"Reality catches up with US president: Obama's magic spell vanishes."

The Man Who Pays Tribute to the Destructive Principle - Comment on 2009 October 7

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2009 October 7
<<"Yes, we can!" With this catchy message he got into the White House. But in hard reality Barack Obama runs behind his promise so far. One political setback chases the next.>> Read more:

Today, on the 7th of October 2009, I read a message from Bertha Dudde which describes the destructive outlook of Antichrist.

As I read it I had to think of a commentary, which I read two days ago, on 5th October 2009. There was among other things the following:

Reality catches up with US president:
Obama's magic spell vanishes.
"Yes, we can!" With this catchy message he got into the White House. But in hard reality Barack Obama runs behind his promise so far. One political setback chases the next.

And then the commentator adds several examples, of which he thinks, that they are failures of the president.

The assessment of the commentator my be as he wishes; he may be right or not, but when we assume that he is not too far out, his comments let me think of something I read some time ago. It was the message 3209 of Bertha Dudde of 1st and 2nd August 1944 in which it was stated the the end-time will all take place in the age of a man who is accelerating as it were the dissolving, who pays tribute to the destructive principle, who is therefore not constructive but destructive.

And of a man who is destructively activ, who accelerates the dissolving, who pays tribute to the destructive principle, who is therefore not constructive but destructive, one can hardly expect that he will be successful with ideas and programs which build up, but that he will rather experience setbacks.

When this man now turns out to be unsuccessful in his politics, how is he then supposed to reach his actual goal, to gain world domination? His great opportunity might perhaps come when he can bring his strong point to bear, when he can be active destructively. And that could happen then when the worldwide political situation requires his intervention and he can put an aggressor out of action with his military power and can then be celebrated by the world as the great liberator.

He will therefore then wait for such an opportunity; and not only that, but he will deliberately work towards it, but do it in such a way, that it will not be recognized as such by nearly all of them.

So here comes the message from Bertha Dudde which I read today, on 7th October 2009:

Aim of the Adversary: Destruction.

17. and 18. November 1957. B.D. NR. 6971.

Innumerable worlds have already come forth through my will, and innumerable worlds will still arise. Because the work of the return of the spiritual needs these, because all once fallen spiritual has to again be integrated into the process of activity when it again wants to come close to me. And each individual world gives this spiritual the possibility to become active, even if for the time being my will is decisive and assigns the activity to it, which slowly again helps the deeply fallen upward. All worlds serve only the one purpose of the return of the once fallen spiritual, and all worlds are therefore ruled by my will, they are subject to my law of order, they testify to my love, my wisdom and my power. Nevertheless their original substance is spiritual which fell away from me, thus still belonging to my adversary, but from whom I have taken away the power over this spiritual at the moment of the creation of these worlds, because otherwise it could eternally no longer rise from the deep upward. But my adversary knows about the endless number of those who followed him into the deep, and this knowledge strengthens his opposing attitude towards me, it strengthens his belief to be able to once dethrone me, and it strengthens his hate, because I have wrested a great part of his following from him, which, bound in the works of creation, has entered upon the way of return. And that is why he does not stop to carry out his destructive influence, i.e., work towards the destruction of as many works of creation as possible, in the belief that he then gets the bound out of it and can again take possession of it himself. It is not possible for him to be destructively active himself with those works of creation because the power over it was taken from him. But he caries out his destructive influence in that time, when that spiritual has reached the last stage, where it is again in possession of free will, onto which my adversary has the right to have an effect, because the once fallen spiritual now is to freely decide on me or on my adversary. And during this time he seeks to not only win man himself back, but he seeks to also seize through him the still bound spiritual, by seeking to determine him, to destroy creations, which my love let arise, to help the spiritual to return to me. The adversary's area is the earth inhabited by men, and in this area he works in a true satanic way. Men are the aim of his work, because only with them he can apply his influence, because he has no access to the other works of creation, to the innumerable worlds in the universe. But he believes to also still find access to those worlds, in which he however will never succeed. But he also transfers his confused thinking to men. He also seeks to persuade them that they can take possession of other worlds, and he also finds servants dependent on him, who adopt these thoughts and strive for the same as he. He also confuses their thinking and lets them manage the most unbelievable experiments to break through present barriers to explore the worlds, which are inaccessible to them. The adversary lets them believe to be able to tear down these barriers, and he also gets a hearing when he urges men on to research work of complete futile kind. Because all these research works do not aim at further spiritual development and therefore can never agree with my will. And they will still have less a destructive effect on works of creation, which I let arise outside of earth - exactly because neither my adversary nor man possess the right to rule over those creations, because my will also guarantees to every work of creation its existence, until I myself consider the time to be right where its purpose is fulfilled and it again can get dissolved into pure spiritual substance. But the efforts of the adversary will take more threatening shape all the time the closer the end is. He urges men on to experiments which still accelerate an end of this earth. Those experiments take place on earth, and they affect the earth itself. The spheres outside of this earth are the aim of men; but what they will achieve that is an obvious proof of satanic influencing because the living conditions on earth are changing, harmful changes to the air are created for man and animal contrary to will; and the earth itself becomes a focus of fire, which will also once demand its victims. Because the destruction of this earth is the main aim of my adversary. And because men have already become slaves to him he will also be successful, but without bringing him the smallest advantage. Because he does not win back his following, but he loses it all the surer. His aim is the destruction of the creations which I let arise for the purpose of return of the spiritual. And he will achieve much through men on this earth, but will never be able to be destructively active in the area of the other worlds which were created by me, because he himself lacks the power for this and an influence on the spiritual is only granted to him when this walks over earth as man. And so you can gather from this that also the adversary will not achieve to take possession of the universe - and therefore also not of those men who draw up such plans and believe to be able to rule over areas in the universe by virtue of their intellect. They well can manage experiments and extend their experiments on and on, but they will inevitably die when they step out of the area of this earth. But my opponent also aims at this, that no creative authority is acknowledged any more, that men consider themselves capable of being able to do research on every law of nature, and that the distance between men and me continues to grow. He will achieve much, but he will not be able to intervene into my plan of creation and salvation. He will only cause an absolute shambles in the thinking of all those who are already under his control and follow his orders blindly - until his work takes such forms in the end that men themselves endanger the globe, that they experiment without thinking twice and - as I have been completely dismissed from their thinking - set off an all devastating disaster, which means the end of this earth and of all creatures living on it. Beforehand I will still issue an earnest admonition to men, which alone already could let them become conscious of the absurdity of their plan: I will send a warning out of the universe to them, I will bring the earth into a danger, which will be triggered off without human influence. I will let a celestial body step out of its orbit, you men will not be able to resist it, you are helplessly at its mercy - to show you that I alone am the one who rules the world and all creations moving in it. And through this you still can listen to reason and abandon your project. But you have already become too much a slave to my opponent, and so the end will come as it is announced. The earth will catch fire, and men themselves will give rise to it because they follow him who wants to destroy and ruin everything. Amen. B.D. NR. 6971.

But men have already become too much the slaves to God's opponent, and so the end will come as it is announced. The earth will catch fire, and men themselves will give rise to it because they follow him who wants to destroy and ruin everything.

How can a man have such a destructive attitude?

Here follows a description of such a man:

"The expected antichrist is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinarily talented man whose special strength is his urbaneness, as he comes across as very self-confident especially in face to face situations with men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. And that is why he will be successful and the supremacy that he is striving for will be granted to him; it will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public are to be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him; he will make use of this preferential position for measures of every description." This from B.D. NR. 4029 dated 23. and 24. April 1947.

So how can such a man have such a destructive attitude?

They key word is hate.

Hate makes a man blind and lets the most extraordinarily talented man run in the wrong direction.


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