The Standard Model has three severe shortcomings.

The problems of the physicists - Comment on 2012 January 17

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2012 January 17

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Super symmetric particles evade, against all hopes, until now persistently their discovery. Therefore the question arises as from which point in time the experimental facts speak to strongly against Susy that despite of all the advantages one has look for something else. Read more:

Today I read an article which shows problems physicists have nowadays. Here some excerpts.

But first some remarks: What I read in the past months about physics makes the impression that scientist, particularly physicists, very much endeavor to explain the connections but that they do not seem to succeed in this. Actually the development seems to go in the opposite direction, the more they find out the more complicated everything seems to become. The possibility of concrete predictions seems to more and more recede into the distance and on the other hand the possibility of the fulfillment of prophetic predictions seems to come more and more within reach.

Here now the excerpts:


The Standard Model in particular has three severe shortcomings: the hierarchy problem, the problem of the uniting of the coupling constant and the lack of candidates for dark matter.

Within the Standard Model no other choice remains than to so to speak bend the theory by force that everything fits together. That nature by chance could have taken care of such a fine tuning is extremely unlikely. But the Standard Model does not explain this.

A further problem of the Standard Model is that it fails to achieve a uniting of the electromagnetic, the weak and the strong interaction.

The dream of a “world formula”, a common description of all physical forces, would therefore already have failed in the Standard Model.

The problem of dark matter is a relative obvious one after all: From astrophysics it is known that about 22 per cent of the energy material content of our universe is made up of a kind of matter of which it is basically only known until now that it is gravitative, but not electromagnetic, interactive and does not seem to differ from the matter known to us. But there is no place for dark matter in the framework of the Standard Model; there are no Standard Model particles with the help of which one could understand the observed dark matter.

Super symmetric particles evade, against all hopes, until now persistently their discovery. Therefore the question arises as from which point in time the experimental facts speak so strongly against Susy that despite of all the advantages one has look for something else.

But now such a great number of free parameters make exactly that more difficult what one originally had striven for: the possibility of concrete predictions.

How does science react to this when expectations are disappointed? How flexible can a theory be brought into line when its predictions get into conflict with the measurements? How long does one accept the modifications of a theory to the adaptation of measurement data when these adaptations increasingly endanger the original simplicity and beauty of the theory?


The physical and the spiritual problems of physicists are quite well described in the following message by Bertha Dudde:


Spiritual Low – Ignorance of the Laws of Nature and their Effect.

3. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3951.

To determine the laws of nature is possible for you men only to a limited extent because this is my will as long as your soul’s maturity has not reached a certain degree. But with my help you can at any time break through these limits that I have placed and then any field is within reach of you, all knowledge accessible, and every single research work possible. Because then you have myself as master teacher who certainly instructs you properly even in fields that require human mental activities to arrive at the right conclusion. And so you have to have a spiritual maturity, you have to be in contact with me in your thinking and in your acting. But as long as there is a lack of this spiritual maturity you will not be able to differentiate between truth and mistake and therefore also be unable to determine the powers, to discover their cause and their effect, and to exploit them appropriately. You can possibly make experiments any time and can increase your knowledge seemingly but you also can work with the support of that force that permanently endeavours to destroy my works over which itself has no power. And I will therefore never give my blessings to such experiments unless they are pure works of charity, experiments to help suffering mankind without being out for one’s own advantage. Then also all powers will become subject to you, then you will be able to make unrestricted use of them and greatest success will be seen because then you have reached a certain spiritual maturity that ensures proper and true thinking and you will be able to enrich your experiences and to be a blessing. But mankind has now reached a low that also the researchers are working without me that they are just mere mentally active and are just only endeavouring to use the powers of nature for the sake of worldly success. And so I have set them a limit that they can’t overstep in their wrong attitude towards me and towards matter. And so their research and calculations will not be free of mistakes even though they are convinced of their correctness and experiment on that. Only partly are the laws of nature known to you because my emission of power is enormous, it flows through the whole infinity and not arbitrary and aimless but in accordance with my basic eternal law distributed to all creations so that their existence and preservation is secured as long as a work of creation has to fulfil its spiritual assignment. Therefore the power is bound so to speak, its strength is adapted to the magnitude of a work of creation and as long as the proper relationship remains established it will have preserving and constructive effects. Therefore the measure of power cannot randomly be increased otherwise the effect will be destructive. I myself as creator from eternity have the authority to abolish the effect or to distribute it in such a way that compensation is created by the generating and enlivening of new creations, man however lacks this authority due to his imperfection and so a force triggered off by his ignorance falls back on himself, i.e., it does not only destroy the ones that are ignorant of my natural laws but destroys the whole work of creation that bears men for the purpose of maturing their souls. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will reject the intellect of the rationalizer. As long as research is done by them without me their thinking will be dull and the result wrong. And the consequence will be an effect that was not calculated, a downfall of the work of creation, whose upkeep requires the right amount of power flowing towards it. And so through the will of men, that has not me as its aim but exclusively materiality, the last work of destruction on this earth will be orchestrated without being prevented by me because the time has come and the whole of mankind, except the small flock of the ones who belong to me, is fit for ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3951.


Read more about the share of scientists in the destruction of the surface of the earth in 460 and in particular the message 4708:


Irresponsible Experiments Reason for Destruction of Earth.

9. August 1949. B.D. NR 4708.

The divine order of the world cannot be overruled; still human will can fight against it, but only to its own harm. Laws exist that human intellect will never be able to find out because they intervene not only in the state of nature of the earth but they also underlie the existence of other creations, they however must be accepted, i.e. are not allowed to remain ignored, if counter laws are not to have an effect that likewise have been given in divine wisdom, so have as their object the eternal order. Men have well being granted a certain degree of creation and likewise research can be undertaken in all directions. But as long as man is not yet in full possession of spiritual power, limits have also been set to knowledge as well as in the use of the powers of earth that always unfold and must be used with certain conformity with a natural law, with a certain order. When this conformity with a natural law is disregarded then these powers will be set off against the laws, then the effect is disastrous and a destruction of all matter is the inevitable consequence that cannot be brought to a halt by human will. Because now also other creations, other stars, have an effect, which are connected with those powers and so are affected. Men can no longer take note of these effects because they are without exception the victims of such destructions, except those who are already in possession of spiritual power and will be raptured from the whole endangered world through divine will. Such a process will take place and so will mean the end of this earth. The will of man will take it upon itself to want to investigate powers and will so release powers through experiments that have an enormous effect in just that destructive way. Because there are no noble motives out of which research is undertaken that have this incredible outcome. And that is why God will keep the blessing from them that rests on works that aim at the welfare of the fellow human beings. Moreover they violate the divine law of nature insofar as they undertake research by using the life of men so that they use men as test objects that have to sacrifice their life. This is a sin against the divine order, against the love of God and the neighbour and moreover a sin against the whole of mankind that is doomed because of that. Because the knowledge of those that undertake such tests is not nearly adequate and so those are premature, but on which there is also absolutely no doubt. And God cannot tolerate such irresponsible experiments and so they have a backlash effect on the experimentalists that achieve nothing more than a total destruction of all material creations on earth, a smashing of matter that however means, in a spiritual sense, a dissolving of every single form and a setting free of the spiritual that is bound in it. So men will carry out this last act of destruction on earth and the whole of mankind will perish due to men being made to risky speculators by craving for fame, exceeding craving for recognition and craving for material goods, who are however not without knowledge that they endanger the fellow human beings but still undertake their tests. The previously made experiences are enough warning and admonition to refrain from it and that is why their action is a crime that God does not leave unpunished. Amen. B.D. NR. 4708.


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