States of consciousness and space travel.

The journey to the planet Uranus - Comment on 2013 March 9

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One was completely put upon the surface of a faraway planet in the spirit, and that was upon Uran (Uranus). Read more:

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On this website it is again and again spoken about space travel and today I read again something about such space travel and will bring this here in the following.

True space travel is precisely only then effective when men learn to adjust to the state of consciousness of the celestial body to be visited. Only then will they be aware of the conditions there.

When a man sleeps then he is also not aware of what happens around him. And that is so because he is not in the state of consciousness which is necessary to be aware of something here on this planet Earth – what happens here. The man sleeping, his consciousness, simply is somewhere else.

At this moment, and always, about a third of the people of this world are not aware of what is going on in this world. And that is because they are not in that state of consciousness that is necessary to perceive the world around them, because they are sleeping.

With the entire understanding about other celestial bodies, about astronomy, space travel, about communication with beings on other heavenly bodies, one will only then achieve something when one gets to like other different states of consciousness. As long as one dismisses this as ridiculousness, one will carry on achieving nothing. The Seti-people achieve nothing. And the reason why they achieve nothing, is not that there are no beings on other celestial bodies, but simply because they employ the completely wrong method. All celestial bodies are inhabited, and there exists very much to communicate with, and that also happens and has happened.

One can only again and again point out that the only real successful method of space travel, but also of all other things in life, it is to turn to the inside. All true knowledge is to be found there what psychologists call the subconscious. It is the book of life. It contains all information and knows everything and allows access to everything. It is the spiritual side of life and the only reality. The material world is just a product of the spiritual world and a camouflage world and is not the true world.

When we progress spiritually, when we are active in the spiritual kingdom, then we can make the unbelieving furthest journeys and look at everything accurately with fullest consciousness.

A good example of a person who has made the unbelieving furthest journeys is Jakob Lorber himself, therefore the man whom I am quoting here. He not only heard the voice speaking to him, but he also had a pictorial view of what is heard: God revealed all treasures of the heavens to him.

In the report now following it is also expressed that spiritually advanced beings have the ability to put themselves easily in another state of consciousness and in addition have the ability to put other beings in other states of consciousness.

There are fixed stars and planets. Planets are the planets of our solar system and they change positions in the sky, fixed stars also do that, but because they are far away from us, the changes are hardly perceived by us. A spiritual advanced person now cannot only change the state of consciousness of others, but also the one of individuals differently. One may have the state of consciousness of Uranus and his neighbour the one of a planet in another galaxy.

Jesus is eternally and infinitely in the most clear consciousness of highest own most perfect life. So he can put anyone in any state of consciousness.

Uranus is a planet of our solar system. It is the third largest planet of our solar system and the seventh from the sun.

Now therefore to what I read today. An extract from Jakob Lorber’s work Das große Evangelium Johannes (The great Gospel of John), Volume 5, Chapter 275 follows. It is the verses 01 to 11 (jl.ev05.275,01 to jl.ev05.275,11):


^   01
All were amazed at the great splendour of heaven and the landlord asked me what for example still these countless many large and small stars were. And I therefore just explained that to them as I had done such also already at other similar opportunities; indeed, I did here still more.

^   02
After I had clearly discussed the bare essentials for about two hours and the wish secretly became active in their heart to convince themselves much deeper and brighter of the truth of what was said, when it would be possible, there I put all of them, without them being able to suspect what happened to them, in the pure awakened spiritual state, and they now saw with looks transfigured to the highest degree at the stars and could observe one and the other as quite normally near by.

^   03
There suddenly a great rejoicing sprang up, which would have become more and more violent when I would have left the company still longer in such spiritual awakening; but I called them all again back in the natural state, and no one of them understood what happened to him that he was able to see such incredible miraculous things in the stars.

^   04
But I said to them: »Don’t be so much surprised about this! Just through my will power I opened your inner spirit eye, and so you were then able to observe these far away worlds just like being close; because for the spirit every earthly and therefore spatial distance is as good as none. But now think about this at home, and tomorrow we still want to negotiate over this all kinds of things! But for now go home to rest, and the rest and celebration of the Sabbath has now ended !«

^   05
Upon this all thanked and then went to their homes. Only the far neighbour remained with us through the short night. But I also went to rest with the disciples, and so again a Sabbath was spent with nothing but good works.

^   06
The night passed soon, and early in the morning most of the neighbours together with the women and children gathered before the house of Barnabe, and the entire house of Barnabe was full of activity to prepare a good breakfast.

^   07
I also soon came with my disciples outdoors to the waiting, and Barnabe brought to me a quite marvellous morning greeting, as well as to my disciples on the side. After that also all the other present neighbours did the same and highly rejoiced that they had me in their midst, and they still could not be enough amazed over yesterday’s sight of the starry sky.

^   08
One, who was completely put upon the surface of a faraway planet in the spirit, and that was upon Uran (Uranus), he asked me, whether those many and very strong men, whom he had seen there quite well, were already some kind of spirits. He at least thought they were; he only was a little surprised that he had seen them working still much busier than even the most hard-working men on this Earth. He also had seen many and quite large buildings and many, which still were built with all eagerness. Now he thought, whether then in the heavenly kingdom the spirits had to build their houses like men here on Earth.

^   09
There I said to him: »Partly as well; but the men you saw on that world, they are just still nowhere near being spirits and therefore also no blessed ones, but for that world they are just as material men as you here on this world body, only with the difference that you Earth men alone have the vocation (calling; being called), to become children of God, while all men on all the countless myriads of world bodies in general do not have this vocation, although they are not exactly completely excluded from this. But there much more is needed for this than here on this Earth, which right from the beginning was determined for this.

^   10
There certainly still existed another quite large earth, which received light from the Sun. It also had the same purpose, but its men had overdone things too very much, and therefore it happened that quite a great judgement came over them, as it also already once befell this Earth not very much better. That earth was destroyed und smashed completely, and with it also its men having become proud and depraved over all measure.

^   11
You can hear more about this from these my disciples; but with time, when you will remain completely loyal and active in my teaching, the whole thing will be shown to you by your spirit, when it becomes one with the soul, and guide you into all most marvellous truths.«


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