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2016 001
2016 January 1
Cultivate love.
And again I say to you: Cultivate love – it is the divine, it is my share, it carries you over everything, it leads you upwards, it leads to me, it can also only drive you to good thoughts and acts, otherwise it would be no love. Read more >>


2016 002
2016 January 1 (2)
Establishment figures who helped disgraced bishop avoid prosecution for sex abuse revealed
Cameron's godfather and other Establishment figures helped disgraced priest evade prison
Former Lord Justice Anthony Lloyd and David Cameron's late godfather Tory MP Tim Rathbone among figures who wrote in support of former Bishop of Gloucester, Peter Ball, one said he was a "saint".


2016 003
2016 January 1 (3)
All power is contained in my word.
Admonition to become immersed in God’s word
You do not know it how powerful you can be, if you believe. Read more >>


2016 004
2016 January 1 (4)
The spiritually reborn man completely abandons himself to the influence of the spirit.
Spiritual rebirth
Who therefore is born again in the spirit, he will no longer walk in darkness for ever; he has found light – he has become alive and will never ever lose his life – he will live in eternity. Read more >>


2016 005
2016 January 2
I let a visible sign appear in heaven.
Light Phenomenon in the Sky - Christ’s Cross.
This will be a phenomenon of light that will be visible during the day, that will become visible in the sky without prior notice and that does not allow any other explanation than a reference to Christ’s work of redemption because it is in the form of a cross with the unmistakable countenance of the redeemer. Read more >>


2016 006
2016 January 2 (2)
Everything in eternity is in a way timeless.
Past – present – future
For time and space is something disassociated and therefore not to be separated from the state of imperfection. Read more >>


2016 007
2016 January 2 (3)
Saudi Arabia: 47 People executed – Terror accusation
The verdicts took place for terrorism, criminal conspiracy and incitement to violence: Saudi Arabia executioners have executed 47 people on this Saturday – among them one prominent Shiite clergyman.
Saudi execution of Shia cleric sparks outrage in Middle East
Saudi state television displays an image of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who was executed for terrorism.


2016 008
2016 January 3
And my call will make you glad and happy.
God’s call to activity - Mission
And that is your assignment that you speak wherever you just have opportunity, because you can give much, because you possess much; you can teach, because you are knowing, and you can always and constantly announce my will to men; you can teach them love and therefore bring the Gospel to them, which you have received from me – you can show the right way to fellowmen and speak to them about the end. Read more >>


2016 009
2016 January 3 (2)
For every receiver of power life will still be bearable.
These are just still days of death which mankind now experiences
Alone my word will offer you men comfort and impart power. Read more >>


2016 010
2016 January 3 (3)
Poisoned fruit of EU
Study: Opposition supported by West has committed Maidan massacre
After analyses of thousands of pieces of documentary evidence study of University Ottawa comes to the result: The shots against the demonstrators on the Maidan did not come from the government, but out of the ranks of the opposition supported by the West. Since the 1st of January the Ukraine is associated with the EU – one poisoned, late fruit of violence of the Maidan.


2016 011
2016 January 4
A short deep sigh towards him is enough for his favour and power.
Increase of knowledge
But the reception of this spiritual material requires strong will, an overcoming of earthly pleasures and overcoming of matter; it requires devotion to God, love towards him and the neighbour and a deeply humble heart, which therefore completely submits to the will of God. Read more >>


2016 012
2016 January 5
It is just up to the will of man alone that he makes an effort to reach God-knowledge.
Spiritual sun
Who walks along in the rays of the spiritual sun to him a life will open, which blesses him. Read more >>


2016 013
2016 January 6
He accepts my word; he eats my flesh and drinks my blood.
Word of God flesh and blood - Bread of heaven - Becoming one
Because who has my communion he is already closely connected to me, and he will feel my nearness because he hears me; he accepts my word; he eats my flesh and drinks my blood, and therefore he receives me myself when he lets himself be fed in the desire for me with the bread of heaven which my love gives to him. Read more >>


2016 014
2016 January 6 (2)
Only good will is not allowed to be missing.
God’s love and compassion in the last time before the end
But who is still weak and did not completely desert God, him the pity of God still seizes, and many proofs of divine work are offered to him so that it is made easy for him to believe and to stand up to all threads through the world. Read more >>


2016 015
2016 January 7
Only the recognition of its guilt enables the soul to stimulate it upwards.
Remorse of the soul in the hereafter
The awareness of its guilt is always the result of pity for the souls, which, like it, have to endure an agonizing state, and this stirring already earns the soul the help of light beings, which now do not let up until it has found and entered the way to the height. Read more >>


2016 016
2016 January 7 (2)
Living faith is demanded and working neighbourly love, to let the power of the spirit become effective.
With God nothing is impossible
And therefore it is not enough that men call themselves Christians according to form, that they declare themselves for the church to which they belong, if they do not live Christianity, if they do not testify through their walk of life that they belong to the community of the believers, which forms the right church of Christ. Read more >>


2016 017
2016 January 8
The task exists in presenting the divine will to fellowmen.
Consequences of the observance as well as the lack of respect of divine order
Therefore man must be instructed about the consequences of the observance as well as the lack of respect for the divine order, so that he now strives for eternal life and does not become a slave of death. Read more >>


2016 018
2016 January 9
Cyber war
Also Apple is part of the new cyber strategy of the US government.
Disinformation and surveillance
USA form cyber action troop for fight in the internet
The US secret services become officially active in the internet: Superficially it is to be about the fight against the IS. It is however to be expected that surveillance and disinformation is launched in a big way.


2016 019
2016 January 9 (2)
For all love work on earth is stored as spiritual wealth.
Spiritual treasures in the hereafter
If men on earth would think how little their earthly directed desire and their earthly activity earns them in comparison with spiritual work, then they would win already much, because the recognition of the worthlessness of earthly goods is already an increase of spiritual good, and their striving for that would increase with this recognition. Read more >>


2016 020
2016 January 10
But the fullness of my favour lets you reach this aim already on earth.
Fullness of divine favour
But you must yourselves be prepared to receive my gift of favour; you must request by asking and receive with thanks what my love offers to you, and you must always imagine that you cannot for ever advance without my supply of favour. Read more >>


2016 021
2016 January 10 (2)
And so the entire earth is one centre of fire.
Complete dissolving and reshaping of earth
But the earth will be destroyed totally, i.e. the core possibly continues to exist but the entire surface of the earth experiences a change that is so powerful that one can talk of the cessation of existence of all works of creation. Read more >>


2016 022
2016 January 10 (3)
Therefore also the endless long time before the embodiment as man is again only a short phase in relationship to eternity.
Short time in free will - Long time in mandatory state
Then human existence is not fruitless for him; he reaches his aim on earth, a high maturity of the soul and release out of form; as free spirit being he enters the spheres of light. Read more >>


2016 023
2016 January 10 (4)
Earth life is just a pretence life.
Spiritual death - Idea "life"
But on earth also the inactive man mostly creates a compensation through fulfilment of earthly desires and so helps himself over his state of weakness or over conscious inactivity – idleness -, robbing himself of one day over the other, which was given to him for the ascent development of his soul. Read more >>


2016 024
2016 January 11
When the principle to give is predominant.
Love ennobles everything
But as soon as the neighbour steps into their way, giving neighbourly will also be practised, and because this is a law from eternity, that love must have an effect, that it drives to give, that it seeks to make happy and finds its own happiness in the making the neighbour happy. Read more >>


2016 025
2016 January 12
Relinquishment is therefore the first thing you have to practise.
Reasons for loss of earthly goods
You must be able to give up everything and willingly, then no earth attachment exists any longer, and your spiritual ascent is secured for you. Read more >>


2016 026
2016 January 12 (2)
But how do you want to be active when my spirit cannot have an effect in you at the same time?
Private matter
Love alone makes it possible that I am myself with you and prepare you for your assignment, for your work in my kingdom. Read more >>


2016 027
2016 January 12 (3)
For love is a power, which never remains ineffective.
Exemplary love life of the servants of God on earth
A good example can cause more blessing than just instructing words; a good example often wins a hard heart. Read more >>


2016 028
2016 January 12 (4)
Man must desire truth and then the light beings train him.
Spiritual conversations influence of light beings
Who now makes the spiritual kingdom to the aim of his thoughts, he will always be guided by his spiritual attendants so that the opportunity is offered to him to spiritual conversations, that he now can express his thoughts and as a result both draws himself profit from it, as well as also the speech partner can enrich his knowledge according to his desire. Read more >>


2016 029
2016 January 13
I will let come to pass a natural event of unheard-of magnitude and extension that will claim countless numbers of lives.
Referring to the End - Event of Nature
And that is why I allow that the earth is partially affected by an exceedingly great storm of destruction so that the thinking of those who survive changes and turns to me who longs for my creatures which are still away from me and yet have my love because they once went out from me and are again to return to me. Read more >>


2016 030
2016 January 13 (2)
I fulfil what seers and prophets have announced already long before.
Magnificence of the spiritual kingdom
Because in order to be able to enjoy the spiritual kingdom in all magnificence, matter must have been completely overcome before. Read more >>


2016 031
2016 January 16
You are to omit nothing what can awaken love.
Serious admonition to Christian neighbourly love
Leave no opportunity unused where you can give joy with a loving word or a loving acting. Read more >>


2016 032
2016 January 16 (2)
The spiritual development always concerns ultimately the entity in the embodiment as man.
Creation of the world – Moses - Metaphorical language
He can look at the days of creation as he wants; he can want to recognize a pure spiritual connexion and will be instructed accordingly – but he can also consider himself as centre of all material creations and interpret the handed down expressions of Moses correspondingly or shelve them as for him incomprehensible for the time being, i.e., until his insight maturity is increased through a way of life according to divine will. Read more >>


2016 033
2016 January 17
My will merely concerns the fulfilment of the divine order.
Spiritual knowledge imparts cognizance of divine will
Without this state of maturity the knowledge is completely useless for you, and that is why I always only give according to the state of the soul of man. Read more >>


2016 034
2016 January 17 (2)
Work and create as long as there is still day.
Mission of the last disciples before the end
And that is why every worker is welcome by me, and everyone, who takes care of the spreading of my word, can consider himself as my servant, who is exceedingly valuable to me, if he willingly does work for me. Read more >>


2016 035
2016 January 17 (3)
But the state of union cannot occur as long as the fallen entity resists it.
God’s compassion is greater than his wrath
What deserted him is weak, and this weakness moves him to pity, because God’s nature is deepest love, and love can never ever turn itself away, but only finds happiness in the unification with that what as spark once separated itself from the eternal fire, from God, who himself is love. Read more >>


2016 036
2016 January 21
The deeper and deeper union with God.
Admonition to persevere - Spiritual knowledge
And again it lies in your will to receive more and more. Read more >>


2016 037
2016 January 21 (2)
Your heart will cheer to be allowed to remain in constant union with him.
Struggles bodily and spiritually
Without suffering certainly hardly anyone comes close to the heavenly father. Read more >>


2016 038
2016 January 21 (3)
The death of life is the entry into another life.
Do not pay attention to tribulation on earth – it is just a means to steer you upon the right way, which is to guide you to eternal peace. Read more >>


2016 039
2016 January 21 (4)
Do not turn down what is beyond your judging.
Old Testament
Take their refuge towards the heavenly father and ask him for enlightenment. Read more >>


2016 040
2016 January 21 (5)
Blessed now whose heart opens for everything what comes from above.
Pure truth – Signs – Miracles
The receiving of the word of God guarantees you that the Lord is with you with his favour and blesses you. Read more >>


2016 041
2016 January 23
"It must look democratic, but we must hold everything in our hand."
It must look democratic
Everything that does not support Obama is fought, destabilised, undermined and attacked. Read more >>


2016 042
2016 January 24
Turn towards the divine father.
Blessing of the work for spirit beings
Innumerable souls implore you to help them out of their misery, out of the power of the evil forces. Read more >>


2016 043
2016 January 24 (2)
Hand over all your worries trustingly to your father.
God gives to all the possibility, to find help only through the giving of intimate thoughts towards him at any time. Read more >>


2016 044
2016 January 24 (3)
The desire soon appears to more and more penetrate into the spiritual world.
Protection from error - Admonition to prayer
The pleasures of the world can no longer delude such a child, because to live in the favour of God, to walk in his love daily on earth is incomparably more valuable. Read more >>


2016 045
2016 January 24 (4)
A loving thought.
Effect upon ignorant spirit beings
The love of our Lord and Saviour is so immense, and he is always concerned about to give to those who are his refreshment and power on their pilgrim way to the true home. Read more >>


2016 046
2016 January 24 (5)
So as man adapts himself to God, so will be given to him.
Scientists - Poor and Rich - Pound
If you now compare how Christ also willingly took upon himself his suffering, out of love towards mankind, because he wanted to make the course of life easier for the earth children, then it follows from this how little suffering the Lord wanted to impose on you and how he made an effort to decrease this load by him taking patiently upon himself the suffering of mankind. Read more >>


2016 047
2016 January 25
They live along as if an end of their days would never come.
These poor people harden with time their heart completely against the good influences of the spirit beings, which are assigned to them for their protection.Read more >>


2016 048
2016 January 26
The world accepted the fact that the leaders of Nato had turned to become a pack of thieves.
Dictatorship by consensus
In the year 2013 there still existed the possibility for some observers that Merkel would actually be opposed to Obama and that she kept quiet about it because there was an election coming and Obama was very popular in Germany. But then it transpired quite quickly that she was as much a Stalinist as was Obama.Read more >>


2016 049
2016 January 27
Countless enemies of spiritual teachings hide among men.
Enemies of mankind
But with such attitudes, which reject everything divine, man achieves still less in life than nothing – because not only that his life time is passed by for him completely useless – he has as a result fallen into the power of darkness still at the same time, which draws him more and more down into ruin.Read more >>


2016 050
2016 January 27 (2)
All compulsion is not wanted by God.
Teaching under compulsion
Because through compulsion the Lord wants to draw no children to himself, but completely out of free will the children are to decide whether they want to choose or reject the father.Read more >>


2016 051
2016 January 28
Just turn all your thoughts to him alone.
Seeing with spiritual eyes
All the days of your life are to be only one prayer about the love of the heavenly father; then walking on earth will become easy for you and, a part of God himself, you return back to him when your time has come. Read more >>


2016 052
2016 January 28 (2)
Everyone will reap what he has sown.
With the measure you use, it will be measured to you
It is the law of the father that it is to be measured to you in the same measure as you measure to your fellowmen. Read more >>


2016 053
2016 January 29
But all of you, you who seek comfort in the Lord, will be well hidden in his love.
Globe - Thundering voice
In a short time it starts already to dawn on the globe – the Lord will move along through all lands and will be comfort and hope to his, and mankind will hear his thundering voice when he will call forth all unbelievers and spiritual sleeping. Read more >>


2016 054
2016 January 30
In the earliest beginning of the world all spirit was united.
Fight of light with darkness, 1 of 3
In the fight of darkness with light innumerable atoms lost the connection with the light, and the elements of darkness declared war against the little light bodies gone astray in the universe to extinguish their fullness of light, which each of these small and smallest entities held, and to then draw these entities into the sphere of influence of darkness – so the fight between good and evil began; it lasts until unfathomable time. Read more >>


2016 055
2016 January 30 (2)
Striving towards the light.
Fight of light with darkness, 2 of 3
The smallest entities remain in existence in the universe and again and again transform themselves according to the duration of their life – finally they reach a state where they can decide what to do with themselves according to their own discretion, but always subjugated to the will of the creator. Read more >>


2016 056
2016 January 30 (3)
One with the divine father.
Fight of light with darkness, 3 of 3
In small intervals of time and space uncountable light beings move, which in embodied state undergo their time of development in animal and plant life, and again and again they also there strive unconsciously towards the light. Read more >>


2016 057
2016 January 31
Also fulfil your earth life purpose, which alone only exists therein that you reach perfection.
Endless love accomplished the work of redemption
But you are not forced to acknowledge Jesus Christ, but as you also cannot be forced by your opponent if you want to make yourselves free of him. Read more >>


2016 058
2016 February 1
Then man can no longer think wrong when he has been enlightened by the inner light of love.
Why again and again new revelations
But all men have the possibility to recognize the wrong in my alleged word, because love enlightens their spirit and always only receives the right, unaltered knowledge. Read more >>


2016 059
2016 February 1 (2)
Only what the spirit out of God imparts to you is pure truth.
Spiritual knowledge must agree with word supplied from above, 1 of 2
That is why every spirit of light will warn you of medium announcements which speak to you (reach you) in the state of trance, but always prompt you to consciously receive spiritual messages, in which certainly only few men will succeed, but always offer the certainty to be taught directly by my spirit, and you then also do not need to be afraid of wrong things. Read more >>


2016 060
2016 February 2
Which attitude have men towards Jesus Christ and his work of redemption?
Spiritual knowledge must agree with word supplied from above, 2 of 2
And in order to again understand the reason and importance of the work of redemption, the knowledge must also be sent to you about the original fall of spirits, because you yourselves are these fallen spirits. Read more >>


2016 061
2016 February 3
And earth life would then have just been a preliminary stage towards eternal life.
What would be if Adam would not have failed?
What first men could have achieved with ease, if they would have directed their will right, that now became endlessly difficult, because all Satanic qualities took root in men, which required great strength to fight against, which the will on man no longer summoned. Read more >>


2016 062
2016 February 3 (2)
Presence in East Europe
Against Russia: USA arm massively in Europe
The Pentagon claims that Russia takes up an aggressive attitude against Europe. Therefore more troops will be stationed in Europe. A cooperation of Germany in the decision is not planned.


2016 063
2016 February 3 (3)
The state debts of the USA exceed by now the annual economic performance of the country.
Clear increase: US debts grow to more than 19 trillion dollar
The state debts of the US keep increasing and stand currently at over 19 trillion US dollar. Since the year 2007 the debts more than doubled. On a long-term basis only the state bankruptcy remains or the Fed keeps buying up state loans. But that means a self-financing through money created from nothing.


2016 064
2016 February 3 (4)
Privacy Shield is the new EU settlement called for the data transfer into the USA. It is based on a written undertaking of a liar to curb NSA surveillance.
Letters from a liar
The core of the Privacy Shield protection precautions are therefore a couple of letters of the US secret service coordinator James Clapper. The man, who lied to the US congress about the extent of the NSA surveillance and nevertheless was allowed to remain in office, has asserted in writing to the EU commission that an "indiscriminate mass surveillance of data related to persons, which are transmitted to the USA", will stay out in future.
Therefore there will be no new US law, which restricts the authority of the secret services, no presidential order, not even a treaty between the EU and the USA. Only a decision of the EU commission, to trust the letters of a liar and the assertions of a departing US president.


2016 065
2016 February 4
Every man was always free to prove himself in the temptations.
Why must we atone for Adam’s sin?
That therefore those men always had to show an easier earth course, that they did not fall victim to the temptations through my opponent, that he did not keep them completely in his power, is a sign of that I have helped every soul and still help, which starts earth life less burdened and whose will is already devoted to me – that I therefore do not give favour and power equally to the souls to complete their return way. Read more >>


2016 066
2016 February 5
And he will come at the same time when Antichrist will let flare up the religious war.
The forerunner of Jesus
Then Antichrist himself will try everything to bring him under his control because he specially attacks him, and he uncovers all scandalous deeds, he is not afraid to attack him in public, and will therefore be persecuted by his followers. Read more >>


2016 067
2016 February 5 (2)
And exactly for the spiritual still bound in hard matter the hour of becoming free out of hardest fetters must once come.
The end comes quite certainly
And so also now I announce to you the end of an earth period and have done this already always, so that even my disciples expected this end still during their earth life. But my prophecies were always so worded that no exact time was given to men; that they also could constantly reckon with it because this has also been my intention to always make men aware of the near end. Read more >>


2016 068
2016 February 6
But the heart cannot speak to you because you lack love.
Man‘s true home
But would you know how beneficent such men can work, how important that knowledge is, which they receive from above, then you would devote everything to it to enrich yourselves with their knowledge, because for you men it is the way to arrive out of the earthly kingdom at the spiritual kingdom – which is the true home of every man and which will receive all of you once, no matter whether you have matured or not. Read more >>


2016 069
2016 February 6 (2)
All men do not know that they themselves need to use their will.
Recognizing and confessing of guilt
But all men are to recognize that without Jesus Christ there is no way to God, since only one could wipe out this great guilt, but who now wants to be consciously called upon for forgiveness, to now also being able to hand out unlimited happiness, because God and Jesus Christ is one. And exactly in this lies the great secret that you again acknowledge God in Jesus Christ, to whom you once had refused your acknowledgment and as a result fell into the deep. Read more >>


2016 070
2016 February 7
It is about your will, but my opponent also fights about it with all cunning and trickery.
Resistance decreases the power of love illumination
Therefore much is certainly demanded of them and nevertheless they need to fear nothing, because just as much power will be given to them, because they have overcome the world completely, and where then is the opponent still to apply his skills of temptations? Read more >>


2016 071
2016 February 7 (2)
And you walk along your life course in indifference, where you should always just praise and glorify the creator.
The miracle work of divine creation
Because I created the whole world with all visible and invisible creations only for you men that you can again reach perfection. Read more >>


2016 072
2016 February 7 (3)
The desire for pure truth also guarantees the receipt of the same.
Which messages guarantee truth
But one thing is the sure characteristic of erroneous communications: that my becoming man in Jesus and my work of redemption is not mentioned or even denied. Read more >>


2016 073
2016 February 9
Through intercession in love men could redeem all spiritual.
Request for the supply of power for the souls of the deceased
For where there is the will for redemption there men will also be freed from him who kept them bound long enough and whose weapon is love alone, which conquers him and which he flees – because it is and remains my part for ever. Read more >>


2016 074
2016 February 9 (2)
Human-like beings, which however cannot be linked to proper men.
But it cannot be said man in his present form has developed out of these pre-human creations, but he was and is a new creation, endowed with free will and intellect, which now had to prove itself, therefore also received back the I-consciousness. Read more >>


2016 075
2016 February 9 (3)
Already many earth periods are lying behind you.
Time estimation not possible for men
But my creation already exists eternities, which will also remain eternities for you, until you once reach light. Read more >>


2016 076
2016 February 9 (4)
Because you only have to be free of your original sin.
With all intimacy pursue the redemption thought of Jesus
For only the knowledge about my descent to earth, about my going to the cross and the sin offering for you is necessary to become free of the great original sin, for the sake of which I let the whole creation come into being. Read more >>


2016 077
2016 February 9 (5)
Because no man on earth intercedes for these souls in vain.
Light sparks entice the souls out of darkness
And if every man would just think in love of one of such unhappy spirit, then all would already be redeemed, because love is the strongest power, which no being can resist constantly. Read more >>


2016 078
2016 February 10
The establishment in Washington has a bad reputation with the US citizens.
US presidential election: Trump and Sanders win in New Hampshire
At the primaries to the US presidency in New Hampshire two outsiders have won. Donald Trump with the Republicans and Bernie Sanders with the Democrats. The result shows what bad reputation the establishment in Washington has with the US citizens.
Sanders and Trump profit from the annoyance about establishment.
The voters in the US federal state New Hampshire have given the ones established to pull the strings a box on the ears. The primary victories of the right populist Republican businessman Donald Trump and the Left Senator Bernie Sanders with the Democrats on Tuesday evening testify of the deep mistrust in the United States with the political and economic elites.
But both winners of the primary in New Hampshire are connected by the outsider status in their respective parties. Both of them bring accusations that those responsible in politics and economy act in their own interest and not in that of the broad population. And both draw a loyal following with this message, among them also many previous non-voters.


2016 079
2016 February 11
The spirit out of God researches all things.
First Corinthians, 2-10
And still it was just the sign of that the love of God was exceedingly great and he wanted it that man sought to penetrate into his nature, that he offered himself to them, so that they were to feel themselves authorized to get in touch with the spirit out of God to find out this great secret. Read more >>


2016 080
2016 February 11 (2)
Therefore do not be afraid whatever might come.
What fate the world is heading for
But the opponent will have to record greater successes, but not being able to enjoy them, because also what belongs to him I snatch again from his power, to engender it into hard matter, so that he still loses power the further the ascent development goes, which always also produces beings having reached light, which have completely escaped from him and returned into their father house, where they once have taken their start. Read more >>


2016 081
2016 February 11 (3)
Contributing to the spreading of my word.
Divine promise to care for the earthly welfare of man
As long as you do not consider this maturation of the soul as the thing of most importance, as long as you just keep busy with earthly things, I myself cannot take over the care for you, as I would very much like to do it, if you just would seriously strive towards me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2016 082
2016 February 11 (4)
Those early men could not develop to man.
Early men? 1 of 2
And the entire act of creation has required such long time that men can raise no time determination anymore, that only the one thing cannot be denied that everything has developed beginning with matter, through the stone and plant world – through the animal kingdom to man, but that I again and again have also created a new outer form for the further developed little soul particles. Read more >>


2016 083
2016 February 12
The development of the soul, the ascent climb of the substances of the soul in every individual work of creation.
Early men? 2 of 2
The slow ascent development often let men come to the opinion that this development was to be understood pure bodily – therefore regarding the outer form, however always only the development of the soul was meant; the ascent climb of the substances of the soul in every individual work of creation. Read more >>


2016 084
2016 February 13
And believe firmer and firmer in my endless love.
Promise of pure truth
But you can receive truth only from me, I who am eternal truth and hands it out to all those who suffer from the darkness of spirit, who open their hearts to receive it, and who I therefore can address, because I know their hearts, because I know that they are willing to love and seek me myself, since they seek truth. Read more >>


2016 085
2016 February 14
The discovery that something prepares itself in the cosmos.
World fire – natural disaster
And that is why you are also to find out that only a small impulse is needed to trigger a catastrophe, which can first be regarded as pure worldly, which is the signal for the now following natural disaster. Read more >>


2016 086
2016 February 14 (2)
And you have come out of my hand a second time.
Complete dedication and total subjection of the will
Just give yourselves totally into my hands, and you have completely become mine through your devotion; and you then will also have no longer the need to be afraid of the world; earthly matter will let you be unaffected; you will only make use of it according to my will; you will cause it to serve and at the same time give it the opportunity to develop upwards. Read more >>


2016 087
2016 February 14 (3)
Everything serves only to ascent development.
Disparagement of the divine word
But you are never allowed to believe that one word from me reaches earth without purpose and destination, because everything is known to me, every state of the one addressed, and also no word loses its value, because there are always men found who must be addressed so and in no other way, and because you are to be only spreaders of that – but never allowed to claim to asses my word. Read more >>


2016 088
2016 February 14 (4)
I know for everything an escape.
Recall of vineyard workers
Because you cannot assess what is helpful for the whole of mankind. And for me it is of no importance whether you have an effect upon men from over there or are still active here on earth, because in my plan of salvation everything is planned for a long time, and only free will is always important how it decides. Read more >>


2016 089
2016 February 14 (5)
Everything will be easy for you if you just recognize a God and creator above you and subjugate yourselves to him willingly.
Only truth leads to the destination
Because that is the greatest evil that the earthly world is only built up on error, because it holds the spirits which once deserted me, which my opponent has plunged into erroneous thinking – and that they are not freed from it earlier until pure truth has asserted itself, but what man must do himself through his free will. Read more >>


2016 090
2016 February 15
The content testifies to the divine starting point.
Warning of change of the word of God
And the one thing you are to consider always that in consideration of the near end my word is offered to you men truly in a way that you can accept it as truth without doubt, because I know it that truth alone means salvation for you men and that I do everything to supply truth to you, but also warn you constantly of carrying out changes yourselves, even so this happens in best will. Read more >>


2016 091
2016 February 22
Evil thinking, evil speaking and evil acting stands outside of my divine order.
Good and evil
Evil can never ever be called good and made out to be as having emerged from me, although I also grant space to evil, although I allow it. Read more >>


2016 092
2016 February 23
And so body, soul and spirit have become one in wanting and working.
Signs of spirit work in man
Where the world is still desired, where the body and the soul still strives for earthly advantages, there it can never ever be spoken of my work through the spirit in man, there only the intellect alone can be active, even if spiritual knowledge is the object of his activity. Read more >>


2016 093
2016 February 24
I sent to them those crying in the wilderness of their life.
Responsibility and remorse of those who do not heed God’s gift of favour
But the rejection of my gift of favour will be counted as their gross non-observance of my will; some day they will have to take responsibility for it, and their remorse will be great, because it lasts endless long times until I approach them again in form of my word, because they themselves have forfeited the favour, because they themselves have rejected my love, which wanted to help them to redeem themselves in the last time before the end. Read more >>


2016 094
2016 February 24 (2)
Regime change elements which gripped countries like Libya and Egypt have crept into South
It’s a US coup
ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe set off a social media frenzy yesterday when he charged that clandestine meetings, promoting regime change in South Africa, were being held regularly at the US Embassy in Pretoria. Read more >>


2016 095
2016 February 25
Appeal to G-20
USA calls the world for help, to prevent Trump as president
The USA calls upon the 20 largest economy powers to stimulate the global economic situation. With the unusual call for help to the leaders of the world the establishment in Washington wants to prevent that the outsider Donald Trump becomes the next US president. It the US economy does not start, Trump could pick up the votes of the disappointed.
In the process a connection with the US presidential election can definitely be established. Should the US economic situation cloud over further, the candidates Trump and Sanders would probably profit. That would not be in interest of the ruling US establishment.


2016 096
2016 February 26
They are to romp about, but once the arm of justice reaches them.
Victory of justice at the end of the days – Last Judgement
Only a short time is still left to them for the carrying out of their shameful will, but they use this time in the most devilish way – they respect no command anymore, neither the love command given by me nor humanly enacted laws; they live and act in accordance with their inner instinct, which is exceedingly evil and knows no limits anymore, which is stimulated by the underworld and equipped with power and can therefore have an effect without hindrance. Read more >>


2016 097
2016 February 26 (2)
But a free will can also resist my order from eternity.
God himself as master teacher
If only you know about this eternal plan of salvation then you will no longer lack understanding, if a teaching is offered to you out of the heavens, and your knowledge will be able to be broadened in every direction. Read more >>


2016 098
2016 February 27
And my justice will become revealed on the Day of Judgement.
Justice against the neighbour - God’s order
Because every man will have to do atonement for his unjust thinking and acting, may it be on earth or in the hereafter or in agonizing renewed banishment in matter, because since I am highly perfect, I must also be highly just and punish the sinners as soon as they degenerate into devils on earth and are no longer able to any earthly reform. Read more >>


2016 099
2016 February 27 (2)
Because the only meaning and purpose of your earth existence is the reaching of a state of maturity.
Knowledge about cause of embodiment
If you just think yourselves as products of an arbitrarily working power of creation, then the regularity, the order of all works of creation must make you think, which eliminates an arbitrariness, but indicate a wise law giver through its legality, and you can draw the conclusion from this, that a wise law giver does nothing without meaning and purpose – that you are therefore also products of a power working in all wisdom – and you can also recognize the love of this power with earnest thought, if you take into consideration that the meaning and purpose of all creations is always the preservation and existence of other creations and that care is taken of all living creatures, that they can keep their life and become active. Read more >>


2016 100
2016 February 27 (3)
Against "bad contents"
Facebook deletes user contents on behalf of the federal government
This week Facebook has started with the control of postings on its website. The company announced it will make sure that "bad contents" will be removed. These contents will be reported to Facebook by users and then removed from a German service provider.
Freedom of speech
The freedom of the press is a high good
On one’s own account: DWN stops postings on Facebook
The Deutschen Wirtschafts Nachrichten do not want to submit to the control through Facebook as regards content. The publishing of our articles on a website, of which the contents are determined by the federal government, is out of the question for us out of ethical considerations in principle.


2016 101
2016 February 28
They have not yet completely become slaves to Satan.
Short time until the end for the sake of weak souls
Mankind has reached already a long time the spiritual low, which results in such a total dissolving. Read more >>


2016 102
2016 February 28 (2)
And for many the hour of death will also have come.
God’s word – quiet admonisher, loud voice – natural disaster
I still come as quiet admonisher to you, when I approach you in the word, but not much longer, then my call sounds loud and powerfully out from above, and you will get a fright from the violence of my voice. Read more >>


2016 103
2016 February 29
Do not forget me, so that I also do not forget you.
Father, your will be done
But he who always submits his will to mine, he will never be disappointed, because his prayer is the right one, pleasing to me, if he adds to all his requests: "Father, your will be done." Read more >>


2016 104
2016 February 29 (2)
The hour of the end is the hour of harvest.
Hour of harvest
And you will have plenty of opportunity to work for me in the last time before the end; you will find men everywhere who need your encouragement, who desire enlightenment and want to be instructed by you, if you give to them the source of your knowledge, because the misery of the time will contribute to it, that men cling to every straw and also do not dismiss that, that God reveals himself to them through you. Read more >>


2016 105
2016 March 1
But what happens on and in the earth, that is incomprehensible to human intellect.
Course of development period
And that is why the struggle for life will continue; no-one will come to rest, and no-one will be able to enjoy the fruits of their earthly striving, unless he is completely fallen into the hands of him, who wants to seduce him from me. Read more >>


2016 106
2016 March 2
You must believe in my omnipotence, which is able to overcome everything.
Fear not, believe only
Fulfil my will; always fulfil my command of love, then you are also permanently in the possession of power and need to fear nothing more earthly and spiritually, because then you are connected to me, and my presence switches off every trouble and worry, although earthly seen it approaches you. Read more >>


2016 107
2016 March 2 (2)
Just refresh yourselves constantly with my word.
Receiving of power for the work out of the divine word
And if you therefore want to be eagerly busy for me, you are never ever allowed to switch off my word; you must receive it, wherever opportunity is offered to you; you must use every hour to eager soul work, and I will put everything else in order so that you never ever need to worry about earthly things. Read more >>


2016 108
2016 March 3
Drop all earthly worry; only make your spiritual work your business.
Admonition to busy work for the kingdom of God
You yourselves do not need at all worrying earthly about your life fate; as it is good for you, so I lead you and the assurance of my protection can truly be guarantee for a carefree existence, if you just stand in strong, unshakeable faith. Read more >>


2016 109
2016 March 5
But I bless who let their spirit speak to them.
Body - soul - spirit
But you do not pay attention to my words; ineffectively you let them go unheard at your ears, and you do not make contacts with me, by you letting the spirit spark in you unite with the father spirit through work in love – and so you remain dead in spirit; your soul hardens; it makes itself unable to hear the voice of the spirit, if it speaks to it through fellowman, and its earth course is idle, which it will recognize with most bitter remorse at the end. Read more >>


2016 110
2016 March 6
If you leave his will unnoticed, then through suffering you must be induced to it.
God’s will to help is greater than the trouble
Understandably also now those men will be affected by it, who always make the divine will to the guideline of their life, but for them the trouble will always be bearable; always will God’s help be obviously recognizable at them; always will he let them feel his love and support them by virtue of his omnipotence and his love, which will always be expressed with those who are his. Read more >>


2016 111
2016 March 6 (2)
Only make the spiritual trouble your business.
Work for the kingdom of God urgent
Unspeakable important is you assignment in this time, and I take all precautions that you can work unhindered where your activity is necessary. Read more >>


2016 112
2016 March 6 (3)
God’s great love and compassion does not drop the creature.
Fate - Free will
For the own will can also resist insofar that it never adapts to the will of God, that he is never satisfied with its life fate and he rebels against the creator and keeper, that he grumbles and complains and therefore does not want to acknowledge God and he turns away from him, by him using his will to evil acting and thinking, to change the fate, which he does not like, in accordance with his wishes. Read more >>


2016 113
2016 March 7
It is extremely necessary for you that you establish the connection with God.
God reveals himself to everyone who wants to recognize him
But pay attention to all events around you, and you will also be able to detect the visible help with those, who believe in me; you will be able to see my work there, because I remove their misery any time, so that also you learn to believe, who are still unbelieving, so that also you find to me and take the way to me in all troubles. Read more >>


2016 114
2016 March 8
God’s word must be made accessible to men.
Task of the messengers of God before the end
Through the mouth of men I want to speak to all men, and you are to be the organ for me, through which I announce my will to them. Read more >>


2016 115
2016 March 9
All material creations are means for redemption of the spiritual.
Spiritual and earthly creations
On the other hand spiritual creations are immortal; they only change all the time, and always more marvellous objects come into being, as the human intellect cannot imagine and the human heart not dream. Read more >>


2016 116
2016 March 10
In their imperfection the creatures of God, men on earth, do not recognize that they disregard the divine order.
State of divine order
To live in divine order is a state of perfection, a state of freedom and of the bond with God; it is the state of the created at the original beginning, which inevitably must again be reached, if it has ever been left. Read more >>


2016 117
2016 March 10 (2)
For in the same measure, as man strives towards God, he strives away from his opponent.
Right relationship with God
But the right relationship with God guarantees both, because the heavenly father does not leave his children in the need of the body and the soul; he grants every support to it spiritually and earthly, and therefore a right child needs to fear no lack; it needs to fear no earthly worries, as also its spiritual ascent is secured. Read more >>


2016 118
2016 March 11
Questions and answers make the process of appropriation of thought material easier.
Opportunity to counter-expression at the announcing of the Gospel necessary
All the time let the master teacher from eternity stay among you so that he himself can direct your thoughts and therefore instruct you so that you are blessed. Read more >>


2016 119
2016 March 11 (2)
Love alone is the means of redemption out of hostile power.
Will towards good - Power supply through divine redeemer
And he not only achieved the work of redemption for men of his time, but for all times he purchased for men the favour of a strengthened will, who believed in him and consciously put themselves under the cross, i.e., who themselves want to belong to those, whom he has redeemed from eternal death. Read more >>


2016 120
2016 March 12
As long as the soul does not miss the light, it must languish in darkness.
State of darkness of the souls in the hereafter and help through light beings
Every soul can flee from darkness, every soul can redeem itself, but a loving thought must always give cause to the imparting of light, because without it the light beings are not allowed to hand out gifts, because free will must strive towards light, otherwise eternal night remains around the soul and a sinking into the deepest depth of darkness can be the result. Read more >>


2016 121
2016 March 12 (2)
Every spiritual communication on earth is work of these light beings.
Light bearers on earth organs of spiritual light beings
The will of men is far more turned towards the earthly world, and it drowns out the voice of the spiritual world. Read more >>


2016 122
2016 March 12 (3)
You are destined to eternal life.
No death - Eternal life
To live bodily, you must consume food and drink; but your spiritual life demands the same – food and drink for the soul. God provides you with it through his word. Read more >>


2016 123
2016 March 15
Geo politics
Aim achieved
Russia: Putin orders withdrawal of troops from Syria
Russia’s President Putin has ordered a partial withdrawal of troops from Syria. The decision was made on Monday, after the Russian military had established, the aims of the deployment had been fulfilled to a great extent.


2016 124
2016 March 15 (2)
First plane started
Russia starts with the withdrawal of its troop from Syria
Russia has, as announced, on Tuesday started with the withdrawal of its troops from Syria. The bombers and transport planes have started from an air force base in direction of Russia.


2016 125
2016 March 15 (3)
The depth of faith must be won by men themselves.
Word from above of divine origin - Sounding word
No doubt is anymore allowed to arise in their hearts about the truth of what I offer them; they must always and continuously recognize my voice and know that they are surrounded by beings of light, which prevent every disturbance, if man just has the serious will to stand in truth and to be instructed by me. Read more >>


2016 126
2016 March 17
Only the will of man alone is decisive.
Voice of the spirit God’s voice
Is your will turned towards truth and therefore also to God himself, then your thinking will always be right. Read more >>


2016 127
2016 March 17 (2)
You only need to pay attention to the voice of the heart.
God’s will - Voice of the heart
Let the powers of light win influence over you, and then you can never sin. Read more >>


2016 128
2016 March 17 (3)
Love your neighbour as yourself.
And therefore God has granted to man a degree of self-love by which he can always measure how far he fulfils the command of neighbourly love. Read more >>


2016 129
2016 March 18
I can give, I can deny.
Allocation of earthly goods
And one can have while the other comes away empty-handed, and this at times of serious earthly difficulties as well as earthly prosperity, because the allocation of earthly goods is alone my duty. Read more >>


2016 130
2016 March 19
The former Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle is dead.
After cancer illness
Ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle has died
The former Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle is dead. The FDP chairman of many years’ standing died from his severe cancer illness in Friday at the age of 54 years, as the Westerwelle Foundation announced on its Facebook site.
And here from 2014 Jan 15 (4) – Westerwelle - the foreign minister of Sodom and Gomorrah :
Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.
In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.
Westerwelle: “Before I hand over the spoon, to be gay is a matter of course”
Westerwelle demands more commitment for homesexuals from Merkel
Gudio Westerwelle was the first German foreign minister who is married to a man.
Despite everything Germany still has no sufficiently enlightened society in the eyes of the former FDP boss.


2016 131
2016 March 19 (2)
Dwarf planet: Pluto‘s surface and moons researched
The complexity of the dwarf planet Pluto causes researchers to be amazed: Its surface forms itself again and again new in geological short time periods – even impact craters do not remain long.


2016 132
2016 March 19 (3)
Very gently I push you towards the right way.
Who keeps my commandments - to him I will come and reveal myself
You are to consider earth just as transition station to reach on it that degree, which allows my nearness. Read more >>


2016 133
2016 March 20
And you will learn to despise the world.
Comment to event
Numerous light beings are at my disposal, and through them I again and again have an effect upon you men, by me continuously steering your thoughts towards what is coming, by me letting you go through trouble and misery so long, until you yourselves long for the destruction of the world, to escape from the hard oppressions through fellowmen. Read more >>


2016 134
2016 March 20 (2)
And I solicit this love incessantly.
God as father, friend and brother courts love
And that is why I seek to guide you into truth, into the recognition of myself and of my plan of salvation from eternity; because you must know first, that you are my creatures and in which connection you stand as my creatures with me, the eternal creator. Read more >>


2016 135
2016 March 20 (3)
The end will not come as a surprise for such men.
Recognition of the worthlessness of the earthly - Afterlife
Man must become quiet in his inner being; he must just concentrate on spiritual knowledge; he must strive for evading all temptations, and give himself completely to God so that he is seized by his love, and then he will just live in God, and his earth course will not have been in vain. Read more >>


2016 136
2016 March 20 (4)
They must first be stimulated to seek truth.
God as master teacher
For as long as they do not strive for truth themselves, also their power of recognition is still weak. Read more >>


2016 137
2016 March 21
Decisive alone is only the will of man to penetrate into truth.
God as master teacher also through mediator
Therefore also taught by me is he who receives my word through a mediator, because he will recognize it as my word. Read more >>


2016 138
2016 March 22
Because their will is free.
God as master teacher also through mediator
And that is why I choose fearless, intrepid fighters on earth for me, who uncover the smallest contradiction against my word; who stand up with eagerness for everything, what they have heard through the inner voice, which, once they have recognized my truth, no longer deviate from it and use every opportunity to spread it. Read more >>


2016 139
2016 March 22 (2)
I am the word, therefore the word is God.
Take, eat; this is my flesh and my blood
To receive and accommodate the word is spiritual feeding – it is bread of heaven, which is offered by me to him who feels hunger and thirst for it. And so I offer men the bread of heaven, I say: Take, eat, this is my flesh and my blood, because I myself am the word – flesh and blood in accordance with the spirit. Read more >>


2016 140
2016 March 23
You will still experience it in the flesh.
End of old earth, experience in the flesh
Therefore you must experience the day, and this you are to believe! Read more >>


2016 141
2016 March 23 (2)
Because suffering leads to me.
Great suffering - Great favour
Suffering causes man to pray, and without prayer no connection is possible from you to me. Read more >>


2016 142
2016 March 24
I provide spiritual attendants for you on earth.
Influencing of light beings on destiny
Rather continuous fights must take place through which man can mature, who is serious about his spiritual ascent. Read more >>


2016 143
2016 March 25
I want to be recognized, but the will for that must go out from my creatures themselves.
Recognizing the voice of God
And he will be a willing servant for me, who has recognized my voice once, because he is happy to be able to serve me, because he loves me. Read more >>


2016 144
2016 March 25 (2)
Who loves me, he fulfils my commands.
John 14: 15-26
And by this those who are mine are recognizable that my gift of favour, my word, is extremely dear to them, that they no longer want to miss it, so they have heard me once, and that they receive it gratefully from my servants, who are mediators from me to them. Read more >>


2016 145
2016 March 25 (3)
Whatever you start, consult me.
Personal matter
Because the time is short and every hour precious. Read more >>


2016 146
2016 March 26
Right knowledge must come from God himself.
Teaching office - Teacher - Truthful knowledge
But who has once been decided on for the teaching office, him God never ever leaves out, as the calling through God has only taken place after voluntary devotion of man towards him, after subordinating of the will under divine will, and therefore the striving towards God was announced so obviously that God now never ever lets him sink back into the state of separation from him. Read more >>


2016 147
2016 March 26 (2)
The firm connection with God is man’s first and last aim.
Increased wrestling of a receiver of light on earth
But a soul which does not have to fight becomes lukewarm and indifferent and does not mature, but stops on its level of development. Read more >>


2016 148
2016 March 26 (3)
Also earthly I have promised you my help.
Truth of the announcements
Because who should admonish you to love, if not he who is love himself? Read more >>


2016 149
2016 March 27
But in the end of times the spiritualization of the former material creation will happen faster and faster.
Last Judgement - Spiritualization of Earth
Jesus foresaw the end of this time but you men can only set sight on times where everything humanly possible is intended. You all reckon with only one last judgement. But this will be repeated again and again as long as redemption periods find their conclusion according to divine will. Read more >>


2016 150
2016 March 27 (2)
And I will also visibly disclose my identity to you.
Silence before the storm - Visible appearance of the Lord
And I will come – first appearing to individuals, to then to fetch up who are mine into my kingdom – to remove them away from the place of destruction into the kingdom of peace where they will live a blessed life like in paradise. Read more >>


2016 151
2016 March 27 (3)
Consider that all trouble has an end with the end of this earth.
Cross - My yoke is easy, and my burden is light
And therefore seek to so form yourselves that the stay in spheres of light is then secured for you, that you give away the earthly body with joy and exchange it for a life in the hereafter in full freedom as you have passed the test of will on earth. Read more >>


2016 152
2016 March 28
I want to be one with you, but you must accomplish this becoming one in free will.
Only who remains in love, he remains in me and I in him
And that is why you must practise love yourselves; you must incessantly make a great effort to perform good works; you must change your feelings, if they have not yet flared up as love in you; you must want to be good, then you will also be able to it, because I bless such a will and give you power to carry it out. Read more >>


2016 153
2016 March 28 (2)
You will have no shortage neither earthly nor spiritually.
Chaos - Assignment of the Workers for the Kingdom of God
But then you yourselves also have to go through the times of suffering, I can’t keep away from you plight and misery where the whole of mankind is affected by it but I have to confine myself to fill you with power so that you cope with the time of need. Read more >>


2016 154
2016 March 28 (3)
Such a change of mind can occur after earthly failures.
Capacity for spiritual announcements - Change of mind
But the wanting of a worldly orientated soul is always orientated towards matter, and spiritual striving is not attractive to it, but is a hindrance to its worldly interests. Its aim are earthly goods, and that is why it neither desires spiritual good nor does it utilize such, if it is offered to it without desire. Read more >>


2016 155
2016 March 28 (4)
Because love is the original substance of all that what is visible to man.
Justice - Equal rights - Mutual love
Give great pleasure where you can, and seek to hold no anxious limitation, because this suffocates love; it awakens no mutual love, and where love is missing, is no spiritual progress, although you have earthly created order so to speak, but divine order must first be fulfilled, and according to divine law love is first. Read more >>


2016 156
2016 March 29
But I smooth the way to happiness for you, by me announcing my will to you.
Fulfilling of divine will - Obeying of divine word - Love
Everything, what man does, to fulfil my will, must therefore be dictated by love, if he is to have success for his soul, otherwise it would be a humanly enacted command, without value and effect for eternity. Read more >>


2016 157
2016 March 30
Nothing can resist love.
Spiritual communication substitute for renunciations and disappointments
Right love balances and does not refuse to give itself, it tolerates and pardons, it gives and makes happy, it takes an interest in the sufferings and needs of the other, but as it also sees the highest happiness in union. Read more >>


2016 158
2016 March 30 (2)
But I want to disturb the whole world in its peace.
Wooing of God for workers for the vineyard - Spreading of divine word
And therefore take advantage of every opportunity, you, who you have offered yourselves to me as workers in the vineyard – do not shrink from talking about me and to mention my extraordinary work; present to fellowmen the end, the importance of the last time and the Last Judgment, and so work for my kingdom, and I will bless you. Read more >>


2016 159
2016 April 1
In this consecrated hour the Lord speaks through his servant John with you.
125 Years Berth Dudde
To give a clear picture about the planet most kindred to earth, Saturn, is the task of a higher spiritual being inhabiting it, and a description is offered to you men on earth which indisputably gives information to him who desires information. Read more >>


2016 160
2016 April 1 (2)
Then men are to hear me.
Then life once again approaches you in all severity for a short time, but you will cope with that. Read more >>


2016 161
2016 April 1 (3)
Because the announcements from above are obviously concurring with the Gospel of him who is my forerunner at my last coming.
Forerunner of the Lord before His coming
But one will come and speak the same words to men that you received from me. Read more >>


2016 162
2016 April 1 (4)
Use every day for the approach towards me.
Urgent admonition of God
And so all needs and sufferings are a burden on you yourselves, if you do not want to be helped, and then life on earth is unspeakable difficult for you, and you will hardly reach your destination, when my love cannot become effective with you. Read more >>


2016 163
2016 April 16
They are in a servitude, which is wanted by Satan and tolerated by men without resistance.
Spiritual servitude
And they cannot free themselves out of this servitude as long as they do not have the firm will to reach truth, and call upon me for my help. Read more >>


2016 164
2016 April 19
Fetch the power out of my word.
Resisting the will of God
And so let yourselves be admonished, and obey my will, and do not become careless in your striving; work eagerly, and seek to make my gift of favour accessible to your fellowmen; receive yourselves what my love offers you, and utilize it, otherwise you are weakened in wanting and in carrying out of that what I demand from you through my word. Read more >>


2016 165
2016 April 20
A task, which is extremely important in the time of deepest crisis of mankind.
The inner voice
Nevertheless my love towards you, my creatures, is so great that I would like to reshape you to my children and that is why in a time of spiritual low my word, the light from above, is indispensable. Read more >>


2016 166
2016 April 22
Then you will put spiritual work first to everything.
Task of the servants of God - Mediators between God and men
This task is so exceedingly important and its fulfilment so urgently necessary that God gives every possibility to him who wants to serve him, to comply with his task, and that he therefore also grants him every protection, every help and every favour, so that the mediator can rule his office in peace and can do permanent work for the kingdom of God. Read more >>


2016 167
2016 April 22 (2)
Spiritual communion is the intimate unification with me, which can never remain without results.
Spiritual communion
The soul becomes born again; it steps out of its cover; it becomes free out of a dungeon imprisonment; it steps into life, because my spirit unites with it and awakens it to life; it becomes spiritually active, and it receives gifts of favour – a rich knowledge, which comprises eternal truths. Read more >>


2016 168
2016 April 23
The effectiveness of the spirit depends on the complete devotion of the soul to the spirit.
Process of the imparting of the divine word
Therefore the announcements out of the spiritual kingdom, which are therefore radiations of the father spirit upon the spirit spark in man, are to be received in seclusion only, where the soul can devote itself to the spirit unrestrained. Read more >>


2016 169
2016 April 23 (2)
Creatures must carry out an activity subject to the mandatory law.
Activity and ability of the being in the mandatory state
Before the embodiment as man the activity of those creatures is subject to the will of God and is therefore subject to a certain legality, why the same abilities are always typical of the creatures, which then mark the nature in a formation. Read more >>


2016 170
2016 April 24
Your course of life you can cover sure-footedly.
Admonition of God to his servants
Let me stay with you continuously; call me, so that I can come to you, and get familiar with my name, as it is a dispenser of power, a refreshing draught and feeding for the soul, and remain intimately connected to me in prayer, then you never need to fear to become a slave to a weak state, and be master to every life situation. Read more >>


2016 171
2016 April 24 (2)
Man is to always commend himself to the love of God.
Fate - School - Tightened means
At times a state of extreme need is necessary for a soul so that it entrusts itself completely to its creator and ruler and dissolves all ties with the world. Read more >>


2016 172
2016 April 24 (3)
Consult God in every matter of human life.
Gift of receiving remains, gift of teaching can be taken away
And therefore it is understandable that such a connection is never dissolved as far as I am concerned, but that I favour it and look after that man full of love who establishes this connection with me, and that I help him in every way, that he finds his way on earth both earthly as well as spiritually to not lose him, because a great task awaits him, which can precisely only be carried out by such a man who completely devotes himself to me and therefore is also free of sin, so that my spirit can express itself through him. Read more >>


2016 173
2016 April 26
Just believe in my love, and all worry will fall off you.
Loving father words
Believe in my omnipotence, and you will no longer doubt that I can help you in every trouble and also want to help you, because I love you. Read more >>


2016 174
2016 April 26 (2)
Regard nothing as coincidence.
You will harvest as you sow
You will always be happy to strive towards me, to seek to broaden your spiritual knowledge and therefore to desire to hear me, directly or through my servants, if you give – spiritual or earthly goods. Read more >>


2016 175
2016 April 26 (3)
See your true home in the spiritual kingdom.
Ask, and it shall be given you
But your heart has the right feeling, and it tells you again and again that only my love is decisive and that this love is meant for you for ever, if you just desire it. Read more >>


2016 176
2016 April 27
Love is always power.
Power of love
The influx of power out of the spiritual kingdom will always drive man to increased love work, and consequently the power continuously increases in itself. Read more >>


2016 177
2016 April 27 (2)
And you will find plenty of work.
Harvest - Harvester - God as master teacher
Has God chosen you, then be yourselves aware of this honouring and make yourselves worthy of it. Read more >>


2016 178
2016 April 28
Contract an alliance with God.
Relationship of a child to the father
You all must feel yourselves as my children and have this trust in me, that you present all your worries, needs and sufferings to me and believingly wait on it that I take them from you, that I eliminate them and shape your lot on earth bearable for you. Read more >>


2016 179
2016 April 28 (2)
Right thinking does not come from the mind, but the spiritual kingdom.
Mental radiations - Spiritual powers
The spirit out of God is active to awaken the slumbering spirit spark, which is his share, in man and to now instruct the soul through it, which then presents itself to man, what now also requires intellectual activity, so that the knowledge of man becomes spiritual property. Read more >>


2016 180
2016 April 29
John Boehner about Ted Cruz
"He is Lucifer in the flesh"
John Boehner was long regarded as one of the most influential US Republicans. Now he has described his party colleague Ted Cruz as "Lucifer" and "son of a bitch."
Now also the influential Republican and non-candidate John Boehner interfered in the primary – and handed out strongly against Ted Cruz.
"He is Lucifer in the flesh", said Boehner at an event at the Stanford University. "I have friends with the Democrats and friends with the Republicans. I get along with almost everybody, but I have never in my life worked together with a more miserable son of a bitch."
In no case will he give his vote to Cruz, if the Senator from Texas should really become the presidential candidate of the Republicans. Boehner announced to support Trump instead.


2016 181
2016 April 30
The inclination towards the world is too great.
Disappointment of men
The divine intervention through nature is the last remedy to turn in free will to spiritual striving and to learn to overcome the earth with its attractions. Read more >>


2016 182
2016 April 30 (2)
The day where the chaff is separated from the wheat.
Time of harvest
And he showers all with his favour, who enter his service, because the end is near, and hurry is necessary, because the day is determined for eternity, where the Last Judgement is held. Read more >>


2016 183
2016 May 1
You desire to hear it continuously.
Sounding word
To hear the sounding word in the heart is the most unmistakable sign of my love. It sounds like a softly spoken word, fine and delicate and still high and clear. Read more >>


2016 184
2016 May 2
In addition they must be completely independent of religious organisations.
Mediator between God and men - Jesus Christ
And again they need mediators – servants, through whose mouth God can express himself to send to men in their spiritual need admonitions and warnings, to give to them the command of love and guidelines for their walk of life, so that they are not pulled into the abyss by his opponent, but reach eternal happiness. And these servants must be connected to God so intimately that they are able to hear his word; they must have acquired this ability through love work and a will turned towards God; love towards fellowmen must determine them to the help of spiritual and earthly kind. In addition they must be completely independent of religious organisations, i.e., they are not allowed to be pressed into wrong thinking which can prevent them to receive the pure word of God and to reject contrary teachings – because they are to seek to spread the word received from God with all eagerness as sole, eternal truth. Read more >>


2016 185
2016 May 2 (2)
Ex-Catholic priest John Joseph Farrell jailed for 29 years for child sex assaults.
Paedophile ex-priest gets 29 years
A former Catholic priest and prolific child sex offender who abused a dozen children in regional NSW has been sentenced to 29 years behind bars. Read more >>


2016 186
2016 May 4
Knowledge about the development of earthly events is made accessible.
Gift of prophecy
But who is called by God to work for him on earth, to him also the favour is given by God to predict future things. Read more >>


2016 187
2016 May 4 (2)
Eternities will pass until light has completely overcome darkness.
Fight between light and darkness
But then also no fight of spirits against each other will any more take place. Read more >>


2016 188
2016 May 5
Use the power of love.
Love awakens requited love - Love wins
Be master of every situation.


2016 189
2016 May 5 (2)
Love alone is happiness.
Relationship towards God - love or reverence, respect, admiration
Bringing man into situations, where he can flee as child to the father. Read more >>


2016 190
2016 May 6
Remain continuously aware of my presence.
Spiritual need - Come to me and I will give you rest
Only a very short time is still left to you, but it is enough if you have the serious will to mature your souls, because I take care of that a thousand and one possibilities are offered to you to fulfil your actual life task, the work in unselfish neighbourly love. Read more >>


2016 191
2016 May 6 (2)
How often however do I miss the obeying of my love command with those, who strictly hold on to external appearances.
My kingdom is not of this world
Do you believe that I can get pleasure from external appearances, which are rather a danger, because deep inner stirrings die down in man in this way, but the external appearances distract and finally only alone are still observed. Read more >>


2016 192
2016 May 6 (3)
Error is sowing of Satan.
Truth only origin in God
And whether truth from me is also not offered to him in extraordinary form through the inner word, so his train of thought will still be right, because thinking is directed by the spirit; he will be enlightened and therefore also stand in truth. Read more >>


2016 193
2016 May 6 (4)
This inner confession of guilt must take place to God.
Act of forgiveness of sins - Jesus Christ as redeemer
The will to detest sin, which is the result of deep remorse, is always just the inner matter of each individual. Read more >>


2016 194
2016 May 8
Were unsuitable for the office of minister.
Church of Christ
Then many things that people deem to be important will cease and they will have to give it away und make do with a quiet inner reflection without outer action, without splendour and pomp and without teaching personnel that were not enlightened by me and were therefore unsuitable for the office of minister. Read more >>


2016 195
2016 May 8 (2)
Call upon me in thoughts; speak with me and listen to what I sent to you as answer.
God’s word purest truth - Doubts - God’s love
And make it your business, to constantly ask me for right thinking, and I will not let you go astray. Read more >>


2016 196
2016 May 8 (3)
Truth speaks for itself.
Divine revelations can be accepted without examination
As soon as God himself is acknowledged as source of spiritual revelations, also no doubt will be set against his transmissions. Read more >>


2016 197
2016 May 8 (4)
You will have no desire for this world, but find your joy in nothing but the spiritual work.
God’s call in the heart
Only according to my will you will speak, think and act. Read more >>


2016 198
2016 May 9
This time after the natural disaster.
Work for God and his Kingdom
And that is why I need for this time loyal workers, that is why I continuously recruit such ones as help has to be brought to those who have been hardened by fate and who seek everywhere and want to give themselves an explanation for cause and purpose of that natural phenomenon as they still have little faith in divine justice. Read more >>


2016 199
2016 May 9 (2)
Create already on earth the world for you, which is your actual destination.
Apparent contradictions in the word of God
Strive for the spiritual world, and your thinking will be directed spiritually, i.e., you will also be able to grasp spiritual good. Read more >>


2016 200
2016 May 9 (3)
You stand under my special protection.
God’s care for his
And so I give to him what is desirable for him, as soon as it does not harm his soul. Read more >>


2016 201
2016 May 9 (4)
They will hear my voice sounding in them.
Call to activity - Mission of the servants of God
A particular call will go to these servants; they will hear my voice sounding in them, so that they themselves are completely certain to know about my will, and now subordinate themselves to it completely. Read more >>


2016 202
2016 May 9 (5)
God and man was at the same time in the Jesus child.
Jesus boy God and man
Everything visible to the human eye was man, but he who gave the child life, who attracted men and caused them to worship through his nearness, was God. Read more >>


2016 203
2016 May 9 (6)
Jesus was mediator between God and men.
God becoming man
Jesus held up a life according to divine will as an example to men, consequently it must also be possible for a man to reach the same perfection. Read more >>


2016 204
2016 May 12
The destabilisation of the BRICS countries is very very clear.
BRICS countries are vulnerable to the threat of regime change by western countries
“As we mobilise our people, we must say be vigilant. You must see through anarchy and people who are out there in a programme of regime change. We are aware of the meetings taking place regularly at the American embassy,” Mantashe told thousands of ANC supporters at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Read more >>


2016 205
2016 May 14
You must criticize yourselves.
Serious admonition and reference to the end
You again and again must give up what you acquired for yourselves, until you break away from it in the heart, only then you are receptive for spiritual goods, only then you will listen to my word and receive it in your heart, if you are of good will. Read more >>


2016 206
2016 May 15
The time of tribulation has dawned.
Increased suffering in the time of the end - God's love
You will not need to live in want; I will provide soul and body with food, therefore you need not worry about their upkeep. Read more >>


2016 207
2016 May 15 (2)
A creeping dictatorial system.
The Dictatorship
"Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically.
The EU is an attempt to do this by different methods."
The European Union is pursuing a similar goal to Hitler in trying to create a powerful superstate, Boris Johnson says.
In a dramatic interview with the Telegraph, he warns that while bureaucrats in Brussels are using "different methods"¯ from the Nazi dictator, they share the aim of unifying Europe under one "authority".
Warning of dictatorship
Harsh criticism: Hillary Clinton comes under pressure
The former independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader warns of Hillary Clinton: She will win the election on the basis of a creeping dictatorial system.


2016 208
2016 May 17
Where light is, is life; but the night is terrible.
Work and have an effect as long as it is still day
You are only to think about your souls and pay attention to nothing more what concerns the body. Read more >>


2016 209
2016 May 17 (2)
Again and again I sent my messengers to them.
Announcement of the end of the world
Because the truth, which he does not want to hear, would give him fullest explanation and also let him find the way to me. Read more >>


2016 210
2016 May 18
Shape yourselves so on earth that you desire spiritual goods only.
Creating and shaping in the kingdom of light
You as light beings are to work together with my angels and develop an activity, which lets magnificence come into being, which achieves creations of very beautiful shaping. Read more >>


2016 211
2016 May 19
Only spiritual need causes me to let you get into earthly need.
End of redemption period - Last Judgement
Seek to win me as father and loving God for you, but do not let me become a punishing judge to you. Read more >>


2016 212
2016 May 19 (2)
The outer form was given to the soul for the soul’s further development.
Man must appropriate abilities for himself; he must bring talents in himself to development and strive to gain highest soul maturity by this. He must therefore develop himself further also still as man, and indeed no longer according to his outer form, but his thinking, wanting and acting must be meant for his inner shaping, so that a being enters the spiritual kingdom at the end of his earth course, which is like the originally created being, so as it took its start from God. Read more >>


2016 213
2016 May 20
But as far as God is concerned, the will is never influenced compulsorily.
A dogma is always disadvantageous for the soul, because man is exempt from an opinion about a religious doctrine, but without deep thinking a convincing faith can also never be won. Read more >>


2016 214
2016 May 21
And man will receive power to a great extent.
The good shepherd
Every feeling of weakness will fall off him; every spiritual gift fully utilized and made use of, and his activity will be successful and beneficent, where he stays among men. Read more >>


2016 215
2016 May 21 (2)
Obstacles have to be taken.
Fate - Father, thy will be done
The steeper the way is, the shorter it is and the higher you can get; but when you are at the top, you will look back and be grateful to your leader, who let you reach the destination, and all trouble will be over. Read more >>


2016 216
2016 May 22
The knowledge about the spiritual feeding at the table of the Lord.
Feeding at the table of the Lord - Communion
The handing of the bread was only a simile of what Jesus offered with his word – divine truth, which certainly earns the soul the degree of maturity when it is assimilated with heart and intellect. Read more >>


2016 217
2016 May 22 (2)
And so the origin of all knowledge must always be and remain God.
Different schools of thought
And finally it will turn out that they are always based on human opinions, that the schools of thought represent a knowledge, which was merely thought material of men. Read more >>


2016 218
2016 May 22 (3)
Geo politics
Europe is getting destabilized
Nato pushes encircling of Russia in Europe
Nato wants to win new members in the Balkans and in East Europe. With this strategy it wants to encircle Russia. Moscow warns of consequences. The European continent is in danger of destabilization.


2016 219
2016 May 22 (4)
Tech groups cooperate
UN wants carry through worldwide censorship of internet
The United Nations and leading technology groups work on a comprehensive censorship system for the internet. The aim is to stop so-called dangerous ideologies and terroristic propaganda. What exactly is to be understood by this, remains however unclear.
The contents in the internet could soon be assessed on the basis of political guidelines.
The United Nations and large American technology groups work on a censorship infrastructure for the internet, as the UN announces on their website. The Security Council of the United Nations (UN) therefore aspires to the creation of a global framework agreement for internet censorship and encourages governments to take action against so-called "online propaganda", "hate filled ideologies" and "digital terrorism". What exactly is to be understood by these slogans was not explained. The UN Security Council has instructed the "Counter-Terrorism Committee" to work out a plan with further steps until the coming year.


2016 220
2016 May 22 (5)
I direct all events.
Counterwork from the world side
You must be active and never put the world with its demands before the spiritual work. Read more >>


2016 221
2016 May 23
My love command, the eternal order.
Law of order - Subordinating of the will
Out of love everything has emerged and through love everything is preserved. Read more >>


2016 222
2016 May 25
Use your will right.
Direction of will determines the influence of spiritual powers
But in exactly the same way also the counter force is not able to force your will to bad thinking and acting. Read more >>


2016 223
2016 May 25 (2)
And as it comes, so it is good for you.
Comforting admonition to faith
And my help will not fail to arrive, so that you obviously recognize the power of faith, so that you feel me and my work and join me more and more intimately as my children, until nothing anymore is able to separate you from the father heart, whatever may happen around you. Read more >>


2016 224
2016 May 26
You will be able to rule over men and animals, over the elements of nature.
Supernatural power
You will be able to avert suffering and trouble when love drives you to help fellow-man, and you will be able to command the elements, be able to heal the sick and work miracles of all kind, because it is only my power, which is then expressed through you, and with my power nothing is impossible for you. Read more >>


2016 225
2016 May 27
Renounce voluntarily that what only makes the body happy but brings in no use to the soul.
Vigilance against the enemy of souls
But the enemy of your soul positions the lever precisely in the time of trouble – he now seeks to direct your thought and wish at what you lack of earthly goods; he seeks to strengthen your desire for it and to imprison your thoughts and only the power of your will protects you from it. Read more >>


2016 226
2016 May 27 (2)
Cold war
Merkel follows the USA: Cold war against Russia is being intensified
The cold war is becoming a permanent state of affairs in Europe: The G7 summit will agree to the lengthening of the sanctions against Russia. Nato expands further to the East. An independent German foreign policy only still exists in the memory of better times.
The G7 states want to stand by the sanctions against Russia in the conflict with the Russian government about the Ukraine, reports AFP. Angela Merkel expresses her falling into line with the US course in her typical, flowery words. Merkel said on Thursday in passing at the G7 summit in the Japanese Ise-Shima: "For me it is too early to give all-clear in any way. A change of position against the months before is here first of all not to be expected."


2016 227
2016 May 28
Therefore also the putting back into hardest matter is only a work of divine compassion.
Spiritual low - End of a redemption period
There is no other ascent possibility for a degenerated generation of man, as soon as it has reached this low, that all love has cooled, because then the power flow of divine love can no longer be effective and this means complete losing to the counter force of God. Read more >>


2016 228
2016 May 28 (2)
God himself is with you in the word.
God himself comes to men in the word
And if therefore a teaching contains the love command, if it wants to educate man to love, it also starts from him, who is eternal love himself. Read more >>


2016 229
2016 May 29
And his word will first of all always preach love work.
Deepest knowledge reachable through love
Truth, love and God are one – where love is, God himself will have an effect as master teacher and introduce men to truth – where truth is, God will be recognized as eternal love and the union with him is sought, and the striving for him leads to perfection, which is destination of every being, which has emerged out of God in all perfection and became imperfect through its own will. Read more >>


2016 230
2016 May 30
But worry that the desire of the heart is not meant for the body.
Dwellings in the house of the father - Eternal home
Then your soul will stay in an extremely beautiful region; it will move in creations, which you are not able to foresee on earth, and it will be in its home, in the father house, where the nearness of the father makes it infinitely happy and his love gives it all what increases its happiness. Read more >>


2016 231
2016 May 30 (2)
But the aim of earth life is the spiritual kingdom in all magnificence.
Spiritual guides - Earth way - Signpost
And these guides are to be heard; their advice and admonitions are to be obeyed, because they are appointed by God; they are added to men that they do not go astray, that they cannot say not having found the right way, but can walk on and follow it any time, if they are of serious will to reach the destination. Read more >>


2016 232
2016 May 31
It is the time of tribulation before the end.
Time of tribulation
It is for you again just a test of faith, which you can pass, if you join me more firmly than ever and confidently abandon yourselves to my guidance and help. Read more >>


2016 233
2016 June 1
Do not fear the time of tribulation.
End of tribulation - Judgement - New earth
This time of trouble is of great urgency for your souls, but it passes; it does not last long for the sake of mine – it must give way to a time of delicious peace on the new earth, which everyone will enjoy, who are mine and remain loyal to me until the end. Read more >>


2016 234
2016 June 1 (2)
Man must have completely given up his own wanting.
Complete devotion to God
A man completely devoted to me I can now use as my tool, as my organ, through which I will express myself. Read more >>


2016 235
2016 June 2
But I give to no man unjustly.
Fate according to will
And because the will of mankind in the time of the end turns away from me more and more, also the distress must become greater, if a success is still to be achieved for the souls. Read more >>


2016 236
2016 June 3
But at any time mankind can end this state of suffering or make it more bearable.
Love and suffering means of purification
Has the soul good will, then it also lives in love, and the power out of God breaks through every cover of the soul, because the supply out of God is a direct result of own love work. But if the soul neglects this, then God nevertheless helps it, however in the form of suffering, which is to put the soul in the state of love work, which is to take all hardness from it, which is to form it according to God’s will. Read more >>


2016 237
2016 June 6
And you will remain victor in every struggle in life.
Draw power out of my word
Then you will also feel the power of my word; you will be able to satisfy yourselves at any time; you will be able to fetch comfort for yourselves if you are in need of it; my word will strengthen your faith, increase your love towards me; my word will encourage you to always busier spiritual activity and lead you to recognition. Read more >>


2016 238
2016 June 7
God himself is eternal love.
He who remains in love, he remains in me
Man active in love can also never be without faith, because what he himself feels inside of him, in that he also believes; consequently he also acknowledges the highest entity, because it has made itself aware to him through love. Read more >>


2016 239
2016 June 8
And therefore cause that your soul really becomes free.
God's intervention - Last phase before the end
And you can build on this my word, and if you just make preparations to place your souls into that state that you do not need to fear that day, where I will express myself through the powers of nature, you can expect that day unconcerned – it will make you free, so or so – it will bring with itself different earthly conditions for the survivors or liberate the soul from its bodily cover. Read more >>


2016 240
2016 June 9
So put trustingly your earthly well-being into my hand.
God’s guidance - Future worries
And I will settle and order everything as it serves you, and you will recognize my love, my power and my wisdom. Read more >>


2016 241
2016 June 9 (2)
The fate of each man is according to his will.
Fate – Submission to God's will
Through your own will you can of course change your course of life for yourselves, but never the difficulty of it, because all events approach you in that difficulty, as you need it for your soul, and your measure of suffering you have to take upon yourselves, no matter which way you turn – you do not escape your fate, because this is determined for eternity. Read more >>


2016 242
2016 June 9 (3)
Because the power out of me is undividable.
Free will
Nothing gets lost in eternity what has gone out from me; but so that it must not languish eternities in the distance away from me, I apply all means, because only my nearness means happiness and blessedness for that created by me, but all distance from me wretchedness, darkness and powerlessness – a state, which is greatest agony for that what emerged in all freedom and power. Read more >>


2016 243
2016 June 10
Break away from matter.
Urgent admonition for the breaking away from matter
All earthly good you must leave behind with the death of your body, but the soul still remains chained to it also in the spiritual kingdom, if it has not broken away from it already before on earth. Read more >>


2016 244
2016 June 13
Trump demands resignation of Obama.
Should Obama run for a third term?
With him withdrawing American troops from Iraq, Obama became the greatest promoter of terrorism in the world and he will now go for him, Trump, who challenges him in his own country. Read more >>


2016 245
2016 June 15
The willingness to love makes them suitable disciples.
Many are called, but few are chosen
You all are called, but who shapes himself so, that I can choose him, that I can pour out my spirit over him, which guarantees pure truth? Read more >>


2016 246
2016 June 15 (2)
Trump: Obama "was more angry at me than at the shooter."
Obama attacks Trump
US President Barack Obama has unusually sharp and emotionally criticised the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Read more >>


2016 247
2016 June 17
Obama’s failures.
McCain makes Obama jointly responsible for Orlando attack
When he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaeda went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama’s failures. Read more >>


2016 248
2016 June 17 (2)
The iconic redeemer who promised hope and change never seemed so small and hopeless.
Obama’s tantrum a striking display of failed leadership
Millions of the disenchanted are turning to Trump because they concluded that not only had their government betrayed them, but that both political parties were in cahoots to keep them down. Read more >>


2016 249
2016 June 19
I want that you return to me out of free drive.
Defection - Children of God - Creatures of God
And I assert my will, and even though eternities pass until you have reached the final goal; but once I will have all my children back; they will have entered with me the happiest union, and it will be as it was at the beginning – a kingdom of happiest spirits, which never ever go away from me. Read more >>


2016 250
2016 June 19 (2)
I accompany you everywhere.
Presence of God
And although the world presses you, and whether your thoughts are taken up by it, you will again and again return to me; you will seek me, the more intimately the more the world wants to control you. Read more >>


2016 251
2016 June 19 (3)
A great soul, which I call my church.
Triumphant church - One flock and one shepherd
And it is this church, which can also not be overcome by the gates of hell, because if I am present in it myself, the work of the opponent is unsuccessful. Read more >>


2016 252
2016 June 19 (4)
Do not forget them.
Prayer for poor souls
Fulfil these requests for them; do not let them alone in their need; give them the help, which you are still able to give; also supply to them in thoughts the Gospel; admonish them that also they are to remember their surroundings in love, that also they are to help them, to reach into the blessing of a light radiation, by them again imparting what they receive from you. Read more >>


2016 253
2016 June 21
Also the smallest event is predetermined for eternity.
Intervention of light beings in fate
And that is why everything is wisely ordained that you again and again have the opportunity to develop upwards. Read more >>


2016 254
2016 June 21 (2)
Spiritual food secures you an eternal life.
I want that you are happy
To be able to live for ever in happiness, you must also carry out an activity that makes you happy and therefore need a capital with which you can work, which you can hand out to the needy; you need spiritual wealth, which does not decrease, but always increases the more you give away of it. Read more >>


2016 255
2016 June 21 (3)
They will never reach this knowledge intellectually.
Willingness for mission - Prediction
And when you present my word to them, never forget to stimulate them to increased love work so that they are able to recognize the truth of my word and believe. Read more >>


2016 256
2016 June 21 (4)
Completely informally the spiritual gift must be offered.
Task of the bearers of truth - Enlightenment
The recognition of truth is urgently necessary for mankind, and my spirit will always become effective there, where the need is great and only the smallest rescue possibility exists, where erroneous souls have not completely become slaves to my opponent and the short time until the end can still bring about a change of thinking. Read more >>


2016 257
2016 June 22
It is no blind faith.
Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed
I praise him blessed, if he acquires faith, if he needs no proof for it, if he just regards the work of the spirit as proof. Read more >>


2016 258
2016 June 22 (2)
You are to speak in the place of me.
Different sowing and its fruit - Vineyard of the Lord
You are to be my servants on earth, active on my behalf; you are to speak in my name, to my honour and for my kingdom – and my blessing will accompany you on all ways. Read more >>


2016 259
2016 June 22 (3)
Every ceremony, every external appearance will fall away.
Church of Christ
Then it will be shown who belongs to this church, who possesses the strength of faith that he does not defect when hell will charge against everything spiritual. Read more >>


2016 260
2016 June 22 (4)
Death, destruction and terror.
What Trump accuses Clinton of
Trump blames the Democrat for the civil wars in Syria and Libya, as well as for the ascent of the IS Jihadists. Read more >>


2016 261
2016 June 23
He must have already reached a certain maturity of the soul.
Sounding word
It is therefore a process of transmission of light and power in direct form; man is in contact with me so intimately that I can express myself towards him and am understood, which will never be the case with immature souls. Read more >>


2016 262
2016 June 24
This spiritual power is at the disposal of man unmeasured, but must be requested, therefore asked.
Body power - Life power - Increase through spiritual power
Man must imagine that he as tiny little part of eternal divinity is also partaking of his might and power, as soon as he does not live in resistance, but in harmony with God. Read more >>


2016 263
2016 June 25
So there are people who resist the dictatorship of the duo Obama-Merkel.
Two setbacks for Obama and Merkel: First Trumpism and now Brexit
For most of these people the resistance is more an unconscious one, because they are not really aware of what is going on. Never having come really close to a dictatorship, like these people in America and Britain, they just feel uncomfortable, and want a change. Read more >>


2016 264
2016 June 26
But your assignment consists in that you initiate debates of spiritual kind.
Spiritual debates necessary for enlightenment
If it drives you inwardly, then give in and do what the heart tells you to do, and if you are anxious to speak, then speak, because I myself push you to spiritual activity. Read more >>


2016 265
2016 June 27
Therefore something standing outside of me up to now then returns again back to me through love.
Melting together of the spirit with the soul through love
For in the stage as man the spiritual in him is capable of cognition; but his will alone determines how far he utilizes the capability of cognition. Read more >>


2016 266
2016 June 27 (2)
They are to hear my word through you.
God’s protection for his workers on earth
Despite of all obstacles will his way be smooth; his spirit will be bright and clear despite deepest darkness, which is spread over earth, and he will serve me with joy; the work for me and my kingdom will fill him with power, and he will be active for me until the end. Read more >>


2016 267
2016 June 28
Babylon, the great, the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit.
The pope – The great whore and her fornication
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Read more >>


2016 268
2016 July 1
The light of the Sun is actually only visible in the region of Earth.
Light of the Sun - Interaction
So the positive and the negative powers produce life continuously; their fight is visible through the light of the Sun, but it is no earthly explainable fire power, which produces the exceptional radiation, but the light of the Sun is actually only visible in the region of Earth, when it touches the earthly material sphere, as well as the spheres of those celestial bodies, which are in the region of the Sun and are fed with its illuminating power. Read more >>


2016 269
2016 July 1 (2)
Soon the great trouble will be overcome.
Coming of the Lord in greatest trouble
Who believes, he will be blessed, because he will hold out, no matter if the world is full of devils – he knows that the hour of rescue comes; he knows that I will not leave him and that all devils are powerless against me. Read more >>


2016 270
2016 July 2
You will experience the end.
The present brings the end
Who stands in deep faith, he will rejoice inwardly despite trouble and suffering, because he knows that the compensation will once come, that once all trouble has an end, that a new time begins again with the paradise, as I have promised it. Read more >>


2016 271
2016 July 4
But my will is that man shapes himself to love.
Relationship of the child to the father - Supporter
An influencing of men never ever takes place out of the kingdom of light in that sense, that a light being, no matter how perfect it is, is given priority. Read more >>


2016 272
2016 July 5
It is demonic deception.
A play of demons
A chain of false doctrines is organized together from different wrong ideas, and to reinforce these false doctrines every means is also right for men who represent such, because their endeavours are not to bring light, but keep men in darkness of spirit. Read more >>


2016 273
2016 July 6
You can already be happy on earth.
Unusual spiritual experience
Because again and again I tell you that I need you in the last time before the end, and therefore I will again and again help you and steer your thoughts towards the unusual of the events at you. Read more >>


2016 274
2016 July 7
The word coming from above must always be laid down as standard.
Spiritual leadership - Truth from above
I will always acknowledge church leaders if they preach truth, but as I also do not silently tolerate the spreading of false doctrines to those who seek truth. Read more >>


2016 275
2016 July 8
My word is the greatest gift of favour.
Importance of the voice of the spirit
Just take care that every word from me takes roots in you, that it wins life, that you not only read or hear it but let it penetrate deeply into your heart; live so that I can have an effect in you, that you also soon hear the sounding word which quashes every doubt, every worry and makes you happy. Read more >>


2016 276
2016 July 8 (2)
Tripel stars system.
This planet has three suns for itself
A planet with even three suns astronomers have now discovered with the Very Large Telescope of the European South Observatory (Eso) in the constellation Centaurus. Read more >>


2016 277
2016 July 9
Nato wants to decide new wars in Warsaw.
Obama‘s and Merkel‘s dictatorship on the advance
EU and Nato want to draw up rules for a "world order". Read more >>


2016 278
2016 July 12
The body is never allowed to rule the soul.
Body and soul in harmony
The material world is never allowed to come to the fore; the soul must be determining and be supported by the body in its desire and striving. Read more >>


2016 279
2016 July 12 (2)
My right representatives draw their attention to false doctrines, which are spread in the world.
Reference to the end - Right representatives of God
But many call themselves representatives of me on earth and carry little care that my alone true word is spread. Read more >>


2016 280
2016 July 13
God alone knows in which relationship man has stood on earth to him and how far he was active in love.
Community of the saints - Intercession senseless
But men cannot estimate the degree of maturity of a fellowman, why they therefore also do not have the right and ability to raise him to a saint, because only God knows how the soul of his is such that he, having become free through the death of the body, enters the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2016 281
2016 July 14
But those who experience the end will be pushed into the abyss without mercy, if they have not sought the light before.
Hell, end of the day - Falling of night
But the world will collapse, but the soul remains and will then stay in poorest surroundings, if it has the favour, to be still recalled before the end. Read more >>


2016 282
2016 July 17
But something spiritual cannot get lost.
Spiritual communications - Spreading abroad of seeds
The mission of the servants of God now is spreading abroad the seeds always and everywhere, so that they comes up and bear fruit. Read more >>


2016 283
2016 July 17 (2)
The workers in the vineyard of the Lord will have to do a hard work.
Spiritual low sign of the end
Only rarely spiritual communications are held, and it is anxiously avoided to mention that what is the most important thing – the spiritual development of man and the effect of earth life in the spiritual kingdom after the bodily death of man. Read more >>


2016 284
2016 July 18
You do not seek my word, therefore my word seeks you.
God’s word necessary for attainment of soul maturity
My servants are certainly often treated with hostility and find little faith, that they are active on earth as my representatives, nevertheless their work is not done in vain, because in view of the great trouble, which will still go over earth, my word will also reverberate in men, who noted it before, even if unwillingly and apparently without success. Read more >>


2016 285
2016 July 18 (2)
Man must examine with God, or he will pass a wrong judgement and be far away from truth.
Power - Subconscious
But as soon as it is about knowledge which has a different start than the intellect of man, also the sharpest developed intellect is not able to examine, unless he lets himself be directed by the spirit in him; he lets the feeling rule him, so that therefore the intellect is for the time being eliminated. Read more >>


2016 286
2016 July 19
But the cognition ability can now be increased to infinity.
Cognition ability - Mandatory state
Cognition ability is a proof that the being, the soul in man, strives for perfection and the unification with God. Read more >>


2016 287
2016 July 20
But the power out of me you must receive.
Maintaining the body through God’s word
Think about my words, and do not become anxious then when earthly everything is withheld from you what you need for the maintenance of the body; think about that my strength and power is unlimited, that I am the Lord over life and death, over all things in creation and that it is truly possible for me to maintain my creatures, even so it appears impossible earthly, because everything is possible for me. Read more >>


2016 288
2016 July 21
I myself will train your spirit.
Earth school of the spirit
I myself speak to you, and if you listen to me, you will inevitably go up; you will recognize what you once were, what you are and what you are to become; you will complete the school of the spirit with success and can leave earth as light beings and enter into my kingdom – and you will thank me for ever for this school, which shapes you again to perfect beings, which you were from the very beginning – children of your father from eternity. Read more >>


2016 289
2016 July 22
I just demand a constant life with me.
Spiritual task placed in front of earthly activity
Do not become lukewarm and indifferent in spiritual striving; let yourselves be stimulated through my word; hold spiritual conversations, and constantly get ahead, then you will also succeed in every earthly work; I will bless it, and you will fulfil your earth task and reach the destination. Read more >>


2016 290
2016 July 22 (2)
Placebo effect
Placebo effect
Studies in the US suggest that placebos may cause changes in the body and the mind. New research suggests the placebo effect persists even when patients are told they are taking a placebo. Read more >>


2016 291
2016 July 22 (3)
Trump questions NATO commitments.
The Republican’s candidate Donald Trump
Donald Trump pledged to save the nation from Hillary Clinton’s record of "death, destruction, terrorism and weakness." Read more >>


2016 292
2016 July 23
Munich under shock: Dead and injured after attack in shopping mall.
The Germans now have the war they want
And that would mean to stop fighting the legitimate government of Syria and bring this government into an alliance that would mutually fight their common enemy. Read more >>


2016 293
2016 July 24
Trump demands radical about-turn in US foreign policy.
The USA should stop the practice to topple governments in foreign countries
From Donald Trump’s convention speech.


2016 294
2016 July 24 (2)
"I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart."
Obama’s half-brother will vote for Donald Trump
Obama, 58, a longtime Democrat, said his "deep disappointment"¯ in his brother Barack’s administration has led him to recently switch allegiance to "the party of Lincoln." Read more >>


2016 295
2016 July 24 (3)
The USA must stop the practice to topple governments in foreign countries.
The overthrow of regimes
The overthrow of authoritarian, but stable regimes like Libya and the Iraq has just led to chaos and new refugee currents from the Middle East and Africa. Read more >>


2016 296
2016 July 26
Who wants to believe, will also be able to do it.
Measure of favour - Will - Self-will and Self-love
That is why the ability of cognition will be given to him as man so that he can recognize and remove his shortcomings through intellectual observation of himself and recognition of his ability to change. Read more >>


2016 297
2016 August 1
You will be able to refute every objection.
Love life – Spirit work - Holy Scriptures
Because reference is to be made to the written word as confirmation, so that men recognize the deep truth and my obvious work may reinforce their faith. Read more >>


2016 298
2016 August 1 (2)
Therefore never rebel against your fate.
Become as little children – Strong faith
And so you also must keep a childlike faith, which does not begin to totter, even so if people wanting to be wise do not want to accept it. Read more >>


2016 299
2016 August 2
It is therefore as it were another soul in the body.
Media beings - Deliver us from all evil
It is now imperative for such men plagued by dark powers, to commend themselves in the conscious state to the love and favour of God, to ask him for his protection and help against those beings, which besiege him, and to call upon the light spirits that they take particular care of him and stay near him. Read more >>


2016 300
2016 August 3
Obama the worst president in the history of the USA.
Trump hits back at disastrous Obama
Trump turned on two senior figures in his own party who have publicly criticised him. He refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain, who are up for re-election in November. Read more >>


2016 301
2016 August 3 (2)
Every man is your neighbour.
Love - Happiness - Giving - Fulfilling - Common work
I therefore want to connect mine and direct their will that they strive towards each other in times of greatest trouble; I want that intimate communion exists when a working together is necessary, and that a separation is impossible for the sake of their purpose. Read more >>


2016 302
2016 August 5
The supporters of the president of the United States in South Africa waged a war they hoped to win, but were not successful.
No regime change in South Africa
South Africa remains a full democracy and is governed by a party that seems to lay particular stress on also retaining democracy within its party so that autocratic figures are prevented to gain the upper hand. Read more >>


2016 303
2016 August 9
The purging of the communists from the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal.
The purging of the communists from political parties
This shows that a clear policy, that demonstrates the conscious will to resist evil political powers, finds support among people. Read more >>


2016 304
2016 August 12
You are to seek solitude.
Inner thoughts and feelings - Retiring to solitude
You yourselves must make it possible that I am present to you, through your will, you must withdraw to quietness and lift your thoughts to me. Then I will be and remain with you until all eternity. Read more >>


2016 305
2016 August 12 (2)
Obama and Democrat Hillary Clinton the extremist group's founder and most valuable player.
Trump: US President Barack Obama literally founded the Islamic State group
Trump has blamed Obama's decision to pull US forces from Iraq in 2011 for destabilising the Middle East and creating a situation in which Islamic State militants could thrive. Read more >>


2016 306
2016 August 14
Become and remain strong-willed.
Temptations of Satan - God’s protection
Leave all earthly wishes unnoticed.


2016 307
2016 August 14 (2)
I myself put into your hearts the impulse for perfection.
Common work for God
My will will rule you, because you subordinate yours under me, and because of that you can confidently walk your way of life together, because I myself lead you and determine your fate, which you cannot change yourselves, but just contribute that it fulfils itself. Read more >>


2016 308
2016 August 14 (3)
Truth without love is not thinkable.
Incomprehension of men without love
No matter how clever and wise a man in the world can appear, he can have a great world knowledge at his disposal, but if he does not have love, then he walks in error; his view is blinded; he only sees real things, but not the spiritual world, and where he turns the look towards it, there he only sees illusions; he cannot recognize truth, because he lacks the power of recognition for it, which can only be won through love work. Read more >>


2016 309
2016 August 14 (4)
Banishment in solid matter.
Spirits low at the end - Busy work necessary
The banishment in the creations of the new earth. Read more >>


2016 310
2016 August 15
Dissolving of most solid matter, which is to release the spiritual banished in it.
Earth rotations - Earth tremors
And this act is soon near, but will only be the play of few seconds, but with preceding signs, which alone already are to be described as a disaster, because they trigger an indescribable panic among men and are therefore to be counted to the time-period of the disaster. Read more >>


2016 311
2016 August 16
The entire regime changes instigated by the USA.
Trump wants to assert less US influencing in foreign states
It was a mistake of the USA 2003, to march into Iraq. But it has been a still much greater mistake, to very quickly withdraw. Read more >>


2016 312
2016 August 16 (2)
Physicists find no indication that entangled photons are not in over-light-fast exchange.
Entanglement and neutrinos
Neutrinos could be the key to the explanation of the universe. Read more >>


2016 313
2016 August 26
These beings now seek in men of equal convictions an opportunity of carrying out of their will.
Besieging through earthbound spiritual
The soul of man must try to fly over those spheres to get in touch with light beings, then it can resist those powers, because then it finds support and has also increased strength at its disposal; it can even help the earthbound beings to also raise themselves to other spheres, and the souls will let up in the besieging if they are prayed for. Read more >>


2016 314
2016 August 27
On spiritual ways you can unlimitedly receive knowledge.
Different mission of the workers of the Lord
Because only then can you use the knowledge in free speech when it itself has become conviction in you, which also requires understanding. Read more >>


2016 315
2016 August 27 (2)
My servants must overcome matter.
Servants of God children of light - Spiritual communication
And every one of my servants has his guide, who looks after him full of love and devotion; who directs him and influences his thoughts, who constantly looks after him and seeks to imparts spiritual wealth to him first mentally, until the connection with the spiritual kingdom is so established that the light beings can express themselves audibly according to my will. Read more >>


2016 316
2016 August 29
But all further knowledge can only be disclosed to you spiritually.
Isolation of world bodies
You will never succeed to even pick up a connection with other heavenly bodies, if this does not happen by spiritual means that mental transmissions take place from such worlds, but which always only serve you to spiritual ascent, but never concern worldly inquiries planned by you men. Read more >>


2016 317
2016 September 1
But you are to be active in the spiritual kingdom.
Union with God - School of suffering
All resistances of your life are to help you that you become active, and activity is life. Earthly activity ends with the moment of the death of the body, but you are to be active in the spiritual kingdom, and for it you must have passed the school of the spirit, which must also be a school of suffering for you, otherwise you do not mature. Read more >>


2016 318
2016 September 1 (2)
A shifting back into hardest matter and a renewed walk through all works of creation on the new earth.
Dissolving - Work of Destruction - New Banishment
The earth's actual purpose is to help the spiritual that is embodied in it toward upward development. Read more >>


2016 319
2016 September 1 (3)
If you let me walk next to you, then the demons do not dare to approach you.
Leadership of God - Demons in the time of the end
A perpetual fight of the demons about your soul takes place, and therefore they stand enticingly at the way; temptingly they seek to distract you that you no longer pay attention to the way and walk a wrong way imperceptibly, which leads you far away from the destination. Read more >>


2016 320
2016 September 1 (4)
This process is completely unknown to science.
Each star is a world on its own
According to human judgement such a manifold diversity of God's creations cannot exist as the power of imagination is limited, but with God there is no limit to his thinking and no inhibition of his creative power. Read more >>


2016 321
2016 September 2
For only love can rescue you.
Means of education - Admonition to love
But every act of love shown towards the neighbour would make the lot on earth easier for you; it would brighten your thinking, let you recognize me and give you power. Read more >>


2016 322
2016 September 3
Marriage is togetherness, a living together in most intimate harmony.
Marriage - Before God and before the world
Because the principle of giving will always be predominant where pure love is, and therefore I am never eliminated in such a marriage, I who am love myself, and my spirit will rule men and have an effect in those who therefore step before me and request my blessing as husband and wife. Read more >>


2016 323
2016 September 3 (2)
But if you set humanly enacted commands over my commands of love, you do not reach the destination.
Right direction of will - Love command - Truth
Love work brightens the spirit and gives man the ability of recognition and the feeling of repulsion against everything what is wrong. Read more >>


2016 324
2016 September 4
Observe the changes in nature.
Light phenomenon before the disaster
My heavenly messengers have been given instructions to draw the attention of those who are mine to themselves in the form of light phenomenon that they will see clearly and distinctly in the heavens so that all self-delusion is eliminated and the ones who are mine will see the same phenomenon while the unbelievers see nothing and hints referring to it they mock as fantasy. And this is the last sign. Read more >>


2016 325
2016 September 4 (2)
Honour and wealth you men seek, and for such you deviate from the way.
Parable of the good shepherd
Once also that man returns to me, who long remained in resistance – once he will be tired of his error and lets himself be lifted on to my shoulders; once also he will follow willingly the good shepherd, the sound of his voice will lure him – he will recognize it as the father’s voice and follow me, and I will guide him into the father house and prepare a meal out of joy that I have found again what was lost. Read more >>


2016 326
2016 September 4 (3)
And the will of man himself is decisive.
Satan's might before the end
But he already thinks himself to be the winner but will still be defeated by them and with him his followers that he drags along into the abyss. Read more >>


2016 327
2016 September 5
Love is that what marks man to a God-like being.
Original state - Fall - Love - Perfection - Will
That the being created by me could also fall, although it was equipped with richest power of recognition, is to be explained thus, that the being possesses love towards me and self-love in equal parts, because the free decision was necessary, because the being was created perfect and had to first prove itself through a test, by striving for perfection itself. Read more >>


2016 328
2016 September 6
Therefore call upon him if you are in trouble.
Prayer: "For the sake of Jesus Christ", "In his name."
And so every call, which you turn towards the cross bearer Jesus Christ, is directed at the father from eternity himself. Read more >>


2016 329
2016 September 7
Flee everything what belongs to the world.
Union with God - Renouncement
Flee the world so that you instead take the spiritual kingdom, which is far more magnificent and offers various joys and blessings. Read more >>


2016 330
2016 September 7 (2)
You are always in God’s hands.
Free will - Fate
The change of the will out of the wrong direction in the right one is the purpose of life and the assignment of life. Read more >>


2016 331
2016 September 8
Putin is more worthy of praise than President Obama.
Trump praises Putin
The Republican presidential nominee said that an alliance with Russia would help defeat the Islamic State. Read more >>


2016 332
2016 September 8 (2)
You must let me speak to you so that you can talk.
Office of mediator - Responsibility - Invitation to communion
Men’s hearts must be worked on, like fields they must be cultivated and be fertilized, so that the field bears fruit at the time of harvest. Read more >>


2016 333
2016 September 10
Putin has been a leader, far more than Obama has been a leader.
Trump moves praise for Putin closer to the mainstream of the GOP
Not for the first time, Trump has pulled an idea from the political fringes into the mainstream. Read more >>


2016 334
2016 September 12
Pay attention to the inner voice.
Way crossing - Inner voice - Right leader
Who lets himself be warned or enlightened by it, he does the right thing, because the inner voice is an expression of the right leader, who knows all ways and would like to lead man to the destination on the shortest way. Read more >>


2016 335
2016 September 13
But God announces a speedy end of this earth.
Change of the Earth - Reshaping. Dissolving
Such complete reshaping of the outer forms on earth only happen in certain periods of time and are therefore implausible to men because every one of such a reshaping was so long ago that it cannot anymore be ascertained and asserted as true. Because a development period is endless long but still once reaches its end. Read more >>


2016 336
2016 September 13 (2)
The following generations will only hear about the old earth.
New Earth - Creations - Paradise
Who still has stayed on the old earth, so who at the day of judgement belonged to the raptured, cannot marvel enough at the variety and the wonderful things of the new earth and it is a true paradise for him because only good powers are at work and every influencing of powers turned away from God is impossible. Read more >>


2016 337
2016 September 13 (3)
Rely on your inner voice.
Words of God to servants on earth - Representatives
To accept unexamined lets you get into error and this applies particularly to knowledge acquired through study, which is so passed on to you, as it comes from men. Read more >>


2016 338
2016 September 14
Especially the behaviour of animals will be noticeable.
Indications of the disaster - restlessness of men and animal
I point the indications out to you before, I will give you the opportunity to observe your surroundings and you will see that everything comes as I have foretold you, that a sense of anxiety and restlessness will weigh down on men, the cause of it is known to you and therefore you can also speak successfully where necessary. Read more >>


2016 339
2016 September 14 (2)
Increased strength of faith will always have increased love activity as concomitant.
Right prayer - "Father, Thy will be done."
And that is why you are always to seek to increase your strength of faith, because then the fulfilment of every request is guaranteed for you. Read more >>


2016 340
2016 September 15
And I myself will put the words into the mouth for you.
Competence to judge depends on love life
People seriously striving for truth I will win for me, but he for whom it is just about to treat you with hostility or to eliminate you, he will only have to expect defeat, but no profit, if he claims to criticize my word and to pass judgement, which he is not capable of doing. Read more >>


2016 341
2016 September 18
Sin will increase alarmingly and judgement will strike when no-one suspects it.
Flood - Time of the end - Worldly ascent
Because men must be exterminated from earth, if they have arrived at this level of development, because then they have become true devil servants and completely deny God. Read more >>


2016 342
2016 September 18 (2)
Because soon the time is over.
Office of the right servants of God
There are many asking men, to whom a right answer is a great help in their spiritual development, and for the sake of these I still hesitate with the last work of destruction and give them time and opportunity to find to me. Read more >>


2016 343
2016 September 18 (3)
I determine your further life.
God’s care for his servants
It is always my voice, which tells you to do or to leave something, and you are to always just follow the inner urge, then it will also be right how you act, then I can have an effect in you and do it, because you want that you fulfil my will, and so I put my will into your heart. Read more >>


2016 344
2016 September 19
But then be steadfast and just remain turned towards me in the heart.
Serious admonition
To the persistent caller I open the door, and I let him in and he will receive what he desires from me. Read more >>


2016 345
2016 September 24
Always depend on my help.
Inner voice difficult to hear - Turmoil - Peace
Again and again try to become immersed and to listen in silence to the voice of the heart, and you will win, if you want and your desire for me is mighty. Read more >>


2016 346
2016 September 25
And so everything is to be understood spiritually.
Communion - Spiritual meaning - Flesh - blood
Men no longer understand the simple meaning of my word and in their blindness also do not want to accept the simple explanation. Read more >>


2016 347
2016 September 25 (2)
They will never lack power.
"Where two or three in my name."
And my name must be holy to them and favourable hearing of their prayer must also always be expected by them for the sake of my name. Read more >>


2016 348
2016 September 25 (3)
Wisdom emerges out of love.
Divine order - Basic law - Love
If now a man makes my teaching his business, he will lead a love life and as a result of it also know about everything, about my plan from eternity, about my original being, about his earth task and purpose and aim of each work of creation. Read more >>


2016 349
2016 September 26
Therefore the highest aim on earth is to reach the state to be able to hear the divine word.
Destination of man - Love towards God - Mutual love
You must change to creatures, which again adopt their original qualities, beings full of love and power, light and wisdom. Read more >>


2016 350
2016 September 27
But nothing is without meaning and purpose what happens, but everything is based on deepest wisdom.
Presence of God - Love - God’s word
Again and again I offer my love to you, but you do not return it in that measure as I demand it; you owe me much love and because of that you will also not feel the happiness of love, but which would be your share, which I would like to prepare for you. Read more >>


2016 351
2016 September 27 (2)
A right walk of life is first precondition so that also his intellect works in the right direction.
Research - Truth - Walk of life
But you men must be on your guard that error is not presented to you, when you seek truth and do not go the way to me. Because then you will be blinded through apparently most lucid knowledge, which however as hallucination can never stand a serious examination. Read more >>


2016 352
2016 October 1
And so your activity is of greatest importance.
Work in the vineyard of the Lord
The faithful servants, who put themselves at my disposal at the end of this earth period, must gain their faith out of themselves, and that I assess particularly high. Read more >>


2016 353
2016 October 1 (2)
Because all power goes out from me.
Power of the word before the end - Trouble
Whatever may come, everything will pass quickly; it will be a time full of agitation that you no longer have earthly time estimation, and if you always just keep to my word and constantly draw power from it, the time of the end will bring you no damage to the soul, but you will mature and with increased soul maturity feel the earthly misery less and less, until the end is there, which brings you rescue earthly and spiritually. Read more >>


2016 354
2016 October 2
You are to always let yourselves be guided by your feeling only.
Personal words
Then you experience the greatest miracle on this earth, you hear the sounding word at the same time. Read more >>


2016 355
2016 October 3
And remain with the thought that I prepare you for the time of your work for me.
Intimate prayer - God’s help
And this you must learn to always turn your thoughts towards me, although you move in the bustle of the world, when incitements of all kind or trouble and oppression approach you. Read more >>


2016 356
2016 October 3 (2)
A right prayer is a prayer in spirit and in truth.
Power of prayer
You could achieve everything and just need to make the test, but before you must acquire deep faith, you must be convinced from within that you never do a wrong request, that I can help you and want to help you. Read more >>


2016 357
2016 October 3 (3)
But this suffering must go over earth.
Spiritual retrogression - Sign of the end
But for the unbelievers a difficult time sets in, because they will suffer unspeakably through the loss of earthly goods and must give up all hope for recovery. Read more >>


2016 358
2016 October 5
Be satisfied with the simplest lifestyle.
Great trouble - Crossroads - Reprieve
And when my favour before already points it out to you then this just happens for the purpose that you are to free yourselves from earthly desires, that you make no future plans for yourselves, but strive for spiritual goods with increased eagerness, which alone make the coming time bearable for you and will be of use for you. Read more >>


2016 359
2016 October 5 (2)
Freedom of will is the explanation for everything.
Redeemer - Faith - Freedom of will - Compulsion
Therefore he must well be able to believe, but he is not allowed to be forced to faith, therefore my existence is not allowed to be able to be proven to him. Read more >>


2016 360
2016 October 7
Feelings and faith troubles are often imposed by God upon man to bring him to spiritual development.
Right prayer in spirit and in truth
But a right child leaves the way of help to the father in the knowledge that his wisdom and love will always do the right for the child, and therefore the request for action to improve matters is enough and man himself does not need to worry in what way help happens. Read more >>


2016 361
2016 October 8
An open separation will take place of believers and unbelievers.
Spiritual mission - Truth - Final fight
Who remains loyal to me until then, he will experience my coming in the clouds, but the deserters will certainly live earthly the high life, however will be dragged out in the middle of their frenzy and fall into the bottomless pit, into the deepest abyss, when the end has come. Read more >>


2016 362
2016 October 9
Truth speaks for itself.
Different schools of thought - Teaching of Christ
Only truth gives power; only who stands in truth, he will hold out, and that is why it is so urgently necessary to supply truth to men, because it alone gives understanding for everything what happens. Read more >>


2016 363
2016 October 9 (2)
Moreover the demonic powers are always recognizable.
Demonic influence - Bearers of truth
If their will is good, they will not close their mind to a knowledge, which must indisputably be called too deep and thorough to dismiss it as own thought material of a man. Read more >>


2016 364
2016 October 9 (3)
The fate of life drives you towards me.
Fate according to will
The circumstances, the life situations, will always drive you to right acting. Read more >>


2016 365
2016 October 10
You are active as my tools.
Workers in the vineyard - False doctrine - truth
And that is the sign of absolute truth that it must be felt, that it is recognized as truth emotionally, but is then also accepted by the intellect as truth, while a false doctrine emotionally is rejected by a man demanding truth, if he at the same time calls upon the intellect for checking. Read more >>


2016 366
2016 October 11
The whole fullness of favour I pour out over my children.
Fullness of favour - Father love unchangeable
I hear your request, every call, and I will refuse you nothing, because I love you and prove this love to you, by me talking to you, by me myself being present with you in the word. Read more >>


2016 367
2016 October 11 (2)
I want to win you back.
God’s love - Radiation - God’s word
I want to win you men back again as children of my love; you are to recognize my love towards you, love me back and strive towards me in free will. Read more >>


2016 368
2016 October 11 (3)
Paul Ryan, a weak and ineffective leader.
Trump attacks Ryan
"Our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty," Trump said in a tweet on Tuesday. Read more >>


2016 369
2016 October 14
The West has being dead set on seeing regime change in South Africa through a local version of the Arab Spring.
West to blame
"Are these people really fighting for education? No, they are trying to bring regime change, by hook or by crook. We won’t engage them like that." Read more >>


2016 370
2016 October 14 (2)
The danger of manipulation exists in a big way.
New York: Elections official warns against massive election fraud
Therefore in some district of New York citizens would purposefully be driven from polling station to polling station so that they can cast their vote several times. Read more >>


2016 371
2016 October 15
The Syrian town of Dabiq is regarded by ISIS as the preordained site of the final apocalyptic battle between Muslims and Christians.
Dabiq is a small Syrian town with a population of 3,000, about 10 miles from the border with Turkey. The town of Dabiq, in northern Syria, around 25 miles from Aleppo. Read more >>


2016 372
2016 October 19
The fight of darkness against light is constantly increasing.
Fight of darkness against everything full of light
The fight against darkness must be fought through, but victor remains inevitably who fights with me, he only is not allowed to isolate himself from me, otherwise the powers of darkness oppress him too hard and he can lose. Read more >>


2016 373
2016 October 20
Why you do not rule matter, but matter rules you.
Overcoming of matter in free will
The becoming free of matter on earth is so worth striving for, because it allows an entry completely free from care into the spiritual kingdom, because in the same measure as you hand out earthly goods, therefore lose yourselves from it in the heart, you receive spiritual goods, which are far more valuable and make your entry into the opposite kingdom to a state of happiness. Read more >>


2016 374
2016 October 21
Hillary Clinton wants to risk the military confrontation with Russia in the Syria war.
What speaks in favour of Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton would continue the devastating American foreign politics of military interventions in the truest sense of the word. Read more >>


2016 375
2016 November 4
They then found something crucial – namely nothing new.
Fallen through sensation: New physics without new particles
At the international specialist conference about high energy physics ICHEP at the beginning of August 2016 in Chicago the teams of the LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS represented their newest results. Read more >>


2016 376
2016 November 9
As you measure out, so it will be measured out to you.
Standard of neighbourly love: Self-love
And so I tell you again and again, observe yourselves; practise love and sharp critic of yourselves, in which degree of love you stand towards the neighbour, and then put your self-love back and sacrifice – give that what you love and from which you do not like to separate. Read more >>


2016 377
2016 November 9 (2)
And that is probably the most important aspect of this election that Obama’s policy of terror comes to an end.
The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way.
Obama had destroyed the peaceful cooperation between nations and instigated wars all over the world and were he could not start a war, he pursued regime change. Every nation and every person that refused to worship Obama got persecuted. Read more >>


2016 378
2016 November 11
You will always be able to give and win listeners.
Work of the servants of God - Continue to carry the light
Everywhere are men who desire truth; everywhere are men who live in love and who want to get in contact with me, only through inadequate faith and inadequate cognition do not do the most simple – to listen inwards or to recognize my word in thoughts. Read more >>


2016 379
2016 November 11 (2)
Spiritual creations also need no space and are consequently also unlimited in their extent.
Material and spiritual creations - Activity of the inhabitants
Because matter is spiritual, having become form, which is always somewhere first compressed, but is originally spiritual, therefore power out of God. Read more >>


2016 380
2016 November 12
But the worst is that Obama rejects the constitution.
Obama, the warmonger
The foreign policy of Obama and Clinton is a disaster, because it has intensified the tensions with Russia and China. Besides it has produced some failed states in the Middle East and finally a refugee crisis. But the worst is that Obama rejects the constitution, what Clinton wants to continue: to ignore the representatives of the people in Congress and to simply implement political rules down from above. Read more >>


2016 381
2016 November 12 (2)
Partnerships, not conflicts.
Trump Triumphs
"We will seek common ground, partnerships, not conflicts," said Trump. Read more >>


2016 382
2016 November 13
In the past years America‘s academic elite has drifted more and more to the left.
Obama, the warmonger, 2
Merkel probably rather felt contempt for Obama that he did not prevent Trump coming to power. Read more >>


2016 383
2016 November 15
Hardly was any terrorist ever so successful than this terrorist in the White House.
Obama and the retired pope
Trump said that Obama created the Islamic State and that is correct because the existence of the Islamic State is the direct result of Obama withdrawing American troops from Iraq. Read more >>


2016 384
2016 November 20
Western countries dislike South Africa after it joined the BRICS.
Zuma accuses West of destabilizing ANC
South African President Jacob Zuma on Saturday accused certain Western countries of destabilizing the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Read more >>


2016 385
2016 November 20 (2)
Every step is according to my will.
And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it
But you are to always be mindful of that, that I protect whom I have chosen as my representatives for myself, and that you are therefore to speak freely and openly, as the truth supplied by me to you requires. Read more >>


2016 386
2016 November 24
It leads to more dead and suffering, intensifies the refugee crisis, strengthens ISIS.
Brave Democrat urges Donald Trump to cease US wars
"I shared with him my serious doubts that the escalation of the war in Syria through the implementation of a so-called air ban zone would be catastrophic for the Syrian people, our country and the world. It would lead to more dead and suffering, intensify the refugee crisis, strengthen ISIS and al-Kaida and lead us into a direct conflict with Russia, which could lead to a nuclear war." Read more >>


2016 387
2016 November 24 (2)
"And to undertake everything to stop this because it contradicts our principles".
Angela Merkel wants to regulate contents in the internet
Federal Chancellor Merkel wants to regulate false reports. Read more >>


2016 388
2016 November 29
You just need to connect with me in thoughts.
My kingdom is not of this world
My kingdom is not of this world – recall these words, and you will know, what you have to think of events, which obviously have a worldly character and therefore must be condemned by those who belong to my true church, the church, which I myself have founded and which alone will remain existing until all eternity. Read more >>


2016 389
2016 November 30
I alone am Lord, whom you are to serve, if you want to become happy.
No man can serve two masters
But if the body is still in the kingdom of my opponent, then the soul, your thinking, feeling and wanting, can still always rise to spheres, which lie outside of earth, and that I demand of him, who wants to find me, who wants to serve me and therefore be mine. Read more >>


2016 390
2016 December 1
Spiritual knowledge can only that man possess, whom I myself teach directly or indirectly.
Without God no truth - Enlightenment of the spirit
But the knowledge brought from the outside to man must completely agree with the directly offered word, otherwise it must be rejected as error from those who strive for truth. Read more >>


2016 391
2016 December 1 (2)
I know mine, and who wants to speak with me, he belongs to mine, if the heart drives him to this.
Inner voice
Who is able to pray intimately and to hold dialogue with me, he is also able to hear my voice because it is a continuous dialogue with me, which he now holds, if he gets absorbed in everything what he desires to hear. Read more >>


2016 392
2016 December 1 (3)
Fear no spiritual debate.
Fight with the sword of the mouth - Help of God
But those who are still blinded by the world shine, who still desire earthly goods and offices, are not my right disciples, and they will not particularly enjoy pure truth; they far more like to remain in erroneous opinions and teachings, which their world mind likes, and leave pure truth unnoticed, why they will also not feel the blissful relief of the light and every extraordinary reference to me remains without impression. Read more >>


2016 393
2016 December 2
And you are to constantly give food to love in you.
Fire of love - Divine
The love flame seeks to unite with eternal love and therefore to consume every obstacle, what separates it from eternal fire. Read more >>


2016 394
2016 December 2 (2)
I see into the hearts of men and do not notice that what the mouth speaks.
Do not hide before me
You hide behind walls, which are to describe my kingdom; but you do not seek me behind them, because you know that I am outside. Read more >>


2016 395
2016 December 2 (3)
Do not worry.
Earthly care unnecessary – God’s father love
But I do not let my children live in want, because they are to always recognize the love of their father in heaven; they are to become trustful in the knowledge of my love, and their faith is to reach that strength, that I can give them everything what they ask, for the sake of their deep faith. Read more >>


2016 396
2016 December 3
He will not leave you in need.
Spiritual work more necessary than earthly – God’s care
Work eagerly, miss no opportunity; speak where it is possible, and seek to announce in writing his extraordinary work with you for the wellbeing of mankind. Read more >>


2016 397
2016 December 10
My spirit therefore works as long as love is practised and love is taught.
Words of love are signs of the work of the spirit
Because Satan puts well a mask on, he hides behind lies and misleading speeches that are to feign piety but love never speaks out of his behaviour and also not out of the words that men speak who are influenced by him. Read more >>


2016 398
2016 December 11
The acceptance of my word also guarantees you the reaching of the destination.
Favour and love allocations
If you do not listen to me, then I also turn away my face from you, although I do not drop you completely, but then one redemption period is not enough for you, one earth life does not shape you to candidates of my kingdom. Read more >>


2016 399
2016 December 11 (2)
A looking after from your side is completely unnecessary.
God’s care for his servants
He will put men at your side, who grant you support in every way; he will lead you ways, which you are to go and where your help is needed. Read more >>


2016 400
2016 December 11 (3)
They completely live without faith.
Serious admonition to soul work
I just want to always admonish you for your own sake that you think about your soul and make its well-being more your business than the well-being of the body, to which I give what it needs, if you just strive for the light, for truth, for me. Read more >>


2016 401
2016 December 11 (4)
But who are no Christians by any means.
Nominal Christians
But if men let themselves be satisfied with words, if they certainly know about the Christian teaching, but do not live it out, they will not be entitled to the name "Christian," although they are incorporated to the organizations, which stand up for me and my name. Read more >>


2016 402
2016 December 12
But you are free in your wanting, thinking and acting.
Spiritual arrogance of the leaders
Consequently pure truth is also without impression on men, who should recognize it on the strength of their ability to judge, but in the heart they cannot reject truth, because they sense its effect as increased knowledge and understanding of that what was previously incomprehensible to them. Read more >>


2016 403
2016 December 13
And so also the opponent will contribute to stimulate the thinking of men.
They will not be able to withstand my word
The knowledge, which you possess, is so extensive that you can reply to every objection, and every answer will show spirit to him who examines seriously and conscientiously, without prejudice and without intentions to reject, what is unknown to him. Read more >>


2016 404
2016 December 14
You are to read my word on many occasions.
Effect of the divine word
For this reason you are to read my word on many occasions and absorb it in you, and then also the body will feel its agreeable effect; then soul and body will be fed and draw power out of the soul food; man will become strong and robust to be able to do every work and no longer feel earth life so difficult. Read more >>


2016 405
2016 December 14 (2)
I however never appear together with my opponent.
Fight of God and of Satan about the souls of men
I feel sorry for men, who succumb to the enemy and adversary, because I know about the skills of him who wants to drag you down into the abyss, and I seek to come to your help; I speak to you so that you recognize my voice and let yourselves be kept back from the temptations of the world. Read more >>


2016 406
2016 December 14 (3)
They just consider it a phenomenon of nature.
Reference to natural disaster, destruction and situation in life afterwards
The last admonition is for them unsuccessful; they sink deeper and deeper and in the end will belong to those, who are cast out by me into darkness, because they do not seize the hand, which is held out to them, and therefore they will again fall into the depths for a long time. Read more >>


2016 407
2016 December 15
But you are to start nothing without me.
The earthly kingdom and its rulers - Earthly fulfilment of duty - Spiritual work
Every excessive worry is of harm for the soul, as it is also unnecessary, because I take over every care about your bodily well-being, if you eagerly take care of your soul and place this care in front of everything. Read more >>


2016 408
2016 December 15 (2)
Servants of Satan.
Right and wrong representatives
If they however oppose you, they cannot be my right representatives – and if they fight you, they are the servants of Satan, who uses every mask to drive out truth. Read more >>


2016 409
2016 December 15 (3)
You will master everything, if you live in love.
That I also let you, my faithful followers, get into inner conflicts, is necessary for that reason, because also you must get cleansed from self-love, which now and again clouds clear thinking and keeps you back from love work. Read more >>


2016 410
2016 December 15 (4)
Because he will seek to make spiritual striving out to be wrongly applied life power.
Antichrist - Brutal orders
But he who will come, he will blind men through the sharpness of his intellect, his comprehensive knowledge, through the friendliness with regard to other rulers, and all will award him the right to organizational activity with the final aim of the driving out of all schools of thought. Read more >>


2016 411
2016 December 16
Love brings in increased will power for you.
Value of spiritual instruction
But if you are already taught on earth and are therefore blessed with spiritual goods at the entry into the kingdom on the other side, then you will always just increase these for you, although you constantly hand over from them. Read more >>


2016 412
2016 December 17
Everything now, what is set up organizationally, is the work of men.
Spiritual shock
That clarification is valid, which are the marks of the church, which I have founded on earth myself; that examination of earthly teachings is valid, which for that reason are to be mentioned as erroneous, because they make the belonging to my church dependent on the belonging to a particular denomination, which is never according to my will. Read more >>


2016 413
2016 December 17 (2)
But the last day will be a day of reckoning for all.
Last day - Closed gate to the hereafter
Everyone can still come to me when he makes good use of the final time and everyone is entitled to unmeasured blessings but I force nobody to help himself to my blessings but leave everybody his freedom. Read more >>


2016 414
2016 December 17 (3)
I demand this open confession before the world as a proof of your affiliation to me.
Last struggle - Openly confessing Christ before the world
They will not be afraid to observe you, to eavesdrop on your conversations, and to draw you to court so that you are to answer for your speaking and acting. Read more >>


2016 415
2016 December 18
The word itself possesses power.
Ability of the servants of God to see through men - Sharp judgement
The word itself possesses power, but requires the will of man to be able to come to effect; and where my word – the radiation of me myself – remains without effect, there is truly no other means there, unless a great earthy misery causes a man to establish the relationship with me through prayer. Read more >>


2016 416
2016 December 18 (2)
Do not value your earth life too high.
Reason of the exceptional work of God - Spiritual wealth
All your striving on earth will be in vain, material goods you will not be able to keep, but spiritual goods you can still gather many in this short time, and these are a wealth, which will remain with you, which you can take over with you into eternity, which makes leaving this world easy for you, which makes your soul happy unspeakably and with which you can work, so you have entered the opposite kingdom, where true life only begins. Read more >>


2016 417
2016 December 18 (3)
Lead a life deep inwardly with me, away from the world.
Giving up the world - Earthly performance of one’s duty and God's blessing
First carry out your spiritual work, and blessed will be everything what you undertake earthly, to fulfil the task allotted to you for the earth. Read more >>


2016 418
2016 December 19
Nothing is allowed to be dearer to you than my word.
Disciples of the time of the end - Earthly relationships - God's care about family
But who loves the world more than me, he is unsuitable as my disciple in the time of the end, because he cannot serve two masters; he cannot pay to the world its tribute and at the same time strive towards me; the separation must first have been carried out, before I can accept him as my servant, who no longer has a relapse and to whom my goods offer complete compensation for the goods of the world. Read more >>


2016 419
2016 December 19 (2)
The demonic influence is particularly strong where truth threatens to prepare the way.
Demonic influence on light bearers - Fight against truth
The power of will is never allowed to let up, then also the demonic powers accomplish nothing. Read more >>


2016 420
2016 December 20
Who passes on true thought, he will always receive more and more.
In spite of supply of thought he will remain without understanding; darkness around him will not move, until he is touched by the rays of a right light, until he accepts the mental inspirations out of the kingdom of light, therefore devotes himself to the influence of knowing beings, which alone can impart light and truth to him. Read more >>


2016 421
2016 December 20 (2)
These revelations are of so great importance that you servants of God on earth are to devote your whole power to spread them.
Purpose of divine revelation
The divine revelations contain a knowledge, which reaches into all areas and which is so extensive, because the understanding for everything is to be awakened in man, so that no gap of knowledge can let any doubts arise in pure truth. Read more >>


2016 422
2016 December 21
But the fear of it is helpful for many.
Extent of the work of destruction
Because all mankind will be seized with fear that the natural disaster happens again and could result in a complete destruction of the earth. This will come but not immediately after the natural disaster. Read more >>


2016 423
2016 December 21 (2)
And who listens to you, he listens to me.
God’s blessing and protection to co-workers
You are to be so convinced of it that I myself speak to you that you can teach fellowmen without doubt and that no objection through counter-speech, that I am myself the originator, can shake you. Read more >>


2016 424
2016 December 21 (3)
Through the presentation of the word I therefore help man to a convinced faith.
Presentation of the divine word great help
The last time brings such great shocks with it that a firm faith is absolutely necessary to stand firm, and no-one would keep his faith in view of the brutal means, which are applied to fight faith, if man could not win a convinced faith with my help before. Read more >>


2016 425
2016 December 21 (4)
Fulfilled love is happiness.
Can God suffer?
But the consciousness remains with man any time that the love of God is secure for him, that the love of man always finds reciprocation, if it is meant for him, and that his love is true happiness for everyone who desires it. Read more >>


2016 426
2016 December 22
And so also the underworld serves me.
God’s will - Human will - Free will
But whether their plans are carried out with the success, which they wish, is completely alone my will, and whatever now happens, will always give the striving man opportunity to find to me, to recognize me and to contact me. Read more >>


2016 427
2016 December 23
Truth must be received from me directly.
Right teacher - God as master - School of the spirit
This teaching post is extremely important in the last time before the end, because only few men are able to hear the voice of the spirit in themselves and to therefore be likewise taught directly by me about their earth task, about their creator and father from eternity, about their actual relationship to him and about the effect of rightly and wrongly used will. Read more >>


2016 428
2016 December 23 (2)
Every indecisiveness will move from you.
Calling of God like a spoken word
The ways you are to go I will lead you myself; everything will approach you so that you just have to act as you are urged from the inside, and every counter doubts will move, because my word still resounds in you, because you are full of happiness and willingness about this sounding word and are now completely absorbed in the service for me and my kingdom. Read more >>


2016 429
2016 December 23 (3)
Withdraw yourselves into silence and listen into you.
Sounding word and conditions
Who succeeds to eliminate all worldly thoughts and to concentrate, he will soon hear it speaking faintly in the heart and the clearer the more the separation of the soul from the body has been carried out, i.e., the more the soul strives towards that kingdom, where my word comes from, where I myself dwell in the midst of those beings, who instruct you on my behalf, if the instruction does not come directly from me. Read more >>


2016 430
2016 December 24
Then also every earthly worry will become less important.
Hour of calling - Announcement of end
But then give yourselves willingly into my hand, which will guide you securely and carefully over all dangers of life, so that you now fulfil your mission according to my will. Read more >>


2016 431
2016 December 25
Faith gives calmness and peace of heart.
Struggling for strong faith
Struggle for strong faith; do not let up to pray for it, to imagine that I belong together with my creatures for ever, that you, you who have come out of me, are constantly cared for and looked after and that I do not want to leave you in trouble, if you yourselves feel as my children and now also come as child to the father and ask him for help. Read more >>


2016 432
2016 December 25 (2)
And you will receive more than you give.
Who receives one of my brothers – God’s reward – Help for servants
So that my servants can now work, they are to be relieved of earthly worries and find men on earth, who loyally stand by their side, who take away from them earthly worries and support them in every way, so that they can carry out the spiritual work unhindered. Read more >>


2016 433
2016 December 25 (3)
A state, which can be descried as hell.
Judged matter - Bound will
But if the spiritual as man remains in resistance against God, then the great danger exists that the whole endless long time of a redemption period has been of no avail for the spiritual, that it must once again cover the same course and therefore the spiritual is again bound in matter, which it had overcome already a long time ago. Read more >>


2016 434
2016 December 25 (4)
Therefore a transmission of truthful knowledge takes place.
Supernatural powers - Transmission from the spiritual kingdom
These beings seek to communicate with men and to let them have from their exceedingly rich knowledge in the cognition that knowledge makes happy and men on earth are lacking it. Read more >>


2016 435
2016 December 26
There men will get healthy in body and soul.
Living water
My word is life water, born from above, coming from the eternal fountain and flowing towards all those, who open themselves as vessel, into which the current of my love can pour. Read more >>


2016 436
2016 December 26 (2)
And it is still so easy on earth to come into possession of spiritual goods.
Gathering of spiritual treasures on earth - Remorse in the hereafter
But who enters completely empty, he will have a hard time acquiring spiritual goods in the opposite kingdom, although it is not completely hopeless. Read more >>


2016 437
2016 December 26 (3)
You must acquire this awareness of my participation and constant presence.
Spiritual dialogue - Presence of God - Doubt - worries
And for that reason you will be able to do without every other help, if it is denied to you from the fellowmen side. Read more >>


2016 438
2016 December 27
Only think of your soul.
Announcement of the end
And surprisingly quick a change will occur in world events, and few days are enough to put you in a completely new position. Read more >>


2016 439
2016 December 27 (2)
But important is only how the individual person leads his daily life with regard to the spiritual life of the soul.
Danger to become superficial
And so innumerable men do not direct their attention to the remodelling of their nature, as it should be, but they content themselves with the observance of laws, which appear most important to them, because they are not rightly taught by those who however call themselves my representatives on earth. Read more >>


2016 440
2016 December 27 (3)
You do not need to suffer.
Difficult fight and suffering before the end - Most secure help God's word
Prove your faith, and heed my advice; let myself speak to you, and nothing will touch you; no suffering will press you, as soon as you contact me. Read more >>


2016 441
2016 December 27 (4)
My word must always be presented in a form that it does not influence men under compulsion.
God’s word is not allowed to force acceptance - Free will
But as long as you are still weak in faith, I cannot guide you to strong faith through obvious evidence, because you are to believe, but not know, i.e. you are to reach knowledge through faith, but not eliminate faith through proven knowledge, because then one can no longer speak of free decision. Read more >>


2016 442
2016 December 28
Use prayer, the bridge, which I have built for you.
Bridge to God - Prayer - Decrease of cleft
The bridge to me is prayer, the change of your thoughts out of the earthly into the spiritual world; whether it is a quiet call to me, whether it is a stay of your thoughts in non-earthly spheres, you always then seek the kingdom, which is not of this world; you seek to recognize me, and your will is directed towards me; you have walked onto the bridge, on which you are to walk from now on, always having me as your aim in front. Read more >>


2016 443
2016 December 28 (2)
If I speak, all else must be quiet.
Ability to hear God’s voice - Conditions
Nothing is allowed to approach man from the outside, if he wants to hear the voice clearly from the inside. Read more >>


2016 444
2016 December 28 (3)
So that mankind is warned and admonished in spiritual respect.
Gift of prophecy
Who believes in it, he will also lead his way of life according to God’s will; he will prepare himself and remember his soul; in consideration of the announced he will work on himself, and this alone is purpose of a spiritual forecast. Read more >>


2016 444
2016 December 28 (3)
So that mankind is warned and admonished in spiritual respect.
Gift of prophecy
Who believes in it, he will also lead his way of life according to God’s will; he will prepare himself and remember his soul; in consideration of the announced he will work on himself, and this alone is purpose of a spiritual forecast. Read more >>


2016 445
2016 December 29
Every man can believe as soon as he loves.
Proof of truth of the word
You must consider everything possible, only then can you also be deemed worthy of a direct revelation, because then it is no longer a spiritual compulsion for you. Read more >>


2016 446
2016 December 30
I want to spiritualize your body.
Step up to my table, so that I can provide you with food, which you need for your soul, so that I can feed and water all who feel hunger and thirst for my word, for my flesh and my blood. Read more >>


2016 447
2016 December 30 (2)
The fight against matter is the actual fight, which man is to wage in earth life.
Influence of matter on man
But man is in danger to sink down from his already higher development level, if he chains himself to matter, why he cannot be warned enough to strive for matter, and is constantly admonished to overcome it. Read more >>


2016 448
2016 December 31
And these souls are grateful for this for ever.
Spiritual transmissions a blessing for the beings in the hereafter
The light beings are constantly prepared to impart their knowledge to men on earth, and therefore exceedingly happy when an opportunity is offered to them through the will of a man to have a teaching effect on him and through him on his fellowmen. Read more >>


2016 449
2016 December 31 (2)
I have blessed my word with my power.
Power of the divine word - Antidote to suffering
The power of my word you are to test and you will soon recognize that you have an effective antidote to all suffering, to fear and sadness. Read more >>



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