Is this the war that initiates the end-times as it happens at the same time when antichrist seems to have appeared?

Wars Between Israel and Gaza are Nothing New - Comment on 2008 December 30

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2008 December 30
Israel and Hamas are in what the Israeli defence minister calls "war to the bitter end." The word "end" is used. Read more:

Wars between Israel and Gaza are nothing new. The Old Testament has much to say about this subject. A quite well-known example is Samson from Israel and Delilah and the conflict between Samson and the Philistines in Gaza (Judges 16:21).

And these conflicts just seem to continue after Israel was re-established 1948.

But this conflict might be different if we take into consideration that Antichrist might have appeared and the times of the end have arrived because the first event is a struggle between nations and this could be the one or it could be the cause to another one.

If we assume that Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 is a description of a conflict that is part of the end-times then Israel as the location and Israel as the target that is to be attacked, seems to be a reasonable place where one could expect such a conflict to take place.

The apparent appearance of Antichrist and this conflict in Gaza happening at the same time could be part of the beginning of the end.

This conflict in Gaza could develop into a situation where other powers get involved.

The whole world seems to be focussed on Gaza and certain political alignments might be triggered into action.

The real sign will probably be the way the conflict finally ends. Will there be a divine intervention?


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