. NR. 2494.

What is the world and its matter Ė this question occupies many people, and they are still not able to solve it by virtue of their intellectual thinking. Everything visible is matter, i.e. substance, which has become thicker to become form. It has so to speak only become visible substance through compression because it was invisible before, i.e. spiritual substance. Spiritual substance is power produced out of God, which, corresponding to his will, becomes what it is when God has intended a certain form for it. This form is again a joining together of countless substances, therefore an object that can dissolve to again release every single substance when it is Godís will. Therefore every form is destructible; matter is something what has no eternal existence because it is just the cover of spiritual substances, which are to develop up and therefore do not remain in these covers for ever. Matter itself is indeed also spiritual substance, i.e. through divine will compacted spiritual power, but which likewise, through permanent dissolving and scattering and forming again anew, also becomes this, so that it can hold itself in such a form after endless long time. Therefore everything visible is spiritual power, which still stands in the starting stadium of development, while the already more mature spiritual is invisible for the human eye, but uses a visible form to stay in it. Consequently something spiritual lives in each form, a being, which is unconscious of itself, but which longs for union with similar beings to increase fullness of power through this union. Because each of these beings strives for perfection. As soon as matter dissolves, therefore a form disintegrates, the being, which has been released, strives for similar beings, and it unites to enliven a new form. This process is underlying the everlasting coming into being and passing away in nature, it is therefore the cause to permanent life and dying in nature. The spiritual substances go through the entire creation, partly isolated, partly joined together in immense number. And the forms surrounding them also correspond in their seize and kind. Everything what holds spiritual in itself is matter. But matter itself consists of such spiritual substances, which stand at the beginning of development and can therefore also be visible to the human eye because only the already more mature spiritual is invisible. Therefore everything what is visible must be considered to be imperfect, i.e. spiritual far away from God, which starts its course of development. The spiritual, which holds itself in it, has already covered this way and already strives towards God, that is why a destruction, i.e. a passing away or dissolving of the form, therefore the transience of matter, corresponds with the will of God, because through this the further development is made possible for this spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 2494.


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