That the appearing of Antichrist as the first event of the end-times has possibly already happened is indicated in this event.

The Supremacy that the Expected Antichrist is Striving For Will be Granted to Him - Comment on 2008 November 7

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2008 November 7
I read another prophecy and this one gave me the feeling that the countdown may have started because it matched a present event. This prophecy indicates that perhaps the first event of the end-times has occurred, that Antichrist has appeared. Read more:

On 7th November 2008 I read the following:

The expected antichrist is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinarily talented man whose special strength is his urbaneness, as he comes across as very self-confident especially in face to face situations with men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. And that is why he will be successful and the supremacy that he is striving for will be granted to him; it will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public are to be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him; he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds.

Now that information struck me. Just 3 days ago a political decision had been made that was of major influence to world affairs and now I read a description of this situation that fits perfectly. The prophecy I read was written down on 23. and 24. of April 1947 by Bertha Dudde and now, 60 years later, this prophecy seems to have come to pass.

All the details seemed to fit a decision that was made on the first Tuesday of the month of November 2008. There was an extraordinary talented man. He showed much sophistication. His appearances radiated self-confidence. The political leaders as well as the electorate who are responsible for the welfare of the people came face to face with this man and granted him what he wanted. They gave him success and the supremacy that he was striving for. And everybody seems to assume and expects that drastic changes for the best of the general public will come through him. And they all acknowledged him.

This situation seemed to apply to the country that made this decision and the international community did not seem to think differently. A man had arisen to the leadership of his country and the whole world was ready to accept his leadership as well. They all seemed to have elevated him to this preferential position of a world leader.

This prophecy has the number 4029 and later I read the prophecy number 3209 again and there the following sentence impressed me: You will then be able to follow the events that have been prophesied as everything will happen in the era of a man who accelerates the dissolving, so to speak, who pays tribute to the principle of destruction, who therefore does not act constructively but destructively.

Everything will happen in the age of this man it says there. So with other words this man will be already there at the beginning of the time of the end. He will be the first sign of the end approaching. And so it seems to have happened. The first sign may have appeared.

So it looks as if the countdown has started.

The prophecy number 3209 I read on 7th October 2008 for the first time, so before the event apparently occurred. Then this statement that the event of the appearing of antichrist is the first or one of the first events did not strike me, it only became apparent to me after the event and then also only because I read it again. This shows that we will probably be fully occupied with just trying to register all the things that have been prophesied when and after they occur.

I am busy collecting prophecies regarding the last days and I do this in that part of this website that is called Redemption Period. So there more information can be found.

Both these above mentioned prophecies are from Bertha Dudde. The first one is B.D. NR. 3209 dated 1. and 2. August 1944 and the English translation appears in the chapter "Introduction" of "Redemption Period" and the second is B.D. NR. 4029 dated 23. and 24. April 1947 and the English translation of it appears in the chapter "Antichrist" also of "Redemption Period."

When I read the prophecies of Bertha Dudde then I noticed the great frequency of cases where the near end was emphasized and that this end would come soon, actually very soon. I was actually thinking that this was a negative aspect of these prophecies because they were given at the time of World War II and now more than 60 years have past and nothing seems to have happened. How must the few people who received these prophecies have felt? They wrote them down, copied them and distributed them and read them and decades passed and the end did not come. But now, since the 7th November 2008 I have a different view. These people did preparatory work. They prepared the work and the people who had access were probably only few. But now, in the new millennium, people put it in the internet and now many can read it all and now it really seems that the end is coming very soon and for these people who can now read it, and who are probably many more than they were half a century ago, the urgency is probably really applicable. So these prophecies given last century were really for the people of this century and for them the end seems very close. I for myself felt before the 7th November 2008 that I should put this material in the internet. Before the 7th November 2008 I did much work on it but now it seems much more urgent to get it out and the result was this website.

So for me the 7th November 2008 is an important date and for you Tuesday, the 4th November 2008, the first Tuesday in November 2008 should be an important date that should remind you to just concentrate on one thing and that is spiritual preparation.


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