The subconscious translates energy into construction of physical matter.

Creating physical matter on a subconscious basis - Comment on 2012 February 18

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2012 February 18

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We create physical matter on a subconscious basis, without knowing egotistically that we do so. We create physical matter as effortlessly and as smoothly and as automatically, and as unknowingly as we create our own dreams. Read more:

We had a couple of entries dealing with material coming from Seth and I now want to bring some collected quotes from Seth which allow the reader to read and think about some details that came up and recapitulate some of the ideas coming from Seth.

There are quite a lot of details given and they are ideal material for thinking about when dwelling in the spiritual kingdom with one’s thoughts.

So here quotes from Seth, from the year 1965:


It goes without saying that each newborn consciousness within your system carries within it the capsule comprehension of which I have previously spoken; and if you recall, each atom and molecule, each and every smallest particle that can by any stretch of the imagination be called physical matter, contains within it its own independent capsule comprehension – inherent suggestions in coded form, in not one but several codes, that give complete instructions for development and growth.

The physical organism reflects vividly and with perfection the innermost state of the human personality. Now. As the condition of your planet in its entire political and social structure reflects the innermost neuroses in every individual, so indeed does the physical individual organism reflect the inner condition of each personality.
You create, as you know, physical matter on a subconscious basis, without knowing egotistically that you do so. You create physical matter as effortlessly and as smoothly and as automatically, and as unknowingly as you create your own dreams.

It may indeed sound like an oversimplification. However, you are exactly what you think you are, and every thought is mirrored in the physical matter of the human organism. This does not happen by some sort of occult magic. It is not the result of some mumbo jumbo. Since each individual creates subconsciously the physical matter of his own image, then it follows that the condition of this image is his own responsibility.

I have also discussed the electrical components that make up each thought. These thoughts, then, are automatically translated into physical matter by certain areas of the subconscious. If certain long-standing distorted concepts are held, therefore, then they must be faced and struck out. For otherwise there is an automatic flow of this energy into a false disruptive pattern.

The manner in which the subconscious translates energy into construction of physical matter, again, has been covered in our sessions previously. However it is imperative that the idea be understood thoroughly, for here we have no vague and nebulous theory indeed, but a most practical and definite explanation of the manner in which you yourselves construct not only your own physical image, but indeed your own physical environment.

I will here repeat an old definition of many sessions back: Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks.

The experience of space and time within the dream universe comes very close to the pure expression of the inner self. For here, free from the ego, the self is relieved of the necessity of constructing ideas into physical reality.

A basic requirement here is a thorough understanding of the precise manner in which physical matter is constructed.

You should understand clearly the ways in which you create these physical images, for they need not imprison you as they often do.
There is a necessity to discover and understand the inner self. There is much material concerning the construction of atoms and molecules that will enable you to understand not only the physical world, but also the dream universe.

But past, present and future as such simply do not have meaning to the other aspects of the personality. The idea and reality of physical time parallels the development of the ego. Consciousness of self, alone, is unaware of your physical time. The physical time idea is a product of the ego’s tendency to make finer distinctions in order that it can classify and categorize, and therefore identify and give permanence to its own sensations.

Consciousness of any kind is merely the direction in which the self looks. I told you this at our brief meeting. Consciousness is the focus, the direction of focus.

I may say that Buddhism does indeed come closer in essence to reality than other religions. However, the Buddhists either have not gone far enough, or have gone too far, according to your viewpoint.
If they have gone too far, then they have been so concerned with inner reality that they have become too tolerant of physical disease and disaster. If they have not gone far enough, then they have not followed through sufficiently so that these physical disasters could truly be suffered without pain.
They have the knowledge to a very large degree, but they have fallen short. It is one thing to realize that all physical matter is camouflage and they know this. But this camouflage can be most disastrous if it is not manipulated correctly. You are in no position to ignore it. You are in a position to understand it and to use it.
It is all very well for monks to utilize astral projection. It is all very well for them to skitter through space as if they were on pogo sticks; their knowledge is fundamental and good. The fact remains that millions of human beings who follow and practice Buddhism are told, as many religions tell their followers, “Better worlds are to come, so ignore this agony, and this hunger, and this pain, and the murder in the streets. Be in ecstasy while your belly bloats.” This is not human, and it is far less than godly.
There is a unity and there is a joy and there is an explanation in all aspects of life and consciousness. It is not to any religion’s benefit that people starve. There is nothing wrong with using spiritual knowledge in practical manners.
Fulfillment, value fulfillment, implies fulfillment of all abilities and all potentials, including quite physical potentials.

You recall that all experience has an electrical reality, deposited from birth within the physical cells of the body, so that at physical death we have an electrical counterpart of the physical being with all memory and experience intact. Were such experience a part of the physical self, and dependent upon it, the personality could hardly survive physical death. And were dreams so connected to the physical self, then whole areas of the personality would dissolve with physical extinction.
As it is these dreams, having an electrical reality, are deposited in coded form, with all other experience, within but independent of the physical cells. Dream experience is as real to the personality as waking experience. Only the ego makes any distinction. Therefore the personality that has survived makes no distinction on its own.

Poor health is indeed caused mainly by habitual destructive thought patterns which directly affect the physical system, because of the particular range within the electromagnetic system in which they fall; and despite any objections I will stick by this statement. The bad health, for example, does not occur first, resulting in unhealthy thoughts. It is indeed the other way round.

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