Antichrist qualifies his disciples in the system of the apostolic succession.

The Regiment of Antichrist - Comment on 2009 July 5

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2009 July 5
Prophecies from the 19. Century coming from Jakob Lorber describe the system of the apostolic succession and its followers as belonging to the regiment of Antichrist. Read more:

Some time ago I read a prophecy that deals with Antichrist and I wrote down some details from it and these notes were filed and saved. But now I went through these notes as a kind of recapitulation to brush up on what I had once read and on this occasion I came across the word Antichrist and my interest was now much greater than back then, as I had come to the opinion in the meantime that the subject had become more relevant. And today, 5th July 2009, I came across the passage that is here dealt with.

I selected four paragraphs and they follow her. This prophecy comes from Jakob Lorber, who lived from 1800 till 1864, and is from Chapter 150, Volume 6, of his work “The Great Gospel of John.” You can read more about these details on this website under “Redemption Period” and there in the chapter “Antichrist.” There you will find a quotation that starts with the end of chapter 148 and ends with the end of chapter 150 from Lorber’s work. Just search there for 148 or 149 or 150. Here now the four paragraphs:

Look at the Pharisees! That are nothing but forced believers for show; but they believe nothing in themselves and do everything after what they are craving.
Therefore then pay well attention when you will again elect successors for yourselves in my name that you firstly force nobody to do it and secondly accept no-one you can tell just by looking at him from a distance that he wants to take up your office out of worldly interests.
You will well pay attention to such; but still an enormous number of such will take up your office, partly due to outer force and partly through the prospect to find in your office a good subsistence free from worries. But by me all these will be counted in the regiment of Antichrist and their works will be a stench of revulsion before God and look like a stinking carcass.
Really, I say to you: All your successors who are not prepared by me, but by men in certain world schools for your office succession, I will not look at; because only Antichrist will qualify his disciples that way.

So these are the four paragraphs.

Jesus here describes the professional religionists and he does it for the time of the last 2000 years.

Their main characteristic feature is their lack of faith, closely followed by their addiction to matter and therefore to the lusts of the body. Then Jesus predicts something about a subject that the religionists call the apostolic succession.

Such “successors” of the apostles Jesus describes as men who strive for an office in order to find a good subsistence free from worries.

And then he speaks of certain world schools who prepare these men for their office. Under world schools are here clearly things to be understood like Theological Colleges, Seminaries, Theological Faculties, Bible Schools, Schools of Divinity, Rabbinical Schools, Theological Schools.

And now we come to his main statement: Jesus says that all these things belong to the system of Antichrist.

When I was collecting prophecies I paid special attention to the subject “Antichrist” because the competence to be able to differentiate between the system of Christ and the system of Antichrist appeared to me to be the spiritual most important one that will matter in the times of the end.

I therefore like to urgently recommend to you to read the webpage “Antichrist;” it is chapter 5.3 in “Redemption Period,” to study it, and to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the many details that you find there and to remember them and to prepare yourself spiritually to apply them.


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