US spy chief holds secret talks to stop Israel bombing Iran.

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2009 May 20
U.S., Israel Leaders Discuss Strategies for Mideast. Netanjahu presses Obama to anti Iran policy. Netanyahu stands firm against demands from Obama. Read more:

On Monday, 18. May 2009, the leaders of Israel und the US met and yesterday, 19. May 2009 I had a look at what the publications had to say about the event. And yesterday and today I was digesting this information and filtered out some bits.

One of the first headlines that came to my attention was the following: "US spy chief holds secret talks to stop Israel bombing Iran."

Now the date of this article was 15. May 2009. So this event has then taken place a few days before the summit in Washington. But the subject nevertheless seems to have been one of the major ones that were discussed in Washington, may be was even the key problem about what it was all about.

In one report I read, "Speaking to a small group of journalists after the meeting, Mr. Netanyahu said he was very pleased with the talks. He said Iran had been the first subject discussed and occupied most of the two leaders' time."

Now the aim of the leader of Israel is to safeguard the existence of his country and his people. And reading yesterday's reports this seems to be reflected in these articles.

The interesting thing is now to find out what the other side is aiming for and what principles are guiding it.

The aim of Antichrist is to gain supremacy - to become the leader of all people on earth or at least of so many that one can speak of the world leader. In this position he can expect to have a major influence on everything and he himself of course mainly aims at conquering God himself - with the help of the people who are turning away from God.

Now his principles are nicely described in John 10:10. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy. He pays tribute to the principle of destruction. He does not act constructively but destructively. He is a force that permanently endeavours to destroy.

Now when Daniel 8:7 applies to the situation then the goat's aim is to destroy the ram, the ram being Persia, which is Iran today.

The goat wants to use this destruction of the ram as an important step to world leadership. The world then is to celebrate him as the great saviour, who got rid for them of an aggressive imperialistic system. The more bad deeds this system has done the more the world will thank its saviour.

One of the first bad deeds could be the ram's attack to the west (Daniel 8:4). This could be Lebanon to wring Lebanon out of the sphere of influence of the West and bring it under the influence of the ram so that the ram then can use it as a closer base to attack Israel. But it also could be Israel itself that the ram attacks and if the ram is successful and destroys Israel then the praise that will be heaped on the goat that conquers the ram will even be greater.

If now Israel spoils the plans of the goat and attacks Iran before the goat gets a chance to do it then the goat will no longer have this chance to become world leader and therefore the goat will try to prevent Israel to do what Israel deems necessary.

And there we are back at the headline: "US spy chief holds secret talks to stop Israel bombing Iran."

So the goat might argue that if Israel attacks now before the ram has actually done anything bad, world opinion will turn against Israel and condemn it. And so it is much better to wait until the ram shows its aggressiveness, and does this really badly, then everybody will approve some strong action against this evildoer. And then the job is done properly and not just some nuclear installations are destroyed but the evil power behind it is dealt with.

Now this way of arguing will make much sense and convince many and the goat might well have in mind that if the ram destroys Israel then he does not have to do it himself and therefore cannot be blamed for it but still reaches an aim that he pursues since millennia and that is well recorded in the Bible but again and again failed.

Israel will then not attack Iran but will rather be the bait that causes Iran to be the bad boy and unfortunately will be devoured by Iran in the course of events, because it is the job of a bait to be eaten.

So the leader of Israel might walk away from these talks with the leader of the power that is "Israel's closest ally and most important guarantor of its security and existence" and wonder who his real enemy is and if it really sits in Tehran or may be somewhere else.


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