Washington wants to speak with the regime in Tehran.

US President Writes to the People of Iran - Comment on 2009 January 30

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2009 January 30
Are there directions recognizable after 10 days in the White House? Read more:

One headline reads "US president writes to the people of Iran." And then "Barack Obama seeks contact with Iran. A team of the US president works on the formulation of a letter: Washington wants to speak with the regime in Tehran - and not to overthrow it - is the message."

Another headline, "End of the ice age at the East River." And then it talks of a new partnership between USA and UNO and that the hopes are tremendous on both sides.

The third: "Russia stops Plans for Missiles for Königsberg." The Kremlin dismantles threatening front: Russia doesn't want anymore to station missiles in Königsberg to prepare against the planned US defense shield in East Europe. This was anounced by a high ranking military representative - and by way of explaining refered to George W. Bush not governing anymore. The article states that the Russian foreign minister has said in Moscow that both sides, the US and Russia, have expressed the wish for better relations.

There are three aspects that seem to transpire: consensus, support and world leadership.

The new adminstration goes for consensus. This applies to world leaders and governments but also to people generally. A success in consensus building will bring support for the head of the administration. Worldwide support will lead to global leadership.


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