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Contents 2008:

01 2008 October 4 The sequence of events of the end-times is shown here in the form of a list.
02 2008 November 7 That the appearing of Antichrist as the first event of the end-times has possibly already happened is indicated in this event.
2008 December 19 Truce between Hamas and Israel officially ended.
03 2008 December 30 Is this the war that initiates the end-times as it happens at the same time when antichrist seems to have appeared?
2008 December 30 (2) Merkel blamed Hamas for its firing of rockets into Israel and the abandonment of its ceasefire.



Contents 2009:

2009 January 2 A Hardcore Opportunist
01 2009 January 5 A politician strives for global leadership. Is this an indication that he is antichrist?
02 2009 January 10 A politician's Secret Service codename is “Renegade”. Is he Lucifer?
03 2009 January 19 "Light from above is brought to men and this happens not just only mere spiritually but it will be given so that it is recognizable as work of light, that a visible sign of the love of God reaches men."
2009 January 21 Assumption of Office
04 2009 January 21 (2) Materialism will be in and spirituality will be out.
05 2009 January 30 Washington wants to speak with the regime in Tehran.
06 2009 February 2 Our world appears to be quite lost in an endless swirl of colliding matter - countless universes, planets and comets smashing into other unimaginable objects.
2009 February 5 Cosmic Delivery Room
2009 February 7 How an Industry Collapsed
07 2009 February 12 Another Christian group followed with a quotation about the "foolishness of the ungodly" from Psalm 53:1: "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God".
08 2009 February 16 "The hard time will make them compliant and many will then still accept the teaching of Christ - and will be blessed."
09 2009 February 20 The warfare between the ram and the goat.
2009 February 27 Power Vacuum in Iraq
2009 February 27 (2) Ghostly Imp Flashes
10 2009 March 5 How will the actual beginning of the end time be recognizable?
11 2009 March 16 Download this website while everything is still functioning - before the earth upheaval impedes the supply of electrical power and the internet.
12 2009 March 19 "Try it, make use of every opportunity to hear or read my word and then think about what you have learned, let me talk to you lovingly by you listening to me when I want to speak to you."
2009 March 20 The End is Not Announced Without Purpose
2009 March 21 A Star is On the Advance
2009 March 26 There Will be a Rashness of Incidents
13 2009 March 27 Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.
2009 April 3 Earthly Goods and Bodily Pleasures
14 2009 April 6 The catcher of men Obama has thrown out his net. And in the end he caught them.
2009 April 8 Global Supremacy
15 2009 April 13 "I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word."
16 2009 April 25 Leading astronomers admit they are baffled why the Earth's closest star has gone so quiet.
17 2009 May 3 "A great dying will first set in and you will consider it to be pure chance, to be a misfortune; every other explanation you will rather accept than the one that I myself call away men in great number that would fail in the last struggle on this earth, that are too weak to offer resistance and still are also not to fall into the hands of my opponent."
18 2009 May 4 Convinced that the Obama administration is preparing to retreat from the Middle East, Iran's Khomeinist regime is intensifying its goal of regional domination.
19 2009 May 11 Is there a threat to Israel from the United States under Barak Obama? What is his attitude toward Iran? Has America ruled out military action in Iran?
2009 May 13 The Opponent
20 2009 May 20 US spy chief holds secret talks to stop Israel bombing Iran.
21 2009 May 28 Antichrist's striving is to wipe out the Christian teaching - the prevention of all knowledge about Jesus Christ as God's son and redeemer of the world.
2009 June 1 The Decision Making Time
22 2009 June 3 2012 - will this be the earth upheaval? What will happen on 21.12.2012, the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere?
23 2009 June 9 Will Lebanon continue on a pro-Western path or tilt towards Iran, the regional Shiite powerhouse?
2009 June 14 Peace, Unity and Harmony
24 2009 June 25 Become a dispenser of good news.
25 2009 July 5 Antichrist qualifies his disciples in the system of the apostolic succession.
26 2009 July 9 Warning about false prophets: Watch out for the false prophets.
27 2009 July 26 Scientifically one seeks to explain and justify everything in creation, but to dismiss a creating power - so to completely deny it.
28 2009 August 15 It is the calm before the storm.
29 2009 August 30 But man is never the author of his thoughts himself - he never has the ability to produce these thoughts himself although he often is convinced of it that everything is his own spiritual product what he has won through intellectual activity.
30 2009 September 1 Baghdad: Massive Movement.
31 2009 September 12 So you men will not be able to completely deny an end of this earth - only never wanting to belong to those who experience this end, to whom that, what they well do not think to be impossible in future, will become to be present time.
32 2009 September 13 God does not need to inform us of the end of this epoch because no man of us knows when his last day has come, and it would be a completely unnecessary knowledge for many that a redemption period is coming to a close.
33 2009 September 14 No long time will pass, then the earth enters another phase of development, and a new period starts under completely different prerequisites and living conditions.
34 2009 September 15 Because a great confusion will be among men, and the thoughts of all will only be busy with world affairs, and then is the danger that the spiritual union gets interrupted, that the world stands between me and you and that it then captivates you.
35 2009 September 16 God's opponent will embody himself in an earthly ruler and start his work so cleverly that he at first will be recognized by only few as the one, who he is. And so he will win many for himself, who now follow and obey him blindly when he inconspicuously will change his plans.
36 2009 September 18 "What you aim at with all senses will lead you to ruin."
37 2009 September 19 The greatest gain of our life on earth is the union with God.
38 2009 October 1 What happens when we do not get this world out of us?
2009 October 5 No Sunspots
39 2009 October 6 Again and again the eye of men will be cast in the direction of misfortunes and disasters of every description.
40 2009 October 7 "Reality catches up with US president: Obama's magic spell vanishes."
41 2009 October 10 Our I - our soul - remains, and even if everything around us vanishes.
42 2009 October 12 1968 Prophecy by 90 Year Old Woman in Norway. "All we have had before will be broken down, and the most indecent things will pass before our eyes."
43 2009 October 24 "And the confident feeling to know to be safe in my love will make you happy and also give you inner peace."
44 2009 October 26 Where does the word "Antichrist" come from?
2009 October 27 The Unusual Raced Down the Sky Lasting Several Seconds
45 2009 November 13 Preparation for the work after the intervention.
46 2009 November 20 The Mayan prediction. On the issue of Mayan prophecies of doom.
47 2009 November 26 When your soul is fed with bread and wine, then it will also be resistant in all challenges, which threaten it.
48 2009 November 27 The time between the rapture and the last judgement.
49 2009 November 29 A firm faith will always make the walk on earth of a man easier passable; a firm faith will give him confidence.
50 2009 December 1 The idea for time and space belongs to the state of imperfection, as every restriction is always a sign of faultiness.
51 2009 December 4 And that is why the influence of men on all creation will be an extreme favourable one; the love of men feels the spiritual in all works of creation, and it therefore comes all the quicker to further development the more love it feels and also gives up its inner resistance quicker in a love filled environment.
52 2009 December 5 So there exists actually no harmfulness for you because whether it also appears earthly as such, so it is yet spiritually only a maturation possibility for your souls, and it is up to you whether such a harmfulness becomes a salvation for you, whether it has a beneficial effect on your soul.
53 2009 December 6 Short or Long Lifespan.
54 2009 December 7 "I thank you for it, Lord Jesus Christ!"
55 2009 December 10 The second coming of Christ. An example.
56 2009 December 14 Disbelief in the End.
57 2009 December 17 End of the world theories, which see the end in the year 2012.
58 2009 December 19 The United Nations said it expected 190 heads of state in Copenhagen, the biggest such gathering outside New York.
59 2009 December 26 To no man the right is denied to form a judgement himself but he also is to know that the intellect alone is no guarantee for right thinking, and no matter how sharp it is developed.
60 2009 December 28 Only the earnest will for truth has to be present to also be able to receive it.



Contents 2010:

01 2010 January 3 And then many false prophets appear.
02 2010 January 15 What have Artaxerxes, king of Persia from 465 until 425 before Christ, and Süleyman the Magnificent, Ottoman Sultan from 1520 until 1566 after Christ, in common with the prophecies of Daniel? Both gave orders to rebuild Jerusalem; two orders which determined the first and the second point in time of the coming of the Messiah, the Christ.
03 2010 January 18 How will one be able to recognize the beginning of the end times?
04 2010 January 19 That I unveil to you my eternal plan of salvation is to let you recognize the importance of the time in which you live.
05 2010 January 21 Quite a few are willing to believe but they do not find the right spiritual goods, which could guide them to a living faith.
06 2010 January 22 Every blow can help men to believe when they turn to me and can also recognize me at my evidently help.
07 2010 January 23 Why are you exactly only now here on this earth, and why did not you appear here much earlier?
08 2010 January 24 You men cannot assess what the ending of a redemption period means because you can never form a picture of it, that a transformation takes place on earth, which destroys all creatures, where all creation, all life, will be dissolved and wiped out. Because a parallel for this mankind has not yet experienced, and therefore it also does not want to believe it, that earth is approaching its end.
09 2010 January 25 Coming in the Clouds.
10 2010 January 27 And so your prayer is to be all the time:
11 2010 January 28 But God will feed us supernaturally.
12 2010 January 30 Thoughts of an End are Full of Blessings.
13 2010 February 2 The obligation exists to pass on what has been imparted to the prophet through God's spirit.
14 2010 February 4 Men will be fully shocked to be faced with an incredible great natural phenomenon.
15 2010 February 7 Men will recognize that the elements of nature revealed themselves, to which men are hopelessly exposed.
16 2010 February 8 Bertha Dudde’s prophecy, which she received from God, has come true, and that is how the proof has been produced that it is from God.
17 2010 February 15 God's plan is laid down since eternity, and deepest love for his creatures has determined God to lay it down in all wisdom, and it will also determine God to execute it because the time is fulfilled.
18 2010 February 16 God's opponent has great power over men because they desire that, which still belongs to him.
19 2010 February 17 Who asks for truth, he will receive it.
20 2010 February 19 Quantum Physics. The Soul Exists Also After Death.
21 2010 February 22 For five days the man went without food.
22 2010 February 23 Encourage to the turning away from the world.
23 2010 February 27 The voice of one crying in the wilderness will again announce the appearing of the Lord.
24 2010 March 10 Abuse Scandal Regensburg Domspatzen: Head of Boarding School Keeps Boys.
25 2010 March 11 We should always work on our soul and seek to give up all faults.
26 2010 March 13 The Bavarian state government accuses the Catholic church to have in the past "deliberately avoided" the duty of notification of cases of abuse.
2010 March 15 Search on for Death Star that throws out deadly comets
2010 March 15 (2) Priest's victims forced into vow of silence
2010 March 15 (3) Vatican considers scandal to be exaggerated
2010 March 15 (4) Vatican moves to distance Pope from abuse scandal
27 2010 March 16 And so one star will break away from its usual course and take the way to earth.
2010 March 16 (2) In Thuringia the ground tears open
28 2010 March 17 The search for Nemesis, the second sun, and the discovery of the dwarf planet Sedna, the footprint of Nemesis.
2010 March 18 Russians devising plan to deflect Apophis asteroid
29 2010 March 19 Russia plans to stop asteroids, and God already predicted this 50 years ago.
30 2010 March 20 According to the files of the archbishopric the paedophile priest worked almost immediately after the incident again in a rectory in Munich.
31 2010 March 20 (2) A work of men, which is made out to be God's work, but which can never be God's will and God's work.
2010 March 21 The knowledge about the forthcoming end
2010 March 22 Nemesis can act as a Death Star because it is the sun's companion star
32 2010 March 22 (2) We recognize bad spirits by examining the following characteristic feature:
33 2010 March 24 About the power of loving intercession for unbelievers.
34 2010 March 25 Again and again you will be able to observe that spiritual progress can only be achieved with giving away of the world and its matter. For who earnestly seeks the spiritual kingdom, he turns away from the world, and then he also reaches his goal.
35 2010 March 25 (2) Vatican Declined to Defrock U.S. Priest Who Abused Boys.
36 2010 March 26 Cover-up in the Catholic church.
37 2010 March 28 The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
38 2010 March 29 Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?
39 2010 March 30 For the first time a mechanical system was successfully put into a non classical state of motion.
40 2010 March 30 (2) No bishop, cardinal, or pope, ever went to jail for his part in this massive cover-up of weighty crimes.
41 2010 March 31 The Catholic Church seems to be an organization, which systematically fosters the crimes of the abuse culprits.
42 2010 April 1 You can also stand in the middle of the world and still have completely overcome matter, for to deal with it does not mean to desire it.
43 2010 April 2 Orders under compulsion are not the will of God.
44 2010 April 3 But he refused to accept instructions from men.
45 2010 April 5 Lawyers in Britain want to prosecute the pontiff – as head of Vatican state – under international law for the sex abuses.
46 2010 April 8 Before the Third World War breaks out there will be a ‘détente’ like we have never had before.
47 2010 April 10 The greatest pain in this is not the abuse, it’s the cover-up, the lies.
48 2010 April 12 Russian, Polish investigators study black box.
49 2010 April 17 Why Merkel is Mrs Europe in Washington.
2010 April 17 (2) "Smolensk Tragedy: Did Moscow just want to harass Kaczynski?"
2010 April 20 "Did Kaczynski have to die because of Polish gas?"
2010 April 23 "Abuse scandal"
50 2010 April 23 (2) US missiles now in Mohrungen?
51 2010 April 29 It felt like the end of the world as we know it for Catholics.
2010 April 29 (2) Abuse and corruption in the Catholic church (2)
52 2010 April 30 Germans didn’t warn local church: Sex pest priest dumped in South Africa.
53 2010 May 2 For three months now the Catholic Church seems to sink into chaos.
54 2010 May 4 In future times you will never need to worry about earthly things for God knows what you need - and that you will also receive.
55 2010 May 5 But God let his disciple John see all these end phenomena spiritually, but in the awake state - when he wrote down what he saw - he only saw pictures, which were unintelligible for himself - which God therefore wanted.
56 2010 May 7 Earthly prosperity, honour and fame are the aims of men, spiritual aims they do not know, and they also do not feel the sense of dreariness and emptiness in their hearts because these are completely filled with earthly thoughts and earthly plans.
57 2010 May 9 My special love and care is meant for all of you who are active for me, who work for me and my kingdom.
58 2010 May 10 There is only one thing I demand of you: that you separate between me and my opponent - that you decide inwardly for me or for him.
59 2010 May 10 (2) The mysterious air crash on 10th of April in the Russian Smolensk.
60 2010 May 10 (3) The super yogi. Doctors are baffled.
61 2010 May 10 (4) Resignation of Bishop Mixa. Church heaves a sigh of relief and hopes for a new beginning.
62 2010 May 10 (5) The defence situation of the West.
63 2010 May 11 You are to always think of it and seek to release your heart from every earthly desire.
64 2010 May 13 Parliamentarians called on the Polish Prime Minister to comment on the investigations of the air crash.
65 2010 May 14 The Russians perhaps now have the satellite phone of the Polish president.
2010 May 17 Smolensk Disaster
2010 May 17 (2) US Missiles in Poland
66 2010 May 18 And the fight of darkness against light will always become more violent the closer the end is.
67 2010 May 20 But you must wage this war because any ascent demands force against him who keeps you captive.
2010 May 21 Poles angered about Russian air crash report
68 2010 May 21 (2) A star is just now eating the hottest known planet of our galaxy.
69 2010 May 23 Be untiringly active; do what you are able to do; and leave everything else to God.
70 2010 May 24 Without faith men are lost because they then belong to my opponent who wants to destroy all faith in a God and creator.
2010 May 25 (1) Homosexual networks threaten church
2010 May 25 (2) Spanish savings bank has to be rescued by Central Bank - church loses control
2010 May 25 (3) Bamberg Archbishop Schick: The believers are not to be discouraged
2010 May 25 (4) Catholic Church asks Brits for donations
2010 May 25 (5) Priest altered parsonage to sex prison
71 2010 May 25 (6) First position of the Patriot battery is Morag (Mohrungen).
2010 May 26 US Government against lifting of immunity of Vatican
72 2010 May 26 (2) Moscow wants to re-establish influence in the post Soviet area.
2010 May 26 (3) Russian dissidents: Naive Tusk makes truth unimportant
2010 May 27 Jesuits: Abuse systematically hushed up
73 2010 May 28 But in the end a blessed vineyard work will always consist in eager detail work.
2010 May 28 (2) Obama and the oil disaster: Powerless Messiah.
2010 May 28 (3) United States' deployment of Patriot missiles in Poland
2010 May 28 (4) Ahmadinejad's uninvited advice to Medvedev
74 2010 May 29 The Kremlin boss has spoken up for a strengthened defence cooperation of neighbouring countries.
75 2010 May 30 Every man leads his own inner life, which can be determined from no side, but is every individual's free matter of will.
2010 May 31 Poland welcomes US Patriot missile battery and US soldiers, Russia grimaces
2010 May 31 (2) Three news items about volcanic eruptions
76 2010 June 1 Our only earth life purpose is to again form our nature to love.
2010 June 1 (2) A giant sinkhole gapes in the ground in Guatemala City
77 2010 June 2 Russia celebrates, Merkel marches along. The defence situation of the West. Russia wants to reunite the former Soviet republics.
78 2010 June 7 New tones: Kaczynski pleads for Germany.
79 2010 June 8 The mounting fury of Obama haters.
80 2010 June 21 The Augsburg bishop is heavily incriminated with alcohol and abuse accusations.
81 2010 June 25 Belgian authorities on Thursday heightened pressure on the Roman Catholic Church in a sexual abuse scandal, raiding the Belgian church headquarters, the home of a cardinal and the offices of a commission established by the church to handle abuse complaints.
82 2010 July 2 Religion is 'new target of bigots.'
83 2010 July 2 (2) In his 2008 book God Is Not Great, Hitchens put himself on a collision course with major religions with his trenchant atheist views.
84 2010 July 5 Civil investigators in Belgium last week took the rare step of raiding church headquarters and the home of a former archbishop.
85 2010 July 8 The Belgian church is suspected of having covered up child abuse through priests.
86 2010 July 12 Provoking military incidents or an Israeli air attack on the nuclear power station near Buschehr could serve as a start.
2010 July 12 (2) Sexual abuse in Catholic Church
87 2010 July 16 The scandal over sexual abuse of children by priests continued to reverberate across Europe.
88 2010 July 17 The question is what is at present actually still convincing with the churches.
89 2010 July 26 The Jesuit order has failed as pedagogical institution and as moral authority in the cases of sexual abuse.
90 2010 July 26 (2) What is going on in the diocese of the bishop of Rom.
91 2010 July 28 Today, on the 28th of July 2010, it is now half a year that the spectacle of the abuse scandal about the Catholic Church takes place.
92 2010 July 28 (2) Which is the point in time we can name the beginning of the end?
93 2010 July 30 About how worldwide the abuse scandal really is: The Catholic Church's reputation has been tarnished recently by revelations of sexual abuse by priests in Chile.
94 2010 July 30 (2) Nasa hopes for insights into the size and composition of asteroids - important information for the assessment of possible collision dangers.
95 2010 July 31 Time travel: It is possible for particles and, in principle, for people to move from the future to the past. Time travel effectively represents a communication channel from the future to the past.
96 2010 August 4 And now the grass-roots fury of almost 500 people complaining of abuse by priests.
2010 JAugust 6 1500 Abuse victims have come forward
2010 JAugust 6 (2) Marx: Abuse debate not nearly over
97 2010 August 6 (3) Saddam Hussein deputy Tariq Aziz calls for US forces to stay in Iraq:
98 2010 August 7 The aim is to discover potentially dangerous asteroids as early as possible. So time is to remain to prepare for impacts or to even beat them back.
99 2010 August 12 Pope Benedict to be arrested over 'crimes against humanity'.
100 2010 August 13 The Iraqi military is not able to defend the country's borders against an invasion.
101 2010 August 15 A club for the advancement of child abusers.
102 2010 August 16 Practically every one of the new, aggressive steps of the US government takes place in seclusion.
103 2010 August 17 Did the plane with the Polish president really crash on the 10th of April 2010 in Smolensk?
104 2010 August 18 The Gulf States gear up for the confrontation with Iran.
105 2010 August 19 Statistics: Both Christian Churches grow smaller and smaller.
106 2010 August 19 (2) The attempt to give a big asteroid a new direction so that it does not collide with earth, was predicted by Bertha Dudde 50 years ago.
107 2010 August 20 But men consider themselves to be clever and wise; they believe to be able to also go into the laws of nature, which had been foreign for them so far. They carry out experiments, which they will extend all the time until they will set off powers still unknown to them, with the no longer imaginable result of a total destruction of the surface of the earth, which no created being will survive, as it is predicted through seers and prophets from the very start of this earth period.
2010 August 22 Iran is waiting quietly for the U.S. retreat, and then they will quickly fill the vacuum of powerwer
108 2010 August 22 (2) The Obama government does not communicate its intentions, not even in a general sense.
109 2010 August 24 He aims at achieving the maximum freedom of action and ideology once he has reached the White House and after that has become global president.
110 2010 August 24 (2) The really important thing is to make the personal change on that level that matters, on the spiritual level.
111 2010 August 25 Under the very artistic mask hides a tough opportunist.
2010 August 26 Netherlands: 900 Reports to Abuse Commission
2010 August 26 (2) Lebanon: Tanks enter Beirut after fights
2010 August 26 (3) Russians: The truth can be bitter for Poles
112 2010 August 27 The area that is closed to intellectual research.
113 2010 August 28 Earthly fate is so determined for every individual man that he can pass this test of will.
2010 August 28 (2) England: Crop circle in 3D discovered
2010 August 30 Catholic church in Belgium
2010 August 30 (2) German Chancellor Merkel is in Europe's Driving Seat
2010 August 30 (3) Merkel 1, Obama 0
2010 August 30 (4) Inside USA: Obama, Superstar ret.
2010 August 30 (5) Iraq's ex-prime minister: Allawi expects a war against Iran
114 2010 August 31 Roman Catholic Cardinal offered to keep a sexual molestation case against a bishop secret.
2010 August 31 (2) Iranian commander reveals plans for possible retaliatory strike
115 2010 August 31 (3) The first phase of action of Antichrist is one of deception and of sowing discord.
116 2010 September 1 The time of the struggle between nations has probably started today.
2010 September 2 They are surrendering the country to the Iranians
2010 September 2 (2) US elections
2010 September 3 US judgement: Authorities are allowed to fix GPS direction devices to private cars
2010 September 3 (2) Mass protests in Iran against Middle East talks
2010 September 3 (3) Ahmadinejad predicts the removal of 'Zionists' from the world
2010 September 3 (4) Governed by a woman who started her political career as secretary of agitation and propaganda with Free German Youth in the GDR.
117 2010 September 4 In about half a dozen of years we will not only have proof of the Big Bang, we will have the Big Bang itself.
118 2010 September 4 (2) But I find the question much more important whether it is a message and what it means.
119 2010 September 6 Nasa plans probe to the Sun
120 2010 September 9 The tapes, which were published Saturday in the Flemish daily newspapers.
121 2010 September 9 (2) Time as we know it does not exist.
122 2010 September 9 (3) Experts, however, said the “double-whammy” served as a reminder of other potentially hazardous objects expected to narrowly miss Earth in coming years.
123 2010 September 11 The whole extent of sexual abuse is only known to the Catholic Church itself.
124 2010 September 12 We do not even know whether our own solar system has one or two suns.
125 2010 September 12 (2) All the theories of science which lasted were never in conflict with spiritual teachings.
126 2010 September 13 Men have the possibility of creating a universe.
127 2010 September 13 (2) The Smolensk air disaster and the beginning of the end.
128 2010 September 15 The Belgian Archbishop said at a news conference that suffering had caused a “shiver” to run through the church.
129 2010 September 15 (2) The clerics do not worry about the sufferings of the victims; they worry about themselves, suffering financial loss.
130 2010 September 15 (3) Gigantic police contingent in the UK: Pope Visit costs 1.8 million Euro
2010 September 17 The pope and the money in the UK (2)
131 2010 September 19 Beams of high energy protons produced in particle accelerators are used to study elementary particles.
132 2010 September 19 (2) The god of the materialists is the god of this world.
133 2010 September 20 The Pope himself knew about cases and participated in the cover-ups himself. That is a conspiracy - there is no other word for it. It is organized crime.
134 2010 September 22 Man is the only being in creation, which possesses intelligence, the powers of reason and free will.
135 2010 September 23 Identification of Lech Kaczynski under drugs. Kaczynski describes the alleged identification of his brother. “The ambassador said that is not my brother.”
136 2010 September 25 To explain the mechanism of this energy supply is one of the classic problems of astrophysics.
137 2010 September 26 But worldly people will cheer him because he will know how to blind them, and he will accomplish things, that they are prepared to believe in a supernatural power.
138 2010 September 27 And no matter how clever animals you seek to train to independent thinking, you will never succeed.
2010 September 28 US wants right to police online services
139 2010 September 28 (2) Before this last work of destruction takes place the ones who are mine will be raptured.
2010 September 29 Münchener Rück laments many natural disasters
140 2010 September 29 (2) Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter.
141 2010 September 30 Scientists try to find life on planets which are many light years away and are not even able to find life here, which happens right in front of their noses.
142 2010 October 3 The hypnagogic state is an excellent opportunity to investigate and experience the other side, the hereafter.
143 2010 October 4 A compilation of quite interesting and revealing details about the old Indian language - Sanskrit.
2010 October 7 Child abuser jailed
2010 October 11 Nasa touched up universe pictures
2010 October 14 Mankind would need a second planet in 20 years
2010 October 14 (2) Mini asteroid races only just past earth
144 2010 October 19 The people killed by the Catholic Church during the inquisition were probably mainly persecuted because they denounced the sexual crimes of the priests.
2010 October 22 Moon contains gigantic water reservoir
145 2010 October 24 The monitoring of dangerous celestial bodies is a very positive thing of science.
146 2010 October 25 The Catholic Church systematically supports and finances criminals.
147 2010 October 26 Scores of church-run schools, orphanages and reformatories harboured child abusers.
148 2010 October 26 (2) The paedophile priest and his victim in Ireland
149 2010 October 28 Today it is now three quarters of a year that the abuse scandal shakes the Catholic Church.
2010 October 29 Mars rover stuck in the mud
150 2010 October 31 Atheists have a blind faith in science.
151 2010 November 1 The special position of the spirit Lucifer.
2010 November 3 That sinking feeling
152 2010 November 3 (2) The 144 plaintiffs settled with the diocese in 2007 for nearly $200 million.
153 2010 November 3 (3) Victims protest Vatican’s handling of sexual abuse.
154 2010 November 3 (4) Anti-abuse march stopped
155 2010 November 4 The present American president has an the atheistic world view.
156 2010 November 11 That country remains hidden to us, which will be affected.
2010 November 11 (2) Pope to discuss sex abuse at meeting with cardinals
157 2010 November 15 Race questions.
158 2010 November 16 The intervention and the great earthquake.
159 2010 November 17 Archbishop Léonard has been called insensitive, and even criminal, by politicians, liberal Catholics and victims' rights groups.
160 2010 November 18 But with increased eagerness they chase after the world with its goods, and all their wanting and thinking is for the bodily feeling of wellbeing.
161 2010 November 18 (2) And let the world no longer catch you because then he finds shelter and tempts you with its goods.
162 2010 November 19 Especially those men take it far more seriously and live their earth life responsibly.
163 2010 November 20 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is the antichrist.
164 2010 November 22 You are to prepare yourselves for the end.
2010 November 23 One-third of Americans born and baptized Catholic have left the church
2010 November 23 (2) CERN defends itself against end of the world critics
2010 November 23 (3) North Korea threatens peace
2010 November 23 (4) North and South Korea Exchange Dozens of Artillery Shells
2010 November 23 (5) North Korea Shells South Korea Island
165 2010 November 24 I am not a being, which is subject to a limitation, which once overexerts itself or uses up its power. I create constantly and again and again new thoughts emerge from me and take shape.
2010 November 25 South Korea and USA announce sea manoeuvre
166 2010 December 3 And also the individual person cannot imagine it because men are cut off from all traffic, because no connection exists anymore between the places and also between countries, which are affected by it.
167 2010 December 3 (2) The voice of one crying in the wilderness.
168 2010 December 4 Many of the interferences the learned educator hat filmed with a video camera.
169 2010 December 4 (2) Systematic cover-up and destruction of records in archdiocese Munich.
170 2010 December 6 Life exists in extreme environmental conditions.
2010 December 8 Always make men aware of the near end
171 2010 December 9 Whenever you cannot help thinking of a deceased then know that this is always a request for help, which you can give to them because no man looks after them.
172 2010 December 10 Dutch Catholic Church faces 2,000 abuse complaints
2010 December 10 (2) 500,000 to 800,000 people were abused in Germany
173 2010 December 11 One can also not say that man has developed out of these Pre-Adamites, because he was a new creation.
174 2010 December 12 Endless long times have passed in which men already live on earth.
175 2010 December 13 Chronology of the Patriarchs in Genesis and to the time of the building the temple.
176 2010 December 13 (2) A bar chart that shows the length of life of each of the 22 patriarchs in Genesis.
177 2010 December 14 Another bar chart, it shows the length of life of Israel's patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, in more details.
178 2010 December 17 Then no space and time law exist for you anymore.
179 2010 December 18 To trigger this world fire, the struggle between nations, only a small impulse is needed.
180 2010 December 19 To be free of all own responsibility.
2010 December 20 New accusation of abuse
2010 December 20 (2) Catholic Church: Number of withdrawals increasing
2010 December 20 (3) Pope: Church must reflect on what allowed abuse
2010 December 20 (4) US army ends Poland tour
181 2010 December 21 The Maya have made predictions for the 21st of December 2012.
2010 December 24 Black holes dead loss
2010 December 24 (2) Prime Minister called the Russian investigation report as "unacceptable."
2010 December 24 (3) Bossi once said that the Catholic Church will go down the "toilet bowl" of history
182 2010 December 26 Events in the life of Jacob and Joseph.
183 2010 December 27 The Jews now exist for 4016 years, since 2006 BC.
184 2010 December 28 Noah’s flood and the events at that time are good examples how it could be at the rapture.
2010 December 31 The year of disasters - "This is the end of the world"
2010 December 31 (2) In the North East of Australia 200,000 are affected by floods
2010 December 31 (3) Anglo American declares force majeure at coal mines


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