Matter matters, even while it does not matter at all.

The nature and construction of matter - Comment on 2012 February 2

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2012 February 2

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So much for the big bang: The big bang did not happen at the beginning, it happens several times every second, and that right inside of you. Read more:

Now we have, with this contribution, four entries which deal with Seth material:
2012 Jan 25 (3) – The basic universe
2012 Jan 29 – Units of consciousness
2012 Jan 31 – How scientists should work
2012 Feb 02 – The nature and construction of matter

Today we want to deal with material, which examines matter and puts matter in its true light, especially in spiritual terms.

From the spiritual point of view matter is temporary. Now that is normally compared to spiritual things which are eternal. And by that we mean, that matter also lasts very long, but just not as long as eternity lasts.

Now the following material suggests that matter actually lasts only a fraction of a second. And that we ourselves create it again and again, every second a couple of times.

When this is so and when I am creating my own body and that several times during the period of one second then it becomes easier to understand that I can heal myself when I adopt the right attitude and that through this creating of my physical body I can cause a change, a physical change, and can get well. But it also allows me to accept that an instantaneous change can happen and a miraculous healing can take place because matter is completely subject to the spiritual world or that a camouflage universe completely depends on the basic universe.

And this is only one of various things which are the characteristics of matter.

Keep some ideas from quantum physics in mind when reading this webpage. Quantum physics becomes more understandable with the information contained in this webpage.

Now when I am lying on my back relaxing then I can feel the vibrations of my body and can actually influence them and cause them to move in wave like fashion to different parts of my body. And this vibrating of my body is probably this again and again creating of the physical world around me, including my body. Now all this seems to sound very esoteric and occultist and mysterious but lets us have a look at the details.

So much for the big bang: The big bang did not happen at the beginning, it happens several times every second, and that right inside of you.

I am just selecting statements coming from Seth and quote them here.

I do not bring complete sessions but only passages of text because I just want to quote some interesting parts and therefore I just bring individual statements, which give an idea what this material coming from Seth is all about.

Seth is a being that has lived on Earth and communicated through Jane Roberts and these communications were recorded by her husband Robert F. Butts. The communication of this material happened in the year 1964. 1964 Jane Roberts and Rob Butts were still alive and Seth was then already an ex-inhabitant of Earth.

For some comments to medium announcements in general and especially to those coming from Jane Roberts see 2011 Jun 14 – Audible inner voice.

Here now Seth:


      In some instances the physical body stays in its original location, and the personality-essence moves through camouflage space and time. That is, the personality-essence, realizing that space and time are merely camouflages, is therefore free to behave accordingly.
      In this instance of traveling by personality-essence, any contact would be telepathic, and a potential observer would see nothing, using the outer senses alone.
      (“Wouldn’t such an occurrence frighten the observer or recipient?”)
      Not in the instance mentioned. Another method is somewhat more complicated and involves a diffusion of energies, a partially-visible secondary camouflage body appearing in a new location, while the original body remains in its original position.
      In this case the body would appear visible on the bed while another, identical body would appear in the new location to which the personality-essence had travelled. In this case a potential observer would see what would appear to be an ordinary physical being.
      Conversation could then be carried on. There are gradations in the degree of materialization here, in that the secondary body would be absolutely normal-appearing in all respects, or could be less so, according to the ability of the traveller.

      For the future, keep still another possibility in mind, that of picking up an object from the location to which you have traveled, and bringing it back with you as proof. This is difficult in the extreme, but it is far from impossible.
      The reason that these things are done so infrequently is because the personality-essence finds itself so unable to give up belief in camouflage time and space. You must be convinced, deeply, not only that such feats are possible, but that you can achieve them; and then you must also train yourself to perfect your own abilities.

      When the physical origin of your universe is finally discovered, your scientist will be no better off than they are now. They will immediately be up against the problem that above all others they have avoided for so long, that of the origin behind the origin. The simple fact needs restating. The physical universe, and everything in it, is the result of consciousness. It did not evolve consciousness. To the contrary, consciousness not only created the physical universe, but continues to do so.

      This constant creation of the physical universe is carried on by each individual in it, on a subconscious level.

      Each individual atom within its generalized consciousness has the capacity, in some degree, to construct its portion of energy into physical construction. It is extremely important that you understand this fact, and realize that the individual cells, for example, lose no individuality in this process, and gain immeasurably, the whole physical structure of the body being the result of this cooperation of cells which are themselves the result of the cooperation of atoms and molecules.

      We have much yet to cover about various topics only lightly touched upon so far, including the nature of matter, the process involved in its continual creation and manipulation, and the truly astounding cooperation involved, as all living things contribute their energy to keep the physical universe in any kind of permanent, coherent form.
      This process is carried out unconsciously, and yet if mankind follows through then he will become consciously aware of his own part in this continual creation of matter, and he will be able to continue in a much more intelligent manner.

      Matter is in some ways the basis of your universe, and yet matter itself is merely energy changed into aspects with certain properties that can under certain conditions, be perceived by your senses, and that can therefore be manipulated.
      It is a medium for the manipulation and transformation of psychic energy into aspects that can then be used as building blocks. Yet even the appearance of this physical material, though it seems more or less permanent by its nature, is not permanent, and is only cohesive enough to give the appearance of relative permanence to the senses that perceive it.

       There are continuous creations, of psychic energy into physical pattern that appears to hold a more or less rigid appearance.

      Matter is created directly from energy on a subconscious level.
      The matter is spontaneously and instantaneously created. As you know, or should know, this applies to the human physical form as well as to all other material.

      The nature of matter is an extremely difficult sore point in your scientific circles.

      When you consider that behind all matter there is a conscious energy, then you will see where the pattern comes from. It is not the material that composes man, that gives him his identity. No physical nerve structure, or combination of purely chemical and material properties, will ever result in consciousness. The consciousness gives meaning to the physical material.

      Since matter is constantly recreated, and instantaneous, many of your ideas of time are of course distorted, since you have taken it for granted that matter changes with, or in, time. You have judged a time interval by the seeming changes in a given material object.
      This refers me back to your false cause and effect theory. For practical purposes so far this theory has not been too binding, but it is becoming so. Time does not cause change in matter, appearance to the contrary. I am going to skip a giant step, and say that man himself and all conscious beings produce matter subconsciously.
      I will fill in the rather important details later.
      I wanted to make this point, since matter is created by the subconscious, and since it exists simultaneously and instantaneously, and since its creation or arrival, and its departure or replacement, are instantaneous. Once this is understood it becomes at least theoretically possible to re-create the material of the past, in so far as the patterns for the material have been retained,
      The last part of this sentence is extremely important.

      All material is energy, appearing in the physical field into patterns that have been prepared for it. The illusion of rigidity is the result of your own outer senses, a perception which is too slow to catch the constant pulsations, as bits of energy that compose material constantly disappear entirely and are replaced.
      There are as many intervals when your material world does not exist as there are intervals in which it does exist. For your present purposes we will call these intervals negative intervals. This particular idea is one that I have been most concerned with getting over, and I hope that I have laid the ground properly for it.
      When I use the word interval I am of course using it to make the idea understandable. The fact is, material on your field is composed of constant energy pulsations; and while to you the appearance is one of permanence to a fair degree, and while I have said that the pulsations are constant, nevertheless they are completely distinct, separate and new pulsations that are not continuous in the terms that you apply to one object that is continuous.
      Therefore, there is what I will call the negative interval, when one pulsation has vanished from your plane and another is about to take its place. Alone, each negative interval may be negligible, but taken en masse this adds up until there is as much negative matter as there is positive matter.
      Now. This physical matter on your plane we will call positive matter. To the field of negative matter, your positive matter would be termed negative. Obviously we have much material to cover, positive and negative. The point is that perception is the criteria for what you will call matter. You do not perceive the negative interval. You do not perceive continuous creation of matter.
      Your physical plane is not the only plane given to the manipulation of matter. It is, however, the focal point of such planes, and they are closely interwoven. The other two planes form what you may think of as the outer rims.
      I mentioned that the session would be short, and it will be. I would like to make a few more points in line with your discussion during break.
      You are indeed correct. Our negative intervals do indeed have something to do with antimatter, except that I prefer to call it negative matter. You can use whichever term you prefer.
      Antimatter exists in your own universe. You will not be able to determine its existence by any calculations aimed at discovering the existence of weight of mass. Antimatter, using your terms, exists simultaneously with your universe, having what I will call antigravity, and in what I will call antispace.
      If you will now remember that there are negative intervals, or intervals between the pulsations of energy into matter, if you will remember that your physical universe then is non-existent for the same number of intervals that it is existent, then you will see that this gives us our antimatter.
      The seeming, and for practical purposes, repulsion of so-called positive and negative matter will be explained in another session, as if I begin to develop upon this now, you will end up with a longer session, not a short one.

      As I told you, matter is created constantly. No object is composed of the same matter from one day to the next. Matter is caused by pulsations of energy, taking a formal pattern that is already formed by means of the consciousness inherent in the energy itself.
      I mentioned that this creation is constant, and while objects appear to have rigidity and permanence, they do not.

      There is however, what we will call an interval between the entrance of each energy pulsation into the physical field, and its replacement by another.
      In other words once more, even by your own farfetched time scheme, there is an interval of physical nonexistence for each interval of physical existence.
      Physically, you do not exist for as long as, or the same amount of your time, that you do exist. We have called the interval of physical nonexistence antimatter, or negative matter. This of course from your viewpoint.

      Therefore, this is an interval between each pulsation of energy, when one pulsation enters and forms a physical object and almost instantly leaves, and an interval before the next particle arrives.
      Your senses do not perceive this. They are far too slow. At some time your instruments may discover this interval. Nevertheless, for all the appearance of permanence and rigidity, your chair is only a chair by virtue of your own concept – gestalt, that is in itself severely limited due to the limitations of outer senses. I have mentioned that your cause and effect theory is in itself antiquated and distorted. Matter in itself does not decay, since it does not exist as one object long enough.
      This antimatter therefore, by inference, exists in duration on your terms for as long as your own universe of positive matter has existed. It might seem to you that the universe of antimatter is a twin of your own.

      Your scientists have already discovered the theory of antimatter, but assume that it is completely separate from you own universe, I believe the latest theory being that a universe of antimatter may possibly be found at the further reaches of your known universe.
      Antimatter exists simultaneously with your own universe, and approximates it in terms of your own idea of time. This may be possibly discovered within a short time, but it will not be accepted. Because of the perilous and necessary relationship and balance between matter and antimatter, it will never be possible for you to contact the universe of antimatter.

      Now, may I please return to our discussion of matter, since the matter matters so strongly. Almost every child suspects that at one time or another when his eyes are closed his immediate surroundings have disappeared. He supposes that when he does not see a chair the chair does not exist; and my dear friends, the boy in this case is smarter than the man.
      (“What if the boy closes his eyes but touches the chair?”)
      When his senses, his outer senses, do not perceive a physical object in his self-perspective (and hyphenate that please), in his self-perspective, the object simply does not exist. If the object is touched and not seen or otherwise perceived, then in his self-perspective it exists only in the realm of his sensual perception of it. It does not exist to be seen if he does not see it. If his father, for example, sees the chair that the boy does not see, then the object exists as a thing to be seen in the father’s self-perspective. Each individual himself creates a portion or a whole physical object. Many people appear to see an object, but the object that they see is not the same object, but only approximates an object.
      This almost automatic construction of energy-idea (hyphen), into a material object is carried on subconsciously through the methods which I have earlier explained to you, regarding the inner capsule comprehension and capacities existing in the individual atoms and molecules, and is formed by this gestalt of which I have spoken.
      Your idea of space is so erroneous that it is extremely difficult to set you straight. For every apparent single object you have, literally, infinite varieties, and no one particular object indeed. From your own perspective, from your own space perspective, through the methods which I have given you, you create your own version of a particular object, and you do it by using energy in a personal manner.
      The confusion arising, for example, in the case of witnesses to a particular event such as an accident, shows perhaps what I mean. You also know by now that not only men, but also all consciousness, contribute to the formation of your physical universe. Consciousness comes first.

      I told you that without telepathy language would be meaningless and ineffective. It is true that each of you constructs his own physical universe, and responds to it. It is also true however, that through continuous telepathy you are acquainted with the ideas of others concerning their approximate physical universes; and while you construct and see your own, you also construct any given material object taking into consideration its approximate size, width, thickness and location, as received through telepathy from others.
      Nevertheless, the objects are simply not the same objects. You do not see, feel, smell or touch the same object. I will shock you further by stating that, in your terms, the objects do not even exist in the same space, but in the personal self-perspective space, formed and created by any given individual
      (Now Jane picked up a book of paper matches and held it up before John and me as she paced back and forth.)
      This can easily be proven by a simple experiment with any small object, such as a book of matches. No one of you can see a book of matches from exactly the same perspective, for the simple reason that it does not exist for you except in the self-perspective in which you create it.
      We can even carry such an experiment further, and at a later date we shall certainly do so. Incidentally, this simple fact will not even meet with disbelief from your backward scientists, since no one can dispute it, and experiments have already been conducted along these lines.

      Telepathy is one of the main binders in the world of constructions.

      Measurements can be made of one so-called one physical object merely because inner communication is so exact and extensive.

      The keystone here is that you are only aware of your own constructions. This is most important. You truly construct your own environment, and it in turn then has its influence upon you.

      Actually it can be said that since the self creates its environment, then the environment is an extension of the self. The division between the subject who creates the environment, and the object-(hyphen) environment, which is created, is an artificial but necessary development.
      This development is necessary upon your plane because of the training in the manipulation of energy which is required there. You merely focus your energy along these lines. This being of course the main reason why, as a rule, mankind has not used other abilities to any great degree.

      It is important that you consider the nature and construction of matter in terms of this inner, individual psychological purpose, for this is after all the heart of the matter.
      There can be no division here, even in our discussion, for simplicity’s sake; for such division would lead you far astray. You can see this more easily perhaps in terms of, say, gallstones or kidney stones, which are adverse constructions, projected by the individual because of psychological imbalance; that is, a confusion of inner purpose.
      The healthy physical body, therefore, is eloquent testimony of inner balance. And in all cases of illness, the inner cause must be uncovered; not only uncovered intellectually, but understood intuitively if recovery is to take place.

      Since you construct objects, you can therefore construct them more to your convenience when you realize that matter can thusly be manipulated.

      There is no doubt that the development of matter, and an understanding of it, will enable you to manipulate it and also at times to discard it almost entirely.
      Since the individual constructs matter, and indeed constructs his own physical universe, he can improve these constructions; and his expectations are intimately connected with the subconscious mechanism of construction itself.


That now was Seth and something from that, what he has said 1964.

Here a note to the experiment with the book of paper matches. When a cube with the length of side of one metre is lying on the stage, then everyone in the auditorium has a different perspective of the cube because the eyes of every individual have to be at different locations. The eyes of two people cannot be at the same location. And when now the eyes on the man go to the same line between the cube and the eyes of the woman, before the woman, then the head of the man covers the sight of the woman and when the head of the man goes behind the head of the woman, then he cannot see the cube, at least not completely. Therefore this experiment proves that everyone has a different perspective.

But there is an exception and that would be when the woman goes home and the man sits in the seat of the woman. Now certainly the man would see the cube out of the same perspective as the woman, but at a different time and that would then be according to Seth a different cube. But this consideration gives us an insight about the connection between space and time.

Now let us give the man a name and let us call him Mr Schrödinger and Mr Schrödinger’s cat is jumping on top of the cube and sits there and stares at him. What does he, Mr Schrödinger, see? Just theatre stuff, no reality.

By the way, the reason why Mrs Schrödinger went home was because she got sick and tired of looking at artificial things and at home now she goes to close her eyes and turn to the inside – to reality. What about her husband, is going to carry on rummaging in muck?

The proof for the existence of telepathy I have already furnished to myself, and that several times. One such experience I have described: 2010 Feb 19 – Quantum physics, the soul and extraterrestrial communication. And such experiences most of the people will have gathered and therefore would have to admit that telepathy exists – when they are honest.

The proof of the existence of telepathy has therefore already been provided by everyone himself, but also sciences have not been inactive, only there the situation is so that some scientists are so against experiments finding out more about parapsychology, especially about telepathy, are so against accepting these investigations as science, because subconsciously they fear what such results will bring: the complete collapse of all their theories.

Now still something from Seth from the year 1971:


      The nature of matter as such is often misunderstood. You perceive it in a certain “stage”. Applying your ideas as simply as possible, I would say: There are still other material forms than those you see. These forms are quite real and alive, quite “physical” for him who responds to this specific sphere of activity.

      Atoms and molecules are only present in certain stages in your universe. Their activity can only be observed within the scope of certain rhythms of vibration. When for example your scientists investigate them, then they do not research the nature of, let us say, the atom. They only research the characteristic of an atom, how it shows itself and behaves within your system. Its greater reality completely escapes them.
      You know that there are light spectra. Likewise there are also spectra of matter. Your physical system of reality is in comparison with several others not a closed one. The dimensions which you confer on physical matter just contain a suggestion of the variety of possible dimensions.
      Some systems are far heavier or lighter than your own one, although weight in terms known to you does not need to play a part in this.

      You are used to linear thinking, that is why you see events and things in your environment as complete, without suspecting that what you perceive represents just a fraction of your multi-dimensional total existence.

      Repeatedly I have said that time as you imagine it does not exist. And still you could understand the nature of time in that moment when the fundamental nature of the atom would be revealed to you. In some ways the atom can be compared with a micro second. Although it appears as if the atom “exists” for a certain time  l a s t i n g l y , in reality it has phases of presence and absence. It fluctuates in a completely calculable pattern and rhythm. In your system it is altogether perceptible only in certain moments of its fluctuation. That is why your scientists consider the atom to be present constantly. They are not aware of the gaps of presence in the life of the atom.
      In those periods of non-physical projection, the absence phase of fluctuation, atoms “appear” in another reality system. In that system the same are perceived during presence phase of their fluctuation, and also there they seem to be constant. There are many such fluctuation points but your system does not know of it. It also does not know of the acts, universes and systems these contain.


According to 2011 Dec 24 – Prof Higgs‘ suggestion physics has a problem: “After 30 years in the shadow of biology, physics is in the news as never before.” And these news express a lot of expectations but up to now these expectations just seem to have remained expectations. Perhaps this shadow leads physicists to give up old thinking patterns and to stop to look at the world of matter and look inside and see whether perhaps there is something interesting.

Perhaps they are able to separate themselves from the idea of a world formula and perhaps they even go so far to consider the spiritual side of life no longer as being non-existent and have a look into it.


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