2012 - will this be the earth upheaval? What will happen on 21.12.2012, the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere?

Can One Calculate the Beginning of the Time of the End? - Comment on 2009 June 3

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2009 June 3
Today, 3rd June 2009, I was thinking about this 2012 business. Yesterday I again came across it. A week ago I received an email and there several website addresses were suggested. As I had a look at these I read on one of them "...and 2012, and so forth." So this stayed in my mind and today I was still busy thinking about it. It occurred to me that this seemingly important event could be the earth upheaval I was reading again and again about. Read more:

It could of course also be the end itself and that means the rapture with the day of judgement and the beginning of the new redemption period. The problem with this is that the end times are supposed to last 7 years and do not seem to have started yet and therefore the year 2012 is too close.

A third alternative is that in the year 2012 this mysterious event could happen that is described as "And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a 1,290 days," in Daniel 12:11.

Here we have a duration given with the event and this event therefore seems to be suitable to exercise some calculations just to see how close we could be to the beginning of the end-times.

The duration of the end-times will probably be 7 years. The second part is to last about 3.5 years and so also the first part, which makes together 7 years.

Now the event mentioned in Daniel 12:11 could occur right in the middle of these 7 years and when this takes place in the year 2012 then the beginning of the end-times would be about 3.5 years before that date.

Several times even a date in the year 2012 was given and that was 21st December 2012.

Now this date is the time when the sun is exactly above the Tropic of the southern hemisphere, the Tropic of Capricorn, determining the summer time in the southern hemisphere and the winter time in the northern hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere it is called winter solstice and summer solstice in the southern.

But when I then count 3.5 years back from this date then I come to 21st June 2009 and that is a date that is quite interesting, simply because it is less than 3 weeks to go to this day.

These calculations so far I could do in my head und they caused me to sit down and write this down because the date was so close. But now let us look at this in more detail.

Now on 16th February 2009 I dealt with these 7 years and there is one scripture that seems to indicate a more precise time period and that are 2,300 days.

The scripture reference is Daniel 8:14.

"And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."

These 2,300 days are less than 7 years. They are just 6.3 years.

If we deduct from these 6.3 years the 3.5 years of the second part of the duration of the end-times than 2.8 years are left for the first part of the end-times.

2.8 years are about 34 months or 1,022 days or 2 years and 10 months.

When we then count back from 21.12.2012 and deduct 2 years and 10 months from this date then we arrive 21.02.2010. And that is in 8.4 months time.

So there is the possibility that the beginning of the end might be in the next 8.4 months.

Now if I take 2,300 days and deduct from them the 1,290 days mentioned in Daniel 12:11 then 1,010 days are left. And if I then calculate back from 21.12.2012, deduct 1,010 days, I come to 17. March 2010. This would be a more precise calculation as it avoids years and month. There are also indications that the prophetic month used in the Old Testament has 30 days and the numbers of days per month is always 30 and does not vary as in our calendar now. And this changing of calendars in the history of men might be the reason why the Bible rather gives days; and it is also more accurate.

So the first part of the end-times would be 1,010 days and the second 1,290 days.

If 17. March 2010 would be the beginning then 1,010 days later would be 21. December 2012 and a further 1,290 days later would be 03. July 2016.

How would we know if the end-times have begun? Go and read my Comment to 2009 March 5 (How will the actual beginning of the end time be recognizable?) and also the one on 2009 April 13.


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