Life exists in extreme environmental conditions.

Life exists in extreme heat, cold, acidic environments and airless, underground pockets - Comment on 2010 December 6

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2010 December 6
Is the sun really producing energy or is it just reflecting it, and is the sun, and the rest of the solar system, inhabited just like the earth? Read more:

On this website we have been discussing the possibility of life existing on other heavenly bodies, including the heavenly bodies of our solar system. And this includes mainly the bigger celestial bodies like the moon, the sun and the other planets.

The writings of Jakob Lorber have a lot to say about this subject and report of human-like beings living there and these reports go into great detail.

There is for example much about life on the sun, and in the sun, and today I read the following sentence: “Previous discoveries have found examples of life existing in extreme heat, cold, acidic environments and airless, underground pockets.”

So life can exist in extreme heat.

Just a few days ago I read the following: “The most basic property of stars is that their radiant energy must derive from internal sources.”

After this statement it is argued that due to the very long life of a star neither chemical nor gravitational effects could possibly yield the required energies. And then comes another sentence where the word “must” is used: “Instead, the cause must be nuclear events wherein lighter nuclei are fused to create heavier nuclei, an inevitable by-product being energy.”

It seems to me that the theorizing how this is happening is based on this assumption that the radiant energy of a star “must” derive from internal sources.

A reason why this “must” be so is not given.

I also read the following:

„In the forties it was established that the corona is much hotter than the photosphere. The photosphere (the visible surface of the sun) has a temperature of nearly 6 000 Kelvin. In the chromosphere, which stretches over several thousand kilometre above the photosphere, the temperature is almost 30 000 Kelvin and rises in its upper parts even above 100 000 Kelvin. However in the corona, which stretches far into space at the upper edge of the chromosphere, a temperature of several million Kelvin is prevalent. For the maintaining of this high temperature energy has to be supplied to the corona.
To solve the mechanics of this energy supply is one of the classic problems of astrophysics. Up to now it could not be solved, but only many possibilities were considered.”

Just recently one read about a planned mission to the sun and that one of the main purposes was to solve this problem.

Now all this information about the sun is quite interesting when one thinks about the information coming from spiritual writings that the sun is just reflecting energy and not producing it. Especially the corona of the sun being much hotter than the actual surface of the sun, and becoming hotter the more one gets away from the actual sun, seems to agree much better with a reflecting sun than with a sun which produces this energy.

I am now quoting a couple of excerpts, which were dictated to Bertha Dudde on the 22.7.1939 (B.D. NR. 1015):

“Not seldom do assumptions lead to false conclusions, and also science has erred incredibly when it assumes that there are any glowing masses in the central point of the sun.”

“The radiant effect of the sun is to be attributed to completely different laws.”

“… and this happens in a way, which is completely foreign and incomprehensible to human ideas, as long as men set too little value on the spiritual, because the radiant effect of the sun is a pure spiritual event, which however at the same time is also outwardly visible to men. While all other spiritual is hidden to them, earthly covered, an activity of the mature spiritual world is visibly expressed towards men, but not recognized as such.”

And this information is known for more than seventy years, but not to the so-called scientists.

The just mentioned dictation says that scientists can here observe spiritual activity, but they do not see it.

They are blind. These are the astronomers, at least the so-called astronomers. When we take another kind of scientists, the medical men, then it is known from time immemorial that it is the soul and the spirit which keep the body operating, but the medical men do not see this, at least not the so-called medical men, and so they walk in darkness and do not know that one has to heal the spirit and the soul when one wants to achieve healing of the body. And also here the result is then accordingly. With the astronomers it affects tremendous sums being invested in something, just because they think that “must” be so, and with the medical men, that tremendously many people suffer, just because these co-called medical men think they have to practise quackery without the spirit and without the soul.

Now a quotation of 20.2.1941 (B.D. NR. 1821) follows:

“A still unexplored field is the illuminating power of the sun, which is certainly bodily felt by every man and is also visible to the human eye, which is accepted as some matter of course and still found no explanation which is in accordance with truth. Men may investigate so thoroughly and exactly, they will never be able to solve this problem by use of their human intellect. Because man is only able to discover what is on earth and in its surroundings as far as it still belongs to the globe. But apart from this human research is insufficient. Man starts out from laws of nature which are certainly all the same everywhere on earth, but no longer control all creations outside of earth. And so for the first time the basic conditions for a research of unknown works of creation would not exist, consequently also the results cannot be perfect, because they have been established on a wrong base. But people are convinced of the correctness of these results of human research, although with deeper thought, provided they believe, would come upon contradictions.”

In spiritual writings it is again and again said that the laws of nature, as they apply here with us, do not have to be the same on other celestial bodies. And so they come to completely wrong assumptions.

Here a further quote, also from B.D. NR. 1821:

“The body of the sun holds living beings on its surface area like any other heavenly body, is therefore inhabited.”

And another one:

“But everything what is outside of earth is never subject to those laws of nature, which are in force on earth. Human intellect only grasps what can be verified to it with likewise earthly laws of nature. But that there is much in God’s endless creation for which that, what is available to earth-man, is certainly insufficient, will have to be acknowledged by every wise and believing man because earth is just a very tiny work of creation compared to infinity.”

So-called science says, “To solve the mechanics of this energy supply is one of the classic problems of astrophysics. Up to now it could not be solved, but only many possibilities were considered.” But the dictations, which Bertha Dudde wrote down, exist for decades and they explain everything quite directly, but for scientists all this does not exist and they are supported in this by the religionists, for Bertha Dudde makes them see red as her writings especially expose them as charlatans. And this also applies to Christian bookshops and publishing houses, who distribute loads of so-called Christian works but not true spiritual writings.

It is actually quite interesting how scientists, who want to exclude the spiritual from their life’s experience, just as their fellow travellers, the religionists, again and again fall on their nose when new discoveries refute their old theories. The evolutionists are the best example for this, because what Charles Darwin put up as theory, is today only still believed by religious fanatics.

Our discussion today began with the information that life exists in extreme heat, cold, acidic environments and airless, underground pockets. And from this we concluded that life could exist under much hotter conditions than we find on earth and therefore on the much hotter sun.

We then had a look at the conditions of the sun and that the sun probably does not produce the heat it radiates towards us and that therefore life on the sun would not be impossible.

We also discussed the possibility of the existence of different laws of nature on different celestial bodies. And this brings us to what I read today and I now end this comment with some excerpts of what I read today:


Arsenic munching bacteria redefining life’s origins

Bacteria that thrive on arsenic have been scooped from the depths of a California lake, a discovery that redefines the building blocks of life and offers new hope in the search for extraterrestrial beings. Not only did the bacteria survive on arsenic, they also grew by incorporating the element into their DNA and cell membranes, said a study funded by Nasa and published last week in the journal Science.

The findings add a new dimension to what biologists consider the necessary elements for life, being carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur. “What is new here is that arsenic is being used as a building block for the organism,” explained Ariel Anbar, co-author of the study. “We have had this idea that life requires these six elements with no exceptions and here, may be, there is an exception.”

The discovery was made by Felisa Wolfe-Simon, a former postdoctoral scientist in Anbar’s research group at Arizona State University. “If something here on Earth can do something so unexpected, what else can life do that we haven’t seen yet?” she asked.

Nasa’s vague announcement earlier in the week of a press conference on “an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life” set the internet abuzz with speculation.

Astrobiology relates to the study of life in the universe, including its origin and evolution, where it is located and how it might survive.

… he said. “We are very influenced by life as we know it. How different can life be and still work?”

Previous discoveries have found examples of life existing in extreme heat, cold, acidic environments and airless, underground pockets.


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