Our world appears to be quite lost in an endless swirl of colliding matter - countless universes, planets and comets smashing into other unimaginable objects.

Matter is Passing, Just Changing Into Something Else All the Time - Comment on 2009 February 2

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2009 February 2
Precious little "spaceship Earth" has a very limited life. Read more:

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We recently obeserved astronomy month in the news, an event seemingly designed to make us feel very, very small. The TV channels flighted fascinating but frightening programmes that made our entire universe appear miniscule.

They also made our world appear quite lost in an endless swirl of colliding matter - countless universes, planets and comets smashing into other unimaginable objects. Perhaps we will indeed find life out there one day, but probably well beyond our own life times.

At least these programmes have helped us to realize that precious little "spaceship Earth" has a very limited life and, even then, we seem hell-bent on further shortening it.

So, the more we look up and out, the more we are being forced to look around and inward for solutions, for meaning and values. And will we find true meaning and values among our leaders, be they civic, religious, or potitical?

So far the quotation.

So the normal business of the universe is for objects to smash into other objects and when we speak of the end of the world than that is quite a normal thing to happen and nothing unusual. So to every person, familiar with modern science and specially with modern astronomy this is a normal thing to expect. The end of a particular world out there happens all the time - the same way as the end to a personal life here on this earth happens all the time. Nothing is unusual.

And that of course also implies that we should expect such happenings - and even more so, be prepared for them. Matter is changing all the time. Matter is passing, just changing into something else all the time. Only soul and spirit remain to be lasting. Only they count.

And we are here not even talking of such a collision of earth with some other object in space, we are here just talking about some "minor" changes to the surface of the earth. So such an event could be even more frequent in the universe than a collision.

So when we tell people that the end of the earth is coming, and it does not even matter if it is a collision or just a refurbishing of the earth's surface, then they will react with unbelief, ridicule and anger, but consider themselves as being sophisticated and well educated and wise.

The second weakness of such people is of course that they are only of such opinions that are generally held and where they can be sure not to meet resistance and astonishment and where they are sure to find sympathy.

Such people would also easily contradict themselves. When the subject is science and especially astronomy then they would agree that the earth could any time collide with an another object and get destroyed and when at another occasion the subject would be spiritual things, especially Christian belief, then they could voice exactly the opposite oppinion, deny the possibility of a near end.


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