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2018 001
2018 January 4
You will find everything what makes you happy.
Happy lot of the mature and state of the imperfect in the hereafter
Because the state in the hereafter of the still imperfect beings can certainly be described, because it does not differ much from that on earth, so that the souls often think still living on earth, and that throughout long times. Read more >>


2018 002
2018 January 5
Through love the man Jesus had entered the association with Me.
Childbirth of Christ and reason
My body was pure human; only that it was inhabited by a light soul, but from which all reminiscence was taken initially, until the unification with me through love had taken place. Only then the soul recognized itself and its mission. Read more >>


2018 003
2018 January 5 (2)
In the time of the end an extraordinary numerous embodiment of light souls on earth takes place.
Embodiment of many souls in the time of the end
And therefore this is a characteristic of those, who are from above, that they eagerly take part in the spreading of the divine word, but please note – of that word, that started in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 004
2018 January 9
But truth is God.
Lie - Truth - Fighting of error
Where the lie is, there the adversary has the upper hand, and the soul is endangered. And because of that, God trains his fighters, so that they crusade against the lie, so that they stand up for truth and ruthlessly denounce the error as product of the adversary. Read more >>


2018 005
2018 January 10
Uncover with no regard the results of an incorrect thinking and also the results of false teachings.
Special mission: Fighting for truth
Where lie and error have taken root in the hearts of men, there the work of cleansing can only be carried out with ruthless violence – the representative of truth must unsparingly uncover everything, what contradicts pure truth, and for that reason he must possess himself, what he wants to bring to fellowman. Read more >>


2018 006
2018 January 13
An earth life without hardship and suffering also decreases the maturation possibilities.
Laborious way up - Earthly payment
Endure everything what is imposed on you, and increase your spiritual goods, when earthly trouble presses you, so that you will be rewarded in the spiritual kingdom and do not need to live in want there. Read more >>


2018 007
2018 January 14
The spirit wants to announce itself to the soul.
Pouring out of the spirit
Obstacles therefore exist only on the side of man, by his willingness flagging, although that is only a temporary state, because a man, who has once been touched by spiritual currents in that way, that he was allowed to hear the expression of God through the light beings, never wants to miss this spiritual voice anymore and again and again opens the spiritual ear, because the soul drives him to it – or also the spirit. Read more >>


2018 008
2018 January 14 (2)
But faith they will again only find there, where love works.
God’s word gift of favour - Unbelief in connection with God
Whether he now hears me directly or my word is imparted to him through my servants, is the same in its effect, because he will recognize the word imparted to him and feel as spoken by me and accept it in him with the same love, as if he is deemed worthy of a direct address from me. Read more >>


2018 009
2018 January 14 (3)
Faith in me leads to prayer, which there is the surest bridge to me.
Cleft and bridge - New banishment - Love circuit
Innumerable men walk past this bridge and also, who should be their leaders, often do not find the bridge themselves, because their words are without life, because they go ways, which cannot serve as bridge, ways, which again and again lead back to the start; because they are just words, which do not come from the heart in prayer and therefore also do not touch my ear, therefore the bridge is not set foot on, which is the only way, which leads over the cleft to me. Read more >>


2018 010
2018 January 15
He is completely protected from evil influence.
Who is he, who reveals himself? - God the eternal light
But who is of a humble heart, who offers his services to me, who asks me for help and favour, who renounces the world and strives to fulfil my will, he gives no target to the enemy of his soul; he is completely seized by me and protected from evil influence, because I know about his will. Read more >>


2018 011
2018 January 16
Jesus Christ helps these souls in the fight against the opponent.
Acknowledging of Jesus Christ necessary
Man is the product of a creation power turned away from God, i.e., a being, which God supplied extremely richly with power, used this power again for the creation of beings, which bore in them his will turned away from God. Read more >>


2018 012
2018 January 16 (2)
Faith in the love and omnipotence of God is a sure means for the remedy of all trouble.
Purpose – God’s proofs of his love, omnipotence and wisdom
The omnipotence of God knows no limits, and the love of God is without end and of a depth, which is incomprehensible for you men, but which you can feel, when you believingly entrust yourselves to him. Read more >>


2018 013
2018 January 16 (3)
I speak to men in a way that everyone can understand me.
Divine revelations: Knowledge - Help - Creation - Word
The greatest revelation however always remains my word, which is heard through the inner voice audibly or mentally. Read more >>


2018 014
2018 January 16 (4)
My nearness triggers the highest bliss in it.
Happiness of the soul only in joining together with God
What a soul finds in union with me, compensates it for all trouble during its long course of development on earth and for all suffering in earth life as man. Read more >>


2018 015
2018 January 17
But my love includes all my creatures.
Measure of favour unlimited - No preferential treatment of the individual
I am always prepared to pour out favours over every man, but not all are willing to receive them, to open themselves to the flow of favours and to bath in them. Read more >>


2018 016
2018 January 19
The spiritual marriage with me presupposes love from both sides.
Spiritual marriage
Only when the love of my creatures and therefore particularly of man, has reached a degree, which can bear the weakest degree of my love, the union, the spiritual marriage with me, takes place, which truly is the highest happiness for the soul of man, because my love power can now continually flow over and the soul is in this way blissfully happy. Read more >>


2018 017
2018 January 20
Nevertheless a servant taught by God must use his ability.
Teachers must be taught by God himself
The servant taught by God is in possession of truth, what would also not be conceivable otherwise, and he will be able to give answer to every question; he will be able to work enlightening, where there is still darkness, because his thinking is illuminated by God, and like lightning he becomes aware of every wrong doctrine, every erroneous faith principle, and just as fast also of the correction of that what exerts poisoning influence as error on men. Read more >>


2018 018
2018 January 20 (2)
But the ascent development is the result of a way of life according to the will of God.
Justice of God - Guilt and atonement - Subjection - redemption
The love of the God-man Jesus was so strong, that it was satisfaction to the eternal divinity, which longed for the love of all men. He gave his blood for the sins of mankind; he extinguished the sin with his blood, but please note – only of those, who acknowledge him and his work of redemption and want to belong to the crowd of the redeemed, otherwise all spiritual would already be redeemed, but could then not reach the state of perfection, which depends on the free test of will. Read more >>


2018 019
2018 January 21
But I remain with you in spirit.
Disfigurement of the pure teaching of Christ - Free will
I was and am always present, where the door of the heart is opened to me and residence prepared. And there I will also always speak words of love and truth, and who therefore hears me in the heart, who lets me speak to him through the spirit, he will always stand in pure truth and does not need to fear, that he receives untruth. Read more >>


2018 020
2018 January 21 (2)
Very soon you will think of my word and recognize in me him, who rules the world.
Announcement of judgement - Forbearance of God
Today you can still live in the midst of the bustle of the world in pleasure and joy, and tomorrow already a horror can fill you in the face of the destruction around you, you who stay alive. Read more >>


2018 021
2018 January 21 (3)
The spiritual low of men causes a dissolving.
Spiritual change - Last Judgement
And so mankind also now does not want to believe, that it stands shortly before the ending of an earth period, and it does not recognize the great danger, which lies in wait for it – it does not know it or does not want to believe it, that the earth devours all of them, who are still closely connected with matter, so that they completely forget God about it. Read more >>


2018 022
2018 January 21 (4)
Where the beings have given up their bad habits and no longer seek to tear each other to pieces.
State in the hereafter
Moreover it is no longer bound to time and space; it can stay where it wants and put itself both in past and future. There is no space and time law for it, as soon as the soul has become perfect, therefore has found entrance into the kingdom of light. Read more >>


2018 023
2018 January 21 (5)
You are therefore not allowed to expect a bodily feeling of power.
Favour of inner enlightenment
Even so the faith tests of my servants on earth are not been spared, so I do not let them really become unable to the work, by me diminishing the life power for them. Read more >>


2018 024
2018 January 21 (6)
A will submitting to me does not need such strong means of upbringing.
God's plan of salvation
The conclusion of an earth period is therefore timed and cannot be put off by human will, but human will can shape the way of the end of a development phase to a less painful one when he would be willing to submit to my will so that a destruction of the old earth would more befall the spiritual that is still bound in the creation while the man who tries to live according to my will could earn the reward for this in a painless going over to the spiritual kingdom or also in the sudden transfer onto a newly born creation. Read more >>


2018 025
2018 January 21 (7)
Innumerable development phases are necessary, so a being remains particularly stubborn in the resistance to him.
Purpose of creation – Re-engendering into matter
The re-engendering into solid matter only occurs then, when a creation period has found its conclusion, when therefore all creations release the spiritual, they are dissolved through God’s will for this purpose, what means destruction of the work of creation, where the ascent development has started. Read more >>


2018 026
2018 January 23
Only who stays with me, his aim is secure – it is eternal life.
Who does not forsake God, him also he does not forsake
Who chooses me as his companion, his power will truly not flag, because life flows out from me and to him, who walks with me, because he loves me. Read more >>


2018 027
2018 January 24
Then the rescuer comes from above as it has been announced.
Lack of faith and devils of the end-time - Faith struggle - The coming of the Lord
When the time has come where Satan is ruling visibly then also the end is no longer far because also this has been announced that the world is full of devils at the end and men will also behave like devils that do not believe and therefore bitterly challenge the believers. Read more >>


2018 028
2018 January 24 (2)
I therefore also come to the unworthy and approach him through the word.
God’s extraordinary gift of favour
I let much favour flow down to you, but you are not allowed to withdraw from this flow of favour; you must open yourselves that the favour may flow in the midst of your heart, then you will feel my love; you will give full expression to my word; the soul will have the advantage; it will mature in a short time; it will love me again with all power and as a result be filled with power itself. Read more >>


2018 029
2018 January 24 (3)
Consequently you just need to be good and helpful to the neighbour.
Strong faith result of love
Then the union with me takes place; then the spiritual life has become reality for you, while the earthly life passes you by like a state of dreaming, then you are so firmly connected to me, that a separation from me is no longer possible, then you can no longer speak of faith, but everything is knowledge for you, cognition, light. Read more >>


2018 030
2018 January 24 (4)
But their will and their loyalty they must give me.
Need of reapers at the time of harvest
There is much work in my vineyard; there are many uncultivated fields; that are the hearts of man, which are to be made receptive for a sowing, for the Gospel, which starts with me and is to lead men back to me. Read more >>


2018 031
2018 January 25
So first condition is that a man wants to serve me.
Devoting time sacrificingly to God and spiritual work
Men of the world cannot and do not want to understand it that I am the Lord over time and that I hand it out, as I want it – that I can shorten or extent the time, that I can make man capable, but as I also let the time pass uselessly through obstacles or failures of all work, when it is my will. Read more >>


2018 032
2018 January 25 (2)
And the light will win.
Fight between light and darkness
The power of God and of light would alone be enough, to render harmless the opponent and to lead the spiritual to the light, but the free will of it stands against it, and for that reason a fight must be waged, not to break the will, but to change it. Read more >>


2018 033
2018 January 25 (3)
Only through Jesus you can reach me.
Confessing before the world - Declaring the name of Jesus
In the name of your divine redeemer you have a weapon, which truly cannot be surpassed, because, who musters faith in me in the time of the end, possessed my whole love. Read more >>


2018 034
2018 January 25 (4)
Faith can move mountains.
Test of the power of faith - Miracle healings
Help demanding people will approach you, do not refuse them the requests; help them, by you laying the hands on them in my name. Read more >>


2018 035
2018 January 25 (5)
To progress spiritually, just a way of life according to my will necessary.
Voice of the conscience - Love command - Knowledge
Who pays attention to this admonisher, who therefore listens to the voice of his conscience, he also walks the right way, which leads to the aim. Read more >>


2018 036
2018 February 2
Marriage is also no state, which can be broken off or changed as you like.
The marriage valid before God
The joining together of spiritually like-minded souls is the highest happiness and aim both on earth as also in the hereafter, and what has once connected in love, also remains connected until all eternity. Read more >>


2018 037
2018 February 7
Therefore the original source of power must be a thinking entity.
Entity like divinity
You will never be able to fathom my nature, as long as you dwell on earth, but you must believe in an entity like divinity, because only through this faith you can also penetrate into that mystery, even so only in the state of perfection, but which you can also only reach with my support, which you must request, to which irrevocably belongs faith in me as entity and therefore only through this faith you can be happy. Read more >>


2018 038
2018 February 8
To go to ruin in spiritual death means a new banishment in hard matter.
Spiritual death - New banishment in matter
Let them take the earthly life from you and do not be afraid because it is just the body that your enemies can kill, but the soul remains alive because it is something spiritual that men cannot kill, especially when men are after your life because you believe and do not want to give up your faith. Read more >>


2018 039
2018 February 8 (2)
But according to divine justice every wrong must be atoned for.
Requital - atonement - Eternal order - Forgiveness through Christ
There is a requital, and happy are you to be called, when you are already allowed to atone for on earth, because in the hereafter it is extremely difficult to get rid of you guilt, so difficult, that you need ages, while on earth you are allowed to resort to him, who has died for your sins. Read more >>


2018 040
2018 February 8 (3)
You have the possibility at any time, to be able to get into contact with God.
Reference to great trouble - Religious war - Admonition
Let yourselves be seriously admonished not to forget him, so that also he does not forget you, when you need him and have to rely on his help. Read more >>


2018 041
2018 February 8 (4)
He approaches them through life fate.
God’s revelation through his creation
He approaches men in a way that they can recognize their own descent, that they must feel it, that it is the same being as they themselves, only in a degree of perfection, which they lack and which to achieve is their final goal. Read more >>


2018 042
2018 February 8 (5)
But the love command is nevertheless a command, which leaves freedom to the will of man.
Church commands
I gave to men the love command, which can be fulfilled out of free will or also not. Read more >>


2018 043
2018 February 11
And these souls will thank you for ever.
Unbelief to bearers of truth
As bearers of truth you will also recognize the convictions of the individuals; you will know about the degree of maturity and make an effort accordingly or let up your efforts, where you find no reception. Read more >>


2018 044
2018 February 11 (2)
A life in love makes man to a receiving vessel of my spirit.
Right disciples - Spirit work - Why false doctrine
But the simplest explanation for that is: Where my spirit cannot have an effect, there the spirit of my opponent works, and that truly in a way fighting truth. Read more >>


2018 045
2018 February 16
You seek pleasures and find death on that occasion.
Whirlpool of the world
Because whom the enemy of the souls has once won, him he no longer gives away, and a breaking away from him requires great power of love, but which a man can rarely still develop, who once falls victim to him. Read more >>


2018 046
2018 February 22
I am again among men in the spirit and give them my word.
Purification of the teaching of Christ
To now give to these a confirmation of their thinking, I send pure truth anew to earth, as this always again happens, so men no longer are able to interpret my word correctly, so they have become entangled in erroneous teachings and alone are not able to find out what truth and what error is. Read more >>


2018 047
2018 February 24
Every work of creation is a manifested thought of God.
Composition of the soul - Miniature creation
The soul can therefore see into all areas; it sees what it never seen before, but what is undeniably in existence in creation, and it is aware of it that these miracles are never at an end, that it again and again finds new objects and it still does not get tired of the seeing of these creations, but always wants to see more and consequently is also always more happy. Read more >>


2018 048
2018 February 25
I will hear your prayer.
Reference to coming time of trouble
Then use every day by you often seeking the connection with me and leave all worldly things unnoticed and pray in the spirit and in truth; call upon me for favour, which I will truly not deny you. Read more >>


2018 049
2018 February 25 (2)
I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.
Proceedings at the Second Coming of Christ - Ascension
They will see me as man of flesh and blood but not born of a woman but I come from above and surround me with a form visible to you so that you can bear me. Read more >>


2018 050
2018 February 25 (3)
I want to be your companion on all your ways.
Activity of the servants of God in the last time
What you are to do for me and my kingdom that you must do out of free will, and for that reason it must make you happy, i.e., you must yourselves be penetrated so by your task, that you fulfil it, driven from inside, out of love to me and the neighbour. Read more >>


2018 051
2018 February 26
Be industrious.
Work in the vineyard of the Lord
There are many seeking men on earth and they are like a good field, which is clear of weeds and for that reason well suited for the reception of the seed, which there is my word from above. Read more >>


2018 052
2018 February 26 (2)
Every expression from me is a spiritual revelation.
I abide with you - I want to send the comforter to you
And you will remember me, because my words are spirit and life, so you hear them through the inner voice. Read more >>


2018 053
2018 February 26 (3)
But his sights were to remain preserved to posterity, to again and again stimulate seeking and striving men to think.
Old seers and prophets - Images - Agreement
To them I illuminate the spirit, as soon as it is necessary that they give information about it to fellowmen, and so they will then speak on my behalf, they also announce pure truth, because they will not speak before they are instructed, and at once they themselves recognize in all clarity the meaning of that, what otherwise is incomprehensible to fellowmen, until I myself will lift the veil – until that fulfils itself, what old seers and prophets have foretold in my will. Read more >>


2018 054
2018 February 27
The original substance of my nature is love.
Recognizing of God and faith not without love
But as soon as you stand in love, I myself am in you, and then you must also acknowledge me, because you feel me, even so you are not aware of it. Read more >>


2018 055
2018 February 27 (2)
Do not deaden the admonisher in you.
Alarming increase of sin
Satan has them completely in his power, and they no longer resist him; they acknowledge him as their lord and do, what he demands of them. Read more >>


2018 056
2018 March 1
But they increase their guilt through their conduct to fellowmen, whom they were to serve as leaders.
Blind Leaders - Preventing of truth - Arrogance
And for that reason both the blind in spirit and also their leaders grope in darkness, and latter even make themselves guilty to neglect their actual office as teachers, when they themselves are not serious enough about truth and they consequently are not able, to make a teacher for their fellowmen. Read more >>


2018 057
2018 March 1 (2)
You have received the office from me myself to administer it.
The right to teach - Holy office
I lead you ways, which indeed might appear unsuccessful to you, nevertheless you are to let yourselves be directed without reluctance, because often only one individual soul sees a light flash through you, which breaks through its state of darkness, and this soul is thankful for it for ever. Read more >>


2018 058
2018 March 1 (3)
Then the time of favour is gone.
Love and mercy of God then gives way to his justice
But very soon the gates to eternal life will be closed, i.e., soon the hour has come, where love and mercy of God give way to his justice, where men can no longer use his gift of favour; where they will harvest, what they have sown during their earth life, and where there is no opportunity, to make up for the neglected, because men will be exterminated from earth, who are not to be counted as his. Read more >>


2018 059
2018 March 2
Their god is mammon.
Assignment to work - Last admonitions before the end
But another means than the announcement of my Gospel only still exists for them in the form of exceedingly great trouble – but a trouble, which is announced to them through my messengers before, so that they learn to believe, so they are willing. Read more >>


2018 060
2018 March 2 (2)
The knowledge about my plan of salvation is the culmination.
Knowledge about plan of salvation from eternity - Right servants
For that reason this knowledge is not to be received scholarly, but this knowledge presupposes the awakening of the spirit in man, otherwise it can certainly be heard with the ears, but not grasped with the heart. Read more >>


2018 061
2018 March 3
And compulsion is everywhere there, where organizations are formed.
Teachings in compulsion - Love in free will
Everything, what man does to gain eternal life, presupposes freedom of will; therefore no command is allowed to be given to him, which fulfilment is forced with promises of award or thread of punishment. Read more >>


2018 062
2018 March 3 (2)
Worldly promises, earthly goods and bodily pleasures.
And in this time both sides will apply the strongest means. Each of the power wants to own you; the means of my opponent are worldly promises, earthly goods and bodily pleasures. But I present myself to you and my nearness lets you like to give up all worldliness. When I reveal myself all earthliness loses its value; your soul feels the bliss of the spiritual kingdom and never again wants to miss it. Read more >>


2018 063
2018 March 3 (3)
Every reference you must take seriously.
Everywhere the voice of God sounds - Seriousness of the time
Everywhere the voice of God sounds; everywhere his work is to be seen, and everywhere men are influenced mentally from above. Read more >>


2018 064
2018 March 3 (4)
These beings can likewise seize the will of a man.
Supply of the divine word - Good or bad powers
Immature entities can certainly have an effect on the thoughts of a man, as long as he makes himself receptive for such thought-transferences through God-adverse way of life. Read more >>


2018 065
2018 March 4
Every thought is spiritual power.
Remote effect of thoughts
Recognizing this, great attention has to be paid to thought-transference, because this is proof of the effect of a power which one would like to deny, humanly or earthly seen. Read more >>


2018 066
2018 March 6
Who really desires truth, he will also get truth.
Spiritual influencing - Direct connection - Thought-transference
But thought-transference is far more difficult to be carried out, because man often defends himself, because he just rejects a spiritual instruction, as long as he does not deal with it consciously. Read more >>


2018 067
2018 March 6 (2)
But who devote themselves willingly to the helpful workers, their maturity state is much sooner guaranteed.
Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings - Enlightenment through high-ranking beings
In visible earth nearness are those spirit beings active, whose assignment it is to give knowledge to men about the continues remodelling of all that what enlivens the surface of the earth. This assignment is only possible in the form of thought-transference, and so their work will mostly extent to make the different products of creation quite vividly clear to men so that they start to become reflective through these and ask questions, whose answering is exactly the activity of those spirit beings and is therefore imparted to men by the spirit beings in form of thoughts. Read more >>


2018 068
2018 March 6 (3)
Thought is spiritual power.
Question - Answer - Mental activity spiritual work
All such thoughts, which touch problems, which often occupy man, are insinuations of beings in the hereafter, which cannot announce themselves differently than precisely in the form of thought-transference. Read more >>


2018 069
2018 March 6 (4)
And the will of man is decisive.
Thought-transference - Work of light beings
The powers opposed to God influence the thinking of men, who live their life without God – who neither recognize God nor are active out of themselves in love – who neither seek God nor have the desire for spiritual knowledge – who therefore only belong to earth, i.e. are filled with pure material thoughts. Read more >>


2018 070
2018 March 6 (5)
Thought-transference is that weapon, with which the spiritual wages the war.
Wrong thinking - Work of the opposite pole of God
Thought-transference through the light beings can therefore take place without resistance, without obstacles; the thinking of man moves in truth and never ever needs to be doubted. But the same receptivity is characteristic of those men, who through their God-farness turn to the opposite pole of God. They can receive the radiations of the bad spiritual powers exactly the same way, because they open themselves for it through the desire for worldly things, which are share of him, from whom man is to turn away. Read more >>


2018 071
2018 March 6 (6)
And this work always aims to achieve the redemption of the still bound spiritual.
Redeeming activity depends on God-equal will
In the hereafter the activity of the spiritual is also meant to the spreading of truth, only that this activity is a mental instruction, therefore a pure spiritual activity is to be understood by this. This thought-transference must therefore agree with the will of God, because the being in the hereafter can carry out nothing else but the will of God, when it itself is connected with God. Read more >>


2018 072
2018 March 6 (7)
The state of darkness is therefore a state of ignorance.
Activity of the beings in the hereafter - Transference of knowledge
An activity as on earth has to be ruled out then, because the spiritual kingdom is no material world; it is just a world of thoughts and wishes; it is a spiritual world, where nothing bodily, visible or tangible exists, but everything is just in existence in the world of thoughts of the being and the thought is again the epitome of the love power out of God flooding in to the being. Read more >>


2018 073
2018 March 7
Through thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth an extraordinary knowledge can be imparted to man.
Thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth
And still the beings out of the spiritual kingdom are active; otherwise man would be completely without thoughts – not including the pure earthly thoughts, which are merely functions of bodily organs. Read more >>


2018 074
2018 March 7 (2)
Where my word is received, there is truth.
Explanation of the process of writing
A pure spiritual event can only unwind pure spiritually; a thought-transference must take place whatever happens because own thinking, i.e. use of intellectual activity requires longer time to bring spiritual results in this form. Read more >>


2018 075
2018 March 7 (3)
But then also his mind has to be active.
Limits of knowledge - Stepping over them
It concerns spiritual spheres, which for that reason cannot be fathomed by the mind, because they lie outside of human knowledge, and that is why it must also be imparted to men out of the spiritual kingdom. This can only happen through thought-transference, but which first touch the heart before they can be assimilated by the mind. Read more >>


2018 076
2018 March 7 (4)
This fight about the will of man can therefore only be waged through though-transference.
Explanation why the thinking of men is so different
And the more intimately the will devotes itself to me, the clearer will be thoughts he has, which are then always in accordance with truth, and he can make no mistake. Read more >>


2018 077
2018 March 7 (5)
Only those teachers are allowed for a teaching office, who themselves have mastered, what they are to teach.
Training of teachers directly or through light beings
For understandably only such beings are allowed to the teaching activity, who themselves stand in knowledge, therefore have reached a high degree of maturity, because these are light and power receivers, therefore they can also hand out light and power. Read more >>


2018 078
2018 March 8
That man will not lose the peace of the soul.
Peace of the soul
As soon as the right relationship of a man to God, to his creator and father from eternity, has been established, also his earth life is a peaceful one despite events, which approach man from the outside threateningly. Read more >>


2018 079
2018 March 8 (2)
And this conscious receiving of spiritual material exceedingly promotes the ascent development of the soul.
Contact with the spiritual world extraordinary privilege
Only the ignorant man makes use of material helps for this, which because of that also produce certain successes, because the beings of the spiritual kingdom use every opportunity to get into contact with men to inform them that they are near the man and want to have contact with them. Read more >>


2018 080
2018 March 8 (3)
I reveal myself to men.
Revelation of God
Therefore you must listen inwards to be able hear my voice, and this requires solitude, a becoming absorbed into the inside, a secret dialogue with me in stillness. Read more >>


2018 081
2018 March 8 (4)
Learn to overcome the world.
No-one can serve two masters
You must free yourselves of all earthly good, of every desire for it, and alone strive for that, what is eternal, what belongs to me and for that reason must be exceedingly valuable. Read more >>


2018 082
2018 March 8 (5)
When love cools in the heart of men, help for fellowmen gets organized.
Love towards the neighbour
The need of the spirit and of the soul is often still greater than the earthly need, and there you are to be active to help through encouragement and consolation in suffering, through spiritual building up, though sending of my word and leading back to faith, where such is necessary. Read more >>


2018 083
2018 March 8 (6)
The spirit now directs man and leads him now with certainty to the aim, to eternal life.
Work of the spirit - Spiritual rebirth
When now my spirit can be active in a man, then he is also won for the eternal kingdom, because this is already an act of the spiritual rebirth, an act of redemption out of the bound state. Read more >>


2018 084
2018 March 9
That everything is truth, what was predicted about the end.
Seers and prophets of the time of the end - Little understanding
The seers and prophets will not be accepted in their own land, because nobody wants to hear them, and the representatives of the world will treat them with hostility. Read more >>


2018 085
2018 March 9 (2)
To be united with me means to stand in perfection.
Uniting with God aim of man
The transmission of my love on to the being is the epitome of happiness and therefore a privilege of the perfect, which is no longer separated from me, but has completely united itself with me. Read more >>


2018 086
2018 March 13
In spirit and in truth you are to pray.
Prayer in spirit and in truth
Prayers in spirit and in truth only rarely ascent to me, and for that reason I can also only rarely fulfil a prayer, although there are very many men on earth asking and being in trouble. Read more >>


2018 087
2018 March 13 (2)
Truth is an extraordinary gift of favour.
To seriously seeking persons God reveals himself mentally
Because man must acquire truth for himself; it is not sent to him naturally, although it is offered to all men, so that they now do everything themselves, to also being able to receive it. Read more >>


2018 088
2018 March 14
Therefore all of you are called.
Spiritual leaders
Every service for me and my kingdom presupposes the work of my spirit in man, because only he can take over a spiritual leadership, who himself is led by my spirit. Read more >>


2018 089
2018 March 14 (2)
My plan of salvation is unknown to you men.
Spiritual change not turning back, but new banishment
He is to know that an end comes and what this end means for the soul; he is to know that there is no delay any longer, but it will be fulfilled what seers and prophets have announced since the beginning of this redemption period, that the end comes irrevocably and with it the last judgment, where it is decided about life and death, about light and darkness, about award and punishment, about hell and damnation and paradise and happiness. Read more >>


2018 090
2018 March 15
I took the suffering of the whole of mankind upon my shoulders.
Christ’s going to the cross
Only a light small cross is imposed on you men to bear, because I have taken the heaviest load from you, but you cannot remain completely without suffering, to drive you to him, who wants to help you at any time, whom you are to follow, so that you are happy for ever. Read more >>


2018 091
2018 March 15 (2)
It is impossible to completely fathom my nature.
Unreachability of God - Recognizing his nature
The spirit now pushes the soul constantly to unity with me, because it is my share itself and also wants to pull the soul over to it; therefore its aim is to be likewise the uniting with me. Read more >>


2018 092
2018 March 16
He will give evidence of me because his voice is my voice and who hears him he hears me.
Forerunner of Jesus at the End
They want to hinder him to finish his mission, but not earlier do I take him to me into my kingdom until he has prepared the way for me, until he has announced my coming to all who desire to see me and whose faith he strengthens, because he only voices that, what he receives from me through the inner word, through the spirit that works unusually in him. Read more >>


2018 093
2018 March 16 (2)
They believe and still do not believe.
Fulfilment of predictions through seers and prophets
Then you will lose no time any more; then you also know, which fate is appointed to men; and so that you do not belong to the unfortunate, who must fear the end, you will have to join me and turn the back on everything, what is share of the world. Read more >>


2018 094
2018 March 16 (3)
I myself will call you, so your hour has come.
Importance of the work for the kingdom of God
Then only the spiritual work is of value and of importance, because earthly you can secure nothing for yourselves; only what I want, will remain for you, and that without all worry from your side. Read more >>


2018 095
2018 March 16 (4)
You are to mature spiritually.
Gaining spiritual goods - Earthly activity - Idleness
But empty and poor such a man enters the spiritual kingdom after his death, because he must leave everything behind on earth and can show nothing of spiritual treasures. Read more >>


2018 096
2018 March 19
You are to speak in my place.
Call to work - Spreading of truth
The supply of pure truth is your task, because only pure truth has the right effect on the soul; only pure truth can cause man to spiritual striving, because only truth gives a right image of me and my entity and lets the wish arise in man to approach me. Read more >>


2018 097
2018 March 19 (2)
Every nation will go through suffering and distress.
Great affliction before the end
The affliction will adopt an extent that the believers will need and will also receive an unusual supply of power, so that they do not succumb in the last fight, which only lasts a short time, which is shortened for the sake of few chosen, so that they do not become weak in the face of the trouble in their own ranks and the life of pleasure in the ranks of the opponent. Read more >>


2018 098
2018 March 20
But man has been created with free will.
Freedom of will
But the wisdom of God sees all the possibilities of a favourable effect for the soul of man; and so a will opposed to God can unintentionally contribute to the spiritual ascent of a soul, only that then this ascent is not attributed to the wrong will of man, but he must answer God for this wrong will, although a certain blessing has grown out of it in another way. Read more >>


2018 099
2018 March 20 (2)
Where a will is, there is also a way.
Spreading of the revelations
Who has my word, he is to pass it on; who receives it from those, he is to also work with it, as soon as he has recognized it as my word, and who does not recognize it, he does not belong to mine, but he is to think about it, because in future he will be called to account, how he has adapted himself to the gift of favour, which I made accessible to him. Read more >>


2018 100
2018 March 20 (3)
Who asks me, he will also hear the answer in him.
Spiritual closeness - Question and answer
And so I will always come to those, who get together in the will to serve me, and I will direct all their steps there, where their spiritual work is of success. Read more >>


2018 101
2018 March 20 (4)
But it was its free will.
Remorse of souls, which rejected divine gift of favour
But if it enters the spiritual kingdom in the state of darkness, then the light, which was to bring it enlightenment, burns like a fire in it, because the awareness also remains with it in the state of ignorance that it is its own fault that it dwells in darkness, because it escaped the light, which my love and favour lighted for it. Read more >>


2018 102
2018 March 20 (5)
But the last judgement will separate the spirits.
The dead will rise - Sin guilt
Also still then the merciful father hand will stretch out to the sinners, and who seizes it and lets himself be pulled up, he will be rescued from the hell punishment of a further banishment in solid matter of the new earth. Read more >>


2018 103
2018 March 21
Only that will remain for you, what is not of this world.
Reference to the end
For that reason I warn you of this world. Do not pay attention to it more, than it is necessary for your earth life; do not seek it, but avoid it, where it is possible; attach no other importance to it, than that it is the necessary means for your maturation on earth, and do let it rejoice over you, but strive for that you stand high above the world. Read more >>


2018 104
2018 March 21 (2)
To live in my will is everything.
Award of love life, happy lot in the hereafter
And I look after my children with all love and all care; for that reason they can also go through earth life without worry, as soon as they feel as my children and are intimately connected to me through love, which marks man as my child. Read more >>


2018 105
2018 March 21 (3)
The right bridge to me is the prayer in spirit and in truth.
Bridge to God - prayer in spirit and in truth
But who does not want to start this request walk, who stands away from the bridge and makes no move to reach me, he will further remain in his trouble, so that he may recognize, how weak and unable he is, when it is essential to help himself, because he believes being able to be without my help. Read more >>


2018 106
2018 March 22
But I want that the soul is to be taken into consideration first.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God
Only few have given themselves the proof; only few seriously endeavour to acquire my kingdom, and are therefore free of every earthly worry, because for these few I care like a right father for his children – I send everything to them, what they need, and these my gifts of favour often flow in a miraculous way, because I leave no-one in earthly trouble, who trust me unconditionally and seeks to gain me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2018 107
2018 March 23
To gain spiritual rebirth, the soul must therefore first have buried the earthly desire.
Spiritual rebirth
And this rebirth obviously takes place, when a spiritual striving takes the place of the earthly striving, when the world with its demands no longer stands in the first place, but is only paid attention to in so far, as the preservation of the earthly body requires it. Read more >>


2018 108
2018 March 23 (2)
I communicate with each one, who wants to hear me.
Explanation for divine revelations
The right, deep desire for me also guarantees for them the overflowing of my power in form of my word. Read more >>


2018 109
2018 March 24
Do not devote yourselves to idleness.
Wake up you sleepers
There is a secure way, indeed narrow and thorny, where an ascent is certain without danger, but the man still overcome with sleep does not find it; he heads for an abyss and is in greatest danger, when he does not still awaken before and looks round for a secure way. Read more >>


2018 110
2018 March 25
I take great pleasure in those, who turn away from the world.
Divine revelations - Words of love and of wisdom
As soon as now the knowledge of a man is broadened, as soon as knowledge makes itself accessible to him, which he has not possessed before and which was also not sent to him from the outside, a radiation of my love is apparent, and then man can also consider himself as being taught by me. Read more >>


2018 111
2018 March 25 (2)
Because I will get in the way of a number of my people.
The Kingdom of God approaches - Appearance of the Lord
And so I can now approach you and you will recognize me when my foot again steps on earth, also in the flesh but not as once born. Because I will get in the way of a number of my people where necessity calls for it, where the ones that are mine are troubled and I want to bring help to them. Read more >>


2018 112
2018 March 25 (3)
You are the children of my love.
God’s love to his creatures
For because I love you, I want to deny you nothing, what makes you happy, but also grant nothing, what contributes to unhappiness; for that reason leave it to me, how and in what form I give to you, as long as you dwell on earth, because my infinite love determines this, and my wisdom recognizes it, what is suitable for you. Read more >>


2018 113
2018 March 25 (4)
He was my forerunner and will also be it again now.
Embodiment of light beings - Forerunner
And before me the greatest light on earth will shine in plainest garment. He will once again bear witness to me as he has done it before my appearance in the flesh on this earth, before my course to men to whom I wanted to bring the Gospel. Read more >>


2018 114
2018 March 25 (5)
The last end of this earth is simultaneously a work of retaliation as well as of salvation.
Work of retaliation and salvation - Spiritual trouble
The greatest contrasts appear at the end of this earth - highest happiness, rejoicing and delight at my coming to earth for the ones who are mine, who just see bright light and are free of all trouble - and greatest horror, fear of death, darkness and dreadful proceedings with the undeniable prospect of complete destruction. Read more >>


2018 115
2018 March 29
Gather spiritual goods for you, which do not pass.
Overcoming of matter
A spiritual striving man withdraws from the world; he begins to take stock of himself and his attitudes of his inner being; he certainly still lives in the material world, but little touched by it, and for that reason the spiritual world can successfully have an effect on him, because it hands out in the same measure, what is given up of earthly good, only that it gives goods of immortal value, which help the soul to eternal life. Read more >>


2018 116
2018 March 30
My word alone is food and drink for your soul.
Use the power of the divine word
Intimately connect in thoughts with me and desire to hear me, and then let me speak to you, and you will feel my presence by the power, which flows to you with every word from me. Read more >>


2018 117
2018 March 30 (2)
But a right servant of me must be so, completely devoted to me and listening to me inside of him.
Characteristics of the right servants of God
Only selfless love must cause him to do it, love to me and to fellowmen, whom he knows in spiritual trouble. If other motives are decisive, then self-love is cause for his activity for my kingdom; then he cannot feel as right servant of God; then he is just a worldly servant; he practises an occupation, which is evaluated exactly the same way as every other worldly occupation; then he is not seriously active for me and my kingdom, but he serves himself; self-love has pushed him to his occupation, and my support is also accordingly. Read more >>


2018 118
2018 March 30 (3)
Hold out and remain steadfast until the end.
Admonition to steadfastness in faith
But only where it is my will, you will be recalled, because against my will one will not be able to inflict suffering on you. Read more >>


2018 119
2018 March 30 (4)
But the working of the spirit is not a unique matter.
I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh
I pour out my spirit into every heart that is able and willing to receive, that has got itself ready as a vessel that is well suitable to let my spirit flow into it. Read more >>


2018 120
2018 March 30 (5)
So men appear as angels of light in pious garment and they are still devils in human form.
Embodiment of immature beings in the end-time
They could develop upward in their earthly career because allowance is certainly made for their weak will and many means of favour are available to them, which make a way up possible but they oppose me anew and therefore sink down - they become devils and the end-time has innumerable such devils. Read more >>


2018 121
2018 April 1
Thought activity is not to be compared with this way of writing.
Process of passing on of the word from above
Consider the way of writing down that it arises word for word, but not one sentence is formed before in your thoughts. Read more >>


2018 122
2018 April 1 (2)
And the power of my word is the blood, which brings him redemption.
Communion - Flesh and blood
Bread and wine I want to offer them, my flesh and my blood – the living word, which they are to hear directly in themselves or through you, my messengers, who as mediators of my word are to call on all, who open the door of their heart to you. Read more >>


2018 123
2018 April 1 (3)
My word certainly remains for ever the same.
I myself am the word - Gospel of the disciples
My word certainly remains for ever the same, because as sole truth it can never be changed as far as I am concerned, but you men change it through your will; you give a different meaning to my word, as soon as you are not enlightened by the spirit. Read more >>


2018 124
2018 April 2
They enter the opposite kingdom completely blind.
God’s blessing to the workers in the vineyard - Time of trouble
Always remember the needy souls; think about that they all are my children, whom I want to help to return into the father house, and that I need for this servants devoted to me, who are to speak on my behalf and in my place, who are to announce to men, what they have to expect here on earth and later in the spiritual kingdom; who are to tell them, in which danger they are that not only the death of the body threatens them, but spiritual death, so the end comes, which you are to announce to them and the last judgment. Read more >>


2018 125
2018 April 2 (2)
And these souls I seek to rescue out of his power, before it is too late.
The angel of light goes through the world
Mankind in not innocent of their state of darkness, because there is a secure means against it, but which they do not apply – to lead an active love life. Read more >>


2018 126
2018 April 2 (3)
So spiritual arrogance is a fundamental evil.
Faithful servant - Devils of the end-time
But an unfaithful servant, once he has refused to serve me, will never again receive instructions from me - he has therefore left my service. Read more >>


2018 127
2018 April 2 (4)
But my basic principle is always the ascent development.
Retrogression never the will of God - Re-embodiment - Reverse process - New banishment - Light beings
And thus my will is again expressed, and therefore also that, as far as I am concerned, only an ascent development is favoured, but any retrogression has human will as cause. Read more >>


2018 128
2018 April 3
The divine word is for him, who hears it from him, an unmistakable proof of his existence.
God speaks - God himself is the word
As soon as man has once acknowledged that God has spoken and that his word, the writing and the tradition has started from him, also the assumption is unjustified that he now no longer expresses himself; on the contrary the always greater getting trouble is cause for a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence to again and again reveal himself, to strengthen the weak faith of men, to enliven it and to reveal his identity himself. Read more >>


2018 129
2018 April 3 (2)
The first aim of man is to stand in truth.
Uniting of spirit - soul and body - Fight against matter
But since man stands in the midst of life, he is constantly exposed to oppressions from the outside, which however only are aiming to achieve that also the body spiritualizes itself if possible, that it consciously enters the right relationship to matter, that it does not become its slave, but its master. Read more >>


2018 130
2018 April 3 (3)
Offer my word to them, and you will recognize their true spirit.
Resistance of the divine word sign of the end
Greater and greater the hostility is to become from the side of the followers of my opponent against the few, who want to belong to me and do not follow their desire. Read more >>


2018 131
2018 April 4
The will alone makes man free.
Redemption through Christ is an act of free will
The work of redemption of Christ does not restrict the free will of man, i.e., mankind has not instantly be redeemed out of constraint, but only those men, who want it themselves, can put themselves into the blessing of the work of redemption; they can be beneficiaries of the treasure of favour, which Jesus Christ has acquired through his death on the cross for mankind. Read more >>


2018 132
2018 April 4 (2)
The knowledge of God and his opponent is necessary, to be able to decide
Recognizing of God’s sign of the change of will - Exceeding of authority
God wants to be recognized; his opponent however does not, and for that reason he would also prevent men from the recognition of God himself, when God would grant him this freedom. Read more >>


2018 133
2018 April 4 (3)
Arrogance is the first step to the bottomless fall.
Humility - Arrogance - Danger
But woe to you when you never realize the distance to me, when you think to be too grand to pray to me in deepest humility. Then no favour can reach you, then you are still controlled by him who caused you to fall, then you can never become free from the sin of the former arrogance because without my favour you cannot in a lifetime be blessed. Read more >>


2018 134
2018 April 4 (4)
And then the power of faith will be evident.
I will put the words into your mouth
And without any kind of preparation my servants will be able to explain the problems that men raise who want to be wise. Read more >>


2018 135
2018 April 4 (5)
Only then doubts are justified, when worldly problems have been touched.
Unjustified doubts - Truthfulness - servants of God
For that reason you men can believe unhesitatingly those, who work for God and hear his voice – their deep knowledge will give you the proof that they are taught by God; and where God himself expresses himself, the powers from below are refused all access. Read more >>


2018 136
2018 April 4 (6)
My word is full of power.
Worlds shall pass away but my word remains
But my word will again and again flow to you out of the source, which is inexhaustible and just contains pure truth. Read more >>


2018 137
2018 April 4 (7)
Do not be afraid.
Happy end after the great trouble
And it will be a happy end for you, no matter whether you are transferred on to the new earth or before already enter the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 138
2018 April 4 (8)
Loving men recognize me.
Inability to recognize the announcements - Work for God
For my sake you are to love each other, because otherwise I cannot impart wisdom to you, the alone true knowledge from above. Read more >>


2018 139
2018 April 9
You men could all be instructed by the spirit in you.
Spiritual or letter meaning - Communion
But I as highly perfect being do not move into a form visible to you, to now being present for you in this form. I am always and everywhere present, but whether conscious or perceptible for you that depends alone on your attitude towards me. Read more >>


2018 140
2018 April 9 (2)
You are not allowed to like self-created opinions.
Key to wisdom is love
Therefore I can only give you one command, to practise love, when you also want to be in the possession of truth and be happy. Read more >>


2018 141
2018 April 9 (3)
Also these souls have to fulfil their mission.
Mentally deficient people – Possession
They are human beings, who appear unhappy to fellowmen and meagre provided for by me, but who go this way as means of purification for fellowmen and are also called to account for differently. Read more >>


2018 142
2018 April 10
I also know about the wrestling of many men about faith.
Extraordinary occurrences signs of the near end
I however always take into account the fact that you live in an extremely material world, that you have little contact with that kingdom, out of which truth comes, and that it is far more difficult for you to believe, because you no longer carry me alive enough in the heart, because you stand too far from the figure Jesus Christ and as a result can receive little power, because you do not believe. Read more >>


2018 143
2018 April 10 (2)
But I protect my light bearers.
God’s love - Revelations - Mediators
The confusion among men is great; the right thing they see as wrong, the wrong they acknowledge and do not let themselves be convinced of the fallacy of it. They have no competence to judge and still arrogate judgement about divine transmission to themselves. Read more >>


2018 144
2018 April 11
To be active for God and his kingdom on earth is the most beautiful work for a man, who loves him.
Love for God - love for the neighbour - Workers in the vineyard
To work for the Lord in his vineyard is a voluntary service, and what is done voluntarily, also makes happy, even so when the work is difficult. Read more >>


2018 145
2018 April 12
The favour of God is therefore an undeserved gift.
God’s word undeserved favour
And so only faith of those can be offered as proof of the divine transmission, who themselves are good and strive for God. Read more >>


2018 146
2018 April 12 (2)
My word also describes your fellowmen as my children.
God’s will - Fulfilment of love commands
My will must be represented to you, and therefore you must listen to my word, which clearly and comprehensibly reveals my will to you. Read more >>


2018 147
2018 April 12 (3)
The forming to love then inevitably also results in the state of light.
The purpose of life on earth is the reshaping of the being to love
But he who considers life on earth to be an end in itself, who seeks to win from it that what it offers in bodily pleasures, who is not active for his life after death, he will be in a very miserable state at the end and full of remorse he will think of all the unused opportunities that he missed out of free will. Read more >>


2018 148
2018 April 12 (4)
A right used will it is, when man gathers spiritual goods.
Passing of the test of will in earth life
But as long as you chase after material goods on earth, so long your thinking and wanting revolves around earthly joys or earthly possessions, so long your will is still gaged by him, who is lord of the earthly world, because that is his means to win you that he entices you with joys of the world, to distract you from the goal, which is set for you for earth life. Read more >>


2018 149
2018 April 13
You are divine products.
Divine power - Living faith - Miracle work
As part of me you also possess divine power, which you can increase indefinitely through your faith. Read more >>


2018 150
2018 April 13 (2)
But love is decisive, because love enlightens the spirit.
Power of faith of a living, but wrong faith
They trust in me and are convinced that I fulfil their request, and such a faith I do not let come to nothing, out of which it is apparent that also the wrongly believing can experience unusual help by virtue of their faith, but out of which then the truth of that believed by them is not to be derived from, but only the power of a living faith can be seen from. Read more >>


2018 151
2018 April 13 (3)
Consequently no limits of knowledge are set for men.
Limits of knowledge - Exceeding of those
As far as I am concerned nothing remains hidden to man; he can penetrate into all secrets, so he just chooses the right way – the connection with me, I who know about everything, through work in love. Read more >>


2018 152
2018 April 14
But if power is supplied to the soul, then man overcomes everything without difficulties.
Power transmission through the word of God
The power of my word is immeasurable, but also to those my power is supplied, who receive my word through mediators or the Scriptures, because their will and their desire for me enables them to recognize it as my word, and they also expose themselves to its effect; they receive power and favour. Read more >>


2018 153
2018 April 14 (2)
In the name of Jesus Christ you are therefore to bring the Gospel to men.
In the name of Jesus Christ - Teachings
You are to speak in my name and again glorify my name, by you reporting about my extraordinary work in and at you, so that also fellowmen learn to believe convincingly. Read more >>


2018 154
2018 April 14 (3)
Because soon these events will be followed by the downfall of the old earth.
Prediction of natural disaster - Dead stretches
So-called dead stretches are formed that show no life because the emanations of the earth at these places suffocate all life. Read more >>


2018 155
2018 April 14 (4)
It will be impossible for men in their dark spiritual state to recognize truth.
Increasing darkness before the end
At the end all faith will be rejected, and that the easier there, where the false doctrines are openly recognized as such and it is believed they can justify the rejecting of all faith teachings. Read more >>


2018 156
2018 April 14 (5)
My church is a purely spiritual work.
You are Peter, the rock, on you I will
My right representatives will also in my name announce to all spiritual organizations the end of their existence, because everything, what has gone away from right truth, will pass, even so the conviction is represented with men that that church is invincible. Read more >>


2018 157
2018 April 15
Who receives much, he is to also hand out much.
Divine revelations bind - Near end
If now the receiver of my word is destined for a teaching activity, then the measure of favour will be inexhaustible, because now he is active as mediator between me and men; he has to fulfil a mission, to pass on an extensive knowledge, which spreading has now become necessary to decrease the great spiritual need. Read more >>


2018 158
2018 April 15 (2)
God gives nothing, what does not want to be received.
The power of the word - Ineffectiveness
Because without power supply out of God man is a weak being, and he achieves nothing on earth, as long as he withdraws himself from this power supply through his will, as long as he still stands under the influence of him, who is God’s opponent, who did not want to acknowledge God as source of power and because of that fell. Read more >>


2018 159
2018 April 17
No outwardly perceptible act is necessary to let me be present.
Spring of life - Communion - Flesh and blood
Who accepts my word in himself, he will receive much power and be able to effortlessly cover the ascent, because my word is such an effective food and such a life awakening drink that man knows no weakness any longer and is filled by a strong will to reach me, I who stand at the end of the way and stretch out my hands towards him in longing love for all my creatures. Read more >>


2018 160
2018 April 17 (2)
Good and evil are those powers, which seek to influence man’s thinking.
Will like decision in earth life
Where man is enticed from the side of the opponent through earthly advantages and successes, there favours without measure from my side are at his disposal, so that the fight between good and evil can never be called an unequal one and even the most primitive man can just as good give the will the right direction as the intellectually extremely high standing, for which my justice and my love is guarantee. Read more >>


2018 161
2018 April 17 (3)
These my fighters get their power directly from me.
Antichrist - Faith is endangered
He will achieve what no-one before has achieved - overthrow a power that was considered to be invincible. Read more >>


2018 162
2018 April 17 (4)
And what you hear are the same words, which I spoke to you, when I walked on earth.
God speaks to men - Power of the divine word
And so you believe and show me your love, you also recognize my voice, and it makes you happy. Read more >>


2018 163
2018 April 17 (5)
The effectiveness of my favour is therefore certain, when it is desired.
Effectiveness of favour depending on the will of man
I help everyone through my favour, but I force nobody to let it become effective, but leave fullest freedom to the will of man. Read more >>


2018 164
2018 April 18
What can be proved in the whole material creation, is, that everything has its purpose.
Earth life purpose: Serving in love in free will
Then God seeks to warm the hearts of men by the trouble of fellowmen, so that they fulfil their earth life purpose, to increase their soul maturity through serving neighbourly love, because only love redeems them, only love makes free and gives light and power to the soul, only love draws the soul out of the deep upwards, only love leads it out of the darkness of night to the light and to freedom. Read more >>


2018 165
2018 April 18 (2)
I let every trouble come over you only for the purpose that you join me all the more intimately.
Granting of prayer in spirit and in truth
And for that reason pray in spirit and in truth before every decision, which you want to take, and then decide so, as the heart drives you, i.e., as you feel it to be right, because this feeling is the answer, which I send to you after intimate prayer for my help. Read more >>


2018 166
2018 April 18 (3)
To every man favour is sent, whether he is good or evil.
Unlimited gift of favour - Effectiveness
In every life situation the opportunity is offered to him to walk on the way, the way of love, which inevitably leads to cognition. Read more >>


2018 167
2018 April 19
God gives his favour to the humble.
The humble man serves fellowman, and therefore serving neighbourly love is always the way, which leads to the inexhaustible spring of favour of God. Read more >>


2018 168
2018 April 19 (2)
Men wanted to serve me and were still the servants of him, who is my enemy.
Recognizing of God only through truth
There have always been men, who recognized wrong and took action against it, but my opponent always met with approval, so he put the error and the lie into the light and undermined truth. Read more >>


2018 169
2018 April 19 (3)
But the cleft widens, until it has become irreconcilable.
Small flock at the end - Cleft widens - God's help
The separation will always be carried out more and more the closer the end is, and the two camps will wage a war with each other; the children of Satan in hate and lack of love, mine on the other hand still want to convert them and try to win them in love for me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2018 170
2018 April 19 (4)
I supply the light from heaven down to earth.
Rejecting God’s gift of favour - Darkness
Also suffering is a gift of favour, because it is to lead man to me, so he does not find the way alone or does not want to go. Read more >>


2018 171
2018 April 20
That you must give up the world to win me, is unavoidable.
Love for the world - Illness - No man can serve two masters
But think of life after death – think of it that you do not know the hour of your decease, but it can be very close and that you then lose everything, what you possess of earthly goods. Then you must fear the hour of death. But you will long for it, so you have gathered spiritual treasures, so you renounce earthly goods, to exchange them for gifts offered by me. Then you long for the hour of death, because you know that then the hour of the entry into eternal life has come, since you leave earth. As a fleeting moment earth life will appear to you, and it is still decisive for all eternity. Read more >>


2018 172
2018 April 21
But I condemn blind faith, because it will not awaken you to life.
Own activity of the will - Leaders and their supporters
A good leader will always prompt you to think, and you can also follow him – but a bad leader demands blind faith in him and his teachings. Read more >>


2018 173
2018 April 22
All slags must have been removed before.
Suffering God’s proof of love - Fire of purification.
But the kingdom of the happy spirits knows no resistances, and for that reason only that soul can dwell there, which is pure itself, which has completely spiritualized itself, at which nothing ignoble adheres to any more, which could prevent the light radiating through. Read more >>


2018 174
2018 April 22 (2)
Love and faith determine life in eternity.
Love and faith
The heart cannot instruct the intellect, because it itself is inaccessible to every instruction, for lacking love prevents the work of the spirit, which instructs man out from the inside and presents truth to him feeling wise. Read more >>


2018 175
2018 April 22 (3)
To help fellowman is solely and alone your earth life purpose.
God’s love and neighbourly love
Love comes from me and leads again back to me, but what is without love, has voluntarily left my circuit and is for that reason in danger, to become a slave to him, who is devoid of all love, because he is my opponent. Read more >>


2018 176
2018 April 22 (4)
There is still a time of favour.
Make use of the time of favour before the end.
Incessantly I am ready with my favour to help those that cry out to me in their trouble or stand undecided at a crossroads; but the time of favour will soon end and where every single soul stands at the last day there it must remain throughout endless long times - in the light or in darkness. Read more >>


2018 177
2018 April 23
In the spiritual kingdom the beings recognize themselves at their light intensity.
Words of love - Words of wisdom - Teaching activity - Criticism at publications
I must – since I have given to man the ability to think, also present knowledge to him, which the intellect cannot reject, when the heart is open for my instruction. Read more >>


2018 178
2018 April 24
But words of wisdom oblige the receiver to teaching activity.
Knowledge of the eternal plan of salvation - Difference of the receivers of the word
Think about that nothing happens, what would not be the result of my wisdom, and all events have the purpose to bring the spiritual to maturity. Read more >>


2018 179
2018 April 24 (2)
He therefore makes use of man to still carry out his will – destruction of matter.
Will of destruction of the opponent of God. Bound spiritual – men
Then man withdraws more and more from the influence of my opponent; then he completely subjugates himself to my will, by him redeeming himself and also helps the spiritual in matter to ascent development, by him granting my opponent no power at all over himself and also seeking to make matter free from him, by the will of man always resisting my opponent. Read more >>


2018 180
2018 April 25
Power of faith is a favour.
Power of faith is favour, but which only becomes effective through the will
Just the call in spirit and in truth is enough to be able to experience God’s supply of favour in the time of the end, and from that very hour men go their way easier, because they feel it that they no longer walk it alone. Read more >>


2018 181
2018 April 25 (2)
Words, which God himself imparts to men on earth, will never remain without effect.
God speaks as father to his children - Proof of love
The divine word is the pledge of his love, it is the proof of the perpetual care at the soul of man, which he wants to possess and which therefore must shape itself according to his will, to be able to dwell in his presence. Read more >>


2018 182
2018 April 27
My opponent will also harass the strongest champions of faith from time to time.
Test the spirits - Great power of Satan before the end - Doubt
But he who doubts, he is to turn to myself and I as the eternal truth will always help him because I want that truth is spread and that all is branded that does not correspond with truth. Read more >>


2018 183
2018 April 27 (2)
And for that reason suffering on earth will never stop.
Light - shade of death - Blinding light – God’s help illness and suffering
I also let that, what seems the most desirable to man, decline and ruin; I let man come into earthly trouble and distress, bear suffering and illness and him recognize that the world brings him no help. Read more >>


2018 184
2018 April 27 (3)
Only very high spirit beings know about their mission.
Embodied light beings - Without remembering back - Forerunner
That is why the world of light has to mediate; beings of light have to look for suitable vessels on earth into which they can let flow the radiation of my spirit and - when there is lack of that - the beings of light themselves descend to earth to be a connecting link as embodied man between men and the spiritual world - to be mediator between me and men. Read more >>


2018 185
2018 April 27 (4)
The spirit material does not go out from above distorted.
Examination of spiritual material, which deviates from each other
And it is again the degree of maturity of him, who desires to receive the spirit material, who must be examined first, what you men indeed are not able to do easily, since the inner nature of a man does not lie so opened before you that you can judge the worth of this man. Read more >>


2018 186
2018 April 28
For that reason strive much more for a way of life in love than a certain school of thought.
Different schools of thought - Love guarantees truth
For that reason also the love of God and of the neighbour is first and last command, because only the fulfilment of this command guarantees a walk in truth; it guarantees the membership of the right church, which I have established myself on earth, because love brings with it the recognition of truth and therefore also right faith, the conviction that man is in truth. Read more >>


2018 187
2018 April 28 (2)
A truthful childlike heart gets you further, than the sharpest intellect is able to get you.
Blessing of divine revelations - I am the way, the truth, and the life
God can easily reveal himself to a loving man, because he receives the revelation with the heart, and it recognizes the voice of the father. Read more >>


2018 188
2018 April 29
I alone make the decisions and also rule the spiritual and the earthly world through my will.
God's will - wisdom - Wrong will of man
I do not force man, nevertheless he does not determine my rule and work, just now and then causes me to tolerate that, what is against my will, but only for that reason, because my wisdom always finds means and ways, to also give the wrong will of man a blessed effect. Read more >>


2018 189
2018 April 29 (2)
And he will always find the right words.
Work in the vineyard of the Lord: Spreading of the word - Light bearers
Who wants to seriously work for me, he can unearth a treasure of favour of immeasurable value. All spiritual goods are ready for him, and only his desire determines the fullness of that, what is sent to him. Read more >>


2018 190
2018 April 29 (3)
In association with me you can achieve everything.
Power of love - Power of faith
Put yourselves into intimate connection with me, and then want, what the heart tells you to do, through which my will now expresses itself and then act, and you will be able to do everything with my power. Read more >>


2018 191
2018 April 29 (4)
The false prophets always pursue earthly aims and seek to gain advantage, power and wealth.
False Christs and false prophets
Who receives from me, passes it on to fellowmen, without demanding a wage, but who demands a wage, he has the gift, which he hands out, not received from me. Also that is a feature, by which the false Christs and prophets are recognizable, because spiritual goods are priceless treasures, which never ever are allowed to be valued earthly or condemn him, who lets himself be paid for in return. Read more >>


2018 192
2018 May 1
You do not deceive me, but certainly your fellowmen.
Ten commandments - First and second commandment
The pretended mentioning of the name is a lie, which will heavily take its revenge in future, when all sin becomes revealed; it is a gross violation against the command of love towards God and the neighbour. Read more >>


2018 193
2018 May 1 (2)
The sensuous desires are the greatest obstacles of the spiritualizing of the soul.
Third, fourth, fifth and sixth commandment
You commit a double sin, against the neighbour and also against me; as in general every offence against the love command towards the neighbour is also an offence against love towards me, because indirectly you also refuse love towards him, who has created your neighbour. Read more >>


2018 194
2018 May 2
And therefore it is neither of value nor of advantage to create a new disputed object.
Dogma: Mary’s ascension
Moreover it is of no importance for subsequent mankind, in which way the mother of Jesus has left earth, because as long as men have not progressed spiritually so far, that they can grasp the process of spiritualization of a soul, the description of an ascension only brings in renewed darkness. Read more >>


2018 195
2018 May 2 (2)
Only who believes in me sends his thoughts to me.
Strengthening of faith in my task
For that reason remain strong, my child, and fulfil my task, and keep to my word, which I, your father from eternity, the creator and preserver of the universe, sends you from above, for the blessing of all men, who hear and receive it into their hearts. Read more >>


2018 196
2018 May 2 (3)
You can also harm him spiritually, by you withholding from him, what is good for his soul and which my favour sends to all men and can be imparted by everyone to his fellowmen.
Seventh and eighth commandment
So a testimony is demanded from you about your neighbour, be true and full of love towards him. Seek to understand his faults and to lovingly point them out to him, but do not misuse his weakness as advantage for you, by you seeking to disparage him, to win yourself on that occasion. Read more >>


2018 197
2018 May 4
But the purpose of earth life as man is the overcoming of matter.
Ninth and tenth commandment
The greater and stronger a passion is for things, which cause the well-being of the body, the more the thinking and striving of man is directed at it and can trigger bad desires and qualities in man, which have an effect detrimental to fellowmen. Read more >>


2018 198
2018 May 5
And therefore I call you to account for all your thoughts, words and deeds.
Calling to account on the day of judgement - Redeemer Jesus Christ
In this development period a special privilege was given to men - the divine redeemer Jesus Christ came himself to earth to help men that were about to fail in their course of development. Read more >>


2018 199
2018 May 5 (2)
Then a short quick prayer, a thought towards me, is enough: Deliver us from all evil.
Deliver us from all evil
Deliver us from evil. Speak these words often out of the heart, and you will always feel my help, because with this request you confess me, because you call upon me against him, who is my opponent and your enemy. Read more >>


2018 200
2018 May 5 (3)
I forgive you your debt, as you forgive your debtors.
Forgive us our debts
Every unpleasant thought towards a man is taken up by evil powers and transmitted to him, and it can have no good effect, because evil just bears evil and for that reason is only returned evil, what quickly increases the power of evil and for that reason therefore has a negative effect. But you are to oppose evil with good, to lessen and to change to good, what is evil. Read more >>


2018 201
2018 May 6
But only love achieves such, and this cannot be given to you.
Love - Joy in giving - Counter love - Faith in work of redemption of Christ
You must help, where help is required, and, stimulated by the feeling of inner bliss, always accomplish new works of love, then you will constantly maintain the fire in you; you will supply food to it; you will uninterruptedly be active in unselfish love. Read more >>


2018 202
2018 May 7
And spiritually and earthly they can for that reason be without worry.
Spiritual work – God’s blessing - Care of the father of the family for his servants
I myself give you the assignment to speak for me, and for that reason always act according to your feeling, through which my will is expressed. Read more >>


2018 203
2018 May 8
Bear their faults and weaknesses full of leniency.
Patience with fellowmen who do not strive spiritually
Yet I say again and again: Have patience with your fellowmen, whom you cannot convince of my word. Read more >>


2018 204
2018 May 8 (2)
All their efforts are aiming at bringing light to the beings still dwelling in darkness.
Common work in the opposite kingdom - Help to the ignorant
But if they work together, then everything is possible for them, what they want, but their will is always equal to the will of God. Read more >>


2018 205
2018 May 9
Because without God you have become a slave to him, who is his opponent.
Love - power reception - Love has cooled - Serious admonition
God alone is your rescue; if you do not seek him, then you get lost for eternal times. Read more >>


2018 206
2018 May 9 (2)
But my law from eternity demands a continual ascent development.
Violation of eternal order - Fulfilment of prediction - Last Judgement
The earth, which only is to serve as maturing station for the spiritual, completely misses its purpose and therefore can no longer continue to exist in its old form, because it then completely unlawfully moves in the universe, in which all creations have their purpose that is assigned to them by me and also comply with it. Read more >>


2018 207
2018 May 10
My spirit must be able to work in man.
Truth must go out from the original source of truth directly - I am the way, the truth, and the life
All knowledge, which was not gained scholastically, but so to speak born in the heart of a man, is to be attributed to the work of the spirit and therefore a revelation on my part, which can only be pure truth. Read more >>


2018 208
2018 May 10 (2)
The freedom of will must be inviolable.
Spiritual compulsion - Dogma
For every man is responsible for himself, and it is a presumption, when a man wants to determine the thinking and believing of thousands upon thousands through a command, as which always a dogmatic teaching is to be seen. Read more >>


2018 209
2018 May 11
Soon the time of favour is expired.
Care of the father about his children
You men stand again before a turning point, before the end of a time period, which was granted to you for redemption. Read more >>


2018 210
2018 May 11 (2)
Only on earth the souls can reach the aim, to mature to my right children.
Care of the father about his children - God’s adoption
The adoption as children of God they are to reach, become like me in everything; as right children they are to come into the inheritance of the father; they are to create and fashion with me and be happy for ever. Read more >>


2018 211
2018 May 11 (3)
But you are to fear neither the temptations nor the tempter himself.
Wrestling of evil powers for the souls more intense before the end
But the beings of light protect you and do not allow it that you succumb in the fight against the dark powers. Read more >>


2018 212
2018 May 12
Satan has no longer the power to force a man’s will.
Death is overcome - Power of Satan broken through death on the cross
Satan certainly still has great power, but only over those men, who have no faith in Jesus Christ, the divine redeemer. Read more >>


2018 213
2018 May 12 (2)
The earth rotations are therefore driven out from the inside.
Powers in the interior of the earth - Eruption - Explanation
The earth rotations are therefore driven out from the inside, but regulated through counter powers, until excessive influence from the inside results in earth tremors and eruptions, so that the laws of nature remain so long irrefutable, until I myself dissolve them through my will, when the end of the earth has come. Read more >>


2018 214
2018 May 13
He must have received my word in himself and live accordingly.
Right preacher must be driven by the spirit of God
Everyone, who then stands in living faith in me and in humble love is prepared to be active for me, he constantly receives my word, because it is me, who now guides his thoughts; who feeds in the words to him, which once have gone out from me and which I always and constantly repeat, because heaven and earth pass away, but my word remains until all eternity. Read more >>


2018 215
2018 May 13 (2)
He must have received my word in himself and live accordingly.
It is about eternal life
Every thought, every act has automatically the effect that man is pushed away or led towards the aim. Read more >>


2018 216
2018 May 15
Every sun body is in infinite extension an equal work of creation as earth.
Sun worlds - Mountain spewing fire - Eruptions
Each one sun is in perpetual activity. Unsuspected powers rage in its interior, which again and again hurl parts out of the interior into space by virtue of its elementary power, which are there again seized by spirit beings and fashioned by them to completely free world bodies active for themselves and provided with everything by creative spirit beings, what is again required for creatures intended to exist on them. Read more >>


2018 217
2018 May 17
And this love will never wear itself out.
God speaks again and again
Because I am a substantial divinity, I must also be able to give proof of my nature and therefore speak to you men. Read more >>


2018 218
2018 May 18
At the time of the end also light beings must descent to earth to help men.
Light beings embodied as man - Disciples of the end
It certainly can suspect it as result of increased knowledge, but it remains hidden to it for the sake of itself until the time of complete spiritualization, shortly before its decease, where it recognizes its origin in spiritual display and longs back there full of yearning, where it is again united with me in happiness. Read more >>


2018 219
2018 May 19
The fight between light and darkness is equal to the fight between truth and error.
Fight between light and darkness
For it is a bitter struggle between God and his opponent, between eternal truth and the prince of the lie. Read more >>


2018 220
2018 May 19 (2)
The the end of a great city.
A rock will be shaken
I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word. Read more >>


2018 221
2018 May 19 (3)
Eradicate wrong teachings and false opinions through right instructions.
Work in the vineyard - Seed - reapers - Harvest
Then the seed has fallen on good ground; then the field has been purified of the weed, false teachings have been said goodbye to, and only pure truth enlivens man’s thinking and beginning, and his soul will live for ever, because it has developed to a fruit, which pleases me well. Read more >>


2018 222
2018 May 21
Only free will makes divine beings out of you.
Falling away of the spiritual from God humanly described
But because I love you and want to win you, I form your fate in such a way that you can reverse the separation from me by the right use of your will, that you strive for unity with me and so also again take on your original being, that you again are truly my children that have now of their own accord decided for me and reject my opponent. Read more >>


2018 223
2018 May 21 (2)
Those beings, however, who are happy, have overcome earthly matter.
What no man’s eye has ever seen
As long as therefore a description conceivable to you is given to you of the spiritual kingdom, they are the states of the souls, who only know earthly concepts and are not yet mature enough for the kingdom of light. Read more >>


2018 224
2018 May 21 (3)
You will still have to do much work, but never be without help.
Call to spiritual work in the coming time of trouble
Nothing will seem unusual, what you undertake, but you yourselves will feel my hand, and all, who are of awakened spirit, likewise. Read more >>


2018 225
2018 May 22
Without Jesus Christ is the cleft irreconcilable.
The way to God through Jesus Christ
He forgave all men, who hand over their debt to Jesus Christ and ask him for his blessing, for his help on the earth course, for guidance on the earth course upwards, to the father, to eternal life. Read more >>


2018 226
2018 May 22 (2)
You then so to speak force me to be present to you.
Power of the divine word
For I often come myself to meet you, so you do not draw me to you through your desire. Read more >>


2018 227
2018 May 25
Without my word you are in trouble of the soul.
God’s help to the ascent – God’s word
I am always close to you, but particularly, when you are in trouble, because otherwise I cannot make myself known to you than through help, which proves my presence – through my word, which you always may believe. Read more >>


2018 228
2018 May 25 (2)
But the announcements of seers and prophets always have to agree.
Seers and Prophets
But men who consciously offer their services to me can likewise work for me prophetically when they are chosen by me for a teaching activity. Read more >>


2018 229
2018 May 25 (3)
Think about your purpose and your life task.
Recognize yourselves and your origin
Then eagerly seek to comply with that, what you feel alive in you as duty to God, because he puts this feeling into your heart, as soon as you just seriously make an effort to fathom aim and purpose of earth life, as soon as you, in recognizing yourselves in the heart, turn to him, from whom you went out. Read more >>


2018 230
2018 May 26
And only a deeply humble man has this childlike piety.
Spiritual poverty
Spiritual poverty is therefore only the admission of his unworthiness and the desire for my favour and mercy, which also each one will experience, who in such humility lifts up his eyes to me. Read more >>


2018 231
2018 May 26 (2)
The prophecies of the seers and prophets come true.
Spiritual action
Heaven and earth will unite, where it is essential to bring light to men, who walk along in darkness. Read more >>


2018 232
2018 May 26 (3)
But the short earth life time can also win it the highest bliss.
Way to perfection - God’s adoption
Therefore innumerable souls enter the opposite kingdom in the state of darkness and must there go an agonizing walk, until they reach upwards, what, however, is far more difficult than on earth, where the life power is at their disposal, to act according to their will, only that their will was directed wrongly. Read more >>


2018 233
2018 May 27
The process of power transmission can take place in different form.
Eternal life - Activity - Power out of God - Love
Therefore Jesus Christ has promised man an eternal life, who believes in him and follows him out of this faith, i.e. covers a life in love on earth. Read more >>


2018 234
2018 May 27 (2)
Again others reject my guidance and show me mistrust.
Fate according to will and resistance
But who devotes himself to me, he no longer needs extra ordinary means of bringing up, and to him I spread out my hands under the feet, and his earth way will be more easily passable, although also he still needs trials for the increase of his degree of maturity, which drive him to me, until also the last distance from me is overcome, until he can end his earth life in happy uniting with me. Read more >>


2018 235
2018 May 27 (3)
With regard to me, words are therefore not necessary.
Humble child love is always proof of gratitude. Read more >>


2018 236
2018 May 27 (4)
For that reason you do not need to be afraid, also in greatest earthly trouble.
Devils of the time of the end - God’s protection
And that I say to you as comfort that also your faith will grow strong the more it gets shaken, because those earnestly striving for me experience strengthening of faith by me myself and their spiritual attitude to me takes on a form, which is a right child relationship, and consequently also the trust in me is very great that they fear the earthly trouble only little, because they are fully convinced that I rescue them. Read more >>


2018 237
2018 May 27 (5)
Therefore exaltation in my kingdom presupposes a deep humility.
Whosoever shall exalt himself - Arrogance - Honour
Truly all power was at my disposal, and I could create everything for me, earthly wealth and reputation before the world. I could have ruled like a king and take up all honour for me; but I did not see that what is high, but only saw what is miserable, weak and bend myself down to it; I knew no arrogance and sought no honour and fame from men. Read more >>


2018 238
2018 May 27 (6)
But they do not know that self-love means the death of their spirit.
Admonition to vineyard work - Spreading of the Gospel
Present the right relationship to them, in which they are to stand to me; explain to them the motive for their human existence and my infinite love and patience, to win my creatures for ever. Read more >>


2018 239
2018 May 27 (7)
Who seeks truth, him I approach myself.
Sign of truth of the announcements: Love, favour, mercy
But they are in accordance with truth and can therefore quite safely be seen as sent through my will to men, as long as the one sign is not lacking – that I myself am always to be recognized as love, favour and mercy, as father, who seeks to win his children. Read more >>


2018 240
2018 May 29
The right life of the soul must be desired.
He that findeth his life shall lose it
And for that reason the will of man is to be seriously directed towards eternal life, so that he then uses the life power to win spiritual power – then he will become victor over death, because then he is certain of an eternal life, and he shall not taste of death in eternity. Read more >>


2018 241
2018 May 30
Who lives in love, he has extricated himself from the power of my opponent.
Voluntary return in love to God - Indissoluble union
Love means everything – it is so to speak the key to eternity, to the kingdom of light; it is the way to me, to the father, he who expects you to be happy with you. Read more >>


2018 242
2018 May 31
And such spiritual influxes always mean thoughts of truth and clear cognition.
Spiritual influxes, questions - Truth
But earthly questions can certainly be answered for you mentally, but this answer is mostly of use only for the one asking, but not for fellowman, why, who wants to be instructed by the spiritual kingdom, no longer pays attention to the world and for that reason is suitable as receiver of spiritual gifts, which he is to now spread as my Gospel, to help fellowmen. Read more >>


2018 243
2018 May 31 (2)
Mankind stands at the end of a development period.
Coming down of Christ then and now - Work of redemption
And I have accomplished the work of redemption for all times, for the past, present and future - therefore also for men of the present time, which are in the same spiritual trouble und urgently need help if they do not want to perish and fall into the abyss at the instigation of my opponent. Read more >>


2018 244
2018 May 31 (3)
And love will win.
Faith struggle - Great tribulation - Confessing - Rescuer
But to save you the tests of faith is not possible, as the fellow humans are to recognize by your steadfastness from where you get the power and of what effectiveness it is, because of your faith in me. Read more >>


2018 245
2018 May 31 (4)
Scientists and what ranks itself among them.
The powers of heaven will move - Overthrow of natural laws - Rapture
They go against the divine natural law, but are basically again only laws of nature unknown to men and these processes are meant by the words: The stars shall fall from heaven - sun and moon shall not give their light. Read more >>


2018 246
2018 May 31 (5)
Men believe too little, and for that reason this direct connection from man to God is no longer possible.
Unusual trouble - Unusual help - Supply of God's word
At this light is to also lighten the flame in the heart, love, and also what comes from the outside must first find reception in the heart, then the spirit is illuminated, only then darkness will wane, only then the spiritual trouble is removed and rescue is brought to the soul, when men accept God’s word and let it have an effect on them, before it is too late, before night begins, which lasts for ever and is extremely agonizing. Read more >>


2018 247
2018 June 1
There is therefore a struggle in the spiritual kingdom about the souls of men on this earth.
Connection between spirit beings and men - Form
But God assesses the will of men. Is it meant for him, then men are also certain of his special protection, and they draw blessings for their soul out of every spiritual contact. Read more >>


2018 248
2018 June 5
Only the innermost belief of man, the striving towards me, guarantees the protection.
Spiritualism - Truth - error
Who now very deliberately abandons himself to my leadership, he can also be certain that I lead him right, therefore never to any harm of his soul. Read more >>


2018 249
2018 June 6
Each individual is to serve according to his ability.
Suitability for teaching office - Awakened spirit - Competence to judge
Nevertheless all, who belong to me, can assert their influence on fellowmen, by them giving an example to them through their way of life, which is often more successful than speeches and instructions. Read more >>


2018 250
2018 June 6 (2)
This struggle is indeed only necessary on earth.
Adapting to the divine will - Decision of the will
For that reason it is of greatest blessing, so man, striving for me, devotes his will sacrificingly to me, so he always and again and again subjugates himself to me and in this way his renunciation from my opponent is obvious. Read more >>


2018 251
2018 June 6 (3)
He is a God of love, but also of justice.
Development process to completion - Jesus Christ
And therefore his plan of salvation is fixed for eternity; therefore innumerable development periods serve to bring the imperfect spiritual, once having deserted him, again to perfection. Read more >>


2018 252
2018 June 7
Love is the most effective means of impetus.
Arrival at the destination - Love - Will
They remain loyal to the teachings and instructions, which were indicated to them as way upwards by men, who pass themselves off as guides upwards. They do not break away from the ceremony, but always in the faith, to act pleasing to me through this. But they are nevertheless on the right way, although this is not conceivable to them without outer signs. Read more >>


2018 253
2018 June 7 (2)
Jesus Christ always stands helpful by you men.
Fight against the enemy of the souls - Call of Jesus Christ
Therefore you do not need to fear the enemy of your souls, whatever he wants to undertake against you, because as soon as you call Jesus Christ for help, for his assistance, he automatically leaves you alone, because he knows the power of the divine name and fears it. Read more >>


2018 254
2018 June 7 (3)
You yourselves determine through your desire your Lord.
Work of Satan - I am the good shepherd
If you are therefore mine through your will and your way of thinking, then you no longer need to fear him, because he only has power over the undecided and his followers, as long as they do not call on me for help. Read more >>


2018 255
2018 June 8
An apparent representative of God.
World love - Satan’s followers - God love - Overcomers of matter
Who therefore loves the world and its pleasures, who strives after matter and only lives for the gaining of it, he belongs to the opponent of God and also grants him the power over himself. Read more >>


2018 256
2018 June 9
The closer the end is, the smaller the flock of mine becomes.
Revelations - Book of the fathers - Living word
Who desires me, he will also find fulfilment; to him I will also be present and also express my presence through my word. Read more >>


2018 257
2018 June 9 (2)
Therefore again only the will alone is decisive.
Being happy - Free will - Wolf in the sheep-fold
But Satan, who recognizes this, that you are lost for him, does not let up, because he underestimates the power of my love, because he believes still being able to wring out of me, what, however, belongs to me. Read more >>


2018 258
2018 June 12
Your existence as man is the result of sin.
Embodiment as man result of sin - Work of redemption
This act of justice now takes place through the banishment of the spiritual, which once resisted me, in a material form, which always means a fetter for it. Read more >>


2018 259
2018 June 12 (2)
He has redeemed all men from sin. But free will of man is not eliminated.
Embodiment as man result of sin - Work of redemption
The work of redemption must be acknowledged and taken up – man must also carry his extreme great sin debt there to the cross of the divine redeemer; he must recognize himself and confess himself before him as sinner, as weak, insufficient man, who is and remains bound, so Jesus Christ does not take pity on him and stands up for him as merciful mediator, who is prepared to repay his debt, as soon as man believes in him as redeemer, confessed his sinfulness to him remorsefully and asks for forgiveness of his debt. Read more >>


2018 260
2018 June 12 (3)
Faith in my love believes everything possible.
Revelation - Living faith
Faith won freely is by much more effective, and it gives man a happy certainty of most intimate union with me. Read more >>


2018 261
2018 June 12 (4)
Spirit work is an introduction into eternal truth.
Spirit work - Light - Knowledge - Plan of salvation
Spirit work is further the winning of a deep cognition of meaning and purpose of creation and of the original relationship of the creator to the created. Read more >>


2018 262
2018 June 16
But woe betide those, who do not listen to them, because the end will be terrible.
Seers and prophets - Strength of will and faith
And for that reason also only men with strong will and faith can perform this office, who do not let themselves be shaken by threats, when in the end the chips will be down. Read more >>


2018 263
2018 June 17
I promise you eternal life and also take over the care for the body.
God’s promise - Earthly and spiritually
Through my promise I want to give you comfort and power and confidence in every trouble, because my word is truth; and it fulfils itself. Read more >>


2018 264
2018 June 17 (2)
His main task is first the spreading of the Gospel.
Calling - Assignment - Truth carrier - Feeling for untruth
You therefore, you who feel called by me to spiritual work, you are to crusade fearlessly against that, what does not accord with the sole truth, which I myself impart to you from above. Read more >>


2018 265
2018 June 18
Only the soul is immortal.
Explanation and reason of difficult earth lot
To whom suffering remains spared on earth, he will not have to expect a painless hour of death, because the soul still has to show many slags, which it takes over into the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 266
2018 June 18 (2)
And as long as the communities fight one another, they also lack this living faith.
Many ways - One aim - Right members of the church
I only pay attention to one thing, and that is of importance, how far their faith is a living one – that they confess Jesus Christ with the mouth, does not yet place them into the flock of mine, but that they are true Christians, who lead a life in the following of Jesus and because of that have reached a living faith; that is decisive to be counted to my small flock, which shepherd I am. Read more >>


2018 267
2018 June 18 (3)
Just recognize me everywhere.
Voluntarily serving God - Struggles of the soul
A violent wrestling is a sign that it is necessary for the soul – why it is necessary, I alone know, because of that always recognize me, also in events pressing you, because nothing comes over you without meaning. Read more >>


2018 268
2018 June 22
Because without me you can do nothing.
Adoption of God - Favour, power - Suffering and love
You must therefore inevitably get into contact with me, but then you can also be certain, that you receive power to fulfil your task on earth – to form yourselves to children of God, to whom all happiness is opened in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 269
2018 June 23
Then spirit, soul and body are in accord.
Explanation of the development of the spirit - Hearing of the inner word
Such a spiritual awakening can be carried out systematically, when the thoughts of man turn to me in free will and he asks me for power and favour, for my spirit. Read more >>


2018 270
2018 June 23 (2)
Where light is, is shadow.
Light and shadow - Bearer of truth
Who has made it his task, to carry the light among men, him also innumerable angels serve, because that man wants to serve God. Read more >>


2018 271
2018 June 24
Man is certainly prompted by his soul, but not always does he follow this prompting.
Night - Twilight - Dawn - Daylight
But if man is intent on the well-being of his soul and he looks after it according to its desire, therefore gives to the spiritual in him spiritual, then the soul steps out of the state of darkness; night is reduced; a gently twilight gives way to dawn, and then the sun of the spirit rises sparkling, illuminating everything and feeding it with its power of life. Read more >>


2018 272
2018 June 24 (2)
Everything now, what is done to inform fellowmen, is blessed by me.
God’s blessing rests on every vineyard work
Who himself has penetrated into the spiritual work, is to also impart such to fellowmen, so that the life of the soul is promoted, because the body is transient, but the soul immortal. Read more >>


2018 273
2018 June 24 (3)
I am always with you, so you grant me entry into the circle, where you dwell.
Where two or three are gathered together in my name
My blessing will always lie on spiritual conversations, because they are proof for me that my children desire to stand in truth, that they love me and that their thinking is directed at me. Read more >>


2018 274
2018 June 25
Every earthly worry is superfluous.
Intimately comforting father words
All the time seek help with me, and trustingly look up to me, and my help will be obvious, because I took everything from you, to be able to give to you unlimitedly. Read more >>


2018 275
2018 June 25 (2)
But now, in your unlawful state, that order, my divine will, is revealed to you.
Revelation of the divine will - Love commands
You are informed about it; both the wrong as well as the right direction of the will in its effect is presented to you; the right way of life is taught to you and you are informed about the results of a wrong way, and you can live your earth life in fullest freedom of will, must, however, also bear its results. Read more >>


2018 276
2018 June 26
Because my spirit is an enormous fire of love, full of power and effect.
Pouring out of the spirit
When therefore the pouring out of the spirit is spoken of, so it always means closest union with me, so that my work in man can take place, that therefore I myself look after the man and manage his cognition, that I make him a knowing man moving in fullest truth, who now covers his earth way purposefully with the look upwards; who turns away from the world and strives for the spiritual kingdom, because it became bright in him and he recognized the spiritual kingdom as his true home, to which he now strives with all power. Read more >>


2018 277
2018 June 26 (2)
Perfect freest will results in all events on this earth.
Plan of salvation based on free will
Not arbitrarily does everything unwind in the whole universe, but on my wisdom is everything based, which directs everything to lead all entities to a high development if possible, to reach a change of will, which is purpose and aim of earth life. Read more >>


2018 278
2018 June 28
Receive my words without resistance.
Explanation of the different natures of the word receivers
Because I see the heart, and I know about the will of man, in which degree he is turned to me, and according to this will is also his calling for my kingdom. Read more >>


2018 279
2018 June 29
The teaching of re-embodiment is misleading.
Isolated cases of transferring back onto earth have their special reason, but do not warrant the assumption that every soul can arbitrarily again return to earth when it once has covered this course without or with little success. Read more >>


2018 280
2018 June 29 (2)
But the last earth life test can also, although it is not too difficult, not be passed.
Individuality of the individual souls
Every soul, which enters the opposite kingdom after the death of its body, remains, what it is, and can always climb higher and higher and with and in the joining together with the same spiritual, make innumerable beings happy on earth, as also in the spiritual kingdom; but it always remains the same being, and its consciousness of self will never get lost for it. But if it sinks into the deep, then also its thinking becomes confused; it no longer recognizes itself and can again harden into solid substance at the extreme decline, therefore start again the course of development in new creations of earth. Read more >>


2018 281
2018 June 30
I would like that every thought of yours is only meant for me.
God’s joy by the love of his children
Every earth child, who acknowledges me as creator and father from eternity, also wants to be united with me and in this way increase the power in it; unconsciously it longs back to that state, in which it was from the very beginning, as it still stood in fullest love for me as sign of its perfection. Read more >>


2018 282
2018 July 1
I seek to inform you about my eternal plan of salvation through revelations.
Eternal love - Reason of revelation
And when I admonish you to love, so you can very well recognize that eternal love itself speaks to you, because my opponent would truly not urge men to fulfil the basic law of love, which he himself has violated and which he resists as a matter of principle. Read more >>


2018 283
2018 July 2
The spiritual joining together of mine also increases the power of the individual.
Spiritual community - Increased work
I need an army of strong fighters, who stand up for me before the world, when a professing is demanded from you. Read more >>


2018 284
2018 July 3
Strive to become like me.
Will directed towards God - Fetters of love
The turning in thoughts to me is winning success for your soul, because I do not let myself be called twice; I come so just one thought from you is meant for me. Read more >>


2018 285
2018 July 3 (2)
Only through love you establish again the connection with me.
Practising love only task on earth
Love for the neighbour certainly causes a certain self-overcoming, because man must sacrifice, what he possesses, because he must break away from that, what he loves himself, to give it to the neighbour, who is in need. Read more >>


2018 286
2018 July 3 (3)
I do not respect pious gestures.
Prayer in the spirit and in truth - Pious gestures
As long as you therefore still give away outwardly, what is to move you only inwardly, you also have still not found the intimate joining together with me in thoughts, which allows no formalities, because you are then so completely seized by me that you forget the world around you, that you are true children of your father, whose love for the father gives room to nothing else. Read more >>


2018 287
2018 July 4
And without my permission nothing happens.
Peace of the soul - Presence of God
Then you have found the peace of the soul, which knows no own will any longer, than to just fulfil mine, and which is for that reason also uninterruptedly active and works in love. Read more >>


2018 288
2018 July 5
For I just want to promote the ascent of the soul.
Gifts of favour - Help to the ascent - Love
The right directed thinking of man is likewise a favour on my part, which indeed must also be received consciously, but as it is also to be requested. Read more >>


2018 289
2018 July 5 (2)
Unselfish neighbourly love will always only that man practise, who has become master over matter.
Overcoming of matter - Awakening of the spirit
Who therefore wants to bring the spirit in him to awakening, he must as first thing have overcome matter, i.e., he is not allowed to be its slave any more, but he must be its master. Read more >>


2018 290
2018 July 5 (3)
Because also the opposite of it you cannot prove.
Look into the opposite kingdom - Experimental faith - Love
Because the opposite powers help you to come to cognition, and indeed only the powers of the kingdom of light, who have influence on a man, who makes an effort to be good. The powers of darkness on the other hand will always be able to work there successfully, where men live against my will, who lack love in words and deeds and are therefore also of a dark spirit. Read more >>


2018 291
2018 July 6
Every evil spirit leaves the divinity of Jesus.
Name of Jesus is not to be used in vain
And so you feel besieged or doubt, then call my name in believing trust and deep devotion, and I will chase away every dark being from you, because you yourselves apply the weapon, which I have recommended to you. Read more >>


2018 292
2018 July 8
And I will always care for you so, that you can fulfil your service.
The care of the father of the family for his servants - Vineyard work
And so that they can work unhindered, so that the work in my vineyard does not become a burden for them, but a joy, I take every earthly burden upon me and look after my servants, as a good father looks after his children. Read more >>


2018 293
2018 July 22
And all men are in spiritual trouble, who lack faith.
Trouble of the faithless at the entry into hereafter
To alleviate the spiritual trouble is truly a work in love, because the effects go into eternity. Read more >>


2018 294
2018 July 22 (2)
Because fearlessly they will stand by me.
Coming again of the Lord - Present - Witnesses of the new earth
I will come in the clouds and fetch them home and remain with them because they have become my children through loyalty that they showed me in the last struggle of faith. Read more >>


2018 295
2018 July 22 (3)
Who longs for truth, to him it is sent.
Precondition for truth: Love - Longing for truth - Free will
And still truth is accessible for each one man; it just simply presupposes the will for it. Read more >>


2018 296
2018 July 22 (4)
Since loyalty to God alone guarantees a further life.
Earnest exhortation concerning the near end
Believe it that life does not end with the day of death but that you yourself create a further life or also can become a slave to spiritual death, but that nevertheless does not mean to be wiped out, but only a vegetating in endless agony and darkness. Read more >>


2018 297
2018 July 22 (5)
To confess me before the world would therefore mean at the same time to lead a life in love.
Since loyalty to God alone guarantees a further life
A severe war will be waged on the ones who are mine, on all who do not want to abandon me and yet did not go into the truth deep enough; and only a life of love will let them find it easy to make the decision. Read more >>


2018 298
2018 August 1
Love makes faith alive.
Faith moves mountains
Then you will just need to want, and all elements will obey you; no power will any longer be able to resist you, because through a strong faith you take up me myself, and you know that my power and might is unlimited and that everything must obey, and also will obey, my will, which is now also yours. Read more >>


2018 299
2018 August 2
Because many men hunger and live in want and long for soul food.
Co-workers at the work of redemption of Christ - Go and teach
But my will you will feel in the heart, and to which the heart urges you, that also carry out immediately, because it is my voice, which speaks to you, which drives you to work for me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2018 300
2018 August 3
The sending of revelations is a proof of the reality of the spiritual kingdom.
Supply of revelations proof of reality of the spiritual kingdom
Who once stands in the light, no longer wants to miss it, but he will see to it that the light sends its rays also into the deepest darkness – he will give away from his knowledge, because he has recognized it as truth. Read more >>


2018 301
2018 August 3 (2)
Love enlightens the spirit.
Revelations - Truth and error - Previous knowledge
In the most comprehensible form I speak to him, to whom I want to reveal myself, and so he is himself willing and loves the truth, he will himself also recognize, where his present thinking was erroneous. Read more >>


2018 302
2018 August 4
Because you are to do the spiritual work uninterruptedly.
I need you - Care of the father of the house for his servants
Who therefore works for me, he is to fear no earthly worries; who works for me, he is to also abandon himself to me full of faith; he is to look up like a child to the father and always be certain that it is also protected like a child by the father. Read more >>


2018 303
2018 August 11
The will alone turns the scales, which power gains the victory.
Influence of the spiritual beings according to the will of man
But darkness works with cunning and violence. It sets the most dangerous traps for man; it often deceives him through blind lights; it seeks to confuse his thoughts; it does not fight openly, but often hides under a mask. Read more >>


2018 304
2018 August 12
The world only gives you seemingly, but in reality it takes from you – the right to eternal life.
World only means for purpose - Overcoming of matter
Seek to bring everything to its purpose, and remember in the process above all your own soul that it frees itself in the midst of the world from earthly desires, that it may learn to recognize the spiritual kingdom as its place of start and again strives for it in the serious will to reach the reunification with God, which is the purpose and aim of earth life. Read more >>


2018 305
2018 August 13
Because when you forget me my opponent has won you.
Exhortation not to forget God - Coming tribulation
Nature will speak to you with a thundering voice, its roaring and raging will cause horror inside of you but you cannot flee; from all sides you are threatened with death and men cannot help and rescue you from your situation into which I put you not without purpose. Read more >>


2018 306
2018 August 13 (2)
Whether now I myself or my light messengers approach him, is all the same.
Calling on God secures divine revelations - Light messengers - Truth
To hear my voice is a simple process for that man, who is deep intimately connected with me, but difficult to understand for a world man, why only few men will find faith, who pretend to receive announcements from the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 307
2018 August 13 (3)
But the origin of spiritual knowledge is a most honest source.
Contact of men with the light world - Process of imparting
The light beings cannot communicate with man against his will, consequently it is man himself, who must abolish seemingly natural boundaries, by him wanting that light beings express themselves, and by him believing that they can express themselves. Read more >>


2018 308
2018 September 5
Where they are together, there I also dwell in the midst of them and give their thoughts the right direction.
Spiritual community - United work
The joining together of men, who seriously exchange ideas about spiritual subjects, who carry a quiet love in the heart for me and who are longing for the connection with me, is a spiritual community, which I really like, and my blessing will always rest on these men, and all spiritual work of them will be blessed. Read more >>


2018 309
2018 September 8
His kingdom was the kingdom of light; the earth was the kingdom of Satan, and in this kingdom the soul of light let violence be done to it.
Suffering of Christ
But the depth of suffering is immeasurable, as also his love was immeasurable, which let him take upon him all suffering of the body and the soul to redeem mankind from eternal death. Read more >>


2018 310
2018 September 8 (2)
The soul cannot die.
Jesus Christ has risen from the dead.


2018 311
2018 September 8 (3)
You are to receive and hand out, what my love offers you from above, my word.
Spiritual wealth - Take and eat - Work in the hereafter
For that reason acquire spiritual goods for yourselves, as long as you are on earth, so that you enter the spiritual kingdom richly blessed, so you earth life has ended. Read more >>


2018 312
2018 September 8 (4)
Love is the key to wisdom.
Announcing the Gospel - Hearers - doers - Love teaching
Spread my love teaching and admonish men, to practise unselfish neighbourly love; then you contribute immeasurably much to the redemption of erring souls; then you are my right disciples, which are active on earth on my behalf in the last time before the end. Read more >>


2018 313
2018 September 9
The access will never be refused to them, as long as they themselves want to receive.
Flashing of light rays in the hereafter - Spiritual hunger
And so also in the hereafter continues instructions can take place, but which will always agree with the ones supplied to earth, because here as there only pure truth is imparted, where the beings desire light. Read more >>


2018 314
2018 September 9 (2)
My justice is so often doubted, so my longsuffering and mercy does not immediately imposes on men, but what must and will come once.
Justice of God - Forbearance - mercy
And it will come, as I have announced it. Every sin will find its punishment and every good work its reward, and my justice will become obvious. Read more >>


2018 315
2018 September 10
I look after you full of vigilance and let nothing hostile approach you.
God’s leadership
To all of you, who stand in love to each other and carry me in your heart, to all of you I join myself as leader through earth life, and you need not fear, to ever get lost, so you once have given me the right to escort you on your journey through life. Read more >>


2018 316
2018 September 11
God’s adoption is the highest degree of happiness, which my creatures can acquire for themselves.
God’s adoption - Conditions
And I do not fight you, because I long for my children, who are products of my love, and I want to prepare for them unlimited happiness until all eternity. Read more >>


2018 317
2018 September 11 (2)
Everything you call your own on earth, can be taken from you.
Matter - Loss of earthly goods - Free will
Freely out of yourselves you must want that you are happy; you must freely out of yourselves long for me to be united with me, your creator and father from eternity, then you will also voluntarily fulfil my will – to change self-love, love for the world, into unselfish neighbourly love; then you will strive for spiritual goods and not need to fear the end as also the loss of earthly goods, which the coming time of trouble brings with it. Read more >>


2018 318
2018 September 15
Therefore you have to turn in thoughts to him, who can provide you with power.
Bridge to God - Jesus Christ
For the sake of the man Jesus, who in his love acquired for you favours without measure through his sacrifice death, I hear the slightest pleading of your heart; a short intimate prayer to me gives you these favours, because through it you testify your will to reach me, to overcome the cleft – you want to me, and I will always help you, because I also long for you, you who are still far from me. Read more >>


2018 319
2018 September 16
Not one of my creatures I abandon arbitrarily to its fate.
School of the spirit
Therefore you must also be convinced of it that I so fashion each man’s fate so that he can reach his destination, the spiritual perfection on this earth, when his will decides right. Read more >>


2018 320
2018 September 16 (2)
But the power of my spirit fills you, you who believe.
God speaks through the mouth of man to all men
Because who listens to my word, he listens to me myself, and who lets the word have an effect in him, he has granted entry to me, and my presence will now be a blessing for him. Read more >>


2018 321
2018 September 16 (3)
The word is an extraordinary supply of power for you.
God’s word most effective gift of favour
But the most effective gift of favour, the gift, out of which you can draw power directly, is my word, the outflow of my love power and consequently the most secure means to reach up. Read more >>


2018 322
2018 September 16 (4)
But to the end man keeps his freedom of will.
Connection of heaven and earth - Love - Will
Only a man able to love can radiate light, and only a heart willing to love feels the effect of these rays, and his will to love becomes the deed; the ray of light becomes stronger and stronger and shines far out into darkness. Read more >>


2018 322
2018 September 16 (4)
But to the end man keeps his freedom of will.
Connection of heaven and earth - Love - Will
Only a man able to love can radiate light, and only a heart willing to love feels the effect of these rays, and his will to love becomes the deed; the ray of light becomes stronger and stronger and shines far out into darkness. Read more >>


2018 323
2018 September 19
In free will they can give themselves to Jesus Christ as his own.
Self-redemption - With Jesus Christ only
Therefore the redemption of man on earth is certainly a work of free will, but which is only then active in the right direction, when Jesus Christ is called for as redeemer of mankind to help. Read more >>


2018 324
2018 September 19 (2)
Who now desires much, he also receives much.
Language of God from father to child - Words of love
But light is wisdom, and the horn of plenty of divine wisdom is inexhaustible and offers always new treasures to him, who stretches out his hands towards it. Read more >>


2018 325
2018 September 20
I am a God of love.
Proof for God’s word: Love - Wisdom - Omnipotence
And so you men therefore examine spiritual material for its truth, so ask yourselves seriously, whether you can recognize in it love, wisdom and omnipotence, and accept without hesitation, what this proves to you, because I want that you recognize me, and will always represent myself to you so that you are able to love me, however do not need to fear. Read more >>


2018 326
2018 September 27
All men could experience my love, wisdom and omnipotence at themselves.
Love - wisdom - omnipotence characteristics for revelations
When I reveal myself to men, then I openly give them enlightenment about my rule and work, as well as about the cause, the reason and the ultimate aim of every work of creation, and my love, wisdom and omnipotence is getting so obvious through it that there can be no doubt anymore that faith is now not only faith, but has become conviction – that man has now become confessor of me myself, as soon as he allows it himself that I reveal myself to him. Read more >>


2018 327
2018 September 28
I only want that they think about themselves.
Powerful storm - Sleep of death - Forces of nature
I do not want their destruction; I want their rescue, but who does not want to be rescued, him I leave to be the victim of destruction, which is then near him through his own fault. Read more >>


2018 328
2018 September 30
But love towards the father excludes all arrogance.
Child relationship - Love - Humility - Right prayer
Love of the father for his children wants to give continually and also hands out gifts there, where they are not requested. Read more >>


2018 329
2018 September 30 (2)
But all limiting would be imperfect.
Degree of love - Constant increase of happiness - God unfathomable
And so I am apparently unreachable to them, and nevertheless they feel the happiness of the joining together, a state, which you men on earth still do not grasp that constant longing and constant fulfilment never finds an end. Read more >>


2018 330
2018 September 30 (3)
Right works of love are building blocks for eternity.
Blessing of love - Aim of man
No other advice can be given to you, than to practise unselfish neighbourly love, because out of love everything else emerges – a living faith and knowledge of truth full of light, which drives you to always more eager striving, because it points you to eternal light, which is worth striving for. Read more >>


2018 331
2018 September 30 (4)
And they will move my word in the heart.
I came to mine, and mine did not receive me
Easily comprehensible is everything for mine, who let me speak to them and also utilize the received according to my will. Read more >>


2018 332
2018 September 30 (5)
He who only calls me will also experience my presence.
Faith struggle - Fulfilment of promises
The battle will become hard but the ones that are mine will still get over it because they have a military leader standing by them who will defeat any enemy and who belongs to his camp will emerge as winner and no longer has the need to fear any enemy when the end has come, the day of judgement that finally separates the righteous from the unrighteous, the good from the evil, the ones that are mine from the followers of Satan - the day when everyone is repaid according to his works. Read more >>


2018 333
2018 October 2
Truth comes to you, and you pay no attention to it.
God’s word truth - Living faith recognizes voice of the father
A connection has been established from the spiritual to the earthly kingdom, and for that reason men must adapt spiritually to grasp the gifts imparted from there and to let them have an effect; they must leave the world unnoticed so long, as the spiritual influx touches them to feel its effect, otherwise they also go past unimpressed by the spiritual material from the heavens and do not recognize its value. Read more >>


2018 334
2018 October 2 (2)
The just and the unjust are touched by my sun of favour.
Justice of God – Forbearance - mercy
But man has free will, and every immediate redressing of his injustice act would curtail free will, since the fear of punishment would make him unfree and no ascent development out from the inside would take place. Read more >>


2018 335
2018 October 2 (3)
My love brings you children together.
Acceptance of divine word no compulsion - Free will
But for the purpose of purification and strengthening of the will the being is put to the test as man, and these tests aim to achieve further to stimulate his thinking, because only through thinking man gains truth, that is he desires it and can then also be given. Read more >>


2018 336
2018 October 3
But the will to serve me is enough for the light beings to direct you.
Will to work for God secures protection through light beings
These light beings are also on earth always constantly around you, because you have taken over a mission, which is the same on earth, as it is carried out by the light beings in the spiritual kingdom – to pass on truth, which takes its start from me. Read more >>


2018 337
2018 October 3 (2)
The mentor also fashions the life fate of man.
Spirtual mentor
The spiritual mentor as it were puts up a wall and hides behind the wall everything, what is still incomprehensible to the intellect of man; while the soul can cross the wall unhindered and is able to see into the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 338
2018 October 4
With me you are able to do everything.
Power of faith - Love brings faith to live
And for that reason also teach your fellowmen that they can gain strong faith only through a love life, but that strong faith is absolutely necessary to be in control of all onslaughts from outside in the coming time, and that a strong faith in my help is never without success, that man is even able to work miracles, because then he no longer works alone, but in association with me, and he must succeed with everything. Read more >>


2018 339
2018 October 4 (2)
For there is spiritual darkness among men, and they know nothing.
Spreading the Gospel is a work of mercy
The field of work is large, because you are always surrounded by men, who need your help, and every activity results in its blessing, even so the success is not visible. Read more >>


2018 340
2018 October 4 (3)
But you do not know the state of happiness.
Distance from God unhappy state - No separation
But my opponent and you yourselves believe being able to escape my rule, but you will then just always go away from me more and more and be in an unhappy state. Read more >>


2018 341
2018 October 5
Then our love will find fulfilment; it will be a perpetual happy giving and taking.
Wooing of God for the love of his creatures
Consider the creations around you in remembrance of me, then you let yourselves be touched by my love rays, and they start to heat you; the love spark in you ignites; instinctively you must think and act good, so you let creation have an effect on you. Read more >>


2018 342
2018 October 6
Serving love is the key to becoming free out of endless long dungeon custody.
Course of development - Mandatory law - State of free will
The soul of man can reach this aim on earth, when it has the serious will for it, it however does not have to reach it, because God has given it the freedom of will, so that it decides freely for him or his opponent, who has made it unfree and from whom it therefore must extricate itself. Read more >>


2018 343
2018 October 9
Many souls will still leave their body before the last end comes.
Trouble of the Latter Times - Many will still pass away
First I will still undertake a great purge where still many souls will be purified or will be put out of action to prevent a complete falling away of these because I know their soul's condition and do not spoil what is still qualified for improvement in the hereafter. Read more >>


2018 344
2018 October 9 (2)
The vineyard work has become extremely urgent.
Vineyard work - Subordinating the will
I do not want that they work unauthorized, without having sought my instruction; I want that they listen to, what I tell them, and are then eagerly active according to my will. Read more >>


2018 345
2018 October 9 (3)
You have then become master over Satan.
Strengthening of the will - Power reception through the word
Make an attempt; in the trouble of the soul go into quietness, and burry yourselves in my word in believing trust in me, then you experience at you yourselves my direct work – you are flowed through by power and lose all fear. Read more >>


2018 346
2018 October 9 (4)
Without the power of God there is no life.
Power of God - Pouring out of the spirit
God gives everyone the power, but he makes it conditional on the will of the individual, whether he makes use of the power out of God, whether he opens himself and makes himself prepared for the reception of his current of favour. Read more >>


2018 347
2018 October 11
Set an example to men.
Spirit work - Disciples of the time of the end
And this announcing of my will my spirit takes care of, which has an effect in you, you who want to serve me out of love for me and for the neighbour. Read more >>


2018 348
2018 October 12
Men strong in will and faith I need at the end of this earth.
Pillar of the church - Vineyard work - Servants - tools
But you, my loyal ones, are to have knowledge of my plan of salvation; to you I will also give the time, so it will be necessary, so that you make use of the knowledge for the blessing of your fellowmen; without informing them, because the knowledge about day and hour would harm them, and only the ones initiated and most loyal servants to me I can bring the day of the end to their notice and also to them only in a way, which does not restrict them in their faith and will. Read more >>


2018 349
2018 October 12 (2)
God pours out his spirit.
Work of the spirit
The spiritual still moving in the mandatory law is prompted through this expression of power to constant activity, which is carried out outwardly, i.e. visible to the human eye – but in the state of free will, when the spiritual is embodied as man, the effect of the divine power radiation is another. Then it no longer touches the outer, material form, but the spiritual substance bound in it, the soul of man, and therefore awakens it to life, i.e., the spiritual power drives the soul to an activity, which promotes its getting perfected. Read more >>


2018 350
2018 October 12 (3)
The gentle light does not satisfy you and is yet alone only suitable for your soul.
Dazzling light - Too high knowledge - Protection of the father
Such a light does not do good to your eye, but just weakens it, and so also a certain knowledge is unsuitable for the soul, because it can only be introduced quite slowly, according to its degree of maturity, if it wants to have a blessing from the knowledge. Read more >>


2018 351
2018 October 13
He must be on his guard against indifference and half-heartedness in his mission.
Task of a mediator between God and men
He is to consider that the spiritual hunger is to be awakened in fellowmen and that is only then possible, when the spiritual food is offered to them and they only then feel the inner teaching. Read more >>


2018 352
2018 October 13 (2)
You are to learn to move in pure spiritual thought currents.
Spiritual reception or thought work? Serious examining
You are to desire only purest truth and only want to be instructed spiritually – you are to desire to hear my word in deepest humility – then all earthly thoughts step back; then the light beings can have an effect on you and instruct you by my order. Read more >>


2018 353
2018 October 14
He is to be feared so long, as you yourselves are without love.
The power of Satan
He has great power, but only there, where it is given to him – because you men do not apply the weapon against him, which lets him become powerless – because you practise love too little – because self-love is still too strong in you, which offers him a welcome handle. Read more >>


2018 354
2018 October 14 (2)
But the spiritual development of man is always the cause to joy and suffering.
Joy and suffering serve perfection
And because of the spiritual development also the fates of men are so different, but what is never allowed to doubt the love of the father, because earth life is only short, measured at eternity, and an earth life no matter how difficult is always satisfied most generously in eternity, when it has enabled a maturing of man on earth. Read more >>


2018 355
2018 October 14 (3)
The divine word speaks for itself.
The servants, whom the Lord still hired late - God’s word - Truth
And this his divine word is incontestable, because it holds the power in it, because it is eternal truth, which can never ever be refuted by enemies of truth so that it would no longer be recognizable as truth by a man striving towards God. Read more >>


2018 356
2018 October 16
Because love builds up; lack of love tears down.
Coming out of eternal order causes dissolving of creation
The coming out of the eternal order must therefore result in something terrible, because it also means a complete going away from me and consequently irrevocably the hardening of spiritual substance – and, because my law of order is never to be eliminated, earthly creations must be dissolved to again banish these hardened spiritual substances in new creations. Read more >>


2018 357
2018 October 16 (2)
Because I recognize every good will and bless it.
Teaching ability - Spirit work - Love - Truth
The work for me and my kingdom is a matter of free will and I reject no-one, who therefore wants to serve me. Read more >>


2018 358
2018 October 17
But evil does not go out from me, but from my counter power.
Unjustified objection having to be bad fate wise
The objection is therefore unjustified that man, as standing under unfavourable influence, could not act differently than bad and that this bad influence forces him fate wise to being bad. Read more >>


2018 359
2018 October 18
But by their fruits you shall know them.
Miracle working in the end-time - False Christs and prophets
Such examinations will often be necessary in the last times before the end because powers from above and below will express themselves; signs and miracles will happen because also my opponent seeks to get faith and supplies great power to those who are in bondage to him. Read more >>


2018 360
2018 October 18 (2)
And your work will continue secretly.
Hostility - Secret work - Increased activity
Much will remain in their memory when the last time of the struggle, the last war on faith, begins and even if you are hindered to spread my word - the seed that you sow will take root and come up and also bear fruit in the last times of the end. Read more >>


2018 361
2018 October 18 (3)
Man has free will.
Development free will, not despotism of God
But the will is free, neither from above nor from below is it influenced inevitably – neither God nor his opponent determine the wanting of man, but according to free will they have influence on him. Read more >>


2018 362
2018 October 20
Becoming high spiritual beings.
Transforming from creature of God to child of God
There is no other means, no other way, than to light the fire of love in earth life and by this means to melt away everything, what is still ungodly and still separates the creature from me. Read more >>


2018 363
2018 October 21
You are to eagerly practise intercession.
State of the souls after death - Light - twilight - darkness
But you men do not know in which kingdom you are to seek your loved ones, and for that reason you do good at it, to think in love of all, also of those, who the kingdom of darkness still keeps imprisoned. Read more >>


2018 364
2018 October 23
For where the heart is pushed back through the intellect, success is little.
God’s word from above enough for mission
So you are instructed by me myself, no gap is in your knowledge, for I truly know best, which knowledge serves you men for the gaining of the maturity of the soul; I know it, what and about what you are to speak, and certainly prepare you for your teaching office, for each one is put on his place according to his ability, where he can be active successfully for me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2018 365
2018 October 23 (2)
So also I, the man Jesus, was an independent being created by him.
Jesus - Becoming of the creatures to children
I also was such a created being, a child of God, to whom all magnificence of his love was open, but which also had confessed him in free will, when the army of originally created spirits rebelled against him in the awareness of the fullness of power, which made it arrogant and brought about its downfall. Read more >>


2018 366
2018 October 23 (3)
Distinctly these men will recognize me in world affairs.
Short time increased work for the kingdom of God
And everyone will speak as the spirit is urging him because the will to speak for me and my kingdom and to let fellow human beings find the living faith, causes that my spirit becomes active in them so that they, driven by the spirit, speak out what is useful for fellow humans. Read more >>


2018 367
2018 October 23 (4)
For you will still need much power, which you can always extract from my word.
The taught by God need no further knowledge from outside
I do not just want to exist in your intellect as God; I want to reside in your heart; I want that you vividly believe in me, and I want to instruct you, how you can win this vivid faith – not through much knowledge, which you acquire intellectual wise, even so you have gathered it from the book of the fathers – but only through a love life in fullest unselfishness. Read more >>


2018 368
2018 October 25
All creations come from the hand of God for a particular purpose.
Explanation of destructions dependent on nature
Therefore a wide-scale destruction of creations taking place through the will of God is often an act of help for the spiritual bound in it that through the will of men that is wrongly directed is hindered in its development, but still wants to come into its own. Read more >>


2018 369
2018 October 25 (2)
This is my will that you fashion yourselves to love.
Fulfilling the love commands - Light - Intercession - Hereafter
A little spark of divine love exists in every man; it can just be buried or also aroused, and exactly latter is your earth task. Read more >>


2018 370
2018 October 26
There is redemption out of the deep, but never without Jesus Christ.
Redemption of the souls out of the deep through Jesus Christ - Hereafter
But also in the hereafter the soul must want freely, as on earth that it finds redemption through Jesus Christ; that he may take mercy on it in its trouble, that his love may seize it and draw it up out of the deep. Read more >>


2018 371
2018 October 27
My opponent drives men to works of destruction of all kind.
Men of the world - Transitoriness of the earthly - Change
But since no tangible proof can be brought to the men of the world, they dismiss everything spiritual as dream objects, which are not to be taken seriously. Read more >>


2018 372
2018 October 27 (2)
I give unmeasured, so my gift is desired.
Right child relationship - Free will
But the right relationship also guarantees right thinking, and for that reason it is the most important, that you step into the right child relationship towards me, because you then go infallibly the way, which leads to the destination, to your perfection, which is purpose of your earth life. Read more >>


2018 373
2018 October 28
Only its thoughts can bring about a change.
Nature of darkness - New banishment
Nevertheless no soul is finally lost, but no matter whether endless long time passes, until it changes. It can also lose itself into the deepest deep, but also then a hope is for it of redemption, only on another way – on the way of the new banishment in solid matter, so that the ascent development can once again take its start and the opportunity is offered to the being, to reach the stage of free will, where it then can again pass its decision of will. Read more >>


2018 374
2018 October 28 (2)
The man Jesus went the way of love.
Way of salvation - Way of love - Jesus Christ
No-one can resist love; because it is the original power, out of which everything, also the opponent of God, once emerged, consequently is must be stronger than everything and also defeat him, who does not want to acknowledge it. Read more >>


2018 375
2018 October 28 (3)
For love then also directs the will right.
Power of intercession - Ascent through love - Free will also in the hereafter
And so that love flares up in the unhappy souls, much intercession is necessary, which lets them feel the power of love themselves and awakens counter love in them. Read more >>


2018 376
2018 October 28 (4)
You cannot fight the death of the body, so your hour has come, but the death of the soul is to be halted by you.
Reference to the near end - Last day
Everything, what still concerns you of strokes of fate before the end, are means of favour, even so you do not want to accept them as such, but they can still bring you to your senses, how miserable you are in the case of a sudden recall from this world. Read more >>


2018 377
2018 October 28 (5)
It is a fight that has to be waged with all inconsiderateness.
Fight with the sword of the mouth
But the inconsiderateness of the servants of God on earth consist in that they mercilessly uncover the play of intrigues that the opponent of God commits, that they are not afraid to expose him, that they present the faults and vices of men with the remark that they are under the influence of him, who pulls them down into the deep. Read more >>


2018 378
2018 October 30
Loving intercession is an enormous power current.
Power of intercession
With love you achieve inconceivably much; through loving intercession you can carry so much radiating light into darkness that many souls get together there, and are touched by the ray of light, always with the success that the feeling of love also awakens in them and wants to get busy. Read more >>


2018 379
2018 October 31
Day and hour knoweth no man.
Time determination of the end - False prophets
Because I want to separate the goats from the sheep; I want to bring about purification, as a result of which a redemption section is brought to an end, before a new one begins. Read more >>


2018 380
2018 October 31 (2)
The thinking of a man will always be according to his will.
Bible - Spirit work
The spiritual meaning can be explained to you men only by me myself, and indeed again only through the spirit. The same also applies to the knowledge, which you men draw from the book of the fathers. Also it my spirit must first have explained to you, before you can penetrate into the right meaning of the words. Read more >>


2018 381
2018 October 31 (3)
Because the spirit alone gives life to knowledge.
Bible research - Intellectual knowledge
What you draw on knowledge out of the book of the fathers, is little suitable for this recovery, as only love is still always the sole means of recovery, and it can also be practised without such knowledge, and it must also be practised before, before man can speak of right knowledge, of truthful spiritual thought material. Read more >>


2018 382
2018 November 1
He was overbearing and fell.
Power of God - Life
The power that went out from me went endlessly far away from me and now needs a way just as endless to again get back to me. Read more >>


2018 383
2018 November 2
Men are surrounded by countless souls.
God-wanted contact with the spirit world
An extremely busy activity prevails in the spirit world, which wants to come to the help of earth men on the behalf of God, to still increase their degree of maturity if possible, before the day dawns, which ends their life. Read more >>


2018 384
2018 November 2 (2)
Only love awakens the letter to life.
Recognizing truth and utilizing in love
Intellectual knowledge on the other hand is passed on profession wise, and this is mostly connected with earthly interests. Love gives, without demanding payment, but who demands such, does not stand in love, but just in the profession. He reaps the benefits from his intellectual knowledge and only puts love on the second place. Read more >>


2018 385
2018 November 2 (3)
I truly love you terribly.
Prayer for favour and power, for illumination of the spirit
Power, favour and illumination of the spirit – so you request these, you possess everything – my love and mercy and complete clarity about your earth task and its solution. Read more >>


2018 386
2018 November 2 (4)
And there will be many, who are not steadfast.
Public confessing - Living faith
But all pretend to their fellowmen to be believers, until they are pushed to a decision – to express themselves in public for or against it, until they are forced to a faith decision. Read more >>


2018 387
2018 November 3
Because according to law from eternity everything has to strive to the top.
Development periods - Length of time - Matter and influence
There are longer and shorter redemption sections as well as completely different creations in these, meaning more of less hard fetters for the bound spiritual in it. And from that it can be concluded that also different demands are made on men in such individual redemption sections so that they gain their maturity of the soul. Read more >>


2018 388
2018 November 4
Be eagerly active.
God’s blessing, i. e. help in every spiritual work
And for that reason I bless every activity, which is meant for this work, may it be the supply of my word to fellowmen or also the conscious pointing out of the end to them, may it be admonitions or warnings or also good thoughts, which are meant for souls on earth or also in the hereafter. Read more >>


2018 389
2018 November 4 (2)
Earthly life is just a pretence life, something borrowed, which can again be taken in every hour.
Earth life - Pretence life
Everything, what arises on earth before your eyes, everything, what is visible for you, is just spiritual substance formed for a short time, which as matter is to fulfil its purpose on earth, making spiritual maturing possible. Read more >>


2018 390
2018 November 4 (3)
Every day brings you closer to the end.
Faithless mankind - Closeness of the end
Who remains without faith, he heads for a terrible end, a lot, from which he would recoil horrified, if he would know about it. Read more >>


2018 391
2018 November 4 (4)
The church of Christ unites all followers of Jesus.
Symbol of the church of Christ: Spirit work
The church of Christ is a pure spiritual organization, which makes no concessions to the world at all; which is only based on the soul life of a man, on the conscious will to reach the spiritual aim, which is set for man on earth. Read more >>


2018 392
2018 November 4 (5)
But he works much with cunning and violence.
Work of Satan - Intimate prayer for protection
He spreads doubts into the hearts, and by this you are to recognize his work and also experience help from my side, so you just express one intimate heartfelt groan in the heart, which I will very certainly hear. Read more >>


2018 393
2018 November 5
Only occasional light bearers dwell on earth.
The light of truth
It is like a large black cloth under which they slip and they feel well in this darkness, otherwise they would raise it and would grant entry to the bright ray of the light of truth. Read more >>


2018 394
2018 November 5 (2)
Man carries in himself all wisdom.
God speaks - Process and condition
A little spark of his love radiation is engendered into every man, and this little spark always and for ever stands in association with the power and light source from eternity, with the spring of all wisdom and the epitome of love. For that reason the simplest explanation is that man carries in himself all wisdom, exactly through the divine spark in man, and for that reason man can also get instructed out from the inside, when the soul is prepared to receive the instruction, and also supplies it to the intellect, which now assimilates, what is supplied to it from the original spring of wisdom. Read more >>


2018 395
2018 November 5 (3)
These souls are already in a state of hell.
Redeeming help for opposite souls on the part of men
Also the souls wrapped up in complete lethargy can likewise have to tolerate their agonizing lot endless long time, when not help comes from one side, since they alone cannot help themselves, because of their weakness of will. Read more >>


2018 396
2018 November 6
I have called you, and since you were willing, chosen you as my apostles.
Many are called, but few are chosen - Disciples of the time of the end
But few make themselves worthy of my call; only few work with all eagerness at their own training to make themselves suitable for that, what he has to do as chosen. Read more >>


2018 397
2018 November 6 (2)
I have called you, and since you were willing, chosen you as my apostles.
Serious admonition to remember life after death
But it is up to you men yourselves, in which state your soul enters the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 398
2018 November 7
A sin must be atoned for, when man does not get forgiveness.
Violation against the divine order - Sin - Confession - Forgiveness
Violations therefore, which do not contravene against divine order, but which are branded by men as sin on the basis of human enacted laws, can certainly be imposed with punishments on the part of men, but do not belong to those sins, for which forgiveness from God is to be requested, because God himself does not see them as sin and will also never count as a sin for a man. Read more >>


2018 399
2018 November 7 (2)
And the man, who receives my word, must work with it for me and my kingdom.
Divine word - Media receptions - Camouflage - Signs
Those beings can also impart truth, but there is no guarantee for it that their expressions are pure truth, because the beings stand in completely different degrees of maturity and man as such cannot judge the level of maturity. Read more >>


2018 400
2018 November 7 (3)
Through your call to me, you put yourselves consciously into the circle of my power receivers.
Requesting God's blessing - Power and effect
When you also just ask for earthly success, you still got into contact with me, and in this way you give me now the right, to be able to have an effect on you, because I respect your free will and force nothing on you, what you do not request. Read more >>


2018 401
2018 November 8
For living means being active through the drive of the spirit spark in man.
Awakening of the spirit spark in man - love
Man therefore now leads a second life next to the earthly life – and it is the actual life of the soul, which only comes to the full development in the spiritual kingdom and means unsuspected activity. Read more >>


2018 402
2018 November 9
Love alone can help them.
Love - solvent - Opposite help
But where now free will has failed, there still a further possibility exists, to get free out of the fetter of Satan – not my love, but your love can bring rescue to them, for you men can request power for your fellowmen, which, so love drives you to intercession, is sent to those souls in need of help, for the sake of your love. Read more >>


2018 403
2018 November 11
Blessed, who has that faith that he is regarded as member of the church founded by me.
The gates of hell shall not prevail against it
Blessed, who does not fear those, who certainly can kill the body, but not the soul –blessed, who fetches power for the fight there, where the right commander-in-chief stands. He will gain by force the victory over the enemies; he will recognize that hell is able to do nothing, where the Lord of heaven and earth stands, where his hosts fight, which also become masters of the devils, so hell will be opened and its scum is let loose on men. Read more >>


2018 404
2018 November 11 (2)
Seek to still eagerly win souls.
Urgently announce the Gospel in the time of the end
But since my will demands the direct opposite than the present state without love and therefore also without faith, so is knowledge about my will of such urgency, that you, my servants on earth are to do everything to move fellowmen to faith, and must above all present to them the effects of a love life, so that the spiritual state of men may still be a little increased before the end, so that the last day still finds some righteous men, who do not belong to the camp of my enemy and do not fall prey to the complete destruction of the last day. Read more >>


2018 405
2018 November 11 (3)
You have generalized isolated cases.
Reincarnation - False doctrine - Adoption as children of God
The cases of transferring back of a soul to earth are so rare and always specially justified, but it is wrong to want to make fixed teachings out of these facts, which only confuse the thinking of men and let the general truth appear to be questionable. Read more >>


2018 406
2018 November 11 (4)
Then the soul is no longer earth bound.
Effect of love on fellowmen
A man, who already holds the fullness of divine love power in himself, a man, whose soul has spiritualized itself through love, is tremendously blessing giving for his fellowmen, because he can give them that, what helps up to the height, what promotes spiritual development for the soul. Read more >>


2018 407
2018 November 11 (5)
I want to see the soul happy for ever.
God’s love and care for his creatures
But I love all of you on this earth and want to help you, to find the way already before; I want that you follow me already now; I want to prepare happiness for all of you already now and need for this only your will. Read more >>


2018 408
2018 November 12
There is a life after death.
Immortality of the soul
Each one man, who is of good will, also feels it that he does not just live for this earth, and his faith always becomes deeper and more convinced. Read more >>


2018 409
2018 November 12 (2)
He mediated between me and men.
Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and men
You men must inevitably take advantage of this mediator Jesus Christ, if you want to find the way home to the father house, because he alone leads you and supports you with his help, where your power is not enough. Read more >>


2018 410
2018 November 12 (3)
For I demand no service, which could not be met.
Common work in the vineyard of the Lord
I bring you together, you who want to be active for me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2018 411
2018 November 12 (4)
A sick body is not so bad than a sick soul.
Blessing of illness and suffering - Maturing
Bodily sufferings, illnesses and loss of bodily functions must therefore also seen as a means for maturation of the soul, since they can change the thinking of a man considerably and because of that are also often applied as means of healing for the soul, so it is in danger, to become a slave to spiritual death. Read more >>


2018 412
2018 November 12 (5)
Therefore make an effort to lead an eager love life.
Admonition for the preparing for the end
The coming time is suitable, to get you an extremely high maturity, but it also takes up your whole strength. Read more >>


2018 413
2018 November 13
I speak to you.
God’s love
Love is the divine principle, which must predominate in you, so that you yourselves become divine and can approach me. Read more >>


2018 414
2018 November 13 (2)
There is only one truth.
Truth - Comprehensible form
But I nevertheless enjoy those, who seek to penetrate more and more, and help them to always deeper cognition, as soon as they want to serve fellowmen with it and the received knowledge is healthy for them. Read more >>


2018 415
2018 November 13 (3)
This spiritual substance can be described as soul particles.
Soul particles - Course of development on earth and in the hereafter
In every work of creation, may it be solid matter, the plant or the animal world, such soul particles are therefore in existence, which also again seek in themselves the joining together, to then form a whole in a new outer form, which always becomes more and more like the form of a man. Read more >>


2018 416
2018 November 14
Without me you cannot get truth.
Intellectual thinking - Truth out of God
That appears unreal to man, what the actual real thing is. To hear me speaking. Read more >>


2018 417
2018 November 14 (2)
Work with the spiritual treasures persistently.
Admonition to break away from transitoriness - Spiritual good
The earth with its material goods still appears to you as something real, and nevertheless everything is transient, and to this transitoriness you turn your attention. Read more >>


2018 418
2018 November 18
And what you speak will be full of wisdom.
Gift of speaking
You will be able to speak with convincing power, and everyone, who is of good will, must and will also recognize, who speaks though you, and put himself under my word. Read more >>


2018 419
2018 November 18 (2)
You are able to do nothing without my power.
Increase of power through love work and prayer
But you are not to get tired and constantly see to the increase of power; you are to draw power out of the spring – you are to recognize my word as outflow of that spring and for that reason desire my word with all your senses, for than you can call an excessive amount of power your own, so that you reach your earth destination effortlessly. Read more >>


2018 420
2018 November 18 (3)
Pray for them and do not forget them.
Help for the poor souls - Love redeems
There is already so little love to be found among men on earth, and still less they remember the souls in the hereafter, because they lack faith in a continued life after death, and this unbelief has an extremely bitter effect on the souls in the hereafter, which dwell unredeemed and powerlessly in dark surroundings and cannot help themselves alone. Read more >>


2018 421
2018 November 18 (4)
It is no wrath, when he destroys, what gets in the children’s way.
God of love - Not God of wrath
But if the talk is about the wrath of God, so only his assured will is to be understood by that, the binding of the spiritual striving away from him in his works of creation, but which in the end still only makes the finding back to him possible and for that reason also this wrath is just an act of love of God, to also once win that still resisting him, so that it is happy. Read more >>


2018 422
2018 November 18 (5)
Truth cannot be tolerant to the lie or the error.
Truth fighters - False doctrines
To whom I supply truth, he is also able to check it and to recognize it as truth, for I demand nothing impossible from you. But who receives it from me, he is to also support it and represent it without inhibitions; he is not to be afraid, to appear too hard, for error cannot be emphasized sharp enough, because it is the work of my opponent, who openly rebels against me. Read more >>


2018 423
2018 November 21
But I want that your soul lives.
Communion. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.
And therefore it must also take in a food, which keeps its soul body and makes it alive; it must accept flesh and blood, a food, which secures life for it, and this food can never be an earthly material one, but the soul needs spiritual food, but which also means life for the soul like flesh and blood. And this spiritual food is my word, which enlivens the soul with its power, therefore is felt by it like flesh and blood, like true life. Read more >>


2018 424
2018 November 21 (2)
Still they are just the small soul particles fitted together in the same ratio.
Explanation of family feelings - Soul particles
But once they belonged to the same circle of fallen angels and have gone the same course of development, which has also comprised the same space of time, why the striving to one another is understandable. Read more >>


2018 425
2018 November 21 (3)
You have extensive knowledge.
Help in spiritual trouble - Spreading of knowledge from above
The awareness of my presence lets you recognize everything as my work at you, and so also no meeting with fellowmen is chance or arbitrarily, but always an opportunity, where you are to work for me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2018 426
2018 November 21 (4)
I only demand your love for me and for the neighbour.
Who keeps my commandments - Revelations
Love for me can certainly flare up in different degrees, but I take the kind of nature of every man into account and assess alone the subordination of his will under mine. Read more >>


2018 427
2018 November 21 (5)
And as your desire is, so are you given.
Bridge to the hereafter - Thoughts upwards
Often step on to the bridge into the spiritual kingdom, and consciously get into contact with that world, which you will once inhabit. Read more >>


2018 428
2018 November 24
The soul has made itself divine.
Veiling unusual supply of favour - Explanation
For that reason man himself, despite supply of extreme rich favours, will always just remain a man, with all faults and weaknesses and will have to fight against these consciously. Read more >>


2018 429
2018 November 24 (2)
You must recognize sin to avoid it.
God is good and just
For you do not need to sin, even so you are weak, because my power and favour is at your disposal, which you can use. Read more >>


2018 430
2018 November 24 (3)
A man cannot measure the agonies and sufferings of my walk to the cross.
Jesus Christ - Redeemer – God-man
I have worked on earth as God and suffered as man, because the divinity in me could not suffer, therefore the work of redemption for mankind had to be accomplished by a man, when it had to be of benefit to the whole of mankind. Read more >>


2018 431
2018 November 25
Extreme intellectual knowledge is still worse than earthly wealth.
Spiritual arrogance - Greatest danger
All those are possessed by spiritual arrogance, who take a negative view of my word from above, for they do not think it necessary to check, otherwise they would have to recognize it as my word, because it is recognizable to everyone as such, who is of good will. Read more >>


2018 432
2018 November 25 (2)
And for that reason I was him and he I.
Love has accomplished the work of redemption
He died as man the death of the cross, and still it was I myself, who has given himself on the cross for you men, for the man Jesus remained in love, until he gave up his spirit. Read more >>


2018 433
2018 November 28
You yourselves must direct your will up.
Directing of the will - Influence of good and bad beings
The beings of darkness on the other hand want to make man aware of the world, because the ruler of this world is the prince of darkness and they themselves do not know, what would be more attractive than earthly joys. Read more >>


2018 434
2018 November 28 (2)
It is present in the largest earthly work of creation as in the smallest little grain of sand.
Unfathomable entity of God
It is in the whole universe, it is in the spiritual kingdom close to the light beings, for where it would not be, there would be no existence. Read more >>


2018 435
2018 November 28 (3)
This desire of the heart needs to be no emotion.
Visible presence of the Lord
The more intimate the desire for me is the firmer you have me in your power, for I cannot withstand a love call; I comply with it at any time. And a love call can again only come from a loving heart, and so you men now have a hint, how you can bind me to you. Only through love. Read more >>


2018 436
2018 November 28 (4)
Through the events in the world I warn you urgently.
Serious pointer to the End
I will well first still call away many whose souls would not pass the last fight for me and my kingdom and a great dying will start everywhere and the various causes will let you men just not think of, that this last action has already started, that it is already an act of favour because I give those souls the possibility to continue their course of development in the kingdom on the other side what is no longer possible when the last day has come. Read more >>


2018 437
2018 November 28 (5)
I must knock on the door of his heart and speak to him.
Wrong way - Vineyard work - Steep way
An act of violence would truly not be necessary, when mankind would not be in greatest danger, which I would like to turn away and also can turn away, when man himself holds out his hand to me, when he would take stock of himself out of his own drive and think about purpose and aim of his existence. And to achieve this, I must again and again have an effect on him through illness, suffering or death, through own or foreign trouble. Read more >>


2018 438
2018 December 2
Everything what helps you up, are means of favour.
Gift of favour in the time of the end – God’s word - Free will
You cannot measure the treasure of favour, which is at your command in my word, but so you give full expression to this my word, the favours become effective at you, and your soul matures inevitably. Read more >>


2018 439
2018 December 2 (2)
For love is the key to wisdom.
Knowledge about aim and purpose - Adoption of God
Love introduces you to truth, and the aim and the purpose will be clear to you, as soon as you live love. Read more >>


2018 440
2018 December 3
My opponent is an enemy of love.
Spirit of Antichrist
From my side man is given the possibility to assimilate the impressions around him with heart and intellect and to go through them thoroughly in the heart and with the intellect because I have not created machines that have to carry out their activity according to the law of the master; I have put you men out freely, given you an intellect and reason and all the time have a well-minded effect on you through all events. Read more >>


2018 441
2018 December 3 (2)
For that reason also you men can achieve the same.
Struggle against oneself on earth
I was in full possession of power and could make everything subject to me, when I wanted it, and voluntarily I gave up everything; I overcame myself, my body and also the soul, which now and then wanted to rise up, when it felt how I suffered. Read more >>


2018 442
2018 December 3 (3)
And so you are in trouble, my word is the most secure help.
Power of the divine word in times of trouble
As often as you bury yourselves in my word, the power source opens and flows over onto you, and therefore you can draw persistently, and the source will never dry up; my word will never lose its effectiveness. Read more >>


2018 443
2018 December 3 (4)
But I have an opponent, who will always fight truth.
Spreading of the Gospel - Apostles of the time of the end
There is a great confusion among men; they no longer recognize my pure word; they seek according to their own will and measure to interpret my word and digress more and more from truth, because the intellectual thinking just creates always greater confusion and the heart as entry gate to wisdom remains closed. Read more >>


2018 444
2018 December 3 (5)
Pure and clear the divine word flows from the original source of truth.
Living water - Source – Pure and clear
But who does not shrink from the way up, him God himself calls and shows him the way to the spring of eternal life. Read more >>


2018 445
2018 December 3 (6)
I am a God of love and of mercy.
Answer to Bad messages from Bietigheim
And for that reason I constantly present to you men, what you are to do; how you are to live and which lot expects you, so you act against my will. Read more >>


2018 446
2018 December 3 (7)
But the spiritual kingdom emits that light.
Rays of light, which are seen and pursued in the hereafter
This light radiates out of God, and it touches earth men with such power that it would be enough to completely spiritualize them, when they would expose themselves quite without resistance to its effect, when they would readily let the light out of God flow into their hearts. Read more >>


2018 447
2018 December 3 (8)
And this decision must still be made before the end of the epoch.
Was the endless long course of development in vain?
The endless long way of development before the embodiment as man, which all of you had to cover, will have been gone in vain for many men, for it has not experienced the culmination in earth life as man. Read more >>


2018 448
2018 December 8
I myself guide you to them.
Vineyard work with the favour of God
And therefore you know that your ways are indicated for you, which you must go and also will go, so you are willing to be active for me. Read more >>


2018 449
2018 December 8 (2)
But truth will win in the end.
Truth will pave the way and win
Therefore also their work will not remain without success, and it is achieved in this way that men take an open stand to questions, which up to now were not discussed, that spiritual questions are discussed and are also clearly and comprehensibly answered by strong representatives of my word, so that now again only the degree of love and maturity of a man determines his attitude to such spiritual problems. Read more >>


2018 450
2018 December 8 (3)
I myself want to be able to be active in these beings.
Becoming divine of the creatures to children
Who grasps this mystery – the becoming gods out of arisen works of my power – he already belongs to those, at whom the transformation is carried out, for it is a certain degree of cognition, which man then possesses and which is again a sign of divine power, which man now already possesses. Read more >>


2018 451
2018 December 8 (4)
To be able to believe no proofs need to be existing.
Faith without love is dead
Only such a faith is assessed by me as faith, which is alive, for words and affirmations alone are not regarded as faith by me, but only as an approval, to not be inconsistent, because you cannot give reasons for an opposition. Read more >>


2018 452
2018 December 9
Every one of my words has multiple meanings.
Behold, I make all things new
You men who are without knowledge, who have not yet awakened the spirit within you, you do not know what these words of mine mean because you do not believe in the reshaping of this earth, you do not believe in the last judgement, in the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one. Read more >>


2018 453
2018 December 10
Much light goes out from you.
God’s blessing to the workers in his vineyard
Who could see, with spiritual eyes, the darkness, which is spread over the earth, he could also catch sight of the many little light sparks, which flash at all places and gather everywhere the spiritual around them, which desires light. Read more >>


2018 454
2018 December 10 (2)
And so that the gifts are gratefully accepted, love must offer them.
Cultivation of the barren desert - Blessing
Men urgently need help, for although they do not feel the spiritual need on earth, because it has no material effect, but it is gigantic and can only be removed by loyal servants devoted to me, who believe in me and in every word, which I supply to them, to make them suitable for their helping activity. Read more >>


2018 455
2018 December 10 (3)
But against your will I cannot enter you.
Subordinating of the will - God taking residence in the heart
But love for me already exists, when man shows love for the neighbour, for all love is divine, which expresses itself unselfishly, and this love is to be practised, until it reaches that degree that I myself take possession of the heart of man; that I myself therefore take residence in him. Read more >>


2018 456
2018 December 10 (4)
But there will also always be a natural explanation for processes of spiritual kind.
Awakening of the spark of God - Who remains in love
The presence of God can be proved audibly or visibly; always according to the state of maturity of man, who has drawn God to himself through love work and for that reason also has the favour to recognize him. Read more >>


2018 457
2018 December 10 (5)
Therefore love is always first.
Expression of the divine spirit - Satan as angel of light
But right love also secures to man my protection against dishonest spirit powers, which will certainly always push right up to you men, but are always repulsed through your nature, your will for truth and love drive, because they then so to speak feel my presence and give way. Read more >>


2018 458
2018 December 12
Since this free decision of the will positive and negative powers were active.
Positive and negative powers - Fall of the angels
The struggle between light and darkness rages persistently in the whole universe, for with the defection of the spiritual from me the carrying in of error began, of untruthfulness into the eternal light of truth – the failing to recognize the terms began; erroneous thinking began and the conscious suppression of truth and putting forth of falsehood. Read more >>


2018 459
2018 December 13
For his competence to judge is according to the degree of love.
Desire for truth – Love activity condition
My opponent will indeed also make use of divine words and know to interpret them so, that they serve his intention, to remove you men from me, but then I myself become active as counter power, by me directing the thinking of the listeners, who desire truth, so, that they gather the right thing from his words; that therefore his intention is wrecked, because the will of them is meant for me. Read more >>


2018 460
2018 December 13 (2)
But forgiveness of a sin is wiping out.
Forgiveness - Atonement - Justice - Causal rule
The man Jesus voluntarily handed himself over to catch the whole concentrated sin burden and to lessen the effect of sin through superhuman sufferings and agonies and in the end to completely abolish it through his death. Read more >>


2018 461
2018 December 13 (3)
I myself am the word.
Never ending love effort of God
As soon as you take note of my word, my love radiation touches you, which can have an incomprehensible effect on you, when you yourselves allow this effect, when you receive my word in you, move it in the heart and obey my will, which is announced to you through my word. Read more >>


2018 462
2018 December 13 (4)
In excess I give to mine.
Unlimited supply of favour
And you can receive unmeasured and do your earth life task easily and successfully – you can quickly and without effort cover the way up and enter the opposite kingdom as happy beings, so you would just use my favours, so you would unveil yourselves to me trustingly and ask me for help. Read more >>


2018 463
2018 December 15
Then the earth will open itself and devour everything, what lives there.
Urgent admonition to vineyard work
And those men, who have paid no attention to my words, those men, who are without faith, who indulge themselves in the pleasure of the world and belong to my opponent, they will become, next to all living creature, a victim of the powers of nature. Read more >>


2018 464
2018 December 15 (2)
I give as it is comprehensible for you.
You must be taught by God
Through my instructions you win knowledge about things, which cannot be fathomed through the intellect alone, because the proofs for it will always be lacking; but so I instruct you about it, you need no proofs, because the direct instruction through me is already proof enough for the truth of that, what I present to you. Read more >>


2018 465
2018 December 15 (3)
I let myself be found by each one, who seriously seeks me.
Favour of inner inspiration
But he can get mentally stimulated through that dead knowledge and make an effort cognition wise to be active in love – he can, even so only experimentally, want to believe and strive for doing the right thing – and knowledge in him will win life; it will make him happy; my spirit begins to have an effect in him, and he finds to me, driven from the heart, not from the intellect. Read more >>


2018 466
2018 December 15 (4)
To serve God means to fulfil my will as loyal servant.
Right worship
And my will is and always remains the work of love, a serving in true humility and neighbourly love; serving God means being active for him – doing something instead of me, helping fellowmen, teaching on my behalf, give comfort and help spiritually and earthly, where such is needed. Read more >>


2018 467
2018 December 15 (5)
They are to always preach love.
Blessed vineyard work - Succession
Dead form faith is to be given up and a living faith to be won instead, and to do it many of my servants and maids can contribute, by them emphasizing again and again their own connection with me and introduce me as a loving father caring for his earth children. Read more >>


2018 468
2018 December 17
My spirit blows where it wants.
Receiver of the word first suitable to teach
But since only he can give to his fellowmen, who himself possesses spiritual good, and the possession depends again on that my spirit can work in man, so it is comprehensible that not many are qualified for it to do right vineyard work for me and my kingdom; it is comprehensible that the announcers of my word have not always been instructed by me myself and for that reason also cannot represent my word with the powers of persuasion, as it he can, who has received it from me myself. Read more >>


2018 469
2018 December 17 (2)
My luring is love; but his aim is ruin.
God’s infinite love
But from no side violence can be applied; from no side man can be forced, but his will alone determines his way up or down. Read more >>


2018 470
2018 December 17 (3)
And I therefore judge according to the degree of unselfish neighbourly love.
Office of word receiver - Favours and duties
For that reason only such men are suitable as mediators, who completely turn their will to me; who have established the child relationship to me and ask me humbly for supply of favour, to be able to help their fellowmen, whose spiritual trouble they recognize and whom they would like to help. Read more >>


2018 471
2018 December 17 (4)
Each one reaches his destination, who believes in me.
Subordinating of the will under God’s will
But the earth life test is as it were already passed with the voluntary subordinating of his will under mine, and then my work in this man is continually care bodily and spiritually, then man can be full of trust, then everything brings about the best, no matter what may be allotted to him. Read more >>


2018 472
2018 December 17 (5)
For death had been carried into the world by Satan.
Promise of Jesus: Eternal life
Light and power means life; powerlessness and darkness on the other hand condemns the being to being paralysed in inactivity. Read more >>


2018 473
2018 December 19
And so I beat wounds over wounds.
Apparent loveless means of help of God
Every redemption section ends under violent interventions from my side, to still extract from the opponent, what is not completely under his control. Read more >>


2018 474
2018 December 19 (2)
You will always feel love for that, what you desire.
Not disposition, but love determines will
You will always strive for that, what you love, whether it is good or evil; your desire is directed towards it, and so is also your will – good or evil. Read more >>


2018 475
2018 December 19 (3)
Because they are in union with God.
Harmony on the new earth
The course of development of the spiritual in the previous stages continues so that therefore the destruction or dissolving of the earth does not particularly concern this spiritual, whereas all that had reached the stage as man, and does not belong to the raptured, does no longer progress upward in its development, but it falls down into the deep. It starts its ascent development anew, since it totally failed in the end. Read more >>


2018 476
2018 December 19 (4)
For that reason do, to which you feel pushed inwardly.
God needs many workers in the time before the end
The work for me and my kingdom does not need to be recognizable as mission work on the outside; it can be done in daily life, inconspicuously and still blessed, for exactly those men are to be won, who have no relationship in religious direction at all, who are attached to no church organizations or just still belong to them according to form. Read more >>


2018 477
2018 December 19 (5)
Every, also the smallest willingness to help is blessed by me.
Handing out and passing on of gift of favour – Hereafter
For that reason remember also those, who are already over there, who have just you and your intercession, if they are to achieve the first change of their nature. Read more >>


2018 478
2018 December 21
A change of will inevitably also results in a change of nature.
Forgiveness of sin
And so the will towards me is inevitably connected with the renunciation and the detestation of sin, of wrong, of lack of love, otherwise the will is still not turned to me. Read more >>


2018 479
2018 December 21 (2)
For sin is a crime against love.
Forgiveness of sin
You must therefore have acted without love; you must have opposed the good with something evil; you must therefore have violated the command of love against me and the neighbour, and that in the full cognition that it is wrong. Read more >>


2018 480
2018 December 21 (3)
You can just preach and set a good example.
Continuation of the work of redemption
And for that reason you are to support me in this redemption work; as man to man you must speak; you must give them enlightenment, why they are tied up and in which the fetters exist; you must instruct them, how they can make themselves free, and set a good example for them, so that they willingly follow you and therefore give full expression to my divine love teaching, so that they now with my help redeem themselves through you out of the power of Satan. Read more >>


2018 481
2018 December 21 (4)
You can, if you want it, shape yourselves to gods.
Reshaping of nature - Becoming divine
You can do it, but whether you want it, you must determine yourselves. Read more >>


2018 482
2018 December 21 (5)
Always strive for reaching the source of life.
Spring of living water
The turning to the world is a great danger, for my spring of life, the source of the living water, which alone brings about salvation to the soul, does not emerge so perceptibly, that men find it, without looking for it. Read more >>


2018 483
2018 December 22
But then the last judgement comes inevitably.
World clock - Last hours
They are to be warned, so that no-one can say, to have known nothing. Read more >>


2018 484
2018 December 22 (2)
To carry me in the heart is the highest aim, which you can gain on earth.
Living faith - Power for resistance
But living faith can only be won through love work; it cannot be replaced through thought or self-suggestion; it is there, as soon as love is there. Read more >>


2018 485
2018 December 22 (3)
My word is blessed with my power.
Spirit work - Occupation or being called
For that reason there are only few right announcers of my word, and for that reason the word has also lost power, because it is often just an interpretation of letters, which spiritual meaning has gone lost, because my spirit must work in you men to grasp the meaning of the words, which I once spoke, when I walked on earth. Read more >>


2018 486
2018 December 22 (4)
Never inactivate me whatever you begin.
Life power - Spirit power
And that is why also failures, lack of success of projects and ineffectiveness are included in the destiny of your life and you cannot keep them away from you by your own strength. Read more >>


2018 487
2018 December 22 (5)
Many gifts of the spirit can be given to man.
Forming of spirit work - Healing - Talking in tongues
Again others, who stand in love, have fate wise the possibility, to work enlightening among mankind. Then the work of my spirit is recognizable in a different way; then knowledge is made accessible to man through my spirit, which enables him to teaching activity. The man is instructed by my spirit, his thinking is ordered, his feeling refined, his spiritual ear trained, that it can hear the voice of the spirit, which imparts everything to him, what is to be said to fellowmen through him. Read more >>


2018 488
2018 December 24
And this approach can only be confessing or rejecting.
Great dying - Recall of the weak - Decision
And that is why also the evil work of my opponent is allowed because he contributes to the final decision for me or him - he uses his authority far beyond the limits set for him; unusually hard he presses the ones who are mine and gives to his followers plenty - earthly goods, honour and fame and therefore they prefer to acknowledge him as their lord and deny me. Read more >>


2018 489
2018 December 24 (2)
To the one wanting knowledge the gates to the spiritual kingdom open.
Cooperation of the light beings with men - Light bearers
They will soon themselves give the light into the hand of those, who let themselves be guided, and soon new light bearers will be again, who show their fellowmen the right way, which leads up. Read more >>


2018 490
2018 December 24 (3)
But without my word he can never be happy.
Effect of the divine word - Sermon - Power
I always address man, may he hear or read my word, the divine in it will never lose its power, and whether it appeals to you men, that alone depends on you yourselves and your will. Read more >>


2018 491
2018 December 24 (4)
My word is life and lets life arise again.
The living word
But my words hold life in them, and who receives them into the heart, he will also soon feel a transformation of himself; he will experience the rebirth of his soul; he will enter into a new life; he will let the union with me remain to exist uninterruptedly; he will tune himself in to a great spiritual life process, where constant spiritual activity produces new life; he will win eternal life himself; he will get in touch most intimately with the word of "eternity" – he will live in and with me in eternity. Read more >>


2018 492
2018 December 24 (5)
The world is full of error and lie.
Truth - Love and faith condition
Earthly minded men believe in the lie and the error and doubt pure truth; because this is according to their way of thinking that they are of darkened spirit and can recognize nothing properly. Read more >>


2018 493
2018 December 26
My original nature is love.
Communion - Who remains in love
Where I can be present, I have an effect on man from the inside. His living faith, his enlightened thinking, his cognition of truth, clairvoyance into the future or gift of prophecy or also the power, to heal the sick – are all effects of my presence, of my love for him, who loves me, so, that I can reveal myself to him, obviously or also out of the public eye, in deep, quiet religious faith, gentle, extreme loving nature, patient suffering and constant devotion to my will. Read more >>


2018 494
2018 December 26 (2)
The agonies in the hereafter can bring about a change of will.
Helping hand of Jesus Christ - Redemption out of the deep
On earth the soul could certainly reach up easily, because man can use his life power for acts pleasing to God, while the soul in the hereafter is powerless and has to rely on the help of light beings or men. Read more >>


2018 495
2018 December 26 (3)
But your unbelief does not halt my plan from eternity.
End of redemption period - Plan of salvation of God
The time has expired, and only minutes separate you from the hour of the downfall of the old earth, where the creations on it are getting dissolved, to arise again anew, to again give new possibilities for the development of the still immature spiritual. Read more >>


2018 496
2018 December 26 (4)
But men themselves do not recognize their illness.
Saviour and physician
Who calls me in the heart, for him I want to be a physician and right saviour again; who carries his sins to me, him I will forgive them; who offers me a loving heart, him I will present with favour, with light and power to recognize me and to understand my work of redemption, so that he shares in it and I have not died for him on the cross in vain. Read more >>


2018 497
2018 December 26 (5)
As little child I approached you.
Our father
Love, which you show the little child Jesus, is already a step to cognition; it is a degree of child love for me, for it can develop to highest heat, so you follow the walk of this little child on earth, which ended with the most bitter suffering and death on the cross. Read more >>


2018 498
2018 December 27
Then my opponent believes being sure of his game.
Power of the spirit shortly before the end
Then the struggle breaks out so violently that also the world of light intervenes and a constant influx of power out of the spiritual kingdom is recognizable, for mine will no longer be timid or anxious to the threats and orders from the side of earthly power; they will be so filled by the power of my spirit that they testify lively with a power of persuasion, which fills all men with astonishment and will also still change some few in the last hour. Read more >>


2018 499
2018 December 27 (2)
You men are all weak and ill, and happy the men who recognize it.
Jesus came to the weak, sick and needy
And there are many, who believe needing no help; there are many, who are convinced of their own power and quite easily make use of the power of him, who wants to win them for him, who strengthens them in their arrogant faith and who for that reason supplies them with power, however not without service in return. Read more >>


2018 500
2018 December 27 (3)
Whom I have put into the world, he is to also prove himself therein.
The father leads his by the hand
For that reason it is a danger, when you still let yourselves be attracted by the world, when you have not yet completely removed the strings to it. Read more >>


2018 501
2018 December 27 (4)
You will recognize me in everything.
Obvious spirit work before the end
But if the work of my spirit in you has been allowed by you yourselves, then my divine power is continually active in you, and your earth life is then a constant revealing of me myself. Read more >>


2018 502
2018 December 27 (5)
Give up voluntarily and joyfully, what one wants to take from you.
Fight of faith - Crisis - Power of faith
But if you have sold your soul for these goods to my opponent, so nothing remains for you at the end than only eternal ruin – a time of endless agonies and hardest imprisonment. Read more >>


2018 503
2018 December 28
Everything will fulfil itself.
Coming of the Lord to be understood literally
Although everything, what I have spoken, is to be understood spiritually, so also a literally fulfilling of my words at the end of this redemption period can be credible for you, for I always stand to my word. Read more >>


2018 504
2018 December 28 (2)
But without a fight and without use of power no ascent is possible.
God’s leadership
And then you are to go this way without wavering, for I myself lead you; as everything comes, so it is good; what you experience, is so ordained by me; who crosses your way of life, he is brought to you by me, because I know it, what is helpful for you and your fellowman’s salvation of the soul; because I know, how you can best fulfil your mission. Read more >>


2018 505
2018 December 28 (3)
Everything is hidden in the human soul.
Will for truth also guarantees truth
In the human heart the thoughts emerge and want to seek to determine the will to accept them and to digest with the intellect. Read more >>


2018 506
2018 December 28 (4)
I come to meet every willing man and help him.
Unusual means of help in the time of the end
And so also outer appearances, natural events or other changes in creation, can be precisely substantiated just purely naturally, and every connexion with me is denied. Read more >>


2018 507
2018 December 28 (5)
I reveal myself through Jesus Christ.
Love for visible God - Cause of revelations
You could not see me – and therefore you have fallen, therefore you followed him, whom you could see. Read more >>


2018 508
2018 December 29
But I do not find faith with men.
Last judgement - Reveille before
Who believes it and adapts his life accordingly, he is blessed, and he can expect the last day without fear. Read more >>


2018 509
2018 December 29 (2)
Nevertheless I do not stop the doings of the dark powers.
Hate and cunning of Satan to extinguish the light
For my opponent is certainly permitted to have an effect on the free will of man, but he is never allowed to force the will of those, who have already made a decision for me. Read more >>


2018 510
2018 December 29 (3)
I want to enlighten your spirit.
God’s protection against besieging of the enemy - Thoughts
An endless army of happy spirit beings surrounds you, as soon as you just want to serve me. Read more >>


2018 511
2018 December 29 (4)
You are to unbind, what the enemy of the souls has put in irons.
Task: Cooperation on the work of redemption
But for that reason my whole love belongs also to those, who in free will want to serve me, and I obviously help them in the fight against my opponent, the enemy of their souls, and therefore also of the many souls on earth and in the spiritual kingdom still wrestling, which you can help, when you let me have an effect through you. Read more >>


2018 512
2018 December 29 (5)
I want to give – and you are to take out of my fullness.
Supply of the divine word - God always wants to give
I put you in a state of light, you who dwelt in darkness before; I impart cognition to you of that, over which man as such can obtain no truthful enlightenment on another way. Read more >>


2018 513
2018 December 30
I only demand your love.
God taking residence in the heart of man
For that reason the visible and the spiritual world were created – the visible, to give my creatures the possibility for the first time to achieve a becoming divine of their nature; the spiritual world, to offer undreamt-of happiness for these beings having become divine. Read more >>


2018 514
2018 December 30 (2)
Then you take refuge in me.
Watch and pray - God’s protection against evil powers
You must therefore be constantly on your guard, but not of him, but always just mind that you do not go away from being near me, for as long as you are near me, he cannot come close to you; he cannot hurt you, as long as your look is turned towards me. Read more >>


2018 515
2018 December 30 (3)
But the best help remains intercession.
Redemption work at souls in the hereafter - Expression of them
You men cannot imagine that the connection from the spiritual kingdom to earth and vice versa can be established at any time and is also established already through your thoughts, which are for you radiations constantly touching you, no matter whether they are good or bad, for also the kingdom of darkness has an effect on you in form of thoughts. Read more >>


2018 516
2018 December 30 (4)
But love is power.
Spirit spark
To bring the divine spirit spark to awakening through love and to feed it continuously, is the most important earth life task of man, for then he establishes the joining together with God, eternal love, and consciously attaches himself to him, to now never ever break away from him, from whom he also cannot separate in eternity. Read more >>


2018 517
2018 December 30 (5)
But the will is free.
Reason for lack of cognition - Will - Truth
But for that reason the will for truth is also precondition, and this will will always arise, when man makes an effort out of his own drive to be good, when he lights the love spark in him, which will then always show the will the right direction. Read more >>



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