Again and again the eye of men will be cast in the direction of misfortunes and disasters of every description.

Calm Before the Storm, Pretence of Peace - Comment on 2009 October 6

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2009 October 6
The announcement which reaches us about the sudden recall of men, about blows of fate and sorrowful events of every description are to remind us all of a sudden end. Read more:

Today, on the 6th of October 2009, I read a message from Bertha Dudde which very well describes our present situation.

As I read it I had to think of a short news item I had read the day before, on 5th October 2009:

Situation in the Asiatic Pacific disaster areas: New typhoon, still more floods. Asia suffers under natural disasters: In India at least 200 people died in heavy floods, the Philippines were struck by a further typhoon. On Sumatra hope dwindles to still find survivors of the earthquake. And on Samoa helpers are frustrated.

So here comes the message from Bertha Dudde:

Calm Before the Storm. Pretence of Peace.

16. November 1957. B.D. NR. 6970.

And if it also may appear to you as if you walk towards a peaceful time, you still should not let yourselves be deceived. It is the calm before the storm; and quicker than you think, the face of those changes, who talk of peace and already start to throw the torches among the peoples of this earth. The calm is dangerous for you because you are only becoming lukewarm that way and utilize your existence on earth only worldly. And that is why I again and again rouse up men from their rest to keep them awake. And that is why also still much will happen; again and again the eye of men will be cast in the direction of misfortunes and disasters of every description. Apart from apparent building up and earthly prosperity, they also have to take part in such events where the power of men is not enough to prevent them; they are to learn to recognize that no man is safe from such tragic blows, and no matter how secure his earthly life appears to be. You are not to be deceived by the worldwide political situation, which seems to quieten down, because they are all deceptive machinations, and there can be a bad awakening for you when you cherish this calm and leave unnoticed every admonition which points to the end. The turning point will come suddenly, and then you all are to be prepared and therefore believe that the turning point will come. You can observe many signs of the end-times, but the same way the adversary will see to it that he throws dust in your eyes. Because he does not want that you believe in an end and earnestly think about things and change. That is why also he has an effect on his servants that they make men believe to walk towards a new wonderful world in peace and joy. And he is also successful because men will always rather believe what they themselves can observe than that what they are told to come from the spiritual kingdom. And moreover they also prefer to believe in a future which is nice and happy for them than in an end of this earth. But I do not stop to warn and to admonish you because not only the short years of your life on earth are at stake but eternity is at stake. And my admonitions will become more and more urgent the more obvious calm spreads over the earth - the more men acquaint themselves with an apparent peace and forget their good intentions, which perhaps were already resolved through the perpetual allusions to the near end. My adversary will once again reach out his tentacles for men through the earthly world, and a great strength of faith is required to not come under his control. That is why I again and again point out to you what is still in store for you. Do not be deceived. My word is truth, and it will come true, and my word announces a near end to you, which is preceded by a noticeable intervention, a natural disaster of greatest magnitude. And this disaster will surprise the ones who believe in peace, and they could also then still turn back and cover the short way till the end in continual striving for perfection. But this disaster will cost innumerable fatalities. And do you know if you do not belong to those? Whether it is then not already too late for you, who move along in indifference and hope of future and let yourselves be blinded by the prince of this world? Therefore always think of these my words when the announcement reaches you about the sudden recall of men, about blows of fate and sorrowful events of every description. That way I want to admonish all of you of a sudden end; I want that your eyes are directed towards that power, which can destroy everything what you build for yourselves, and which can ruin all your plans. Unite yourselves more with this power - find the way to me, confide in me and ask me for right guidance, for protection and mercy, and believe that peace can only exist in connection with me - that you will be cheated when you are assured of a wordly peace. Because mankind no longer lives that way that life on earth can be peaceful; it does not strive for spiritual development and therefore has also forfeited the right to be allowed to live on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 6970.


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