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2020 001
2020 January 1
See to it that your soul does not enter the spiritual kingdom sick.
Good physician of the souls. Means of healing.
As physician of your souls I always come up to you, where my word is announced, and you can truly be convinced that I prescribe nothing wrong to you; with certainty you can expect the recovery of your soul, when you obey my word, for it has the healing power in it; it supplies to the soul, what it lacks; it strengthens and invigorates it, and it awakens to new life, for the state before was only a vegetating without light and power. Read more >>

2020 002
2020 January 1 (2)
How extreme difficult it is, to move a soul to change the will.
Remember the soul after death. Pitiful figures in the hereafter.
If you could see the pitiful figures in the hereafter, which have gone over there so, you would get a fright and turn away full of horror. And still the same lot expects you, so you have led the same earth life as those. Read more >>

2020 003
2020 January 1 (3)
The final liberation man himself is now to carry out.
Two different worlds.
But the assignment of man exists in that the soul may free itself from all impressions of this earthly world; that it recognizes the appearances of them and may strive towards the true; that it rises into that kingdom, which will be its stay after a short time, which is its true home and which offers it that, what the earthly world can never offer it - unlimited happiness and eternal life. Read more >>

2020 004
2020 January 1 (4)
But my spirit will always be able to be effective there, where love is.
For many are called, but few are chosen.
The spirit alone gives brightness; the spirit imparts truth, and the spirit alone addresses the heart, while the intellect only addresses again the intellect and finds no echo in the heart. Read more >>

2020 005
2020 January 1 (5)
And the power of my word will work miracles.
Awakening of the dead through God's word.
For you have an effective means; you have the only means, which can help them; you have my word, the power and light radiation of me myself, which never remains without effect, when it can just touch the soul. Read more >>

2020 006
2020 January 8
Antichrist's striving is to wipe out the Christian teaching.
Effect of Antichrist before the end.
My opponent will embody himself in a man who is completely in bondage to him, i.e., he will completely own his soul and for the time being will deceive men through proceedings (merits) of every description that will secure him exceedingly great popularity. And his speaking and acting will be a mask under which the most evil mentality is hidden. Read more >>

2020 007
2020 January 8 (2)
Only a small crowd will be able to see me in all magnificence at the end of the earth.
The process of the rapture is not comprehensible to men of this earth because something takes place that is completely unlawful, something unnatural, which remains implausible to all who do not believe in me and know about my plan of salvation from eternity. Read more >>

2020 008
2020 January 8 (3)
Announce the Gospel to them, the pure word of God.
Offering of guidance on the journey through life. Word of God.
They are not to be left to their self-chosen fate; again and again callers are to put themselves at the edge of the road and seek to hold them up on the way, which leads to the ruin. Read more >>

2020 009
2020 January 8 (4)
My word is simply the law of eternal order.
Effective medicine for the soul: God's word.
My word now is the divine law announced to you, which you must obey to therefore be able to be active in eternity. Read more >>

2020 010
2020 January 8 (5)
Through my will these spiritual entities dissolved into innumerable little particles.
Essence of Satan. Fall and Redemption.
But as soon as it again has become that being, after an endless long course through creation, when all the individual small particles have turned up again and now as a whole embodies itself in human form and through this regains its consciousness of the self, it also again reacts to the efforts of that first created being, my counter spirit.. Read more >>

2020 011
2020 January 10
But man can reach his destination in the short earth time.
Slow course of development.
Decreased resistance is recognizable for God and is also immediately replied to with his love, by the spiritual being allowed to change its outer form faster and therefore also reaches up faster. Read more >>

2020 012
2020 January 10 (2)
Now this love had to decide, and it split.
First created being. Light bearer. Defection from God.
But in exactly the same way original created beings felt as my children and remained loyal to me out of free will, only the number of those was far less. Read more >>

2020 013
2020 January 10 (3)
Therefore spiritual knowledge is not to be acquired on the way of intellectual thought.
Condition for the receiving of spiritual material.
But then you can discover everything; then no boundaries are set for you; then you can penetrate into areas, which remain hidden to every intellectual researcher. Read more >>

2020 014
2020 January 10 (4)
The spiritual material of the individual man marks his maturity.
Spiritual material. Cognition like lightning. Help.
Then cognition can be imparted to him like lightning, so he has not already possessed it on earth. Read more >>

2020 015
2020 January 10 (5)
This faith is that power, which keeps them until the end.
Harvest work. Workers in the vineyard.
And alone my word enlivens this faith, which is sent to earth in all purity and for that reason is also full of power. Read more >>

2020 016
2020 January 18
Do not forget me - always remain in thoughts connected to me.
Comforting father words.
The connection from you to me in thoughts has a true miracle effect at your soul, and I want to give this to the soul. Read more >>

2020 017
2020 January 18 (2)
I expect all of you, and I have ready the dwelling for all of you.
Father house and happiness.
But you will then be able to see your God and father from eternity in Jesus Christ; I myself will be among you, and your happiness will be and remain boundless, for my glory in my kingdom comes to no end in eternity. Read more >>

2020 018
2020 January 18 (3)
You are therefore to deliver my message to your fellowmen.
Disciples of the time of the end. Emissaries of God.
I myself have chosen you, and I also give you the power to be active for me, as long as you just have the will to serve me. Read more >>

2020 019
2020 January 18 (4)
For that reason you will have never spoken a prayer in vain.
Power out of God.
The life power can certainly decrease, but the power of the spirit can have so much a stronger effect, and then mission work can always be done, because power out of God flows across directly through his servants upon all men, who want to let themselves be touched by his power current. Read more >>

2020 020
2020 January 18 (5)
But they also do not pay attention to these messengers, until it will be too late.
For that reason you will have never spoken a prayer in vain.
And then you can only still be active secretly; you can then only pass on my word from mouth to mouth, if you do not want to expose yourselves to the attacks of your opponents, who want to harm you in every way. Read more >>

2020 021
2020 January 19
But your power, the courage of your convictions and your will of love will increase.
Religious warfare. Antichrist. Confessing before the world.
For only then it will be decided, who stands by me and who by my opponent; who loves the world more than me and who has therefore handed himself over to him, for he will deny me, and the most shameful doings against mine gives testimony of the work of my opponent, who will embody himself in Antichrist and takes action against mine and therefore against me myself. Read more >>

2020 022
2020 January 19 (2)
But you yourselves possess no power, because you have acquired no power on earth for yourselves.
Love gift of God. Free will. Mercy.
The remorse will be quite painful, when you recognize it, what you have rejected. Read more >>

2020 023
2020 January 19 (3)
Also Jesus was a man, an individual being in all independence.
Entity of God visible in Jesus Christ.
And the man Jesus became divine, for he has received God in all fullness in him - the substantial divinity fashioned itself in Jesus to a visible God; it manifested itself. Read more >>

2020 024
2020 January 19 (4)
Your will to help becomes extremely powerful in you.
Blessed lot and activity in the spiritual kingdom.
A truly blessed lot expects you, so you enter the opposite kingdom richly blessed with spiritual goods. You will then immediately be able to tackle tasks, which make you yourselves happy; you will feel an extreme measure of power and want to pass this on, because you also know that there are beings who are completely powerless and whom you can help. Read more >>

2020 025
2020 January 19 (5)
And without Jesus Christ there is no rescue for men.
Your will to help becomes extremely powerful in you.
As soon as my servants on earth achieve it that they find faith with them, these are rescued, for no matter how inadequate the state is at the decease, in the spiritual kingdom they can still ascend, so they have just found him - Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer, who has atoned for their sins through his death on the cross, who has wiped out the great sin guilt for the entire mankind through his extreme great love for men and who for that reason also must be acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world. Read more >>

2020 026
2020 January 21
And understandably I choose my helpers for me so, as they are able.
Administration of the office, which God has given.
In addition none of my servants walks alone - innumerable light beings accompany him, which support him; the spiritual guides look after him, and he therefore stands under their protection, what means so much, as that every worry is unnecessary, since these beings take over the worries and level your ways on my behalf. Read more >>

2020 027
2020 January 21 (2)
Only through the pure Gospel, only through truth they could acquire the kingdom of God.
Fight with the sword of the mouth. Truth.
You will indeed find many enemies, who convinced support their wrong teaching, but you can oppose their false doctrines with the truth, and you will be able to beat them at any time, as soon as they are not open followers of the prince of darkness insofar that they do not want light and truth at all; that they do not fight for the right recognized by them, but for themselves and their power. Read more >>

2020 028
2020 January 21 (3)
And it is knowledge, which you could also only win through eager love activity.
World mind. Spiritual knowledge. Heart.
As the first thing it must be made plain to men that no higher knowledge is possible without love, without feeling of the heart, then every real wise man can do the test himself. Read more >>

2020 029
2020 January 21 (4)
Wrestle about it to secure God's presence for yourselves.
Retiring to the quietness. Time of trouble.
For that reason practise yourselves eagerly before; live no day pure worldly; again and again retire to quietness; use every opportunity to send your thoughts upwards, and no matter if you just let a short call from your heart rise upwards - it will be listened to, and the beings of light will not let you be alone, so you request support from them. Read more >>

2020 030
2020 January 21 (5)
But men do not want to believe in a passing or an end of this earth.
Spiritual turning-point. Change of this earth.
But that men lack faith in a forthcoming end of the earth, has a detrimental effect, for they would certainly make better use of time in such a faith; they would live consciously, i.e. seek to fulfil the divine will in the cognition that only an own change of will protects from the lot, to also be engendered into the new creation. Read more >>

2020 031
2020 January 23
But God does not force the will.
Create and work for eternity.
But when a man claims, having remained without all reference to his further life, so that is an untruth, or it just proves that the man has rejected every thought emerging in him of death and of the hereafter, therefore closed himself to all enlightenment about it. Read more >>

2020 032
2020 January 23 (2)
In every man you are to see your neighbour, your brother.
Devotion of the will to God.
You are to never repay evil with evil, but do good to those, who do not wish you well. Read more >>

2020 033
2020 January 23 (3)
And again you are not to cast pearls before swine.
Love acknowledges Jesus Christ. Lack of love rejects him.
You are not to offer my word, which testifies to the redeemer Jesus Christ, to those, who are obviously Satan�s servants. Read more >>

2020 034
2020 January 23 (4)
As soon as a man becomes of arrogant spirit, there is great danger.
God's father love always hands out.
Then they seek to still stir this arrogance in every way, so that the man's thinking is then directed towards things or privileges, which my opponent buoys up to him, which he now believes being able to achieve. Read more >>

2020 035
2020 January 23 (5)
Never let yourselves be held back from the work in unselfish neighbourly love.
Every will to help finds the blessing of God.
Just no earthly advantage is allowed to be striven for as a result, for only unselfishness marks right love; you must always want to give, never want to achieve something for you yourselves through your action. Read more >>

2020 036
2020 January 25
Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself.
Bringing out the Gospel.
For that reason you are to be for me right announcers of my word, by you letting me myself speak through you and therefore just always be tools for me, through which my word is brought out into the world, so that I myself can address men, to whom you make my word accessible. Read more >>

2020 037
2020 January 25 (2)
But this supply of power depends on the being itself.
Promise of life. Death. Powerlessness.
For to be dead does not mean having passed completely, but to exist in complete powerlessness and still to know of the own existence. Read more >>

2020 038
2020 January 25 (3)
The fight against error and the lie is to be waged seriously and eagerly.
Spreading of truth urgently necessary.
I want to be recognized by these men, because they belong to those seeking, who want to believe, but up to now could not believe. Read more >>

2020 039
2020 January 25 (4)
But earthly death is of no importance.
Reference to the last work of rescue.
But it is up to every individual, how he adjusts to all experience of him and the surroundings. Read more >>

2020 040
2020 January 25 (5)
And my love longing for God was so great that he came to me.
Bridge to the spiritual kingdom. Jesus.
At first indeed also to me as the man Jesus my origin was hidden; I lived on earth and did not know more than other men, but my soul sought God persistently; my soul always returned there, where my true home was - into the kingdom of the most happy spirits. Read more >>

2020 041
2020 January 27
And this devotion of the will it is alone, what I request of you.
Confusion at the time of the end. Truth.
You must know that unbelief, the denial of me myself, is always a proof of the belonging to my opponent, whose striving and work will always be to keep me myself away from men, therefore to prevent the return to me. Read more >>

2020 042
2020 January 27 (2)
But gifts of the spirit are obviously recognizable.
Gifts of the spirit.
Gifts of the spirit are always only the signs of the bringing about of the original actual state or relationship of the being to me. Read more >>

2020 043
2020 January 27 (3)
But men must acknowledge the done sacrifice and let themselves be redeemed by me.
Good Friday. Way to Golgotha.
You men will never be able to gauge the size of my work of mercy, for also you, you who believe in me, you know about my divinity, which could also lessen the greatest suffering - but I suffered and died as man. Read more >>

2020 044
2020 January 27 (4)
The soul will enter into eternal life and never ever be able to pass.
Eastern. Resurrection - Overcoming of death.
Then also you arise out of the grave of death to eternal life; then no power keeps you back any longer in darkness; then you throw all bodily covers away from you and enter the opposite kingdom free, full of life power and in most radiating light; then also you are risen in truth from the dead; your soul knows no fetters anymore; it just still leaves the immature spiritual behind, the bodily cover, to also still enable it to mature. Read more >>

2020 045
2020 January 27 (5)
But it could decide right; the kind of its creation was not determining, but each one being's will was free.
How long was Lucifer able to create?
Now my power remained ineffective according to the original law from eternity. And now also no creation of entities was possible, for now I used my entire love power for the leading back of the fallen spiritual. Read more >>

2020 046
2020 January 29
The degree of maturity of man also determines his power of cognition.
The deepest knowledge was revealed to Jesus. Following of Jesus.
This deepest cognition as man was also only the result of his life in love, which therefore had brought about the making divine of him himself, therefore the man Jesus reached as it were this aim on earth, which I had set for the whole spiritual, the entities created by me. Read more >>

2020 047
2020 January 29 (2)
Whom God loves, he lets suffer.
Whom God loves.
There is truly much suffering on earth; mankind languishes under its pressure, but it does not recognize itself as needing rearing and therefore rebels against it inwardly, where it should just devotedly fall into line, so that every difficulty would again be taken from it and the help of God appears obviously that God as loving father would be recognized by everyone, who wants to recognize him. Read more >>

2020 048
2020 January 29 (3)
Already from eternity each being's development is prescribed.
Earth fate in accordance with will.
The being lacks all remembering back both of the happy state at the very beginning and also its fall into the depth. Read more >>

2020 049
2020 January 29 (4)
I address you for that reason, to kindle in you love.
Food from heaven. Source of love. Soul food
I offer you the right medicine that you can recover, but you yourselves must want that you get well. Read more >>

2020 050
2020 January 29 (5)
This rebirth is no gift of God, but must be striven for by the soul itself.
Spiritual rebirth.
Your natural birth is a gift of God, who gives the possibility to the soul, to create a new life for itself - but the rebirth it must strive for itself; it must consciously enter into a new life; it must consciously strive for God and work on itself to become free from its cover, which was as it were the grave for the soul, from which it must climb out to exchange the state of death with that of life. Read more >>

2020 051
2020 February 1
And know that all men are blind in the spirit, who go along without cognition.
Leading of the blind.
Often they are grasped at the hands and pushed on a way, which is walked by many; and carelessly they march along among the many, not suspecting that the way leads downwards, far away from the destination, for which they should be heading. Read more >>

2020 052
2020 February 1 (2)
To which you are pushed that do, for it is my will, which I put into your heart.
Serious admonition to vineyard work.
Free speech is still permitted to you; you still need to fear no counter power; a certain state of quietness is among men, where they can listen to you, when they want it. And you are to make good use of this time and eagerly create for me and my kingdom. Read more >>

2020 053
2020 February 1 (3)
Such an intellectual prayer lacks deep humility.
Prayer in spirit and in truth.
But an intellectual prayer is a demand, which man makes on me, because he believes being entitled to it through his acknowledgment of me myself. Read more >>

2020 054
2020 February 1 (4)
This day will be a real redemption to only few men.
Day of redemption or day of judgement?
The worldwide political situation will seem to be so quiet that nobody believes in an end; because under the rule of Antichrist oil seems to have been poured on troubled waters of restlessness and earthly a rise is recognizable that causes men to become more and more ungodly, more and more lacking love, and only the ones who are mine recognize it as the hour of the world clock. Read more >>

2020 055
2020 February 1 (5)
So this upward development will never cease.
Total dissolving of earth. Spiritualization.
Because at the end of each redemption epoch a spiritualization of men can no longer be noticed and such a failure or disregard of the actual purpose of the existence of life on earth has to be balanced - also this spiritual has to be shown a new way because with God there is no giving up of that what was and remains his, but what also has to become again such as it was when it took its beginning from God. Read more >>

2020 056
2020 February 2
But my plan of salvation includes everything.
Knowledge about plan of salvation from eternity.
If men would know about everything, then they would also live their earth life consciously, but also cognition presupposes the fulfilment of conditions, because ignorance is a result of sin, of the former defection from me, and therefore the distance to me must first be decreased through love and faith, to change this state of ignorance into a state of brightest light, therefore fullest cognition. Read more >>

2020 057
2020 February 2 (2)
No light can be given to you without love.
Why the Gospel just teaches love. Deeper knowledge.
For cognition is not to be passed on; it must be won by itself through love. Read more >>

2020 058
2020 February 2 (3)
But you yourselves must always hold on to truth.
Rejecting of truth. Fight light and darkness.
The prince of darkness has soon exhausted himself on this earth, then a bright light will radiate, and in the light of eternal truth a new time will again begin, where I alone rule and am recognized as the original light from eternity. Read more >>

2020 059
2020 February 2 (4)
And all that has to be like this for the sake of the freedom of will of men.
Great period of time between begin and end of an epoch.
A development phase lasts endless long time looked at on the part of men; and also this is the will of the divine creator so that their attitude remains uninfluenced during the end-times so that they can believe in an end but also can doubt it, so that they therefore can make the final faith decision for or against God completely unconstrained. Read more >>

2020 060
2020 February 2 (5)
But living faith is to be awakened through my word.
Religious warfare. Power to confess.
I address you men for that reason that you, so my words touch you inwardly, establish the contact with me, who can then always pass on to you, what you need - power and light, to be able to resist, so one takes action against you. Read more >>

2020 061
2020 February 4
Spiritual arrogance has already caused the downfall of many men.
Passing on of spiritual messages. Love and wisdom. Humility.
He can stop the work of the spirit in man, as soon as he just finds one quality similar to his nature, which as it were serves him as bridge, to step into the thought world of man - a quality similar to his, as there are: arrogance, envy, avarice, greed, earthly lusts, among which the lust of the flesh is the worst. Read more >>

2020 062
2020 February 4 (2)
But you are without love and for that reason miserable.
No God of anger and revenge. Love and mercy.
I will never turn away from you, even so you constantly strive more towards the depth; I will always follow you with my love and mercy; I will entice and call, but never force you to follow me. Read more >>

2020 063
2020 February 4 (3)
Every spiritual exchange secures you spiritual protection, as soon as you only desire truth.
Spiritual disturbances - temptations. Patience.
You must see everything as permission of God and know that also you must often get tested; that you must practise patience and gentleness and that you always then have fought a victory, when you always deal with everything in calmness and composure, what concerns you, for you only mature then, when you no longer offer a target to the enemy of your souls. Read more >>

2020 064
2020 February 4 (4)
To work for God and his kingdom also secures man on earth an existence without worries.
Work for the kingdom of God. Good house father.
But who already works on earth for God and his kingdom, he no longer needs to call himself poor; already on earth he has a wealth at his disposal, with which he can work to the blessing of fellowmen, and he will never any more get pleasure from the world and its joys, for earthly goods are empty against the goods of the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>

2020 065
2020 February 4 (5)
In the word I come again and again to you.
Will towards God. Power in the last fight. Power from God.
Then also no fear will overcome your heart, but strength of will will be in you that you encounter everything with a head held high, what comes over you. Read more >>

2020 066
2020 February 6
The will of man guarantees on earth the soul the ascent.
Happiness of the light kingdom. Lust and joys.
And the promised happiness, which expects him, is to also let him bear the suffering devotedly, for it just increases the degree of happiness in the spiritual kingdom, while otherwise the soul in the hereafter must still go through dark spheres and needs long time, until it can enter the light kingdom. Read more >>

2020 067
2020 February 6 (2)
The way to me is Jesus Christ.
Right way with Jesus Christ as leader.
To believe in Jesus Christ means to fulfil his commands, and then man goes the right way, which leads to eternal life. Read more >>

2020 068
2020 February 6 (3)
But darkness can only be countered with light to chase it away.
Truth - lie. Light and darkness.
And happy, who can free himself already on earth from darkness; happy who possesses the courage and the power to break away from erroneous thought material; happy, who on earth seriously desires truth and requests it from me. Read more >>

2020 069
2020 February 6 (4)
For then they will only be able to speak in my spirit; they will say nothing about, what has crept in as error.
Spirit work in all schools of thought. Right representatives.
For that reason there are in all schools of thought, in all denominations, powerful speakers, who address the heart of men, who have success with those, who are of good will. They announce with eagerness the word of God; they are convinced disciples, who bring my Gospel out into the world. Read more >>

2020 070
2020 February 6 (5)
For that reason create and work for eternity; do not value earth life too high.
Works of the flesh become obvious. Hereafter.
But those men, who only create and work out of self-interest, to help their body to comfort, have already their reward gone - they have for themselves created an earth lot in joys and pleasures and are entitled to no reward in the opposite kingdom, because they lack love, which alone is assessed by God. Read more >>

2020 071
2020 February 8
He has great power, and particularly in the time of the end.
Foreign Gods. Ceremonies. Shell - core. Truth.
Particularly those men, who he fears to lose, are exposed to his deceptive intentions, and he has then no difficulty with them, when they are certainly outwardly, but not deep inwardly connected with me, when they therefore have a tendency to formalities, which are often companions of religious work, of a so-called worship, but which is more idolatry, because dead matter finds too much attention and because the shell touches men more than the core. Read more >>

2020 072
2020 February 8 (2)
Nothing can compensate you for what you find in me and with me.
Test of will on earth. Following of Jesus. Connection.
And because your former defection from me had its reasons in that respect that you were not able to see me, because I wanted to make the way of return to me easy for you, I myself became visible to you in Jesus Christ, so that you are now to love him and strive for him and by this means profess me, I who have embodied myself in Jesus Christ, to be for you men a visible God, to whom you can now give your whole love and acquire his love for you; who wants to receive you in his kingdom, to prepare happiness for ever for you, which you can only enjoy in the complete connection with me. Read more >>

2020 073
2020 February 8 (3)
You recognize everything as empty and stale, what is share of my opponent.
Connection with God. Blessing for announcers of the Gospel.
And for that reason I bless every serious announcer of my Gospel, of the message, which has its origin in me and was made accessible on earth to men through Jesus Christ and must still be made again and again accessible to them, exactly to push their will to the right decision, to turn to me and to reach the connection with me, which is first and last aim of man on earth. Read more >>

2020 074
2020 February 8 (4)
A great abuse is carried on with prayer, and for that reason it so often remains ineffective.
Prayer in spirit and in truth.
You are certainly to pray unceasingly - but these words are only so to be understood that men is to constantly maintain the connection with God; that he is to transfer his whole world of thoughts into the spiritual kingdom; that he has first the interest of the spiritual reshaping at heart - that he not just in cases of trouble turns to God for help, but is to completely devote himself to him and recommend to his favour. Read more >>

2020 075
2020 February 8 (5)
The connection with me is your earth life aim.
Call of the light beings. Connection with the father before.
For love achieves everything, and this love I want to receive from my children. Read more >>

2020 076
2020 February 10
But there is a great darkness on earth.
Work of the light beings. Truth - error.
But they are also to gain truth after all; they must therefore now and then be led other ways; they must be stimulated to think, and this can again only happen on quite natural ways that they are drawn into spiritual debates, where they themselves are caused to an expression of judgement and then the light world also intervenes. Read more >>

2020 077
2020 February 10 (2)
False Christs and false prophets will appear.
False Christs and prophets. Mask of Satan.
My opponent is hard-working to undermine truth and he is successful where the will for truth is not very great so that I myself as the giver of truth can stand up for it, because the will of man alone is determining the spiritual assets that he receives. Read more >>

2020 078
2020 February 10 (3)
Where there is still a spark of belief in man, there is also a possibility of salvation.
Fulfilment of predictions. Disaster before.
I constantly admonish and warn you to pay attention to my words and I point out to you the signs of the time, but I cannot force you to accept my words as truth - but imprint them on your memory so that they let you think of him, who talks to you and who certainly only wants the best for you, who wants to rescue you from the abyss, towards which you steer, you who are without faith. Read more >>

2020 079
2020 February 10 (4)
He must therefore use the power he is entitled to for the development of love power.
Using life power for love. Love power.
A man, who therefore connects himself so with God through love work that now love power flows towards him persistently, he will also master earthly life; he will banish all earthly trouble, for it is no longer necessary for him, since the reshaping of his nature has already taken place and he now feels divine power in him, which he now also uses in the will of God. Read more >>

2020 080
2020 February 10 (5)
Nobody is to let the world get the upper hand.
Withdrawal to stillness. Coming unrest.
The man who contacts God, who often sends a thought up to him, he will also not let himself be held back through earthly events, to again and again fetch comfort, strength and advice from him, and this one alone overcomes the world, but this one has no need to fear the coming events, because he will be supplied with power unmeasured since he continuously remains in contact with the source of power. Read more >>

2020 081
2020 February 12
But you will also be filled with power, for love is power.
Love is the highest.
As soon as you are active in love, you have liberated yourselves from the fetter of your opponent, and the joining together with me does not limit your freedom or your will, you just bring your will automatically into line with mine; you enter into my will and therefore work in the freedom of will and still in fullest agreement with mine, what makes you extremely happy and fills you always more with love - love is the highest, and who has formed himself to love, he has truly found the highest happiness and gained my love for himself, which he will never ever lose, for who has once joined together with me through love, him I do not let for ever - he has become mine and will remain it until all eternity. Read more >>

2020 082
2020 February 12 (2)
And where my fighters fight, there I am myself.
Opposite souls follow the spiritual work.
And then you have won over him, who wants to keep you in darkness and for that reason fights with all means against you, you who however fight for me and therefore with me and will also gain the victory over darkness. Read more >>

2020 083
2020 February 12 (3)
My spirit can only work in a man, whose heart is full of love.
Pouring out of the spirit. Healing the sick, working miracles.
And therefore you work instead of me, so my spirit pours out over you, for you receive me myself, and you speak and work now with me. Read more >>

2020 084
2020 February 12 (4)
For love is power, which drives to activity, and activity is life.
God's extreme great love.
All my helpers help you, so you perform eager vineyard work; blessing they stand next to you; they wait for my orders and carry them out, so that the power of God may become obvious, so that my work, my love and omnipotence may be recognized by all those, who sought me and have now found me. Read more >>

2020 085
2020 February 12 (5)
He gives you power and enlightens your spirit, as soon as you want to work for him.
God's blessing for redeemer work. Vineyard work.
But these men, who go into service as servants in the vineyard of the Lord, always find support in the spiritual kingdom; God himself instructs his light messengers to help, and God himself fills men with his spirit, with his power and his favour, who want to work for him and his kingdom. Read more >>

2020 086
2020 February 13
But so you believe in me, also every word will come from the heart.
Real prayer bridge to God. Jesus Christ.
But so that you can now associate with me quite lively, you must also be able to form an idea of me, I who as Saviour Jesus Christ give you the possibility for it. Read more >>

2020 087
2020 February 13 (2)
However a terrible lot expects them, so they leave this earth.
Sign of the end: Cooled love.
But without love the world is the kingdom of Satan, who has taken possession of all these people, who are destitute of all love, like he is himself. Read more >>

2020 088
2020 February 13 (3)
You mediate between God and men.
Mediator office. Supply of a gift of favour.
Darkness is great on earth, but everywhere God lights the light, which can break through this darkness, and he blesses every light bearer, who carries it into darkness. Read more >>

2020 089
2020 February 13 (4)
That power, which lets him become active for the coming into being of always new creations, is love.
Through creation God wants to be recognized as love.
For no matter whether man is given the freedom of will, so he still is not able, to fight against the will of God; he is also not able to submit God�s will to his own will; but he is also not able to let that come into being out of himself, what his eye sees and his senses feel. Read more >>

2020 090
2020 February 13 (5)
You are to approach your fellowmen in friendliness.
Maturing through love only.
A friendly word, a good look, a small help already earn you the love of fellowman; they prevent the complete cooling of love, for love is to be cultivated like a little plant that is does not become stunted. Read more >>

2020 091
2020 February 18
You must give freedom to the spirit in you that it soars up to me.
Awakening of the spirit spark through love.
The spirit in you is divine and for that reason so long inactive in you, as you yourselves prevent it through resistance against me from work, for the divine-spiritual can only have an effect, where all resistance has been given up. Read more >>

2020 092
2020 February 18 (2)
The more the will still resists, the harder is the outer form.
Decreased resistance of the bound before the end.
In the last time before the end of a redemption period, which means a dissolving of all created forms on earth, also the resistance in the still bound spiritual decreases; it strives for its ascent; it strives for its final release out of form; it feels as it were a powerful change in its state, although it is not fully aware of it, what takes place in the universe. Read more >>

2020 093
2020 February 18 (3)
If the being steps out of the divine order, then it also steps out of the love current of God.
Original law: Love.
But everything positive can change into negative, and this therefore means a state opposing the divine one full of love and light - darkness and powerlessness therefore, an un-divine and therefore unhappy lot. Read more >>

2020 094
2020 February 18 (4)
For you men have still no standard for the unlimited, perfect.
Entity of God. Power.
This test of will had to be made also by the first created being, by Lucifer, because the passing of this test only meant the highest degree of perfection, because only then a becoming divine of the being took place, which God set as aim for all creation. Read more >>

2020 095
2020 February 18 (5)
Direct all your thinking up to God.
Direct all your senses spiritually.
Direct your senses spiritually; do not attach too much value to earth life; recognize what you are, when you must leave all earthly behind, and take care that your soul then shines in spiritual wealth; that it has acquired a life for itself in power and light, a life, that lasts for ever and is happiness. Read more >>

2020 096
2020 February 20
You must have gained the maturity of the soul.
Death of the body beginning of actual life.
Actual life only begins with the death of the body, for every cover falls off you; you are free and remain free and will now live in eternity. Read more >>

2020 097
2020 February 20 (2)
I always let new worlds come into being.
Beginning. Eternity. Order. Perfection.
But my first creations were beings; they were images of me myself; they were the same as me in their original substance; they were spirit from my spirit; they were beings of highest perfection, for I had fashioned them as my image. Read more >>

2020 098
2020 February 20 (3)
But your help is mainly of spiritual kind.
Incentive to work in the vineyard of the Lord.
The serving of a strong soul food is your task, which I urgently entrust you with. Read more >>

2020 099
2020 February 20 (4)
And you are to lack nothing.
You have a father after all. Child relationship.
And so I bless you, everything will succeed; so I bless you, you cannot get attacked by evil powers, for my blessing erects a wall of protection, behind which you can feel secure; a wall of protection, at which everything hostile is dashed to pieces, because my blessing hand is spread over you, as long as you work for me and my kingdom. Read more >>

2020 100
2020 February 20 (5)
Man must therefore first acknowledge God.
What is truth? Where is it to be found?
Love is the key to wisdom; love guarantees right thinking, according to truth, for love, truth and God are one. Read more >>

2020 101
2020 March 5
False Christs and false prophets will stand up.
Examine the spirits. False Christs and prophets.
But you can expose him yourselves; you can examine, which spirit is supplying you the thought material, and these may be the marks for you, to which you are to pay attention with a serious examination: that Jesus Christ is announced as God's son and redeemer of the world through the thought material supplied to you; that his love teaching is content of it and that you are admonished to follow Jesus. Read more >>

2020 102
2020 March 5 (2)
No limits are imposed on the knowledge of man.
Limits of knowledge.
Incomprehensible it will be for you that the feeling of the heart can outdo the sharpest intellectual thinking; that to that man, who fashions himself to love, all fields are made accessible, which the cleverest scientist, who lacks love, will never be able to enter. Read more >>

2020 103
2020 March 5 (3)
The development process from the depth to the height takes place in everything and through everything, what you see.
Purpose of creation. Course of development.
The world, with all its creations visible to you, serves only one purpose, the guiding back of the spiritual once seceded from God, which is banished in these creations in innumerable individual substances or little spirit sparks, to, in constant change of its stay, again slowly develop upwards in constant change of the outer cover, until a certain degree of maturity, which then makes the embodiment of this spiritual as soul in man possible, in which now the last return to God in free will is to take place. Read more >>

2020 104
2020 March 5 (4)
However he himself does not take it seriously with the immortality of his soul.
Own responsibility. Attitude to truth.
Each one will at times digest such thoughts in himself, but often reject them unwillingly and fight against every further mental influencing from the spiritual kingdom. And also for this he must take responsibility, because he himself rejects every means, which could help him to right cognition. Read more >>

2020 105
2020 March 5 (5)
The material world is the kingdom of the banished spiritual.
Serious admonition. Material attitude.
You serve matter, instead that it is serving you; you let yourselves be ruled by it and become slaves of matter. Read more >>

2020 106
2020 March 8
To believe in me, i.e. in my existence, also busy intellectual activity can achieve.
Faith in God. Revelation. Truth.
Every man can believe, when he wants it - but only, when he believes in me, I can have an effect on him, because you as man, in the stage of free will, must be spared by every forced spiritual influencing, so that your development may not be endangered. Read more >>

2020 107
2020 March 8 (2)
It is still in your power and in your will, to turn away the night from you.
Create and work. Endless long night.
It is still day - but not long any more, then the time of favour has expired, then the day of the separation of the spirits comes, the day of judgement, where everyone receives, what he strives for, where there will be a general reckoning and the righteousness of God rules, because his love was not respected and because sin has got out of hand and earns mankind a lot, in which it does not want to believe, because it already is in the night of the spirit. Read more >>

2020 108
2020 March 8 (3)
But who has overcome the world, he seeks other treasures.
Deciding for the right Lord.
Strive on earth for God and his kingdom, and then receive as reward the gifts, which his love offers you in future in eternity. Read more >>

2020 109
2020 March 8 (4)
And this free will decision takes place for each being in the stage as man.
Free will basic law. Test of will of the spiritual.
A free being must also call a free will his own, but a perfect being must move this free will in divine order - it will therefore only then be perfect, when its will is directed right without compulsion - the free will of the being cannot be directed in a certain direction by force; the being can only be exposed to positive and negative influence and then decide for itself, which direction it wants to take. Read more >>

2020 110
2020 March 8 (5)
Through the supply of my word I just aim to achieve that man fashions himself to love.
Book of books. God's word.
They are to know that I always and for ever supply the same word to earth and that my word remains, even so heaven and earth pass. Read more >>

2020 111
2020 March 11
And this source must be carefully protected from contamination.
Warning to intersperse received spiritual messages with thought.
And for that reason it is advisable, to always just keep to spiritually received messages and to close oneself from the world, i.e. from thought, which can be called worldly in a certain meaning, when it comes from intellectual knowledge, when it is won through study, when it is acknowledged and represented worldly by men, who have not yet found the intimate contact with God, which results in the work of the divine spirit. Read more >>

2020 112
2020 March 11 (2)
They certainly can no longer put off this hour but they can await it consciously.
Surprising end also for the believers.
The end will come as a thief in the night - but it announces itself before, it casts its shadows ahead, on a small scale it will already happen before, it will announce itself through a natural disaster of greatest extent and this will be the last warning, the last evidence of the near end. Read more >>

2020 113
2020 March 11 (3)
To distribute my word is the task of all those, to whom I supply my word.
Passing on of the divine word. Blessing.
Present the importance of their way of life to them that they gain the spiritual, when they strive for the spiritual, but that inevitably hard matter becomes their lot, when they do not break away from matter, when they only live pure worldly and do not remember their God. Read more >>

2020 114
2020 March 11 (4)
Instruct them in thoughts, or present the word of God to them.
Help for weak souls in the hereafter.
And if you lack on earth the opportunity to instruct your fellowmen, to share from your rich knowledge or to admonish them to love work, so look after the souls in the opposite kingdom, who are extremely grateful to you for your will to help, who also accept your instructions; who surround you, because near you they feel a certain strengthening, and who constantly ask you for the supply of this power. Read more >>

2020 115
2020 March 11 (5)
Man must clearly recognize, what is necessary for him and what he is to strive for.
God's word. Ray of light. Door of the heart. Guest.
A man full of love must knock and introduce himself as guest bringing peace and joys; he must, so just a small crack opens, send a warming ray into it, so that the door opens wider and wider and the guest is received, who now fills with his light an up to now dark room and chases the night away from it. Read more >>

2020 116
2020 March 13
But limits are imposed on me myself through your will.
God speaks through the mouth of man.
Constantly instructions are sent to you from me, for your thinking is now under my will, because you have freely offered yourselves to me for service, and the more you devote yourselves to me, the clearer are the thoughts in you and are felt as my work. Read more >>

2020 117
2020 March 13 (2)
Man is constantly washed by thought waves.
Thought waves in accordance of the will.
Man can certainly fight the thoughts, which are not right for him; he just needs to send a short call to God for protection and help, and every approach of these earthly minded beings is repulsed from light beings, which then have the right to it to form a wall around that man, who wants to connect with them. Read more >>

2020 118
2020 March 13 (3)
Before the expiration of an earth period the spiritual low is clearly recognizable.
Spiritual low. Change impossible. End.
It is also obvious that men no longer change, exactly because matter keeps them imprisoned. Read more >>

2020 119
2020 March 13 (4)
They can cross over into your camp and be saved for ever.
Power of belief. Antichrist. Counter work.
He does not pay attention to the severity, because he has become knowing and no longer fears anything on this world - because he has recognized the right lord and also joyfully lays down his earthly life for him. Read more >>

2020 120
2020 March 13 (5)
But the prayers of men are rarely that, what they should be.
Real prayer. Child relationship.
Through your trouble you are to become aware that you yourselves are able to do nothing out of your own power and that in your helplessness you should and can go to him, who is powerful, who is the father of you all, who can and also wants to help you, because he loves you. Read more >>

2020 121
2020 March 15
Do not fear those who kill your body but cannot kill your soul.
Last decision. Confessing before the world.
I will so clearly predict the signs to them that they are taken aback and then also pay more attention to the words that I will impart to them always and constantly. Read more >>

2020 122
2020 March 15 (2)
Power is something spiritual.
Coming into being of matter. Electrons.
And these light sparks are therefore known to you men as electrons, as original substance of matter, but about their origin and spiritual assignment you do not know, so you do not get hold of enlightenment by spiritual means. Read more >>

2020 123
2020 March 15 (3)
The world is full of devils and can no longer remain.
Signs of the end.
They seek to force possession, pleasure and standing for themselves and do not shrink from betraying their fellowmen and handing them over to misery. Read more >>

2020 124
2020 March 15 (4)
But without Jesus Christ he remains for ever in darkness.
Redemption through Jesus Christ.
No man has been excluded; no man needs to remain unfree, for the man Jesus died for it on the cross that the entire mankind - men of the past, of the present and of the future - may get redemption from its debt, and no man has been excluded - but against the will of man his redemption does not take place, and the will only finds strengthening through Jesus Christ. Read more >>

2020 125
2020 March 15 (5)
You are to try to direct their mind spiritually.
Spread my Gospel throughout the world.
And you are to now bring them anew my word, which they now certainly also recognize as the same word, but which now appears more alive to them, because you bring them a gift, which you have received from me myself and which no longer appears dead to them, but appeals to them, as soon as you offer my word to them in love. Read more >>

2020 126
2020 March 18
Who stands in living faith, he is victor over life and death.
Strong faith. Following Jesus.
Living faith proves its power; it presupposes my help, without doubting, and man is able to accomplish things through such faith, which are regarded as miracles and are still just the effects of living faith. Read more >>

2020 127
2020 March 18 (2)
Love it the divine, because it is my original nature.
Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in...
The will of man remains free, but will get the stronger the more intimately he joins the saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ, whom he is now able to love, and therefore he comes always closer to me through love, until he has made his nature divine and he always perfects himself more and - so he through love joins me intimately - he is completely filled by my love power and is therefore perfect as the father in heaven is perfect. Read more >>

2020 128
2020 March 18 (3)
Only whom the darkness presses, he seeks for a way out.
Real light in the dark of the night. Right way.
And that are times of spiritual trouble, where down from above strong light spirits descend to bring help, when almost no light shines anymore on earth, when no truth is anymore among men and for that reason truth is to be brought to them, often in unusual kind. Read more >>

2020 129
2020 March 18 (4)
But every man can fetch help from God.
Utilizing the time of favour before the end.
Time is fulfilled - that means that the day of the end, the day of the dissolving of material creations on this earth, is to be expected with every hour, even so no time is given to you men, because this knowledge would just cause a terrible confusion, but would be much use to no-one. Read more >>

2020 130
2020 March 18 (5)
For my word is the answer for everything, what moves you.
Power of the word. Weakness of will - faint-heartedness.
The powerless state, the state of intolerance, of faint-heartedness is always a sign of weakness of will; it is a sign that my opponent again makes a great effort, to alienate you from me, and you do not resist him, because you are too weak, and let yourselves be provoked by him to restless thoughts, to doubts and also to loveless acts, when you do not put up resistance to him, which makes you free of him, when you do not oppose him with my word, which he cannot hear and for that reason flees. Read more >>

2020 131
2020 March 21
And they will take heart from your power of faith, from your courage and the inner conviction.
Task of the servants of God: Spreading truth.
For who possesses truth himself, he no longer gives it away and also does not fear who threaten him, for knowledge has made him strong in faith, and a heart willing to love has made him receptive for the knowledge; it also has brought in for him the understanding for this knowledge, which has now become alive in him. Read more >>

2020 132
2020 March 21 (2)
To receive a light about Jesus Christ and his work of redemption is synonymous with safe redemption through him.
Opposite listeners. Questions. About Jesus Christ. Blessing.
The questions of the opposite listeners are often the same, because there are always certain problems, which occupy them and which again and again emerge in them, because they have been instructed about them wrongly or not at all, when they still lived on earth. Read more >>

2020 133
2020 March 21 (3)
But it is always made easy for him, to step onto the right way.
Jesus Christ leader on the right way.
And so you listen to this word, the way is shown to you, which leads to the destination � and no-one will be able to say, having remained on earth without leading, who just entrusts himself to me, who wants to reach me and has the will, to go no idling, but to reach the destination, which has been set for his earth life. Read more >>

2020 134
2020 March 21 (4)
Therefore the word itself proves itself, so full expression is given to it.
Process of transmission of spiritual gifts. Power.
These also believe in the work of God in man, in the work of spiritual powers, in the connection of the spiritual world with men on earth, and to these a process is comprehensible, which does not let itself be explained with earthly abilities alone, which visibly proves a radiation from above, a power going out from God. Read more >>

2020 135
2020 March 21 (5)
Utilize your earth life for life in the spiritual kingdom.
God's love and favour pursues all men.
You are to often think it over that your life on earth does not last long; that it is transient, and you are to remember that, what is immortal - you are to take care of your soul that it receives on earth, what serves it to mature; you are to administer strong food to it, which is my word alone, which I myself supply to you to win you for ever. Read more >>

2020 136
2020 March 24
Your soul matures - and that is the purpose of your earth life.
Power of the divine word. Soul maturity.
Do not let yourselves be depressed from it that your body is weak now and again; that your bodily cover does not obviously get to feel the power out of me. Read more >>

2020 137
2020 March 24 (2)
Help for the lost on earth and in the hereafter. Intercession.
Help for the lost on earth and in the hereafter. Intercession.
And for this you are to always take the time; you are to move your field of work more into the spiritual kingdom than into the earthly world - you are to be mindful of that, that men on earth must carry out this work, because the free will of man is not allowed to be endangered; you are not to forget that the prayer of men on earth is also of greatest value for the souls in the hereafter and that also to them the first help must be brought through you, because the work of the light beings in the spiritual kingdom can only then begin, when you have given so much power to the souls through your intercession, through your mental instructions that they are now also willing to listen to the light beings. Read more >>

2020 138
2020 March 24 (3)
This requires a strong will.
Spiritual progress through overcoming of self.
What you are not able to do yourselves, that becomes possible through love work and prayer. Read more >>

2020 139
2020 March 24 (4)
I want to be the beginning and the end in your life.
God's presence. Carefreeness.
But often you also walk your ways alone; you do not let me go next to you, because you eliminate me from your thoughts, because the image of the world puts itself between us and you suddenly do not see me any more, but give your attention to the world. Read more >>

2020 140
2020 March 24 (5)
Redemption from the depth. Rescue work.
Redemption from the depth. Rescue work.
You men can contribute a great deal for that to accomplish a rescue work, and when it is just one soul, to which you have brought help, which you have liberated out of the fetters of Satan, so unspeakably much has been won as a result, for every soul has its following, which is likewise rescued as well, because the soul does this itself in its gratitude and happiness, which is transferred to the unhappy souls, and therefore eager co-workers are won with every rescued soul, which participate in the opposite kingdom in the work of redemption. Read more >>

2020 141
2020 March 28
Free will is original law from eternity.
Change of will in freedom. Perfection.
Even if eternities pass about it until you again strive for me in free will, so I still will never lead you back compulsorily, because I want that you reach again your original initial state of perfection, because I want that you, as my children, subjugate yourselves in love voluntarily to me. Read more >>

2020 142
2020 March 28 (2)
For nothing on earth is constant; everything passes.
Earth life end in itself or means for purpose. Nature of God.
For this power is a radiation of that being, which has created everything. Read more >>

2020 143
2020 March 28 (3)
You will experience the proofs of my power.
Witnesses of the end on the new earth for descendants.
The faith and the love for me will now survive for a long time; the human race will live in peace and unity for a long time, in harmony with infinity, in constant union with me, and my spirit will be able to flow into their hearts, and they will be able to hear my word and will be happy. Read more >>

2020 144
2020 March 28 (4)
Can you perhaps prove the non-existence of a being?
God addresses the intellectual men. Men denying God.
Is a "power of nature" able to think? Read more >>

2020 145
2020 March 28 (5)
All good thoughts have an effect as power, one earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom.
God's word is felt as power flow by souls in the hereafter.
And for that reason you are always surrounded by such souls, who would like to get power for themselves from you. Read more >>

2020 146
2020 March 31
I feel sorry for men that the end will find them unprepared.
Spreading of the Gospel in God's place.
For it is a great misconception that men belong to my church founded by me, so they just profess a school of thought with the mouth, so they do not have the living faith and stand in the work of the spirit. Read more >>

2020 147
2020 March 31 (2)
Man is to be able to grasp, in what the mission of Jesus Christ existed.
Faith in the mission of Jesus Christ. Right instruction.
And who is of serious will to stand in truth, he will find in it the proof that I myself am recognizable as giver of a teaching, which puts Jesus Christ and his work of redemption first before everything else and wants to lead men to salvation, which can only be found in Jesus Christ. Read more >>

2020 148
2020 March 31 (3)
Truth must therefore be offered without fail to be able to believe.
Work in the vineyard. Living faith in God and in Jesus Christ.
But since right faith must be such that also the intellect can profess it, it is understandable that only truth will be able to satisfy the heart and the intellect; that that, what man recognizes as truth and therefore believes, cannot get refuted, also without proof, also by the intellect. Read more >>

2020 149
2020 March 31 (4)
But who are of stubborn will, also remain unimpressed of all references to the end.
Winning men for God. God is love.
And my word can also be made accessible to a willing man; he will like to receive it and with joy; he will believe that it is offered to him by me myself, and he will also believe that the end is near; he will believe the seers and prophets, because he will now also think right. Read more >>

2020 150
2020 March 31 (5)
The gift of the intellect he ought to and must utilize.
Earth school of the spirit. Means for the purpose. End in itself.
The intellect has been given to man - but so he does not use it, he lives along like an animal, for a right use of the intellect lets him think and act otherwise - it lets him live consciously; but the worldly man, who considers earth life as end in itself, has not yet made proper use of his intellect; he has let it become active in only one direction; he has not yet thought about a spiritual world, which certainly is also to be assumed outside of the material world - otherwise man would have to have unlimited right of determination over the whole creation, therefore also over the nature like events and over the own fate. Read more >>

2020 151
2020 April 3
I do not demand fulfilment of my will, without letting men know about my will.
Free will. God's will. Divine order.
You are beings with intellect and free will, but your will is so long wrongly directed, as you do not use your intellect right. Read more >>

2020 152
2020 April 3 (2)
It is a didactic activity, for which I need you.
Light of knowledge in dark night.
An almost impenetrable darkness lies spread above earth, and those men who are surrounded by this darkness, are irretrievably lost, for they strive towards the abyss, because they have deviated from the right way. Read more >>

2020 153
2020 April 3 (3)
I always intervene into your thinking.
Listening to the address of God.
And you all can establish this relationship with me; you all just need to listen to also hear me, and I just want to stimulate you to sharpen your spiritual ear, to practise hearing spiritual addresses, by you often withdrawing into quietness and long for my presence. Read more >>

2020 154
2020 April 3 (4)
An intellectual man knows nothing of the gifts of the spirit.
Attitude of intellectual men to gifts of the spirit.
When men seek truth on the way of the intellect, then they themselves draw the limits for them, because their intellect is limited, while the spirit can fly over all limits and every field is opened to it. Read more >>

2020 155
2020 April 3 (5)
It is an epoch of peace on earth as in the spiritual kingdom.
At the end of earth gate to spiritual kingdom closed.
But innumerable men still live on earth, who have neither deserved the height nor the depth, who still have not sunk into the kingdom of darkness and would still also not pass the last test of faith, but who still always have the prospect to reach the light in the opposite kingdom – which God's love and mercy for that reason already recalls before the end of the earth in the cognition of their spiritual state, their weakness and their will. Read more >>

2020 156
2020 April 5
Do not let the tempter triumph over you.
Father words. But seek ye first the kingdom of God.
Not one hour you need to be in earthly trouble, so you would just like to turn to me trustingly that I take it over. Read more >>

2020 157
2020 April 5 (2)
The will is nothing else than a jutting out or a striving out of the I into the sphere outside of it.
Free will. Earth fate.
But thinking and wanting are not to be confused with carrying out of the will – because to that end a power is necessary, which the being can have or also not – but the lack of power does not abolish the ability of wanting – that man may be forced to this or that acting fate wise, is a great misconception, when as a result it is claimed, that man may then therefore have no free will. For not the acting is decisive, but the will, which accompanies every act – but about which I know for eternity, what should now also explain the fate of the individual, which is based on exactly this his will. Read more >>

2020 158
2020 April 5 (3)
For your desire for me is already a great means of help for the purification of the heart.
Fashioning of the heart to the temple of God.
But so you fashion your heart to a temple of God, so you will purify it from all rubbish; you will remove everything from it, what does not allow my presence; you will adorn it with virtues of all kind; you will do everything, what pleases me and draws me into the temple of your heart; you yourselves will become love, to be able to receive eternal love in you. Read more >>

2020 159
2020 April 5 (4)
My love bridges every distance.
Real prayer. Childlike relationship.
I pay attention to every call, which rises up from the heart to me, but those words, which only the mouth speaks, I pay no attention to. Read more >>

2020 160
2020 April 5 (5)
These are all thoughts, which do not deal with the earthy world.
Deadening of the inner voice through fight against the spirit.
For his soul is so materially focussed that it cannot leave the earth sphere – it is hardened equal to matter, which was its thinking and striving in earth life. Read more >>

2020 161
2020 April 8
But a life proves itself through persistent activity.
Life - death. Gifts of the spirit.
My power, my spirit, can now work in man; he will therefore be able to do the unusual, possess abilities, which do not exist pure naturally in man, but get awakened through my power and therefore appear. Read more >>

2020 162
2020 April 8 (2)
But mine are never forsaken.
Light - power - favour. House father.
You are not powerless, and you receive more, than you deserve; you are provided for by me, although your spiritual state is still deficient – for my love overlooks your shortcomings and sends to you unmeasured those favours, which you can now use and always bring in success for your soul. Read more >>

2020 163
2020 April 8 (3)
Through the effect of my opponent men have no real esteem any longer of spiritual material full of truth.
Standing up for truth.
But a disdain it means, when no use is made of the imparted spiritual material – when the truth bearer passes over it in silence, so erroneous teachings are represented before his ears. Read more >>

2020 164
2020 April 8 (4)
For their unbelief does not need to always prove complete distance from God.
Attitude of the ignorant and erring to truth.
These men must learn to believe through thinking, and they will then reach a deep living faith, when they are serious about truth. Read more >>

2020 165
2020 April 8 (5)
In this time also many light beings have descended to earth.
Talents. Pound. Responsibility. Light beings.
But the effect of all light beings, whether spiritual or embodied as man, will always only concern the spiritual life, the spiritual development of men, therefore a light being can occupy itself only in a spiritual mission on earth, for it took over this assignment with full will, when it declared itself willing to the engendering on this earth, and it is, since man now lacks the remembering back, always and constantly directed by the beings of the spiritual kingdom and the human in it is prepared for this assignment, for it does not resist the spiritual influence; it willingly lets itself be led and now also complies with its mission, which it has undertaken. Read more >>

2020 166
2020 April 10
Every discontent with itself is an expression of the soul, which feels distressed.
Pressing of the spirit. Discontent.
You men are not to always remain on the same level; you are to strive; you are to do everything, what promotes the ascent development, and you are to constantly work on yourselves, and the spirit constantly stimulates you to that. Read more >>

2020 167
2020 April 10 (2)
Remember often these poor souls and do not let them unnoticed in their trouble.
Great trouble of the souls in the hereafter.
Remember at least these souls having been close to you and help them, for even the smallest work of redemption results in further redemptions, and you have much contributed to that. Read more >>

2020 168
2020 April 10 (3)
That you men dwell on earth, is a result of your former sin of rebellion against God.
Cause and importance of the work of redemption.
You are therefore as it were tied up, and this powerless, unfree state does not end with the death of the body, when you are not getting redeemed. Read more >>

2020 169
2020 April 10 (4)
A time of peace will replace the time of struggle in the universe.
Binding of Satan. New earth.
In the middle of his world he his powerless as long as he again is strengthened through the wrong will of men, but this will only happen again after a long time when the first generations of earth, the inhabitants of paradise and their children and grandchildren have long since entered the spiritual kingdom - when there will be new generations, which will already again divide themselves in their directions of will. Read more >>

2020 170
2020 April 10 (5)
Words, which are sent to you from above, you are not to reject carelessly.
Serious examination with the call of God.
Nevertheless the word offered from above is also for an intellectual man stimulating enough to think, and it also withstands an intellectual examination. Read more >>

2020 171
2020 April 12
What can you lack, when your soul is provided for.
Guests at the table of the Lord.
Of which do you need more than that, what serves the soul as strengthening? Read more >>

2020 172
2020 April 12 (2)
The church of Christ is no building outwardly recognizable.
Church of Christ.
The church of Christ does not any more count many followers, and the more love cools among men, the smaller the crowd of real Christians will become, because love must absolutely be practised to be regarded as real Christians and to be a shining example for fellowmen for the true church on earth, which depends on no official belonging to a denomination, but just a life according to the divine commands, which demand love first, which will then also show the sure sign, which proves the founder of the church - the work of the spirit in all members. Read more >>

2020 173
2020 April 12 (3)
First draw the attention of men to the error, which has poisoned their thinking.
Means for vineyard work.
Know, that your hearts are the fields, where I would like to lay out the seed, my word, so that it may bear rich fruit in you - know, that my word can however only take root there, where the soil is prepared for it, where everything has been removed, what stood against my word - pure truth - know, that every error means a repulsion for pure truth out of me and that for that reason this error must be wiped out, if a good harvest is to be achieved. Read more >>

2020 174
2020 April 12 (4)
Your existence as man is a gift of favour.
Significance of earth walk.
But how on the other hand a life in power and happiness would be allotted with right use of your earth life - so you would believe, what you were taught - what is announced to men through the word of God. Read more >>

2020 175
2020 April 12 (5)
Then is the day of judgement.
Servants of Satan.
Only the most deeply sunk must endure such agonies, but before the end of this earth men will have reached the deepest depth, and earth will, except the small crowd of those loyal to God, just have to show devils only, representatives of him, who for that reason rages on earth, because he knows, that he no longer has much time. Read more >>

2020 176
2020 April 14
The most inner striving, the desire of the heart, is assessed.
Who pays tribute to the world, he pays tribute to Satan.
The material world is his kingdom - it holds the fallen spiritual belonging to him, but which he does not have at his disposal, as long as it is bound in the works of creation through God's will. Read more >>

2020 177
2020 April 14 (2)
The most inner striving, the desire of the heart, is assessed.
Divine guidance.
Your will to him, your God and father from eternity, determines all your ways, your thinking and acting. Read more >>

2020 178
2020 April 14 (3)
All untruthfulness is the work of false Christs and prophets.
False Christs and prophets.
You therefore no longer need to seek these false Christs and prophets outside of the spiritual life, for also the representatives of false doctrines within church organizations are false Christs and false prophets - all, who give unclear, misleading explanations, must be counted to that, as well as all, who seek to prevent that pure truth is supplied to men, who therefore hold on to deformed teachings and restrict the freedom to think of men, by withholding from them, what could work enlightening. Read more >>

2020 179
2020 April 14 (4)
It will be a fight, which the followers of Satan wage against God.
Faith struggle.
It is the last test of will on this earth; it is that decision, which determines your lot in eternity, that you profess me before the world, notwithstanding of the earthly effects of your decision. Read more >>

2020 180
2020 April 14 (5)
Light is all knowledge in accordance with truth.
God's compassionate love. Light is truth.
And no matter how thick, walls will dissolve in the penetrating light of truth - the most impenetrable darkness will give way to the light, which there is truth out of God. Read more >>

2020 181
2020 April 16
For to be perfect means to be full of love.
Subordinating the will.
To enter into my will means, you making an effort to move in that order, which is basic law from eternity, to bring all good qualities to perfection, to give up all bad qualities, to fashion yourselves according to divine principle - to bring love in you to highest development. Read more >>

2020 182
2020 April 16 (2)
And man will be powerful and wise.
Spark of God. Unlimited knowledge.
For this spark is as share of God, as a radiation of him himself, also of enormous illumination power - and it consequently radiates the light of wisdom - it instructs man from the inside and gives him fullest cognition - it lights in him a bright light, and depending on how man now uses this light, abilities develop in him, which are divine - until he himself can then work in power and light. Read more >>

2020 183
2020 April 16 (3)
I can dictate my will into the pen of only few men.
God wants to be loved. Distorted image.
I want to possess the love of my children, and I do everything to win them, for only a relationship which love establishes, can make happy for ever. Read more >>

2020 184
2020 April 16 (4)
Light can become his from the inside only as result of a way of life in love.
Spiritual knowledge depends on degree of maturity.
For also spiritual knowledge can become pure intellectual knowledge through eager study, when the ascent development of the soul is disregarded, when the degree of maturity of the soul is therefore still a very low one, the intellect however, as highly developed, busies itself with problems, which touch spiritual areas. Read more >>

2020 185
2020 April 16 (5)
Begin nothing without me.
Constant connection with God secures success.
For I do not appear so obviously that you were therefore forced to follow my will, and nevertheless it is my will, which is now expressed through you. Read more >>

2020 186
2020 April 17
Use my gift of favour.
Means of favour: Prayer. God's word.
Such a prayer connection is a source of power of unsuspected fulness. Read more >>

2020 187
2020 April 17 (2)
The heart of an unbeliever does not need to be hardened.
Stimulating of an unbeliever to love work.
It is the greatest merit of a man, who himself lives in love, to spur on fellowman to love work, for therefrom faith can then also emerge, which without love is still just a dead faith and therefore not much more valuable than unbelief. Read more >>

2020 188
2020 April 17 (3)
Then man no longer belonged to a school of thought, but to my church.
Church of Christ.
Then also each one, who belongs to my church, will recognize, which teachings deviate from pure truth, and then he can also lead the blind, who ignorant of the dangers walk side streets, which do not lead to the goal. Read more >>

2020 189
2020 April 17 (4)
God gives, what men no longer demand by themselves.
Explanation necessary of the mission of Jesus.
Men must know about the spiritual cause, if the work of redemption of Jesus Christ is to be assessed right and its favours accepted. Read more >>

2020 190
2020 April 17 (5)
I went a way of atonement for you.
Explanation necessary of the mission of Jesus.
I took this burden away from you and achieved atonement for you, because I took pity on your lot, because extreme great love for you filled me and because I wanted to help you in your trouble. Read more >>

2020 191
2020 April 18
It is about the adoption of God.
Way to Golgotha. Imitation of Jesus.
And now you will grasp, why pious men devoted to God are often pursued by suffering and sickness, why a cross has been imposed on them, which appears almost unbearable for them. Read more >>

2020 192
2020 April 18 (2)
But my word sounds to the soul like heavenly music.
Effect of the living word.
Everyone, who willingly opens his ear, where my word can be heard, he is addressed by me myself, and my word is truly alive in him, and it has an invigorating power - it drives to activity, which is in accordance of my will; it drives to love work and to prayer: - For who has once heard my living word, he will not content himself with it; he will get into contact with him, who speaks to him words of love and of favour, and he will never ever break off this contact. Read more >>

2020 193
2020 April 18 (3)
Through my messengers I supply the Gospel to you all.
Spreading of the divine love teaching necessary.
And that it is pure truth, that you can experience at yourselves, as soon as you fulfil my commands of love, as soon as you are not just hearers, but doers of my word. Read more >>

2020 194
2020 April 18 (4)
I consequently wanted to create gods equal to me.
Making created beings godlike.
I therefore put the most perfect out of me; I multiplied me myself in these being created by me, since they were created in the same perfection and since nothing could emerge out of me, what was inadequate. Read more >>

2020 195
2020 April 18 (5)
For everything, that testifies to life, is active and uses the power flowing towards it.
Purpose of pests. Motive of destructions.
Also they are active as power stations in the great process of redemption, and they also serve to that end, to repel bad instincts, whereby indeed other creations, also man, can be touched sorrowfully or unpleasantly, but as far as they are concerned can now also again mature, as soon as they react right on it - therefore help, when it is essential, to protect other men or animals of it or patiently and devotedly to take upon oneself the small disagreements of life. Read more >>

2020 196
2020 April 21
The desire for matter makes you blind for spiritual goods.
Overcoming of matter. Spiritual kingdom.
My kingdom requires the overcoming of matter, for only then you can become free from form and enter my kingdom, when you break away from everything, what belongs to my opponent. Read more >>

2020 197
2020 April 21 (2)
I truly do everything, what could result in the change of the hearts of men.
The end comes irrevocably.
And no matter how low the degree of maturity is - when men just recognizes and acknowledges me at his decease - then his ascent development is secured in the hereafter. Read more >>

2020 198
2020 April 21 (3)
For I announce the signs of the time of the end through seers and prophets.
Unbelief to the announcements.
For it will be as at the times of Noah. Read more >>

2020 199
2020 April 21 (4)
But covered in clouds I come towards you.
Coming of the Lord. Rapture.
That is why I let the rapture take place visibly to really make use of every possibility of escape. Read more >>

2020 200
2020 April 21 (5)
The earthly creation therefore did not arise in a moment.
Creating man. Fall of Man.
This work of creation was man, who insofar distinguished himself from all before arisen creations, as that he was endowed, next to free will, also with intellect and reason - with an ability to think, with consciousness of self and with the faculty, to be able to exchange through speech with his fellowmen, because living together resulted in the necessary preconditions for the test of will. Read more >>

2020 200
2020 April 21 (5)
The earthly creation therefore did not arise in a moment.
Creating man. Fall of Man.
This work of creation was man, who insofar distinguished himself from all before arisen creations, as that he was endowed, next to free will, also with intellect and reason - with an ability to think, with consciousness of self and with the faculty, to be able to exchange through speech with his fellowmen, because living together resulted in the necessary preconditions for the test of will. Read more >>

2020 201
2020 April 30
Worthlessness of earthly knowledge in the hereafter.
Worthlessness of earthly knowledge in the hereafter.
And no matter whether you also learn the book of the fathers by heart, whether you make an effort to interpret the divine word again on the basis of prophetic sayings, whether you intellectually master sentence for sentence, all this cannot get assessed higher than any other knowledge, which does not involve spiritual problems. Read more >>

2020 202
2020 April 30 (2)
And for that reason I chose an original spirit, which once was leading at the defection of the spirits.
Adam. Original spirit. Lucifer's attempt. Breaking of form.
The Fall of Man of the first man was consequently a repetition of the first fall of the original spirit. Read more >>

2020 203
2020 April 30 (3)
Each one man has Saul experiences, which could change him to a Paul.
Saul experiencing. Favour.
Saul interpreted his apparitions just as an obvious revelation, and also the voice, which he heard - but which is today in exactly the same way audible in the heart of many men - was for him without doubt the voice of God. Read more >>

2020 204
2020 April 30 (4)
But happy, who seek the connection with their father by themselves.
Refuge to the father.
Men being in great trouble now and then also accept a teaching, and they seize the rescue anchor; they now turn to him, who is recommended to them as rescuer and helper. Read more >>

2020 205
2020 April 30 (5)
You are capable of nothing out of your own power.
Prayer for power and favour.
Let me be your beginning and your end, your constant adviser and companion; let me be your God and father, who is powerful and wise and full of love attached to you and for that reason will always give you, what you request in humility. Read more >>

2020 206
2020 May 3
But those who do not think, to them their way to me gets very much extended.
Mary apparitions.
Everywhere he found good soil for his counter work there, where a second image was already erected next to me - where the veneration of the Mother of God Mary stood far above the striving for intimate joining together with me. Read more >>

2020 207
2020 May 3 (2)
A complete new world will make the small crowd of the raptured happy.
Turning point of the world. Not end of the world.
Everything that was thinkable as progress in the scientific field or human achievements, everything that was attained as technologies falls prey to destruction and all experiences lose their worth, because nobody can any more use and apply that, what was previously considered to be so important, that all spiritual striving was forgotten about it. Read more >>

2020 208
2020 May 3 (3)
And so you now discover error, you are to set truth over against it.
Duty to pass on. Warning of foreign knowledge.
The feeling for truth and error I put into the heart of my truth bearers, and they are to always pay attention to their feeling - they are to always demand truth seriously and make an effort, to just serve truth, then they will also serve me, and their thinking will remain free of error; they will be suitable servants of mine, who successfully work for me and my kingdom. Read more >>

2020 209
2020 May 3 (4)
I want to make you men happy with my address.
Right thinking of a receiver of revelations.
You must ask your heart, and your heart will tell it to you, for a revelation on my part always only addresses the heart and the intellect then likewise, when it joins the heart. Read more >>

2020 210
2020 May 3 (5)
For man is still able to think and to pray.
Last rescue work. Caller and admonisher.
As long as the end is still not there, each one individual can still turn away the horrors of the end from him. Read more >>

2020 211
2020 May 7
And so the light beings are also of one spirit and of one mind with me.
Help of the light beings for redemption work.
All powers of heaven are subject to you. Read more >>

2020 212
2020 May 7 (2)
I pay attention to the smallest will, which turns to me.
Constant connection with God.
Separation from me gives my opponent the right and the possibility, to assert his influence - on the other hand the connection with me repulses him and makes his work without effect - for a man, who connects himself with me, he does not react to the influence of the enemy of the soul. Read more >>

2020 213
2020 May 7 (3)
My love lets nothing get lost for ever.
Everything just proves God's love.
The love of the father for his children does not pay attention to their sins, but seeks to rescue them, to liberate them from the power of him, who is his enemy. Read more >>

2020 214
2020 May 7 (4)
Do not let the life and the well-being of your body be the greatest worry.
Serious admonition before the end.
You yourselves prepare for you one of these two states; you yourselves choose happiness or agony; you yourselves fashion yourselves the lot in the time, which will come, according to your way of life in the presence. Read more >>

2020 215
2020 May 7 (5)
What is to appeal to you men, that must come from above.
Power of the word last help before the end.
The soul needs other gifts, to be satisfied - and is only touched by spiritual gifts so, that it is stimulated to strive upwards - provided, that it is not yet completely deadened through the desire of the body for earthly goods, which puts the soul into a dead, rigid state. Read more >>

2020 216
2020 May 10
Now he obtains again that perfection, which the being once gave up through its resistance.
Share of God is in man. Presence of God.
Each one man now carries the divine love spark in him, for it is love power once radiated from me. Read more >>

2020 217
2020 May 10 (2)
For they will live, although they suffer earthly death.
Great spiritual trouble demands eager vineyard work.
Each one's attention is to be drawn through my servants to me and my kingdom - and happy, who hear and strive to gain my kingdom - happy, who believe, what is announced to them. Read more >>

2020 218
2020 May 10 (3)
But also those, who still stand far from me, I approach with a delicious gift.
Favourable offer through God's word.
And so you are of serious and good will, you will also possess the competence to judge and choose the right, reject the false. Read more >>

2020 219
2020 May 10 (4)
But you men are to also strive for the gift of wisdom.
Gift of the spirit. Gift of wisdom.
You are to now also seek to penetrate and assess the knowledge right; you are to protect it from distortion. Read more >>

2020 220
2020 May 10 (5)
Arrogance was the cause of the defection from me.
Spiritual pride. Humility is the bridge.
For arrogance is share of him, who has brought you all to fall, for he wanted to rise up against me; he wanted to be acknowledged as lord and god from eternity, although he knew it, that he had taken his beginning from me. Read more >>

2020 221
2020 May 12
For I am no phantom - I am real.
Whosoever therefore shall confess me.
That man can no longer remain in death, who has taken his way to me, I who am eternal life; that man cannot dwell in darkness, who has found the light in me, which brightly illuminates his earth way, and that man can no longer be powerless and at the mercy of evil powers, who is now fed by me with power, who can receive it in extreme measure from me and receives it, as soon as he consciously turns to me. Read more >>

2020 222
2020 May 12 (2)
For what is on earth, that will pass.
Course of development. Which success? Last favours.
They therefore do not believe it, because they cannot endure truth, because with the accepting of truth they must give up everything else, but of which they believe not being able to separate. Read more >>

2020 223
2020 May 12 (3)
I still speak more of spiritual than of earthly trouble.
Help in earthly and spiritual trouble. Mutual love.
And earthly trouble will for that reason be so great in the time of the end, because I would like to snatch them from the extreme great spiritual trouble and this can never happen, when everything earthly goes according to the wish of man and his looks are immovably directed towards the world. Read more >>

2020 224
2020 May 12 (4)
A way of life according to my will causes fulfilment of the love commands.
Light of truth. Lamps without oil. Worn out robe.
There is too much pretence and too little truth; death is also there, where one should announce me and believes to announce me; there is nothing alive any more, but just still a traditional pretence, the distant echo of that, what once radiated in fullest ability of life. Read more >>

2020 225
2020 May 12 (5)
But those who learn from such experiences, can count themselves lucky.
No-one gains the kingdom of heaven, who pays tribute to the world.
And that is your task, to overcome the world, for because it has been given to you for this purpose, that your soul matures in it, that it breaks away from everything in free will, what belongs to the world, because this breaking away is also at the same time a breaking away from him, who is lord of this world, and a turning towards the spiritual kingdom and its Lord. Read more >>

2020 226
2020 May 16
But eternal light will shine for those who pursued pure truth on earth.
Fight against truth. Protection for light bearers.
Because the time is coming where the earth lies in the brightest light, the time is coming where no shadow clouds the light - where men are in knowledge and all ignorance, all lack of love has disappeared. Read more >>

2020 227
2020 May 16 (2)
I want, that you believe in me as God and creator from eternity.
Comforting and loving father words.
I must place this condition, otherwise my help could bring no blessing to you for the soul, for if I would help you without your call, then you would never ever establish the connection with me, which is purpose and aim of earth life, and I myself would then have contributed to that end, that you do not reach your aim. Read more >>

2020 228
2020 May 16 (3)
But it must listen to the inside; it must wait, until I express myself.
Faith in God's revelations.
But do not jump ahead; expect my address in patience; be quiet and listen, for it is quite delicious good, which I want to impart to you, but can only then, when you fulfil the condition: open your ear to me in faith and in love, that ear of the heart - when you are willing, to receive this delicious gift from me, which proves my love for you - which only I myself can hand out, because I alone am the source of all life and all wisdom. Read more >>

2020 229
2020 May 16 (4)
You yourselves therefore determine me to the renunciation of me myself.
God is the word. Address of God.
For I myself am the word, and so you therefore listen to my word, you have let me myself speak to you; you have got directly in touch with me, and you can now speak of my presence, of a proof of my love and care about you - but always only then, when you let my word ring out in the heart, when you hear or read it in thoughts of him, of whom you are addressed - when you let the words deeply penetrate into the heart and they do not just go unheard at your ears. Read more >>

2020 230
2020 May 16 (5)
He will announce me.
Forerunner. Announcing Jesus.
He will again prepare the way for me because this is my will since eternity since he was devoted to me since the beginning, because since the beginning he was a fighter for his Lord. Read more >>

2020 231
2020 May 17
My light messengers on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom stand under my blessing.
Light messengers. Eager work in the last time.
And also the powers in the spiritual kingdom promote the redemption of the bound on earth, by them bringing together, who need help and can bring help, by them always kindling and radiating more light and always stand by the workers in my vineyard. Read more >>

2020 232
2020 May 17 (2)
I sacrificed me myself.
Birth of Jesus. Light. Christmas.
He accomplished the work of redemption with me, or I myself accomplished it in the man Jesus; therefore I became man - Jesus became God, because he held love in all fulness in himself. Read more >>

2020 233
2020 May 17 (3)
You are to celebrate the day of the Lord.
Day of the Lord. Command?
Each one day should be for you a day of the Lord, where you recommend yourselves to his love and favour in intimate prayer community. Read more >>

2020 234
2020 May 17 (4)
And he can entrust himself carefree to my guidance.
Divine guidance.
Who occupies himself in his thoughts with me, who acknowledges me consciously or unconsciously, that he thinks being depending on a power, which has created him, who now subjects himself to this power, he accepts my guidance, and he is truly on the right way, even so he does not see his companion. Read more >>

2020 235
2020 May 17 (5)
He brought rescue to men.
Little child Jesus.
Someone had to come, who brought peace to you. Read more >>

2020 236
2020 May 19
Light is knowledge about the deepest connections of the creator with his creature.
Original light from eternity radiates light.
To stay in the light is a divine state, which all you men are to reach, because this is your purpose from the very beginning. Read more >>

2020 237
2020 May 19 (2)
You are weakened beings, as long as you stay on earth without a strengthening from heaven.
Serious admonition to accept the divine word.
Recognize me and my extreme great love for you, when I myself descend in the word to you, and believe it, that I just want to help you, that I want to remove your weakness and your trouble already on earth and in future in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>

2020 238
2020 May 19 (3)
You cannot be happy without faith in me.
Requesting of blessing for all actions.
But my opponent creates the sense of well-being for the body, to preserve the soul in darkness and to not lose it. Read more >>

2020 239
2020 May 19 (4)
Do not break the connection with me.
Withdrawing of power out of the word of God.
Only he is victor, who makes use of my power, and only he makes use of my power, who constantly turns his thoughts towards me and who for that reason begins everything with me and never walks with without my blessing. Read more >>

2020 240
2020 May 19 (5)
I will truly lead you to victory.
Religious warfare. Fighters of God.
A great supply of power you must store up for you, which will then never ever decrease, when you start for the last fight. Read more >>

2020 241
2020 May 21
What this world offers, does not remain.
New Year's Eve message. Reference to end.
You stand before a difficult time - but it does not need to be difficult for the individual, when he just adjusts himself correctly to me. Read more >>

2020 242
2020 May 21 (2)
For I can only give you according to your demand.
New Year's Day message. Light into the darkness of night.
Each one soul is allowed to enter into the radiation area of light, but no soul is forced to it. Read more >>

2020 243
2020 May 21 (3)
But in the time of the end the weak are still to be won.
Power of faith. Healings of the sick. Miracles.
Therefore do not believe that you claim to do something for yourselves, what is not according to my will; but for which you feel being driven, that carry out without doubt, and you will succeed. Read more >>

2020 244
2020 May 21 (4)
You men can only acknowledge or reject me.
Acknowledging or rejecting. Jesus Christ.
Words alone do not do it, and also the membership of Christian denominations does not make you to candidates of my kingdom, when you have not yet found the way to Jesus Christ, when you have not yet directed the serious call to him, that he takes pity on you, you who without him and his redemption still lie in the bonds of the opponent. Read more >>

2020 245
2020 May 21 (5)
I come to all, who call me with just a thought.
Predestined fate. God's love and help.
It is my intervention, my leading, it is my rule and work, which is clearly recognizable in the fate of a man. Read more >>

2020 246
2020 May 24
I alone know it, what is in store for the whole mankind.
Divine revelation substantiated in his love.
In my infinite love alone, you find the explanation for everything - for the great trouble, which weighs heavily on mankind, for the unusual happenings of every kind and for my obvious work among those, who want to be my helpers on earth. Read more >>

2020 247
2020 May 24 (2)
And your faith will then also bring in for you the redemption of your soul.
Faith in Jesus Christ. Sufferings of Christ.
He just wants, that you acknowledge him as God's son and redeemer of the world - that you believe in his mission, that you believe, that God himself was in the man Jesus and that his suffering and dying on the cross was only then allowed by God for that reason, so that mankind got redeemed from death, that the atonement was offered to God for a crime, which could not remain unatoned according to divine justice and which men could have never dis-atoned themselves. Read more >>

2020 248
2020 May 24 (3)
Request my spirit for you.
Pouring out of the spirit. Faith and love.
For that man, whose spirit is enlightened, he now recognizes the right way, which leads to me, home into his father house. Read more >>

2020 249
2020 May 24 (4)
To love me and the neighbour is the basic law.
Love commands. Overcoming of self-love.
And this task you must fulfil yourselves; you must work on yourselves, look at your thinking and acting critically and always want, that you do the right thing before me. Read more >>

2020 250
2020 May 24 (5)
But I make use of the few, who unconditionally subordinate themselves to me.
Good will recognizes revelations of God.
But whether a revelation comes from me - whether I myself make myself known to men on earth, that a good will will always be able to assess, for this power flows from every revelation on my part, that a man of good will feels touched, therefore addressed by me. Read more >>

2020 251
2020 May 28
Not one of my beings remains in the state of death for ever.
Dead in Christ. Rapture.
The dead in Christ are therefore the redeemed out of the depth, in contrast to those, who have found me already on earth, who stand in living faith in me and at the end are taken from this earth as my children, as it stands written. Read more >>

2020 252
2020 May 28 (2)
Let yourselves be oppressed by no earthly trouble.
Ask, and it shall be given you. Come unto me all.
And then every call to me also means immediate help, for I do not leave you in the trouble of the soul, so you just call my name believingly, which is for you the epitome of redemption from death and sin - of darkness and weakness. Read more >>

2020 253
2020 May 28 (3)
Eternal truth will gain the victory.
Threads from the hereafter to earth.
The fight between light and darkness increases with the drawing near of the end - the powers of hell rage - but the light world is superior to them in strength. Read more >>

2020 254
2020 May 28 (4)
My kingdom is not of this world, but it is only to be acquired in this world.
Acquiring of the spiritual kingdom on earth.
It is his world, although he has power over no earthy creation - but all creations are covers of the spiritual having once deserted me, to which I want to make it again possible, to become free and to enter the spiritual kingdom in future. Read more >>

2020 255
2020 May 28 (5)
Faithlessness claims most victims.
Trouble of the souls in the hereafter. Jesus Christ.
And countless souls depart from earth in a state of fullest faithlessness, and happy those, who lived so on earth, that good thoughts follow them - happy those, who are remembered with intercession and to whom power can be imparted in this way. Read more >>

2020 256
2020 May 30
And who is of good will, he will also see through the opponent of God.
Doubts about divine revelations. Cunning of the opponent.
Because God holds his protecting hand over everybody, who aims at him, but he does not force him to think and to act according to his will. Read more >>

2020 257
2020 May 30 (2)
The soul is to develop up.
Responsibility. Intellect and free will.
Man is equipped with intellect and free will and he is to use exactly this intellect and his will the right way. Read more >>

2020 258
2020 May 30 (3)
The degree of love on earth determines the degree of fullness of light in the spiritual kingdom.
Work of God's children on earth.
Through their way of life, they bring light and warmth among men and are often able to do more, than words are able to do, for they are already radiated through on earth by light and love and announce me with every look, with every word and every act. Read more >>

2020 259
2020 May 30 (4)
For through the fulfilling of my will also you prove to me your love.
Revelations expression of the love of God.
Each one revelation proves me - but if I can be present to you and reveal myself to you through my word, so you have already come considerable closer to me, then my love has seized you and never ever drops you. Read more >>

2020 260
2020 May 30 (5)
You recognize that all are signs of the nearby end.
Uncontrolled spread of sin. Faith struggle. End.
And everything weak, not yet completely evil, will be recalled from the earth, so that it does not completely fall into the hands of the opponent of God when the last days will fall, where action is taken against the believers in such a way, that only the strong in faith, God fully trusting men, will hold their ground because their faith gives them strength and because God obviously can help them on behalf of their faith. Read more >>

2020 261
2020 June 2
But genuine miracles are works of compassion.
False Christs and false prophets.
Because my opponent will work with the same means and he will also easier succeed to blind men, because he announces no downfall to them, but always only promises earthly good living and earthly ascent and because his miracles consist in emphasizing this earthly advancement, because his miracles are material progresses, that beguile men and because his prophecy is a future in riches, honours and earthly successes, a world of building up and earthly perfection, and attention will be paid to each of such a prophecy, and mankind be distracted through this even more so from what is genuine and true, which my representatives on earth announce to them - that men are facing the end, that all material goods cannot save them from ruin, which they certainly approach, when they do not believe my words, but those, who the prince of darkness influences - those, who well also perform miracles through his power - who are mighty on earth, because they are at the mercy of him, but whose works are always recognizable. Read more >>

2020 262
2020 June 2 (2)
And you can only live, when you are flowed through by my love power.
Divine guiding.
And for that reason, everyone will reach his aim, who strives for me; everyone, who lets himself be led by me without resistance, he goes the right way, and he never ever needs to fear to go wrong, for who entrust himself to me, he has built on firm ground. Read more >>

2020 263
2020 June 2 (3)
Out of that offered to you, you can receive power and favour unmeasured.
Voice of the father. God's protection of truth.
As soon as these my revelations are doubted, the spirit is saddened - the voice of the father is not recognized, because another voice drowns it out and because more attention is paid to this voice, which sounds over from the world - from the kingdom of my opponent, and which is preferred to be listened to, because it promises something earthly-human, while pure truth - the voice of the father - pronounces and announces that, what is to bring about salvation to the soul. Read more >>

2020 264
2020 June 2 (4)
God alone knows it, where his spirit can express itself without resistance.
The spirit of God blows, where he wants it.
As soon as you eliminate everything earthly and only make the spiritual kingdom the aim of your desire, as soon as you seek to broaden your knowledge on the spiritual area, as soon as you only seek to improve the state of the soul through the supply of that, what alone is helpful to it, as soon as you therefore only pay attention to that, what secures it a life in eternity, and do not take any notice of everything, what concerns the life of your body on this earth, you therefore strive for the spiritual, and then truly the spirit in you will lead you; it will express itself and instruct you from out of the inside, as it is helpful for your ascent development of your soul. Read more >>

2020 265
2020 June 2 (5)
My call remains always and for ever the same: Follow me.
Two different worlds. Voice of the good shepherd.
But as two worlds are different, the earth and the spiritual kingdom, so also men are different and belong to one of these two worlds. Read more >>

2020 266
2020 June 7
Love therefore exuded into infinity.
Light sparks.
But love could not get determined - it was only so long effective, as it moved in complete freedom, to immediately let up in its effectiveness, where it comes upon resistance. Read more >>

2020 267
2020 June 7 (2)
The word itself stayed among men, but they did not recognize it.
Jesus found little recognition on earth.
Only he who does not reject you, him I can address myself and provide him with a delicious gift. Read more >>

2020 268
2020 June 7 (3)
Also the smallest effort does not remain without success.
God needs workers for his vineyard.
May it now also seem to you, as if your painstaking and detailed work brings in little success - great successes are no longer to be expected with the spiritual low of men, but there are still individuals after all, whom you can help, and these will be grateful to you for ever, that you have shown them the right way. Read more >>

2020 269
2020 June 7 (4)
Who always longs to hear me, to him also my word sounds.
God speaks to men at any time.
Who recognizes my revelations as light, he also pays attention to them; he follows the light and lets himself be radiated by it. Read more >>

2020 270
2020 June 7 (5)
And it will be obvious, that mine are fed from above.
Promise of the preserving of body and soul in time of trouble.
I will preserve you and supply to your body, what it needs, but as I also spiritually impart power to you, to be able to remain loyal to me. Read more >>

2020 271
2020 June 11
But your aim is perfection.
Work of transformation. Ability to think. Faith in after-life.
Life approaches man so, that he is pushed from the inside to love work, even so his intellect is still not strong developed - and according to his will to give way to this inner pushing, it still enlivens the hardened soul, which can now also give the right direction to the will, because already through the smallest act of love it is radiated by that power, which gives life to it. Read more >>

2020 272
2020 June 11 (2)
You must always consider the purpose of a revelation.
Predictions of worldly happenings. False prophets.
Who on the other hand wants to give future disclosures in the earthly meaning, who believes being able to see clairvoyantly into the future, who makes future announcements to men, for the sake of earthly advantage, he is regarded as false prophet and must get rejected as untrustworthy, even so he claims, to speak on behalf of God. Read more >>

2020 273
2020 June 11 (3)
Who abides in love, he abides in me and I in him.
Fulfilling of love commands.
You will never get harmed, for your share, which you acquire for yourselves through the fulfilling of my commands, will be unlimited, because I, so I give, know no limits, where love causes me to the renunciation of my love. Read more >>

2020 274
2020 June 11 (4)
The divine mission of the man Jesus must be recognized and acknowledged.
Unredeemed souls. Acknowledgement of Jesus Christ.
And already the will, to receive information about Jesus Christ, who cannot be denied as historical person, is - so it is not wished to be answered negatively - leading man a step further, because God gives light to every man, who longs for light, and because everyone is to find the way to him, but which only goes via Jesus Christ. Read more >>

2020 275
2020 June 11 (5)
No-one is to believe, not to be needed for the work in my vineyard.
God's call for workers in the vineyard.
As soon as you decide for a spiritual collaboration, your earth life is directed into a course, on which you now obviously recognize my guidance. Read more >>

2020 276
2020 June 13
You are to know, that also the smallest spiritual work is needed.
Servants of the Lord. Vineyard work.
I take on everyone as servant, whose love drives him to help. Read more >>

2020 277
2020 June 13 (2)
The short earth life is decisive for the lot in eternity.
Short phase of earth life decides lot in the hereafter.
And all activity exists only in that respect, to have an effect on the will of those, who still have directed it wrongly, to protect them from the same fate, from a laborious ascent in the spiritual kingdom, which is the result of a wrongly directed will on earth. Read more >>

2020 278
2020 June 13 (3)
The rejection of Jesus Christ on earth has an extremely sorrowful effect in the hereafter.
Door to the kingdom of light is Jesus Christ.
Faith in Jesus Christ is the gate, which leads to happiness. Read more >>

2020 279
2020 June 13 (4)
Through the raging of the elements I clearly want to come out into the open.
Raging of the elements.
Where the will of men is active there faith in me is only rarely to be expected, but where men are hopelessly exposed to the elements of nature there they are more likely to think of their creator and call upon him. Read more >>

2020 280
2020 June 13 (5)
But without faith his way on earth is an idling.
God's love follows the unbelievers.
He can just stubbornly turn away and therefore reject my love, with which I would like to win him, and then I can only recall the man from earth life, when is in the danger, that he sinks and together with his unbelief takes the way downwards - i.e., gives up his fairly good way of life and lets himself be talked into bad acts by my opponent. Read more >>

2020 281
2020 June 15
I know mine, and mine know me.
I know mine.
For my love is endless deep, and it does not want, that one of my little sheep gets lost - my love just does not force you, but leaves you fullest freedom. Read more >>

2020 282
2020 June 15 (2)
I give - despite lack of love and unbelief - to men my word.
Great measure of favour at the end.
Then they also find again back to the Scriptures and recognize the agreement of it with my revealed word. Read more >>

2020 283
2020 June 15 (3)
But only the pure truth can lead to a convinced faith.
God's enlightenment about connections. Blind faith.
Blind faith brings in nothing; on the contrary it is only detrimental for the progress of the soul; blind faith is an obstruction to recognition, because the heart and the mind have to be active together, which are both switched off with blind faith. Read more >>

2020 284
2020 June 15 (4)
The final aim of each one being is the becoming divine of its self in free will.
Jesus Christ. His holy name.
The man Jesus has brought the proof to mankind, for his miracle works, his superb wisdom and finally his magnificent ascension proved his divine power and might - they proved the effect of a way of life in love and give all men the hope, being able to achieve the same aim, so they live in the following of Jesus. Read more >>

2020 285
2020 June 15 (5)
But without my word you do not reach your aim.
God's word always remains the same Gospel.
And when love and faith have now become alive in you, then your ascent development certainly progresses; then light will soon be in you; then you will recognize, what you were to just believe before, and then I myself can be with you in the spirit; I can have an effect on you, and you will let yourselves be led and reach perfection. Read more >>

2020 286
2020 June 17
Always and constantly you are to practise love.
Inasmuch as ye do it unto one of the least of these my brethren.
Use the earth time for work in love, so that you powerfully enter the opposite kingdom and can work there with those treasures, which you have acquired for yourselves through love work, so that you are not weak and helpless and bitterly regret, what you have failed to do on earth. Read more >>

2020 287
2020 June 17 (2)
But the spiritual blind still stands in resistance against God.
Spiritual blind. Rays of light.
And for that reason, it is his own fault, that he is not able to see, that he always walks in the night, that the light of the morning cannot make him happy. Read more >>

2020 288
2020 June 17 (3)
For that is your earth assignment, to prepare yourselves for that kingdom, which last for ever.
Spiritual or earthly goods. Better part.
And that it may be for you a life in happiness, create on earth those goods, which alone are assessed in that kingdom. Read more >>

2020 289
2020 June 17 (4)
What you do in connection with me, in that you must succeed.
Healing of the sick in the name of Jesus.
And in the last time before the end men will also increase, in whom the gifts of the spirit come into effect, men, who so intimately connect themselves with me, that they carry out everything, what they do, with me, in my will and under appealing to my name. Read more >>

2020 290
2020 June 17 (5)
Only the direct way to me in humility and childlike trust leads him to real knowledge.
Living or dead knowledge.
For I want, that they - who call great knowledge their own - also gain the blessing of my revelations. Read more >>

2020 291
2020 June 19
His love therefore brought the sacrifice for you, and I myself was this love.
Forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.
For that reason, no sinner needs to fear an eternal damnation, for every sin guilt gets paid by Jesus Christ, as soon as he is acknowledged as God's son and redeemer of the world - as soon as the sinner, through the acknowledgement of Jesus, acknowledges me myself and my love now also receives the greatest sinner and liberates him from every debt. Read more >>

2020 292
2020 June 19 (2)
And then you just need to abandon yourself to my governing.
God's blessing for vineyard work.
For who wants to work for me, him I accept and also allot the work to him, which he is able to deal with. Read more >>

2020 293
2020 June 19 (3)
And you will learn to love me, so you attentively listen to my words.
Incomprehensible gift of favour. Counter gift. Love.
Your longing is meant for me and the spiritual kingdom, and it will be fulfilled: you will return home into the father house, for I have then won back my children and will now never ever lose them. Read more >>

2020 294
2020 June 19 (4)
Light and power you receive unmeasured, so you are just ready, to accept them.
Readiness, to accept gifts of favour.
It is an undeserved gift, but without your will also such a gift from me has no effect. Read more >>

2020 295
2020 June 19 (5)
A living Christianity is a life according to my commands.
Living Christianity.
For that reason, mankind is ready for the downfall, because it rejects him, who has preached a life in love, and because it hands itself over to him, who is my opponent and whose most eager striving is, to take real life from Christianity on earth, to make it to a pretence Christianity, which has no value for ever for the soul. Read more >>

2020 296
2020 June 20
Only because of this test of will the soul embodies itself as man.
Mandatory law. Free test of will. Purpose.
But the reward for a right decision is an eternal life in happiness, and this life I cannot give him, but he himself must acquire it for him; he must live on earth according to my will and therefore enter my eternal order again, which he has once given up voluntarily. Read more >>

2020 297
2020 June 20 (2)
He became overcomer of this world and candidate of my kingdom.
Earth life is the way, but not the aim.
A soul, which would like to evade this last embodiment, can also not reach the possession of free will, for its still too great resistance against me would not allow this. Read more >>

2020 298
2020 June 20 (3)
You must fight against yourselves.
The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence. My yoke is easy.
You lose nothing, so you give up earthly goods, but you only win, and if you have to apply violence at once. Read more >>

2020 299
2020 June 20 (4)
And you will never be lonely.
Prayer about good success.
And I will be and remain with you - you will not go alone through earth life, and fearlessly you can let everything approach you, because I stand next to you and order everything, as it is best for you. Read more >>

2020 300
2020 June 20 (5)
My word is a spiritual gift, which is not for the benefit of the body, but of the soul only.
Value of the divine word.
My word now is light and power, and so it can be directly sent to you through the receiving of my word, and all weakness, all darkness can drop off from you - you can become again beings, which are happy in the full possession of light and power. Read more >>



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