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2017 001
2017 January 1
Only one danger exists, that you break off the connection with me in free will.
Mission - Service in return: Passing on of the word
But you always give up self-will when you connect with me for the reception of my word, my revelations, which are imparted to your heart and to the intellect through the spirit in you. Read more >>


2017 002
2017 January 1 (2)
And I will always see to it that a source of truth gives living water to those who are thirsty.
Different spiritual work: Wisdom, seeing, prophecy
But where my spirit can have an effect in an obvious way, where love and faith make a direct transference of my word upon a man possible, there the power of the spirit appears clearly, and there all men should fetch enlightenment for themselves, because then they can be sure of the fullest truth, because it is I myself, who gives them this enlightenment through the mouth and hand of a man. Read more >>


2017 003
2017 January 4
Truth is not relative.
Absolute truth
In earth time man is indeed free to deviate from truth by virtue of his will, to reverse the law of eternal order, but man himself will always suffer as a result, because it is unlawful, because it does not agree with truth, which is supplied to men by God himself. Read more >>


2017 004
2017 January 5
Satan will always seek to have an effect on your thoughts so, that you turn away from me.
Repealing the laws of nature - Power of Satan at the end
What has never been observed before will then become visible; what was completely impossible will become possible through my will, and science will stand before mysteries, which are unsolvable to it. I abolish the laws of nature – what that means, no man can imagine, because it was not yet experienced before. Read more >>


2017 005
2017 January 7
Think nothing impossible, because everything is possible for God.
Disciples of the time of the end - Spreading of truth
My representatives according to the name could now also serve me as receivers, if they would live according to my will, i.e. lead a right love life, a life in unselfish neighbourly love and – what it very important – could believe in my direct spirit work. But they lack this belief, because they have also lost the knowledge about my spirit work. Read more >>


2017 006
2017 January 8
I want to make you to candidates of my kingdom.
Working neighbourly love - Joining together with God
I make everyone happy with my nearness, who is active in neighbourly love for the sake of my word. Keep this command, and if you fulfil it as the only one, it will truly be enough to secure my nearness to you. Read more >>


2017 007
2017 January 8 (2)
But faith is lacking, and they are not allowed to be given proof.
New banishment in matter
If men would know about this agonizing state they are heading for, they would do everything to escape it. Read more >>


2017 008
2017 January 8 (3)
But faith is lacking, and they are not allowed to be given proof.
Admonition to work for God and his kingdom
Carry my love teaching into the world, instruct who listen to you, and enlighten them about my work and about the near end. Read more >>


2017 009
2017 January 9
You all must be taught by God.
Worldly minded servants of God
Therefore you certainly can receive spiritual material from outside, but my spirit must first have an effect in you, before you recognise as truth what is brought to you from outside and gives you inward conviction that the word is from me. Read more >>


2017 010
2017 January 20
A man, who devotes himself to me, wins everything.
Fate - Maturation possibilities - Trials
And although you often must go through hard trials, the thought should always be comforting for you that the trials come from me and only for that reason that your soul matures in shorter time, because there is no longer much time until the end. Read more >>


2017 011
2017 January 23
You stand shortly before to experience the greatest upheaval, which has happened on this earth.
Doubt about truth of announcements - Natural disaster
Let your faith become stronger so that you can support my word with fullest conviction, which is sent to you from above, because it is my will that you have knowledge about it, to prepare yourselves and ask me for power, which you will truly need, when the day has come, which proves to you the truth of my word. Read more >>


2017 012
2017 January 23 (2)
The divine wants to be grasped with the spirit.
You must be taught by God
And so all of you have the possibility to acquire pure truth for yourselves, if you come to me and ask me for it; I will be a right master teacher for you at any time and introduce you to truth, as soon as you long for it. Read more >>


2017 013
2017 January 24
But you are yourselves free to enter into an intimate connection with me.
Sounding word
But for the present it will remain no permanent state, but just a culmination of particularly loving devotion to me, until the actual mission starts, which requires the ability of a permanent hearing of my word. Read more >>


2017 014
2017 January 25
Love is the original power, out of which everything has come forth.
God of love - Not God of anger
Purpose and final aim of all events is the winning back of what has defected from God, because the love of God wants to lose nothing, gives up nothing and leaves nothing to his opponent, what has come out of his love. Read more >>


2017 015
2017 January 26
But the connection with me depends on the free will of man.
Prayer in spirit and in truth precondition for work of the spirit
This must always be explained to you men again and again, that you recognize the spirit of men by the fruit and therefore you can never grant him right thinking, who does not live according to my will, and so you will always have a standard, if you want to check the carrying outs of a man on their credibility. Read more >>


2017 016
2017 January 27
The idea: father, son and holy spirit as three separate beings – even so under the addition: they are one – is misleading.
The teaching of the trinity of God
God father – God son – and God holy spirit – these ideas do not justify the assumption that three persons unite themselves as eternal divinity, therefore these three form one God, whereas the entity of God can be made comprehensible to men through these three ideas , when "father" as love, "son" as wisdom and "spirit" as power are explained. Read more >>


2017 017
2017 January 30
Because it is decisive whether men profess me and remain loyal to me until the end.
At the end defection from the faith
But those are not to feel secure who belong to a church community, if they are not true followers of my church – the community of believers, who stand in living faith. Read more >>


2017 018
2017 January 31
Purify the Gospel from additional work of men.
Pure Gospel - Additional work of man - Task of disciples
And like to give up and without reservations, what does not stand in connection with my divine love teaching, what you can recognize as the work of men in that, that the non-obeying or non-observing of teachings or commands wins harm to no-one, except perhaps to that organization, which has drawn up these teachings or commands. Read more >>


2017 019
2017 February 1
The body in the clairvoyant state is attracted by these powers.
Spiritual seeing
Such a soul is also just as able to feel the natural powers possessed by the earth and to let them be found through the clairvoyant gift. Read more >>


2017 020
2017 February 1 (2)
Life and death are heaven and hell.
Heaven and hell
Busy activity, making happy, in shining light is life – lack of power, powerlessness and deepest darkness is death. Read more >>


2017 021
2017 February 3
Matter is therefore power gone out from God.
Origin of matter - What is matter?
Man can indeed actually test matter for its components; but he cannot establish the origin and the original components of that what his eye sees. Read more >>


2017 022
2017 February 3 (2)
But the main work consists of speaking with men about spiritual things.
Workers in the vineyard of the Lord
Spiritual attendants stand by every worker in my vineyard, advising and helping him, where it is necessary. Read more >>


2017 023
2017 February 3 (3)
And so your office will be no difficult one.
You are to be forerunners for me on earth
Forerunners you are to be on earth for me – you are to walk in front of me and listen, what I myself say to you, so that you then announce my word and speak in my name. Read more >>


2017 024
2017 February 4
Supply the soul with food.
But the supply of soul food never depends on external feeding with bread and wine. Read more >>


2017 025
2017 February 4 (2)
Then the world will become a source of fire.
Passing way of an earthly ruler - Change
A natural disaster will hit the earth and tear apart the combatants; a power will oppose them that none of the fighters will be able to be equal to. This process will only last hours but creates a completely changed worldwide political situation, completely changed conditions, and at first a confusing chaos, greatest earthly misery and much unspeakable sorrow and trouble among men. Read more >>


2017 026
2017 February 4 (3)
Faith without love is unthinkable.
Faith and love - Constant presence of God
Faith in my presence will always let you appear secure and fearless; you will not seek me in the distance, but always be sure that I am your constant companion and do not let you alone in earthly and spiritual trouble. Read more >>


2017 027
2017 February 4 (4)
If you want to mature spiritually, you will do no wrong request.
Spiritual power supply through prayer and love work
Therefore a call for power supply, for my help, which comes out of the heart, will always result in the supply of power, and a man, who is able to pray intimately, i.e. in the spirit and in truth, always feels inwardly urged to love work, because this is already my answer, a proof of my spiritual power flowing towards him, that love awakens in him towards me and also towards fellowmen and lets him perform works of unselfish neighbourly love, which earn him increased power, and therefore he can now redeem himself. Read more >>


2017 028
2017 February 4 (5)
The gates into the spiritual kingdom will close with the last day of the existence of this earth.
Closing of the gates into the spiritual kingdom at the end
Because the spiritual that has not passed the test of faith as man on earth can no longer make up in the hereafter for what it missed on earth but has robbed itself of this favour because it sank too deep to still have the possibility of an upward development in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2017 029
2017 February 4 (6)
You will never succeed to produce proofs for spiritual claims.
Research wise spiritual field cannot be fathomed
Meaning and purpose of creation, meaning and purpose of earth life cannot be comprehended with only intellectual thinking, and greatest scholarship is not approximately able to see through God’s plans, his wisdom and his love, whereas God lets the believing man, devoted to him, who subordinates himself to his will, see and also give him the ability to grasp the divine plan. Read more >>


2017 030
2017 February 4 (7)
Divine wisdoms can only be received by men, who lead a deep inner life.
Ability to receive divine wisdoms through the heart
The question: "For what do we men actually live?" is outstanding with most men, and they also do not make the effort to answer it or to seek an acceptable answer. Read more >>


2017 031
2017 February 4 (8)
And you are judged, because you yourselves do not want it differently.
Justification for rejecting of truth - God as judge
And for this you will be called to account, how you have reacted to the presentation of my word, pure truth. Read more >>


2017 032
2017 February 5
Strive for to practise voluntary renunciation.
Overcoming of matter - Voluntary renunciation
What you like to give up and sacrifice for my sake, that I will give you, so that your life becomes an easier one, but always only then, when you are prepared to do without it. Read more >>


2017 033
2017 February 6
Almost 4500 alleged abuse in Catholic institutions over 35 years, royal commission told.
More than 40 per cent of St John of God Brothers were alleged perpetrators of child sexual abuse
The extent of alleged paedophilia in Catholic institutions has been laid bare for the first time with a royal commission hearing that almost 4500 people have made claims of child sexual abuse over the past 35 years. Read more >>


2017 034
2017 March 4
But I will nevertheless only then stop these doings when the measure of badness has reached its limits.
Announcement to objection: There is no God who allows the events
That mankind now in the endless long time lets itself get carried away and does mainly bad acts, which show devilish influence, is just proof so that the whole mankind uses free will badly, that it therefore does not utilize the possibility to turn to the good and therefore resists my law of the eternal order. Read more >>


2017 035
2017 March 4 (2)
Without love my word remains dead and incomprehensible.
Presenting the divine word in love - Success safeguarded
It is not enough that my word is just read out or is presented to men with arranged idioms. Read more >>


2017 036
2017 March 5
You can go this arduous way completely carefree.
Broad way into ruin, narrow way up
Avoid this way; do not seek to make earth course easy for you, because it is only short, but life after death endlessly long, and for that reason strive towards the right destination, and do not let yourselves be frightened off, when the way also appears to you little attractive. Read more >>


2017 037
2017 March 5 (2)
For the soul does not sleep.
Spiritual closeness - Souls without earthly relationships
Such souls are now forced to lead a double life on earth; they first fulfil the actual earth task, to enliven their body and to prompt it to spiritual destiny, and at the same time also help the like-minded soul, to spiritualize its body, so that the joining together of both souls can take place, what is only then possible when both souls have left the bodily cover. Read more >>


2017 038
2017 March 5 (3)
I approach none of my creatures suddenly.
Understanding the word guaranteed for seekers
You can indeed receive it everywhere, but not everywhere men are prepared to impart to men the pure un-deformed word, and what is presented to them is no longer pure and unaltered. Read more >>


2017 039
2017 March 5 (4)
I guide him through the heart into truth.
Understanding the word guaranteed for seekers
Then my word no longer appears veiled to him; it uncovers itself in lightest clarity and speaks to his heart, and then he no longer needs the written word; then I myself speak to him, and he will hear me. Read more >>


2017 040
2017 March 6
It is not enough that you only acquire knowledge for yourselves.
Special favour - Obligation - Knowledge about plan of salvation - Enlightenment
Help all who are ignorant and ask for knowledge, because I want to speak to them through you, also them I want to teach, as I have taught you, so that they learn to recognize and love me. Read more >>


2017 041
2017 March 6 (2)
Let your thoughts wander to me often.
Where two or three are gathered in my name
Because when you hear my word you receive myself in your heart, when you keep to it, you have communion with me because then you live according to my will, which I announce to you through my word – in love, and you unite with me through works of love, you establish such a close union with me that you hear it when I speak words of love to you and therefore feed you with soul food when I offer you the bread of heaven, my flesh and my blood – when I therefore come to you in the word. Read more >>


2017 042
2017 March 6 (3)
Because I want that men exchange ideas about my word.
God’s word - Parables - Picture language - Reluctance of men
But I made it depending on the thinking about it, how far my word becomes comprehensible to them. Read more >>


2017 043
2017 March 7
And you will find many on the way, which I lead you.
Admonition for workers in the vineyard of the Lord
You yourselves must so fully be convinced of that, what you speak to fellowmen that your word arouses enthusiasm in the hearts of the others that they therefore win life and do not remain without impression with fellowmen. Read more >>


2017 044
2017 March 7 (2)
Man serves voluntarily when he awakens love in himself.
Man throws himself into court
And when now a change in the state as man is not anymore to be expected he will be put into a state where the spiritual is forced to be of service to again reach the free state and can once again take the test of will of free service. Read more >>


2017 045
2017 March 7 (3)
The union with God eliminates all suffering.
Life fate according to the will of men
To some extent you therefore create the excess of suffering for yourselves, because the favour of prayer always belongs to you, which you just have to use to be exempt of also the greatest worry. Read more >>


2017 046
2017 March 11
Do not let yourselves be captivated by the world.
Resistance of men - Powerlessness
Life with me will never harm you, because also worldly you will be so off, that your needs are covered – but more is evil, provided your heart remains completely untouched by it, and this you are to strive for. Read more >>


2017 047
2017 March 11 (2)
Use every hour.
Assurance of protection at the time of the great trouble - Act of destruction
The day is near, therefore be eager in your activity for me and my kingdom; use every hour, and consider that only the spiritual lasts; but the earthly passes and is therefore not to be taken seriously. Because only one thing is necessary that you protect your soul from harm; I protect the body or lose your soul from the cover, so its time has come. Read more >>


2017 048
2017 March 11 (3)
But the spirit will only be awakened through love.
The spirit gives life to the word
But love work illuminates his heart; he grasps the meaning, and the word goes to his heart; it stimulates him to obey it. Read more >>


2017 049
2017 March 11 (4)
He cannot teach if he has not grasped the meaning himself.
Condition for right representatives of God: Spirit work and truthful knowledge
Truth is to be spread, and I bless everyone who contributes to it, who so shapes himself that I myself can work through him – that he is my representative in truth, who can promulgate my word and announce my will to men and in this way brings light to all men, who walk in darkness and desire light. Read more >>


2017 050
2017 March 12
Gather spiritual wealth for yourselves for eternity.
Desire for God’s word - Urgent admonition
Again and again I must encourage you to hear my word, otherwise you remain without power for your ascent development and you also lack truthful knowledge. Read more >>


2017 051
2017 March 12 (2)
And so all spiritual will put itself in heaven or in hell according to its will.
End of redemption period - Total change of earth
And individual men will be violently pushed to a decision – for me or for my opponent. Read more >>


2017 052
2017 March 12 (3)
And he needs to do nothing further, than to accept his fate without resistance and not to murmur or to complain.
Bearing fate with submission
But I will help them, if the urgency is not recognized, and so accidentalness will appear, but which is just my providence; therefore influences the fate of the individual according to my will. Read more >>


2017 053
2017 March 12 (4)
And they show extreme great reverence to a dead object.
What should perhaps move me, to shelter myself in a still dead object, which is actually spiritually rebellious to me. Read more >>


2017 054
2017 March 12 (5)
They do not recognize the voice of the father and creator from eternity.
Unmistakable sign of spiritual low: Rejection of divine word
They want to guide my flock and do not know themselves the right way; they want to teach and are themselves ignorant and with it of arrogant spirit, that they do not let themselves be taught, even so if I myself face them in the word. Read more >>


2017 055
2017 March 16
Then you are master also over nature.
You are master over natural effects
And also the released spiritual will acknowledge you as master – you will also be the ruler of matter, and it will willingly subordinate itself to you. Read more >>


2017 056
2017 March 17
Soul maturity is only achieved through inner struggle.
Words to bearers of truth
And so that it becomes easier for you, I also give you the right companion for the earth course, so that you support yourselves one another; so that one helps the other carrying the suffering, which is still granted to you for the sake of soul maturity. Read more >>


2017 057
2017 March 17 (2)
This time has now expired.
Sign of the end
But only to the believer will this appear as truth, and for that reason also only the believer will recognize the last signs and pay attention to them – he will know it that he now lives in the last time and must seriously think about his soul. Read more >>


2017 058
2017 March 17 (3)
A child was once born to you.
The world lay in bonds - Christmas announcement
I come again to earth; in the clouds I appear to all, who believe in me, and fetch them home into the kingdom of peace, before I cast the spell over him, who is their enemy and wants to ruin them. Read more >>


2017 059
2017 March 17 (4)
To think something to be true, what cannot be proven.
You are Peter the rock – Living faith – Church of Christ
But man must possess the inner conviction without proofs. Read more >>


2017 060
2017 March 18
To give up the world means to win me; to possess the world, means losing me.
Decision between spiritual and earthly world
But the free decision you have to make, without compulsion you must choose between me and my opponent, and your lot on earth and also in the hereafter will be accordingly. Read more >>


2017 061
2017 March 18 (2)
The will is yours.
Use of favour - Free will - Strengthening of will
But because it is about the free ascent development of the soul during earth life, I make everything depending on your free will, which I have given you, so that you can become perfect, otherwise I would just have judged spirits and then the whole creation would not be necessary, if my will would determine the beings to become happy. Read more >>


2017 062
2017 March 18 (3)
I want that you believe.
Reference to natural disaster - Surprise
But you doubt and are lukewarm in your soul work; even you, my loyal ones, do not take my word so seriously, that you would completely focus on it. Read more >>


2017 063
2017 March 18 (4)
And no-one will be able to dispute having had opportunity to spiritual conversations.
New Year’s message: Resistance of men against God
It always only depends on the inner resistance, which often opposes pure truth through the influence of Satan. Read more >>


2017 064
2017 March 18 (5)
And my love always devises new means, to turn their will towards me.
God’s love and mercy
And so I must once win back every soul, and no matter if it languishes in deepest darkness – once it will strive for the light and therefore also towards me. Read more >>


2017 065
2017 March 19
And I come to you to fetch you into my kingdom.
Coming in the clouds - Rapture - End
But you will be placed into the kingdom of peace where you will live like in paradise until I bring you to the new earth that you are now to liven up according to my will. Read more >>


2017 066
2017 March 19 (2)
Just one thing I entrust you with: Draw power out of my word.
Use of the power of God
For the world – i.e. opposition to the spirit – shows itself also there, where it pretends to represent me. Read more >>


2017 067
2017 March 20
Earth life is abused.
Spiritual change - Total transformation of earth
But in the universe the act of change means a completely new redemption period and the completion of an epoch, which was extremely notable, because God himself embodied himself on earth, to hold up his life as an example for mankind, the change from man to divine being, which all men are to carry out with themselves. Read more >>


2017 068
2017 March 20 (2)
Do go to God himself in school.
Right teacher - Truth Error
To be directly taught by me they can at any time, but knowledge about it lacks and faith. Read more >>


2017 069
2017 March 21
You worry too much about your earthly well-being.
Feeding of the soul – God’s care about the earthly
But one thing is necessary that you send food and drink to the soul, so that it does not become incompetent for the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2017 070
2017 March 21 (2)
Because even death you can command.
Power of evil - Strong faith - Come unto me, all ye
Strong faith banishes every disaster and can also give to a weak man enormous power, so that he needs to fear nothing, if he just believes. And this power you must acquire, then you are equal to all storms of life and master over life and death. Read more >>


2017 071
2017 March 21 (3)
You will never receive error, if you desire truth.
Earthly knowledge insignificant against spiritual knowledge
As long as you stand in the world, you must indeed also fulfil the post conscientiously, which is assigned to you, nevertheless you should let the spirit in you become effective often, which gives you in one hour more truth than you can ever hear through earthly teachers. Read more >>


2017 072
2017 March 21 (4)
My word speaks for itself.
Spreading of the divine word - Seeping water
Who therefore believes in my word, to him it will now constantly flow and again grow much in size and influence, because it is living water, which never stands still and also always has an enlivening effect for him, who devotes himself to its effect. Read more >>


2017 073
2017 March 22
Few men devote themselves to the effect of the divine word.
Will of resistance of men towards the divine word
Innumerable threads are spun between heaven and earth; from earth itself also numerous threads go in all directions; everywhere the tidings of the extraordinary work of God get through, and it could therefore also find spreading in all directions, but again and again the threads die out, and with respect to free will it is impossible to send the divine word to men, as long as the will opposes it inwardly. Read more >>


2017 074
2017 March 23
Life must offer such purification possibilities.
Fate - Purification possibilities
Rejoice that you are allowed to suffer, because my love has given it to you, because I want to help you to become perfect to be united with you for ever. Read more >>


2017 075
2017 March 25
He must as it were dream with open eyes.
Existence of God - Wise men of the world - Heart and Intellect
All research should start to make the existence of God clear, which indeed cannot be proven, but is believed full of inner conviction. Read more >>


2017 076
2017 March 25 (2)
But what the intellect alone is not able to do, is possible with the power and favour of God.
Development of soul independent of bodily advantages
But that every man can receive favour constantly and the source of favour of God is never exhausted, is unknown to men; they indeed even start with the wrong prerequisite that men are given by God differently already in their bodily properties and therefore can also mature differently. Read more >>


2017 077
2017 March 25 (3)
But woe betide you if night falls and you stand in darkness and can see no little light any longer.
Last hour - Nightfall - Light bearers
In agonizing surroundings you will dwell and not being able to free yourselves from the fetters, into which you are thrown because of your desire for goods of this earth. Read more >>


2017 078
2017 March 25 (4)
The whole power of God is at your disposal.
Follow me
As man I have supplied the proof that it is nothing impossible to be full of the divine spirit, that therefore every man is able of the miracles and signs, which I have worked, that man can form himself for it, that he as image of God can make all powers serviceable to him and therefore can also accomplish everything, what he wants. Read more >>


2017 079
2017 March 26
Spiritual beings help him also with earthly demands.
Necessity and blessing of spiritual work
But you men lack faith in the support through opposite workers, why earthly worries press you always and constantly and hinder you in spiritual activity, which you have offered me to do for me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2017 080
2017 March 26 (2)
Acquire the degree of God’s adoption.
Achieving the adoption of God
To possess the adoption of God is synonymous with perceptible father love, constant presence of God, light and power unlimited and perpetual looking at God and a constant staying in surroundings full of light, may it be in the spiritual kingdom or on the new earth, which now becomes the stay for the children of God as paradise for the beginning of the new redemption period. Read more >>


2017 081
2017 March 26 (3)
He must therefore first seek to free himself from earthly lust.
Poetical justice - Sin and expiation
Because once the day comes, where every individual must take responsibility for his thinking, wanting and acting – and the nearer the end is, the clearer recognizable is the raging of the powers of darkness and for that reason also the onslaught against the righteous, who shrink back from the devils in human form and call for God’s justice. Read more >>


2017 082
2017 March 29
I stimulate the thoughts to constant activity.
Spark of God - Enlightenment - Truth - Love - Instruction
The spark of God in you will lead you into recognizing, because it is a share of me and as such knowing and testifying to truth. It instructs man out from the inside, and therefore he does not need a teacher, as soon as he asks me myself for truth, as soon as he calls upon me as giver of truth that I enlighten his spirit. Read more >>


2017 083
2017 March 30
Because all, who hang on to error, will come to an end.
Spreading of error in the time of the end – God’s counterwork
Everyone is able to the examination who is willing to it, because he examines with the support of God, who gives the power of recognition to all, so that truth may pave the way and displace error, so that the flock of his has a strong support in the time of the end in the recognition that God himself dwells on earth in the spirit of those, who are willing to serve him. Read more >>


2017 084
2017 March 30 (2)
But also the workers of darkness are subject to the will of God.
Redemption work of Christ - Descending into hell
And so Jesus brought the sacrifice by giving up his body, which bent completely spotlessly under the burden of sin, which collapsed earthly, because thousands of souls clung to him, which sought to draw him down into darkness. But he was stronger. Read more >>


2017 085
2017 March 30 (3)
He did not want to be power receiver, but source of power himself.
Fall of the angels
But everything was and is power out of God, which cannot get lost for ever and therefore must return to God on a way recognized as successful by his wisdom. Read more >>


2017 086
2017 April 1
Pay attention to this inner voice.
Announcement of the end
Pay attention to this inner voice; let yourselves be taught by your soul, i.e., pay attention to your feeling, and prepare yourselves for it that a sudden change comes, that the worldly peace is getting disturbed and a fire starts to flare up which introduces the end. Read more >>


2017 087
2017 April 1 (2)
But if you love yourselves so, as you are, you will never reach the last destination.
Poor state of man corresponds to his will
Recognize yourselves and seek to change – because one day you must take responsibility how you have used the short earth life time. Read more >>


2017 088
2017 April 1 (3)
But this favour must be requested.
Request of favour spiritually and earthly
Body and soul need help, because as man you are still too imperfect, than that you can help yourselves out of own power, but with the power out of God, with his favour, with his support, you can create the supernatural. Read more >>


2017 089
2017 April 2
Help where help is required.
Command of neighbourly love
What you do to the neighbour, that I consider as done towards me, and seize you with my counter love, which means supply of power and light for you. Read more >>


2017 090
2017 April 2 (2)
At first the misery will be almost unbearable.
Care of the father for his servants
In whatever situation in life you are you all will experience an overthrow, high and low, poor and rich will be affected by the consequences of my appearing through nature and each will form his further life himself through his attitude towards me. Read more >>


2017 091
2017 April 4
The fire of love cleanses the soul in shortest time.
Purification fire in the time of the end: Suffering and affliction
But if you request power from above, if you devotedly bear what is imposed on you, you will also overcome the great trouble and always just draw use for your soul from it – you will one day bless the trouble, which let you mature for eternity. Read more >>


2017 092
2017 April 4 (2)
Everywhere will be men, to whom the word from above speaks to the heart.
Resistance against truth
Because everywhere are men, who are of good will; who demand truth and cannot find it there where one believes to possess truth. Read more >>


2017 093
2017 April 4 (3)
This belief is a danger because it reduces as it were the striving for highest possible soul maturity.
Teaching of re-embodiment
His will is certainly decisive, so he will be reincarnated when he wants but this will is a rarity, which is why therefore one cannot speak of a more often reincarnation, moreover is this teaching also a danger for men that they do not take their walk on earth seriously enough always considering a repetition, which however does not take place. Read more >>


2017 094
2017 April 4 (4)
When something precious is given to him, he is to turn away from worthless gifts.
Thought material, which comes from the world - Truth - Error
You will not be able to excuse yourselves when you have spurned my gift, because you are not incapable of recognizing truth as such, when I present it to you, but you are unwilling to accept it, and therefore also lose the competence to judge. And this is your fault for which you must take responsibility. Read more >>


2017 095
2017 April 4 (5)
Give up everything dead and formal for my word.
Passing on the divine word
But in the written repetition men will recognize my spirit, my voice, and expose themselves to its effect, because my word speaks for itself; no explanation needs to be added to it; it will always be comprehensible to men, because I speak to every individual myself and my word also gives to everyone the conviction, who receives it attentively and truth demandingly into his heart, therefore thinks about it and pays attention to his feeling, which then touches him. Read more >>


2017 096
2017 April 5
Wait for the hour of your deployment.
Sudden change - God's call
Always think of my word that I will not leave you in trouble because the whole world will be put into a restlessness that will also include you and that you are still not to be afraid of because you know me being around, because my presence protects you from every spiritual and bodily danger when you work for me. Read more >>


2017 097
2017 April 6
Then you stand outside of matter.
Activity field of the workers in the vineyard of the Lord
And I will reveal my identity to all those who are still undecided; I will speak through you, so that everyone can hear me who hears you, and who now recognizes me will be blessed; he will utilize the time until the end, and you have done no work in vain. For that reason be eagerly active in my vineyard and serve me, you who have offered yourselves to me in free will. Read more >>


2017 098
2017 April 6 (2)
As soon as you involve me in your thoughts, you are already on the way up.
Flow of favour in the last time before the end
The time of the end will still bring much suffering and misery, but also consider this as a means of favour of incomprehensible value – bear everything, and in every trouble come to me, then you will be able to score greatest success, and the short earth life will earn you the maturity of the soul, so that you do not need to fear the end. Read more >>


2017 099
2017 April 7
But truth is uncomfortable to them.
Training as truth bearer - Fight with sword of the mouth
But a good teacher refutes all objections, which are held against him in hostile intention; a good teacher is even able to convince the opponent, and he will always spread his knowledge, even when the intention prevails, to reject it, and the teacher is hindered in his activity. Read more >>


2017 100
2017 April 7 (2)
And victory will be yours.
Be not afraid of them that kill the body but cannot kill the soul
Strive for that your faith always becomes deeper and more unshakable, and then also all fear will fade before those who can only kill the body. Read more >>


2017 101
2017 April 7 (3)
Be yourselves serious about truth.
Serious questions to the teachers who fight God's servants
But if you yourselves must be instructed and seek to eliminate the bearers of truth, if you persecute them and treat them with hostility, your nature turns against me, and you make yourselves guilty of great sin, for which I call you to account. Read more >>


2017 102
2017 April 8
Be yourselves serious about truth.
Gospel good news - Disciples of the time of the end - Faith
But who accepts it joyfully, he will have great blessing from it, and to him you are to always bring more and more, as his desire for it determines it. Read more >>


2017 103
2017 April 9
This willingness to serve comes out of a loving heart.
Gospel good news - Disciples of the time of the end - Faith
There are still so many who are to be won, but only a few, who are felt touched by my word, which is supplied to them through my disciples. Read more >>


2017 104
2017 April 9 (2)
Man can indeed also go into silence in the midst of the world.
Effectiveness of divine truth only after overcoming the world
Man is in a completely secluded area, when he occupies himself with spiritual things, then access to the world is blocked, and the soul of man is happy, even so unconscious to man himself. Read more >>


2017 105
2017 April 9 (3)
The work for me and my kingdom must be done in complete free will.
Spiritual co-operation
If he carries this love in him, then he does not need to be stimulated from the outside, then he is automatically pushed to the work for me and my kingdom, and he will receive richest blessing and be eagerly active for me. Read more >>


2017 106
2017 April 10
I want that you find happiness.
Finding happiness - God’s word directly - Conditions
It is now exceedingly important to be aware of the consequences of a non-use of my means of favour, and therefore it is necessary to gain knowledge of my eternal plan of salvation, of meaning and purpose of creation and meaning and purpose of earth life, of the original relationship, which existed between me and my creatures, and the present apostasy relationship, which has earned you the state of wretchedness, from which I want to rescue you. Read more >>


2017 107
2017 April 10 (2)
But few men accept the spiritual instructions.
Spiritual and earthly co-workers at the work of redemption of Christ
But where the connection with the spiritual world and the earthly world is established, there a current of favour and love flows towards men, which is full of healing power, therefore who lets himself be carried along by it, he ends there, where the true home of his soul is – in the sea of the great love of God – in the house of the father – in the kingdom of the happy, where all redeemed souls dwell in the nearness of God, in the eternal light. Read more >>


2017 108
2017 April 11
The fate of the individual is according to his will.
Fate according to the will of man
But as long as he still dislikes me, he will have to be put to the test and always and constantly find resistances in earth existence, if he has not completely become a slave to my opponent, who will grant him help in every way for the time on earth. But he is not to enjoy his easy earth life, because he must suffer thousand fold after death. Read more >>


2017 109
2017 April 11 (2)
Love is everything.
Assessment of compulsory services according to degree of love
How much more can you gain, if you would use all life power to working neighbourly love, so that, what you do, is carried by the will to help, where your help is required. Read more >>


2017 110
2017 April 11 (3)
But in the midst of the frenzy of joy comes the last judgment.
They ate and drank as before the flood
Then the end is very near, because I have already announced this long ago to you, that it will be like before the flood – they ate and drank, they married and were given in marriage and did not pay attention to the admonitions and warnings from above. Read more >>


2017 111
2017 April 12
Then only a living faith will give the power to resistance.
Professing before the world - Living faith
They therefore believe in me and through this faith are flooded through by my power; they no longer fear the world and its rulers, but me alone, whom they however also love, because they have recognized me as eternal love myself. Read more >>


2017 112
2017 April 12 (2)
Earth life is given to you for the overcoming of all that, what belongs to my opponent.
Overcoming of matter
Because your desire is decisive, how your soul ends. If it cannot part with material goods, then these will still pursue it in the hereafter and seek to draw it back; then the soul can also still sink in the hereafter and finally being again engendered into matter, what means enormous and endless agonies for the spiritual. Read more >>


2017 113
2017 April 13
But the supply of power is a feeling of highest bliss.
Happiness in the spiritual kingdom
But as soon as my creatures have entered the kingdom of light, I am for them the quintessence of happiness, and they never ever give me up. Read more >>


2017 114
2017 April 14
You are constantly guided and are not responsible for your doings and speaking.
Workers in the vineyard of the Lord - Activity
You can therefore always be sure of my protection and my care and speak without hesitation, as my spirit gives it to you; you can carry out every thought, which rises in you, because you are now only still the form, which I have chosen for me, to let my spirit radiate; you are in truth the workers in my vineyard, who only carry out the will of their Lord and perform all earthly activity only in the interest of the mission, which is your duty. Read more >>


2017 115
2017 April 14 (2)
Spirit work is therefore precondition to stand in truth.
I will send the comforter to you - Explanation of apparent contradictions
But where powers make use of a form in the unconscious state, there caution is necessary, because a form without will can also be used by a dark power, even so for a short time only, but fellowmen often determine the expressions themselves, which are made through such a form, through their own thoughts and wishes, which are immediately seized by those powers, which now express themselves audibly through a form. Read more >>


2017 116
2017 April 16
The spiritual food, the bread of heaven, must be requested.
Food and drink for the soul - Heavenly bread
What I offer you from above, cannot be replaced by earthly things, as also no food of the body can feed the soul, because the soul is something spiritual and also needs spiritual substances as fare, which cannot be supplied to it by earthly food. Read more >>


2017 117
2017 April 16 (2)
Every thought from you draws me to you.
Spiritual maturation of those who are to carry out a mission
The ways, which I lead you, must however be followed, and everything must approach you so, as my love and wisdom from eternity has determined, because it makes your maturity possible and also gives other souls the opportunity, to get in touch with you, you who are to help those wandering, to reach truth; you who are to direct them towards me. Read more >>


2017 118
2017 April 16 (3)
All men can become free from their tormentor.
Christ’s work of redemption
Over these souls Satan has gained the victory, because they have given themselves into the hand of him, although the possibility was given to them, to request the help of Jesus, whose love to mankind was so great, that he wanted to be a rescuer of everyone, because he knows about the terrible agonies of those, who enter the hereafter unredeemed. Read more >>


2017 119
2017 April 17
Remain loyal to me and serve me, and I will always support you and be with you with my favour.
Serious admonition to loyal work in the vineyard of the Lord
Many souls you can still move to a turning back, when truth is brought close to them, and I have chosen you for this work and again and again admonish you to be loyal workers for me and to use every opportunity to cultivate the field and to scatter good seed. Read more >>


2017 120
2017 April 17 (2)
But your free decision is essential.
My kingdom is not of this world
If you now prefer the earthly world to my kingdom, you certainly live for a short time in pleasures, and all wishes are fulfilled for you by my opponent; but you lose that kingdom for yourselves, which offers you happiness for ever. Read more >>


2017 121
2017 April 23
There is for you no coincidence.
God’s cooperation with the work for his kingdom – Self-will - God’s will
And there are often strange ways, which you must go, which you as it were choose out of yourselves and still just obey the voice of my spirit, which pushes you on this way. Read more >>


2017 122
2017 April 24
Prove all things and hold fast that which is good.
Warning of rejection of the divine word - Prove all things
But only he can impart truth to you, who himself is eternal truth, or he, who has himself received truth from him. Read more >>


2017 123
2017 April 24 (2)
But every man carries truth in him.
Work of the spirit
Every man carries the spirit spark in him, which is my share and which can impart fullest truth to him, when man directs the look inwards and listens to the expression of the spirit spark, of the word, which therefore comes from me, because the spirit spark is my share for eternity. Read more >>


2017 124
2017 May 2
Take action against error.
Task of the servants of God: Enlightenment about living faith and truth
The power of Satan is great, and it also extends there, where truth out of me should be represented, where the Gospel should be taught in all pureness, as I myself have preached it on earth to men. Read more >>


2017 125
2017 May 2 (2)
But my herd will also only be small at the end.
God’s control of all his vineyard workers
Spatial separation I will bridge; establish the strangest connections and therefore give you obvious proofs that you are directed and guided by a higher will. Read more >>


2017 126
2017 May 2 (3)
But the characteristic of this church is the work of my spirit.
Bringing together of the small herd
My ways you do not know, but they are often so strange, and men are brought together through my will, who are of one heart and of one mind and completely belong to me, so that I can also have a direct effect through them. Read more >>


2017 127
2017 May 6
This earth is the only station to reach the adoption as children of God.
Re-embodiment teaching – false doctrine - Heavenly bodies
The karma teaching now is not suitable to get you to heightened spiritual striving; it is rather a motive for you to lead a lukewarm life in the spiritual sense. Read more >>


2017 128
2017 May 7
And so a high degree of love must fill man.
Love precondition to be able to believe God’s word
Because faith is only the result of love; without love it is not possible for man to believe that, what is supplied to him as spiritual knowledge. Read more >>


2017 129
2017 May 7 (2)
Do not fear my opponent.
God’s word proof of his presence
He gave freedom to your thinking and wanting, so that your development may now be an act of free will. Read more >>


2017 130
2017 May 7 (3)
These are therefore my last disciples.
Mission of the last disciples of the time of the end - Announcing of the Gospel
A beautiful task is therefore now your duty to enlighten completely ignorant men and to awaken the interest in them, to then constantly impart knowledge to them, which you have received from the original source. Read more >>


2017 131
2017 May 8
Do not grant supreme power to the intellect.
God speaks through the heart - the opponent of God through the intellect
He must just pay attention to the feeling of the heart and not grant supreme power to the intellect, because I speak to you men through the heart – and your heart will truly always let you recognize what is right, while the intellect is the door, where my opponent seeks and also often finds entrance. Read more >>


2017 132
2017 May 8 (2)
The God of love is always prepared for you.
Presence of God - Voice of the father - Right children
And so only he will reach his destination, who lets himself be instructed by me through the heart; who is believing like a child and therefore also recognizes the voice of the father, may it sound directly or through messengers to him – it is always my word, which wants to announce to men and testifies to me. Read more >>


2017 133
2017 May 10
The thinking of men is so confused.
Announcement of judgment - As at the time of the flood
And it is like at the time of the flood – they respect no God and are therefore doomed to fall. Read more >>


2017 134
2017 May 11
But with increasing maturity also your power of comprehension increases.
Simple and spiritual meaning of instructions
But spiritual immature men often object to words, which they would like to make out to be a contradiction, because they are incapable of grasping them. These therefore can hear or read my word and just grasp the pure worldly meaning. Read more >>


2017 135
2017 May 13
Because God is love.
Love command proof of truth - Content of divine word: Gospel
And that is a sure sign of the spirit work in man that he stands firm also to the greatest temptation, because the power of the spirit flows through him and he can resist also the strongest onslaught, which is undertaken against him through the opponent of God. Read more >>


2017 136
2017 May 13 (2)
I want that you keep a perpetual connection with me.
Keep to my word - Come unto me all
I only want that you come automatically to me to feel your trust, which makes me happy, and I want to call all my words to your mind, which I spoke to men on earth, who were in the same trouble spiritually and earthly. Read more >>


2017 137
2017 May 14
My power radiation must truly be superb in its effectiveness.
Keep to my word! Remember the end!
Whatever you tackle, may it be spiritual or earthly work, you must connect yourselves before intimately with me, to be able to carry out the work, because otherwise you are too weak in the face of the great trouble among men, which paralyzes all power, if I do not help you and give you power. Read more >>


2017 138
2017 May 20
Examine the spirits, whether they are from God.
Examine the spirits - Work of redemption - Touchstone Jesus Christ
And for that reason the truth of the announcements received from above can be upheld unobjectionably, and the smallest doubt does not need to depress the heart, because Jesus Christ passes himself off as touchstone, because his opponent never ever acknowledges him and his becoming man or will inform men of the redemption work of Christ. Read more >>


2017 139
2017 May 20 (2)
His creatures cannot get lost for ever.
Eternal damnation
An eternal damnation would therefore also be contrary to the love and mercy of God, or else it would be limited, as a result of which the perfection of God would suffer loss. Read more >>


2017 140
2017 May 20 (3)
But the most effective means of favour is God’s word.
Through his will man determines the success of the powers of light or of darkness
Who therefore counters his opponent with the word of God, he will also gain a victory over him, because he is not equal to the divine word, because it is an expression of power of God, from which he escapes. Read more >>


2017 141
2017 May 20 (4)
And if you can sacrifice, God will reward your love.
Strive for God’s love
And you will not regret it, because what you give up, you receive thousand fold back. Read more >>


2017 142
2017 May 21
But what false prophets tell them, that they believe.
False prophets - Light - Darkness and dark characters
Men are blind in spirit and want to guide other blind, and if a light shines for them, then they extinguish it, so that their dark doing does not become obvious. Read more >>


2017 143
2017 May 23
Only a short time you will still live on this earth.
Prediction for the end
And then it is the end, the day I hold court and the souls of all will be called to account and receive their just wages as it is announced in word and script. Read more >>


2017 144
2017 May 23 (2)
You can win the victory over him with my help.
The devil walketh about as a roaring lion - Watch and pray
For that reason I draw your attention and give you the signs, with which you can recognize him: He will appear as angel of light with those, whose faith is still weak, and blind them, and their eyes will become weaker and weaker and in the end no longer recognize the right, because they listened to him all too willingly and let themselves be deceived by his mask. Read more >>


2017 145
2017 May 23 (3)
He who knows about everything, is close to you and keeps you, so that you do not fall.
I will not leave you comfortless
You have something delicious, if you are allowed to hear me myself in you, and you will now also only understand the words right: I will not leave you comfortless. Read more >>


2017 146
2017 May 24
Man must want to believe, to be able to believe.
Conviction of truth can only be found in the inside of man himself
Man must feel so touched by the divine, which speaks out of my word, that he now uses every opportunity to increase his knowledge, and seriously thinks about it, when it is offered to him by me. Read more >>


2017 147
2017 May 25
He must uninterruptedly be active as worker in the vineyard of the Lord.
Obligation of those who receive the word of God
It is therefore an extraordinary privilege, which God grants to man, because He recognizes in him the ability, to work with the now imparted gifts according to the will of God. Read more >>


2017 148
2017 May 26
Examine yourselves, how far you devote yourselves to me, how far your will submits to mine.
Losing of the gift of favour
But if knowledge is imparted to you, which does not agree with the first, then keep away from it, do not reject what is to make you happy, what is visibly of the work of my spirit and testifies to my presence. Read more >>


2017 149
2017 May 26 (2)
He will appear as angel of light.
Obama celebrated as superstar – can Merkel profit from his fame?
He will appear as angel of light with those, whose faith is still weak, and blind them, and their eyes will become weaker and weaker and in the end no longer recognize the right, because they listened to him all too willingly and let themselves be deceived by his mask. Read more >>


2017 150
2017 May 27
Only the unbeliever takes a negative view of the announcements.
Prophetic spirit - Plan of salvation of God - Time of the end
This small flock now has to advocate something extraordinary; it will be able to convince itself that the prophecies of the seers and prophets are fulfilled and that a gigantic change in the cosmos takes place, which is however planned in my plan of salvation from eternity, because it is necessary for the ascent development of the spiritual. Read more >>


2017 151
2017 May 27 (2)
They will not be up to the demands and strains of the last times.
The weak will not experience the end.
But men with weak faith will not get through this last war on earth and I avert the danger of falling away from me to not let them fall into the hands of my enemy and to still give them the opportunity to let them continue their development in the kingdom on the other side that is not anymore possible after the end of this earth for a long time. Read more >>


2017 152
2017 May 27 (3)
Jesus overcame death.
Overcoming death through Jesus Christ
Then he is doing what God has set him to work doing the assignment during his existence on earth, then he delivers himself from the bonds of death because to be in bondage to the opponent of God is certain death of the soul. Read more >>


2017 153
2017 May 27 (4)
Out of his deepest love came the will to this act.
Death on the cross - Work of redemption
Love towards mankind moved him to it, and for this reason God accepted the sacrifice, because love wipes out everything, because love is the strongest power and pacifies the anger of God, i.e., his righteousness is fully satisfied where love is the driving force to every act. Read more >>


2017 154
2017 May 29
You must want to work for me and my kingdom.
Spirit work - Predictions for the end
But that an end is prophesied and has always again and again been confirmed by seers, they will not be able to deny, and therefore only the moment is uncertain, but which men never fix, but I myself. Read more >>


2017 155
2017 May 30
Once again rejecting God.
Sin against the spirit - All sins will be forgiven you only not those against the spirit
He can consciously stop the work of the spirit; he can, despite better recognition, make no use of his knowledge, therefore favour a spiritual retrogression, being completely aware of committing a wrong. He has won the proof and the conviction of my presence and still again turned away from me. His will has therefore once again be captured by the opponent, whom he had already escaped, and he does not defend himself against him. Read more >>


2017 156
2017 May 30 (2)
Because the will of an instinctive man is actually strong, just wrongly directed.
Sins of the fathers avenge themselves with the children
But if the will is directed in the right direction, then it can also gain a victory over everything and consequently become a rescuer of its forefather and decrease the suffering and the trouble in the hereafter for him. Read more >>


2017 157
2017 May 31
It is an unchangeable law that love is victorious.
Love is victorious
And I will always force you back if you want to deviate, and my loving guidance you will not resist, because I announce my will to you through the heart. Read more >>


2017 158
2017 May 31 (2)
Let yourselves be guided and instructed by your feelings.
Spirit work in the awake state - Proofs: Reasons
You are to hear me, however in full consciousness, because I do not hide behind a form, which is so weak, that it gives up the own will, and in the unconscious state lets a foreign will seize possession of it. Read more >>


2017 159
2017 June 1
I equip innumerable light beings with the ability or power, to impart truth to those, who desire it.
No partial knowledge - Light beings as master teachers - Truth only
It is for that purpose that truth must absolutely be offered to them, and for that reason I, as eternal truth, will make every effort, to also impart it to men and push back the beings of darkness, which therefore certainly can also exert their influence on men, but only then, when these leave themselves to them through a walk of life, which contradicts my will. Read more >>


2017 160
2017 June 2
A phenomenon that admonishes you of my death on the cross.
Visible phenomenon just before the end as token of God's love
I point this out to you already before that I will express myself because I want that you do not regard something as a coincidence that is to prove to you myself and my love and when this promise comes true reckon on you only having a short period of time left that you are to use for closer and closer union with me and firmly believe in an end and in my coming again in the clouds. Read more >>


2017 161
2017 June 2 (2)
Only the intimate union with Me will make life bearable for you.
Trouble and suffering means of upbringing - Power increase
Because I do not give you power against your will, because you would then become unsuitable for the fight for existence in the time of the future; but the faintest requesting thought towards me calls me to you, and then also the power will noticeably flow through you, and your faith will be strengthened, what I aim to achieve. Read more >>


2017 162
2017 June 2 (3)
The powers full of light assert themselves.
Spiritual concentration before start - Strict self-criticism
But care has always to be taken, to only then consider an announcement as such, when the spiritual relationship has been established, therefore the one receiving has completely broken away from earthly experience. Read more >>


2017 163
2017 June 3
Spiritual knowledge must be presented to man.
Right knowledge awakens faith and love towards God
But the man, having become knowing, will also no longer lose the love towards me as the creator and keeper from eternity and therefore also establish the right relationship towards me; he will want to remain connected to me and strive towards me, and his whole nature will prove the change to love, because right recognition leads to love and therefore to happiness. Read more >>


2017 164
2017 June 4
I come as saviour of the body and of the soul to you.
Saviour of body and soul
Carry all your worries to me, and you will get rid of them, but come in strong, unshakable faith, and I will not let it be ruined. Read more >>


2017 165
2017 June 5
Only few men are prepared to carry out spiritual work.
God’s blessing for his servants
My kingdom is not of this world - and as long as you still dwell on earth, you are to seek to establish the connection with that kingdom, and you carry away richest blessings, because my kingdom can grant you everything, spiritual and earthly treasures; because, who wants to be active for my kingdom, also does not need to suffer want earthly, because the care about his life I take over, so that he can carry out his spiritual activity unhindered to the benefit of all, who take note of it and whose mind is spiritually orientate. Read more >>


2017 166
2017 June 5 (2)
With my word you will also feel my presence.
Effect of the divine word upon man - Previous intimate connection
But I do not communicate with all men in the form of deep wisdom; not all men are able to receive instructions full of wisdom, but they are always words full of love, which get to the ear of him, who wants to hear me. Read more >>


2017 167
2017 June 5 (3)
Fulfil the command of love.
Love work - Use of God’s power supply - Who remains in love
And he is to make use of this, to secure something for himself for the time after his death, where life power is withdrawn from him, while the spiritual power, which he therefore has acquired through love work, remains for him, and he can work with it in the spiritual kingdom on his own perfection and on the souls, which still stand under him in their development. Read more >>


2017 168
2017 June 6
The cross of Christ will appear visibly in the sky.
The last words of the dying Saviour on the cross - Sounding word - Phenomenon
It is my will to offer to these now exquisiteness through the transmission of those words and therefore I am looking for a suitable vessel into which I can pour my spirit - a servant on earth who is devoted to me to whom I can reveal myself, to whom I can announce through the inner voice clearly and understandably the words of Jesus on the cross so that it will be imparted to the fellow human beings through him and therefore will be made accessible to mankind. Read more >>


2017 169
2017 June 8
Because the day will come unexpectedly and plunge innumerable men into ruin, into death.
Agonies of a new banishment in solid matter
Man is still master of creation; he is so to speak standing above it and can make use of creation according to his will – in future he will again be creation work himself, a dead, unmovable object at first, which can be used or also remain unused throughout eternity – in future he will be far, far left behind that, what he is now, and endless long time will pass, until he has again developed to man, to that being, which is gifted with free will and possesses the power to use this will. Read more >>


2017 170
2017 June 8 (2)
Let no worry arise about earthly things, but just worry about your spiritual well-being.
Trust in God’s help - Love and protection for his servants
What appears to you as worry, is just a test of your faith, and when you pass it, all earthly worries fall away, and you recognize how caring your father in heaven thinks about his children and how he pays attention to all needs and covers them, when it is necessary. Read more >>


2017 171
2017 June 8 (3)
Few people in the face of death will call on me in their troubled heart.
Men's fear - Natural disaster and its effects
But mostly men are out of their mind with fear, i.e. unable for a thought upwards, they try to save themselves and everywhere they get into the same difficulties because the whole of nature is in a conspiracy against them, all elements are in extreme activity, water, fire, storm and light step out of their order and wreak havoc that cost countless fatalities and is unimaginable in its extent. Read more >>


2017 172
2017 June 8 (4)
God will help all to get such faith who sincerely ask him for it.
The power of faith - Obvious help - Last means of grace
When now the activities of God, his love and his omnipotence is so clearly recognizable the weak in faith will be strengthened and the unbelievers will be puzzled and this is a last means of grace for those that do not want to believe. Read more >>


2017 173
2017 June 8 (5)
And for the sake of these souls take the cross upon you.
Religious war - Confessing before the world - I will shorten the days
Always think of this promise that it only lasts a short time, until you are redeemed out of the hands of your tormentors; do not forget that you certainly belong to my chosen, to whom all suffering will be repaid for the sake of their loyalty; and do not forget that through your confessing still souls are to be won for me and my kingdom, who are still getting rescued as the lasts shortly before the end of the earth. Read more >>


2017 174
2017 June 9
I will let you feel it that I am a loving father.
Promise of most loyal father care - Visible appearing
But as far as I am concerned this connection, which you have established in free will, is inseparable, and so that you yourselves do not sever it, I will always make myself recognizable to you – I will appear to you; I will be with you in the spirit, but also approach those visibly, who particularly love me. Read more >>


2017 175
2017 June 10
But my kingdom is not of this world.
Beneficial activity for the kingdom of God - Admonition to busy activity
The inner joy and the desire so serve me and fellowmen are to drive you, and then the spiritual work will also make you happy and give you inner peace, although it, earthly seen, gains you little advantage. Read more >>


2017 176
2017 June 11
Leave matter and arise to spiritual spheres.
Prayer bridge to God - Thoughts bridge to the spiritual kingdom
The inhabitants of the spiritual kingdom are constantly around you, but can only become apparent to you, when you call them in thoughts or give them the entitlement, to look after you through your will. Every spiritual thought is a call for them, an entitlement, to transfer their power on to you and to therefore help you on the way up. Read more >>


2017 177
2017 June 11 (2)
But the coming time will bring a radical change with it.
There shall not be left one stone upon another - Great trouble
No matter how incomprehensible it might sound for worldly minded men, that such a terrible work of destruction shall take place through an act of God, nevertheless it is unavoidable, because it is first of all to have an educational purpose and is then also intended in the plan of salvation from eternity for the spiritual standing in the lower stage of development, which reaches other forming in this way. Read more >>


2017 178
2017 June 11 (3)
Who has my word, should not worry and be anxious.
God’s word most effective means for recovery of soul
Who therefore has my word, just needs to follow this task, to administer the office of mediator, and he can always be certain of my blessing, my love and favour; he will not need to live in want spiritually and bodily and always be looked after lovingly by me. Read more >>


2017 179
2017 June 12
But the man, whose soul is born-again, will also live in love, because this is the effect of right directed will.
Spiritually rebirth
This decision of the will, the conscious steering of the thoughts towards God, is so to speak also the spiritual rebirth of man, because the soul enters a new life, it just does not only live for the earthly-material world, but it penetrates deeper; it seeks truth and finds it, because now God reveals himself as eternal truth, because he has now mentally an effect on the soul, which desires him. Read more >>


2017 180
2017 June 12 (2)
Food and drink they can receive from me.
Communion - Guests of the Lord
My word is food and drink for the soul; my word is the right wine of life; it is my flesh and my blood; it is the most delicious, what I can offer to you men, as long as you dwell on earth. Read more >>


2017 181
2017 June 12 (3)
You will have to prove yourselves.
Religious war - Power of the name of Jesus - Coming of the Lord
And so you then express my name reverently, it will have an unimaginable power giving effect. Read more >>


2017 182
2017 June 13
Take with you no difficulties any more from the old earth into the kingdom of peace.
Experience of downfall as in dream state - Memory, new earth
You are to maintain a recollection of the old earth with its creations, with its mental state among men, with its sinfulness, the struggle of faith and the end, so that also the new generation takes note of it and the knowledge about it will influence their attitude towards me, as it also is to serve in later times to warn and to admonish men of a spiritual downfall that would inevitably have this effect as a consequence. Read more >>


2017 183
2017 June 13 (2)
Again and again I tell you not to think worldly.
Do not think worldly - Admonition of God to receive His word more often
The worldly life will then present no more difficulties at all for you because as you concern yourself more with the spiritual, as you live more with me, the worldly life will run along beside you, hardly straining you and be mastered by an invisible hand; you well live on earth but are not unusually strained. Read more >>


2017 184
2017 June 14
Your way of life must be based on my word.
God’s will - guiding principle for life
And so your will has not yet entered mine, you must apply violence – then you will seize the kingdom of heaven. Then you must wage an inner war to change the will still turned away from me, into one completely subjugated to me, and then it is easy for you to do everything what I tell you to do through my word. Read more >>


2017 185
2017 June 14 (2)
Where the power out of me has an effect, there all success is secured.
Greater works shall you still be able to do - Promise
But now you, my disciples of the time of the end, are to supply the proof for the words of Jesus; you are to make all powers subject to you through an extreme strong faith and likewise have an effect unlimitedly to my honour and to my glory and practise works, which honour the school of the master – you are to accomplish miracles by virtue of your faith, constantly under the use of the power out of me. Read more >>


2017 186
2017 June 14 (3)
I will give spiritual wealth.
Thirst for knowledge - Privilege to ask questions
Because that is the characteristic of spiritual work, that man is not satiated, but constantly feels the desire, to broaden his knowledge. Read more >>


2017 187
2017 June 14 (4)
Faith in me and love towards me I demand.
I will not leave you comfortless - John 14
You can use all power for practical neighbourly love, being active for spiritual work and for me and my kingdom in my name, then everything earthly will automatically sort itself out for you, because it is I, who invisibly walks next to you and does that for you, what is your duty. Read more >>


2017 188
2017 June 14 (5)
My love knows no boundaries.
God’s extreme great love. How shall love towards God be?
I want to possess your love; your complete devotion towards me; I want your will, which is to turn towards me out of free drive, because then you also love me, then I have won you for ever. Read more >>


2017 189
2017 June 14 (6)
But pay attention to the signs.
Destruction of earth is act of God's mercy - Seers and prophets
Not without purpose have I announced the end through seers and prophets and the purpose is alone that man is to keep the end as forthcoming constantly in mind and is to adjust the conduct of his life accordingly to not get lost on the day of judgement. Read more >>


2017 190
2017 June 15
Although not everything needs to be wrong, when the will of man is seriously turned towards the good.
Receiving of the announcements in the state of wakefulness - Powers of light
But my demand is, to get consciously in touch with me; my demand is furthermore, to also fulfil those conditions, which result in a direct address for my part, as there are: a walk of life according to my will – a life in love – desire for truth and now a listening to the inside, to hear me. Read more >>


2017 191
2017 June 15 (2)
Give up the world, and exchange it for me.
Suitability for spiritual work - Giving away of the world
For that reason consider every disappointment, every failure, every suffering through material losses as a means, to overcome wishes and desires, and resign yourselves uncomplainingly to it, because it helps you to the overcoming of all that, what is an obstacle to being a good and eager servant in my vineyard – it helps you to make your heart free and to the getting ready for the reception of me, I who truly offer something to you, what surpasses worldly pleasures. Read more >>


2017 192
2017 June 16
Still on earth this child-relationship must be established.
Become as little children
I am your father from eternity and just wait for the moment, where you lift your hearts full of child-love to me. Then I have won you back for ever, and you are free. Read more >>


2017 193
2017 June 16 (2)
My blessing will rest on every union, which was concluded in spiritual striving and found my approval.
"What God hath joined together" - Unions blessed by God
The desire for union will be the greater, the deeper the spiritual harmony of the souls is, which is therefore expressed in the same thinking, the same acting and agreement of words and speeches, which have me as content, therefore testify to spiritual communion. Read more >>


2017 194
2017 June 17
Draw the attention of fellowman to his mistakes.
Tool of God - Reproaching of the mistakes right of disciples
And for that reason he is also entitled to reproach fellowman for his mistakes and faults, so that he changes. Read more >>


2017 195
2017 June 18
A heart, which is void of any love, does not open.
Cognition of eternal divinity
But such imparting out of the spiritual kingdom can only touch a heart formed to love, because it is receptive and willing for spiritual currents. Read more >>


2017 196
2017 June 18 (2)
And it will appear to all those plausible, who again have the serious will, to stand in truth.
Pouring out of the spirit Task of spreading love teaching
And thereby you will recognize my spirit that not your intellect whispers the words to you, but that you speak driven from the inside; that you speak with full conviction about things, which are completely foreign to your knowledge. Read more >>


2017 197
2017 June 18 (3)
But you cannot hear me differently than through the spirit.
Radiation of God - Instruction from inside - Gift of speech
My spirit is simply the radiation of me myself, the gift, which is not material, which cannot be seen and seized, but only felt, which is therefore certainly something effective, but is nothing visible, and nevertheless proves me, is therefore a living testimony of me myself. Read more >>


2017 198
2017 June 18 (4)
I do not demand accepting of spiritual knowledge without thinking.
Spirit work - Pentecost - Mediator - Truth - Error - Mission
Therefore my spirit drives you to speak, and so you will never voice something wrong, but as you also will not fail, because my spirit illuminates your thinking, and so it appears as if your intellect is in busiest activity, while you are but just a tool, which cannot speak differently, because I myself work in you. Read more >>


2017 199
2017 June 20
Then everything will be destroyed by the elements.
Announcement of judgement - Doubt - Star on the advance
I want to let you know that a star is on the advance that approaches the earth exceedingly fast through its speed and that this phenomenon will happen shortly before I make the continual announcement come true. Read more >>


2017 200
2017 June 20 (2)
With me you will be victorious, but without me succumb and fall victim to every temptation.
Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation
Call upon me in every trouble of the body and the soul – that I call praying and being watchful – direct your thoughts up, where he cannot follow, and you escape from him safely and you proceed into my protection. Read more >>


2017 201
2017 June 20 (3)
Knowledge is light.
Task of those who became knowing at the spring of wisdom
Love and omnipotence is recognizable, and who is so instructed by me, he will also be wise and be able to instruct his fellowmen, because he imparts to them only pure truth out of me – my living word. Read more >>


2017 202
2017 June 20 (4)
You all are my creatures and are to love each other.
Proving of God's love through practical neighbourly love
And since I created man according to my image, he therefore, so even if he became imperfect, is to again shape himself to my image, he is also worth of the love of fellowman. Read more >>


2017 203
2017 June 21
My word will speak for itself and prove me to the world.
The world wants to see miracles and does not see the greatest miracle
Because the world wants to see and be astonished, but not hear quietly and be grateful for every however secret revelation, but which means the imparting of my word from above for men. Read more >>


2017 204
2017 June 22
Only to few I can indeed communicate directly.
God as master teacher - Bearer of truth
My way of teaching is suited to his later activity, and repetitions are therefore necessary on many occasions, that the knowledge will be so firmly anchored in him, that he can never lose it. Read more >>


2017 205
2017 June 23
Every spiritual thought gains an advantage for the soul.
Worth of spiritual thoughts
Who thinks about meaning and purpose of earth life and then leads his way of life according to the now won cognition about the life of the soul after death, he already steps mentally on to spiritual spheres and now draws constantly out of the spring of life for his soul. Read more >>


2017 206
2017 June 23 (2)
Therefore also a stage of paralysis can occur.
Eternal cycle
The state in bound will always secures an ascent development; but the state in free will can endanger it and therefore also result in a retrogression, but always also for the deeply fallen the moment comes, where it again moves up, until it once has ended the eternal cycle. Read more >>


2017 207
2017 June 24
But pure truth is always the most necessary for the soul.
Spreading of pure truth - God's love omnipotence and wisdom
Therefore communicate to them; pass on the delicious good, which you receive from me, and let yourselves not be disturbed through objections of those, who doubt your spiritual material or seek to fight it, because you receive it directly from me, while your opponents represent something, what was carried to them from the outside through instructions or thought products of men, who did not let my spirit in them have an effect, otherwise it would be the same thought material, which you receive from me. Read more >>


2017 208
2017 June 24 (2)
Escape from the abyss.
Cause for God’s extraordinary work - 12th anniversary of word reception
Only one thing I can give to men to know that I truly apply all means to help them, and that I for that reason embody myself in the spirit of those, who want to help me with the redemption of men. Read more >>


The ringleaders of child abusers

Pope and Pell - The ringleaders of child abusers

2017 209
2017 July 1
Vatican’s Cardinal Pell charged with sex abuse.
The Pope’s Pedophile: Cardinal Georg Pell, third-highest official in the Catholic Church, accused of rape
Through this period, the haunting subtext is the culpability of bishops who did nothing about the crimes. The abused children were ignored or punished while priests who raped children were protected by supervisors. Read more >>


2017 210
2017 July 2
Müller was also allegedly lax in addressing sexual abuse cases that have come before the Vatican.
Pope removes German cardinal as sex abuse crisis catches up
Mrs Collins resigned her position on the board in frustration at Vatican officials’ resistance to safeguarding reforms, including a refusal by Cardinal Müller’s department to create a new tribunal to judge bishops who act inappropriately in sexual abuse cases. Read more >>


2017 211
2017 July 8
Through the desire of your heart my spirit will pour over you.
Incomprehensible worth of the word of God - Transmission greatest gift of favour
The word means everything – food and drink, light and power, love and wisdom – and who has my word, can no longer get lost for ever; it is my flesh and my blood, bread and wine out of heaven; it is the outflow of my love, because the word is I myself. Read more >>


2017 212
2017 July 8 (2)
Every experience can help you to mature.
Maturing of the soul through suffering - God's care - World and God
Also draw the attention of your fellowmen to the fact that I direct the fate of all men; that nothing comes over men without meaning and purpose; that only the spiritual ascent development is purpose of all happenings and that everything is bearable, when I am asked for help and am acknowledged as director and creator from eternity and am asked as father for my care. Read more >>


2017 213
2017 July 9
What is from me is easily to be recognized by love, which speaks out of every word.
Constancy of the pure word of God Change work of men
But error cannot exist for ever; truth is again and again supplied to earth from above, and again and again action must be taken against error, but whether with success, is left up to the will of man, which can profess both truth as also error. Read more >>


2017 214
2017 July 9 (2)
Love power can bring about everything.
Love epitome of divinity - Wrong love
Love is the most sublime feeling, which can move a man, because it is divine radiation into the heart of a man, who is of good will. Read more >>


2017 215
2017 July 9 (3)
And that is why no man will be able to predict the day for certain.
Nobody knows day and hour - False prophets of the end-time
Still every such an announcement can be accepted as fullest truth and again and again confirmation will arise from the book of the fathers that only that will be announced that completely corresponds with that and that is why also the fulfilment of those announcements has definitely to be reckoned with and the coming judgement as established fact accepted, but mankind will remain uncertain at what time God himself reveals himself, but it is to be prepared any time, otherwise the announcement, that God's love has sent to men, would miss its purpose and then the judgement would befall men suddenly and unexpectedly. Read more >>


2017 216
2017 October 9
The spiritual development must be promoted.
Field of action for workers in the vineyard of the Lord
He stands in my service, and he therefore receives tasks from me, which he will also always be prepared to carry out, and these tasks I put into his heart, i.e., he will always act as he feels pushed from the inside. Read more >>


2017 217
2017 October 10
God will always see to it that perfection is possible for man in the short earth time.
Purpose and aim of earth course - Instruction and help of God
But his word, directly supplied to earth, is and always remains the same, what he himself has preached to men at the time of his earth walk, because his word never changes for ever. Read more >>


2017 218
2017 October 10 (2)
But you are instructed by knowing beings.
Endless long course of the soul before the embodiment as man
For that reason I present to men the knowledge of the whole creation and its actual purpose, and I also instruct them about the lot of those, who fail in earth life and are now put before their last decision, who create or determine through their will the lot in the hereafter for themselves. Read more >>


2017 219
2017 October 11
You, you who have my word, you just need to believe in this my word, and you will lack nothing.
Deep faith in truth of the divine word - Ask and it will be given to you
Faith in my word is the greatest wealth, which you possess, because with it you can achieve everything, overcome everything and resist every hostile attack, because it is at the same time giving strength and will chase away every weakness. Read more >>


2017 220
2017 October 13
God has constantly revealed himself since the beginning of creation.
Value of divine revelations
In this way mankind became more and more a slave of darkness except for a few, who opened themselves in free will to the divine revelations and could now again receive radiating light. Read more >>


2017 221
2017 October 14
You are to hold me up as a fatherly being caring for his creatures.
Pouring out of the spirit – Task of the servant of God
For that reason you are to announce it again and again to your fellowmen that you hear my voice, that I speak to you and constantly instruct you, that I supply knowledge to you in an unusual way, which eliminates human help, therefore can demonstrably not come from the outside, but emerges from you yourselves, which has just to be seen as proof of that, that I myself announce myself through my spirit in man. Read more >>


2017 222
2017 October 15
And I will direct your thinking right, if you want to recognize the right.
Assessment of supernatural work
But I leave the checking up to you yourselves, so that you pay attention to that, what touches you wonderfully, so that you think and ask me for my help, so that you judge right – acknowledge, where my spirit works and reject, where my opponent is active. Read more >>


2017 223
2017 October 15 (2)
I want that my word is carried out into the world.
Right emissaries of the Lord - Gift of speech
But this serious will is not characteristic to all, who call themselves my servants, and for this reason only rarely the right Gospel is imparted to men; only rarely the listeners stand under the impression, to hear myself speaking, and the word therefore does not really go to their heart; they think more intellectually; they grasp literally, what is to be understood spiritually and reject easily everything, what is best for men and the most successful, what is offered to them from above. Read more >>


2017 224
2017 October 15 (3)
Break away from the world, and you are only little exposed to temptations.
Power of Satan - Watch and pray
Give up everything, what the world offers you and seek me, me who can truly give you goods, which are incomparable with earthly goods. Read more >>


2017 225
2017 October 15 (4)
You must be active on this earth in the redeeming meaning.
Light beings embodied - Mission - God’s adoption
Because earth is the lowest work of creation in its kind, but which enables the highest degrees of light, which shape a being to the child of God. Read more >>


2017 226
2017 October 15 (5)
Blind leaders will lead men astray.
Right leaders - Messengers of God
And for that reason pay attention that you do not let yourselves be wrongly led; demand information from your leaders, and if they cannot give you such, so do not choose them as leaders, but seek, until you have found the right leader; and truly I say to you, who seeks, he will also find, because to the willing I myself come to meet him and reveal my identity to him. Read more >>


2017 227
2017 October 16
And now it is decisive how far man still opens himself to the influence of the opponent of mine.
Subordinating the will under the divine will
But my first command is called: Love God above all and the neighbour as yourself. Who fulfils this command, he has done everything; he no longer rebels against me, but acknowledges me with loving heart – not by force; he has returned to me for ever, from whom he has taken his start; he completely moves in my will, which is also his will, and he is appointed as my child and heir into all rights of a child and can therefore create and fashion in fullness of power and be happy for ever. Read more >>


2017 228
2017 October 16 (2)
Because the few men, who are loyal to God, will give cause to the giving up of the true fundamental belief of men.
Devils of the time of the end - Hereafter closed - New banishment
Then the spiritual kingdom has closed its gates, because then there will only still be the living and the dead, men, who are destined to life on the new earth, who also in truth have an eternal life, and men, who are banished into most solid matter, who endure death, out of which they will only after endless long time awaken to life. Read more >>


2017 229
2017 October 16 (3)
And so again and again the pure word of God comes to earth.
Pure Gospel - My word remains until
Consequently earth will never be able to sink in darkness, never will my word, as I have announced it on earth, remain not understood, because where an explanation is necessary, I am always prepared, to bring a light to knowledge hungry men through my spirit, and I also always find the right means and ways to supply truth to those, who desire it. Read more >>


2017 230
2017 October 16 (4)
They truly have to pass a test.
Small community at the end - Affliction - Loyalty
In the greatest trouble I will obviously bring help, because mine firmly believe in it that I help them. Read more >>


2017 231
2017 October 16 (5)
Only a living faith strives for the connection with me.
Life task of man
And love is the key to wisdom, the light of cognition, which is ignited in him, increases in brightness; the thoughts move in truth, from the inside out he is now taught by my spirit, which is to say so much, that every thought in him becomes most inner conviction, that he thinks logically and can and will represent his now mentally won knowledge also to fellowman as truth. Read more >>


2017 232
2017 October 16 (6)
But they also know that no thing is impossible with God.
Reshaping of the earth in a moment - Miracle of creation
So men that are brought to the new earth find a finished creation of enormous interesting versatility - creations that their eyes have never seen will amaze them particularly as they still have memories of the creations of the old earth and constantly draw comparisons. Read more >>


2017 233
2017 October 16 (7)
Every event of your life way is foreseen by me.
Good shepherd - Leader - Carefree life
And for that reason you are to cultivate intimate communion with me and choose me as your leader; then I will never ever leave you and walk the earth way with you to the end, and then you are responsible for no step, because it is my will, and every event of your life way is foreseen by me and determined according your attitude towards me, so that your soul matures. Read more >>


2017 234
2017 October 17
I want to communicate constantly with those, who let me speak to them.
Expression of the spirit depending on soul maturity and receptivity
For that reason the soul must be turned towards the spirit in it; because a soul, turned more towards the body, directs the ear towards the world and for that reason does not hear the quiet voice of the spirit, therefore man must first isolate himself from the world, from the earthly, before he is capable for spiritual announcements, which are imparted to him through the spirit. Read more >>


2017 235
2017 October 17 (2)
Therefore the supply of my word is also a proof of my love.
The word of God proof of his love
And since you yourselves are unworthy through your imperfection, to be spoken to by me, but I do it nevertheless, you have again a proof of my love towards you, because I give you with my word a gift of favour of inestimable value und undeserved. Read more >>


2017 236
2017 October 17 (3)
To win the deep cognition alone through thinking is not possible.
Cognition - Love - Truth - God
Man must be good from the inside out, therefore feel driven to love work, only then the spirit of God goes into action, which now orders and directs the thinking of man, his intellectual activity, and only then the result of intellectual thinking will be in accordance with truth; but which the intellect has then not won, but the heart, which so to speak influences the intellect, to receive and to digest the thoughts flowing from the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2017 237
2017 October 18
Moreover such a work of love has an effect for the whole eternity.
Help for mistaken souls greatest work of love and mercy
The efforts about an ignorant soul are indeed often apparently without success, but what a soul has once received, reappears in cases of greatest earthly trouble, and then it is always still possible that man admits to it, and this will always be and remain your merit, because a rescued soul thanks its rescuer for ever, so it once stands in the light – so it has recognized, which lot it has escaped through his help. Read more >>


2017 238
2017 October 19
Ich allein werde euch helfen können, so jede andere Hilfe versagt, denn es ist kein Ding unmöglich bei Gott.
Coming trouble - Living faith - Faith test
But how do you then want to survive, so you do not already prepare yourselves for it, so no help can be brought to you on the part of the world, because I myself stop it? Read more >>


2017 239
2017 October 19 (2)
Because everything what is good starts from God.
Right knowledge - right life - Truth
For that reason first seek to fathom the cast of mind of him, who wants to teach you, before you impart your spiritual material to him; do not be deceived through pious speeches; check their acts and their will, as far as you are able to do this, and then check the thought material, which he tries to impart to you, and you recognize the contributor of that, what is offered to you. Read more >>


2017 240
2017 October 19 (3)
And so the word always and constantly remains the bridge between God and men.
The hearing of the divine word - Thoughts
And these thoughts are already radiations out of the spiritual kingdom. Because man can utter nothing as far as he is concerned. The intellect is certainly able to receive and to process the thoughts flowing towards him, but the thought itself does not originate in man, but it touches his heart, but flows out of the kingdom, which lies outside of earthly spheres. The thought is spiritual product, therefore a power, which takes a certain form, as soon as it is received by the intellect, in which therefore the intellect is influenced by the heart, to become active, by it now forming the thoughts sent to it and gives them a certain order. The activity of the intellect is the holding on to the thoughts, which wave like touch the heart and can also find no echo, when the will of man just uses the thought activity for worldly things through the hustle and bustle of the world and pays no attention to spiritual currents. Read more >>


2017 241
2017 November 4
The world full of light seeks to direct the thoughts of men to the greatest mystery in the universe.
Explanation of the stigma
But the spiritual world stands all the time under the impression of the redemption through Jesus Christ. The spiritual full of light experiences everything in the present; it knows no time concept; past, present and future are one for the light beings, and so they experience the crucifixion of Christ at any time and praise and glorify him, who has opened heaven for them through his death on the cross, who helped them to the view of God, who wiped out the great sin, which separated my creatures from me throughout eternities. Read more >>


2017 242
2017 November 5
The will to God is the beginning of the redemption of the spiritual out of form.
Turning the will to God - Passing of the earth life test
At the beginning of the embodiment as man the soul declares itself prepared, to take earth life upon itself as for the purpose of last maturation, therefore the will in it becomes active for the first time to belong to God and to do that in earth life, what earns it the joining together with him. Read more >>


2017 243
2017 November 6
And so were also the conditions, which made a return to me possible, different.
Defection from God different - Different distances
The course of development on other creations is certainly easier, but also does not lead to the last aim, to the complete joining together with me, to the right adoption of God, what is certainly also difficult to comprehend for you men, because these spirit beings did not sink so deep and nevertheless are still not to reach the highest height.Read more >>


2017 244
2017 November 6 (2)
Do not shut me out of your thoughts.
Loving father words - Guidance
I always walk next to you, as soon as you have once chosen me as leader, and I truly lead you right, so I have taken over the care for you, and everything will approach you so, that it helps you to the ascent development of the soul. Read more >>


2017 245
2017 November 6 (3)
But it is up to you yourselves, how deep you want to scrape in the well of wisdom.
Thirst for knowledge - Unlimited knowledge
But right knowledge again and again leaves questions open, i.e., it will always prompt anew to questions, so that it is to be broadened and the desire for increased knowledge is automatically awakened in man. Read more >>


2017 246
2017 November 6 (4)
Man is to avoid everything as a result of which he hurts the feelings of his fellowmen.
Neighbourly love
You men can therefore certainly still live bodily, but spiritually you are dead, so you lack all love. Read more >>


2017 247
2017 November 7
And this elimination of the wrong from the right must take place.
Traditional faith - Form faith - False doctrine
Error must be separated from truth; otherwise men are not able to imagine God, whose nature is so perfect, that also everything which testifies of him must be perfect. Read more >>


2017 248
2017 November 7 (2)
Because now also other creations, other stars, have an effect.
Irresponsible experiments reason for destruction of earth
And God cannot tolerate such irresponsible experiments and so they have a backlash effect on the experimentalists that achieve nothing more than a total destruction of all material creations on earth, a smashing of matter that however means, in a spiritual sense, a dissolving of every single form and a setting free of the spiritual that is bound in it. Read more >>


2017 249
2017 November 7 (3)
Love will therefore ennoble man.
Love power of the soul – Perfection
A soul, which can love, will not get lost, but through love it then breaks away from the opponent of God, whose symbol is unkindness and who loses all power over a loving soul. Read more >>


2017 250
2017 November 8
But moreover the thinking of men is stimulated through debates of spiritual kind.
Spiritual exchange of ideas
You will then indeed consider your thought activity as won through intellectual activity, while however they are transmissions out of the spiritual kingdom, thought waves, which you have received and which now penetrate into your awareness and are held on to. Read more >>


2017 251
2017 November 8 (2)
Overcome matter.
Overcoming of matter
You certainly stand in the midst of the world, but can take at the same time also the spiritual kingdom, so your soul desires this and only still give the right to the body to stay in matter, however completely untouched by it, while the soul, the thinking, feeling and wanting of man dwells in spiritual spheres and has found there the true kingdom, where it feels happy and never exchanges it against the material world anymore. Read more >>


2017 252
2017 November 8 (3)
And his word teaches love.
Help at the work of redemption - Spreading of the Gospel
Who therefore stimulates men to love activity, who sets a right love life as an example, who takes note of the word of God himself, therefore receives it from above or from his messengers and also passes on to fellowmen that, what he receives, he is a disciple of Jesus; he is one of his apostles, who he sends out into the world to teach all nations. Read more >>


2017 253
2017 November 8 (4)
Worldly knowledge concerns pure concrete things only and leaves every spiritual question open.
Wisdom of the world - spiritual knowledge
Nevertheless also worldly knowledge can then be of value for fellowmen, when spiritual striving is recognizable at the same time; then the worldly knowledge will contribute that man also seeks to create knowledge of fields for himself, into which he cannot penetrate by virtue of his intellect – when it is for example proven to him with the help of worldly science, that a passing after death is not possible and he then also acknowledges another field intellectually, for which he then strives and therefore aims at. Read more >>


2017 254
2017 November 10
Recognize all the signs as pointing to the near end.
Reference to the end and the intervention of God
And become yourselves familiar with a sudden end of the life of your body. Read more >>


2017 255
2017 November 10 (2)
Everything is divine providence, determined for eternity.
Extraordinary gift of favour obliges to passing on
Who is therefore active in this sense, that he helps fellowmen to redemption, he will also receive his blessing as right and eager worker in the vineyard of the Lord now and in future in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2017 256
2017 November 10 (3)
And so nothing can happen to you.
Gift of speech testimony of the work of the spirit
I am with you and do not leave you for ever, and even so you have to suffer, because you still stand in the midst of the world, because your body is not yet spiritualized and because your soul is to achieve a higher degree of maturity, so just do not doubt that I myself am with you. Read more >>


2017 257
2017 November 10 (4)
But their will alone decides.
Narrow, thorny way up - Worldly men
Innumerable men could take those as an example and make the test, what earns them a walk of life, which pleases less the body than the soul. And it would truly look better about the spiritual development of men, but as also about the bodily constitution, because also earthly troubles and sufferings would fall away, because men do not need it, so they themselves would care for their ascent development. Read more >>


2017 258
2017 November 10 (5)
Happiness of the soul at the receiving of the divine word
Happiness of the soul at the receiving of the divine word
The short time of the receiving of the spiritual material through the voice of the spirit is exceptionally profitable for the soul, and fields are opened to it, which it has never known before and which are also inaccessible to the intellect of man. Read more >>


2017 259
2017 November 10 (6)
The cause of the work of destruction is human will.
Dissolving of the Old Earth and New Emergence in a Moment
Also the last work of destruction on this earth that will be staged by human will gives in God's eternal council rise to a powerful process of reshaping for all spiritual that is bound in the creations of the earth. Read more >>


2017 260
2017 November 10 (7)
And so I demand then now full trust in my help.
Shield of faith - Trust - God’s protection
I am a Lord also of this earthly world, and I also order your earthly life, but this care you are to leave entirely on my own and not burden yourselves also with it, because the worry about the rescue of your soul is far more important and you alone must remedy this. Read more >>


2017 261
2017 November 11
For that reason adherents of every denomination can be entitled to membership of the true church of Christ.
Christ head of his church - Members of the true church
And who receives his word into his heart and lives accordingly, he is his follower, he is a member of his church, which is always only to be understood spiritually, therefore not bound to earthly organizations. Read more >>


2017 262
2017 November 12
I am always there for you.
Inadequate faith - Assurance of God’s help
I need you and want to train you to strong, fearless representatives of my teaching. And I will achieve it, i.e., your faith will become unshakable and defy all onslaughts. You will experience my help so obviously that all doubts fades and your faith becomes strong – and you will serve me until the end. Read more >>


2017 263
2017 November 12 (2)
The soul never loses the awareness of existence.
Immortality of the soul - False doctrine
A rest until doomsday, Judgment Day, is a wrong idea, because the souls, which are inactive, are this only to their own agony, while activity is the true life of a soul, but which depends on a certain degree of maturity, which the soul can easily reach on earth, when it is of good will. Read more >>


2017 264
2017 November 12 (3)
But a last reprieve is still granted to the survivors.
Disaster and its effects - Neighbourly love
But what precedes the end is determined since eternity. A partial destruction of unimaginable extent that concerns large stretches of land and claims innumerable lives. For these people therefore the end has come but their death still results in an entrance of their soul into the hereafter. The last hour for this world has not yet arrived when also the gates of the spiritual kingdom will be closed. Read more >>


2017 265
2017 November 12 (4)
And so recognize in every trouble your father’s graciousness.
Earth fate - Devotion into God's will
There is a love, which is stronger than death, and who carries this love in the heart, he also conquers death. Read more >>


2017 266
2017 November 13
Love me and keep my commands.
My sheep recognize my voice - Resistance
Examine yourselves seriously, whether you are children of the world or children of your father in heaven, and remember my words: My sheep recognize my voice – and do not be unbelieving, but believing. Read more >>


2017 267
2017 November 13 (2)
To possess spiritual knowledge is a preferential treatment.
Spiritual gifts pledge of love - Presence of God
Who has my love, he also possesses me myself and who possesses me, to him I am also present, and my presence guarantees you also my protection and my help in every trouble. Read more >>


2017 268
2017 November 13 (3)
The time of Antichrist has come.
Scourge of Antichrist
In droves men will follow him, they will pay tribute to him and submit to him voluntarily - they will be in bondage to him because he will have an effect on them as man and blinds them through his words and deeds. Read more >>


2017 269
2017 November 13 (4)
God, love and truth are one.
God - truth - love are one - Truth
Love to God and to the neighbour infallibly also results in the supply of truth, and the faculty of perception is sent to man at the same time as truth. Read more >>


2017 270
2017 November 13 (5)
They consequently serve two masters.
He that is not with me is against me
To be for me means to stand up completely for me, confess me in life without inhibitions and without reserve. Read more >>


2017 271
2017 November 13 (6)
The earth in its core is unfathomable for men and will remain so until the end.
Experiments to the End of the Earth - Release of powers
The core of the earth cannot be investigated in this way and inevitably every such attempt has repercussions and not only for the experimenters but for the whole of mankind. Read more >>


2017 272
2017 November 13 (7)
The soul, the thinking, feeling and wanting in man must without force turn the direction to me.
Uniting of the soul with the spirit
And you are to strive for, that as first thing, that you grant the spirit spark in you the power over you, what again can only happen through serious will for perfection. Read more >>


2017 273
2017 November 13 (8)
But truth is and remains always the same.
Therefore a bearer of truth is never allowed to be reproached for him being intolerant to the representatives of wrong teachings, because only truth earns men spiritual progress; truth alone leads to me, to eternal life in happiness, and truth alone helps to cognition and therefore means light for the being, which is embodied as man on earth. Read more >>


2017 274
2017 November 14
But earthly activity is to be a work serving the neighbour.
Earthly activity necessary for servants of God - Occupation
The spiritual work is not allowed to be regarded as pleasant play, as an activity, which is to fulfil the daily routine of an idle man, why I do not approve of when a pastoral care activity as it were becomes the occupation of a man, because then the spiritual work is stamped to an earthly one and finally it is just only an occupation, i.e. an activity connected with earthly income. Read more >>


2017 275
2017 November 15
Recognize at all these signs that the clock of life of many men is run down.
Signs of the time of the end
Mine can feel themselves secure in my protection; trustingly they can expect my help in every earthly and spiritual trouble; mine need to fear nothing, whatever may come, so they just lift their eyes to me; therefore remain constantly connected to me in thoughts and through action. Read more >>


2017 276
2017 November 15 (2)
What the heart commands you, that you are to do.
God speaks through the heart to man
Who falls victim to a false doctrine must seek the fault by him himself, because as soon as he demands truth, it will be offered to him. Read more >>


2017 277
2017 November 15 (3)
Always think of my presence.
God’s word proof of his presence
Because my presence is a sign of my love and to possess my love should after all truly let no grief and ill-humour arise in you. Read more >>


2017 278
2017 November 15 (4)
Again and again try imagining my presence.
Learn believing - Assurance of God's protection
Again and again I give you the assurance of my help, and you are to drop all fear and despondency, because you do not stand alone, but have me as constant companion and leader with you. Read more >>


2017 279
2017 November 15 (5)
Nothing is coincidence.
Every way is marked for servants of God
So every day will go, as I want it, and you will always act as it were so out of free will, as my wisdom recognized it as useful from eternity. Read more >>


2017 280
2017 November 16
And every instruction offered to man must be examined, so it lays claim to truth.
Responsibility for acceptance of false doctrines
But as soon as they can use their intellect themselves, it is also their duty, to examine that spiritual material about its truthfulness. Read more >>


2017 281
2017 November 16 (2)
But light will never be given to you men against your will.
Desire for truth condition
You must want yourselves that the giver of truth instructs you in everything, what to know is necessary for you, then you will truly get enlightened; you will be allowed to receive light unmeasured, because the deeper the desire in in you gets, the more knowledge will be given to you, which is according to truth. Read more >>


2017 282
2017 November 16 (3)
Be ceaselessly busy.
Admonition to eager work for the kingdom of God
Be eagerly active for me and my kingdom; i.e., seek to give knowledge to your fellowmen of my effect on you; seek to instruct them in truth, and draw their attention to the end and to the signs of the time. Read more >>


2017 283
2017 November 16 (4)
And so your will must therefore strive for perfection.
Intercession for spiritual well-being
He is mentally influenced by light beings.


2017 284
2017 November 16 (5)
But the key to wisdom is and remains love.
The wisdom of the wise I will ruin
The wisdom of the wise will find no key to truth; the intellect of the intellectuals will not seek it, but they will believe to possess it. Read more >>


2017 285
2017 November 16 (6)
But the danger is very great, to forget me because of the world.
Tests to strengthen faith
If you now get into trouble, spiritually or earthly, then you turn in thoughts to me, and you now draw me to you; you desire my presence, and you also feel it, so you turn to me in intimate prayer and entrust your trouble to me. Read more >>


2017 286
2017 November 16 (7)
But only the conscious turning of his thoughts to me causes me, to lean towards that man.
Prayer in spirit and in truth
Who wants to be heard by me, he needs to express no words, but what he feels in the heart, what he thinks and feels, that is known to me, but only the conscious turning of his thoughts to me causes me, to lean towards that man, who therefore recognizes his father in me and believes to find help with me. Read more >>


2017 287
2017 November 16 (8)
But I protect them from the defection from me.
Signs of the near end: spiritual becoming superficial - State of peace
But you, who want to be mine, always become stronger and stronger in faith. Withdraw, so that the world cannot influence you; live still for yourselves, and serve me with word and act; work quietly, so that the world does not persecute you, when it is avoidable. Read more >>


2017 288
2017 November 16 (9)
Never ever will men be able to fathom or calculate how the fate of life of the individual fashions itself.
Astrology - Fate out of stars
That the entire earth life is carried out in a certain conformity to law, causes men to draw wrong conclusions – they have interpreted this conformity to law according to own thinking and now drawn conclusions, connecting them with the fate of man. But these researches are not at all in accordance with truth and are also not approved by me, because I will always accept the free will of man, although I have determined the life fate for eternity. Read more >>


2017 289
2017 November 17
Your most inner thinking is known to me.
Admonition to living faith - Thoughts
And so I once again shout to you: Commune with yourselves; seek to gain living faith for yourselves; get in touch with me and fetch power out of me, which you need urgently to hold out until the end. Read more >>


2017 290
2017 November 17 (2)
Do not worry.
Earthly worries unnecessary - God’s help
Do not worry, what will be tomorrow, but take care, how each of the worries dissipates into nothing, so you have entrusted it believingly to me. Read more >>


2017 291
2017 November 18
But with my spirit I will constantly remain with you.
Spreading of love teaching task of servants of God
But I want to enliven their faith again or direct it right, because men are instructed wrong and have therefore already deserted me, because every error leads away from me and only truth alone leads to me. Read more >>


2017 292
2017 November 18 (2)
The soul has become apostate to me in free will, in free will it must return to me.
Worship of the mother of God
The act of free will is the will turned to me out of own drive, which is expressed in the conscious connection with me, and this striving the light beings will support in every way. Read more >>


2017 293
2017 November 18 (3)
To be a mediator between God and man makes happy and binding at the same time.
Mediator between God and men
And so the mediators are to instruct men, so that they learn to recognize and love God and therefore also have the will to belong to him. Read more >>


2017 294
2017 November 19
Because the supply of truth to earthmen entrusted to them it is the duty of the beings of light.
Help of light beings - Spiritual servitude
But it nevertheless remains up to men, to get in contact with the light beings, through thoughts or call, otherwise they cannot act as helpers, since they respect the freedom of will of men. Read more >>


2017 295
2017 November 19 (2)
But right, living faith is necessary for the achieving of eternal life.
Help of light beings - Spiritual servitude
But if this divine word is withheld from man, so that it is made impossible for him to carry out a serious examination of the spiritual material, so this is a spiritual servitude, which truly demands responsibility, because compulsorily man is induced to a faith, which can never become an alive one, but always remains dead, because man lacks conviction, but which he can only win after serious expressed opinion and careful consideration of different teachings. Read more >>


2017 296
2017 November 19 (3)
My church will only be small.
Believing community - Presence of God - His church
Only where I myself can be present through living faith and unselfish love, there men will have the power to hold out, because I myself will constantly supply power for them – constantly they will receive my word; I will speak with them, and to whom I am therefore present, he will be strong and remain loyal to me until the end. Read more >>


2017 297
2017 November 19 (4)
The purpose is always the maturation of the soul.
Predetermined earth course - Fate trick - God's love
Everything unwinds according to my eternal decision, and so you now consider the one thing, that all events in your earth life are predetermined to the smallest detail, that for eternity also your earthly end is provided for, you must realize that you can change nothing of it and that for that reason also all worry is unnecessary, because still everything comes as it must come according to my will. Read more >>


2017 298
2017 November 19 (5)
The spirit is the divine in man; it is that, what marks man as God’s creature.
Body, soul and spirit - Explanation
The soul is completely devoted to the body in the beginning of the embodiment, it therefore has the endeavours to fulfil all the wishes of the body, i.e. thinking, feeling and wanting – the soul of man – only minds the body, which, as itself still matter, also seeks to unite with matter. Read more >>


2017 299
2017 November 19 (6)
A re-embodiment on to earth would be unnecessary and also pointless.
Re-embodiment - Light beings - mission
The soul can rise in the spiritual kingdom to ever greater happiness because the light radiation, which it receives all the time, increases its degree of light and so it is explainable from this that the re-embodiment on to earth for the purpose of maturing is unnecessary and would also be pointless insofar as that the recollection has to be taken from the soul and again only the free will would be decisive which could just as well turn downwards and then the already reached degree of light is endangered; whereas in the spiritual kingdom the soul keeps what it once possesses, and can work with it with surest success. Read more >>


2017 300
2017 November 19 (7)
A difference must be made between an act, which merely aims at destruction out of evil will, and such a one, which is to fulfil a purpose appearing good to man.
Vegetarian food - Killing of animals
Further a difference has to be made of man and animal insofar as that man is never allowed to take the life of another man, because on earth there is no further embodiment anymore for him, because earth life means the last station for the maturation of the spiritual, while the spiritual in the animal has not yet reached the last form, therefore a transition into a new form in the bound state or into man is the result of the killing and can therefore be called a progress. Read more >>


2017 301
2017 November 21
You will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure.
Evidence of the announcement - Reference to a spectacle
I have announced it to you but you do not want to believe it - and so it will therefore surprise you and then you are to pay attention only to what you will hear because it will inform you about much. Read more >>


2017 302
2017 November 21 (2)
My opponent has lost power over him, who has found in me the peace of his soul.
True peace of the soul - Not of the world
Only through complete renunciation of the world, with its joys, comes true peace to your heart, because then you will find me and desire nothing else anymore; then your heart has become quiet in love to me. Read more >>


2017 303
2017 November 21 (3)
It will always mean a fight for man, because his thinking and striving is mostly meant for the world.
The world stands separating between God and men
I seize man with my love and always fill him with light and power, and his soul rises up; it now also strives for its destination, to be constantly joined together with me, and it will also safely reach its destination. Read more >>


2017 304
2017 November 21 (4)
Because every act of spiritual seeing is a deep and intimate connection with the spiritual kingdom.
Spiritual seeing - Teacher and adviser of fellowmen
And for that reason it is already a state of soul maturity, which announces the near end of a man, because who once is able to see spiritually, his soul can leave the body and enter the spiritual kingdom carefree; already on earth he has reached this maturity and no longer needs a further maturation; only because of fellowmen a time can still be allotted to him, because a spiritual seeing is a teacher and adviser for his fellowmen, and his experiences can be believed, because he sees and hears more than any other mortal, because his soul can leave the body at any time to receive again and again new impressions in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2017 305
2017 November 21 (5)
Do not despair in the days of trouble.
Trouble - faith test - God covers all needs of the body
But you are not allowed to just think of your body, but just pay attention that you do not leave the soul in trouble, because for its sake alone the trouble of the body approaches you. Read more >>


2017 306
2017 November 22
For that reason do not strive for creating earthly improvements in the short time which is still left for you.
Reference to the end and admonition to care for the soul
And do everything to be able to expect the end calmly and trusting in me; prepare yourselves, by you thinking about your soul only, seeking most intimate connection with me, your creator and father from eternity, so that you remain loyal to me until the end. Read more >>


2017 307
2017 November 22 (2)
Through love work you win me and my love.
Faith without love is dead
Love never refuses to give itself, and so you seriously consider the depth of my love, the conviction will also grow in you, that you are children of this love, and then also your faith will be alive, and you will be able to move mountains, because you then take advantage of my power, which enables you to everything, what you want. Read more >>


2017 308
2017 November 22 (3)
I love you.
Love courting of God about what became apostate
I want no creatures, which must bend to me, because I am powerful, and for that reason it is up to them to believe in me or not; they are not to be forced through the proof of my existence to surrender to me, but only love in the heart will give them this proof, but then I have already won them, then they have voluntarily become mine. Read more >>


2017 309
2017 November 22 (4)
When false prophets pose as my messengers.
Collapse of church organizations - True church
But countless men will fall away from the faith, they will find it incomprehensible that I do not protect the church that they consider to be founded by God and they do not account to themselves if they are members of the church that was founded by me because they are prohibited to think about it. Read more >>


2017 310
2017 November 22 (5)
Your soul leaves earth for the time of prayer.
Blessing of prayer
Your soul is already there, where it will dwell in future – it leaves earth for the time of prayer; the soul unveils itself before me and lets itself be clothed by me with a light robe, which is indeed extremely transparent, but nevertheless a cover for the soul, which does it good. Read more >>


2017 311
2017 November 22 (6)
Man must mature in free will.
God tolerates bad acts, but does not approve of them
No possibility of progress would be given for man, so I would like to prevent every bad act, therefore withdraw my power from those, who propose to carry it out. Read more >>


2017 312
2017 November 22 (7)
Every spiritual announcement means a free act of will.
Tools of God - Conditions - World mind - Control spirits
Nevertheless I place conditions, which must be fulfilled, if man wants to hear my revelations and pass them on to fellowmen. Read more >>


2017 313
2017 November 23
The reception of my word is always an act of free will.
Accepting the word act of free will - Truth bearers
And so truth out of me will always and constantly be sent to earth, and again and again men will be found, who make themselves worthy and able to be receivers of my light radiations. Read more >>


2017 314
2017 November 23 (2)
Who loves me, he recognizes my word as divine.
And so every reformer found his followers, and so splits of the "church" originated, i.e., the church, which pretended it is founded by me, again and again underwent a change, because it persisted in the teachings recognized as error and which members distancing oneself from it pursued an own school of thought, therefore formed again a church, which passed itself off as my church. Read more >>


2017 315
2017 November 24
This act therefore took place according to divine decision in this chronological era.
Significance of the chronological era of Christ on earth
He therefore supplied the proof to men that it is possible to develop through love to a God-equal being, what is the task of every man, therefore meaning and purpose of earth life in the first place. Read more >>


2017 316
2017 November 26
But you men are to seek truth in his word only.
Voice of the spirit truth - Teaching of Jesus Christ – Inner voice
He gives it to you; he always imparts it to you in that way, as you are receptive for it – but you can also always listen to the divine voice in you, and so you practise this in the firm belief in it, that he in his love reveals himself to you as your children, you will soon delicately and quietly hear his voice in you. Read more >>


2017 317
2017 November 26 (2)
Because only with this love in the heart will you be able to carry out, what I have made your task.
God’s reward for his servants on earth
I will reward his services royally – you men cannot grasp this expression, because the goods, fame and honour of the earth are certainly an idea for you, but never heavenly happiness and its goods, which no man’s eye has ever seen and no man’s ear ever heard. Read more >>


2017 318
2017 November 26 (3)
To be created into hardest matter.
New banishment of the spiritual - Redemption in a period
The resistance against God slackens because it finds out what his enormous strength and power is like and God takes its desire into account and dissolves at the end of the epoch all creations what now therefore means a turning point to the spiritual that was inactively bound for eternities in the interior of the earth. Read more >>


2017 319
2017 November 26 (4)
The heart will reveal to him what the intellect could not give to him.
Knowledge about God’s plan of salvation
Only after men have recognized the whole purpose of life on earth, the whole purpose of creation, will they also acknowledge my plan of salvation that makes the connection of it all clear to them that otherwise appears to be incomprehensible. Read more >>


2017 320
2017 November 26 (5)
But the awareness of my presence is to ruin all doubts and all fear.
Power of the direct word - Low number of servants - Free will
As soon as you are to work, you must have power, and so that you obviously feel the supply of power, to then being able to support me and my teaching loud, you are to get to know the powerless state before, by you often being despondent and faint-hearted, because your faith is still small. Read more >>


2017 321
2017 November 26 (6)
The desire for the world predominates.
Life against divine order - Sinking - Dissolving of matter
And the dissolving is always to be expected, when God is shut out of the thinking of men, because this also means the withdrawal of power, which goes out from God and is to enliven man, so that he pursues his spiritual development. Read more >>


2017 322
2017 November 27
Because love is the strongest power.
Because love is the strongest power.
They can then certainly perceive beings and also associate with them, but a recognizing is out of the question, because they no longer possess bodily signs and to see spiritual ones requires a certain degree of maturity. Read more >>


2017 323
2017 November 28
You will have to fight very much and are not allowed to let yourselves be shaken.
Wrestling about living faith - Opponent of God
For that reason I can always only give the advice, to accept my word in you, as often it is possible for you, because with my word you receive that power, which protects you from every attack through the enemy of your souls. Read more >>


2017 324
2017 November 30
But not all will immediately recognize me.
Visible appearance of the Lord
I want to come to each one of you that want to serve me and care for the spreading of my word. Read more >>


2017 325
2017 November 30 (2)
But everyone is to strive to establish the connection with me.
Right workers in the vineyard of the Lord
They certainly can also be active and in the will to serve me spread my word, as it was brought to them from the outside, but they must be enlightened in their spirit through eager love work, to recognize that, what is truly my word and what is additional human work. Read more >>


2017 326
2017 December 1
I instruct you, so that you continue to carry the Gospel into the world.
Succession of Jesus - Spreading of his teaching - Spirit work
You are to receive pure truth and also support it, i.e. take action against error, which is corrupting for men and prevents them becoming happy. Read more >>


2017 327
2017 December 1 (2)
Where divine revelations are sent to earth, there truth is guaranteed.
There is only one truth - Feeling of the heart
No spiritual organization on earth if free of error, because again and again pure truth, which initially urged the founder, to support it and win fellowmen for it, is experiencing a change through men. Read more >>


2017 328
2017 December 1 (3)
This thought activity is the actual living thing in man.
Mental activity - Spiritual radiations
That man opens himself to those radiations through thinking, is unknown to him; but he puts himself under the influence of those spiritual powers; but through the direction of his thoughts and his will determining himself, which powers approach him; but a digression of the thoughts into the spiritual kingdom, therefore the will to fathom knowledge lying outside of earth, is always of greatest blessing, because it earns him the support of those beings, who stand in truth and can lead him to the light. Read more >>


2017 329
2017 December 1 (4)
Because God, love and truth are one.
Cognition of right faith to be won through love
That so many different directions of faith could come to life among men is just a proof that men are devoid of all love. Read more >>


2017 330
2017 December 2
Jesus Christ has through his death on the cross acquired strengthened will for you.
Spiritual mission requires strength of will - Love
Love to me and the unredeemed is to drive you to your activity, and so you let love in the heart kindle to the highest heat, then also your will will show no weakness any longer; then you will be active with increased eagerness, because love is that power, which drives you; because love also reinforces the will; because, when you work in love, you live in the succession of Jesus and therefore like him have a strong will at your disposal, which accomplishes everything, what it strives for. Read more >>


2017 331
2017 December 5
I want to give you eternal life.
I live and you are also to live - Light and power
I want that my creatures gain eternal life, that they become like me the inexhaustible life and create and are active fashioning like me, I who am steadfastly active creatively, because life never means a state of rest, but constant utilization of power, which original source I am. Read more >>


2017 332
2017 December 5 (2)
But you will not be reproached for it, but you will be reminded of it.
Sin of omission - Remorse - Change in the hereafter
Love must first be awakened, what certainly can happen through the prayer of a man on earth, who thinks in love of this soul. Read more >>


2017 333
2017 December 6
This development process can repeat itself often.
Development process - Free or bound will
But my love does not allow this eternal damnation, and for that reason my will to create is boundless, because I again and again create new possibilities to help this spiritual sunk into the deep, that it can redeem itself in future in free will. Read more >>


2017 334
2017 December 10
But the goods of the world are not lasting.
Decay of earthly goods - Gigantic steps to the end
But you, you who want to be my servants, break away in the heart from everything, what belongs to the world. Read more >>


2017 335
2017 December 10 (2)
You are not allowed to let yourselves be deceived by the speaking alone.
Way of life of leaders and teachers decisive for truth
A man, whose way of life is according to the will of God, can always be believed, and so he now represents a certain school of thought, he will also be active for God and his kingdom, because God never lets a man become guilty of a lie, who strives to him and wants to represent truth. Read more >>


2017 336
2017 December 11
Making the power out of God ineffective.
Cognition in earth life or after arrival in the hereafter
On earth it can easily place itself in a state of light, because busy love activity results in the sending of brightest light, but free will belongs to it, which mostly fails, because the being still stands too much in self-love and because of that makes the power out of God ineffective, which expresses itself in the brightness of the spirit, therefore in a state of cognition. Read more >>


2017 337
2017 December 13
Who believes in me, him I hear and reveal myself to him through my word.
Right child relationship to God - Fulfilling of requests
Who longs for my word, he belongs to me, and who belongs to me, he will direct no request in vain to me, which would leave my love in doubt. Read more >>


2017 338
2017 December 13 (2)
It is not right, to silently tolerate an error.
Who believes in me, him I hear and reveal myself to him through my word.
And that is your assignment, why you never need to show consideration for a representative of erroneous teachings, but must ruthlessly uncover, what does not agree with eternal truth out of me. Read more >>


2017 339
2017 December 13 (3)
Light beings constantly surround you and order your thoughts.
Disciples of the time of the end - Privilege as reward for faith
You walk in truth and will also reach the aim, because you are looked after by light beings, which constantly surround you and order your thoughts, so that you can perform your duty as my right disciples on earth to the blessing of fellowmen, who are in danger to desert me. Read more >>


2017 340
2017 December 14
The call of the name of Jesus therefore is and remains the surest protection.
Calling upon the name of Jesus
It is further wrong, to look upon expressions of immature souls out of the spiritual kingdom to be divine revelations. Read more >>


2017 341
2017 December 18
Break away from matter; do not be slaves of that, what pulls you into the abyss.
End of the time of favour - Serious admonition
You men, think of the end – because it brings the true death of the soul, which has not sought life on earth. Read more >>



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