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The Girl Angela and the Jesus Child - Comment on 2009 December 10

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2009 December 10
A report about the return of Christ, which - in this case - has already taken place und gives us a foretast of what we can expect during his return at the times of the end. Read more:

Today, on the 10th of December 2009, I read a longer report, which I want to quote here. The author is R. Reichenberger and his report has the title: "Heroic Child Faith in Ungodly Regime."

The report suits very well our subject The Second Coming of Christ, as such a coming is reported here. One of the interesting details here is that also an unbeliever experiences the Lord.

So here the report:

>>Who has experienced the horrors of religious persecution in the former East-Bloc states can report about experienced miracles about which people in the rational West give an incredulous smile. "In this respect certain Catholics among you in the West are like our communists," says Father Norbert. "The miracle, every wonder annoys them. And still God answers the cunnings of hell with gifts, which remind one of the church of the apostles."

As a witness of the Hungarian uprising 1956 and one of the last who managed to escape, the sufferings and privations have left their mark on his face, which still clearly trails horrible experiences. He looks uptight and full of distrust facing the western journalist who visited him in the refugee camp for an interview. A few of the many unbelieving sounding reports of resistance against the anti-religious struggle of the superior communist party is contained in the book "Die Ikone. Tatsachen aus der Kirche des Schweigens." von Maria Winowska (1960, Paulus-Verlag, Freiburg/Schweiz) ["The Icon. Facts from the Church of Silence." by Maria Winowska (1960, Paulus-Verlag, Freiburg/Switzerland)]. The following shortened quoted true account is about the heroic attitude of God believing children (names of locations and persons have been changed as at that time the regime still exercised its Satanic power).

"It happened in Hungary where truth has to be paid for dearly..., for the price of blood", recounts Father Norbert, "in a little town of about 1500 inhabitants. The teacher of the municipality school was a militant atheist. Her whole teaching corresponded with one of the main demands of the Marxist dialectical materialism: God has to be removed! She used every opportunity to mock our religion. She went to great length to destroy the belief in God in the hearts of the children. The intimidated children did not dare to defend themselves.

In the 4th Class A was a girl of ten with the name of Angela. Very talented, she was always first in class. She had a golden heart, was always nice to everyone and helpful."

One day Angela asked the Father, to be allowed to go to Holy Communion every day. The Father warned her about possible unpleasant consequences for her but she replied: "You demand of me that I set a good example for everyone. For that I need strength. I am more courageous when I have received Communion." So she then received the requested permission but from then on her life was made hell on the part of the teacher; also when she still did her assignments well, she was scolded and plagued by her.

The child fought like a hero but quickly got paler. "I was full of admiration for such bravery. And not Angela complained but her class mates told me crying how the child was harassed daily. As there was nothing wrong with the assignments, the teacher tried to shake the child's belief in God," Father Norbert recounted. "The opponents were very unequal. Angela did not find answers to the vehement attacks of the teacher, who forgot the teaching program and spread out the whole mess of ungodly propaganda before the schoolgirls. The child stood there with her head bowed and stifled the tears."

"Beginning with November the school hours in 4 A changed into sharp duels between the teacher and the ten year old girl. Full of fear the schoolmates called for my help. What should I do? Make the situation still worse? Thanks to God Angela did not give in. We only could still pray, pray out of the whole heart!

The story was whispered about in the little town and the surroundings. No-one rebuked me because I had allowed Angela the daily Communion. For no-one it was a secret that the teacher wanted to hit in this gentle girl the good, which belongs to every Christian, the good of belief in God. Even Angela's parents encouraged the little one to hold out. From one day to the other she became the main person of the area. Everyone admired her courage! She alone was not aware of her bravery. She felt being humiliated through her inability to defend herself and to find proofs for the justification of her faith.

Shortly before Christmas, on 17th December, the teacher invented a new, cruel game which according to her opinion should deal the deathblow to the old superstition, which 'poisoned' the school. It is worth to describe the result in all its details."

Angela was of course again the target. The teacher asked her with a sweet voice: "Listen, my child, when the parents call you, what do you do?" "I obey," Angela replied shyly. "Certainly, you hear them calling, and you quickly go to them, like a good obedient child. And what happens when the parents call for the chimney sweep?" "He comes," replied Angela. Her heart was beating to the breaking point; she foresaw a trap, but she did not recognize it. "Well, my child, the chimney sweep comes because he exists." There was a moment of silence. "You go there because you are there, because you exist. But let us assume that your parents call your grandfather who has died. Will he come?" - "No, I don't think so." "Well done! And when they call Rübezahl [spirit of the Sudetes Mountains]? Or Little Red Riding Hood? Or Puss-in-Boots? You like fairytales, isn't it? What happens then?" "No-one will come because they are inventions."

Angela raised her bright eyes, but cast them down again at once. "My eyes hurt," she said later to the Father. The questioning carried on: "Very good, very good!" the teacher triumphed. "Really, your thinking is progressing. You therefore see, children, that the living, those who exist, come when called. But those do not come, who do not live or who have stopped to live. Do you realize that?" "Yes", the class replied.

"Well, now we make a little experiment." She turned to Angela. "Go outside, my child!" Hesitating, the girl left the desk. The door closed heavily after the tender figure. "And now, children, we call for her!" - "Angela, Angela!" the voices of the children shouted with all their might. Angela entered, more and more anxious. The teacher enjoyed the attained effect. The children were inclined to believe in a game. "Do we now all have understood?" she asked. "When you call for a person who exists, then he comes. When call for someone who does not exist then he does not come because he cannot come. Angela consists of flesh and blood, she lives, she hears; when one calls for her, she comes. Let us now assume, you call for the child Jesus. Does someone of you still believe in the Jesus child?" Some of the children replied shyly "Yes".

"And you, my child, do you believe that the Jesus child hears you when you call for it?" Angela felt relieved. That was the trap! She replied with deep conviction: "Yes, I believe that it hears me."

"Well, very good! We will now investigate this. You have seen how Angela entered when we called her. When the Jesus child exists it hears your call. Therefore all of you call as loud as you can: Come, Jesus child, come! All together, one, two three!" - The girls bowed their heads. In the anxious silence a devilish laughter could be heard: "Exactly at that I have aimed! That is the proof! You do not dare to call for it because you just know very well that your Jesus child will not come. It does not hear you because it exists just as little as Rübezahl or Puss-in-Boots! Because it is an invention, a fairytale, which no-one takes seriously, isn't it?"

The children were appalled. None of them said a word. The coarse, crude procedure hit them right into the heart...

Angela remained standing, pale like a dead person. The teacher enjoyed the confusion of the girls. Suddenly something completely unexpected happened. With one leap Angela stood in the middle of the schoolgirls. With glowing eyes she shouted: "We want to call for it. Do you understand me? All together: Come, Jesus child!"

In no time the girls got up. With folded hands and imploring eyes, the hearts full of infinite hope, they started to ask: "Come, Jesus child! Come, Jesus child!"

The teacher was surprised. Involuntarily she stepped back a little and fixed her eyes on Angela. For some seconds there was deep silence. Then the bright, crystal little voice sounded anew: "Once again, once again!" - The Father remarked: "We shouted as if we had to knock down walls", one of the girls told me. Fear, at the moment controlled doubt but prepared to further gnaw, the feeling of belonging together, which under the impulse of a companion who revealed herself as leader was awakened, all that together had an effect: only the expectation of a miracle was missing. I called, but I expected nothing unusual, one of the children admitted to me."

And then it happened. The girls did not look at the door; they looked at the opposite wall, and at the white wall at Angela. The door opened without a sound! They noticed it because the whole daylight flew towards the door. The light became stronger and stronger and changed into a fiery sphere. Then the children got frightened, but everything took place so quickly that they did not find time to scream. The sphere opened, a child appeared in it, beautiful, as they had never seen one. The child smiled at them, without saying a word. The children no longer felt fear, there was only joy! It lasted... a moment..., a quarter of an hour... or still longer? - Strange, about that the statements were divided. Fact is, that the event did not exceed the duration of the school hour.

The child was "dressed white and was like a small sun". "It produced the light" (i.e. the light started from the phenomenon itself). The daylight appeared like black beside it. Some girls were blinded, their eyes hurt. Others looked at the phenomenon of the child unhindered. Then it disappeared in the light sphere, which "slowly, slowly melted." The girls, overcome with joy, were able to produce no word ...

Suddenly a shrill shout tore the silence to pieces. Pale, the eyes emerged from the socket, the teacher shouted: "It came! It came!" Then she ran away from the room and slammed the door shut behind her. Angela seemed to awake like from a dream. She only said: "You see, it heard us! And now we want to thank!" - All knelt down and prayed the Lord's Prayer, an Avemarie and a Gloria. Then they left the classroom because the bell was ringing for the break. "

Father Norbert added:
"The event of course became known. I questioned the children one by one. I am allowed to declare on oath that I have not found the slightest contradiction among their statements." The teacher had to be brought into a mental asylum. Father Norbert tried several times to visit her. Priests however were refused admission. Angela finished school. As oldest child of a big family she became the support of her mother."

The occurrence took place within the framework of the realization of a higher reality. The event has absolutely nothing to do with mass hallucination or involuntary self hypnosis. That fiery light sphere was the result of an energy condensation process, which made the appearance of the Jesus child possible. It would be going too far to go into the matter of explaining the phenomenon of the light or fire sphere appearance - from the point of view of experienced knowledge. And it would be a wasted effort of love to want to explain to know-it-alls that there are real worlds, which are not perceptible to our senses but are nevertheless there.

The horrible persecution of Christians in communist states was kept a secret to a great extent. Why? And why does one now hear almost nothing about persecutions of Christians in Moslem countries? Do the Christian Churches not care at all about the sufferings of their brothers and sisters in faith? Alexander Jakowlew, chairman of the Moscow government commission for rehabilitation of victims of political suppression announced that between 1917 and 1985 around 200 000 ministers have been killed and about 300 000 were spend in forced labour camps. He said: "The facts impress me in a horrible way. Popes and monks were crucified at church doors, shot, strangled, and in winter doused with water as long as they grew stiff to columns of ice." - In a commentary to this it says: "Lenin, the red tsar, has to accept responsibility for more blood than is actually imaginable. Before his death he implored table and chairs for forgiveness for his atrocities." Stalin said 1928 on an atheistic congress: "Give me a few years time, and I show you the last Christian!" - And now? Now also in the expanses of Russia Christmas is again being celebrated...
R. Reichenberger>>

So, this was this long report.

It gives us a good impression how it could be at the end of times.

There will be differences. The situation will probably be more subtle. The enemy will not be that obvious. Many will not recognize him. He will appear to be a Christian. His name already implies this: Antichrist.

But one thing will probably be very similar. When he, the Lord Jesus Christ, appears to people, the effect will be tremendous. It will give them a boost that will let them overcome everything, and his opponents will just land in the abyss, be totally defeated or sent to the mental asylum.

In the above quoted text it says that the procedure was coarse and crude, which was employed against the Christians. And also generally the persecution through the totalitarian systems of the East-Bloc regimes was relative simple and still most Westerners did not grasp this and only today the atrocities have become more widely known. But at the time of the cold war many in the West did not really know what was happening, and many had positive attitudes towards these regimes and actually thought that the system there was better than their own and tried to also install it in the West and among these there were many Christians - or so-called Christians. But in the times of the end this situation will be much worse and most of the people will be on the side of Antichrist and that also includes the so-called Christians.


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