A politician strives for global leadership. Is this an indication that he is antichrist?

Does He Aim at Achieving the Maximum Freedom of Action and Ideology? - Comment on 2009 January 5

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2009 January 5
An article in the internet reports that the man who is to become the next president of the United States was not just aiming for this position but for a lot more: to become the leader of the whole world. Read more:

This article is dated 25th July 2008 and here are some quotes from it:

Barack Obama at Berlin’s Victory Column. He came, he saw, he conquered. By last night at the latest, Barack Obama has signalled his intention to be a global president, with a global freedom of personal action.

At times his audience of 200,000 appeared not to have truly understood what he was saying.

It is the world wide appeal of the simple brand Obama, --Obama being Obama --, which is increasingly becoming McCain’s intractable problem. In his promise to become the first global president, Barack Obama is not promising to be the champion of small town America, or postwar Berlin, or war- torn Baghdad for that matter. What this means is anybody’s guess, but it is certainly aimed at achieving the maximum freedom of action and ideology once he has reached the White House.

This, too, is the logic of the Berlin speech: the extension of Obamas reach to places which don’t vote, but create leverage in some other way.

But obviously Barack Obama thinks that in the world of new politics, every expansion of his personal base is worth undertaking, every crowd whether in Iowa, Idaho, or Berlin worthy of being addressed. No matter how soft the support on particular issues may be. In his world, a great deal of soft support is better than hard support which limits his options.

The faces in yesterday's audience were placid, less driven by particular issues, but satisfied to be part of a multitude for diffuse change. In their words they are part of a “tsunami” for change. They came, they saw, they went home.

So far the quotations. Now some comments to these.

Christ's kingdom is and will be a kingdom of spiritual nature. It will not be a kingdom of this world. Jesus says in John 18:36: My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

We do not fight. We do not fight physically. We fight in the spirit only. That is the big difference between us and the supporters of antichrist.

He and his supporters will fight physically.

Christ's kingdom in this world will be based on people who are - directed by his spirit - doing his will. They will know what they are doing and they will do it consciously.

Antichrist's kingdom in this world will be based on people who are - directed by his spirit - doing his will. They will not know what they are doing and they will do it unconsciously. The above mentioned quotations bring this out quite well.

They came, they saw, and they went home. They did not know what happened to them.

They did not realize that they were used for something and for what they were used.

They did not realize that they were listening to a man who probably had a bigger aim than to just become president of his country. His aim seems to be to become the leader of the whole world and not only that but to also become a leader who is not aiming at doing the will of the people who elevate him to that position but to do his own will and to impose that will on them. And this will is a tsunami for change, for diffuse change. This will is aimed at achieving the maximum freedom of action for this global president. He seems to want to have complete freedom in all his decisions. He wants to have global freedom of personal action. And the world does not understand what is said.

If the prophecy number 4029 of Bertha Dudde dated April 1947 is considered, where the expected antichrist is described as a personality that is striving for the supremacy and that he will be successful and that this will be granted him and that they all will acknowledge him and that he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds, and we assume that this is going to happen and that the time for it is now, then we can look forward to the future and just watch a scene developing that we already now know how it will look like. And all of this will strengthen our faith.

So it will be interesting to see what happens next. In two weeks time a new president will be inaugurated. This person will then be the leader of his country. Will he proceed to become the leader of the whole world?

May be his inauguration speech will give some clues.


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