Quantum Physics. The soul exists also after death.

Quantum Physics, the Soul and Extraterrestrial Communication - Comment on 2010 February 19

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2010 February 19
The quantum physical phenomenon of folding supplies the foundation for the breathtaking thesis that a physically describable soul exists. Read more:

Today, on the 19th of February 2010, I read articles about the world of science and therefore here now some details.

The first article had the headline "Quantum Physics. The Soul Exists Also After Death."

I now quote some passages from it:

"Men with near death experiences report on puzzling phenomena - often on a tunnel at the end of which light radiates. Also respectable researchers claim: The soul exists really, and immortal consciousness is exactly like space, time, matter and energy a basic element of the world."

"Consciousness is next to space, time, matter and energy a further basic element of the world, say some researchers. With this they show a way from science to religion."

"But astonishingly there a is a huge number of people who report in private conversation about experiences, which are considered to be supernatural according to popular opinion. Out of fear to be labelled untrustworthy henceforth, most of them however are afraid of the public eye.

Does natural science have something to say about these ideas? Meanwhile there are some noted physicists who consider such effects to be real. They then come to the revolutionary conclusion that a physically describable soul exists. The quantum physical phenomenon of folding supplies the foundation for the breathtaking thesis.

Einstein came across the "ghostly long-distance effect."

Already Albert Einstein came across this strange effect, but later shelved it as "ghostly long-distance effect." Not until more recently among others the Viennese quantum physics professor Anton Zeilinger has provided the experimental proof that this effect actually exists in reality. And also one of the most acclaimed quantum physicists of the present, Professor Hans-Peter Dürr, former head of Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, today is of the opinion that the dualism of smallest particles is not limited to the subatomic world but is rather all-pervasive.

Dualism between body and soul is as real for him as the wave corpuscle dualism of smallest particles, therefore the fact that light can assume both seemingly opposing forms: electromagnetic wave and "concrete particle." According to his opinion also an universal quantum code exists, into which all living and dead matter is integrated. This quantum code is supposed to spread over the entire cosmos since the big bang.

Logically Dürr believes in an existence after death. "What we call life on earth is basically the slag, matter, therefore that what is tangible. The hereafter is all the rest, the comprehensive reality, the much greater," he shows himself convinced. Insofar our present life is already embraced by the hereafter.

Such ideas are not completely new because the psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung has already since 1947 corresponded lively with the physicist and Nobel Prize winner Wolfgang Pauli and searched for a physical explanation of the so-called synchronizations. Behind it hide coincidences or concurrent successive events, which are not tied up with a causal connection, but are felt to be "sensible" and logical by the observer

Astonishingly the intensive correspondence between Jung and Pauli was not further taken note of for half a century. The idea that soul states and the inanimate world are linked with each other and should have an effect on each other was obviously too daring for the elite of the researchers for a serious discussion.

Pioneer Dürr has in the meantime received support from the Heidelberg physicist Professor Markolf H. Niemz. He believes that the soul with the speed of light says goodbye after the death of a man. Niemz teaches medical technology at the Heidelberg University. In addition he busies himself intensively with near death research. The latter supplied the decisive impulses for his thesis.

Those concerned feel to be drawn into a kind of tunnel.

With a so-called death experience the concerned experiences suddenly the feeling that his soul separates from his physical body and seems to hover above the scene of the events. Only moments later a kind of tunnel seems to open. The concerned feels to be "drawn" into it and floats to a bright, not blinding light at its end.

With this "light at the end of the tunnel" Niemz sees parallels to a simulated journey in a space craft near the speed of light. Through the so-called search light effect the impression is given there as if everything is moving from the front towards the observer. We watch a similar effect at a car journey through a wintery snow flurry.

In a very similar way this effect leads to a focussing of light rays from the front with a fast moving object, which moves through the universe with approximate speed of light, while the rest of the parts of space with the approach of the speed of light appear darker and darker. There the observer has the feeling to steer through a dark tube for a bright source of light at the end of this fictitious tunnel.

Also Christian Hellweg is convinced of the quantum state of the spirit. The scientist has been busy for years in Göttingen with the scientific investigation of brain functioning after the degree of his physics and medical studies at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry. He summarizes his thesis as follows: „The qualities of the spiritual correspond exactly to those characteristics, which mark out the extreme puzzling and strange phenomena of the world of quantum.“

The legendary American physicist Professor John A. Wheeler, who died two weeks ago, said: „Many physicists hoped that the world still may be classical in a certain way - at least free of curiosities like great objects at two locations at the same time. But such hopes were destroyed through a series of new experiments.“

Last, not least also the British nuclear physicist and molecular biologist Jeremy Hayward of the University of Cambridge makes no secret of his conviction: „Some scientists quite still belonging to the scientific main stream are no longer afraid to openly say that consciousness next to space, time, matter and energy could be one of the fundamental elements of the world“, he assures. In summary he comes to the conclusion that human consciousness is possibly even more basic than space and time.

Should these theses of the avant-garde among the physicists be confirmed in subsequent researches, this should decisively influence our world view. So natural science and religion would no longer be in contrast to each other from now on.

They could rather complement one another - straight like the right and the left shoe of a man.

The text contains exclusive excerpts from the just published book of the author „Die geheime Physik des Zufalls. Quantenphänomene und Schicksal“ (Secret Physics of Chance - Quantum Phenomena and Fate). Verlag BoD Norderstedt, ISBN 3833474203, ...


So far the quotations.

I now want to come to another article. The heading there is: "Communication. Which Language do the Extraterrestrials Speak?"

It is an interview with a scientist from the Seti Institute. Seti is the abbreviation of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. They want to find signals from extraterrestrial intelligences. The scientist interviewed is described as theologian, historian, scientific philosopher and psychologist. He is to complement the way of view of his scientific orientated colleagues about philosophical and communication theoretical aspects. He describes methods of communication with extraterrestrials. Should there be intelligent life in the universe it would draw attentions to itself by electromagnetic signals.

In the interview he says that for the development of an interstellar language something would have to be found, which we have in common with our potential partners in the talk and that would definitely be the communication technology, and so that two civilisations could get into contact at all, both would have to have complete command of the modulation of radio signals.

In the interview such things like rhythm and music are discussed as examples for patterns of which one could assume that they are universal to send and receive news.

Then it comes to the question of the interviewer: "Which so far was for you the most promising signal." He received the reply: "I think, there still has not been any."

In the article it is mentioned, that Seti exists since 1984, and therefore one can deduct from this answer that the scientists there are listening for a quarter of a century, and still have not heard anything.

Then the interviewed mentions that they receive interesting signals all the time, but with closer inspection they would turn out to be from the earth.

So this interview was quite interesting as it was with someone who takes directly part in this scientific work. But the really interesting thing of course is the complete misjudgement of the real situation. The human body is a communication machine of highest development, but it functions only when also the soul and the spirit is still in it. When these two have departed then there is nothing going. To just want to use a material machine manufactured by such a man, to communicate with other beings, a machine without soul and spirit, is really astonishing. But more astonishing is that since millennia men communicate with other beings all over the universe, and that this happens everywhere on earth, and that since millennia and also in all parts of the world this has been documented, and is documented especially in our time, and that all this seems to be completely unknown to such a scientist.

For more than 25 years still nothing has been received - at Seti - and everywhere around Seti the sending and the receiving is in full swing, but for Seti seemingly non-existent..

Innumerable documents tell us that it is thinking, with which one communicates, communicates with beings, which are different than we are, and also with beings, which are exactly like us, and Seti employs machines - and the success is zero.

I want to give an example here.

I interrupted my work to have a break, stood up and went to the window, which was already open, and supported myself with my arms on the windowsill, and leaned out to get more fresh air. The window was on the third floor above the ground floor and therefore about 10 metres above street level and the front of the building was directly at the pavement. It was evening, but it was still light, and the street was deserted. Only few cars were parked at the roadside and no people were seen und nothing was moving. There was nobody in sight. Suddenly to the right of me a cyclist turned into this street from a side street and rode in my direction, and as she was the only moving object, my eyes automatically turned to her. The cyclist now turned her head to the left to see who observed her. But she saw no-one and then looked again forward to see where she was going. After that she again turned her head to the left, but this time also upward, and again she saw no-one, and now again looked in front of her, if the road was clear. After this she turned her head a third time to the left, and also this time again upward, but this time also more forward, and she looked directly into my eyes, and I into her eyes, and now she was satisfied to have found out who was there observing her, and she again looked forward and rode past me and no longer paid attention to me.

The basic way to communicate is thinking, is thought. It is independent of words, gesture, forms etc. It is also independent of distances. Whether the two communication partners are in the same street, or are separated by light years, distance wise or time wise, is unimportant. Thought is not tied to time or space, and also not to some speed limits, like the speed of light. So thought is not tied to cultural limitations, to a certain language, or a certain gesture, or a description of a situation. Every being, wherever it may be in the universe, can communicate with other beings through thought. There are no limitations. The whole fight of light against darkness is carried out on this level. The light beings actually do not really fight against their dark counter parts, and the forces of darkness do not fight so much against the representatives of the light, but it is mainly a matter of influencing us. And this happens on the level of thinking. The thoughts, which they give us, are that what influences us. What we do with these thoughts that it is what determines our fate.

When someone dies, then communication with this person does not stop, it simply carries on. But it is rather in such a way that most of the time the person remaining here is not conscious of it and therefore does not consciously pursue this kind of communication. It is already different with the person, which is now considered to be dead, but whose body only is dead, and whose soul is not dead at all, may be spiritually seen as being dead and has having hardly any spiritual life, but its existence can never cease, and is therefore existent.

Ancestor worship is based on this communication and when Christians would be more conscious of this kind of communication then they could very much help their deceased when they by means of this thought transfer would point them to the redemption through Jesus Christ and direct them therefore to a way, which would lead them from darkness to the light.

Those people who pursue ancestor worship are there much more active, only the right spiritual knowledge is often missing there to use this way of communication for the best advantage of the deceased. But all the people in the whole world, who have contact with their ancestors, and especially those among them, who do this in a more direct way, who perhaps have the talent, to translate the thought transfer into words or gestures and to formulate them, are people who communicate with beings who are not of this world and who could stay anywhere in this universe.

Just yesterday I again walked passed a group of people on the beach who were busy to get into contact with their ancestors. They all were wearing special clothes, and wore special headgear, and they all were on their knees in the sand and arranged in a circle towards each other and one could hear something and saw certain gestures and body vibrations, but all these formalities are not really necessary; what is necessary is just the knowledge about these things, and the belief that they work. I just send a redeeming thought to a deceased and believe that this act of love arrives there and shows the right effect.

But to now build a machine to do this is simply ridiculous, especially then when the communication partner does not have the corresponding machine, which is based on and built on the same principles. When I phone someone, may it be via a land line or via a mobile phone, then this exactly only works when the partner has the corresponding equipment. To want to use such a system where I already right from the beginning know that the potential partner has not such a machine, or that it is at least highly improbable that he has it, is more or less ridiculous. Already here on earth it would be ridiculous to want to phone someone when we do not have his phone number, or we want to send an email to someone whose email address we have not got. Exactly this information, the telephone number or the email address, is the indicator that the partner is reachable on the same system. When these indicators are missing then it is well pointless to want to have a communication. I can of course take my telephone and switch it on and wait that someone from another planet might phone me, but will then also easily be able to wait for a quarter of a century and nothing arrives, and what arrives turns out to be from earth with closer inspection.

When I pursue such an activity for 25 years then that is my business and an unusual hobby, but when something like this is pursued by scientists, and even with my money, then inevitably the question arises, if there is not something basically wrong with such people.

The best example of this kind of communication, which is also related to the content of this website, is of course the communication, which Bertha Dudde received and wrote down and therefore documented. And something like this happens all over the world, probably seldom on this high level, as simply the level of the receiving person is seldom sufficient, but it happens, and that for millennia, and plenty of such documents are in existence.

When scientists would study this documentation from Bertha Dudde then they would really do something for their fellow men, especially also then when they would make the right use of it. In many details Bertha Dudde's writings deal with the way these communications came into being, and which prerequisites had to be fulfilled to pursue them successfully. There the scientist would have nearly everything they need to pursue their business. One of the most important prerequisites is the real desire to receive truth.

The simplest way to practise this thought communication is to have a thought about God. Such an action is probably the most important thing a man could ever do when he walks on this earth because with it he does the following: He turns to God, and with it he turns away from Lucifer towards whom he so far was turned, and with this change away from Lucifer and towards God, he recognizes God, and therefore he also acknowledges God. And when he now progresses in this action and more and more spends his time to again and again turn his thoughts towards God, then he will come out of his fallen state and again reach the state, which he had before the fall, a divine state. He will again be like God, as he was created in the beginning, as his image.

It is quite simple. It is actually just the will, to want to do it, and to then also do it. Religious things as described above, certain garb or body postures or movements or sounds may perhaps not be a hindrance but definitely not necessary. Just the will to do it is necessary and that we also still have when our soul has already left our body, and that is why we also then still can seek and find God, and also communicate with the people we left behind, and also with all other beings of the universe.


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