The difference of the heavenly bodies: they are so many-sided because they all also hold differently matured souls.

Difference of heavenly bodies. - Comment on 2012 February 17

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2012 February 17

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I have so many kinds of homes in which the further development of beings takes place, which are on the way back to me; my creations are countless and always more creations come into being. Read more:

Our last entry was 2012 Feb 14 – “Barren” planets and it was about planets and them not being empty and barren and today I read the following message coming from Bertha Dudde and giving us the spiritual reason why celestial bodies are inhabited and that these forms of live differ from ours.

Here now the message:


Difference of heavenly bodies.

31. May 1965. B.D. NR. 8987.

But the area, which is unfathomable for your intellect, you can nevertheless enter as soon as my spirit has an effect in you. Then there exist no limits for you because my spirit is my share, and I myself know everything, nothing is unknown to me, and therefore I can also impart the same to you through my spirit; I can reveal all areas for you. But it depends on your degree of maturity how far you can get insight into the secrets of creation, and according to your degree of maturity I can teach you, although also the smallest knowledge corresponds fully with truth. But it is up to you to increase the degree of maturity to be able to penetrate more and more, what always only love can bring about. For love closely unites with me, and then you will also be filled with my spirit; you will be able to see brightly and clearly the entire creation and grasp all connections. You will also know about the kind of creations, about their purpose and their respective intention. You will also know about the difference of the heavenly bodies, which are so many-sided because they all also hold differently matured souls and – as I had innumerable ideas and could execute them – I therefore also formed every celestial body according to other thoughts (laws), but which all are to serve the return of the once fallen (spiritual). I am not a being, which is subject to a limitation, which once overexerts itself or uses up its power. I create constantly and again and again new thoughts emerge from me and take shape. I have so many kinds of homes in which the further development of beings takes place, which are on the way back to me; my creations are countless and always more creations come into being out of my love because I also have again and again new delights in store for all my beings, because more and more all these beings ascend as soon as they once are on this way. And so also men on this earth – once they have reached a small glimmer of knowledge in the hereafter – will now also ascend and a relapse to the deep is out of the question. Innumerable heavenly bodies are again prepared for the reception of these souls, always appropriate to their degree of maturity, which constantly increases and also causes again and again a change of their place of residence. Innumerable heavenly bodies you men can see from earth, which – even when visible – become countless for you. And in the whole of creation are still countless heavenly bodies which are invisible for you, so that they also far surpass your ability as man to estimate. Therefore only in the brightest light can you overlook the whole of creation because you then likewise know no more limitations. But then also your happiness knows no longer boundaries because you know about the purpose of every heavenly body and also about the state of maturity of their inhabitants, and you will seek to increase this all the time to move all of them into the same state in which you are now yourselves: in close union with me and permanent illumination with love. But the condition for your ascent is that you have a glimmer of knowledge. And this means that truth has already entered into you because beforehand you move in darkness or walk in light twilight – that you are not able to separate yourselves from false doctrines. And the number of those is great. Light beings certainly try to change this situation but as long as these are rejected there is no hope, and a relapse to the deep is still to be feared. But as soon as there is only some love in them, they will also not close their mind to the presentation of the light beings, who again and again point them to Jesus Christ; then they will also give away their error and accept truth, and they are sure of the way up. But knowledge could have been revealed to these men already on earth when they would have paid attention to the voice of the spirit in them, because having reached knowledge already on earth opens to men the door to the kingdom of light, and they definitely find their way back into the house of the father to unite with me forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 8987.


When we here speak of the difference of the heavenly bodies and that they are so many-sided than it might help to understand this by using an example, a motorcar and how a motorcar is perceived under different states of consciousness.

I am now going to quote something from Seth again:


Within your field the automobile is perceived mainly as a physical object. Within some systems the same automobile would appear to be no more than a shadow. Within some systems the automobile would not be perceived at all, unless it were in motion. In other systems it would not be perceived at all, unless it were not in motion.

These various conceptions of the automobile would also apply of course to the perception of any physical beings within the car; that is, their reality would also be perceived differently, according to the perspective systems which viewed them.

You must indeed for practical reasons pretend as if the automobile had no reality except the reality with which you are familiar, but this is not the case. I mentioned feeling sound because this is a capability that lies latent within your own physical system, but this same sort of a juggling of perspective data is what happens, generally speaking, when inhabitants of a different system perceive realities that also have an existence within your own system.


So with this information it becomes a bit more understandable how perceiving in different systems works. Now all celestial bodies seem to have different systems and when we observe them then we should consider this information and make allowances for it. If we do not do this then we of course are prone to make mistakes and come to the conclusion that the laws of physics which we know here on earth also apply to the celestial body we look at, for example the Moon. And here it does not matter if we look at the Moon by standing on the surface of the planet Earth or if we look at the Moon by standing on the surface of the Moon.

Now in 2012 Feb 10 – Scientists and clerics we had this quote from Seth: “Why do you find the phrase solidified feeling outlandish? You both already understand that your plane is really composed of solidified thought. When your scientists get through with all their high fiddle-faddle they too will discover that this is the case, though woe to any one of them that dares breathe such a concept yet.” So there might be a time when the scientists get through with all their high fiddle-faddle and when they too will discover what is really going on.

And now some more quotes from the same place: “That is, they will create more and discover more until they are ready to go out of their minds. … As their instruments reach further into the universe they will “see,” and I suggest that you put the word see into quotes, they will “see” further and further but they will automatically subconsciously transform what they apparently see into the camouflage pattern with which they are familiar. They will be and they are prisoners of their own tools. More galaxies will seemingly be discovered, more mysterious radio stars will be perceived, until the scientists realize that something is desperately wrong.”

And this is what is happening at the moment, they discover more and more things in space and almost every week something new is reported. Now lets us see if they come to the point where they realize that something is desperately wrong.

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And now, at the end, a prophecy, for a change, from Seth, from 1965:

Not only that, it is simply a fact that your scientists will indeed discover, and no misty, magical superstition, that consciousness, of itself and because of its nature, forms physical matter. Because I once inhabited physical matter, as you all do know, does not mean that I am now some esoteric, occult creature of dim spiritualistic rather doubtful origins, who managed to invade gullible and neurotic consciousness.


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