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2019 001
2019 January 1
The freedom of will permits the way upwards as also downwards.
Free will original law from eternity - Attaining salvation
Worlds will pass before the last spiritual has performed this change of will. Read more >>

2019 002
2019 January 1 (2)
It is my word that remains until all eternity.
Unusual gift of favour - Task of serving
You yourselves will never lack power, for you receive it directly from me in the form of my perpetual word sent to you, which does not let you become weak, which lets you fight joyfully and which effects also the brothers in the enemy camp recognize. For they are your brothers, as long as they still need help, as long as they do not put themselves openly against me, but are just hired supporters of my opponent. Read more >>

2019 003
2019 January 1 (3)
Every man must work on himself.
Earth life purpose: Change of will and nature
For so you are not suitable to enter the kingdom of light, because I also will not and cannot destroy you, because you have emerged out of me, so you must carry out your change in another way, and that can also mean a deep fall and a slow ascent development according to my plan from eternity, when the possibility of maturing in the hereafter is taken from you. Read more >>

2019 004
2019 January 1 (4)
You need to lack nothing.
God makes demands, but also gives all means to attain salvation
He has given you the intellect, life power and free will and as most important addition unlimited supply of favour, by virtue of which you can do everything, what you want. Read more >>

2019 005
2019 January 1 (5)
The world lives in sin.
The last day comes suddenly and unexpectedly
The satanic behaviour of your fellow human beings betrays also the hour of the world clock to you. Read more >>

2019 006
2019 January 6
My word will never be incomprehensible to him seriously desiring it.
God’s word incomprehensible? Prerequisite.
The power of Satan is great, but no man can be forced by him into his area of darkness, so he seeks light and strives towards the light. Read more >>

2019 007
2019 January 6 (2)
In the New Testament you read God’s word.
New Testament and appendix
But moreover it will always be possible for man of awakened spirit to recognize, what is divine and what has been added by the human side. Read more >>

2019 008
2019 January 6 (3)
A bad man is always given the opportunity for reflection.
Man is responsible for the will
What is directed against the divine will is evil, and man also feels that as bad, for he acts mostly secretly, as soon as he is in the circle of men, who make the divine will their business. Read more >>

2019 009
2019 January 6 (4)
There is no second way than via truth.
I am the way, the truth, and the life
But you can only receive the truth from me because it has its beginning in me and therefore also leads back to me. Read more >>

2019 010
2019 January 6 (5)
You must constantly make it your business to increase your state of maturity.
What comes from above must radiate light
For that reason every man filled with the spirit will testify in some way to me and for me – he will heal the sick, which believe in me; he will hear my voice and can therefore preach being filled by my spirit; he will prophesy, i.e. being able to see into the future, but as he can also see through the thoughts of his fellowmen; he will know about things, which fellowman does not know, however always inform about only, where the salvation of the soul of men is endangered, as each one man filled with the spirit will use his spiritual gift for the spiritual life only, for me and my kingdom. Read more >>

2019 011
2019 January 9
But it can also fragment itself again, i.e. strive downwards.
Infinite love and patience of God in the development of the spiritual
The leading back of the spiritual to him is a process, which requires endless long time, because the individual substances must first find themselves again, which as tiny entities were once banished in the works of creation, and this finding itself and uniting goes on in the state of bound will. Read more >>

2019 012
2019 January 9 (2)
No man can serve me and the world at the same time.
No man can serve two masters
But they are no two equal good lords, between whom he is to decide, but the one rules the kingdom of light, the other the kingdom of darkness. Read more >>

2019 013
2019 January 9 (3)
But this will can experience a strengthening through intercession.
Change of will through intercession
Because of that these souls must be dealt with loving patience; they must have always and always again supply of power through prayer; they must be called near through loving thoughts and therefore again and again be snatched from their dark area; they must receive mental enlightenment and references to Jesus, their redeemer, so that they themselves turn to him and call him for help and mercy. Read more >>

2019 014
2019 January 9 (4)
Just pull off all self-love from you.
Love is the key to the spiritual kingdom
Try it, and you will experience the truth of my word; you will increase in power and light; you will rise above all earthly suffering, which concerns you yourselves; nothing will touch you, what before appeared as pressure to you; you will feel the power of love at yourselves, and the happiness of the joining together with me, which you establish through every love work, will be compensation for you thousand fold for that, what you have given up. Read more >>

2019 015
2019 January 9 (5)
Through love you can become powerful.
Divine principle: Love
For everything, what God has created, what has emerged out of his love is to live, i.e. be active uninterruptedly. Read more >>

2019 016
2019 January 14
For my gift of favour is calculated for all men.
Act of mercy of God before the end - Bridge
It is a way of salvation, which helps you all to recovery; it is that way, which has been made passable for you all - which Jesus Christ has gone, who has reached his destination in connection with me and who can also lead you men safely to the destination, so you join him, so you choose him as leader. Read more >>

2019 017
2019 January 14 (2)
Then only that still counts, what you have gathered of spiritual goods.
Serious admonition to break away from matter
Think about it that everything is transient, what you can see and seize; seriously consider the worthlessness of that, what still seems to be worth striving for, and put an endless long time in comparison with it – in darkness or in the brightest light. Read more >>

2019 018
2019 January 14 (3)
The will of every soul can be recognized by the light beings.
Trouble of the souls in the hereafter - Intercession – Change of will
For that reason the instruction of these beings is not easy, because their weak ability to think must be taking into account and according to their debt, their state of maturity they lack all cognition. Read more >>

2019 019
2019 January 14 (4)
From out of the kingdom of light men are constantly influenced.
Mental influencing of spiritual beings - Connection from earth to the hereafter
For also the kingdom of darkness seeks to seize the thoughts of men and instructs them in the opposite meaning – it only presents the tangible to him and seeks to destroy all faith in a continued life. Read more >>

2019 020
2019 January 19
My love, my wisdom and my omnipotence, the epitome of my entity.
Examination of genuine revelations
So I therefore express myself, and by this my presence is recognizable that you men have a light bearer among you, who can give you enlightenment in all questions, which concern me and my kingdom, who is initiated into my plan of salvation from eternity, who draws your attention to my spiritual influence, who presents my love, but also my justice to you, who points you to the effect of a right and of the wrong way of life and to life after death – short, who now works among his fellowmen for me and my kingdom, who constantly hands out, what he receives from me – light, power and favours, which he passes on on my behalf. Read more >>

2019 021
2019 January 21
The complete creation, earthly and spiritually, is God’s will having become form.
Cosmic radiation - Astrology
Look at all heavenly bodies, which are visible to your eye, as further education stations of the spiritual, then you have already explained the meaning and purpose of the heavenly bodies most clearly. Read more >>

2019 022
2019 January 22
Lack of love is therefore eternal ruin of the soul.
Consequences of lack of love in the hereafter
Lack of love is the death of the soul – it poisons the thinking of men, so that the results of the thinking are untruth and malice, and acts of hate emerge from that, which will again give birth to evil. Read more >>

2019 023
2019 January 22 (2)
Once the day of repayment comes for everyone.
Justice - Compensation in the hereafter
He will have to pay to the last farthing, because no-one can pay his debt for him, except Jesus Christ, but in which the soul does not believe, which was completely without love. Read more >>

2019 024
2019 January 22 (3)
You have to steel yourself for the last war on faith for our own sake.
Brutal faith struggle - Steeling of faith
A few things will appear to you as insurmountable when you do not make use of my power, the power of faith, because the enemy of your souls takes almost inhuman action against you and he makes use of those that are mighty on earth, at the same time are full of cunning and malice and challenge all who are still believing. Read more >>

2019 025
2019 January 22 (4)
But the spiritual material can no longer be taken from you.
Admonition to gather spiritual treasures on earth
For he is truly your father, who cares for your spiritual and bodily well-being, but who will never send you those goods, which are corrupting you, even so they seem to be indispensible for you for the earth life time. Read more >>

2019 026
2019 January 24
I will approve of everything, what also just helps one soul up.
God’s blessing rests on every redemption work
There are only few men, who seriously work for me and my kingdom, who have the well-being of fellowmen or the deceased at heart; there are only few, who know about the great spiritual trouble and want to steer it, and my love is also meant for these few, which again makes all work easier for them and lets it become successful. Read more >>

2019 027
2019 January 24 (2)
But then my power and might will become obvious.
Religious war - Surest protection
You will be untouchable for them, because I put myself protectively before you and my protection is also visibly expressed, because like through miracle power you escape everything, no matter what is undertaken against you. Read more >>

2019 028
2019 January 24 (3)
So as I have once created you, so you are to become again.
God’s word informs of his will
You must take my will as guiding principle for yourselves, then you will reach your destination. Read more >>

2019 029
2019 January 24 (4)
No-one of you can extent his life for just one hour.
Serious admonition to think of death
And you are to also imagine the consequences of your walk on earth and for that reason make the serious effort, to live so, that you do not need to fear the hour of your recall, your youngest day. Read more >>

2019 030
2019 January 24 (5)
Now and then I must let my voice sound very loud.
Blowing of the spirit - Unusual supply of favour
I must let men experience the unusual, so that they take stock of themselves and find the way to me, often only after difficult suffering and great misery. Read more >>

2019 031
2019 January 25
You create for you your lot in eternity yourselves on earth.
Earthly knowledge in the hereafter?
But for an unbelieving soul departed from earth it then looks bad, for the more it possessed earthly knowledge, the more it becomes aware of the miserable state, to now be completely without knowledge, being able to remember little or not at all and in no way being able to show off. Read more >>

2019 032
2019 January 25 (2)
Darkness only rarely releases its souls.
State of the souls in the hereafter - Erroneous belief – Unbelief – Love
Works of love can even out every shortcoming and let the soul become believing, but the spiritual darkness will only move from them, when they acknowledge Jesus Christ, because he alone can pay off their debt, which unbelief has produced on earth. Read more >>

2019 033
2019 January 25 (3)
You must move in truth.
God – Light – Truth – Life
Who prefers darkness, remains in it; who wants light, must also want me myself and cannot do as my opponent wishes. Read more >>

2019 034
2019 January 25 (4)
The will of my creature, which is meant for me, is truly already enough for me.
The will turned to God must get active
Your will is therefore already enough for me; but you are not allowed to be satisfied with the will alone; you must translate the will into action; you must strive for perfection, because that alone must be your work and I can certainly support you with my power and with my favour, but which again must be used by you fully consciously. Read more >>

2019 035
2019 January 25 (5)
Taking action against lie and error with enthusiasm.
Special mission: Fighting for truth
But the fight for truth requires a special ability; knowledge about truth and a fighting spirit, which stands up for the right and truth, but moreover an extreme strong faith in my word – because man can only stand up for that, what he recognizes as truth, what is without doubt for him, because eternal truth has imparted it to him. Read more >>

2019 036
2019 January 26
My kingdom is that kingdom, which lasts for ever.
My kingdom is not of this world
Earth is the valley of suffering and of testing; it is the place of imperfect men, who are to become perfect. Read more >>

2019 037
2019 January 26 (2)
Do not get tired to announce truth.
Fight for truth - Light
I myself want to be the last aim of a man on earth. Read more >>

2019 038
2019 January 26 (3)
I want that you are happy.
Work of conversion at souls out of the deep through love
I am pleased about each one of such work of conversion and help, as far as it is possible without compulsion of the will, for I myself long for those souls, which Satan wanted to snatch from me and which I could not keep back by virtue of my power, but hand them over to you men that you rescue them out of trouble through your love. Read more >>

2019 039
2019 January 26 (4)
I cannot change their will compulsion-wise.
Averting judgement through prayer?
But my opponent won them through the world and its matter for him, and they did not pay attention to me, except for a few, who recognized and loved me and who for that reason also do not need to fear the end. Read more >>

2019 040
2019 January 26 (5)
Besides countless spiritual entities come free.
Reshaping of new earth gives new development possibilities
An order will again be restored through the new rising up of creations of various kinds, only to accelerate the development process and to bring results. Read more >>

2019 041
2019 March 11
Because arrogance is part of my opponent.
But my kingdom is not of this world and that is why serving neighbourly love can well seemingly bring with it earthly loss of goods, of respect and might, but it acquires spiritual assets that are everlasting and will one day be credited to the soul in my kingdom, which now stands in light and power fullness far above those who ruled on earth and oppressed their fellow humans. Read more >>

2019 042
2019 March 12
Having redeemed a soul out of darkness is indescribably blessed.
Redemption from darkness - Loving will to help
On earth it is therefore not difficult to reach the destination, the degree of maturity, which permits an entry into spheres of light. But unspeakably difficult it is for a being, which has departed from earth immature, to reach up in the hereafter. Read more >>

2019 043
2019 March 12 (2)
But love is free feeling, which can never be forced.
God - Father
This father love you will then also feel; it will make you happy and let you long for the father always more intimately. Read more >>

2019 044
2019 March 12 (3)
For where my spirit works, there is no standstill of activity.
The spirit’s effectiveness
Then he certainly believes, to answer the thoughts himself, and does not know it that I myself feed in the thought to him, because he seriously longed for truth. Read more >>

2019 045
2019 March 12 (4)
Matter therefore is the rock, at which a soul can fail.
Healing process - Free will
Man must have overcome matter until the end of life, i.e., it is not allowed to burden his soul in the slightest; the soul must have completely freed itself from the desire for things, which belong to the earthly material world. Read more >>

2019 046
2019 March 17
And I bless you for your will, which you subordinate to me.
Work for God and his kingdom - Teaching
Men on earth are to longingly stretch out their hands for the spiritual kingdom and receive, what is offered to them amply – but they feel nothing of their lack, and for that reason they also long for nothing. Read more >>

2019 047
2019 March 17 (2)
But you can have an effect on your fellowmen.
God’s wooing for workers for his vineyard
You are to tell men that I myself train servants for me, but that these must voluntarily offer themselves to me for service for me – you are to tell them that each one is called and just needs to have the will to be chosen; that each one can serve me, when he just wants. Read more >>

2019 048
2019 March 17 (3)
I and he is one.
Christ problem - Visible God
That I made use of a human form, was necessary, because I as spirit could neither suffer nor could have offered you a visible work of redemption on the cross, as long as you yourselves could not see spiritually and only that was of impression to you, what human wise was accomplished. Read more >>

2019 049
2019 March 17 (4)
I follow them.
God’s compassionate love follows the lost
They have already covered a wide way, which was exceedingly rich in agonies and suffering, and only a little short piece of the way to me is lacking – but if they now before the end turn back, then the danger exists that they have to go once again the endless long way and again unspeakable sufferings are their lot. Read more >>

2019 050
2019 March 17 (5)
My hand wanting to rescue reaches to the deepest depths.
Redeemer work - Understanding for spiritual trouble
In many men the feeling of pity and love would certainly awaken, if they could recognize the spiritual trouble of the souls, both on earth as well as also in the hereafter; if they could just do one look into the kingdom still closed to them, they could see and hear spiritually. But this knowledge must be withheld from them; the spiritual kingdom must remain closed to them, as long as they still dwell on earth, because the convinced knowledge would make them unfree in their thinking and acting. Read more >>

2019 051
2019 March 21
The old creations have to be dissolved and replaced by new ones.
Unchaining of spiritual forces - Eruptions - Redemption phase
From time to time spiritual beings full of might and strength give the spiritual that is still bound in hardest matter freedom, they untie fetters that the spiritual itself could never break and so to speak free it to go upwards - it is allowed to change in its outer form that becomes now already easier solvable so that now the upward development for the spiritual can start that was bound endless long times and finally has slackened its resistance against God. Read more >>

2019 052
2019 March 21 (2)
A man, who has accomplished a love deed, is now also for a short time of a soft heart.
Darkness of the spirit - Love work - Distance from God
Darkness keeps him imprisoned and will also not release him in the hereafter, as long as the soul does not seek to flee from it of its own accord. Read more >>

2019 053
2019 March 21 (3)
Each one man knows that he can bring no counter proofs.
Effect of faithlessness in the hereafter
Men create for death, not for life – they are poor already on earth and enter the spiritual kingdom still poorer, in which they did not want to believe on earth – they arrive naked and miserably in the hereafter, and immeasurable agonies and darkness is their lot. Read more >>

2019 054
2019 March 21 (4)
Every thought upwards has an effect as ray of light.
Gleam of light recognizable for souls in the hereafter
Men on earth do not know how they help these souls, which dwell in darkness, through conscious directing of the thoughts to God, to the world of light and also directly to those beings, which need their help to be able to be instructed spiritually. Read more >>

2019 055
2019 March 21 (5)
I want nothing than that you recognize me and learn to love me.
I stand at the door, and knock - Revelation
I gave away my life for you in Jesus Christ to chain you to me all the firmer, that you call on me in Jesus Christ and I now can help you. Read more >>

2019 056
2019 March 24
And he has accomplished the work.
Becoming man and redemption work of Jesus
I came as man as emissary of God and was still God himself in this man; I gave a soul, a child of mine, an outer form to then join myself together with this soul indissolubly and to therefore take up residence as God in this outer form. Read more >>

2019 057
2019 March 24 (2)
For self-love seeks fulfilment in the pleasures of the world.
Joining together with God through love
This joining together with me you must establish, then you fulfil my will, and then you have also reached your destination on earth, the unification with me, the reshaping from my creature to my child. Read more >>

2019 058
2019 March 24 (3)
But you men do not appreciate the power of love.
Power of love - Healing of illness - Working miracles
You are therefore not allowed to strive for such a gift – healing the sick, working of miracles etc. – according to plan, because it is not an ability, which you can develop, but you must just let love in you become stronger; you must strive for a spiritual completion, which then proves itself through such abilities. Read more >>

2019 059
2019 March 24 (4)
For that reason do not be despondent, whatever comes over you.
God’s help in earthly trouble - Work in the vineyard
I do not want that you worry about daily needs; I do not want that you look into the future anxiously; I also do not want that you have bodily afflictions, which prevent you from the work for me and my kingdom. Read more >>

2019 060
2019 March 24 (5)
Only in a certain degree of maturity they are allowed to reveal their identity to the soul.
Reunion in the hereafter - Degree of maturity
Evil beings are indeed together with equal evil, but every being remains unrecognizable for the other. They only know one other by their acts as opponents and therefore always show enmity to each other. Read more >>

2019 061
2019 March 26
The weakness of will is lack of love power.
Fall of the angels - Good Friday‘s message
I was the same in the very beginning, as that spiritual pushed into the abyss through Lucifer; I was come forth from the love of God as angel spirit and recognized God as the epitome of all might and power and glory from eternity. I stood as opponent of Lucifer to him, who had created us out of his love power. Also I could not see God, but my love for him was my happiness. Read more >>

2019 062
2019 March 26 (2)
You are to be his servants.
Reasons for revelations: Learning to recognize and learning to love God
He leads those into the way to you, with whom he sees the preconditions that they want to recognize and receive truth. Read more >>

2019 063
2019 March 27
Let me become alive in your heart.
Easter message
Strive for to become spiritually born again, therefore as if experiencing a spiritual reshaping, so that you can leave the grave of your bodily cover any time and can step out into the most sparkling gleam of light to eternal life. Read more >>

2019 064
2019 March 30
I myself talk to those, who want to hear me.
Small flock in the fight at the end of the earth
Now you can still openly busy yourselves spiritually, still no barriers are set for you by earthly powers, still you are allowed to talk without inhibitions; only in fellowmen you can find enemies, who want to fight you; but you can nevertheless work for me and my kingdom on my behalf. Read more >>

2019 065
2019 March 30 (2)
To explain the splendour of the kingdom of light to men on earth is impossible.
Seeing again in the hereafter in the kingdom of light
In infinite distance it sees the most marvellous creations, for its spiritual eye has now the possibility being able to see spiritual creations, which are no longer matter and still stand exactly so truthfully before it, therefore are no self-deception. Read more >>

2019 066
2019 April 7
He will hear God’s word, when and where he desires it.
Spring of life - Garden of Eden - Living water
And he will be able to draw with full hands and experience strengthening; all weakness will fall off him; he will look upwards and see, what he did not see before – pure truth is imparted to him; he will recover at his soul; from now on he will want to drink constantly from the spring, which the love of God let him find, and he will constantly be filled; he will be delighted by the clarity of spiritual knowledge; he will recognize the infinite love of God, and his heart will beat towards him full of love; he will first feel as guest and then as child of God, which is allowed to take from his fullness unlimitedly. Read more >>

2019 067
2019 April 7 (2)
The last day on this earth will be the first day in happiness.
God’s word’s incomprehensible favour in the time of the end
Then everything will be fulfilled, what I already announced before, so that you become strong in faith. Read more >>

2019 068
2019 April 7 (3)
The hardest counter will can accomplish nothing against his will.
A believing prayer makes the will of God ready
And to give this will a certain direction, the experiences are approaching every man so that they cause him to express his will, because it is necessary. Read more >>

2019 069
2019 April 7 (4)
There is no trouble, which is so great that I could not banish it.
God takes over the care for earthly things
But you are not to be hindered through earthly worry at spiritual striving; completely carefree you are to be able to devote yourselves to your spiritual task only; for that reason you can trustingly burden me with all earthly care; I want to carry it for you; I want to help you in every trouble; I want to do everything for my children as loving father, what makes earth life tolerable for them; I want to give you food and drink, clothing and accommodation; I want to give you health for body and soul, and you are to lack nothing, so you just make an effort, to fulfil your earth life task, to always and constantly strive for the shaping of your nature to love and in this way come close to me myself, as your father from eternity. Read more >>

2019 070
2019 April 7 (5)
And I want to dwell in the midst of them.
Mine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
I want to fetch you all over into my kingdom, but I need your will for it, which must freely decide for me; which voluntarily gives up the earthly world, the kingdom of my opponent; which influences the soul, to swing itself up into the kingdom of light, of power and of glory. Read more >>

2019 071
2019 April 14
You must stand by him spiritually.
Strengthening of faith through love work
You must do everything, what you wish, that happens to you in the same trouble. Read more >>

2019 072
2019 April 14 (2)
My word is from eternity to eternity.
God’s word - Book of the fathers - Taught by God
But my pure divine word is blessed with my power, and it will be felt perceptibly, so a man desires to hear me. Read more >>

2019 073
2019 April 14 (3)
You must ask me for help.
The heart as residence of God
You can do nothing without me, and with my help you will be able to accomplish everything. Read more >>

2019 074
2019 April 14 (4)
He must possess himself a knowledge, which withstands an intellectual examination.
Training for teaching office through God himself - Mission
I can only use servants for a teaching office on earth, who acquire this knowledge for themselves, i.e., who desire and receive it in free will from me. Read more >>

2019 075
2019 April 14 (5)
Your earth life task is the connection with me in free will.
God wants to work in man - Redeeming activity
And who has once formed the will to take part in the work of redemption, to him ample opportunity is always offered, for he is recognizable to all those, who meet him in the trouble of the spirit. He is recognized as messenger of light, both by those men on earth as well as by those souls in the opposite kingdom, who are of good will. Read more >>

2019 076
2019 April 17
All will hear my call.
I know mine - Good shepherd
I am the good shepherd; I certainly cannot prevent the work of my enemy, but I can grant protection to everyone, who puts himself behind me, because the enemy cannot attack me myself, but certainly you, as long as you do not keep to me, so you turn away from me and go ways, where he can pursue and reach you. Read more >>

2019 077
2019 April 17 (2)
Such a faith banishes every trouble.
Faith trials for the toughening of faith
But for it you must be aware of his presence; you must stand in such intimate relationship with him that you never have the feeling to be alone, but feel him, your father from eternity, always beside you and then also be completely convinced that He helps you. A life without struggle, without troubles of earthy and spiritual kind would not promote you in your spiritual development, for only through struggle your power gets toughened, only at resistance the power is put to the test and finally becomes victor. Read more >>

2019 078
2019 April 17 (3)
The will in you is subject to no compulsion.
The will is assessed, also when the act is not carried out
The will has been put into you, otherwise you could not be called a creature, and this will in you is free; it can be determined by no-one. Read more >>

2019 079
2019 April 17 (4)
You are always to maintain the connection with me.
Compassionate father love to the fallen
As long as you dwell on earth, you will have to wage this war, for your earth life is the last opportunity, where the adversary can still influence you and also does it, because he does not want to lose you, and only, when you have become completely free from earthly desires, the temptations let up. Read more >>

2019 080
2019 April 17 (5)
It is the time of the end because a redemption period has expired.
Irrevocable will of God - Plan of salvation from eternity
He will call men's attention to the upheaval that will be carried out for all spiritual on earth and in the universe so that the eternal order is restored without which a spiritual maturing is impossible. Read more >>

2019 081
2019 April 21
He will reveal himself through the powers of nature.
Great trouble through faithlessness
You do as he wishes, whom you indeed also do not want to acknowledge, but nevertheless serve him; who then also pays you the wages – eternal slavery – out of which you hardly find your way out, out of which only God’s love can free you, but your will is again needed for it, but what first presupposes faith in a God and father. Read more >>

2019 082
2019 April 21 (2)
You will be allowed to see me myself and be able to speak to me.
Raging of Satan in the end
The might of the enemy of your soul fails because of this your will, and he will be defeated by you, even so he drives it to the extreme. Read more >>

2019 083
2019 April 21 (3)
Every day that you still experience is a gift.
Serious warning - Last phase of earth
But he who lives without love and faith will be completely without power or will hand himself over to him who will well supply him with power, but does not save him from the end, from the last judgement, from the new banishment into hard matter. Read more >>

2019 084
2019 April 21 (4)
And my word is the most delicious thing what man can receive.
And because I am myself power and light, I also reveal myself to man as light and power, I can be present in him who allows my presence in him through work in love. Read more >>

2019 085
2019 April 21 (5)
I make myself accessible to all.
God speaks through nature
But I announce it before, so that you men see the truth of my word, so that you can prepare yourselves and experience a strengthening, you who believe and follow my words. Read more >>

2019 086
2019 April 22
I myself lead those men to you, whom you are to instruct.
Teaching office in time of the end - Difficulties
But again and again I send men into your way with whom you can communicate; again and again I let unusual things happen, which stimulate men to think, so that they willingly listen to you, so you bring my word to them. Read more >>

2019 087
2019 April 22 (2)
My opponent fights with all means against truth.
Urgent necessity of mission: Truth
The work is urgently needed; it must be done as counter effect, for the action of Antichrist makes it necessary that pure truth is supplied to earth, as he undermines it in every way. Read more >>

2019 088
2019 April 22 (3)
A chaos has occurred in the development.
Work of reshaping of earth is to establish order
But what moves outside of my eternal order, does the will of my opponent – who himself cannot intervene destructively; who can also not influence the spiritual in the mandatory state and because of that makes use of man – the spiritual in free will - to carry out his intention, to prevent the spiritual in the ascent development. Read more >>

2019 089
2019 April 22 (4)
A great confusion has been caused.
False doctrine about Trinity
The wrong teaching of the Trinity of God has contributed much that men became unbelieving, because such a portrayal had to instinctively cause rejection and as the result the favour of prayer was not used, which could have brought enlightenment to the seriously demanding man, for the aim of the call was questionable to them; it was a strange idea for men having to call for three persons, who ought to be believable to them as one God. Read more >>

2019 090
2019 April 22 (5)
For that reason, when my messengers come to you, listen to them.
I want to make my abode in your hearts
Then every opportunity is over; then the prince of the world has completely seized possession of you, because you alone, without my help, cannot free yourselves from him. Read more >>

2019 091
2019 April 24
But that man will never remain without light, who wants to have light.
God’s word can get disfigured - Test of will
You men are completely free to turn truth into the lie, but as it is also possible for you, to recognize the lie and to reach pure truth. Read more >>

2019 092
2019 April 24 (2)
The earth has become a barren desert.
Spiritual drought - Desert - Work of the servants
Their hearts are cold and loveless; they are indifferent towards God and fellowman; they suffocate all good stirrings through world thoughts, they close their ear to the divine word, and therefore they walk along on stony or sandy ground and can withdraw nothing from it, what could give them power and help them to recovery. Read more >>

2019 093
2019 April 24 (3)
Only faith connects the creature with its creator.
Danger of unbelief and of untruthfulness
Only faith can fashion everything alive; faith does not make the creature to an individual being, which stands isolated in the midst of creation, but it only lets the infinite multiplicity of the beings being recognized, which develop upwards in creation, and only faith lets seek the connection with the creator and also all the creatures. Read more >>

2019 094
2019 April 24 (4)
But you are to send them food, where you just can.
Advantage of word – (favour) receivers to the unbelievers
Offer the delicious gift to everyone – also at the risk of that it is rejected; but no-one is to be able to say that my gift of favour has been denied to him. Read more >>

2019 095
2019 April 24 (5)
There is no eternal separation.
Separation between God and the creatures impossible
You can certainly remove yourselves endlessly far from me, but in order to still return once again to the start, and only the conscious relationship with me is happiness, because then my love power can touch the creature in its complete effect und the radiating through of the creature with my power makes it to that, what is its purpose from the very beginning, to my image, which can work in the fullness of light and power and is unspeakably happy. Read more >>

2019 096
2019 April 28
Only this conviction won through thinking can be regarded as faith.
Truth is not accepted without faith
Therefore man must come to the inner conviction through thinking that a being exists, to which creation owes its existence. Read more >>

2019 097
2019 April 28 (2)
But woe betides those, who only pay attention to the bodily life.
Serious call of admonition
You can also certainly be earthly in well-being, when you make right use of your earthly goods, when you hand out, where poverty and trouble is, when you administer your goods blessedly, when you consider them as having received them from me and render your thanks in that way that you practise active neighbourly love, that you alleviate trouble earthly and also spiritually, by you living as an example to fellowmen and also stimulate them to a love life. Read more >>

2019 098
2019 April 28 (3)
An unavoidable judgement is near for you.
Last Judgement
The Last Judgement will be the conclusion on this earth; the goats will be separated from the sheep; the earth will receive the Satanic in its kingdom, and I will gather my sheep as good shepherd and lead them on green pastures; the earth will be desolated and bare and show nothing more alive – it will wait for my love work, and then creations will again emerge, which reshape it again into a paradisiac Eden – a new earth will rise, and a happy family of men will dwell on it, and all trouble will have found an end for those men, who proved their love and loyalty to me in the last time before the end. Read more >>

2019 099
2019 April 28 (4)
It is an unspeakable difficult struggle in the opposite kingdom.
Will to help for the souls in darkness
Your will to help even wins you the protection through those beings, which you want to redeem, for they feel your love and form a protecting wall around you against those wishing you ill. Read more >>

2019 100
2019 April 28 (5)
You alone determine your attitude towards me and also to my opponent.
Awakening of the spark of God in man
But my spirit can on the other hand only work in a man, who puts himself consciously under the cross of Christ – i.e., the once weakened will could now also, through the acknowledgement of Christ and his work of redemption, experience the reinforcement from the divine redeemer, to think and act so that the precondition for my spirit work was fulfilled. Read more >>

2019 101
2019 July 28
And these works of creation exist so long, as there still is unredeemed spiritual.
Maturation process always requires new creations
Even a sudden turning back of my opponent could not change this my eternal order, because he no longer has power over the bound spiritual that he could transfer his changed will upon it, since it is like him something independent put outside, which also must develop itself. Read more >>

2019 102
2019 July 28 (2)
My word touches your heart and appeals to the heart.
Mark of the inner word
That, what is imparted to a man as my word, must therefore be revealing; it is not allowed to confuse, not sound incomprehensible, not exaggerated; it must sound clear and pure, understandable for all men and for that reason make happy; it must also have an effect on those men, to whom it is imparted, like a radiation of love; it must touch the hearts of men and find an echo there, where they open themselves – man must feel addressed by me and through it become most deeply impressed. Read more >>

2019 103
2019 July 28 (3)
My word gives power and light.
Imparting the word to the souls on earth and in the hereafter
You can certainly also, in cognition of truth, support it with your own words, but it will be far more difficult to win souls, than so you let me speak myself, by you presenting to fellowmen the word imparted to you by me directly, which then already carries the power in itself and therefore does not remain without influence. Read more >>

2019 104
2019 July 28 (4)
Let your love will become active.
Return to God - Work of God in man
You must grant me, therefore my love and power radiation, access into your heart, and everything will again be, as it was from the very beginning. Read more >>

2019 105
2019 August 3
Spiritual goods will receive, who has striven spiritually.
The narrow way
And therefore two powers entice you men, and you yourselves can decide; you yourselves can choose, to whom you want to strive. You can become my children; but you can also remain his children. That is the decision, which you men have to make on earth. Read more >>

2019 106
2019 August 4
You still lack this creative love power.
God’s unfathomable nature can only be grasped through love
The power of love is in you, but does not appear outwardly, because you yourselves, i.e. your will must pave the way for it – because you are to use your life power to accomplish acts, which correspond with your actual nature – to perform works of love and to so therefore develop the power in you. Read more >>

2019 107
2019 August 5
But worthiness belongs irrevocably to humility.
God gets powerful in the weak.
But in one thing they must be strong despite their weakness – in faith in me as most loving father and most powerful ruler of heaven and of earth. Read more >>

2019 108
2019 August 5 (2)
I love it, although it is fallen, although it had sinned against me.
God’s infinite love, patience and mercy.
I do not force them, but I apply all means, which favour a leading back to me; and no matter how sinful a man is – my love seeks to move him to return and to change his mind – for I want to win him for ever. Read more >>

2019 109
2019 August 5 (3)
Before man recognizes truth, he must have concerned himself with it.
Spiritual blind endure no sudden light.
But not suddenly it is allowed to make the light accessible to this blind in the spirit – loving understanding for his spiritual weakness, for his blind state must bring loving help – now and then a light and love ray must touch him, which then will also surely tear the veil from the eyes, and the initial twilight proves to man now, that the right light is to be found in the acceptance of truth, and he will himself desire truth. Read more >>

2019 110
2019 August 5 (4)
But he who wants to subordinate himself to me, he must now pay attention to everything, what he encounters.
Putting the will underneath God’s will.
So you therefore practise love, you already subordinate your will under mine, and so you more and more fashion yourselves to love, your will completely enters into mine. Read more >>

2019 111
2019 August 8
I give you truth, and it will make you happy.
Instruction through God himself. Light.
And by this you recognize, who instructs you; that you receive spiritual knowledge, which gives you light, while it was dark in you before; that you now have answer, where you asked questions before; that explanations were offered to you, where gaps or incomprehensible knowledge still tormented you. Now light is in you, and you recognize the connexion, which you could not find before. Read more >>

2019 112
2019 August 8 (2)
To be allowed to refresh oneself at the spring of his immeasurable love is truly a gift of favour.
Bread of charity. God’s word.
For that reason do not pass the spring of life; seek the way to the spring of living water, and so you have found it, rest their and receive the divine gift of favour, so that you have not lived on earth in vain, so that you mature at your soul and reach your aim on earth. Read more >>

2019 113
2019 August 8 (3)
But I have given you the task to instruct your fellowmen and to supply my word to them.
Counter gift, which God demands: Spreading of the divine word.
For that reason spread my word; go out and teach all nations; do it by you seizing every opportunity, where you can announce my work at you; where you can pass on the received spiritual material – do not let lie fallow, what has enormous value for the development of the spiritual – work with the pound, which I have lent you; be eagerly active in my vineyard; announce to your fellowmen the kingdom of God, and receive my blessing for your activity. Read more >>

2019 114
2019 August 8 (4)
Only through my word the first created being recognized itself.
In the beginning was the word.
Only through my word the first created being recognized itself, and it also recognize me; it was at all through my word, through the expression of me myself, only able to recognize itself as a being; it was able to coin its own thoughts, but which were again only supplied to it by me myself, which were the word spoken by me in it, which expressed our belonging together. Read more >>

2019 115
2019 August 8 (5)
Without faith men are separated from me.
God’s love and care. Help of his servants to awaken faith.
I give you in fullness, so that you hand out to those, who possess nothing. Read more >>

2019 116
2019 August 9
You men are dead, as long as you do not possess that, what gives you life.
God’s love and patience. Mediator.
But I want that you live; I want that you are continually active and find your happiness in this activity. Read more >>

2019 117
2019 August 9 (2)
For that reason remember your loved ones often, who have preceded you.
Presenting the Gospel to poor souls.
Their way of life without love has robbed them of every memory in the divine love teaching, in the work of redemption of Christ and the task of man, and for that reason one has to proceed with greatest love; again and again it must be held up to the souls that they can only be happy, when they believe in God, who has embodied himself in Jesus Christ, who has died for men to redeem them out of slavery, which was the result of sin. Read more >>

2019 118
2019 August 9 (3)
But all resistance against truth is resistance against me.
Resistance against truth.
But my plan is fixed – to let a clarion sound of a volume, which will cause to think those, who walk in darkness. Read more >>

2019 119
2019 August 9 (4)
Who wants to receive, must open the heart.
Free will – God’s work.
Who calls me in the heart that I may give him cognition of truth, that I enlighten his spirit, he will soon feel it in the heart, where pure truth is; he will feel addressed by me; he will feel an inner satisfaction, for cognition of truth makes happy, but before the will to truth must be in him. Read more >>

2019 120
2019 August 9 (5)
Your work therefore consists of the leading of men to me.
My kingdom is not of this world.
Vineyard work, work for me and my kingdom, is simply said the leading of men to faith in me and my teaching preached through Jesus Christ on earth. Read more >>

2019 121
2019 August 12
Love is taken from no being; it can get lighted at any time.
The bridge from the kingdom of light is Jesus Christ.
Love made a light being to descend down to earth, and love remained in contact with eternal love. Read more >>

2019 122
2019 August 12 (2)
This work for me and my kingdom you must put in front of all other activity.
Vineyard work more important than earthly activity.
And this work may always be for you the most urgent, which you are to do first, then also your earthly work will be blessed, for I alone can give and take, and I will always be a good house father for my servants, who keeps them and helps them in spiritual and earthly trouble. Read more >>

2019 123
2019 August 12 (3)
The being itself decides as man on its lot in eternity.
Legal repatriation. Earth course.
The course through earth life therefore is a leading back to order, which also takes place in the bound will, but can fail in the state of free will – that the being then again consciously violates the divine order, therefore falls back, where it is to ascent. Read more >>

2019 124
2019 August 12 (4)
You must examine and keep the best.
Mark of truth: Light radiation.
I have given you men free will, and I will also respect it, but I also gave you the intellect, and the will and the intellect are now to get active, to examine. But there is a touchstone for pure truth; it lets every error be recognized: Truth spreads light – bright, clear understanding for spiritual connexions. It gives logical enlightenment and solves difficult problems; it can be addressed as deepest knowledge, which contains all areas. Read more >>

2019 125
2019 August 12 (5)
Wherever the opportunity offers itself, the spiritual beings are active, to impart thoughts.
Stimulating of thoughts. Intervening of spirit beings.
The world events will also always so have an effect on the hearts of men that they will remember that, what you have announced to them. Read more >>

2019 126
2019 August 14
But it will come, as I have announced it to you.
Great suffering in the time of the end.
And the time does not last long, because for the sake of my chosen I will shorten the days, so that they stand firm and also remain loyal to me in greatest trouble, whom they have recognized as father, who does not leave his children in trouble. Read more >>

2019 127
2019 August 14 (2)
But I have always and constantly warned you of false Christs and false prophets.
Camouflage of Satan where light is passed on to earth.
And he also will have much success as men rob themselves of their knowledge, when they only have one fault that is akin to the opponent, when they have an arrogant spirit, thus do not approach me in deepest humility, which then also protects them from influences that are not divine. Read more >>

2019 128
2019 August 14 (3)
You are to send out good thoughts and also wish your enemies only good.
Forgive us our debts.
For that reason you are to then only find forgiveness with me, when you have also forgiven your debtors, because how can I be lenient with you, you who still judge severely and have enemies, because you yourselves keep up the hostility? Read more >>

2019 129
2019 August 14 (4)
But who longs for light, he also recognizes the false light and avoids it.
Spirit of untruthfulness. Pushing aside of truth.
I give my light messengers the power to repulse the enemy; I open the eyes for them, so that they also recognize him, so he comes to them under a mask, to apparently protect the light, but in reality to take the illuminating power from it. Read more >>

2019 130
2019 August 14 (5)
But earthly trouble is to serve that the spiritual trouble is recognized.
Pouring out of the spirit means spiritual help.
But my spirit will never ever help man, without the will of him, to establish the order that the earthly trouble finds an end – for the trouble is just the means to let man recognize that he is in wrong thinking and in disorderly way of life, and therefore the cause must first get recognize, about which my spirit gives information to man to then consciously strive for a change, for which I always impart power to man through my spirit. Read more >>

2019 131
2019 August 15
For I myself touch the heart with my word.
Power of the living word.
Grasp it, I touch it, and it feels the favour of my touch, and it devotes itself to me without resistance, but only then, when the will is prepared to listen to me; when it no longer resists itself against the light, which is brought to it. Read more >>

2019 132
2019 August 15 (2)
You can therefore help there, where I as it were am powerless.
Just thinking and acting. Love for enemy.
But I cannot touch the free will; I must let it go its way itself – but you can give it love and in this way often so have an effect on a man that also he can lighten love in him and in this way its great spiritual trouble is decreased. Read more >>

2019 133
2019 August 15 (3)
But I know about every human stirring.
Premature recall.
Many men I must recall prematurely and approach many in unusual trouble, otherwise they would be at the mercy of him, who wants to ruin them. Read more >>

2019 134
2019 August 15 (4)
To whom God gives an office, to him he also gives the power to administer it.
Remain in love, then you remain in God.
In the spiritual kingdom you lack the power for that, so you are not yet mature, and for that reason your lot is then a very difficult one; but on earth you have complete freedom and can act at will, for the power to do it is at your disposal. Read more >>

2019 135
2019 August 15 (5)
But without faith I can give to no being.
"What you ask for in my name." Granting of prayer.
Out of the own will the being sank into the deep, but can ascent at any time, when it just asks him intimately for help, who has the power and the will to help it, so the being acknowledges him and wants up to him. Read more >>

2019 136
2019 August 20
You are to just pass on that, what you receive from me.
Bread of life, right food, right drink.
You can cause much blessing through the spreading of truth, for whether you also find little approval from your fellowmen, whether you also experience open rejection – you have not only spoken to these men on earth, but innumerable beings in the spiritual kingdom heard your words, and they often accept easier than men on earth, because they suffer much from hunger and thirst, but which is satisfied through that, what you hand out, because it is right food and right drink for every soul living in want. Read more >>

2019 137
2019 August 20 (2)
The right life only begins with your death.
Current of favour. Faith. Hereafter help.
Faith in living on can awaken the sense of responsibility and at least stimulate the thoughts to activity, and then it is also possible, to approach these men with the Gospel, but which is turned down flat by those, who have no faith in a life after death. Read more >>

2019 138
2019 August 20 (3)
Those men are the majority, who are his followers.
Power of Satan. Deepest darkness. Eternal light.
For that reason he will seek to hinder the spreading of light, what is to be understood so: He undermines truth, wherever he can, for truth is light, which has taken its start from God. Read more >>

2019 139
2019 August 20 (4)
You are to announce in love the Gospel to your fellowmen.
Training of teaching workers through God himself. Servants.
The meaning and purpose of earth life is to be explained to men; they are to know, why they are on earth and what they are to do to cover their earth life successfully; they are to know about the connexion of all created things, to which they themselves belong, with me – out of this knowledge they are to come to a cognition, which earns them blessings for their soul. Read more >>

2019 140
2019 August 20 (5)
The perpetual power supply and diversion produces perpetual life.
Power diversion process.
There is nothing lifeless in the whole universe, as long as it is fed by the all enlivening power of God; but there is also no cutting out of the power supply; there is no toning down of power, only the power is passed on in different strength, what also means more or less pulsating life – why also the creations in the universe are of different kind – beginning from the still completely material to the completely spiritualized creations. Read more >>

2019 141
2019 August 23
But you do not consider how unspeakable limited your knowledge is.
Descriptions of the hereafter just illustrative and comparatively.
There is no end through the death of the body; the soul continues to live in spheres, which it itself has created through the earth life. Read more >>

2019 142
2019 August 23 (2)
But I know about every soul, about its degree of maturity.
Spiritually becoming superficial. Urgency of helping collaboration.
Already that you walk in the midst of them and think and act differently than them, that can stimulate them to think, and that it is, what is necessary to now be able having a further effect. Read more >>

2019 143
2019 August 23 (3)
The spiritual hunger is to be awakened.
Spiritual drought – water of life. Awakening spiritual hunger.
The spiritual hunger must move in the hearts of men, and for that reason the bread of heaven must be made accessible to them, so that they reach for it and refresh themselves. Read more >>

2019 144
2019 August 23 (4)
What you do to those, who are in trouble that you have done to me.
The loving man cannot deny God out of conviction.
To be able to believe presupposes a wanting to believe; as soon as the will is there, the previous doubts melt away immediately, when he mentally concerns himself with a teaching, which must get accepted and also can get accepted with good will. Read more >>

2019 145
2019 August 23 (5)
Untruthfulness, error and lie has an effect against the divine and with serious consequences in the hereafter.
God as master teacher. Truth – light.
For also my opponent fights with toughness and all means at his disposal. He is also not shy to apparently accept truth, to make himself out to be also a servant of mine to lay a trap at the first opportunity and to clearly go over to the opposite – to dismiss everything, what he has supported before. Read more >>

2019 146
2019 August 25
Every man should be able to hear my voice in him.
Sign of the living word. Examination.
When I speak to men through my spirit that they are to pass on to fellowmen that, what they heard from me, then I will truly speak so that it is clearly understandable, but also testifies to my love, wisdom and omnipotence, otherwise I myself would not be recognizable in the word, which flows out of me. Read more >>

2019 147
2019 August 25 (2)
The material creation is therefore the spiritual power compacted to form.
What is creation.
Everything what arose through my will and my love-power, may it be the spiritual or the material creation, came out first as thought, but was at once already reality, because no time was needed, so wisdom and love once moved such thoughts in it, which were in accordance with my perfection and for that reason were capable of no improvement any more. Read more >>

2019 148
2019 August 25 (3)
My spirit is the divine spark, which rests in each one man’s heart.
Spirit spark. Life.
My spirit instructs him; man is getting taught from the inside in divine wisdom, because it is no earthly, but spiritual knowledge, which he now receives; knowledge, which goes out from me myself, which is therefore imparted to man through the voice of the spirit. Read more >>

2019 149
2019 August 25 (4)
No being is homeless.
In my Father’s house are many mansions.
Not only the earth is at my disposal, but all my creations are maturation stations for the still immature spiritual, until it is finally so far in its development, that it can take possession in heavenly happiness of the most marvellous spiritual creations, for everywhere it is in the "house of my Father", in the area of my infinite love, and it will always stay there, where the father has prepared dwelling for it, in accordance with its degree of love and its ability, to rule and work in that kingdom, which has been allocated to it by me. Read more >>

2019 150
2019 August 25 (5)
But who strives for pure truth, he will also receive it.
Neighbourly love guarantee for presence of God.
Therefore you have a guarantee for my presence, when you practise love. Read more >>

2019 151
2019 August 28
Only short is the time, which is still granted to you until the end.
Time of favour. Serious admonition to the end.
For the sake of these few the end does not occur earlier, as planned for eternity, although the spiritual state of mankind has already reached a level, which justifies the destruction, i.e. dissolving, of earth. Read more >>

2019 152
2019 August 28 (2)
But where love is, is also wisdom, light, which chases away the dark spiritual state.
Handing out of light presupposes longing for it.
All souls in the opposite kingdom carry out redeeming activity, which have reached a certain degree of maturity, which can receive light, for every soul must possess light itself, if it wants to pass it on to those, which still dwell in darkness. Read more >>

2019 153
2019 August 28 (3)
You men can accomplish nothing out of you alone, but everything with me.
Putting the will underneath God’s will.
But who has put his will underneath mine, he also recognizes the importance of his service for me, and he will carry it out conscientiously, although earthly no acknowledgement for it will be his. Read more >>

2019 154
2019 August 28 (4)
For there are seekers among the mass of men.
Task to announce the Gospel.
Hungry souls I will show the way to you; who desires light, will see it shining and proceed into its ray, and your thoughts I will direct that they always want the right, when they do spiritual work and therefore serve me. Read more >>

2019 155
2019 August 28 (5)
But so I want, everything must obey me.
God’s will. God’s tolerating.
You are therefore never allowed to blame the bad powers, when you have come into the power of them – they cannot force you, as I also do not force you, to follow me, and they are also not prevented by me in their work, unless you longingly stretch out the hands for me in a case of danger from their side. Read more >>

2019 156
2019 September 4
No pretence Christians.
The alone beatifying church.
And then it will also be shown, how little the church keeps, what it promises, which calls itself the alone beatifying one – how all those will secede, who certainly belonged to it, but not to my church; who now recognize their unfoundedness, but not the spiritual value of that church, which is founded on that faith, which has the strength of a Peter. Read more >>

2019 157
2019 September 4 (2)
A great spiritual wave of revival goes over earth, for the end is near.
Wave of revival in the time of the end.
And the tasks are also different, which he gives to his servants; but all work for his kingdom and serve him, and each ones work will be blessed. Read more >>

2019 158
2019 September 4 (3)
So truth is therefore the signpost to me.
Power of light from above. False light of Satan.
And the tasks are also different, which he gives to his servants; but all work for his kingdom and serve him, and each ones work will be blessed. Read more >>

2019 159
2019 September 4 (4)
For that reason examine everything and keep the best.
Watch and pray. Constant temptations.
But you men are to be always watchful; you are not to go along blindly, and you are to remain connected with God. Read more >>

2019 160
2019 September 4 (5)
It is only about the decision for me or for my opponent.
Will turned to God so passed earth test.
The will seriously turned to me is the surest guarantee for it that he wins me and my kingdom. Read more >>

2019 161
2019 September 18
The spirit of God orders the thoughts.
Inner word. Light. Truth.
Truth is something so hotly disputed that it is truly not simple to give it to all men, for it will be failed to recognize so long, as men do not seriously desire it, and it is rejected by those, who stand in wrong thinking, because they live completely without love. Read more >>

2019 162
2019 September 18 (2)
Only there disorder occurs, where love is lacking.
Divine law: Serving in love.
And for that reason eternal love now and then takes hold of means, which seem unloving to secure its creatures an eternal healing; for that reason events are included in the plan of salvation of God, which let no love of God be recognized and are still determined by his infinite love. Read more >>

2019 163
2019 September 18 (3)
The will determines the thinking.
The will determines the thoughts. Responsibility.
For that reason every man is to observe himself, how far he is still earthly minded; in decisive questions he is to break away from every relationship if possible; unreservedly he is to devote himself to the spiritual world of light, and he will then always be sure to be looked after by it; he will speak and think, as it is right before God, and also feel the inner steadfastness, as soon as he supports that thought material, which has been imparted to him in this relationship. Read more >>

2019 164
2019 September 18 (4)
Darkness must release every soul, which itself demands light.
Redemption of souls from the deep. Ray of light. Jesus Christ.
For Jesus Christ just waits for the call, which expresses the will of the soul, to help it. His name is the greatest power and the greatest secret – faith in him can also still be found in the spiritual kingdom, and every light soul makes an effort, to awaken this faith; its love gives it power, and it will not let up until the kingdom of light again opens its gates for the ones desiring up from the deep, for the mercy and love of Jesus Christ is infinite, and his work of redemption is continued in the spiritual kingdom, because he wants that all his creatures are happy. Read more >>

2019 165
2019 September 18 (5)
But the state of maturity determines their lot in eternity.
Spiritual trouble can only be eliminated through spreading of the pure Gospel.
Only my pure Gospel can still bring rescue to men and increase their state of maturity. Read more >>

2019 166
2019 September 22
Do the test so you are burdened with worries of any kind.
Testing of the power of the divine word in trouble.
The relationship, into which you enter with me in the desire to hear me myself, in the word, also enables you to grasp everything, what I want to say to you; you will recognize your faults; you will recognize the causes of your worries, and my will will become obvious to you, how you can take action against your faults and weaknesses. Read more >>

2019 167
2019 September 22 (2)
The signs will increase that point to the end.
Satan rages with increased might. End-time.
And openly he will attack the truth; he will try to slander you who speak out in favour of the pure truth; he will make you out to be swindlers to also make the spiritual goods that you represent to be implausible - but still not assert himself against you because behind you and the truth I stand myself. Read more >>

2019 168
2019 September 22 (3)
The life of the soul is in danger.
Powers of heaven are unusually active. Help through men.
It is about snatching the soul from death; to awaken it to life and to keep it alive. Read more >>

2019 169
2019 September 22 (4)
But my address will not always sound audibly to you.
Everyone can hear God’s address. In the form of thoughts.
For that reason, when you pray to me in spirit and in truth, remain after that in thinking turned to me, and you will feel my presence, and your soul will receive, what my father love has intended for it. Read more >>

2019 170
2019 September 22 (5)
You can achieve everything, as soon as you live in love.
Guarantee for presence of God: works of love. Receiving of the word.
To know everything else is not as necessary like that one that without love no-one can be happy. Read more >>

2019 171
2019 September 24
Mankind steers towards the end.
Shortening of days. No shortcoming for men.
Men will be approachable for no admonition and warning; they only know one aim, to live on earth in pleasure and consumption – and everything, what could prevent them of it, they reject and treat it with hostility. Read more >>

2019 172
2019 September 24 (2)
These powers rage particularly badly, when they recognize their lack of success.
Explanation of cases of possession.
And for that reason they now try to continue their efforts there, where equal tendencies, equal thinking and weak will are recognizable, what is to be found most likely with the earthly descendants, and this can be successful throughout many generations; but thinking turned towards me can also weaken their effect or make it completely impossible. Read more >>

2019 173
2019 September 24 (3)
And know that everything comes so as it is of advantage for your mission.
Rescue of only one soul. Great contingent.
Do not forget that just one individual soul can already move me to an act of rescue, which causes great work of my helpers, because only one soul possesses my love in a measure, which is not comprehensible to you men, and that only one soul, so I can win it, cost a great contingent of light beings and men on earth and still nothing is too much for me, when it is rescued as a result from the fetters of Satan. Read more >>

2019 174
2019 September 24 (4)
Unselfish will to help will always bring in success.
Participating in the work of redemption.
Bring light to them; impart power to them, for you, you who receive from me amply, can share with them, and love is to stimulate you to do it; then you prove that you are my children; that I can as it were work in you myself. Read more >>

2019 175
2019 September 24 (5)
My last aim for that, what I have created, is happiness.
Help of men for the attaining of salvation of the creatures.
I am a being that can always only be blessed, because there is nothing that controls me or could restrict me in my work. Read more >>

2019 176
2019 October 4
I promise you eternal life, but I do not determine your will.
Awakening to life. Space of time. 1000 years like one day.
For I do not rest sooner until also the last spiritual has found to me, which once took its start from me. Read more >>

2019 177
2019 October 4 (2)
Each one of you is as it were looked after and influenced spiritually.
Support through powers of heaven in redemption work.
But you need to achieve nothing alone; with my love power I am always with you, and the beings of light will carry out, for which I give them the instruction – they will protect you in trouble and danger; they will support you, so that your work may not remain unsuccessful. Read more >>

2019 178
2019 October 4 (3)
You must place yourselves under the cross of Christ.
Blood of Christ. Sin guilt.
I certainly have accomplished for you all the work of redemption, but only your own will makes that it may become effective at you, for you can never ever get redeemed against your will from a sin, which you have committed in free will. Read more >>

2019 179
2019 October 4 (4)
All power over works of creation is taken from my opponent.
Works of creation are consolidated thoughts of God.
For to change the negative will, everything is arisen; every visible work of creation has the purpose, to contribute, to turn negative will into a positive will. Read more >>

2019 180
2019 October 4 (5)
Remain also always aware of my presence.
See, I am with you alway.
Call upon me, so that you consciously go under my protection, and remain also always aware of my presence and you will master all earthly and spiritual serious difficulties, for you then do it with me, and I want to accompany you wherever you go; you are never alone – provided that you do not want to be alone, and it is completely left to you, whom you want to join, me or my opponent. Read more >>

2019 181
2019 October 7
Then you will no longer walk lonely on earth.
God. Father.
As my real children you move into the eternal home, into your father house – you come into the inheritance of the father – you will be able to create and fashion in light and power like me and in my will, and you will be indescribably happy. Read more >>

2019 182
2019 October 7 (2)
And my word is truth.
Blessing father words.
Win your fellowmen over to me and my kingdom; impart those words to them, which you receive from me, and form among yourselves a believing community; be members of that church, which I myself have found on earth; which is based on a firm unshakable faith. Read more >>

2019 183
2019 October 7 (3)
God has not arbitrarily described his food of heaven as bread and wine.
Bread and wine. Real food, real drink.
This bread from heaven is noble, and for that reason it is not allowed to be mixed with inferior addition; it must remain pure, so as it has taken its start from God. Read more >>

2019 184
2019 October 7 (4)
The radiations from the kingdom of light touch the spiritual ear.
Thoughts are connecting currents from the hereafter and earth.
But mankind goes past it; only very few refresh themselves with the water of life, only very few men know about pure truth from God and strengthen themselves with it and are therefore in contact with the spiritual world, from where light comes, truth and life. Read more >>

2019 185
2019 October 7 (5)
For the trouble is never so great that I would not be able to remove it.
Earthly trouble often revelation of love of God.
For that reason know that you are never forsaken, when you are earthly in trouble; know that I immediately go to you, to you who call for me; know that I then just want to arouse your love; that I long for your call, for your love, like a father, who wants to embrace his child in the arms to be able to make it happy with his love. Read more >>

2019 186
2019 October 10
You yourselves as man are already considerably advanced in your development.
Change of will. Overcoming of matter.
You must know about the spiritual connexion; you must know that everything, what is visible to you, is imperfect spiritual, therefore share of my opponent. Read more >>

2019 187
2019 October 10 (2)
But to no being knowledge is supplied by force.
Desire for light in the hereafter. Spiritual conversations.
Great blessing can for that reason also instructions on the part of men on earth bring about, when it is always considered that numerous souls are present with every spiritual conversation, take part in it and for that reason the instructions are also to be held in the love spirit, which now also radiates out to those souls and takes all will of rejection from them. Read more >>

2019 188
2019 October 10 (3)
Do not shut yourselves off from the divine word.
Admonition to accept the divine word.
Only the good will is requested of you men, then the divine word will also have an effect on you, and you will recognize its revelations in it. Read more >>

2019 189
2019 October 10 (4)
There is no passing of that, what I have created.
Awakening to life.
At the beginning of your embodiment as man you are still dead in the spirit; the soul is still inactive; it just pays attention to the bodily life; it has directed its senses to the world only, and the spirit spark in you still rests in complete inactivity. Read more >>

2019 190
2019 October 10 (5)
Just a self-fashioning to love is necessary.
Task of man on earth. God’s adoption.
To no man the reaching of the degree of light is impossible, and that it also does not need to be difficult, is the gift of favour of Jesus Christ, who has acquired it on the cross for men. Read more >>

2019 191
2019 October 13
There is no trouble, which would not be removable.
Earthly trouble is to produce relationship with God.
So also every earthly trouble is to be regarded as favour, because it can lead up, when it is regarded as such, when the trouble lets man become aware that he is to turn his look upwards to ask help from him, who always wants and can help. Read more >>

2019 192
2019 October 13 (2)
I myself as physician and Saviour of all sick and weak give you truly the best remedy.
Communion. Bread and wine.
My servants will serve you bread and wine from heaven, and therefore you will administer Communion with me and I with you, so you just let me join you, when I knock, as soon as you open ear and heart to accept my love gifts, for I want it that you recover at your souls; I want that all weakness falls off you; that it may become light and bright in you, what can only happen, so you let yourselves be fed and watered by me myself, so you listen to my word, which is offered to you from above, and so you also obey this my word – so you let the power of the bread and of the wine have an effect on you – so you live according to my word a life in love for me and for the neighbour. Read more >>

2019 193
2019 October 13 (3)
You certainly are to request that I help you, but not in which way.
Comforting father words. Reference to death.
But do not estimate the life of the body as the highest good, but regard it only as necessary for the soul, and so you therefore think of the soul and its state after death and care and work for its life, also death does not need to frighten you, for it is then for you only the gate into eternity full of light; but you will never ever long back for earth; only then you will live and be unspeakably happy in my nearness. Read more >>

2019 194
2019 October 13 (4)
Now and then you certainly let me wait longer, until a call from you gets through to me.
I am always near to you, when you call me.
But you will only desire something, what you lack, but also only then, when you suffer under the lack. Read more >>

2019 195
2019 October 13 (5)
But you men do not strive for spiritual goods.
Divine principle – love. Decision between God and the opponent.
And if you disregard love, so you grant the opponent of God control over you and lose yourselves to him in eternal times, who gave up the love principle in free will, who became un-divine, because he completely gave up all love, who for that reason sank into deepest darkness and also would like to keep you men in it, so you offer him no resistance. Read more >>

2019 196
2019 October 14
Open your hearts, so my word touches you.
Unusual power supply in the time of trouble through God’s word.
You stand before the end, but no man needs to fear the death of the body, as soon as the soul is just prepared to enter the opposite kingdom, and this preparedness I want to make possible for you through the supply of my word, for as soon as you receive enlightenment about your task on earth, as soon as your actual purpose becomes clear to you and you are of good will, you also lose the fear of the death of the body, because you are certain of it that you cannot die according to the soul and that this soul will in future enjoy an eternal life. Read more >>

2019 197
2019 October 14 (2)
But love also guarantees fullest freedom.
Way of redemption of the judged spiritual.
What now could think, want and act freely, also had to be able to go away from God, and it went away from God, by changing to the opposite, to a being, which changed all divine qualities, which were positive, into negative ones and so therefore became the opponent of God. Read more >>

2019 198
2019 October 14 (3)
But you can always decrease the suffering yourselves.
Carrying the load of the cross in submission.
Illness and suffering is the atonement performance of the soul, which it itself has taken upon it, which it was prepared to bear, as the earth course was presented to it before the embodiment. Read more >>

2019 199
2019 October 14 (4)
You are to reshape yourselves to love.
Earth task: Reshaping to love. Favour of God.
Man becomes willing to love and able to love, as soon as he once has performed love works in free will. Read more >>

2019 200
2019 October 14 (5)
All power is given to me in heaven and on earth.
God as ruler. Freedom of will. Law of order.
I certainly rule everything, but because I also love everything, what has emerged out of me, also the freedom of will has been given to all created things, so that in the actual sense I wanted to create co-rulers, but who were not to rule over equal beings, but just maintain order in love, which I recognized as wise and good and had introduced for that reason. Read more >>

2019 201
2019 October 22
You are of divine origin.
Divine qualities in man. Proof through Jesus Christ.
Everything is then possible for a man; he can work over human power; he can direct everything right, what is wrong – he can heal the sick, work miracles, speak in wisdom; he can see into the kingdom of the spirits, connect himself with them in the most natural way; he can at any time transfer himself there, where he wants; he can see through men; past, presence and future are visible to him – he can do everything, what is only possible for a god, for he is my child; he is a divine creature, which holds all abilities in it. Read more >>

2019 202
2019 October 22 (2)
Who feel poor in the spirit draw me to them.
Poverty in the spirit. Humility. Favour.
The humility of an earth child attracts me immensely, for in the humility to me also love for me hides, a love, which does not dare to come to me uncalled. Read more >>

2019 203
2019 October 22 (3)
You will never do a wrong spiritual request.
Loss of earthly goods can win spiritual treasures.
The deeper you men are involved in matter the less however your thoughts are directed spiritually, and because of that it must be taken from you before to change your thinking. Read more >>

2019 204
2019 October 22 (4)
And now man strives for that, from which his soul has fled, because it was a fetter.
Reason of spiritual decline craving for matter.
For that reason again and again that will be taken from men, what they so hotly desire on earth; again and again they will be made aware of the transitoriness of earthly possession, and blessed, who recognize that their earth life purpose is another than the striving of earthly goods; blessed, who think things over and collect spiritual treasures; blessed, who create and work for the salvation of the soul, for they will be rich and happy in the spiritual kingdom and can now create and work, because their wealth is immortal. Read more >>

2019 205
2019 October 22 (5)
For that reason you must seek to recognize yourselves.
Struggling and wrestling leads to the destination.
Man must severely take himself to task, only then he fights against his wrong love, against all desires and faults, which still rest in him as result of the former sin. Read more >>

2019 206
2019 October 26
But the key to it is love.
Source of living water. Key to the gate.
For only, who has love, him it draws to that source, from which love again flows towards him. Read more >>

2019 207
2019 October 26 (2)
It is a completely different state for your soul, so it has left the body.
Every day is a gift.
Here on earth it can create daily and hourly for its soul and gather spiritual goods – in the hereafter it needs support of loving beings to just get hold of some power supply, and remorsefully it thinks of the unused time on earth, as soon as it just comes to the recognition, what it has neglected. Read more >>

2019 208
2019 October 26 (3)
I want that you behave like children to the father.
Come unto me, all.
Here on earth it can create daily and hourly for its soul and gather spiritual goods – in the hereafter it needs support of loving beings to just get hold of some power supply, and remorsefully it thinks of the unused time on earth, as soon as it just comes to the recognition, what it has neglected. Read more >>

2019 209
2019 October 26 (4)
It remains up to you yourselves, which measure of love you show me.
Love of the father for his children.
But the expression of my love is my word, my address, which you hear, so you listen in the quietness of the heart in the will to hear me. I can only again and again assure you that my love would like to prepare happiness for you so you would just be able to bear it. Read more >>

2019 210
2019 October 26 (5)
Then you can call me at any time through good thoughts and speeches turned towards me.
God’s presence. Faith without love.
For that reason innumerable men can still be far away from me, although they live as believing Christians apparently, although they confess me with the mouth, although they do not deny me as God and creator – and nevertheless the relationship with me is absent, because they lack love. Read more >>

2019 211
2019 October 28
For that reason I leave out no man on earth and approach each one.
God’s nature is love.
If you now recognize me in my perfection, which means love, wisdom, power, mercy, patience, justice in highest measure, so also in you love for me will flare up, for as yourselves once divine beings all these qualities are in you, even so still un-dissolved, since you push them back in free will through your former Fall of man. Read more >>

2019 212
2019 October 28 (2)
Free will prevents a forced leading back to God.
God’s word proof of his love and mercy.
The love of God follows men, and in times of trouble they let themselves be seized by it, and they will then also be rescued for all eternity. Read more >>

2019 213
2019 October 28 (3)
The thoughts of men on earth can work true wonders in the spiritual kingdom.
Wrestling in the spiritual kingdom. Intercession and presenting of the Gospel.
When now the beings of light have support on behalf of men on earth through intercession or mental supply of the Gospel, so the souls are more easily prepared to listen to them, because they receive a power, which weakens their will of resistance, and then the efforts of the light beings are also successful. Read more >>

2019 214
2019 October 28 (4)
For I mostly help in a natural way.
Call to God for power. Power from below.
But who is already my opponent through his attitude, who rejects me consciously or unconsciously, who believes not to need me, so his own power is not enough, he is given power, which comes from below. Read more >>

2019 215
2019 October 28 (5)
I forgive those, who have insulted me.
Purification of the heart as temple of God.
Try it, to live on earth according to my example, and the attempt will be rewarded for you. Read more >>

2019 216
2019 October 31
You must want.
Favour and will.
My will cannot give you, what you yourselves reject, but I am always prepared to give, so you just want to accept it. Read more >>

2019 217
2019 October 31 (2)
Already a long time ago they have made the quiet admonisher in themselves dumb.
World love. Serious admonition.
Love also gives him the right cognition about worth and worthlessness of things; love alone is the counterweight to the world, for who has love, also ties the connexion with eternal love, and it now becomes the aim of his wishes and desires; the world fades and no longer attracts; he now gives more to the soul than to the body; man learns to overcome the world, and then he lives his earth life according to meaning and purpose, and he also does not need to fear a sudden recall, for the soul has then found the way, which leads to its true home. Read more >>

2019 218
2019 October 31 (3)
And this requires the presentation of tasty samples.
Awakening of spiritual hunger.
But this is always because of that their thinking has not been stimulated; that no samples were offered to them; that they are not urged to a self-expression, to a making clear of the own thinking; a question can fascinate them extremely, when it is put to them at the right time and in the right way, and an answer can satisfy extremely, when it is given by a teacher authorized to do it, who represents pure truth and can hand it out. Read more >>

2019 219
2019 October 31 (4)
Therefore God supplies the pure Gospel again and again to earth.
Supply of pure Gospel necessary.
The pure Gospel is the divine love teaching, which the man Jesus preached on earth to his fellowmen and which will always and for ever remain the same love teaching. Read more >>

2019 220
2019 October 31 (5)
Your will alone decides the sphere in which you stay.
Convictions determine the spiritual sphere and its effect.
And the tempter lurks around you and just waits for it that you change your convictions to then have an effect on you that you take thoughts opposing God and turn away from him, whom you are to strive for. Do not give him the possibility to influence you; repulse him, by you sending a short call up in every weakness of the will; by you, in the recognition of every trouble of the soul, turn to the father, who certainly will help you; repulse him, by you calling Jesus Christ, so you feel that you get weak and fear his besieging. Read more >>

2019 221
2019 November 4
Connection between the souls exists since the very beginning.
Common work of spiritual and earthly kingdom before the end.
The connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth exists uninterruptedly, but in the time of the end it is quite particularly blessed, because the rescue work at the souls is to be continued, which depart immature from this earth, and because the working together of spiritual beings and men means a redeemer work of greatest success, which is constantly blessed by me. Read more >>

2019 222
2019 November 4 (2)
Resistance against God is always lack of light and power.
Adoption as children of God on earth only. Further development in the hereafter.
The adoption as a child of God is the crowning event of a life on earth, which is completely led according to the will of God, in the most loyal love towards God and the neighbour – the adoption as a child of God is the gift of the heavenly father to his children, who use earth life to relinquish the last slag, who through a right love life during earth life become what they were from the very beginning – divine beings full of light and full of power. Read more >>

2019 223
2019 November 4 (3)
Therefore faith also depends on love, and so love is still the first.
Who believes in me, he will live in eternity.
I want a living faith, but which can only be won through love. Read more >>

2019 224
2019 November 4 (4)
A new redemption period begins under complete different conditions.
World turning point.
Men who seek close union with God will survive the end of this earth; they will be raptured and brought to the paradise of the new earth because they are no longer held back by the gravity of the earth, but find the support in the spiritual kingdom in the last difficult days that still lie ahead for the earth. Read more >>

2019 225
2019 November 4 (5)
Living faith is a power, which overcomes everything.
Announcing the Gospel in times of trouble.
Trouble will approach all men, even so in different ways, for I want to shake up all men from their state of inactivity; I want that they wake up from their sleep of death and recognize, what is in store for them. Read more >>

2019 226
2019 November 5
Error is everything that hinders men to seek and find union with me.
Spiritual misery greater than earthly. Activity of the opponent.
But what hinders men to find this connection with me, everything that directs their looks elsewhere than towards me, is the work of my opponent. And therefore you can very easily recognize him in everything that is offered to you, may it be spiritual teachings, may it be messages from the spiritual kingdom, may it be events no matter what kind. Read more >>

2019 227
2019 November 5 (2)
And then also the weak will be flooded through with my power.
Convincing confessing in faith struggle.
I will always and constantly be among the ones who are mine, when they mention my name in faith, but I will also be visible to their earthly eyes where faith and trouble require this, because I want to help those, who are mine and do not let them defencelessly fall into the hands of the enemy. Read more >>

2019 228
2019 November 5 (3)
But you, my disciples of the end-times, you are to stand firm.
Persecution of disciples of the end-times.
And like my disciples you will even then still win men for me that will be led to the faith through your example, who recognize a power in my name to which they willingly surrender. Read more >>

2019 229
2019 November 5 (4)
Faith without love is not thinkable.
Love and faith men lack. Announcing in love of success.
True life can only come into being in you, so you have won real faith through love. Read more >>

2019 230
2019 November 5 (5)
For only I can impart pure truth to men.
God himself as master teacher. Truth – light.
I only want to give to you men something good, for which you can find no replacement, so you reject my gift. For no other knowledge can give you so extensive information; therefore no other knowledge brings you that light, which can fill you with such power. Read more >>

2019 231
2019 November 6
For such a mission demands unconditional subjugation of the will under mine.
Spiritual reception – intellectual work. Workers in the vineyard.
And so it is to be explained that men, as standing in my service, are given pure truth – but who do not find the right attitude towards me, let their own thoughts win the upper hand; certainly also in the same thought direction, however as it were are literary active and utilize the thought material, which they have made their spiritual property. Read more >>

2019 232
2019 November 6 (2)
For that reason the man, striving for truth, will also inevitably reach truth.
Doubt. Increased truth. Light. Shadow.
You will doubt as long as you yourselves have still not reached that perfection, which makes a clairvoyant seeing possible for you, which would chase away all doubt for you. Read more >>

2019 233
2019 November 6 (3)
You can now receive me myself in all fullness in you.
Every man could receive fullness of divine love power.
What the man Jesus became, also you can become, when you would be filled with love in the same measure, which the man Jesus felt for me and his fellowmen. Read more >>

2019 234
2019 November 6 (4)
You all can participate in Christ’s work of redemption.
Participation in Christ’s work of redemption. Following of Jesus.
You men can unspeakably much contribute to the redemption of souls, for also to the souls of the departed you can present the Gospel in love; you can also show them the way, which they must go, to come out of their unhappy state. Read more >>

2019 235
2019 November 6 (5)
Flee to him, who is stronger than all tempters together.
Work of Satan.
Counter every restless thought with the request upwards, and peace will again enter into you, by you then being able to resist every temptation, for the peace in God is a weapon, with which you can push him away. Read more >>

2019 236
2019 November 9
The connection of the spiritual world and men is only known to few.
Will to help and work of light beings.
And so long they also do not believe that all events in human existence are considered before and can lead to spiritual maturity, however do not have to, because it is up to every man, to benefit from every experience for his spiritual development. Read more >>

2019 237
2019 November 9 (2)
And do you perhaps have a surer means than a quick prayer towards me?
God’s blessing hand over those, who want to help.
But what is perhaps more pleasant, than that you want to serve me, than that you put yourselves under my will and consciously seek to live and work according to my pleasure? Read more >>

2019 238
2019 November 9 (3)
How miserable is your existence, measured at true life in the spiritual kingdom.
Awakening call before the long night.
Rise yourselves up, you sleepers, and let it become day in you; let yourselves be warned of the eternally long night, and do everything that it does not surprise you, for the night is no man’s friend – seek the light; come to meet me as the eternal light, and believe that eternal live expects you then, where it is light and bright and where you need to fear no night any longer for ever. Read more >>

2019 239
2019 November 9 (4)
The highest and most perfect spirit of infinity bends down.
Presence of God. Love. Power of love.
The power of love is overcoming everything.

2019 240
2019 November 9 (5)
But for that reason you men also cannot pass over Jesus Christ.
Why Jesus Christ and his work of redemption must be acknowledged.
Divine justice had been satisfied; divine love had become reconciled through Christ’s death on the cross, but without acknowledging Jesus and his work of redemption man irrevocably remains in sin, which separates him from God, and he can never ever be happy. Read more >>

2019 241
2019 November 10
Therefore your desire for my word guarantees you the supply of it.
Bridge from the child to the father.
Only your desire for truth, for the word of God, is necessary to also receive my word – and then you receive everything – instructions, admonitions, directives and exact knowledge of my will, which to fulfil is everything, what I request of you. Read more >>

2019 242
2019 November 10 (2)
Through my word from above however also the connection between me and you is recognizable.
Facilitation of faith through the word from above.
In my word alone you can already recognize me, and my word gives you the proof of my love for you; so that you can trustingly turn to me in every spiritual and earthly trouble. Read more >>

2019 243
2019 November 10 (3)
Your work must therefore be done completely unselfishly.
Redemption work. Success through love. Asking for blessing.
But you are to always ask for my blessing, so that your work is more effective, because my blessing means a great help. Read more >>

2019 244
2019 November 10 (4)
You are to value my word more than everything else in the world.
Good measure of favour.
My word is a favour of unutterable effect, and unfailingly it leads you upwards, but it does not force you, as all my favours presuppose your will to be able to become effective to you. Read more >>

2019 245
2019 November 10 (5)
Nothing can happen without my will or my allowance.
Complete devotion to God secures fatherly care.
Easily you all could go through earth life, so you take these my words to heart and throw all your worries on me, I who love you and also want to help you to inner peace and living faith, who is always with you, when you call him. Read more >>

2019 246
2019 November 11
The spiritual freedom must remain protected.
Spiritual compulsion. Dogmas. Truth.
The intellect alone is not competent, but certainly the will to stand in right thinking, and his intellect will then also adjust itself affirmative or in the negative, because I myself then intervene, when man desires truth. Read more >>

2019 247
2019 November 11 (2)
For that reason "being a Christian" means first to live in love.
Real Christianity.
A man without unselfish love however is never a Christian, and no matter whether he also pretends to be such before the world. Read more >>

2019 248
2019 November 11 (3)
If you want to be called Christians, then you must make an effort to lead a love life.
Real Christianity. Following Jesus.
To be Christian therefore means, to behave in a Christian spirit, as the man Jesus has done it on earth, to practise unselfish neighbourly love and always be mindful of that you can only find then redemption, when you acknowledge him as God’s son and redeemer of the world – and when you prove this through a life in the following of Jesus. Read more >>

2019 249
2019 November 11 (4)
But he also comes to those, who do not call him, but he does not force himself on those, who reject him.
Spurning of the power of God. His word.
But he also comes to those, who do not call him, but he does not force himself on those, who reject him. Read more >>

2019 250
2019 November 11 (5)
Once you regret it bitterly, so you do not listen to me and my words.
Serious admonition to soul work.
Live from now on the life with me that you no longer leave me out in your thoughts; that you constantly think me around you, and my love will seize you and also help, where you are too weak alone – only want that I myself look after you – want that you fulfil your earth task, and I will direct and guide you; I will no longer leave you alone, and your will will become stronger and stronger to enter into mine, and then every danger is over for you, then you do not need to fear the end or a quick death. Read more >>

2019 251
2019 November 14
The man Jesus was chosen from eternity for this mission.
Miracle work of the child Jesus.
My earth existence as man differed from that of other men in no way; only that I gave space to the love development in the heart, where others increased their self-love and "desired", instead "to give". Read more >>

2019 252
2019 November 14 (2)
Now God himself gives the explanation to his word.
Interpretation of the words of Christ. Supply of the pure Gospel.
He wants that there is light, because deep night is spread over the earth; he wants that you men recognize, what you lack; he wants that you are instructed in truth and now also recognize and acknowledge Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of the world, because only through him you can be happy, because his Gospel must be accepted by you so, as he himself has announced it to you. Read more >>

2019 253
2019 November 14 (3)
Man feels safe and secure with me.
Light radiation of God is happiness. Restriction in life.
In the mandatory state the being adapts itself indeed to my will, i.e., it cannot resist me, but it is not aware of it, what my love power means – it certainly lives and is active, but it lacks the feeling of being made happy about its activity. Read more >>

2019 254
2019 November 14 (4)
Because also in the spiritual kingdom you will face doubters and liars.
Blessing of the spiritual knowledge in the hereafter.
For that reason it is an immeasurable favour to be able to enter into the hereafter with spiritual knowledge, because this means so much, as wearing bright light clothes, which shine everywhere and again spread light. Read more >>

2019 255
2019 November 14 (5)
Your counter will is broken with the devotion to Jesus Christ.
Freedom of will. Jesus Christ.
I do not command the will in you; I leave it its freedom. Nevertheless I ordain everything so that the opportunity is always offered to your will, to direct it right; it can therefore enter into my will, for this possibility is the purpose of all happenings in earth life. Read more >>

2019 255
2019 November 14 (5)
Your counter will is broken with the devotion to Jesus Christ.
Freedom of will. Jesus Christ.
I do not command the will in you; I leave it its freedom. Nevertheless I ordain everything so that the opportunity is always offered to your will, to direct it right; it can therefore enter into my will, for this possibility is the purpose of all happenings in earth life. Read more >>

2019 256
2019 November 17
For my only commands are my love commands.
Spiritual trouble. Untruthfulness. Wrong image of God.
I do not throw men into the deep, but they are in it, and I want to pull them up to me – I do not damn men for ever, but they themselves keep away from me and are for that reason in a terrible state, and I want to redeem them out of that by virtue of my love. Read more >>

2019 257
2019 November 17 (2)
Your attitude towards this earth life task is therefore enormous momentous.
Earth task: Decision of the will. Wrong striving.
You have had to go an arduous way, before you were so far as being able to cover the last test of will – your soul has again found together, which was once dissolved into innumerable soul sparks, which all had to go through a process of maturation in the tied up state. Read more >>

2019 258
2019 November 17 (3)
Each one of you is entrusted to spiritual beings.
Care of men through light beings.
Therefore the spirit beings looking after you also now and then seek to reach their aim differently, by them imposing on you painful events with my approval, which are to aim to achieve a turning of your thoughts to me. Read more >>

2019 259
2019 November 17 (4)
The trouble of the soul exists in ignorance.
Truth light effect. Error no happiness in the hereafter.
For that reason erroneous knowledge can earn the soul no advantage, for no matter how much intellectual knowledge man receives – when it is not pure truth, the soul does not benefit from it at all, rather the covers thicken, and always stronger darkness spreads to its regret. Read more >>

2019 260
2019 November 17 (5)
Every being must once pass the free decision of the will.
Mandatory state. Free decision of the will.
You were unfree – for your soul was bound in its individual substances in the works of creation; the whole creation is as it were the fetter, which kept your soul imprisoned; the whole creation is the bound spiritual, which is still in the will resisting God and for that reason can expect no freedom so long, until it itself lets up in this resistance against God. Read more >>

2019 261
2019 November 22
The epitome of power and light, but of highest perfection is love.
Serving in the mandatory state. And in love in free will.
You can therefore only then return to me, when you let love again come to life in you, and since you would have never done this voluntarily, because the principle of my opponent – lack of love - ruled in you and it therefore meant eternal separation from me, when I did not find a way – a way, which as it were forced you to serve - you had to acquire for yourselves through this serving, even so you did not do it voluntarily, a reward, a counter service, which existed in that respect that you were allowed to come again closer to me; for your serving was a purpose of building up; you contributed to the preservation of that, what served you to the leading back to me. Read more >>

2019 262
2019 November 22 (2)
Food, which should not maintain and strengthen the body, but the soul.
Take, eat; this is my body.
The meaning of my words is only to be grasped, when my spirit can have an effect in you, which is the power, which flows towards you from me, so you receive my bread of heaven. Read more >>

2019 263
2019 November 22 (3)
God sent his son to earth that he should bring to them with the light also salvation.
Let there be light.
The little child Jesus was born – a soul from the kingdom of light had chosen a human form for itself and came as innocent little child to the world, to now begin his earth course, which ended with the greatest work of love and mercy, because sinful mankind was to be redeemed. Read more >>

2019 264
2019 November 22 (4)
Where my spirit works, there is also knowledge.
Voice of the father.
My spirit enlightens his thinking and also gives him clarity about all relationships; he can no longer doubt, exactly because he recognizes me myself, so I address him through my word. Read more >>

2019 265
2019 November 22 (5)
I can only call, but not force them to enter the right way.
Confused thinking – spiritual trouble. Free will.
And that it is, what I call spiritual trouble, that there certainly is a help and is done for you extremely amply by me; but that you men do not want to accept it and consequently determine the end yourselves, to which you are heading; I can help you; I also want to help you, but you must want to let yourselves be helped. For your will is free and will determine your lot for ever. Read more >>

2019 266
2019 December 8
But truth is and remains unchanged for ever.
Commission of God to his disciples.
Only a light bearer can radiate light; only a man introduced to truth by me can spread truth and therefore carry the Gospel into the world as my disciple. Read more >>

2019 267
2019 December 8 (2)
Call on me in trouble and you will visibly experience my help.
Forthcoming turning point.
They are to hear about this change because then their faith can come to life when it happens, when they observe world events and all signs are clearly recognizable that you have predicted to them. Read more >>

2019 268
2019 December 8 (3)
What you strive for for yourselves that will become yours.
Right directed desire.
But you, who desire the goods of the world, you will become their slaves; they will control you and finally imprison you completely, so that you will remain tied up in matter endless long time. Read more >>

2019 269
2019 December 8 (4)
There is only one truth, and it is God himself.
When is guarantee for pure truth through spirit work?
A holding on to wrong knowledge always gives the bad powers the possibility to express themselves. Read more >>

2019 270
2019 December 8 (5)
But he who now announces the kingdom of God frequently encounters resistance.
Counter effect of Satan where there is spiritual striving.
These want to see success, they want to acquire tangible goods, they want to be in high standing on earth, and all this the kingdom of God does not offer them - and that what it offers to them they do not desire - spiritual goods that follow them into eternity. Read more >>

2019 271
2019 December 10
I cannot be found there where I am announced in a way which is just idolatry.
Formalities, rituals. Right worship.
But what goes beyond this, what does not accord with my love teaching, what is felt by men as burden, because it touches the free will of men – everything, what contradicts my simple way of life on earth, what further was added to my divine love commands, causes my displeasure and is not suitable to train true members of the church, which I myself have founded on earth. Read more >>

2019 272
2019 December 10 (2)
He will appear under a mask and will often be difficult to be recognized.
He knows that he no longer has much time.
He fights for every soul that he is threatened to lose and as the majority of men follows him voluntarily he gets angry about every soul that recognizes him and breaks away from him. Read more >>

2019 273
2019 December 10 (3)
They are only few, who recognize the spiritual trouble of men and want to help.
God’s blessing over vineyard work.
Who is just able to have a dialogue with me in quiet, who seeks me in thoughts and strives to come close to me, he will awaken to life, for he already connects himself with spiritual power, which drives him to further go on the way taken to the final destination, to the unification with me. Read more >>

2019 274
2019 December 10 (4)
You are to awaken the divine spark in you to life.
Lighting the spark of God in man.
Before you were certainly created by me in all perfection, but you had to prove exactly this perfection, by you striving for it in free will, and for that reason I put you out as free beings and isolated you apparently from me. Read more >>

2019 275
2019 December 10 (5)
But earth life is restricted; it is only a quick moment, measured at eternity.
Possibilities for the reaching of the adoption of God.
Believe it, you men, that you all still need maturation possibilities; that there is rarely a man on earth, whose soul is so crystalized at its leaving the body that it can enter the spiritual kingdom as my child – believe it that only few men would reach the degree of the adoption of God, which brings in the inheritance of the father to them, when I would not like to create the possibility for them, a state in illness and suffering, which can completely cleanse the soul and as it were means the clearing away of all debt still on earth. Read more >>

2019 276
2019 December 12
The spiritual blindness of men is the greatest danger.
Proofs for connection to the spiritual kingdom.
Truth must come from above, so that it is also recognized and accepted as truth. Read more >>

2019 277
2019 December 12 (2)
The man Jesus has conquered me myself with me.
God’s spirit in the man Jesus. Following.
His soul was certainly from the kingdom of light, but it did not recognize itself as such, before the man Jesus was flooded through by my love spirit. Read more >>

2019 278
2019 December 12 (3)
Everything is good, what leads to self-fashioning to love.
Free will. After conversation about fasting and prayer
Each one is for himself, for his soul, alone responsible, and for that reason to no man can the work at his soul be spared, and this work consists of the laying down of the faults and weaknesses and the acquiring of virtues, which mark him to a divine being. Read more >>

2019 279
2019 December 12 (4)
As long as you therefore live on earth, it is never too late, to change the course.
Purpose of suffering and misery.
The spiritual guides do not give you up until the hour of death, and as long also a turning back from the way of ruin is possible, for they will always entice and push you on to the right way, only exactly in such a way that it is no compulsion, which could never help you to perfection. Read more >>

2019 280
2019 December 12 (5)
Through suffering and misery so many men must go to find to me.
Spiritual guidance on all ways.
But suffering and trouble can also concern believing men, and also for these they are means of favour to increase the maturity of their soul. Read more >>

2019 281
2019 December 14
Every earthy trouble is to lead you men to me.
Vanity of earthly worries.
To the unbeliever a trouble appears gigantic; the same trouble hardly touches the believer, as he really knows one above him, who has sent it and can also take it again from him, whereas the unbeliever summons up his own power to become master of that trouble, and when he does not succeed, then accepts the support from below, i.e. reaches for means, which promise success, and with great certainty and expectation forces everything, what seemed to depress him. Read more >>

2019 282
2019 December 14 (2)
For the spiritual, which in its evil will wants to rule, must learn to serve.
Divine mercy.
This course of development through the creations can make the will of the spiritual submissive, so that it also subjugates itself in free will completely to the divine will. Read more >>

2019 283
2019 December 14 (3)
Moreover I demand your whole devotion of the free will.
Living connection – receiving of the divine word.
What you are to do on earth for me and my kingdom must be completely your free will, and it is stimulated to its own activity so long, as you feel weak, as you still feel your distance from me. Read more >>

2019 284
2019 December 14 (4)
For announcing the Gospel means to introduce men to truth.
Redemption of erroneous souls is the work of the servants in the vineyard.
Men will always be led into the way for you, who are without faith and lead a happy-go-lucky life, without thinking of it that they have to fulfil a task on earth. Read more >>

2019 285
2019 December 14 (5)
You will have to take responsibility for your own thoughts.
The will of man determines the lot in the hereafter.
You can live for ever, because your will can just as well be directed right, because in no direction you can be forced and because I have given you the intellect; you are therefore also enabled to think and would just need to use this gift. Read more >>

2019 286
2019 December 15
And the believers experience by these means a great strengthening.
God himself will appear.
But a time will come, where I will not just work out of the public eye, but unusual phenomena announce me myself and my work, but which always only the believing man will experience, while the possibility always remains before fellowman, to doubt it, although their confirmations will make him wonder. Read more >>

2019 287
2019 December 15 (2)
Humility must completely fill you.
True humility of the heart does not need to be recognizable outwardly, it just often hides behind an impenetrable nature, for true humility is not meant for men, but for God and creator from eternity; true humility does not dare to come out; it goes quiet, lonely ways in modesty and never steps out; it is without all self-love, but always makes an effort to also put to fellowmen the greatness and holiness of God before the eyes, because it itself feels it how small and needy man is to his holiness. Read more >>

2019 288
2019 December 15 (3)
I do not want that one rules over the others.
False gods. Divine admiration. Antichrist?
You are all to be brothers and live like brothers among each other and when one is among you who is rich in experience, who is noble and good and whom you like to grant pre-eminence among you then it is to be only a proof of love from brother to brother but not a humble subjection and with it an ennobling of the brother above you. Read more >>

2019 289
2019 December 15 (4)
A state like at the time of the flood.
Sudden end in the midst of frenzy of worldly pleasures.
At the same time the warnings of their believing brothers will be uncomfortable and troublesome for them and that is why they will be hostile towards them to such an extent that a time of trouble begins for the believers for the sake of the name of Jesus, because his teaching will be made the aim of the attacks of the sinful people and because everybody, who confesses Jesus and his teaching will be robbed of that what is necessary for his life. Read more >>

2019 290
2019 December 15 (5)
Nobody knows when his hour has come.
Sudden recall.
They will stir up hatred and will make inciting speeches, because they are under the influence of Satan who will be exceedingly active in the latter times. Read more >>

2019 291
2019 December 16
The souls of darkness must often dwell very long in the deep.
Trouble of the souls in the deep. Intercessions.
For that reason remember those, who depart suddenly from earth, and send them loving thoughts, so that they feel attracted by you, to return to earth and can learn from you, for they will always stay near those, who give them love; they will far more likely be prepared to receive mental instructions from you, than they would have done it on earth, and the premature death can for such souls still be the only way to a change of will, so you give them power through your love, through your prayer, which is meant for the redemption of these poor souls from darkness. Read more >>

2019 292
2019 December 16 (2)
There is no other way to reach truth than through love.
I am the light of the world. Light is truth.
I am the light of the world; but I am also eternal love – but where the light is extinguished, where love is not found, there is also darkness of the spirit, there is error, ignorance, blindness and spiritual arrogance, for there the prince of darkness rules, who wants to drive out truth and by this means also him, who is eternal truth, who is the light from eternity. Read more >>

2019 293
2019 December 16 (3)
The soul creates its lot for itself.
God does not damn, but wants to redeem.
But free will it is, which, when it is directed wrongly, pushes them into damnation, into a state, which is so agonizing that it is equal to the most terrible imprisonment, and which it believes as having been imposed over it by me and for that reason sees me as an avenging and punishing God, who has disowned it into darkness. Read more >>

2019 294
2019 December 16 (4)
The craving for matter, for earthly goods, is the greatest danger for the human soul.
Serious admonition and warning of the transient.
Become aware of this that it takes the attitude over there into the spiritual kingdom, which you had as man to the world; that it still in exactly the same way clings to matter or despises it, as you have done it on earth; but that then an extreme agonizing state is its lot, when only matter was your thinking and striving, which it now must leave and for that reason arrives poor and miserably in the opposite kingdom, on the other hand ascends easily and freely and happily, when no relationships to earth burden it at all, when its thinking and striving was already on earth directed spiritually. Read more >>

2019 295
2019 December 16 (5)
I just request giving up resistance, whereto therefore the will is determining.
The will determines the supply of favour. Favour.
My love gives you favour without measure, but it does not force your will, and because of that you can certainly be happy, but also still remain endlessly long in unhappiness, until you still once change your will, until you give up resistance and long for me and my love. Read more >>

2019 296
2019 December 19
They feel pleasantly touched by it, because it imparts a power current to them.
Effect of the divine word on the opposite beings.
But the beings in the spiritual kingdom feel strangely impressed by my word, so you offer it to them, so you let me myself speak through you. Read more >>

2019 297
2019 December 19 (2)
Enter into the will of God – submit to him completely and subjugate yourselves to his commands.
Love is the Christ life in man. My yoke is easy.
But you enter this earth with a will still opposing God, the earthly world, in which you are therefore to change yourselves and your will. Read more >>

2019 298
2019 December 19 (3)
The radiating of power into my creatures was a process that made me unspeakably happy.
I am from eternity. Lucifer's creation.
And that was its ruin, for it broke away from me by its own will and consequently also from love, although it remained strong and powerful, because I did not withdraw my power from a being, which my love had created. Read more >>

2019 299
2019 December 19 (4)
And for the sake of this love God’s compassionate love can now take action.
Trouble of the departed souls. Love the help of men.
And you yourselves do not know, in which state your loved ones have gone from you, and for that reason you are to leave out no-one, who wants to announce his nearness, his requests, to you through emerging thoughts towards him. Read more >>

2019 300
2019 December 19 (5)
But only that soul feels the effect, which is willing to listen to me.
Power of the divine word.
But as soon as my word touches a willing soul, it feels miraculously hit; it gets deeply stirred in its innermost being; sparks of light make it happy and increase its desire for constant light, and it also feels supply of power, which drives it to activity, which also reinforces its will, to provide food for the soul, which it lacks. Read more >>



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