God only then hears our call to him when we pray in spirit and in truth, but he pays no attention to a lip prayer.

Audible inner voice - Comment on 2011 June 14

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2011 June 14
In that night, which preceded his death, Jesus gave his disciples fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice. Read more:

Today I read a message by Bertha Dudde which deals with the audible inner voice. In the message Bertha Dudde is asked to try to hear the inner voice audibly: “Try to hear the inner voice audibly, my child,”

Bertha Dudde received this message on the 12th of April 1939. One can assume that she did not yet hear the inner voice audibly at this point in time. But the possibility exists that she then obtained this ability and then later also heard the inner voice audibly.

I just wrote, “then later also heard the inner voice audibly,” and with “also” it is to be said that Bertha Dudde already experienced the inner voice but just not audibly.

How she experienced the inner voice follows from a description of hers which she wrote down on 22nd of November 1953.

I now bring excerpts from this description:

“Since the 15th of June 1937 I write down announcements I receive – through the inner voice. Complying with the wish often expressed by my friends, I hereby give a short explanation of the spiritual receipt, a description of my path through life and of my own views.”

“When praying the Lord’s Prayer I often pleaded that the Lord would really let me find his kingdom. And this prayer was heard. That was on the 15th of June 1937. I prayed and paid attention to my inside – I remained completely silent – I often remained in this state because with it a wonderful peace always came over me and thoughts which I felt at the same time – in the area of the heart, not in the head – gave me comfort and strength.
I did not yet know that these thoughts were “given” to me. Until a strange dream experience, which later transpired to be a true dream, caused me to write down these “thoughts.” And so also on this memorable day I listened to my inside, and there came very straight a chain of words, which I wrote down. It was the first chapter which was given to me and which started with the words: “In the beginning was the Word! A Te Deum to the creator of heaven and earth!”

And then the doubts came: Have you written that out of yourself? – To put it shortly, I have wrestled, prayed and led many inner struggles, but the words came again and again like a stream, a fullness of wisdom before which I trembled. – God himself took away the doubts; he answered me, and I recognized him in his word as our father. My faith grew, the doubts became less, and I received and wrote daily.
The content of the notes went beyond my knowledge. Never heard or written expressions, strange and scientific expressions and comments flowed unstoppably towards me. And then the until now never heard love expressions of the father in heaven; in the end they formed refuge and explanation to all questions of life.
The conveyance of the “word” happens like this: After intimate prayer and short composure I listen inward. There the thoughts now follow clearly emphasized, the words flow individually and clearly – always three to four behind one another – similar to the radio announcement of the sea weather report to take notes. Slowly, so that I can comfortably take notes, one part of the sentence builds itself to the next. I write down the words in shorthand, like after a dictation, without being mentally or constructively involved in it. I am also not at all in a so-called state of trance in the process; I also do not form the sentences, but the words so to speak jump towards me without me grasping the context while writing.
After days, sometimes only after weeks, I transcribe the shorthand into fair copy without reading through it beforehand, word after word, without changing or “improving” even one syllable, but in no case working out or stylizing the sense of what has been said. – The space of time of such a dictation is about half an hour. I am particularly correct in pointing out that the process tolerates no compulsory state or happens ecstatically. Everything takes place unemotionally and simply, without any excitement or influencing of the own will. I can interrupt at any time and again continue to write the announcement after hours or days of being interrupted in the middle of a sentence. Without having read through the previously received material, it is dictated to me then again fluently further into the quill.
Therefore my will is free from any compulsion – what I want is to serve the will of God, therefore to be able to do that what is his holy will.”

Bertha Dudde therefore has not heard the inner voice audibly. She has not heard the inner voice audibly – at dictation. And that allows the assumption that she also heard the rest of the received messages this way. But that does not exclude that she then also some time heard the inner voice audibly and perhaps even often and even regularly.

An important thing in her just quoted description is her statement that she was not at all in a so-called state of trance in the process.

This is important because in her messages this difference of receiving something in a state of trance or receiving it completely without such a state of trance is emphasized at several places.

I am bringing here such a passage – from B.D. NR. 9003:

“That is why every spirit of light will warn you of medium announcements which speak to you (reach you) in the state of trance, but always prompt you to consciously receive spiritual messages, in which certainly only few men will succeed, but always offer the certainty to be taught directly by my spirit, and you then also do not need to be afraid of wrong things. Certainly not every announcement which is given in that state of having no will of one’s own can be described as being wrong or misleading, but who of you will check that? Who of you is himself aware that also many wrong spirits make use of this opportunity where a person gives up his will? And that full truth is of course not guaranteed to you when you rely only on such messages which perhaps reach you from the other kingdom, but which are nevertheless uncontrollable?”

To compare that which Bertha Dudde has given us with something similar, I now bring an excerpt from a description which Helen Schucman left to us:

“Although I had grown more accustomed to the unexpected by that time, I was still very surprised when I wrote, ‘This is a course in miracles.’ That was my introduction to the Voice. It made no sound, but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid, inner dictation which I took down in a shorthand notebook. The writing was never automatic. It could be interrupted at any time and later picked up again. It made me very uncomfortable, but it never seriously occurred to me to stop. It seemed to be a special assignment I had somehow, somewhere agreed to complete.”

Helen Schucman, together with William Thetford, has left to us the book “A Course in Miracles” and her just quoted description how she received this material, seems to be quite similar to the one given to us by Bertha Dudde.

“A Course in Miracles” is also on an extremely high level and also here the material seems to have come to Helen Schucman without her being in a state of trance.

Another example would be the material which came to Edgar Cayce. There we have a situation in which trance played already a role; Edgar Cayce was in trance; he put himself into a state of trance. Edgar Cayce was a believing Christian and his announcements are interesting but when his works are assessed one should not leave this fact, that trance plaid a role, out of consideration.

A further example would be the announcements which Jane Roberts spoke out and which her husband, Robert Butts, wrote down and which then were published as the Seth Material. Jane Roberts was brought up a Catholic, but was hardly to be called a believing Christian and therefore her works are to be assessed under these points of view. Medium announcements they certainly were but whether full truth is guaranteed through this is a completely different thing.

I now come back to what I read today and now give this message by Bertha Dudde:


Audible inner voice.

12. April 1939. B.D. NR.0858.

Try to hear the inner voice audibly, my child, and devote yourself often to inner contemplation, so that you so to speak go through everything spiritually what is set as assignment for you. Hearing my voice this way is far more vivid and brings you quicker forward on the way of self-liberation from earthly fetters. See, in that night, which preceded my death, I instructed my disciples the same way and gave them fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice. But my suffering and death at the cross robbed them of all certainty, and doubt stepped again into their hearts. And so it was as if a barrier was again formed to the direct connection with me. When I now desire to speak to you in like manner and it is just a matter of your will to hear me, then it must be your most inner endeavour to put yourself into that state which lets you hear my voice audibly. Because then a considerable way up is overcome as it were; this is progress which brings unutterable advantage to the soul that it can step into unhindered contact with me at any time.
It must constantly be the first desire to use the spiritual connection in the most exhausting way, and every opportunity must also be used to be able to have an effect on earth as it is your purpose. The content of life is only then completely satisfactory when all and every possibility is used which brings about the maturing of the soul. And the extraordinary willing acceptance of the revealed divine will belongs to it and the utilization of the divine favour bountifully offered to the earth child. And it is such a favour when the Lord expresses himself audibly to his child. Spiritually it then has the possibility to receive abundantly – it will no longer need to make the receiving of the divine word dependent on external circumstances, which often made the connection more difficult for the earth child, but it will be able to establish this connection at any time and may always be certain of the divine word. And so the exhortation goes out to you to overcome all hindrances and to completely entrust yourself to the father in heaven, so that he can instruct you in a blessed way, so that you step into still more intimate close touch with him and can hear his word directly. On earth such happiness alone is already desirable, in spite of the spiritual advantage, which is inconceivable. Amen. B.D. NR. 0858


What we have addressed here on this webpage today is quite interesting, but I now want to come to that matter which caused me to write this webpage and that is the following sentence form the just quoted message:

“See, in that night, which preceded my death, I instructed my disciples the same way and gave them fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice.”

So in the night before Good Friday Jesus spoke to his disciples in this inner voice.

What we have in the Gospel of John in the chapters 13 to 17 is therefore something, which constitutes an instruction, which he gave to his disciples in that way, which was received by them through the audible inner voice.

And the 17th chapter is to be emphasized especially. This prayer in the 17th chapter of the Gospel of John is therefore a prayer, which Jesus spoke in the spirit and which his disciples also heard in the spirit and therefore received it also.

In Bertha Dudde’s announcements we are often told that lip prayers are not true prayers and are not heard by God. I have always tried to check these statements by trying to use examples from the Bible. What I have noticed always was that we are again and again asked in the New Testament to pray and that Jesus himself prayed, but when one then looks for such prayers, therefore looks for examples, where the text of such spoken prayers is quoted, then one does not find such.

We want to have a look at an example, Matthew 15:36:

“And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.”

Before the meal Jesus said grace – he “gave thanks” it says. But then the words he expressed are missing. So has he really said grace?

Religious acts were not in existence in the house where I grew up and once as a schoolboy I was invited by another boy into his home for lunch and before the actual meal started the father said grace and I was very impressed, because it seemed to show me that it was here about very God-fearing people who expressed this through remembering God with words. And so I was impressed and was still thinking about what I had experienced until I then started to listen to the table talk and then I got shocked a second time when I heard how and about what these people talked. The way they talked about other people, the negative way, touched me unpleasantly and I compared the whole thing with similar situations at home and came to the conclusion that I would prefer to be at home where grace was not said, but where a way was used which seemed to me being more God-fearing than here with this family.

The result of this experience was that I always had reservations with regard to saying grace.

Praying is a spiritual matter. Spiritual communication is a thing where thoughts are used. When I pray then I communicate in a spiritual way with other spirits. Even when I pray for a spiritual being whose spirit is still in its human body, for a fellow man, then I do it with thoughts.

“See, in that night, which preceded my death, I instructed my disciples the same way and gave them fullest knowledge through the audible inner voice.”

The Gospel of John quotes this spiritual communication of Jesus. John expressed this spiritual communication into words and preserved them for us.

The other evangelists do not do this the same way as John has done. But they will probably also have received it, the expression “I instructed my disciples the same way” expresses this. But maybe they were not familiar with this way of communication as John was and therefore also not so sure to really have received it.

I am bringing here an example from B.D. NR. 8813, where we are told that God does not listen to lip prayers:

“But think about it in what relationship you are standing with me – whether you can associate with me as with a father – because I only then hear your call to me when you pray in spirit and in truth. But I pay no attention to a lip prayer, and if you speak for hours and think to honour me thereby.”

To now read this statement and to then think about it, whether it agrees with the Bible, led me to think about the 17th chapter of John and how one could perhaps bring these two things to an agreement and what I read today was then an explanation for this: Jesus instructed his disciples through the audible inner voice.

It is an example how apparent contradictions solve themselves. Contradictions seem to result when spiritual understanding is not sufficient.

His disciples were spiritually so far advanced at that time that they were able to hear the inner voice. Their dealings with Jesus had the effect that they were able to hear his voice as inner voice, with their spiritual ear, one of their spiritual sense organs. And this state of development enabled them to then also continue with this hearing of his voice after Easter and especially also after the Day of Pentecost.


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