Urim and Thummim.

Urim and change of state and space travel - Comment on 2013 May 19

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Aids to change the state of consciousness, and to carry out real space travel, exist already now. Read more:

Today I read something in the works of Jakob Lorber that is related to a subject that has been dealt with quite often on this website and that is the change of states of consciousness.

We often have emphasized here that real space travel is only then effective when the space traveller brings along the ability to another celestial body to prepare himself for the state of consciousness prevailing there.

And this is necessary because on other planets and moons other laws of nature are valid and also other states of consciousness.

First I want to bring something out of the work by Jakob Lorber. It is the work Die geistige Sonne (The spiritual Sun) and there it is the second volume, the sixth chapter and the sixth verse:

These insignias are of very great importance and serve their owners in the very highest and deepest spiritual sense in such a way as the little Thummim and Urim slabs of the high priest in the Jewish church have served them once only outwardly in an exemplary way. Because also here the very happiest spirits are not in an always equal high degree of inner wisdom out of the Lord, but also here a change of state takes place in that respect, which is to be compared with the state of effect and the state of rest which followed it. In the state of effect everyone is equipped with the deepest wisdom of the Lord according to need, but in the state of rest no-one needs such depth, but also here a certain Sabbath rest in the quiet heavenly love of the Lord.

In the Jewish church the little Thumim and Urim slabs of the high priest served in the very highest and deepest spiritual sense.

And they served so that a change of state took place. A change in the state of consciousness took place.

And thou shalt put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thummim; and they shall be upon Aaron's heart, when he goeth in before the LORD: and Aaron shall bear the judgment of the children of Israel upon his heart before the LORD continually. Exodus 28:30

The word Urim is just another word for the word ruby and a ruby is also a variety of the diamond (jl.ev05.086,06). The Urim is a bundle of nature love spirits which cause the soul to become more clairvoyant (jl.ev05.086,07).

Carlos Castaneda describes consciousness as follows. Perception occurs when our energy field extends its light and this light illuminates identical energy fields. So energy fields which are not identical with our energy field which we send out are not perceived. But we have lots of energy fields in us and can change them, can send out other energy fields and when we do this then we can perceive quite different energy fields outside of us.

So we only perceive that what corresponds exactly to the energy we send out. But we can change this energy and send out different energy and then we perceive something quite different.

Carlos Castaneda has a peculiar description for this change of our energy field we send out. He calls it the moving of our assemblage point.

A point with intensive brightness or brilliance exists on the surface of our energy ball. Our energy ball has the size of our body and there are uncountable many energy fields.

And this point with the intensive brilliance, the assemblage point, illuminates only a quite small group of energy fields in us.

It is like it is with visible light. Visible light comprises only a very small area of wave lengths and what is outside of this area we do not see.

Visible light has a wave length between 780 and 380 nanometres. A nanometre is the billionth part of a metre. And visible light has a frequency which lies between 789 and 384 THz. The expression THz means terahertz and one terahertz are one trillion vibrations in one second.

We are therefore adjusted to a very small area, because electromagnetic waves can be many kilometres long or very short, as for instance X-rays, which are much shorter than the waves of visible light and which also vibrate still much faster than visible light.

We are therefore closely limited in our ability to perceive.

But we can perceive other areas. But for this purpose the assemblage point has to be moved.

The assemblage point is that point where our perception is assembled.

And this assemblage point can be moved from its usual position on the surface of the illuminated ball. To another position on the surface or into the interior.

The brilliance of the assemblage point can illuminate every energy field with which it comes into contact. And when it moves to a new position it immediately illuminates new energy fields and makes them perceptible.

And this perception is called seeing.

When the assemblage point is moved, the perception of a complete different world is possible. And it is as objective and factual as the one we perceive normally.

It is about the mastery of awareness.

The procedures to move the assemblage point can be learned.

One can therefore learn to move it and one can also learn to move the assemblage point of others.

Jesus as seer could see the souls of his fellow beings and their state and therefore could help them to improve this state. He therefore could move his own assemblage point. And he could move the one of other people, and let them see other worlds as with his ascension. There his disciples could see the transfigured body of Jesus and how it ascended.

And every move of the assemblage point away from its customary position means a moving away from the imprisonment in matter.

It is a moving away from self-importance. It is a moving away from the individual self which robs man of his power.

So Carlos Castaneda calls it the moving of the assemblage point.

Robert Monroe calls it entering of systems with other realities, of realities which are hardly perceived by our time-space consciousness and theoretically are not thought to be possible.

He came upon this entering of other realities when he made out of body experiences. He directly experienced these other realities. He describes this state as a state in which one is outside one’s body, is fully conscious and can perceive and act as if one is really active bodily. The exceptions are the following: One can move faster than light though space (and time?). One can penetrate matter without effort and without restriction of any kind, come through walls, steel plates, concrete, earth, ocean, air, even nuclear rays.

One can go to a room next door without having to open the door. One can visit a friend who lives five thousand kilometres away. One can reconnoitre the Moon, the solar system and the galaxy, in case one is interested in this. Or one can, as already mentioned, enter systems of another reality.

Carlos Castaneda speaks of the moving of the assemblage point and Robert Monroe speaks of hemisphere synchronisation. He tried to employ tones. He discovered the frequency succession reaction, which made it possible to keep a person in a certain state of consciousness between being awake and sleep, and that for a longer time.

Through mixing of frequencies, which are differently effective with different persons, he gradually developed combined tone frequencies, which caused frequency succession reaction. It promoted out of body experiences and other unusual states of consciousness to a high degree.

Further development led to hemisphere synchronisation, known as Hemi-Sync. Both brain-halves are getting synchronized.

Consciousness is a form of energy in activity.

So Robert Monroe developed a system with an average person to reach and maintain specific sleep stages of any depth and duration. A further development enables the controls of both brain-halves from outside. His Monroe Institute develops further possibilities of use.

Real space travel is therefore possible, is therefore possible already now. And real space travel also makes it possible for the space traveller to really perceive what is there, what can be perceived in the state of consciousness of that place only. The space traveller, who travels in space with normal consciousness, only sees that on another celestial body what corresponds to his “earthly” consciousness, but nothing of that what really exist there. And it required a lot of time and material effort. Had he stayed at home, with his body, and had he used the possibilities of changing the state of consciousness, which exist already today, then he would really experience something and that without much expenditure of time and matter.

The key word therefore is change of state.

We must change the state, our spiritual state – our state of consciousness.

And one can make use of aids – the little Urim slate or the assemblage point or Hemi-Sync.

And then one can tackle space travel – real space travel.

And real space travel is also spiritual progress. Fix one’s eyes on what is unseen. Because it is eternal.


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