The lower the sun stands the brighter a shine it will express.

Star will approach Earth - Comment on 2011 October 1

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2011 October 1
A star detaches itself from the firmament and changes its course. This star will have an illuminating power which exceeds all others by far; it will brightly shine forth at night and approach earth. Read more:

Today I read a message by Bertha Dudde, which I now bring first, and after that I will add something to it:


Natural phenomena. Temperature. Star. Prediction.

30. October 1939. B.D. NR. 1153.

Time rushes, and the mind of men does not change; innumerable souls perish when the Lord does not still offer his love to them in the last hour and makes them aware of the dreadful destruction of all earthly things. And therefore pay attention to the days which will fundamentally differ from the otherwise usual season. The lower the sun stands the brighter a shine it will express, and an unusual temperature will astonish men. And this will bring about all kinds of assumptions. Partly they will happily look forward to the coming time full of hope, partly they will have doubts, and man will be inclined to acknowledge a supernatural rule. However least of them remember their relationship with God. They do not recognize that God himself wants to turn their thinking towards him; they also make no effort to seek a connection in the unusual natural phenomena. Yes, very quickly they get used to them and do not draw the smallest advantage for their soul from them. Because if they would just pay attention, the call from above would be understandable to them. But when they do not remember their relationship with their creator, they remain earthly minded and accept nothing spiritual offered to them. And all these unusual natural phenomena are expressions of the spiritual work of those powers which are subject to God and willing to serve him. Again spiritual trends will become noticeable and they will appear to men in manifold ways, and still mankind’s thinking will deal little with this because also the power of darkness works enormously, and it fights against all spiritual enlightenment – it seeks to weaken the divine, and so mankind will only always pay attention to earthly events and face the work of the divinity in nature indifferently although men are touched by it in obvious charitable ways. Only a small number sees God’s hand stretching towards men and seeks to enlighten fellow men, but only the favour which is bodily felt is acknowledged, but not a direction from above which is to effect a change of human thinking. And an event belongs to this time of feeling of wellbeing, caused by unusual effects of the sun at an unusual time, which should also make every spiritual blind think. A star detaches itself from the firmament and changes its course. This star will have an illuminating power which exceeds all others by far; it will brightly shine forth at night and approach earth, so that also this phenomenon is again unusual for men and still at the same time evidence of the creator of heaven and of earth having all power and therefore also commands the stars their course according to his will. When this star is visible, mankind approaches more and more the spiritual point of change. So much help is offered to it in spiritual respect that it certainly only needs its will to acquire this help, but its mind becomes more and more stubborn, its thinking more and more blinded. And the time is no longer far which the Lord mentioned that a door will be lifted out of its hinges when man closes his heart to all spiritual trends. The light will also shine there where it is avoided because the ray of light will be so bright that it penetrates everything , and also the spiritual blind will have to see, only his will will still be refusing, and the end will be that he will be consumed by the light. Because everything that is bright, light and clear banishes darkness. And light conquers darkness insofar as darkness has to yield where the light of truth has once forged ahead. And the lie and pretence will fall to the ground, however truth will remain forever. Amen. B.D. NR. 1153.


This star which will approach Earth is mentioned several times in Bertha Dudde’s work and on this website there have been already a couple of entries about it.

The last three entries about the sun were:
2011 Aug 08 – Nemesis – invisible companion star of the Sun
2011 Aug 10 – Sunlight
2011 Sep 05 – Bar chart end-time, Rev 6.

I just read the entry dated 10th of August 2011 – Sunlight - and there I noticed the following sentences: “But then also one thing has to be clear to you: that this radiation from myself penetrates everything. That it therefore is well capable to also shine through the whole earth; that there is no body for it, which would be capable to stop the brightness.”

Since the 23rd of September 2011, therefore for one week, there are all the time reports in the news about neutrinos, whose speed has been measured, and which is faster than that of light and that this is incompatible with Einstein’s theories: “Sub-atomic particles travelling faster than light” was the headline of the first report.

Now this description of the radiation of God seems to agree exactly with the description of these sub-atomic particles, the neutrinos. They radiate through Earth, unhindered, and also our body. This correspondence of these two descriptions seems to be a further thing where spiritual enlightenments agree with scientific knowledge.

While reading “Sunlight” I also had the impression that neutrinos might perhaps not come from the sun or are produced by it, but that it is rather the other way round, that neutrinos cause sunlight. That would also agree more with the fact that the sun’s corona is so much hotter than the surface of the sun. It says there: “And think about what light basically is – and where therefore also the light of the sun has its origin.” So we are supposed to think about this.

In above mentioned message by Bertha Dudde, B.D. NR. 1153, it says: “And therefore pay attention to the days which will fundamentally differ from the otherwise usual season. The lower the sun stands the brighter a shine it will express, and an unusual temperature will astonish men.”

This now let me think of what I had read in Jakob Lorber’s work and I now bring this here:


Says Mathael: »Lord, may I by the way also mention that unusual natural phenomenon which I and my father, who moved with me at the time of midnight (to Bethany), have observed at rise? «

The messenger Lazarus was satisfied with the decision, he only very much regretted not having taken sumpter horses with him. But we now went on our way quite fast; because with good feet one had a whole hour to that place.
When we, quite silently thinking, go along our way, the fog in the east disappears completely, and it gets brighter and brighter, - yes, after about a quarter of an hour it gets so bright as about half an hour before sunrise. That claims our attention to such a high degree that we despite all the rush still yet had to stop to see from where this becoming brighter and brighter then might come.
But finally it became completely day, and over the eastern horizon a sun really rose, but with much greater speed than usually or – as one is used to say – the everyday one. But the lower, most eastern end or most eastern edge did not want to appear with this quick rising light phenomenon.
The light phenomenon grew to a light column which in few moments pushed up its head towards the midday stroke and soon spread such a brightness and warmth that we were forced to go under a quite close leafy fig tree to not be blinded by light and to not vanish from heat. But soon this light column again became thinner and thinner and the light and the strong warmth produced by this light column dwindled.
After an approximately taken very small quarter of an hour the light phenomenon ended, but also our seeing; because after this, after this light completely disappeared, it was so totally dark, and our eye power was so weakened that we especially could not even see and perceive the lantern of our messenger.
Only after about several thirty moments our eyes started to win back the necessary eyesight, and again with the weak light of our lantern we saw with difficulty our way which we had to go. But still the entire story delayed us quite well half an hour in time, and my father asked me immediately whether I might have perhaps seen any spirits with this light phenomenon.


This possibility, that the sun does not produce the light of the sun out of itself, out of its interior, but that the light of the sun has its origin in the general radiation power of God, makes it easier to understand the things which were just described here.

With the work of Jakob Lorber and with the work of Bertha Dudde we have a comprehensive description of the material world and of the spiritual world and the poor, atheistic scientists struggle to find a theory for everything and yet this “theory” for everything exists for a long time, and not only that, it is also accessible for everyone and besides also still free of charge. So we will carry on observing them how they feel their way in the dark, and then, in their ignorance, cause the return of Christ and destroy themselves and everything around them.


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