Especially science has put up theories which more or less contradict truth.

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2012 March 7

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The only possibility of a complete enlightenment the intellectual researcher rejects with the explanation that for solutions achieved by such ways no guarantee for truth could be offered to him. And still there is no other way to come closer to pure truth than through spiritual research. Read more:

Today I want to deal with scientific thinking and with the problems which scientists have or rather with problems scientists create for themselves.

On this website I often compared scientists with religious people and this approach, when one has to do with scientists, is quite useful since basically it is always about questions of faith with scientists who are on the wrong road, about things which have a religious character in principle.

The characteristic features of such scientific and religious people are like those of members of sects, denominations and cults – of religious bigots.

The best known examples of such bigotry are the people who support the theories of evolution, and this subject has often been part of entries on this website. One of the last one was 2012 Feb 06 – Evolution.

I want to mention a couple of other example here.

There is the big bang. Also this big bang, just as evolution – the evolution of material beings -, is a matter, which appears to a normal person as an artificial thought out matter and is looked upon especially by men, who are not so easily impressed by scientific indoctrinations or who are less touched by scientific indoctrinations, as quite strange. Just with the entries of the last two months, with entries dealing with the Seth material, it was shown that the real coming into being of matter is probably something completely different than what scientists imagine it to be. Especially the entry 2012 Feb 02 – The nature and construction of matter stressed this: Matter is created by the subconscious. So much for the big bang: The big bang did not happen at the beginning, it happens several times every second, and that right inside of you.

When one then also thinks of things from the insights of the last hundred years that our ideas of space and time are actually not real, that these ideas of past and future are to be attributed to our limitation of consciousness, that everything actually happens in the Now, then already alone from this it results that a “beginning,” and with it a beginning as a big bang is an illusion.

Just on this website the problem was quite often pointed out that the corona of the sun is much hotter than the actual surface of the sun and that scientists in spite of it are of the opinion that the heat of the sun originates from the interior of the sun. Now this opinion is applied to other celestial bodies and entire astrophysical concepts were developed out of this and that the whole thing is based on an opinion is then forgotten and all hypotheses are then taken to be facts and are presented as facts.

“Especially science has put forward theories which more or less contradict truth,” it says further on here, and here we have such a contradiction, the sun itself is not nearly as hot as the corona and still scientists claim that the energy of the corona comes out of the sun.

A further problem in astronomy, a basic one, is the automatic assumption that physical laws which are valid with us on planet Earth are also valid on other celestial bodies. The close connection which exists here with consciousness seems to completely escape the attention of scientists. Already the existence of the two most frequent occurring states of consciousness, that of being awake and that of being asleep, shows that this change of states of consciousness is something basic in life, and when one then deals with all the other states of consciousness which alone exist already in life, and in death, of a human being, then it becomes more and more clear how important this matter is and how little our scientists know about this, and the previous entry, 2012 Mar 04 – From spirit to matter, shows how little also psychologists, including C.G. Jung, see through this.

One of the most important insights of quantum mechanics is that the observer of a particle influences its behaviour. This fact alone already shows the close relationship between physics and psychology, between the behaviour of matter and the psyche, consciousness. We therefore know since a long time that consciousness influences matter and the next step of insight is then relatively logically that consciousness not only influences matter but produces it.

Man observes his environment and is impressed and tries to manipulate it but how much easier would he make it for himself when he would become aware that he is not just the observer of this environment but even its creator. Man feels his body and tries to get his problems and sufferings under control, but how much healthier could he live when he would become aware of the fact that he not only feels his body and the sufferings of his body, but produces all of this himself.

Man and scientists want to gain more and more knowledge and insight about our material world and undertake great effort in this direction and how easier could it be for them when they would obtain knowledge and enlightenment about the spiritual world and with it all the material things would be acquired automatically. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

It is exactly the insights of quantum mechanics which point to the influence of consciousness on the physical world. That the act of observation triggers a physical reaction in a particle, and that the existence of the material world is a direct result of inner consciousness, are actually only two things which are based on the same principle.

With the discussion whether neutrinos move faster than light one could clearly see that most of the scientists certainly know and acknowledge the insights gained from quantum mechanics, but that they are simply not regarded to exist in their practical scientific work. One simply says nothing can be faster than light and that what happens to a particle has an effect on another particle which is far away and where this effect happens without time difference, therefore information is exchanged very much faster than the speed of light, is simply forgotten. This behaviour of scientists was quite clearly expressed in the entry 2011 Nov 22 (3) – Most scientists simply ignore this issue where an editor of a scientific magazine was quoted. He wrote: “If we’re honest, most scientists simply ignore this issue - first, because they’re as baffled as the rest of us, and second, because however you interpret it, the current mathematics of quantum theory gives the right answer, and it has long been assumed that there is no experiment that can determine which, if either, interpretation was right.” And with this bafflement it is about the matter of quantum physics and its aspects. It is exactly quantum physics which produces the best indications that it is our consciousness that creates our physical environment but our scientists ignore it.

When one has a look at the few just mentioned examples then one can only come to the conclusion that most of the scientists are religious bigots exactly like most of the members of religious organisations, as for example organized Christianity, and that one does best when one keeps away from their ideas.

For both groups it is in principle about building up a building of ideas with their activities which prevents access to truth, to God, building up falsity.

I had been busy with these thoughts in the last few days when I brought excerpts from the Seth material and today I read a message from Bertha Dudde and it caused me to write this entry.

Here the message from Bertha Dudde I read today:


Research with and without God’s help. Truth.

12. and 13. September 1940. B.D. NR. 1609.

The only possibility of a complete enlightenment the intellectual researcher rejects with the explanation that for solutions achieved by such ways no guarantee for truth could be offered to him. And still there is no other way to come closer to pure truth than through spiritual research. The earthly scientist can bring evidence right down to the smallest detail, he will still err as long as he lacks credibility and thinks he is able to solve spiritual problems for himself. And that is why the results of such researchers differ very much, as they are also different in their attitude towards God. And it will always be able to support his opinion with conviction, he who approaches the research of such spiritual problems with God’s help, but he will be and remain erroneously who believes not to need God’s help for it. And the researches will only then be in agreement when they are of the same faith, i.e. of the same spirit. Because the right solution from above also reaches them. And still especially this way is passed over because the world of the time of the Now prefers exact scientific work to spiritual won successes, and so mankind accepts these without resistance and pure truth it rejects insistently. And a proceeding of enormous importance, the work of divine spirit, remains unrecognized and unused, and only few believers draw from this their knowledge, and still only these alone stand in truth because they accept what God offers them, pure, unadulterated divine teaching, the pure word of God and consequently fullest enlightenment about everything what divine creation holds while the intellectual acquired knowledge is very full of holes despite alleged presentation of evidence and can never satisfy completely. Especially science has put up theories which more or less contradict truth, and instead of coming closer to the truth, mankind more and more departs from it. And there, where truth can be found, human will builds up an unconquerable barrier for itself. Man refuses to research this way and now definitely takes up intellectual thinking to find an explanation appealing to him for the coming into being of spiritual results. That is why it is impossible to spread pure truth through scientific researchers. Even those researchers who, in deep faith, would like to bring different results, i.e. corresponding to truth, home to the general public, will run into violent resistance and will be fought by their opponents, who only let their own intellect speak und completely switch off God’s work. Such results have no value at all and will still be considered to be the only valuable ones, and therefore the thinking of man is completely educated badly because he draws his conclusions and verdicts from erroneous teachings and therefore comes more and more into erroneous thinking. Only there pure truth is to be received where deep faith has asked for the blessing of God for every spiritual work. These alone walk in truth because they were taught by eternal truth itself. Such a man can never be wrong at all because God himself protects him from this when the man has placed himself under the protection of God through his prayer. So God himself will always and for ever be the core of truth and everything what is started with God will correspond with truth, without God however there will be no guarantee given for such, no matter how eagerly man tries to verify that intellectually what he claims – his intention will deviate considerably from that of him who subordinates himself to God because the results come from different sources and truth can only flow from the divine source alone since God himself is truth. Amen. B.D. NR. 1609.


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