“We still cannot say where these neutrinos come from”.

Where do neutrinos come from? - Comment on 2013 May 21

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Scientists hope to soon prove more of these energy rich neutrinos, to identify definite sources in the sky. On the basis of the small numbers this has not yet succeeded. Read more:

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Here now extracts from news I read today; remarks follow after that:


Physics: Clear indications for cosmic neutrinos found

The “Icecube” detector in the ice of the Antarctic has proven a good two dozen particles with particular high energy. These neutrinos probably come from distant cosmic sources.

With a gigantic detector close to the South Pole the physicists succeeded for the first time to prove neutrinos, which very likely come from distant cosmic sources. Some of the elementary particles possibly originated close to a black hole before they ran straight into the detector.

This discovery, which was now introduced at a conference in Madison (USA), is so remarkable because researchers know only little about neutrinos until today. They are extremely shy guys, who very seldom react with matter and betray their existence through this.

Icecube has proven already several 100 000 neutrinos. By far the most of them were however formed in the atmosphere of the Earth, what researchers recognize by the low energy of the particles. 28 neutrinos have however a much higher energy of 30 tera electron volt and more, the scientists of the Icecube collaboration report. “We still cannot say where these neutrinos come from”.

According to physical models these particles could have come into being with explosions of stars among other things.

Two neutrinos even had energy of just above one peta electron volt (1000 tera electron volt). These presumably come from a source outside of our galaxy.

“The surrounding of extreme heavy black holes or gamma ray eruptions could be conceivable.”

The scientists hope to soon prove more of these energy rich neutrinos, to identify definite sources in the sky. On the basis of the small numbers this has not yet succeeded. “When we have identified the regions of origin these can be investigated more exactly with other telescopes.”


In 2012 May 02 – Cosmic radiation I wrote:

The spiritual writings say that this radiation is the original, and that out of this radiation everything is created and supplied with energy. And science thinks then, at least still until now, that this radiation comes from existing material things, like the interior of the sun, where allegedly nuclear processes produce them.

Above we have read, “Neutrinos are of a ghostly nature; they can easily travel through people, walls, or the planet Earth” and “Neutrinos are neutral particles that travel through space and pass through any object (such as the Earth) in their path.”

And the spiritual writing says that God’s radiation is also capable to radiate through the entire earth, that there is no body which is able to stop the illuminating power.

The statements are expressing almost the same.

So for me there is no reason to assume that what scientists say are neutrinos, is not the same as what spiritual writings call the radiation of God.

But the really interesting thing with the reporting of the media and particularly the scientists is that what they do not report.

The original reason why Icecube was built was indeed to bring proof that neutrinos come from GRBs, from gamma ray bursts. Whenever such a gamma ray burst happens they wanted to see whether then also neutrinos, to an increased degree, come from the same direction; that would then prove that the GRBs produce neutrinos.

But the thing fell through. That was the result that was announced last year – to the great disappointment of the scientists

So now they have to give a reason why the whole project is not so senseless, and anyway it would be nice when the money suppliers could carry on letting the money flow in and all participants can continue to have work and income.

The great model here is Cern. Also there something gigantic was built up and has not brought any results up to now, but the whole world talks about it, and that because of the excellent propaganda which is produced there. There would indeed be an outcry should the sponsors close the shop there. And what Cern can do should also succeed with Icecube. So we now see the beginning of this.

The scientists go ahead and the media follow.

A critical reporting hardly seems to exist.

In politics a critical reporting is normal but the sciences are holy; there everything is accepted what a reporter gets on his desk.


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